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Cooking Channel

Cooking Channel is a television specialty channel that airs recurring (episodic) programs about food and cooking, owned by Scripps Networks Interactive.

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I didn't know Paul Hollywood has a show on The Cooking Channel. Nice!!
Why am I watching the cooking channel? I won't cook anything but I sure am hungry now
πŸ˜‚ I turned on the TV to a cooking channel now wth
I remember ages ago when I was super into Supernatural, I would watch his cooking stuff on his YouTube channel.
I want to watch a cooking programme on TV but the parentship is glued to TB Joshua 😒😒😒 I'm going to have to block this channel
Chicken Bundles- New video up on my channel Dawn of Cooking! Link is in my Bio⬆️
Everyone's out partying Y getting drunk. & then there's me.. Laying down,. watching the cooking channel πŸ€—
I'm hungry so I'm watching the cooking channel and it's only making it 10x worse sos someone send me a burrito
You watch the cooking channel all day but can't cook 😢
I made a channel on the YouTubes for my cooking projects πŸ‘
We are loving this series of Cambodian cooking videos! Short, punchy, and easy to follow recipes from chef Veasna.
me too!! Ever since the Food Network has become a game show channel I miss cooking shows!
I love this new foodie channel called Gusto. They actually air cooking shows. Who is this Rachel Allen person? I think I have a crush on...
my mom just came in & turned the channel to some british cooking show can you not I'm trying to watch horror movies ffs
I go to the gym so I can watch the cooking channel
if Food Network won't take us, the cooking channel will. We gonna make it somewhere lmao
I stay watching the cooking channel when I'm hungry
So I'm watching the cooking channel and the man like , "ur about to be sent home if I get another plate of bland food from u"πŸ˜‚
When is gonna come thru with her own cooking channel tho πŸ€”
That one Disney channel original movie about high schooler who has has to choose between cooking and baseball >>>>>> High School Musical 3
watching the first episode on the cooking channel. Your still so funny.
New seasons of and coming to in October
Channel surfing and me and there's I am on Cooking Channel. Worst Cooks Season 6 marathon. Oy! We know how this turns out.
Just started a cooking/food channel. Updates once a week on Saturdays, subscribe to see what I come up with
yass! . omg we should start a cooking channel!. Arc and Emmy make a Halloween cake
Cooking up some vector tutorials today on my channel! :D Live in 5!
Court and I made a terrible drunk cooking video on her channel. We have honestly never been funnier
we get Chopped Canada on the Cooking Channel it's a sister channel to Food Network.
Did anyone else watch the hipster overloaded cooking show with a sprinkle of flax seeds on channel 4?
I might start posting some pics of snacks and food I make through out the day. :3 Maybe I should start a cooking channel? lol I love food.
Adorable and look so yummy! Loaded Baby Potatoes : Recipes : Cooking Channel
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I use snapchat as my cooking channel.
Probiotic ketchup, I have never laughed so much at such a pretentious tv cooking show. Thank you channel 4 for such entertainment
They are cooking gluten free fish fingers with probiotic ketchup on channel 4
The cheeky girls have gone up in the world with this cooking program on channel 4
The country's 5 best doughnuts: . Have you been lucky enough to try any?
I love the cooking shows on that channel. I wanna try tripe soup now
Hey Jeana, How are you doing? We miss you SO much hope you will make your own channel. Cooking channel? Hope so.
what is this slave labor i'm looking at on The Cooking Channel? lol
Watching cooking channel in the waiting room after not earing all day.
JEANA! You should really start your own cooking channel! ;)
Tired of the same things over and over again? Get a new recipe from the Channel
I started a new YouTube channel that is all about my various hobbies. Cooking, gaming, DIY. Check out my first...
do u think ur still gonna do YouTube or do u want to branch off &do something else? We still want u to start a cooking channel!
I just found out that Mo Rocca has a show on the Cooking Channel and I'm v happy
Have you considered doing a cooking channel? I'd love to watch it. All your meals seem so delicious!
Granny on cooking channel:"This bread is a little fresh, if it got any fresher I'd have to slap it!" Reminds me of my grandpa lol
no longer a favourite channel of mine. Too much cooking and talking stuff. is irreplaceable
4 days until: BIG BAD BBQ BRAWL June 7th at 10pm on COOKING CHANNEL
Check out the new cooking video on my new YouTube channel Cooking for Tots! See how sliced…
[Food Channel cooking show]. JUDGE: Tell us what you made. ME: I was supposed to make something?
Channel farm-to-table food preparation with SieMatic’s Urban collection with Herb Gardens
Next time you grill, try simple way to infuse fresh herb flavor into food: http…
Wow. This person on YouTube posted a comment on a MH4U upload that linked to a video on his channel. It was him cooking ribs at his job.
Trending on Cooking Channel: our best healthy recipes! Browse 'em all now: .
Q. and A.: Katie Lee On Culture and Cuisine at the Beach: The host of the Cooking Channel show β€œBeach Bites” ...
Here's a chef, Shannon Ambrosio, from New Milford who will be on a new show on the Cooking Channel, Tuesday, June...
This woman on the Cooking Channel just made Cincinnati Chili and had to explain to the viewer what a 3-way was. What a glorious TV moment.
Cooking chicken with my shirt off in the kitchen playing channel orange, bae way you?
New series on Food Channel: Cooking with Batman. Stay tuned !
Paula made a YouTube channel where's she's gonna do cooking videos+story times❀️ subscribe to her!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
My gma loves watching the cooking channel and then making me go buy her food after cuz she gets hungry 😀😀
Did you catch what was cooking on my channel? POPPIN COOKIN RAMEN CANDY DIY KIT
Just finished binge watching Dinner At Tiffani's on the Cooking Channel. Now what? Uh, starting the Tiffani Theissen Fan Club. Duh.
A diet and the cooking channel don't mix. Now I'm HANGRY!
I've literally been watching the cooking channel all day, so my inner Rachel Ray will be out & working this week lol
Omg these cooking channel challenge shows are so stressful to watch 😨😱
Please check out Tiffany Anderson's cooking channel at...
Myself and my daughters hair, laundry, & cooking while watching the Travel Channel..having the best Sunday ever! Woo hoo! 😁
I thought about making a cooking channel, and the videos would be about my personal issues.
i thought jay z was cheating on bey w Rachel Ray from the cooking channel smh i needa chill a little
They always have the cooking channel on in the nail salon and it all just looks so good but then I remind myself that prom is in 6 days
I love it, but alas! That is my new cooking show on Tuesday mornings at 10:45, Channel 4
Hi Angie I have a youtube cooking channel - can you check it out please for great recipes?
Rachel Ray made me watch the cooking channel for a solid week, I'm not ashamed to say that anymore (cause it was back in high school).
I know you have a cooking channel on YouTube and I also have a channel on YouTube for cooking, maybe we could do a collab once?
I get sad every time I watch Food Network channel and I see 9-10 year olds cooking and working the grill and I manage to burn toast...
check the BBQTV channel on YOUTUBE. over 850 hrs of cooking content
Watching Pizza Masters on Cooking Channel and they're at Bloody Mary's from S1
I'm so over today. I might just watch the cooking channel or travel channel bc I'm done
Carla gets on my nerves. I stopped watching. I like The Cooking Channel.
ever thought of doing a cooking channel on YouTube?
Wait lmfao why I thought y'all was talking about Rachel Ray the lady from the cooking channel
Best Summer Side Dish Recipes for a BBQ, Picnic or any Occasion : Cooking Channel
Look out for me on the cooking channel
You should totally start a cooking channel. I'd so watch that.
:: Am I the only one who turns on a cooking channel in an attempt to get myself up and make.myself some food? Because I'm doing that rn.
He's taking over my channel he is starting a cooking show.
And the cooking channel never fails to make me hungry
I don't know why I watch the cooking channel, all it does is make me hungry
Post-thoughts while cooking dinner: what if ETs binge-watch Netflix as Discovery Channel? Our grand discourse? Sex&violence
Go watch my new main channel video. COOKING FAILS WITH SUPA
Idk who Rachel Roy is BUT Rachel Ray is the finest woman to ever grace the cooking channel and y'all leave her outta this
.is the premier channel for how-to programming. See what's cooking on Create this afternoon.
Just noticed how sexual the cooking channel gets lol.
gotta give a shoutout to my boy , go follow his YouTube cooking channel "CJ Niceykiins" you won't regret it
I thought Rachel Roy was the woman from the cooking channel.
Watching Carnival Eats on Cooking Channel, Texas food stand has new dish. Except it's not, it's a DICKEY'S GIANT BAKER WITH MEAT.
One channel we didn't have w/ Comcast but do w/ FiOS is the Cooking Channel. Mo Rocca's is all kinds of awesome.
When people on the cooking channel cut into 'finished' meat and its still all bloody and pink & say "doesnt that look good?" NO IT DOESNT.
all i do is sit around the house and watch the cooking channel or TLC . on the phone
Is it cruel or genius to have the cooking channel on at the gym?
Don't miss Emeril's A Taste of Florida on the Cooking Channel, Sunday, February 21st at 2:30pm!
Hey guys so this is the second edition of NWN cooking channel hope you all enjoy and can learn something!πŸ˜€
I just subscribed to your YouTube Channel as i want to impress my wife and start cooking :)
omg i'm watching the cooking channel & the Doughnuttery is on this episode & i miss Chelsea Square πŸ˜ͺ
I take pride in my cooking channel. Thanks to my sponsors for letting me do me
Cooking channel is bae on sick days.
I'm so glad there's a hispanic channel. White people cooking show is so bad
I love watching the cooking channel. Makes me feel all inspired and what not
On the cooking channel, the people say "half a teaspoon of salt"... and watch them proceed to dump a quarter cup of salt in the dish lol
Me: "hey Nana! What you watching?". Nana: "oh nothing..just the cooking channel". Nana: *changes channel quickly*
37. The Cooking with Jack Show is the best YouTube channel
cooking with dog is a great YouTube channel
I haven't ate since I woke up & I'm in the doctors office with the cooking channel on 😭
for the McDermott family's next special on Details here:
Watch Cooking for a Healthy Heart, Thursday, February 18 on Channel 4 from 11:00 am to 1:00 p.m. presented by Lutheran Homes Culinary staff.
Just discovered thanks to So much great plant-based cooking inspiration on
Is there a YouTube channel somewhere that just shows you how to cook the awesome stuff at your local ethnic supermarket?
Do you ever act like you're on a cooking channel when making food bc me too
Im the cook i am today bc of cooking channel
Cooking channel beats all channel tbh
I be watching the cooking channel heavy
When Rachel had a 30 minute cooking show I watched, often. Now, her talk show comes on & I can't change the channel fast enough.
Motorino cooking Italian food. Check out recipes & how to videos on cooking channel:
New vegan cooking channel from the homie watch & support!. Vegan Wookie Cookies | Kofi's Kitchen
FCA- Just a reminder, there will be FCA today during Channel 1 in the cooking lab.
I love recipes, recipe videos, the Cooking Channel and Food Network...but I never make anything I see lol
Food Blog - Watch Cooking Channel Wherever, Whenever with Our Live-Streaming App: . Have you ever wanted to hav...
Change channel & my favourite cooking show is on. Go Jamie Oliver!
Rachel Khoo on The Cooking Channel is all kinds of dreamy.
I still love the channel because it gave me Arthur, Bob Ross and some good cooking shows.
Keep ur eyes peeled yall gonna be launching a cooking website and even a channel very soo good games and even better food !
I’m making my own cooking channel. And by channel I mean I’m going to snapchat while I cook. And by cook I mean toast things like bagels.
Stumbled across on YouTube the other day and it's genuinely the best cooking channel on YouTube!!
Be sure to visit our Youtube page to see our used in
ur channel number 1 in cooking up stories. Show the video proof if u r true. Presstitutes
Airs: February 17 at 6:00 PT/9:00 ETThe Cooking Channel has the second season finale of Tia Mowry At Home in ... -
thanks for the response after 2 months... This IDX channel is boring... Nothing to entertain...!!! Bring a cooking channel
I've got something silly cooking for tomorrow's video post...
Reading Cooking For Mr Right & keep thinking what an amazing Hallmark Channel movie it would be!
When is Liv getting her Cooking Channel special?
When I make it to the cooking channel I'm switching up on all my day ones
Yess. I just love the cooking channel
Honestly this is the only thing stopping AJ and I from making a channel, and it would be cooking/crafting!
Just discovered your boyfriend has a YouTube/cooking channel so adorable!!
Why is Lorissa giving out cooking tutorials on her SC? πŸ™„πŸ™„ DIS AINT YO YOUTUBE CHANNEL
Steven needs his own cooking channel. Feel me? 🍀🍀🍀
When she comes on the air, I turn to the cooking channel
New cooking demonstration videos are uploaded weekly. Have you subscribed at
Watching the cooking channel while on your period isn't a good combination. MAKES ME CRAVE EVERYTHING I SEE.
I love watching the cooking channel 🍴😍
u really should have ur cooking show on the Food Network or Cooking Channel
This Pho place has the audacity to flip to the travel channel where Andrew Zimmern is cooking turtle soup 😷
Roku 2 Giveaway. In celebration of Cooking Hawaiian Style's new channel on Roku, we are giving away a Roku 2...
Vegan Cheesecake: Cooking to LOSE WEIGHT!. Matthew Lush, would you do another cooking video on your channel?
My dear friend aired her awesome cooking show Marilu's Simple Good Food, on the Cooking Channel, Saturday,…
Idk if I'm watching the Food Network or the cooking channel
Need a bigger budget so I could start copying what Gordon Ramsey is cooking on his YT channel.
Let's pick a random cooking channel and make sure it's ratings beats the
I watch the cooking channel way too often
You need a YouTube channel of cooking, and style tips.
I can't wait to get my YouTube cooking channel started... I really need to teach y'all somethangs.
At my friends cooking and baking:-) missing my fav shows cause she doesn't have the channel they come on:-(
Check out our Easy to make Stuffed Peppers Please subscribe to our channel
I can watch the cooking channel all day! I love to cook, and learn new things
Can Dan and Phil make a cooking channel
Petition for to start a proper cooking channel/blog. Her snapchat recipes are the best πŸ‘πŸΌ
cooking tune in channel 245 if you have Comcast !
That Rodger guy from cooking channel has such an ugly head.
Really considering making a cooking channel on YouTube πŸ˜…
The cooking channel got all the black ppl on there
topaz I would love to see you start a new little path on your channel and you &tony do cooking videos every once in awhile
Season 2 of series to debut in March. Will you watch?
I learn so much from chopped and my constant attention to Food Network and the cooking channel oh and what my mother taught
Jill (watching Cooking Channel): Doesn't that look good? . Me: I'm not paying attention. I'm watching a guy dressed as a T-Rex ice skate.
holy. You really need a cooking channel. I would totally watch it all the time. *drools at screen*
Since when did social media become a cooking channel?
I stay watching the cooking channel, Ima be nice watch!
Sounds like paid the cooking channel a lot of money...
Cleveland on top urban farm list, gets new farm managers: Local food calendar - Clevela...
I went through a cooking channel and they made icecream edibles omg :( i want
When I'm eating pizza and enjoying a beet at Zpizza I like to watch the cooking channel, and think to my self, I COULD MAKE THAT 7LEVEL CAKE
as many cooking tutorials you've made on your YouTube channel, I have yet to see your take on homemade tamales...
Omg on cooking channel they're making a "two thumbs up" cake that looks like goatse
Another great source for healthy cooking was snaps & YouTube channel carnaldish. She's got great tips & her food looks amazing
I should have my own cooking channel
I love Ayesha Curry so much.. Like I just watch her cooking channel over n over n over 😊
Welcome to Cooking With the Buckeye Chef! Thank you everyone for following and watching ( live at
Hey Laura, Congrats on your new show !! :).
I'd rather watch the cooking channel, we seem to have a lot more in common πŸ˜‰
this vid was cute I can't even stand it! You should SO pitch 'Cooking Vegan With Daniella Monet' to the Cooking Channel
I've become obsessed with the cooking channel and HGTV.
I enjoy watching the Food Network channel and I enjoy cooking even more
But actually someone start a youtube channel on cooking meals in a studio apartment where you have an inch of counter space.
This girl on the cooking channel is so hot I'd watch her cook anything at this point
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Do you have a YouTube cooking channel?
My favorite thing to do when flying south west is the watch the cooking channel on their complimentary cable TV. How awesome is that
I come home to your sister watching the cooking channel and drinking a mikes *** my couch...
We have 20 recipe & tutorial films in our with a new one every week - take a look
Emeril Lagasse visits Tampa restaurants for Cooking Channel series
Attenpting to follow cooking channel.Iv lost the will and ordered dominoes πŸ€—
if I'm watching actual tv it's probably a cooking channel, or family guy.
I the cooking channel kills me...we dont care bout ya stories..what ingredients do we need ??
Excellence in Education: Cooking up some life skills: Culinary students at North Star took on a unique project...
I've made a YouTube Channel! where I post tutorials on cooking! . please check out my first video on my own soup...
One of the most popular brands on now have a channel:
First up is and then sheese. I make sheese toasties in the second video. It's not a cooking channel though.
Jared sleep while I'm watching the cooking channel. πŸ™„
Check out our YouTube channel for the latest cooking tips & tricks
Steve Jones will host Channel 4's new cooking show My Kitchen Rules UK
A cartoon channel vanished from our TV. Now I have nothing to watch while cooking neeej :c
Dude in cooking channel: what looks like a sausage but tastes very sweet. Me: 😏
cooking up new topics evryday 4 a forced debate, rather a shouting competition, is taking d channel to d dogs. Time to Introspect
VIDEO: Emeril Lagasse visits Tampa restaurants on season premiere of 'Emeril's Florida'
Our next speaker, is the host of the Cooking Channel's "My Grandmother's Ravioli". See him LIVE on...
Time to check our channel You can watch drinking
snap! I have flu too and I'm in Leeds, and sat in bed watching YouTube and the cooking channel, get better soon xx
.kicked off the 4th season of Emeril's Florida right here in Tampa
Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, of Cooking Channel's "Emeril's Florida", visits our client Bern's Steak House in...
do it! Also start the YouTube cooking channel.
Scooby-doo's Antics Are Being Tracked on the cooking channel
Should I make a YouTube channel just for cooking?πŸ€”
I really love this chicks cooking channel. She's original & very clear & obv loves cooking. Love her accent too
I go home and turn on the TV to see a cooking channel talking about how gross our sandwich recipe is and making fun of our fami…
all these kids on this cooking channel are from Nebraska or Arkansas or some other state nobody wants to go to
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
The food channel and cooking channel are my favorite at this time of night!
The first of my cooking videos is launching tomorrow on my YouTube channel and I'm so…
First studio sesh ngayong 2016. cooking something weird for my youtube channel :)
'Unwrapped 2.0' has to love a 'Snack Bar' on CookingΒ Channel
Too cook food right now or not... That is the question. The cooking channel is making me so hungry.
How would y'all feel about cooking videos on my channel?
True life: I fall asleep to the cooking channel every night.
the problem is that I'm switching back and forth between Food Network and the cooking channel πŸ™„
The Food Network & Cooking Channel present the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, one of the most highly regarded...
Wine, dine, cook, eat out, and do it on a budget, with tips on our Food, Drink, Cooking Channel.
Watching the super R&B Goddess .on Cooking channel luv that lady!
Halloween wars in on the cooking channel. My two favorite things food and Halloween
and now i'm hungry... When are you starting your YouTube Cooking channel?
After staring at my own face and listening to my own voice for 5 hours I regret not finding an actress for my cooking channel.
Omg sweet genius is back on cooking channel 😍😍😍
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Coffee, chocolate and cookies together? Tiramisu has a good thing going:
i have one dog (and whiskey) and am watching Cooking Channel. PARTY HARD
My weekends consist of sitting on the couch watching the cooking channel/Food Network
You Suck At Cooking is a great YouTube channel.
I love the cooking channel, but even more during October because the Halloween shows ARE SO INTENSE. Such amazing creations!
The cooking channel is addicting at night
I cannot tear my eyes away from Sweet Genius. Never turn on the cooking channel in front of me.
this lady whose cooking channel I love says yes.
Oh my god. There's a paleo cooking show on Channel Seven right now. I think I'm about to vomit.
i love Miss Tia Mowry. her show on the cooking channel was awesome too. she & cory are too cute 😍
Patti LaBelle had a cooking show on Cooking Channel and cooked "bougie fish... this is branzino... this ain't no tilapia." 🌚
I'm watching football in the living room and I check what Erics doing and he's cuddled in a baby blanket watching the cooking channel...
There's nothing like spending your Saturday night watching Halloween wars on the cooking channel
Halloween wars on the cooking channel 😊
Watching mother on the cooking channel β€” watching Patti LaBelle's Place
Cooking Channel. That'd be amazing if it was his snake, but he probably meant because he chose it as inspiration.
Oh that's cool. :D Is it Food Network or Cooking Channel?
SBS 3, which is channel number 33. The name of the cooking channel is yet to be announced. It will be launched in November.
Can't wait to go to my Fav restaurant tonight πŸ˜‹ check out our cooking lesson with
Someone likes to watch the cooking channel while tummy time😊
what channel will the SBS cooking channel be SBS 1, SBS HD, SBS 2, SBS 3 ?
SBS gearing up for ads disguised as product placement in programs – cooking channel for commercial return, says MD
"Emotional rollerROASTer", and other cooking shows modern women need on the new SBS food channel |
. Hey Nigella,. Where are you?. You're not on Cooking Channel any more. Are you taking a break?. Please let me know. Thank You!
*watching a guy make falafel waffle on the cooking channel* . Claire "you making a falafel waffle mom?". Mom "No! I'm making popcorn."
Day 5 of the IPS diet. I just yelled at Guy Fieri and password protected the Food Network and the Cooking Channel.
Companies like & see themselves as primary channel for customers who love cooking to buy all food.
Get Dolce Vita back on Food Network USA or the Cooking Channel!!
There's a marathon of Sweet Genius on the Cooking Channel rn, tune in to see as the best/most bonkers host πŸ˜ƒπŸ°
Gee, I wonder what they're doing on the cooking channel? I think I'll go watch for rest of day. In the nude!
That's it. Let's see what's on the cooking channel?
As much as I watch the food/cooking channel you would think id be a master chef
KanYeBreast's YouTube channel makes her comfort food recipes even more attainable
Get cooking with new updates to Sunlight's IFTTT channel!
another fab cooking channel, Latin tutorials and recipes
My new favorite show is Pizza Cuz, on the Cooking Channel. Not to be confused with Pizza Masters
See Chef Rick and Sherri Shepherd on the new Cooking Channel. TV series on Sunday, September 6th at... http:…
Watching Steak Out with Kix Brooks on Cooking Channel. Terrible idea. I want a steak now.
Silver Dollar Fair's, uh, inventive food featured on the Cooking Channel this Thursday.
Bueno! 4 tasty tacos garner attention from Cooking Channel
The Delaware County Fair will be featured on the Cooking Channel, reports.
This show about steak hosted by Kix Brooks on the Cooking Channel is: 1) entertaining, and 2) making me hungry.
It upsets me that Ming Tsai is on HSN instead of having a show on Food Network or Cooking Channel. Simply Ming on PBS was a solid show.
Why are there so few cooking shows on Food Network and Cooking Channel anymore?
Cooking Channel. I flipped back to Making The Cut about Army Ranger school.
My go to lasagna recipe, perfect with our Sangiovese. Lasagne Alla Bolognese : Recipes : Cooking Channel
So this one time Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano & Ainsley Hayes did a cooking show on Cooking Channel. Yes! And I'm making that cocktail
A North Idaho donut maker gets some national exposure by competing on the Cooking Channel's "Donut Showdown."
Food Network & Cooking Channel personalities & renowned chefs share the basics of a healthy lifestyle at
.cooking on with Thumbs up for a Jamie Oliver - YouTube channel
Loving the channel today, currently dancing and singing around my kitchen cooking a roast happy as Larry
Thank you! Do you have a YouTube Channel? You could share cooking tips and long-marriage advice.
I think she went to the channel next door, which is filming a cooking program. Stole some food and went back here LOL
I'm watching a cooking channel while laying down drinking tea how more English can I get tf
Who in the Libs is going to face elimination in the cooking competition? No...wait...wrong channel again...
Japanese Food is so Healthy. Let's enjoy cooking!
I was up the video to YouTube. YouTube Channel. …
I've been watching the cooking channel since 3pm.that's 10 hours.I'm speechless.
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