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Constitutional Convention

A constitutional convention is now a gathering for the purpose of writing a new constitution or revising an existing constitution.

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You realize that a constitutional convention is the exact opposite of a dictator righ…
Trump is horrible but you know what keeps me up at night? The prospect of the GOP getting enough seats to call a constitut…
France's Bernie Sanders wants a constitutional convention to improve their government structure. Should the USA too?.
Prevailing wage for building trades is on the chopping block if the NYS Constitutional Convention passes. Make sure you vote NO.
well, Second Continental Congress wrote the Articles of Confederation, then Constitutional Convention
Including attempts at Constitutional Convention. Soros is funding this, too. Fooling a lot of conservatives as Mark Levine is a fake
"When you are in a minority, talk; when you are in a majority, vote." - Robert Sherman, Constitutional Convention delegate.
corporate masters laying groundwork for Constitutional Convention
yet Blackstone is referenced in notes on Constitutional Convention, and de Vattel is not. Why is that?
Nancy Pelosi reinstalled as House Democratic leader, guaranteeing a midterm loss for the Democrats & a Constitutional Convention for Trump.
Go to any law dictionary and look up the definition of a Constitutional Convention. ..
On this day at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, James Madison declared that if the federal…
This day in history: In 1787 the Constitutional Convention began at the Pennsylvania State House Independence Hall
On this day in 1787 was the opening of the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. 55...
in 1787, the Constitutional Convention convened in Philadelphia to begin work on a new US Constitution
On in 1787, Constitutional Convention convenes in Philadelphia. Read - via
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for Convention of States to take back states' rights
From this is hard to say. He’s been dated posterior to incline the Constitutional Convention!. [BURR]. There as upon the equilibrium
D.C. statehood proponents plan convention, but foes warn of ...
2/3 of state legislature must call constitutional convention to amend it. Or congress both must vote by 2/3 to amend it.
Is this a growing movement, or just bigger trouble? |
Calif. Attorney General addresses various issues at the Constitutional Convention in Bakerfield.
If you consider Article V Con a great idea...please read this and see what 2 Justices thought about it.
I can answer, why can't they? He is against abortion, for constitutional judges, & won't name a VP until the convention.
Singing and dancing @ the 20th Constitutional Convention!!
Part 2: "I am delighted that constitutional conservative activists who have worked so hard for 13 months were rewarded by the convention..."
I have "I was chosen for the Constitutional Convention" stuck today
Constitutional Convention Chaos - or how not to reform our campaign finance system.
Tune in at 11pm for coverage of the United Farm Workers of America 20th Constitutional Convention.
All the cool kids have strong opinions on constitutional amendments at convention!
When you need to go to the Constitutional Convention, but you're also having a Big Mac Attack.
I think there should be guns and ammunition, and alcohol at their convention. It's their culture and constitutional right!
How many states sent delegates to the Constitutional Convention?
The Convention: Proposed Constitutional Amendments voting process has begun!
You don't have to be a constitutional lawyer to understand how an Article V Convention of States works.
Civil War Chaplain and battlefield commentator. on constitutional convention in 1867. Pastor. Congressman. Bishop.
So, when will you start getting signatures to call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Second Amendment?
NYS Bar Association wants to educate voters on Constitutional Convention – The Legislative Gazette
OK Senate hearing about how Dolly Madison published James Madison's secret notes of the Constitutional Convention
Hamilton at the constitutional convention
"Call a constitutional convention, within first year of term, to study the shift to a federal form of government.". Ohhh
Councilman says he supports a constitutional convention for NYS.
Missouri House passes call for constitutional convention
AWESOME: Gov. Greg Abbott calls for a Constitutional Convention to take back states’ rights -- [FULL SPEECH]
will you push forward Federalism in congress? If not will u call a constitutional convention?
Ted Cruz wins almost all of Maine's delegates at convention. Votes 4 Constitutional Conservative
Again, I HAVE done my homework. Nothing in the Notes on the Constitutional Convention.
A Cherokee delegate to the Oklahoma State Constitutional Convention was Clement Rogers of Rogers County. His...
Every proposal made by the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention of 1853 was defeated when placed before the voters.
and its controlled anarchy must be a tough sell. Then, surprise, endless constitutional convention!
My favorite Hamilton fact: He argued @ constitutional convention 4 a US monarch elected to life term. Obvs he lost.
Too easy. Tell me... what was the MOST quoted book at the Constitutional Convention ??
Another prominent conservative legal scholar speaks out against the dangers of an Article V convention:
Where do y’all stand on the Art. V convention idea? I see both sides, but am more favorably inclined toward it.
Burr: Hamilton, at the Constitutional Convention:. Hamilton: *evil-genius hand rub*. Hamilton: I was chosen for the Constit…
If you think Trump is scary, I'd like for you to consider what a Constitutional Convention would do.
Articles of Confederation, and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. He served as Speaker of the Pennsylvania
There is much to do in a new DC constitutional convention, but learning from the past is mission critical. Do you have ideas?
I bet after Hamilton spoke for 6 hours @ the Constitutional Convention the delegates tapped Franklin to distract him by talking abt chicks.
Today in 1901: John E. Massey wins election to the Constitutional Convention of 1901–1902.
If is Laurens does that make me Hamilton. (I WAS CHOSEN FOR THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION.)
true but part of the founding fathers at constitutional convention. So same thing
House passes resolution calling for an convention-
We are currently on the constitutional convention. Time it took for a hamilton reference 5 minutes
House passes call for by a large bi-partisan margin:
D.C. residents: Ready for a constitutional convention this summer, as part of a process for acquiring statehood?
Democratic control is not what this constitutional convention would offer. .
Beginning to imagine a revolution and Constitutional Convention ensuing .. and soon. We desperately need it. This is ridiculous.
DC's bid to become the state of New Columbia may pick up steam with a con-con, referendum https:/…
Is the District's latest push for substantively different than in past years? Officials seem to hope so h…
Since Washington was the president of the Constitutional Convention he rarely participated in the debates. But...
A Constitutional Convention could fix many things weighting down America, however this process is a function of state laws
The formal push for D.C. statehood will be on fast track: constitutional convention could happen as early as mid-June.
D.C. leaders commit to constitutional convention, Nov. vote in new push for D.C. statehood
Call for a constitutional convention to get money out of politics already 4 states have signed on
that might be true unless of course you're Anthony Scalia and rely on the original language. Constitutional Convention
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On the last day of the Constitutional Convention, Ben Franklin gave a speech to James Wilson to read on the...
Excited to be attending NY Constitutional Convention and Ethics forum at Albany Law School.
[Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia, 1787]. BILL CLINTON: Put something in there that says a president can lie about…
Native Hawaiian group adopts constitution in potential independence bid: A constitutional convention of Native...
Constitutional Convention is a horrible idea. We would lose the Constitution we have.
Exposing the Convention of the States (COS) as an Article V Constitutional Convention ... and...
After presentation & workshop, I feel a little "Hamilton at the Constitutional Convention," but now two hours of dance perfor…
this is what we let happen so I support the Chaos Candidate Trump. A Constitutional Convention will happen.
a brokered GOP convention would hasten the end of the Party and usher in the birth of a nationalist conservative constitutional 1
My gut says a call for a Constitutional Convention could become a tailwind for both candidates you mentioned.
Native Hawaiian group adopts constitution at convention - The Native Hawaiian constitutional convention has ado...
UDI is a declaration of statehood that a nation's constitutional convention declares on the nation's behalf.
how excited Hamilton is when he says "I was chosen for the constitutional convention!!"
A small step that carries the potential for much larger progress on the issue of sovereignty & de-colonization
Article in USA Today about calling a Constitutional Convention
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
in fairness it was a clear campaign commitment of FG to hold a constitutional convention who would be likely to recommend a ref
tbh I kind of hope that the left and the Tea Party can find enough common cause to call a constitutional convention to revamp elections
Delegates learn the importance of the Constitutional Convention. Thank you Siena students!
State House committee gives approval for Utah to seek Constitutional Convention.
NY must prepare now for Constitutional Convention via
I wasn't here back then. Rather than tinkering I'd prefer a Constitutional Convention (so much to unravel)
And GOP set to 'rig convention' to elect Rubio. Neither the Democrats' or Republicans' way are Constitutional.
A constitutional convention of Native Hawaiians has adopted a governing document that will go out to a vote for ratific…
Native convention adopt a constitution now out for ratification
Rubio supports a constitutional convention. Once you open that Pandora box it's over. Makes Rubio most dangerous candidate
Very interesting post by on the nature of constitutional conventions.
I love the idea of a constitutional convention for women. We need that in the UK!
A Constitutional Convention with Amendment Ratification for limiting the power of Executive and Judicial branches?
David Brearley was the first delegate to the Constitutional Convention to sign for the Great State of New Jersey! .
Amazing. They found the founding fathers' notes from the Constitutional Convention
In 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17 in the Assembly Room …
Guest post by Lord David Owen on cross-party Constitutional Convention
The state Bar Association, which would like to see the state convene a Constitutional Convention commission,...
Senator Palpatine being nominated Supreme Chancellor in Episode I = Hamilton: "I was chosen for the Constitutional Convention!"
Utah Legislators up north are involving themselves in this asinine and secret Constitutional Convention of the...
Learning to caucus, debate, disagree, compromise; using parliamentary procedure at our Constitutional Convention.
guess who's doing a paper on the constitutional convention? and GUESS WHO PICKED TO WRITE ABOUT HAMILTON
NEW Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York by Pap
Excellent event on the Irish Constitutional Convention, this Friday. All welcome.
Irish Citizens Decide: Review of the Constitutional Convention this Friday in Dublin. Free event, with lunch, RSVP:
I meant the Scottish Constitutional Convention set up in 1989 which created a blueprint people cld sign up to.
In my notes Constitutional Convention is abbreviated as "Con Con."
I was chosen for the constitutional convention.
Can you imagine a Constitutional Convention occurring now?
I got a 35⭐ in Social Studies, Constitutional Convention Worksheet! How did you do?
Hamilton Collection
State-led push to force convention to amend Constitution gains steam, with high-profile...
I wish Carson, Rubio and Cruz could all be president at the same time. if only Ben Franklin got his way at the constitutional convention 😭
The country needs a reboot. States need to enact Constitutional convention and put this massive fed gov back in its box.
Gain conservative reason with Constitutional convention. Power back to the States where the people can rule and not the Govt.
Q3 what Georgia politicians would be influential during the Constitutional Convention? Explain what they did.
Having a pastor speak at the GOP Convention is a Constitutional violation. (Separation of Church and State.)
Well said Mr Hannan, please remind your colleagues in the government of this old and important constitutional convention.
Doubt you will get 2/3rds in each house of Congress or 2/3rds in a Constitutional Convention PLUS 3/4ths of the states.
State Legislatures are in SLC this week trying to decide what a constitutional convention should look like
ABC's Angela Caterns @ Lismore's Constitutional Convention supported my initiating legislation to address the 1975 Crisis...40yrs?
WE NEED TO CALL FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF STATES. Please people, we need to stop the criminal behavior of our government.
Lawmakers meet in Utah to draw blueprint for state led convention
Lawmakers from across the nation are in to draw plans for a constitutional convention.
Lawmakers meet in to draw blueprint for constitutional convention - Salt… -
Jefferson wasn't there during the constitutional convention.
Hawaii is currently in a 30-day voting period to elect delegates to represent them at a constitutional convention …
I was chosen for the constitutional convention :-)
send that 2 congress,SCOTUS and stump for a Constitutional speech in priv spaces differs from public
Biggest anomaly in UK Constitution is the English democratic deficit which is why need a Constitutional Convention.
Constitutional convention no one would speak to Hamilton or hear his plans
8th graders in Men's Chorus all decked out for the Constitutional Convention!
1/2 a follower means laughs don't count, sorry. I'm James Wilson and this is the 1787 Constitutional Convention.
And the constitutional convention studied it, voted strongly for it. The 'democratic revolution' leaves more to be desired
Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention 1787 -1986 PB
Irish citizens decide: conference on Constitutional Convention this Fri. Looking forward to presenting our findings . http…
Watch "Glenn Beck on Mark Levin's idea of a Constitutional Convention and his book "The Liberty Amendments"" YouTube
Chillin at the Constitutional Convention! Also, were trashing the Articles of Confederation. Whoops, I'm not supposed to say that. Shh
Didn't we do a project on the Constitutional Convention? I found an Aubree shirt that said "New Jersey Plan" on it last weekend.
Patrick Henry “smelt a rat in Philadelphia, tending toward the monarchy” and skipped 1787 Constitutional Convention.
Patrick Henry was elected as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, but declined, because he “smelt a rat.”
On September 17, 1787, members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the final draft of the...
I haven't read his book on Constitutional Convention,but I think he's right. We just didn't plan for a willful criminal in the WH
Reigning in our Government: Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention « Independent American Party via
.Right. A COS is an Article V Convention of States, NOT a Constitutional Convention.
Started reading "The Quartet" by Joseph Ellis this week about the Constitutional Convention. Fantastic as always so far.
Today in 1787, delegates began arriving at Independence Hall in Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention.
may have best bill of the day adds Tx to list of states calling for Constitutional Convention for a balanced budget.
we thot we were done with slavery at the Constitutional Convention for 20 years...then we fought the bloodiest war in history
If Cdns call for a Constitutional Convention every 1 of these ppl needs to be slapped with a life time ban on entering politics.
get on & talk constitutional convention, get money out of politics. Cut to the root of the problem.
Lynne Cheney talk informative focus on Madison's Constitutional Convention role. Oh and she is so tiny! Who knew?
Constitutional Convention only course of action left.
it's not in Labour's manifesto (1st time since 87) but if we have a Labour-led government there will be a constitutional convention
When the Constitutional Convention you promised us?
That'll be the constitutional convention.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
State-led push to force to amend Constitution gains steam
Picture as guideline for a global constitutional convention for an international law of laws complete with private right of action.
(1/4) The single best argument against a constitutional convention is there is really no way to avoid
I wrote you a musical as you enjoyed the Hamiton musical.
Conservative lawmakers weigh bid to call for constitutional convention
State-led to force convention to amend Constitution gains steam
let's hope the Constitutional Convention takes place. Maybe there's a chance. It's our only hope.
Miracle at Philadelphia : The Story of the Constitutional Convention May to...
People in fear of a Constitutional Convention of states must read fine print. They fear it because the Establishment tells them to fear it
What is this Article V constitutional convention?. Lawrence Lessig explains here.
Hauser's Law is factual manifestation of US political structures. To collect more = Constitutional Convention
vote to 16-17 yo, elect senate in place of HoL, set-up people lead constitutional convention?
And plan for a constitutional convention is in the manifesto
My article on the warnings from history for the Constitutional Convention pledged in
will set up 'people-led Constitutional Convention'. They should check out
I added a video to a playlist The Constitutional Convention of 1787 for Dummies
MT The only Constitutional way to STOP an Abusive Fed Gov is Convention of States.
Falsehoods Mark the Campaign for a Constitutional Convention - The John Birch Society
This must have been what the Constitutional Convention felt like - except for no horse flies. Remember the CC gave us Electoral College
"At the end of the Constitutional Convention, instead of a confederation of independent states, as the Articles...
"Experience must be our only guide, Reason may mislead us." - John Dickinson, Constitutional Convention (1787)
Why Kyrie look like he's going to petition for his rights at the Constitutional Convention.
Comment: Do we really want a Constitutional Convention?:
Our top bill today is Del. Scott Lingamfelter’s call for a constitutional convention.
Gavel, Tricorne hat, feather pen, ink vial, and powdered ink all ordered for our Constitutional Convention!
Thanks! We just met the CEO of the Constitutional Center in Philadelphia and he invited us to come there for a mock convention!
.Wish they'd get the terminology straight. It's a Convention of the States, not a Constitutional Convention. Big difference.
. Agreed. GOP needs to get creative..Article V, Constitutional Convention of States.
We stand with you Calling for a Constitutional Convention!
Help make it happen for IWA's Constitutional Convention part 3 via
No question about it! Constitutional Convention or The total implementation of Absolute Tyranny. An 'ell of a choice eh?
What is an Article V Convention for proposing constitutional amendments?
This is why we need a Convention of States to restore the USA to a Constitutional Republic.
Constitutional convention measure withdrawn in Va.
.withdraws resolution urging Congress to call a constitutional convention; says effort does not have enough support to pass
BTW, same Rep Greene that would like to convene a national constitutional convention to rewrite federal laws
if Ed gets in expect AV+ to rear head at Constitutional Convention
421 student delegates elected to the SMOB Nominating Convention. By contrast, only 70 delegates appointed to the Constitutional Convention!
Youre ignorant of Christian inception & Christian expression by leadership after Constitutional Convention
Va. delegate withdraws call for constitutional convention: RICHMOND. Del. Scott Lingamfelter this afterno...
well something I can agree with that's a change think it was a labour plan anyway try a constitutional convention
Only if we allow it!Outnumber OBAMA,Sycophants & Congress traitors.Must demand Constitutional duty or go around. States Convention!
Va. delegate withdraws call for constitutional convention
Likely angering some conservatives, GOP-run legislature ducks votes on proposed fedl constitutional convention. Right split on Idea.
Constitutional Convention: Not what Convention of States is! via
Del. "w/a heavy heart" withdraws his resolution calling for a Constitutional convention, says he doesn't have the votes.
.Oh we know what we want. An Convention to restore the American Republic. And it IS Constitutional .
My Federal Government professor just said that Benjamin Franklin was the Kim Kardashian of the Constitutional Convention.
Proponent for HJ3 says applying for constitutional convention is a way to push congress to act.
Yes, in fact i reported live from the constitutional convention.
HJ3 being presented by Lots of proponents and opponents. HJ3 like HJ4 would call for a constitutional convention
for context, re .and Obama ... Long has been pushing for a new constitutional convention, federalism
I hate when the media calls these John Birch Society types "conservatives.". Looks like Montana kills one of it's...
What is your opinion of the idea of a new Constitutional Convention of the States?. Personally, I am very...
Since Washington DC is paralyzed to act the states need to call a Constitutional Convention to pass a balanced budget amendment
2 too many. Constitutional convention how are ye!
Dear fellow NYers: A constitutional convention is a horrible idea, a Pandora's box we NEVER want to open. Vote NO!
The South Dakota House of Representatives State Affairs Committee has sent to the floor a resolution adding South Dakota’s voice to that of 24 others calling for a constitutional convention to require a balanced federal budget.
. Have you read about the Constitutional convention? Again, Why do we have a Bill of Rights?
My students have been working on a Post Zombie Apocalypse Constitutional Convention- I can't wait to see the delegates' presentations!
.end corrupting influence of money on governance need Article 5 Constitutional Convention
launched crowd-sourced Constitutional Convention this evening. . .
National referendum. If passed they have to call constitutional convention & amend
Government will put to referendum only 2/18 proposals from Irish Constitutional Convention: list here via
Failure to give serious consideration to a UK Constitutional Convention is a sign the Union is not working properly ht…
bleak picture We need a constitutional convention to reorganize our political system to mitigate corruption
ALEC is pushing a new Constitutional Convention, where almost anything could happen to the US Constitution
Join me & sign this petition for a Constitutional Convention to give people in all the UK's nations & regions a say
In Cardiff for the launch of a crowd-sourced constitutional convention iwa - idea is to find out what the people want
Constitutional activist Bob Schulz is at Capitol, calling for a true people's constitutional convention, off limits to politicians
Take part in our online Constitutional Convention:
Constitutional Conv: "deeply flawed with most submissions coming from political insiders & left-wing pressure groups"
OTD in history: 180 years ago, the territorial legislature called the first constitutional convention. 178 years ago, statehood.
Constitutional convention is for a formal handover that ends with new PM shaking hands with old PM outside official residence.
Should the states call for a Constitutional Convention and what should be addressed should one take place?
We're launching our crowd sourced Constitutional Convention at 6pm. . .
HB 1069 goes to the floor. Now HJR 1001 to call a constitutional convention of the states is now up.
2013: change was good. In 2014: "current arrangements have served the state".
The government will only hold a referendum on 2 of the 18 constitutional convention proposals. Not good enough.
HB 1069 and HJR 1001 deal with SD's potential participation in a constitutional convention for balanced budget amendment.
HB 1069 limits of any delegate from SD to a constitutional convention. HJR 1001 is SD's call for an Article 5 convention for balanced budget
Supporting a Crowd Sourced Constitutional Convention on the future of the
Government to hold just 2 of 18 referendums recommended by the Constitutional Convention.
.launch ‘Crowd Sourced’ Constitutional Convention later. will be representing
.crowd sourced Constitutional Convention on today:
We're for a Constitutional Convention for the whole UK!
Later on today we launch our crowd sourced Constitutional Convention. . .
What kind of Wales do you want for your children? Join the debate at 6pm at The Abacus w/
The people have spoken...Only two proposals from Irish Constitutional Convention going to referendum
Disappointing news re Irish Constitutional Convention. Only 2/18 proposals going to referendum
Patrick Henry did not attend the Constitutional Convention because he feared its results would actually be a step away from Liberty...
Yes, Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention, Federalist Papers, Federalists and Anti-Federalists. A lot, I'll get you through.
FW Think clearly about this, if they view themselves as ELITE (from us) as they have proven with their separate medical and retirement programs, then why not other programs. This is what Mark Levine has been talking about--a Constitutional convention by the States to get back to the laws of the Constitution. This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, nothing to sign; just pass it on. This is an idea that we should address. 35 STATES SO FAR.IT'S GROWING! One message to forward! Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention. For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Their latest stunt is to exempt themselves in all of its forms from the Healthcare Reform that they passed. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite ruling class that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat, Republic ...
ROCKFORD — State Rep. Litesa Wallace, D-Rockford, cosponsored a resolution in the General Assembly’s December session urging the adoption of a federal constitutional amendment to limit currently unregulated campaign spending. Senate Joint Resolution 42 makes an application to Congress calling for a constitutional convention for the purpose of considering an amendment to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, which has led to an increase in unregulated and unmonitored political spending by special interest groups. If two-thirds of all states submit similar applications to Congress, a constitutional convention will be called to consider proposed amendments. Currently, California and Vermont have also passed applications, and 13 other states have passed nonbinding resolutions calling for an amendment.
"The internet is full of misquotes and misattributed quotes." Albert Einstein, at the Constitutional Convention (1787)
. The constitutional convention that gave us three branches of government, and many limbs
When was the last time there was a Constitutional convention of the states??
More of a constitutional convention. Still get to call it EmojiCon, though.
I'm very wary of a constitutional convention. I know everyone thought the ones that happened were great but I found them
I think some form of constitutional convention - or an all out preferendum - to identify most acceptable position is essential
“Article V allows for the states to establish a constitutional convention for the purposes of dealing with...
Thank-you. We want a Constitutional Convention to reign in the Feds. Check out our efforts.
This year we get the Constitutional convention and end the tyranny of the Federal Government. Support our efforts.
Should Wales get powers being offered to Scotland? IWA will hold 'crowd sourced' Constitutional Convention to discuss.
Proud to be selected to be president of the constitutional convention
I'm all for a constitutional convention in Israel. I don't foresee that happening, though, in the face of security problems.
"The Constitutional Convention has been a very successful initiative.." really??? | cc
Five seats per constituency should be a bare minimum in terms of electroal system reform:
We're launching our constitutional convention on January 26th
The Institute of Welsh Affairs has raised more than £3,000 online to hold crowd-sourced constitutional convention
The government thinks the following: “THE CURRENT ARRANGEMENT has served the State well since 1948.” Served who well?.
If current move for Constitutional Convention then Term Limits long term MOLES out of Congress!
Only fix would be an Article V Constitutional Convention to take this money out of poliyics
Just like the Constitutional Convention procrastinating to deal with the issue of Slavery in 1787!
How much money does it cost to hire a politician to call for a constitutional convention?
Convincing the public of Quantum Physics theory is already hard enough! I have to call for a constitutional convention to act! Really hard!
I am seeking to rally support for a constitutional convention. Is there anything I can do for you in order to win your support?
I would like the lame duck congress to call for a constitutional convention.
I would like to call for a constitutional convention.
The proponents of an “Article V Convention” must describe how & who will secure a "free State"if not by Constitutional Militia Clauses.
Revitalization of the Militia can be accomplished with no need for any constitutional amendment or convention.
Precisely why Jefferson argued for a reconciliation of public debt along w/ a fresh Constitutional Convention w/ each ...
Finally, worth noting the Hamilton proposal at the Constitutional Convention had Senators serving for lifetime terms.
Wonder what public will tell as 8 week Welsh Constitutional Convention launched on Wales' future in UK
The most effective way to quickly restore this country to Constitutional law is the Convention of States at
Ben Franklin was an inventor, statesman, diplomat, signer of the Declaration of Independence and delegate to Constitutional Convention.
to do that we need a Constitutional Convention, the 17th Amendment eliminated 1/2 of members of congress: states
Hm.anyone notice any abuse of the Constitution or the Amendments in over the last, say 50 years? 6 years? "The National Government was itself the creature of the States... Yet today it is often made to appear that the creature, Frankenstein-like, is determined to destroy the creators." -President Dwight Eisenhower, Governors' Conference, June 24, 1957 The original thirteen States were afraid that the new Federal Government they just created might become too powerful, as King George's government had been. Mercy Otis Warren wrote in Observations on the new Constitution, and on the Federal and State Conventions, 1788: "The origin of all power is in the people, and they have an incontestable right to check the creatures of their own creation." George Mason, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Virginia, refused to sign the U.S. Constitution because it did not put enough limits on the Federal Government. George Mason's strong insistence that restrictive clauses be added to the Constitution to prev ...
We don't need a constitutional convention what's missing is obvious a voice for England
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