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Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 American prison drama film directed by Stuart Rosenberg and starring Paul Newman.

George Kennedy Paul Newman Strother Martin Harry Dean Stanton Stuart Rosenberg Twin Peaks Repo Man Butch Cassidy Maltese Falcon Bad Leroy Brown Big Love James Bond Academy Award Clifton James Dennis Hopper Wayne Rogers Red Dawn

What WE have heuh, is FAILURE to communicate~ ~Cool hand Luke
welcome to the world of Luke Youngman! He is 16, a guitar prodigy who fell in love with the Dead ! Cool Hand is his Band ✌
Cool Hand Luke is back for yoga today! At in Falls Church.
That THAT is a movie star!! Love love love Paul Newman!! (Especially Cool Hand Luke -- one of my all-tim…
Lassie Comes Home--in a Box . Cool Hand Luke & the Rest of His Room Temp Carcass. Death of a Star ...Wars
The guy never looks like he ever breaks a sweat. Cool Hand Luke.
Clifton James, veteran of James Bond movies and 'Cool Hand Luke,' dies in Gladstone at 96
The Luke I identify most closely with is not Skywalker but Cool Hand
who is Luke and why is he cool hand
Sessions could play the role in Cool Hand Luke of that chain gang guard without skipping a beat in his Alabama twang.
Their the SLIME they are. You can't change it . It will just OOZE on to some of the other slime balls! Pill…
So I got to see Wonder Woman and Cool Hand Luke on the plane.
Cool Hand Luke shows his cards : a busted flush
Or send them to one of those farms,they're all over the south,like in Cool Hand Luke?
The 2nd ep. of ATW follows up with THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! . AKA "Cool hand, Luke". Podcast review:.
When you talk like the warden in Cool Hand Luke, im going to have a hard time believing you
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paul Newman and George Kennedy on the set of Cool Hand Luke (1967) Dir. Stuart Rosenberg.
Garcia was awesome last night . Cool Hand Luke best nickname ever. But then I have loved…
Any eulogy of HDS that doesn't mention Repo Man, Escape from NY, Cool Hand Luke, Paris Texas, and Twin Peaks is bad.
Well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand. -Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke
"Harry Dean Stanton, character actor in 'Twin Peaks,' 'Big Love' and 'Cool Hand Luke,' dies at 91"
Harry Dean Stanton was known for his roles in "Repo Man," "Pretty in Pink," "Cool Hand Luke" and many more
Harry Dean Stanton. Wow. Between 'Cool Hand Luke' & 'Straight Story', one of the giants. RIP
How strong is the cast of Cool Hand Luke?. Harry Dean Stanton was 18th bill. And you'll know names billed after him.
Harry Dean Stanton, character actor in Twin Peaks, Big Love and Cool Hand Luke, dies at 91 -
RIP Harry Dean Stanton (1926-2017), one of the legendary character actors, seen here playing the guitar in 'Cool Hand Luke' (…
RIP Harry Dean Stanton. The great character actor (Alien, Cool Hand Luke) was a Navy vet who served on LST-970 during t…
Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Repo Man. Some of the guilty pleasures (that are pretty good): Red Dawn, Escape…
Picture George Kennedy on a chain gang in Cool Hand Luke. That's how hot my house is now.
Watched The Hustler again last night and firmly believe that Fast Eddie is cooler than Cool Hand Luke.
Cool Hand Luke or Jerimah Johnson or Outlaw Josey Wales. lol, yeah those 3!
1928 Ralph Waite and Dennis Hopper for Cool Hand Luke, 1967, directed by Stuart Rosenberg.
Born Today 1928 Ralph Waite: made his film debut in 1967 as 'Alibi' in Cool Hand Luke
Ben Mankiewicz looks like George Kennedy at the end of 'Cool Hand Luke.' 😎🚑
Lalo Schifrin's main Cool Hand Luke theme playing in the theater lobby before *might've…
Clifton James, a veteran actor who starred in "Cool Hand Luke" and two James Bond films, has died at age 96.
"What we have here is failure to communicate". Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke. Corretta Scott King was right ab…
can't wait for the Cool Hand Luke remake where someone says, "Nobody can open 50 Kinder Surprise Eggs."
The Night of the Hunter meets Cool Hand Luke - Cara Buono stars as a bossy sailor. Produced by Adam Sandler.
I added a video to a playlist "End Title" - ('Cool Hand Luke' by Stuart Rosenberg, 1967) --
Daryl, time to channel your inner Cool Hand Luke
dry, to prove how cool hand Luke has nothing on you?
Like Cool hand Luke.. only in a different prison.. but inside my heart I hv a different vision .. & My Life Be...
I am currently reading the biography of the mother of Cool Hand Luke. . Just arrived from Amazon. "Mama Luke."
Happy Birthday Joe Don Baker: Feature Film Debut (uncred) in Cool Hand Luke '67 followed by role as Slater in Guns…
. I would have guessed Tommy liked Cool Hand Luke...
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Cool Hand Luke may be stopping by Petco on Craig & MLK today!. Meet Cool Hand Luke. Even though Luke's estimated...
Going to watch Cool Hand Luke ...Paul Newman was a great actor!
Dog of the Day: Cool Hand Luke is available for adoption here in Vegas. Go to for further i…
I have friends that say I live a little like Cool Hand Luke.
Cool hand Luke knocks down game tying 3p top of key 6 sec to play.
He kind of reminds me of Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke, except there's no way Strother Martin was 4'3"
Nightcrawler and Cool Hand Luke opposite ends of the spectrum but still snubbed lol
Remember what St. Luke of the Cool Hand teaches: sometimes you win by losing.
you use the prison system, does the movie cool hand Luke ring a bell.
A quote from the classic film Cool Hand Luke."We are going to get your mind right. "
"What we have here, is a failure to communicate." Cool Hand Luke
A win is a win, but boy was that ugly. All hail Cool Hand Luke
I didn't love the Madeline Kahn scenes/Picture Show is brilliant+/Cool Hand Luke vs. The Verdict?
cool hand luke. luke lets go see some farm girls LOL
This my theme song. When times get rough I just sing this. I also love the movie Cool Hand Luke one of the best...
All purpose parts banner
Got some questions on this. As of Nov, $ALB LCEs essentially flat. $SQM drove the increase. While Cool Hand Luk…
Paul Newman and Dennis Hopper on the set of 'Cool Hand Luke'.
Cool Hand Luke was the answer to today's Movie Moment with and Well done if you got it right!
Somebody up there likes me. Hud. Cool Hand Luke. Butch Cassidy.. Harper. The Sting. Towering Inferno.
Listening to Charles Payne, guest Van Hipp just called you "Cool Hand Luke", have to agree with him.WTG PE Trump
When I was ten, I loved movies like 'Cool Hand Luke' and 'Roman ...
I think 'Cool Hand Luke' was probably the first movie in which I w...
I feel like Cool Hand Luke when he was eating 50 eggs and they were dragging him up and down the floor.
There wasn't a timely Cool Hand Luke or Gone With the Wind meme you could have used instead?
Numbers are in - $SQM 's Q3 LCE/kg price is $12. Seems $ALB & Cool Hand Luke are out of step with the global mkt & their…
To paraphrase Strother Martin's Warden in Cool Hand Luke, what we have here is a failure to analyze.
"What we've got here is failure to communicate", a quotation from the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, spoken by Strother Martin (as the Captain)
Cool Hand Luke meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Samantha Mathis stars as an optimistic taxi driver. Set in a post apocalypse.
Hysterical scene from one of Paul Newman's best movies, 'Cool Hand Luke' (1967) dir by Stuart Rosenberg
What we got here is a failure to communicate. Strother Martin's comment in Cool Hand Luke. The looters know they...
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pt 5: *** Dog Soldiers, Rambo II, Smoky and the Bandit, The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, the Dirty Dozen
Ok, everyone needs to try the lava cake at Cool Hand Luke's omg.
It's in my top 5 of all time, mos def - Cool Hand Luke, Flash Gordon, The Road Warrior, Raiders, Blade Runner.
start with Cool Hand Luke and end with Once Upon a Time in the West! Thro in the 1st Longest Yard for fun.
941's version of "Cool Hand Luke": the Friday service project of road repair.
. Lying on the floor. I'm cool like Cool Hand Luke. Get me to the toilet. I think I'm gonna puke
Suits first episode beginning with an homage to the best movie ever made!COOL HAND LUKE
Cool Hand Luke was a terrible proctologist.
Paul Newman still looked handsome while eating 50 hard-boiled eggs in 'Cool Hand Luke'. I just ate a celery stick and was calle…
three remakes that would anger me Caddyshack. The Godfather. Cool hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Bart Simpson. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, music by The Runaways. Budget: $5
I for one .have had enough of Cool Hand Luke Obama TALK and COMPLETE "INACTION" & HRC is a *** bit better
Your Doctor is Cool Hand Luke?! ☺ Hope the results are fine, if you even get past this impasse to actually get them.
What we’ve got here is a a failure to communicate. --cool hand Luke/ every interaction with me
"acting ain't nothing when you know the Spider King of Chico personally." "Yeah. I did like Cool Hand Luke, Mr. Stanton."
best of luck to CAT. she can get back up on her feet more times than Cool Hand Luke.
happy bday cool hand Luke have a good one at the salty doc
yup, some of the Luke(no hand) have already showed up I think. I'm hoping to find 4-LOM he looks cool
Hmmm a colony on the Antarctic. Maybe like Cool Hand Luke, "You've Got to Get your Mind Right."
Tune in Cool-Hand Luke's Juke Joint (Thursday 6-8pm CST on Brad Wilson's Power Blues Guitar featured on the playlist
It's interesting that most of the prisoners breaking rocks with Cool Hand Luke are mentally ill.
Happy Birthday to the great Harry Dean Stanton!!! "Cool Hand Luke" "The Green Mile" "Pretty in Pink" "Down Periscope" "Red Dawn" "Alien"
block,report,and ignore,Jill-see being Cool Hand Luke as usual so ppl shouldn't be this hateful on sm. ✌🏼️ & ❤️
*new alias alert* When your coworker refers to you as 'Cool Hand Luke' when you come back from lunch. 😎
IMDbs top 250 is a joke. Captain America: Civil War is higher than Fargo, Cool Hand Luke. Zootopia is higher than Maltese Falcon
"Calling it your job don't make it right boss!" Lucas Jackson, aka Cool Hand Luke ... Now be MJ and beat it
A cool fan named Luke gave me an oven mitt so I don’t burn my hand on stream! .
I added a video to a playlist Cool Hand Luke Car Wash
Just shook Luke's hand. It wasn't cool at all.
Watching Cool Hand Luke. Never saw it before, it's awesome. Never realized how many movies steal scenes from it
wonder if this is what George Lindsay meant in Cool Hand Luke when he said we'll get us some farm girls! Lol
They called him Cool Hand Luke because he had a tattoo of a snake smoking a cigar and holding a switchblade.
You do is dead as weak as the hand Fry had stolen but I call foul play poker cheats in like mind cool hand luke 49 eggs warm as they say
It's that. Casablanca, Point Break, Cool Hand Luke, When Harry Met Sally, or Bull Durham. It depends on my mood.
my favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke. I just love the story of one man fighting against a corrupt and arbitrary system.
As Luke reminds us, "Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.".
I've seen Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy & The Sting. Newman was the total package! + his foundation gives back!
Just made me think of Cool Hand Luke. Current story is more serious. But this popped up in my head.
may I interest you in Die Hard, Cool Hand Luke, or maybe Saving Private Ryan if you get my drift
Buck Kartalian, Julius in ‘Planet of the Apes,’ Dies at 93: Buck Kartalian, a character actor who starred as ...
Cast member of the original film passes away at age 93:
I'm an outlaw, Bad Leroy Brown, the only Cool Hand Luke left in this town...
yap :/   Buck Kartalian, Planet of the Apes and Cool Hand Luke Star, Dies at 93
Cool Hand Luke is always the first thing that comes to my mind re: George Kennedy
y'all, I fell asleep during Cool Hand Luke don't tell anyone
Kinda like the carwash scene in Cool Hand Luke only in reverse, right
The Paul Newman Challenge: 24 beers in 24 hours, but also 50 eggs a la Cool Hand Luke. . Who's with me
That scene from Cool Hand Luke, but with Cadbury eggs.
Cool Hand Luke was in on the joke btw. He played baseball— widely considered a two-handed guy's game— with one hand.
Tell me where & I'm sending you Cool Hand Luke Blu Ray, Cool Hand Luke chain, the novel I mentioned, & more. You got this, 12.
Listen to Cool Hand Luke feat. Austin Rudin - 16 Oz Dreams by Austin Rudin on
.Personally I'm hoping to see HRC in a chain gang alongside Cool Hand Luke.
Correct, the film was cool hand Luke & the album use your illusion 2??
Dad's showing me a picture of his little league team. Kid named Lucas with a missing hand was nicknamed "Cool Hand Luke"
Friday afternoons in work = Cool Hand Luke on a bad day with the chain gang?
I own the two Godfathers but don't own Cool Hand Luke and don't have a lot of incentive to rewatch it.
yeah, I'm actually curious about the Godfather (mostly because I don't know how I missed it). Cool Hand Luke not so much.
The Bible says that Jesus died for our sins. Couldnt you say the same thing about King Kong Cool Hand Luke and Frankenstein? yes
I fought the law and---well, you know the rest. Mum keeps calling me Cool Hand Luke now. @ Brecon
Why is Cool Hand Luke even a movie 😒
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Sure we have Cool Hand Luke but what about Warm Hand Luke?
Trading in cool hand Luke this week? This will make you feel better
'Paradise Alley', 'Cool Hand Luke', 'things to Do in Denver when You're Dead', 'Cheech and Chong's Next Movie', 'Sandlot'
My one line Star Wars review... Cool hand Luke.
Former world champ Ed "Cool Hand Luke" Lukowich handles the Gary Oke rink 8-1 at National Masters today. Oke now 4-2.
Seniors 4/6 1) Let's make sure we're catching everything 2) Cool Hand Luke
Are you trying to break Cool Hand Luke's record?
Need tips on getting prospects to move in? Watch "Cool Hand Luke." latest blog.
Diabetes is a serious. My dad lost his limbs and life to the disease.# Cool hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke is a good one too, had to write a paper on it in high school. Never forget that.
Cool hand Luke all over again I'm a digging boss 😡 I'm sure my banksman ticket doesn't cover this
(THAT70SSHOW) [Kelso's playing with his BB gun] Eric: Watch the gun, Cool Hand Luke. Kelso: [stands up] Relax. Guns don’t just go (1/4)
What's that screen from smartypantses? I reference it so often I'm prolly on a list now. No, not Cool Hand Luke.
Japanese poster for "Cool Hand Luke" (1967) with Paul Newman directed by Stuart Rosenberg
"Takin it off here, boss!" Paul Newman on the set of Cool Hand Luke, 1967. Pic by Gene Lesser.
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RIP 'East of Eden' & 'Cool Hand Luke' Actor, Dies at 85 via
Had the movies EAST OF EDEN, COOL HAND LUKE and KELLY'S HEROES to his credits plus years of TV work.
Top Davalos performances: East of Eden, Cool Hand Luke, and Kelly’s Heroes. And my generation knows him for the iconic Smiths album covers.
All the actors from Cool Hand Luke are dying this week. Watch out, Paul Newman!
First George Kennedy, now Richard Davalos. The cast of COOL HAND LUKE are having a particularly rough month.
Richard Davalos, younger brother of James Dean in EAST OF EDEN, the convict Blind *** in COOL HAND LUKE, has died
Appeared in East of Eden, Cool Hand Luke and perennial album cover-boy, RIP . Richard Davalos
Actor Richard Davalos has passed away at age 85. Best known for his roles in Cool Hand Luke, East of Eden and Kelly's Heroes.
RIP George Kennedy, an acting legend, who also played a villain on Dallas, and was fun on Match Game.
Richard Davalos, East of Eden and Cool Hand Luke actor, dies at 85 via
Richard Davalos, 'East of Eden' and 'Cool Hand Luke' actor, dies at 85
Cool Hand Luke - one of the best movies ever! George Kennedy was classic . . . shakin' over here boss.
George Kennedy, who won an Oscar for best supporting actor in the film “Cool Hand Luke,” died at 91
George Kennedy dead at 91 following colourful career and Oscar-winning role in Cool Hand Luke
George Kennedy, star of 'Cool Hand Luke' dies at 91...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sad to hear the passing of the great George Kennedy. Oscar Winner for 'Cool Hand Luke,' Dies at 91
George Kennedy, known for his role in the 1967 classic Cool Hand Luke, has died at age of 91
George Kennedy was in good company that year and if you've never seen "Cool Hand Luke" then treat yourself to a...
George Kennedy, star of 'Cool Hand Luke' dies via love that guy, RIP
Cool Hand Luke... RIP George Kennedy 1925 - 2016. Thank you for your service.
From "Cool Hand Luke", the great George Kennedy to Wayne Rogers during the card game: "Don't look at me, mullet-head..."
George Kennedy, the hulking, tough-guy character actor who won an Academy Award for "Cool Hand Luke," has died at 91.
R.I.P. George Kennedy, star of Cool Hand Luke and the Airport movies
George Kennedy, one of the best character actors ever, dead at 91 Classic breakthrough performance in Cool Hand Luke
going to pull out Cool Hand Luke...and toast Wayne Rogers too
Academy Award winner, George Kennedy of "Cool Hand Luke" and "Airport" fame has passed, he was 91
"What we've got here is failure to communicate." ~Captain, Cool Hand Luke. Communication breakdowns in healthcare
Born FEB 18, 1925, George Kennedy, Actor in over 200 films. Won Oscar for acting in 1967 film Cool Hand Luke.
Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. -George Kennedy as Dragline in Cool Hand Luke
You should do some custom board builds. PCB would be cool, but hand wiring guide would be really awesome
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
- again mis-and twist-channeling me. You could be a fake Evangelical Preacher. I am Cool Hand Luke (Dr. Doo-Little)
Happy Birthday George Kennedy! My Lord, whatever I done, don't strike me blind for another couple of minutes. -as Dragline in Cool Hand Luke
A morning commute Cool Hand Luke could relate to:
Happy to announce we've booked the following classics: Maltese Falcon, You Only Live Twice, Big Lebowski, and Cool Hand Luke. All on 35mm!
Born on this day in 1925 George Kennedy, actor (Cool Hand Luke, Airport, Blue Knight), born in NYC, New York.
ten bucks Cool Hand Luke lets the air out of the place with a 3 from Carrboro!!
Cool Hand Luke has no respect for his kidneys.
Cool Hand Luke did 50, hard boiled. Man up.
. No... I get an older reference. Peeps call my Cool Hand Luke
Or in the words of Cool Hand Luke, "I got my mind right, Boss".
POTUS is a veritable "Cool Hand Luke" regardless of the just pisses people off, to my delight!
this was very much my vision, all Cool Hand Luke
they want me to star in a remake of "Cool Hand Luke" called "Clammy Hand Sam" and "they" are my mom
Hinson with a cool hand Luke reference ...he's winning me over
Cool hand Luke is killing! Nice response to a no score from Saturday.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
VIDEO: "Cool Hand Luke" & how it's like the State of the State
Paul Newman is Lucas "Luke" Jackson also known as Cool Hand Luke.
So Luke was not so cool hand tonight, that Mendy guy just walked him down like he had powder puff fists!
Still in shock after cool hand Luke's defeat
Tougher than expected fight for Cool hand Luke
Mendy is sending Cool Hand Luke back home with the second worst nose in Hull behind Steve Bruce's mangled snout. hand Luke down for the first time, good shot👊🏼 cmon Campbell turn this round
So has cool hand luke got a glass chin
Mendy hasn't read the script here, cool hand Luke looking very far from cool so far.
Cool Hand Luke Campbell, should be world champ by the end of next year
During game coaching intensity, the Head Coach should act more like "Cool Hand Luke" than "Hot Head Harry." Stay laser focused and on point.
The Warriors are like a pack of wild dogs, doing whatever it takes to win. Love cool hand Luke Walton, how important is the staff. Awesome.
Other elite lightweight prospect 'Cool Hand' Luke Campbell tomorrow. Hopefully they collide in the future.
Isaiah is Cool Hand Luke! So smooth.Bulldogs got panicked in the press traps and W-L capitalized.
Perfect Friday night: watching egg scene from cool hand luke with best friends
 border= message us or email hollpassyou have a prize coming your way!
Cannot wait for the boxing tomorrow. Gonna be a cracking evening. Always enjoy watching Cool Hand Luke
Just saw this on Amazon: Cool Hand Luke Fine Art Print 13x19 i... by for $39.99
Cool Hand Luke in no rush: The Olympic champion (12-0-KO10) took a step towards a professional world title in ...
am feeling more Cool Hand Luke after the eggs myself.
Cool Hand Luke in no rush - Luke Campbell is treading cautiously ahead of Saturday's clash with Yvan Mendy desp...
Sonny's Baron Quinn (Marton Csokas) talks like warden in Cool Hand Luke
What we've got her is failure to communicate. -Cool Hand Luke (screenplay 1967)- Frank R. Pierson.
Luke ma no hand is funnier than Cool Hand Luke. what about "chip off the old hand"
set in the world of Diamond Dogs, Halloween Jack is our lead, Ziggy Stardust our rocker cool hand Luke/Chri…
I showed my kids COOL HAND LUKE and, unsurprisingly, they could relate to the tyranny of rules.
Remember the movie Cool Hand Luke well our president is "Cool Hand Barak" and it pisses the right off. You gotta love it!
We're watching Cool Hand Luke. I'm a happy man.
You've heard of Cool Hand Luke, now get ready for... Warm Elbow Mike
they're quotes from the classic film cool hand luke starring Paul Newman
Listen to trimma freestyle & interview with cool hand luke deja vu radio
Love this! "I got friends that say I live a little like cool hand Luke. Fast cars & motorcycles raisin' *** in cowboy boots"
Watching cool hand luke to start the day!
Cool Hand Luke was locked up with Opie from SOA
"What we got here is...failure to communicate" - COOL HAND LUKE was released 48 years ago today!
More for Wet body pressed against glass body from Cool Hand Luke
I would really like to pull a Cool Hand Luke with all of the parking meters on Miami's campus
Cool Hand Luke (1967) trailer Obama failure to communicate!
Please stop trying with this 'Kenny' fool. To quote "Cool Hand Luke"... "Some men you just can't reach"
Give it to Cool Hand Luke. We don't fear the fork.
Informed by my wife that I wasn't allowed to purchase a pack of 12 reduced price hard boiled eggs in Morrisons to recreate Cool Hand Luke.
Me, too (followed closely by Cool Hand Luke and The Verdict). Everyone in The Hustler is great.
one of my better memories is watching Cool Hand Luke in the hospital whacked out of my mind on dilaudid
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching Cool Hand Luke if you haven't seen it already
scratch that... Cool Hand Luke (I know I'm 5 hours late, but just in case) 👾
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Which movie is better? Cool Hand Luke or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.. both share very similar themes.. Which one do you all got?
How many eggs did Luke (Paul Newman) eat at one time in the movie Cool Hand Luke?
He's got a whole lotta nuthing, like that card hand Paul Newman was holding in 'Cool Hand Luke'. Obama is a who lotta nuthing. Lord Help Us
Thinking about a double feature-'Cool Hand Luke' and 'Escape From Alcatraz' Is this trying to tell me something?
Cool Hand Luke is the Paul Newman of dogs. He's confident, relaxed, and handsome
Yaaas the R.O.I Mon the Bhoys in Green. Walters cool hand luke. 2-0
I'm the Cool Hand Luke of how many cocktail shrimp I can shove in my mouth at once to avoid conversation at a family gathe…
Congratulations to Flora's Cool Hand Luke who earned his NW3-C & NW3-V titles today in Santa Paula, CA!
JT Barrett flirts with a Pick 6 on his first third-down throw. Jalin Marshall and his QB had a Cool Hand Luke moment.
Paul Newman taking a break between takes for one of his most iconic performances, 'Cool Hand Luke' (1967).
You should go Paul Newman on them as he did with eggs in Cool Hand Luke ;)
Cool Hand Luke, Hud, The Sting, The Hustler, Cat on a Hot Tin many great films.
Rock & Pop: Cool Hand Luke or Dog Day Afternoon? Find the answers here:
There's a guy fixing the porch and my window is open and he is literally whistling and quoting Cool Hand Luke + Yankee Doodle simultaneously
C'mon fellas. As Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke, "Ya gotta get your minds right!"
But that was the same year as 'Cool Hand Luke', which has to be his most popular role next to 'Butch Cassidy'.
Grease, Cool Hand Luke for the car washing scene.
Hmmm, was always more a Cool Hand Luke man meself.
yo, Cool Hand Luke, nothing wrong with using Joe Harris if it sparks a win. Element of surprise.
"You gotta do like Cool Hand Luke. Just keep standing up. Use the worry time for writing."--Walter Halsey Davis
Still and always, Cool Hand Luke. Unless we have a failure to communicate.
One of the NY prisoner escapees has escaped multiple times. Perhaps a Cool Hand Luke type end is in the works.
After this movie, I saw George Kennedy as the buddy in Cool Hand Luke. Had such a hard time believing he was not evil.
lead guitarist, Jerry Miller, is the man with now eyes from cool hand luke
yea the one by cool hand Luke's in YC, their systems are down so they just giving em for free
I thought you were reenacting the scene from Cool Hand Luke.
I win cocktail trivia. Cool Hand Cuc is inspired by Cool Hand Luke.
Chilling watching Cool Hand Luke. and route plotted tomorrow hopefully hit 3000 ft climbing
Just like Cool Hand Luke, he kept comin at me with NOTHIN!
Swet!! My book used the quote from Cool Hand Luke (which also on GnR's tune Civil War)!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Now that you say that it's a perfect fit. Call it Cool Hand Luke if at all possible.
ok, I only know Newman from Butch Cassidy and Cool Hand Luke. I'd never have associated him with the Povich pic
Its amazing...I have tried to post things out of the norm as of late..just to "Cool Hand Luke" and then I see the home page...mind blown
Cool Hand Luke is about a guy named Luke.
"Cool hand, Luke. Is it new, man?". "Yea, that Vader dude sliced mine off. BTW, I found who my father is..."
am I the only one reminded of Cool Hand Luke? George Kennedy "..don't strike me blind now Lord"
Boss Hog rejoicies in the print ... says Burt to Cool Hand Luke . This side of Deliverance .
The Professional Bull Riders is coming to the Save Mart Center and 93.7 Kiss Country & Cool Hand Luke's has your...
Cool Hand Luke - Unknown | | Drama top rated movies of all time
If you've never watched Cool Hand Luke, I strongly recommend you to watch it
Thanks for ruining Cool Hand Luke for me. I was going to watch it on Lovefilm
HBD shoutout to my big dog Cool Hand luke_skywalka11. Hope you have good day old man.
Yeah well sometimes nothin can be a real cool hand. Cool Hand Luke :-o
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