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Conservative Party

The Conservative Party, formally the Conservative and Unionist Party, is a centre-right political party in the United Kingdom that adheres to the philosophies of conservatism and British unionism.

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Almost two thirds of Conservative Party members want Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister htt…
Ed Balls said deliberate way PM said "Conservative Party" will ensure we have stability is telling - he thinks she's off
Vote Conservative party for strong and stable Leadership
Congratulations on becoming leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, may we move forward united and str…
The most pathetic part is how Trump's own party attacks him and leading the charge pretend conservative the democrat darling.
Conservative Party announces plans to reduce net immigration by making Britain a terrible place to live.
And every major conservative party worldwide. This isn't a left vs right issue. It is GOP vs reality.
The Conservative Party has turned its back on British Muslims
Corbyn supporters have trashed Conservative boards across the country. The new Nasty Party?
Theresa May told: 'you called this election for the good of the Conservative Party and it'll backfire'
EXCL: Tories rake in over £5m from just 49 individual donors under Theresa May -
mess is of the Conservative party's making. Pick a better team to sort out the muddle tomorrow.
Top Tory Sajid Javid calls on Muslims to do more to tackle extremism -
London Bridge attack: Labour accuses Theresa May of breaking pact to halt campaigns
Theresa May says Britain will be a 'laughing stock' if Jeremy Corbyn wins election -
Breaking news: multi millionaire backs Conservative party
George Osborne’s Evening Standard savages ‘misguided’ Tories - but urges voters to back Theresa May
NEW: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn make final pleas to voters after hard-fought election campaign
By WATCH: How I was booed by Tory activists for asking Theresa May a question they didn't like -
This is absolutely pathetic, I cannot believe you bill yourselves as the conservative party. There's nothing…
We assumed that the Conservative Party would conduct an inquiry into the use of anti-Muslim bigotry. We were wrong https…
As our new leader of the Conservative party , please stay honest , please keep ethical.U hv…
Asian and African Conservative voters are the funniest. Secretly your party doesnt even like you. This is their founda…
Find out who your local candidate is with our handy map:
Again, look at the vote for the 2nd vote of the AHCA. Hard conservative vote increase…
I'm sick of hearing about the Conservative Party or Labour Party. When everyone knows "there ain't no party like an S Cl…
The Conservative Party, in the immortal words of Canadian band, Trooper:. . "a 3 dressed up as a 9 ... (only wasting your time)".
The present campaign by the Conservative party seems awfully familiar to that put on by PDP in 2015... empty and desperate.
I interviewed Somali Conservative and running for the Women's Equality Party. You should read my ar…
The election for our government is tomorrow. The conservative party is literally going to leave the youn…
Very disappointed to hear you voted for the Paris Accord! I am a strong Conservative and feel betrayed by you and the party
The Labour Party are set to lose sets everywhere but London, they deserve to lose those seats
The floor is the Conservative party.
Seems to me that every conservative, certainly every self identified Christian, should be shocked at their party indifference to law.
BREAKING: Leaked footage of Conservative Party in their FINAL MEETING before
How is the Democratic Party not vociferously pointing out that the embodiment of Conservative Economic d…
But they are doing that. And I'm not a Liberal. I'm a true conservative, the party that us…
The conservative party campaign has been nasty, uninspiring,blatant lies and the Lib Dem campaign has been downhill since th…
How many seats do you think the Conservative Party will win in the British general election?
Conservative party has been in power for 7 years. In those years, wages have fallen. Job insecurity has risen and senseless cu…
Stole all the Conservative Party's calculators so they couldn't cost their manifesto.
Whatever the result the Conservative party is finished going forward. Their campaigning is backwards, their media is awful, their membership
The Conservative Party have had 7 years to make this county better. Instead we have food banks, homelessness, crumbling…
any "conservative" who dreams be a star on CNN is disloyal to the party and their own constituents.
Disgraceful that the party has sacrificed conservative values and basic principles all in the name of one incompetent man.
It's hard. I don't really have a party anymore. Socially moderate, fiscally co…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
He is now a frontrunner for the leadership of the Conservative party...
In Canada almost entire Parliament, including all but one Conservative Party member, voted to affirm Paris Accord. USA GOP is…
Thinking of voting for the Conservative Party? Think again!. really got Boris! .
Sunday Telegraph endorses the Conservative Party: "Vote May for an independent, prosperous Britain"
Greening was appointed a vice-chair (with responsibility for youth) of the Conservative Party on 15 December 2005, https:/…
Conway wishes 'joyless' Clinton had 'self-awareness' at the Conservative Party of NY Annual Dinner
Just tuned in for today's party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative Party.
There now follows a party political broadcast by the Conservative Party. . .
Irony: if Conservative Party didn't use a ranked ballot for its leadership vote, Andrew Scheer wouldn't have won.
'Anbody who votes for the Conservative Party...they are complicit in those deaths.'
Amazing! CBC talk radio in BC is all inside baseball about federal Conservative Party while history is being made in BC politics!
Why is BBC/Sky silent on Susan Walsh Information Officer at Conservative Party posting photoshopped pictures of J Corbyn?
He's a former deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.
Jeff Merkley says he will stand to replace as leader of the Conservative Party
The EUR/GBP has been firm, thanks to Angela Merkel and the expected victory by the UK Conservative Party.
if you were David Clapson's mum, would you respect the Conservative Party?
How many Canadians know Preston Manning invites the Heritage Foundation to guide the Conservative Party of Canada
If I lose six seats? Are you the Conservative Party? NO! You are the unelected leader and unelected PM…
Comparing the Manifestos... Conservative Party is the only one not to oppose fracking:
"Nigel Farage’s vision for Britain is now Theresa May’s. He has taken over the Conservative Party," says Farron
Conservative Party 'clearly worried' about Progressive Alliance and tactical voting.
Conservative Party 'clearly worried' about progressive alliance tactical voting
Laura Kuenssberg’s latest BBC script was literally nicked from the Conservative Party website
Conservative Party 'clearly worried' about progressive alliance and tactical voting
Conservative Party 'clearly worried' about threat to Tory MPs from progressive alliance tactical voting
Theresa May packing Conservative Party with euro-sceptic candidates ahead of June election
Jeremy this a.m: "The Conservative Party looks after money & money looks after the Conservative Party"
No criminal charges will be brought against Conservative Party candidates over 2015 General Election expenses - CPS. https…
35 of richest 100 people in Britain gave £19m to Conservative Party. They support a rigged system for a few, we challenge…
I was referring to the Conservative Party in England and Dave Cameron, not the CPC
Ye sI'd hope the those in the Conservative Party who care about individuals rights and privacy wo…
Bury Council Conservatives leader James Daly announced as Conservative Party candidate for Bolton North East in ..…
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon Nice work, Mr R.
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon Follow For More
You know darn well the bc liberals are conservative party
How? You are deluded and haven't a clue. I voted against Brexit and I will never vote for you/the Conservative Party.
Excellent assessment with as the Number 1 choice to lead the Conservative Party
Yeah, thats true. But Republicans were the liberal party and Democrats were the conservative party.
She was elected as MP for Maidenhead and as Leader by the Conservative Par…
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon ^GuardianCartoon
Where are the Conservative party these days? This is a general election…
If FoxNews goes down, The Republican conservative Party & Freedom is on a path out!! If freedom is o…
39% of Tory MPs are Private Landlords. . No wonder Theresa May is totally opposed to Labour's new policy
This article from a former Conservative Party activist now backing Corbyn and Labour is worth a read!
Always: FOLLOW THE MONEY. possible Conflict Of Interests over Conservative party is ri…
It is past time to start a NEW PARTY! One that isn't conservative in name only! One tha…
This article is by a former Conservative Party activist who is now backing Jeremy Corbyn and Labour
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon ^Guardian
I miss the days of Conservative appointees to the bench getting weak in the knees at their first D.C. Cocktail part…
I belong to the party of the Trump Train. A little conservative, liberal, and libertarian!
In 2010 and 2015 the Conservative Party manifestos promised categorically to end the trade in illegal ivory. Nothing has…
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon >> Superb.
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon - Continue reading...
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon The Guardian World News Continue reading...
I'm with — he's the best person to lead the Conservative Party and defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019.
Do you support Theresa May and the Conservative Party. To help with the campaign pls see:
"The conservative party could not be reached for comment" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon via Guardian.
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon.
My contribution to formerly of the Conservative Party.
Excuse my French but FEUCK OUEF Tony Blair. You Feucked up the UK & paved the way for brutal Conservative austerity
Martin Rowson on the Conservative party – cartoon
They all said the same thing last time. Christy will win again by a margin. I'm a BC conserv…
Looking forward to pages of newspaper coverage asking whether the Conservative party has an anti *** problem...
My vote on June 23rd last year as I am beginning to suspect it was all play by the Conservative Party call…
The "liberal/conservative" binary entrenched by the 2 party system and reinforced by cable news limits people's political…
Remember that Trump really isn't a party politician. He used the conservativ…
With Lynton Crosby again running the Conservative Party campaign, expect to hear 'strong and stable' repeated remor…
Maybe he didn't notice that he's in the Conservative party. Even Justin looks confused most of the time 🤔
Freedom Caucus vs. conservative leader war plays out across Repub Party extended network from Congress to elections…
Andrew Turner stepping down as Conservative MP. Has his homophobia & prejudice been condemned by the party?
Oh no not a conservative value in the Conservative party whatever will the voters think 🙄
"Of those who plan to abandon UKIP for another party, c. 73% are switching to Cons & just 14% to Labour." https…
My Party doesn't even have an office in my constituency: it's a choice between the Conservat…
No they don't. The conservative party don't really care about the people they care…
This is not your father's Conservative Party.
Party polling must be telling them this. Otherwise they would not be parroting the opposite.
As a leader of a provincial conservative party he has a special status with…
Tory MP Andrew Turner resigns over *** "slur" - language "not welcome" in the Conservative Party
Good. Disgraceful statement, but pleased that the Conservative Party dealt with it so quickly and decisively.
STRONG AND STABLE (also striking no mention of Conservative party here)
Convincing journalists that a tax on properties over £2m is 'deeply contoversial' is one of the Co…
I'd probably vote conservative if drop party needs more like her, not less.
Do not vote for a conservative party that views corporate tax avoidance as more acceptable than being one minute late for a D…
Strangely the only way for traditional Labour to purge Corbyn and save their party is to vote Conservative in
I can't wait till We the People take our country back from the GOP Tea Party Conservative Republicans.
1st leaflet from Watford Labour Party. Is it really true that Lib Dem & Conservative candidates don't live locally?
The Conservative Party crushed its Liberal & Labour opponents in the decades that followed the adoption of suffrage
SNP BLOODBATH: Sturgeon's top team in London could LOSE key Westminster seats to the TORIES in
The promises the Conservative Party has broken since the last general election [VIDEO].
Tory activists call Theresa May 'Mummy' because motherhood is the one kind of female power her party tolerates
Theresa May said she wanted to skip the TV debates to meet the people. So why is she avoiding them?
Obama's campaign manager is now working for the UK Conservative Party. Tell me more about how Greens are the enemy of progr…
"This statement was brought to you by the Conservative Party"
Conservative Party claims of lowering personal taxes are an illusion. Personal taxes actually increased since 2010: ht…
Forget party lines-- never forget that, on the whole, Philadelphia was, is, and will continue to be a remarkably co…
Want to read some hogwash? I don't even know where to start w the mistakes in Coyne's map to Conservative thingamy
Rocks!!.. Lauren Cooley is a great young campus leader.. O…
Seems like a good time to re-iterate: This BC Election, please be aware that BC Liberals are a conservative party;…
43/ Conservative politics (regardless of what party represents it at the time) is, by and large, built on maintaining white s…
What democratic values? A party that runs conservatives to win conservative states s…
Will the Conservative Party win the UK’s early election?
Ana...come to the light. You can be a fiscally conservative Democrat. Too many in your party have abandoned you.
"I’m a feminist, I’m an environmentalist & I’m most of all conservative.” Meet the future of the Conservative party. htt…
I agree it's not. Just wondering why? 'Liberal' party I guess is a misnomer. Much like 'Conservative'. At l…
With the Blairites in the Labour Party with Conservative Wright who BLOCKED Blair's lawsuit for war crimes can we t…
Point of the piece was not to save the Conservative party, though that’s the hed they put on it.
This race showed how fractured the Republican party is in a region that's been solidly conservative for decades.
I'm genuinely interested what people think: Can the Labour Party win this election?
Polls suggest that the Conservative Party will win comfortably. But the election will be a complicated contest
We already have a conservative party. We don't need another.
He also blocked the Tony Blair lawsuit for war crimes. It seems he is a Blairite even t…
Never knew what side/party I am. Just did a quiz for fun and results: Conservative?? 👩🏼
- The real reason why Theresa May has called a snap
Why some Tory MPs don't want an early election - Conservative polling shows they would lose seats to Lib Dems.
I've reached a stage where I don't know who the leader of the Canadian Conservative party is but know who's second in the election
The ultimate "tax-grab" was the $150b the Conservative Party added to our debt despite inheriting a structural surplus…
Idk about our Conservative party runners, but when I see someone in need, my first respond is to help. Not to see if it'll benefit me first
The Conservative party is not inherently "Evil" and the Labour Party does not have a monopoly on "Good".
i would gladly compare Conservative party against corrupt liberals all day long. There's enough evidence the dem elite to
If you're looking for a handy list of promises the Government has broken or will break I can recommend the Conservative…
Hard to choose who to support. A hot baby killer or a cry baby conservative who betrays his party's candidate.
How to Save the Conservative Party by (although I really don’t want it to). Still a very informative read
anyway can’t wait for the Conservative party to win again and be in power for longer because the other parties are a tragic mess 🙃
The easiest way to have assured a runoff would have been for SOME Conservative candidates to vacate th…
Yup. I'm an exGOPer, Reagan Conservative that left the party over his orangeness & the ensuin…
Typical conservative 'let the government pay for partisan attacks' hey how about getting a leader for your party!
Sad to see what "Tea Party" leftovers have become. A once vibrant Conservative now reduced to plain 'ole hateful ba…
A Tea Party conservative explains how to win over Republicans on protecting the environment:
Andrew Coyne on how to rebuild the party that Stephen Harper broke. .
wrote what ought to be international required reading. Excellent. .
Excellent strategy based on polls by UK PM May but it can backfire. Opposition is very weak but her Conservative party also…
So I'm reading piece on the future of Canadian conservatism (and there's some interesting stuff in there.
I’m a Tea Party conservative. Here’s how to win over Republicans on rene...
Why a snap election makes very good sense for May and her let’s-accept-Brexit faction of the Conservative Party
You won't point to me, as a convenient excuse to ignore blatant racism in the conservative movement and the Republican party.
I'm a black conservative - no longer a Republican - ironically due to blatant racism in the party.
English conservative party said to hold great appeal to uneducated voters due to star power and "Hollywood" glamour of its l…
You are truly a despicable divisive leader. Im sorry I was duped to vote for you. Ive joined the conser…
Again, my Walrus piece making the case for the “social market” as the foundation for a renewed conservatism .
The Labour Party is weak and in disarray so the Conservative party winning in June is no surprise.
Andy Street winning would be a turning point for the Conservative Party.
Basically, the Conservative Party of Canada hired a private firm to do illegal robocalling. That firm used the pseudonym Pierre Poutine. :P
Proof positive: Canada needs Progressive-Conservative Party back, & an end to Harper's Reform leftovers dubbing themselves "Conservatives."
these are progressive ideas for a Conservative Party.
Mark Reckless blocked from returning to the Conservative Party amid rumours he is quitting Ukip
Conservative Party crooks. The sooner they are all arrested the better!.
Electoral Commission says Conservative Party did "not co-operate fully" with their enquiries
the Electoral Commission's investigation into Conservative Party fraud would have been brushed unde…
Yet another example of the Conservative Party buying their way out of illegality. Not even nearly good enough, Electoral…
Website Builder 728x90
Electoral Commission had to go to court in order to get the Conservative Party to reveal the truth over its expenses overs-s…
If the Conservative Party had thought it had nothing to hide, it would have co-operated with the Electoral Commission with…
Want a primer on the Electoral Commission & the Conservative Party's election expenses? I'm in here
A bit of reality orientation: . Adam Johnson is STILL a sex offender. Conservative Party are STILL dodgy miscreants…
If the Dutch had our 2 party system, Geert Wilders would win the conservative nomination & then the general.
and support universal healthcare. so basically the Dutch version of the UK Conservative Party. Rutte is like the Dutch Jeb Bush
In Canada we had the Barbaric Cultural Practices snitchline: SUCCEEDED in making the Conservative Party irrelevant.
I will be @ Conservative Party leadership vote @ Toronto Convention Center on May 26 & 27 to enthusiastically support
Warning: Union influence rising within Conservative Party of — |
🙄 if you want sensible patriotism then join the Conservative and a Unionists Party, not this sad ego boost.
I once voted for person, not party. Dems so radical now I'll never trust my vote to them again. Funny how American…
i=conservative liberal party. On some intangible issues like *** gender, euthanasia, VVD is left liberal; eco…
and they Will be governing with right-conservative party CDA and a super optimistic, progressive liberal party D66
its a right-liberal party. They want to project an image that looks conservative to gain votes. Policy-wise, VVD is Liberal
BREAKING: Conservative party of Dutch PM Mark Rutte defeats far-right rival Geert Wilders. Election turnout was the highest in…
Dave Davies smiles a lot and stitches us all up. He was hoping to bd leader of the Conservative Party till Cameron.
Conservative Party 'cheated' election laws to win seats in General Election, whistleblowers claim
Purchased a membership for the Conservative Party in support of Kellie Leitch. I urge fellow Canadians to do the same.
Alberta is the backbone of the modern Conservative Party, O'Toole says.
news is just extremist fake news lies on behalf of the Conservative Party. Your editors need to go to jail for…
That's why I joined the Conservative party a couple of years ago.
Labour is finished. UK is becoming a one party democracy like Japan. The only politics that matters is internal Conservative party politics.
Y'all are waving Russian flags in CPAC. Y'all has jumped the shark, y'know that? Hope we get a new conservative party soon.
has brought together the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and now he's focused on implementing his…
If you're a conservative actually worried about sex in bathrooms and child molesters, maybe you should stop voting…
Is the Conservative Party now the "Party of Russia"? They freaken handed out Russian Flags at with Trump…
Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn to be ennobled in Theresa May's next honours list: "for services to the Conservative Party."
Which explains why my dad, hardline Reagan conservative, didn't vote this election. He no longer recognizes his par…
My Republican rep refused to hold a town hall. I'm this much closer to running as either party. I'm too fiscally conser…
the fake Conservative that is realigning the party into just empty populists.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Canada's biggest convention of conservatives (that isn't, uh, an actual Conservative Party convention):
Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison wins in Copeland, the first by-election gain by a ruling party since 1982
New federal Conservative party leader will need to choose unity over populism Manning
Copeland was won by those notorious anti-establishment upstarts, the Conservative party
Totally stoked that after around 80 years, the Conservative party now have Copeland's seat. Wo
We are a one party state, living in a time of Conservative rule without opposition. Theresa will do what she may.
Demonetization in India has hit political party finances hard - from The Sunday Guardian
So what do conservative Never Trump members of the GOP do? Reclaim or start a new party?
Dr Peter Noy puts his experience helping the BHF at Conservative Conference under the microscope
How is anybody, anybody at all not , I repeat NOT completely nauseated by this? This happened today! In America! At…
I would vote for in the next election if she could run for party 👍
Maybe I just dreamed up a perfect name for the united right - the Aggressive Conservative Party of Alberta.
"The GOP will be the party for the American worker" Dems are party of slavery. https…
This is what happens when your party philosophy goes from conservative to "anti-literally everything Obama did"
The Party of Trump will be a mixed bag comprised of some important conservative policies and nativism, protectionism, an…
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Conservative Party poster for the Northern Ireland Assembly election.
Dear British People, you did not vote for David Cameron. You voted for the Conservative Party. Theresa May is now the leader of the party.
Not USA news, but Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary is running for leadership in the Conservative party in Canada.
I just joined the Conservative Party of Canada to support Kevin O’Leary! He is the only Conservative who can beat Trudeau.
it's ok beta sky we know you're miserable, join the Conservative party
It costs $15 to join the Conservative Party and cast a vote against this abomination. Seems wort…
Ken Clarke is still unsure as to whether he is member of the conservative party or in a proverbial Blair government. Lost the plot.
'Dragon's Den' troll Kevin O'Leary is officially running for Conservative Party leadership:
Boris Johnson: Other countries "queuing up" for free trade deals with UK after Brexit. .
testament 2 fact this is as much about unifying the Conservative party as the Country. Latter made harder by comments like this
Kevin O'Leary is one of 14 people running for Conservative Party leader.
Kevin O'Leary running to lead Conservative Party of Canada. Honestly, I'd prefer
A hard-line approach to Brexit may hold the Conservative Party together, but it could rip Britain apart.
Kevin O'Leary has announced for the leadership running of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.
Let's all join hands and pray that the Conservative party doesn't seriously consider Kevin O'Leary for their leader
The guy in the middle might be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
'Shark Tank' judge Kevin O'Leary is running to lead the Conservative Party in Canada
ahh cute. Trump junior is running for the medieval thinking conservative party. Let's just hope Canadians are not a…
'Shark Tank' cast member Kevin O'Leary to run for the leadership of Canada's opposition Conservative Party.
“A hardline approach to may hold the party together, but it could rip apart.
ask to first win leadership Conservative party , than go after Trudeau. Worry abt winning frm yr party first
-We have the same problem in UK.People voted for a Conservative party-notoriously anti our NHS-it's what Conservatives do.
Here is a little review on the differences the Conservative Party have about the EU.
Canada could have its own mini-Trump. Reality star's announcement even sounds like Trump via
All you need to know about the state of the Conservative Party in 2017
It's official, I'm in. The Conservative Party of Canada needs a candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau and bring back job…
There appears to be a revolving door between Rupert Murdoch's papers and the Conservative Party.
The whole of the situation of the Conservative Party today sprin...
This is Scottish Labour praising the leadership of the Conservative Party. Don't let anyone tell you Labour will bounce back in…
As leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990, the party’s shade regularly packed a punch in her wardrobe.
Jim Prior was last survivor of candidates w stood in 2nd ballot Conservative Party leadership after Heath was forced to resign in 1975 RIP
Conservative Party reacts to Trudeau’s statement on Fidel Castro via
Libs are asking supporters of the Liberal Party to join the Conservative Party to remove support for ?
Proud to support Lisa Raitt for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada during her visit to
So I guess that means Kellie Leitch can't be a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.
I've joined the Conservative Party of Canada so that I can vote against Trumpian leadership candidates. Details:
Hey, Canadians 🇨🇦 if you think the Conservative Party of Canada wouldn't go along w/DJT's dirty wars or policies, you're kidding yourselves
Leich must not be allowed to win the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership. Do not let Trumpism come to Canada. Vote for
... Conservative Party of Canada in order to vote down Kellie Leitch in their leadership race. Sharing POC and LGBTQ stories. Committing...
Canada's Donald Trump is currently leading the early race to become next leader of the Conservative Party, but not…
You need to run for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership
Pretty much says all you need to know about relevance of Conservative Party of Canada
If you have the stomach for this environment, infiltrating the Conservative Party of Canada and pushing them in a...
Americans thinking of moving to Ca, you need to research Kellie Leitch and the Conservative Party of Canada before you come ,
Officially joined the Conservative Party of Canada. Didn’t like them under Harper but there’s some promising new candidates for leadership
She has the wrong temperament for leadership of the Conservative Party in Canada.
Money where my mouth is. I’m now a registered member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Solely to prevent candidates like Kellie Leitch.
When did the Conservative Party of Canada become this abysmally stupid? I want my Progressive Conservatives back.
Applications are now open for the Conservative Party of Canada Summer Internship Program! You can apply here:…
On this day in 1900, Canada's 6th Prime Minister, Charles Tupper stepped down as leader of the federal Conservative Party.
I am literally willing to pay $15 to sign up as a Conservative Party of Canada member to keep and other bigots out.
membership for the Conservative Party of Canada is only $15. Money well spent to keep Canada open, progressive and…
looking into how I can join the Conservative Party of Canada to work with Canadian conservatives to stop
I just joined Lisa Raitt's team to make her the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada!
. 😂😂Good at the same time tell him I got a Certificate of Merit from the Conservative Party of Canada tod…
So are you running for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership or what?
People really don't think the GOP and the Conservative Party of Canada are full of elites? "backroom politics" anyone? ht…
Now my mission to ensure you don't get near the leadership of the PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party of Canada. Vote
Make no mistake, the Conservative Party of Canada is analysing every micron of the Trump campaign for tricks to try here!
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