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Connor Shaw

Conner Shaw is an American football quarterback at the University of South Carolina. He became the starter for the Gamecocks after former starter Stephen Garcia was benched.

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Connor Shaw tearin it up in Colorado!!
Well played everyone tonight.Good performance.Looks like Connor Shaw is another option for a striker. Man of the match has to go to Ryan Kelly. Get plenty of rest and bed by 9.00pm Saturday night
is so disrespectful.they hype up Tom Savage, and Logan Thomas, but never mention Tajh Boyd or Connor Shaw? smh smh smh
What do Connor Shaw, George Hincapie & George Rogers all have in common? They want to see at tomorrow night!
Contrary to media reports, Jabari Parker will not announce his NBA decision Wednesday
You can say the same thing for Stephen Garcia. When Connor Shaw came on campus, amazing the BS from Garica was no longer tolerated.
Connor shaw will become the next Tom Brady
“Great new episode of tonight. But if you don't like it you can blame and Lucas O'Connor"If shaw dies😡
No *** but I don't see why people say that Connor Shaw is ugly, I don't see anything wrong with him.
Blows my mind how stupid you have to be to leave a backpack at the marathon finish line today
I want to think of him as a combination of Connor Shaw & Haymitch from The Hunger Games
I actually LIKED Connor Shaw, what's wrong with me? And deal. Let's put it to Georgia.
LB Trent Murphy, WR Brandon Coleman, DT Chaz Sutton, RB Dri Archer, QB Connor Shaw. Best prospects no one is talking about.
portsTalkwBo Negative your guy said he will be better than Connor shaw before he leaves arkansas so someone's saying it
"Connor Shaw is good *** QB. I'd take him over Tajh's *** - (A Clemson fan...who happens to attend USC lol)
Does anyone have any Connor Shaw cards ft?
If we get a QB in the draft, Id be fine using a 5th round pick on Connor Shaw.
Last paragraph - USC won 11 gms 3 yrs in a row with Connor Shaw at QB via
Connor Shaw and Katherine Schmidt Named AgSouth Athletes of the Year - South Carolina Official Athletic Site
Did anyone know Connor Shaw is gonna be in the NFL Draft?
I just saw THE wil Hoyle on the highway
Connor Shaw for all you Carolina fans out there!
11.30.13. Connor Shaw after Saturday's 31-17 victory over Clemson.
A big congrats goes out to the winners of the Kick Butt anti-smoking poster contest. Connor Shaw takes first place, and now his poster is in the running to possibly be a billboard! Brandon Folda took 2nd, Jada Nunn with 3rd and Jacy Nunn took home 4th.
Staunton-Turner, George Lomax, Conor Ready, Dion Charles, Mitch Clayton, Ashley Rowley, Keiran Shaw and Connor Thurston will not be retained
👏 “Connor Shaw just threw an interception.
Has anyone noticed that Connor shaw has not been mentioned in any draft talks?
they probably think he's Connor Shaw in that pic 😂
Connor Shaw (football) and Katherine Schmidt (equestrian) both were named 2013-2014 Male and Female AgSouth Athletes of the Year, it was announced on Saturday. Both Shaw and Schmidt were recognized before Saturday's baseball game at Carolina Stadium.
South Carolina QB Connor Shaw: Clowney was in "lose-lose" situation last year
Our Kickstarter for Blue Mountain State: The Movie is officially LIVE! Click here to donate!
Also connor shaw ..all he did was get better every year and win games ..He is my sleeper of the draft
Darius Rucker, Connor Shaw and Tajh Boyd pose for a pic at Monday after The Masters...
USC alum singer/songwriter Patrick Davis with Darius Rucker, Connor Shaw, and Tajh Boyd at Monday After the Masters ...
Congratulations to our own Katherine Schmidt and Connor Shaw from the football team on being named AgSouth Athletes of the Year at the University of South Carolina! Connor and Katherine were both recognized prior to Saturday's baseball game against Florida! Thank you to all of our fans and parents that voted this year, and congrats to Katherine!
Connor Shaw is a little guy just like Russell Wilson but Connor is faster, quicker and has better foot work and a stronger arm than Wilson.
GOOD LUCK to our GAMECOCKS participating!! Pro-Day 2014 at Williams-Brice Stadium as 10 former Gamecocks show off for NFL scouts and management. Those expected to participate include Jadeveon Clowney, Bruce Ellington, Victor Hampton, Jimmy Legree, Ronald Patrick, Kelcy Quarles, Connor Shaw, DeAngelo Smith, Chaz Sutton and David Wilkins. The event, with the field portion scheduled to begin around 11 a.m., is open to the public.
- there are a few targets who would make sense. Jeff Mathews, Keith Wenning, Connor Shaw, Logan Thomas.
An average of 12 QBs are drafted each year. I gave 15 draftable grades to this class. My top PFAs: Kenny Guiton, Keith Wenning, Connor Shaw
New England Patriots First-round spot: 29 » Patriots' 2014 draft picks | Draft history The Patriots were decimated at the tight end position in 2013 due to injuries to Rob Gronkowski and legal problems for Aaron Hernandez. The team could be looking to shore up that suddenly sketchy position. Offensive line, defensive line and cornerback also appear to be areas of need for a team that figures to remain in Super Bowl contention in 2014. March 14: Two Gamecocks work out for Patriots South Carolina QB Connor Shaw and WR Bruce Ellington worked out for the Patriots on Friday, according to Josh Kendall of The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C. Wide receiver is among New England's top three draft needs, according to Daniel Jeremiah. "They have some promising young wideouts but they lack someone with the potential to be a true No. 1 receiver," writes Jeremiah. Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame March 13: Patriots could target Nix to replace Wilfork NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that defensive tackle Vince Wilfork ...
Watch for: Fales, Garoppolo McCarron, Mettenberger, Murray, Tajh Boyd, Connor Shaw and Brett Smith to be discussed
Morris: Shabbona eighth grade Connor Shaw was one of nine area wrestlers to win a sectio...
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: Connor Shaw can go as far as he wants."
Former South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw will be signing autographs and meeting fans at Palmetto Moon on 3/15: htt…
I like Brett Smith, Connor Shaw, and Brock Jensen as under the radar QBs in this year's draft class. Maybe Chase Rettig too…
You LOVE LOVE LOVE Connor Shaw and now butterflies are "pretty". will take you only so far.
OK, I give. Why is Connor Shaw ranked as the QB prospect in the NFL draft? What the heck are the scouts looking at? Let's look at some of the numbers here. Connor Shaw posted the third best time in the 40 with a very respectable 4.66. Johnny Manziel posted a 4.68, Teddy Bridgewater did not participate, AJ McCarron ran an enemic 4.94, and Jimmy Garoppolo and Blake Bortles didn't fare any better with a 4.97 and 4.93 respectively. All 5 of these guys are ranked higher than Shaw. The only 2 guys who posted faster times were Logan Thomas (4.61) and Stephen Morris (4.63) and neither of these guys are even in the top 10 of the prospects and are ranked below Shaw. Shaw's broad jump was 116.0 - the second longest jump. He bested Bortles (115.0), Bridgewater (113.0), Manziel (113.0), Garoppolo (110.0), and McCarron (who stayed under the century mark with a 99.0). The only longer jump was by Logan Thomas, who bested Shaw with a 118.0. Logan Thomas was the only one who was able to reach over 35 with a 35.5 in the ver ...
The Post and Courier | The long odds for short QBs: Connor Shaw, Tajh Boyd & Johnny Manziel look up to Russell Wilson
players are showing well in the 40 times. 4.53 4.45 and Connor Shaw 4.66
Connor Shaw's official 40 time clocks in at 4.63, 3rd amongst quarterbacks at the combine. Fastest amongst SEC quarterbac…
South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw ran an unofficial time of 4.55 in the 40-yard dash, the fastest time of all the quarterbacks at the NFL Scouting Combine. 
South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw turned in the fastest 40-yard dash of any quarterback at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine.
So me and the Boss Aaron Lestage was talking and why not let us as fans of the NFL... post a wishlist mock draft for our favorite see what us as fans would realistic as possible...not some crazyness lol So I guess ill lead it off... Rams 2014 NFL Mock Draft Round 1-Sammy Watkins(WR) Round 1-Calvin Pryor(S) Round 2-Jason Verrett(CB) Round 3-Cyril Richardson(OL) Round 4-Connor Shaw(QB) Round 5-Telvin Smith(OLB) Round 6-Henry Josey(RB) Round 7-Albert Wilson(WR) Alright Travis expecting you to be commenting ASAP
Besides teammate QB Tom Savage, said he was impressed with QB Connor Shaw in drills
It really erks my nerves that the media has downplayed Connor Shaw and the other gamecocks at the combine. I mean COME ON Connor did better than JM so why are yall still blabbing about him. Over and over thats all i see is about JM.UGGGH! Connor Shaw: the power house record setting best qb in the nation but yet hes the most underrated out there. Makes me SICK!!! You sports news *** dont know true talent!!! Look at Clowney and Bruce their BEASTS out there but yet I hear nothing. Give credit where credit is due! Sorry I had to rant im sure yall feel the same way!! *COCKY-GIRL*
So I took a nap, because I was bored, and dreamt I was chatting with Connor Shaw and Jadaveon Clowney in some random airport parking lot. Connor was complimenting my Jeep, when all of a sudden it starting rolling down a hill. I chased after it, but Stumbled in front of the Gamecocks because I happened to be wearing Doug's big *** shoes...Clearly, I need a break from FB. Except for the shoes, I read all this on my wall prior to napping and just mashed it all together.
Connor Shaw ran a faster 40 than Manziel.
I guess we'll see. I just think he's a steal. So is Connor Shaw.
What's your read on Connor Shaw? What I've seen has been impressive.
Connor Shaw ran the 3rd fastest time for a QB at the combine. Just sayin' Spielman & Turner.
More importantly, will Dylan Thompson step up to fill the very big shoes of the best outgoing SEC QB, Mr. Connor Shaw?
as normal. Connor Shaw not getting any love.
Everyone said I looked like connor shaw today 😂😂😂
All of the Gamecocks participating in the NFL Combine have had great performances this year. Ellington and Shaw turned heads with quick 40's, but no one stunned the combine like Clowney. Recording an official 4.5 second 40 yard dash, Jadeveon Clowney is running as fast as a wide receiver. Connor Shaw proved to be an eligible QB to be drafted, and Bruce Ellington showed he could be the next best slot receiver in the NFL. Great job Gamecocks! Everyone here in Columbia is proud!
People are underestimating Connor shaw, wait a few years when he gets the chance to play. HE'S A WINNER
Connor Shaw just looked great with his legs and his arm.. The should draft him. Will be there 4th round. Even 3rd
VIDEO: Stanford football coach David Shaw attended a team meeting in robot form. Probably looking for Sarah Connor.
Former South Carolina quarterback [b]Connor Shaw[/b] may not be the best prospect at his position among NFL scouts but he did post the top 40-yard dash time.
I'm a big fan of Connor Shaw, but not before the 4th round. Too many limitations. He's good though, no doubt.
Speaking strictly numbers, Connor Shaw has outperformed Johnny Manziel at every event in the NFL combine so far.
heard Connor Shaw killed it at the combine! they asked him more about JD than himself in his media interview, tho.
I feel proud as if I did something to make this happen | QB Connor Shaw the fastest quarterback at NFL Combine
Clowney and then QB Connor Shaw in say round 2 or 3. He is having better stats than Manzel in the combine.
My bold prediction for the draft. Connor Shaw will be best QB in this draft class.
Connor Shaw this is what I want for my birthday
But that's not all. In the offensive line combine featuring QB's, USC's QB Connor Shaw SET the record for the fastest 40. 😏
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can't stop bragging about Connor Shaw's combine performance so far.
But really Connor Shaw should be a first round pick ✊
your opinion on Connor Shaw? He is putting up some numbers in this combine that are better than Manzel.
Q: Does Connor Shaw have a place on an NFL roster? .
Why are they only talking about Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgewater? We all know Connor Shaw is the best quarterback out there.
Connor Shaw runs an unofficial 4.55 in his 2nd 40-yard dash. Fastest of the quarterbacks.
Connor Shaw speaking at CSU in March? May have to buy a ticket for that
Nobody is giving Connor Shaw a legitimate shot...
.Sorry, but I hate Logan Thomas. Someones going to gamble on him and roll snake eyes. Gra…
Connor Shaw with the fastest 40 time for quarterbacks and Clowney being the absolute monster he is stuns everyone with his 40 time by beating both Cam and Kaepernick's combine 40. GO ***
Y'all really believe Connor shaw better than Johnny Football?
Connor Shaw ran fastest 40-yard dash among quarterbacks at the 2014 NFL Combine. Yes, that includes Johnny Manziel.
Connor shaw beat manziel with a 4.66
are people sleeping on Connor Shaw? He's a winner. Tough. Combine numbers seem very legit as well.
talking to Connor Shaw at the combine. Would love to see them draft him!
2014 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl players Connor Shaw (QB) and Albert Wilson (WR) are turning heads at the
he was there. I like Connor shaw. He's just nothing special
I'm calling Connor Shaw to the Panthers!! There are talks of Boyd but I don't know about that guy. Big players, make big plays, in big games!! Shaw did that and well. Boyd beat Maryland a time or 2!!
Connor Shaw had the fastest 40 time of all the quarterbacks.
Connor Shaw played on the best teams USC has had. His junior season he sucked, played bad on the road his entire career
Connor Shaw! But I'm biased towards and You guys do what you feel is best.
Connor shaw had a day at the finishing in top 3 of most events.
Connor Shaw also outruns Johnny Football. Proud of our
Former USC QB Connor Shaw will be in Greenville for a football camp for ages 6-15 on March 22. Go to for information.
Let it be known that the stats went official for qbs in the combine, and Connor Shaw did better then manziel in every category. That said manziel is still better.
Connor Shaw had a faster 40 time than Johnny Manziel
The Gamecocks are representing our state well and killing it at the Combine! Connor Shaw showing that he can play at the next level and Clowney is obviously the best player in the draft! Proud to be a Gamecock!
Connor Shaw is all over the leaderboards in the combine right now, showing how underrated he really was in college
Connor Shaw met with at least 12 teams in Indianapolis. Find out who here:
And also my boy Connor shaw ran faster than Johnny fball at the combine yesterday!!! 4.66 compared to Johnny's 4.68 in the 40!!!
Roy Philpott Connor shaw was 3rd fastest for QBs. Bruce wasn't in top 10 in 40 for WR. Typical coot not knowing the facts.
Bruce Ellington ran a faster 40 than Sammy Watkins and Connor Shaw ran a faster one than Johnny Manziel, yet neither got pr…
Well our 4-H kids are at it again, they have entered 4-H Canada's Shout out for Ag contest and now need your help! Please vote for them and hopefully they can win some money to help the club. Look for the entry by Connor Shaw and thanks for voting! | 4-H Canada
Connor Shaw had the fastsest 40 yard dash of ANY qb at the NFL combine...awesome
NFL Combine Note: QB Connor Shaw had the 3rd fastest 40 time (4.66 sec) and 3rd highest vertical jump (34 inches) among QBs.
Across the board, Connor Shaw has destroyed every other QB in drills as far as his numbers go. He will be a steal for someone in the draft.
Hey Gamecock Faithful, J Clowney officially runs a 4.53 40 yd dash. Even as a true Clemson fan, I gotta give credit where it's due here. *** !! No wonder he gets so many speeding tickets. To give you an idea of how "freakish" that is for a kid weighing 266 lbs, Connor Shaw ran a 4.66 which was 4 th highest amongst quaterbacks at the NFL combine. WOW
We Tigers need to show a little love for Connor Shaw today, too! He had a really good combine! We all should be proud and happy for him! :)
Connor Shaw just ran a 4.55 40 at the NFL Combine. Fastest among all quarterbacks!
I absolutely love Connor Shaw, even though he has been disrespected by ESPN, NFL Network and every other sport network, he has posted 3rd best 40 time for Qb(top time, but NFL could not let that happen so they would not make that time official, they did the same thing to Bruce he held best time, they made him rerun) he has proven himself to be a great person, not just a good QB(which we as USC fans already knew)… .Did I mention his attitude?…. Love this kid, hope my Pats draft him they are looking for a Qb, trading Mallett
Even Clowney is faster then Jonny, hey Espn and Nfl network, admit you were wrong, again…. Or do we need to remind you of Ryan Leaf?.. Connor Shaw is a better Qb, so much disrespect for this kid and all he did was win… ..I will take winning over hype everyday.
"One QB that didn’t have a lot of buzz heading into the Combine but might be leaving with some is Connor Shaw. The former Gamecock was physically impressive (he ran the third fastest forty, had the third highest vertical and the second farthest broad jump) and looked very confident throwing the football as well. Before the Combine started many had Shaw as a sixth or seventh round pick, but after his performance today he may see his draft stock climb a little. Shaw also got some nice press from his former coach Steve Spurrier, with the old ball coach comparing Shaw to Russell Wilson. You combine that with his work on the field in Columbia, where he was the school's all-time winningest QB and never lost at home, and you might have a later round gem in Shaw."
Connor Shaw...the fastest QB in the Combine! Take that Mr.CockyFootball
Connor shaw would be perfect for a west coast system
Did not realize Connor Shaw had that kind of speed. 4.66?! Faster than Johnny Football
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Now Connor shaw is talking to the Vikings? Well I guess he is bigger than Carr.
Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw aren't being projected in the first two days, much less the top 5.
So Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw are basically the same size as Manziel...and not a single person has brought up size as an issue.
Ok fox just reported how fast Johnny Football ran his 40 yd dash today. Come on fox news. Connor Shaw topped his time!
I would love to see the Texans trade down to get two first rounders and draft Connor Shaw in a later round. Ridiculous to me Shaw isn't really even talked about. 1 pick in the SEC. Are you kidding me?
Connor Shaw should be a Redskin. He would be a great backup to RGIII. Isn't that right, Carter K. Davis?
Just so you know, Connor Shaw beat Johnny Manziel in the 40 yard dash at NFL Combine today. (cough- awesome *** )
I'm a Ga Dawg thru and thru, but I gotta tell ya, as a QB that Connor Shaw shows me a lot. Fast, smart, wins, all steak, no sizzle.
Connor Shaw was faster than Johnny Manziel and Tahj Boyd today in the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine
Oh and Connor Shaw was the fastest QB. Go Gamecocks!
Just found out that Connor Shaw was the fastest QB in the combine, way to represent!
Telling y'all these media guys are sleeping on Connor shaw
QB observations: I'm not sure why but the media seems to constantly come up with excuses for Johnny Manziel. First they all thought he was 6' 1" and found out that he isn't even six feet tall. Sure Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are getting it done at shorter than the NFL average statures for a QB. However they are outliers not the norm and their teams didn't risk a first round pick on them. To listen to the media one would think that both Brees and Wilson were first round picks. One of the biggest contributors to Wilson's immediate success is that his team was able to surround him with talent because he wasn't taken early and therefore was a more affordable investment. Those who love Manziel like to point out that he is this superior athlete who makes plays. However, the results of the running drills say he is athletic but not on a RG3 or even Wilson level. Both Manziel and Bridgewater get knocked down in my book for not being competitive enough to throw and showcase their skills or lack thereof. When a g ...
People got real quiet about Manziel 40 time once the official time came in. 4.68 4th among Q B'S and just barely faster than Derek Carr. Slower than Logan Thomas, Stephen Morris and Connor Shaw. So go ahead and preach how special he is. . I'll wait lol. me a hater, I don't mind. I'm a realest; with facts! Don't let me down Houston.
Connor Shaw is showing up Manziel in the combine.
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SHAWSOME! Connor Shaw of South Carolina was the fastest of all the QBs with marks of 4.58 amd 4.55 seconds.
Big props to Connor Shaw!! Best 40 yard dash of all quarterbacks at the nfl combine!!!
The Titans could add QB Depth via The Draft Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean writes that Jake Locker can expect to have some competition during training camp. Titans new HC Ken Whisenhunt tells Wyatt that they will consider quarterbacks in this year's NFL Draft. "It looks like it's a good draft for quarterbacks," Whisenhunt said. "I'd like to have five or six of them. ...That's the nature of this league; you want to have a good one, so you try to get as many as you can." Titans GM Ruston Webster added that he expects to "look at the quarterback position every year" moving forward. Tennessee is without a 3rd round pick, which means they would likely consider someone in the 2nd or 4th round. As for potential mid-round draft targets, Jim Wyatt mentions that Tennessee could consider: Derek Carr (Fresno State), AJ McCarron (Alabama), Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Illinois), Aaron Murray (Georgia), Zach Mettenberger (LSU), and Connor Shaw (South Carolina).
Connor shaw ran the fastest 40 time at the nfl combine. Yup, that includes Johnny Manziel. What a diamond in the rough.some one will draft Connor. I'll say 3-4th round?.
Connor Shaw beats out Johnny Manziel in the 40 yrd dash! Can someone say Shawesome
Anybody else see Bruce Ellington run faster than Sammy Watkins? Or Connor Shaw go faster than Johnny Manziel?
Connor Shaw was faster than Johnny Football and Bruce Ellington ran his 40 faster than Sammy Watkins.
Gamecocks killing the combine...Bruce Ellington and Connor Shaw running record times
Connor Shaw had the 3rd fastest time of QBs in 40 yd dash in combine, beating both Johnny Football and Tajh that's awesome!
WOW. Connor Shaw (South Carolina) now has the fastest 40 time among QBs! . Unofficial 4.55 tops Manziel.
Connor Shaw beats out Johnny Football in the 40! Sit down Aggie. We got this!
Connor Shaw runs a 4.55 40 yard. Bruce Ellington runs a 4.31 40 yard. Connor is the fastest QB at combine. Bruce was tied for 3rd fastest. But no talk about the Gamecocks? Well then. Ok NFL network.
As I said on here a couple weeks ago, I am a huge fan of Connor Shaw. Did you see him just run the fastest 40 out of any quarterback? Dude has a big arm, is accurate, and is tough as nails. I'd take him in the 6th round.
Connor Shaw faster than Johnny Football, and Bruce Ellington faster than Sammy.. Huh, how bout that..
Props to Connor Shaw for beating Johnny Football for the fastest QB 40 time.
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So Connor Shaw runs a 4.55 40, but the big news is how Manziel ran a 4.56.yeah about that.
Connor Shaw just ran 4.58 in the 40. 1st attempt. Second quickest of the QBs in his group.
Connor Shaw was one of the fastest timed quarterbacks at the NFL combine. Topped Manziel. Thomas, Morris were the only ones ahead of Shaw. Also in the top three in the verticals. Time to start taking notice.
Connor Shaw with the fastest 40-time among all QBs at the combine...hey how are ya?
Connor Shaw posted a faster 40 than Johnny Football! I think Johnny Hype should just calm down and not make anymore promises.
Connor Shaw ran a 4.55 . who's going to the parade in Columbia tomorrow ?
Connor Shaw fastest QB in the 40. Will his stock rise?
Watching The Combine on ESPN ! Just saw Aaron Murray ! The Quarterbacks are up! Jonny Football has the best time so far followed by Connor Shaw. GO AARON ! Show them what ya got!
Connor shaw just bust out a 4.58. One more attempt.hopefully he beats Johnny Football's time.
Connor Shaw just run a 4.58 in the 40
Connor Shaw accounted for 3,005 yards and 30 touchdowns while throwing only one interception as a senior at South Carolina.
Connor Shaw and Bruce Ellington will start their journey through the NFL Combine today, and one of the biggest factors in their evaluation will be how tall they end up being.
Danny is meeting Connor Shaw tomorrow at his camp
The day is finally here and what better way to spend it than at the college Allstar bowl game ! Game starts at 6 at Furman University !:) Come Cheer on Tajah Boyd and Connor Shaw as they coach the two teams !:):)
Morris, Pachall from TCU, Bryn Renner, Connor Shaw and Keith Wenning would all offer more upside as the 3rd QB
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Here is an update of the morning session from Saturday's tournament at Wasson: Congratulations to: Thijs DeRubis - 1st Jordan Wilhelm - 3rd Grant McCluan - 3rd Connor Shaw 4th Angelica Diaz - 4th Go Spartans!!
if Gamecock nation didn't know who you were before Friday. now they do! Wooohooo go *** Great response Connor shaw!
I do not think I am following Connor Shaw. I follow a parody account.
what do you think about the Clemson fans booing our boy Connor Shaw last night at a Christian concert?
Gamecock players headed to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis: Connor Shaw, JD Clowney, Victor Hampton, Kelcy Quarles, and Bruce Ellington.
Forget ALL the reason it wont work and believe in that ONE reason it WILL! -Connor Shaw
Connor Shaw is not ashamed of the Gospel!
Connor Shaw booed by Clemson fans at Winter Jam Christian Concert last night, his response, classy and appropriate!
Ok, so I've been filled in on the whole scoop now. Connor Shaw is introduced at Winter Jam, the taters boo, and Connor throws up the 5!!!. Way to show Em who is boss Connor. The Gamecocks may not "own" Clemson, but you sure do Connor. Way to go big boy!!
I have a question FB friends. Were any of you at Winter Jam last night and ACTUALLY WITNESS Clemson fans booing Connor Shaw? I was not there and have only heard rumors from a Gamecock site. Can someone verify truthfully if something that low took place at a Christian concert.
USC Gamecock QB Connor Shaw Booed by Clemson fans when introduced at a Christian Winter Fest ... So Classy (Sarcasm) and Pathetic at that type of event . Connor with a Great Response ...He 5 Bombed them (LOL) . Love it and as Connor Said ''We own this State '' ...5 in a Row over the Tigers !
So Connor Shaw gets booed at a concert & his reaction was to throw up the 5! Yep, I say he handled that well! (Y)
I about died seeing Connor Shaw last night
I know. I feels it I do. But watching Shaw shank Redemption WITH Connor I am.
Jadeveon Clowney, Bruce Ellington, Victor Hampton, Kelcy Quarles, & Connor Shaw have been invited to
One of the Olympic Rings fails to light up during the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. http…
One of the many reasons I love Connor Shaw
That's not walking with Jesus, y'all.RT CONNOR SHAW 5 TATER HATERS 0 ->
If you were at the Winter Jam and booed Connor Shaw when he came out I don't like you any more.
Seriously, Connor Shaw was booed at a Where's the class?
our offense is going full Connor Shaw right now.
That Connor Shaw was booed when introduced at a Christian Concert in Greenville last night and then flashed "5" is pretty amazing.
Heard there were people booing Connor Shaw at Winter Jam last night. Really?! Come on people.
Connor Shaw engineers 17-point comeback with sprained MCL and LCL, is born.
Connor Shaw was just introduced at Winter Jam. Christian concert in Greenville. Got booed. Threw up the five. Classic
With a good offensive line around him I think Connor Shaw could surprise everyone in the NFL if he gets his chance.
Connor Shaw was at Winter Jam and I didn't go... 😕
Winter Jam was by far the best concert I have been too in awhile from getting to go in, my niece Reese Getting saved to sitting down at the floor, to meeting Connor shaw quarterback from the gamecocks the best part was just feelings GODS presence I will definitely be there next year !
Just read a story about Winter Jam in Greenville where Clemson fans booed Connor Shaw. Unbelievable. He was there not as a Gamecock but to share his love of God.
I have been going to Winter Jam for years, but I think this years was the best one yet. I have never been that moved during one and I even got emotional, which never happens. Even better was to be a gamecock because Connor Shaw was there. I had a blast last night!
Thanks for the nomination Tony Drummond id like to nominate Jack Maher Ryan Halliday Sean Gregson and Connor Shaw CHEERS!!
Had such an awesome time last night with Tara Coxie at Winterjam! Lecrae and Newsboys were absolutely awesome and Connor Shaw ended up introducing Lecrae! Also found out Winterjam started here in Greenville, SC!
Winter Jam was fun. Can't believe Connor Shaw was there to introduce Lacrea! It was awesome!
So Connor Shaw (a christian) got booed (by Christians) at Winter Jam (a christian event) after they were talking about love thy neighbor (a christian practice). you say its a christian thing I say its a hypocrite thing
Lecrae was awesome!!! Great person. Great talent. And to introduce him was Connor shaw from my gamecocks! 14,000 Christians in one building in Greenville was awesome
Theres a concert downtown greenville right now...connor shaw is there...they introduced him to the crowd...the crowd boo'd him as he came on stage (clemson fans) he threw up the 5.classic
Nice appearance from Connor Shaw to introduce Lecrae.
Chelsea Fowler just put a pic of Connor Shaw!! Connor Shaw is here and rejoicing with all of us!! That's just amazing!!
Despite spraining both his MCL and LCL last week in Knoxville, South Carolina coaches have hinted that Connor Shaw might be available on Saturday against Missouri.
Five Gamecocks have been invited to the NFL Combine: Jadeveon Clowney, Connor Shaw, Bruce Ellington, Victor Hampton, Kelcy Quarles.
Well my baby girl didn't want to be a glasspro girl for career day this year :( She is a vet and Robbie is Connor Shaw (he wanted to be Clowny but didn't want to have to paint his face brown) lol Pics later!
I got my first show in Phoenix, what's good we gonna make it pop off like the ones in Flag?? Its going to have Wrekonize from Mayday & Strange Music, G-Mo Skee, Dirty Dan and a couple others! Will post flyers as soon as its available. ENe Pinky Locc, Tim Shepherd, Xavier Valencia, Hunter Tarr, Connor Shaw, Carley Kokron, Kitty Love, Celeste Verduzco, Brad Jones, Samantha S, Zach Madsen-Freeman, Chris Calhoun, Samantha Baird, Amanda Hanson, Ene Gboy Locc, Brian Torres, Victoria Zayas, Kandi Kaine, Lyla Mai Zeller, Nicholas Pileggi, Skyler Bilazzo, Christie Lynn Crockett, Andrew Ontiveros, Dakid Smiley.
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South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw is hoping to impress NFL scouts at the NFL Scouting Combine and is working out six hours per day in preparation for the event.
South Carolina QB Connor Shaw 6-1 209 has a total of 480/733 for 6,074 yards, 56 TDs & 16 int in his college career. He's listed as a 6th to 7th Rd pick your thoughts?
Wonder if any of the experts will comment on how bad Denver's O-Line played? Seattle had consistent pressure only rushing 4 against 5 all night however the Legion of Boom is the real deal. You know Connor Shaw is smiling after he saw what Wilson did and will use it as inspiration.
If Connor Shaw was playing for the Broncos last night at least they would have been some scoring HECK THEY MIGHT HAVE WON AGAINST THE SEAHAWKS THIS GAME SUCKED ALONG WITH THE COKE AD :(
Russell Wilson proved Connor Shaw can be an nfl quarterback
Peyton threw more interceptions in this game than Connor Shaw threw all year.
Denver could use Connor Shaw! I keep going...Shaw could have made that down...that run...that play! I just saying!
Wow. Never saw this coming. I think I saw Connor Shaw pull off another 3rd down. Ha!!
Just saw Connor Shaw in the Mast General Store in lie!
COLUMBIA - Connor Shaw finds himself in a transitional phase during the buildup to the NFL draft in May.
Connor Shaw hasn’t slowed down since leaving Orlando, Fla., following a 34-24 win against Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl, but he stopped briefly Saturday afternoon to reconnect with the place he now calls “home.”
Connor Shaw leads South Carolina to Capital One Bowl victory - Connor Shaw was...
Connor Shaw and Jimmy Legree came out on the winning side of the third annual NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.
Today is the final chance for Connor Shaw to do what he does best before May’s NFL draft, says Bill Polian.
Now that Vick says he doesn't want to be a backup, what do you guys feel we should do? Do you think Matt Barkley is a capable backup? Or should we go after a free agent like Chad Henne or Josh Freeman? Or maybe even draft a quarterback in a later round? Tajh Boyd, Aaron Murray, Logan Thomas, Connor Shaw? My perfect plan would to get Henne and have him be the QB while he grooms and teaches Barkley for a year. Then have Barkley as the backup after that.
Connor Shaw leads South Carolina by Wisconsin in Capital One Bowl -...
Hold up hold up.. Sammy Watkins you will never be a Bruce Ellington.. and Tajh Boyd you will never be a Connor Shaw. AND one more thing.. Clemson you will never be us.. GAMECOCKS BORN N BRED
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FUN FACT: Tajh Boyd has as many interceptions in the first half of the Orange Bowl as Connor Shaw threw all season long.
Amen! (From bleacher report) We could go into all of the X's and O's, quote enough stats to make a mathematician queasy, or just spout off some "the SEC is God's gift to football" nonsense, but instead we'll just state some simple truths. Connor Shaw is one of the best and one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the entire country. Bruce Ellington is an absolute beast of a wide receiver. Jadeveon Clowney proved, once again, why he's the consensus favorite to be the top overall NFL draft selection this spring. Mike Davis is so good, he could be a starting running back for Wisconsin. Skai Moore, a freshman with two interceptions, isn't one of those defensive guys who plays on defense because he can't catch or run with the ball. He's dangerous anywhere. Steve Spurrier could outcoach Nick Saban, Mark Dantonio, Art Briles, David Cutcliffe and Bill Snyder, even if they were all on the same staff together—or, if not, at least give better postgame pressers. And, finally, South Carolina is the definition of a ...
Todd McShay on Connor Shaw: "He's a draftable QB now and player you would want on your team"
Todd McShay says that Connor Shaw is now a very draftable QB. Glad someone is finally giving him some respect.” PREACH
Todd McShay on ESPN said Connor Shaw would definitely get drafted. He didn't say what round but would get drafted.
After one final MVP performance, Connor Shaw will get a showcase to display his talents to NFL scouts.
Recapping New Year's Day action... Exciting day in College Football yesterday • In the Outback Bowl, LSU took down Iowa in a close one, 21-14, behind Sophomore Jeremy Hill’s 216 rushing yards and 2 TD’s. The Tigers end their season (10-3). • North Texas destroyed UNLV, 36-14, in the Heart of Texas Bowl. Senior Derek Thompson had a good game for the Mean Green, tossing 2 TD’s. Running back Brelan Chancellor also rushed for 2 scores in North Texas’s first Bowl game in 9 years. • South Carolina looked impressive in their win over Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl, 34-24. Game *** Senior QB Connor Shaw was a BEAST accounting for 5 touch downs, 3 through the air, one on the ground and he even caught one. The Badgers turned the ball over 4 times in the loss. • Nebraska took out Georgia in the Gator Bowl, 24-19. QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. set the Cornhusker school record with a 99 yard TD pass in the 3rd quarter. Ameer Abdullah ran for 122 and a score in the win. • In the 100th Rose Bowl, Michigan ...
In my man cave I will have autographed jerseys of: Ozzie Smith, Chipper Jones, Tom Brady, and Connor Shaw! I gotta have em
1.1.14. Connor Shaw, Steve Spurrier and teammates in the alma mater after the win over Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl.
I really wasn't following football that much during the Todd Ellis years and I was in the USAF during the Tanneyhill years so let me say it was cool watching Carolina during the Connor Shaw era. A true winner.
Gary Anderson had high praise for Connor Shaw and the receiving corps; added it was evident how well coached they are.
Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen on QB Connor Shaw: "He lived up to his billing." Five touchdowns, three incompletions. Incredible.
Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen lauding Connor Shaw. Said he was as good as advertised. "Coached very well by Spurrier." -
Gamecocks finish with 11 wins for the third straight season. Connor Shaw named MVP. Jadeveon Clowney to enter the NFL draft. Steve Spurrier takes dig at Clemson. Big day to be a Gamecock.
And a very good game...SC beats Wisconsin 34-24, Steve Spurriers 3rd 11-1 season at Carolina .a great day and final game for SC for QB Connor Shaw. BTW, Brian Griese is much better broadcasting than quarterbacking. In a way, that's faint praise.
Connor Shaw showed why Gary Andersen really and I mean REALLY wants a mobile QB to run his offense. Puts so much pressure on D.
Connor Shaw and Bruce Ellington with HUGE games for South Carolina in The 2 have combined on 3 TD. SCAR …
Three straight 11 win seasons for South Carolina. *** of an accomplishment by Spurrier and Connor Shaw.
Troy aikman Jr. Announcing at the badger game. Connor Shaw, Connor Shaw--puke, puke. Apparently already pre-decided before game by announcers. Just saying
But I don't think Connor Shaw is better than say a Braxton Miller.
UPDATE: Touchdown Gamecocks. Connor Shaw to Jerell Adams from 3 yards out. USC takes a 27-17 lead with 11:05 to go in the game.
UPDATE: USC 20, Wisconsin 17 with 3:29 to go in the third quarter. Bruce Ellington with a 22-yard TD catch from Connor Shaw. Ellington 6-140 receiving, 2 TD catches and 1 TD pass today. He's good.
South Carolina's Connor Shaw looks like prototype QB for and Gary Andersen going forward. Is Austin Kafentzis eligible yet?
Cooper pitches to Ellington, then the WR delivers a TD toss back to Connor Shaw. 13-7 South Carolina, 6:48 2Q
UPDATE: Gamecocks lead 13-7 with 6:48 left in the second quarter. Pharoh Cooper took the handoff, pitched to Bruce Ellington, who threw it to Connor Shaw for the touchdown. PAT was blown up.
TOUCHDOWN GAMECOCKS! At the end of the first quarter Carolina leads Wisconsin 7-0 after a 39-yard TD pass, Connor Shaw to Bruce Ellington. The score was preceded by a Clowney tackle for loss and a Skai Moore interception to give the Gamecocks the ball. LET'S GO GAMECOCKS!!!
UPDATE: Gamecocks 7, Wisconsin 0 late in the first quarter. After a Skai Moore interception, Connor Shaw hits Bruce Ellington from 39 yards out for the touchdown.
Apparently unaware of Braxton Miller MT Brian Griese said Wisconsin doesn't see speed like Connor Shaw in the B1G.
Announcers talking about how Wisconsin has to adjust to SEC speed against Connor Shaw. Yeah, I guess Braxton Miller is just so slow ...
"When you mix coach Spurrier and Connor Shaw in that (offense. It is a pretty vicious weapon." - Wisconsin H…
Jadeveon Clowney & Connor Shaw to take the Gamecocks on a Badger hunting trip on Jan. 1st!
Connor Shaw ratio of 1 INT to 259 pass attempts this season would be season record (min 200 atts.) with…
Spurrier, Shaw pleased how year unfolded: Steve Spurrier and QB Connor Shaw take great satisfaction in the Gam...
“Not a single AP All-SEC mention for Connor Shaw and his 26 total TDs and 1 INT.” that's some bull. Best qb in the country
12.8.13. Connor Shaw discusses the Gamecocks' upcoming bowl game, the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Fla.
Somewhere Braxton Miller is on the phone with Connor Shaw saying're pretty good but watch how I run on em... lol
I'd like to think Clemson could beat Ohio State, but if Connor Shaw was trouble, Braxton Miller will be tough to stop.
Collegiate Bowl will be Jan. 18 in L.A. Denny Green and *** Vermeil among coaches. Connor Shaw chosen to play.
SC folk, this dude in the barbershop jus said he thought Connor Shaw was a better qb than Tahj bout messed my hairline up
~The Day After Gameday~ 'Twas the day after Gameday, and all through the state The Gamecocks rejoiced as Clemson met their fate South Carolina emerged victorious for the fifth year in a row As the Tigers would sigh each time the rooster would crow By arm or by foot, Connor Shaw got it done As the clock hit all zeros, he knew he had won The hopes for redemption Clemson held were des...troyed And there'll never be another opportunity for Clemson's Tajh Boyd So for Gamecock fans, Christmas came in late November And they witness a streak that they will long remember As Carolina has won bragging rights for half a decade Leaving Clemson fans angry at the effort their team has displayed The countdown starts now, 364 days to go Before Carolina & Clemson meet again for the big show But for now the Gamecocks bellow a mighty roar As they remain the victors of this Palmetto State civil war The battles were fought, and the debts were squared Payed with by crushing blows, bruises were bared Yes, heroes were made under ...
Connor Shaw has one more game for South Carolina. Greatest quarterback to play for us. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed
Going to really miss watching Connor Shaw tear it up at Williams Brice. Sad to see Tahj Boyd the choke artist go too.
This kid down at the University of South Carolina is the most underrated QB in the country. Connor Shaw will play regularly on Sunday.
quote de jour ~ "Connor Shaw, ah man, the best quarterback in school history," Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said. "He's probably the difference maker completely for us.".!
I'm curious tigger fans...who do you blame for your fifth consecutive loss to the Gamecocks? The most successful coach you've had in the my lifetime? The best quarterback in school history? The offensive guru who has engineered video game numbers against those stalwart defenses of the ACC? Perhaps the defensive guru you hired away from Oklahoma? Maybe the problem is having a Top 10 recruiting class every year? We all know you'll find a scapegoat. If it was me, I'd blame Steve Spurrier, Connor Shaw and the rest of the Gamecocks. Just a thought. :)
South Carolina actually had the youngest football team in the country this year. Gonna miss Victor Hampton, Kelcy Quarles, Connor Shaw, Jadeveon Clowney, etc. Gonna have a HUGE season next year! Hopefully we can get in a BCS game! If not, we'll take care of business in our bowl. Aiming for 3 straight 11 win seasons! Go Gamecocks!
Clemson is not longer in the top ten. ✋ I hate you Connor Shaw. YOU TOO, CLOWNEY. AND MOST OF ALL, YOU, Steve Spurrier. 😡
Steve Spurrier and Connor Shaw share a moment on the field. Photo: Mykal McEldowney, The Greenville News
Five years and counting! Way to go GAMECOCKS!! Connor Shaw, thank you for your awesome career!!! Let's finish up with a great Bowl win boys! Steve Spurrier = WINNER!!:)
"Aww, man. Best quarterback in school history!" - Steve Spurrier on senior QB Connor Shaw at USC-Clemson post-game press conference. *** right.
Real shame the Gamecocks couldn't get to Atlanta again. Johnny Football didn't get it done tonight against Mizzou. As for the Clemson/Carolina game, very exciting. I think Carolina after 5 wins in a row have earned their rightful place in South Carolina college football and nationally as an elite program. Congrats to Connor Shaw, Steve Spurrier and the USC football program.
Congratulations Gamecocks, your team won and did it with good sportsmanship in the end. Connor Shaw is a darn good quarterback and Steve Spurrier is a smart man. I may not be happy, the refs might be hearing it from Sir Swinney, and our team seemed to help give it to you, but the better team won.
I have said my share of crap against Dabo Swinney, but I want to commend him on his sportsmanship after the game. No one could/would blame him for getting off the field and heading to his locker room after congratulating Steve Spurrier, but instead he HUNTED Connor Shaw out of the crowd to congratulate him. That is class!!!
Connor Shaw on his last game at Williams-Brice: 'It's been a *** of a ride. Thank you to Gamecock Nation.'
UPDATE: Shaq Roland 9-yard TD reception from Connor Shaw, and it's 14-7 Gamecocks to start the second quarter. Clemson muffed a punt to set up the drive.
UPDATE: Touchdown run by Connor Shaw from 3 yards out, and the Gamecocks strike first. Carolina leads Clemson 7-0. It was a 17-play drive for the Gamecocks after Brison Williams intercepted a trick-play pass by Sammy Watkins.
About 6:40 p.m. Saturday, South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw will jog onto the field under what should be thunderous applause to hug his mother and father and then get about the business of his final game in Williams-Brice Stadium.
Shaw Leads No. 12 South Carolina to 70-10 Win - Connor Shaw passed for a touchdown and ran for a score in less...
So Gary Danielson tells us that Zach Mettenberger, Johnny Manziel and Connor Shaw can make the NFL but AJ McCarron isn't mentioned.
Gary Danielson said Connor Shaw will have a chance to play in the NFL
UPDATE: South Carolina leads Coastal 21-0 after a 1-yard touchdown run by Connor Shaw. Still first quarter.
Steve Spurrier says Dylan Thompson will play this week. Coach told Connor Shaw, 'You play better when you know Dylan is going to play.'
No. 12 South Carolina deals Florida its fifth consecutive loss S.C. - For three quarters, beaten down Florida stayed with South Carolina but the Gamecocks responded in the fourth quarter with the drive it needed to get past the Gators to edge closer to an SEC East title with a hard fought 19-14 win. Trailing 14-13 from its own 5 early in the fourth quarter, South Carolina tailback Shon Carson - playing with starter Mike Davis on the bench nursing an ankle injury - broke loose up the middle for a 58-yard run. Carson finished 102 yards on 13 carries. That moved the ball to the Gators' 37. On third-and-9 from the Florida 36, Connor Shaw hit Rory Anderson over the middle for a 34-yard gain to the 2. BOX SCORE: HIGHLIGHTS: How the top 25 fared Gamecocks 19, Gators 14 Anderson pulled the ball in while sandwiched between UF defenders Jaylen Watkins and Neiron Ball. On fourth-and-goal, Elliott Fry converted a 22-yard field goal, his third of four in the game, to put the Gamecocks on top with 6:43 left in the game ...
Connor Shaw is tough,straight-forward,common sense,no bull,confident . Clear leader. Military mindset. Kind of guy you'd follow to battle
Connor Shaw on SEC East race: 'We kept ourselves alive. You can't count us out here at Williams-Brice.'
- 14 Hours - Connor Shaw is 14-0 as the USC starting QB at Williams-Brice Stadium.
Imagine where Alabama would be if they hadn't avoided Connor Shaw, Mizzou, & Aaron Murray.
Connor met shaw today so that's that. 😐
Underplayed stat of the day: South Carolina QB Connor Shaw has a career 14-0 record at home
My boy killed it with this Connor Shaw - Florida themed pic!
Connor Shaw has 4,007 votes in the fan vote! Go vote at
how is Connor Shaw soft when he's had like 3 serious injuries this year and played through it?
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