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Connor Barth

Connor Thomas Barth (born April 11, 1986) is an American football placekicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League.

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No one cares about K's, but this could get interesting...
Roberto Aguayo, Connor Barth prepare for Bears kicking competiti -
coach John Fox says K Connor Barth was perfect today in his FG opportunities. Bears claimed Roberto Aguayo yesterda…
'Bring on the competition': Roberto Aguayo already bringing out the best in Connor Barth, as PK duel begins: https:…
Via ESPN - "Bears kicker Barth strikes first in competition vs. Aguayo"
'Bring on the competition': Connor Barth ready for Rob..
'Bring on the competition': Connor Barth ready for Robe..
Roberto Aguayo arrives for 'fresh opportunity' as Bears training camp closes
"Bring on the competition": Connor Barth ready for Roberto Aguayo duel
Highlights of what Bears kickers Roberto Aguayo and Connor Barth said Monday at the outset of their new competition…
Report from Chicago: Bears PK Connor Barth was 11 for 11 in FG attempts Monday. Newly acquired Roberto Aguayo did not attemp…
Bears kicker Connor Barth strikes first in competition vs. Roberto Aguayo
Connor Barth the clear front-runner as Bears kicker, but Andy Phillips could press him via…
After back-to-back incomplete passes by Matt Barkley from 4, Connor Barth's 22-yard FG attempt blocked by Preston Smith.
Asked about Brian Hoyer today, John Fox said a "bright spot" was that Connor Barth went 3-for-3 on FGs and made all his extra points (1).
Bears HC John Fox saw a bright spot yesterday in Connor Barth making all three of his FG attempts and his PAT.
John Fox to on Connor Barth: “We’re always looking to get better, but we have confidence in Connor." .
Could the soon be looking for a new kicker? reports after Connor Barth's costly miss:
.fans chant for Robbie Gould after Connor Barth missed a 50-yard attempt
Topics: Dowell Loggains' big test; Whitney Mercilus' underrated production; Connor Barth's big chance.
GM Ryan Pace on Bears signing kicker Connor Barth, addition of Josh Sitton, by
After hearing Ryan Pace's & John Fox's explanations I'm even less clear how they think Connor Barth can be an upgrade over…
are expected to sign Connor Barth as replacement for Robbie Gould. Barth was part of final cuts.
will sign kicker Connor Barth, source says.
Good point LS Aaron Brewer and K Connor Barth spent 5 games together in 2014 with the
Robbie Gould's foot leaves big shoe for Connor Barth to..
true. Reports are that they have plans to sign Connor Barth
Robbie Gould leaves a big right shoe for Connor Barth to fill. My story:
Bears would be Connor Barth's sixth NFL team. He's younger, yes. He's cheaper, sure. I wonder how he'll like Chicago in December.
They're signing Connor Barth. He became available and they released Gould. I don't see what is so difficult to understand here.
signed Connor Barth tonight. He'll be throw to the wolves week one.
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Their kicker is Connor Barth. And Gould is bad now. It's fine.
Bears expected to sign Connor Barth to replace Robbie Gould.
Watch Ryan Pace sign Sitton, then replace Gould with Connor Barth as an extra nudge to Mickey Loomis. Then watch Barth…
Heard it here first: Connor Barth to be newest field goal kicker. Thanks Robbie Gould we'll miss you.
Bears to sign K Connor Barth to take Robbie Gould's place
These photos of Connor Barth are encouraging
Connor Barth is more than ample, especially for a fraction of the cost.
From our Connor Barth to take Robbie Gould's spot
Connor Barth. Lotta pressure on him anyway, being a kicker, but with that last name as well.
The make headlines with the release of Robbie Gould & the addition of OL Josh Sitton
Looks like Connor Barth might be his replacement, for the Bears and for you?
no we won't we just signed Connor Barth.
expected to sign K Connor Barth, who is 63 for 64 inside of 40 yards since 2010. Only miss was a block from 35 yards…
Also really happy to see that former Saint Connor Barth was just signed by the Chicago Bears replacing longtime vet Ro…
Robbie Gould out of Chicago. naming Connor Barth as starting placekicker.
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they have a guy in mind. Connor Barth.
all I'll say is Connor Barth is not the answer. my feeling is will be on another team this yea and he w/ prob
New kicker Connor Barth will join the team tomorrow. Deal will be signed then.
The released Robbie Gould the franchise all-time leading scorer and the one main source of points and pick up Connor Barth!
Report: Bears to sign kicker Connor Barth after releasing veteran Robbie Gould.
grabs Dan Bailey during the ghost hours of the night and drops Connor Barth.
Ironically, Connor Barth would probably be a valuable kickoff guy now. Heh
Not completely surprised, no. But they do still have Patrick Murray on their roster as well as Connor Barth
Goes without saying, Connor Barth makes that.
Somewhere, a petulant Kyle Brindza continues stabbing his Connor Barth voodoo doll with a satisfied smile on his face.
Connor Barth misses the extra point and is STILL better than Kyle Brindza.
Bucs kicker Connor Barth has converted on 17 of 19 (89%) of his field goal attempts. Huge upgrade over Kyle Brindza who was 6 of 12 (50%)
I think Ima just keep Graham Gano benched in favor of Connor Barth... Bucs gon kick a lot lol
"Hello, yes, this is Connor Barth". "Connor, this is Kevin Colbert, GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers."
ICYMI, the have agreed to terms with K Connor Barth. READ:
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*** are you talking about we have Jeff Saturday, Brandon Tate, Gio Bernard, Connor Barth, Tre Boston, Eric Ebron
Omar Bolden reconnected with family. DeMarcus Ware shared a sunrise. Connor Barth was "attacked" by sharks.
Connor Barth just nailed a 59-yard FG here at Dove Valley. 50yd was long last year for Spoke with him Tues:
Brandon McManus and Connor Barth both nailed 59-yarders
Connor Barth just nailed a 60-yard field goal. Little wind at his back, but still a great kick.
that one I do foresee. Connor Barth is doing well on kickoffs and field goals. Mentioned it this morning
has improved on kickoffs. This is good news for special teams.
How has Connor Barth's improvement on kickoffs impacted the special teams?
Competition Making Connor Barth Better - Training camp competition has made Connor Barth a better ...
Former UNC kicker Connor Barth is rocking a sweet 'stache at Broncos' training camp
Connor Barth spent offseason improving on kickoffs.
[Reddit] - Connor Barth spent offseason improving on kickoffs.
Interviewed K Connor Barth yesterday at He’s not deterred by competition at the position. Piece for soon.
Broncos' Connor Barth spent offseason improving on kickoffs
Next on CBS4, Jon Gray hits the show, impresses, Connor Barth packs some power, and this:
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Connor Barth told me he worked with a kickoff coach in the offseason. It shows. He kicked a couple out of the endzone today.
Connor Barth and Brandon McManus kicking field goals. Barth looks like Rich Karlis a little with his small, tight shoe on right foot.
Connor Barth 4-4 on FGs. First two about 37 yds. Last one at the 50.
Connor Barth, Brandon McManus and Karl Schmitz all getting work on kickoffs.
In the kicking game -- Connor Barth got the end-of-game situations for made from 50, 51, 47 (hit upright) and 47. Missed at 47.
Connor Barth made 4 of 5 field goals from long distance. 48-52 range.
Connor Barth goes 4-5 on 50+ on FGs. McManus was 2-4 yesterday from 37, 37, 48 and 51.
Bold move after picking Connor Barth in round 2, he went Steelers defense in round 3
No sign of Connor Barth at camp! Brandon McMannus missing right all afternoon.
And the JUGs just doinked one off the upright a la Connor Barth at
*picks up Connor Barth in the 4th round*
I think I want a Barth jersey because Connor seems like a cool guy and Karl Barth is a cool theologian.
OK, in my opinion: Peyton, Emmanuel Sanders, Shane Ray, Virgil Green and Connor Barth
I need a new Banner picture. Quick, someone snap a photo of Denver's best unit. . *Receives 60 pictures of Connor Barth*
Connor Barth shot 7:17 outside his house
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Connor Barth: 5 for 5 on FG tries in Broncos debut, first Broncos kicker with 5 FG in a game since Jason Elam made 5 vs Dolphins in 2002
update; I waived Jimmy Graham, Giovanni Bernard and released Connor Barth. Team finances in better shape, though. 14-3 so far.
but now I see Connor Barth fits as well, whatevs it's 1 and I'm going back to Legend of Zelda
26, The Kansas City Chiefs 10 - Connor Barth connected on his first four FGs, tying for second most in team history at Arrowhead Stadium. STATS:
23, The Kansas City Chiefs 10 - Newly signed kicker Connor Barth hit his first three FGs in the blue and orange to put Denver ahead 13 with six minutes to play in the third. PHOTOS:
Connor Barth is like Fred Funk, right down the middle...but shorter than everyone else in the tournament
Are you serious, the Denver Broncos sign Connor Barth as kicker over Jay Feely, who the *** is Connor Barth?
John Fox on his choice to go with Connor Barth over Jay Feely at kicker. "I think ultimately we went with the experience." Lol.
Broncos to audition Jay Feely, Connor Barth; may have to keep Brandon McManus -
Broncos call veteran kickers Jay Feely and Connor Barth for tryouts ...
Broncos cut kicker Brandon McManus, replacing him with Connor Barth after a tryout that included Jay Feely
Probably came down to kickoffs “Hey Mark, what do you think about Connor Barth over Jay Fee…
have waived K Brandon McManus and are signing Connor Barth, per and respectively.
Denver Broncos are considering a kicking change. Former Hoggard kicker Connor Barth will have a tryout on Tuesday per multi…
Mayb I'll sing @ this gala and since Connor Barth is in the audience hewill fall 4 me and get picked up by a team and we'll b so happy 2gthr
All of you that know me know I love to travel. Well you never know what life will bring. 10 weeks in Asia this summer and now departing for 9 months to travel with Connor Barth on the Addams Family Tour throughout the US. Home for Christmas this year though!
not gonna happen bro he not Connor Barth from the TB Bucs lmao
Missing Connor Barth is deadly. It has completely limited us and has already cost us one game directly.
My first guess would be Connor Barth and if so, can't remember where he is. Was with the Bucs.
“Buccaneers K Connor Barth tore his Achilles, is done for season.”
hopefully they fit Connor Barth with a bionic leg
connor Barth out, Lawrence Tynes in for Buccaneers
no, coach. Connor Barth is our kicker. And he'll probably still be our kicker when you're not our coach anymore.
Kicking off this week with a commercial callback for MAYA JADE FRANK and a voiceover booking for CONNOR BARTH!! Great work - have an awesome week everyone - more to come soon!!
Don't leave something good to find something better, Once you realize Bucs signed kicker Connor Barth to a four-year, $1
Goat so far: Connor Barth. Without his basketball dreams, we could have 9 points now easily.
Freeman is impressing me so far today. And Williams is making some big grabs. The defense is playing stellar. I just wish Connor Barth was kicking. -BD
I think I'll take Connor Barth with no ACL right now. Fart My Lindell
UGHHH!! When oh WHEN will Connor Barth be back?!?! So aggy!!
Really missing Connor Barth now. Rian Lindell needs to hang it up and retire.
This kicker has to go...where you at Connor Barth?
Omg where's Connor Barth when you need him
Bucs stop the Patriots on their first possession and then they have a good drive but our Lindell misses the field goal. It is very clear the Bucs miss Connor Barth.
Oh Connor Barth.Why did you have to blow out your achilles playing basketball?!
Connor Barth. No more basketball for you.
Ryan Lindell you are on your way out of Tampa! *** you Connor Barth *** You!
Starting to think that Connor Barth with a torn acl is better than Ryan Lindell
Connor Barth slightly modifies contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Buccaneers announced Wednesday they reached an agreement with kicker Connor Barth to be paid his 2013 salary and keep the final two years of his contract in place.
Bucs, Barth Reach Mutually-Satisfying Agreement - K Connor Barth, who suffered a torn Achilles tendon in a charity basketball game in July, will be paid his 2013 salary and will have an opportunity to earn the entirety of his 2014-15 contract as he and the team work towards a successful return next year
Buccaneers | Connor Barth restructures contract - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers restructured PK Connor Barth's (Achilles') contract to drop his 2013 salary from $2.3 million to $500,000 Wednesday, Sept. 18. The team will also reduce his 2014 salary from $3.15 million to $2 million. He can recoup all of the lost money through a roster bonus that would give him $71,875 per game. Barth will spend the entire year on the Non-Football Injury list after tearing his Achilles' playin...
Bucs K Connor Barth out for the year due to Achilles.
U r paid to make field goals and u can't even do that where is Connor Barth when u need him!
I hope that basketball game was worth it Connor Barth
Where's Connor Barth when you need him?
And having lindell instead of Connor Barth already lost us a game
WEEKEND UPDATE- we love a busy weekend at ZOOM!! Congrats to CONNOR BARTH,PEYTON ELLA, ZACH TIMSON and RETT TIMSON on their callbacks and to CHARLIE PLUMMER who will be shooting another episode of BOARDWALK EMPIRE!! Also a shoutout to AIMEE LAURENCE who began rehearsals this weekend for MARIE ANTOINETTE at SOHO REP. Much more to post this week...but we are off to a great start!!
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goin to sleep bro, when my pick comes up give me Connor Barth (if taken) let me roll with Robbie Gould thanks
Buccaneers - TD Josh Freeman passed to Mike Williams to the right for 61 yard gain (Connor Barth made PAT) (STL 28, TB 13)
Shayne Graham has been my kicker all year. Dropped him this week. Picked up Connor Barth. Graham: 17 pts. Barth: 0. Lost by 15. Season over.
Josh Freeman, Connor Barth, Danario Alexander and Rams D combined for 2.96 pts for me today. Don't think I'm playing for a title next week.
I benched McFadden and Janikowski tonight, start Vick Ballard and Connor Barth instead.
In my Bucs CCM we won 17-3 . Josh Freeman was 13-24 with 182 Yards . 1 TD and 1 Int . His passer rating was 75.3 . Doug Martin has 152 Yards on 20 Carries and 1 TD . Dallas Clark had 7 Catches for 138 yards and 1 TD . Connor Barth hit a 48 Yard Field Goal . We are now 1-0 - Tanan
Was that Connor Barth or Ray Finkle kicking for The Bucs?
You and Trey Wingo would be thrilled to know that since Blair Walsh is on a bye, I had to pick up Connor Barth this week.
Benn should all -. And lastly. Michael Koenen and Connor Barth need to be given credit for what they are... Best kickers +++
The guy I'm playing this week in has Josh Freeman, Mike Williams, Doug Martin and Connor Barth. I'm already losing 84-0.
Really hoping that RG3, Vic Cruz, Jeremy Kerley, Alfred Morris, Trent Richardson, Owen Daniels, William Powell, Connor Barth, and the Vikings D/special teams all have excellent games today!
Greg Zuerlein and Phil Dawson have 4 field goals of 50+. Connor Barth and Blair Walsh have 3. The record of 8 of...
Connor Barth reppin the Tar Heels today in the nfl aye
Connor Barth looks like Dirk nowitzki lol
Connor Barth doing his best to salvage the day for ex-Tar Heels.
My Buccaneers up 3-0 on RGIII & the Redskins. My kicker Connor Barth made a 50yd FG. He on my fantasy team. My QB from Kansas State Wildcats Josh Freeman is 8-9 for 64yds average 7.1ypa.
Analysis: Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-sign Connor Barth: Per Adam Schefter, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed off...
signed K Connor Barth, the team's franchise player, to a four-year contract
Breaking News: Buccaneers' kicker Connor Barth re-signs with the team with a 4-year deal.
Buccaneers K Connor Barth to report to OTAs - Connor Barth (K) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Should the Tampa Bay lock up Connor Barth with a long-term deal?
Bucs used their franchise tag on kicker Connor Barth, the fifth kicker to get the franchise tag.
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