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Connor Kennedy

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TRUE friends are hard to come by and I'm thankful for the ones I do have! . tan, dre, connor, dyemond, kennedy, Zaria and…
What *** called it a vet instead of a dogtor
Connor Kennedy cooperating with police after defending *** friend in CO bar fight. Multiple witnesses to slur. 👍
we need more ppl like this. to STAND UP. thank you Connor Kennedy. rt
Dex is Oregon, Clarke is Vod and jordy is JP's brother cos he appears once a series
I give up, who needs a degree anyway?
We all know someone who is never wrong
Im pretty sure Steven Naismith and Peado Kennedy from Inbetweeners are the same person😂
I have notifs on for Paula, Kennedy, Dan, Phil, Emilia, trite, pewdiepie, amazing Dan vines, and Connor. I get a lot of n…
I guess. Those medians are relative tho. When O'Connor was on the court, A Kennedy was thought to be in conservative coalition.
Here's what Ted Kennedy said about Trump's pick for Attorney General back in 1986. "Mr. Sessions is a throwback to a sha…
Congratulations to our champions today at Ben Davis: Joey C, Peyton D, Connor O, Grace B, Kennedy H, Noah A, Zane J, Olivia J, and Matt P!
Conor Kennedy gets arrested after defending *** friend - go Connor. Swift was an *** to loose you.
1 tourney appearance in 5 years... and people this this man is a good coach. He should've been canned after year 3. Kenne…
Two years ago to this day, Connor Cook led Michigan State to a comeback win in the Cotton Bowl. Today, he throws his f…
Conor Kennedy, grandson of Bob Kennedy & Taylor Swift’s ex, involved in 2-on-1 barfight (vs
RFK Jr's son Connor arrested in Aspen bar fight defending his *** friend
'Aspen Times' reports that Connor Kennedy was arrested for starting a bar fight with a guy after his friend was harassed for…
Congrats to Connor Barwin on his last sack as a Philadelphia Eagle
Live video of Kennedy talking to Caruso right now in Nashville.
wait, who was Reagan's other prochoice justice apart from O'Connor? B/c Justice Kennedy is pretty hostile to abortion.
first off Kennedy will annihilate silva but Connor vs Edgar would be dope
no no Connor sent jude nudes... so like Connors nudes would look good in a makeup store
this was followed by jake gyllenhall and Connor Kennedy, also notably older than her
JaJuan Seider on Rushel Shell's renewed fire, and Kennedy McKoy's big time potential
Tickets came in, hit up your promotors. FHS: . VHS: . ORHS: . PHS:https:…
Methinks seconding of 'Kennedy' is Mary Mitchell O'Connor's plinth moment.
Connor Kennedy live stream , if you're not watching you're missing out X
Kennedy leaving that right wing wide open for PSG here
Idk what Connor Kennedy is doing with these live stream things, but whatever it is I canny stop watching
If you'd like to hear the oral argument where Justices Kennedy, O'Connor, RBG, and Stevens destroyed Cruz, here:
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Lmfao I can't believe the dt page are now taking the *** out that Connor Kennedy
Not sure what this Connor Kennedy live thing is but a like it
omfg do u have Connor Kennedy on fb??
you may as well tag the whole of RGS here and wait for the commotion to start
A 4 4 court has already moderated SCOTUS. Kennedy knows the import of his vote even more, he was more conservative before O'connor left
Connor Smith's goal with 11.4 secs left lifts Benet past Providence, 3-2, to force G3 in Kennedy Cup.
What guarantee is there a Cruz nominee won't become a turncoat like O'Connor or Kennedy?
LMA: Connor Kennedy Live at Capitol Theater on 2015-09-12
Wieden & Kennedy and Southern Comfort part ways.
One change at half time. Kealan Dillon has replaced midfielder Sean Kennedy O'Connor.
idk what the temp is like in Denton but it's warm in Houston 😂😂 so I think she's good
happy I'm Kennedy and I love my cat and Connor way too much
Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr. also disagree with you. Don't forget that Reagan gave us O'Connor/Kennedy. HWB gave Souter
Congrats 100 free divisionals medalists & new state qualifiers Kennedy Fisher, Ashley Saple, and Connor Harrison!
oh yeh, I forgot to thank you for ur snapchat story, loved it
You are absolutely correct. But imagine Bork nominated earlier instead of O'Connor, and any true conservative instead of Kennedy.
This dude Connor got wayyy to much swag 😎
Very little danger he'd appoint an O'Connor, Kennedy. So I think you've got to put that into your calculations! 3/
don't get jealous Connor, just cos she's a better friend than you 🙄
can we just praiz Bones that his name is Elmo Kennedy O'Connor. Elmo. ELMO
ME. Thank God they're in summer bc he always has concerts here on school days. But he'll be here in March for the
In the lab with Ian Connor by the way
I can see why you've been hiding the salmon for all this time now mate
Two changes by Rob Page as he hands Kennedy his debut and brings O'Connor back into the starting XI. Robinson is on the bench
AL Kennedy: 'Doctor Who reminded me how precious storytelling is'
or Souter, or Kennedy or Sandra O'Connor or Harry Blackmun or Earl Warren. Nixon, Reagan, Bushes failed here
Connor & I are already arguing over if Kennedy will say "mama" or "dada" first and she isn't even here yet.
I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.~Flannery O'Connor
Kennedy & I got on the field, 3 new Dr Seuss books, FaceTime grandma, & smash some bottles today!
Q8: Who normally hosts the TV3 Seven O'Clock Show with Martin King?. Is it Pippa O'Connor, Matt Cooper or Lucy Kennedy?
stop. is Connor teaching you to kill plants? don't do thjs
Nixon gave us 4/4 conservative justices. Reagan was 1 for three (Kennedy,O'Connor horrible) under advice of Mark Levin!
Thank you. I'm just missing Connor Kennedy, I can't find him.
are you going to do a video with Connor and tyler
A fantastic and honest story of what it's like to leave the corporate world and start your own business.
As POTUS will The Donald select Judges to the Supreme Court whose rulings will be the likes of Kennedy, O'Connor or Miers shaping our lives
Bull Connor and the Birmingham unrest led to John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights speech.
by that theory also touched Joe Jonas Taylor Lautner John Mayer Jake Gyllenhaal and Connor Kennedy. You're a lucky boy
lmfao Clemson is wack to me.. Like FSU last year but I think msu played better today.. Connor cook is great
Press conference after 66-7 win over Albright with Coach Kehres, Nemeth, Kennedy, and Kocheff
Connor Cook, that's my baby that's my baby 😍😍😍
Does anyone like or have friends who really like the vamps, I have the band and Connor follow so I can give out dms👅
Happy Birthday to Myles Kennedy One of the Busiest & Best Men In Rock Today!
i also got Connor's signed one and Pewdiepie's signed one
Not in our time zone! NBC broadcasted the parade at 9 in all of the time zones so some people are like 2 hours ahead of us! 😛
Kevin has seen Connor Kennedy at Harvard. Therefore, he has met Taylor Swift. 😍😮
- On The Tour Cusp: Connor O'Leary And Stu Kennedy: When it's down to the wire in HI.It's down to the...
Taylor dates Connor Kennedy over the summer
Emerson kennedy, diesel, I think you and gjonaj on kotd could be dope
not a movie person. Don't like dogs. But I like hanging out with you...? Does that work.
Rory O'Connor (prop) and Mike Kennedy (9) both Irish qualified Aussies, trained with Munster Rugby today. Both to play club rugby I presume.
Two young Australians, prop Rory O'Connor & scrum-half Mike Kennedy trained with Munster in trial capacity at UL today. Both Irish qualified
Australian U20 prop Rory O'Connor and fellow Aussie scrum-half Mike Kennedy trained with Munster in UL today.
Me and had the Access Centre in tears today... It was a pleasure reliving Connor Kennedy's steamy sexting sessions
ok so I give this person a Connor Ball solo DM and they unfollow OKOK
Connor stop you're being so irrelevant
“what’s your favorite position in bed?” near the wall so I can use my phone while it’s charging
Kennedy, Brayden, Quinn, Connor, and it keeps repeating that way over and over. I feel sorry for CF cause most of fresh guys dont come back
Elmo Kennedy O'Connor.. I think I have had said enough .
That probably took me too long to figure out that "Wonderland" is about Connor Kennedy.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Poor guy had to eat his phone on holiday
can I ship you and Connor here to me? That would make things a lot easier..
Comments so far on my cooking. Eldest daughter: it's like washing up water. Youngest: I've got cholera. Son: can we get…
He squared up to fight a dinosaur, I've seen it all now 😂
When you have to lay a beat at 10 and fight a Sith at 11.
Floop is a mad man, help us, save us
When the whole group chat ignores you
Hard at work with at the in Kingston. This is Connor Kennedy and Minstrel...
Ladies and gentlemen- Sexual Chocolate! Na - just playin'. Connor Kennedy Minstrel doing their thing…
Connor Kennedy and Minstrel performing. is here, where you at? @ Uptown Kingston
"Kinda just want to sit in a tracksuit in the conservatory and watch the rain" . A wise 12 year old girl called Matt Barker once said
The Incredibles 2 is coming... We've waited 10 years for this!
Connor Kennedy had a tough shift, those lads were massive. He was my man of the match. Really put his back into it
Justin Bieber is a proper arrogant bruv, what an *** 😕
This sums up my relationship with most people I know.
Change for as replaces Connor Kennedy at half-time
And should be in front. Connor Kennedy dallied on the ball, lost it to Darren Stephenson but he shot over
Connor Kennedy is not ugly taylor watch out he was givin me the gooey eyes
Connor is not the wise man in question
well I don't look too happy about it if I'm honest
I'm ashamed to call you my boyfriend
Anyways, I had my mom retake. Cousins Jade and Connor on the left and right, siblings Kevin and Kennedy in the middle
Connor Lincoln and I just saw inside out
Lulu has developed an entire plan to marry Connor Kennedy😂
she didn't keep Harry, zac, Taylor, John mayor, nick, Connor Kennedy, Eddie long did she 😴
The Knights defeated the Mariners today by a score of 17-12. Connor Kennedy had a 3 run dinger. Phillip C and Janes Rivers both had dingers
Elliott Chamberlain, Connor Kennedy and Ben Milnes all recalled by boss Tommy Wright. Carvalho, Gascoigne, Thomas on bench
"I've told you how I've hooked up with Connor Kennedy, right?"- guess who
Kennedy was my hands down favorite person
The big question at tonight's canals opening ceremony.. Who will skate better or Connor Kennedy, son of StateSen Kennedy
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When a person you don't like makes a joke...
Eyebrows on fleek lmao hes too happy tho 😂💀
Connor Kennedy (he dated Taylor Swift) just sprayed everyone with the fire extinguisher and the fire alarm went off (exams are tomorrow)
Honestly Tyler blocking Kennedy is my goals with Connor
“When you see bae across the room.. it's so cringey it hurts 😂
Friends actually mean nothing, people you've known for two months can actually make more effort with you than people you'…
Tb to when I killed Connor and Kennedy just watched! 😂😂
If Fleur East doesn't name her first album ' Self Raising Fleur ' then I won't be buying it.
This is the only guy in history who can put a stripper pole, 5 TVs, a fish tank & a chandelier in a 98 Honda Accord. http:…
Trey Kennedy - When you thought your covers kept you safe as a kid.. W/ Connor Lamb -
hey how do you get ahold of Connor Kennedy ?
Having said that, Connor Kennedy is 17. He is vastly experienced now though!
As promised, a very young are in action at Royston in the Red Insure Cup tonight. Connor Kennedy plays, Tommy Wright on bench
Why are you swearing?lol And no I mean, how do you know who is visiting and who doesn't want to use the hospital
depends what the problem is, I'd like to think internal bleeding is top of the treatment list.   10% Off
if you were bleeding internally I think you would go to the ER mate.
But then what will you do about the people who use the car parks who don't need to use the hospital?
if they're covered by the NHS then yes
So I could be bleeding internally and I've got told to go away and come back at quarter to 10.. I'm somehow failing to see the logic in that
So do you let everyone in for free? Even those who are going for a broken finger etc.
using the millions of pounds in tax allocated to the NHS
It is but have you got a better way of distinguishing who does and doesn't pay?
Don't particularly feel like spending 6 hours in the hospital 😒
Connor Kennedy had a monster game for Mission Hills (17 points, 20 rebounds) in the Grizzlies win over an improved Bonita Vista
I just don't understand why taylor dated Connor Kennedy.. just why...
When someone starts giving you banter
Kim K cropped her own child out of the picture 😂
I'm guessing. Wildest dreams is for Connor Kennedy.. He's so tall and handsome as *** !
Solid goaltending for Duxbury High School Hockey by Tucker Kelly, Connor Allen, and Lee Kennedy in scrimmage win over Rid…
What a beautiful moment in time singing with Sarah Fimm, Joel Bluestein, and Manuel Quintana. Seeing my dear friend Connor Kennedy on stage with Donald Fagen and the rest of the boys (Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison, Will Bryant) warmed my heart; made me smile and cry at the same time. Loving, more than ever, living in this little town.
The weekend is upon us and Bill Payne, Connor Kennedy, Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison, Will Bryant, Adrien Reju, Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues and William H. Cosby, Jr. (Bill Cosby) are all going to be in the doing their thing. Are you looking to make sense of it all? And get a jump on Simone Felice's 5/24 show at BSP Kingston? Then, pls, I insist, join me at 530 as DJ Greg Gattine welcomes me on Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST. It could just change everything for ya.
Redditch started brightly here. Paul Walker had to push away Jermaine Hylton's cross and Connor Kennedy blocked a shot from Leavi Oshungbure
Connor Kennedy opening for Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds
3/27/14 Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds and Connor Kennedy at The Narrows [Video]
The lovely and amazing Amy Helm kicks off our brand-new "Live from the Chandelier Lobby" concert series this FRIDAY night. It's a great chance to see a great performer in a great, intimate setting. The very talented Connor Kennedy will be traveling with Amy as her opening act. Come on down!
Playing in Saratoga today with Todd Nelson and Kyle Esposito at 9 Maple Ave. best venue in Saratoga. Might be far for some of you but there is some cool happenings in town. Connor Kennedy is having his cd release show at Levon's, Ross Rice is making things sexy at the Colony in Woodstock and Alana Orr will put some bass in your face at Dave's in Saugerties.
I was just interviewing Bill Payne of Little Feat. In middle of the call, he jumped on the piano and started banging out a tune. Bill will be in Albany June 18 playing some tunes, showing his photography and telling stories. Connor Kennedy will sit in on a few tunes on guitar.
Connor Kennedy, Kennedy and Conor is the same person. She never dated Adam Young, Patrick and Zac Efron.
really? Connor Kennedy, John Mayer, Jake Gylenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas.. Must I go on... I think not
So The Moment I Knew is for Jake Gyllenhaal not for Connor Kennedy.Aah.I knew it now.
Now that Taylor Swift and I are going to be best friends she can introduce me to Connor Kennedy. Halley Kennedy has a nice ring to it
"I made a pinterest to make it cool for guys, but it's just not gonna work" -Connor Kennedy
If you want some big revelation, since 2010 I have dated exactly two people ( Connor Kennedy and Harry…
Connor Kennedy filmed the video entry of taylor making her announcement.He did it after they went on a date
umm people assumed it was Connor Kennedy:)
Boys you trust? — Connor Clark, Jordan Kennedy, can't think of anyone else tbh!...
Connor Kennedy...seriously one of the hottest guys I've ever my life.
stop being sad you should be happy you're Kennedy Brock everyone loves you
that's not even funny.. That's just immature 😒
no but John Mayer Joe Jonas Jake Gyllenhaal (so?) and Connor Kennedy will!!
Siptu's Jack O'Connor implores Brendan Howlin not to proceed with pay cuts as this wd 'inevitably precipitate a major confrontation'.
we can only go Wednesday or Friday anyway with training and Brigids
I want to see sprinte sacre in the flesh..lets go that day
Off to our 730 am Judicial Salute Event. Honored to host Justices Kennedy and French and Chief Justice O'Connor...
S/O to for introducing me to Mr. Dom Kennedy. I can groove to that.
Horrible news out of Boston. Hoping everyone at the marathon & The Kennedy Library makes it out safe.
Connor Kennedy has curly hair just like Harry Styles...oh Taylor...😒
Connor, Will, Kennedy (what a group of babes *** Mica, Georgi&Rachel, even Sam now, just everyone likes ATL :')
Yeah so I think it's official that Connor Kennedy and I belong together.
Just had dinner with 's ex boyfriend Connor Kennedy 💕☺
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just talked to Connor Kennedy aka guy who railed Taylor Swift
Join me in honoring six great community leaders...Erwood, Schramm, Kennedy, Pepe, O'Connor & Businski.
Connor: Kennedy buckle up, I don't want you to die today, that would suck. Thanks Connor glad to know that you care. 😘❤
😳 ehm, and harry took Tay back and stayed! Tay belongs to Connor Kennedy!!!
Since 2010, Taylor has dated two people (Connor Kennedy and Harry Styles)
The guys she has dated are Harry Styles, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Connor Kennedy, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal.
THIS TO VOTE! Do it for Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Connor Kennedy and mostly, HARREH!
Emma and I aren't speaking to each other because she thinks "All Too Well" is about Connor Kennedy when it's about Jake Gyllenhaal. 😤
If Taylor and Harry were still together and I saw them: Taylor and Harry: *making out* Me: *gasp* Taylor and Harry: *look at me* Me: You're that guy from that Pepsi commercial and you're all like "and I'm Herreh!" I love that commercial! Harry: Err, thanks. Me: And you! You're the one that dated Joe Jonas and Lucas Till! Taylor: *nods and smiles* Me: And Taylor Lautner! Oh, and John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal!! Taylor: *stands there awkwardly* Me: Oh! And that guy from Glee, umm, Cory Montieth! OHH and Zac Efron! And Eddie Redmayne! Taylor: Uh... Me: Oh, and I can't forget Connor Kennedy!! ...Dang, that's a lot of guys... *looks at Harry* Good luck, bro.
Activists alert:Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his son Connor Kennedy were arrested Wednesday in Washington while protesting against approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.A rally in Washington, DC, protesting the Pipeline, has been called by Forward on Climate for Sunday, February 17. Bobby Kennedy, my pa...
Wtg! Darryl Hannah nd Connor Kennedy (son of Bobby Kennedy) for their support. Both were arrested for standing their ground in stopping the tarsands of XL from Alberta down to the states.. More to follow..
Robert Kennedy Jr., actress Daryl Hannah, Connor Kennedy and dozens of other activists attached themselves to the White House gates Wednesday in the latest attention-getting protest against the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
Taylor Swifts ex Connor Kennedy got arrested at the White House today. I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE WHEN YOU WALKED IN
LMFAO, Connor Kennedy got arrested! I knew you were trouble when you walked in the White House... LOL. OMG.
I want to be one...Connor Kennedy, marry me?💍
- of GF but he only had Felicity, Caroline,Taylor (what has been confirmed !) and Taylor had Joe Jonas, Connor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner-
Amy Helm, Connor Kennedy, and his band ring in the new year at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock.
"Who has recently been linked and UNLINKED to John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Connor Kennedy, Cory Monteith, Harry Styles.." Its over. YAY.
I don't know what was going on with Connor Kennedy but her and Harry HAVE been meeting up and stuff since April
"Taylor does have a house in Boston next to her ex Connor Kennedy so if Harry's in Boston, hes there" conor and harry should be best friends
WHAT??? Did Taylor cheat on Connor Kennedy with his cousin, Patrick Schwarzenegger SO CONFUSED???
So ! Connor Kennedy, Kennedy and Conor are the same person. Adam and Tay were both interested in each other but didn't date-
couple sparked rumours they were dating after being spotted on a romantic stroll walking around Central Park on Sunday. And after Harry invited her to join him for the biggest gig of his life when One Direction headlined the iconic Madison Square Garden, Taylor followed the curly singer to the party. Buy tickets for the One Direction tour here. They have already been dubbed 'Haylor' by their followers. Taylor, 22, split from boyfriend Connor Kennedy , 18, (of no fame other than being born into the iconic US political family) before swiftly (no pun intended) moving on to Harry, according to reports.
Can Joe Jonas, Jake Gylenhaal, Taylor Lautner, and Connor Kennedy, team up and save Harry before Taylor ruins his life.
Harry Styles of One Direction, and Taylor Swift: photos of his appointment in Central Park The pair of singers passed a fun and romantic evening in New York LVL / Photos: GTres Monday, December 3, 2012, 12:34 New York. - Pictures of Harry Styles, One Direction, Taylor Swift and a stroll through Central Park have confirmed the rumors of a possible relationship between the singers. And is that both have enjoyed a fun and romantic date in New York, accompanied, though, by another couple of friends and careful not star in any kiss. In fact, there have been who has assured that this alleged affair is nothing but an attempt to give Taylor Swift her jealous ex-boyfriend, Connor Kennedy, who broke a few weeks ago. The photos with Harry Styles, thought the country singer, will react to Connor. Hence, Taylor did not want to deny the rumors of relationship with the One Direction singer, who however, the images do not show any sign of affection. "Taylor believes that the best way to make him jealous is to show that n ...
probably her music like Connor Kennedy probably got all mad her album was about Jake
Avni I'm not tryin to be rude but I think it's kinda rude to block and delete people comments just because you don't feel the same way they do about haylor... Everyone has their own opinions, so lets just keep it at that. I know it's not nice to call someone a *** but Taylor is actually quite a *** . She sleeps with many boys and cheats on boys aswell. No hate. My opinion ~Louis' Bum
so, harry chose taylor over cara. Now, don't get me wrong I adore taylor its just... this over
I know this is a page for The Wanted and no hate plz but im curious do any of you ship "Haylor"??
Oh Taylors your Queen? Who's the king? Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Connor Kennedy.. shall I go on?
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@ anyone in my marine class last year...can you please tell Connor we actually had someone named Zephira in our class
jake g, connor Kennedy, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, all in the matter of 2-3 years...
Haters be like"Taylor's to sweet for that." Excuse me but where have you been when she cheated on Connor Kennedy?
Connor Kennedy is on there three times, she never dated Zac Efron, Adam young, or Patrick Schwarzenegger
Hi I'm Connor Kennedy. I'm just the greatest guy in the world and I'm going to Stanford University. Oh and I have six pack.
Do you know Connor Kennedy? — think ive spoken to him once or twice, never met him in person though...
but Taylor Swift was with Connor Kennedy? that's his name, right? and now she's with Harry Styles? i don't get it.
Also I read today that Tay Swift is buying a house in London to be close to Harry. FFS GIRL DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM CONNOR KENNEDY
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taylor's a gold digger,yo.have you seen her with someone that doesnt have money?Harry,Taylor Lautner,Connor Kennedy,Joe Jonas.NOYOU HAVENT
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"Yeah i think im in love with connor kennedy" -Taylor Swift On An Interview Last Month.
Connor's lookin good in the new Cumberland Dukes jerseys. @ R.J. Kennedy Arena
and that pic with connor kennedy was like 2 weeks ago! Jeez I just don't get it with this lady
Connor Kennedy was okay. It's just that she's clingy! And he's 18! I doubt he can handle all this grown-up stuff!
Connor Kennedy sorta looks like Harry omg whut?!
She cheated on Harry with a Connor Kennedy? Truth or bull?
they werent her BOYFRIENDS you GET it right! John Mayer, jake gyllenhal, Taylor Lautner, Connor Kennedy and Joe Jonas!
I predict her next album is gonna be about John Mayer (yes him because he's still a jerk), Connor Kennedy, and Harry Styles.
Can't wait to see connor Kennedy roll up in the whip
how are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles a serious couple? she hasn't even finished her album about Connor Kennedy
Taylor has a a house near Jake Gyllenhaal, John mayor, & Connor Kennedy's (all exes) & is buying one near harry
Joe Jonas, jake gyllenhal, connor kennedy, John Mayer and Taylor Lautner. Get your facts straight before you *** shame her
no brah. They're all going to billies buy Ellie and Ellie and brad and Connor and all that might be going, so I never went
Taylor Swift cheated on Harry Styles with Connor Kennedy? Is this for real? Or is it just rumors?
*** 2 months ago yo were with Connor Kennedy,you just cant stay alone, you need someone to break up and then write a song.
“Connor Kennedy. Get ready” niggha, Connor didn't do that. He was with me the entire time?
A week with connor kennedy? *** my battery's life is longer than her reliationship
Knowing harry will be her next ex guy.and gonna end up like Joe Jonas?or Taylor Lautner? Connor kennedy or ..or gosh she has alot
Omg it wasnt even a month ago when she was dating connor kennedy And then she cheated on him with his cousin so she needs to leave harry now
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Taylor Swift has dated Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Connor Kennedy and now Harry Styles, I'm prolly missing a few but yeah lol
Connor Kennedy is actually so beautiful uhm hello
She was dating a dude named Connor Kennedy like last month, and now she's dating a dude from One Direction.
That or she was dating Connor Kennedy and she wanted to impress him ... (
she was better off with Connor Kennedy. Or you know... Anybody else.
I think Taylor dated Connor Kennedy just to make Harry jealous.
I turned in time to see Kennedy and O'Connor hurrying up the.
It was O'Connor's turn to look incredulous, but as Kennedy.
i remember seeing her hand on Joe Jonas Connor Kennedy Jake gyllenaal John Mayer Taylor Lautner now you
Taylor Swift sure moves on fast.. A month ago Connor Kennedy, now Harry Styles? No shame in her game
I'm not kidding, Connor Kennedy is hot.
Taylor Swift is a such cougar tho,first twas Connor Kennedy now its Harry Styles...
but wasn't taylor JUST in a relationship with that Connor kennedy guy?
Everyone freaking out about Haylor, LISTEN TO THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT US!!! think about it, we are judging them for no reason. They dont know about us could be about Harry and Taylor, they dated before she dated connor kennedy, it could totallly be about her, so SHUT UP AND RESPECT HAYLOR Sorry ~Mrs. Styles
Connor Kennedy and Patrick Schwarzenegger?! Maybe Taylor was trying to get into politics?! Lol
im sorry that I don't like Haylor, and if you want, you can unlike. but its my opinion... I just don't like it. And like, not many people do.. so yeah, sometime I get carried away with sharing my opinion, so im sorry to all u people who like them... but I REALLY don't.
This may hurt your peasantly feelings but whatever,I DON'T SHIP HAYLOR. I don't like Taylor. Again personally I think she's a *** GOD DONT SHIP HAYLOR. DA DEVIL DONT SHIP HAYLOR. Rumor has it she hooked up with the Devil. ~JZHora
TREND PLEASE? FOR ME? I LOVE TAY TO DEATH, BUT ITS GETTING DELUSIONAL! Thinking about marrige, babies, where theyre gonna live?! She made Harry go on the plane with her to England. The others got mad at Harry. :\ I wish Tay was back with Kennedy? (Something with a K, read it on a magazine.) My mum said that her mum should talk to her about all these boyfriends..
Wednesday Night with Connor Kennedy & Special Guests! Happy Hour and Early Bird Special - Make a night of it!
I thought Taylor Swift was dating Connor Kennedy, but now she's sleeping with Harry Styles? Jesus Mary and Joseph Taylor pick a ***
Harry Styles should have have long conversation with Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner and Connor Kennedy.
After dating last April, Taylor Swift and One Directioner Harry Styles are at it again. Mario Lopez confirmed the news on his radio show that the two have rekindled their romance. He said that he saw the pair walking ‘hand-in-hand’ as Swift prepares for a performance. Lopez then asked Styles what he was doing in LA, Styles appeared to confirm that he was accompanying Swift. Here are Lopez’ exact words: “Here’s a little inside scoop for you. During rehearsals, Harry from One Direction came and slapped me on the back and said, “Hey Mario, how ya doing?” And I said, “What are you doing here?” And he sort of gestured toward Taylor.” He then said that he thinks the two seemed to be 'more than friends.' Taylor have previously dated John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Connor Kennedy. Let's all hope that this will turn out good for the both of them or else, we can expect another break-up song from Taylor.
TSwift girl! You've dated everyone from Connor Kennedy to Harry Styles to John Meyer to Tayor Lautner. STOP in the name of love!
lol she dated 5. Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Connor Kennedy.
fun fact! Starlight is actually about Bobby Kennedy and his wife, also known as Connor Kennedy's grandparents. Enjoy!
Supposedly Taylor Swift & Connor Kennedy broke up.. Probably bc the majority of her album "red" is about Jake Gyllenhaal
So I heard on the radio today that Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy have broken things off. Unfortunately Ms. Swift hasn't realized that you don't break up with a Kennedy, they find a way to kill you and make it look like an accident. Marilyn Monroe, Mary Jo Kopechne, Taylor Swift?
Heard about Taylor Swift & Connor Kennedy's breakup. Don't sweat it, Taylor, there's a reason Jackie Kennedy was a chain-smoker.
Oh, and there's also songs about Eddie Redmayne, Will Anderson, and of course Taylor Swift's current boyfriend, Connor Kennedy
it was just on the cover of a magazine that she cheated on I think his name is Connor Kennedy with his cousin Patrick
//I still think Taylor Swift and Zac Efron would be adorable together. Don't get me wrong, Connor Kennedy and Taylor are cute and everything but I just think Taylor is dating Connor for all the wrong reasons...
Connor Kennedy, Myles Mancuso, Lee Falco, and Brandon Morrison TORE UP Helsinki Hudson last night... My new favorite supergroup!
Oie, she crashed a wedding with Connor Kennedy (the late Mary Kennedy's son). That girl needs somebody to put some sense in her.
Connor Kennedy is a *** Taylor what are you thinking? A junior in high school... C'mon... Really?
I love To death but I do not like her with Connor Kennedy, come on girl you had John Mayer, John Mayer!
I'm all over the Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy fascination. They are calling this the TACO pair. Do you think Taylor is showing some Obsessive behaviors? note, she now is dressing like Jackie Kennedy and is studying the Kennedy's. Is that not stacking? I'm thinking so folks. she buys a house next door to this 18 year old young man...Oh Taylor! You're on the wrong path, Honey!
how you think about Connor Kennedy? He's 18 years old and he's a son of Robert Kennedy Jr & nephew of John F Kennedy! :O
Taylor Swift takes boyfriend Conor Kennedy, RFK Jr.’s son, home to Nashville … Jr.’s son, home to Nashville to meet her parents Nashville pop princess Taylor Swift, 22, advanced her own ‘love story’ by bringing Camelot-bred boyfriend Connor Kennedy home to meet her parents.
"Since the death of Mary Kennedy, Swift has been a source of support for Connor Kennedy." Will this be a source of inspiration for her song?
Gotta admit, sometimes you hear some pretty off the wall celebrity and political news on Good Morning America. This morning they had an odd combo of both. Apparently, teeny pop idol Taylor Swift is being linked with Connor Kennedy -- Bobby Kennedy's grandson. I would think that if Swift was to hook up with a member of any political family it would more likely be someone related to Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, *** Cheney or Karl Rove, who probably more likely fits what I would suspect her political profile to be.
lets hear it for Connor Kennedy! sitting in with Donald Fagen at the Beacon Theater tonight!! jealous? yes!! so cool.
Taylor Swift has been linked with a member of America's famous Kennedy family. People Magazine reports that the country star has been spotted out and about with Connor Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy...
Thank you friends for a night of sweet heat and music @ Harmony Music Woodstock NY last night! Great to see you all, and great to play with the Woodstock, Sin City gang, and special guest Kyle Esposito! We had some great cameos last night too - big thanks to Connor Kennedy for playing piano(!) on some Band tunes, Youngster Joey Calderone sitting in on geetar, and Reggie Earls, Abraham, and Collin Bergkamp adding some vox!
I'm playing tonight with the members of the Levon Helm Band at Mountain Jam!! We are backing up Warren Haynes for a Levon tribute set that starts at 11pm. I was working on some horn charts for the gig the last few days...It's gonna be a blast!.then tomorrow, I'll be performing with young Connor Kennedy and his band at Mtn Jam in the afternoon. We are doing one of my original songs that Connor sings and some more of my horn arrangements.come on out if you can!! Peace.
Join us for a late afternoon Blues Party! Jb (Hammond Organ) toured the world for over 6 years with blues DIVA Shemekia Copeland. Connor Kennedy (guitar/vocals) was featured in the Jan Issue of Hudson Valley Magazine as "one of the people to watch in 2012!" Vito Luizzi (drums) currently tours with Blues Icon Johnny Winter!!! Fine Blues and BBQ - it doesn't get better than this! (and its FREE!!!)
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