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Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the body of law which defines the relationship of different entities within a state, namely, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

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These are the bright lawyers? They are breaking a constitutional law.
Is this how you teach Constitutional Law, by associating a noose - the very symbol of the lynchi…
Constitutional Law Expert: Free speech on college campuses is being suppressed by students
If I read this right, despite having authority, unelected has no "right" to make…
Equal rights for women as a law. We'll deal with a constitutional amendment later
A new one on constitutional law, More Perfect, Girl Friday, and a couple others. Hoping to start Lore and Crimetown soon
How is it unintelligible? It's quite explicit. I spoke of no constitutional right in Australia and no…
I think they should start teaching constitutional law in middle and continue every year until you graduate high school.
I see. Instead of inanimate objects and their role in cause/effect relationships we'r…
Man who allegedly studied Constitutional Law but "runs" a trucking company has no idea what the 1st Amendment is.
Lol, sparky... I studied and got my sheepskin in Constitutional Law at Bosto…
clearly doesn't know the definition of the word "notoriety", a simple word. Y believe he's an expert on Constitutional Law?
MT What GOP say want, don't often get: faith, family, freedom & constitutional law.
U.S constitutional law is extremely complex even as short as it may be in text.
Because it takes 3-5 years for a law suit to make it through the federal court system for a constitutional violation claim.
Bit of an overstatement. Wish political commentators understood at least a bit of constitutional law
That Texas Senate Bill UPHOLDES FEDERAL LAW. What can be more constitutional than that?
Spider Web of International, Natural, Common, Constitutional, Statutes & Regulations that govern our lives:
This is the LEADER of the group that will argue CONSTITUTIONAL LAW on the STEPS of the FEDERAL courthouse in VEGAS…
You are slightly off there chief. ERs treating people isn't a right, it is just the b…
No tin foil required. DJT admires foreign dictators and has shown little respect for constitutiona…
"Unborn babies are constitutional persons,” says the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, the nation’s “leadi…
In these day's Supreme Court doesn't look a constitutional department it seems like judge's are above…
He was correct under constitutional law May got it wrong. They not suppose to bow just black rod and speaker
Their justification is that he had a gun. But it's your constitutional right to bear arms! They want to uphold the law when
Ohio AG Mike DeWine proposes by his action to VIOLATE 4TH Amendment protection.Source (1851 Center 4 Constitutional Law)
1851 Center for Constitutional Law - The Official Site of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law
HMG lawyers claim Salisbury Conv. applies if gov does deal with DUP. Interesting leg…
With Judge Raul Pangalangan of the International Criminal Court. He was my Constitutional Law 2…
Sally Yates just shut down Ted Cruz on Constitutional Law.
Just *maybe* community organizing and teaching Constitutional Law are better preparation for governing than grifting an…
DIANE Fienstein believes Judges r supposed 2 legislate from the bench, not follow Constitutional Law as independent jurists, but LEGISLATE!
I have such 2nd-hand embarrassment for you. He is a Constitutional Law prof who holds Harvard's highest honor.
I tried to do a hypo for Constitutional Law for the Fourteenth Amendment. I've never felt like a failure more than today. *rereads 60 pages*
Only way back to Constitutional Law is shut these people UP!And Let Trump change drain the swamp!Or a Long Bloody C…
Caroline Kennedy for NY Senator. She earned it! Ed &Exp in Constitutional Law, Exp with trade, Exp foreign policy,…
I majored in Constitutional Law and Political Science. I graduated ahead of schedule and was the youngest student ever to pass 400 Con Law.
What you cannot fake is Constitutional Law, Contracts (especially UCC), Trusts and Estates, and Civil Procedure.
Many thanks to (seen here in full flow) for speaking to my Constitutional Law class about his book on…
An actual pic of me trying to follow along in Constitutional Law at Yale University
I start a Yale-based class in Constitutional Law next week. I intend to be prepared.
"A foray by an Indian author into comparative Constitutional Law", Nariman J. on Chintan Chandrachud
Does international law fit within our constitutional democracy today?.
has to be their sitting Parliament. It's constitutional. With law change. Maybe Summer not Spring
Constitutional ?s raised by Article 50 in relation to EU law -it's not all about the UK - heard this somwhere before
People's constitutional rights are suspended in Martial Law. The law that protects us from unjust treatment are null and void.
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Why is Obama referred to as Professor of Constitutional Law? Never was at that rank. Just an Instructor at non-tenu…
How would one go about investigating politicians' compliance with constitutional law? I don't see being held accountable.
Constitutional provisions make declaring martial law problematic: Duterte
Suggest you go and do some reading on constitutional law if you believe that.
Despite constitutional limits, Philippine President Duterte considering martial law if drug problem turns 'virulent…
In America martial law must be called 4 by the president, who would then suspend most, if not all, of our constitutional rights,
Larry Tribe says Trump’s lawyer would flunk constitutional law. (He teaches it at Harvard.)
Common law - aboriginal rights - constitutional law. Parliament is not above the law.
Astonishing spin Pres Obama taught constitutional law. Trump has broken many laws and does not understand rights…
Simple. One is a constitutional issue, the other a matter of common practice but not law.
I disagree. Marshall Law invocation or not, America needs to fight back during this Constitutional crisis and hold…
“As a result of the passage of Marsy’s Law, victims now have a constitutional right to be present in the courtroom.” ht…
What we know about the breached Constitutional election is already enough to nullify and repeat. Reset to principal law. Scorn opportunism.
Barry is supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar, but doesn't like the Rule of Law and Separation of Powers.
Utah representative proposes new constitutional carry law
Duterte: No one can stop me from declaring martial law: Despite constitutional limits, Philippine president…
Full faith and credit? I can't imagine a law giving Nevada a monopoly is constitutional.
So, Kellie Leitch appears to believe that Parliament is above the law - Constitutional law & 100's of years of common law.…
The TX AG could benefit from a seat in my constitutional law class.
Or a constitutional law professor replaced by a gangster.
I'm not a lawyer yet, but I just took my final in Constitutional Law. The Bill of Rights proscribes government beha…
Nathan Brown and discuss the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court's recent decision on the protest law
If any of you guys were considering new hobbies, I would go ahead and rule out taking Constitutional law exams.
Right now I'm more worried about the NC Special legislature rewriting Constitutional Law.
A constitutional worldview contemptuous of the 1st amendment, rule of law & separation of powers
I refused to take attendance when I taught constitutional law for this very reason.
It's been 21 years since a president allowed a bill to become law without his signature. via
Obama knows how to do his executive job and studied constitutional law. Trump wasn't even aware of Taiwan-China relations.
This is what want to bring to True can not assimilate. Law will always come bef…
It is a shame International Human Rights expert is unaware Constitution is Law and Constitutional Rule require it.
Need 2 understand & apply 4th amendment law to know rights for DACA and other students. Know constitutional protections
UCD's Maria Blanco says constitutional law protects DACA students from search & seizure. "can't just go and raid"
ty I was starting to think I missed that part in constitutional law. Who banned it?
Good idea: Move in Missouri to ban so-called “right to work” with constitutional amendment on 2018 ballot.
nope, my brother-in-law teaches constitutional law, I'm good! I NEVER shoot from the hip, then again, I'm not…
The man who wrote THE book on Constitutional Law will represent Electors for free
The ruling by a 3-judge panel holds the law does not violate an individual’s Second Amendment rights
The propriety of law, in a constitutional light, must always be determined by the nature of the powers upon which it is founded. - Hamilton
When your final grade for your constitutional law class is an A 😭🎉🙌🏼
All of sudden liberals are trying to sway electors and talk Constitutional law.Give it up .
It hurts me that the man I revered-and met-as a law student can dismiss constitutional law. Thank heavens for folks like Pr…
Those laws are not constitutional b/cuz they violate the intent of the founders. This is why a law firm has come fo…
Current Prez taught constitutional law, was prez of Harvard Law Review and was awarded Nobel Peace Prize...
Hmm, I hold a doctorate in Constitutional Law. Perhaps you can educate me in the Electoral College
The electors can't by Constitutional Law Disenfranchise the voter(s) or cause voters to be aggrieved citizens. Every Citize…
Anti-corruption war with a man who has no respect for constitutional law like Sagay, an anti-corruption ag. chairman DSS>>
Obama’s pattern of malfeasance is clear. He is flouting constitutional limits on his authority, violating the law. https…
'Lecturer in Transgender Studies' like Obama was a 'Lecturer in Constitutional Law'?
You still do not seem to understand constitutional law and the difference between fact and opinion.
and you're basing this opinion on...? Because I'm a nerd for constitutional law and I don't know the answer.
Pretty sure that Constitutional law is.FEDERAL. at the rally in
The Obama Administration is creating law and so are the courts by recognizing LGBT language. Not constitutional.
It is all about Law and Order. Pass constitutional laws, enforce them - order naturally results.
Endless secret war is a constitutional time bomb » via
I remember the good ol' days: "Constitutional Law Prof!". What a disappointing sellout grifter he turned out to be.
First editions of two new textbooks published by Professor Ronald Rotunda
Atop being ignorant of Constitutional law & imposing ur ignorance on women
By law you cannot impede my first amendment constitutional right. I will exercise my first amendment right to the fullest extent possible.
Darling I have a degree in constitutional law. Try doing ACTUAL research before attempting to
actually she broke the law. That child had constitutional rights, human rights, and they were violated.
My homework for my constitutional law class due Wednesday is to read the 1st and 2nd amendment and say how I'd change them lmao
Did constitutional amendments changing election law pass or not? SupCo set to hear case: via
Right. But the article suggests that lawyers bring a law/statute bias to constitutional interpretation. "Forensic history"?
...As well, common-law interpretation of s.3 may be constitutional law, but it is not "Constitution of Canada" (s.52)...
What happens when you put a *** trans, two black lives matter supporters & a trump supporting football player in a constitu…
Prof. Stephen Sugarman | Berkeley to talk constitutional & regulatory frameworks re: to kids w/ us
Eugene Volokh joins us to discuss constitutional & regulatory frameworks re: to kids 10/21
monstrosity | Whatever the fate of Phil Shiner, the Aid Agency has to go |
Jacob Gersen to discuss constitutional & regulatory frameworks governing to kids 10/21
State & local ret. systems are creatures of state constitutional, statutory and case law.
Venice commission again examines law on constitutional court
Prof Roger Smith lets rip on the LAA. . Constitutional monstrosity | Opinion | Law Society Gazette
6th Cir. rejects a constitutional challenge to Mich. law that allows emergency managers for troubled cities, schools https:/…
SC says "Breakdown of Constitutional Machinery" different from law & order problems. You'd make a bad Governor
He was never a professor of Constitutional Law, look it up.
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Erasing God: Mr. Diaz is a Constitutional Law scholar who focuses on cases and legislation dealing ... childr...
Bernie Sanders, as a non lawyer, is hardly the Constitutional Law scholar. 406-1, his vote sides w child molesters.
BFD, he was just a non tenured adjunct faculty hack, and not even a Constitutional Law scholar at that. Another big lefty lie
my minutes silence for Keith Emerson in Constitutional Law was similarly poorly received! What's wrong with these people?
TX...where Constitutional Law and Reality seem to be optional...and in short supply...
guest, Kenji Yoshino, is here: Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law, NYU School of Law.
Thanks to the modern age, everyone and their goat's uncle is a Constitutional Law scholar.
As it should be. Ban on Sharia Law in the USA. We have our Constitutional Law. Live with the Laws of the USA or...
A clear interference with Constitutional bodies and obvious provisions of law
Why pseudo-law is just as dangerous as pseudo-science and "experts" without law degrees are often scammers
Now you will teach us Constitutional Law?
HA! But against the constitutional LAW! He strokes his pen as much as he strokes his ego!
No one invests worse than this Admin! ...How about applying Constitutional to limit over-reaching Gov't.
My new article in the ukrainian Law Magazine: "Constitutional Justice in South Asia".
How does the recent constitutional crisis in Poland affect the Polish society?.
In other words he is questioning the constitutional law of the land .
Legal smackdown of 'constitutional scholars' thug &
Constitutional crisis in Poland threatens rule of law
I am amazed at the restraint of law enforcement. You know the only constitutional authority in this affair.
Reading constitutional law on a Friday night
Obama played Americans,he doesn't care if whites fall,he has his palace in Dubai.he corrupted the constitutional law.
SCOTUS did not make a law. They ruled the ACA was constitutional. You need stop listening to Ted Cruz
This would required a Constitutional Amendment to change, not a mere law.
If a president fails to persuade Congress to pass a law, he does not have the constitutional authority to make the law by e…
SCOTUS would be dealing with a Constitutional issue here, not "current law."
a quarter system constitutional law degree from Europe? He said they told him he already knew enough. A QSCLD = no degree at all
Just what Americans want...not. Deport any who choose Sharia Law over US constitutional law!
Constitutional law unfettering loans supersedure the esprit upon a remote homeowner in place of an reformed figure: sYhR
. SCOTUS doesn't define, they ensure laws are Constitutional, they don't make law.
A1724 [NEW] Prohibits enforcement of foreign law if enforcement would violate constitutional rights or conflict w...
Hamilton Collection
Yes,they need 2 have this Constitutional law in their hands put out by Constitut'al expert.Very important.He really lays it out
Experts in Constitutional Law don't believe on the that he is eligible be
lol, snopes is an expert on Constitutional Law. Cool, now we can get rid of our worthless Supreme Court
.Supreme Court makes tough decisions on Constitutional Law. Buying votes takes an inordinate amount of $.
Aye, there's the rub. We need to remember that this is POST-Constitutional America; the Rule of Law is dead. Gov't by decree
Obama taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago. Is he qualified in your mind?
PM shud bring a law He said yesterday there is nocorruption- Hema Malini was her constitutional right?
My husband was unlucky enough to have this guy for constitutional law at UMKC in 2006. Yuck.
Here's what 'constitutional scholar' Obama really taught at law school
So what! Big deal! He taught Constitutional law. Doesn't mean he believes it. 😳 h…
Only a week left to register for the Centre's 15th annual Constitutional Law Conference in Sydney on Fri 12 Feb
Obama studied Constitutional Law for the same reason burglars study locksmithing.
Law to amend Rada's regulations on Constitutional changes algorithm to come into effect on Jan 30
Got in a referendum debate in the smoking shelter of the twig tonight. Safe to say it was more exciting than my constitutional law tutorial😂
I thought she actually broke the laws of her county. Constitutional Right trumped local law.
Vote for to restore CONSTITUTIONAL rule of law & NATIONAL SECURITY!.
We have to stop accepting case law as if it is a Constitutional amendment!
Yes,But their job isn't to MAKE laws.Job is decide whether or not a law or statute or regulation is CONSTITUTIONAL
No constitutional principle permits elected officials from licensing themselves under color of "law" to amass para-militar…
.Please. Anyone who has been taught Constitutional Law by Barack " unalienable rights" Obama please step forward. BS
hehe. I once wrote a Constitutional law essay question using the zombie apocalypse as the hypothetical
the SCC has only said sec 43 is constitutional, not that it's a spanking law!
Rubio fear-mongers that Hillary Clinton will put Obama on SCOTUS. God forbid someone who studied constitutional law, right?
The ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL law enforcement is The Militia of the Several States. ALL so called law enforcement entities today are ALL illegal.
Not only am I proud of but I find far more peace loving, law abiding, than majority of the "const…
If I had your e-address I'd send experts report on REAL Constitutional law-U NEED 2 know it 2 win!Feds totallyUnlawful 2B there
The Web of Law that runs our lives: International, Natural, Common, Constitutional, Statutes & Regulations:
This so-called Constitutional Scholar is a FRAUD. Pg 217 de Vattel's Law of Nations: ...born of citizen parents. http…
Obama is as much a Constitutional Law professor as I am a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl champion.
That's why we have a constitutional system based on the rule of law. 2/2
We congratulate our students on their success in the first round of the competition and wish them the best of...
On this year's most wrong-headed constitutional law decision by the UK Supreme Court:
The zulu king is a symbol of contradiction. This is pure law or constitutional manifestation of the now. Count your blessings in moments
Im not too hot on constitutional law but doesnt the AG only have to say that it is no longer an ADR forum?
I shouldn't have to give up or sacrifice my constitutional rights just because somebody else doesn't know how to obey the law.
He should talk to someone who actually knows Constitutional Law ...can't just suspend rights without due process.
I'm referring to politics by memes. Soundbite Constitutional Law. Racism, sexism, and hate speech. I'm done with all of it.
Nothing like burning money to impress *** that don't understand constitutional law. Classic Texas.
I would have expected the former constitutional law professor in the white house to have known that
when they say he's a "Constitutional law expert" I don't think it means what they think it means.
mine is a research paper for my constitutional law class. It's as dreadful as it sounds 😭
No other PM in our history has ever had so little respect for the rule of both constitutional and common law.
Constitutional Amendments are against the law
if that's Constitutional Law, must be easy. POTUS was a professor & had a large number of his things ruled unconstitutional
arrest the perpetrators and to do so within the law and constitutional limits. Anything else is gravy.
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Last vent: It's time to put the whole "Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor" lie to bed. No need to pretend anymore.
Deeply saddened by the unexpected death of Dr. Gus Jones, beloved professor of political science and constitutional law, men…
If this Structures as in Constitutional Law then I'd complain too 😩
he taught constitutional law first as a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996, and then as a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004.
My heart goes out to the second amendment of the U.S and all the law abiding legal gun owners that practice there Constitutional rights.
because guys educated by FoxNews totally know constitutional law better than lawyers out of Harvard
Every student who took Obama's constitutional law class should demand a refund.
Just so you know you are also wrong about this please read Baker v Nelson. Ruled state law against samesexmrg constitutional
Constitutional Law Professor can't think of a good argument against denying Americans rights because they end up on a …
Let's respect the rule of law, let's respect the institution.These are constitutional bodies & they are independent. h…
No fly list = no due process = can't strip rights. Come on, Mr. President - use that constitutional law degree.
This marks the end of constitutional law class 📚📚
The same Chicago Law that Obama taught Constitutional law at? LOL.
Unless of course you have an understanding of Constitutional Law.
...and all the ways he'll infringe on the freedoms and Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.
Please don't tell me our constitutional law professor POTUS is pushing the idea of using the "No Fly" list to restrict f…
is protected by international law, U.S. Constitution: http…
Joseph Mengele to medicine is like Barrack Obama is to Constitutional Law
I'm so racist I'm doing my final paper of my Constitutional Law class on Justice Clarence Thomas. The man. The myth. The legend.
I liked a video Lincoln - Thaddeus Stevens Equal Protection of Law Speech - Constitutional Law
Our Law has been subverted jailing people who refuse to violate Constitutional Law:
Last Link is Harvard law Review by a DEM &GOP. Constitutional Law experts on issue
READ "Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Challenge the Supreme Court & Constitutional Law" here at
That law can be repealed since it is not a Constitutional provision.
Thank you, Oh Great Professor of Constitutional Law! How would I have known about without you educating me?
My hand is permanently cramped up from rewriting 6 chapters of constitutional law 😊🔫
BIG congratulations to Melbourne Law School on winning the Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot - well done team!
Limbaugh said:. If you look into Sharia Law, you will not find any consistency with the US Constitution. Sharia...
is complicit with the breaking Indian Constitutional Law & discriminating against Shugden Buddhists
"the right"? Jesus, Wally it's football not Constitutional law.
That was never in question. The Supreme Court has upheld bad law before, trampling on Constitutional rights.
(1) Modern social democracy is defined by its commitment to constitutional and representative democracy under the rule of law;
to execute says constitutional law scholar Erwin Chermerinsky:
I wonder, though, where are the free speech constitutional law professors in this deal? Sitting on their hands?
Now Abe regime abandoned the constitutional principle !. Japan is not the Law-abiding country.
MEDIA RELEASE: Court of Appeal upholds SC law to be Constitutional
I think my constitutional law textbook is a lil confused
Double standard is not complementary to a Constitutional Republic or Rule of Law.
Papa Frankie should stick to science and leave US Constitutional Law to the US Supreme Court.
More on the late Constitutional Accountability Center founder Doug Kendall's legacy, by
Torts & Constitutional Law (@ Faculty of Law in Shah Alam, Selangor w/
Wasnt Obama supposed to have studied Constitutional Law?
Wanna know how much fun working through constitutional law cases is?. Not much.
I have some really in depth constitutional case briefs of controversial con law cases that help you see the amendments in action
I really like Lee. Knows his constitutional law. Kind.Persuasive. Dad worked in Reagan justice
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The application of constitutional due process is traditionally divided into the two categories of Substantive Due..…
Sheriff Clarke: Sharia Law is incompatible with our constitutional republic in the U.S.: Milwaukee County Sher...
I'm about live and breathe 6wks worth of constitutional law for the next 48 hours and will still end up taking an L for the midterm
For a guy who says he taught constitutional law, that statement is incredibly stupid.
people are whack I'm just trying to learn about constitutional law
A Court Divided: The Rehnquist Court and the Future of Constitutional Law, Mark [link removed]
MT We need to pass a strong constitutional amendment that puts into law term limits.
I really don't understand? What he said is 100% correct. Islamic Law if taken literally, doesn't comply w/ constitutional law.
Why does allow the Dalai Lama to break Indian Constitutional Law by discriminating against Shugden Buddhists? htt…
most of what Bathhouse Barry does has a strange lack of comporting with the law domestic constitutional or international.
It takes a constitutional law professor like Pres. to break it down for conservatives.
They can't halt Obamacare. Like it or not it's the law.It is not constitutional to refuse to fund it. To halt funding means repeal
-Congress? We don't need no stinkin' congress! And he was "teaching" Constitutional Law? More like "gutting". Disgraceful.
Yes, we're taking a hammer to the Civil Rights Movement's weak foundation in Constitutional Law. Smile Barry!
Gut wrenching video from the Center for Constitutional Law, with production assistance from Maddle Innmay and the...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The Lord also gave me a love of Constitutional Law & now I'm going to take down the Indian Act and Chiefs/AFN/CAP/NWAC.
Stop businesses, aka PUBLIC COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, to exempt themselves from Constitutional Law, they are not private individuals.
Calling Obama an authority on Constitutional Law stretches reality. He taught it as lecturer, not as scholar(unlike his buddy Cass Sunstein)
Okay, well, I went to law school at Georgetown to study Constitutional Law so I come at it with some relevant background.
Shoutout to Marbury v. Madison for creating the basis for Constitutional Law, therefore, creating the subject of my final -_-
from book 'Constitutional Law & Human Rights in Malaysia, Topical Issues and Perspectives' Editor Khairil Azmin Mokhtar.
I don't think I'll ever take a Constitutional Law course where the professor references Celebrity Death Match as it relates to Nixon again
Sitting in on a Constitutional Law class at John Marshall and this girl next to me is shopping for shoes
Custom John Locke pop-up card for Griffin's Constitutional Law coach.
He was at the University of Chicago Law School as an adjunct professor I think on Constitutional Law.
remember SA is a constitutional Republic. You don't just wake up and wish that things should be your way and forget the law
Bournemouth Courts to discuss our constitutional rights under commo…
What is the significance of Grutter v. Bollinger?
I don't believe it is Constitutional but NY Courts have allowed it. Besides there's nothing but law books in my bag =)
so many predictions. V need essential constitutional reforms to establish the rule of law
What is the significance of Gratz v. Bollinger
Bournemouth Courts to discuss our constitutional rights under common law
3rd Feb at 2PM, in Bournemouth Courts to discuss, with a Judge, our Constitutional rights under Common Law, please support if you can
“BREAKING: Sergio Mattarella, constitutional court justice, is elected Italy's president by lawmakers.” Separation of powers?
Mattarella is a Sicilian Professor of Law, 73 yrs old, served as a constitutional judge, his brother was killed by Mafia
Can the government pay teachers directly to parochial schools?
sir I request you to take workshops related to constitutional law,crpc,CPC,IPC in Nagpur for students like us.
Aaron Hernandez isn't allowed to watch the super bowl? Innocent until proven guilty, constitutional law supersedes all the biases
How can MILF say the Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional when they do not believe in it. If they did, they would not want to secede.
"Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional - MILF Simply stated, but not supported with facts.
“Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional - MILF how convenient- now MILF cites our laws?
"The Justice Department is at the epicenter of a constitutional crisis" -GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley
T/F: A statute which prohibits persons from crossing into Florida from Georgia by swimming across the river viol...
The rule of law is ignored in Mogalakwena. So court orders mean nothing. Zuma has flatly ignored the public protector a c…
What is the significance of Burton v. Wilmington Parking Garage?
Leo doesn't care about my constitutional law readings. Leo just wants to play.
PS. Request to speak in your city. She will educate ALL w US History & Const…
I do not enjoy my constitutional law class.
Crime & divorce is more my thing I only rarely look at Constitutional Law
I think my high school had one law class - constitutional law. It was an elective. How is that class an *elective* and not a *requirement*
Science is settle - life begins at conception. Law is not Constitutional & Marbury v Madison binds us …
I am not constitutional law scholar but I'm guessing no?
I am now presiding over a committee hearing on the constitutional issues of the Bangsamoro Basic Law at the Senate.
the second amendment. There is a simple, legal way to get what you want. Constitutional amendment. rule of law.
some strong words from the Professor &related law review articles @ The Midwest Center for Constitutional Rights
Another anti-constitutional law tossed out by the Supreme Court. What's Harper's record now, zero for 15 or something?
Here Law Degree came from Obama's class on US Constitutional Rights-his way.>> *** !!
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