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Coptic Christians

The Copts are the native Egyptian Christians (Coptic: ⲟⲩⲢⲉⲙ̀ⲛⲭⲏⲙⲓ ̀ⲛ̀Ⲭⲣⲏⲥⲧⲓ̀ⲁⲛⲟⲥ ou.Remenkīmi en.Ekhristianos, ), a major ethnoreligious group in Egypt and the largest Christian group there.

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Some survivors of Egypt's Coptic church attack react
My condolences to the Egyptian ppl after the latest attack on the Coptic Christians. We must eliminate the sources of reli…
Coptic Christians accuse Egyptian government of failing to protect them
she can go back to Scientology and her crusade to help the coptic christians
Political Correctness keeps attacking Christians - our Faith is as much under attack as much as our Coptic brothers…
Know your garden can make a thriving colony of TV broadcasts are Coptic Christians, why and a huge difference. You Can Help!
Gunmen in Egypt opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians, killing at least 20 people
29 Slaughtered Christians, Including Children, Asked by IS to Deny Faith in Jesus but Refused
Geoff is a good guy actually. No one has written more to raise awareness of the plight…
not the only problem for Christians in Learn more: ^ap
Try telling that to the Coptic Christians in Egypt.
He is a commie he is outraged and out spoken at Muslims being called radical but not about the Copt…
The Left is still talking about No mention of 28 Coptic Christians MURDERED by Muslims.
This is the earliest known image of Jesus and his disciples ,depicted by the Egyptian Coptic Christians ... in Car…
The Indigenous people of Egypt are Coptic Christians,l…
Gunmen Kill Coptic Christians on Bus Pilgrimage in Egypt "Christians in West need to stand 4 Christians in East"
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Excellent work by one of our students, Alex Zietlow, published earlier this week in The Washington Times.
After the church bombing last December that killed 29, Coptic Christians stood outside and chanted the Nicene Creed
Coptic Christians killed in bus attack are “courageous martyrs” -
Tinley Park man and his sons killed in Islamic State attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt
Tinley Park man killed in attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt
Illinois family among dead in Friday's terrorist attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt. Beyond heartbreaking.…
Tinley Park man among victims of deadly Islamic State attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt, his nephew says https:…
www dot HeWatchesOver dot me Nephew says Tinley Park man among victims in Egyptian attack on Coptic Christians ...
Among the victims of a deadly attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt is a Tinley Park man. h…
Tinley Park man killed, wife injured, 7 other relatives slain in terrorist attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt.…
Another cruel attack on Egypt's Coptic Christians. As if praying in different manner ever justifies such atrocities.
CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: 23 Coptic Christians dead after terrorists opened fire on a prayer bus.
Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the shooting in Egypt which killed at least 28 Coptic Christians
🔴 - Islamic State group claim deadly shooting of Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt https…
Islamic State group claims responsibility for attack on bus carrying Coptic Christians that killed 29 (AP)
Egypt strikes jihadist camps in retaliation for the killing of Coptic Christians, President Sisi says
Egypt hits 'jihadist camps' after attack on Coptic Christians: The military strike, reportedly i..
Egypt Coptic Christians killed in bus attack in Egypt.
We pray for our brothers and sisters killed today while on pilgrimage in Egypt. May God grant them eternal rest. https:…
BREAKING: Egyptian state TV says 23 people were killed and 25 wounded in the attack on a bus with Coptic Christians south of Cairo.
My prayers to the families. An end must be put to this. Enough innocent lives lost!
Death toll rises to 28 Coptic Christians murdered today in Egypt. Christians were taken hostage on Tuesday in the Phili…
On Eve of Ramadan, Islamic Gunmen Kill 28 Coptic Christians on Pilgrimage in Egypt via ht…
Islamic terrorists murder at least 26 Coptic Christians in Egypt, including children. Many more injured. End Christian genoci…
Trump’s Ramadan statement also includes a strong condemnation of the attack on Coptic Christians and concert victims i…
Today, masked militants opened fire on a bus packed with Christians in killing at least 28 people.
Israel condemns deadly bus attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt and will continue to 'combat terror,' says Deput…
Worked with many Coptic Christians as interpreters in the military. They are incredibly brave
Have any of you ever met Coptic Christians? I have. They are such sweet people! It makes me sick to see how…
Egypt bus attack: Coptic Christians targeted, at least 28 killed via the app
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28 Coptic Christians, mostly children, gunned down by jihadists on eve of Ramadan doesn't get a fraction of media attention as…
28 Killed, Including Children, in Attack on Bus Carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt’s Minya
Egypt bus shooting: At least 26 dead after attack on Coptic Christians
Most of the victims were women and children. RIP to the 26 Coptic Christians murdered for their faith by takfiri filth
Pray for coptic christians murdered and injured in Egypt today. Masssacre of christians by these animals must stop‼️
Those Coptic Christians , the Hazaras, the Yazidis etc have been running a foreign polic…
26 dead as gunmen fire on bus carrying Christians .
'Many children' among victims in deadly attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt - FRANCE 24
Ramadan 2017 begins with attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt
The aftermath of attack on bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt; dozens killed, many of them children
Awful attack on Coptic Christians driving to their place of worship in Egypt. Praying for them. We must bring those respon…
Islamists are trying to wipe out Christians, so take your "What about the Crusades" hot takes and shove them far…
starts with the slaughtering of 23 Coptic Christians in Egypt. Do you really want to tell me this isn't about religi…
At least 28 killed in bus attack targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt.
Reckon those Coptic Christians ought to do something about their foreign policy, eh Jez.
At least 26 people, including children, killed by gunmen who opened fire on bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt
BREAKING: Egypt’s Ministry of Health confirms 24 people killed, 27 injured in attack on bus carrying Coptic Christians visitin…
They birthed isis thru the Wahhabism export. It's sickening that Coptic Christians and uzidi Kurdish have and are bein…
Gunmen kill 23 Coptic Christians in latest Egypt attack
35 Coptic Christians killed in shooting attack on bus in Minya, Egypt, they were ambushed by 2 cars with 8 gunman
Christians are being persecuted & slaughtered around the world while our media lectures us about "Islamophobia".
Christians are the world's most persecuted minority.
President meets w/ Head of Coptic Church Tawadros II, stresses that Coptic Christians are an integral part of E…
Heartbreaking: Many children among the 28 killed on bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt https…
BREAKING: Egyptian government official says 23 people killed in attack on bus carrying Egyptian Coptic Christians.
UPDATE: The death toll has grown to 28 in attack targeting bus of Coptic Christians in Egypt
Why is MSM barley reporting on the terror attack which left at least 26 Coptic Christians in Egypt dead? Too busy obsessing o…
Third major terror attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt since April -- at least 74 killed.
Egypt Coptic Christians killed in bus attack -
New York-based Egyptian Muslim "journalist" 👉Ayat Oraby calls for boycott of Coptic Christians: “The crescent must be on top of…
Egypt Coptic Christians killed in bus attack - BBC News Lord have mercy. Protect our Coptic sisters and brothers. htt…
Bus carrying Coptic Christians attacked by gunmen in Egypt, leaving at least 24 people dead. https…
"The lack of is a sign of the lack of the judgment of -
Gunmen open fire on bus carrying Coptic Christians
At least 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt were killed when armed men attacked their bus on the way to a monastery in the Minya pro…
ISIS slaughter 35 Coptic Christians, including children, as they drove to a monastery in Why isn't this in the headl…
28 people including children shot dead on bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt
My favorite African (Egyptian / Turkish) Coptic Christians are Arius & Nestorius who tried to shut down the lie of…
Those aren't Coptic Christians; they're Arabs who displaced the Black African Egyptians but they should let that religion go Jesus is fake
Coptic Christians slaughtered and the only networks working the story are BBC, Al Jazeera and Fox News. Death to liberal media bias now!!
May GOD bless the Coptic Christians in their time of need.
I noticed you were happy to lob Coptic christians under the ban…
This is good. The baptisms of RC's becoming Coptic Orthodox Christians will now be respected among other things.
Copts face discrimination from their fellow countrymen & from the regime that granted them equality in constitution https:…
On 4/10/2017 at St Mina's monastery in Mariut, a funeral was held for the 47 Coptic martyrs of Alexandria and Tanta. Pray…
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Security concerns aside, Christians in face systemic persecution – both informal and formal
Again with the PC. Come on Jed Lipinski tell us what group? Asians? Coptic Christians? For public safety tell us s…
People being religiously persecuted, like the Coptic Christians. And then capping work visas at a sustainable level.
Why don't they wear a cross& experience what coptic experience in egypt? Sam…
While in 2013 in proved their love for by supporting Muslims'…
. militant group steps up attacks on Coptic it is also trying to assert hardline…
My comment on France 24 on Islamic State in Egypt, the Copts and the Pope's visit
Do they even know that Coptic Christians are a thing over there
Pope Francis is visiting Will attacks on stop as a result? Not likely.
The one thing everyone should know about Coptic Christians - Catholic Online via
11 dead and 70 injured as Muslims attack a church in Alexandria. Pope of Coptic Christians was targeted. ht…
"Who can deny that much of Isis’ firepower has come from US weaponry captured from the Iraqi army in Mosul."
In the Problems faced by Egypt's Coptic Christians run far deeper than Isis attacks:.
The Project TV: Waleed Aly to apologise for his silence on the persecution of Coptic Christians in... via
Nah, they said it "may" violate int'l law. You know, like beheading Coptic Christians in the name of…
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About the same time as "moderate Muslims" disavow beheading Coptic Christians in the name of Islam.
Moved as Coptic response inspires Egyptian society.
The way of Jesus is stronger than any other way
Incredible story of the way of Jesus in real life:
Have you no shame? Some of these women could be Jewish or Coptic Christians who also cover up in the old country.
In Toronto, Coptic Christians ponder the future of their faith back in Egypt
Because you're a putin fan, you know, the autocrat who invades other countries. I…
Egypt: the uncertain future for Coptic Christians
"Asked which particular book had upset him, the youth replied: “I don’t know how to read.”".
Despite attacks against his fellow Coptic Christians in Egypt, Ayman William continues to paint for the glory of Go…
Praying for victims of the heinous attack on Coptic Christians celebrating in Egypt. ISIS must be defeated.
Pray for the persecuted Coptic Christians in Egypt and where ever our brothers and sisters are b…
Pope Francis preaches message of faith and forgiveness during Mass with Egypt’s Coptic Christians
I mean, be honest with yourself, how can that be right? Should Britain…
I have my doubts that crackdown on extremists is causing them to attack coptic Christians' places of worship.
Egypt's Coptic Christians have far bigger issues than Isis
We're mainly Coptic Christians throughout the ME and we've never been held back from education by Isla…
First live Asian honeybees are Egypt's Coptic Christians celebrate Palm Sunday near you get planting for rock icons
After bombing two of their churches on Palm Sunday, fearless Coptic Christians in Egypt poured to churches on Easter Sunday…
Today, you should read about the war on Egypt's Coptic Christians. .
A disgusting, horrific Palm Sunday attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt. ISIS wants Christian genocide. The world must stop…
Greens condemn brutal attack on Coptic Christians worshiping on Palm Sunday. Sympathy to and all in the Coptic Chr…
Y'all go watch this and see what ISIS is doing and planning on doing to Coptic Christians in Egypt.
Coptic Christians are praying for God's forgiveness for the ISIS terrorists who bombed their two Orthodox churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday.
vows more attacks against Coptic Christians in after church bombings https:/…
You could care a less when ISIS the JV team ran amuk murdered Coptic Christians screw you n your fake…
Should tell him to crack down on the daily onslaught of Coptic Christians
.Sisi is a dictator? What? watch the news bro? talk 2 Egyptians or read any about him &
Maybe you could fight for minorities such as the Yazidis and the Coptic Christians. Not enough votes in it for you😎
May the Martyrs of the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo pray for Christians everywhere!. -. Let us pray for consolation of their fa…
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Egypt’s Coptic pope says displaced Sinai Christians can go home soon
Lebanese christians but also one of my coptic friends attending an Ivy League, and then I finally make a clique of online friends that give
Would love to one day! But I've also heard nasty things.. we have big Assyrian, Coptic Christians communities in NZ/AUS..
Rejoice with who may be able to return home! Learn more: ^hb
Coptic Christians from Egypt make record-breaking pilgrimages to Jerusalem
Coptic ChristianChurch is getting things back with compound interest from Islamists . What Coptic Christians did to n…
. Arabic speaking Coptic Christians call god Allah. . I assume your fight is with Islam; I recommend photoshop.
These *** have been exterminating the Coptic Christians in Egypt Mubarac had them unde…
can't ya just end the persecution of Coptic Christians first
Egypt has finally begun to protect its Christians—and not a moment too soon...
Coptic Pope Tawadros II attempts to reassure Egyptians after attacks on North Sinai Christians via
Ahram Online| Tawadros II attempts to reassure after attacks on North
...image not photo-shopped..the executed victims of Islamic Barbarism are Coptic Christians...Image 2016 & massacre…
Coptic Christians in Egypt are still being attacked by crazy jihadists that were empowered by US allies like Qatar."save…
Egypt's Coptic Christians are making their pilgrimages to Bethlehem. Our journo has the story.
is the Egyptian government cracking down on the assaults on Coptic Christians?
Egyptians were not Sub Saharan Africans. They probably mostly closely resemble the Coptic Christians of today.
The Egyptian authorities must offer urgent protection to Coptic Christians instead of watching
Egyptian Military, you'd BETTER step up your game in protecting Coptic Christians from ISIS, last I heard, you guys were apathetic.
'I spent the night at my Muslim friends': Coptic Christians flee IS in Sinai via
eNCA | Coptic Christians shot, burned alive in Northern Sinai
Egypt's Coptic Christians flee Sinai after deadly attacks
OPINION: Stop ignoring the persecution of Coptic Christians.
These big companies never did anything when coptic Christians were fleeing for their lives. Shame on you.
Obamas Muslim letting into the USA and telling Coptic Christians "No" from entering resulted in death, you forgot
So, concern for LGBT refugees, but not the rest? Interesting position. None for say, straight Coptic Christians being beheaded?
Where was your voice when Coptic Christians were beheaded in Libya? Or when Churches firebombed in Egypt.…
Statement by Bishop Angaelos of Coptic Church re security and refuge for the most vulnerable.
Coptic Christians had to write to Trump in Canada paper for help. TY for your time.
Same egypt prez who had coptic christians hung by neck outside palace.
In fact Coptic Christians asked for help from Trump in Canada Free press in Dec. I put article up
You mean the ones that commit genocide against Coptic Christians and Yazidis?
. Quatarians aren't setting bombs off in the West or chopping off Coptic Christians heads in Egypt
5 Coptic brutally murdered in bodies found with throats slashed.
*** are you even talking about?! Coptic christians get along with Muslims just fine! ***
Coptic Christians cry out 'JESUS' for 10 minutes ! SO BEAUTIFUL !! via
When the Coptic Christians began to be persecuted/killed I tattooed my wrist. It's so Muslims can recognize you as…
Coptic Christians are subject to vicious witch hunt by Islamists - quoted in story on terror in htt…
It's happening but I don't see any outcry over ethnic cleansing of Coptic Christians, Lebanese Christian…
Brookings Institute: status of Coptic Christians in Egypt has for the most part remained unchanged since Anwar Sadat came to power in 1970.
Coptic Christians report attacks near Alexandria: Copts in the village… https…
ENLARGE Coptic Christians walking outside St. Markos Church in Minya, south of Cairo, last year. Photo: Roger...
nota bene: Ted Cruz doesn't think much of Coptic Christians either
There are about 9 million Christians in - nearly 16% of the population, around another 1.2 living abroad.
"youtube deleted the ISIS video featuring the Egyptian Coptic Christians...".
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but mogahed does support the Muslim brotherhood n it's oppression of Coptic Christians
That's what we saw in those 21 Coptic Christians. A fragrant offering to God...
Orthodox/Coptic Christians go hard in the paint - eff what you heard
When mentions savages executing christians remember coptic christians who got beheaded by ISIS
. Coptic Christians in Egypt as well; R these counted within Eastern Orthodoxy?
Wishing all Christians and in particular the Orthodox, a blessed Great Lent which begins tomorrow for many.
ISIS ALLEGEDLY BEHEADS 21 COPTIC CHRISTIANS: This is what Trump is talking about
Addis Ababa was kind to Coptic Christians of Egypt. Ethiopia wanted what every Christian wanted. A nation of his own. A belated thank you !
Pray for Coptic Christians in Egypt, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. Pray for protection & shelter under …
Are there any folks around? Release 20 POWs & I'll give you the Russian spy's name just like the spy deal for the Coptic Christians.
Steven is celebrating the one year anniversary of the Coptic Christians joining him as their blood will enrich the church in North Africa
Remarkable statement-Ask the Coptic Christians of Egypt how THEY feel
Four teenager Christians put on trial for insulting religion after making video insulting
so if you went to Egypt & protested about the abuse of Coptic Christians, and were imprisoned, that'd be ok?
it's practiced by Christian Ethiopians , Eritreans and coptic Christians as much as any Muslim group
he also keeps a Hindu monkey god & a Buddah & another Coptic cross. Christians are called to keep themselves from idols
I enjoyed spending time with local Coptic Christians who share my passion for peace in the Middle East.
Not to mention, it is similar to Orthodox Jews and Christians, Coptic Christians, etc. They're wrong too?
Will he visit a Jewish synagogue as stand against anti-Semitism or Coptic Church as Christians are being slaughtered http…
Can someone explain the difference between orthodox, Coptic, and Maronite Christians pls
Russian Orthodox calendar. Been that way for centuries. Interestingly, same thing with Coptic Christians in Egypt. Used to it.
the Armenian people and Assyrian and Coptic were the first to be murdered for being Christians by Isis
Remember when the The Coptic Christians in Iraq were begging for our help and Obama dragged his sorry *** providing help???
Coptic husband and wife injured in defense against harassment in Minya village -
..Yet do you know how Coptic Christians are treated in Egypt? Or in Pakistan?
Work begins on church to honour Coptic Christians martyred by ISIS
Heavy rainfall in northern Egypt forced Coptic monasteries to close -
These are the kinds of church problems faces: ^td
Please to all Egyptians, especially, coptic Christians whom live in USA or Europe. plan to spend Christmas holiday in Egypt. Egypt need you
No he's right, all Middle Eastern Christians aren't really Arab. They are either Syriac/Assyrian, Coptic, Etc
Please For the remain in hiding from
Dear, you can see the icon of St.martyrs Coptic Christians (killed by ISIS), by serbian author. http:/…
Nelly van Doorn-Harder discusses Coptic Christians in Egypt in a new episode of the Humanities Viewpoints podcast!
What about the 4 Coptic Christians beheaded and crucified. 12 yr old's finger tips cut off for refusing to convert
Coptic Christians in Knoxville ask for prayer and action as members in Middle East endure persecut -
Brave victims of the find good company with the 21 Coptic Martyrs .
Coptic Christians remain in hiding from Muslim brotherhood
OBAMA is conducted by Egyptian legal team 4 crimes against humanity of Coptic Orthodox Christians co ind. W Malok OBAMA& Morsi
Coptic Christians in Hiding from Muslims - Christian News Headlines via
Best wishes 2 all Coptic Christians in celebrating the first day of the New Year according to the Coptic Orthodox calendar
A Message to President Obama: Inseparably Linked to Peace for the Coptic Christians of Egypt - Christian Newswire http:…
Coptic Christians -men and women sit on opposite sides and women cover their head
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby travels to Egypt for a "visit of condolence" following the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in
I had rally on 9/12 for Coptic Christians, and here comes the Tea Party with racist signs and swastikas. I have seen them.
Coptic Christians are NOT Arabs. They were in Egypt before Arab Muslims invaded.
You of course ignore Coptic Christians, who are NOT Arab. Arab MUSLIMS invaded Egypt. The Copts were already there.
Black speaks out against persecution of Coptic Christians.
Father of Coptic accused of contempt of Islam can’t visit his son -
coptic christians were abducted in egypt. Its not the first time egypt attacked the copts when regime is threatend
A Coptic bishop urged Christians to forgive ISIS after 21 Coptic Christians were beheaded
Open mind required: militant captured by the LNA claims to have proof killed in actually ki…
are u aware that this same man u defend, supported and encouraged the attach on Coptic Christians and burning Churches?
What does mean for Coptic Christians? We head to Coptic Cairo to find out.
Egypt: Expelled group of Coptic Christians return home - Independent Catholic News
If Chuck Norris actually said the words "calloused and obtuse with persecuted Coptic Christians," he can roundhouse kick me
What of the rape and beheading of ? Now we are to stand up for those that hate s ?
I don't want to be dismissive, but let's not conflate Coptic Christians with Americans. And why just Christians?
For two weeks, kidnapped Coptic child is still missing -
Nope, wrong again *** compliments of Egypt when you's killed the Coptic Christians
On June 16, Fr. James Mikhail will discuss the plight of Coptic Christians in the Middle East. RSVP at
.. and we ll NEVER forget the sorrows living inside the hearts of Coptic & Ethiopian Christians bc of
.OK, you are right. "Bad" terrorists behead Coptic Christians on the beach. "Bad" terrorists just eat the hearts out of dead...
.Armenian genocide was primarily a Christian genocide. Same deception: Egyptian citizens on the beach? Coptic Christians unnamed
After Christian inquisition in Europe not one Muslim was left but Coptic Christians were preserved in Egypt.
Statement by Bishop Angaelos following the brutal murder of Coptic Christians
I reflect on the recent horrific beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians.
There's a vigil happening tomorrow at a church to remember those Coptic Christians who have been killed:
Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS hailed as martyrs - Jerusalem Post Israel News
Mack Taylor changed his profile picture in memory of the 21 Coptic Christians ...
The names of the Coptic Christians killed in Libya
Coptic Christians protecting Muslims at prayer during Arab Spring. This is what do when persecuted. http:/…
If you can't be with us at the White House to stand for religious freedom and honor the 21 Coptic Christians that...
Please join in for families of 21 Coptic Christians from murdered in by Islamic State militants.
The barbaric murder of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS today is a crime against humanity!htt…
Christian Slaughter in Libya: —Raymond Ibrahim. The disputed fate of the 21 Coptic Christians a...
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Memo to our dhimmi president: The 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS weren't random "Egyptian citizens." ==> h…
Coptic Christians in Egyptian village heartbroken after ISIS beheadings - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
The killing of more than 20 Egyptian Christians is hideous. Coptic Christians have the full solidarity of the
Brutal murder of 21 mostly Coptic Christians by an extremist group in was a war crime.
Coptic Christians in Egyptian village heartbroken after
Pope Francis will unite himself spiritually with prayers of Coptic Christians at Tuesday's Mass:
Today, Pope Francis condems killing by ISIS of 21 Coptic Christians proclaiming them killed out of hatred of th…
The Canadian Prime Minister’s response to the beheadings of Coptic Christians:
Egypt carried out strikes on ISIS targets in Libya after video of beheadings of Coptic Christians, state TV reports.
Islamic State behead Coptic Christians on Libyan beach "in revenge for Camelia and sisters"
mourns as releases execution video of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya.
Concerning the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS in Libya today!! Those are the things which must…
People wonder why islamophobia is a thing considering the fact that 21 COPTIC ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS were beheaded for th…
Egyptian Church confirms Coptic Christians' execution by ISIS. No outrage from Father Dominic and his gang?
Islamic State ‘beheads 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians’, in latest video atrocity
Once again, Coptic Christians have been called to bear a cross of great suffering. And once again, they carry it with gr…
the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS. Sorry, ran out of characters.
Mr. Obama, US Senate...Watch the video of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt being beheaded. Inaction, or weak action, is…
Praised be Christ, now and forever. Diabolical ISIS freaks behead 21 Coptic Christians
ISIS releases video purporting to show beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians
Video appears to show Islamic militants beheading Christians in Libya
Obama plays 8.5 hrs golf in Palm Sprgs today; video released of 21 Coptic Christians beheaded What say u Republicans?
ISIS video purports to show beheading 21 on beach in...
Guess why ISIS at the time beheaded the 21 Egypt's Coptic Christians at Libya is controlled by who race in USA orchestrating ISIS beheading.
21 Coptic Christians killed by ISIS. I do not know them, but they are my brothers. Rev. 6:8-11 http:…
Exclusive: Photo of the President reacting to the ISIS slaughter of 21 Coptic Christians
Prayers go out to the souls of the 21 Coptic Christians who were martyred today. Lord please let these killings end
My heart is heavy today upon learning the news of 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS.praying
carries out Mass Beheading Of Coptic Christians As terror spreads, it's time to take a stand
Horrific ISIS video shows mass beheading of Coptic Christians in Libya. Marks 1st time official ISIS production is filmed …
Want US Humanitarian Invasion of your Country? Ask Coptic Christians of Libya how well it is working. You want help in S…
The names of the 21 Coptic Christians executed in Libya by in new video. (via
Islamists kill people in Denmark, ISIS beheads Coptic Christians in Libya, and Obama plays 8 hours of golf. Must be yet ano…
have released new video showing beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. Influence in North Africa growing.
ISIS labels "Hostel Church" when IS beheading Coptic Christians. Where is the Ain't none.
Then they came for the Christians. I was not a Christian so I kept quiet. . ISIS beheads Coptic Christians. .
Egyptian president calls for emergency UN meeting after ISIS video purporting to show execution of Coptic Christians
Al Sisi vows to avenge the horrific deaths of Egypt's Coptic Christians at the hands of
In a new, graphic video, ISIS claims to have beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Libya:
This was the message from what looks like Jihadi John in Libya executing 21 innocent Coptic Christians from Egypt.
Pray for the Coptic Christians persecuted by the Islamic State.
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