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Connor Shaw

Conner Shaw is an American football quarterback at the University of South Carolina. He became the starter for the Gamecocks after former starter Stephen Garcia was benched.

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I'm at Kingston Mines for Eddie Shaw and the Wolf Gang Plus Joanna Connor Blues Band and 7:30pm in Chicago, IL
or Connor shaw who was in town, but yea Katy Perry makes no sense, eye candy is all I can come up with lol
The gibbons game is the move tonight
... most of the Mike Davis tenure included Connor Shaw at QB (558 yards rushing last year). Gamecocks must run more, block way better
If you would've added Connor Shaw after the draft we wouldn't have to see this garbage.
Blues Hall of Famer: EDDIE SHAW!!! ...and the ALWAYS fab, Joanna Connor!
I like our chances if spurrier is telling the truth and Connor shaw isn't playing. Run defense has been spotty
When you in class and teacher asks you why you didn’t do the homework
only if the tailgate has nachos & Connor Shaw doesn't get treated for his cancer
I don't think most people realized how important Connor Shaw was to SCar.
Mangus says Dylan’s 12 TDs to three picks is good. Is it or am i so *** spoiled by Connor Shaw?
I'm not a united fan at all but pogba playing cdm for them would change a lot cuz then they'd have blind, rojo and shaw as D
Were you better friends with Blake Mitchell or Connor Shaw?
And if he doesnt, I wouldn't mind seeing perry orth getting a shot. Throws a beautiful and reminds me of Connor shaw in his build
This I'm rooting Connor Shaw # via
I'm kinda partial to Connor Shaw myself, but I said that since day 1 I really believe he coulda won Mizzou for us
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They need to trade for Connor Shaw. Was this the end for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots' dynasty?
Should have replaced him with Connor Shaw or Taj Boyd. Young is the way to go now.
I changed my roommates name in my phone to Connor Shaw so I could be the coolest dude on campus.
Hey I know I'm just a fan from South Carolina Please buy or pick up Connor Shaw! Let him train under Tom Brady!
I'm mad southern tide gives Connor Shaw stuff for free..
I think a lot of Gamecocks were ready to bench Todd Ellis and Connor Shaw also. Line has to play better, on both sides.
I seen Connor Shaw passing that boy off to a couple of Gamecocks too in the 3rd Qtr...
You could make an argument that we lost that game 4 years ago at Auburn when we blew Connor Shaw's redshirt
"last season it was bench Connor Shaw" and when he got hurt they were crying for him back lol
last season it was bench Connor Shaw
Couldnt just take Connor Shaw could ya. Smh sure could use him now.
The fact that he's immobile obviously doesn't help against a pass rush. Doesn't have the pull-down, tuck it & run ability of Connor Shaw.
Seeing EJ benching makes me nervous that they might try and sign Connor shaw from the practice squad
… I prefer Connor Shaw quantum leaped into body of Connor Mitch. Also because who is Pharoh gonna throw to?
I had a dream that Connor Shaw quit football and became a top selling country artist 😂😂
Caller just said its Connor Shaw fault they lost because he was on the sideline. "That motivated the Mizzou players" 😂😂😂
How did Mike Glennon get on the roster in the NFL and Connor Shaw didn't?!
I think Connor shaw needs to go on the field with Dylan Thompson and give him some more lessons
Yall crazy.Wasn't it the last 2 yrs yall begged for Dylan to start over Connor Shaw & now yall want Mitch to start over Thompson ? O.o
Even if you're not a Gamecock fan, this pic will warm your heart and make you smile. Congratulations, Connor Shaw.
Shaw from Rundblad. Not a bad look.
You leave Connor Shaw alone. He's my friend.
Can we talk about how the could've gotten Tom Brady instead of Tim Couch? It's okay, we still have Connor Shaw on the practice squad
Connor Shaw should have slipped on some pads and a 17 jersey last night
Connor Shaw is at the Carolina game with his little girl, Mila Marie.
I said at the beginning of the season that we'll see Connor Shaw on the field this year!
The last time were not ranked: Sept. 2, 2010, also first game of Connor Shaw’s career.
last time were unranked was 9/2/2010...Connor Shaw and Marcus Lattimore first g…
man if I was steve spurrier I would have snook Connor Shaw in and told him to go win the game! Thompson is the kirk cousins of the
If Worley comes in & Connor Shaw's Tennessee to a victory he should at least get a small statue inside a sitting area in the football office
I can't wait to see da ole ball coach scratching his head because he won't have Connor Shaw or Jadaveon Clowney to save his team
Every week we see a healthy Brandon Allen, the more and more he looks like Connor Shaw than Mallett or Wilson.
IT'S OFFICIAL. Biddy Basketball registration will be this Saturday, September 20th from 9am-Noon and on Saturday, September 27th from 9-Noon on the stage at the Connor Shaw. I would like to encourage all of the kids who have participated in the league in the past to show their support for Biddy by wearing their basketball jerseys to school this Friday and next Friday. Forms should be going home on Friday. If you do not get a form, come to registration anyway. We will have extra forms and samples of t-shirts for sizing at the sign up. Please help spread the word!
Several of the past decade's top SEC quarterbacks defied their recruiting ranking and prospered against some of the nation's top defenses. Today we spotlight No. 2 Connor Shaw, South Carolina.
Conner Shaw because his name is really Connor Shaw.
They said humans couldn't fly but wow... Look at Soulja boy go
I cannot handle the amount of cuteness Connor Shaw's baby has!
so would you consider Zach Mettenburger and Tom Savage better "players" than Connor Shaw?
tbf I don't even think our defence is that bad, rojo and shaw will do sick man but trust, our attack would be off it
Imagine Man Utds team if Ronaldo comes back.. Ronaldo, Di Maria, Rooney, Falcao, Herrera, Blind, Rojo , Shaw and the rest
It we be dope if we went an grabbed connor shaw
Luke Shaw, Anderson and Adnan Januzaj all feature in the Under-21 clash against Sunderland at Old Trafford tonight.
With the amount of injuries we have had so far, by week 5 you will be starting Peyton Hillis and Connor Shaw.
Connor Shaw confident he's earned spot with Browns - The State
I'm rocking w/my *** Connor Shaw idc if the Browns suck.
Here's to still not knowing whether or not we actually met Connor Shaw's brother yesterday, but loving…
AWESOME!! Thinking Connor Shaw would be a GREAT addition
Connor Shaw is the former QB for South Carolina. This is Bryan Shaw.
Connor shaw sighting. Wulp, at least practice team guys can stand on the sidelines during games...
Connor shaw is on the browns practice squad since when
Connor Shaw IS the eventual starter for the Browns. Johnny will be the backup qb and punt protector for whichever team Mark Sanchez is on.
Cleveland, you know everyone is thinking one thing: Where is Connor Shaw?
Connor Shaw, welcome to the browns practice squad
How is Rafael on the field when we've got Luke Shaw?
Dylan Thompson really stepped out of Connor Shaw's shadow yesterday, don't you think,
Could be biggest excitement at OT today for sometime. Personally hope Di Maria and Shaw play.. Could be devastating left side..
Cleveland signs Connor Shaw to practice squad - GoGamecocks
Dodgers should win this game, as long as the Giants don't sub in Connor Shaw.
they don't have Connor shaw or clowney and they aren't complaining
Connor Shaw was good for like 6 games.
that's what I'm saying. Carolina fans would say Connor shaw is better than Brett Favre
Glad the Cult of Connor Shaw had to shut up today
Post-Georgia loss to So. Carolina, I walk into local joint Maya with my UGA rain coat, and who approaches me? Connor Shaw's aunt
Gamecock football not for the faint of heart!! Love the Gamecocks and Connor Shaw!!
Connor shaw back?? Someone needs to let the announcers know.
Connor Shaw's been cut. Hope he lands somewhere. Stellar week for Gamecock football continues.
USC's Josh Shaw suspended after admitting to lie about how he suffered his ankle injuries
Remember when people thought USC's Josh Shaw was a "hero"? Ya, that ended quickly
I hope Connor Shaw breaks his ankles again...
"We are extremely disappointed in Josh. He let us all down." - USC head coach Steve Sarkisian on Josh Shaw.
USC coach Steve Sarkisian has suspended Josh Shaw indefinitely from all team activities. MORE:
USC’s Josh Shaw admits to the school that he lied about the ankle injuries he suffered this weekend
Cleveland you need to consider abilities of Connor Shaw.He's a great leader. Not flashy like Manzel, but that's a good thing.
Bah the qb competition that will never end. Last game of connor shaw!
the best play comes from Connor Shaw. Only had half the practice reps. 8 of 9 and a touchdown
Fighting for the final roster spot: Inside the minds of QB Connor Shaw and DL Calvin Barnett
I know. Same people who can't understand why Connor Shaw isn't starting. (Although I've loved Shaw since last fall, should be
Fighting for the final roster spots: Undrafted rookies Connor Shaw and Calvin Barnett both making cases to stay
How will A&M and South Carolina do without Johnny Football or Connor Shaw? Listen here
Tim Tebow on Dylan Thompson stepping up: "I felt like Connor Shaw had a lot of swag in the 4th quarter...I think Dylan has that, too."
Anyone in the wondering about Connor Shaw's abilities, toughness, etc. should tune into the right now.
I don't think they're good enough. Losing Connor Shaw is too much for this team to overcome. They won't make the playoff.
Connor Shaw's comeback against Missouri is absolutely amazing.
easy to forget SC came from down 17 @ Mizzou last year. Not enough can be said about Connor Shaw's relentlessness. Definition of a leader!
IF you gave Manziel a C+, that Connor Shaw must have gotten an A!
Just watched a bunch of Connor Shaw highlights. I miss that dude already at quarterback.
any chance pick up the qb of the future, without using a draft pick, if Connor Shaw is released?
Connor Shaw lives to fight another day. He earns a spot on the Browns' 75-man roster after the first round of cuts.
Connor shaw is getting done so dirty pt 2
yea i had connor shaw in lol. then brought in johnny hes *** they hoyer did pretty good in the last 2 Quarters
Connor Shaw had sneaky speed. Lattimore. Such power.
Saw an article where Bridgewater, Bortles and the Patriots rookie qb were the As of this years qb class.. Where's Connor Shaw?.
It's going to be weird not hearing say "Touchdown Carolina! Touchdown Connor Shaw!"
They made Connor shaw way better than he actually is in NCAA 14.quite irritating
I think Connor Shaw should be considered. He has had a better spring training.
Wish the aggies and gamecocks woulda played last year so Connor shaw coulda got a better draft pick and started in the NFL over manziel
fans want to know: can CONNOR Shaw be a starter in the NFL? Is he possibly more NFL READY than Johnny?
thank goodness. That's was a horrible game last year but only bc Connor Shaw was injured last worse 3seconds of football
I really hope Connor Shaw gets the starting position for Cleveland Browns QB over Hoyer and Manziel.
Connor Shaw is better than both of them.
The Browns need to keep Connor Shaw on the roster. He will not make it through waivers. Make Rex G a coach and keep 3 QBs.
Connor shaw is going to start for the Browns before this season comes to an end...mark my words
Connor Shaw had ice running through his veins, very calculated and clutch at QB but Dylan Thompson is no joke and can be deadly.
USC did lose Clowney and Connor Shaw...But you have to remember Clowney didn't really "play" the full season last year.
why did yall leave Connor Shaw out of the qb graphic about the sec?
Former FBHS Quarterback Connor Shaw has an impressive NFL preseason debut. Congrats Connor!
hey Browns fans, Connor Shaw 8 of 9 and a touchdown, half the practice reps. Who do u think should start?
Q: Should Connor Shaw hits be outlawed this season just because of the false rush when you think it's a Manziel?
My bold prediction of the NFL year is Connor Shaw will start for the Browns before season ends
lets say he brought in Herrera, Kroos, Shaw...
my sources say if Browns cut Connor Shaw he will end up with the Rams
, go get Connor Shaw who will make the difference we've been waiting for.
Connor Shaw I tell you! He's on Cleveland practice squad since they have too many QBs. Spread the word.this guy wins games!
Connor Shaw 66 overall on Madden. Underrated as usual
Steve Sarkisian says USC is checking into Josh Shaw's story after questions were raised about its veracity. VIDEO: http:…
Connor Shaw makes the Browns 75 man roster.
voice sounding good- feel ok? (Connor Shaw was the John McClane of college football. Tons of respect for his grit.)
Freaking great. St Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford had another leg injury against the browns. We should have picked Connor Shaw and been done with it. We do have that Defense though ;)
Connor Shaw could replace Mo'ne Davis on the mound right now, hit a grand slam and earn the win for PA and ESPN still w…
Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Connor Shaw outshines Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel with this game-ending Hail Mary touchdown pass to Emmanuel Ogbuehi.
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keep an eye on Connor Shaw. He doesn't have all the tools but kid is a winner. . And Isaiah Crowell @ RB too. Thug but good
Classic Greenberg on Mike & Mike this morning. Frothing at the mouth over Connor Shaw
If the Browns cut Rookie QB Connor Shaw and Rookie RB Isaiah Crowell we should pick them up, both very underrated.
Connor Shaw hands off to Isaiah Crowell. . Peach State taking over the NFL.
most looking forward to seeing Connor Shaw getting one good shot. Love that guy.
Nothing like being at the Nashville airport with gear on and someone stops me to ask about Connor Shaw.
Im watching NFL replay of Browns vs Loins the Browns had a chance but left thigpen in should have put Connor Shaw in coach
“bae 😍😍 are you talking about Connor Shaw or Rex Grossman?
Money doesn't change you but changes the people around you. Couldn't be more true
Luke Shaw covered over 211 miles for Southampton last season - that's more than ANY United player
why not Connor Shaw and for the Browns? If you look at his senior season it's better than Russell Wilson's.
Just read an article that referred to Connor Shaw as "Connie Football." I giggled a little.
That's right, and last time I checked it is 2014, *** I want Vince Young, Connor Shaw, and Corey Kluber in camp just in case.
Connor Shaw is the future for the Browns franchise
I'm sorry but looking at pictures of Connor Shaw kissing his girl's pregnant belly is like 😷 he cheated EVERY SINGLE TIME HE WENT OUT
Connor Shaw was nice at South Carolina . he needs to step it up though if he wants to remain on the roster .
all the talk from the Cleveland Browns has been about the battle between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, but they also have Connor Shaw .
Greg McElroy is wrong. How is Connor Shaw the biggest void from an SEC QB? They still have Dylan Thompson back too.
Connor Shaw passed the torch to Dylan Thompson! Lets Go Carolina!!!
Interesting analysis from McElroy ... SC's Connor Shaw as the departed SEC QB toughest to replace.
It was actually Spurrier. He called Connor Shaw the best QB in South Carolina history.
"SC is done without Connor Shaw" and then "UGA is gonna be fine without 4 year starter Aaron Murray" ...
Spurrier is awesome, but Connor Shaw the best QB in school history.. *** that's dreadful
I'm a fan of Gamecocks' QB, Dylan Thompson, and RB, Mike Davis. Neither are Connor Shaw or Marcus Lattimore, but they can BALL.
will ever see Connor Shaw out on the field, or a we just signing him to practice squad?
does Connor Shaw make the team? Debating buying a custom jersey for the best rookie QB
why Connor shaw not getting any love?
Connor Shaw is one of the most underrated quarterbacks!
Pulling real hard for you Connor Shaw!
The way Connor Shaw is with his wife is too perfect😍
Connor Shaw (14) days until football! Super pumped and ready to watch some cfb. network tonight & live football in 2 weeks!!
14 days until kickoff salute to all-time winningest QB Connor Shaw
I just used Jameis as an example, you gotta admit Connor Shaw in general was undercovered for all that he did
glad you guys rarely covered Connor Shaw but covered the heck out of Jameis Winston
Connor Shaw's favorite moments of his career. . bonus pic of and me
There's a Connor Shaw lookalike on my train.
Please show your support by giving through Connor Shaw's Supporter page and share this link to spread the word about Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Connor Shaw was adopted by The Lonz Family on August 4, 2014. Good luck in your new home!
“ICYMI: is making strides learning the playbook. ARTICLE:
"Wasn't the World Series like 2 months ago"-Gerard
Connor shaw isn't so bad at soccer 😳⚽️
Connor Shaw is a better quarterback than Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel
...congrats on the little girl. You and Connor Shaw can share stories about your girls
Great article from yesterday's guest on Connor Shaw's progress at Cleveland Browns camp.
“When you're at lunch and hear people saying Manziel *** Shaw rules.” I take it you were eating at Conno…
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What's your take on Connor Shaw? Looks like he had a bad day yesterday.
No :*( "The team gave Connor Shaw a look in the scrimmage, but he had two turnovers turn into touchdowns."
While everyone's caught up in the Brandon Hoyer/Manziel battle, the boul Connor shaw is gonna come up and take both their spots come week 8
what happens if Connor Shaw lands a DP Dough endorsement?
Did you see the game when Connor Shaw came off of the Gamecock bench and led his team to OT victory over the tough Missouri Tiger's?
Actually man, Connor Shaw is better than what folks think. He has the potential to be a decent backup.
I'll be very surprised if Connor Shaw isn't the 3rd QB.
National media narrative: Connor Shaw closing the gap!
And Connor Shaw was 0-2 with 2 INT's and Clowney can't even stay on the field.
The only thing I've seen about Connor Shaw this offseason was throwing a pick 6 yesterday 😂
When's Connor shaw gonna be taking first team reps?
Connor Shaw with the touchdown strike to the back of the endzone!
ICYMI: is making strides learning the playbook. ARTICLE:
Southampton spent £9.75m on.. Lambert. Lallana. Lovren. Chambers. Shaw. And sold them all for £91m.
I just wanna meet Connor Shaw at Browns training camp, he's my hero.
Former Gamecock QB Connor Shaw had a tough scrimmage yesterday with the Browns, 0-3 with 2 interceptions.
no. 4 QB Connor Shaw: 3 passes, all tipped, 2 intercepted.
Spurrier says he's had to remind the centers that Connor Shaw's not around anymore to catch their errant snaps.
Spurrier: Our Centers have to snap the ball better. Had to remind them that Connor Shaw was really good at catching bad snaps.
great article on Connor Shaw he's a *** of a QB but he went 27-5 as a starter and was 17-0 at home he's also a great guy
Connor Shaw puts the ball where only Nate Burleson can go up and grab it.
Why Gamecocks are projected to be better without Connor Shaw, Jadeveon Clowney and Bruce Ellington via
Such a great night of fundraising for the March of Dimes! Tahj Boyd and Connor Shaw gave of their time to make...
Congratulations to names to the All-Academic Team.
Marcelo starts with an own goal, Marcelo ends with an own goal?
BREAKING: David Luiz heat map so far
USA-Germany=0-1 . Brazil-Germany=0-5 with 15 min remaining in the first half . so basically USA = at least 5x better than Bra…
Live pictures of Brazil's soccer team
you sold your other LB too. So you will need one. Only really leaves shaw.
Hilarious if both Hoyer and Manziel drop, and Connor Shaw ends up lifting the to the postseason
Cleveland Browns 2014 Training Camp Profile: Connor Shaw: The Cleveland Browns found their quarterback of the ...
Why am I the guy who always texts first
This guys walking the track in jeans while reading a magazine right now... I think he's doing it wrong
Btw that poll goin around to replace Connor is a bunch of bologna. No one can replace Con. NOBODY. Shove that poll up yo b…
a hurt Connor Shaw clearly was the difference against VU two years ago in Nashville.
When the person you want to talk to dont hit you up no more
Connor Shaw is avg. at best. Nothing special. He has a great TD to pick ratio though. Skill wise WAY behind Manziel
Connor Shaw is keeping his nose clean unlike.
Hey browns fans keep ur eye on Connor Shaw and Hoyer a great combo !! Can run and throw And nfl size
Connor Shaw is going to be an excellent QB within the NFL
Poor Connor Shaw in no way lost in the stadium as well as didnt obtain a minute associated with coverage in the Pro time.
Carolina Five autographed by Connor Shaw or Jadeveon Clowney Regular $250 on sale for…
His first outro to the last I will always love you connor
I can't support Connor enough on this, most importantly he's going to be happy, and I know it's *** y'all it's ***
Connor can't be compared to anyone, he's kind hearted and so genuine, please don't be sad guys
You're right weather app it's only mostly cloudy right now no rain
I want sports media to recognize Connor Shaw as a viable option on Cleveland.
i'm a tad offended that i wasn't invited to Connor Shaw's wedding to be completely honest
“Why would Johnny Manziel be rolling a $20 bill in the bathroom...Who nose? Lol next up: Connor shaw
Connor Shaw is busy learning the playbook and doing charity events while Manziel is being Manziel. What else needs to be said here?
I think the need to tell Johnny that he is competing with Connor Shaw to be the back-up QB...not with Brian Hoyer. that's decided.
Told you should have drafted Connor Shaw over Manziel. Now Shaw will play and you will pay
Browns better start looking hard at Connor Shaw!
Never fear. They'll put in 6 legible Connor Shaw autos for every unreadable 1st rounder.
Cute kid! Not the Lattimore Jersey! Loving in Columbia made me a Lattimore fan! I know Connor Shaw too. Good luck in my contest!
Top 10 upset alerts this season. South Carolina vs Vanderbilt! Connor Shaw not being behind center is why I think the win.
Of course Stephen Drew strikes out twice in one inning
Connor Shaw had 24 touchdown passes last year for the Will Dylan Thompson have more or less in 2014?
When you realise AC Milan got £50m for Zlatan & Thiago Silva and Southampton are receiving £60m for Shaw & Lallana. http:/…
53 Days to Longest reception for Bruce Ellington in 2013 was a 53 yd pass from Connor Shaw at Arkans…
4th quarter* last four drives were all punts & gained 20 combined yards. Connor Shaw going down helped too.
I also don't think Tennessee wins if Connor Shaw doesn't get hurt and then "outcoaching" him isn't so hot.
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Several talented QBs wrapping up careers in SEC - A.J. McCarron, James Franklin, Aaron Murray, Connor Shaw and...
will Connor Shaw make the team over thigpen? Is both making it possible?
Look at amount of great QBs Florida faced last year: Jameis Winston, Aaron Murray, Connor Shaw, Zach Mettenberger, Stephen Morris (lol).
Dear my Cleveland Browns. You don't take QB in the first round to sit him on the bench. I love the story of Brian Hoyer and I hope he's Kurt Warner too. But he's Brian Hoyer. A guy that played well and had a qbr of 80 with the best WR in football on his team. You need to quit playing around. You drafted Johnny Manziel, not some low key guy like Blake Bottles. You need to let Johnny be Johnny. Let the media happen. Let him go clubbing. Why are you afraid of the public eye? There's been no attention paid to us for 15 years and all of a sudden you're afraid of it. Stop it! You drafted the kid, he's your guy. If you want to give Brian Hoyer the ceremonial 4-8 game "chance". Ok, but it better not be anymore than that unless he plays LIGHTS OUT. You don't draft a savior and act like you drafted a guy in the 4th round. This is ridiculous. When Hoyer is hurt halfway through the season don't act like you're going to throw Tyler thigpen in there or Connor Shaw. Johnny ain't sitting behind Tyler thigpen. Quit being ...
with all the Hoyer /Manziel blind worshipping, I find myself cheering for Connor Shaw. The old ball coach will teach ya.
After drafting Johnny Manziel and signing Connor Shaw, the Browns have cut QB Vince Young
have released Vince Young and Alex Tanney, leaving Hoyer, Manziel, Thigpen & undrafted free agent Connor Shaw to compete for snaps.
Johnny Manziel & Connor Shaw - IN Vince Young - OUT Tyler Thigpen - STILL HERE??? Cleveland Browns, you're giving me agita!
I hope and pray to the good Lord above Connor Shaw DOGS and surpasses Johnny Manziel in training and preseason this year! Ill stand to be a part of the Cleveland Browns as long as Connor Shaw is their quarterback!
So I was told Johnny Manziel and Connor Shaw are on the same level. Talent wise! Someone please tell me where
Cleveland Brown fans have to be pretty happy. Johnny Football and Connor Shaw..let the show begin.
Connor Shaw going to Cleveland to take out Johnny Football!
Congrats to Sammy Watkins, Brandon Thomas, Bashaud Breeland, Martavis Bryant, Tajh Boyd, Jadeveon Clowney & Bruce Ellington on being drafted. Congrats to Chandler Catanzaro, Tyler Shatley, Darius Robinson, Connor Shaw, Ronald Patrick & Kelcy Quarles on signing as free agents. Well done and good luck in the future.
I would have thought Connor Shaw would be picked long before now. Tajh Boyd and Garrett Gilbert both were picked before him.
I hate Clemson but congratulations Tajh Boyd! Good luck with the Jets. I hope Connor Shaw gets his shot.
Would have preferred Connor Shaw to be honest. Love his mobility and attitude. But Gilbert is still a nice addition.
There's a run on quarterbacks going on now.Tajh Boyd, Connor Shaw, Stephen Morris and Keith Wenning are the best of what's left.
Should have Connor Shaw on their board.
Seems as if glennon is staying. Still wouldn't mind getting Connor shaw in the 5th or 6th
Yo don't forget Connor Shaw in the late rounds. True Grit!
Whichever teams draft AJ Mccarron and Connor Shaw will get who I think will have the 2 best careers of any QB in this draft!
Everyone is sleeping on Connor shaw, he is one of the elite quarter backs in this year's Draft! Just wait!
If PL sides want young players to get proper competition why don't they put them in their team. Look whats happened to St…
My obligatory draft comment. Connor Shaw could be the Tom Brady pick of this draft. That is, if he is drafted. Love for the texans to draft him late
maybe Connor Shaw or Aaron Murray or even McCarron. I would be happy w/any of those guys
I know we have offensive/defensive needs, but I'd love to see the Falcons bring Connor Shaw back to The Branch!!
Any chance Connor Shaw is on the big board for Cowboys? He has a lot of Johnny Football qualities. Groom him for a few years.
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Lorenzo Nunez, Georgia’s No. 1 QB, committed to South Carolina. Another Georgia quarterback will get to play for Steve Spurrier. Lorenzo Nunez, the state’s No. 1-ranked prospect at quarterback, committed to South Carolina over N.C. State after his football practice on Thursday at Harrison High School. Former Flowery Branch High School standout Connor Shaw just wrapped up his career at South Carolina, starting for three seasons and finishing as the winningest quarterback in school history. “He picked South Carolina because of several reasons,” said his father, Del Nunez. “He’ll get a coach (Spurrier) that is well-versed in getting quarterbacks to the next level, and teaching quarterbacks to play the position. The relationships we have with Coach Spurrier and (QB coach G.A. Mangus) are tremendous. South Carolina is located close to home, it’s an SEC program, and it has good academics. Those were the factors, I would say.” The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Nunez is rated as a 4-star prospect, the No. 8 ...
disagree. The others are garbage. Bring in a Connor Shaw or David Fales if you can get them in the 5th or later.
If the chiefs do want to get a QB, they should get Connor shaw from South Carolina
why is no one talking about Connor Shaw? Tough as nails and all he does is win!
Will or When will Connor Shaw be drafted?
Looking for marquis lee, Bruce Ellington, Connor shaw, an Tajh Boyd to go 2nd round
Can u guys discuss if Connor Shaw could be a possibility for Bucs? Txs.
Connor Shaw is a hard worker. He has NFL talent.
Lions fans calm down. Ebron is an elite athlete and will do great things for us. Next pick will be Kyle van noy to take care of the need at OLB, 3rd will be a center either stork or rich burg and then 4 th hopefully all defense 6th kicker Boswell and 7 th QB probably Connor shaw. Ebron is a beast not a bad pick a ton of value wish we didn't resign petti drop.
Texans should work on other areas and take Connor Shaw in the 4th. They'd be my instant favorite to win the Super Bowl. Actually though...
I know one thing Connor Shaw should get drafted before Aaron Murray
And that one time I was at party with Connor Shaw and didn't get a picture with him either.. so mad!!
I still think Connor Shaw should have gone number 1
Connor Shaw worth a late rd look?coaches kid,proven leader,beat you with his feet,protects the football..
If the Jets use a late pick on Connor Shaw, oh my lord I will go nuts. That is all.
what other QBs would you like to see them bring in for competition?I would like to see Aron Murray,Connor shaw..
I like Mettenberger a lot, too. I'm okay with him or McCarron at this point. Wouldn't mind getting Connor Shaw late, too.
I'd like to see Connor shaw go to the panthers in round 4 good back up for Cam. Similar in just about everything except height
Derek Carr, Aaron Murray, Connor shaw, and McCaaron are better
Now the only player i really want to see go in the draft is my man Connor Shaw from South Carolina!
Former South Carolina Gamecocks’ quarterback Connor Shaw is a bit of an enigma as far as the 2014 NFL Draft is concerned. Shaw had an excellent college career, leading the Gamecocks to 27 wins in 32 games, but his severe lack of size has hindered him during the draft process. According to Jim Thomas…
I was hoping the Vikes would draft Connor Shaw as their QB, but Bridgewater is pretty good I guess
Connor Shaw And Aj McCarron are the best 2 QBs left
Looks like Houston will get a QB after all...maybe they pick up Connor Shaw!! Why not?
I don't care what Kiper says. I really think Connor Shaw is the best QB left in the draft. He'll be a bargain pick in the later rounds.
If no one else gets him and the Titans pick Connor Shaw next round I might be ok with Ken.
Bruce Ellington Panthers! Still waiting on Connor Shaw to be drafted!
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