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Congressional Black Caucus

The Congressional Black Caucus is an organization representing the black members of the United States Congress.

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Why in this day and age do we still have a Congressional Black Caucus? What would you say if we had…
... a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus. ... Congressional White Caucus. ... Caucus or the Congressional Hispanic Caucus?
The Black Caucus] is urging the FBI to help find missing D.C. teens:
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus call for federal investigation of missing black and Latina girls in DC
.met with the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus this afternoon in the Oval Office
Dear Black America, Democrats along with the House *** of the Congressional Black Caucus has absolutely destroyed the B…
She has to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to find out why she's wrong before deleting.
The Congressional Black Caucus are no longer friends of hers.
UH the congressional black caucus was pushing that bill and that's NOT what she was tal…
Congressional Black Caucus got beef with Cory Booker's vegan lunch? via
Respect to the Congressional Black Caucus. They recognized this several weeks ago, and came to his table to negotiate.
if they're black, could they help you set up meeting with black congressional caucus? Because, you know.
Trump just asked a black journalist if she was "friends" with the Congressional Black Caucus and wanted to set up a mtg f…
Are congressional black caucus and la raza, race based national groups. ANSWER: YES. I don't agree with ANY of the 3 groups.
Looking forward to joining the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation at the end of the month.
we will like to have you Richard as the head of the congressional black caucus. plz reply
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Congressional Black Caucus tells Dominican born Rep. Adriano Espaillat that he is not black enough to join!.
Any claim that the Congressional Black Caucus cares about the plight of black people back home is dispelled here. https:…
Marc W. Polite interviewed by D.C. Livers at the Congressional Black Caucus 2012 .
LaRaza ( the race) and Congressional Black Caucus only advocate on behalf of those groups. Not 1960
on the bench, who serve in elected office from small towns to big cities; from the Congressional Black Caucus all the way to
I dont understand why this POS gets any TAXPAYER MONEY TO SUPPORT HIS CAUSE?
Podcast: Why the Congressional Black Caucus reluctantly backed the 1994 Crime Bill
Being reported Shawn King is running for office, reckon he will be the leader in the Congressional Black Caucus.
A black reporter asks Trump if he'll meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. Trump responds: "Are they friends of yours?"…
In 2021 the Congressional Black Caucus will end because blacks will be replaced with Hispanics.
Congressional Democrats (with the exception of the Black caucus) have mostly acquiesced to fascism for the last week; thi…
If a white performer did this to Obama the Congressional Black Caucus would have exploded on the news.
Still waiting on the DNC Congressional Black Caucus NAAPC to denounce Snoop Dogg don't hold your breath
EXPOSED: Dirty Laundry of the Congressional Black Caucus is Being Aired Out and Boy Does it STINK! via
Reminds me that yrs ago the Kennedy kid was a member of Congressional BLACK Caucus.NEVER SEEN such WHITE!! Or lying Hypocrites!!
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As I travel the country,I see so much black on black crime.Where's the House *** at the Congressional Black Caucus and…
.LOL this is a complete joke when Obama refused to meet with Congressional Black Caucus
A black reporter just asked the President if he's going to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. . Trump: "Are they friends…
A reporter asked President Trump about meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. So, he asked her if they're friends. https:…
Trump claimed the Congressional Black Caucus backed out of a meeting at his embarrassing conference but the CBC came back wit…
I've been on the planet 48 years and my black *** doesn't know what the *** the Congressional Black Caucus …
Trump asks black reporter to schedule meeting with Black Caucus
Member of Congressional Black Caucus says she doesn't want to meet with to help communities!
If Trump really wants to help blacks, and I believe he wants to, he should stay far, far away from the congressional black cau…
asked an African American reporter 2 set up a mtg with the Congressional Black Caucus! Isn't his *** w…
How is it that this guy has never heard of the Congressional Black Caucus?
This is where Jeffrey Lord compares the Congressional Black Caucus to David Duke setting up a white caucus.
You're official now, Senator Welcome to We're so glad you're a member of the Congressional Bla…
Go CBC! Tell it like it is, today and every day.
Follow us! Congressional Black Caucus members tells the Trump administration how they really feel …
Trump to a black reporter asking about the Congressional Black Caucus: "Are they friends of yours?". That is just ... wow.
Susan Rice: Trump's exchange with black reporter about Congressional Black Caucus 'notably offensive'
It took Obama a full year to meet w/ Congressional Black Caucus after his inauguration. Maybe give Trump the same courtesy you…
Congressional Black Caucus members tell the Trump administration how they really feel
Cummings: I don't think Trump knew what CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) was
When you think the Congressional Black Caucus may be an exclusive African American country club.
I think he didn’t know what the Congressional Black Caucus was.
Trump asks black journalist to help set up meeting with Congressional Black Caucus
Gonna ask the next black person I see to get me a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. That's how that works right
I don't think trump knew that CBC stands for Congressional Black Caucus. Good thing April Ryan explained it to him.
please note that your Congressional Black Caucus don't want to help you and the inner cities ! DE…
If Frederick Douglass had introduced Trump to the Congressional Black Caucus like he was supposed to, he wouldn't have had to ask…
Analysis: If Trump can’t arrange his own meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, how does he unite the country? ht…
Apparently, the Congressional Black Caucus send a request to meet with the president and they did not get a response. https…
Nor did he know that CBC was "Congressional Black Caucus," but got away with that when questioning reporter spelled it out.
Share if you are tired of racists and bigots like the Congressional Black Caucus claiming to speak for all blacks. .
April Ryan asks Trump if he's gonna meet w/ Congressional Black Caucus. Trump: “Do you wanna set up the meeting? Are they f…
Congressional Black Caucus: We wrote Trump a letter but he never responded
NAACP prez reaction to Lord saying that the Congressional Black Caucus is equivalent to if David Duke started a Con…
Asst Dem Ldr Jim Clyburn on Trump asking April Ryan to set up mtg w/Congressional Black Caucus: I didn't think she was on his staff.
Trump asks April Ryan if she's friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and could she set up a meeting
Congressional Black Caucus debates admission of Afro-Dominican Congressman because he's not "Black American."
Why didn't he stand with the Congressional Black Caucus et al and challenge the electoral vote in congress?
With Obama gone, Congressional Black Caucus plans to be more aggressive
If we were to form the 'CONGRESSIONAL WHITE CAUCUS' Blacks would burn the country down! Why did we allow them to form the BLACK CAUCUS?
If you want to get more aggressive, go into your inner city neighborhoods and get those kids under control.
On at least one issue, Sessions, and not the Congressional Black Caucus, follows Booker T. Washington
With more black lawmakers in Congress than ever before, the Congressional Black Caucus gears up for a more…
gave a pass because he's black;but will push the only CANDIDATE to voice concern 4 black communities?
The RACIST Congressional Black Caucus says everything this next White President proposes, they will block! END THIS DIVIS…
All purpose parts banner
So now they are going to make some noise. what have they been doing for the last umpteen years? The Government...
Congressional Black Caucus pushing 4 reparations. WE came in hand out, no expectation but hard work. SUCK ON THAT.
3 AfAm US senators. None of them will endorse Congressional Black Caucus' objections. Note that. Or not…
We need a congressional white caucus to counter the black caucus and keep things rolling along
how do you get away with having a Congressional Black Caucus? When does the congressional white caucus meet?
Dear ABC news. Why do u continue to support black/white issues. We are one people! Yes?
Good luck w/that, Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill to Work Toward Reparations
If a Congressional WHITE Caucus would be considered "racist", then why is a Congressional Black Caucus NOT?
Congressional Black Caucus aims to be more aggressive under Trump administration
Congressional Black Caucus to be more aggressive under Trump.
Oh no, That's not "House Progressives." That's and the Congressional Black Caucus LEADING…
Ignorance is so ugly. Does the Congressional Black Caucus know about a homeless woman who Trump has supported 8 yr…
Stephanie Grace: Richmond's new post as Congressional Black Caucus chair is a win via
Congressional Black Caucus are race traitors who pushed 1994 Crime Bill and neoliberal Wall Street Dem policies.
The work didn't stop with her election! Chisholm was a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus & National Women’s Political Caucus
Congressional Black Caucus,when are you slaves going to step up and stop the Democratic Party from taking advantage of the…
Congresswoman Barbara Lee speaks outside of the Congressional Black Caucus at the Washington…
To the Uncle Tom's at the Congressional Black Caucus, are you sending any food and supplies to the blacks in Baton Rouge?…
Bill why did the DRUM CIRCLE decide to meet at your place? Congressional Black Caucus is speaking:
Just heard this ridiculousness on CSPAN. Apparently, the Congressional Black Caucus has written a letter to the...
BLM is racist, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Latino Caucus are racist. Giuliani is Fascist.
omg Congressional Black Caucus just called for Congress to LEAD the people in unity & the effort to reduce gun violence. Hello Paul Ryan?
Checking out "Congressional Black Caucus plans to disrupt House Tuesday" on Tea Party Command Center:
Effectively removing the voice and influence of the Congressional Black Caucus. It's more important for Comrade...
African American REPORTS: Congressional Black Caucus and Bernie Sanders at odds over open primaries
if this is bill is so racist, why is the Congressional Black Caucus sitting in over giving it a vote?
Isn't the Congressional Black Caucus the textbook definition of a racist organization?
TJI: Where was the Sit-in for Flint Michigan. The Congressional Black Caucus are the Biggest Sell Outs in the...
It tells you what kind of person he is. Just like being a member of a racist organization like the Congressional Black Caucus.
Congressional Black Caucus unanimously opposed to Sanders' demands for changes to the primary system
Congressional Black Caucus overtaken by Hillary's friends. Identity politics have outlived it's usefulness.
where are the feds where are the government save yours Congressional Black Caucus?
the Congressional Black Caucus and all have had enough standing up for all of us
Congressional Black Caucus frames Bernie Sanders' call for open primaries & abolishing super delegates as anti-black https…
DA internship this fall, legislative internship in the spring, Congressional Black Caucus in the summer 😎
Video of House Republicans shutting down the Congressional Black Caucus' sit-in demanding votes on gun bills: .
Thank you Congressional Black Caucus. The Hispanic Caucus will be doing the same, so thank you in ad…
Congressional Black Caucus at odds with Sanders over superdelegates
How about balance NOW with NOM? Or balance Congressional Black Caucus with a Congressional Caucasian Caucus? LaRaza/TheWRace
another one the Congressional Black Caucus do we need it no we dont
But that's not sexist. Like the Hispanic National Bar Assoc., or the Congressional Black Caucus. Or the NAACP.
Yr support for Trump is an although tepid support for his racist comment. Are members of Congressional Black Caucus racist?
by this definition the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus are also racist.
Why does the Congressional Black Caucus support illegal workers?. Illegal aliens hurt the black community & mostly Black children
Proud to host and provide outreach to the Congressional Black Caucus team yesterday.
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Where is our President? Where is the Congressional Black Caucus? Where are self appointed leaders Sharpton & Jackson
Another reason to love Senator He hosted a buffet for the Congressional Black Caucus.
All of this outrage over Mexican judge flap from a bunch who said nothing of the in-your-face racism from the Congressional Black Caucus!
Black conservatives and other free Black thinkers figured out a long time ago that the Congressional Black Caucus...
Lewis, Rangel, Congressional Black Caucus sold their souls to deliver the Black vote. We ALL should have known better.
I gag at the transactional values of the Congressional Black Caucus. They've gone corporate & glib. Name an accomplishment for Blacks.
It's worth noting: literally the entire Congressional Black Caucus leadership voted for the 1994 crime bill that led to this.
.and others urge the Congressional Black Caucus to change the goals of it's PAC
How corrupt is the Congressional Black Caucus? - Sister Toldjah
Congressional Black Caucus stands up for Clinton Corruption - WBDaily : Corruption Feeds on Corruption
Donna Edwards member of the Congressional Black Caucus loses MD primary to Chris Van Hollen
BlackLivesMatter, Campaign Zero, Congressional Black Caucus, & a million others lol the NAACP isn't that prominent anymore
Founding member of Congressional Black Caucus is Charlie Rangel... Enough said... They'd take money from anywhere-_-
the silence of Congressional Black Caucus, spoke volumes & was tacit consent 4 2 maul & fracture her base.
deftly capitalized on the hostility for in the Congressional Black Caucus. they shat on a sistah big time.
Goldie clearly doesn't understand the concept of ESTABLISHMENT. All you have to do is see Congressional Black Caucus vs
Being under federal indictment is a requirement to be considered for the Congressional Black Caucus, innit?
There's officially a Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls via h/t
Civil Rights Group Calls on Congressional Black Caucus PAC to Cut Ties with Industries that Harm Black People -
congressional black caucus doing favours has zero to do with what's fair. I do get the Sanders bit
80% of POC have voted for Hillary. The Congressional Black Caucus supported the bill.
Im glad you didnt bring up the crime bill.Then I'd have to explain to you that the Congressional black caucus pushed for it.
you should L2Read... apologized for those comments.
Is there a "Congressional White Caucus"? No. The congressional black caucus is a organization.
One of our favorite photos is of the Congressional Black Caucus Women of the 111th Congress.
Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus has been AWOL the last 7+ years on civil rights imatters
Now I get why the Congressional Black Caucus and so many progressives have refused to endorse Edwards 4
All the *** (I’m sorry) in the Congressional Black Caucus, they were spell bound by Clinton
Yeah, the 1994 Crime Bill was so racist the Congressional Black Caucus backed it
Eight Congressional Black Caucus members toured the border, for many, it was a first | https:…
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Yeah and 1/2 of the Congressional Black Caucus was racist too. Ludicrous, pathetic, shameful journalism
.Oh. Gotcha. I will lobby the Congressional Black Caucus and let them know blacks need equity, I mean Equality™.
Congressional Black Caucus is weighing their political future instead of future of young Black Americans
remember that African American leaders, including the entire leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus, voted for 1…
not to a Congressional Black Caucus that takes money from private prison industry.
Bill Clinton passed the 94 crime bill, Hillary supported it, Bernie supported it. Congressional Black Caucus supported it an…
IKR? And Hillary was FLOTUS for 1994 Crime Bill. Which was promoted by the Congressional Black Caucus.
and the congressional black caucus, and have all come to the same conclusion. We know who's fought for us...
"Tell that to Al Franken and Sherrod Brown, tell that to the Congressional Black Caucus."
Let's not only focus on Clinton with this crime bill. There were mayors and the congressional black caucus who were pushing for the bill
Tavis, what is your opinion of the Congressional Black Caucus support of the 1994 crime bill?
In reality, the Congressional Black Caucus did not support Clinton. Instead, it was the Congressional Black Caucus’ political action comm.
Cecile Richards and the Congressional Black Caucus,sticking a vacuum inside a woman *** and sucking out a child brain i…
the congressional black caucus is not the same thing. These are establishment folk
Black America, our biggest enemy isn't racism, it's the Congressional Black Caucus and Planned Parenthood.
Congressional Black Caucus,Planned Parenthood slaughters 1800 black babies a day,when will the rioting began? . Who's the…
Congressional Black Caucus doesn't seem pleased with Obama's endorsement of set-top box proposal. Weren't consulted
Congressional Black Caucus being fooled again by the same lies from the Clinton team to care about their needs 😥
Black America, the Congressional Black Caucus is in bed with the enemy. They vote to fund Planned Parenthood that kills 18…
Are Maya Angelou, Elijah Cummings, James Clyburn, John Lewis, and the Congressional Black Caucus all "low-info" Hillary vo…
written by Maxine Waters, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus at the time. Possible explanation
Black America,the Congressional Black Caucus are puppets being used by the Democratic Party to get your vote, they care no…
now just tell that to corrupt so-called Black leaders, Congressional Black Caucus & so-called minority pundits
Sick and tired of NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, living high off the backs (cont)
I'm sure the true sellouts at the Congressional Black Caucus will all be on TV this week, supporting the Plantation Master…
Good people one and all: Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus. I think that might be 100
Black progressive commentator on the Congressional Black Caucus' primary endorsement. via
* JEC Dems & Congressional Black Caucus updated Black History Month report shows need for Congress to act on...
CBC-PAC, IS NOT Congressional Black Caucus and takes money from Newport cigarettes, killers of Black people by the thousands.
Congressional Black Caucus did NOT endorse her, did, BIG difference! Details at
The Congressional Black Caucus PAC is not the same thing as the Congressional Black Caucus. http…
The Bernie bros are calling the Congressional Black Caucus the "establishment." I'm officially
Shame on the Congressional Black Caucus and Black America for ignoring such a brilliant man, Doctor Ben Carson.
Clinton to get key endorsement from Congressional Black Caucus reports
They have joined the establishment – HAIL HYDRA!! Congressional Black Caucus to formally endorse Clinton on Thursday
Congressional Black Caucus leaders are so establishment. John Lewis is pretty much the establishment personified.
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said House Speaker Paul Ryan told them he backs a bill to
Add Danny Glover, Divito, & Congressional Black Caucus, Clintons, & Liberals to ones who should return all Hollywood $$.
Black Lives Matter would like to see a little more help from Congressional Black Caucus
GOP congressman wonders if Congressional Black Caucus cares about all black lives via
These people think Jesus went to the cross so the Congressional Black Caucus could exist.
I think the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation...if they are trying to represent
How do you feel about the congressional black caucus institute? Is the black caucus your favorite caucus?
at the debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
The Congressional Black Caucus is an org representing the black members of the US Congress. Membership is exclusive to African-Americans.
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To be Palestinian in Israeli Knesset is infinitely more complex than being a member of US Congressional Black Caucus ht…
Congressional Black Caucus attacking congressman for relating that black communities are targeted for abortion.
Black Lives Matter activists want more support from Congressional Black Caucus
Dem candidates Charleston debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus--Hillary to go Gospel via
W/ Butterfield today, the Chairs of Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and Asian Pacific American Caucus all b…
Remember when Bernie was the only white guy to show up with Congressional Black Caucus to fight black voter suppression?
Did you suggest that Congressional Black Caucus opposes President's immigration reform wishes?
Why does the Congressional black caucus love illegal alien immigration ? They should be against more low wage workers
Congressional Black Caucus, asked for UN observers in US! UN observers; "Without ID, how do you know who's voting?"Goal? Fraud!
Where are the Back lives matter people or doesn't education count?
Can't believe Mia Love joined the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS after denouncing it! Then the Omnibus bill nod? WOW!!
Obama Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner listen to the last 4 minutes
Congressional Black Caucus turns back on its own children
. Yes he was bullied into it, along with most of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Congressional Black Caucus rejects vouchers for DC kids (Unions got Obama elected :'08 Stern) They know which side their bread's buttered on
Congressional Black Caucus rejects its own kids -
Full-time job: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation seeks alum or grad student for Program Coordinator:
Congressional Black Caucus rejects its own kids via
Please PRAY the News and for God to move in our midst.
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NACCP and the Congressional Black Caucus the fight starts in our community first. . SAD
Star Parker: The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which for 10 years has provided vouchers for low-income...
Congressional Black Caucus of "Oreo's" and "Uncle Toms" Ignore Killing of Civil Rights Worker v…
WND Congressional Black Caucus rejects its own kids
Congressional Black Caucus rejects its own kids
A man who posed as a member of Congress at a Congressional Black Caucus event entered a backstage security area and spoke …
Members of Caucus, calls for removal from
...just look at the Congressional Black Caucus,
Congressional Black Caucus CEO calls for more Senate staff diversity
... The time to push Bernie is now, and Bernie-stans should join in, b/c by February, congressional black caucus debate occurs
- sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (YES needs…
Nation of Islam,New Age Black Panther Party,NACCP and the Congressional Black Caucus,has done nothing to truly uplift the …
Yep. The Arab League is like the Congressional Black Caucus of the Middle East.
Imagine a world where the Congressional Black Caucus has more power than the Freedom Caucus.
It’s just a matter of time before the shell of what it used to be a solid Congressional Black Caucus falls in line to CROWN Queen Hillary.
wouldn't that upset black congressional caucus & NAACP
President Obama was the keynote speaker at this year's Congressional Black Caucus Conference.
highlighted the socioeconomic perils of African American families.
little known fact that the naacp and congressional black caucus pushed congress to act on the crack epidemic. And they did...
is ghetto's king pin. It's a tragedy what black congressional caucus have done to their black voters!
I guess by this bloggers logic a case could be made against any group such as the Dems Congressional Black Caucus etc.
Wow, I guess having had the 1st black POTUS or having the entire congressional black caucus doesn't count ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The Congressional Black Caucus is completely useless. The sooner Black America realize it, the better they will be. http:/…
TIL: GK Butterfield identifies as African-American and is the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, yet appe…
Soon Hillary Clinton will call her house negroes over at the Congressional Black Caucus to wheel in the black folks. http:…
We now have of Hispanic Caucus and of the Congressional Black Caucus.
where is the cry of racially based killing and disbanding of NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus? We banned conf flag after church shoot
"Today, the Congressional Black Caucus in conjunction with the House Democratic Caucus held the 2015 African...
Would U believe I was at a political party? God Bless America & God Bless the Congressional Black Caucus!
here at Congressional Black Caucus with the Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz
Rep. Gwen Moore To Endorse Donna Edwards In Maryland Senate Race: Moore became the first member of the Congressional Black Caucus to ...
Honored to be performing at the Congressional Black Caucus this weekend in DC!!
If you are in the DC area check out my girl A'shanti F. Gholar. She will be on the Congressional Black Caucus...
Just landed in D.C.!. Tomorrow, I will be speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus, Annual…
MC LYTE has a show on 09/18/2015 at 07:00 PM @ Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, DC
Today is the beginning of the Congressional Black Caucus' 45th Annual Legislative Conference: http:/…
WASHINGTON, D.C., I am honored to be speaking on a panel at this year's annual Congressional Black Caucus...
I will pray that the Congressional Black Caucus does not become the Congressional Corporate Caucus
Sanders showed off his progressive platform to the Congressional Black Caucus:
Mt. Pleasant UMC choir will represent Miss. at the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus' Gospel Extravaganza. Details...
JUST IN: Sanders to meet with Congressional Black Caucus on Wednesday
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Who are leaders in the Congressional Black Caucus like Adam Clayton Powell, Jr or Barbara Jordan have they all been Co-Opted by Corporate Am
Congressional Black Caucus and others at Jim Clyburn event tonight In Washington DC
"Proud to stand with leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi at press...
Hillary Clinton comes to the Capitol Tuesday July 14 to meet with mbrs of the Congressional Black Caucus.
Congressional Black Caucus votes to preserve police militarization. Is this true
Our Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson standing in solidarity with her Congressional Black Caucus members...
Please join Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. &the Congressional Black Caucus breakfast on Elections todayJune20th at 8:00a.m. at 930 East50th St,Chi
But their political ideology is for the and Congressional Black Caucus.
Today at 2pm the Congressional Black Caucus & Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will hold a press conf. urging...
yeah, because "Old School" didn't make him millions. The Black Congressional Caucus is full of racists too.
Does the Congressional Black Caucus just sit in a conference room and get high all day? This is on par with the island flipping over.
In which Donna Edwards is attacked for not "waiting her turn" & (gasp!) not going easy on ethics violations:
Cedric Richmond told Donna Edwards to "get out" of a CBC meeting, and Edwards didn't come back for six months.
Read on why Donna Edwards can't count on the CBC as she runs for Senate
It's interesting that the congressional black caucus is trying to stop the repeal of the death tax.
this needs to be sent to the President every Democrat in Congress and especially the Congressional Black Caucus.
That's Congressional Black Caucus member, Eleanor Holmes Norton. She's obviously senile and unfit for office but, you can say similar about…
The head of the Congressional Black Caucus wants lawmakers to lead on net neutrality:
FACT! In my opinion Black Caucus implies racism!
I express the appreciation of the Government and people of Jamaica to the members of the US Congressional Black Caucus who spoke for Jamaica
Anyone who has visited Farrakhans website Nation Of Isam knows the Congressional Black Caucus are allied.Same views,same goals. ImNotShocked
The last time a member of the Congressional Black Caucus voted against the federal RFRA is...never:
Ten-to-one says she's a Democrat and a vocal member of the Congressional Black Caucus.
If is so discriminatory, why did no member of the Congressional Black Caucus vote against it in 1993?
“The thing to me that makes no sense is why the Congressional Black Caucus has teamed up with this current...
you are a company trying to attract NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, center for American progress, & national urban league.
Congressional Black Caucus immoral support for Israeli apartheid contrasts with principled South African opposition .
Why does the Congressional Black Caucus mostly support ? Not that there are more pressing issues in the Black community?
COMMENT: Don't know about NPR, but the Congressional Black Caucus isn't interested.
Budget proposal from the Congressional Black Caucus now on the floor in the House - amendment not adopted
Electronic Device Insurance
House fails to ok Progressive Caucus Budget. 96 yeas to 330 nays. Now voting on the Congressional Black Caucus Budget.
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