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Congressional District

A congressional district is an electoral constituency that elects a single member of a congress.

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The Chair of the 12th Congressional District is from Wilkes County, Fairplain. Cozzie Watkins, RN.
Friends: I want you to be the first to know that I am running for Congress in Texas' 26th Congressional District.
Congressman Raul Ruiz is our hero in California 36th Congressional District. Thanks for being there for us.
Carl Ingwell (D) is the first candidate to declare for the 3rd Congressional District vacancy.
The first rat to leave sinking ship? Chaffetz Letter to Utah's 3rd Congressional District | U.S. House of Reps
FIRST:. The radical left made Georgia’s 6th Congressional District race the most expensive House race in HISTORY
Comparing Paul Ryan to a child is to insult children. And, Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District: _Remove Ryan_.
1/ First, he represents the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina, not South Carolina. Secondl…
Republican State Senator Steve Smith has announced he'll run for AZ's 1st Congressional District in 2018. .
On May 11, Honorable John Lewis, U.S. Rep of 5th Congressional District of GA, talks re: need for civic engagement https:/…
Upcoming special election in California 34th Congressional District on June 6. Find absentee ballot information on
Congrats to Maddie Fagan for being recognized by the 6th Congressional District of IL for academics and community servi…
Donald Trump's Secretary of Health Tom Price is known in his former Congressional District as Dr. Josef Mengele
Eric Stanton of Old Orchard Beach spoke to our members about his candidacy for 1st Congressional District and...
MODERATOR: Ms. Clinton, why are you the best person to serve NYC's 17th Congressional District??. CHELSEA:
Lipinski a no-show at 3rd Congressional District town hall
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Weaver said she is officially entering the race for the U.S. House in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.
Why is Congressman Steve King so dominant in Iowa's 4th Congressional District?.
Winston-Salem Council Member D.D. Adams announced that she is running for the 5th Congressional District seat.
'City Council Member Denise “D.D.” Adams is running for the 5th Congressional District seat, which Republican...
The does not serve the interests of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District and urges to vote no. https:…
An honor to serve on the Executive Board on the 13th Congressional District- I started here as a…
Who is challenging Paul Ryan in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District race in 2018? I will give my money to literally anyone…
Enjoying my time at the Lincoln Day Dinners in the 2nd Congressional District! Thanks to the Barren County...
Jon Ossoff is running in the first competitive Congressional Election of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.
next congressional recess for District work begins April 10. Can we pencil you in for the townhall?
Time to step up special election for Georgia's 6th Congressional District on April 18.
Tennessee Senate District that only represents the wealthy is a good example.
.endorses in special primary election on 4/4/17 for 34th Congressional Distr…
Special election for Georgia's 6th Congressional District coming up April 18. $1.1+ mn raised so far for
Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would be Devastating for Hardworking Families from Illinois’ 17th Congressional …
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We mapped 2016 activity by state, MSA & Congressional District. See activity in your backyard
Do your Members of Congress know how many people per district will lose coverage with ACA repeal? . Let them know. . https…
I didn't make the meme, but here is one source, there's others.
Fact sheet EVERY congressional district in country, stats on how many lose coverage, tax c…
What if we all moved to Paul Ryan's congressional district? Like, ALL of us? And held a town meeting every day?. Not joki…
I'll match donations up to $500 to Jon to help flip a Congressional district in GA. You can give $5 here... http…
GA's GOP state House passed a bill to re-gerrymander many of its own seats. Most of those are located near the 6th…
How many people in your district would lose their ACA Plan through repeal? .
Bill Posey, Rep from Florida's 8th Congressional District, will not hold a town hall meeting. The cowardice is palpable.
After morning walk, the big feed. 5th Congressional District @ Southwest Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills is located in the 14th Congressional District of PA Dem Mike Doyle Far left
From a Letter to the Editor in The Kingston Daily Freeman:. The people of New York’s 19th Congressional District...
Congratulations to the Falcons who represented the 5th Congressional District very well. for Representative John L…
Congratulations to for being formally sworn in as Congressman for the NY 3rd Congressional District.
I'm Daniel Remigio, and I will be running in the 2018 primary vs Frederica Wilson for the 24th Congressional District seat.
And this from the same Congressional District as Jack Kemp, Bill Paxon, and Tom Reynolds.
Hillary Clinton came in third place in Utah’s third Congressional District — how’d she do in the others? More here…
The grandson of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis representing Illinois 7th Congressional District was MURDERED and I see MY...
Today officially starts my campaigning to be the Congressional District 15 Representative!
I am deeply grateful to the people of the 13th Congressional District for electing me to serve as their next Congressman.…
To everyone in our Congressional District and across our country who gave his or her all to help elect thank you.
Clinton wins Minnesota and Trump wins the 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska making the count 290-228 Trump (NH & Michigan not called)
Moolenaar defeats challengers, will continue to represent 4th Congressional District
I am humbled that the voters of the 22nd Congressional District have placed their trust in me to represent them...
I am going to do everything in my power to get a Democrat elected as the Representative for IL’s 14th Congressional District in 2018.
Adios Mike Honda! Honda did everything possible to damage US-Japan relations. Honda is a communist shill. Good... https…
Congrats to fellow on his NY 19th Congressional District seat win yesterday. A district, where I have family.
John Katko won re-election on Tuesday to his seat in the House of Representatives for NY's 24th Congressional Distr…
.claims victory in First Congressional District race, continuing hers & Guinta's back-and-forth of last decade
Shirley Chisholm is the first African American woman elected to Congress, and she represented New York's 12th Congressional…
Final votes are in at for 46th Congressional District: Lou Correa wins over Bao Nguyen
Now is the best time to push for initiatives to apportion all Electoral Votes by Congressional District, not state
amen= reform to one electoral vote for the winner within each congressional district (and DC) instead of winner take all states
This is my congressional district. Drawn intentionally to scoop up white voters. This, among so many other things,…
Congrats on being elected to represent FL's 18th Congressional district. You are an inspiration and a true American hero.
Jeff Denham wins re-election in Congressional District 10 race. Get the details at
Army Veteran Brian Mast win his Congressional race in Our district in Florida. Met him at the…
This map shows why a push for initiatives to allocate all Electoral Votes by Congressional District is a winning st…
U.S. Rep. Will Hurd victorious in rematch with Pete Gallego via
no, basing it on Congressional District. Then giving 2 votes for winning the state. It's actually similar to Britain.
Trump won one vote from Maine in the second congressional district, include us in it and I'll buy one!
Congrats - your hard work on behalf of the six congressional district continues. Best wishes going forward!
How mighty ticket splitting of you, Minnesota. Data on MN congressional district results v. presidential results:
First, I want to thank the voters of the 7th Congressional District for the support you showed me yesterday
.wins race for 2nd Congressional District.
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Congratulations to on continuing to be the US. Rep for Maryland's 7th Congressional District; We appre…
New York State Sen. Adriano Espaillat is the first Dominican-American elected to Congress
Meanwhile, out west -- In the Silicon Valley grudge match: Ro Khanna ousts Rep. Mike Honda
I am announcing my candidacy for the congressional seat in the 29th district of California.
Jayapal is Seattle's new member of Congress - KOMO News
we live in California, don't have much to contribute in that area. And my congressional district is gerrymandered.
OK, this gerrymandered district in Maryland ("The Mantis") is even worse than the NC one I posted yesterday.
The fact that this election could come down to one state or even ONE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT should be a reminder that EVERY…
NEW... Scott Garrett just conceded 5th district Congressional race.
3rd times a charm for the Tan Man lol. via
Wonderful that DW Schultz won her district. Sure to enjoy Miami Beach during the armageddon she helped to unleash.
Maine has split its Electoral Votes for the first time in history -- Trump wins second congressional district by 9%
And don't forget governors and state legeslators. Congressional district maps (read gerrymandering) are drawn at th…
is the first Indian-American woman elected to the US House. Here’s how she plans to represent you:
how about tabulating votes by congressional district instead? Fix gerrymandering.
Bost wins re-election in 12th Congressional District -
.wins Maryland's 8th congressional district! That's another progressive in the House of Reps!
U.S. Rep Hurd claimed victory in his re-election bid, becoming the first incumbent to hold onto in 8 years
Congratulations to LV-endorsed candidate Congresswoman-elect on her win in California's 44th Congressio…
Rep. Dave Loebsack wins re-election in 2nd Congressional District:
Congratulations to who will regain his seat for the Democrats!
Which is why the college shouldn't be winner take all, but should be deviated by congressional district
I am humbled & honored to have earned the vote of confidence by the great people of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. T…
DJT will probably win AZ. If he wins New Hampshire or the 2nd Congressional District in Maine ITS OVER. https:/…
Rod Blum re-elected, tops Monica Vernon in 1st District, AP projects
Jenkins wins fifth term in 2nd Congressional District: Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins has batted back a Democratic…
Jenkins wins fifth term in 2nd Congressional District .
18th Congressional District: Republican Tim Murphy is unopposed via
We in the 52nd Congressional District of California will send the incumbent Rep Scott Peters(D)-CA back to the House of Representatives/2016
"You got five days left, that's all it's gonna take," says David Snyder, who is running for 6th Congressional District.
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BREAKING: The Record endorses in the 11th Congressional District race
BREAKING: The Record endorses in the 9th Congressional District race
BREAKING: The Record endorses in the 5th Congressional District race
The amount of outside money coming into Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District race hit a new record over the weekend. at 6:24
For Congress in Johnson County our Democratic Candidate is Dr. Gordon Christensen 4th Congressional District.
George Athanasopoulos promises to be a voice for voters in the 7th Congressional District via
Our Editorial Board's endorsement in the race for Illinois' 6th Congressional District.
.voted to spend $3 mil on turtle crossing, give $1.9 mil to nonexistent Congressional District
Don't miss it: The Times 4th Congressional District candidates meet and greet
A new poll shows with an early double-digit lead over Tom Nelson in 8th Congressional District race:
Call for to accept a debate with for the U.S. House 2nd Congressional District of Indiana
My friend Jane'e Marie Larson and I were Bernie Sanders delegates to the 7th Congressional District convention.
Adam Smith takes big lead to keep 9th Congressional District seat
6th Congressional District hopefuls Sarah Lloyd and Michael Slattery talk economy at forum
Acadiana's 3rd Congressional District field grows to 11
NBC 2 News: The recount of the 8th Congressional District for the Democratic Primary is now complete for Parke County.
Why Brady Walkinshaw's pragmatic progressivism is the best choice for the 7th Congressional District:
Claudia Tenney wins primary in 22nd Congressional District.
"Claudia Tenney wins GOP primary in 22nd Congressional District | ( )
"It's just been energizing." Claudia Tenney on her primary win in the 22nd Congressional District. .
I am grateful for the endorsement of the for our campaign for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.
Voters in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District deserve to hear where we stand on the issues. Let's debate.
I am thrilled to announce that has endorsed my campaign for New York's 19th Congressional District. Thank y…
This past Friday, I was honored to have hosted and celebrated the 15th Congressional District of Texas’ 2016...
2016 Military Academy Appointees from the 8th Congressional District of Texas
James Partsch-Galvan is a 2016 Green Party candidate seeking election to the U.S. House the 29th Congressional District of Texas.
www dot HamptonRoadsFor dot me A paradox in the 2nd Congressional District primary - Daily Press
Scott Garrett, New Jersey's resident extremist, embarrasses his Congressional District yet again!
Voting in North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District? Know someone who is? . One of our own received this...
Cannot believe constituents in the 1st Congressional District still back Congressman, Mark Sanford, knowing he voted to close Gitmo.
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BRUCE 4 HOUSE 11th Congressional District of Florida. . Call your friends, let them know if they are in Florida...
The people of Florida's 2nd Congressional District said, 'Steve, go up...
I have entered the race to represent Florida's 12 Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
The fascinating primary race in Georgia's 9th Congressional District can be boiled down to this:
Interesting look at the NC 12th Congressional District race after gerrymandering ruling.
Charlotte pastor Mark Harris is running in new 9th Congressional District
I am proud to represent New York's 13th Congressional District, which has o...
Republicans Race For ‘Outsider’ Status In 1st Congressional District: Four Republicans are vying to be the chosen…
Congressman Ken Buck invites students in Colorado's 4th Congressional District to apply to the United States...
We're proud to endorse for 2nd Congressional District
that's just false. Cruz won Wisconsin's First Congressional District by more than 20 percentage points
I'm proud to announce that my candidacy for Ky's 6th Congressional District seat has been endorsed by both the KEA and the NEA.
Smucker earns Republican nomination for 16th Congressional District seat
Another candidate with MBA, was able to come up on top in a 4-way primary for PA-2nd District.
At 3rd district Democratic Congressional forum with &
That's because Indiana allots its 57 delegates winner-take-all statewide & by congressional district
Henderson: Candidates for Congressional District 3 hold town hall in Henderson
Democrat Bedell on the issues in 7th District congressional race
Debates could be held in the future for 22nd Congressional district candidates |
So far, Trump only won one state by more than 50%, and he still lost his OWN congressional district! Pathetic
Howe too cautious? "..leading some to believe he is reluctant to put his own resources to use."
Lewis disappoints.."Pressure was also on Lewis to have a strong quarter..but he pulled in just over$100,000." https:…
Tonight's real winner? With Trump as the GOP nominee all bets are off in Wisconsin's 5th Congressional Di…
Read Dwight's thank you letter to supporters and voters of the 2nd Congressional District:
US Representative Hank Johnson, who represents the 4th Congressional District of Georgia, announced the winners...
Kathy Feather... Rowan Co... one of three women running in the 'Wild West' 13th dist.
Don't take poll for granted. Get out & Vote Trump & for Trump Delegates ONLY in your congressional district!
Ninth Congressional District too close to call via
Trump won every county and congressional district in night of total domination
In the news: 8th Congressional District Defies Trend in Presidential Primary.
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Bright side...Jamie Raskin won the primary for his Congressional district and he's an open non-believer
Well at least one good thing came out of last night! Congrats
(No heading): By Phil Kabler In nearly seven months of campaigning for the 2nd Congressional District seat,…
Hear my plan to get Congress working again at the & congressional debate on May 6th @ 5:30pm!
We have featured you on our page: Plz like our page &take part.
Eye-popping stat shows the extent of Donald Trump's domination
Please support our director Ryan Belz for delegate in the 10th Congressional District.
District 19 congressional candidate debate will be live on tonight at 6.
Are you in CA congressional district 28? Find out here: I would be proud to be your delegate in Phi…
Congratulations, for your victory last night in Maryland's 8th Congressional District! A real win for progr…
What was at stake in MD's 8th congressional district? "The viability of grassroots politics against big money politics," says…
How does trump win every county, and then lose a congressional district? That makes no sense. The system is flawed.
Congrats endorsed candidate Steve Santarsiero for winning nomination for 8th Congressional district.
I live in her congressional district. Kasich won it, period. It's a white collar, educated, affluent area. Shouldn't surprise any1
4pm Sat, April 30 @ CityHall DTLA -yuge rally to introduce Congressional District voters to the Delegates for whom we vote the VERY NEXT DAY
Another 16 or 19 are "vote for congressional district winner", which is defacto Trump.
There are 56 delegates remaining 2 be awarded on 5/21 at the Congressional District convention (caucus)
Lauren Victoria Burke of joins us to discuss the 2nd Congressional District Race
Hoyer (D) and Arness (R) won the primaries for Congressional D5. Check out out coverage!
We are excited to endorse in Indiana's 3rd Congressional District
State Sen. Jamie Raskin rises to victory in primary for Maryland congressional district
We are excited to endorse in Indiana's 9th Congressional District
Eye-popping stat shows the extent of domination
Trump carried every single county and congressional district that voted today. Wow.
2016 Candidate for Maryland's 7th Congressional District . and Md Delegate to the Continental Congress-2009.
I love how you school Wolf in the state congressional district voting. Could you explain how Trump gets 52 delegates from PA?
I'm pleased to have the support of in my campaign for
Update: Dan Cox expected to win the Republican primary for 8th Congressional District in
Representative Ed Perlmutter (7th Congressional District) our lunch speaker at today's Executive Board Meeting.
Hey the is local. Retake the 5th Congressional District. .
Hello my friends, I am reaching out to registered Democrats in the 31st Congressional District to vote for me to...
There's a Republican and Democratic Primary in the 1st Congressional District, aka Paul Ryan's seat on August 9th. Kenosha/Racine that's us.
Casper Stockham has been nominated as Republican Nominee for 1st Congressional District in Colorado
BTW - welcome to Cali - where apportioned by Congressional District & not state wide - be close 50/50 del split
If you are a Bernie supporter and volunteer in the California 33rd Congressional District, PM me today or...
Trying to add up the congressional districts of Wisconsin..Looks like Trump takes 7th district...
– 24 GOP delegates allocated by Congressional District: Now that Ted Cruz has won the Wisc...
Looks to me like Trump's ahead in both the 7th and 3rd congressional district. That would be worth 6 delegates.
Voting by congressional district in Wisconsin,
Presumably, it's going to be micro focused on congressional district delegates
Quick go-round of AP totals via congressional district. Cruz leads in 2, 5, 6, 8. No results from 4. Trump leads in 1, 3, & 7.
GOP results by congressional district.
is If Cruz gets 50% in Wisconsin, does he automatically get all the delegates, regardless of Congressional District?
🗳 Results by congressional district in Wisconsin:
results by Congressional District. Each district is worth 3 delegates in the GOP race.
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Anyone looking to truly geek out with results, here're tabulations sorted by congressional district —
.we need polling in CA per Congressional District and using both cell and landlines.
Why is it so hard to find a wisconsin primary map divided by congressional district?
The link that everyone needs for the rest of tonight (results for by Congressional district):
Wisconsin Primary results broken down by congressional district. Matters for delegate allocation:
This is awesome: Live results by congressional district
A useful link (via Phil Kerpen & results by congressional district in Wisconsin.
Eh, Trump may still win the congressional district.
That's mathematically impossible, Bill, because he would have to win every Congressional district but lose.
GOP results by Congressional District. 24 delegates up for grabs
– Pay attention to congressional districts. 24 delegates to be allocated
Also waiting to see congressional district results which will determine WI GOP delegate distribution - Cruz projected to win 18 statewide
With delegates by congressional district, this will be interesting. Running up score in Madison won't get him much.
With a statewide win wins the 18 statewide delegates. Will have to see who wins the congressional district delegates.
Now we county delegates by CD in WI. Trump leading in Kenosha Cty (1st Congressional District)
The number one goal for Trump tonight is to gain delegates. We need to get 6 to 9 by winning congressional district votes
Trump slightly edging Cruz in Kenosha County with nearly 80% of the vote in gives him a puncher's chance in the 1st Congressional District
Doesn't matter. You win the state you get delegates, then the rest are winner of each congressional district.It's like SC, not UT
Al Quaye is a candidate for delegate to the Republican National Convention for the 18th Congressional District.
Tom O'Malley is a 9th Congressional District candidate in Massachusetts
Mark Alliegro is a 9th Congressional District candidate in Massachusetts
James Partsch-Galvan the ex-spouse of Richard William Partsch and Green Party Candidate for US Congress Texas 29th Congressional District
1st Congressional District candidate Dimitry Cherny talks to me about filing on Monday. WATCH:
It's official! I filed today to run as a Dem for US House, 1st Congressional District of SC, against Mark Sanford.
Michigan's 1st Congressional District covers the entire U.P. down to Benzie County over to Alcona County and also...
This morning Dimitri Cherny filed to run for the 1st Congressional District seat currently held by Mark Sanford.
Mercury News endorses Ro Khanna over Mike Honda in the 17th Congressional District
The racial math and the Democratic Primary race for PA's 2nd Congressional District via
Mercury News editorial: Ro Khanna, not Honda, for 17th Congressional District
After avoiding questions about it earlier, State Rep. Harry Warren today filed to run for the 13th Congressional District.
Martin Babinec — entrepreneur and Little Falls resident — announced candidacy for NY 22nd Congressional District seat on Monday.
Martin Babinec announced his candidacy for the 22nd Congressional District seat tonight. His will be a first class campaign.
Republican Commissioner Hank Henning will run for the redrawn 13th Congressional District seat.
N.C. lawmakers Rodney Moore file for 12th Congressional District seat. Both are Charlotte Democrats, field will get crowded.
Jim Keady, once told by Gov. Chris Christie to "sit down and shut up," enters 3rd Congressional District race:
Congressman Walter Jones has been Representing North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District for decades.
Brad Schneider has an early lead over Nancy Rotering in the 10th Congressional District.
Election questionnaire filled out by Bob Gibbs, candidate for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District
Please vote for Gardenia Henley for U.S. House of Representatives 12th Congressional District. Please stop voting...
Arizona Navajo Republican Carlyle Begay runs for Congress in Arizona's 1st Congressional District.
Gene Branham of Kershaw County, sworn in today, is the new SCDOT Commissioner from the 5th Congressional District
3 Republicans battle to take on Democratic Rep. Bill Foster in 11th Congressional District:
We are proud to endorse environmental champion, Brad Schneider for the IL 10th Congressional District! He has an... ht…
AP has Louisiana by Congressional District here, although it's way behind in some districts:.
lets take back our 7th Congressional District from Ami Bera.
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First debate with all major candidates for 13th Congressional District getting underway in
Senate President Andy Biggs has announced his run for AZ's 5th Congressional District seat.
I want to encourage everyone in the 52nd Congressional District to check out the first debate for the Republican...
Five takeaways from the 24th Congressional District debate
The second set of candidates for the 8th Congressional District. 17 in total.
Just listened to speak on the Apple vs. FBI iPhone debate. 49th Congressional District of California, keep electing that man.
MMDC is proud to announce the following endorsements:. United States Senate: Kamala Harris. Congressional District...
"The 15th Congressional District, which includes the area, is the poorest in the United States."
Email Me | The Website of Congressman John Lewis, Serving the 5th Congressional District of Georgia
Dutchess GOP committee backs Andrew Heaney over John Faso for 19th Congressional District
I am honored to endorse Jim Lange for United States Congress in Florida's 15th Congressional District
A second Republican candidate quietly entered the race for the 9th Congressional District
Sixth GOP candidate files in 8th Congressional District
Does Seattle want another Jim McDermott-like politician to fill the 7th Congressional District vacancy?
Abortion proving pivotal in three-way Republican race for 1st Congressional District: As U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp…
Little Giant Ladders
PACs, pledges and America Rising in New York's 19th Congressional District
Why as a Black Man I am Support Tom Day for the 7th Congressional District: I am sure many people have been…
Printed in March 1812, this political cartoon was drawn in reaction to the Congressional District of South Essex...
With Massuchesttes Congressman Richard Neal from the 1st Congressional District of Massuchesttes. He was the...
Congressman Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx), nine-term representative from the 14th Congressional District of...
Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you our candidate for the 5th Congressional District, Khary Penebaker! https:/…
I am running in the 3rd Congressional District of Alabama.
Five takeaways from the 24th Congressional District debate: Democrats and Republicans clashed but generally…
Tax Accountability is pleased to endorse State Senator Kyle McCarter for the 15th Congressional District
- Steve King, Representative for Iowa's 4th Congressional District -
Live in the Second Congressional District? Tune into Sunday to learn about w/
Idea from yesterday: Can we get a member of Congress to read the ZIP+4 -> congressional district mapping into the public record every year?
Please take a second to vote for my uncle Sonny Palacios in this poll! 👍🏼
Please take a second to click on this link and vote for my uncle Sonny Palacios! It would mean a lot 🙏🏻 .
Find the gender pay gap in New York State:
The wage gap exists in almost every congressional district. How does your state & district stack up?
I don’t focus on the stupidity of the *** congressional member, I focus on the stunning stupidity of the district that elected them…
Join us tomorrow for the Grand Opening of the 1st Congressional District Campaign Office! Jan. 30th - 12pm to 4pm
Maryland 8th Congressional District primary candidate uses his first ad to frame the issue of women's
POLL: Who are you voting for in the 15th Congressional District race?
Whited enters race for 5th District Congressional race via
Are you coming to the event tomorrow RSVP
Whited enters race for 5th District Congressional race
Why do we need The gender wage gap exists in almost every congressional district:
State Committeeman, AMAC Delegate for Florida’s Congressional District 01, Steve Czonstka, who is also a...
Please come out and listen to a candidate for congressional district 19th this Saturday. We will be posting about...
Hobbled by Rubio in 2010 Senate race, then losing race for governor, Crist now seeking comeback in hometown Congressional district.
Newest candidate to enter the race for Maryland's First Congressional District
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