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Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the body of law which defines the relationship of different entities within a state, namely, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

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More on the late Constitutional Accountability Center founder Doug Kendall's legacy, by
Torts & Constitutional Law (@ Faculty of Law in Shah Alam, Selangor w/
Wasnt Obama supposed to have studied Constitutional Law?
Wanna know how much fun working through constitutional law cases is?. Not much.
I have some really in depth constitutional case briefs of controversial con law cases that help you see the amendments in action
I really like Lee. Knows his constitutional law. Kind.Persuasive. Dad worked in Reagan justice
The application of constitutional due process is traditionally divided into the two categories of Substantive Due..…
Sheriff Clarke: Sharia law is incompatible with our constitutional republic in the U.S.: Milwaukee County Sher...
I'm about live and breathe 6wks worth of constitutional law for the next 48 hours and will still end up taking an L for the midterm
For a guy who says he taught constitutional law, that statement is incredibly stupid.
people are whack I'm just trying to learn about constitutional law
A Court Divided: The Rehnquist Court and the Future of Constitutional Law, Mark [link removed]
MT We need to pass a strong constitutional amendment that puts into law term limits.
I really don't understand? What he said is 100% correct. Islamic Law if taken literally, doesn't comply w/ constitutional law.
Why does allow the Dalai Lama to break Indian Constitutional Law by discriminating against Shugden Buddhists? htt…
most of what Bathhouse Barry does has a strange lack of comporting with the law domestic constitutional or international.
It takes a constitutional law professor like Pres. to break it down for conservatives.
They can't halt Obamacare. Like it or not it's the law.It is not constitutional to refuse to fund it. To halt funding means repeal
-Congress? We don't need no stinkin' congress! And he was "teaching" Constitutional Law? More like "gutting". Disgraceful.
Yes, we're taking a hammer to the Civil Rights Movement's weak foundation in Constitutional Law. Smile Barry!
Gut wrenching video from the Center for Constitutional Law, with production assistance from Maddle Innmay and the...
The Lord also gave me a love of Constitutional Law & now I'm going to take down the Indian Act and Chiefs/AFN/CAP/NWAC.
Stop businesses, aka PUBLIC COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, to exempt themselves from Constitutional Law, they are not private individuals.
Calling Obama an authority on Constitutional Law stretches reality. He taught it as lecturer, not as scholar(unlike his buddy Cass Sunstein)
Okay, well, I went to law school at Georgetown to study Constitutional Law so I come at it with some relevant background.
Shoutout to Marbury v. Madison for creating the basis for Constitutional Law, therefore, creating the subject of my final -_-
from book 'Constitutional Law & Human Rights in Malaysia, Topical Issues and Perspectives' Editor Khairil Azmin Mokhtar.
I don't think I'll ever take a Constitutional Law course where the professor references Celebrity Death Match as it relates to Nixon again
Sitting in on a Constitutional Law class at John Marshall and this girl next to me is shopping for shoes
Custom John Locke pop-up card for Griffin's Constitutional Law coach.
He was at the University of Chicago Law School as an adjunct professor I think on Constitutional Law.
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remember SA is a constitutional Republic. You don't just wake up and wish that things should be your way and forget the law
Bournemouth Courts to discuss our constitutional rights under commo…
What is the significance of Grutter v. Bollinger?
I don't believe it is Constitutional but NY Courts have allowed it. Besides there's nothing but law books in my bag =)
so many predictions. V need essential constitutional reforms to establish the rule of law
What is the significance of Gratz v. Bollinger
Bournemouth Courts to discuss our constitutional rights under common law
3rd Feb at 2PM, in Bournemouth Courts to discuss, with a Judge, our Constitutional rights under Common Law, please support if you can
“BREAKING: Sergio Mattarella, constitutional court justice, is elected Italy's president by lawmakers.” Separation of powers?
Mattarella is a Sicilian Professor of Law, 73 yrs old, served as a constitutional judge, his brother was killed by Mafia
Can the government pay teachers directly to parochial schools?
sir I request you to take workshops related to constitutional law,crpc,CPC,IPC in Nagpur for students like us.
Aaron Hernandez isn't allowed to watch the super bowl? Innocent until proven guilty, constitutional law supersedes all the biases
How can MILF say the Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional when they do not believe in it. If they did, they would not want to secede.
"Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional - MILF Simply stated, but not supported with facts.
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“Bangsamoro Basic Law is constitutional - MILF how convenient- now MILF cites our laws?
"The Justice Department is at the epicenter of a constitutional crisis" -GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley
T/F: A statute which prohibits persons from crossing into Florida from Georgia by swimming across the river viol...
The rule of law is ignored in Mogalakwena. So court orders mean nothing. Zuma has flatly ignored the public protector a c…
What is the significance of Burton v. Wilmington Parking Garage?
Leo doesn't care about my constitutional law readings. Leo just wants to play.
PS. Request to speak in your city. She will educate ALL w US History & Const…
I do not enjoy my constitutional law class.
Crime & divorce is more my thing I only rarely look at Constitutional Law
I think my high school had one law class - constitutional law. It was an elective. How is that class an *elective* and not a *requirement*
Science is settle - life begins at conception. Law is not Constitutional & Marbury v Madison binds us …
I am not constitutional law scholar but I'm guessing no?
I am now presiding over a committee hearing on the constitutional issues of the Bangsamoro Basic Law at the Senate.
the second amendment. There is a simple, legal way to get what you want. Constitutional amendment. rule of law.
some strong words from the Professor &related law review articles @ The Midwest Center for Constitutional Rights
Another anti-constitutional law tossed out by the Supreme Court. What's Harper's record now, zero for 15 or something?
Here Law Degree came from Obama's class on US Constitutional Rights-his way.>> *** !!
EO 9066 was found CONSTITUTIONAL and still law of the land
Supreme Court Moves to Undo Civil Rights Law ... Again - Truthdig | Is the Constitution still Constitutional?
And yes its DUMB to think a Constitutional Law Professor w/a 58 State
prov gov'ts should not violate Constitutional Rights: Province was wrong not to consult on labour law, Brad Wall says http:/…
$80 to rent this constitutional law textbook. R E N T. 😪 omg
Watching Sons of Liberty while reading Constitutional Law tonight.
After attempts to speak to ANYONE, regarding the lies being spewed about CHRISKYLE,I ended up explaining constitutional law!
Good to know regardless if police are breaking the law and /or violating your constitutional rights.
Our high school constitutional law debaters Razia, Dwight, Abdullah, Jordalin and Usemma did so well…
Sean Hannity (2-time dropout and bowling alley bartender) claims Obama (Constitutional Law Professor) doesn't "understand" the …
or how about classmates? Or students he taught constitutional law? Silence is deafening
manipulating Constitutional Law to fit Tea Party Agenda with &
LMMUD ON ONE LEG - THE LAST THIS (SECULAR) YEAR...SEE YOU AT CONFERENCE! Parashat Vayigash This portion contains the next instalment of the Joseph story. Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers. The men are instructed to bring their father and their households to reside in the region of Goshen in the land of Egypt. Vayigash — David Bilchitz David is a professor at University of Johannesburg, teaching Human Rights and Constitutional Law; Director, SA Institute for advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law; and a member of Limmud International Steering Group. We see the spectre of zealotry across the world. In the past week 142 people, most of them children, were killed at a Pakistani school; the attack by Taliban militants was supposedly motivated by religion. In Northern Nigeria, 185 women and children were kidnapped by another extremist group - Boko Haram - for lives as sexual slaves and worse. How are we to respond? The sad reality is that often, in fighting against ...
Constitutional does not permit law makers to create courts outside frame work of Judicial System.
"States' rights" is now shorthand among the historically uninformed for the advancement of slavery in the antebellum period, and the gross violation of black Americans' civil rights after the war. In reality, slave states used the federal government to extend their reach into free states prior to abolition, and the southern states openly flouted Constitutional law in the century afterward.
Apply now for Summer University. Courses on constitutional law, ADR & more. Financial aid is available.
T/F: If a statute infringes on a non-fundamental right it is presumed to be valid.
Hitler's dictatorship rested on the constitutional foundation of a single law, the Enabling Law.
Note that 'Law of Karma' is the First Constitutional Law!
"FREEDOM: the right to pursue personal aspirations and Practice individual convictions in the boundaries of Godly Constitu…
Just as a comparison; US police shot a person almost every day in USA in the year 2013 (320 people killed). Total number of people shot in USA 2013 is 289. DAILY!! Over 100,000 people annually. Think about that! In Finland the total number of shots fired by police is 6. The whole year. And no one was killed. In the last 15 years here total of 3 people have been killed by the bullet from a gun of a police officer, and one of those was an accident at the police shooting range. Don't know how many people were killed by a bullet in total that year but I'd guess it's close to the amount of shots fired by the police. You know why? Cause the guns we have are behind locked doors at home and used for hunting, not killing people. And actually what it comes to safety at our homes and our properties, I'd say we are doing WAY better than the people overseas protecting their hard earned fortunes with AK's. The constitutional law, second amendment, about every mans right to carry a gun to protect them might have worked ...
Of global cities and Gallic villages: tensions between constitutional and International Law:
MALAWI JUDICIAL STRIKE: serious constitutional crisis, an incalculable threat to the rule of law&stability.
Bam!! Greg Abbott signed a copy of HB195 Constitutional Carry Bill stating he would sign it into law
"I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution," Obama stated in 2007
If I couldn't do White Collar Law, I'd do Constitutional Law. I wonder if Law School will let me like double major sort to say?
Constitutional Law is actually incredibly fun and interesting to learn about IMO In Amur Parliament introduced draft federal constitutional law on the use of the banner of Victory
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Does the Commonwealth practice of 'reading down' occur in US constitutional law?
What is the significane of Marsh v. Alabama?
I think Dershowitz once understood constitutional law. Once.
Remember that time he was mistaken for a Constitutional Law scholar? Good times.
As a constitutional lawyer with numerous experts, I'll trust the rule of law PBO used. waste tim…
Just use your sense. Dershowitz understands constitutional law better than you or I could ever hope to.
Its a nation wide banned, we follow Constitutional law that's it
Guess their IQ. So politically incorrect, but fun. Sue me. I memorised constitutional law.
My answer to: Void Order. No Escape. No Protection of the law. No Constitutional Rights. No help.
SCOTUS Upholds NC Traffic Stop; illegal stops are constitutional if police have "reasonable" ignorance of law
Giffords is gone maybe Rep Mc Sally can help fundamentally transform the state of Arizona back to consti…
Supreme Court Ruled. Cops don't have to Know the Law .
What is the significance of Regents of Univ. of California v. Bakke?
he studied constitutional law ,so he &buddy Eric should know all the ins & outs they need,do as they wish
How can you have constitutional guidelines on how to use an unconstitutional law? Why not just amend it?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The greatest honor right up there with being a father is actively working for the Republic back under Constitutional law. Liberty or Death.
I guess he's a constitutional law prof too then?
"is a Constitutional law expert, like at
I remember reading an article about how Vince McMahon required all the wrestlers to be well versed in Constitutional Law.
Am tired of their corruptions, evildoing, murderers get away with murders and Constitutional Law Brakers
Who has done constitutional and Administrative Law??? Anybody???
. No, it WASNT in Israel. Good God. He cited ISRAELI case law to justify his extrajudicial killings. Constitutional?
It's no wonder Obama had his Harvard records sealed. The *** is no better at world history than he was at Constitutional law.
Harper's new prostitution law likely violates constitutional rights, drawing concern from Wynne:
Lord this A in american constitutional law is a testimony!😂
The Constitution is STILL the law of the land. Use code below for 15% off.
All the answers to the question WTHR posed are about the merits of the law, while any proper answer would require Constitutional analysis.
27 members signed the brief out of 535. 27 support Constitutional Sep of Powers & the rule of law. Only 27. That's sad.
attorney & scholar on constitutional law. He seems more knowledgeable on they subject
I can safely say there is no way I'm choosing constitutional law in my 2nd or 3rd year 🙅
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Trust me, leave me alone with books on constitutional law over night, and I could argue better than that.
I'd make a video game to explain constitutional law to GGers but they wouldn't play it
Prosecute the Torturers. President Obama, a constitutional lawyer, is failing to observe the law.
Just started a constitutional law MOOC so I'm now qualified to argue whether or not a burrito is a sandwich.
According to the United States Constitution anyone violating Constitutional Law - even Douglas Birx can be...
Black people are property under Constitutional Law. . We have never been accepted as human beings just cattle stock.
Todays so-called Tea Party promotes revolution against Constitutional Law, I point out the irony
So, my ten positive things for today: 1. Today was the last real day of school before break. 2. I ran into my friend Jordan Carder leaving Constitutional Law. 3. I got to hang out with Nick Bratcher, Tyler Bedell Kniess, Austin Lesh, and Eric Daniel Cervantes tonight. 4. Constitutional Law got out fifteen minutes early. 5. I read a chapter in my book today. 6. Tennessee has finally introduced legislation to overturn Common Core. 7. I read my friend Michael Su's review of Assassin's Creed Unity today (don't buy it). 8. I read my friend Adrian Urias's defense of Black Friday. It was nice. 9. Muslim and Catholic refugees are coming together in the Middle East. 10. Russia has legalized carrying guns for self-defense.
The fact that he is a Constitutional Law professor seems to have escaped those *** in the Tea Party/GOP...
So d Shiv Sena has officially sent a letter to Mr. Anant Kalse, d Principal Secretary of Maharashtra Legislature (who also happens to b my professor in Govt. Law College for Constitutional Law and Administrative Law) claiming d post of LoP thereby refusing to accept BJP's offer to join it in d Govt. Shiv sena is *** bent to ensure dat a party dat espouses d cause of 'Hindutva' is pushed to run a minority Govt. So much for d ideological cause of Hindutva!! Great!
I support the prospect of the evolution of social justice in our society. I have been studying Constitutional Law as a hobby, with the hope of having the knowledge that I gain used to reinforce civil liberties in Canada. I have successfully argued Constitutional issues in the Provincial Superior Courts of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba, setting precedents in Nova Scotia twice and Manitoba once. Precedents 1. In September of 2014, I argued against the unlawful or unprincipled application of filing fees in Charter proceedings. In this case, I was met by Crown Prosecutions Counsel, Federal Crown Attourney and a Department of Justice Lawyer. Against the three of these Crown Lawyers, my arguements prevailed and the precedent setting order was drawn up and signed by the Court Justice. 2. In April of 2014, I made submissions to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. These arguements had to do with an unconstitutional power that the government posseses and has used to impede civil rights and access to ju ...
If Martial Law comes 2 US we BEST have right kind of 'Marshall' in power (Humble&Wise) committed 2 restoring US 2 Constitutional Law.
I'm doing Constitutional Law reading right now and I've noticed that sometimes sitting Presidents like to appoint current Senators to the Supreme Court. At the same time, I was talking with a friend about if an opening were to appear in the Courts during this decade, who would President Obama (or the next President) appoint to replace the vacancy? He mentioned to me Elizabeth Warren as a possible choice, and I was very surprised at his pick. Now that may be very unlikely now, and it's unlikely Senator Warren herself would agree (considering her activism in taking on Wall Street and other current policies she's advocating for), but I found it particularly interesting considering her past experience with bankruptcy law. Regardless, if a vacancy in the Court were to open in the near future, who do you think could fill it?
Magna Carta and the Rule of Constitutional Law, Lawful Rebellion according to Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215,
I had a few people ask me about what I alluded to in my earlier post about the providential meeting that United States Senator Tim Scott and I had about nine years ago that I said would “boggle the mind”. Most of you know that I teach a Constitutional Law course to homeschooled High School students every year for about the last 15 years now. I teach this course in a classroom at my church in North Charleston….on Thursday evenings during the school year. About nine years ago, I was teaching on a Thursday evening…and this particular evening I was covering the “Establishment Clause” of the United States Constitution. And on that particular evening I was using a local event as an example….back in 1997, Tim Scott serving on Charleston County Council had taken the bold step of hanging a plaque with the Ten Commandments on the wall of County Council chambers….and was taking a lot of heat for it from the usual sources. Tim and I had never met up until that point. Well that night, as I was teachi . ...
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Director, Legal and Constitutional Law: Govt. of Nunavut (Iqaluit) "Reporting to the Assistant...
ARREST THE ILLEGAL PRESIDENT OF THE United States! BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! Who can arrest a sitting President ( legal or not! ) The Provost Marshal General of the Army or Marine Corp does have the authority to arrest the President. But this may not be the best way to effect the arrest. The Provost Marshal General of The Army is a Headquarters US Army flag officer position and serves directly under the Chief of Staff - US Army. So in one of the legal classes at the Command & Staff School - Air University, the scenario was built classroom-style that greatly parallels the terrible situation we find ourselves in today. (Please remember that these classes were taught by Harvard Law School with great experience and knowledge in Constitutional Law ) So here’s the scenario. Let us assume that it has been determined that the President has committed treason in a manner unmistakable to all. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a covert meeting to get a vote of the JCS. (Here is where the Provost Marsh ...
Dear Congressman Gowdy, My wife & I live in Glens Falls, NY, but have relatives in SC - specifically Hartsville (and yes, I realize that Hartsville is NOT your district – but unless I CHEATED LIKE OBAMA AND USED A PHONY ZIPCODE ON YOUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE, I’D NEVER BE ABLE TO REACH YOU – JEESH…). Ok, seriously now. We are writing to you because we are TREMENDOUSLY PROUD OF – AND ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR - your stand against these outlaws, and your conviction of character in seeing that justice is done as well as the re-establishment of Constitutional Law & Order. Please bear with me – I might ramble some in this missive, as well as make some clearly transparently vain attempts at humor (oh, *** I’m sure YOU can appreciate some levity). Anyway, as you can tell, being from NYS - and the Capital District, no less, we are faced with so-called representation in the House & the Senate by COMMUNISTS, in the form of Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bill Owens. Our conservative voices here are ab .. ...
If a law is facially discriminatory, what level of scrutiny is applied?
Landa: constitutional norms based on principle; in Latin America, influence of Germany but also creative case law of own cts Oslo
Could someone go give John McTernan a quick lesson on constitutional law? Doing him a great kindness. About to explode through apoplexy.
New legislation and consultation papers currently before the House
John McTernan knows as much about constitutional law as my *** knows about chapping tatties.
Hmm my Constitutional Law is very rusty. Let me read up on this.
Susanne Baer, Justice, Constitutional Court of Germany, speaking. Proportionality NOT owned by lawyers. Oslo
*eyeballs* Where to start with this? Certain commentators would benefit from a remedial UK constitutional law course
Judges panel at the World Congress of Constitutional Law
People should do everything constitutional by abiding with the law -
Administrative court agrees to refer protest law to constitutional court
We will not allow WADA rule over our constitutional rights to privacy. The new Sports law act will be without
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The "Aliens Power" section of my Constitutional Law textbook isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds.
Constitutional Article3 "Law& 'Equity' regards as done that which ought to be done." 27A Am Jur (1996), p. 520-21.
CorruptRep organized crime designed to sabotage constitutional "Law and Equity" mandated under our Republic.
If the facilities are built and operated primarily to benefit the public, does it qualify as a public function ex...
Ramatlhodi asks Zuma to hold mines bill Detractors say this law is flawed on constitutional grounds as it was n...
"Ignorance is bliss - but denial is heinous constitutional law, but can keep oath to defend it
For a constitutional law professor, Obama sure doesn't know the constitution. That, or he doesn't care
If a law is discriminatory based on gender or illegitimacy, what level of scrutiny is applied?
I think labelling Malaysia as a secular country is weird? Cuz Islam is the constitutional religion and our law is based on constitution.
U know, it took Bo & his lying cohorts only 6 years to undo Americas 200 plus years of freedom, Constitutional law, n World respect. Vile
this is yet another attempt to limit freedom of speech. This "prof of constitutional law seeks to destroy the law.
Passing my Constitutional Law test with flying colors. Off to Arrest and Seizure now.
.are flaming discord among the citizenry violating Constitutional Law & current takes no counter actions
did NOT see either of you in attendance at any of my Constitutional Law classes.
Congress Passes Bill to Make Obama Enforce the Law - Ignores Constitutional Remedy of Impeachment via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
the mandate that forces US Citizens to purchase policies Unprecedented in the annals of our constitutional law? That's 1
I guess constitutional and business law courses are fun as well
Does unequal financing of education violate the equal protection clause?
U break a law and I guarantee u will get caught. Break a constitutional law, no one cares
Ahhh Constitutional law. A lecture I can sit back an enjoy. Thank you and This is so much better than contracts!
Nice analysis by on why Bill C-36 may survive court challenge. Good comment thread too.
Until We the people reclaim & exercise our Constitutional Civil Authority we will be subject to endless hogwash being sold as "law".
Observe thy take for inclusive of constitutional law guidebook: DPOjV
The AG's office said it "long ago conceded that the law was not constitutional as it applied to consensual sex."
How about a constitutional amendment stating a president can be arrested for violations of federal law during and after his terms.
Domestic "terror threats" to a "free State" are when elected officials color as "law" overt violations of constitutional principles.
Peter Charleton perverts Irish constitutional law & is unfit to be a judge of any court
PRESS RELEASE: New law will be challenged on constitutional grounds if passed, say rights groups
w/Pres. of Constitutional Court H.appreciated the strong commitment to fundamental rights &rule of law htt…
Did not get great reviews as Instructor of Constitutional Law at U of Chicago Law School.
An exemplary verdict by the top court: The Constitutional Court has served government a lesson in law, as well...
Sorry but "Dual Citizenship" does NOT equate "Natural Born". It's a Fact of Constitutional Law
Yeast Infections, Testicular Cancer, Used Condoms, and the President (a treatise on Polyarchy and Immiseration in 21st century America) Top fifteen reasons people voted for Barack Obama Bin Laden: 15- Have no life, so wanted to know the intimate details of EVERY other American's life. Obama and NSA right on task here. 14- Like the idea of using computers and drones to kill people. "This is how us smart people murder. Soldiers are for Republicans". 13- Heard John Lennon sing "War is Over". Thought it was new Obama song. 12- Had no health insurance. Now have crap health insurance in medical/pharma industry that gains more power by the day. 11- Thought he really believed all that Constitutional Law crap he taught. 10- He's a Democrat, they're a Democrat. 9- He's not a Republican, they're not a Republican. 8- He's not white, they aren't white. 7- Mistook him for Martin Luther King, Al Sharpton, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton. Got LeBron James. 6- He looks like Denzel Washington, and really liked that "Hurricane" mo ...
A professor of Constitutional Law who despises the Constitution. Like an atheist teaching Sunday School, it's gonna be twisted.
For someone who claims to have been a Constitutional Law professor, Obama seems to sure have forgotten a lot of it!
Constitutional Law "Professor"-Structural design of the American govt displeases Barry the Tyrant via
First up is 1L Constitutional Law professor Paul Salamanca. He's currently reading Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin.
Constitutional Law professor...that does his damnedest to flout the Constitution.
So many amazing quotes this semester, so little time for outlining... DARYL LEVINSON (Constitutional Law) "Does anyone else have one of these pocket copies of the Constitution? Do you carry it about everywhere to prove your superior patriotism?" "So even though this is a class on Constitutional law,you'd be OK if you didn't read the Constitution, though you probably should at some point in your life and now is as good a time as any." "Original jurisdiction is weird - the Justices aren't good at trial court stuff. They're really only good for sitting behind a bench and making little jokes at the litigants' expense." "Going to the merits first despite a lack of jurisdiction allows Marshall to declare that Jefferson is a vile lawbreaker like we’ve always expected." "Penultimate is one of those words that means nothing. It really means 'next before last,' but it's now used to mean even better than ultimate." "The anti-federalists feared that citizens, instead of acting in a “republican” virtuous public- ...
I am now taking Constitutional Law (it is a subject that I have been looking forward to from the beginning of Law School) The quote below is an illustration of why that is. I read it in the text of a case and could not tell which Supreme Court Justice wrote it. The case was from 1905. It speaks to a qualified doctrine of literal translation of the Constitution. I respect the 'rock' of principles that is the Constitution of the United States and the constant interpretation that makes it an endurable instrument of government. 'While the spirit of the Constitution is to be respected not less than its letter, the spirit is to be collected chiefly from its words.'
TOWARDS TOLERANCE FOR ALL: Tonight, 6.30 pm featuring a MESSAGE FROM KAMPALA, which will be delivered by the ACTING CHAIRPERSON of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, a coalition of more than 50 organisations - the winner of the US State Department’s Human Rights Defenders Award 2011 Please come and spread the word!
Yes! Last I heard Harvard still teaches Constitutional Law and separation of church and state!
Yes. But I'm still a constitutional expert, publish in law journals, did a 2-yr postdoc at Harvard Law, etc.
Casually doing some Constitutional Law/ Public Law I tonight.. Hmm this year i can honestly say i've been going through and helping people with every module i've ever done for this degree so far... Think uni should've hired me as a tutor long time ago lol
I DON'T KNOW WHAT EXPLICATIVE TO USE RIGHT NOW!!! I'm torn between P.U. and WTH??? I just got a bulk mail letter from Hillsdale College that starts thusly: "Dear Friend of Liberty, You may have heard RUSH LIMBAUGH, SEAN HANNITY, MARK LEVIN, and other GREAT RADIO TALK SHOW HOSTS talk about Hillsdale College." THEY DON'T KNOW ME BERRY WELL, DO DEY??? ;D OMG, they're raising money to push the Conservative agenda!!! They must think I'm retarded! Listen to this quote: "Too many Americans (especially our political leaders) have little understanding of our Constitution and the principles of Liberty that made American great." I think this is sour grapes because our President taught Constitutional Law at Harvard!!! I'm sorry, but the thought that ANYONE HAS ME ON A MAILING LIST AS A CONSERVATIVE MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE. I'm going to give this letter a thorough ritualized burning with the rest of the trash now.
Take Constitutional Law. You will truly learn what rights you have from government control.
Papers for upcoming World Congress of Constitutional Law are now available online
Obama taught Constitutional law at Harvard for 12 years.
: The Pension law is constitutional because of "necessity for its provisions in light of circumstances faced by state"
Law, I'm positive that the Queen who as 'A constitutional monarchy also provides stability, continuity and a national focus, as the
Did I get an A in a senior level constitutional law class? Maybe.
Our chat with Apologia and Mike Farris about his new Constitutional Law curriculum. Come listen.
Federal judge rejects challenge to D.C. gun regulations
Realize your stargazing thereby constitutional law disperse: NyjRK
Cases and Materials on Constitutional and Administrative Law Cases and Materials on...
Don't understand a word of public/constitutional/Human Rights law, terrified for that exam
Erwin Chemerinsky (born May 14, 1953) is an American lawyer and law professor. He is a prominent scholar in United States Constitutional law and federal civil procedure. He is the current and founding dean of the University of California, Irvine School of Law, which began classes in the fall semeste…
Wow today is just annoying “Judge upholds D.C. gun law: New regs "pass constitutional scrutiny"
Constitutional law exam tomorrow.. Please kill me 😳🔫
PM calls cannabis law prescribing five years in prison for possession too harsh, "out of sync."
I'm no expert but if you taught Constitutional Law, you shouldn't be violating every single clause, Hussein 0bama.
Did all 250 fail constitutional law?
Your state constitutional amendment is unconstitutional under the US Constitution. Federal law trumps!
what is my ''CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, when no lawyer or law firm would take my case. I had a job-related stroke on the job back in July 28,2009 and spent 14 days in the hospital. Now the thing is I pay fore this insurance from my payroll for over 4 yrs. I had call the job while I was still in the hospital to see about getting my benefits started and I was told that they don't pay for a stroke ,because it was an Act of GOD. BUT that was a lie, because I wasn't hit by lightning or an tornado. I was on my job out on the road as a owner truck driver who was leased to this trucking company. The thing is I got the phone # of the ''Trucker Insurance Policy on my truck from the job and I was told by the insurance company that I had to hit somebody or something to get benefits from them. So when I got out the hospital in Aug. of 2009 I call the job up and told them they need to doing something for me cause you'll took my money and I want something done. I then was gave another phone # and I call them up. Now this compa ...
always interesting to hear constitutional law views of a convicted perjurer and sex club habitué
.in Experts warn changes to trademark law in budget bill may not be constitutional, what will do?
What is the significance of Planned Parenthood v. Casey?
If the Gardaí don't protect everyone's Constitutional Rights they won't be able to protect their own. via
via This sounds like a threat to push BO to break Constitutional law again with more "exec.orders"!
So so happy I can forget about constitutional law... for a little while anyway.
Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos says Thuli Madonsela has not infringed on any laws.
Me after my constitutional law exam today:
via laurie prince tuttell (mjb) should research how many attorneys are in the fed legislature and then in the state(s) legislature(s).you find that there are is only 15% in the fed and 17% in the state(s)... and then how many have a background in constitutional law including the Supreme Court justice's.NONE...and people wonder what's wrong with this country..look at who you have making laws they don't understand or even know if they are constitutional..
Notes for Keadilan Leadership for Meeting on Monday 12th May 2014.  By Anwar Ibrahim. 1. Pakatan Rakyat On 28th September 2011, the Pakatan Rakyat Leaders‟ Council had issued a joint statement signed by me, Lim Kit Siang and Dato Seri Abdul Hadi. The statement reiterated the consensus of the component parties – PAS, DAP and Keadilan – that they would continue to defend and honour the principles enshrined in the Federal Constitution, the Pakatan‟s common platform and the Orange Book. At the same time, it took cognizance of the difference in ideology of the component parties including the position of PAS concerning Shari‟ah law. Furthermore, it acknowledged the existence of the Kelantan Shari‟ah Criminal Enactment II 1993 and the Terengganu Shari‟ah Criminal Enactment 2003 even before the formation of the Pakatan. Furthermore, it had declared that Keadilan and PAS respect the different position of DAP regarding this matter. Above all, it stressed that we would not be dragged into the politica ...
Boston College is being sued by a former IRA soldier who contributed to the university's oral history project about civil unrest in Northern Ireland. "This has become a complete mess from BC's perspective," said Noah Feldman, a constitutional law professor at Harvard.
Once the Constitutional Law exam is out of the way at 5pm today that's first year at uni over. It's been a mental 8 months- now FREEDOM for a bit to have a life- YAY.
Constitutional Law presentation over :) I got to present on the budget lol
I am proud to be an American who supports all US Constitutional Laws and every word of the US Constitution.
How fitting that UofS President Ilene Busch Vishniac met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper today, I wonder if they discussed how they both think they are above constitutional law
I believe before it's all over I am going to have to run for office in the state of Arkansas. The lack of knowledge in history, civics and constitutional law by those running this year on the right has almost convinced me that it is my duty as a citizen to throw my hat in the ring.
I am writing this here because you all are sensible people here. Please forgive me for informing you all.Today I learnt a great thing about one of the major reasons of Odisha being suffering from poverty. Some of the senior IAS officers they disagree with national / constitutional laws. This problem do neither surface in many of the discussions in public domain nor flashed nor criticised by media houses. Their autocratic behaviour and arrogance make other officers silent to act in favour of the people. Instead of acting on national laws they drive the Govt machinery in their way. Ultimately state suffers. I had a great feelings and high respect for IAS officers. Today it is shattered because of a few of them.
Now I KNOW Granny is pulling strings for me upstairs. Guess who made an A+ in Constitutional Law? THIS GIRL!! AH! Thank you Granny. :)
Just finished my first final. Piece of cake! Constitutional Law got nothing on me.
Just a thought. It is a sad inditement that Australia's current version of democracy, with it's base in the bicameral and two party preferred system, keeps producing substandard population management. Until the constitution of Australia has a political system that makes ALL pre-election verbal contracts with the broader constituency fully costed, binding by legal compliance, and enforceable by constitutional law, the elected government of the day will act with disregard and impunity to any hollow inducement to secure a "vote". The cost is the trust and dignity of the very population the constitution is there to protect. ;)
Patriot News One Copy and Repost as your Status. Then print this up and file charges with your local sheriff. If everyone in the country does this, then Obama and his Travelling Zoo won't be able to travel to any county in the country without risking arrest...if Congress won't legally shut him down, then We the People need to do it. ARTICLES OF LAWFUL ARREST OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, JOHN MCCAIN, VALERIE JARRETT, JOHN BRENNAN, JOHN KERRY, HILLARY CLINTON and THEIR FELLOW CO-CONSPIRATORS for TREASON AGAINST THE United States OF AMERICA and her SEVERAL STATES and PEOPLES Enumerated this 17th Day of September, 2013 WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America do hereby declare and affirm that we have witnessed the following Acts of Treason against the United States of America, committed by said Obama, McCain, Clinton and others mentioned, and that we hereby call for the immediate lawful arrest of these perpetrators, according to Constitutional Law and our legal obligation to report and insist upon the arrest ...
Principal Points of Constitutional Law: naturalized citizen cannot become President or Vice-President of the United States. A male ...
10 Must Read Books for UPSC Aspirants Generally you may easily find over hundred of books in the bookshelves of civil services aspirants, but there are only few books they actually hangout with. I felt following are widely accepted best books to read. So here is the list of 1o General Studies books for UPSC aspirants. Books for UPSC Aspirants 1. Introduction to the Constitution of India 21st Edition Written by Durga Das Basu, the book is indispensable for politicians, journalists, statesmen and administrative authorities and is also prescribed in several Universities even for under graduate courses in Civics. It incorporates all amendments to the Constitution upto 98th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2013 and contains materials, figures and charts not included in any publication so far on the subject. Contains elaborate comments on separatism in Punjab, Assam and elsewhere. 2. Constitutional Law of India – A Critical Commentary Written by Hormasji Maneckji Seervai. One of the most read books by UPSC and o ...
Constitutional Law by Jeff Prager Conventionally-grown apples, the ones you're buying in the grocery store every week, have high concentrations of pesticides, primarily because of chemicals applied to the apple crop after it's harvested to preserve the appearance of those colorful, shiny apples during long months of cold storage. Fresh apples? Are you kidding? You can only be guaranteed that your apples are fresh if they're organic AND you know the folks that grew them. Otherwise, cold storage for you bucko. These consumer and manufacturer freedoms are written into our constitution you know... The chemical diphenylamine, or DPA for short, a chemical antioxidant that prevents apple skin from discoloring and turning various hues and shades of rotten black and moldy brown during storage, was detected on more than 80 percent of raw apples in 2010, the most recent year they were tested. In 2012, DPA was banned for use on fruit grown in the European Union because of concerns that it could form cancer-causing n ...
Congrats to Stephen Markman, MI Supreme Court Justice and HC Constitutional Law prof, on being named to Boa…
Well my summer semester is all set! Another full load of classes which is only 9 credits in the summer. Juvenile Justice, Principles of Law Enforcement, and Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice. At this rate ill be half way to my assoc. Starting in the fall.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Prof. Sam Rugege was educated at Ntare School, later went to Makerere University in Uganda, Yale Law School in the United States of America and Oxford University in England where he obtained the LLB, LLM and D.Phil. degrees respectively. He is currently the Chief Justice of the Republic of Rwanda Judicially. He started his law career as a lecturer in law at Makerere University before being forced to flee the terror of the Idi Amin regime. He then taught at the National University of Lesotho and University of Swaziland rising to the position of Associate Professor. During 1995, he was a Visiting Scholar at Cornell Law School where he taught African Law. His last teaching post before being elevated to the bench was in Cape Town, South Africa.As Professor of Law at the University of the Western Cape, where he taught Constitutional Law. He is author of scholarly journal articles and has addressed numerous conferences in many countries. Prof. Rugege was appointed to the Supreme Court of Rwanda in 2004. Since 2 ...
The NC Chamber of Commerce has purchased nearly a quarter million dollars in advertising against Robin Hudson through ads supporting both of her opponents. They've bought $80,000 worth of ads in support of Levinson and $145,000 worth for Jeanette Doran. While Levinson has served as a superior court judge, Jeanette Doran served as general counsel and executive director at the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law, a group backed by Art Pope. Who is funding the Chamber's independent expenditures? Between October 2013 and April 19, 2014, the Chamber raised $410,000. Those donors included: Reynolds American - $100,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC - $75,000 Piedmont Natural Gas - $75,000 Glen Raven, Inc. - $50,000 **Koch Industries Public Sector, LLC - $50,000** Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co - $25,000 Captive Aire Systems - $15,000 Medical Mutual Insurance of NC - $15,000 Art Pope and the Koch Brothers want this seat in a bid to take the NC Supreme Court in an off-year election. Spread the word to vote for Justi ...
For Sale: Australian Constitutional Law: Materials and Commentary by Clarke, Keyzer and Stellios 9th Edition purchased new in 133 for Constitutional Law; perfect condition. Queensland Evidence Law by David Field 2nd Edition purchased new in 141 for Evidence Law, in perfect condition. Control of Government Action: Text, Cases and Commentary by Creyke and McMillan 3rd edition purchased new in 141 for Administrative Law; perfect condition. Undertstanding Company Law by Lipton, Herzberg and Welsh 16th Edition. Purchased new in 131 for BA, and used in 141 for Corporations Law. Perfect Condition. If interested, please message me for prices. All available from Week 1, 142.
Are you proud real Americans are fighting for the Founding Fathers' beliefs and the United States' Constitution in Nevada ??? Feds. are breaking Constitutional Law. Yea, for Militia breaking Federal Law.
I thought this was really interesting, and it helped put words and logic to the icky feeling I have had about the SC ruling last week. McCutcheon is terrible in part, b/c it employs the logic that campaign donations are a matter of First Amendment principles (money talks, as the saying goes). So to take it a step further, if campaign donations are free speech, the ruling therefore implies that people with more money get more free speech, which is clearly terrible. Also, Cole points out that this could set a precedence for other terrible choices the court might somebody make. Days like this, I really miss hanging out in Ron Kahn's Constitutional Law class, discussing slippery slopes and penumbras.
ERIAS LUKWAGO LORD MAYOR KAMPALA CAPITAL AUTHORITY .He was born in Kampala on 11 May 1970, to Hajj Muhammad Mirundi and Hajjat Salmati Nkayaga. Lukwago is reported to have more than twenty siblings. [2] Education Erias Lukwago attended Makerere University between 1995 until 1997, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB ). He wentf on to obtain the Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Center in 1998. He also holds a Certificater in Advocacy Skills from the International Law Institute . [3] Work experience Since 1998 until now, Erias Lukwago has worked as the Managing Partner, in the offices of Lukwago and Co. Advocates, a Kampala law firm that specializes in Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law. In 2005 he was elected to the Ugandan Parliament, on the Democratic Party ticket, representing Central Kampala Constituency . While in parliament, he served on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee and on the Local Government Accounts Committee. He resigned from Parliament in 20 ...
CAN OBAMA BE ARRESTED WHILE STILL PRESIDENT?: Technically, no. If the president commits a crime he will be charged. If he is convicted, he’ll be impeached and the vice president will take office. From there, the president will be tried again, this time he will get a sentencing with it. While in office the President has a security detail called the Secret Service that isolates a President from ANY threat that may come their way. If any law enforcement official dared to approach them, they could easily keep him safe from the lawman and any legal action he may want to take against the president. The present executive branch of government has repeatedly displayed its disregard for the law of the land and has done many things outside of Constitutional Law. The only time an arrest of a President has ever come close to happening is the Watergate scandal with Nixon, but he resigned before charges were ever brought forth. The House of Representatives has the power to impeach the president but then the Senate mus ...
A note to President Barack Obama: You, the former Professor of Constitutional Law, apparently have forgotten that the Constitution of the United States does not empower you to alter the laws of this nation, passed in pursuance thereof - you are, however, to ". . . take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed". As a refresher of Constitutional law, I suggest you re-read the Kendall case of 1838 (37 U.S. 524), in which, you will be reminded that the various department heads of the Executive Branch are bound to carry out the responsibilities placed upon them by Congress; and that you do not have the authority to over-ride such laws. I have posted the pertinent section of the case in question, to be sure you get a chance to read it - it begins at 37 U.S. 524 610. If you find this post to be too long to retain your interest, I suggest you at least read and heed the final paragraph. “The mandamus does not seek to direct or control the Postmaster General in the discharge of any official duty partaking in an ...
The illegal usurper known as barak hussein obama, does NOT represent America-as he is in total violation of OUR Constitutional Law! IMPEACH!
sitting in on the Constitutional Law class- speaking about the case of Dred Scott v. Sandford today + individual rights. interesting stuff!
"So, Patrick, what did you do with your morning?" "Listened to my Constitutional Law professor talk about sex robots. You know, the usual."
It's funny they think a Constitutional Law professor doesn't know the Constitution.
Somewhere, somehow, my Constitutional Law professor knows I haven't done my assignment yet. . I can feel your disapproval from here!
Say that again, stupid. And he WAS a professor of Constitutional Law at UChicago, for TWELVE YEARS. ***
Aaahaaa - yeah, 'Senator'. Not a real job. Professor of Constitutional Law. ALSO not a 'real job'. What an ***
My professor for Constitutional Law really liked my new shoes.
ha ha Super Lawyer? Well he is well skilled when it comes to Constitutional Law give him Criminal case vs (Example) Pravin Bowry
yes, but a lawyer who was a professor of Constitutional Law should probably have a better handle on it than most.
Treason is defined under Constitutional Law as : Giving aid or comfort to the enemy and having two witnesses. President Obama has committed Treason with over 200 million witnesses by giving arms/aid to help level the so called playing field against Al Qaeda. WHAT is Congress waiting on? This under the Constitution is grounds for Impeachment!
I have a Scottish 1 for Comparative Legal History :/RTI still find it odd that I have an American lecturer for Constitutional Law.
What is the relevance of college anymore (other than as a home court for our favorite basketball teams)? For centuries, universities were centers of learning, established around that edifice of elusive scholarly knowledge, the "Undergraduate Library." Today, in my back pocket alone, I have iPhone access to more scholarly knowledge than the combined libraries of UNC, Duke, Wake, and NC State (add Harvard, Princeton, and Yale to that). If I want instruction on the Saxon invasion of Britain, the fall of the Roman Empire, Advanced Calculus, Constitutional Law, or "how to weave a basket" (NC State), I can google those subjects in dozens of platforms, each more interesting and effective than tweed-jacketed ol' Prof. Grumpy, waving his piece of chalk. Before long, I predict that a college diploma will be a certificate of NOT being very smart, evidence that one spent $40,000 a year (Duke) to acquire information that was freely available on the cheapest iPhone. Where is the intellect in that? -- "Home schooli ...
After military police filed complains of Koh Tii's behaviors to police department, Koh Tii said that the separatists' bill board was just a sarcastic gesture. He had no intention of separating the country so Yingluck government should not prosecute him according to the Constitutional Law. He was shameless liar!
I guess it's time to post Constitutional Law 101 again, eh? Constitutional Law 101 In American government for over 200 years, we had three separate branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial. They were designed to be separate and have checks and balances. In early America, the Constitution was based on natural law (Biblical law according to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God). In Early American jurisprudence, there was no wall of separation of church and state, and Christianity was encouraged in the public square.[1] In early American courts, the jury of 12 peers was instructed to disregard law that didn’t follow the Bible. The jury was encouraged to declare laws “bad laws” if they didn’t follow biblical law. The legislative branch was meant to be the strongest branch of government because it was closest to the common people. The U.S. House of Representatives was meant to control the Power of the Purse, to protect the pocketbooks of common citizens. That’s why elections are e ...
Again, I was asked what I would do if was president. Well my priorities may change but only in the order that I put them. First thing I would do is two-fold. Bring back Constitutional Law, and strongly urge congress to pass a law that prohibits any law outside of our Constitution to have no jurisdiction in any court on any level. Next is, I would issue ARREST WARRANTS for Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and Susan Rice. I would fire Kerry. Sebelious, & Lerner. Push for the Impeachment of Pelosi & Reid. I would make our military so strong that no country, or terrorist group would ever test it. Reinstate and increase benefits to our VETERANS. I would work diligently to Repeal Obamacrap! Illegal aliens. one area where you need a back up plan. 1st. Cut off all their freebies. Usually this will make them leave. If not then we deport. If those don't work, ten years in our military, learn english, then start on the path to citizenship. Close our borders. Build the fence. Stop sending money t ...
Natural Law means Inherent...there is no Law needed to say you are your child's father...everyone knows the moment you say dad what that means. you have the right to raise your child. there are many ideas about soil, sovereignty and subject that cause people to think they are better Informed about the Issue. Each case of Law is dealing with certain aspects and all isn't about the two parents, even though opinions have been made in case Law. On July 4 1776 a nation was born. The single Citizen of 1776 who fought for this country to be a Citizen of this new nation that was born in one day July 4th is a Citizen. That inherent sovereign right written into Constitutional Law is not pointing to a Citizen marring another Citizen to make a president. You can marry who you want and your still a Citizen and so is the child of yours...(inherent) Natural law. Its your child that came from you and recognized across the globe. Everyone keeps reading the phrase like everyone was married but the phrase points to natural ...
What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" do you NOT understand? I assume you studied Constitutional Law and the Federalist Papers in law school (the two cannot be separated in understanding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights).. County Sheriffs can stop gun control. Did you know that no matter what gun control laws are passed by the federal government, they can only be enforced in your area if your County Sheriff allows them to be. The ultimate legal authorities in the land are the county sheriffs. This was established from the time of the Founding Fathers and upheld by the US Supreme Court in the 1997 case of Printz v. United States. Initially, the case was Mack v. United States, but by the time it reached the Supreme Court it was renamed. Sheriffs and Legislatures in a number of states are asserting their rights under the Constitution to nullify the assault on the 2nd Amendment. Furthermore, The *** Act of 1902, also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28,1902, invalidates all . ...
Selection of Optional Subjects Selection of 100 Marks Papers of CSS According to the instructions of the Federal Public Service Commission, there will be two papers of 100 marks each of the subjects which carry 200 marks. In other subjects, there will be one paper carrying 100 marks. Each paper will be of 3 hours duration. The following papers of CSS carry 100 marks: (i) Business Administration (ii) Public Administration (iii) Agriculture (iv) Forestry (v) Sociology (vi) Journalism (vii) Computer Science (viii) Statistics (ix) History of the U.S.A. (x) Constitutional Law (xi) Mercantile Law (xii) Muslim Law & Jurisprudence (xiii) International Law (xiv) International Relations (xv) Sindhi (xvi) Pushto (xvii) Punjabi (xviii) Balochi (I) Business Administration This paper should be opted by those candidates who have done Master's level course pertaining to Business Administration. (ii) Public Administration This is a good subject. The most relevant text book is 'Public Administration' by Dr. Liaquat Ali Kha ...
The preamble of the U.S. Constitution says: "We The People". Anyone who studied Constitutional Law will tell you that those three words did not imply British, Spaniards, Native American, Asian Americans or African Americans. Acknowledging this may shed some context on the workings of the Justice system. In the words of Langston Hughes on Justice: That Justice is a blind goddess/Is a thing to which we Black are wise/Her bandage hide two festering sores/That once perhaps were eyes.
By the way, Governor Chris Christie, check out what Trey Gowdy just called "the Clowns" Obama put forward for important US Ambassadorships - it is hard to imagine a Harvard - U of Chicago Graduate, who was Editor of The HLR, making these choices - they are so obviously bad. As we have said before, both Obama's had to surrender their law licenses and these are not the moves of a qualified, Harvard Grad, a Constitutional Law professor *** Community Organizer. The truth, and the lie, are all exposed in the Obama school, college, grad school transcripts which he has conveniently hidden from public view with a sealed order - this is where the fraud begins... you can do so, so much better, Gov!!
U.S. Constitutional Law: What would happen if someone assassinated President Obama right now? 881 Joe Biden would nearly immediately assume emergency and temporary presidential powers. In Minutes:Seconds [1] 0:00 : Assassination [2] 0:00 - 0:30 : General chaos as the Secret Service forms a bubble around the situation. [3] 0:30 - 1:00 : Secret Service goes into complete lock down and emergency signals about what has happened are transmitted to where they need to go to begin the cascading series of preparations and alerts. [4] 1:00 - 2:00 : Biden is made aware of the assassination, is put in a secret and protective location. The Media already knows and is preparing to interrupt programming around the world. [5] 1:00 - 5:00 : The Secret Service has sent emergency coded messages to the sundry branches of Government that the President has been "incapacitated" and the aides and messengers are fanning out to those who need to know. (they'd never confirm his death yet). Every cell phone and beeper (still in u ...
Constitutional Law is a free online class taught by Akhil Reed Amar of Yale University
So Paul Ryan, If President Obama is Running a "Lawless Presidency" and is "breaking Constitutional Law"... Why don't you move to impeach him?.smh Answer: Because he's not... and that's just some BS that you and your republican cronies are feeding your uninformed base of Fox News watchers. President Obama IS the president.get over it...smh (TR)
Our Confirmed Key Note Speaker is Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Alberto R. Gonzales (born August 4, 1955) was the 80th United States Attorney General, appointed in February 2005 by President George W. Bush, becoming the highest-ranking Hispanic in executive government to date. He was the first Hispanic to serve as White House Counsel, and earlier he had been Bush's General Counsel during his governorship of Texas. Gonzales had also served as Secretary of State of Texas and then as a Texas Supreme Court Justice. In 2008, Gonzales began a mediation and consulting practice, additionally he taught a political science course and served as a diversity recruiter at Texas Tech University. Gonzales currently holds the Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee where he teaches Constitutional Law, Separation of Powers, National Security Law and First Amendment Law. He is also counsel at a Nashville-based law firm, Waller, where he advises clients on speci ...
If George W. Bush surprises my Constitutional Law class the same way he surprised last semester's class, I will be front and center. (No one wanted the front row seat directly in front of the podium?)
TUC Radio, Thursday at 7AM - The Prospects of War in 2014: Professor Francis Boyle, interviewed by Jeff Blankfort. "University of Illinois College of Law Professor Francis Boyle, well known teacher of Constitutional Law, attorney, and engaged critic of U.S. Foreign Affairs, interviewed by veteran journalist and commentator on the Middle East, Jeff Blankfort."
I'm listening to the teacher tell the class (Constitutional Law) that everyone wants Obama for a third term. That is right she teaches constitutional law and doesn't understand that the President with the lowest approval rating is not approved by a majority lol
The wisdom of Ronald Reagan. A man who *didn't* 'teach' Constitutional Law at a marxist university yet clearly understood what the Constitution is about.
Sign up at The course Constitutional Law by Akhil Reed Amar from Yale University will be offered free of charge to eve...
Pavani Parameswara Rao Pavani Parameswara Rao ( P.P. Rao) son of late Shri. Seshaiah is a Senior Advocate [1] practising in the Supreme Court of India . Widely considered a doyen of Constitutional Law, he has argued a number of landmark cases before the Supreme Court. Early life He was born on July 1, 1933, in Mogalicherla Village , Lingasamudram Mandal in the Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh. He completed his B.A. from V.R. College, Nellore , Andhra University and his LL.B. and LL.M. from Osmania University, Hyderabad . Mr. Rao started his career teaching law in the University of Delhi in 1961. He was enrolled as an Advocate by the Bar Council of Delhi in 1967 and thereafter started practice in the Supreme Court. During this time he assisted leading lawyers of the time like H.M. Seervai, M.C. Setalvad, C.K. Daphtary, N.C. Chatterjee, S.V. Gupte, A.K. Sen, Niren De, etc. In February, 1969, he became an Advocate-on- Record. He was Advocate-on- Record for the State of Andhra Pradesh and a Junior Standing ...
Oklahoma learning a basic lesson in Constitutional Law, via the Establishment Clause.
As for this moment I will try to find time in reviewing my Criminal Procedure and Constitutional Law amid my busy work schedule.
All of those First Amendment classes and Constitutional Law classes have paid off 🙌
On my mind is that client Caitlin Cahow had a Final Exam in Constitutional Law today at Boston College, then had 2 CNN interviews, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams , Al Jazeera English, CBC Radio then flew to NYC where she has the Today Show at 7 am with Matt Lauer, MSNBC, NBCSN and then CBS News. She is on the delegation to the Olympics as selected by the White House.
JONATHAN TURLEY Res ipsa loquitur ("The thing itself speaks") FIRE ERIC HOLDER Published 1, May 29, 2013 Columns , Congress , Constitutional Law , Courts , Criminal law , Free Speech , Justice , Lawyering , Media , Politics , Society 181 Comments holderericHere is today’s column in USA Today calling for the firing of Attorney General Eric Holder (I have added a couple lines removed in editing). Holder is not the only individual who needs to leave federal office but he is the first. Equally responsible are his deputy, James Cole, and Ronald Machen Jr., the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia who played critical roles in the investigation of journalists with Associated Press and Fox News. Notably, Obama reportedly “fired” IRS Director Steve Miller (who was reportedly already leaving) over the IRS scandal though there is no indication of any knowledge on his part. In Holder’s case, he was personally involved in targeting journalists (in the Fox case) and launched an attack on the media that h ...
A word of encouragement from Michael Farris Yesterday I spoke to a national gathering of state legislators about the Convention of the States. We gained a great number of new legislative sponsors which is a real encouragement. But, I wanted to share will all of you another form of encouragement that I experienced at that meeting. At the lunch table, one of the national staffers for this coalition of state legislators (who is a well-known e...xpert on controlling government spending despite his relative youth) told me at lunch that in high school he had been a debater in the NCFCA homeschool debate league that my daughter, Christy and I launched years ago through HSLDA. And then right after one of my speeches, I met a young man who was a lobbyist for the coalition of faith-based medical sharing organizations who have successfully preserved their freedom despite the debacle of Obamacare. He told me that he took my online high school class in Constitutional Law when he was younger. Then, one of the speakers ...
Read this article by Jo Murkens, constitutional law expert at London School of Economics
Would love to know how my constitutional law tutor actually got her job
A chat with Frm president of nigeria. GEN Ibrahim Babangida. Tells us the impact of landmark constitutional law cases in nigeria.
Constitutional and Administrative Law Is a female dog
Secrecy, national security and the vindication of constitutional law [electronic resource] / edited by David...
Principal Points of Constitutional Law: State cannot undo the acts of another.
Law of land changed by Executive not Constitutional. Shoulda listened to Ted Cruz-would be less embarrassing.
Is the column by THAT Constitutional Law expert worth reading? I don't want to get myself worked up at this time.
The legal advice on EU, constitutional, and International Law from the career prosecutor...?
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