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Coors Light

Coors Light is a light beer produced by the Coors Brewing Company. It was first produced in 1978.

Bud Light Miller Lite Happy Hour New Years Michelob Ultra Mich Ultra Keystone Light Dos Equis Jean Claude Van Damme

Enjoy a $5.99 23oz. pint of Molson or Coors Light while you cheer on the Jays! Jays vs. Rays- 7:07 EST
Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Mill Street on Tap for Canadians on Social Media
wings for $19.99 - Add a 23oz. Molson Canadian or Coors Light for $5.99
You can also get 18 Coors Lights at for the price of one Coors Light at Dodgers Stadium.
But I have to agree with about the Coors Light. Dude, 6-monitor girls are expected to drink high-class brews...
Ad: Come to at 9 PM and see Bruce In the Piano Bar!. $10 buckets Miller Lite/Coors Light, $4 Jack Daniels brands and more!
Coors Light, always your draught pick.
Thursday is wing day! Canadian, Coors Light, Export pints or tall boys $5 each!
.You. you don't actually pay Frank Lampard money, right? Please tell us you pay him in Big Macs and Coors Lig…
I'm five miles from coors and we currently have light snow 🙄
Howdy folks! Monday - Thursday for a limited time when purchasing a Bud Light, coors light, Miller Lite,...
It's 5:00 somewhere. Come out today for lunch, Happy Hour, or some bevs. Today we have $3 Coors Light Bottles, $4...
Just watched a man pay $13 for a Coors Light! That's a high price to pay for a macrobrew of that caliber!
So when's coors light citrus blend coming back😛
My mom said my tattoo looks like the coors light mountains... I mean if the shoe fits
WD, entry 3: We are well fed, but only Coors Light and Miller High Life are available to drink. I'd rather stay sober. Bus on the road.
yep an chases it down with cold bottle of Coors light what do . U think
After party for Pinnacle Combat 23 MMA get a chance to win a free Coors Light t-shirt printed by FGC Creative.
Want a free Coors Light T-shirt?. Pinnacle Combat 23 weigh in at Lot One presented by Coors Light is tomorrow...
2016 1st round NFL draft on the Big screens at Dobber's tonight at 8:00pm with $2.00 Coors Light Drafts for the duration.
Join us for $2 Pints of Coors Light, Yuengling and PBR during the draft and also 50 cents wings!…
Trying a 12 hour Coors Light and buttermilk autolyze. Wish me luck.
Only things keeping me alive and kind of not insane are coffee, poptarts, chef boyardee and coors light .. in that order
Gorman repping fake Hollister and cans of coors light.None of which he actually purchased what so ever
someone had to say it also proven Coors light replenishes brain cells
Periods of light showers at Coors Field today.
Some days I really wanna crack a beer at 8am but then I have to be a responsible adult. So, I'll drink my OJ from a Coors Light cup instead
will now be serving Coors light during the season. Carling still available.
Enjoy an ice cold pint of Coors Light only £2.15 all day Sun-Thurs & Fri until 7pm https:/…
The ring you've always wanted! Drink Coors Light for your chance to win this amazing set!
The coors light truck delivers to Sinclair at 5am just in case anyone was wondering.
Drop in for our special Happy Hour drink! $3 coors light draft $4 miller & miller high life bottles.
We have April draft specials for most locations! $5 Angry Orchard and $3.50 Coors Light small drafts.
On Thursday Night, come and watch the draft and have a draft with us! $12 pitchers of Coors Light/ Yuengling...
Taco Tuesdays just got better! Bud Light, Coors Light, and Ultra Pints $2 all other taps $3 . Crunch for a Cause!...
$3 Bud Light and Coors Light drafts tonight and every Sunday!
Happy Hour starts now, $1.00 Coors Light draft. Live music starts at 6pm
THIRSTY THURSDAY ? got beer? For $10 you get all you can drink Coors Light draft. No cover. 3RdBase. Out behind Cowboys. 18+ 21 to drink.
40 beers on tap and you pick Coors Light?
I order a Coors Light draft and the girl behind the bar goes "Really?" Don't feel great about it
Just chilling in center field at the Coors Light bar enjoying this…
good beer after a long 3 shifts - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company @ Scotty's Brewhouse —
Life is good! - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company -
PCBs for - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company -
We are going in for the SLAM DUNK today!!!. Bucket of beer specials (Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light),...
Yes I did it - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Petes for one - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company @ Petes Tavern —
Tonight at 10pm, we will be hosting Karaoke!! Our Specials will be... $3 Coors Light drafts, $4 Three Olives...
Busting about 300 of these. - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company @ Bloomfield —
Join us for game 2. Coors Light buckets and Pretzels with fat tire beer cheese specials
Steve Kinser powers the Coors Light machine out of Turn 2 during World of Outlaws action in OKC - 1987
IT'S SATURDAY!!! Come in and enjoy a $4.25 Jack Double, $3.25 Miller Lite/Coors Light 24oz draft, or $3Summer Shandy our Beer of the Month!!
My favourite thing about Eddie the Eagle was how Hugh Jackman based his performance on Jean Claude Van Damme from the Coors Light ad
Quaker Steak & Lube in Cortland has Boneless Breaded Wings $1 off a 6, $2 off 12 & $3 off 24 & $3 Coors Light or Miller Lite Pounders.
There will be a Happy Hour from 6:00pm-7:00pm before tonight's game in the atrium bar. $2 Molson and Coors Light drafts.
Check out tonight after playing CCA $2.50, 16 oz. Coors Light drafts and more
Come try one of our new sauces for our wings. We now have jalapeño style wings. $3 Coors Light bottles and drafts...
Last time at Wrigley we went to a bar that had $2 Coors Light tall boys and bacon avocado burger sliders and
.will be at Cadillac Ranch until 8:00 giving out complimentary beers and other giveaways! Plus $3 Coors Light drafts all day 🍺
Saturday Happy Hour with Erin! $3 Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Heineken drafts. $4 16oz Bud and Bud Lite...
Matt McMullin live tonight at 9pm and catch all the great NCAA action here with $2 Miller and Coors Light drafts.
$5 22 oz. Coors Light drafts and $5 Tully shots during all NCAA games for Chance to win a jersey!
Happy Hour will be going until 7pm today with $2 Coors Light and Miller Lite drafts, $3 Sam Adams Seasonal and...
Bracket get busted? We got the cure! $3.50 Miller Lite and Coors Light drafts, $20 Coors Light Buckets and $15...
Come get your Shoe's on tonight and enjoy $1 Coors Light or Miller Lite drafts.
Were both cases Alexander Keith's or was there a case of Coors Light that was skunky as well?
The fight started because a Bruins fan said the Pacific is bad. Coors Light: The Official Beer of the National Hockey League!
the composition of metals in the Bud Light Lime can seemed weaker than the Coors Light.
Come out to the beach for lunch today! Try our Buffalo Chicken Wrap alongside an ice cold glass of Coors Light!
all businesses should serve employees an ice cold Coors Light and give 30 minutes to hang out outside today.
Almost time for March Madness! Catch all the conference games with your friends & an ice cold pitcher of Coors Light or Dos Equis🍻🍗
Be careful, Corona Extra USA drinkers. This is why you should stick to Coors Light! -Jake
Notice how Coors Light only ever advertises itself as "really really cold".not "good"
My kinda way ta start tha day, only thing missing is a cold Coors Light!🍻
You're Ace of spades and she's coors light
For a special toast to the love-filled evening on Feb. 14, enjoy $3 beers on tap including Lynyrd Skynyrd Lager, Coors Light and PBR...
dude, your chance of beating Coors Light Stanga are none and.well none
Country artists need to sing more about doing cocaine and killing hookers and less about coors light and lifted trucks
If you are over 25 a dconsume Coors Light and PBR and live in CO you have deeper problems than the fact your drink *** for alcohol.
so you're saying he had a Coors Light?
We'll end our pledge by shot gunning Coors Light
White people and their coors light ha... Might as well buy a case of Arrowhead water
lol @ the 🐴😂 but I love and miss you more COORS light 💖💕
The new coors light commercial is badass
I usually see him drinking coors light like a blue collared American but idk
I've been drinking Coors so much that it's spoiled my taste for cheap cheap beer. I'm half sick off a Busch light lol
Coors Light is prob why I can't lose anymore weight 😣
that's Coors Light! I've never seen Greg drink anything else.
Not a fan of Coors light but I haven't turned down a beer before so why start now
If you drink coors light, I like you
"What kind of beer is that?". It's for when you're broke or already drunk and it tastes like disappointment or Coors Light featured in NBC s Science of Love
A coors light sounds amazing right now
You'd look good drinking a coors light
Coors Light is the best. Don't care what Madeline says. It is so great though
You ever see a man at the mall and just think . This dude probably shotguns his coors light and then hits on his step-daughter
Enter below for your chance to win a Coors Light guitar signed by our special Live Country guest, Randy Houser.
Old Rock n roll music and some coors light might be the best duo ever.
Just watched a Coors Light commercial and apparently not drinking it is the only thing that's keeping my life from being awesome.
What are your plans for St. Patties Day? We will have $3 GREEN COORS LIGHT! Put your green on & come hang out!
quit talking to your coors light Brandon
I wanna be with her and a coors light.
Are you really American if you don't eat burgers with BBQ sauce and drink coors light?
I don't have IG but if I did I'd say I was dating a pint of coors light
Our Perfect Pitcher of Coors Light features a full pitcher and four full pints for just $15!
and I put dresses on and go get pizza and coors light I love Canada
Said to me on carline by grandparents: "I gotta cooler of Coors Light back here for ya" and the lovely "Where's your fancy britches at??"😂
Cant decide if michelob or coors light is the worst beer there is
The moment you call your dad "son" is when you know you've had too much Coors Light.
Chicken, pasta and coors light are a main staple of my diet
I drink my coors light with ice and a straw
Tonight you decide!!! Miller Lite vs Coors Light! Vote for your favorite by ordering $6.00 Personal Pitchers ALL...
I'll trade u a slightly used the Brooklyn Bridge, and several tracts of prime Florida beachfront property for a case of Coors Light.
Happy Hour will now be from Monday to Friday 11am-7pm!! Our Happy Hour now includes $2 Coors Light and Miller...
Enjoy the last part of your weekend at Doc's with a $2.75 draft of Miller Lite or Coors Light ($11 for pitchers)...
concert. Sitting next to a guy with a sweet mustache, Ford Motor Company NASCAR jacket, Coors Light and he is pumped.1 of 2
Monday: Monday is bucket night. Coors Light or Miller Lite buckets 5 for $12 starting at 7pm. .50 cent wings 7-9 pm.
Sunday - 2.00Pints 7.00Pitchers of Miller & Coors Light! 5.00 Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary's..Check out all our...
Sunday: BOGO Wings . $2 Bud Light, Bud, Coors Light, Miller Light bottles. Football - All games all day
Coors Light or Diet Pepsi I don't remember. Sorry ma 💕🙄
Strong Islands, Coors Light and Miller Lite 20 ounce draws all on special today
We need your green beer orders! . Bud Light & Miller Lite are due by 2/29, Keystone Light and Coors Light by 3/9
It's Friday! We have BOGO Miller Lite and Coors Light bottles until 11:00. Plus our sweet…
Coors Light and Modelo Especial are the Beers of the Month. Remember, it takes two to cheers.
Getting some extra money in my bank account being a Miller/Coors Light girl😋🤑
Battle on Blake Pre-Game party today 3-7pm. $3 Molson cans, Coors and Coors Light drafts. Raffle for Legends game...
Wing night Wednesday's! 50 cent wings all night with $3 Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Heineken drafts! Come on in...
Is showing UEFA Champions League games today at 2:45. $3 Dos Equis and $4 Coors Light
Sunday Funday and V-Day at Flips with $2 Coors Light and Yuengling Drafts all day, or buy your special someone a flower power IPA
Bruins are on! Come watch with us! We have buckets of Coors Light for $14 and $2 Coors Light drafts...
Join us for LIVE entertainment tonight by Gypsy Luvin'! $2 Coors Light and Bud Light drafts starting at 8:30 PM
Join us tomorrow night for Gypsy Luvin' at 9:00 PM. $2 Coors Light and Bud Light 16 oz. drafts!
Also includes: $2 Coors Light and Miller Lite drafts and $4 Terrapin Hopsecutioner drafts.
Hard not to be happy for Peyton Manning. But he's drinking a Budweiser. Isn't Denver home of Coors Light?
OMG. Two beers spots running during Michelob Ultra does it right, Coors Light does not.
I bet you Jim Barnett's mustache smells and tastes like Coors Light.
Coors Light drops hot babes and cold beer approach in new ad campaign
Hamilton Collection
Pretty cool...Coors Light at a great pub in London. Cheers Mate! coorslight @ The Barley Mow,…
Bumping white lines, drinking warm Coors Light, Mickey Avalon, call me Mr. Right 😎
What's the point of Michelob Ultra? It's like Coors Light with a fancy label.
I ran out of Coors Light cuz it's only 11:00.
spending the New Years with coors light lol
I'll have my own party. With my step dad and some coors light! 😂😂🍻🍻
When u win a trip to the real coors light mystery mansion for New Years
First drink of 2016 was a shot of Jäger, second was a Coors light. Don't judge, its gonna be a good year
My bae dressed up for me and everything for this new year's. I love you so much coors light. Your dress is perf👌
Just went from craft beer to coors light and my tongue just got a reverse ***
The only thing my lips will be on New Years is a Coors light as cold as the rockies💋
Starting this New Year right with this cold Coors light 👍
Coors Light beer taste like carbonated water
😊 I'm off.neck those coors light like a true Mexican, gg.
All beer tastes like *** Coors Light is just the best tasting ***
Look at me! New Years at 31. 5 years ago this would have been a coors light. @ Cantina 1910
My New Years kiss is most likely gonna be a Coors Light can.
2 guys bought me a shot of whiskey; some gross old guy offered me a Coors light & tried to kiss me; a redneck screamed "come back naked!"
Nick an I opened our room door and there was a coors light, twisted tea tall boy, and a condom 😂 happy new year
"So whose your New Years kiss gunna be?" Me: coors light
While all you loons were making out, I was shoveling buffalo chicken dip and Coors Light down my throat.
When you know the Hawks are in town: Barney's Beanery is out of Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite🎉🍻
right now some guy wearing a puffy NY giants jacket in times square is casually peeing into an empty 40 of coors light HAPPY NEW YEAR!
If I'm even awake at midnight I'll be kissing a Coors Light. Sorry ladies.
At bar and they've already ran out of Bud Light and coors light. Hawkeye fans are taking over the night.
"Get beer" said Kwang "ok" I said . Nowhere in that conversation do I see "not coors light though" DO YOU
Our Wade-Bosh party is underway. Im in Heat sweats, Nebraska shirt, Coors Light baseball hat... And my …
lol my tastes have changed idk. I prefer wine. I used to only drink coors light. Idk
My New Years kiss is going to be a cold Coors Light.
I got 3 correct answers in Coors Light Cold Hard Facts Trivia Challenge. How are you
Yeah Louisville is better that every Big Ten team. To much Coors Light for you.
I scored a 10 in Coors Light Cold Hard Facts Trivia Challenge. Are you as as I am?
$2 Bud Light, Coors Light, and Labatt Blue drafts. All other drafts $3 including but not limited to Rhinegeist Truth, Guinness, and more!
More of a Coors, Coors Light, Dos Equis, Landshark, Red Stripe and Corona guy
Join us as the battle the Redskins at 12pm! . $2.50 Coors Light & Miller Lite Drafts. $5 Bloody Mary's
Oh Trev, how I have missed you. Bud Light, Coors Light and "Session" lager really don't cut.
IT'S GAME DAY! And Coors Light Night. $3 Coors Light drafts at the Hope to see you there.
Ladies Night!! $1 well drinks and $1 Coors Light drafts to all ladies from 10pm -12am. Take a break from your...
It's Coors Light Night at the this Friday night. $3 Coors Light drafts. Face off is 7:05pm
Game day Sens army. Join us for 50 cent wings and ice cold CDN and Coors Light bottles $4. GO SENS GO!!!
The 2015 Miss Coors Light says there won't be a Miss Coors Light at tracks next year:
When still owes me a 24 pack of coors light 😑
Amanda sorry to hear about your Miss Coors Light job being cut with the merger hang in there better things are to come chin up
Amanda Mertz 2015 Miss Coors Light for NASCAR was relieved of her duties on short notice because of the Coors merger just before Christmas
Dabolous. Thank You Miami for rocking out wit me for the final Coors Light Refresh Soundtrack…
I ought to be drankin coors light and black toof now but I gotta work morrow. bein responsible blows.
Bryan Cranston doing the voiceover for Coors Light advertisements almost convinces me Coors Light doesn't taste like liquid…
Based on the commercials Coors Light wont be happy until they release a cylinder of frozen beer.
I liked a video from Coors Light reINVENTA el Güiro
I applied to be a host a Coors Light® House Party!
choose Bud Light over coors. I guess we can be friends😝
I love me some Coors Light and football!
Don't mind me. Just walkin down the hall in a huge Coors Light shirt, fuzzy Christmas leggings, and converse socks.
They are getting rid of Miss Coors Light in as a result of cuts from the SABMiller merger with Anheuser-Bu…
Happy Hour 3-6P daily with $2 Bud & Coors Light drafts, $2 well drinks, $2 off wines by the glass, and buy 1 get 1 starters!
Gameday special every pro game day = $2 Coors Light & Bud Light drafts and $8 house burgers all day!
It's game day!! Jr Blues take on the again tonight. Come out for $1 Coors Light drafts courtesy of
It's Saturday! Come by and enjoy 22oz. Coors Light drafts $2 from Open-7pm - see bartenders for details!
From 1 to 7 $2 Coors Light drafts and wells and $3 you call it!
Watch the SEC Championship Game with us!. $3.00 Pitchers of Coors Light, $2 Bud Light and Yuengling Drafts,. $6...
The aroma of spray tan and draft Coors Light at this college bar is downright erotic.
Are you ready for What Happens On Wednesday? $3 Miller Lite, Coors, and Coors Light, $3.50 Select Spirits, and $5 Late Plates.
Wonder how many Coors Light talls I can crush while rocking out to the infectious folk-pop melodies at this Guster show? Let's find out.
I love that the air canada lounge gives me free draft but I swear the give you Molson or Coors Light to keep you from drinking too much
Come watch the game with us. 2 for 1 Wings and $2.75 pints of Miller Lite & Coors Light. $3 Yuengling Lagers pints
Today is a great day for cold drinks on the patio. $2 Lone Star, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light as well as...
Thats right. Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Mich Ultra, Rolling Rock bottles are all $1.50 every weekday from 3-6 pm!
Hungry?? Stop in for a 1/2 BYOB Burger all day! Wash it down with a $3 pint of Coors Light or Miller Lite.
COORS LIGHT COLD HARD FACT: the Rams are gonna ride the Toddfather all the way into the postseason 😎🐏
Might as well go to Miles Inn for Charlie Boys and schooners of Coors Light!
Today's drink special includes a pint of Coors Light for $5!!
We're offering a FREE Coors Light to guests with a Light Rail ticket or pass on the First Friday of each month -...
only going to judge you on having Coors light!!
Coors Light: Soundtrack with DJ Mustard and - Tuesday November 17th…
Time for the Coors Light draft party! Harvin A Good Time is drafting 2nd
Happy Homecoming week Tar Heels! We're counting down the days until we take on DOOK! Game day menu and $2 Coors Light draft Saturday!
Beginning Wednesday all domestic bottles will be $3 all the time! Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Mich Ultra, Miller Lite only $3!
Come in for the football game tonight and enjoy 65 cent boneless wings and $4.25 Tall Miller Lite or Coors Light drafts.
Maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all... Happy Hour all day today! . $2.50 Bud Light and Coors Light draft pints...
I had a Coors Light after having a Miller Lite. Big mistake.
I protest James Bond being on the bottles. While I like the beer, Europeans consider it their Coors Light.
$20 AYCD Coors Light and PBR or $30 AYCD draft beer plus wings thru the end of the game
Beers on deck at the rents. - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company -
Guessing l'm spending another Saturday Night In at home with Coors Light & Miller Genuine Draft
Pineapple Ciroc crew think beer trash cause they been given Coors Light and Heineken
"Fall Back" menu pricing starts today!!! $2.75 will get you a 16oz draft of Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite,...
A checklist for the new Bud Light, Coors Light and Heineken ads
The Best Game Day Specials in town are at Reset 1931 Pembina 🍻 $2.75 Coors Light or Canadian Draft -…
Currently writing a rough draft about werewolves that die in the last act from drinking Coors Light. The silver bullet
Updated Specials! Come in for Karoake and $2.25 Draft Specials Molson, Coors Light and Miller Lite!!
Tell me why we DO like Mondays: $5 apps and $3.50 Bud Light and Coors Light on draft all day!
Go Bucky! $1.50 taps of Coors Light during the Badger game and $4 chili cheese dogs all day long! Live music tonight!
For Halloween, I'll be going as the guy who shows up to a party with 4 Coors Light cans and drinks 14 of someone else's craft …
Happy Monday! Specials are Cream of Mushroom Soup, Cutter chicken poutine $6, Bottle of Coors Light $4, and Cajun Chicken w/ side 10.95!
It's Hump Day at Deja Vu! Stop by and enjoy our Wednesday night specials: $2 Coors Light bottles, $5 pitchers of Miller Lite,…
$4.00 for 23oz of Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light & Budweiser @ the Stacked Pickle al day!
Orlando bar will serve free Coors Light & Yuengling during UCF games until team wins
Watch some with us today!. Order a Coors Light, Miller Lite or Blue Moon Draft & get an entry to win a $20 gift card!
Keystone Light is to Coors Light, as Busch Light is to Bud Light.
I don't even drink, but watching back to back Jean-Claude Van Damme commercials really has me tempted to buy a Coors Light.
There was just a Coors Light ad featuring Jean Claude Van Dame on in Ireland. It. Was. AWESOME
Bartender 2 SHOTS of Patron with a Coors Light for and a Michelob Ultra for me.
Here's video from the NHL presser, starring *** Monfort. Maybe they will change the name to Coors Light Stadium?
I just need a girl that likes going out to dance, listening to some Randy Rogers and Dolly Shine, Tupac, fetty wap and drinking coors light
And it's back to Coors Light and sitting in the Cat for a few weeks.
Cold Coors light and another Colts turnover. Life is good.
You lost me at «I drink Coors Light and munch on kale chips»
Once attended a manager's reception in Sioux City Iowa; rail booze and Coors Light on tap.
"Someone left a receipt in the kitchen. For Coors Light..." stop looking @ me & throw it away
Coors light claims to be the world's most refreshing beer. Didn't know stale *** was that refreshing.
Coors Light is the best beer hands down.
S/o to the middle aged man rocking a coors light ankle tat👌🏼
I applied to host the Coors Light Ultimate Halloween House Party! and
I love how Coors Light emphasizes how it's "Cold-Aged" like it's their special thing. . Just like every Lager ever brewed... .
It's free. No taste. But no bad tastes either. - Drinking a Coors Light at -
When you end up drinking Coors Light on a Monday.
Coors Light is the better cheapest beer, if u disagree, I disapprove.
it was Keystone Light. The cheaper PA version of Coors Light. Still disgusting. Still
I'd go with the banquet beer over a coors light any day
No one likes Coors Light more than the guy with sunglasses on the back of his head.
Should I have a Coors light at the bar tonight because of us playing at Coors field?
if you like Coors Light in your girl and I've got plenty
LMAO Coors light with a hint of bourbon
Select number of tickets to Coors Light NHL Stadium Series events ...
Thrashley Radison. We're playing the VFW down the street on Friday. $2 Coors Light & Keno.
It's official, we have a banner to prove it! Every game, every Sunday! $2 Coors Light & Bud Light Drafts, $8 burgers
Right now: Buckets [5 beers for $12] of Bud Light, Bud, Mich Ultra, Coors Light or Miller Lite, all…
Chad Anthony's in Boardman has $1.25 bottles of Bud, Bud Light, Miller & Coors Light all night. Queen of Hearts drawings Thursday!
I love Sterling, I have a Coors Light hero card of his that he autographed..."Hey Joe, Pass the taters, Sterling Marlin."
watching the Cowboys play in the Super Bowl while eating hot homemade tamales and drinking a cold Coors Light.
Overheard at the brewery today: Coors Light is my favorite beer because it tastes like water. . 😳
Bud Light in a Miller Lite pitcher on a Coors Light coaster and a Blue Moon glass. Unreal.
I'm going to town to buy a big pint of Coors Light in my Man United/England rugby union half and half shirt to celebrate ROONEY
I use this only as a chaser... and because I need to catch up on game night. - Drinking a Coors Light -
.on how Coors Light is the worst, and not just in the normal way.
The only thing that sounds refreshing right now, is an ice cold Coors Light.
Todays Bevies and Bites:. Pints of Coors Light and Canadian $5.00. Pound of Wings $8.00
If elected, a cold Coors Light will be personally delivered to all residents by Hans Lister and myself
Congrats to Coors Light on Winning the St Anthony Men's Molson Softball League championship.
Baseball Today: Yankees/Red Sox at 7PM! Phillies/Mets 7PM! Coors Light 20oz Pints $3 during all Yankees and Mets games!
1/2 price wings all day! $3 pints of Miller Lite and Coors Light!
I just redeemed my free pint of Coors Light in The Viscount House! thks 4 all the pints the last few months
OK, just did a thorough walk of the grounds and here's your breakfast beer report: 1st: Bud Light. 2nd: Coors Light. 3rd: Molson.
Why can no one ever understand my accent? . 2 pints of Coors Light & a sofa water with lime. It aint hard love
Hit The Beach for some KARAOKE and enjoy $6 Pitchers of Bud Light & Coors Light, $3.50 Kamikaze shots and $4 Margaritas!
no pints tonight?I'm not in a pub but friends are& looking forward to sippin a long cool pint of Coors Light
Is that Jean Claude Van Damme in the Coors Light ad?
White Snake: Is this love?. Me: Well it's a 30 pack of Coors Light and a bottle of this isn't love...ITS F…
Bud Light, Coors Light, Natural Light, Miller Light.gimme all da lite ones and we're 👌🏽
Time is running out! Get down to your nearby 2Go Tesoro site where Coors Light and Miller items are sold, and enter…
for lights, MN land of Mich Golden Light and Coors Light
Thors HAMMER! - Drinking a Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company at —
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