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Cook County Jail

The Cook County Jail, located on in Cook County, Illinois, is the largest jail in the United States of America housing approximately 9,800 men and women.

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Shocking, a violent parolee violently kills a girl. Should have still been in jail. Cook county, stop l…
Really! My dad got upset having to collect 17 yo me from Cook County Jail in Chicago. I was the spee…
Visiting hours are in just a week for cook county jail. to purchase tix by june 11 to save
Vlive security clearly was trained by the TSA, Cook County Jail Sheriffs, and old Catholic school teachers.
Then, be sure the read feature article about Cook County Jail here
Absolutely disgusting I hope he cannot make bail let him act like that in Cook county Jail. The punk will see who t…
Keep socks on when you are cook county jail searched at these airports...and that facility full of germs called a...
Cook county jail? Fun place to be when you call somebody a slave and cold *** him. Bologna sandwich and a beating
This *** will have fun in Cook Cook County Jail.
To reduce recidivism rates, Cook County Jail invests in people.
Tocco owner Bruno Abate at Cook County Jail with reporter full story -->…
'60 Minutes' Looks at Sheriff Tom Dart and the Cook County Jail . Read Blog:
Sheriff Tom Dart on the Cook County Jail on inmates with serious mental health issues:
Bruno Abate talks to inmates at Cook County Jail in a piece full story -->
In April, we posted $3,000 to free Sherrif from Cook County Jail & get him home for the birth of his child.…
Sheriff Tom Dart says Cook County Jail, with a population of about 7,500, has become a dumping ground for the...
Count-down to Cook County Jail story-- including piece on RFC--scheduled to air this Sunday May 21!
Inmates can now have pizza delivered to their cells at Cook County Jail
Oh. Someone just tried to call me from Cook County Jail. . Okay, which one of you did something dumb today?
Lavette spent 571 days at Cook County Jail, we helped post her bond. Hear her story on https…
This is so crazy. So, folks in Cook County Jail; presumed innocent, are locked down on Mother's Day so COs can have the…
If the lawsuits are frivolous, why spend the money? And if they’re not, can jail officials solve the problems...
Listen to what is going on at the Cook County jail. Rats roam the court and jail area last night as myself and...
And I am sure they can't be fired. But if we did that in private sector we would be. via
Fox News. Hundreds of Chicago jail guards call out sick on Mother's DayFox NewsA Cook County Sheriff's…
Absent workers force Cook County jail to go on lockdown via
Cook County Jail placed on lockdown due to absent workers
More than 200 correctional officers at Chicago's Cook County jail call out of work for Mother's Day.
200 Cook County Jail officers call in sick on Mother's Day..Liberals have lost control in Chicago . v…
Emad Karakrah,ringleader of narco-terror operation, FBI facilitated his release from Cook County Jail
In March, we posted bond to free Ivan from Cook County Jail. Read his story here:
With your support, we freed 45 people from Cook County Jail. Help free more people in 2017: https:…
The eight detainees that lit their uniforms on fire last month at the Cook County Jail have been charged.
Join me in my installed startup oil painting presentation projecting to gain funding to bail men from Cook County Jail. May…
I found what this video is from. An attack on staff at Cook County Jail. Officers got out.
Oh yeah I forgot that D Rose has the IQ and the personality of a Cook County Jail baloney sandwich
Fight breaks out at Cook County Jail between inmates, officers
i was living only about 5 miles away when they executed John Wayne Gacy at the Cook County Jail in Joilet,IL
Last month, we posted bond to free Michael from Cook County Jail & return him to his family. Read his story:…
This truly happens all the time in Cook County Jail. The men love throwing their bowel movements at C.O.'s it's dis…
Kevin Gates intake photo (mugshot) after he arrived at Cook County Jail this morning.
Kevin Gates mugshot at Cook County Jail today. He is expected to post bail soon.
WGN Investigates: Overexposure leads to inmate uprising at the Cook County Jail. Here's my report:
📷 Electric chair installed at Cook County Jail on Aug. 9, 1927. The chair was made by inmates.
Still radical at 75, Bernardine Dohrn says turn Cook County Jail into park
Bernardine Dohrn says bulldoze Cook County Jail & turn it into a park, we couldn't agree more
Chicago man who beat murder case killed minutes after leaving Cook County jail:
Suspect beats murder charge, but is gunned down minutes after leaving the Cook County Jail.
Soon after leaving jail, man who beat murder rap fatally shot...
Man beats murder charge, only to be gunned down after leaving Cook County Jail...
Chicago is 50% of the Cook County population but over 80% of the jail population. 86% are black and brown.…
What happened to a woman who went to visit a loved one at Cook County Jail?
Hmmph. Folks wanna know where the biggest mental health facility in the country is located? Cook county Jail in C…
The explains why this move by Cook County State’s Attorney by Kim Foxx is important.
If they did 60 Days In in Cook County Jail that would go crazy lmfao.
A&E has to do a 60 days in Cook County Jail eventually!
While I am proud of the work my foundation has done thus far, it is time for impactful, big picture
Better for public safety to jail the dangerous than the poor, says Cook County State's Attorney.
Former Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson is pushing bail reform with new TV ads.
Morning Spin: Willie Wilson pushes bail reform with new TV ad
At Cook County Jail, a new program to release nonviolent offenders that committed a misdemeanor offense. Misdemeano…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And now the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail in their rendition of 'The Cell Block Tango'.
A Cook County Jail inmate got 4 years in prison for an attempted armed robbery. Then he was accidentally set free…
Man charged with killing an 11 year old girl in Chicago was attacked in Cook County Jail before bond court:
What do Abraham Lincoln, Mary Baker Eddy, and a chaplain at Cook County Jail have in common?
Mitchell says about 62 percent of people in Cook County Jail can’t afford to pay their money bond.
We must "Fight the good fight with all thy might!"
that Arne posts this when he's doing a white savior act at Cook County Jail is pretty rich. white people demand their photo ops!
They gone beat his *** in Jail, especially if he in Cook County lmao
Cook county jail numbers are astounding. It's the biggest mental health system in county.
More than 200 Cook County Jail COs call in sick on Super Bowl Sunday
Called Cook County Sheriffs today, I didn't get a chance to ask them about there 6 merry murderesses they have in jail.
Help now being offered to some former Cook County Jail detainees who have health issues.
I can't get cocky. I spent too many nights in them cook county jail cells to be cocky
Trump blames illegal immigrant gang members for Chicago crime. Perhaps a visit to Cook County Jail would enlighten him. wing again! So sad!!
stealing grimey game banging going on like ccdoc Cook County Jail
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I just donated to annual fundraiser! Help them raise $$$ to free people from Cook County Jail:
An opinion piece on a Cook County judge giving 10 days in jail to the guy who crushed a cyclist while driving drunk
Investigation of illegal voting in California and Cook County Illinois helps change the map in the next election-jail time!
Cook County Jail Guards call in sick on Super Bowl Sunday: 19% percent of the staff
Stand up for women! Let's get on Cook County jail today and tell them what animals they are for forcing a woman to give birth in her cell.
An annual tradition at Cook County Jail. 240 guards call in "sick" before the .
Cook County Jail braces for blitz of "sick calls" during Super Bowl ...
5th guilty plea in sub sandwich pot smuggling scheme at Cook County Jail
On Christmas Eve we posted $5,000 to free Andre from Cook County Jail, read his story:
Video just released of fight earlier today at Cook County Jail where 5 inmates were stabbed
Jimmie Smith, 41, an inmate at the Cook County Jail in Illinois for the last 7 years, and a self…
This week, donate $50 or more to free people from Cook County Jail & you could win a free print by
We are less than $6,000 away from having raised $60k to free people from Cook County Jail!!! Help us reach our goal…
Check it out: "Down in the Trumps", a mixtape benefiting us! Get some tunes & help free people from Cook County Jail. https…
"Thousands in 'indefinite detention' in Cook County Jail because they can't afford bond": https:/…
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Recapping my visit with the inmates in Chicago's Cook County Jail. Powerful Experience.
Chicago's Cook County Jail houses more mentally ill people than any mental institution in the US: h…
Check out this new film on our work: . Donate & help free more people from Cook County Jail: https…
Our revolving fund has freed over 45 people from Cook County Jail! Donate & help us free even more people in 2017! https:/…
A year ago today we posted our first bond, since then we've helped free 47 people from Cook County Jail!. DONATE:https…
I just donated to Help them raise $40,000 to free people from Cook County Jail:
Cook County Jail is not safe if you are a Whitey.
Current life goal: 7th merry murderess of Cook County Jail
Many families with loved ones trapped in Cook County Jail this holiday. Please donate to help to free them
Minorities account for 93% of inmates waiting more than two years for a trial while in Cook County Jail. .
B.B. King performs for the inmates of Cook County Jail, Chicago, Sept. 10, 1970. The show was recorded and released…
Most people incarcerated at Cook County Jail haven't been convicted of a crime & are only in jail because they can't affor…
Under federal investigation and still able to run for president! should go to Cook County Jail and select a random!
Someone yelled, "Free Bananas," at the Cook County Jail the other day and look!
9 injured during fight at Cook County Jail in Chicago
Multiple injuries reported at Chicago's Cook County Jail: CHICAGO — At least eight inmates and one correction...
Update: 8 detainees and 1 correctional officer hospitalized, some with stab wounds, after fights at Cook County Jai…
B B King Live at County Cook Jail. Bluesy and simple. Enjoyed it. Good jeering at the authorities at the beginning. Not Johnny Cash though
From the Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 editor's desk: 9 stabbed in riot in Chicago's Cook County Jail
I am receiving word of a large disturbance at the Cook County Jail right now with injuries.
8 inmates and two guards stabbed or otherwise injured in cook county jail. Also, many in jail for inability to pay relatively small bonds
2 transported from Cook County Jail to hospital: Officials
At least eight detainees and one guard were stabbed at Cook County Jail tonight
Chicago Fire Dept: Correctional officer, 8 detainees stabbed at the Cook County Jail -
Cubs caused a riot at Cook County jail.
Multiple injuries reported at Chicago jail: The injured inmates were taken to the hospital with stab wounds t...
Multiple injuries reported at Chicago jail
Multiple injuries reported at Chicago jail:
Here's what inmates in Cook County Jail said about how guns get into Chicago
First heard this in Cook County Jail after I came off a two week hunger strike- Wicked Game by Emika on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Dr. Willie Wilson to bail out Cook County Jail detainees who are poor - Gary/Chicago Crusa…
Do you know who's in Cook County Jail? Did you know most ppl are there b/c they can't afford bond? https:/…
Paraplegic inmate at Cook County Jail wins claim over lack of wheelchair-accessible toilets
BREAKING: Sheriff Dept. officials say there is a hostage situation at Cook County Jail...
Cook County Jail guard charged in inmate beating captured on surveillance cameras
Sheriff: Detainees take over tier of Cook County Jail
Update: 1 hurt when detainees take over Cook County Jail housing tier
(Chicago Tribune) situation at County Jail resolved : A standoff and..
Inmates seize top level, take hostage at Cook County Jail.
Hostage situation at Cook County Jail resolved; 2 inmates had taken over housing area
Inmates have 'sharp object' and tore down security cameras. No reported injuries currently
Inmates seize top level, take hostage at http…
Chicago firefighters at scene of standoff at Cook County, Ill., jail
2 Cook County, Ill., jail detainees have taken someone hostage inside maximum security division of jail, of...
Inmates are holding a man hostage at Cook County Jail in Chicago.
Inmates covered floor with soapy water,ripped out security cameras before taking another inmate hostage at Cook County,Ill., jail
UPDATE: The takeover, hostage situation at Cook County Jail has been resolved, officials say https:…
Cook County Jail inmates take over housing area, hold hostage # inmates in a maximum ...
BREAKING: Inmates Seize Cook County Jail, Take Hostages. - whose lives matter in that jail?
From 6 year old dancing gogo girls to the murder mistresses of the Cook County Jail 😉❤️😘
His address will be Cook County Jail or something similar before long.
"[B]y some counts, Chicago’s Cook County Jail is the largest mental health care provider in America."
3 inmates, 1 guard taken to hospitals after Cook County Jail fight
Three inmates stabbed with 'writing instrument' during melee at Cook County Jail
Cook County Sheriff Deputy and three detainees injured in fight at Cook County Jail: Three inmates and a jail...
Performed a piece related to work addressing how Cook County Jail affects the Chi community htt…
More than 300 Cook County Jail employees called in sick during Game 7 of the NBA Finals
The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has released video showing and inmate attacking guards at Cook County Jail.
Cook County Jail is the countries largest mental health facility. Ask Tom Dart. She doesn't want to go there.
Cook County Jail on lockdown due to staff shortage
Electronic Device Insurance
Cook County Jail in Chicago was placed on lockdown Sunday morning on Father's Day, after hundreds of staff...
A lengthy interview with Sheriff on Chicago, Cook County Jail, and his political ambition (via
BB king made me want to play the blues with "The thrill is gone" on "Live in Cook County Jail"
I grew up on the south side of Chicago and my school took yearly trips to Cook County Jail to scare at risk youth away from gangs
Cook county needs more people in jail.
There will be marching to the Cook County Jail in a few hours to highlight school2Prison pipeline
Kids who end up in juvenile jail have high rates of drug dependency: - Chicago Tribune
here are some pics from my partner who marched with his school & Enlace to Cook County Jail https…
on Instagram: “Hundreds outside Cook County jail to say...
Protesters arriving to Cook County Jail, speaking out against school to prison pipeline
.speaks rally; says budget is in jeopardy but budget for Cook County Jail is secure.
- B.B. King's Live in Cook County Jail reminds me what I love about music.
Powerful rally at cook county jail. Fund education not incarceration!
VIDEO: solidarity actions take over the street outside Cook County Jail.
'Hey, hey. *** *** Rahm Emanuel's got to go,' protesters chant outside Cook County Jail
Pilsen and Little Village teachers rally around the Cook County Jail https:…
Sheriff Tom Dart, Cook County Jail, Chicago, up for a 'Spirit of Safer Award' at the Safer Foundation Spring Gala
Changing hearts and minds through the power of art therapy
Currently the largest mental health hospital in Illinois is not a hospital, it’s Cook County Jail.
They all need to spend 12 hours in Cook County Jail for booking and release,then this nonsense will stop.
Now I want to go listen to live from Cook County Jail.
Live in Cook County Jail from B.B. King will forever live as one of the best. May have to listen again tonight after this.
A total of 128 workers reported ill to Cook County Jail on Super Bowl Sunday – about a third more than a typical day of sick calls, NBC5
Photography class for Illinois county jail inmates develops passion for art.
.cooking program at Cook County Jail run by chef, wins award
I had to miss today I cook at he county jail and volunteered to make specil lunch today to make there day better
What is really going on the the Cook County Jail?? Max has too many beds with increase in violent crimes??
Professionally proud again this week.
No on wants to go to jail but photographer Chris Jacobs did and it may change some lives through the power of art.
Cook County Jail aims to help inmates with civilian version of PTSD:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Jail inmates target female guards, lawyers with sexual abuse -
Do they serve birthday cake at Cook County Jail?
If B B King's voice in Live in Cook County Jail doesn't make your hair stand on end.
"we have tried in vain to reach the conscience of responsible negroes" inmates at to MLK, 1967
new to me: letter from inmates of to Martin Luther King, Jr. 1967
Fawz Mirza added to this event, reading the words of Clarence Darrow to prisoners at the Cook County Jail in 1902.
Stan on wishes they had Live in Cook County Jail by B.B. King
Mom why is daddy's letter to me says he lives in Cook County Jail?
Jail inmates develop passion for art by rickkogan cc: JudgeWr…
Jail inmates develop passion for art by cc: &
Cook County Jail inmates focus on photography, finding passion for art. via
Look at that! We've always known that photography can feed your soul, but this takes it to a whole new level:
Beautiful piece in about the power of in treatment in the justice system http…
Gorgeous story by in the Tribune about Cook County prisoners creating a photography exhibition
Photography class for Cook County Jail inmates develops passion for art
Cook County Jail? Um...yeah. The Southside Gangbangers know just what to do with a cowboy
Smart *** To be fair Ammon should be transferred to an impartial location like Cook County Jail.
Cook County Jail isolates detainees because of flu-like symptoms:
70 jail inmates isolated by flu outbreak: About 70 detainees at the Cook County jail are being isolated or are...
Cook County Jail detainees isolated due to flu-like symptoms: Three living units at the Cook County…
I've ordered 3 Cook County Jail living tiers on isolation after some inmates showed flu-like symptoms. Follow for developing info.
Three residence units at Cook County Jail under isolation and 4th under surveillance after detainees show flu-like symptoms.
3 living tiers at Cook County Jail are under isolation after detainees showed flu-like symptoms.
Do you know the 6 merry murderesses of the cook county. jail? Come meet them on the 16th April, Ulster Hall. West... ht…
Great stuff with on His mental health unit in Cook County jail is 120% full.
hey anyway I can get ahold of a blueprint of Cook County Jail? thinking of getting it tattooed. let me know please
See our series on how the city's frayed safety net creates a pipeline to Cook County Jail, esp for POC:
Cook County Sheriff says cuts to mental health services in IL will have a direct effect on his jail.
Cook County Jail continues to operate as normal in these extreme cold conditions, thanks to the hard work and dedication of ou…
93% of inmates at Cook County Jail over Christmas are awaiting trial and have not been convicted
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thank you for the incredible honor. 12k people now insured after starting an app in Cook County Jail!
Please keep supporting more moms and their kids at Cook County Jail and more:
Cook County Jail tortures inmates with 'Culture of brutality' - charged in lawsuit via
Disabled wheelchair bound inmate at Cook County Jail tortured with medical neglect via
Suit: Cook County Jail inmate blinded by not getting medication
Suit: County blinded by not getting medication - Oct 10 @ 5:59 PM ET
Had a great time at the Cook County Jail last night with tinagirl416 ninjacat3000 and
Another person held in jail because of lost paperwork in a digital age. These needless events ruin lives.
Ys got 9 days until his bday and his bday gift is a transfer to cook county jail 😭😭😭
Cook County jail inmates recommend Indiana as a convenient source of guns for gangs.
These are the basic rights being thrown out the door by inefficiency, outdated methods.
that every day, there are ~400 ppl in Cook County Jail only because they can't pay $500 or less in bond? htt…
Suit: Man held at County for more than 3 after charges dropped - Oct 8 @ 11:22 PM ET
Suit: Man held at Cook County Jail for more than 3 weeks after charges dropped
.on pathbreaking reforms at Cook County Jail. Look 4 their author, Sheriff Tom Dart,
We're integrating technological best practices at Cook County Jail to better serve our constituents and staff
We're hiring for correctional officers in Cook County Jail. If interested, follow this link
can not disagree there. Saw a doc about Cook County Jail, not prison, Jail. Where ppl with serious mental health issues were stuck
Chicago Reader - Judge says you should be able to 'read all about it' in Cook County Jail
[Daily Herald] - Cook County Jail guard convicted in attack on inmate
America's largest mental-health facility is a jail—a look behind the scenes of Cook County Jail
Some of your farmer's market food is grown by Cook County Jail inmates:
Some of Your Farmer's Market Food is Grown by Cook County Jail Inmates: A Cook County Jail program aims to grow…
Introducing psychologist Nneka Jones Tapia, my choice as the new exec director of Cook County Jail
offering vital perspective on the running of the Cook County Jail (and its long history that matters)
Our new Governor would rather pass care& costs on to Cook County Jail than fund community mental health care:
Rauner wants $82 million in mental health cuts. Who will pick up the slack? Cook county jail.
Chef teaches men at how to cook, how to live
And it's crazy how many dudes are transferred daily to the cook county jail because of domestics
Ended week with visiting 2 inmates @ the residential treatment unit @ Cook County Jail. Busy week. Glad for the weekend!
I shot this story about life inside the Cook County Jail. -
Slow night at Cook County Jail. 'Only' 19% of new arrests have identified mental illness. Usually more like 30%.
Why would Feds allow the release of bomb plotter and avowed ISIS supporter?
Should I just ring cook county jail like GDAY MATE HOWS IT GARN I got a quandary
More people with mental illness are in Chicago's Cook County Jail than in any psychiatric hospital in this country.
I'm not gonna cry on a pay-phone in the middle of Cook County Jail!
Told the Cook County jail scene was set in the early 90s when the inmates wore different colors. The pr…
Commissioner Fritchey, wondering if you saw my story today on kids stuck in the Cook County JTDC
I have to head to Cook County Jail in a few minutes. I HATE that place.HATE IT. Ppl I know have asked to be sent to prison instead of there
member and prof Matthew Epperson quoted in this ChicagoTribune piece on Cook County Jail
Over the past 3 years kids spent an extra 7,300 days in Cook County juvenile jail waiting for DCFS to place them.
Almost $4 million spent in three years to house Illinois kids in Cook County Jail.
Illinois’ child welfare system leaves kids stuck in jail: There’s a kid in the Cook County juvenile jail right now…
It's past time to start giving people mental health treatment instead of just locking them up in Cook County Jail.
COOK: Comal County for a Jail Cook at the County Jail. Apply online at must have HS Diploma/GED with 2 years exp.
"If you look at the Cook County jail many might ask 'Where is the prison for white people?'" - mayoral candidate William Dock …
Terror Bomb Plotter Released from Cook County Jail by the - Judicial Watch -
I think Cook County Jail got its best known visitor.
Inmate killed in Cook County Jail should never have been locked up there
"Officials estimate almost a third of the inmates [in Cook County jail] might have a diagnosed mental disorder."
Inmate killed in Cook County Jail shouldn't have been locked up there
Four divisions of the Cook County Jail are under quarantine after 36 inmates came down with a stomach virus.
Mentally ill inmate killed in crowded Cook County Jail wasn't supposed to be held there
Cook County Jail is on lock down after - Sheriff explains on
Sheriff Dart ordered Cook County Jail on lockdown until further notice due to a labor shortage. 36% of staff didn't report to work.
Blizzard puts Cook County Jail on lockdown Monday - 36 % of staff don't show up in past 24 hrs, sheriff says.
Lockdown ordered at Cook County Jail due to a labor shortage. Sheriff says 36% of staff did not show up in last 24 hours.
Shorty ON empire coming out that Cook County Jail like... I KNOW THAT Feeling.
Joining us Thursday January 8, 2015 will be the esteem Brothas of Families and Prisoners United, Fahmi Islam Jones Levie Jackson and Andre Lil-Fella Thomas. We will be discussing FPU, it's program and how to get involved! As well, we will be rallying for organizers to join Us in February at the Cook County Jail, as Families and Prisoners United, P.O.P.S Movement, Chicago Save the Kids and others will rally for justice from police brutality and combating the horizontal violence that plauges our communities! joining Us will be Sista IAm OttaHere of The Ella Baker Freedom School, as we talk of the upcoming January 15th 3rd Annual Dr King March and Rally for Justice and Peace, the Freedom school and what to expect in 2015!
Today at Cook County Jail intake, 42% of pre-bond detainees self-identified as mentally ill. 41% of men, 50% of women.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
He's in medium security now, so it was a contact visit. Very different from our last visit at Cook County Jail division 9 / supermax.
Photo: Merry Xmas from the filthy animals (at Cook County Jail)
Only 11% to go! Can we get him out tomorrow and home for Christmas? Help Free Derrick from Cook County Jail!
Nice feature on and his garden work with Cook County Jail in
BUSTED. Martell White, 25, of the 15000 block of Madison Ave., Dolton; Charles Campbell, 27, of the 1500 block of North Loral Ave., Chicago; and Derrick Glasper, 27, of the 1000 block of North 23rd Ave., Bellwood, are all charged with three counts of Class-X Armed Robbery. The charges stem from the October 28 armed robbery of the Payday Loan Store in the 900 block of East New York St.; and the October 30 armed robberies of the Auto Zone in the 1000 block of East Galena Blvd., and Marathon Gas Station in the 1700 block of North Farnsworth Ave. Undisclosed amounts of cash were taken from all three businesses. The three men are currently in the Cook County Jail on unrelated charges. In the three Aurora robberies, the victims had their wrists bound by zip ties allegedly used by the three suspects after they demanded money at gunpoint during the course of the crimes. Charging documents indicate that police established the trio as suspects after a fingerprint was lifted from a zip tie used in the Marathon robbe ...
A Cook County public defender was injured yesterday after being struck by an inmate at the Cook County Jail.
At the Cook County Jail and Courthouse-action against mass incarceration! Going on right now
I just returned home after attending a Christmas celebration at the women’s division of Cook County Jail. After being out for over 4 years, I was finally approved to enter one of Illinois’ penal institutions, and I must say, the wait was worth it. As a member of TUCC’s Prison Ministry, which holds services at several Illinois prisons, as well as institutions in Indiana and Wisconsin, I have longed to visit and minister to the prisoners. Today, I was allowed to go in. In a small, packed room, we conducted a service for approx. 80 prisoners. The evening was highlighted by the Word being delivered by Pastor Moss. In the way he usually does, he left the ladies gasping for more. His sermon was about Samson and Delilah, and even though I had heard him deliver it before, I got much more out of it this time. It had a lot to do with the group he was preaching to, and the way they responded. Rev. Moss informed the ladies that Samson did more with his life “after” he lost his strength. It was “after he w ...
CHICAGO: Tomorrow 2:45pm @ 24th & California. Action @ Cook County Jail.. Be there. Stand with your people.
CHICAGO: Tomorrow 2:45, 24th and California. Action @ Cook County Jail.. Hope to see all of yall out there
+Cupich will spend Christmas Day with inmates in Cook County Jail
By Katherine Mirani // Oct. 27, 2014 Maria Gaspar is founder of the 96 Acres project, which explores the impact of the Cook County Jail on Chicago through art. [Photo by William Camargo] Maria Gaspar’s mother was a clown, and Gaspar would go with her when she performed at house parties. But being a…
Amazing continues to be Art sparks dialogue about Cook County Jail | The Chicago Reporter:
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