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Constitutional Court

A constitutional court is a High Court that deals primarily with constitutional law. Its main authority is to rule on whether or not laws that are challenged are in fact unconstitutional, i.e.

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South Korean President Park Geun-hye removed from power after Constitutional Court upholds her impeachment
Fellow South Africans let's meet at the Constitutional Court on the 15th May 2017 for secret ballot case. Victory is c…
Ladies and gentlemen, round of applause for the Constitutional Court and North Gauteng High Court... It was spectacular.
With the election of four Constitutional Court judges and the appointment of a new State Prosecutor General, the...
... Constitutional Court ruling forces South Korean president out of office over bribe. http…
Tensions run high in South Korea after the Constitutional Court upheld a decision to impeach President Park Geun-hye
South Korea’s Constitutional Court upholds decision to impeach President Park... by
South Korea's Constitutional Court rules to formally end impeached President Park... by via
Constitutional Court ousts president, first in nation’s history. . This is South Korea’s system in action.
South Korea's Constitutional Court has ruled to formally end impeached President Park Geun
Constitutional Court: "We just removed the president of from office!". Elizabeth Warren: "Hold my beer...".
Sewol disaster will not be factored into impeachment process - constitutional court.
BREAKING: South Korea's President has been removed from office after the Constitutional Court rules on her impeachment
Congress Has Constitutional Authority to Remove Ginsberg and Kagan from Supreme Court via
South Korea's constitutional court: "There is no other choice but to decide the verdict" of impeachment of Park Geun-hye
Say No to corruption... South Korea: Constitutional court upholds President Park's impeachment
CONSTITUTIONAL COURT : Explore more news and get analytics
South Korea’s Constitutional Court votes to remove president park from office
They use rope to pull down police barrier on way to constitutional court. Gap is getting wider. They yell, "dismantle const…
All 8 Constitutional Court judges agreed to impeach She must leave Blue House right now.
Embroiled in scandal, South Korea President Park Geun-Hye is removed from office after Constitutional Court uphold…
S. Korean constitutional court upholds impeachment of removing her from office
S.Korea’s Constitutional Court upholds impeachment of President for corruption while GOP continues to cover up Trum…
South Korea’s Constitutional Court upholds the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye
BREAKING: President Park Geun-hye is no longer president. She's just been fired by the Constitutional Court.
People playing INTW around Anguk station (near to the Constitutional Court) to celebrate the impeachment of President Par…
"When the President does it that means that it's not illegal." Richard Nixon. Will South Korea's Constitutional Court agree?
Bakili case out of High Court, now committed to Constitutional Court. His lawyers say case is a product of political witch-hunting
The list of the 34 judicial rulings by the Constitutional Court in favour of Catalonia with which the Spanish
reminds me of how Nelson Mandela accepted his first Constitutional Court defeat - graciously!
My guess is that the FICA Amendment Bill is heading to the Constitutional Court.
Constitutional Court rejects application to outlaw far-right National Democratic Party (
Germany's Constitutional Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt by the country's 16 federal states to ban the far-right National Democratic P…
BNONews: BREAKING: Germany's Constitutional Court rejects attempt to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) January 17, 2017 at …
South Korean President Park Geun-hye skips the first Constitutional Court hearing into her impeachment
This article is written by someone who seems to hold Roberts court view racism was abolished by 20th century constitutional reforms.
Constitutional Court orders retrial of 3 convicted felons who worked for terror organization Tevhid…
Asian constitutional court association to open office in Seoul next month
Of course, the Lochner court itself said legitimate social welfare legislation was constitutional. EG Muller.
Good news! Spain's Constitutional Court confirms ban on public killing of
Only a constitutional amendment can permanently overturn a Supreme Court decision. It just so happens we've got one. h…
BREAKING: Spanish Constitutional Court admits Tibet genocide case a year after its dismissal upheld by Supreme Court htt…
of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of subordinate employees uccadalatera judges.Uccadalatera judges sworn in under oath,
Landmark case filed by my friends at the Center For Constitutional Rights reaches Supreme Court on 1/26.
2016 SA Person of the Year, Runner-up: Mogoeng Mogoeng, Dikgang Moseneke & the Constitutional Court of South Africa
The GOP refusal to confirm Obama court appointees is profoundly un-American. They spit on constitutional government.
Also 😀Supreme Court going Constitutional for a generation.
Not up to legal systems to say if constitutional rights were violated; that's between USA-MEX presidents to discuss.
The anti-SLAPP statute ran afoul of the constitutional right to a jury trial, the MN Appeals Court has ruled.…
The action near the building the Constitutional Court of Russia .
The Constitutional Court of Albania upholds the Vetting Law, paving the way for implementation of Justice reform
Ambassador Romana Vlahutin on Constitutional Court decision on proud and very happy for
Highest court of the land. @ Constitutional Court of South Africa
How should we protect our civil liberties under a Trump administration? How will his Supreme Court change constitutional norms?
"A court in Oregon issued a decision declaring that youth hold constitutional rights to a staple climate system.
Constitutional Court decides prison is too harsh punishment for marijuana use: via
Computer law critics mull court fight
The Constitutional Court of Georgia (not US state) satisfied the claim about the cancellation of articles of the...
were tried by a court in SSudan that never followed the basic tenets of criminal or even constitutional law. A kangaroo court.
Wow. The Constitutional Court in the Republic of Georgia just issued a ruling abolishing imprisonment for marijuana. h…
[Arirang News] Constitutional Court to hold second preparatory hearing ahead of trial next week…
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."Leaders of the General Assembly do not want the state’s Supreme Court to weigh in on an upcoming... https…
how a session goes. I realized the SH Constitutional Court have alot of things must to learn.
To what extent does the European Court of Justice perform the duties of a constitutional court? Topic: To what ext
New video: Constitutional Court to begin President Park's impeachment motion trial on Jan. 3 -
the Supreme Court that said Obamacare is constitutional. Lol SC is a group of ideologues
Pension plan discriminatory, female Mounties tell court
New Parliament will be crucial for SPO, Constitutional, Supreme and Criminal Court
PIL in High Court on applicability of Constitutional amendments to J&K -
let's hope the Constitutional Court doesn't defy the millions of protesters and 4/5s of the National Assembly who voted to impeach Park
How the Unification Church in Spain received legal Recognition by the Constitutional Court in 2001
French National Assembly & Senate passed an anti-face-covering law. Constitutional Court authorized it as it was passed for SECURITY reasons
The Austria, Vienna, Constitutional Court of The Astrian government, formal act for development of The World...
Fidelis Munyoro Senior Reporter Zimbabwe People First leader Dr Joice Mujuru has gone to the Constitutional Court...
World entering state of lawlessness predicted by Apostle Paul - head of Constitutional Court
Clock is ticking in the showdown between the EU Commission & PiS over the Constitutional Court
main speaker: Justice Albie; Former Judge of the Constitutional Court.
Excellent blog by Steinbeis on Poland, the Constitutional Court and the tactics behind the rule of law fight with t…
Muluzi defense team wants case back to Constitutional Court: Former president Bakili Muluzi legal team has ap...
Poland breaks the rules of law and the Constitutional Court not respecting the opinion of the Venice Commission.
The Judicial Service Commission has shortlisted judges Bosielo, Kollapen, Majiedt & Wallis to fill the vacancy at the Constitutional Court.
Dismiss the petition-LUNGU:   President Edgar Lungu has asked the Constitutional Court to strike out the 2016...
Happening right now: . Constitutional Court hearing petition on the purported election of Edgar Lungu as...
Read about the recent statement of the Chairman of Constitutional Court, find out more about the political...
.&Michael McCarthy discuss Monday ruling by Constitutional Court to uphold final peace accord
On the issue of Dr Besigye's defiance campaign, Justice Musene he cannot discuss it because the matter is before the Constitutional Court
According to an expert on uMhlobo Wenene Mmusi Maimane has a right to take people to the Constitutional Court for posting his number online
An expert says President Zuma and the NPA can always approach the Constitutional Court:
Constitutional Court ruled that current president Joseph Kabila could remain in office past his constitutional mandate
Helen Suzman Foundation&Freedom Under Law want Constitutional Court to suspend Hawks Head pending a review on lawfulness of his appointment.
It was constitutional until the AB court decided otherwise. This is the way it goes, but it strengthens hand of Liberals.
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Federal Magistrate in Brooklyn Federal Court Second Circuit where 7 million dollars was stolen and my constitutional
Educating our children is not about ‘minimum constitutional requirement. needs to put https:…
Inside the Constitutional Court, built on the site of the old prison. With Colin, our excellent guide
Police may not remove MPs from Parliament, Constitutional Court rules
No, they're not. If the conservative/Constitutional movement dies, it won't matter who gets put on the court next year.
if only! Italian Govt, Constitutional court won't allow Italians to hold a referendum for
Macedonia's June election is postponed after the constitutional court intervenes in a political crisis that has rocked the Balkan republic.
Turkish/English petition appeal to the Constitutional Court of Turkey against the immunity lifts of mostly MPs:.
By Madeline Chambers and Francesco Canepa BERLIN\FRANKFURT, May 18 (Reuters) - Germany's Constitutional Court will rule on June 21 on an
. What part of lose YOUR constitutional rights with Hillary's Liberal Supreme Court don't you understand?
If Supreme Court are two important words supporters should have chosen Ted Cruz, a true constitutional conservative.
Everyone has so much praise from the liberal retiring Judge Moseneke. The question is how did his Constitutional Court help the poor?
hard to say how Venezuela will end up. Maduro has army for now; & control over constitutional court. Army will decide outcome
Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke, our chancellor, retires from the constitutional court. His service to the nation has been second…
Top read | Will the Constitutional Court ruling create just enough confusion to legitimise a ‘power-grab’?
nope. Swamy has a job. Cant and shouldn't tie him up in constitutional post. (Many court cases pending) 😛
Citizens don't have a constitutional right to be thrown in prison as fast as possible
Actually we can hold you to that one statement. Constitutional court? Too late for that my guy. Dance
constitutional court anyone? This can't be sorted out by referring to one statement
YES!If the Constitutional Court declared that he violated the Constitution 4 personal gain EFF will disrupt him 1st!
Appeals court rules Second Amendment applies to gun sales.
constitutional lawyers to get all those that have worked against British sovereignty in parliament to answer in court.
Another State Court Overrules Forced Blood Draws: In the battle for constitutional rights and limits put on t...
Constitutional Court where admitted he erred oh, stole Wht prove do need?Comrade
Head of constitutional court says speeches are similar to Hitler's https:…
IEC acknowledge to Constitutional Court that they wrongly interpreted the Electoral Act! Hier k…
Carolina & McCrory has Constitutional right protect citizens & children from Cou…
Kılıçdaroğlu says he'll throw any CHP MP who adds name to HDP application to send immunities vote to Constitutional Court out o…
Vusi Pikoli will be talking about the Constitutional Court & High Court Rulings & implications for South Africa at the Big…
Khaled Ali quoting cases where the Constitutional Court overturned what were described as "Sovereignty Agreements" because unc…
The IEC CEO explaining to PC Home Affairs that they have approached the Constitutional Court for clarity on 3 matters in the Kham judgment
UPND secretary general has petitioned. Attorney General Likando Kalaluka in the. Constitutional Court over ministers staying in. office.
And I have complained about this harassment to the Human Rights Commission, Western Cape High Court Equality Court, Constitutional Court
From Josh Cohen's AC article: “If the Constitutional Court upholds this appeal by former President Viktor...
Warsaw City Council will follow all of the Constitutional Court's judgements. Printed or not.
Warsaw City Council: We will respect ruling of Constitutional Court (TVN24)
Secretary-General Gwede said provinces had “no authority” to make public pronouncements on the Constitutional Court judgment.
leader will today lead a march to the Constitutional Court after refused to remove Jacob Zuma.
Thabo Mbeki's full letter on Zuma, Nkandla and the Constitutional Court
Government asks Constitutional Court for leave to appeal al-Bashir judgment - for "pronouncement"
Adv Thuli Madonsela must be nominated for the vacancy at the Constitutional Court
ACDP's response to President Zuma's statement on the Constitutional Court's Nkandla Judgment:. The overwhelming...
I wonder what are the former ANC Treasurer General Matthews Phosa's views about the Constitutional Court judgement on Nkandla
Beyond the Constitutional Court's ruling today, Advocate Thuli Madonsela should be given a pat on the back, she did a good job.
Advocate Thulisile Madonsela deserves to serve on the Constitutional Court as a Judge. Imagine Justice Thuli Madonsela. The wo…
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South Africa's Constitutional Court to rule Thursday whether Zuma should return some of $15.6 m spent on Nkandla.
Constitutional Court:. Democratic Alliance v Speaker of the National Assembly and Others (CCT86/15) [2016] ZACC 8.
South Africa's Constitutional Court has refused Oscar Pistorius' application to appeal his conviction for the 2013 murder o…
Government will consider a Constitutional Court appeal following its defeat in a B...
“Armenian genocide denial law” shelved by the Constitutional Court and Russian government as it is found “unlawful”.
PM Szydlo has to respect verdict of Constitutional Court, publish it without delay + implement it, instead of worsening…
MUST WATCH: ANC MP Mathole Motshekga preparing to defy the Constitutional Court.
Arrest of children must be last resort, Constitutional Court hears | Law & Constitution | BDlive via
Is it constitutional for Obama—or any president—to nominate himself to the Supreme Court?.
It passed, became a law, bigots took it to the Supreme Court who found it constitutional.
This is H.E.'s concept of Constitutional Court!
I don't respect the Constitutional Court's decision to release
Constitutional Court ruled not to close AKP, in 2008, declared today by Erdogan its rulings not recognized by him -- h…
Tell the Senate: Fulfill your constitutional duty to consider & confirm Supreme Court nominees. via
Erdoğan says he 'does not respect, will not obey’ top court ruling on arrested journalists
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Erdoğan's fury at the Constitutional Court and the Ankara beltway: Before taking off from Istanbul for a tour ...
POTUS has a constitutional duty to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and the Senate has a constitutional duty to respond…
Official account of President's office: "I do not obey Constitutional Court ruling, nor do I respect it."
Hungary's PM has rushed through constitutional changes, enabling him to place loyalists in the Constitutional Court
commission on the Constitutional Court: the parliament must revoke its resolutions going against the judgments of the court
Draft opinion of the Venice Commission leaked: damning verdict for PiS' attempts to paralyse the Constitutional Court
Opinion of the Venice Commission on the subject of the Constitutional Court.
Venice Commission publishes its report on the changes to Poland's Constitutional Court,and it's not complimentary...
'Pay the money' and 'shoot Zuma' heard outside Constitutional Court.
What to watch this week. Mon: Germany industrial production . Tue: SA Constitutional Court case on Nkandla; SA unemployment
This is a very interesting article arguing that the top courts in Thailand are taking on royal powers.
Dear EFF Find attached proof of payment as a contribution to your legal costs in Constitutional Court battle against Jac…
MD gun law shoots duds, court overtuns ban.
Michael Gove’s new constitutional court will not veto any EU laws, says leading…
Likely next: Constitutional Court approves Amendments to rename country "Emirate of Eastern Bukhara"
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People have a "fundamental right" to own assault weapons, court rules
Verkhovna submitted to the Constitutional Court amendments to the Constitution regarding justice
Parliament sends updated bill on justice reform to Constitutional Court: Verkhovna Rada of Ukra...
Constitutional Court approves judicial reforms, now must pass a vote in Rada
Austrian President of Constitutional Court, Gerhart Holzinger, visits today for the National Council of the Judiciary Conference.
Let's wait for the EU Commission vote on Jan 13 on whether to take action against Poland's reform of Constitutional Court
Vladimir Putin has met with Constitutional Court judges
Constitutional Court dismisses petition filed by Mulindwa Muwonge seeking to scrap election of the Lord Mayor and councillors in
Reflections of S.A. jurisprudence panel chaired by Former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court
The court hearing will start at 9.30 at the Constitutional Court – Cnr. Samora Machel Ave and Third St.
...and can quote Constitutional precedent via the Supreme Court, the rest of us can use the Bill of rights&Constitution on..
Number of students, who are members of the GMHJ, reported 4 Justices of the MK to the Polda Metro Jaya.
We must fight. We must continue to fight. Freedoms are not free. The Constitution must be continually defended. ~g
Snowden: It is true that on Constitutional cases — which would be — Supreme Court often starts anew with facts and ow…
The invasion of Canada by Harper's Reform Party was against Constitutional & Supreme Court Law and based on lies and misinformation
BREAKING UPDATE: US Supreme Court rules same-sex couples have constitutional right to marry:
NEW YORK (WENY) - Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled SAFE Act laws do not infringe on the Second Amendment.
Example of a higher court of appeals overturning a lower courts ruling, protecting constitutional rights.
Are you interested in protecting Constitutional rights in family court rooms? Come see us.
Lead lawyers for conceded if passed, court will have new constitutional power to consider ordering consolidation. Tomorrow on GalloShow
Court denies challenge to definition of “family” in Phila. Zoning Code:
READ "Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Challenge the Supreme Court & Constitutional Law" here at
from his post as Judge Rapporteur of the Constitutional Court without any evident reason other than his chairmanship of YARSAV.
Constitutional Court blames police for human rights violation
Who is threatened by reform of Constitutional Court law? via
Armenian Constitutional Court goes in favor of allowing confidential sources to remain confidential
Constitutional court of said that the lower courts verdicts to obligatory revealing of sources in mass media are unconstitutional.
Justice Breyer of the US Supreme Court and Guy Canivet of the French Constitutional Court and most brilliant lawyers
AGREED! I personally went to court to fight the ticket stating that it is my constitutional right to face my...
religious minorities file lawsuit with Constitutional Court to end tax benefits for church:
Wonderful to have an ex-Constitutional Court Judge, a High Court Judge, a leader of the Bar and a leading attorney promote mediation in SA.
.Mr. President you know racketeering by Gov't agency is constitutional violation.
Justice minister dropped as laws about new shape of judiciary in are debated in parliament, like creation of Constitutional Court
The actions of the Universities violate our constitutional right to education we must take them to the Constitutional Court
Constitutional court president retires: Published in Prensa LibreAfter 14 years of service in the Sala IV cons...
I'm at France's Constitutional Court waiting to hear Justice Breyer discuss his new book. It should be a good one!
Some Supreme Court judges have become like politicians. To them constitutional term limits mean nothing. We are doomed
A group of educators want to put the basic education system on trial in the Constitutional Court
Federal appellate court says post-Newtown gun laws are constitutional. by
Constitutional Court reconfirms list of 14 candidates for the presidential elections
Constitutional Court upheld the claim of media outlets
Report of President of Constitutional Court on the Powers of the Constitutional Court.
In its ruling, on Wednesday 7th October 2015, the Constitutional Court of Poland extended the right to...
And the NRA got slapped around by a federal appeals court. Assault weapons bans are constitutional:
individuals could challenge it as well at the Constitutional Court?
In the DRC the Constitutional Court indefinitely postponed the first ballot of a long electoral process which was to start this Sunday.
Russia's Ministry of Justice supported the decision of the Constitutional Court that the ban on death penalty is...
welcome Apex Court’s verdict as just & fair, under d changed scenario, when d sanctity of Constitutional entities is being destroyed
Constitutional Court of Armenia rules in favor of journalists: Criminal cases are subject...
.The OP team can go to the highest court - the constitutional court but only with consent of SCA m/f...
Case shd nt b b4 d anti-corruption court , it shd b b4 d Constitutional Court or a judicial commission of inquiry_Scam_UG
Well done to Claire and Clara who have just won the National Schools' Moot Court Competition at Constitutional Court.
Exerting pressure on Constitutional Court is unacceptable: . ...
Georgia - Undue pressure on the Constitutional Court - Statement by the President of the Venice Commission...
Tabliqs camping outside Constitutional Court as they await ruling on whether leader Amir Ummah Muhammad Yunus Kamoga will be granted bail.
Colombia: Constitutional Court seems ready to oppose “religious freedom” to censure artist who used religious symbols
Hamburg: Constitutional Court confirmed the ban on right-Demo
"The Court concludes that the House has standing to pursue those constitutional claims.".
The five lawyers on the Supreme Court who created a "right" to same-sex "marriage" did so without constitutional...
If the Supreme Court is so certain that it represents WE THE PEOPLE then it would be more than willing to allow for a constitutional amend
“By this judgment, the Supreme Court has done three unfortunate things in just a day: first, it seems to have...
Why are you bringing up other countries and issues? We are talking about & legal & constitutional court orders for her
The U.S. Supreme Court this week faces the first religious objection to reach the justices since the decision declaring a constitutional
to be fair, I believe the Supreme Court recently ruled vehicular manslaughter is actually a fundamental constitutional right
You are not God so you don't know my fate. Innocent people don't defy legal and constitutional court orders.
Ivory Coast's constitutional court cleared 10 candidates on Wednesday to stand in next month's presidential election including incumbent Al…
Amash is using fake constitutional cover to justify selling out to a foreign power. No better reasoning than the Supreme Court.
Ivory Coast court clears 10 candidates to run for president: ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Ivory Coast's constitutional court…
Hebana! ? These comrades are morethan serious in such a way vele?. Constitutional Court next step for angry North...
And for some members of the court, women don’t seem to count as constitutional “persons,” even though...
Can they do that? Not enough time before the polls on Nov. 1, and Constitutional Court is likely to refuse to go along.. Yet you never know.
There was a ruling in the DR constitutional court that citizenship was no longer granted by just being born in the DR. Retroactive to 1929.
California voters could instruct their members of Congress to support a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court's
The constitutional court has to help us define/clarify what is legal and illegal in the presidential act
Except it's been shown to be constitutional. In fact, that was the Supreme Court ruling that legalized it.
Isn't Judge Judy on the Supreme Court? Doesn't the President have to approve constitutional amendments? See how...
Speaking of un-constitutional, over 200 arrests, all charges dropped in court.
In 2013, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled 5-0 that Indiana's voucher program is constitutional.
Washington Supreme Court gets it right: "Charter schools r NOT public schools & can't receive public funds!
Constitutional Government Case 15-0491 was amended at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
Constitutional court changes the application of the common law in duplum rule
Indian Affairs is so useless. They would rather spend millions tax $$ in court re constitutional challenge & IAP hearing than settle.
.Easy.SCOTUS is the highest level of court. No extra powers.They determine if a law is broken, not if the law is…
Supreme Court to hear Green Party constitutional petition
Constitutional Court of RS confirmed the Decision on the Referendum in RS -->
if you take Parliament to court I am certain their actions won't pass constitutional scrutiny. De lile case being precedent
Constitutional Court next step for angry ANCYL members.
Honored to hear directly from freedom fighter, retired Justice Albie Sachs of South Africa's Constitutional Court.
The Malema "house" time bomb was somewhat delayed. To the Constitutional Court again?
Supreme Court says same sex marriage is constitutional. Davis used her position to impose her religious beliefs on others.
Jurisprudence under pre-constitutional law was the 19th century version of televised night court decisions.
DRC - Constitutional court ruling likely to delay local polls
| Constitutional Court next step for angry ANCYL members
The Supreme Court enforces law not make them. There is no constitutional law on *** marriage.
"A constitutional right that's almost impossible to exercise isn't much of a right at all" via
| Constitutional Court next step for angry ANCYL members |
In May the constitutional court of recognized that Bosniaks in RS are discriminated ...
Supreme Court rules it has jurisdiction over 3rd term constitutional case. Decision 23 September:
once again the Constitutional Court ordered ANC to stop evicting the poor. The ANC's selfish ruling elite are furious
The battle over an RDP stand at the Winnie Mandela Park has landed up in the Constitutional Court
Another day, another Nkandla low in Parliament. Next step: Constitutional Court | Daily Maverick
...debt ceiling to the Court on constitutional grounds
North Carolina court rules school vouchers constitutional - . contrasting with a recent Colorado Supreme Court...
Political Control of Several States give us Constitutional Powers, 16 Senators Rep. On the Federal Level, our own Court System
"WATCH: EFF is not backing down. They are taking to the Constitutional Court. Gud Luck!   10% Off
Is the SEC’s Home Court Advantage Coming to an End? | by
- Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia. The page
Shower will see you in Constitutional Court over nkandla scandal
juv court system regularly treats AA children more harshly&routinely denies all basic constitutional rights.
- Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic. The page
Constitutional decisions deserve a clear majority...expand the Supreme Court to ten Justices.
Several hundred South Africans gathered at the Constitutional Court yesterday to form a human chain, symbolising...
Why has It come to this that Supreme Court had 2 remind U of Ur constitutional duties? Answer Akhilesh Yadav?
Our Right to Vote is A constitutional Right given by LAW of the Judicial court 3rd TERM 🇺🇸Thank You
She was persecuted in a court of law for "sin".Everything tht can b wrong is WRONG about that. Her Constitutional rights violated
A Supreme Court’s Place in the Constitutional Order – Contrasting Recent Experiences in Canada and the United Kingdom http…
Johan Kotze denied leave to appeal in the Constitutional Court.
Six of the seven justices of the constitutional court approved the president’s bid. The holdout refused to sign, called it…
with the Constitutional Court having upheld the SC ruling, there is little or no chance of success.
Chad from IRS addressing the crowd at the anti-corruption demonstration at Constitutional Court yesterday afternoon.
Jarod and Paul from IRS at yesterday's anti-corruption demonstration at Constitutional Court.
Paul Farrow from IRS at anti-corruption demonstration at Constitutional Court yesterday afternoon.
Lawyer who wrote amicus brief saying mandatory Medicaid expansion was constitutional is now denying Supreme Court's opposite conclusion.
SA faces a myriad of daily socio-economic challenges. .our economy is in tatters. ..yet MP's spend the majority...
・See3-4→_Myonbaku's pure attitude with taking the consequences of all his family obriges Korean Constitutional Court to evaluate unguilty. _
3. You cant have a Supreme Court presided over by judges who retired 2014. The court's constitutional legitimacy is now …
...yes...I see former Constitutional Court and Appeal Court Judge Johann Kriegler is now on Zuma's case...
The case number (CCT143/15) of the application to the Constitutional Court to force Zuma to
. Well as I understand it the constitutional amendment is temp and there is no review by any civil court.
The Constitutional Court will simply dismiss the EFF case on Nkandla and point them to Parliamentary process.
Is there a point at which the Constitutional Court can relieve President Jacob Zuma. from the Presidency? I Kill For Zuma.
President of the Constitutional Court has become morally unworthy of his position leader says
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