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Conservative Party

The Conservative Party, formally the Conservative and Unionist Party, is a centre-right political party in the United Kingdom that adheres to the philosophies of conservatism and British unionism.

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Conservative Party 'cheated' election laws to win seats in General Election, whistleblowers claim
Purchased a membership for the Conservative Party in support of Kellie Leitch. I urge fellow Canadians to do the same.
Alberta is the backbone of the modern Conservative Party, O'Toole says.
news is just extremist fake news lies on behalf of the Conservative Party. Your editors need to go to jail for…
That's why I joined the Conservative party a couple of years ago.
Labour is finished. UK is becoming a one party democracy like Japan. The only politics that matters is internal Conservative party politics.
Y'all are waving Russian flags in CPAC. Y'all has jumped the shark, y'know that? Hope we get a new conservative party soon.
has brought together the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and now he's focused on implementing his…
If you're a conservative actually worried about sex in bathrooms and child molesters, maybe you should stop voting…
Is the Conservative Party now the "Party of Russia"? They freaken handed out Russian Flags at with Trump…
Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn to be ennobled in Theresa May's next honours list: "for services to the Conservative Party."
Which explains why my dad, hardline Reagan conservative, didn't vote this election. He no longer recognizes his par…
My Republican rep refused to hold a town hall. I'm this much closer to running as either party. I'm too fiscally conser…
the fake Conservative that is realigning the party into just empty populists.
Canada's biggest convention of conservatives (that isn't, uh, an actual Conservative Party convention):
Conservative candidate Trudy Harrison wins in Copeland, the first by-election gain by a ruling party since 1982
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New federal Conservative party leader will need to choose unity over populism Manning
Copeland was won by those notorious anti-establishment upstarts, the Conservative party
Totally stoked that after around 80 years, the Conservative party now have Copeland's seat. Wo
We are a one party state, living in a time of Conservative rule without opposition. Theresa will do what she may.
Demonetization in India has hit political party finances hard - from The Sunday Guardian
So what do conservative Never Trump members of the GOP do? Reclaim or start a new party?
Dr Peter Noy puts his experience helping the BHF at Conservative Conference under the microscope
How is anybody, anybody at all not , I repeat NOT completely nauseated by this? This happened today! In America! At…
I would vote for in the next election if she could run for party 👍
Maybe I just dreamed up a perfect name for the united right - the Aggressive Conservative Party of Alberta.
"The GOP will be the party for the American worker" Dems are party of slavery. https…
This is what happens when your party philosophy goes from conservative to "anti-literally everything Obama did"
The Party of Trump will be a mixed bag comprised of some important conservative policies and nativism, protectionism, an…
Conservative Party poster for the Northern Ireland Assembly election.
Dear British People, you did not vote for David Cameron. You voted for the Conservative Party. Theresa May is now the leader of the party.
Not USA news, but Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary is running for leadership in the Conservative party in Canada.
I just joined the Conservative Party of Canada to support Kevin O’Leary! He is the only Conservative who can beat Trudeau.
it's ok beta sky we know you're miserable, join the Conservative party
It costs $15 to join the Conservative Party and cast a vote against this abomination. Seems wort…
Ken Clarke is still unsure as to whether he is member of the conservative party or in a proverbial Blair government. Lost the plot.
'Dragon's Den' troll Kevin O'Leary is officially running for Conservative Party leadership:
Boris Johnson: Other countries "queuing up" for free trade deals with UK after Brexit. .
testament 2 fact this is as much about unifying the Conservative party as the Country. Latter made harder by comments like this
Kevin O'Leary is one of 14 people running for Conservative Party leader.
Kevin O'Leary running to lead Conservative Party of Canada. Honestly, I'd prefer
A hard-line approach to Brexit may hold the Conservative Party together, but it could rip Britain apart.
Kevin O'Leary has announced for the leadership running of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.
Let's all join hands and pray that the Conservative party doesn't seriously consider Kevin O'Leary for their leader
The guy in the middle might be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
'Shark Tank' judge Kevin O'Leary is running to lead the Conservative Party in Canada
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ahh cute. Trump junior is running for the medieval thinking conservative party. Let's just hope Canadians are not a…
'Shark Tank' cast member Kevin O'Leary to run for the leadership of Canada's opposition Conservative Party.
“A hardline approach to may hold the party together, but it could rip apart.
ask to first win leadership Conservative party , than go after Trudeau. Worry abt winning frm yr party first
-We have the same problem in UK.People voted for a Conservative party-notoriously anti our NHS-it's what Conservatives do.
Here is a little review on the differences the Conservative Party have about the EU.
Canada could have its own mini-Trump. Reality star's announcement even sounds like Trump via
All you need to know about the state of the Conservative Party in 2017
It's official, I'm in. The Conservative Party of Canada needs a candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau and bring back job…
There appears to be a revolving door between Rupert Murdoch's papers and the Conservative Party.
The whole of the situation of the Conservative Party today sprin...
This is Scottish Labour praising the leadership of the Conservative Party. Don't let anyone tell you Labour will bounce back in…
As leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990, the party’s shade regularly packed a punch in her wardrobe.
Jim Prior was last survivor of candidates w stood in 2nd ballot Conservative Party leadership after Heath was forced to resign in 1975 RIP
Conservative Party reacts to Trudeau’s statement on Fidel Castro via
Libs are asking supporters of the Liberal Party to join the Conservative Party to remove support for ?
Proud to support Lisa Raitt for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada during her visit to
So I guess that means Kellie Leitch can't be a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.
I've joined the Conservative Party of Canada so that I can vote against Trumpian leadership candidates. Details:
Hey, Canadians 🇨🇦 if you think the Conservative Party of Canada wouldn't go along w/DJT's dirty wars or policies, you're kidding yourselves
Leich must not be allowed to win the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership. Do not let Trumpism come to Canada. Vote for
... Conservative Party of Canada in order to vote down Kellie Leitch in their leadership race. Sharing POC and LGBTQ stories. Committing...
Canada's Donald Trump is currently leading the early race to become next leader of the Conservative Party, but not…
You need to run for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership
Pretty much says all you need to know about relevance of Conservative Party of Canada
If you have the stomach for this environment, infiltrating the Conservative Party of Canada and pushing them in a...
Americans thinking of moving to Ca, you need to research Kellie Leitch and the Conservative Party of Canada before you come ,
Officially joined the Conservative Party of Canada. Didn’t like them under Harper but there’s some promising new candidates for leadership
She has the wrong temperament for leadership of the Conservative Party in Canada.
Money where my mouth is. I’m now a registered member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Solely to prevent candidates like Kellie Leitch.
When did the Conservative Party of Canada become this abysmally stupid? I want my Progressive Conservatives back.
Applications are now open for the Conservative Party of Canada Summer Internship Program! You can apply here:…
On this day in 1900, Canada's 6th Prime Minister, Charles Tupper stepped down as leader of the federal Conservative Party.
I am literally willing to pay $15 to sign up as a Conservative Party of Canada member to keep and other bigots out.
membership for the Conservative Party of Canada is only $15. Money well spent to keep Canada open, progressive and…
looking into how I can join the Conservative Party of Canada to work with Canadian conservatives to stop
I just joined Lisa Raitt's team to make her the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada!
. 😂😂Good at the same time tell him I got a Certificate of Merit from the Conservative Party of Canada tod…
So are you running for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership or what?
People really don't think the GOP and the Conservative Party of Canada are full of elites? "backroom politics" anyone? ht…
Now my mission to ensure you don't get near the leadership of the PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party of Canada. Vote
Make no mistake, the Conservative Party of Canada is analysing every micron of the Trump campaign for tricks to try here!
In Canada Clinton's policies would align with the Conservative Party instead of the centrist/left parti…
I really do not love the Conservative Party of Canada, but I will get a membership and vote to keep Leitch and company out. You should too.
"... potential for immense hypocrisy..". See: Conservative Party of Canada
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If Tory MP Stephen Phillips recognises that the Conservative Party has lunged dangerously to the right, imagine what c…
Friends of Phillips say he thinks "the values of this Conservative Party have changed" & he does not want to represent "Uk…
- The whole deal seems very dodgy when you consider West Ham donated to the Conservative Party
Dan Brooks has been removed as B.C. Conservative Party leader by the board. Compares leading the party to "being in an abusi…
How much Conservative Party resource will 'independent' Zac Goldsmith be tapping into in his re-election campaign?
The Republican Party abandon conservative prinpcles & that's why we have Trump.
If the GOP has to divorce itself of Bigotry, sexism, and anti-intellectualism because of Trump, what's left is a perfect conservative party.
Fascinating article. In we see far less white nationalism in the conservative movement. via
If I was in charge of the Republicans, I'd let the religous right go on and become the conservative party.
start a new Conservative party. The GOP has been hijacked
Tabloids using xenophonic language - following the example of the Conservative Party Conference
No. My defense is that I'm voting Constitution Party, because I'm a conservative with principles. Who are you voting for?
Third party anti-Trump conservative candidate was at 22% in Utah *before* today's Trump accusations. He…
Trump is not the end of the Republican Party. He's the end of the conservative movement. Coalition is shattered w/ opposing interests.
For those wondering how this disease has overtaken the Conservative party, look no further than talk radio and anti… featured in NBC s Science of Love
.. Hey remember when the targeted conservative and Tea Party groups?. Nobody goes to jail.
I left the Democratic Party when I watched them cover for Bills behavior.beyond ironic
The work of conservative intellectuals today is to tailor limited gov't principles to a more diverse America.
Conservative whining now that the mainstream media did not save their party from Trump is pretty rich, given the GOP’s p…
A conservative radio host calls it quits over Trump: "do I really want to be part of this?"
U read a history book. Dems were the conservative party that controlled the South in that time. Pesky facts!
conservative whites who opposed that the Democratic Party & LBJ pushed for the civil rights act.
There's Good and evil in both parties. I'm a conservative. I believe in my principles over party
Tony Clement drops out of Conservative Party leadership race — | https…
Stop the war What we know:. 1. Are confused. 2. The article forgot to put 'paid for by the conservative party' @ the bottom.
Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says David Cameron will be "mortified" at what is happening to Conservative Party un…
(Lowy Institute) Brexit and Australia: No need to rush for an FTA: Speaking at the Conservative Party confere...
Great discussion about how Canada's Conservative Party is living in the past/failing
Jeremy Corbyn: Tories are 'fanning flames of xenophobia'
way to go Ana it's time the GOP stand up and take back their party.DT is not conservative or GOP
I'm criticising politicians who've done great harm to nation by trying to out-Ukip Ukip, rather than stand up to it https:/…
Theresa May to attack politicians who sneer at 'patriotic' working class voters concerned about migration
Dumb question...when did republicans move from the party that ended slavery to the conservative far right?
😊 Theresa May This is what Theresa May's Tory Britain will look like ➡️ ➡️
You and your conservative, RACIST party have GOT NO SOLUTIONS! What has the republican-run CONGRESS in D.C. accomplished?
Ok great. What do you think of Conservative Party call to do regs instead? Or what Brad Wall spent on CSS?
aw yiss, bellhop party time. put in a good word for me with the boss. I will become more conservative so we can good cop/bad cop
Theresa May sparks major backlash over 'citizen of the world' remark
Great to meet the Canadian Conservative Party Leader & Interim Leader of the Opposition during her visit to…
The . party voted against stopping Wrong side of history.
Watch the Prime Ministers fantastic speech from Party Conference 2016.
If you believe you are citizen of the world, you are citizen of nowhere.
UKIP donor on May speech: "She's basically rebranded the Conservative Party UKIP"
So just proposed chapter 2 of Mein Kampf as actual policy.
careful what you wish for, a stronger, more levelheaded Conservative party will rise from the rubbish
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Theresa May in fighting form at the Conservative Party Conference writes QUENTIN LETTS:...
Everything you need to know about speech, broken down by our own
'MAYISM': Theresa May now owns the massive gap left by the Labour party
The Conservative Party of Canada votes against ratifying the Paris Agreement on
My Polish grandfather served in the RAF to help defeat the kind of poisonous ideology that seems to have overtaken the…
With turmoil in the referendum done and a new Tory PM perhaps is considering rejoining the Conse…
"Change my registration," the conservative columnist George Will told his assistant. "This is not my party anymore."
sparks major backlash over 'citizen of the world' Speech. SPITEFUL,DIVISIVE,NATIONALIST AUTHORITARIANISM
UK: Theresa May turns left in Conservative Party speech
Comments made by senior British ministers proposing stricter immigration rules provoke an angry backlash
Conservative Party leaders have sunk to a new low this week as they fan the flames of xenophobia and hatred in our commun…
Theresa May - science is international and scientists are proud citizens of the world. You dishonour UK science. https:…
Conservative Party Conference 2016: Tories mark the end of Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham with an ...…
My new go-to heckle for the Conservative Party Conference: 'You plagiarised that from Hitler!'
New from me on the blog: a few thoughts on Charities and the Conservative Party Conference
Without a single vote being cast Theresa May has taken control of the Conservative Party and UKIP. EDL next?
Conservative independent Evan McMullin could present himself as a viable alternative to save the party.…
"Why are both candidates so unlikeable" the conservative newspaper said. One party nominated a garbage person and the other is a woman.
Theresa May and a Tory Party divided on Brexit/grammar schools leading to defections to UKIP
Typical British justice system. 3 Quarters of crimes are brushed under Carpet. CONSERVATIVE PARTY need to put more…
Theresa May doesn't want to talk Brexit, but she's going to have to
This is the Presidential Nominee for the CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN PARTY... Telling people to go check out a sex tape…
Road restrictions and diversions are in place as the Conservative Party Conference takes place this weekend:
I understand sticking with your party. But someone who uses a gold toilet is not "conservative".
And we will be in Birmingham next week reporting on the for the Conservative Party Conference (hashtag?)
Greg Clark rebukes Cabinet colleague Liam Fox over ‘lazy and too fat’ business jibe via
Nick Boles on Brexit, the direction of the Conservative Party and David Cameron's legacy
My fellow Britons, when the polls open this evening, make sure you vote for the Conservative Party for securing a better, brighter Britain!
via The Spectator at the Conservative Party Conference
The Conservative Party Conference is set to boost the Midlands economy by £19.3 million 2-5 Oct:
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but not formally a Conservative party pamphlet as is often the way with such things
Big Biz, racists & Conservative Christians all explicitly pandered too by party. I wonder why they're so successful
Read Tea Party For Conservative Daily ▸ today's top stories via
.and I will be in Birmingham next week for all things at the Conservative Party Conference
Don't be surprised if the PM sets out a timescale for Article 50 this Sunday.
Off to Tory party conference? Free tickets are still available for the Spectator's fringe events…
Ex Tory Cabinet ministers confirm what we all know - Theresa May's government is divided and chaotic.
I am pleased to announce that I am supporting MP Andrew Scheer for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Do not believe to this "celebrity". Arias Cañete is a corrupt politician of spanish conservative party.
IBBC Executive Chairman and COO will be attending the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham
Pleased to share I will seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Thanks to wife Jill, my kids & MPs for j…
We are 2 days away from The Conservative Party Conference. . Join the CCF! Click here to see our fringe events:
Time for Labour to unite and focus its fire on its real enemy - the Conservative Party. My column:
DAG has said it. At the moment opposition is in the Conservative Party but most of all opposition to Brexiteers is reality.
I am a Conservative. I could vote for a party reflecting Scheer's vision but not Leitch's.
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And here's the Conservative Party Conference roundup! Interesting discussion on business and the Single Market
to see anger yet. As John Paul Jones said 'We have not begun to fight'. If you claim to be conservative or a conservative party
Nick Faith: Theresa May should start the Conservative Party Conference by telling us when she'll trigger Article 50 https:/…
Theresa May doesn't want to talk Brexit, but her hand is being forced by the Three Brexiteers
Theresa May wants them to shut up, just for this week. No chance Andrew Grice for
Traffic restrictions in place until Oct 7 for Conservative Party Conference. Plan your journey. Details here:
If you're heading to but still haven't planned which financial services fringe events to attend see our guide htt…
Want to know which energy and environment events to go to at Check out our handy sectoral fringe guide
Join us at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham on 4/10 with Kindly supported by
Join us and the for a session on the rise of the machines at Conservative Party Conference this Monda…
Actually at one point Limbaugh actually pushed conservative philosophy. It's actually the effect of the 2 party sys…
Need help deciding which transport & infrastructure fringe events attend at Check out our handy sector guid…
"A party led by Donald Trump can never be a conservative party..." says
Anna Soubry is just about the worst MP in the entire Conservative Party, a walking advertisement for benefits of primaries/d…
When I Google "Conservatives" or "Conservative Party" the official Tory website is nowhere to be seen.
The Media Party does everything it can to alienate Conservative supporters yet can't figure out why their industry is hemorr…
Corbyn-led Labour will put forward a clear alternative to the Conservative Party, and make sure we win in 2020. https:…
David Cameron was a truly great Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. Wish him and his family all the best…
My favourite quote from Alan Clark's diary about the Conservative Party comes to mind. I suspect the quote would...
Because there is no Conservative representation in the Maritimes, the Conservative Party of Canada has instituted...
Note that the funding collapse is decision by Conservative Party that can find money for Trident subs.
It’s said that Matthew Parris forgot to join the Conservative Party. May even be true.
In Australia the Liberal Party is their Conservative Party. In the UK a Tory PM legalised *** marriage.
A new peer on David Cameron's honours list has donated more than £2.5m to the Conservative Party, it has emerged.
Doing my best to fulfill predictions that I'll never be selected by the Conservative Party.
The ugly face of the Conservative Party...
We witnessed last night with Trumps very words the beginning to the end of the Conservative Party replaced with A Social Republican Party
Even the leader of the Conservative Party supported remaining in the EU. To think the policy of the UKIP leader...
Graham Brady "formally confirms" that Theresa May is new leader of the Conservative Party
Thanks for being a great Conservative Party leader & PM. It's been an awesome journey!
Hamilton Collection
Theresa May elected leader of the Conservative Party with immediate effect - Graham Brady
Well party you've joined in having an ineffectual out of touch leader. It's all the way.
A Conservative Party committed to deliver and a Tory PM committed to a kinder capitalism. Overall, it hasn't been a bad…
ICYMI: Andrea Leadsom's full statement on withdrawing from Conservative leadership contest.
6.1 million more people voted for than voted for the Conservative Party in Brexit must mean Brexit.
And so, having listened carefully to the British people demand the Conservative Party installs a PM.
.Err, well, not anybody from the Conservative party. How about ??
here, that's the article I meant I haven't fact-checked so I can't vouch
Andrea Leadsom has announced she has dropped out of the race to become the leader of the party
Hi do you think about our Conservative Party is being the most corrupt in Europe? htt…
delegate selection. It's called a republic for a reason. Party modeled after our system gov't. 2/2
"Brexit means brexit and we're going to make a success of it" said the U.K.'s next Prime Minister Theresa May
Cameron said: Theresa May will take over as new Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader by this Wednesday...
How Theresa May ended the day as Conservative leader and Prime Minister-designate:
Lets welcome new PM Who will lead the UK after her party were elected by
David Cameron says he will offer his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday
The Conservative Party at Westminster could not find one pro Brexit candidate to lead them, apparently. Says it all
you're thinking of Ruth Davidson, leader of Scottish Conservative Party. 🙂
Am absolutely sure in due course the conservative party will produce Britain first Black Prime Minister
Benazir Bhutto introduced Theresa May to her future husband at a Conservative disco at Oxford.
Remember May's nasty, appalling speech from late last year?
Indeed John - let's have a general election with only one party to vote for!
Andrea Leadsom quits the race to lead Britain's Conservative Party and backs Theresa May
Breaking: UK Conservative Party says it must formally confirm May as new leader - committee chairman
Andrea Leadsom withdraws from race to succeed David Cameron as U.K. Prime Minister
Sterling surges after Andrea Leadsom quits Conservative Party leadership race in the U.K.
I'm gleeful to get off sinking ships such as the conservative party, too.
Andrea Leadsom to pull out of Conservative Party leadership race, BBC reports
We'll know this country has truly arrived when you are leader of the Conservative party and Chuka Umunna is Labour leader.
So Cameron has until Wednesday as PM - he modernised the Conservative party & made it electable before crashing his career…
The Sugar Babes must be looking back at their rotating lineup thinking "God, in comparison to the Conservative party, we di…
Since the Conservative Party was first constituted in 1834 it has had 20 leaders. All but 3 have served as PM - those 3 all under Blair.
Conservative party produced Britain first female Prime Minister and on the verge of producing UK second female party leader / Prime Minister
If no one in the Conservative Party wants to be PM, perhaps they could advertise the post abroad?
This is a victory for the gutter press and a sad day for British politics and the already tattered reputation of the Co…
So, the Conservative party has produced two female PM's before labour has produced even one female leader. Great! (Sack Co…
Why conservative Christians are losing faith in the Republican party
when leave hasn't been fulfilled the 17.4 mil voters will destroy the Conservative party in 2020
At 7 with Kiran - Theresa May says she's "honoured" and "humbled" to have been chosen as the leader of the Conservative p…
Theresa May officially named Conservative Party leader and successor to UK PM David Cameron.
The Conservative Party has its flaws but it doesn't half get on with things. Labour is currently still struggling to start a…
with a B-Side of War Pigs, a Black Sabbath cover by the Conservative Party...
Conservative Party Leader May: "Brexit means Brexit: Theresa May, who will become Britain's next...
So this is the Conservative Party, right? Along with ditching austerity and 'we must act on inequality'. Pinch pinch htt…
Andrea Leadsom drops out of U.K. Conservative Party leadership contest, leaving only Theresa May
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No women-only shortlists, no positive discrimination, and the Conservative Party delivers TWO women PMs while we still aw…
Looks like support for the Conservative Party is haemorrhaging rather than trickling to UKIP. Justly deserved!
Theresa May has become the new leader of the Conservative party
How Theresa May beat her Conservative Party rivals, in one gif (h/t
Listen & howl as Robin Cooper calls the Conservative Party this lunchtime.
Why is Andrea Leadsom even an option? May vows Conservative Party 'at service' of working people
Very pleased that my local MP, Nigel Adams, has officially endorsed for leader of the Conservative Party.
Nigel Farage has endorsed Andrea Leadsom's bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party.
Lord Ashcroft former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, author, international businessman and philanthropist.
Latest blog by Michael Portillo on Cameron's blunder and the future of the Conservative Party.
Lord (Michael) Howard, former Leader of the Conservative Party, backs Leadsom.
The battle for the United Kingdom's Conservative Party leadership has been transformed after former London Mayor Boris Johnson, who helped
Who are you backing to be the next Leader of the Conservative Party?
What an odd idea, that you can't be leader if you have negligible support from your MPs. This "Conservative Party" won't…
Sign the petition for a vote of no confidence in the running the UK. via
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The last female PM was Magaret Thatcher. Leader of the Conservative Party. Fun times.
Theresa May emphatically wins the first round of the UK Conservative Party leadership vote. . I'm live next on
the guy opposes illegal settlements, its not his fault the previous Conservative party was isreals greatest ally.
These revelations strongly suggest that Conservative party members must vote for to ensure
BREAKING: Boris Johnson has backed Andrea Leadsom's campaign to lead the Conservative Party.
.Moron. She will run UKIP into the ground. At best, she wants it to be a small wing of the Conservative party.
Theresa May is the type of moderate Conservative that's needed to further modernise the Conservative Party in the UK 💙
Why are Conservative party incapable of understanding the mandate of the people. Why are Remain candidates running at all?
Keep open mind, a very good 3rd party Conservative candidate is coming very soon, you'll actually have a fair choice
I agree (Conservative Party Member) . is the only Cross Party supported Candidate that we have. https:…
150,000 Conservative Party members will decide in Sept who Britain's new PM will be, once MPs have chosen two candidates
Theresa May tops opening round of the UK's Conservative Party leadership election. .
I won't be rejoining the Conservative Party unless a becomes leader & PM.
Instead of heading to Alberta I really think Jason Kenney should seek leadership of the Conservative Party.of the UK.…
If the Conservative Party gives the country Theresa May, they're finished.
I will be backing for the Conservative Party leadership. One Nation safe in her hands
I am supporting for leader of the Conservative Party - she will deliver a bright future for our United Kin…
May talks tough but acts weak over immigration,. which she has alowed to go thro the roof when she promised to cut it. ht…
Branson And May Meet - shocking how divorced from reality the Conservative party has become
Home Secretary Theresa May took the lead in the first round of voting in the race to lead the Conservative Party
Former BNP leader Nick Griffin has endorsed Andrea Leadsom for leadership of the Conservative Party -
If it's true that "senior Tories" are "plotting" to install Theresa May as undisputed leader, Conservative Party members…
Boris Johnson declares he will not stand for Conservative Party leadership - as it happened
Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson says he will not stand for the Conservative Party leadership or to be next UK PM
So annoyed I couldn't make the London launch for North Somerset MP Liam Fox's bid for Conservative Party leader...
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