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Connor Shaw

Conner Shaw is an American football quarterback at the University of South Carolina. He became the starter for the Gamecocks after former starter Stephen Garcia was benched.

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Sanchez will probably be cut anyways. Bears overrate Connor Shaw
Idk, I think out of all the Bible verses, this is my least favorite one
Connor Shaw eligible for the practice squad again? I like his youth and upside for backup development. Similar skill set to Trubisky
Nice mailday again from Beautiful jersey and auto from All-Time greatest Gamecock QB Connor Shaw.…
lol that's true. honestly I hope trubisky is the worst QB ever and that fans start calling for Connor Shaw.
Bear fans are still asking about Connor Shaw and drafting another QB. Biggs indulges them for some dumb reason.
Connor Shaw deserves a shot over Sanchez. Shaw looked really good before injury.
James Shaw and Elias will face Dave O' Connor and Brook Duncan in tag team combat at Caged Fury!…
Check out Connor Shaw's Senior year highlights on
No thanks! Keep him away from Mike. Connor Shaw and Sanchez are excellent mentors, he will be fine:)
But is he worse than some of the QBs that HAVE been signed? Would you take Connor Shaw over him?
What are Connor Shaw's chances of making the team now? Barring injury, he can only overtake Sanchez. Wou…
Not for C.Mitch,but reminded me of Shaw,winningest QB in S.C.!Undefeated against clem's s…
After this week there is a new top 5 enemies of Clemson:. 1. Darius Rucker. 2. Toothbrushes. 3. Connor Shaw. 4. Soap. 5. Cigar…
The East-West All-Star Women's Soccer teams for 2017 have been released! Congratulations to our players and coaches! ht…
Lol agreed but I'll keep him as long as we can. Plus Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw played til they were like 45 so...
A connor shaw vid that isn't payday 2 ??!?!! I wonder what game it is
Sports radio was telling us the Bears loved Connor Shaw two weeks ago.
"You're forgetting about Connor Shaw and his HUGE upside!"
The true tragedy of Glennon and Trubitsky acquisitions is that we'll all be deprived of the Legend of Connor Shaw.
would you say Kessler is a Connor Shaw+ it seems he has to overcome the same things.
announce signing of LS Patrick Scales and QB Connor Shaw to one-year contracts. 📰: https:…
Wainwright's Connor McClennon selected 2nd by Many similarities to Mason Shaw (not just their hometown). Small, but gifted
Connor Shaw wishes he had Kevin Hogan's arm hair.
Kevin Hogan wishes he had Connor Shaw's arm talent.
It’s not, and has been worn by great Bears QBs like Connor Shaw, Todd Collins, Kordell Stewart, Henry Burris and of…
Bears QB's Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, Connor Shaw. Smh but Kap can't get a job come on Jason he his better than a…
Interesting to see issued to Connor Shaw. Probably not a good sign for Marquess Wilson's future in Chicago.
When the Bears QB coach walks in the room and sees Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, and Connor Shaw
re-sign Connor Shaw and everyone loves it. Bears sign Mark Sanchez and the franchise is doomed. It’s just depth, peopl…
Bears QB depth chart will be something like this: Mike Glennon, Mark Sanchez, David Fales, Connor Shaw. Hard to imagine t…
The Bears are moving forward at quarterback with Mike Glennon, Connor Shaw and likely a high draft pick. It's a new day in Ch…
If you told me this time last month the Bears would have Mike Glennon, Jay Cutler and Connor Shaw at QB before spring, I would've laughed.
What the Bears want:. Connor Shaw. Brian Hoyer. Mike Glennon. What the Bears don't want:. Jay Cutler. 1st Round QB. 🤔
Jay Cutler leaving the Bears so Connor Shaw can take the throne
This kid has the talent of Connor Mitch and the work effort of Connor Shaw
That would be a major mistake keep QB Connor Shaw and QB Matt Barkley Brian Hoyer for one more yr resign
I see comments CONSTANTLY on our FB page for clamoring for a healthy Connor Shaw.
none of it added up. No arm, two qbs in camp, drafted too hi. *** could've kept Connor Shaw. They need to hit big next draft
When there's one biscuit left and grandma asks who wants it
When Matt Barkley is referred to as the third QB, Dowell Loggains says it's actually No. 4, behind Connor Shaw
Check out my Hudl Highlight - Connor Shaw Jr. Year Point Guard , on at -
Chicago Bears' quarterback spotlights ProstAware for the NFL's "Cleats for a Cause"! Learn more here:
Championship rings aren't the only thing we play for. Congrats Gucci on the engagement!💍
The Cavs will wear these retro jerseys 6 times this season:
Lehkonen, Carr, Petry, Hudon, Shaw can stay and contribute. Could Price fetch Trouba, Connor and a 1st rd pick?
how is Connor Shaw still not ready for Chicago. Was a 8 week injury I thought
If the Browns win out and the rest of the AFC North loses out, the Browns will make the playoffs:
Bad news for the as QB Jay Cutler undergoes tests today for shoulder injury. Connor Shaw & Brian Hoyer injured leaving Matt Barkley
Who could have ever imagined that Connor Shaw's injury would play out to be actually of consequence...Whata year...
What is Status on Connor Shaw injury, any chance he can start a few if Cutler out for yr?
This would be the 3rd QB out for the season, if you want to count Connor Shaw….and I’d totally take Connor Shaw right now.
The Bears are technically down to their 4th string QB now with Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer, and Connor Shaw all hurt. “It can’t get much worse”
if only Connor Shaw wasn't injured. He could win
Will Connor Shaw come off IR with any weeks left?
Can we get a witch doctor or something to heal and rejuvenate Connor Shaw? Just a thought, you have a better one?
If Jay Cutler is done for the season, he'd be the third Bears quarterback to hit the injured reserve this year. (Connor Shaw, Brian Hoyer)
Jay Cutler. Dead. Brian Hoyer. Dead. Connor Shaw. Dead. Are we seriously away to watch Matt Barkley QB the Bears...
Congratulations, Connor! I joined the Connor Shaw Hair Club for Men to celebrate.
Me: *** that must be her boyfriend I should back off. Me to me: Soccer has a goalie but you can still score.
Nah man. Nope. Drake took an L for this.
I'm still holding out for Connor Shaw.
imagine Connor mcgregor said that to Kevin Lee, the press would be going crazy! Connor the racist etc
but I like Connor Shaw who we have but it's gonna be Watson watch
Connor Shaw now in at QB for the with 10:44 left in the 4th Q.
Awww Connor Shaw's wife had a baby boy.
by cutting Connor Shaw, is this another strike against Hue/Browns their inability to eval QB talent?
And I, Connor Shaw, will be wrestling a live bear in the 2nd intermission! Don't miss it!
Connor Shaw will factor in if you're spending a later pick on another QB too.
and don't forget Mike shaw (aka mukhan Singh) and duke Myers- classic Saturday morning tv in Tisdale Sask.
Great news for the gamecocks today... Connor Shaw had a boy, 18 years and we going to have another stud QB
Red Card. Horror challenge by Chambers Shaw. We're down to 7, Fleet 9 as their player can't carry on.
Former South Carolina QB Connor Shaw celebrates birth of first son via
I have literally been saying for 5 years I want to name my son Decker and Connor Shaw named his baby that... it's a sign 💕💕💕
Updated news. . OLDHAM Mcr. . As you know Chris has continued to perform at shaw playhouse each year as Oldham is...
yes people related to connor Shaw but no then this is not true but congrats Con
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still, good to see Teddy in the company of Hall of Fame QBs, as well as Connor Shaw, Stephen Morris, Cody Kessler and Aaron Rodgers
Still taking Connor Shaw with my first pick in both my fantasy drafts
Connor Shaw says the hit he took from Chiefs lineman Rakeem Nunez-Roches was “cheap BS”
Connor Shaw's ankle injury. Chiefs DL landed right on it, and it bent backwards. Yikes
Praying for Connor Shaw and a speedy recovery! Tough times don't last, tough people do!
Connor Shaw is a tough guy. He will be back!
Bears backup QB says hit that ended his season was 'cheap BS'
Connor Shaw injury. Oh man.your faith is strong. Hold that beautiful family tight and get thru this. So proud of you. Hang in there!
I forgot to add Connor Shaw as my fav all time 👍🏻
Serious question here: Why do so many American Christians believe that God's some kind of real jerk?
Connor Shaw has a nice touch when he gets time to throw. Devastating that he's going to be lost for the season.
Bears Injury Notes from Saturday on Connor Shaw, Tracy Porter, Leonard Floyd and more
I said it when it happened and still feel that way!
Connor Shaw, Tony Romo. I say dump it entirely and evaluate in camp like college. These are pros - they need it or NFL needs?
Now at Injury to former QB Connor Shaw "heartbreaking" to teammates.
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Connor Shaw hurt in fourth quarter of Bears' loss to Chiefs - ESPN Chicago, Bears, NFL
Connor Shaw isn't happy about the play that broke his leg. He called it 'cheap BS.'
Connor Shaw is pretty ticked about the hit that caused his injury. It was "cheap BS"
Kessler is a over drafted Connor Shaw, good accuracy and smart. But no draft able tangibles that a top prospect possesses
Speaking of Connor Shaw, remember that one last devastating defeat before we were champions?
Fox says injury to Connor Shaw "very serious" and off to the hospital: "Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."
Connor Shaw: "Injuries are a part of the game & I understand that. This should've been avoided. No need for that type…
That hit on Connor Shaw was so cheap 😡
Gruesome injury for Connor Shaw today for the Bears. That means there's no choice but to play Cutler. It's going to be a lon…
Shaw enraged by hit that caused graphic injury
Connor Shaw says hit that injured him was “cheap BS”
Bears backup QB Connor Shaw carted off field after nasty leg injury
Connor Shaw felt play that injured him was 'cheap BS'
coach John Fox told reporters Connor Shaw is headed to the hospital. He'll have surgery immediately to repair his leg…
QB Connor Shaw suffered a broken leg right above the ankle, source said. If there is no ligament damage, could be back…
IMHO, Bellamy, Meredith and Connor Shaw looked better than the starters.
Bears QB Connor Shaw was taken from Soldier Field by ambulance with a broken leg. Said Brian Hoyer: "Heartbreaking."
Man, you hate to hear that for former South Carolina QB Connor Shaw.
I got a 59 OVR Connor Shaw base player as my starting QB and if you know how to use him he plays like a 95 OVR...
I just feel like Connor Shaw is still underrated by people who don't value his decision-making b/c it's not a stat
Connor Shaw's TD-to-INT ratio in his last season was 24-to-1. TWENTY-FOUR TO ONE
Lol @ the people that think Connor Shaw would start over Deshaun Watson
My top 4 would be Rogers, Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey, Taneyhill. Sidney Rice is up there as well. Connor shaw is in my top 10 though
For the record, I too agree Connor Shaw should be on South Carolina Football's faux Mt. Rushmore.
And your point is what? That Connor Shaw was a better college QB than Tajh Boyd? I would agree with you.
USC absolutely does not win 11 games per season if you take Connor Shaw off that team.
Connor Shaw and a defense w/ uncommon # of in-state studs did more. Lattimore helped.
Connor Shaw is no where the top 4 players in Carolina history. If he is there's a problem
Connor Shaw and Marcus Lattimore for what they meant to the most successful run in the history of the school.
Connor Shaw without question, no debate
Connor Shaw was a product of a great defense. If DT had his defenses in 2014 we probably win 10 or 11 games again.
Connor Shaw did a lot more than Lattimore ever did. Lattimore gets credit for one reason: pity.
I find myself in good company, Luther, Voltaire, Twain, Ford, Pound, Fischer, Shaw, Wagner, and many others.
actually on second thought. With panik expected to re sign and desi here, I sadly could say bye to shaw.
do you really think shaw wouldn't stay for cheap? Like it or not. He showed us what he can bring in the 2016wcqf
please get Connor Shaw out immediately
Connor shaw was the best qb on the browns roster
Connor Shaw '16 with a nice offload to Duncan Wood '17 for a try! Pritchard converts and thats the game! 21-14 BC Eagles win!
Don't miss out on our first camp of the summer! June 18th @ Columbia, SC. See y'all there!
Which network was Ian Connor trying to buy?
RgIII, Josh McCown, Austin Davis, Connor Shaw and Cody Kessler? New Da$he QB dream team.
2014 Capital Bowl win over Wisconsin,Connor Shaw accounted for 5 touchdowns in the win.
but I still think Connor Shaw's success was hard work and willing to listen and learn from spurrier.
And they said the curse was not real " The BasedGod" has never lied to me and like he told us.. The Warriors are going…
I have the same exact birthday as CJ McCollum and Connor Shaw. Makes me feel like I'm just worthless lmao
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Thank you for the last 2-4 years. We were lucky to have you. and Connor Shaw.
Brian Sweeney and David Shaw came on after half time for Diarmuid O Connor and Ferdia O Brien
I want to actually see a tornado in person!!!
Knock it off or I'll Ship to you and you know I Would Giggle
Cavan and Timo Knock it off you Two Sillies or I'll ship to you Giggle
who is cook? I'm talking about Connor Shaw. Connor never lost a game at home. That fact alone makes him "Top 5" material.
Just trying to figure out how Johnny Manziel beat Connor Shaw in the top 5 SEC quarterbacks in the last decade.
Borthwick-Jackson should be starting over Rojo... Shaw has been a massive miss
A huge Thank You to Connor Shaw who exceeded in his duties to get us connected to Broadband. Outstanding employee
A huge thank you to Connor Shaw who came out and went beyond his duty to enable us to have broadband. Outstanding
I agree with that 100%. Also Connor Shaw is a guy I would consider a really good college QB.
If u ever got the Prometheus license back could you make an Ultimate Dr Shaw, sort of like ultimate Sarah Connor?
Trosborg and Shaw (1998) are good friends. We routinely cancel plans with each other and analyse the apology letters.
I thought that was a birthday card... I was like "Aw Trosborg and Shaw have signed it"
It's only May and I've already had two heads break off of my drivers. I'm down to my 3rd string Big Dog, an old R9. I call it Connor Shaw.
If Travis Shaw is the Mayor of Ding Dong City then David Ortiz is the Emperor of the Ding Dong Kingdom.
Hope Connor Shaw can make something of himself this season
Connor Shaw did the same when he was under center at SC and left a LEGEND 🔥
I dont see Connor Shaw or Austin Davis on this team. And I don't see every rookie we drafted this year making the roster either
Cody Kessler is a tad more accurate Connor Shaw
Shaw and Partners' Senior analyst Peter O'Connor says Federal Government outlook on iron ore is too generous.
Met Connor McIntyre from today at work ! Lovely man !
This post from a Shaw Tech Support rep just gave me chills .
With film star Samantha Montgomery (aka Princess Shaw) and my SFSU doc students Brandon Buensuceso and Connor...
yea, yeah. But do you think the Browns will keep Connor Shaw as a third stringer?
Coming from the guy who doesn't like Connor shaw
Me: I legit had a dream about Connor Shaw last night. Anna: I had a dream about quesadillas and it was great.
I remember Connor Shaw being bald, but he's a lot darker than I remember.
wait, I don't see Cody Kessler or Connor shaw ?
Is that Connor Shaw in the bathroom
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Although my stolen Cookie Monster mask and abandoned omelette story was instantly hilarious. Stupid Connor Shaw
Some say Win or Lose. W-L "At the end of the day, you either Win or you Learn. - Connor MacGregor. Be humble in your vi…
Finally. Get out of here. It was like Connor Shaw at South Carolina. JUST LEAVE ALREADY.
Anyone else on the bandwagon that Connor McGregor is gonna kick ***
Ryke Meadows, connor cobalt, Percy Jackson, Noah Shaw, will herondale and jem carstairs
"Cause they are missing more than just..." Never mind.
Full time Aberdour 2 - 2 Kyles Athletic (scorers: Scott MacDonald and Connor Guidichi for Kyles. Ally Shaw and...
With all kidding aside We have Connor Shaw so what wrong
Daily trivia for you Gamecock fans. What was Connor Shaw's record at Williams-Brice Stadium in his career?
Another pic of the Connor Franta x Vitaly S photoshoot
You already have one in Connor Shaw!!
Been on facetime to Connor Shaw for an hour and a half what a guy
give Connor Shaw the most winningest QB in SC history some more time!
Love Connor Shaw but hate his choice for president.
Hi Connor thank you for inspiring me to take photos | 🌷
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Wow, I love I just won this for free, Connor Shaw (Rookie) -- 2014 Panini Prestige ~ Rookie (
Weber's Connor Shaw goes behind the back for the assist.
Connor Shaw has knocked down a pair of 3s and leads Weber with 6 points.
Connor's plane is about to land in LA
Connor Franta is currently loving music
you are my fav football player on South Carolinas team 😍 the next Connor shaw
for the last time Connor Shaw is a better person and player. Do a story about that!
Browns QB Connor Shaw is spending the offseason being a good football dad 😊:
Connor Shaw cautious, not fearful of head injuries
Battle of the South Carolina QBs. Rubio announces Connor Shaw campaign swing days after a Kasich/Taj Boyd rally.
If Coker hits a QBR of 90 vs Clemson he'd be 3rd player the last 10 years to do so in 3 postseason games, joining Connor Shaw & Kevin Hogan.
Connor Shaw has been gone 2 years and yet Clemson still struggles with a QB Draw. What possibly will UNC do to them?
Matt Cassell may be the worst QB to ever start a football game. Yes, maybe even worse than Connor Shaw
Perry Orth went as Connor Shaw for Halloween this year.
Perry Orth is going as Connor Shaw for Halloween, I guess.
Connor Shaw, Johnny Manziel gear up for USC vs. Texas A&M
might not go to Jordan but he's such a handsome young man😍😍😍
Literally the Carolina one is every Carolina fan "Connor Shaw should start for the Browns" 😂😂😂😂
Michigan State wins their 12th straight in 52-26 victory over Indiana. . Connor Cook: 398 Yds and 4 TD
Jesuit's Connor Prouet goes for 3TDs, spoils record day for Trey Ragas in win over Shaw
Connor Pruet, 13 yard TD, now up 35-14 on 25 seconds left in 3rd qtr.
14 yard TD run by Connor Prouet and he's making Shaw pay...35-14 jesuit leads w/ 25 secs left in 3rd
Connor Prouet carries the ball for another touchdown! Jesuit-28, Shaw-14
Connor Pruet, 1 yard TD run, now up 21-0 on 4:45 left in 1st half,
Second half subs:. Shaw, for Smith - HT. Warren, for Connor - 21st min (of 2nd half). Chadwick, for Brown - 35th min. Unused sub:. Elcock
Connor Shaw breaks some ankles to score. Conversion also made making it 42-20.
Can the Browns just grow up and accept that Johnny Manziel never will? McCown isn't the worst option and neither is Connor Shaw.
Has to be Miranda Shaw. In fact have a feeling Liam Connor will be convicted in the end for masterminding the terror attack.
(Shaw), Anthony Velasquez with a hat trick (Snyder,Hernandez,Spencer.) Anthony also broke the school record (37), for the m…
Connor Shaw had a 75 yard TD run brought back bc of this a few seasons back.
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maybe not Greg, but Connor Shaw has to be somewhere between 6-13 so does Chris Leak
Ok, I forgot Connor Shaw. He was a beast. SC was nothing without him. Showed when he got hurt against UT and UT came back and won.
Are these three better? will be wearing ALL three this season...
it would have hurt worse to lose Connor Shaw
thanks Connor, no doubt super bowl coming!!
Justin Anselene scored twice and Connor Shaw added the 7th
I bet there is, when Connor Shaw isn't your QB anymore
It still amazes me that Connor Shaw made a roster and Tajh didn't.
Just got asked if I was Connor Shaw at the gas station?
Is it too obvious that Agent O'Connor is the guy who set her up? Makes me wonder then...maybe it's former Deputy Director Shaw?
Connor gave me his shaw wifi and I gave him my heart
Connor Cook sums up that ending perfectly.
Manziel (backup), Connor Shaw (off team), & McCown (inconsistent). The do not have the long term guy at QB...
This has to be the end of mccown for the If manziel is unable to play due to suspension I will take Connor shaw... Anybody
Lol.. Antwon Randle El.. Nunez for the Gamecocks.. Shoot id take Connor Shaw to the superbowl wit Broncos
That team had Connor Shaw, a bunch of good receives, and Jadaveon Clowney and some other studs on defense.
Gamecocks must capitalize on NFL QB success of Connor Shaw, Dylan Thompson.
Steve Spurrier, nice long answer to my NFL QB ? but doesn't seem to see much recruiting value in Dylan Thompson and Connor Shaw pro success
Braxton Miller just tied Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson for career touchdown receptions.
place QB Connor Shaw, OT Michael Bowie on season-ending IR, make other moves. Break down of injuries here:
QB Connor Shaw and OL Michael Bowie placed on IR, out for season.
The Browns have placed Connor Shaw and Michael Bowie on IR
Does Grossi know Bookman&Sons? Josh could hook him up with a nice rock for his heart throb Connor Shaw.
If Manziel doesn't play Saturday against the the Browns also have Connor Shaw and Thaddeus Lewis, and of course, Josh McCown.
Connor Shaw recovering from thumb surgery - The State
Thad Lewis just made the Browns with Connor Shaw out 12 weeks
This isn't even debatable. Thad Lewis much more valuable than Connor Shaw.
QB Connor Shaw will likely land on injured reserve. Unfortunate. Had been performing well while competing with Thad Lewis for No. 3.
QB Connor Shaw suffered thumb injury vs. Redskins, will undergo surgery and miss extended time. Thad Lewis all alone at No. 3 now
'This is what I love to do' - Connor Shaw comes home, gives back
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VIDEO - Connor Shaw talks Cleveland, coming home, camps and more.
"Connor Shaw gives back, looks forward. Great day!
Connor Shaw gives back, looks forward.
Connor Shaw gives back with kids camp, looks forward to new season with Browns
Per LT, Cato is joined at rookie camp by QBs Justin Worley (Tenn.) & Connor Shaw, a 2014 UFA signee from So. Car.
Browns have three QBs working at rookie mini-camp: Rakeem Cato, Justin Worley and Connor Shaw.
QBs in rookie minicamp: Connor Shaw, Justin Worley (from Jimmy Haslam's favorite college team). That's it. Two QBs on he 77-man roster.
struck gold in UDFA period last yr. Among players they got: QB Connor Shaw, RB Isaiah Crowell, WR Taylor Gabriel, CB K'Waun Williams
Browns coach Mike Pettine on how quiet QB Connor Shaw is: "It's like he's on a budget for words for the year."
Browns head Coach Mike Pettine: not talking depth chart for QBs. Connor Shaw "definitely in the mix"
If Connor Shaw comes into camp with a stronger throwing arm, do you think he has a legitimate chance?
Mason and Dier didn't get an England call up. Phil Jones and Luke Shaw did though...
seriously though, if you want a legit challenge, Connor Shaw and Marcus Lattimore.
Connor Shaw needs to be the starter they will regret not giving him a shot one day he's smart and competitor
The browns don't need any more qbs Connor Shaw should be the starter in Cleveland people may disagree but he is very good
So the Texans just need Case Keenum, Connor Shaw and Chase Daniel to win football games this weekend to make the playoffs. Sounds do-able.
Graded this valiant Connor shaw for my PC and was .5 away from pristine. Great set for grading.
he took too much damage at SC. he was fun to watch, but Spurrier overused him. Him and Connor shaw together was amazing to watch
“I'm told not to expect additional fine/suspension for Shaw on the head-butt from last night.
so your partners on the show want to give up just to have Connor Shaw start wk7?
15 minutes left in the thing and I'm stressing out aha.
don't laugh at me but do we still have Connor Shaw
Hampton's bench wins the Internet tonight 😂
Friendly reminder to vote for It ENDS Tuesday at midnight! Do it for and
. Vote for and because needs to win!
since the votes are still counting even with the display bug, LETS VOTE for and : I did
Coleman is with Connor Shaw while I'm at a Clemson game 🐯❤️ but ⚾️
PRESCHOOL OPEN HOUSE: March 27, 2015 from 9-11:00 a.m. at the Connor Shaw Center.
6 more hours to vote, army! Let's make and proud and finish strong!
Please keep spreading the word to vote for
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Now is not the time to slow down. Keep pushing forward. Vote! fight until the end
The round is not over, keep voting for best couple
Every time beef or connor see something daddy related they feel the need to put it in the groupchat cos im anna shaw
Keep voting, this round is almost at its end
… please RT, we need you to help us for the zimbio poll best couple
Last year, the Browns had Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel, Connor Shaw, Tyler Thigpen, Vince Young heading into camp.just an FYI.
I'm not sure Josh McCown is a solution but i think he can hold the job for a bit and hopefully Manziel can develop or maybe Connor Shaw can
I hope Connor Shaw has a break out pre season
Vic Beasley, Connor Shaw join forces to share message
The first round of my QB tournament is over:. Connor Shaw, Brian Hoyer, Yan Gomes, and Ivan Drago have moved on to the 2nd round!
Connor Shaw distant, but I don't see him getting the starting job over those two
The scratch Stanislavski and Kortko. Will start Connor Shaw in goal
any chance the Browns pursue Ryan Mallet? At worst he's an upgrade over Connor Shaw, at best he could be QB of future.
Final 1st rd matchup. Who do you want to QB the in 2015?. RT- Corey Kluber. FAV- Connor Shaw
you need to read up on Connor Shaw. He's respected in locker room. Arm strength issue but that was true of Brian Sipe.
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New out! Case Keenum is confused and Connor Shaw calls his helmet a hat. WAIT. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!
I'll root for Connor Shaw. But in general the QB situation is summed up pretty well right here http:…
Andy Dalton was only invited to the Pro Bowl after Connor Shaw declined the invitation.
Did it remotely look like it, Connor Shaw had a better grasp of the offense?
Maybe the Browns could hire the Clipboard that Connor Shaw was holding all year because Johnny's (cont)
McIlwain about to be the next Connor Shaw.
"Gov't which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul" . -George Bernard Shaw
Heck, Connor Shaw should be going to the Pro Bowl. Maybe I can go too. Paging Andy Dalton...
Can't believe Andy Dalton got into the Probowl...Connor Shaw got snubbed smh
Really hate how Connor Shaw was snubbed for the Pro Bowl.
We welcome Connor James Shaw to the StoredTech family tonight!
Connor Shaw to start at quarterback for Cleveland ...
Why is every website blocked on my laptop
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