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Corey Haim

Corey Ian Haim (December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010) was a Canadian actor, known for a 1980s Hollywood career as a teen idol.

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New allegations have emerged about a 13-year-old Corey Haim being raped by Charlie Sheen while filming in 1986. https:…
One of Corey Feldman's and Corey Haim's abusers. via
Corey Feldman says his life is in danger because he wants to expose 'pedophile ring' that abused him, Corey Haim.
Chris Pratt signed this autograph as Corey Haim.
Watched 😡😬 It's horrible & disgusting. I believe it was C.Sheen who abused Corey Haim.
Can we make go viral? It is time that gets justice for his best pal Corey Haim.
Remember when the news broke and I said imagine what happened/happens to the child actors?
Harvey Weinstein Thoughts? Corey Haim warned y’all and they killed him off making it look like suicide.
His names down for the Corey haim rape
I find these kinds of things difficult. I lived in a bunch of places as a kid.
I've heard Reiner is implemented in the Corey haim case by someone who worked for the police when Corey…
Corey Feldman was raped by men in Hollywood in his teens & his friend Corey Haim was too & never recovered from it…
Too bloody right he is done. I think Corey Feldman should be able/ encouraged to speak out on the abuser of Corey Haim.
He is so strong and brave. He lost his friend Corey Haim.
Pretty sad really. What makes what happened to him and Haim and others any less? When wi…
You should have asked Reiner why he had Corey Haim over to his house for a "weekend audition" Haim… featured in NBC s Science of Love
the word going around is Rob Reiner may have been one of the top Hollywood executives that abused Corey Haim.
Could he be the guy the Corey's (Feldman and Haim) talked about abusing them as youngins?
Why did Haim still say you were friends with his abuser?
Wondering if you had a comment on this speculation. Someone who apparently knows about the police report…
It's been common knowledge that Corey haim was abused on set, and this guy knows about the police report
Why didn't any of you speak up for Corey Feldman or Corey Haim??? Where was their support?
Was it you that sodomized Corey Haim behind the trailer when he was 16 and you, 21?
Abuse of young boys 'rife' in Hollywood, warns sexual assault survivor
see article today? Corey Haim friends & fam spoke to Directors of conspiracy of silence. T…
There's another sexual abuse scandal in Hollywood that no one is talking about
How old is Corey Feldman, what movies has he been in with Corey Haim, & what's up with the Barbara Walters clip? https:/…
I cannot help but think of Corey Haim and how those pigs passed him around as a little boy. Everyone knew, and no one…
So now can we out the Hollywood pedophiles and bring justice to Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and the long list of young boy…
The year Corey Haim died, The Oscars failed to add him to the Those We Have Lost segment. Feld…
Hey do you know what happened to Corey Haim? Care to comment on his Hollywood abusers? Maybe
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Brad Renfro and Corey Haim - both directed by Joel Schmaucher. Connect the dots. Bo…
Two actors die young. Corey Haim and Brad Renfro. Both directed by Joel Schumacher.
Jonathan Brandis,Brad Renfro,Corey Haim,River Phoenix>all boy actors who ended up a mental mess and dead. WHO ABUSED TH…
They did a 3rd one after Corey Haim died too. It was actually worse even without haims drugge…
What everybody ignored Corey Feldman and Corey Haim when they kept telling producers years ago and…
David Seltzer wrote and directed the film Lucas (1986) Corey Haim starred in and the set he claims was sodomized on, as Fel…
is in this season... and actor Corey Haim - also known for his role as Sam in Lost Boys with… of suspected pedophiles along w Richard Dreyfuss @ murderer of Corey Haim.😡
Ohhh it has to be the Corey Haim, Nicole Eggert, Corey Feldman Version. Who needs acting talent when…
More iconic than Corey Feldman and Corey Haim in the 80s
A merchant Disney animation when I was a kid. -Corey Haim
I don't mention it but I love River Phoenix, Corey Haim, Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, MJ, & Mädchen…
Lol @ the look on Haim's face when Melissa McCarthy pronounced it like Corey Haim
Rumor is Charlie Sheen had anal sex with Corey Haim during filming of "Luca…
Corey Haim was my childhood fave. It broke my heart what happened to him♥️
time to avenge the death of Corey Haim and other nameless victims in Hollywood that no on…
As Corey Feldman said in interview...his friend Corey Haim was victim which led to his dr…
"it basically comes to the word love" . Corey Haim was so full of love & he spread it around so much. he's an angel. https:…
...So there I was thinking that Haim was Corey Haim's band, thinking that Corey Feldman was Corey Haim.
I know u were talking about HAIM. I thought Corey too cuz they were showbiz kids but nope it's their last name
did you know that the sweetest and most caring guy is Corey Haim?
it's 2017 n I just googled 'Corey haim young'
corey haim, River Phoenix, & johnny depp will always be my favorites. I MEAN LOOK AT THeM?!
Corey Haim just got his license and we had to go to Archie's
Corey Haim was really so loving, he had such an incredible and positive aura to him. I love him a lot.
Jesus Christ Mom, when Ricky Schoder and Corey Haim invite you to hang out and drink New Coke you don't say no.
Quick glance I thought that was Corey Haim or a young Corey Feldman 😂
Yes they do! Super bonus at The Canyon show was on the stage w/Corey! Core…
2:22 // you're always in my thoughts, I love you with of my heart Corey Ian Haim.
Obviously wasn't thinking this morning when I put my Corey Haim CD in my bag😂💗
that maybe the correct German or whatever but I feel like it's disrespect to Corey Haim RIP
Things I learned from SNL: the correct way to pronounce "HAIM". Huh. Thought it was like Corey's (RIP) last name.
I'm more than a little annoyed at the fact that Haim not only has nothing to do with Corey but it's also not even pronounced the same. 😒
How can the band Haim pronounce it "Hime" not "Hame"? I just assumed they were Corey Haim's kids.
River Phoenix and Corey Haim had such beautiful souls
17. Lucas is one of the best 80s teen dramedies that has NOTHING to do with John Hughes. It's Corey Haim's best performanc…
send people pictures of Corey Haim and radiate the world with sunshine 💛💛
I will never love somebody as much as I love River Phoenix and Corey Haim
Corey and Judy Haim had such a beautiful mother and son relationship ❤️.
Yeah. I thought it was like Corey Haim!
Happy Mother's Day to Judy Haim, a remarkably strong woman.. I'm certain that Corey is sending her lots of kisses a…
remember to be as loving as Corey Haim, today and everyday 💛.
acting in reminds me of young Corey Haim 💙
See, now she said "Haim" like as in Corey Haim. I don't know what to believe any more.
I'd rather act out a Corey Haim movie
Self-report: Thought it was "hey-aim", like Corey Haim, not "hime". That said, I've a long documented history of alternative pronunciations
I heard Haim was on Then I thought "Corey?". Then I remembered he was dead. Then I felt bad.
Haim trending reminds me there was once an internet black market gateway fronting as "Corey Haim Fanclub" that was uncovered when he died.
I was just thankful Corey Haim was a cripple. Thank GOD! That was the basis for my grade. 😜😜
Wait. Did just thank "HAME" as in Corey Haim instead of HAIM as in closing
I have been mispronouncing name wrong all the time. It's haim as in rhyme not haim as in Corey. They killed it on
I will admit I thought they meant Corey Haim was the musical guest but then I remembered he's the dead Corey. Sad.
Turns out the band HAIM is not Corey Haim's spectral afterlife solo project. Which is kind of really what I was hoping for.
Corey Haim & as character witnesses to I have to say, has officially jumped the shark. On episode 1.
Teri Garr, Christopher Collet, and Corey Haim for their incredible film, Firstborn 💙
River Phoenix, Corey Haim and Jonathan Brandis deserved the world and more I miss them
this reminds me of Corey Haim's letter campaign to get the Reverend Werewolf to kill himself in SILVER BULLET. Pure awesomeness
I want to bake everyone brownies and have a Corey Haim marathon because of how sweet you all are ❤️.
I'm sorry but Corey Haim is the love of my life.
don't forget to nominate Corey Haim to get a star in the Canadian Walk of Fame 💗
What's everyone's favorite coming of age film ? For me it's always been Lucas with the late Corey Haim has always been mine
Corey Haim: a man of an immense amount of sublimity 💘
Corey Haim deserves so much love and appreciation.
this girl quoted a gif of corey haim & said "wet".I highly doubt she knows who he is
Corey Haim was such an incredible actor, he doesn't get enough credit for his talent.
Any film with Corey Haim in it, you know it will be good, he is such an amazing actor. 😍☀
I love food and Corey Haim movies.. good combination 🤗!!
this is what people should be paying attention about Hollywood celebrities
why did I have a dream that I was invited to the White House and the first thing I did was ask if they like Corey Haim?
HOLLYWOOD REPEALS BULLIES? well,. Start with finding the bullies that molested Corey Haim
Corey Haim was going through so much at this time yet he remained to be the kindest soul for the children.
Corey Haim is so much more than an actor from the 80's.. he really inspires others to do good in this world.
Stephen King's silver bullet: Corey Haim in a gas powered wheel chair designed and built by an alcoholic Gary Busey. Nuff said.
Watched 3 films today that Corey Haim starred in... best achievement of 2017 so far!
I'm amazed that Corey liked to watch old movies and cook pasta. that's the perfect date. movies and pasta.. or just Corey Haim.
Corey Haim is art, the sublimity that seeps through his soul is truly fascinating.
So is it just about people who Watch Corey Haim?
me: only deep and meaningful words get to me . Corey Haim: hasta lasagna, don't get any on ya. me:
Corey Haim and River Phoenix have my heart
Tupac isn't dead and neither is River Phoenix. OR Corey Haim. ✌🏻
via - Corey Feldman talks about his & Corey Haim's experience with pedophilia in Holl…
Corey Haim and Liza Minnelli for their movie A Time to Live 💘.
I really want a huge Corey Haim or River Pheonix poster for my room.. Or both
And at 1:30: "A boy (Corey Haim) in a wheelchair stops a werewolf with his uncle (Gary Busey) and siste…
how am I "highly ill" if I love Corey Haim, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph? I don't get it 🙄.
I really love Corey Haim, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph. it warms my heart that they're all such lovely people. I'm proud I love them.
I googled "Corey Haim" and "Martin Landau" and I got a Jewish conspiracy book as a result:.
Anyone have an idea who the guy in Hollywood that Corey Haim claims has abused child actors ?
But why would anyone ever choose dean over Jess I mean that's like picking Corey Feldman over Corey Haim it makes no sense
Hollywood's child sex ring is about to be blown wide open, thanks to Corey Haim's deathbed confes... via
'A List Celebrity' who Raped Corey Haim soon to be revealed.
Multiple sources promise to reveal the A-list actor responsible for the rape of the late
River Phoenix & Corey Haim really do bring me such an overwhelming sense of peace. It's crazy. Just thinking of them is comforting for me.
I will be up ALL NIGHT helping crack the Corey Haim case.
Wasn't Corey Haim...Do you want to delete and change this..?
remember that Corey Haim song, Sunglasses at Night? It was about me
Insane, and source has been offered primetime interview... --- Revealed! Superstar Actor Raped Child Star Corey Haim
you may want to check this out. . . It's your article verbatim.
That's it. I've cracked the Corey Haim case
New post: Radar Online allegedly knows the identity of the A-lister who raped Corey Haim
I hope that rumor about Corey Haim's rapist is true and that he gets outed. Whoever it is deserves to have their *** handed to them.
Superstar actor raped Corey Haim! Superstar runs pedophile ring, and is still a threat to children!. And…
I am so upset over Corey Haim story. Any idea who it is? 😕
you need to name the abuser for the sake of any other victims so Haim's death is not in vein and can do some good.
Someone is going down hard real soon ..this is totally heartbreakin. "Corey Feldman & Corey Haim discuss their abuse".
Tryin'a this Corey Haim/thing with & all we can come up with is Tom Hanks and I jus…
I hope you and haim's family have closure soon and this demon named and put in prison!! No one deserves this pain...
. Too bad Corey Haim is dead, he won't be able to complete the fusion dance with him.
just saw this.Is it vapid gossip, or are others truly going to talk & verify?Sending u luv & light.
I added a video to a playlist Corey Feldman and Corey Haim discuss their abuse - THE TWO COREYS
I was crazy for Corey Haim from Lucus & Secret Admirer up until his death. I met him & his mom once & he was super nice, too
If you are a /Corey Haim/80s fan u must read this amazing book. I read it in 6 hours!📚
Corey Feldman recently spoke to Corey Haim via a medium and how hasn't this already consumed my life?
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Corey Haim communicate from beyond on
Fast Getaway 2 via I found this with Corey Haim
Fast Getaway (1991) starring Cynthia Rothrock - Corey Haim here is the link to watch rollerboys via
A combo of several. Hair from Anthony Michael Hall. Maybe a little Corey Haim about him? And Mark-Paul GosselaarRiver Phoenix?
Corey Haim, River Phoenix, and Jonathan Brandis will always be my fav 80s boys
'They passed us back and forth' Corey Feldman on his and Corey Haim's sexual abuse Shopping Gift Card: sh.…
They focused on M Jackson while letting perpetrator get away. Also Feldman implies that the person who molested Corey Haim was Charlie Sheen
love is love and i love Corey Haim no matter his looks or mistakes. . Corey Ian Haim💗. 1971-2010☁️. R.i.p✨
📷 80sloove: Corey Haim on January 18, 1987 poses outside Le Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood (photo by...
Got a hug from Bud Bundy @ Knott's Berry Farm in the early '90s. I was there to actually meet Corey Haim...
When I was a kid, I had crushes on both Corey Haim and Neil Patrick Harris.
I have to get glasses and was thinking Rachel Maddow or Gene Shalit, though my budget is leaning toward Dahmer or Corey Haim in Lucas.
The most famous people I've ever met are Howard Stern, Billy Joel, and David Letterman... followed only by Corey Haim.
Corey Haim was 14 when an actor of film Lucas molested him. Corey Feldman says the molester is now a big star. Feldman …
Let's not act like Hollywood does not exploit and abuse child actors. The abuse Corey Haim and Cory Feldman suffered is …
trying to become emotional stable after a Corey Haim movie
Young Corey Haim was a beautiful thing
Student just recommended we get more books on Corey Haim. @ Malibu…
Anything with Corey Haim was awesome. . But thats just me.
I really hope Corey Haim haunts Corey Feldman. I think about this way too often.
And a beautiful one at that. He looks like a young Corey Haim
Like Corey Feldman and Corey Haim who opened up about the sexual abuse they suffered for years at the hands of 'older men in Hollywood'
The kid in the picture is Corey Haim. It's Haim
if PEREZ was ACTIVE, there would have been LIGHT, and NO COREY HAIM burger
I agree but look into the Corey Feldman & Corey Haim story. It happens to both genders, It's saddening. *Stay strong* *Hug*
I hope that doesn't mean Roman Reigns is Corey Haim
Disney bought The Lost Boys you can preorder replicas of Corey Haim's wardrobe starting tomorrow.
I liked a video Corey Haim private never shown footage part 2
Pretty awesome... I am sure Corey Haim is still in our hearts and in our memories, too...
Gary Busey, Corey Haim, and a werewolf. What's not to love?
...Corey Haim's character and when I watched it recently I related more to the dad.
this is awesome Corey haim will never be forgotten, got all films ❤️ RIP COREY HAIM
I miss River Phoenix and Corey Haim so much :( x
I was and still am in love with Corey Haim ... 😍❤️
if some guy who looks like Corey Haim wants to kiss me tonight, i'm SO gonna let them
what did we do to deserve Corey Haim 👼🏼💘?
pictures of Jason Patric and Corey Haim fulfill me 💗.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
To the jerk who decided that a DVD starring Corey Haim, Jim Varney and Bridgitte Nielsen needed three security stickers... screw you. >:(
Thank you. I am proud of my drive. . and I like that movie "License to Drive" starring Corey Haim & Cory Feldman.
ha ha I did not :( but I saw Corey Haim's fast getaway w Rossi 9 times, he's more than RELENTLESS, man!
Late 80s Corey Haim will forever be bae
I was all Corey Haim. Then a certain bad boy came along...27 yrs later I'm still here.
Corey Haim and watched all his movies which led me to 80s accounts and vine edits which led me to the outsiders and every other 80s movie
I've got 2 Large T-Shirts left and a bunch of XL's. Designed by the mighty Jason Karnes of Fukitor!. Corey Haim...
Watching Carol Kane in two and a half men and its reminding me of Corey Feldman and Haim in license to drive xx
should I get a shirt that says lol ur not corey haim or a shirt that says corey haim wouldn't treat me like this
did corey haim ever listen to eminem? Idk I just always wondered that bc I love him (it would mean alot …
"Silver Bullet" for 2nd best horror movie to star Corey Haim.
n like that shirt that's like lol ur not corey haim is one that I need and idk
What happened Corey Haim? License to drive was such a great movie.As a kid growing up in 1983 getting a license was so important 2 get girls
So, I always thought corey haim played one of the frog brothers. Turns out he was sam. XD i was kinda O_O lol
Corey Haim with black hair was so under appreciated
Up watching Corey Haim movies because I'm definitely not gonna sleep anytime soon.
remember when I was obsessed with Corey haim
"I've written an ode to Corey Haim... Un ironically."-
my, not Corey Haim...Heather Grahm👍😎
if you're ever feeling down all you need are the three c's; cheese, chocolate, and Corey Haim 😌.
I have a strong strong love for Corey haim
Ay no supero a Corey Haim en Fast Getaway
young corey haim. he was so fine in this movie omg (Vine by MCEveryday)
I'm sorry but young Corey Haim was goals in Blown Away !! 😍😍
Young Corey Haim is what I live for 😍😍
I don't need a license to ride Corey Haim
if you love Corey Haim, I love you & we should be friends.
the boy you've been rting pictures of is Corey Haim, I was asking if you liked him but nvm😂
No one knows what goonies is or who Corey Haim is at my school smh your parents didn't raise you right
I remember when I was obsessed with corey haim
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"I make myself pizza if it comes down to that drastic measurement." -Corey Haim. HoustonTX
Today's Watchers (1988). Corey Haim, Michael Ironside, a telepathic dog and a monster. Sadly, not the sum of its parts!
All this talk of rollerblading in Hackers. Y'all need to see Prayer of the Rollerboys: post-apocalypse, Corey Haim, white power rollergangs.
Secret Admirer is great bc Corey Haim and C. Thomas Howell in the sAME MOVIE
If there's any 3 famous people that make me cry just by having a single thought about them it's Jonathan Brandis, River Phoenix & Corey Haim
all I want is for Corey Haim, Jonathan Brandis, and River Phoenix to come back
Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Corey Haim, Matthew Lillard, Jonathan Brandis, and River Phoenix are my baes
my goodness I just watched Secret Admirer with Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, and Corey Haim and that was the most amazing movie
License to Drive (1988) which stars Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Carol Kane!
Its with Corey Haim and heather Graham. Have you heard of "Lucas"? It's a cute movie. Haim is so young in it
Or heather graham because she got to kiss Corey Haim
Does use Corey Haim as a piece in her game or does she love him?
Can Corey Haim and River Phoenix come back please
I watching the first season of with & Corey Haim we never forget
Absolutely! My best topics are Lohan, Caitlyn Jenner and the Corey's (Haim and Feldman). Call between 1-2pm.
They found out in the War of the Corey's, I was team Haim.
I added a video to a playlist Corey Haim (Silver Bullet) full movie 720P
Just saw a cinematic masterpiece with (Jim Varney, Corey Haim & Brigitte Nielsen). Also known as the "master thespian trifecta"
I don't care who you are Corey Haim was hot back in the day.😍
Corey Haim was the cutest human to EVER walk this earth
Girls thinking they love Corey Haim and Christian Slater after seeing some vines and gif sets 😒😒
Fun fact: . Corey Haim was a virgin until he met . Corey Feldman.
boy bands, the 80s, Corey haim, emo, phone
oh how I wish Corey Haim was still alive
I hope Corey Haim finally got his driver's license in Heaven
why can't Corey Haim have been born in my generation😭 ugh I love him so much
Just noticed Corey Haim has a sultry poster of Rob Lowe on his closet in the Lost Boys
c does that thing with her tongue that corey haim did with his tongue I'm so pressed
and Corey Haim were those type of *** that had a good relationship. Loved their friendship.
Love the set decoration for Corey Haim's room in Lost Boys. The poster for the '80s movie Reform…
Corey Haim's earring in The Lost Boys gives me life... Ok... That's it. Bye. 😂😍
Deceased actors Brad Renfro & Corey Haim were so full of life & talent until the homosexual monster Joel Schumacher got his claws into them.
It makes me sad that Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix and Corey Haim aren't alive anymore 😔😢❤
Pocahontas, both Lewis AND Clark, Bono, Susan Summers, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim..they had a good run
My favourite part of the bible is where Joan Rivers keeps pointing at Guy Fieri and shouting 'Look how fat Corey Haim i…
For those who haven’t already heard, Corey Feldman (arguably the biggest child actor of the 80′s) went public about being sexually abused by Hollywood moguls, multiple times. He describes how he and fellow former child star Corey Haim were constantly fed drugs and taken advantage of.  Feldman starte…
Corey you are my fav actor. You and Corey Haim were the best couple ever. I still miss him and I love you!!❤
So excited to find out if Corey Haim will get a star on Canada's Walk of Fame! announcement to be made on Tues…
Corey Haim and River Phoenix in the same picture 😥
Ok wait, there's a Cynthia Rothrock/Corey Haim movie?! WHY WAS I NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS?!?! Oh that's going on the list!
Please research Joel Schumacher in relation to Corey Haim and Brad Renfro's early years.
Corey Haim in the Lost Boys...Sean Austin in the Goonies 👅🙊
Which of the following child stars starred in a "Friday the 13th" movie?. A. Corey Feldman. B. Drew Barrymore. C. Corey Haim. D. Scott Baio
It's a little Twilight Zone how much this kid in this episode of The Twilight Zone looks like Corey Haim.
Showed a piece of my Sherlock fanart to my husband. He wanted to know why I was drawing fanart of Corey Haim. OMG! Worst feedback ever.
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Corey Haim passed away 4 years ago today.
It *** Corey Haim kicked the bucket 'cuz I was holding out for a Murphy's Romance 2.
I once had lunch with Corey Haim. Cool guy, very sad..
"Instead of open letters, one could pen open wounds. I mean come on, were all privileged enough"-Corey haim to Corey Feldman on The Coreys 2011 season
Boycott the new XMEN movie, Hollywood should be safe for children, . …
Looks like u and Haim were always tellin the truth. Singer Complaint .pdf
That is absolutely awesome. I was posting as Corey Haim at the time. To bad Ham Span left us long ago. Hilarious stuff!
According to reports, one of the masked crooks in this film’s opening scene was played by actor Corey Haim -
Sometimes I wonder if would have made more amazing movies with Corey Haim if Haim was alive.
Had THE coolest dream last night! The Goonies were my cuzns, they were filming the movie, & COREY HAIM was in it!
"Haim is coming up, is it Corey Haim?".no it is not
Taken 2 is just a modern adaptation of License to Drive but without the adorable Corey Haim.
(970): Corey Haim died. 80's me is so sad
I have framed all my Corey Haim VHS covers, this makes me pretty cool right?
I need to find me a guy who looked like young Corey Haim.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Corey Haim was lush in the Lost Boys
I may not talk about him all the time anymore, but Corey Haim still means the world to me and I'll always love him 💕
Lost Boys fact: shortly after seeing this movie I got a cat and named it Nanook after Corey Haim's dog in this movie.
i hope that i don't Corey Haim myself
And because I saw Corey Feldman the other day to look him up. Looks like he and Corey Haim were also victims :(
nonono you read that wrong the main antagonist is the ghost of Corey Haim
today I learned it's pronounced closer to l'chaim than it is to Corey Haim.
aww I miss Corey Haim. Luved him in my fav movie The Lost Boys!
funny how Joel Schumachers name crops up as Corey Haim/Feldman allegations of abuse fit around the time of filming of...
that quote was from Corey Feldman about Corey haim who was sacrificed.
"And a lot of those kids are now dead ( Corey Haim ) and /or chronic drug addicts.Hollywood…" — Fiona. -Version 2.0
Sounds like what happened to Corey Haim according to Corey Feldman's auto bio. Hollywood's problem is pedophila.
Just 12 days left to make it happen for Corey Haim :)
Corey Haim also molested by unnamed director. Heritage: & .
Surrounded by paedophiles: Deranged lifestyles of child stars
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Watching the Two Corey ' s on YouTube Haim rocks
THE day Corey Feldman met Corey Haim, when they were 14-years-old and preparing to work together ... via
I agree he's truly missed another beautiful soul who left us too soon! Always remembering corey haim x
Corey Feldman's new book details sexual abuse he and Corey Haim experienced in Hollywood
Good!! Wish Haim was here 2 c it may b it would've given him some inner peace
lmfao but Corey haim looked so much better tho ;)
Gary looks like Corey Haim in an 80s movie!
I used this song by Rascal Flats My Wish, because it means a lot to me, and I am a big Corey Haim fan
Are you going to let Corey Haim beat Jonathan Frid?
...Speaking of which - whatever did happen to Luke Perry, Corey Haim, Jason Patric & Jamie Gertz?
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