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Cookie Lyon

Taraji P Henson South Africa

Cookie and Lyon.. What a match. Cookies' speech was off the Hook and Mind blowing ..
I want to be like Cookie Lyon when I grow up!
Yeah i didn't pay attention to it until the second time watching it. Recently, she stated that the ro…
one of the reasons I fell in love with and love y'all so much# Cookie Lyon
"you are the love of my life, that's why I'm fighting so hard to get you back." ~ Cookie Lyon
Midway Season 2.Totally sucked into the world of Lucious and Cookie Lyon. Getting caught up before Sept. 27. — watching Empire
I rather have a cookie Lyon then have a Blac Chyna I just want something I can build an Empire with
you doing Cookie Lyon was the BEST acting in drag race history! was HILARIOUS!!! just saying (you're the best) 🧡🧡🧡
Cookie Lyon is me and I am her. Fin.
I would have honestly gone cookie Lyon on him like boy you going to stand over here and take the p…
Yes if she has the traits of Cookie Lyon.
So red not blue sidewalk cookie muffin Lyon? Dead uzi yesterday you me and pop lock drop it? Rice ?
Queen Cookie Lyon all hail the queen
4. Words can't describe how much i enjoy watching this show!. -DOPE MUSIC. -Cookie Lyon. -The Lyons. -Cookie Lyon. -COOKI…
I need empire to start again so I can channel my inner Cookie Lyon
Ugh, there really is no woman on television who's badder than Cookie Lyon. Love that!
Just got a dm to help someone with their music career .. what I look like? Cookie Lyon? Lol lol
Then again, Cookie Lyon was also a sacrificial lamb too
I'm a Lyon you're my cookie in this empire !
People dead take me for Boo Boo the Fool like I'm not Cookie Lyon
Cookie lyon is my favorite woman ever
I don't know how I went this long without Cookie Lyon in my life.
My role models for self-esteem are Lil Kim, Trina, Cookie Lyon, Miss Piggy, and Patti Smith. Now to just put lessons into practice..
I have realized I need a Cookie Lyon to advocate for, believe in, and banish haters for me. Sigh.
These streets weren't made for everyone that's why they made sidewalks -Cookie Lyon
I was gonna say go all Cookie Lyon. But dat might be raciss (says the black girl)
Yeah know who would've made a great Cookie Lyon? Tami Roman
Stephanie is the white version of cookie Lyon
are you talking about cookie Lyon or me?
You really think the writer's would send Tasha to jail? She's tough but she's no Cookie Lyon. Lol.
Hm! My definition of aspirational (for a kitchen sink drama) has a little more texture. I'm talking Cookie Lyon, no…
"My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business" . - Cookie Lyon (Empire)
The best Pr in new york is aka the real cookie lyon .
Cookie ain't playin'. Join us for the return of on September 27 at 8/7c.
I just love Cookie Lyon and at brings the character to life like no other actress could can't wait for return
Cookie Lyon will give you a fight to remember. ✋🏾 returns September 27 at a new time of 8/7c!
...home and just cried for ten min bc I was eating a cookie and dropped it and I keep laughing/crying and michael is very confused/concerned
I watch shows with these strong,tenacious, outspoken females like Tasha Mac & Cookie Lyon and they don't got nothing on my mama❤️
I watched her on the Food Network Star and she nailed the Cookie Lyon shtick. It was super gross.
Taraji P. Henson wins Golden Globe for her role as Cookie Lyon...
I'd rather your baby be Miranda Priestly or Claire Huxtable, *** even Cookie Lyon
Cookie Lyon would totally approve of Taraji P. Henson's style
if that would've rhymed them would've been bars!lol. Patti Vs Dori [Hosted by Cookie Lyon] lol
My goal in life is to be a cross between Cookie Lyon and Mary Berry.
I've been playing Pokémon longer than Cookie Lyon's been in prison!
Jamal Lyon is awesome. The best character is obviously.Cookie. . "Can you play the tambourine?"
That queen was in my face doing an entire Cookie Lyon routine. I was never ready
Okes don't know you had you're own "Cookie" Lyon even before Empire thought of her 😂😂😂😂
Jessica Huang and Cookie Lyon need to meet up and compare parenting notes X
Peak Primetime White Mama and Peak Primetime Black Mama is pretty much encapsulated by Lorelai Gilmore vs Cookie Lyon.
In which I channel Cookie Lyon in at Chrismukkah in July event
Congrats to on her nomination for her role as Cookie Lyon on season 3 soon come!
nabs via You cannot deny Lyon. When the…
Cookie Lyon Quotes wrote: "The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles."�� ��
11 - Cookie Lyon . - hilarious and fierce . - don't mess with her . - a generous mother and a loving woman
"The streets aint meant for everybody, that's why they created side walks" -Cookie Lyon
They are crazy. I just wanted them to stop saying that it's because of KW that Cookie Lyon is. Taraji is not some newcomer lol
I don't need to be Educated on her at all. I said what I said. Without Kerry/Olivia there would be no Cookie Lyon.
Congrats♥️ seals it for me if you not on Empire I won't watch it there isn't noone who can be Cookie Lyon but you.
Emmy Nominees; Taraji P Henson who plays the role of Cookie Lyon is nominated for outstanding…
Congratulation for your Emmy Nomination!! So well deserved. Your interpretation of Cookie Lyon is BRILLIANT! All the best ❤️
Congrats on your nom! Here are 15 times Cookie Lyon told it like it is
Arya Stark.. Cercei Lanister.. Dragon Queen Cookie Lyon going for the same Award?
billboard news: Taraji P. Henson, Audra McDonald Nab Emmy Nominations: You cannot deny Cookie Lyon. When the ...
You cannot deny Cookie Lyon. When the nominations were announced on Thursday morning (July 14) for the 68th E...
bc Kerry is being dismissed solely bc of misogynoir and bc of favouritism critics have for the Cookie Lyon character
Never gets old:. "Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon . Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel and Krystal "
I want to grow up to be a perfect combination of Cookie Lyon and Tami Taylor and idk how that will work but that is what I want.
Cookie Lyon out in South Africa! My god my country is honored Miss and a huge s/o to you for dropping in the South. ☺
Luscious and Cookie Lyon are in South Africa . Empire South Africa coming soon lol
You gotta appreciate the dedication to character on when Cookie Lyon is wearing gloves with gold claws on the fingertips 😂
I liked a video Taraji P. Henson's Audition for Cookie Lyon
I need more female characters like Cookie Lyon, Felicity Smoak, Joan Watson and Lyla Michaels on tv, for real.
Turns Out Taraji P. Henson Had to Beat James Corden for the Role of Cookie Lyon
Before there was ever a&Bradshaw or Cookie Lyon, one of our first TV style crushes was Denise Huxtable from "The Cosby Show"
Vivica A. Fox will appear as Cookie Lyon's sister on 'Empire' this week, here's a sneak peek https…
Taraji P. Henson talks about Cookie Lyon and Lucious Lyon getting back together on EMPIRE
And Michael Strahan know *** well he was Sheree Whitfield and not Cookie Lyon
Aaron Hotchner is a Way cooler character than Cookie Lyon will ever be lol
Cookie Lyon is a more ghetto Tasha Mack
Annalise Keating, Olivia Pope, Cookie Lyon, Mary Jane... All created/produced by US for ALL. 'Splain that, Matt Damon...
decorating lesson by Cookie Lyon. Don't meow-rawr. The more leopard print the better. More
Cookie Lyon, portrayed by has become fashion's favorite TV character [sub]:
Taraji P. Henson smacks some Cookie Lyon into Taran Killam in 'SNL' promo
Klaus,Barry,Mike Ross, Jamal Lyon, Cookie Lyon,Daemon,Oliver Queen,JimGordon, Annalise Keating . All bad *** actors in the best of series
it's time for Cookie Lyon to put Ms. Boo Boo Kitty in her place .
I know that I want to go as Cookie Lyon for Halloween... but which Cookie Lyon do I choose?
If you haven’t heard the news, Academy Award-nominated director Lee Daniels is bringing his motion picture talents to the small screen with Fox’s new drama, Empire. Reuniting Academy Award-nominated actors Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson (Hustle & Flow) as Lucious and Cookie Lyon, the s...
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