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Cook County Board

The Cook County Board of Commissioners is a legislative body made up of 17 commissioners who are elected by district for four year terms.

Toni Preckwinkle Cook County Board President President Ronald Reagan Cook County Commissioner Cook County Jail Jesse Jackson Jr

Taxpayers, Cook County officials know you’re watching them closely. Keep up the pressure.
Cook County Board prexy loses more key allies; soda tax could be rescinded in vote on Tues.
How about cleaning house at the larded Cook County before increasing taxes? For what, to pay for an…
Lobbyists against a in Cook County, say they will appeal to State legislators for
Soph. Bushra Amiwala is still racing for a seat on the Cook County board of comissioners, but she won't be bought.
Cook County board is a bunch lying money grabbing bustards. They got busted and embarrasse…
The repeal of the Cook County soda tax actually gets voted on twice - the Finance Committee on Tuesday, and full Co…
About time. Never in my life have I been as angry at the arrogant, self-serving SOB’s of the Cook County Board as…
Cook County "Pop Tax" is dead! The level of hatred toward this tax is stunning. Board President Toni...
It's about freaking time. Maybe the cook county board will stop being a welfare place of employment an…
What is the Cook County sweetened beverage tax actually paying for?
The Cook County soda pop tax is headed to repeal — with enough votes to withstand any veto by Board President Toni…
▶Suburban Mayors to Cook County Board: Repeal the Beverage Tax. “This is an easy decision.”
Cook County Board of Review outreach event for filing of property tax appeals on October 11
Is Preckwinkle's soda tax paying for essential needs — or covering egregiously generous raises for county workers?…
Cook County Board the next time you go to your favorite drugstore food store look at the candy that they have on display for Halloween
How long has John Daley been embedded in the Cook County Board? Since he was old enough to vote?
Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak will be presenting a Property Tax Appeal Seminar TONIGHT,...
Mulling over the SWT -- sweetened beverage tax -- which may be doomed at the Cook County Board meeting next week.
.to Cook County Board members who voted for the “How dumb do you think voters are?”.
Toni Preckwinkle wants a third term as Cook County Board President, but not the mayor's office
Berrios digs in during Cook County Board hearing on property assessments
"Bushra Amiwala, an upcoming sophomore at DePaul University, is running for a Cook County Board seat.".
Residents of North Lawndale and the Cook County Board are mourning the loss of one of their own:…
Muslim teen from Skokie to run for Cook County Board seat.
in Chicago, Illinois how to fix cases: Cook County Board of Ethics69 W. Washington St. St...
President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners would suffice.
Voter turnout in suburban Cook County on April 4th: 18%; in the D200 High School Board race: 31%. Details & data:…
A record number of Chicago homeowners appealed their property taxes last year, and understandbly so.
Prudential Security is proud of its members of the Executive Protection Division, at this years Jefferson Awards wi…
& celebrated after their groundbreaking ceremony at our studio! On hand Cook County Board Co…
Thank you to the Davidson County Board of Commissioners for supporting the Deputy Todd Cook Bridge! Great work
A record numbers of residents appealed their last year! Let us help you in 2017!.
A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners Cook County, Illinois honoring 5 years of Chi Hack Hack Night. Thank you…
Daviess County CEO Class having lunch with the Chairman of the Board of Cook Group Incorporated, Steve Ferguson.…
Cook County Board President doesn't want people in jail and her lackey is the S…
Cook County Board to vote on proposed sugary beverages tax
BREAKING: Cook County Board votes in favor of
passed at Cook County Board! Now nearly 1M workers in metro area will be able to earn. Congrats
Cook County Board votes to require that employers give workers paid sick time, bringing suburbs in line with Chicago
Just attended fundraising event for the honorable Marty Stack, who is running for Cook County Board of Review.
Don't miss this forum with Larry R Rogers Jr, Cook County Board of Review Commissioner. Proviso Township presents...
Jesus Chuy Garcia, member of Cook County Board of Commissioners & former mayoral candidate spoke out against Trump.
Cook County Board referendum stirs city's racial politics
Cook County Board knuckles under to private equity pressure for privatization schemes which result in transfer of wealth.
When city workers don't show up, you pay.
Chicago loses up to $10 million annually from employee absenteeism.
TBT finds Board Member Jim Healy with Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle under the photo of Daniel...
the Chicago board of elections audit of the cook county polls may disagree.
.wants to cut $10K from county board pay and put it toward
We would like to thank Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle for stopping by our
Redevelopment of old Cook County Hospital site to be topic of special Cook County Board Finance Committee Meeti...
Almost just spilled coffee on Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.
County commissioner says Sen. Bakk used "intimidation" to make board act in his favor
Cook County Board to review mixed-use plan for Old County Hospital site
Help us congratulate CEO Jackie Taylor on receiving the Peggy A Montes Award from Cook County Board...
Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board of Comissioners: Reform the Department of Cook County Ani... via
Cook County Board votes on more "Toni Taxes" that opines will hurt convention trade
Join & - tell the Cook County Board to roll back the new sales tax hike!
If you live in one of these 10 Cook County school districts, you gotta see this: cc:
IB I-55: A stalled Cook County Prison Bus (prisoners on board) on the LaGrange Rd entrance ramp... No blockage, however, police on scene.
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Firehouse Arts Center students today with cook county board commissioner Bobbi Steele.
How does this affect us as consumers? An average…: puppys for sale Last week’s Cook County Board meeting was a...
New online system for filing property value appeals in Ill., gets most requests in US via
Always great to see our Cook County Board President Toni Prekwinkle at the Bud Billiken Day Parade.
In Chicago, $500,000 devoted to restorative justice hubs as alternatives to incarceration & strategy to stop violence
Call Me Auburn In Cook County, more ATVs allowed on parts of the Gunflint Trail: Cook County Board is... xo DADDY
Lincoln Report (Palos Park Republican in line for Cook County Board appointment)...
Cook County Board votes to raise sales tax to nation's highest, 10%. CC taxes on $499 grill will be $49.90 compared to $34.93 in Lake County
Congratulations Charles Levy, Clerk of Niles Township, elected Vice President of the Township Officials of Cook County Board of Directors
$ of Average Daily Population of in the JTDC annualized is $31.5M. Sen. Amendment 1
To put it in perspective, Cook County Board President is responsible for 7x more people than Alaska Governor Bill Walker.
Last week, the Cook County Board unanimously passed an ordinance that bans the purchase of sweatshop-produced goods.
Tonight: Join to discuss issues in Cook County LIVE on TV & online:
Tonight 7 pm on speaks with Cook County Board President Call in with your Qs!
Cook County Board of Commissioners John Fritchey calls into the Cliff Kelley Show. Tune in now as they talk about...
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Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, the member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners who forced a runoff with Chicago Mayor...
I've been a leader for reform on the Cook County Board, City Council, and the IL State Senate. It's time for change in …
Mon. 12/1 1030a new Installation Ceremony of President and Cook County Board. Watch live
Morton Grove: Unopposed, Suffredin looks to fourth term on Cook County Board
does any know who Joe Orr was ? I heard he might have been on some Cook County Board
Thank you also to and the Cook County Board of Commissioners for dedicating time to
Cook County Board sends assault weapons referendum to the ballot .
JUST IN: Days after a poll showed she could beat Rahm Emanuel, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says she will NOT run for mayor.
  It’s been less than two months since the Cook County Board passed the Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Act – the measure that banned the sale of puppy mill dogs and kitten mill cats in the county’s 13 pet stores. Next Tuesday, the power of that decision hangs in the balance as the cou…
Tim Schneider Elected ILGOP Chairman CHICAGO – This morning, the Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee voted unanimously to elect Tim Schneider to a four-year term as Chairman. Schneider succeeds Jack Dorgan, who was named Co-Chair of Bruce Rauner’s Finance Committee earlier this week. “Under Pat Quinn and the Democrats, Illinois is a corrupt, one-party state in desperate need of a change,” said Schneider. “We are going to work tirelessly between now and November to elect Republicans up and down the ticket to fix this mess, and fight for Republican values of smaller government, lower taxes, and less spending.” Schneider is a small-business owner from Bartlett, a former Trustee and Highway Commissioner for Hanover Township, and has represented the 15th District on the Cook County Board of Commissioners since 2007. Schneider promised to continue to expand the Republican Party in Illinois, both before and after Election Day, and to expose the Democrats’ waste and corruption at all l ...
By Illinois Review Image Source According to, Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley is $765,000 in debt. It is reported he has a college savings plan for his kids, and a pension from his service on the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Nothing too… …read more Source: Illinois Review
By IR CHICAGO – The Illinois Republican Party’s State Central Committee will meet Saturday in Springfield to elect the party chairman for the next four years. Chairman Jack Dorgan says he will not seek re-election, and endorses Cook County Board commissioner Tim… …read more Source: Illinois Review
EDITORIAL: When it comes to ethics, is the Cook County Board becoming a “free-floating apex”? As described in the 1969 book, “The Peter Principle,” a free-floating apex is someone with an important-sounding title, but no real authority. Two elected county officials apparently think the County Board…
Landmark Legislation is Passed in Cook County . . Wednesday, April 9, 2014 the Cook County Board of Commissioners... http:…
Today I attended my first Cook County Board meeting. I'm looking forward to serving the people of the 1st District.
Local 700 member Luis Arroyo, Jr. will soon transition from a motor truck driver for the City of Chicago to a democratic nominee for the Cook County Board of Commissioners. In the March 18 primary election, Arroyo, Jr. received more than 55 percent of the vote from his district. The recent victory w...
Looks like Cleveland, Cuyahoga County isn't the only one that puts crooks in office. What happens when you vote party instead of candidate, CHICAGO (Reuters) - In the Illinois primary elections on Tuesday, candidates on Chicago's Democratic ballot will include someone who served a prison term for bribery, another who is due to go on trial on bribery charges this spring and a third charged with bank fraud. "It's a terrible indictment" of the local political culture, said *** Simpson, a former Chicago alderman who teaches at University of Illinois at Chicago. "There is still a patronage-based political army on the West Side of Chicago." Political experts say all three candidates are either guaranteed victory or heavily favored to win. The candidates include Isaac "Ike" Carothers, a former Chicago alderman who was sentenced to 28 months for bribery and tax fraud, and is now running for commissioner of the Cook County Board. He was released from prison in late 2011. Derrick Smith, a state representative, was ...
We have been having a lot of fun at our phone banks here at DPOP. We have had visits from Sen. Don Harmon, Rep. Camille Y. Lilly, and Cook County Board candidate Blake Sercye. As election day approaches we are kicking off our GOTV phone banking: Sun: 2pm - 7pm Mon: 2pm - 7pm Tues: 10am - 4pm All phone banks will take place at our offices at 1243 Woodbine Ave in Oak Park, IL. If you have any questions, call (708) 386-0090 or e-mail dpopHope to see you there!
There are a lot of gullible Republicans out there, who believe that Illinois alleged Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner's alleged support of populist issues should make us forget about his lifetime of supporting Democrats. They point out that Rauner has been throwing money at Republicans and conservative groups in the past couple of years, since he's been thinking of running for governor. But don't forget: he has also donated a mint to Democrats to defeat Republicans. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars that we know of; probably much more than we know of, because a lot of states don't require detailed campaign contribution records. In 2006, Rauner donated to Democrat Forrest Claypool in the hope of defeating Republican Tony Peraica for the Cook County Board presidency. We don't know how much. But here's a number we do know. In 2002, solid conservative Republican Mike Fisher was running for governor of Pennsylvania. Bruce Rauner donated $300,000 to left-wing Democrat Ed Rendell so he could d ...
Antonin Josef Čermák was born May 9th, 1873 in Kladno, Bohemia. The Cermak family emigrated to America while Anton was an infant and originally settled in Pilsen. After a move to Braidwood, IL for work, the Cermak's moved back to Chicago to the Lawndale-Crawford neighborhood. Cermak was elected alderman in 1912 and president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners in 1922. He was elected mayor of Chicago in 1931. On February 15th, 1933, Cermak was in Miami, Florida shaking hands with President-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was shot through the lung by a bullet supposedly meant for the president by Italian immigrant Giuseppe Zangara. Cermak succumbed to his wounds on March 6th, 1933. Conspiracy theories ran rampant in Chicago alleging that Zangara was a hired gun by the Chicago outfit. Cermak was against organized crime in Chicago and campaigned to fight against it. Zangara was executed for Cermak's murder by the State of Florida on March 20th, 1933. This ribbon from my collection wa ...
Today at the Cook County Board of Commissioners meeting, a proclamation was passed honoring our own Principal Nancy Nasko and her receipt of the Distinguished Principal Award from the National Association of Elementary School Principals. It is now the law of the land: Mrs. Nasko is incredible!
Convicted former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez should be kicked off the ballot for the Cook County Board, a county Electoral Board hearing officer is recommending. The Chicago Sun-Times obtained a written copy of the hearing officer’s recommendation Thursday.
County Board to vote on transfer of inmate release program to Preckwinkle: Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle...
Chas: Wise and Cook re-elected to Board leadership: *This just in from Charles County Public Schools...* . . *W...
Looking forward to discussion tonight w/Anna Deavere Smith and Cook County board chief Toni Preckwinkle on Grace and Politics
Board President Toni refuses to deport from Cook County Jail
Berrios & hire of son &vsister During election i asked preckwinkle re this & she took gr umbrage: ht…
Go with our political reporters on Bruce Rauner's minimum wage flip-flop (VIDEO):
Sanchez served federal time & is running for Cook County Board. Related: Chicago once elected a mob boss to alderman.
Second Chance for Sanchez?: The Cook County Electoral Board is deciding whether former Streets and Sanitation...
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"The freeway was named for Dan Ryan, Jr., a former president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners." DUH GUYS C'MON
Sanchez, a convicted felon and former Streets and Sanitation commissioner, fights to stay on Cook County ballot:
Foes try to get felon tossed from Cook race
Foes try to get tossed from County Board contest - Jan 8 @ 7:33 PM ET
Foes try to get felon Sanchez tossed from Cook County Board contest
Gov. actress and Cook County Board Pres. are coming to
Al Sanchez not attending the hearing on his eligibility as a Cook County board candidate.
AP: Felon fighting to stay on Cook County board ballot
Great crowd tonight at the Cook County Board of Review's Property Tax Appeal Seminar at Schaumburg Township.
Commissioner Rogers, Commissioner Patlak, Commissioner Cabonargi and the entire Board of Review welcome you to the 2013 session of the Cook County Board of Review.
I am partnering with the very excellent Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr. To host a property tax appeal forum on Tuesday, January 7th at 6:30 pm. The meeting will take place at Apostolic Faith Church located at 3823 South Indiana. Attendees will have the opportunity to address concerns regarding the 2013 property tax cycle. Commissioner Rogers will also assist taxpayers in submitting an appeal to the Board of Review and answer any other questions you have about the appeal process. Bring your property tax bill and any other evidence providing proof of your property's value, such as a current appraisal. Pictures also help.
Statement of Robert McKay Candidate for 4th District, Cook County Commissioner: Good evening. I want to thank each and every one of you for meeting with me this evening. I stand before you to announce that today, I have filed petitions with the Cook County Clerk’s Office and I am running for the office County Commissioner for the 4th District of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Before making the decision to run, I was involved in a serious political fight to protect the voting rights of African American in Cook County. I worked with a coalition to put forward a Comprehensive, Cook County redistricting map. This map reflected the true population and proportion of the Africa n Americans residing in Cook County. The map was submitted to the County Board of Commissioners and voted down. Only one Commissioner, Earlene Collins supported and voted for the map. Interestingly, not one of the other Commissioners, including the President of the Board stood up to protect African Americans voting rights that ...
Welcome to the Cook County Board of Review online appeal form. The preregistration period allows all filers to submit their appeal before each township officially opens.
2 ex-cons file for Cook Co Board. Getting their prison terms out of the way before they run is progress in Chicago.
DH: Conservative challenges Doody Gorman for Cook County Board as filing closes
Convicted political boss Al Sanchez runs for Cook County Board: Former Chicago Streets and...
From NBC Chicago - I thought you might be interested in this story: Two Ex-Cons Running for Cook County Board,
Former Streets and Sans Commish and convicted felon Al Sanchez filed today to run for a spot on the Cook County Board
Loose lips sank ships. He took his lumps and kept quiet. Al Sanchez get 1,150 sigs in 3 days for County Bd.
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Two Ex-Cons Running for Cook County Board: Two former city of Chicago officials who went to prison for misconduct...
Two ex-cons who also happen to be former city officials are trying to get back into local politics:
Convicted streets and san boss running for Cook County board: Calling himself a “scapegoat” for a...
Learn about appealing property taxes with the Cook County Board of Review, 7pm tonight at Glenview Public Library:
We saw your biography & picture posted on the wall at the Cook County Board of Elections. s/o 2 No Justice
In The News: Cook County launches website for Board of Commissioners proceedings
Cook County Board President, to kick off 2013 Thursday DECEMBER 5 Technology & Resilience of Metro Regions
Make sure to come out on Thursday, November 21st for a special fundraiser reception honoring Cook County Board Comissioner Jerry "Iceman" Butler at Nomans Bistro hosted by Citizens for Jerry Butler. Complimentary buffet and more!
One of the problems the Chicago City Council and Cook County Board of Commissioners has is that neither have enough manpower and expertise to evaluate the city and county budgets properly between when the budgets are presented and when they are voted upon. BRAINSTORM: let's create a non-profit that studies and analyzes the city and county budgets.
WLS: Toni Preckwinkle to seek re-election as Cook County Board President
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Preckwinkle launches bid for re-election as Cook County Board President: If re-elected, she’ll focus on public...
County board prez Preckwinkle announcing bid for re-election, though people keep urging her to challenge Rahm
Thank you for standing with me during our first term as Cook County Board President, your support has been...
Preckwinkle to announce re-election campaign: County Board president to seek 2nd term in 2014 Cook County Board...
Making progress on the community forum. Cook county board of health will be in attendance. Flyer almost done. Location and date determined
Cook County Board President introduces President & CEO of the
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle Toni Preckwinkle, President of Cook County Board, the second-most populous county in the nation, shocked audience members at a conference in Champaign, Ill. when she stated the late President Ronald Reagan deserves "a special place in *** for his drug
Cook County Board bars discrimination in the suburbs against families with Housing Choice vouchers:
Democrats plan replacement for Beavers on Cook County Board
Ex-Cook County Board President wants to return
Ex-Cook County Board President wants to return: CHICAGO (AP) — A familiar name in Chicago politics has expressed...
Tune in tomorrow at 10am to listen to the Cook County Board meeting LIVE online:
I can't make this stuff up - Illinois politics. "Add Todd Stroger, the beleaguered former Cook County Board President, to the list of possible candidates for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s old congressional seat". Illinois has one thing going for it - we are the comics of the nation.
The is reporting that former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is considering a run for Jesse Jackson Jr's seat.
Today, the Cook County Board of Commissioners held a Special Board Meeting and approved the misguided and onerous tax on firearms purchased in Cook County (previously reported on here). This procedural move put the vote a week earlier than scheduled, as it was supposed to take place next week on N...
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Cook County Board are a bunch of ignorant *** $25 tax on guns will NOT curb gun violence/hurt the thugs who buy illegal guns.
Get out to the polls on Nov. 6th vote Casey Griffin for Cook County Board of Review.
I've got a total of 6 judges I'm voting no on. Doing research on the Cook County Board of Review folks next.
On this particular election, you have the ability to vote for two candidates who I know personally that embody the ideal characteristics and philosophy of service that are profoundly needed. They are Harry Fourier for Cook County Judge and Dan Patlak for the Cook County Board of Review. Please consider them as your candidates of choice.
Thanks to all the efforts of volunteers and staff in Cook County, I'm proud to report the Cook County Board voted favorably (10-6)
By a vote of 12-2-2, the Cook County Board just APPROVED my anti-violence package establishing $2 million dollars in anti-violence programs; cracking down on straw purchasers of guns and working to create a gun court to expedite putting criminals behind bars. Working together, we are going to work to save lives and make communities safer.
I hereby endorse two candidates for office this year, for those of you keeping score. Dan Patlak is the rarest of politicians, an honest man efficiently doing his job as a Commissioner on the Cook County Board of Tax Review. Dan is such a straight arrow, he wouldn't take absolution from a Priest to have Corned Beef on St. Patrick's Day this year, as he thought it could be seen as some type of bribe. is Rodney Davis, running for US House in the greater Wapella area. Rodney was on my brother Matt's softball team in Springfield, which gets him an automatic.
ATTENTION Cook County IL. SMOKERS: Stop The $1 Cigarette Tax Increase! Cook County is Trying to Raise the Cigarette Tax Again! The Cook County Board of Commissioners announced plans to vote on a $1 per pack cigarette tax on Friday, November 2nd! The cost of a pack of cigarettes will be over $11 and over $7 of that will be in the form of taxes. The time is NOW to speak out and make sure your voice is heard on this issue! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS AND URGE THEM TO VOTE "NO" ON THE TAX INCREASE PROPOSAL • You are already paying more than your fair share in cigarette taxes to fund government. • It is unfair to make you pay even more to fix the Board's budget mistakes. • Consumers have a variety of options and would only have to travel a short distance to find less-expensive cigarettes in neighboring cities, towns, and across state lines. CALL TODAY TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Robert Steele - 2nd District Phone: (312) 603-3019 William M. Beavers - 4th District Phone: (312) 603-2065 Deborah Sims - ...
You might call them the second chance agency. If you`ve tried to reduce your taxes and lost you can try again by appealing to the Cook County Board of Review. 
Preckwinkle revamps video gaming tax: Rivers Casino in Des Plaines would feel a bigger bite under Cook County Board...
Cook County Board President, Tony Preckwinkle is considering a controversial new violence tax, on guns and bullets.
These days I serve as President of the Cook County Board, but I am a teacher by profession. I use to be a teacher in Englewood. What seared my experience there as an educator was a drive by that took the life of one of my students. That's why I am here with you today -Toni Preckwinkle
Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Board President, wants to have a .05 tax on every bullet sold, and a $25.00 tax on each firearm sold, thinking it will reduce the gang violence in Chicago. Tell me how many gang members buy their guns and ammo over the counter? Dave Workman, from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms was quoted as saying, "It's not the law abiding citizens stacking bodies like cord wood in Chicago. It's the bad guys." I think Chicago has plenty of other things that Ms. Preckwinkle should worry about, let's start with the high unemployment rate and go from there. These anti gun people make me sick!
That's not possible. Nothing's on the right in Chicago. Not even the Cook County Board.
Corrections of the Voting Polling Place Change: All of blocks 1, 2, 3, 10, and part of 9 where residents live on Greenwood will be voting at Aldridge School. So 4,5,6, & 17 will have to go to DuBoise Elementary. Please tell your family to find out now where they need to vote at by calling the Cook County Board of Elections at 312.269.7900. For those of us that have to vote outside of Altgeld, tell Board of Elections that we have many public buildings inside Altgeld and that going to DuBoise will be a financial hardship because all voting used to occurred in Altgeld and that they need to put a polling place back in Carver Park District! I will keep you informed!
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"Cook County proposal to make Section 8 a protected class moves one step further; take action now: On July 24th, a committee of the Cook County Board narrowly passed a measure which would make source of income/Section 8 voucher holders a protected class under the County's fair housing ordinance. The most important thing you can do to stop this Section 8 proposal is to contact your county commissioner and urge a "no" vote. You can find the contact information of your county commissioner by clicking here. If you do not know who your Cook County Commissioner is, please e-mail Mike Scobey, IAR Assistant Director of Government Affairs."
Governor Pat Quinn signs two bils at the Cook County Board of Review on August 23, 2012. Photo courtesy of the...
Cook County Board of Reviews is now open for Berwyn, Bremen, Cicero, Elk Grove, Palos, Lakeview, and Rogers Park!
Residents of Oak Parker and River Forest can appeal their 2012 assessed property values with the Cook County Board of Review through Sept. 4.
I have been trained as a Deputy Registrar by the Cook County Board of Election Commission. If your Chicago oranization is interested in voter registration, let me know.
Politics in the west and south Cook County suburbs and in the Northwest Side and adjacent suburbs is no aberration. Todd Stroger, the much-maligned Cook County Board President, is departing, and the 2010 races for county commissioner in the 9th, 16th...
Cook County Board President is in front of me waiting in line at the post office. I thought she had assistants
Today's meeting of the Cook County Board is underway. Watch it live, here and here
of the Cook County Board of Review will be on @ 6:00pm Ch 25 Talking about property taxes.
The Cook County Board of Review is now accepting Property Assement Appeal Applications for ALL homeowners in ALL...
Cook County Jail inmates stuck behind bars because they can't come up with small amounts of money to go free while awaiting trial for non-violent offenses will automatically go before judges to possibly get their bail reduced under a plan announced by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle ...
Meeting at Cook County Board, photo op with Pres. Preckwinkle, and out early for the day! Good day so far!
Joe Berrios plays taxpayers for fools: Berrios says nepotism rules don't apply to him The Cook County Board of...
Open Data Week partners with Big Data Week - The Cook County Board of Commissioners...
The Cook County Board approved a resolution yesterday urging Gov. Quinn to sign SB 3881 into law. This is good...
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Ald. Ed Burke is not too keen on the mayor's proposal to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, partly because because he is "very concerned with anything that gives kids the idea that this is not a bad thing to do."   But Mayor Emanuel and Cook County Board President ...
likes.Daniel K. (Danny) Davis (born September 6, 1941) is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 7th congressional district, serving since 1997. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Davis was born in Parkdale, Arkansas, and educated at Arkansas AM&N College (B.A. 1961), Chicago State University (M.S. 1968) and the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio (Ph.D. 1977). Davis worked as a government clerk, a high school teacher, executive director of the Greater Lawndale Conservation Commission, director of training at the Martin L. King Neighborhood Health Center, and executive director of the Westside Health Center before entering politics, where he represented Chicago's 29th Ward. He challenged Congresswoman Cardiss Collins in Democratic primaries in 1984 and 1986, but lost both races. Davis was then elected to the Cook County Board of Commissioners, serving from 1990 to 1996 before entering the House.[1] Davis had also waged an unsuccessful campaign against Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in th ...
Please call: Cook County Board to vote Tuesday on ordinance to protect Housing Choice Voucher househ
One more Latino could be elected to the Cook County Board under a new district map endorsed Friday by a strong majority of commissioners.
A proposed map redrawing boundaries for the Cook County Board of Commissioners districts received overwhelming preliminary approval Friday. Fifteen of the 17 commissioners signed off on the plan, which is slated for a final vote Tuesday. The lone dissenting vote came from Commissioner Earlean Collin...
By deciding to pay now, the Cook County Board has made a smart investment in its never-ending struggle to house all the inmates headed to overcrowded Cook County Jail. The board voted to expand from 800 to 1,600 beds the third planned addition to the jail. The price is high-an estimated $127 million-but it's one that society has to pay to keep criminals off the streets under reasonable conditions.
Cook County Board Commissioner Bridget Gainer believes open discussions with county employees is the way forward in reforming a pension system she believes is unsustainable. But union officials Tuesday said no formal proposal has been put forward -- and were unhappy with the suggestions made by Gain...
Cook County Board remembers Maggie Daley: The Cook County Board paid tribute to Maggie Daley on Wednesday, with...
Cook County Board wants more details on foreclosure program -
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