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Coors Light

Coors Light is a light beer produced by the Coors Brewing Company. It was first produced in 1978.

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Why do they even sell Coors light in glass bottles?
I'm actually gonna be a cholo but that's basic. . so I might just wear a coors light box with suspenders.
There's a Coors Light video game on Xbox 360!!!
I actually like it now. But still like my coors light more
Nothing better than an ice cold coors light after a long day.
Do they make Chapstick that tastes like coors light, Cheetohs or McDonalds cheeseburgers?
everyone is so thirsty so get water! (Bud Light,coors light)
Halloween is FRIDAY! WooHoo! Come hang out with us at Exotic Ball presented by Coors Light at Casselmans Bar &...
Having a Coors Light and getting on his wife is probably the best explanation, but that solves nothing I guess.
There's an unopened Coors Light in my shotgun seat. Idk
tell him I'm sad too, but I'll take coors light.✊
Coors Light. Unofficial sponsors of scheduling dates within walking distance of your home.
My uncle is a Dallas fan and he told me I looked like a can of coors light when I was younger. Hated yall ever since 😭
Why do people drink Coors Light, Miller Light, Budweiser etc etc. Makes no sense to me.
What a long day!! Relax time - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company -
Now now, is jealous because he can't afford anything more than Coors Light.
Coors Light. Unofficial sponsors of late night acoustic guitar solos-no wait… we hate that.
If you see a guy with a thick beard holding a Coors Light 12-pack at Gamestop buying Atelier Meruru, please don't bother him. That's me.
yeah me too man, I really love this guy man...more than I love Coors light...I could really use a cold one right now
See the legendary Julie Kramer (pictured in wig) Thursday night at our Retro Halloween Bash.
I'll be drinking Bud Light then coors, then I just end up with dos equis or something. 😒
Bol not this brown bag and Coors light can of beer
Aw man, . Lets listen to sad country music and drown our sorrows in coors light, yeah??
I'll stick with Coors Light and your favorite Three Olives
Coors Light – proud sponsor of longer Thursday bike rides so you can take it easy on Friday.
Have you heard ‘• Livedeep Circotic 2014 WarmUp Episode ~’ by • Saudeep ~ on
“All I need right now is a cold beer😩”hands you a coors light pint!
God is great, Coors Light is good, and girls in Parkersburg are psycho!
What Coors Light needs to invent is a vented can that when vented pours out good beer.
Don't miss Magic Opening Night Watch Party presented by on Tuesday at htt…
If it looks like *** smells like *** and tastes like *** well then it's probably Coors Light.
Does anybody pour Coors light from a can into a glass?
I will fight for the honor of the coors light princess!!
We don't have any set in stone. For this week let's do . No cover. $3 Bud, Bud Light, Coors light…
Come out to "Charlotte's Largest Viewing Party"! brought to you by Coors Light starting at 4:30 on 10/29
Why do I need a vented can coors light? I've never needed this.
When ur parents are gone for the weekend and you can finally wear your coors light cowboy hat without gettin yelld at
Fishing with Gary in sept -nice blue byGary. We ran around Boston harbor. Nice day. 6 am start and a few coors light
I'd prefer the Coors Light if it's chilled. You have the OE.
We're featuring products giving back a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes. Check out the displays at both locations, and please bring a non-perishable food donation for the Coors Light and MN Municipal Bev. Assoc. food drive the next time you stop in!
Guys&Girls Night Out this Fri at the game! $5 Molson Canadians&Coors Light at Ricoh ::
When I get this fm degree I can thank Coors Light, Red Bull and good bud.
How can someone think Coors Light is better than Pabst Blue Ribbon?
Case of coors light and it's on tonight
I need a 12 pack of coors light, like right now🍺🍺
Pot of chili grilled cheese and cold coors light pretty good
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Don't come to a bar with like 75 taps and order a coors light.
Vancouver Canucks game night! Buckets of Canadian and Coors Light bottles (5/bucket) only $18.50! See you before, during and after the game!
Notre Dame VS Florida St tonight at 5pm Come down for 100oz pitchers of coors light for just $17 watch the game on our 80 in TV with sound And for your Sharks fans we have your game on to! in our second room featuring a new 75 in TV with the sound on
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There's nothing better than being at home, with my love & a BBQ with a bottle of red wine and him with his coors light :)
You asked for it, and we are bringing it to you! Live Entertainment!!! Tonight on stage at 10 Decibel. Drink specials: $4.00 Crown Royal, $2.25 16 oz Bud Light and Coors Light Draft, $12.00 Domestic Buckets.
Treasure Island shuttle bus. "Coors Light, Humboldt weed" guy says. Adds "Zach's there. You can get some good drugs."
After a long day of think ill have a or kentreid lol
Bruins are on if they score first Bud Light and Coors Light drafts are $1.50 while they are winning.
Meeting my aunts boyfriend for the first time and he offers me a coors light...don't think I can trust this guy if he drinks light beer
Qualifying Fast Facts - Talladega: Brian Vickers won the Coors Light Pole Award for the 46th Annual GEICO 500 with a lap of 48.825 seconds, 196.129 mph. This is his 12th pole in 312 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races. This is his first pole and 11th top-10 start in 2014. This is his first pole in 16 races at Talladega Superspeedway. Jimmie Johnson (second) posted his 17th top-10 start of 2014 and his 16th in 26 races at Talladega Superspeedway. AJ Allmendinger (third) posted his fourth top-10 start at Talladega Superspeedway. It is his fourth in 32 races this season. Michael Annett (10th) was the fastest qualifying rookie. (NASCAR Statistics)(10-18-2014)
Cracking a Coors Light for my cousin Cainan today. I always wonder what amazing stuff he would be…
NASCAR -- Sprint Cup Vickers wins Talladega pole: Vickers won the Coors Light pole for the GEICO 500 Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway with speed of 196.129mph for his 1st pole of 2014, 1st at Talladega and 12th of his career. is on the outside pole, followed by and Jr. NASCAR used a different qualifying format, breaking the first session into two groups and shortening the session to 5 minutes. Several teams did not leave pit road on time during the first session to get a lap at full speed. Therefore, drivers having to take provisionals were: and initially made the race, but failed inspection. That put into the race. Missing the race were: Jr., the Starting lineup, round by round qualifying results, notes and links on's Talladega Starting Lineup / Qualifying Page. (10-18-2014)
wins Coors Light Pole Award at Talladega Read more: ... lap of 196.129 mph, will start first in...
Someone bring and I beer preferably coors light cans!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I swear man coors light is like strong water I just wanna keep popping em but I'm good thou I'm bout to pop another one thanks dad
Been a good week, looking forward to growing even more...Will have Complimentary Brew & Wine until our license process is finished, because Wings & Brew go hand and hand!!! Will have Budlight, Miller Lite and maybe some Coors light to begin with.
Someone bring and I beer. Coors light cans please
Somethin bout coors light sittin on ice👌
Chicken wings cookin', peel & eat chillin', Coors Light coolin'. Dean Grzegorczyk Jim Grzegorczyk any of the Intag's Kevin Intagliata are all the JV games over yet so we can see some real football. Go Irish!!!
You also see bow ties and Coors Light talls at pretty much every tailgate in the SEC. But your point remains strong.
Coors light..., it's what's for lunch and dinner
Just saw a clown driving on the freeway sippin a coors light.
Not sure where alternating Sparkletini and Coors Light puts me on the scummer list, but I am the king.
I hope there was an ice cold Coors Light waiting for you when you got there.
PCB Seafood Fest 2014. Stop by and sample Redds Apple Ale and watch the game at the Coors Light Sky Bar!
Ok Vols fans.or beer fans.when the Tennessee/Ole Miss game begins...there will be FREE coors light and Miller Lite drafts until the first team scores! Also, pinnacle vodka specials begin at 7! Beth, James Robb, Robbie Hatley, and I will see you shortly!
I've had a mixture of coors light, Bud Light and miller light tonight, so could say my tummy is diversified.
Work is over I picked up a pizza and some wings at Pizza Hut. I'm gonna have some pizza and wings and a Coors light or two and do some painting.
hey a Coors light can in a c store. Oh wait. That's a grinder for pills and pot. Welcome to Barrie
My guitar, Jack Daniels, Coors Light and my audio production text book; my Saturday night
Sitting on the rocks with my butt in a hole drinking a coors light, holding my trigger puppy watching the ocean is happiness. Of course with my lover Mike Gil catching some fish.
Just got told I'd lost weight. It must be all that Coors Light and sugar free pepsi that I drink.
Hey celebrate Sweetest Day with Game Show Junkies at the American Legion in Ambridge Pa. Show starts at 9pm. Sponsored by Coors Light. Reshare 5 points. Sign up your team on my wall 5 points.
Its a hockey night at the pub at tonidale! $2 Coors light bottles and half price appetizers until midnight. Time for Pens to play spoilers to New York Islanders
So and get to drink Coors Light on air now. Cool! Can't wait to hear Cal when we score later! ;-)
nothing goes better with a coors light like a Budweiser.Said no one EVER!
OK it is definitely time for me to brag, I am the LUCKIEST Mom in the world! My son Robert drove me to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. After being good all day (Melissa Luque McCloud) I decided to splurge a little on my birthday and I had 2 Coors Light Brutus with dinner at Applebee's. Needless to say they went to my head a little. Being such a wonderful young man he drove me home like a pro. Thank you Robert Raglievich for taking such wonderful care of me, I love you with all my heart and as ALWAYS I am very proud of you. The best gift ever is being a Mom!
Mama's tucked in her quilt with the dog snuggled in her lap.cold coors light by my side going to be a Chilli night but I think Notre Dame will bring the heat
Finished product, tomato and mozzarella salad, garlic bread and a nice frosty coors light to wash it all down.
Had a good drink with a couple of great lads love coors light
Vickers wins pole for elimination race at Dega
No better way to spend Jean Claude Van Damme's birthday than drinking 45 Coors Light!
I'll one up you. Coors Light and Wolf of Wall St..
Come out to the Sports Grille for the Show LIVE. Coors Light specials, prizes & autographs tonight 8-9!
I'll buy the first round of Molson Canadian and or Coors Light.
It's Friday and that means you deserve a few pints in The Rock Bar today. We are now serving Coors Light and Rebel Red on draught!!!
"Naya Rivera went from sippin champagne with Big Sean to chugging Coors Light with this dude. My how the mighty have fall…
it's Sunday Funday today at L7's, happy hour until 8pm and kitchen opens at noon! enjoy all the games today, including NYG vs. Arizona at 1pm, and NYJ vs. Green Bay at 4pm! raffling off a throwback Reggie White jersey this week (during MNF game), drink Coors Light and Coors Banquet products for your chance to win...
Statistical Advance: Analyzing the 400 DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (September 8, 2014) – Below is a look at the performances of the 16 Challengers at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois going into the 400, the first race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, on September 14 at 2 p.m. ET on ESPN. CHICAGO-SPECIFIC STATISTICS 1 - Brad Keselowski (No. 2 Miller Lite Ford) • Season-to-Date Driver Rating: 103.0 2014 Rundown • Four wins, 11 top fives, 13 top 10s; four poles • Average finish of 13.5 • Led 20 races for 1,278 laps Chicagoland Speedway Outlook: • One win, two top fives, three top 10s • Average finish of 12.6 in five races • Average Running Position of 13.0, 10th-best • Driver Rating of 93.6, eighth-best • 85 Fastest Laps Run, seventh-most • Average Green Flag Speed of 169.375 mph, eighth-fastest 2 - Jeff Gordon (No. 24 Drive to End Hunger Chevrolet) • Season-to-Date Driver Rating: 109.1 2014 Rundown • Three wins, nine top fives, 17 top 10s; tw ...
I just entered to win: Lorde VIP Experience brought to you by Coors Light
U.S. - It has been reported by the FDA that cocaine has been found in Thousands of Coors Light beers nationwide. The FDA began investigating beers before they were sent out from the factories, as well as beers that were already on shelves ready for …
Got my new tennis shoes dirty mom Marlene Lang ! I've been here a little over a week and finally put them on and went on a hike on the Pillbox trail. My legs were good, my feet were great! My lungs were wondering what the *** I was doing! But the views at the top were beyond spectacular looking out over the ocean in every direction with islands in the distance. After successfully completing the hike, we went to yet another beach and went in the water to see yet another wonderful sea turtle. Marie named her Esla. No, Art Lang I have yet to get a picture of one of them in the wild. Cindy has yet to let me use HER cell phone to get one. Came home and Jake made strips steaks on the grill and oh my were they perfect! Paired it with a couple of glasses of a refreshing Coors Light since I completely earned it and helped Marie with a long awaited project. In the meantime, my husband and I will be spending our anniversary apart. Happy anniversary to the best husband I could have ever asked for. ...
not a Thursday morning obbo full English with a pint of coors light??
Drinking Coors light is like Smoking mid grade sativa
coors light right ? Ha i think im ready this , ima be setting it up so i'll get some practice shots 😈
There's no more coors light in my fridge. Sad day...
does Coors Light have less calories than non light lagers ?
If u wanna find me, follow the Coors light cans and pizza roll wrappers
I always sing you got me in the Palm of my hand to my Coors light hsha
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Coors light player of da game, Larry foote! Great job man! This compliment does not excuse u for any reason we...
Better pop the top on the coors light 🍺👌
Coors light same body and no juice. Lol sorry
Coors Light is slightly less alcoholic than water, also has less flavor
A Coors Light and some Eric Church makes the night better.
Watching MNF at a seedy little neighborhood bar we found. They have Coors Light on tap.
I bet she doesn't even drink Coors light
By cocaine and hookers I mean I'd buy two cases of Coors Light and try to guilt Jennie into coming over
Coors Light has some extremely inefficient methods of beer delivery.
If you climb to the top of a mountain to get a Coors Light you don't deserve to come back down.
I'm right outside the coors light bar
Na na na let me get a Coors light...
Got off the plane and the gate next door is going to Reno. I also just saw on Instagram coors light going for 2.88 for 12. On my way.
I don't trust people who willingly drink coors light
Coors light has become my drink of choice.
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Coors Light Summer brew 12 packs for only $2.88 at Wal Mart. Just picked up 21 cases
(I can't believe I am actually engaging on an ageist hashtag. I'm drinking Coors Light, so obviously I can't blame it on being drunk.)
I drink Coors Light so I should probably shut up and sit in the corner and look at my shoes.
Look at these ratty hats they put in a case of Coors Light. Bad beer...bad hat.
Me: I'll have a Heineken. Bartender: we don't serve that. M: what imported beer do you have? . B: Coors Light. . M: *…
I just drank some coors light. What am I doing with my life.
Congrats, you just lost your *** Please turn it in with your wigs and pick up your Coors Light.
Werewolves, eh? We're gonna need silver bullets. *gets a case of Coors Light, parties all night with the werewolves*
I've tried Corona, Bud Light... Coors. Can't do it.
I don't see how people drink coors light, it tastes like ***
oh jeez. Go drink some coors light and that should help you pass out!
I really slept on the coors light summer brews
People who drink Coors light are stupid. You need a can to turn blue to let you know your beer is cold.
starts now! ;) Hope you can join us for a refreshing $4.00 or 2pm - 5pm
Texas Holdem tonight and it's free to play! Starts at 7pm but get there early and earn extra chips by purchasing food and drinks. Win your way to play in 3 televised events. State champions earn travel packages to Vegas! $2 Burgers, $.50 Wings and $1 Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors Light drafts.
Today is 1/2 price pizza til 10pm!! Tonight we have This Point Forward on the patio from 6-9 followed by karaoke with DJ John Sheldon from 9:30-close!! From 10pm - Midnight buckets of Yuengling, Coors Light and Miller Lite are only $5!!
Hi kids! I'm behind the bar till close tonight, so y'all should come see me, drink beer and lemme put a smile in your faces!! We've got Monday Night Football, and Lions tickets to give away. With $1.50 bottles of Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light. And $1 pints of Bud Light and Miller Lite during the games!!
What's up again?? We at the Hotel are going to run a little something different this year in regards to the football season. Starting Monday the 8th of Sept. all the way till December 22, we are going to run Monday Night Football Specials with Miller Lite, Bud Light and Coors Light buckets going for 5 for $ 5. There will be snacks, occasional wing, tacos and other party favorite specials. Tonight we will have 2 Tacos for $ 2 and 2 Chili Cheese Dogs for $ 2!! Or Nachos Grande for $ 6!! So, come on out and get your Monday Night Football fix with us. Just a reminder; there are 2 games on Monday. Giants @ Lions at 7:10 and Chargers @ Cardinals at 10:20. See YOU at the South Mountain Hotel!!
Monday Night Football! Giants/Lions and Chargers/Cardinals.who are you cheering for? Watch with us and enjoy $6 pitchers of Coors Light, Miller Lite and Bud Light. While you're here, try our Buffalo Chicken or Chicken Bacon Ranch specialty pizzas.
NFL Week 1! Come watch some games with us! We have Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite Drafts on special today.
NFL Kickoff Game tonight $1 16oz drafts of Miller Lite and Coors Light all other drafts $2 including micros...
I'd go Busch Light, PBR, Peils, Storhs, Natty Boh, Narganestte, and honestly Bud Heavy, Bud Light, Coors Light are still easy
Lynyrd Skynyrd Lager, Coors Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, & Shinerbock for only $3? Get it during happy hour today from 3- 6 p.m!
All pitchers of Molson Canadian or ok 1516 or Sleeman Honey or Sapporo or Coors Light or Budweiser for $12.99...
Starting TODAY and every SATURDAY through college football season, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Lite and Budweiser are just $1! *Must be a Total Rewards member.
Atlanta Notes & Facts - Friday - poles:. · Fireball Roberts won the inaugural Coors Light pole at Atlanta in 1960...
Steelers pregame at the Rivers Casino from 5:30-7:30!! specials and the Coors Light girls!!! 🍻
Hard to beat Van Damme in Coors Light commercials
Van Damme Builds an Entire Lodge Out of Ice in the Latest Advert from Coors Light
Coors Light: Ice Bar: Van Damme's starting to look like dee dee ramone
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Van Damme and his epic in new Coors Light ad via
Jean Claude Van Damme creates an ice bar perched on a mountain, by hand, for Coors Light:
Ad of the Day: Van Damme Awesomely Sculpts a Mountaintop Ice Bar for Coors Light
Ad of the Day: Van Damme awesomely sculpts a mountaintop ice bar for Coors Light.
Every time I listen to Mississippi Queen I expect a train full of Coors Light to blast through the door, to no avail.
A lot of good beers here but I'll just stick with my tried and true brew, Coors Light, so i can reminisce on passing out on the couch daily
I guess Coors Light would never sponsor an outdoor game in Busch Stadium.
Come see us for $1.50 domestic pints tonight and tomorrow from 7-10 (Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Miller...
Make sure to join us at the Stacked Pickle downtown after your soccer game for $3.05 pints of Miller/Coors Light!
Don't forget to join us tonight. We will have $5 Canadian or Coors Light pints and 1lb wings $7 .
Join us at the Stacked Pickle for $2 pints of Miller and Coors Light! Bring your teammates out for a fun time with CCA!
Back Stage with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Uncle Kracker, and Gin Blossoms. ...oh, and the Coors Light girls !! — at...
Woman in front of me in the supermarket queue is buying two items. G String lacey knickers and a 24 pack of Coors Light lager!. You go girl!!
Morning! Breakfast is served, stop in Bloody Mary's and Steak & Eggs until 1pm. Get your day started! $1.00 Drafts - Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light and MGD! See you soon.
Come join us at Average Joe's in Broad Ripple for $5 Pitchers of Miller/Coors Light and half price pizza after your flag football game!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
SUNDAY, SUNDAY, go back and read that with your best racing announcer voice.Better Right? Catch the Brickyard 400 today at noon. 28oz Coors Light Mugs - 2.5 Red Bull Raspberry Bombs -1.5 Long Islands - 3 Domestic Buckets 4 for 10 Pinnacle Flavors - 3 Blue Moon Bottles - 3 Angry Orchard Pints - 3 10in Pepperoni or Sausage Pizza $5
Come to the Coors Light tent at to drink cold beer and win awesome prizes AT THE SAME TIME.
“Yeah that's not right... What was the item?” A 12 box of Coors light, I got my money back & went to Sainsburys
***Sunday Funday*** All Day Drink Deals -$1 Domestic Tappers -$2 All Bottle Beer -$2.50 Tub Mixers SERVING LIMITED MENU NOW ON TAP Coors Light!!! Come watch NASCAR at NOON. Enter for a chance to DRINK FREE during the Cautions. Brewers play at 1:10pm ($2.00 domestic pints and a FREE SHOT when the Brewers hit a home run) Serving you today will be Peggy 11am-3:30pm Leanne 3:30pm-Close
For free Coors Light, I would kiss a stranger in a nightclub.
St. Mary's Festival today for a free Bella Cain show!! Anyone Care to join me for a nice cold coors light??!!
Waiting on Brantley Gilbert at the coors light bar in the midway.
The party contiues... Blu Alehouse this Monday! Music by Tony Gia! Opening set by Mike Licameli! Enjoy Coors Light & Blue Moon (beer) specials all night along with MANY other drink & shot specials! Your 1 stop shop this Monday for GREAT food while listening to the best Dj's in NJ/NYC! Enter for a chance to win a 2014 Code Blu Jeep Wrangler!! No cover! See you there!!
We've got the nats playing at 1 and the o's at 4!! Come on out and take part in our specials! $9 Miller Lite, Bud Light, and coors light pitches, $4 fireballs for homeruns, and our fabulous boneless wings, 10 pieces for only $5!! If wings aren't on your mind today, we also have our smokey mountain chicken dinner on special for only $9!
Sunday Funday! Come to Wild Bills from 2:30 to 4:30 today for all you can drink Coors Light for $10. We will also be drawing for the choice of bats, Boombah bag, and gift cards to Wild Bills and Players! See you there!
Ready to be in Starkville next weekend. Golf and cold Coors light. .
Bon Jovi can have his bed of roses.. I'll lay down on a bed of Coors Light
This is the story of our sister Jamie and yesterday was her one year anniversary. Please join me in congratulating her and read her inspiring story of courage. TOGETHER, WE DO RECOVER! Katie Sisters of Serenity and Sobriety Well this is it. This is where I finally sit down and write something about it all. I'm not really sure where or how to start. It's been so long since I've sat down and written anything, and theres so much to say, it's hard to know where to start from. Since I'm writing this just shy of my one year anniversary, I suppose I'll start from there. A year ago at this time. Today is July 24, 2014. I don't know eaxctly what I was doing on July 24, 2013, but I am sure it involved vodka, coors light, rumpleminz, adderall, and probably cocaine. I'm sure that whatever I may have been doing, even if it appeared i was smiling or happy or "having a good time"...I wasn't. Because aside from the list of things I just mentioned that I'm sure were involved, I am equally as sure that there were some othe ...
Seymour, July 27- 9 AM- Just a reminder, there is NO racing today, Sunday July 27 at the Seymour Speedway due to the Outagamie County Fair. It is a beautiful day so take the day off to enjoy the Monster Truck show today at the fair. Racing will return to the banked 1/3 mile clay oval next Sunday, August 3. Budweiser will present the Stan” The Man” Gracyalny Memorial night as we remember Stan’s decades long support of local short track racing not only as a driver, but a staunch cheerleader for the sport he loved and passed on to his family, as they continue that legacy. All five divisions, Budweiser IMCA Modifieds, Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars, Turbo Blue Street Stocks, IMCA Sport Mods and 4 Cylinders, will be in action with the Spectator Eliminators also on the schedule. Mark your calendars for the return of the IRA Outlaw Sprint Cars to the Seymour Speedway on Sunday night, August 17th. They will join our regular 5 division program which will be running a unique format for the evening. Racing star . ...
I never wanna drink another coors light again
was he drinking a Coors Light in his right hand & smoking "something " in his left ?
ICYMI: talks about and teaches me the proper flag-waving technique via
RECAP: wins the Pole Award for Sunday’s 400. >>
JC's Place 3816 Whitney Ave Hamden is Open, Shot and a Beer $5 til 3, Happy Hour Prices all day til 7 $1 Nattie Lights $2 Bud $2 Bud Lite bottle or draft $2 Coors Light $2 Miller Lite $3 Corona or Shock Top $5 Angry Balls all day $3 Fireball Shots all day $2 Miller High Life all day Spread the word!!!
Does it smell like tobacco and Coors light?
Sunday-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie served with soup or salad 7.95! Try our Battle of the Burgers AWARD WINNING, Black Angus NACHO BURGER! Every Sunday 2.00Pints 7.00Pitchers of Miller/Coors Light, 5.00 Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary's & 5.00 Chicken Finger baskets 8-10pm(dine-in only).Get LUCKY with VIDEO GAMING available in the bar area!The PATIO is OPEN! Have a great day!
tell him to wake, I'm back on it light
Hardly gonna do much damage with a four pack of Coors Light.
Fast Facts: (07/29/07) is the only driver to post his first career Cup Coors Light pole at
colder then coors light bruhh it be reppin O'block 🙌
Only 3 of 20 Cup races at have been won from the Coors Light pole (03) (08) & (13)
2 drivers have won consecutive Coors Light poles at (1995 and 1996) & Ernie Irvan (1997 and 1998)
17 drivers have Coors Light poles at led by with 3
Fast Facts: Rick Mast won the inaugural Coors Light pole at in 1994 with a speed of 172.414 mph
Not the coors light! She ight. Buut coors has everything going for her
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I still wide awake with like a 24 pack of Coors Light and some bud and a bottle If tequila jajaj
"Wassup I'm tryna party. I have an 18 pack of coors light? Cool bro I got three bottles and girls wassup?" LMAO!!!
Just drank another vodka soda and coors light.
Although, once in a great while I admit that a Coors Light or a Bud Light is good...especially with something salty like peanuts
Technically I had a beer at the game, but as it was Coors Light that doesn't even count
Coors light and my back porch is def the best choice for tonight.
Went Orange County white boy with the Sublime -Coors Light - Cheap Cigar combo.
nah boy I'm out here. Call me Coors Light Shawty
Can someone pick me up and take me for fast food and beer? Or you can bring me fast food and a Coors light.
Just so everyone knows. Cool ranch Doritos taste BOMB with coors light. 😏
I tried Coors Light and now know what the pasteurized tears of a neglected child taste like.
"Coors Light tastes like polyjuice potion!"
Holy Mass, lasagna, a run through the Valley, time with the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a Coors Light with my fiancé
my mama disowned me because I chose Coors Light over Bud Light
Come check out The Diggers tonight at Dublin Crossing Irish Pub. Live show starts at 9:30pm. Pints of Coors Light...
3 pints of shine fishin w my dad turns into kids cookies, monster, spray cheese, *** Coors Light pints, triscuits, and scallops. 😂
I'm at the Touch Tunes Jukebox. I am selecting songs. I have now selected David Bowie's "Starman." "Starman" by David Bowie is playing. Two people have given me a thumbs up for my selection. I am now taking a sip of my Coors Light. I am now selecting Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies." I am now staring blankly at some pictures on the wall trying to think of other songs to play.
Pints of Coors Light on special all day
Carolyn, I guess Plymouth Rock should be renamed "Bud" or "Coors Light" lol!
Crickets has Ryan Ross solo acoustic with Domestic Buckets 6 for $10, $3 Long Islands and $1.50 Miller Lite or Coors Light pints.
B104 has teamed with Coors Light to give you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Country Life Music Festival and a Refresherator of your...
Join B104 and Coors Light for the final Country Life Music Festival Ticket Stops this week!
If I've learned anything in Uganda, it's that Jean Claude Van Damme does Coors Light ads in the UK.
Coors Light is the official drink of Bob Seger.
Power Hour Weekend starts tonight at 9! Don't miss out! $1 Coors Light and Bud Light pints and $1 Well…
Come in between 8-10pm for $2 chips & salsa and $3 Pints of Bud Light and Coors Light! Start the party early :)
Who's in the Coors Light bar watching Angels and World Cup at Angels Stadium?
$2 Pints of Miller Lite, Coors Light, or Bud Light Every Wednesday at Mulligan's Pub & Grill.
Come join us this Fourth of July weekend and eat,drink and party with us starting tonight. We have "RED,LIGHT AND BLUE" beer promo running all weekend with Redds ,Coors Light and Blue Moon and Blue Moon seasonal available. Heineken Draft is only $3 50. FIFA World Cup soccer matches kick off tomorrow from noon so we will be opening early to start the party off with Germany v France, doors open @ 11 30. We are also introducing the Coors Light Summer Brew tomorrow, avail in 10 oz cans for a limited time and on special at $10 a bucket, the Summer Brew Girls will be coming by tomorrow between 5 30 AND 630 to do some sampling, so dont miss out. On the culinary side ,we have prepared some signature Jack BBQ ribs with slaw, Pulled Pork sliders avail BBQ or BUFFALO and on the lighter side a "Red,White and Blue Signature salad, which includes choice of your way cooked chicken or fish with seasonal greens ,and chopped Strawberries,Blueberries and diced fresh Mozzarella. So grab your crew and spread the word and hop ...
"That was the play of the night, brought to you by coors light" 💀
Electronic Device Insurance
Snowpiercer is the Blackfish of movies about what happens on the Coors Light party train.
I got in free to sell 8 dollar Coors Light to drunk people.
Check out Coors Light Search & Rescue. Find a rescue box and you could win epic prizes.
Like he said he was "trying to enjoy it and make it last" but there ain't anything enjoyable about coors light except it's cheap lol
I've been drinking a lot if Coors Light recently
A nice cold coors light has never taste so good.
You say that you're a real *** yet you're always drinking Coors light and others domestics.
Day is done time for some Coors light and little Jim Beam and Ill get right
Nothing more alarming then thinking you opened a diet coke and taking a giant sip and realizing it's a coors light
there ain't NOTHIN better than slammin an ice cold coors light and then *you go down to water burger*
Dana and I are about to get drunk off this one coors light we're splitting.
Coors Light has to be the worst tasting beer out there
Someone bring me a 30 of coors light and I'll love you 😘
You don't believe me? Coors light doesn't believe that you can tell the temperature of your beer
Why does my brother have Coors light cans in his room ? 😂
“If it ain't coors light it ain't right”👌🙌
If it ain't coors light it ain't right
is pounding 10 oz coors summer beers..about time to step up to the big leagues and have yourself a 12 oz Busch Light
Busch light Bud Light or coors light?
I use to drink Coors Light in Bush Stadium
Never a wrong time for a coors light 🍺
Coors light summer brew is new? People been putting fruit in water for years for years
Coors light summer brew is everything.
correct again. Last one, coors light or Bud Light
I hope my future husband knows to propose to me with a cheese stuffed crust hawian pizza from Pizza Hut and a case of coors light 🍕🍺
Case of coors light and the house to my self the night is bless
If you drink coors light you are a liberal
Coors light just smells like a burp in a bottle.
Back 2 Black has a show coming up on Friday, July 4th at the San Diego County Fair. Show starts at 6:30PM on the Coors Light Rock On Stage.
I don't want to swim in Coors light
Update your maps at Navteq
I got a free light bulb at Coors Field the other day.
Just me and my Coors light tonight...
Only enlightened by Coors Light and 2a
Rode a Sea-Doo earlier today. Now I'm drinking Coors Light, watching Cops, grilling some bratwurst.
Bowling and we see a couple. He's drinking a mike's hard and she's drinking a Coors light... 😂😂😂
Are you going to drink a Coors Light while writing about it?
Im just sayin my drink of choice will be Coors Light this weekend, the letters are Red and White, and them mountains will be Blue.
Coors light is just my jam right now
You had one coors light you facking ***
"Blue, Chicken fried steak, Coors light & no favorite movie". Yo but really I think my heart just melted.
I really need to do these embalming reports but these coors light summer brews are kickin in
Without A Paddle and a million Coors Light's to end the night
This old man smells like hotdog water, Coors light and chili powder & he keeps wetting the blunt. Fishlips just gave me a mean *** migraine.
Props to coors light, if you drink a lot, no diarrhea
I just redeemed my free pint of Coors Light in Reardens Bar thanks to
I forgot to include bnoonan and if course you can bring the coors light
Some of China's beer drinkers like it hot, as Warm Coors Light has figured out
These coors light pounders are kicking my *** . Lmao
I will be there with a coors light summer brew in my hand!
I can drink a pint of coors light every 4 minutes during an awkward conversation
"Id rather drink my own *** that drink coors, bud, or miller light"
You could win up to $500 cash just by playing Random teams, $10 buy-in and get pitcher of Coors Light! The fun starts at 9 pm!
To its credit, Coors Light does not make me want to instantly puke like Bud Light
If Coors light is a 2 this is a 20.
Trying a Coors Light for the first time. Pray for me :(
Bud Light and coors light are on sale for $14.99. Yes I just bought 6 cases.
SATURDAY, JUNE 21ST- DRINK SPECIALS: $2 JELLO SHOTS-while they last! $2 Coors Light and Miller Light Draws $3.50 House Margarita $5 Bulleit Bourbon DINNER STARTS AT 5:00PM- SPECIALS HAMBURGER MEAL-$5 CHEESEBURGER MEAL-$5.50 MEALS COME WITH CHIPS AND A SOFT DRINK, TOO! The Mulvane Education Foundation will be your waiters and waitresses for grilled hamburgers and cheeseburgers from 5-9. They are working for tips to help support the efforts of the MEF. It is an organization that gives grant money to educators to help with additional materials and plans in the classrooms of our Mulvane schools. THE FABULOUS FLESHTONES WILL START PLAYING AT 9:00PM! COME JOIN US AT MAIN STREET SPORTS BAR!
BIG WEEKEND SALE!!! 30 packs of Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite all on SALE for $20.99. All flavors of...
Weston Frank will be on stage tonight at nine! $3.50 Bud Light and Coors Light drafts as well as $4 Chuck Norris and cherry bomb shots. See you there (;
Friday Fish Fry at Antonios!! Stop on down for some Delish Cod Haddock Perch Shrimp or Walleye Dinners tonight! Antonios also has $5 Pichers of Bud Light Miller Lite and Coors Light tonight!!
We'll be open at 5:00 with Happy Hour til 7:00! Come relax on the patio with a $2 Miller Lite, Bud Light, or Coors Light before the James Taylor concert tonight! If you are coming out later, Lucky People will be kicking off at 9:30!
Jeanne Zano is back on Friday Night in the Slam, starting at 8:30. $2 Bud Light pints all night! Don't forget Saturday Night is Country Music Night! This week we welcome Breakdown Jimmy! Plus we're giving away ticket to Fuzz Fest! $2 Coors Light pints all day every Saturday!
A coors light sweat shirt, no bra, yoga pants,pink socks, slippers and my Michael Kors purse...this class is too early!!
Coors light as the beer to watch the World Cup? What a joke.
Feast on A Pizza with a Pint of Coors Light for only £2.50 to watch England TONIGHT!
Answer the Call of the weekend in the BX @ Paddy’s On The Bay Skip Friday party tonight, hosted by Coors Light & Z100. [AD]
Coors light summer brew or tang flavored beer
Back at it again... Coors light promo tonight 7-9pm Miller's Ale House Baltimore Pike... stuff…
The Coors Light Classic is coming up (cc:
Coors Light tapped AtEdge photographer Taylor Castle for this cool campaign!...
*Thursday Drink Specials* $9 Pitchers of Coors Light $5 Crown Royal The rolls on today with three more games!!! We'll have all the action up on our HUGE Big Screen!
looking forward to the Coors Light BBQ at the Jew tonight!
Super proud of my bro Taylor ...check out this campaign he did, you'll prob recognize it...
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