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Connor Murray

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Connor Murray a lot more worthy to be in that list than Farrell.
Connor Murray all day long controlled 2 and a half of the matches.
Iwhy didn't Poite play on? Also Poite showed no leniency to Connor Murray's cynical pass into wyatt crockett. No consistency.
Connor Murray too. Top series those 3 had!
definitely player of the series for me. Connor Murray would walk into that All Blacks team too
Connor Murray has been different class in all 3 tests. Walks in to any test team on the planet.
Connor Murray taking out Hogg was one of the big turning points. Liam Williams was awesome at fullback.
It's important that focusses on the break for Connor Murray's try not the not-straights. That's what I'll remember
So many standout players for the Lions - Jonathan Davies, Itoje, Warburton all immense - Connor Murray excellent as well
Mark Itoje, Connor Murray and Jonathan Davies were simply world class this tour, would walk into any team
Hudge mustake taking Connor Murray off and putting Rhys Webb on AWJ went off no open side to replac…
Connor Murray the only scrumhalf in world rugby that put ball straight in scrum and hooker cant hook ball
Why doesn't Connor Murray put the ball at the feet of 4 or or even 6 like Smith...?
Why is Connor Murray still on pitch!! Get mr slow off!!! 😠
Faletau and Connor Murray have been fantastic all series.
Going to say this again. Connor Murray has a complete kicking game!! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Yet again Connor Murray kicking away possession.
Connor Murray kicking out of hand, worth the price of admission
WHY WHY WHY did Connor Murray kick away perfectly good possession in the middle of the pitch? JUST KEEP RECYCLING, YOU NUMPTY.
What's this obsession with the box kick from Connor Murray? How many times have we gained territory from it let alone possession?
Well Done Connor Murray you just relieved major pressure for the All Blacks useless kick over the top
Connor Murray complaining about incorrect feed is the ultimate in hypocrisy
How's Aaron smith not getting pinged for not putting the ball in straight!!! Connor Murray is being way to honest!
Connor Murray playing into the AB hands with stupid over the ruck kicks keeping the pressure on the BIL
Connor Murray is so cool, carm and collected, he sets a nice tempo
Connor Murray slow to so many breakdowns ??
Connor Murray is a complete waste of space
Jordie has been solid under the high ball too. Something Connor Murray gave us a lot of pain with last week.
Douglas Murray on the European problem - The Strange Death of Europe
Connor Murray with his 9,000th box kick of the series!
Connor Murray's box kicking is why we can't have nice things.
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Sorry but how is Bauden Barrett supposed to move out of the way when Connor Murray is *** from behind?? 😂😂😂
Connor Murray, if you could stop giving the all blacks the ball back on the 22 that would be bloody sound mate
Sean O'Brien1 of the players of the series along with Connor Murray
King has major beef with Murray. Rangers is a proxy war!
MURRAY used a scheme for his business to benefit ,fk all to do with Rangers fc
Andy Murray advances into the fourth round at for the 10th straight year...
And shows Murray has good mentality 🤔
Nothing to do how well Murray played
Brilliant form andy Murray great mindst bring it home now
I think Murray is going out tonight.
Agreed, hope not though! Love watching Connor Murray play, he's a baller! . Grace is great, 6 weeks old today! 😳
Bloody brilliant try by Connor Murray in 2nd test. Will be a nerv racking game to watch on Saturday.
There are few things worse in this world like having 4 days off and then coming back to work... 😩
Murray will not win Wimbledon fact, either nadal or federer 👍
Just re-watched the Connor Murray try...yikes
Can't get over how much Connor Murray looks like gazgshore
Hope it's not going to be as one eyed as the breakdown was the other night ?
Savea, laumape and Jordie barrett. 3 blunders from Hansen. Connor Murray, man of the match performance, lions win by 10
The lions are terrible one, two hit up rugby with Connor Murray/ Munster style kick d…
My all time top number one tennis player(drum roll please) Jimmy Connor's, now I'm wee Andy Murray fan💚💛💜
Some of the classic Murray moments that have won the hearts of Scottish sport fans
via Connor Murray looks forward to trying Morris Dancing
The clip of Connor Murray and Jamie George stopping Kyle Sinckler from going nuts is genius. Like stopping a toddler walking into the road.
Country music always sounds better at the cabin on the lake. 🇺🇸
Is this why everybody is calling Murray "John Connor"? ;-)
No Belfast was named after King Billy's horse Belle and she was fast
The good people gave us the Top 10 Most Drafted Vegas Golden Knights after 40,000+ mock drafts:
Thank you , Westbrook shoots 5 more shots a game and only averages 2 more points per gam…
Connor Murray, in his University of Pittsburgh dorm room, where he does work for his label Crafted Sounds
Great win for Leinster, and now Connor Murray's been ruled out I can cheer on Munster against Toulouse. I'm
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Connor Murray not playing has to be an April's fools joke😱😱
Next up the munster game minus 1 Connor Murray have to think it's Munsters for the taking
we've gotta be due for a CD party sometime in April, right?
Thanks for identifying these photos from Sean Murray as solution features modified into a shallow in…
Oh there's definitely a next time do u know which hs I went to?!? We ratchet lmao
😂😂😂😂 I was so hoping that she would continue and spill out all the details of their soon to be divorce
Trevor Breedlove in to pitch for Mayfield. Connor Guthrie sits after 7 runs, 9 hits to Murray. 1 out in B2.
I could probably eat 50 hard boiled eggs at once... so good!
Top middle one looks like Bill Murray.
The Mental Breakdown of the LEFT - NAILED in 4 minutes! Douglas Murray. DON'T MISS THIS SHORT VIDEO!
Get the whole fiction Connor Murray Series 20% Off hardback or paperback! Last few days to get them!
No need to mention Jonny Sexton or Connor Murray
alun wyn jones for me or Rory Best. Connor Murray is also a great shout
draws a bit top heavy - me, gb, Ross, john and Connor top. Gf, Chris, murray and the usual stragglers bottom
Approaching crisis point where Wales kick off and Murray match overlap 🙈
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or even a bass line? Been watching Murray too much Connor
we want him to loose so Murray doesn't have to play him in the final
Brad, Tris and Connor with in London yesterday!
The Ovens and Murray Tribunal will hear two charges from the weekend football. Pigeons Brad O’Connor and Ed Bales -striking
Murray is playing some sublime tennis!
This Nick Kyrgios that's playing Murray is an absolute weapon 😂 🎾
New towels please! Serena Williams and Andy Murray among number of Wimbledon stars taking scores of distincti...
Sources: Bournemouth’s Glenn Murray in talks over Brighton return:
Hey I think we're gonna do alright this year. O Line looks good *** Lebeau runnin the D and Henry and Murray! 😳😳 And Mariota😎
Judy Murray is basically tennis' Cersei Lannister. We all saw that smile.
Federer will beat Murray in the final i reckon. Hopefully not .
Lower leg sleeve, done in 2 consecutive day sittings by Connor Murray. Click 'Book Now' on our page to schedule...
ight I wouldn't say orientation was a blast but I'm with you on the freshman year hype 😅
Sugar is the follow-on to Currency. Delta is independent. Motherland will be 3rd in Connor murray series...
Love how all the British pundits on bbc probably have less majors put together than Murray then think they have a clue 🙈
Absolutely amazing to watch then to chat for a bit. Hero. Good luck on saturday!
Sensational performance from to cruise into third round after a 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 win over Lu! https…
Reader comment: "My husband hates you now that I'm in love with Connor Murray! Can't put down!"
Want to meet Conny? You Omaha peeps can pre-order now for a hand delivered LA MAGA, pre order now bbs 💕
From baby Sophia Murray to Pippa Middleton, see who’s been watching the on-court action at
Maku Vunipola. Hard to believe he wasn't starting until recently. Connor Murray. I think best scrum half in Europe
The BEAT Wall of Fame is growing, as new inductees Sean O'Connor & Samantha Bates Murray were added this week.
not too far off there. Not seen much of Connor Murray this tour
Yes, is the 3rd in Connor Murray series - released Jul 4th! Signed, numbered ;)
yes, is a stand alone. Motherland to be released july 4 and is the 3rd on Connor Murray series please leave review!
Let's once again remember that Andy Murray carries an old man in his bag for luck!
Faf 3 try assists Connor Murray 1... thats good enough for me already
I really hope Mike Brown gets banned for that attack on Connor Murray, he's a disgrace to rugby
so anyone fancy comparing this to Mike Brown on Connor Murray?
Brown is a lucky man. No citing for the Connor Murray incident making him avaiable to meet up with Sam again
All purpose parts banner
Mike Brown not cited for the boot to Connor Murray's head. Yet deem player safety paramount... Lost. For. W…
needs Eli Manning to out score DeMarco Murray by 7.3 to beat for a share of second place in the Hillsborough Division
"Me and my friends rule Massey. People look at me & think, *** I want to be Connor Murray" -
yeah you should then we can be Connor wickham and Glenn Murray
Next time Connor Murray box kicks off the back of a scrum you all have my permission to punch him in the face
shame Connor Murray is playing. He is a disaster for Ireland
This has to be Connor Murray's worst game for Ireland
Connor Murray is gonna put me in an early grave
I still don't rate Connor Murray in the slightest.
Connor Murray get your head out of your goddamm ***
If Connor Murray has his hands on the ball it is either out of the ruck or it's hands in the ruck but not in Garces world or so it seems
Connor Murray has had enough of this half, boots the ball out. leading 20 - 10 over at the break. QF3
Great try from Ireland from Luke Fitzgerald! Possible shove/block from Connor Murray though?
Connor Murray, that was a superb take.
Amazing box kick by Murray, that scrum .
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Solid High Ball defence by Ireland and Connor Murray is excellent
Coach Baird and FieldHouse Alumni Connor Mitchell of Vernon College today at Murray State
Kyle Allen can't live up to the hype. Time for the Murray takeover
Who would have thought Connor would score a touchdown in college
Lmao! Pam Murray I laughed so hard at this, thought of Jamie and Connor and this sums the two of them up!!!
Q: Do I think it's funny when sends me muted snapchats?. A: Only because I don't think he knows he's doing it.
I'm currently ghost hunting at work
Yeah I'm gonna need you to go ahead and get off work early so we can get back to this ghost hunting
calling Connor Murray's box kicking aimless and ill-directed again, the facts don't back it up.
Here is what Glenn Murray has to say following even more ACL injuries in the Premier League
Wonderful set from Sharon Shannon tonight accompanied by Alan Connor and Jim Murray
Happy birthday to the guy that makes me happier than ever. I love you connor Murray🎁💙
Photoset: Robbie Henshaw, Connor Murray and team mates of the Irish Rugby squad
man. I guess I was wrong. I still believed it was him, but I just checked kanyetothe and saw a guy claimed that comment..tears..
Funny because I aspire to be you Connor
Cahnor Murray is the du Preez of Europe! Distribution was SUPERv, yesterday!!
you get it. little ghost girl just standing next to my bed the other night..I hated it, but was like, "meh..could be worse I guess"
Connor Norman wore 11 no problem bc he would never be out there with Murray.
Happy that I won my fantasy football matchup. Even happier that my opponent was Connor Murray and that he lost in excruciating fashion
I honestly have little patience for people who blow me off, then only come around when it's convenient.
I added a video to a playlist Connor Murray puts the game out of reach for Ireland
After today I think Murray now holds that title
Ian Madigan , Connor Murray .. Rugby isn't so bad after all 😍😈
Connor Murray! Now that's my kind of rugby. Use your freaking head. The look on the faces of the French says it all! cc.
Conor Murray is without a doubt the most complete 9 in the world - he was intelligent & strategic
I thought Conor Murray displayed intelligence , quiet confidence , know-how and elegance - he is the full picture
The home kit has been released for the 2015/16. worn by Simon Zebo, Peter O'Mahony and Connor Murray …
Connor Murray smashed Venus when they had a tournament in Atlanta no lie
. Roses are red,. Violets are blue,. A bottle of vodka is cheaper than dinner for two.
Great work by who visits family that lost home to fire via . STORY:
Website Builder 728x90
"leagues best RB"??? Connor are you serious??? If players wrapped up, Lynch goes nowhere. Best RB is DeMarco Murray by far.
.wants to stay with the BUT he has one request:
"It's about winning a Super Bowl. If this place gives me the best chance, I'm going to stay here." -Cowboys free agent RB DeMa…
Stars to Murray: "I'll see your .971 and lower you to .875". Sabres: "Far out Connor; I mean far out man, done deal"
Tim Murray has a tattoo of Connor McDavid in nothing but a jersey on his right arm.
So, if I understand this trade correctly, Buffalo might have just handed Connor McDavid to the Jets? Tell me I'm wrong Tim Murray. Please.
I like Tim Murray but don't you need pieces to rebuild? Unless they draft 15 Connor McDavids they aren't çlose
Wow Tim Murray is a genius. Evander Kane PLUS Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel in Buffalo for years to come?! What a brilliant GM.
I despise that cretin. Disgrace he still gets games with John Murray, Ian Dennis and Connor Mc on the scene.
Best of luck in their opening O'Connor cup game tonight. Hopefully the start of a big two days for
When you miss bae and wanna just cry yourself to sleep because the distance *** .. why does it have to be like this?! 💔😩😔😢
According to the director of "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray's character was stuck in his time loop for 30-40 years.
Oh God. I figured it out. They send the machines back to convince people not to vaccinate their kids. John Connor dies of measles…
That moment when you wake up from a dream right before the good part and it just plain ruins your entire day.
we need to adopt IRFU principal, medic on monitor linked to pitch side Dr. That's how Connor Murray was replaced.
The collaborative playlist I have on Spotify with is solid gold 😂👌
Poly boys together! Connor Clayton on debut, Iain Murray and Dale Darby! Proud of the boys today, well done fellas
Connor Murray was the difference in the fantasy league this week mate!
“Needed a solid weekend and this one did not disappoint”
If you loved Jack Ryan and Reacher, try Connor Murray! Thousands have... Read
Spot on Connor, gave us a fright and they played well. Liked Murray & Carreiro
Brilliant second half from Ireland with a great try from Connor Murray! Well done, keep it up.
A pretty poor game from Ireland, but Connor Murray our MOTM.
ITALY 3 vs IRELAND 17 after 65 min. Try scored by Connor Murray for IRELAND
Good choice for man of the match Connor Murray 😎 Come on finish it!!
"After sustained Irish pressure, Conor Murray scores his first try Connor u legend
When I find myself watching rugby when Mark is no where near.. It must be because of Connor Murray 😍😍
Good day to have Connor Murray on my fantasy team.
On the plus side I have got Connor Murray in my side and he's just scored!!
Connor Murray gets the first try, and if wasn't already that's game over for Italy now.
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Correction Aaran smith best 9 in world. Connor Murray second and best in n. Hemisphere..
Connor Murray and Andrew tremble are legends !!
Best of the Weekend: One for the ages in Dublin November 25, 2013 Ireland seconds away from rewriting the history books One of the best matches of recent years played out at the Aviva on Sunday, as Ireland came within seconds of breaking their duck against New Zealand. The Irish raced into a 19-0 lead early in the first half, thanks to tries from Connor Murray, Rory Best and Rob Kearney, and looked to be well in control of the game at half time, as they went into the interval with a 22-7 lead over the All Blacks. New Zealand are not the number one side in the world for nothing however, keeping Ireland scoreless in the second half, and then narrowed the deficit to just five points in the dying seconds of the game. Breaks from Ma’a Nonu and Dane Coles gave New Zealand the field position they needed, and then a neat offload from the hooker gave the ball to Ryan Crotty, who was able to dive over the line and tie the game. With the clock well in the red, Aaron Cruden’s conversion could win the game for New ...
That girl that got tag teamed by Simon Zebo and Connor Murray, though.
Zebo and Connor Murray and apparently Alex Cuthbert was there too
Bailey was adorable in her dance recital! New experience for me. Really enjoyed dinner with Sarah LaPointe, John Murray, Connor Murray, Liam Murray, Dan and Cailey afterwards. Just hanging at home with my boys today.
Just back from Lions v Western Force reserves. 1. Best goal kicking display I have ever seen from Leigh Halfpenny (who had him as his fantasy goal kicker?) 2. Welsh locks anonymous apart from A W-J's mystifying yellow card 3 Rory Best was Force's best player with his throwing 4 No Welshmen in the back row. Heaslip makes Faletau look the plodder he really is. Croft and O'Brien do OK thank you. Enough graft? We'll see. 5. Connor Murray not good enough 6. You cannot play so many from one nation. Got the impression that George North, 2 farthings and Tuilagi were persona no grata in the backs and got few chances amongst the Irish hegemony (but what an offload by Tuilagi to O'Driscoll and earlier by North to BOD) 7. Defence in the last 10 - 15 metres not good enough. 8. Glenn Jackson will be a good ref I am sure but a game like this so soon? Do me a favour. 9. Aussies might kill the Lions Tours as an entity: Huge efforts made to disguise the Lions red amongst the locals - almost 1 for 1 seating wise Who wants t ...
Brian O'Driscoll will captain the British & Irish Lions against Western Force on Wednesday as one of eight Ireland players named in a completely changed starting XV. O’Driscoll, playing in his fourth Lions tour, will lead the side in the continued absence of Wales’ RBS 6 Nations Grand Slam winning captain Sam Warburton, who is recovering from a knee problem. Gatland has made 15 changes to the side that started the 59-8 victory over the Barbarians in Hong Kong on Saturday, ensuring Paul O’Connell, captain that day, is rested. Along with O’Driscoll, Tommy Bowe, Jonny Sexton, Connor Murray, Cian Healy, Rory Best, Sean O’Brien and Jamie Heaslip have all been selected to start. For O’Driscoll it is a return to Perth, the city where he started his first game for the Lions at full-back in 2001. “I am a bit more comfortable playing at 13 this time," he said. "It is very exciting. I haven't lost any of the buzz about being involved with the Lions. It is still a very special place to be. “Now we hav ...
Unsure about Connor Murray, Laidlaw for me. Jim Hamilton instead of Ian Evans.
I've said it before - Connor Murray is the spit of Revenge's Daniel Grayson
Connor Murray's the spitting image of Daniel grayson in revenge :o
Never thought I'd do this but Connor Murray and Sean o Brien are in ANGEL LANE tonight! That sets the precedent for Saturday!
he's a little bigger than the likes of Connor Murray and Ben Youngs
Wolves Claim AEHL Regular Season Title The Wolves Hockey Club finished the regular season with a 7-2 win over Bridgton Academy Sunday afternoon at Waterville Valley Ice Arena to finish the regular season 38-11-3, (13-3 league) and walked away with the inaugural regular season championship of the Academy East Hockey League. The Wolves now own the number 1 seed for the league playoffs to be held March 8-10 in Waterville Valley. Wolves 7, Bridgton 2. In the first game of the two game series on Saturday night the Wolves continued their offensive prowess of late to skate to a 7-2 win over Bridgton Academy. Connor Mauro scored two goals and Matthew Heise added 3 assists to lead the offense while Tyler Kirsch stopped 17 to earn the win in net. Bridgton goalie Connor Murray played a strong game for the visitors stopping 37 Wolves shots. Nico Picciuto put the home team up 1-0 at 9:16 of the first when he took a feed from Riley Flanagan and snapped home a wrister through a screen. The Wolves continued to appl ...
CONNOR MURRAY DAZZLES! Published on February 7, 2013 by California Winter League · No Comments Leg number one of three threw first pitch yesterday to begin the day with a marquee match-up between the Washington Bluesox (8-6-1) and the Canada A’s (5-10). The Bluesox used an outstanding pitching performance from Connor Murray, the right handed hurler tossed six and a third innings of no hit baseball to silence the A’s. Murray retired sixteen batters in a row at one point. Tillman Pugh went three for five with two stolen bases and two doubles and came in to score on a Ryan McMillin single. McMillin reached base five times with a double and two singles along with two RBI’s. The Bluesox sit a game back of the POWER for second place in the CWL with their 9-1 win.
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WOW!!! What a great senior night. It started off with the JV winning by 8 to cap off an awesome 15-5 season. Well done Coach Hudson and entire JV team.Varsity game was fantastic. Connor Murray had 4 treys and 4 steals for a great senior night. Jeff Merton led the way with a season high 16 rebounds and 18 points. Ryan Celano had 11 points and 3 assists while Max Kent hit 2 treys and had 4 assists and 3 steals. Defense really led the way holding Palmettor Ridge to 33 points while we scored 63. No one won the $100 shootout but they did get T Shirts. 23-2 is the best regular season in school history. Now we see if we can top the best post season in school history. Thank you fans for all the support and to the cheerleaders.
Connor Murray and Tommy Bowe..that is all ❤❤
My cousin is friends with Connor Murray and Simon Zebo? want any of them? :L
Had a good last night drinking with Andrew Nelson and Connor Murray
Any friends you consider being like family? — Bradley Oakley, Luke Attard, Connor Murray and Tom Anderson...
Team sure broke out of shooting slump tonight making a season high 11 treys in a 95-30 game. Smitty did a great job announcing starters. Jeff Merton threw down a sweet one handed dunk on Oasis player. Connor Murray was feeling the magic and hit 5 bombs. Ryan Celano had 7 assists in the first half alone. Oliver Zaiser got in that act with a three from the corner and also had 3 steals. Max Kent hit two treys and had 6 assists. Next up is Moore Haven at home Wednesday at 7pm. Come out and catch some of the fun.
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