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Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.

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Conspiracy theory on these strange sleeved shirts? To hide some of the tattoos.
I know it smacks of conspiracy theory, but is there really any difference between soft, firm and extra firm tofu?
Everywhere you look nowadays you see a conspiracy theory.  Mandela was murdered at 95.  Paul Walker was murdered .  10,000 Chinese troops were landing in Hawaii.  (It was actually 13 unarmed emergency responders, a practice that began in the 1980s with countries all over the world)  But not all cons...
Learn more: The biggest Christmas conspiracy theory is revealed by Dan Sperry where he proves he is Santa by going up to random stranger...
Never keen to propagate a conspiracy theory, but last nights performance has to beg the question 'Is Mike Dean biased against Arsenal? It may seem like an unlikely scenario for a top professional r...
This conspiracy theory states that a group of international elites controls and manipulates governments, industry, and media organizations worldwide. The primary tool they use to dominate nations is the system of central banking. The concept of this shadow government predates 1990; it is accused of being the same group of people who, among other things, created the Federal Reserve Act (1913), supported the Bolshevik Revolution (1917). conspiracy theorists believe that Denver International Airport is the western U.S. headquarters of the New World Order, and a massive underground base and city is believed to exist underneath the airport. Reasons for this include the airport's unusually large size (larger than some major cities), distance from the Denver, Colorado city center, the set of environmentally themed murals by artist Leo Tanguma depicting burning cities, gas-mask wearing soldiers and girls in coffins, and the capstone of the Great Hall which includes Masonic symbols and strange writing.[25] It is c ...
Conspiracy Theory: Boise State's Joe Southwick framed and suspended for peeing off Honolulu balcony because ESPN's Lou Holtz would be hospitalized for dehydration after announcing the game if he was playing.
38 down vote favorite 11 The 2007 conspiracy theory film Zeitgeist: The Movie (Website, Watch online, Wikipedia Entry) states in Part I "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" that major points of the story about Jesus Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection are not original but are shared with multiple other gods or deities of older religions. The film first (at around 16min:34sec) presents Horus an Egyptian God representing Light, worshiped around 3000 BC. It list the following attributes which as for I know all also apply for Jesus Christ. The attributes are numbered so they can be referenced later. Born on December 25th Born of a virgin Birth was accompanied by a star in the east After his birth was adored by three kings Teacher at 12 Baptized/Ministry at 30 Had 12 disciples he traveled about with Performing miracles: 8a. healing the sick, 8b. walking on water Known by many names: "Lamb of God", "The Truth", "God's begotten(?) Son", "The Light", "The good Shepard" After being betrayed: was crucified Dead- ...
It’s Christmas, which means that Scott Lively, he who is currently on trial for crimes against humanity, decided to sit down and create a miniature conspiracy theory (not full-blown like his books) about how the Duck Dynasty controversy has exposed how *** conservatives are simply a tool of the Grea...
I am on a conspiracy theory investgation: Who knowd the history of the shape we recognize as the star? who decided that shape would be the offical icon of a star. when you look at the stars in the the look more round.not a seris of angle or tri-angles.
"Beyond Conspiracy Theory: Patterns of High Crime in American Government: The ellipses of due diligence riddling the official account of the 9/11 incidents continue being ignored by scholars of policy and public administration. This article introduces intellectual context for examining the policy heuristic “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCAD) (deHaven-Smith, 2006) and its usefulness for better understanding patterns of state criminality of which no extant policy analytic model gives adequate account.This article then introduces papers included in this symposium examining the chimerical presence and perfidious legacy of state criminality against democracy."
DO U KNOW??? According to this famous conspiracy theory, Taj Mahal was originally an ancient Shiva Temple, Tejo Mahalaya, which the Moghul Emperor Shahjahan took by force from the then Maharaja of Jaipur. There is even a book published titled “Taj Mahal: The True Story” by P.K. Oak on this theory. In his book, he points out a number inconsistencies based on historical facts and Taj Mahal’s architecture to expound on his views. In 2000 Supreme Court of India dismissed Oak’s petition to declare that a Hindu king had built it and in 2005 similar petition was dismissed by the Allahabad High Court.
Why would FB think I'd like Ventura's Conspiracy Theory page? I can't stand that show or conspiracy theories in general.
March 2003, just before Britain joined the U.S. to attack Iraq, Shell strongly denounced reports that it had held talks with 10 Downing Street about Iraqi oil, declaring such claims as "highly inaccurate". BP denied that it had any "strategic interest" in Iraq, while Tony Blair described "the oil conspiracy theory" as "the most absurd". But documents now exposed from October and November the previous year paint a very different picture. Five months before the March 2003 invasion, Baroness Symons, then the British Trade Minister, told BP that the Government believed British energy firms should be given a share of Iraq's enormous oil and gas reserves as a reward for Tony Blair's military commitment to U.S. plans for an Iraqi regime change. Minutes of a meeting with BP, Shell and BG (formerly British Gas) on 31 October 2002 read: "Baroness Symons agreed that it would be difficult to justify British companies losing out in Iraq in that way if the UK had itself been a conspicuous supporter of the US governmen ...
Roger Cohen once said, “Conspiracy theory is the ultimate refuge of the powerless. If you cannot change your own life, it must be that some greater force controls the world.” We Pakistanis have been in love with these conspiracy theories even before creation of this country, as we still believe it w...
The term “conspiracy theory” has been used in a derisive way for so long now that the mere pronouncing of the words acts to turn off the thinking capacities of the average citizen of Western nations. The “conspiracy theory” of history has been dismissed repeatedly and pejoratively by U.S. politicians and the media. Ogrin, Scott; Sy, Henri; Knight-Jadczyk, Laura; Quinn, Joe (2011-02-15). 9/11: The Ultimate Truth (p. 14). Red Pill Press. Kindle Edition.
Little Giant Ladders
This is it. The most believable and leading 'conspiracy theory' of 2013: Emergency Nuclear Weapons Transfer To South Carolina (False Flag). Watch video below:
To date we have around seven conspiracy theory lists or lists containing entries related to such. This new list is a welcome addition as it has been some time since our last one and they are always extremely fascinating topics to read about. The world is full of conspiracy theories - many of which c...
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura was an American television series hosted by Jesse Ventura and broadcast on truTV. It premiered on December 2, 2009. The ...
Conspiracy theory: The Illuminati/Masons/Lizard Men use Kim Kardashian/school shootings/Duck Dynasty to distract us while legislation/court orders/executive decrees are issued that take away our freedoms. Imagine this scenario: The Illuminati hires the world's best spin-doctor. Think Sherlock Holmes if we was a PR rep. They say, we need you to create a distraction that everyone will talk about instead of paying attention to a bill being passed to restrict freedom of speech on the internet. The Spin-doctor studies the numbers - how many people know what's in the queue on any given day for congress; of those, how many have written their congressmen; C-Span ratings - and comes back and says, "What is it exactly you want me to do? I'm looking for a challenge."
Was watching one of those conspiracy theory shows the other night. This one dealt with the New World Order supposedly building a secret base under the Denver airport. The guy on the show called the airport and asked if there was a secret base under the airport. I got the impression he was actually expecting them to say, "Yeah, we have a secret New World Order base here. Would you like to bring your cameras and see it?" What part of SECRET base don't you really understand?
As I recently learned, it is a bad idea to joke about conspiracies. They are serious business to some people. But if you are interested in inventing your own conspiracy theory for fun or profit, th...
The deeply odd Nelson Mandela conspiracy theory that's still rumbling on past his death Nelson Mandela died on June 11th this year, is the conspiracy theory being pushed by the Guardian? The...
Here is my conspiracy theory(cause I'm on the bike and watching Fox News with nothing better to dull the pain)...obamacare...coverage deadline..or is there one...January 1st comes, hundreds of thousands of Americans think they have coverage but really don't...the CDC issues a statement about a serious new "strange" virus spreading quickly similar to H1N1...hospitals bill directly to these uninsured people. News conference..."Folks, we really screwed the duck...sorry. Be patriotic and pay your bills, we will set up a low interest plan for ya, and you can keep voting for us because now we made the healthcare industry a few extra bucks". Merry Holidays
In what appeared to be a conspiracy theory, it turns out the China really DOES have boots on the ground in Hawaii
The chemtrail conspiracy theory posits that some trails left by aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public and directed by various government officials.[1] This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, w...
Project HAARP: Conspiracy Theory (Documentary) HAARP (the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Gakona, Alaska to uncover the truth behind rumor...
I look at everything as a conspiracy theory. If certain celebrities who still be alive music would not have changed so much. Music has not changed for the better because most artists are so commercial. But like I said conspiracy conspiracy
Here's One Liberal's conspiracy theory, and I hate conspiracy theories: Big Pharma has cures for most types of cancers and type II diabetes locked up in their vaults. The current treatments for these diseases are too lucrative for cures to be allowed. Sorry if this offends some of your sensibilities.
"You have a good point. This is my conspiracy theory: Riot is a big company with venture capital funding. Their job is to make money. And they do. Gobs of it off us fans. These "big" prize pools? Pretty nice, but split amongst a whole winning organization? Not that impressive. So they keep changing the game...that way no player can get (and stay) godly. Maybe one out of a million (faker). So esports as a business is very viable. All that off what is essentially a captive audience. Professional gaming as a career is definitely not viable. These players are making a decent amount of change but sooner or later everybody falls. Then they retire and move on with real life. This is a calculated move on Riot's part to keep the player pool fresh and constantly turning over. What consequence does that have? You trick a bunch of impressionable kids into thinking this can be a real dream (name me more than one elite level player over 30 still at the top of his game) and you never have to pay them superstar salaries ...
Tough loss today! Todo tiene su final. Conspiracy theory: hawks blew it on purpose to make it harder for the whiners to get in the playoffs. Things that make you go hm.
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Here is to guns, right wing conspiracy theory radio, horror films, tantra, Dotty's casinos, and the awful 70's music they play at Dotty's!
Here's a conspiracy theory for you. A&E conspired with Phil Robertson to manufacture the recent GQ controversy (I mean, really, that guy in GQ?!?! Are you kidding me?) and the resulting publicity storm. This causes sales of Duck Commander gear to spike just before Christmas and guarantees a huge audience for the new season that starts in January (starring Phil, since the episodes were shot before they 'suspended' him). Sometime in January, all will be forgiven. Merry Christmas suckers!
A Comprehensive Guide to the Illuminati, the Conspiracy Theory That Connects Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth,
Thanks to Earth Patriot for this share. Make no mistake, the greedy few are benefiting from the absolute misery of the many - many of whom who remain ignorant of the 'politics' involved in decisions made at the highest levels of governance. This type of information -- that which questions the control system-- cannot keep being written off as 'conspiracy theory'. We must take off the blindfolds that we have unwittingly accepted. We are being challenged, individually and collectively, to use our powers of discernment, and act to change the negative status quo. Jaime Tanna
Ok lets talk about the real conspiracy theory. It is not Phil Robertson and his comments on *** and *** Its not the owners of Chick fa la's stance on this issue either. It is not the gun control issue about magazine clips or national registers. It is the wind shield wiper companies. Have you ever noticed that when the wiper blades tear up it is ALWAYS on the drivers side and ALWAYS in your line of vision! Lets get the government involved and get this corrected! Come on I can't be the only one who believes this. It is a huge plot I tell you!
"Conspiracy Theory" is a term used to make you ignore facts and believe the BULL they want you to believe….
"I may be paranoid but that doesn't mean people aren't following me". We can't afford to ignore this as "just another conspiracy theory". It's gone from theory to fact.
It's happening right now in front of our eyes. No conspiracy theory, no maybe it's for the good of the people. It's happening and it's not good for the people, the animals or the environment. The Australian Prime Minister is prioritizing temporary monetary gain over the future of the planet. He has approved dredging to go ahead on the Great Barrier Reef, cancelled the Tasmanian protected forests agreement and stopped all funding to state environmental projects. And who knows what else...
Only atleast 10% of the conspiracy theory stories are real!! The rest are made by paranoid people that don't have anything better to do and just make it worst for everyone!
FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore Brandon Walker Prison November 5, 2013 Under the radar from the prying eyes of the public, South Carolina made it legal to get rid of their homeless problem. The people were given a choice, FEMA Camps or jail. The irony of it all was this happened right at the 50th Anniversary of Civil Liberties in August. The bad part is different cities from Boston to New York are shipping off their homeless, and no one cares. Is this coming to a town near you?
The Denver Airport conspiracy theory refers to a collection of theories surrounding Denver International Airport (DIA) that most commonly claim the airport to be a new, secret headquarters or compound used by the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, or Reptoids. These claims are usually based on…
So I thought I'd step back from the conspiracy theory vantage point, and embrace a more naive innocence like believing in Santa Claus making his big journey Christmas Eve delivering all those packages, with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer... I've read that sodium fluoride in the water supply and toothpaste may be part of what scrambles our brains from remembering well, that and the metals in the chem trails, especially aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease. I'd just like to be able to remember the dang password so I could install the Adobe photo update and watch the video's folks share here, and You Tube. Not to mention my iTunes is hung up on an error. It's kind of like See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil... Well I still got my radio working, able to read stuff online and plenty of books to read.
America has always been the land of conspiracies, after all the nation was founded by a giant conspiracy hatched in taverns across the colonies. Today the term “conspiracy theory” has a dismissive air surrounding it, and maybe it shouldn't.
Okay, now it's time bring out my conspiracy theory side. We all remember the movie Major League. The premise of the movie was the owner was trying to put together a horrible team so she could move the team to Florida. Does this theory sound familiar?
Seriously got a response from Jessie Venturas conspiracy theory tv show fb paige regarding a few comments i left lol if you know me im very intricate an blunt i gave it to them *** straight ,check it out regarding "what conspiracy we would like to see next" smh i would like to think i held my own lol
Takeing it way back. " refugee camp conspiracy theory.ugh...your just to good to be true.can't take my eyes off of you, you'd be like heaven to touch ...
CONSPIRACY THEORY? 1: The stores are stocked to the gills with Duck Dynasty items for sale. 2: There are two brands. The Robertson Family owns one, A&E owns the other. 3: Controversy, especially when it comes to religion and homosexuals gains lots of media attention. 4: Lots of media attention creates fame and wealth. 5: KA CHING! We have a winner! 6: Several million poor ignorant folks will flock to the stores to buy Duck Dynasty stuff to show their support for long haired bearded rednecks who are already famous and wealthy! 7: The Robertsons AND A&E will be laughing all the way to the bank. 8: It will all blow over after Christmas. Please don't buy any Duck Dynasty crap! Feed a homeless person!
CONSPIRACY THEORY: 3 easy steps on how to play yourself into relevance in GEJ's government. 1. Convince your father (who must be a OBJ or..., to bomb or disparrade GEJ's govt in the media, alleging gross incompetence and hitlarazation of the Nigerian State. 2. Allow for gestation period to allow the media and other interest feast on the suposed letter, making for a build-up of social tension and boxing GEJ into 'studied silence', and 3. Surprise, surprise! Get your daughter to take you (OBJ) to the laundry, for a quick mouth watch, rubbishing the allegations and questioning the competence of the father to write, less judge/condemn GEJ? Iyabo Obasanjo has endeared herself to GEJ's government and the opportunity cost of a forgone alternative is...? Keep connected for more hints on how to achieve quick relevance in GEJ's government.
Conspiracy Theory - Mel Gibson & Julia Robert. Its a good movie, with a good plot, plan & a good song.
Conspiracy Theory needed either Florida State or Ohio State to lose 1 game for any hopes of making it to the national championship after Auburn pulled their card. Ohio State is clean- or Alabama just thinks they are beatable since Nick Saban has beaten Urban Meyer before. Suddenly, a 1 year old rape accusation against FSU's star QB and Heisman frontrunner, Jameis Winston, have mysteriously resurfaced with potential charges attached. Per NCAA rules, any player facing criminal charges must be suspended from their team until said charges are cleared. This leading up to Saturday's ACC championship game against Duke. Without their star QB, they could lose one game and then Bama could work weasel magic (with a strength of schedule argument to boot) to get into the championship game. Well, it didn't work. Charges were dropped (and possibly a few checks cashed) today. Aww Bama. You lose again. *** to be you. Unless this was Texas A&M's doing to get Johnny Manziel back into the Heisman conversation. Less likely. . ...
I liked a video Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Brain Invaders S03E07
: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK assassination deathbed confession:
Saturday, 10 July 2010 HISTORY CHANNEL DOCUMENTARY VALIDATES CHEMTRAILS AND WEATHER WARFARE One Year Ago Exactly, The History Channel Put Out The Below Documentary Validating Chemtrails & Weather Warfare - It is NOT Just a Conspiracy Theory! "In 1994 the U.S. Air Force revealed its Spacecast 2020 master plan which includes weather control. Scientists have experimented with weather control since the 1940’s, but Spacecast 2020 noted that ‘using environmental modification techniques to destroy, damage or injure another state (is) prohibited’. Having said that, the Air Force claimed that advances in technology ‘compels a re-examination of this sensitive and potentially risky topic.’ “… World recognised scientist MacDonald had a number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and he contributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist. When he wrote his chapter, How to Wreck the Environment for the book Unless Peace Comes, he was not kidding around. In it he describes the us ...
Conspiracy Theory 101… Dustin Hoffmann is not gonna be happy how the officials bailed out the Saints yesterday. Did anyone see that roughing the passer penalty on San Fran?? Ridiculously bad call and it changed the outcome of the game. Are the Saints still Roger Goodell's favorite team? Are they still the darlings of the NFL? Are they Super Bowl bound as a result? Check out the replay and you be the judge :)
Went through my records and it's pretty embarrassing how many copies I have of each Fleetwood Mac album. It's like Mel Gibson with The Catcher in the Rye in Conspiracy Theory: every time I see one I NEED to buy it, even though I probably already have two copies... Long story short: I'm a bit nuts.
When I listen to Jesse Ventura ("Conspiracy Theory" & "Demo'crips & Re'bloodlicans" etc.) or Alex Jones (Infor wars) whose sensationalism, (in my mind) could have only been rivaled by the late Steve Irwin. Fear-mongering at its best, while journalist Michael Hastings, singer Lowkey, & many other voices are silenced?! Why would they be allowed, not only to live, but to publicly theorize, unless it was furthering an agenda all ready set in motion? There is a quote, "The devil's greatest accomplishment, was convincing the world he doesn't exist." Because this sentiment has achieved such wide pop culture exposure, I am unable 2 properly credit the original source~A French poet Charles Baudelaire, Jim Carroll, Christopher McQuarrie ("The Usual Suspects" Kevin Spacey) frequently credited to religious writings including the Bible & the Qur'an. In the Arabic language a Kafir is usually translated as "unbeliever" or "disbeliever", or sometimes "infidel". But the lack of logic in this argument seems lost on most .. ...
Conspiracy Theory or Fact? 1, US Economy & Federal Reserve Bank good video very informing
—[re-posted] Please join us for the ☠ FOOD FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES ☠ This is not a PHYSICAL LOCATION event. You are not required to be anywhere. Locations will change often. This is a continuous event for your convenience to raise awareness to the Facts About the DANGERS OF Genetically Engineered/Modified foods (GMO'S). We will continue to strive to keep information up to date with current news, facts, and information on the subjects. This is NOT a fear campaign nor a Conspiracy Theory. This is Facts. Some conspiracies are not theory, or tinfoil hat. some are just fact. What is a GMO? A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals. GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods, and are also widely used in scientific research and to produce goods other than food. The term GMO is very clo ...
Makes me think of that movie with Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts, Conspiracy Theory!
Dose anybody know when the next season of Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura start?
Hamilton Collection
GM maybe watched Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, Mc's former governor, now they have a comedian Al Franken
No. 10 Conspiracy Theory: Aids was created in a laboratory. Many believe it was created by World Health Organization in '74.
Starting a 'Conspiracy Theory' that Aaron Hernandez is being set up by George Zimmerman & Kim Jung Un.
Don Garber heads the competition committee at US Soccer. Conspiracy Theory or Fact?
I liked a video Banned Episode-Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - NWO Police State
I liked a video JFK Deathbed confession - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura trutv
Funny that u said that just watched it and editing looks like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Still loving it
It's time for my favorite game show: Fredy Montero was loaned out. Conspiracy Theory or Fact?
I do love reading a good conspiracy theory
anyone know of a good website or fb page full of conspiracy theory memes and stuff?- Chris Collins 2013
One thing Agenda 21 is NOT is a conspiracy theory!
I just got a big conspiracy theory ***
Conspiracy Theory —. in Elemental Theory it would seem Conspiracy Theories are a combination of All...
Conspiracy Theory Sean is coming out today
What you see on TV about Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory, are all true, No wonder, they yanked it from the TV.
Theres a conspiracy theory that says McCartney died in a car crash and the Beatles replaced him with a look alike. Research it. lol
You know what's scarier than a conspiracy theory? When everyone is so ideologically homogeneous that you don't even need one.
I heard that conspiracy theory before. I think it's called Agenda 23.
exactly. Needs a complete revamp and has done for years. Got any conspiracy theory videos for a brother?
this book review in The Hindu demolishes Sarila's thesis- which is conspiracy theory re-told.
CIA Invention of the Phrase, ‘Theory’ “One of the Most Successful Initiatives of All Time.” . htt…
Conspiracy theory: Kate was never really pregnant, NOBODY looks that good after giving birth
I think it's a conspiracy theory to *** me off, and it sure is working
via Mother Jones: Almost every Obama conspiracy theory ever: Which one is your favorite?
No. Happy with what I've already won. But don't let that stop your ridiculous conspiracy theory!
Avoid Digital Spy they love a conspiracy theory!
With all due respect, doesn't the duchess look like she's still pregnant here? Anyone started a conspiracy theory?
So chill! As much as we know you love a conspiracy theory. It's just big brother. No fixes, no theories, no aliens , chil. X
Tell that to the cable news networks. Conspiracy theory: was timed for slow news weeks of summer. Diabolical
Back on tonight with brother Kelly Threat. This is the conspiracy theory show. know of some call in and share at...
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Conspiracy Theory - Tyleranasaurus Rex Give me a chance!
Actually Jessie, I am a brother at arms... What is the latest conspiracy theory to muddy the waters?
In this case, it's not conspiracy theory because it's not something being cover up. It's right there under our noses.
"An officer tells that a SIT member alleged that. " - unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.
I'm trying to avoid my conspiracy theory mode but...
I can't with people who blame the media for everything. Take your conspiracy theory nonsense somewhere else
Govt. behind parliament attack!!. Rubbish it as another conspiracy theory or wake up to the criminal machinations...
Wow. I heard a conspiracy theory once saying our rights will slowly be taken away right from under us because for power purposes...
The fact that some people are turning this into a conspiracy theory. SMH.
Zimmerman, cops, original DAs, police chief, jurors, judge, Florida -- they are all racist! Conspiracy theory much?
There was a conspiracy theory that stated that the landing on the moon was staged.
I love a well thought out conspiracy theory
And that is not a conspiracy theory that is what reliable sources are saying.
I am going to start a conspiracy theory that says all water towers are actually night clubs.
Google the conspiracy theory on Obama and then discuss it wit me.
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.ha ha, where is the conspiracy theory obama themed madlib creator so I can make some brilliance of my own!!
Don't talk to me about a conspiracy theory
I would finish my thought on this conspiracy theory...but it's too dep
"Conspiracy theory screaming illuminati they can't believe this much skill is in the human body" -JayZ
A New Book on JFK Is Coming on the 50th Anniversary of His Assassination
If your worldview is a conspiracy theory it's time to reevaluate
“The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be>
I hate when people assume I believe in every conspiracy theory though.
I really hope a conspiracy theory comes with this. I love that stuff
My conspiracy theory: The Paula Dean crucifixion was a smokescreen orchestrated by the secret powers that be so this could happen
TrueLife: I'm obsessed with Michael Moore and I'm not even into the conspiracy theory thing
"Those who do not study history are destined to watch conspiracy theory videos on YouTube" -me
You know a zimmerman vs martin conspiracy theory video is about to come out if it hasn't already 😂😂
I'll be waiting for a conspiracy theory for this'll come out soon
My phone doesn't consider classism a word and autocorrects it. Conspiracy theory time?
This particular follower believes the case was fake ... never happened conspiracy theory ...
Smoke & mirrors, but you *** think everything is a conspiracy theory because you can't and don't think for yourself
I can't watch these conspiracy theory shows... my mind starts running a million miles a minute.
Hmm… The Philadelphia Experiment is an actual conspiracy theory out there. Allegedly the Eldridge actually cloaked in the 40's.
Alright who votes i think of some ridiculous conspiracy theory from this!??
I think there's some kind of conspiracy theory behind all of this either the justices system or government is covering it up.
Conspiracy theory.each juror was paid to agree to not guilty.
Conspiracy theory states that the jury was PAID to verdict NOT GUILTY .
So we can't eat skittles or drink Arizonas. Think about this... that's why they brought them fat *** Brisks out. Conspira…
I'm just waiting for the conspiracy theory...
Ryan Juan Crowley-Hughes started up the classic Movie Truths game, and he gave me Sir Patrick Stewart to start things off. It's a very simple game to follow, observe: Sir Patrick Stewart: I LIKE HIM IN: X2: X-Men United. The best in the series, Sir Patrick isn't afraid to make us geeks happy with comic/Sci-Fi properties. I LOVE HIM IN: Hamlet. His Claudius versus David Tennant's Hamlet was a SUPERB reminder of his Shakespearian roots. I HATE HIM IN: Conspiracy Theory. Leave poor Mel Gibson alone! Oh...wait...time DOES change things, doesn't it? I HATE THAT I LOVE HIM IN: Ted. Despite its shortcomings, and the film's rather "one and done" viewing status, his narration never fails to make me smile. Now it's your turn. Like this post and I'll give you a star to run through the game with. If I like your post, you can feel free to give me another.
Is watching Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson n Julia Roberts,not bad of a movie,well enjoy this gloomy day ya'll. Holla at ya'll l8er.
Conspiracy Theory eBooks Collection English | PDF | Collection | 1.96 Gb A Conspiracy Theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public. The term "conspiracy theory" is used to indicate a narrative genre that includes a broad selection of (not necessarily related) arguments for the existence of grand conspiracies. The term is frequently used by scholars and in popular culture to identify secret military, banking, or political actions. Conspiracy theories are based on the notion that complex plots are put into motion by powerful hidden forces. Originally a neutral term, since the mid-1960s it has acquired a somewhat derogatory meaning, implying a paranoid tendency to see the influence of some malign covert agency in events. The term is sometimes used to automatically dismiss claims that are deemed ridic ...
The new Pope Francis is a member of the Spanish Illuminati Jesuit secret society known as Los Allumbrados - 'The Illuminati'. That is not a 'Conspiracy Theory', that is FACT. The Illuminati really do exist and the new Pope is a member. They have at least £240 BILLION stashed in tax havens. They DO NOT, and NEVER HAVE looked after the POOR. The boss of the Vatican Bank was arrested three days ago - and found to have more than $650,000 in his personal bank account. Anyone who tries to kid me that the Pope is 'Poor' must be in need of a brain transplant. The Illuminati hide their true name by calling themselves The Society for Jesus. This new Pope is 100% solid gold Illuminati through and through - His real name is 'Bergoglio'; He was ordained on 27 June 1992 as Titular Bishop of Auca, Argentina, with His Eminence, Antonio Cardinal Quarracino, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, serving as principal consecrator, and backer of the evil Menem political regime. That Argentinian regime is responsible for kidnapping, to ...
I'm watching "Conspiracy Theory" w/ Mel Gibson. Alarming how his apartment & my office look similar...Books & papers everywhere
THE NEWS HEADLINES 1. The USA has suspended the privileges of GSP which Bangladesh has been enjoying for long. The suspension of the Generilised System of Preference has added another extra blow to the Sheikh Hasina government. If I can manage myself, I wish to write on my own conceptual theory "A Grounded View of A Conspiracy Theory: Threat and Catch" outlining what Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina can do best in her four months time before going out in search for a mandate. 2. Today, in the parliamentary last budgetary session Begum Khaleda Zia seems to have returned to the history of the Liberation War of the country, who appealingly constructed the first paragraph of her speech that the heroic people and the Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh are "the makers of the independence of Bangladesh". It is also nice to listen that she has also mentioned to some great names of the soil. This paragraph, I think, has reinforced the claim that she is a wife of a Freedom Fighter of Bangladesh. This speech can ...
The and is the is a political and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the and play in shaping our lives. Check out Mark's books in paperback on or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Google Play. Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world. Several of Mark's YouTube videos have gone viral, earning him a mention on ABC's The View, O'Reilly Factor, Drudge Report,, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post's Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major papers in Pakistan and Iran. Mark Dice appears in several films including The 9/11 Chronicles, and has been featured on the History Channel's Decoded, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, the Sundance Channel's Love/Lust: Secret Societies and more. He ...
"Conspiracy Theory" - you keep using those words, but they don't mean what you think they mean. While it would be easy to paint every person who has ever invoked them as tinfoil hat wearing delusionals, such a simplistic view serves only to illustrate the ignorance of one who would resort to such antics, especially considering how many of these "theories" have later been revealed as fact. I will post a short list... hardly exhaustive by any stretch - of conspiracy theories later proven to be fact - and a short synopsis to get a feel for how whacky your leaders and the people who perpetuate these things are. 1. The Dreyfus Affair: In the late 1800s in France, Jewish artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted of treason based on false government documents, and sentenced to life in prison. The French government did attempt to cover this up, but Dreyfus was eventually pardoned after the affair was made public (an act that is credited to writer Émile Zola). 2. The Mafia: This secret crime socie ...
Conspiracy Theory of the Day - South Africa and Al Qaeda Take note these are not facts but suspected conspiracies taking place in here in South Africa.. Take a read below if you are interested.. Obama - Inexplicably Drawn to the Rainbow The only thing American Politicians find trendier than gold in South Africa is Nelson Mandela the man who created the “Rainbow Nation” myth. Later this month Barak Obama will visit South Africa with his family. It has been estimated the trip to Africa will cost the American taxpayer up to a hundred million dollars. Hillary Clinton was there late last year looking decidedly undignified as she bumped and grinded on the dance floor at a party with African National Congress officials. She ended her trip pledging close to a billion dollars to this young “democracy”. The latest US State Department Human Rights Report on South Africa gave the country a near clean bill of health which is in stark contrast to the reality of what is going on there. Perhaps the Obama’s wan ...
OPEN WINE BAR - NETWORKING IN MANALAPAN, FLORIDA .JUNE 25th 2013. 6-9pm. PLAZA THEATRE in Manalapan, FL - 262 So. Ocean Dr. directly across from The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Please join ROSS MANDELL and Friends for a special networking event: ROSS MANDELL is a Successful & Colorful Entrepeneur and Motivational Speaker. Having spent 25 years on Wall Street, he has been a highly sought after personality on television and in the Corporate World. Appearing on Fox News, CNBC, and alongside Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura in Conspiracy Theory, Ross has always left the audience wanting more. In 2004 and 2005 Ross Mandell was a featured speaker in the British Parliament and was celebrated in The House Of Lords. He was the First American to bring an American Company Public on the London Stock Exchange. Ross has created a new brand and Video Series called "THIS IS OUR TIME." Inspirational, Motivational, & Spiritual messages shared by ROSS MANDELL to help elevate and empower those seeking 'MORE' from their Lives. His . ...
Conspiracy Theory: Jon Snow is NOT Ned Starks *** He is the *** ?) of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
Okay there some questionable calls last night after watching the replay of the game, and it was on both side.but for people to keep saying that it's a Conspiracy Theory on behalf of David Stern is flat out ridiculous.The Spurs all but had the Title Won, and with the Heat down 3 in Regulation there is no way that David Stern or anyone else knew that the incredible 3 point shot by Ray Allen would go in and send the game into O.T.If Stern knew this then he should go on and become a Now one more question Why do People Hate LeBron James Much, and please dont say its about how he handle the decision lol?
A serious political person works to make connections. To keep our sanity in a world of instant communication and "globalization", it's pretty essential to try to put together the separate pieces of the puzzle. The problem always is, overdoing it. Seeing connections where none exist, as in conspiracy theories. Choose all or one: world Jewish conspiracy, Babylon, New World Order, the Pope, surveillance etc. (Incidentally, the best dramatization of this "disorder" is, ironically, in the film Conspiracy Theory by Brian Helgeland starring Mel Gibson himself a spouter of the WJC.) But real-life connections may exist. For example, what do such seemingly separate things as the Exide poisoned fumes in Vernon, Calif, Edward Snowden, Congress wiping out $20 billion in food stamps for the hungry, the NSA's yearly budget of half that figure that is $10billion, and us jumping into the Syrian civil war on the side of the "rebels"? No prizes for suggestions.
Oh and an update on my complaints about the Kayne/Kim baby important press coverage, The sudden FBI search for Jimmy Hoffa's Body, Right before I go to bed and lay awake because of the sad state of the world. I learn that now Thermal imaging has possibly found Amelia Earhart's plane. Boy you can't make this stuff up. I hate to sound paranoid but Jimmy Hoffa & Amelia Earhart? Mysteries being solved to get focus off of Benghazi, IRS. I am starting to feel like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.
Conspiracy Theory: Viktor Stalberg hit Hossa on purpose with that shot so he could play
Ex- Governor Jesse (The Body) Ventura's Conspiracy Theory is scaring the *** out of me.
PRESS RELEASE FROM NPP USA. NPP-USA Condemns John Mahama and Kwabena Adjei’s Conspiracy Theory. In a news article published by The Punch Newspaper of Nigeria on May 29, 2013, captioned "market fire outbreaks force traders to embrace Insurance'', the paper stated that about 10 market fire outbreaks occurred in Nigeria in the first quarter of 2013. The affected markets as indicated by the paper included the Ifelodua, Jankara, Alade and Ketu Markets, all in Lagos, Karu market in Abuja, and Mile 12 Mantel market in Lagos among many others. In all these fire outbreaks, the Goodluck Jonathan government of Nigeria did not tailor the occurrences to arsonists, not even to the Boko Haram, which is known globally as the anti-government militia group in Nigeria. They are looking for realistic causes, and the probable antidotes to these causes. In Ghana, however, the corrupt, confused and incompetent NDC has resorted to spewing spurious conspiracy theories against its political opponents. We must say, we were not su ...
No longer Conspiracy Theory! (pt. 2) David Wilcock writes IT GOT REALLY CRAZY TOWARDS THE END As it turns out, I didn't even send in a partial, incomplete manuscript until mid-March. It was way, way late. The first draft itself wasn't finished until early April. That meant I could barely change anything in the book after the first week of April. I had a couple of weeks to do other things while I waited for them to send this "first pass" back. There were tons and tons of notes I had to go through. Almost every page had at least one or two things on it that I had to deal with. Every single thing I said had to be backed up with facts (***including the proven Russian scientist's HEALING PYRAMID ENERGY . . . . Experiments TEST RESULTS) -- even including the proof that a grocery store called Robin's Food Warehouse had existed in New Paltz in the mid-1990s. This rigorous verification process ended up adding at least 50 more academic references. The book (The Source Filed Investigations) became a lot stronger in ...
plausible deniability. It'll still be filed under conspiracy theory to most of America.
Think I have a pretty sound conspiracy theory against the NCAA.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
If were actually "taken out", it wld only add fuel/plausibility to the conspiracy theory.
thought they were special not realizing InfoWars, NoDisInfo, BeforeItsNews, SELL conspiracy theory.
I love a good conspiracy theory. The Fix Is In For JJ is my fave.
Don't mind me. Just on one of my conspiracy theory rants lol
he's a Freemason if you ask me playing the conspiracy theory and we are mad card shocking
Full on conspiracy theory episode: Titor! WMD! Vavasseur! Apples!
don't you love a good conspiracy theory. He's a loony but very entertaining if you take it for what it is. Complete ***
I've read some, but I prefer no to engage in too much conspiracy theory.stuff.
Do you ever just sit inside and watch conspiracy theories and question if you are a conspiracy theory
so when are we doing Conspiracy Theory Saturday Night?
My mum is making a conspiracy theory that I apparently snapped the apple tree in half and fed it to my dog, wanker
this is so much bigger than Obama and this country. Not a conspiracy theory, this is fact.
I have my full conspiracy theory figured out for the season! I think i belong in graceland
lmbo conspiracy theory??? When they win it'll be because they are a great team and unlike ur heat they're built not bought
If you are a fan of political intrigue and conspiracy theories, then you might enjoy the new Cotton Malone novel...
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Wow maybe this is just a conspiracy theory from an exsmoker.. but i think monopoly and tabacco co r n kahoots
Massive buying of ammo in USA in response to failed trivial Obama gun reforms caused shortage & conspiracy theory that Obama's limiting ammo
SANDY HOOK - The Documentary (FULL VIDEO) 2013: via this just another conspiracy theory? I think not :>L
I used to think the conspiracy theory abt the last 4 prez being ivy leaguers..My thoughts have changed..I need tinfoil hat..
We have a ruling class in this country it's not a conspiracy theory it's rich people with MONEY the real power.
The scariest part of that conspiracy theory is it makes perfect sense.
+all over the world. Complete rubbish stupid conspiracy theory. Erdoğan has probably never even seen a Bloomberg screen :-)
pushes bizarre conspiracy theory to deflect for GE wheat contamination of commercial crops
I love how at the end of Conspiracy Theory they play the original version of a song then the Lauryn Hill version.
I've got to agree.have you read Aaronovitch's book "Voodoo histories" about the history of conspiracy theory? good read
What was last week seen by most as the most ridiculous conspiracy theory is now undeniable. That can't happen every day.
But they were all deceived for in dungeons of Broadmoor the loony trinity has secretly forged 'the one' conspiracy theory to rule them all.
Latest conspiracy theory on Bilderberg, and a hilarious session on BBC Sunday Politics:
.You're the best! Please hire more to look into this: It gets real 'spooky'. tyvm
Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me, yeh RWNJ.
Those of us who have long been describing the pharmaceutical industry as a "criminal racket" over the last few...
In the Season Finale of Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Jesse and the crew investigate “a sinister plot that’s spreading across the country, and will soon target you”- the “Brain Invaders” Conspiracy. Whether fueled by paranoia or fact (or both), government-run mind control is one of the most popular topics in conspiracy theory culture today. Alex Jones, David Icke, and many other conspiracy theory figures often talk about the severe mind control techniques already in place, being run by the government, and advancing in efficacy as quickly as the technology that makes them possible. The backbone of many a conspiracy argument is that we don’t live in reality anymore, we live in a “matrix,” a fabricated reality, and that in order to truly understand the world you need to understand the methods by which your perception of it is shaped. The mainstream media and its technological tools (internet/social media, TV, movies, etc.), themselves, are often accused of being at ...
'Conspiracy Theory' term coined by CIA to deflect criticism of Warren Commission & used as derision
Reading David Aaronovitch's "Voodoo Histories: The Role of Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History" Skepticism, but for social history.
truTV: Conspiracy Theory w/Jesse Ventura • Series 1/Episode 1 • Is it a communications research project or a doomsday weapon that can change the weather, sho...
Conspiracy Theory about Hillary Clinton and Stinger missiles is proof that 'info wars' is propaganda con
I liked a video from Blue Gold Documentary: Great Lakes — Conspiracy Theory with
I, personally do not know the cause of the gargantuan, deadly tornado in Oklahoma and I do not mean to imply our government's complicity. I do know Mother Nature has been interfered with to the brink of cataclysm. Educate yourself to H.A.A.R.P. It is not a Conspiracy Theory. It is a reality. It is an event horizon technology used militarily of which the super powers of the world are arming themselves because it is in use by our government, militarily.
I know it is Hard for the Anglo Saxon American Citizens to grasp that since the 1870s we have waged Wars for profit and the individual Rich few of the New World Order's agenda of 3 World Wars with several smaller Wars to gain a One World Government, this is happening and this draft by 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Grand Master Freemason & Sicilian Mafia founder of record in Giuseppe Mazzini who also had a number 1 title with the Illuminati when this charter was drafted in 1871, check it out, it's surreal and almost dead on balls accurate, THAT IS NO COINCIDENCE which is easily to see from my Unique Sicilian View, why I started this post with the Innocent Americans just cannot grasp this as more then a Conspiracy Theory, I WISH TO GOD IT WAS, BUT IT IS A FACT and with every Bilderberg meet this agenda moves a step closer to there final Plan and the same *** rich few that pull the levers Now will continue in that position, WE Cannot let that Happen.
The Truth is here, not out there TruTv Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Banned from television. Here is the full length ve...
Conspiracy Theory: House of Cards is just Kevin Spacy's take on Jodi Foster's Golden Globe speech.
Conspiracy Theory: Zoe Saldana is actually Jada Pinkett Smith. Why? Because JPS is that good.
It didn't take long for the schoolkid to shout "Conspiracy Theory" about Central Banks eh? Max Keiser being restrained? Shock!!
I've settled on Conspiracy Theory, Mel Gibson is a fantastic actor but can't help thinking David Icke would of equally planted this role.
Conspiracy Theory: John Harbaugh is a curse. Every game he's at, the coach related to him loses. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
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You mean you don't get to watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura?!?
I liked a video from Conspiracy Theory; Jesse Ventura - BP Oil Spill (full)
I know everybody thinks im an annoying & crazy conspiracy theorist because im oh so "political" but.Was Mel Gibson "crazy" on Conspiracy Theory? I would say ATTENTIVE. I knew you could CHOOSE to get these RFID chips implanted if you WANTED to, which I thought was crazy but hey to each his own.but keep in mind my fellow Americans that it used to be a CHOICE. Did you know Texas college students have to get RFID chips PERMANENTLY IMPLANTED because it's "safer for the school administrative to know where they're students are at all ALL TIMES".what if the govt says that about US Citizens? I can see it now, "Rfid will now be used in replacement of Social Security cards because it would be more convenient/economical for our environment...Go Green!" Our technology has rised to the point that we use our finger instead of a key to get in our cars/log in to our computers. How far could this go? Who all read "Harrison Bergeron" in High school? I recommend anybody who hasn't read that book to read it btw,, and our govt ...
Watched two great movies to day "Argo" and "Conspiracy Theory". The former makes your heart beat at 100 per min. and The later restores harmony and peace.
Conspiracy Theory?...Or Purposed Misinformation?... In today's synthesis of the mystery that surround Secret Society's...There have been many conspiracy theories that have come too who sets The World Agenda and it always come back in most cases with the same name...Illuminati...What is Illuminati or The Illuminated and where did they bear these Nefarious Roots that many well educated of society's World Wide are under the same train of thought?...The answer is simple...Misinformation...but not just people being misinformed on happenstance but on Purpose...The Art of the Illusion is called the Art of Misdirection...Why is that?...Because the Eye is the easiest sense too distract...Just take a look at modern media and the Images that are portrayed constantly...These images some so sublime that they become some sort of reason for different Behaviors even unto Murder...The eye is deceived by what it perceives which is the premise for all Commercials...It is why each year the stakes and cost grows hi ...
MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS: Ok, a friend of mine and I were talking about movies that our family likes to watch. Now you have to understand that we have a family of boys. So it is Cheryl, Bill, and six boys. Here are some movie recommendations, a few more than we talked about the other day: Star Trek (the new one) - I would buy it. It is good and like a lot of movies nowadays, you have to watch it more than once to catch everything. Godfather 1, 2, and 3 - We have them and Bill just watched them and you can borrow it when you think you will watch them - they are 3 hours each That Thing You Do, with Tom Hanks, a good family movie (Bill's favorite); we have that one too and you can borrow, but it's on VHS. Let's see, others? Enemy of the State with Will Smith and Gene Hackman (we watched it every summer at the lake until Bill borrowed it out to someone, but he doesn't know who, and we have not seen it since. It has a great ending. Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson. Great movie, especially if you know a con ...
TY but NO! Im not Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich or Mexican, my BF's wedding IS a Conspiracy Theory, & I always sleep with the enemy
TOPGEAR...AFRICA EDITION.Conspiracy Theory...why do the foreign press ignore Lagos or Abuja and other major cities and then head for the jungle/rural areas to depict the entire continent...not fair
Now I not any kind of a Conspiracy Theory guy or anything, but I was a little weirded out this weekend. Now we all know the Sequester started on Friday March 1, 2013. On Friday night I pick up some family members at a bar and drive them home, on the way I go through a Sobriety Check set up by Euclid Police at 222nd Street, no problem. I drop them off and I head downtown for some fun with friends, there are checkpoints at West 6th Street and another one in the East Bank of the Flats. OK, I get that. Then on Saturday I see more police out in the community pulling people over all over the place, Willoughby Hills, Willoughby and Mentor. I have seen more police lights in the last three days than I have seen in a month. I don't know if this has anything to do with budget cuts, but I see how they (Local Governments) are going to make ends meet. Instead of being handed cash from the Feds, they are just going to go out there and take it from you without the middleman (Federal Government). Remember folks after 9/11 ...
I know, I's been nearly 12 years, so why not just get Off this subject? I Never Will! Anyone care to Debunk these Dozens of Experts re the Controlled Demo' of Bld'g Same goes for the Towers. If ppl Really Believe that an Airplane brought these other bld'gs down w/ such perfect Symmetry n so suddenly, You're delusional. ALL the struts n beams, etc. would have had to Fail at the exact same time...Impossible. But few ppl really Care anymore, do they? "Conspiracy Theory"? NO...a Much More Plausible scenario w/ overwhelming evidence. Love how our Gov't got Rid of all the Steel n other possible Evidence before Inspectors were allowed in. Oh...that's right, just another Coincidence. Did planes really hit the bld'gs? Certainly. Did all those ppl actually Die? Of course. But Billions of Dollars in Ins' Money n Billions in Gold Bullion, n a "Need" to secure Iraq's Oil sure can affect some ppl's Morality. To Some, "The Ends justifies the Means". Isn't it Odd that the Elevators were being "Updated" n Impro ...
yes I did an episode of Jesse Ventura season Conspiracy Theory on that topic.
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies is blowing my mind right now..
Polly’s Conspiracy Theory: You can always rely on Polly Toynbee to spectacularly miss the point: “Their distru...
Conspiracy Theory: Anthony Michael Hall & Charlize Theron..same person. "Think about it" (opie voice) -ever see them 2gether?
"Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - JFK Assassination" Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators dig deep into the behind-the-scenes government doings.
Big Pharma Criminality no Longer a Conspiracy Theory: Bribery, Fraud, Price Fixing now a matter of p
If you suffer upper respiratory infections, this could be the reason why.   You’re sick. Your nose is stuffy. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed.   It’s not the flu. It’s a conspiracy, according to Dr. Len Horowitz. His opinion is not based on Conspiracy Theory but on Conspiracy Fact.   Danger In The Sky - Chemtrails Video   Over the past 10 years, Horowitz has become America’s most controversial medical authority. A university-trained Medical Researcher, Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States Government are conspiring with major Pharmaceutical Companies to make large segments of the population sick.   The Mainstream Media is reporting that Hospital Emergency Rooms are jammed with patients suffering from a bizarre Upper Respiratory Infection that doesn’t quite seem like a Virus. They are reporting that it’s a “Mystery” Flu and that the Flu Vaccines are ineffective against it.   That’s all hogwa ...
Midnight topic tonight: Conspiracy Theory.. Give me you wackiest conspiracy theory possible!
Everyone loves a good old Conspiracy! Everything has been declared a hoax over the years. The Moon Landings, Area 51, Roswell, The JKF Assassination, 9/11 and even more recently The Sandy Hook School Massacre has been subject to scrutiny. What is everyone's favourite Conspiracy Theory?
Absolute Intense Wrestling presents Conspiracy Theory on Friday On Friday night, February 8th, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) will present Conspiracy Theory at Turner’s Hall in Cleveland, OH (7325 Guthrie Ave, 44102). Belltime will be at 7:30pm with doors opening at 6:30pm. In the Main Event, the longstanding hatred between Tim Donst and Eddie Kingston will come to a head when they meet one-on-one on AIW turf. The first ever two-time AIW Absolute Champion, Eric Ryan will represent Nixon when he defends the gold against AIW’s Whole Shebang, Johnny Gargano. In what could be the most intense fight of the night, The Necro Butcher returns to Turner’s Hall to take on Chris Dickinson. This incredible card will also have AR Fox vs Michael Elgin, ACH vs Ethan Page, and so much more. Be a part of the AIW’s Conspiracy Theory by purchasing your tickets at for just $15.00 each. As always, online ticket buyers are admitted first. So for a chance to sit in the front row, buy your tickets early. Tickets can als ...
Lets get some predictions for our Conspiracy Theory event on Friday Night
NEXXLegacy Radio guest: Dr. Jeanelle, Giving on how to LIVE a Life.
There is a conspiracy theory out there that claims Beyonce was throwing up Illuminati signs during her Superbowl performance.
I think you are a conspiracy theory. I don't believe you exist unless I see you in person.
Many of the founders of this nation were free Masons ... This is not a conspiracy theory it's a a fact and it's very well known
Right wing on another conspiracy theory: Obama shooting *** photo a fake. Makes one wonder what these people use for brains.
I feel that that's a conspiracy theory made by baking soda companies
I'm bored. What is the latest Conspiracy Theory that all of you guys are peddling?
I dedicate the rest of my night to conspiracy theory documentaries and Twizzlers.
no conspiracy theory just seems like he wanted to steal Collins thunder Why tonight
I can't debate with atheist-skeptic type people bc everything I say to them is some kind of 'conspiracy theory'.
Refs have a conspiracy theory against all nor cal teams I swear. Since when did that become legal on hockey refs
CONSPIRACY THEORY: Andrew Baena takes my vocals and slides them slightly off time just because he thinks its funny to screw with me.
Someone tells me some pseudo-scientific, conspiracy-theory-style tidbit of information. I call apophenia and they wanna murder me. Wut.
uh zach you don't know (shh the conspiracy theory is a conspiracy don't you watch South Park)
Sandy Hook conspiracy theory is bone chilling.
I liked a video Area 51 Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.
Tigers had 1 win before Flynn, but got 7 more after he arrived. Conspiracy theory holds no water, sorry.
The quarterback from the Ravens was on the late show & Dave ask what he thought about the lights going out and he said the conspiracy theory
Sucked into conspiracy theory YouTube videos.
Worried that will destroy our world. Oh these conspiracy theory shows I watch!
NEXXLegacy Radio Truth & Conspiracy panel Does bring to get people to follow, even create
"You're not supposed to say that. It's considered a conspiracy theory." -Naom Chomsky. Isn't it funny, we label ugly truths "conspiracies"?
On that note.. I need to stop watching conspiracy theory movies and shows. Loose Change literally makes my heart race.
Only conspiracy theory I believe in is that we faked the moon landing… on the fences about Roswell
Me and have this conspiracy theory that ramen noodles are actually just one long noodle.
to cheer myself up I'm gonna go watch a bunch if conspiracy theory documentaries and research the illuminati it's casual
What if Humpty Dumpty never did fall off his wall. What if it was a huge conspiracy theory created by the government to get us to buy eggs?!
This conspiracy theory generator is genius... or maybe that's what they WANT you to think.
OMORON now wnt's 2 control R 401k's & Liberals think tyranny is a conspiracy theory! i'll keep my insurance policy. .45 caliber XDM
They would take the show conspiracy theory off on demand..
Denver airport conspiracy theory. It's the truth.
I feel like there is a conspiracy theory for everything that happens in the world
Watching conspiracy theory movies/documentaries really makes you wonder
Never mind a national mourning, Mexico's richest people want PEMEX to go to the private sector before Christmas. That's no conspiracy theory
I wonder if I can get a conspiracy theory going that George HW Bush killed MLK
as soon as the media got ahold of it, there would be no taking away of the guns. Take your conspiracy theory
NEXXLegacy Radio & Female Passenger Fight Did the deserve it?
Conspiracy theory:Is it possible Nilim Dutt was booked by Congress 2teach Owaisi a lesson?Dutt was close 2 Owaisi who took interests in NE.
Next conservative conspiracy theory: "Why did Obama need to 'practice' shooting a gun? What's he planning?"
No but seriously this guy published a book pushing a birther conspiracy theory.
Lane's Conspiracy Theory - Kelly Ripa cut the power, because Michael Strahan got snubbed for the Hall of Fame.
Indonesian version of "Conspiracy Theory" starring: Moo Moo cow and Baa Baa Black Sheep, directed by PKS
I was totally unaware that 9/11 was an inside job for about nine years, until I saw the Conspiracy Theory episodes about it, which convinced me that in the very least 9/11 was allowed to happen by people in our own government as an excuse to go to war. However, when I did further research, the following sources convinced me that 9/11 was totally an inside job: (See these at • 911 Loose Change (full-length) • Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup – documentary • Loose Change Final Cut • UFOTV: 9/11 The Myth and the Reality – David Ray Griffin • 9/11 Omissions and Distortions – David Ray Griffin • 9/11: Dr. Steven Jones Presentation • Jim Marrs – The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy & the N.W.O (Info at 1hour, 1 minute into it) • Jim Marrs: Hidden History (See information starting at 21 minutes into part 3) • “Extreme Prejudice” – CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer • 9/11 In Plane Sight – Director’s Cut • ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11 • General of U.S. intelligence says n ...
The Shield is working with CM Punk! I will have the truth on my next season of Conspiracy Theory! - Jesse Ventura
So depressingly, I have now gone through ALL episodes of ALL editions of Star Trek on Netflix. The original series (several times), Next Generation (twice), Deep Space Nine (probably the worst), Voyager and Enterprise. Netflix has become my habitual "sleep-aid", not that I ever need it. It takes me 2-4 sleep nights to get through an episode of something because I fall asleep SO FAST, but now I am depressed at having no NEW Star Trek to watch. Most mainstream movies just don't cut if for me, because my brain MUST be engaged to enjoy it, and most do not do that for me, and so, as embarrassed as I am to say it, I guess it's going to have to be "X-Files" now. I've made it through all the decent Sci-Fi and braniac type movies, as well as all my Science, Conspiracy Theory and Unexplained Phenomenon types of documentaries, and so far, though, mildly amusing at times, I have managed to make it through the first season of X-Files (which I AVOIDED for years), so maybe this will engage my brain at sleep time well en ...
Now Victoria Jackson is being issued a 7 day BAN from FB for posting THIS poster. So... I'm reposting it. Feel free to SHARE! Murder At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Posted by Henry Massingale ... John Noveske found dead. He was a Activist, and a Gun Maker, but as I read the info, only in, one in-site, of its creation of his statement I saw a conflict of its report. So I just want to let people know when you post a Conspiracy Theory here or at any Tea Party site i am at, I will read, but understand this, I have went to a great deal of trouble to protect the Tea Party, and I will keep on doing this against any Conspiracy Theory posted within. The story feel apart because its simple, you can not have a drug crazed killer, then change up and say he had no gun.the rest of the post at the site is in fact nothing but a, "Conspiracy Theory". school John Noveske, went after the Sandy Hook Shooting, in a Conspiracy Theory. Then I saw statements released by him. That Adam Lanza, was a Physco- On Drugs.then John Naveske ...
I usually stick to current events... tonight I wanna ask a question to everyone here... what is everyone's take on NWO, CFR, AGENDA 21, THE ELITE, THE ILLUMINATI, THE BILDERBURG GROUP and Conspiracy Theory? Do you really think it's coming or it's all just a fairy tale?
So the "Conspiracy Theories" were the ones that were right on the money. I wonder how long it is until the rest of the "Conspiracy Theory" is proved to be correct ?
Friends, you must read this! Conspiracy Theory or Fact? January 23, 2013 Obama Plan To Massacre Americans Chills Russia By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report detailing Prime Minister Medvedev’s private talks with other world leaders attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) talks in Davos states that all of the attending Russian delegation were “chilled” when presented with the “full agenda” President Barack Obama plans to unleash upon the American people, and which includes “mass murder.” Important to note about this report, and as we had previously reported on in our 10 November 2012 report Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gunbattle, the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) has become increasingly concerned over the Obama regimes militarization of the United States, most especially since his early January orders to begin deploying “death squads” throughout America who have killed two of that nations top g ...
Conspiracy Theory: Hillary vanished from the public spot light in previous weeks, not because of a head injury but because she was at the Lee Strasberg school of acting...
BP oil spill - Gulf of Mexico . Depopulation, mass murder, injecting deadly bacteria, chemicals to kill people and animals. Fractured Earth crust to create New Madrid Fault to sink large part of U.S. going North from Gulf of Mexico . Conspiracy Theory; Jesse Ventura - BP Oil Spill (full)
I am not a real Conspiracy Theory fan, but I have heard some rumblings about The United Nations, Obama, Law Enforcement, Military and Gun-Bans. I have tried to find hard evidence outside of articles by the religious and/or conspiracy theorists, and have had little luck finding documented facts. Even a quoted United Nations Agenda item turned up nothing helpful. I am interested in facts, statistics and proof. Most 'witnesses' seem to come back as fictitious characters or if they can in fact be identified, their stories always seem to add a large amount of information that harkens back to the wearing of tin-foil hats. What have you got? Surprise me with facts.
Plum island - Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura Watch this and let me know your thoughts.
January 18, 2013 There is no Conspiracy Theory by Raja Petra Kamaruddin The important thing is, while Dr Mahathir may have been guilty of ‘reversing’ what Tunku Abdul Rahman did, he did not act alone. This was not one man’s plan on how to ensure that Barisan Nasional and UMNO do not lose power. It was a GOVERNMENT plan, with Dr Mahathir as head of that government, of course. And we must remember that in 1991 Anwar was Malaysia’s Finance Minister and in 1993 he became the Deputy Prime Minister. And the ‘Christian’ government of Sabah was toppled in 1994. THE CORRIDORS OF POWER Raja Petra Kamarudin Over the last two years my studies in British and European history has been able to help me look at events from a fresh perspective. When we studied history back in our school days in Malaysia it was merely a study of dates and events, and maybe the personalities behind those events. Later they changed the syllabus to objective and you just marked the correct answer: A, B, C, D or E. That brought the ...
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A CALL TO REPENTANCE. This is a fruit inspection of the spurious rumors and urban legends called Conspiracy Theory.
On January 8th, a group of game developers got a strange email in their inbox. The email was titled "Conspiracy Theory (GAMES DESIGN COMPANIES.)" It was a strange letter that informing the devs that DEMONS have been CODING to each other via games.
Conspiracy Theory for the Day... This one has to do with John Wilkes Booth. Now it is taught in school that the assassin of our 16th President was shot and killed at the Garrett farm, after the Union Army set the Tobacco Barn on fire. Is that actually what happened?? Well everyone who knew for sure is long dead. His family believes that this did not happen and that he lived for many years later. Some think he died in 1873 in India under the name of of John B. Wilkes. Others believe he went by the name John St. Helen and lived in Texas before finally committing suicide in Enid Oklahoma in 1903. There is compelling arguments for both of those theories. What e know for sure is someone was shot in the neck while inside the burning Garrett tobacco barn and then drug outside. The body was then taken aboard the USS Montauk. Here it gets a little more confusing. While most accounts say that the autopsy was performed aboard the Montauk, the official record in the history books states that he was transpor ...
Proposed Family Feud Question: Name a Conspiracy Theory that you actually believe is True...hmmm?!?!
Conspiracy Theory: Nkandla Highway. Some bedside reading .The latest in the conspiracy theories . True or false? Both the individual as well as the company exist . google them . Much has been said, fought and argued over the funding of the R250m Nkandla Compound, and rightly so. But what's received little attention is the funding of the freeway set to run through Nkandla following the development of the president's luxury compound. This freeway is set to cost R1.5bn, so this is no small chunk of change, so Mybroadband's amateur, volunteer, investigative journalists gave it a crack and uncovered what appears to be a case of corruption on an arms deal scale. Here's what we uncovered: Claim Works claim that the freeway is being constructed by a private company called Korong Capital Partners who will, following the road development's end, donate the entire road to the government at no cost to them. Now that sounds incredible. So incredible that it sounds almost too good to be true. That's because it is. Debu ...
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV We hit 250,000 LIKES tonight!! WOW! There is no doubt that Humanity is Awakening, walking out
Conspiracy Theory : Did We Land on the Moon ? Neil Armstrong and the other guys are liers this video will show you fake
If you have never watched the Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura atleast watch one episode!Truth and Facts!
Jesse is very concerned that Conspiracy Theory season 3 may not air at all, but if it does, it looks like TruTV may heavily re-edit the episodes so they’re politically correct. Note: Jesse&
Just watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura about the Ozarks. Oh please.. (How do I roll my eyes on this thing) That was quite possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever seen.
Can anyone tell me how the *** a channel which has the audacity to call itself TruTV can air a program called Conspiracy Theory?
OMG. Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV is a thing. That exists. I'm watching Season 3, Episode 1: Reptilians. Did you know that Barack Obama is a lizard person? The channel is called TRUtv...they wouldn't lie to me, right?
I'm not sure what to do. It's 2am on and I'm not that tired.I'm feeling a Conspiracy Theory w/ Jessie Ventura marathon
Just watched Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 3x06 via
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is an awful show
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Referring to Sociology of unequal access to social and economic opportunity and resources: Jesse Ventura at FB Page "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV" 12-28-2012: THIS IS THE NEW CHILDHOOD IN AMERIA: 1 in 3 is overweight 1 in 6 has learning disabilities 1 in 9 has asthma 1 in 10 has ADHD 1 in 12 has food allergies 1 in 20 has seizures 1 in 54 males has autism 1 in 88 has autism 50 % (half) of all children have chronic illness or are overweight This is the new normal in our country. Are you concerned yet? Because if you're not, then you are not paying attention!!!
Up, watching Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, while eating a club sandwich from the local Coney Island. Yes.
Conspiracy Theory; Jesse Ventura - BP Oil Spill (full): Interesting before bed show in BC
Notice the tendency of the Propaganda work of most of the Conspiracy Theory crowd consists of the promotion of preaching with a Bible on One Hand and a Gun in the Other (Dominionism) and the promotion of the Republican Party (which is controlled to no end just like the Democratic Party), The Beast will disarm the World but he finds an Excuse first and that Dominionist mindset can generate many false flags, Thus the Conspiracy Crowd is conquered by the Man of Sin even before he is revealed, the White Horseman with a Bow and No Arrows, does not need to conquer through War but he does through Flatteries, this time leading most sheeple to Republican Controlled Dominionism so they can be blamed for False Flags.
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