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Corey Feldman

Corey Scott Feldman (born July 16, 1971) is an American film and television actor.

Corey Haim Michael Jackson Carrie Fisher Crispin Glover Barbara Walters

What everybody ignored Corey Feldman and Corey Haim when they kept telling producers years ago and…
Corey Feldman told cops he was molested and named abusers in 1993 via
I saw Barbara Smalters interview with Corey Feldman. That was an outrage with her small and narrow mind.
Watch how Barbara Walters treated Corey Feldman when he outed Hollywood pedophiles years ago
Corey Feldman sounded the ALARM for years 🚨WATCH Barbara Walters SHAME him! "you're damaging an entire industry"..htt…
Barbara Walters scolds Corey Feldman "You're damaging an entire industry".
FLASHBACK: Watch Barbara Walters SHAME Corey Feldman for speaking about Hollywood abuse
I've said everyone look at Corey Feldman, I think Toby Maguire has spoke about it
Corey Feldman: there are powerful sex abusers in Hollywood. Barbara Walters "You're damaging an entire industry." htt…
1/4 Corey Feldman been talking 4 years about paeodophillia in Hollywood & how this lead to his & Corey Haims' drug abuse(and eventual death)
Corey Feldman is The actor of my younger days(next to Prince Sean Astin) I wi…
He’s the best! Mykelti Williamson responds to as does Corey Feldman. Sorry for nam…
If you can imagine Corey Feldman dressing like Jimi Hendrix "as a tribute", that's Peter Rosenberg right now
Corey Feldman and Martha Plimpton are the exact same person.
More iconic than Corey Feldman and Corey Haim in the 80s
Even country music, hip hop, bluegrass, gospel, exotica, and whatever it is Corey Feldman is doing.
Ever notice that Henry Rollins and Corey Feldman have the same pout? And both have questionable acting skills? 🤔
I'm on the guest list for Corey Feldman's birthday party tomorrow night. . Dark or Peak Mike Brown?
Connect the dots... Rob Reiner produced Stand by Me w/2 Corey's. Corey Feldman said "prob in H…
My main takeaway from F13 tonight: The Burbs, if you haven't seen it, watch it. . Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher and Corey Feldman. You're welcome.
Jake Johnson is one film away from making it onto Second Fiddle Rushmore with Curtis Armstrong, Corey Feldman, and David Arquette.
plz tell me u were not on the Corey Feldman album snoop. Plz just NO. If u were what I'm the name of the lord have u been smoking
...So there I was thinking that Haim was Corey Haim's band, thinking that Corey Feldman was Corey Haim.
Quick glance I thought that was Corey Haim or a young Corey Feldman 😂
coincidentally both star 80s movie icons, Normality features the lead voice work of Corey Feldman and Toonstruck stars Christopher Lloyd.
Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Jerry O'Connell & Corey Feldman on the set of Stand By Me (1986)
Corey Feldman and his "angels" surprise guests at Cannabis Cup...
CNN intvwd Kirk Cameron about *** issues. Looking forwrd to Jonathan Taylor Thomas on reproductive rights & Corey Feldman on…
besides ridiculous it seems inspired by Kim Jong-un or Corey Feldman
Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman at the in 1989. Barrymore is wearing Betsey Johnson.
Also Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Pizzagate, and the latest allegations against Anthony Weiner. Oh, and Corey Feldman's.
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via - Corey Feldman talks about his & Corey Haim's experience with pedophilia in Holl…
I have the same amount of subscribers on my old scene makeup tutorial YouTube channel as Corey Feldman's YouTube channel
Corey Feldman is the next generation's Nirvana
ok bro I'll send heaps of stuff so you can see for yourself and thanks
Yes, I do. Are you saying bumble bees die because of global warming, which is caused by humans?
Is is who he is bc he hacked Jason's brains out in part 4 or bc he spent one too many nights at Michael Jackson's ranch?
Love ya, you are such a sweet person! Ignore the whack-a-do's tonight! 😊 💖💖✌
It's right up there w/ for me . which is your favorite video?! I know it probably hard to…
stars such '80s stalwarts as Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover. FX guru Tom Savini returns for the first time since the original.
were at war right now. But I know what your saying. I hope there's another alternative.
will u ever speak out about the Pedo's in Hollywood? Seems like you could save a lot of pain. Just scared of consequences?
Remember when Corey Feldman went into softcore to feed his coke habit? Meatballs 4 was a wild ride
I completely agree Corey. We probably want the same thing, just different ideas on how to get there.
we shall C my friend. Mark my words, we will b at war within 12 months of his term!
U think it's funny bumble bees just went on the extinction list 4 the 1st time? Do U know what happens when the Bees die?
Order Miche Bag Online!
no I'm just paying attention, & care about the future of this planet. I side only with God.
I do. And I get it. Your in Hollywood. You have to act like you fear Trump.
his orders! How about choosing someone who doesn't believe in global warming 2 head the EPA? Or breaking Paris agreement?
just watch N U will hear all the Pro Trump U want. 👍🏼
between Mad Dog and Tillers on, I think Trump is combining talented men and their strengths.
You think that's the definition of him caring? As of today he's not POTUS. How can you blame him?
Corey Feldman when he tries to look like child Jason, reminds me of a child Voldemort pre-nose-lossage. Is this Voldemort's true backstory?
show me real proof of such activities n I'll sign.
The press should be unbiased. It hasn't been. For 8 years. Know Obama is leaving landmines for Trump. Israel, Cuba.
4 years ago today I choreographed this man's music video! 😎✌🏾 . https:/…
Gr8 cause, but where's the evidence 2 support these claims?
"Rock n' Roll High School" starring Corey Feldman may have been the least rock n roll thing I have ever witnessed.
It was a very cool video especially when you have both and rocking that v…
Sorry, nobody w the word EVIL can help me! ✌🏼️😇
if he cares Y do we have Millions of newly unprotected Americans as of Today??
Electronic Device Insurance
in congress I'd say the reception is equal...both hasty. The media reflects much confusion over Russian hacking.
by the press? Public? Or Congress? U can't compare...Obama was a land slide victory w 5 x the pop vote.
Ah thx Corey! Loved the Ascension Millennium vid! U guys need to work on another one. 👍🏻💋
I've watched two movies with Corey Feldman in them today if you wondered how sick I was.
Just checked the rights. * lowers head and goes into a slouch *
I was digging The Final Chapter and then...wait wait wait! Corey Feldman is JASON?!?!?!
Are you a fan of experimental hip hop group Death Grips? If so, what's your favorite album?
Big fan. I have two questions for you: Is there any chance that Angelic 2 the Core could get a vinyl pressing? (1/2)
The idea that 12 year old Corey Feldman could be making movie quality masks is retarded
why on Earth would anybody make a Michael Jackson biopic + not cast Corey Feldman?. seriously ***
sign bro this is for humailty and stopping science playing God
A💖♡ M💖♡ E💖♡ N and spreads the message of.. because this 🌎…
At the end of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter are we supposed to think that Corey Feldman is going to become a murderer?
I'm really a sweet boy . PS Stand By Me is legit one of the greatest movies. Cultural value. Can't imagine without u and River
im not here to harass you I wanna help you support my cause.
Happy Friday the 13th. How cool is that! 💀🤘🏻🍺
bro tell the world about Human Cloning centres and about Donald Marshall
pretty good. We have someone that actually cares about the well being of our citizens. He should have something better.
yeah but it's all about timing. Throwback films are very popular now.
Do you believe Trump is being treated fair compared to the way Obama was treated a week before his inauguration?
If there is a legitimate table for the idea let me know. I would love to get in on this
I like that Tiller man is an engineer, very logical and knows a lot about international stage. He will put his country first.
Fun fact: This dude was in The Burbs - as one of Corey Feldman's friends.
You can order directly on That would be a great Christmas gift🎁Ther…
Corey Feldman started as a child star, then became Michael Jackson's best friend, and now he's a strange man...
I liked a video from Corey Feldman - Angelic 2 the Core : Angelic Funkadelic ALBUM
Be sure 2 Order by 12-22-2016 Express Shipping 2 get CD by Christ…
Yes, I'm a Ghostbuster. This is my uniform. Living the dream is fascinating. Live your dream. Live it forev…
What totally rad brand of jacket is Corey Feldman wearing in this photo?
how does Corey Feldman not get electrocuted when he cuts an electric cord with metal scissors?!
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My addiction has always been beautiful women, being surrounded by t...
Stoked to have the last album I listen to from 2016 be ANGELIC 2 THE CORE: ANGELIC FUNKADELIC / ANGELIC ROCKADELIC
Xmas movies and pairing Mk 1: Single Barrel and Gremlins. Also a young Corey Feldman before he turned into a creep.
Corey Feldman was the MVP this year
Corey Feldman talks sexual abuse in Hollywood.
There is a bigger scandal involving Charlie awaits to be exposed.
Walked by this today, and thought of you guys
just recommended me a Feldman song. How'd it know?
. Corey Feldman - Go 4 it (official video). In case the cringe wasn't already strong enough
1 Year complete for the Show!What's your favorite moment this year?. . .
Wonder how Corey Feldman's band is doing
but this is how the election works. 1 wins. 1 loses. Besides trump was a democrat his first 60 years lol
if Corey Feldman isn't on this you should quit
So hw does it feel when your ManChild Husband acts like a bad MJ impersonater
How Special wil it b 4ever 3rd time nt so lucky $175per mth CS Dont have kids
Little Giant Ladders
it's actually just gonna be a Corey Feldman cover band
it's just every song on Corey Feldman's album
inb4 Corey Feldman takes up the top 3
are they all from the Corey Feldman album?
God Bless U 2! Thank U for bringing so much joy into our lives
Check out our podcast with a little talk of and getting married, a new episode of Cl…
Someone was like "yo you should jack Corey Feldman's swag"
To watch is to enable Tom Sandoval's turtle-pace evolution into modern era Corey Feldman
I picked up License to Drive last week for $1.50 and just realized that Corey Feldman looks like Kangaroo Jack
Congrats to Corey Feldman on his wedding at Fizz!...
congratulations on the marriage and I hope that you all have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow.
You guys!! Been so self involved I virtually missed this. Love u guys. Congrats. I'll be calling today. Xoxo
has been saying this for YEARS. It's time 2 .
Congrats and good luck to the two of you.
Corey Feldman stated, "Pedophilia is widespread in Hollywood" like 10 years ago. Hollywood + the gov are cl…
.is married! He tied the knot to Courtney Anne just days after getting engaged
Plastic Surgeon: "What you want?". Corey Feldman: "Do you remember the grandpa on The Munsters?". Plastic Surgeon: "S…
Exactly how desperate do you have to be, to marry Corey Feldman?
Corey Feldman marries for the third time via
I like this 1: It's got a nice perspective on a story that has been grossly dramatized.
Congratulations to you both! I wish you all the happiness the universe has to offer!
i support you Cory all the way through.. you were awesome... ROCK on. :-)
Corey Feldman got married. Now, he has to do what every other newlywed husband has to do, find a real job.
Congrats to our friend and his Angel who got married!! .
Congrats to our friend Corey Feldman and his Angel Courtney who got married!!...
Heard Corey Feldman is in the news again.
Sigh...I should have married him when I had the chance.
We know what Hollywood did to child actors like Macaulay Culkin & Corey Feldman. Is & such a…
The Corey Feldman Wedding as exclusively tipped here first: via
Corey Feldman marries girlfriend Courtney Anne: Corey Feldman officially tied the knot with one of…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Corey Feldman marries his longtime girlfriend Courtney Anne. Congrats!
And I once saw a movie with Corey Feldman, who has the same name as Bernardi, so I'm... LITERALLY HITLER.
corey come for thanksgiving by joe & sara or Eugene and kayla Because joe wants us there Butsara Do…
Congratulations to both of you on your wedding. You both look very happy. Wishing the too of you a lifetime of happiness!
Unbelievable party last night with & @ and his at -…
C.I told U all 2Day would b a special 1!
Be happy. Love eachother, always have a good relationship and talk if something goes wrong. Never give up!!
Corey Feldman marries girlfriend in Las Vegas less than two weeks after proposal
now watching: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter (4) dir: Joseph Zito stars Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover, Erich And…
Someone needs to stop putting Ben Carson and Corey Feldman on TV. You know they're just going to embarrass themselves, you rating ***
There's no way anyone out there was actually expecting more from Corey Feldman.
I don't know about you guys. But I love Corey Feldman. He was great as Darlene on Roseanne.
When did Corey Feldman transition into Carrie Fisher? CF = coincidence??
STRANGER THINGS is directly responsible for Corey Feldman's recent revival, and that alone may be it's reason for existing.
which Corey? Feldman or Lewinskydowski or whatever?
Frankly Corey Feldman's feelings are irrelevant to me if he has information about active pedophiles & won'…
Today I got blocked by Corey Feldman & he said I should join the so you gotta do better than 'big wuss'
This is the WORST band I've ever seen/heard. via
He's back! returns to TODAY to 'Take a Stand'
Is someone looking out for Corey Feldman? Cause I don't know what in the *** he's doing but it seems dangerous...has he lost it or...?
after Mr Corey and I were already superfriends? Right. . Please give me the gif's
Billy Bush on suicide watch after learning Corey Feldman is good enough for the Today Show but he isn't.
I'm thinking Corey Feldman must be unwell. Why would The Today Show keep having g him on? 😳
keep doing what you love and screw what anyone thinks. You deserve happiness in life. Good soul❤
5 months ago he said "i would love to name names". Now he has a new publicist and a band.
He\'s back! Corey Feldman returns with live performance on TODAY
Corey Feldman drops American flag on ground during performance on 'Today' - Fox News
I'm sure Mr Corey is way nicer than
I think I deserve them first. I started all this, really. And Mr. Corey is my BFF
this is so amazing. He won't reply to me. Thought he might put a mural of my art on his wall.
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Corey Feldman defends new music career before 2nd performance | Corey Feldman
Home this morning. Just saw Corey Feldman singing on Today Show. When did this become a thing? Compared himself to Kiss, Nirva…
Corey Feldman wasn't that bad. . He wasn't that good either.
🙄🙄🙄 you have more makeup on than the Kardashians. Call it hate but it's just weird!
reflecting on the best media I took in today and it was definitely on TV this morning. A really great positive message.
I can't wait for his next reality show. is all kinds of fantastic
my BFF Mr. Corey told me where to get the gold hoodie. I'm gonna look so good
Are we 100% certain that the guys from South Park aren't writing for Corey Feldman? Like, writing his actual life AND music?
Corey Feldman got another shot at performing on TODAY. Did he do any better? And will the internet be any...
Congrats on the second TODAY performance! Stay up!
Anyone else witnessing Corey Feldman's mid-life crisis on the Today show? Yikes
Left the tv on for the cats, come home to Corey Feldman singing. Not sure I'll ever stop apologizing to them.
They let Corey Feldman on the Today Show? Again?! What kind of dirt does he have on them?
Saw Corey Feldman and trending. And considering how 2016 has played out, for one second I thought, "Sure. That…
I would face an army of evil clowns each & every day for the rest of my life in exchange for never having to see Corey Feldman perform again
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that's it. I'm going as Corey Feldman for halloween
So Corey Feldman is getting a NBC show is my prediction this is just promotion for it
Michael Jackson was innocent. is fraudulent. I want to see Corey Feldman fight Ben Savage.
Is it just me or is Corey Feldman starting to look like a young Carrie Fisher?
Today show producers must be warped or in love. Corey Feldman again. Watching the special person Like a train wreck. Smh. Lmmfao!
I LOVE John Waters! The Goonies and The Burbs are awesome! I love that you picked two films that have Corey Feldman in them.
Halloween costume ideas so far: John Mark Karr or one of Corey Feldman's angels. Opinions welcome.
Corey Feldman plays the State College Spikes I'm starting to like him
I'm going to buy his album | Corey Feldman plays the State College Spikes
But why would anyone ever choose dean over Jess I mean that's like picking Corey Feldman over Corey Haim it makes no sense
Someone is going down hard real soon ..this is totally heartbreakin. "Corey Feldman & Corey Haim discuss their abuse".
No joke Corey Feldman should play the Super Bowl. Not just the halftime show. The whole thing.
I added a video to a playlist Corey Feldman and Corey Haim discuss their abuse - THE TWO COREYS
I know you would never make fun of medical issues. Just shocked
I guess since Vanilla Ice is on Dancing With The Stars, Corey smells comeback
music is such a great investment of your energy! Sing yoyr soul out Brother!
unfortunately their are always gonna be haters. Some just can't appreciate good people and what the…
I hope she gets better. I'm sorry to hear that.
type considering my phone changes it all the time & I won't notice until I get a
I'm the author of the Illuminati in Hollywood. Thank you for speaking out about the evils of the industry.
On the was hands down the best live performance of the year. He went for it, now you need to
If you guys are looking for me and can't find me, it's cuz I'm dead. from watching this.
I don't blame you. I need to get in the habit of rechecking stuff i
Corey Feldman was in our video for "1983" and I had no idea then he had those moves
The weirdest and most terrible thing I’ve seen this year is Corey Feldman’s attempt at music.
I deleted it. It bothered me too much.
I deleted it. My friend just had a stroke & she's only 33. 😔
"Can you believe that Corey Feldman video?". "Who's Corey Feldman?"
Just when you thought 2016 couldn't get any worse, that Corey Feldman video appears all over social media timelines.
that was the funniest part of my day! Well, that & Corey Feldman's performance on the Today show :)
Feldman's bizarre 'Today' show performance  NBC sinks to new low.
Right? I was so upset when I saw it so I clarified.
I bet can't out dance It's time for a dance off
OH! NOT what I expected...Totally not. Corey Feldman performs ‘Go 4 It’ live on TODAY via
You will never forget Corey Feldman dabbing and dancing in this impassioned TV performance http…
I want to talk about this Corey Feldman stuff.
I know! Autocorrect usually makes me laugh but that is messed up
Stop what you're doing. This is important.
Aand I have the Corey Feldman song stuck in my head 😳
I've got that Corey Feldman song stuck in my head please send help.
Just realized Jon Snow is just the poor mans Corey Feldman
and somehow you're STILL doing better than Corey Feldman
I feel we should be focusing on the fact Corey Feldman actually booked the Today Show. Like, the Today Show wanted him on there. In 2016.
Corey Feldman makes me happier now than he ever did in The Goonies & Lost Boys combined -
You are an inspiration. I always loved you as an actor. I am also a survivor of child sexual abuse. Your performance rocked!
Are you talking about the Corey Feldman Today show performance ?
Corey Feldman's performance on The Today Show is now the second worst thing to happen in September besides 9-11.
Whadya think? Should we get Corey Feldman in for a Live Lunch?
What the heck was this Corey Feldman performance on the 'Today' show?
Here are the best dance moves from performance on the Today Show! (by
Loved your performance! I admire the passion you exude in everything you do. Keep on doing you! 😘😘😘
..It's horrifying that .is superior 2 anything in contemporary .
please tell me you're touring?! Would love to see you in Cincinnati!!!
First time seeing my with Thank you!!
Corey Feldman knows EXACTLY what he's doing ... and it's awesome!
Is it me or are Corey Feldman and Crispin Glover the same person?
Corey Feldman was the teenage vampire slayer I always wanted to be.
When did Corey Feldman decide that he was Brandon Lee and Marilyn Mansons lovechild? This is hilarious.
that's ok dear, go rock a solo album! I'm sure U will do just fine. 🙏🏻😘
right cuz all bands w costumes go nowhere (The Beatles) maybe I should have said no costumes?
Do U Hav an Instagram? If U don't Hav a FB as an artist, I suggest U get 1. Very important 4 networking.
I couldn't put that book down. It made me a bigger Corey Feldman fan. One of the best memoirs ever.
Wow! Got a bit emotional watching you on . Stay will have support no matter what you decide ❤️
send me a private message on FB. If U have pics n vids of U playing attached that will help. 😇🙏🏻
IDK does this look legit enough 4 U?
Oh no the Fashion Police have decided on what ppl should wear to improve…
Were you too coked out to remember recording Love Left?
cute girl, will b even cuter at 18, let her worry about a career then, like most humans. Childhood is 4 learning, & playing!
If you are a /Corey Haim/80s fan u must read this amazing book. I read it in 6 hours!📚
watching your Tyler Henry episode and it really moved me, wish I could hug you😢
I'm watching you with I am so overwhelmed emotional ❣
Watching for the 2nd time! reading was powerful.I loved the 2Coreys.Miss CH.Stay Strong CF we…
U know who does a spot on moonwalk? . I watched MJ vids on UTube 2nite and remembered how good CF was! I…
U don't havta lower URself 2 this type of brainless banter. Do what I do n move on down the
Hope? Y waste your time givin a troll the time of day. Just cuz I submit myself 4 sake of my REAL fans.
I have yet to watch you on hollywood medium but it sounds like an emotional episode Corey Haim is forever…
if you chose to be a warrior of protection on that level, you will be fiercely supported. Bless you!❤️
Hi Corey. Did you ever think that MJ was in the mix of what Tyler Henry was saying? Can not help not to wonder.. Peace 4ever
This might interest you, so don't hesitate!
Just watched I encourage you 2 move forward w/exposure. My child actor experienced it somewhat. Reason we left
You look like Doomsday Drake in your profile pic. 😎
Thanks, Okay I will ask my client. ✔️
Perhaps not the best moment to be spending three minutes yelling "Bad Girl" every few seconds, Emily? 😈
Wow! Corey Feldman has had some serious work done! Looking a little too much like Michael Jackson!!
glad to see Corey Feldman doing so well.
I don't have a prob with him being an addict. He's a Wolf in sheeps clothing.
Oh man imagine feeling inferior to Corey Feldman
Go hit up if you decide to go with a male lead
too bad I'm going 40 to become an Angel in your band. But good luck to all other angels out there
I was tearing up watching get read by I knew Cory would come through!😭 💔 http…
Must be a great band if the dancers have to wear used costumes.
Eh I'm not into breaking down people's clothes. More interested in what's in their hearts. 😊
I don't know what's up with Charlie but I wish him the best
Rehab teaches you most every1 falls off wagon we get up again!
And what of Corey's shoulder pads on Electric Circus?
. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
I think you meant to post this on your Tindr account.
In Wednesday's all-new episode Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the 20-year-old clairvoyant met with actor and
a classic 5 star joke from Katie to give me a good laugh on my birthday. Now back to
my friend isn't a female and he behaves like a devil! But he's a big fan and will suck that ramrod
Whos corey feldman and why does he hate you?
LOL Celebrity Wife Swap wasn't real. The Goonies was prob more "real" than CWS.
that's epic! Not that I'd admit to have ever seen this couch before
I'm currently wearing nothing. Wonder how that will improve my career.
I hate the fact that a ton of girls will respond to this 😳
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Corey Feldman recently spoke to Corey Haim via a medium and how hasn't this already consumed my life?
there will be a few who don't unfortunately. Always a sucker.
He makes a few movies a year. The M Word was great and He's got coming up!
with on talks about Hollywood Victims. Ive heard about this from celeb friend.
I think Shady has the template for this sort of thing Feldmeister 😉
you haven't seen anything until you've seen his band play as fans yell out Goonies catch phrases
Congratulations on your success, but from the bottom of a Disabled Vets heart, ty for keeping my daughters dream alive.
The fact that it's Corey Feldman is creepy enough.
Great seeing your session with the psychic guy! Do what you gotta do man. Gotta be terrifying.
Congratulations to Corey Feldman for most Dodger home runs at the shortstop position.
I heard Corey Feldman auditioned for the lead in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. Thank God they went with David Spade.
Corey Feldman is planning a world tour. I heard David Lee Roth is on back-up vocals.
I wonder if they have Danny Bonaduce and Corey Feldman on speed dial as back ups for this mega-star.
KTLA5 morning show anchors and me, Richard Wagner, Ben Jagger, Corey Feldman and Courtney…
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