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Consumer Watchdog (formerly the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights) is a non-profit, progressive organization which advocates for taxpayer and consumer interests, with a focus on insurance, health care, political reform, privacy and energy.

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Don't trust the list prices on Amazon, Consumer Watchdog says
plans to eliminate the CFPB. He clearly cares more about the banks than the people who voted for him
Don't trust the list on Consumer Watchdog says.
We must defend the consumer watchdog that defends Main Street, not Who are you with?
This Lawmaker Just Gave the Perfect Defense of a Consumer Watchdog the GOP Is Trying to Kill - Money
TIME "Consumer Watchdog says Amazon list prices are bogus
Consumer Watchdog says Amazon list prices are bogus
In which has the perfect defense of a consumer watchdog the GOP is... by via
Delamaide: Consumer watchdog stripped of independence via
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. consumer watchdog agency, enmeshed in partisan politics since its creation after the financial cr…
Delamaide: Consumer watchdog stripped of independence - USA TODAY
Overseen by the estimable former PD consumer watchdog,
Delamaide: Consumer watchdog stripped of independence -
Delamaide: Consumer watchdog stripped of independence
UNCONSTITUTIONAL Dodd-Frank 'Consumer watchdog' stripped of independence
New post: "Delamaide: Consumer watchdog stripped of independence"
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Can Kyle Bass appeal his IPR loss? Not if Consumer Watchdog is on the prowl:
Anyone who thinks the student loan debacle isn't going to get worse is kidding themselves. Borrowers suffer.
Default on child support & you're a deadbeat, default twice on ur & it's clearly servicers' fault https:/…
A Consumer Watchdog Lives for Another Day The dog will keep barking!
Consumer Council slams e-payment service providers over user data storage and privacy issues.
Substance in erasers could pose health risk for children, Hong Kong consumer watchdog says
A Consumer Watchdog Lives for Another Day: The foes of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have little t...
Student loan programs are failing borrowers who need help the most, report finds
Today, reported how poor practices by companies are "plaguing" the market, leading to redefaults.
I normally love a good mystery but there is nothing good about this...
Consumer watchdog warns about 'marketing sharks' - AdNews: AdNewsConsumer watchdog warns about 'marketing shar...
Cama takes Mera, Escom to court over tariff hikes: The country's consumer watchdog, Consumers Association of M...
thanks. Now I've been reported to a consumer watchdog for selling used goods as new
German consumer watchdog demands ban on sale to under 16s
: ACCC to *** hoverboard safety The consumer watchdog has launched a formal probe into the safety of …
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watching the watchdog: Bill Gephardt goes from consumer reporter to for-profit endorser | The Salt Lake Tribune
consumer watchdog should pay for every one that was purchased in Australia because they all knew b4 xmas they could explode
Consumer watchdog says customers could get their...
High-risk activities still put consumer savings at risk via
Consumer watchdog says *** Smith customers could get their money back
The decision by South Australia’s consumer watchdog to pursue in the Supreme Court an Adelaide travel agency that...
Consumer watchdog calls for drop in taxifare (from Fiji Times)
I have contacted the Consumer Watchdog group in regards to gas price volatility and Speedway's monopolistic...
...kind of consumer watchdog to report trading standards greivances to? Heard US net is bad. Is this a normal thing, though?
When the fed's consumer watchdog says to keep a fire extinguisher handy if you're using a certain toy = not good.
Congratulations man. Thanks for being the consumer watchdog that you are. Thanks you so much.
ombudsman. Watchdog. Full consumer rights army on their ***
Professionals blocking consumer access to lower-cost options:
PeaSoup offer simple, transparent service and pricing
"You need to be in a position to substantiate whatever claims you are making.”
"A pattern of legally questionable actions by the DTSC...make the case for suspending its funding"
Hello, The Reposter Guy I about local Phoenix Arizona Businesses. I report the good and bad, I am a consumer watchdog.
Consumer Watchdog. Time for Change (as in money, see what I did there?)
The Self-Driving Car Safety Godsend: Or Why Consumer Watchdog is Full of Crap: There will be an increasingly large effort to s...
Your thoughts on...? "The FDA Continues its War on Consumer Choice"
Well this is on scandalous. Must read if you're into sun cream protection!!😱
Two sun creams on sale in Ireland failed to deliver sun protection it promises, according to consumer watchdog
News this week: UK water consumer watchdog reaffirms long-term support relationship with Capita
Got it! You are the Auto Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (ACFPB). Thanks for being their Watchdog! ht…
Two leading are failing to provide the they claim, according to consumer watchdog Which?
The consumer watchdog WHICH says a suncream made by Nottingham based Boots is failing to provide sufficient protection.
Websites claiming to rid drug addicts of “unwanted toxins and chemicals” caught out by consumer watchdog
Consumer watchdog CFPB bills a former intern $1,500 for imaginary debt. by
Watchdog A once decent Consumer Affairs program ruined by more & more annoying infantile comedy sketches ..!
I think I'll watch Watchdog. I have my Consumer head on tonight.
Reuters: Financials: UPDATE 1-Obama threatens to veto bill over funding for U.S. consumer watchdog -...
Consumer watchdog left out of Verizon deal that could boost costs for most vulnerable
Claudia Winkleman talks about her daughter's fire accident tonight on BBC's Watchdog flagship consumer show
Consumer watchdog says law does not really protect against privacy re: online consumer habits, what websites you browse
Consumer watchdog highlights limitations in the way the law protects people's online privacy in
It would appear that the consumer watchdog Choice is officially on the market for misinform…
The European Commission actually reads my letters and answers them. | Consumer Watchdog
Consumer Watchdog maintains 600 Million Credit Card Account records and doesn't have a strategy to protect it.
NEWS for Health Care Coverage for Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders On April 24, 2014, the California Court of Appeal issued a decision in Consumer Watchdog v. DMHC that likely expands the scope of services that certain plans are required to cover in treating autism. This opinion follows a petition of rehearing by Consumer Watchdog after the Court of Appeal unanimously decided these issues on September 10, 2013, Consumer Watchdog v. Dep't of Managed Health Care, 162 Cal.Rptr.3d 85, 2014 WL 1618367 (Cal. Ct. App. Apr. 23, 2014). The case makes clear that recently-enacted legislation in California requiring coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services for autism requires all health plans subject to California's Mental Health Parity Act to cover ABA services performed by certain non-state-licensed providers, and the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) cannot uphold a denial of coverage on the basis that ABA was provided by these non-state-licensed providers.
"Simply put, Google Glass is a stalker's dream come true," Consumer Watchdog's report concluded after demonstrating how Glass could easily be used to record ...
Oakland, CA – Consumer Watchdog launched a billboard publicizing a new toll-free hotline, 1-844-DOCS-DUI, calling on the public and physicians to report suspected drug and alcohol abuse by doctors. A woman harmed by her physician, who found out only later that the doctor had an alcohol abuse pro...
writes a great piece on the development of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
The longread is dead, so read this great longread from
true that's why I want ONE consumer watchdog with powers to be set up, & I want to run it so there's no corruption
Numbers from Consumer Watchdog point to the biggest tech companies' expenditures for lobbying in the U.S. in 2013:
Consumer Watchdog, the non-profit group that might more accurately be called “Google Watchdog,” has filed a complaint with the FTC over Google’s...
Check out this week's page. It's all about and issues with a faulty side assist.
A watchdog grows up: The inside story of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Keep Regulators Away from Google: A consumer watchdog group is calling for increased regulation of Google unde...
Brief filed by U.S. in Consumer Watchdog appeal from decision on WARF stem cell patent,urging dismissal for lack of standing.
Consumer Watchdog files Google+ complaint with FTC for privacy agreement violation -
Consumer watchdog to regulate money-transfer companies
Consumer Watchdog complains against Google to FTC: Google is violating a privacy agreement it made with the US...
Marketing Land: Google's new "Send To Anyone On Google+" feature an invasion of privacy and delight for stalkers!
Consumer watchdog to regulate money-transfer companies | TheHill via
The is our program hosted by Henson Clarke, Tuesday on YakkFM. Be it a or it now!
I'm a consumer watchdog, always on the lookout for FauxDogs.
In conservative funding, "Google is right up there with Koch Brothers" -director of Consumer Watchdog privacy project
Google's social network, Google+, relies on a flagrant and fundamental privacy design flaw that is an unfair business practice, Consumer Watchdog said today in a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.
Cost-cutting measures of local councils could see labelling checks 'scaled back', warns consumer watchdog
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
***SPRING ROLL CAUSES SEVERE BURNS*** Frozen spring rolls a 'deep-fried time bomb' A grandmother from the NSW Central Coast is on a regular dose of painkillers after a spring roll exploded in her face and left her with horrific burns. Christina Tobiazs was deep frying two Marathon-brand spring rolls, following the instructions carefully when one exploded in her face like a joke store cigar. "I just put them in the deep fryer and let them cook for five minutes defrosted and then one of them exploded in the deep fryer," Ms Tobiazs told A Current Affair. "So I lifted them out of the hot oil and then put them on this plate here and the second one exploded in my face." "(It was) like a bomb. It was really loud," Ms Tobiazs said about the frozen snack that Marathon has made using the same recipe for three decades. The grandmother was taken to Lake Macquarie Hospital where she doused her face with water for close to an hour. She was later treated at the burns unit of the Royal North Shore Hospital where she was ...
'Sanral must fix billing' Consumer watchdog says Sanral billing should be accurate, conform to good business practice
'Sanral must fix billing' The SA National Roads Agency (Sanral) must fix its billing mess before demanding payment for the use of e-tolled roads in Gauteng. Consumer watchdog the National Consumer Commission said that, though Sanral had the right to demand payment from motorists for using e-tolled roads, its billing should be accurate and conform to good business practice. The commission's head, Ebrahim Mohamed, yesterday said Sanral demanding payment without giving users the chance to query bills was "not proper practice''. The onus was on Sanral to prove that a motorist had travelled on a specific road at a specific time, he said. "The demand for payment, however it is communicated, has to be correct and accurate. It is incumbent on Sanral to prove to any consumer who raises a query that the road was used on a specific date, by a specific vehicle, and that the charge is based on set tariffs." Sanral has come under fire for using "unlawful and extortionist tactics" to try to force frustrated motorists to ...
It is disgusting that the holiday companies get away with charging more . They should be hauled up before consumer watchdogs
Consumer Watchdog, a nationally recognized nonprofit consumer group, has reviewed corporate, industry and government data and found that pipeline developers ...
Looking for some tax tips to save money? We've got some tips from our Consumer Watchdog in just a minute.. Join us now on Today on 5!
Good evening everyone! I hope everyone is excited to learn about the types of Purifiers out there on the market. Before we get into the clinical details I want to start off by giving you my humble opinion on which to select. First while given no scientific proof that any type of these different Purifiers help asthma according to medical findings I can say my HEPA filter purifier has helped with the litter dust and general pollen. No air purifier will rid you of dust mites! We will get to those nasty buggers tomorrow. So I have seen a slight difference with Elwood now that I have one in the bedroom where both litter boxes are at. Now there are 3 types of household purifiers. Ionizers and IFD's and HEPA. Don't let those IFD's fool you! They work the same way as those ionizers. They are just sugar coated! Now here is my take on Ionizers. The side effects to many people are horrible! Now if it can effect our large bodies I can't imagine what it could do to a small cat or dogs lungs and organs. They can't tel ...
Shopping online is usually convenient, easy, and a way to save money. But Consumer Watchdog of Santa Monica says if you're shopping online through ...
Consumer watchdog Which? Has labelled food safety checks as 'patchy'find out more here
Don't forget to send On The Money your questions for CFPB Director and consumer watchdog Richard Cordray! He can answer anything on mortgages, student loans and debt.
Jahi McMath case used as Consumer Watchdog fundraising tool - SFGate via
4.) Matier & Ross: Jahi McMath case used as fundraising tool for Consumer Watchdog.
Hi it's Toni from the news room! Tony Abbott is playing down Indonesia's concerns with the Coalition's border protection policy. And, the Consumer Watchdog's issued a warning about a fake 'Woolworths' customer satisfaction survey, which asks for bank account details. For more details visit local news at
Mine is 90 minutes of consumer watchdog advocacy and baking recipes from a Korean exchange student. Daily.
Tucker said that the DTSC never armed itself with the tools to compel Exide to comply with its orders because it...
Lawmakers grill Cordray in duel over consumer watchdog
yeah, the staff are so terrible. Just ask liam paterson, the world's leading consumer watchdog ;)
Time to move to a european collaboration app that takes your privacy seriously?
New health watchdog launched for Blackburn with Darwen: THE new consumer champion body for health ...
Con Ed bosses earn big bonuses for handling Sandy NY needs a watchdog:
Consumer watchdog attacks high cost of spectacles in France – The Connexion via
The Department of Toxic Substances Control is finally doing its job but WHY are California tax payers being asked...
CA PUC Bugging/Ineptitude Affair Found to be Part of Witch Hunt Against Consumer Watchdog Agency - Sacto Bee
Mark your calendar for the Consumer Watchdog Rage for Justice Awards. Saturday, June 15th!
I still think a national consumer finance watchdog n extension of deposit insurance will clean up this sector
Lmfao! Its late for producers, eagle eye is on their backs! "I'm Ghana's consumer watchdog"
Ireland revamps pensions watchdog over 'regulatory capture' concerns, emphasises importance of consumer outcomes -
Consumer watchdog takes aim at Payday Loan places. What do YOU think?
Consumer watchdog takes aim at Paydya Loan places. What do YOU think?
Is the culture at still toxic? Some new evidence to consider here
Rights watchdog takes off the Menu in -
House Republican blocks consumer watchdog from testifying via
House Republican blocks consumer watchdog from testifying
NY Times Can’t Tell the Difference Between a Consumer Watchdog and an Industry Sock Puppet: via
Hat tip to This shows why it is so crucial to know where Consumer Watchdog gets its $.
Canadian Consumer Group Sides with Card Brands in Fee Squabble: A consumer watchdog group in Canada is speakin...
Consumer watchdog: "payday loans a trap"; 2/3rds of borrowers took out 7 or more loans in a yr via
“complaint alleged that Google was violating its privacy policies and its “Buzz” consent agreement…”
It's time gives straight answers about their data sharing after making change in practices
House Republican blocks consumer watchdog from testifying | Reuters
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been accused of market 'abuse' by the consumer watchdog, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The OFT alleges that..
"The pace with both…. has been glacial," said John Simpson, the privacy director for Consumer Watchdog, one of...
Consumer Watchdog: Blue Shield Imposes 19.9% Unreasonable Rate Hike in California Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schakowsky Introduce Legislation Giving HHS Power to Deny Unreasonable Health Insurance Rate Hikes When States Can't WASHINGTON and Santa Monica, Calif., March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Blue Shield of California will impose an unreasonable rate hike as high as 19.9% on 268,000 Californians because the state's insurance commissioner does not have the power to reject unjustified health insurance premiums. Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Jan Schakowsky introduced legislation Wednesday to close a loophole in... ~GeeK3r
If you think the price you are paying at the pump today is too high, what do you think will happen if there are even fewer oil companies providing your gasoline? Consumer Watchdog has been working to
What to do, what to do! Major Crimes division of the District Attorney's office or Consumer Watchdog? Ahhh can't decide!
WASHINGTON, DC – Consumer Watchdog today praised Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W VA) for introducing a Do-Not-Track bill, which would charge the Federal Trade Commission with establishing standards by
Rockefeller introduces Do Not Track bill, is backed by Consumer Watchdog: Senator Jay Rockefeller has introduc...
Absolutely hilarious. Hafizool Mohammed is Reshmi Ramnarine on anabolic steroids and a high protein diet. I think a lot of common people are probably guilty of embellishing a few things on their CV, but Hafizool went YOLO: 1. He calls himself Dr. even though his "Doctorate of Science" is from an unaccredited and worthless online university called Atlantic International University (AIU). AIU is described by Consumer Watchdog, a Botswanian blog around since 2007 that investigates consumer-related issues: "The agency that they claim has accredited them (AIU) is not a real accreditation agency. Roughly translated that means that AIU is a fake university accredited by a fake organisation. Simple as that. Degrees from AIU are worthless and won't be recognised in Botswana, don't waste your money." Hafizool's doctorate would not even be recognized in BOTSWANA for crying out loud, but it doesn't stop there! 2. Hafs listed T&T’s first President Sir Ellis Clarke as one of his personal references on his CV, as you ...
WASHINGTON, DC – The Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with Google fails to end its most anticompetitive practice, Consumer Watchdog said today and the public interest group called on
Consumer Watchdog said that if the allegation is true, that behavior "is criminal conduct and reminiscent of the...
Santa Monica, CA – In a letter today, Consumer Watchdog called on California State Attorney General Kamala Harris to launch a criminal investigation into the conduct of oil companies in the stat
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- California voters rejected Proposition 33, an initiative placed on the ballot by billionaire George Joseph, owner of Mercury Insurance. Led by Consumer Watchdog, opponents came out of nowhere to stop Mercury Insurance's attempt to lure vot...
Bloomberg has many good qualities...But supporting "The Koch Bros. Candidate" over Consumer Watchdog is Crazy.
Votes by mail can be cast now. As a public service, we are sending you the positions of the major newspaper editorial boards on all the California ballot measures. Consumer Watchdog does not endorse t
"It's been just over a week since the Marie Antoinette of Health Insurance was sacked as the head of Blue Cross' parent company. Have your rates gone down? No? That's because she wasn't forced out because she didn't listen to customer complaints. She was forced out because she didn't make investors enough money. Don't you think it's time patients and consumers meant more to insurance companies than shareholders and hedge funds?" The above is an excerpt from a recent Consumer Watchdog report. Of course insurance companies should care more about those they insure but this is the real world. They are in business to make money; NOT CARE FOR THE SICK! Their primary focus is to make huge profits for their share holders and most often at the expense of their "customers." That is precisely the reason we need President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act (national healthcare.) As long as the bottom line IS the bottom line, consumers will continue to bear the lion's share of the burden. This is just one more re ...
Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer Watchdog called on the Director of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, Debbie Raphael, to indefinitely close the Evergreen Oil waste-oil re-refinery i
Hyundai is being sued by the public interest group Consumer Watchdog for potentially misleading customers with the Elantra's 40-mpg rating.
A class-action lawsuit has been filed by Consumer Watchdog against Blue Shield over the shutdown of health insurance plans. Customers who are dropped can sign up for a different Blue Shield plan, bu
Hilda Sarkisyan, CW Hall of Farmer, Wendell Potter, CIGNA whistleblower and author of Deadly Spin, and Consumer Watchdog Campaign DC Director Carmen Balber convened a meeting of legislative staff in Congress to discuss the death of Hilda's daughter Nataline Sarkisyan at 17 after CIGNA failed to provide a potentially-life saving transplant. The Sarkisyans are prevented from suing the health insurance company over the death because of a bad US Supreme Court ruling that Consumer Watchdog is working to over turn in Congress. Read more about the problem at
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Constitution, Consumer Watchdog, The Constitution of the United States of America, The US Constitution, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (Official), Amend the Constitution to Prevent Corporate Control of Our Elections, The Constitution by GO, Center for Constitutional Rights, We Support A Constitutional Convention of the States
Consumer Watchdog: Smells like real leather - New Zealand Herald
Consumer Watchdog's Judy Dugan takes on the "hot fuel" ripoff on NBC's Today Show. The pain at the gas pump is palpable. Making it worse: a summertime gas station secret chea
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