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Corey Booker

Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, 1969) is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

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Orem walks Booker and that allows Corey Zangari to score. It's 2-1 Great Falls in the top of the fifth.
Debt free college is not a gift, it's not charity it is an INVESTMENT . . Corey Booker
--Corey Booker you're stupid is showing!!
Def has a career in politics in his future. Maybe Corey Booker's running mate.
Corey Booker, and from what I saw, Martin O'Malley.
Liking how Corey Booker is utilizing Snapchat, hope it's a trend more politicians follow.
I'm here for a Kamala Harris and Corey Booker ticket.
Can we fast forward to 2020 where we choose btwn Corey Booker, Michelle Obama and Kanye as our nominee?😬
Incredibly disappointed in Corey Booker.He is a yes man to Obama/Hillary.
Corey Booker needs to lay off the cocaine.
Booker hits on economic inequality in convention speech - CNN
Corey Booker says "To be strong you don't have to be mean. To be tough you don't have to be cruel."
so awesome you got to meet Tammy Duckworth and Corey Booker. Thank you for your comedy.
Corey Booker has booked his spot on a Democratic ticket of the future
won 23 last year w/ no Bledsoe. Booker also didn't play half the year. Knight missed almost 30 games.
for 8 in the white house followed by @ Corey booker
every 4 years we lower the bar on leadership. Looking forward to 2020 when Ted Cruz hits Corey Booker with a folding chair WWE style
just in time to go up against Kanye West or Corey Booker. What a time
“We are not called to be a nation of tolerance. We are called to be a nation of love.” ~Senator Corey Booker
At least Corey Booker has a soul.DNC #
up next is Corey Booker beloved. 16 years out is a long time before they can consider being in office lol?
Me either. I wish she'd chosen Corey Booker.
That's niggling, but it's a risk she runs imitating Corey Booker's unctuous performance at the convention..
wait until Corey Booker runs for Prez in 2024. He's vegan.
She was running fundraisers for "the future of the democrat party" Corey Booker only a couple yrs ago
can we bet on next election? I'm betting they run corey booker vs paul ryan
Corey Booker,when he ran for S Ward Council against a guy who used to be my boxing coach, had his lawyer classmate friends /4
What happened in Newark? Fellows deconstruct a study of Corey Booker and all that FB money!
Corey booker snap chatted him and his staff singing Christmas music in August so no one can ever make fun of me for listening to it early
125 tix left & we just blasted to 6k Get your ticket today. Sen Corey Booker
Corey Booker endorses John McCormac, and then introduces a new liquor store and vape shop to Blacks/Latinos.   10% Off
Don't even start me on "Crazy" Corey Booker. He is just creepy. Weird. Aloof. He ain't going anywhere.
Other than Barrak Obama, John Lewis, Corey Booker and the list goes on?
Love recognizes that we need each other. -Corey Booker
If she get the nom i feel she will be there for 8 years if not then there will be someone in 4 years. i like corey booker.
Remember Trump kids are DEMOCRATS. Ivanka hosted a fundraiser for Corey Booker.
Corey Booker said, "We need to bring back fairness to the criminal justice system.". Ummm. Wouldn't that put Hillary in jail…
2013: Ivanka Trump to host fundraiser for Democrat Senator Corey Booker
Joel Booker connects on a single, driving in Corey Zangari. It's 4-1 Voyagers here in the bottom of the fourth.
At kaighn Ave baptist church in Camden w corey booker us senator talk on criminal justice reform
Please drop Corey Booker! He is a terrible Senator and no fan of your Dad
Bernie Sanders and Corey Booker came off as raging lunatics tonight.Notice how they avoid the word TRUST when mentioning…
Tonight we've learned.slaves built WH, father was a janitor & Corey Booker can jog across the Hudson River.
Corey Booker knows something about fighting for minorities. He played football at Stanford with white DB John Lynch.
Jersey is home to KAT, Mike Trout, Corey Booker, & Carli Lloyd to name a few. We out here 💪🏿
Would you look at Corey Booker possible VP. He was a Crook as Mayor in Newark, NJ. How he got in the Senate is a laugh. Another Crook!
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If Hillary Clinton chooses Tim Kaine, Corey Booker, or Julian Castro as her VP, many progressives will not vote.
Let's be realistic, a woman won't be her VP. I'd put my money on Tim Kaine/Mark Warner, Julian Castro, or Corey Booker.
Realize that people like John Lewis, Jonathan Capehart, Joy Ann Reid, Kasim Reed, Corey Booker, Bakari Sellers and the rest…
I would be cool with this although I'd slightly prefer Corey Booker.
I prefer Corey booker but want to see Mrs. Kennedy and warren in her cabinet. I also think that E
I just feel like it would be hilarious. Not saying she should pick him. I actually like Corey Booker.
maybe Corey Booker will be the sriracha
Corey Booker would make a good running mate! -just sayin
is offer No. 3 for 2018 WR Zahir Turner of Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington:
Corey Booker and you would make an unbeatable team!
Just published my first post: "Cory Booker for VP." Check it out and tell me what you think.
You"d vote for Corey Booker or Claire McCaskel before you'd vote for FDR! I'm sure you love u some Mark Warner though.
If Hilary Clinton chooses Corey Booker as her VP pick then I may just start supporting her more
Corey Booker is totally unknown 50 miles from New Jersey, a national name VP is needed, not token minority unknown
Z'berg was too stupid/cheap to pay off the people he stole idea from then gives large $ to Newark Corey Booker stole
Hillary needs Corey Booker as her running mate-- that would be the perfect candidate
Hillary Clinton won't pick someone or a women who could possibly overshadow her. She will pick someone like Corey Booker.
My VP guesses/opinion: Clinton + Corey Booker; Trump + Jeff Sessions. Both would help mostly with the base.
Deval Patrick, maybe...? I like Corey Booker too...but he's another Senator...
by the way, I think Corey Booker 4 VP b/c he's much much more inline w/Wall St much more...
Voting in Dems like Corp Dems like Corey Booker who vote w/Repubs in many issues (like Wall St, etc) is no help for Dems.
I would have to see Corey Booker’s record on community policing, etc. from all accounts he was a great Mayor.
Had big hopes for Corey booker, that would be disappointing news
Corey Booker would be a great choice.
can you help promote Corey Booker for VP. 8 years of Hillary than 8 of Corey could really put this country on the right track!
Z.Boring. Is this best you can come up with? Corey Booker? Please. Trump wins in a landslide.
I heard rumor it will be Corey Booker. Younger, Black more likable, can be a problem for GOP.
my money is on Castro, maybe Corey Booker, I know Manchin would love it but I doubt she'd pick him
Corey Booker got stans live no other. Might be the move
Like but would rather dynamic Deval Patrick or sociable Corey Booker. Regionalism overrated
It's all speculation at this point. I've seen a few lists online. Folks like E. Warren, Corey Booker, Klobuchar, Julian Castro
this was promoted through minority leaders, even Corey Booker said something similar
Just came across Love the site, and esp. core values. Corey Booker quote is what it's…
This is Corey Booker's Newark. Now he wants to be Vice-President.
is the third offer for pledge and 2017 Miami Booker T. Washington 3-star OL, Willa Pierre:
Corey Booker dunking on snapchat gives me life
Corey and Booker T are so annoying can they shut up
Booker T and Corey Graves are the type of guys fan fictions are made of
Got to see and meet Senator Leahy and Senator Corey T. Booker at King Street Center today!! It…
Senator Patrick Leahy on left with Senator Corey Booker in Burlington to discuss criminal justice reform
I'm from jersey and Corey Booker doesn't follow because he was told, and is not bought or sold.
Corey Booker is the man though, love that guy and he could absolutely be president
New Jersey Senator Corey Booker is co-sponsoring a bill to ban anti *** therapy in Congress.
Renee young boring, Booker t drunk, Jerry Lawler confused, Corey graves just there.
Jeez... Booker, Jerry and Corey all looked like dads at a kid's birthday party they didn't want to be at.
up to the panel Corey Graves, Jerry Lawler & Booker T with host Rene Young
Some shade throw towards ryback by Jerry, Corey and booker T. Lol
Rene Young, Booker T and Corey Graves are dressed wonderfully. King looks like he probably just removed his Sizzler bib.
Corey Graves better watch his mouth, or else Booker T might shut it for him.
Renee Young. Booker T. Jerry Lawler. Corey Graves. Jury duty doesn't even gather up such an odd collection of people.
sorry Corey and Jerry, but I agree with Booker tonight.
KickOff show is live on the WWE Network now! Hosted by myself, Corey, Booker-T, and Jerry Lawler.
Booker checked Corey with the quickness on that parole comment. ***
Booker T just put Corey Graves right in his place. :)
Did Corey Graves just stick his foot in it with Booker T?
Corey Graves got own so badly by Booker T lol..
Omg Corey just put his foot in his mouth!!! Booker was ready to jump his *** !! 😂😂😂
Corey Graves vs. Booker T on this pre-show is pretty lit imo
Corey Graves: I don't understand why Shane would do that to his sister!!!. Booker T: I do 😂😂😂
Here is tonight's pre-show panel Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Corey Graves , to matches for the pre...
I really like Gavin Newsome & Corey Booker but they might overshadow her...
like the congressional black caucus that endorsed Hillary. celebrities like Kerry washington. peps like Corey Booker
Corey Booker and Julian Castro would be great choices. If Claire McCaskill is willing I would love to see that ticket.
Sanders: Elizabeth Warren still possible. Clinton: Julian Castro or Corey Booker in a vain attempt to appeal to the 'youth.'
Hopefully in 4 years Corey Booker or Gavin Newsome run for President. Real leadership real change
Today,choose John Lewis and James Clyburn over Cornel West, choose Corey Booker over Killer Mike.Your surrogates are a reflection of who u r
Steve being a New Jersey resident.Your political career is a failed one.Corey Booker beat you.Go Trump
Sen Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Corey Booker and Tammy Baldwin- all progressive Senators have endorsed Hillary Clinton
I met you at Ron Burkle's home. I'm friend of family of Corey Booker. I'm not a flake. Lol. I'm genuine fan of your work. :-)
I'm shocked that a Eliz Warren or a Corey Booker doesn't jump in. Dems are looking for someone else to vote for. Begging for it.
why isn't Corey booker running for president 😕
Her and Corey Booker deserve each other!
You think Corey Booker gon run for president one day?
Lmfaoo that was a good one Corey booker
"...In the end, I'm not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as I am in how you choose to live and give." - Corey Booker
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
.who they support and drug dealers dope pushers etc sharpe James Corey booker and it goes on.
I think very highly of New Jersey senator Corey Booker. Just throwing that out there.
It's 12:51am and I'm still in Corey Booker's city of Newark visiting a friend. Hmm. Let me get going b4 I get car jacked. Lol 😂😂
nj not a swing state but Corey Booker
.Which Democratic politicians of color would you suggest? Corey Booker? Deval Patrick? The Castro brothers?
4 years from now: Bill DiBlasio vs. Corey Booker vs. Elizabeth Warren vs. Terry McAullife ... more interesting than now.
I wonder how Corey Booker feels about Christie.
he's so young, and not sure if he's ready, but kinda feel like Corey Booker would kill it.
When i listen to Kolors ft. im just like
I love in NJ, and Chris Christie has done everything in his power to lick Corey Booker's shoe soles. He ain't a conservative.
Jared Goff, Connor cook at QB, Josh Doctson, Corey Coleman, Michael Thomas at WR, & Booker and Clement at RB. just to name a few
the new criminal reform legislation by Rand Paul and Corey Booker gives education programs to help before release
Corey Booker is calling for Congress to change the system. Find out what he's saying here-
Corey Booker with one quote destroys RW Republicans who claim to be Christian I like this guy, my thoughts exactly.
Notice how CNN pointed out that Tim Scott is the only Black Republican U.S. Senator. Corey Booker is the only...
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US Senators Barbara Boxer and Corey Booker call for mandatory reporting of police killings:
. 7 years ago in Newark lol with Corey booker and crew lol
great read and thanks for reminding me about Corey Booker, I had somehow forgotten about him.
Kasim Reed and Corey Booker gon run for president.
no, if you want a D pres, get Corey Booker to run, H does not stand a chance ...
Rand also reached across party lines 2 Corey Booker to revamp the justice system to help minorities and lower ncome
. Booker T and Corey graves decide that Cesaro /Kidd doesn't work for a tag team name for them so they decide they want to
Corey Booker has to be a good thing you can ride for free bat flips! 😎
Corey, Druski, John, Booker, Braxton, Brandon. Where are you *** when I need yall most?
“Resolving the tension between state and federal marijuana laws is a policy change that is long overdue.” - Dan...
If I licked anything of Devin Booker's, it wouldn't be his car.
Hey Bill, when are you putting Sen Corey Booker in your show...again?
Listening to Senator Corey Booker: "We never should have gotten into negotiations with Iran."
I want to see how awkward it gets for Hil if one of other Obama clones like Corey Booker runs. She would repeal 14th amendment.
. Too many politicians are guided by past misconceptions. Corey Booker is a 21st Century leader.
Does anyone think Harold Ford, Jr. would be a great running mate for Hillary? Alternatively, Corey Booker?
Corey booker for president 2024 lets goo!
I can't wait to see Corey Booker tomorrow 😁😁😁😁
Love Corey Booker. He would be a great VP to Elizabeth Warren. Why aren't more politicians be like them?
Rand Paul is working with Corey Booker & Eric Holder on major criminal justice reform:
"Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others.” Norman Vincent Peale. Thanks Corey Booker!
Apologies to Corey Booker & Tim Scott, 2 of the 9 black senators in US history.
Supported by Senators Rand Paul, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Corey Booker, a new bill will not only reclassify marijuana, it will open the
Kirsten Gillibrand & Corey Booker have a medical marijuana bill out on the table.
Why is the "across the isle" Corey Booker and Orin Hatch Polynesian folk music band not a real thing?!
Alexi Lalas and Corey Booker in the same shot
Why would anyone vote for Corey Booker? Geoff 1210 WPHT: via
U.S. Senator Corey Booker talking about the importance of STEM education- Bayer's "Making Science Make Sense" program
Bayer Corp President Phil Blake and U.S. Senator Corey Booker address kids from the Students 2 Science program
Phil Blake of Bayer with NJ Sen. Corey Booker and pres. Of Students 2 Science -
That fact that Belgard pals around with Corey Booker should clue you in on how useless she is.
Oh no, POTUS is having dinner with Corey Booker in my town tomorrow...
Federal authorities are investigating possible corruption in a Newark government agency with Corey Booker.
I said Corey Booker was our Vice President and Betty White made our American flag. I'm really worried about myself
Thanks Mark Zuckerberg. Much better than giving your money to Chris Christie & Corey Booker for scam school reform.
Obama is going to Union to Benito's for dinner to campaign for Corey Booker FYI lol
On what planet has Booker brought anything to Jersey as to his AD.
I used to have the biggest crush on Corey Booker. His eyes. Bald head. Well spoken. Suits too ? I had it bad.
caught Corey booker with on the record. dude you're so misunderstood keep stepping high in the right direction rock on
Corey Booker runs for NJSen. You know what brings to the table? Some anti-Fed guy mumbling about gold.
Very nice pitch and catch from Boone to Booker for another 3rd and long conversion.
Javier Booker returns the kickoff to the opposite 30-yard line, but a block in the back penalty will bring it back.
it's a 12 point race right now. Booker should win comfortably.
Booker in NJ is outraged by GOP opponents DEMEANING comments about women voters.
Saying single woman with kids are moochers probably not a good strategy for getting their vote!
psh I got Corey Booker as a follower tonight. So who wins now?! ( answer:you)
Agree. Remember some liberals whined about the Bain ads. Looking at Corey Booker.
The Corey Booker Campaign went bonkers on Republican challenger Jeff Bell, reacting to what the Democrat called a...
The Corey Booker Campaign called out Republican challenger Jeff Bell, reacting to what Booker said was a...
case in point Mayor Newark Corey Booker again murder and drug crime spiked
Corey Booker is competition for Obama, Sharpton is not.
His delusional. Corey Booker must be mind f- n him.
I'm pro business don't want to starve to death to prove it. Rand Paul/Corey Booker 2016 or Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders
Chris Christie is too busy nominating all of Corey Booker's cronies to high political positions here in NJ.
Sarasota (Fla.) Booker alum and freshman RB, Marlon Mack, is second on the depth chart behind Darius Tice.
What did Corey Booker have to say about Mike Mike?
YES, *** Codey is a wonderful person. I'd vote for him in a second. I REFUSE TO VOTE FOR AIPAC *** COREY BOOKER!
Corey Booker and Rand Paul are trying to fix this. No one else seems to care.
Mr. Joe Clark inspired the creation of Corey Booker and Barack Obama.
Hanging out with Senator Corey Booker at the Young Dems!
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Casual run ins with Corey Booker in Ohio
. angling for a Corey Booker reply while he sits in some hipster Brooklyn bar is sad
Trey Taylor definitely looking like a starter on the second series. He hit Javier Booker for the first TD of the day.
Oprah, Sen. Corey Booker, Ethel Kennedy and fmr prz GW Bush did it. Prz Obama did not. Read Avis editorial Fri 2 find out what
it's awesome to see Rand working with Corey Booker on sentencing guidelines, Libertarian-types care about it
Corey booker did try to sell newarks water system . don't y'all ever forget
According to what I hear,Corey Booker on the list but same prob &he is on my yuck list since he was been MIA lately
have you seen Rand's newest bill with Corey Booker? OR you just want to keep labeling everyone racist?
Corey Booker won't admit that as Mayor if Newark, 75% of pedestrian arrests were unconstitutional & he was part of problem
msnbc:. Corey Booker was a colorful Newark mayor 2 U. why's Ras Baraka invisible? Is it a C. Matthews thing like w/Donahue and Olbermann?
Corey Booker was mayor of Newark & according to DOJ investigation found 75% of pedestrian arrests were unconstitutional 2011-14
It's a joke please Corey Booker you backed a lying Governor Chris Christie and now a Rand Paul really.
she was a Clinton in 2008 & lost/Ive been predicting Corey Booker is going to run and beat her with the same formula BO did
Great morning with Sen Corey Booker sitting down on the PIX11 Couch. 8 months in office, we talked about...
.wait..wait...Corey Booker, is this a shuttlecock free zone 🚫?
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.Racist, calling Corey Booker unqualified!? Have at you!
Corey booker is about to talk us to sleep
you tryna get this selfie with Corey Booker?
Corey Booker is now speaking to us.
About to hear a speech from Corey Booker.
and I know this, Oprah and Gayle LOVE Corey Booker, helped prop him up, fundraise, so I expect he will be President soon.
I like that Rand Paul and Corey Booker are working together in the Senate.
adrinkwith...the Joint Center, Sen. Corey Booker, Autie, The Bonds, and people in real nice suits and…
I felt like I was Corey Booker today when I ran the outside of weequahic park I was running up Elizabeth on the yellow line wit my security
"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress" -Frederick Douglass, quoted by Corey Booker mtg
corey Booker is the only one helping me He has tried and Christie gt me tme fired after 23yrs for report corruption
Why we’re waiting on the Senate - Sen Corey Booker takes the senate floor. via
U mean Fauxcahontas & Corey "Predatory Lender Defender" Booker? uhm. Okay. I'd rather have Joe the Plumber at this point.
In a bipartisan display of support for libertarian values, Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Corey Booker (D-NJ) offered a medical marijuana amendment on the floor of the senate today. The bill is similar in scope to the groundbreaking legislation which passed the House of Representatives recently. The…
Condi Rice , Rand Paul, and Corey Booker - the three people who can beat Hillary Clinton
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My Question is under the leadership of Corey Booker our great city has a 93 million dollar deficit. Now this Stanford graduating, ivy league educated, Rhodes Scholar left our city in shambles financially. My question is where are all the resources he was suppose to bring to the city. If he was so educated and knowledgeable why we not working with a surplus? His fraudulent *** was a trojan horse smuggled in to erode the infrastructure. You see what happens when you let outsiders into family business. I hope people learned their lessons just because you have a high grade point average don't mean you qualified to be a leader, Malcom X proved that. The city has to get back to basics and the fundamentals and we can rebuild our great city, it's all our jobs not just the mayor or city council.
President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, Al Gore, Joe Biden, and Sen. Corey Booker are all Democrats for Education Reform (DFER). Their leadership on charter schools has been courageous, welcome, and a testament to the fact that the Democrat party must fight for all children, in all schools. We must take up the leadership mantle on education. We must think of new partnerships, innovation, and new funding plans to improve education. The current funding system ensures that low income families in impoverished neighborhoods will always have underfunded schools. Are you with me?
So Jeb Bush is considering running for President! Seriously, Michael Bolton would do a *** of a lot better than a Bush will ever do! George H. W. Bush was terrible, George W. Bush was worse, and Jeb Bush would mess us up even more! I'll go for Hillary, Corey Booker, Deval Patrick, or Terry McAuliffe to run for President way before I'd even think of considering Jeb Bush or any other dirt bag, Tea Party, Racist Conservative Republican who wants to destroy America in the White House!
The presenter just mentioned former Mayor of Newark Corey Booker, who is now our state senator DID NOT push back against cami anderson in newark. He asked why? Rhetorically, and he answered, because he was for it.Trenton, I need you to remember WHO backed Corey Booker..Eric Jackson. Just the facts..Moreover you have sern my posts warning of charters we told TEA..Why now AFTER the fact and when they got you a BRAND NEW Charter, excuse me I mean, TCHS are they talking about the issue reactively instead of proactively?
Tracy Knauss 27 March GUESS WHAT? GOV. CHRISTIE'S LAWYERS FIND CHRISTIE INNOCENT! — What an insult to NJ tax payers! Last year Gov. Christie spent millions of tax payer dollars to hold a special election so he wouldn't have to appear on the ballot with Corey Booker, and now he spends a million dollars of taxpayer money to say he's innocent of complicity in the Bridgegate scandal. No taxpayer dollar is safe when it comes to Christie using public money to protect his political future. And remember, the Koch brothers and other establishment gazillionaires support Christie for president in 2016. Tonight, watch The Rachel Maddow Show for the best reporting on this issue.
It was great seeing Senators Tim Scott (R) & Corey Booker (D) team up yesterday to unveil their first significant...
Wow, just like Corey Booker: Rookie firefighter rescues four Brooklyn children in first blaze | New York Post.
"I believe if Murray Sabrin gets the GOP line to enable him to start campaigning now against Corey Booker for US Senate it is possible to defeat Booker based on Steve Lonegan's narrow defeat last year by Booker. Sabrin holds the elements for continuity from last years 2013 momentum from Lonegan campaign. Sabrin has the name ID of multiple state-wide elections as well as the staples of conservative activism demonstrated by Lonegan. You cannot buy that with campaign funds." Joseph Rudy Rullo
If the citizens of Newark can elect Ras Baraka Mayor, defeating the big money Corey Booker wanabees running against him, Predatory School Reform will be put squarely on the defensive in the Northeast and it will send a powerful message heard around the country. So BATS, teacher advocates, and all those believe in democratically run, community controlled public schools, please do whatever you can to help Ras Baraka's campaign. You can bet Chris Christie, Arne Duncan, Bill Gates and Corey Booker will not be happy if he is elected. But the people of Newark will have one of their own as Mayor- someone who is a public school principal who has lived in the city all his life.
Had an bottomless well of one liners. Used to call Corey Booker, whom he loathed, "Newark's virtual mayor."
should do a list of stats who came out as straight in 2013, like Corey Booker, Lil Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, Calvin Klein's ex, etc...
Chris Christie is not only a jerk.he has no leadership characteristics..first $24 million for a special election to not have Dems show up in force for his and Corey Booker's simutaneous general election...then when a local New Jersey mayor wouldn't endorse Christie for Gov...Christies's admin closed lanes on the worlds busiest bridge to cause traffic congestion in the New Jersey Mayor's town.this lasted for a total of five days.Christie is the front runner for the GOP clown show 2016 Presidential election.
Corey Booker surrounded by Treason.. swearing him in to covertly invalidate him to the enemy. (39 people known in Democrats in attempts to recoordinate again, their script and roles in Political Intelligence provided by Saddam already known about this attempt and Bin Laden explains Carville in 1989 will be attempting to do this German reference to Nacht.) And with Corey Booker, an example of how they covertly try to invalidate him to the enemy...  Shell in Iraq tied to the Kennedy Assassinations.. now in Treason, my Uncle John is a Korean War Veteran and note Dennis Rodman in FBI Treason. (Brennan is selling the CIA to Al Qaeda) In Code: "There is no doubt how a man can be an Atomic Bomb" (Bin Laden knew me at birth) Jimmy Johns on the F117 with Bosnia means in corruption to Iran.. warheads were not fluhs, if they have to be delivered on an emey.. in how they are delivered, in Treason.. The F35 sold in 1992 and with the "F35 Wire Transfers".. 1992 (About the T-50) Panetta makes suspicious comments about ...
Corey Booker sworn in as first black U.S. Senator since Obama [DETAILS] =>
Earlier today, VP Joe Biden administered the oath of office t6o Corey Booker, now NJ's junior senator.
and so do the Wall St, free trade, corp cash cows like Corey Booker. FDR and Paul Wellstone were Democrats.
Just heard Newark, NJ mayor Corey Booker named to senate seat. If anyone deserves the appointment based on hard work & dedication, he does.
Thank you New Jersey voters for being a part of this HISTORIC moment: The election of New Jersey's first African American U.S. Senator--Mayor Corey Booker. Mayor Booker is in the historical lineup if Black Senators: Hiram Revels, Miss. 1870; Edward Brooke, Mass. 1967; Carol Moseley Braun, Ill. 1993; Barak Obama, Ill. 2005; Corey Booker, N.J. 2013. I was at NJPAC to celebrate with other wise New Jerseyans of all ethnicities. Interesting: Mayor Booker won 55% of the vote and he is in history. That's called "a double whammy." (LOL) Congratulations New Jersey, I am proud of you. Whether GOP or DNC, Senator Booker will represent all of us. He has a great LOVE message for N.J. Amen.
Corey Booker wins N.J. Senate race, but what does it mean for his future?
Congrats and large ups to Democratic New Jersey mayor Corey Booker for pulling off a victory for deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg's good luck in Washington Corey.the real work has just begun in your new role as Senator.
Newark, NJ mayor Corey Booker was just elected to the US Senate, bringing the total number of African American Senators to two. Which ties the all-time high. Glad we live in a post-racial society.
Wednesday October 16,2013 has been declared Corey Booker's Day when you VOTE .Polls are open throughout New Jersey from 6am-8pm.Vote Booker for Senator!!!
Steve Lonegan needs your $ TONIGHT - If New Jersey puts in Steve Lonegan over Corey Booker to replace Frank Lautenberg this could be a great omen for 2014! Add to that in 2014 - Dwayne Stovall over Cornyn here in Texas, Nancy Mace over Lindsey Graham in SC, Joe Carr over Lamar Alexander in TN, and Liz Cheney over Mike Enzi in WY - Then Cruz, Lee, Paul, Rubio will have the back up they need!
Good for you, hanging with Corey Booker! Didn't he say the Democrats should develop a spine, at the last Democratic Convention?
Maybe he was bunking with T-Bone? Newark mayor Corey Booker has never lived in Newark
My condolences to Mayor Corey Booker, his dad was battling with Parkinson's Disease. R.I.P Mr. Cary Booker
The Special Election for the vacant Senate seat is this coming Wednesday, October 16th. Please come out on Wednesday and show your support for Corey Booker.
Prayers goes out to Corey Booker and family for their loss of their father. Keep his family in your prayers.
Corey Booker = yes man. We need to send to DC to fight for the people! = Obama yes man!
I represent the mainstream, Corey booker represents the extreme
we had to endure another teabagger *** in a debate last night for a vacant congressional seat in NJ! Corey ,Booker is our guy!
When Steve Lonegan spoke of crime being up in Newark in the debate, Corey Booker denied it. Today's headline in The Star Ledger: "Newark robberies up 23 percent this year". You can't believe anything they tell you.
My condolences to Corey Booker and his family for the passing of his father! Rip Mr. Cary Booker!
Defeat Obama buddy Corey Booker! Vote Steve Lonegan for on Wednesday Oct. 16th!!!
I'm a fan of Corey Booker. I heard him speak at the National Charter School meetings in Atlanta a couple of...
Corey Booker showing his political prowess easily winning this debate thus far.
I was getting my hair cut in Newark today and Corey Booker's peeps came thru with their cameras interviewing people. I got outta there.
u like Corey Booker more then Chris Christie?
Wow!Steve Lonegan is a fiesty candidate running against Corey Booker for NJ Senate seat.Sure knows how to debate&present conservative POV!
Prayers go out to Newark Mayor Corey Booker, who's Dad passed away earlier today!
New Jerseyans...don't forget to VOTE ON OCT. 16. Special vote to fill the empty senate seat left void by Frank Lautenberg. You can do what you want, but I support the intelligent, articulate Corey Booker, who doesn't say things like "You can't swim in the Passaic River because there's so many dead bodies floating in it from the city of Newark." (paraphrased).
Screech is going to stump for Lonegan? Congratulations Corey Booker, the senate race is in the bag. Lol
If you ever lived or worked in Newark since the 50's, you know what an impossible job Corey Booker since the big companies moved west.
One of my favorite Pols, Corey Booker, is running for the Senate seat vacated by the late Frank Lautenberg. I've never heard of the Tea Party anarchist running against him but said anarchist is going to receive some help from Sarah Palin campaigning in New Jersey. Thank you, Sarah Palin. Now I can, for sure, call this seat for the Democrats.
RIP to Corey Booker's dad... Steve Lonegan believes he's fake too
Condolences to Corey Booker on the loss of his Father.
Well "Bashir" at 440pm to talk Corey Booker. Join us on
Condolences to Corey Booker's family. Hopefully Lonegan will resist the urge to be a ***
They are really bashing Corey booker! To bad it took a senate election to do it. No i don't enjoy him as a Mayor but i will vote for him for political reasons.
Why is Corey Booker surprised that his City has the highest murder rate in the state? Go Lonergan.
New Jersey will most likely vote in Corey Booker. But really vote in Steve Lanikin
It seems Corey Booker has a brilliant opponent. LOL
Corey Booker is that cool candidate that fabricates super cool drug dealer friends & takes donations from ultra hip guys like Mike Bloomberg
Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, just declared Corey Booker the winner of NJ race; of course, she had to play the "race card".
Ok it's gonna go like this... Hillary is up next... She gonna be 2 terms... Then another black guy will be President right after that. His name is Corey Booker... Remember who said this 1st
no one is looking forward to it more than Corey Booker.
FOX News First: Oct. 10 By Chris Stirewalt Buzz Cut: • Shutdown extension ahead? • D.C. Democrats disrupt Obama, Reid • ObamaCare glitches expected for months • McAuliffe among investors in insurance scam • Blades of glory SHUTDOWN EXTENSION AHEAD? The fever is breaking among Republicans, but not likely in the way President Obama had hoped. After weeks of brutal feuding over the best way to attack Obama’s new health-insurance entitlement program, Republicans are rallying around a new strategy: Step back from the debt-limit fight and remain focused on the ongoing battle over funding the federal government. Conservative activists groups made it clear Wednesday that they were not interested in a debt breach. Despite some talk about “sequencing” obligations to avoid default, conservatives seem uninterested in fighting Obama on that bloody ground. That’s a good news and bad news for House Speaker John Boehner. [Poll: Government is biggest problem facing country - According to a new Gallup pol ...
If I was Corey Booker I would jacked that punk up
Corey Booker needs to go raw in some woman immediately if he wants to run in 2016. Even a VP had to be married.
Corey Booker is 14pts but it should be way more than that. U can't tell me race ain't a factor.
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I think Corey Booker could be an excellent president. Maybe 2020?
FYI-Please, In listening to listening to the New Jersey Senate Debate, I am AMAZED at the BLATANT DISRESPECT Mr. Lonegan-Republican who is also seeking to be a New Jersey United States Senator is SHOWING for HIMSELF. He has sarah Palan as well as other GOP Republicans coming to 'stomp for him". IS he SERIOUS? Well, It is New Jersey, a reported "Blue State" which elected a "Red-Republican Governor- Mr. Christ Christie, Esq., who is playing the Political Game very well and have the resident of New Jersey CONFUSED. Mr. Christ Christie, Esq.-A Republican is doing well being a proverbial Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Again, I Offer to Speak with this man and SURE HE KNOWS IT. Again, Is this because Mr. Corey Booker, Esq., is the Mayor for Newark, New Jersey. Understanding WHY I AM SO BUSY? Again, TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE and WE are HUMAN and I AM INSULTED but FORGIVE as FORGIVENESS is DIVINE. However, I WILL NOT FORGET. Did YOU CHOOSE to INSULT MYSELF and ARE YOU STILL SEENM. Just ask if YOU WANT TO KNOW ...
To rally for corey booker's opponent and teach Christie how to be more extreme.
New Jersey: Gov. Christie visits the US Senate to prep them to meet the President. Meanwhile, there is a debate between favorite Corey Booker and Steve Lonegan self described Tea Party radical who hopes the dumbnuts who voted Christie into office will be stupid enough to vote him into office as well. Sarah Paline announced today she's coming to campaign for Lonegan, which hopefully will destroy Christie by association and at least help to expose him for what he is: a fundamentalist right winger with a thin mask of politeness. It did not go unnoticed in the press here that Christie gave 7 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy-the exact amount to the penny-Christie did not want to contribute from the state budget to a new transportation tunnel to NYC that would have employed 15,000 New Jerseyans and lasted 10 years and create thousands of jobs in support of the project. As usual, New Jersey U.S. Senate Democrats are silent on the issue as is the press while they drink coffee and eat donuts in Trenton.
Corey Booker is bought and paid for, and being groomed for bigger things. Don't buy the hype...
I can't Believe that the people of New Jersey are willing to put Corey Booker in the senate to represent us!! Are you all NUTS?
Meet Corey the would be rubber stamp RT
Too late to change party labels, which apparently substitute for quality. (e.g. Corey Booker endorsed by NYT.)
If Steve Lonegan beats Corey Booker, democrats will have a heart attack. Replay of Scott Brown Tea Party power flex
Don't forget the state senate vote is October 16th..Corey Booker is on the ballot..We must utilize all opportunities to create a better government
Corey Booker can CHUCKLE all he wants. The FACTS don't LIE, like Booker did in this Debate. The Crime rate is UP. The death statistics in Newark has skyrocked. The Statistics are leaving out a large portion of Deaths. If a shooting victim dies on a county road in Newark, it is not counted in the statistic. The same as shooting victims on state roads, public parks, and in the HOSPITALS. Corey Booker LIED in those statistics. Go look up these FACTS I stated. It is the TRUTH. You can not send an absentee Mayor to do the Job in the Senate, when his own city is in the dumps. His own citizens are afraid to go out at night.Newark would not allow WALMART to build their company on Land that has been vacant for years, because it would hurt MOM AND POP. There was no MOM AND POP business that would be hurt. He and the democrats want Newark to be the *** hole it is on purpose.The states that Booker claims is CAUSING guns to come into his state, DO NOT HAVE A CRIME PROBLEM, OR A GUN PROBLEM. Corey is always blaming so ...
So of those who watched the Debate between Steve Lonegan and Corey Booker, What did you think?
Attention NJ Friends: Last night I watched Corey Booker debate Steve Lonegan for the U.S. Senate position in NJ. Lonegan is a vile human being with horrible policies that will set back the clock on women's rights to choose, LGBT equality, the economy and more. While Booker is currently ahead by 12 points in recent polls we should not sit idly by as the stake are too high. I'm volunteering for the campaign on Saturday morning and would like for you to join me. Send me a message privately or text me for additional info. Thanks.
Candidates for the New Jersey Senate seat formerly held by the late Senator Frank Lautenberg, Corey Booker (D) and Steve Lonegan (R), debated various issues.
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