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Congress Theater

The Congress Theater in Chicago, built by Fridstein and Company in 1926 for the movie theater chain of Lubliner and Trinz, is a surviving example of a movie palace.

Portage Theater

Inquiring Minds: Performing the History of Musical Theater | Library of Congress Blog -
I'm watching a magic show at Fox Theater on on Congress
Remember, Hawaii took the first Pacific Theater hit from Japan in WWII so they're extra sensitive to the danger of…
What? Obama had essentially Congress stop him from going into…
Exactly, Trump has assembled the cast of "I Don't Recall" A song & dance theater act that is taking ov…
As today's events reveal the political theater in Congress has reacted the point that many feel Congress itself & s…
Pure, complete and total cynical political theater. He will NEVER apologise. . And GO…
Honored to be endorsed by for my commitment to defending our rights to equal protection under the la…
If Congress doesn’t act, Ciriac won’t be able to go to law school or pay for her medicine. There are 7 days until J…
The 55 min stunt in the WH gives way to 2 must read WSJ articles inc 1 in Yellow Hair's own words, ignorance and ne…
I don’t see congress taking a pay cut. If people continue to pay for a service or entertainment then they…
Theater usw über die an association of drawnout stagnation in future in Congress protect and seven years of the most horrible
Your effeminate speech in Congress today was phony political theater. That's pretty much all we get…
in 1775, the First Provincial Congress met in Charleston. Learn more:
Congress Woman gets shot by a harassed Human in Arizona, Movie Theater gets shot up in Colorado, 17 yo gets shot by…
At Sheldonian theater in Oxford. Before my Keynote speech at World Humanist Congress.
. . Every time you guys let this kind of stuff Slide, the American people los…
If Oprah becomes president she'll need your legislative support!.
Uh, that ship has already sailed after the last Bush Administration passed the Patriot Act and the…
Invite the Victims This is all theater, Congress has shelled out money for sexual abuse claims and it's a secret -…
Frm Lib of Congress: Inquiring Minds: Performing the History of Musical Theater - Ben West. Photo by Kris Rogers. T…
Only the president has to be impeached before being indicted. The senators in Congress can be thrown in jail witho…
start asking why we have enough Tax money to give War budgets to places like and or pay C…
In 1906, The First National Medical Congress opens in the theater of the National Conservatory in Mexico City.
Until there's some real consequences for…
Judy Hochman and her friend Rhoda made the trip from California to deliver copies of to every member of Cong…
That taped meeting yesterday by & Congress was pure theater. That's why written "tran…
I saw this at the Congress Theater on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago in '77. One of my favorite go-to movies!
A time capsule of candy wrappers found inside the Congress Theater
The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man,…
Currently headed by Seraphina Picquery, MACUSA is also known as the Magical Congress of the United States of America.…
Hmm seems I recall someone rudely yelling "You lie!" at Obama during SOU. What theater was that? Oh yeah! It was Congress.
President Obama was heckled by a member of congress during SOTU. If Trump/Pence can't handle booing at a theater then resign.
Read in the Political Buzz about - Congress short of money. Click here to read
when the GOP Congress votes NO to fund zero arts and theater grants-they will understand Trump voters
PM effigy burnt by Congress activist. Hundreds of activists today burnt an effigy of…
and leaders joined Several Akali and AAP leaders and workers are joining Punjab…
PM is working for selected people: Rahul Gandhi. Vice President today alleged on Prime…
.If the theater seems annoying right now, wait until you meet the drama queens in Congress
a parish level meeting of the Portuguese Communist Party to elect delegates to the upcoming party congress…
So tickets and other purchases at the theater are not made by the public? I don't buy that one!
Where was the outrage when a Member of Congress broke the rules of Decorum? Theater is supposed to address issues!…
Performing Arts, TV and movies trash Trump presidency. Read the real reason.
Can u imagine how many zillions of GOP congress hearings there would've been if Clinton or Obama settled a case chargin…
Hamiltons theater Needs Republican Votes in Congress for Upcoming Tax Bill! defund them RT
The arrogance and hostility of the Hamilton cast to the Vice President elect ( a guest at the theater) is a reminder t…
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In a theater, no, I can't imagine Obama booed. That would be in congress.
Social media explodes over 'Hamilton'/Trump duel Divisive. Why not give Pres and Elect and congress a chance?
clearly you don't know how casting calls work. It's apparent. Instead of running for Congress read a theater book.
Time for reviewing the Entertainment tax loopho;es:
We need to demand our reps in Congress do not extend Live Theater tax break
Hamilton imbroglio, or no, Congress needs to kill the special live theater tax treatment currently up for renewal. Hollywood's, too.
Yes congress where politics take place. Not a theater which he paid to see. He obviously was intrigued by the play. Sore losers
Democracy has no boundaries whether it's the halls of Congress or a theater in NYC. We won't be silent.
Remind Congress - do NOT renew tax provision for live theater. . Let Nederlander org know taxes are going up.…
The NRA side of Congress have a shootout with the purveyors of gun violence propaganda theater side
it wasn't an accident when George Washington showed up in military dress at the second continental congress. Always theater.
Exactly. Sitting President heckled on floor of Congress vs. vice president elect heckled at the theater. republican…
Really? Being booed by the public at the theater is equally inappropriate as a member of congress heckling the prez at SOTU?
People are elected to congress to give speeches. A theater is NOT a pulpit when you're paid to be there.
Remember when a Congressman screamed "you lie!" to POTUS during a speech to Congress? But outrage at Pence being bo…
not to accept plea for grace time to exchange The Punjab Congress…
Wishes on 100th of . President and Vice
yeah I saw him at the Congress Theater and it was great. I was 23 and probably one of the oldest people there
Lunchtime "to do" list: CALL CONGRESS!!! Phone calls make a big impact, everything you need to call is right here:…
Join me and raise your voice for our kids! Sign this letter to Congress so they know how important Head Start is.
Congress could never take such
other to resign over issue: president Captain…
Parking near paramount theater on 7th and Congress? via /r/Austin
Parking near paramount theater on 7th and Congress?
USA must amendment its constitution & create a new office of opposition-leader in USA-congress similar to india
theater was/is my favorite. We didn't have a debate team. Just student congress.
PH: Congress moves to lower Doesn't make sense at all!
in our leaders from Western Pacific recently met in for their Regional Congress!…
Shame on you . Passing off congress politicians as traders.
The Old Oprah studios building is being destroyed but the Harpo brand lives on in Chicago at the Congress Theater.
The plenary session of the IV World Forum of Tatar women. On April 25, the Theater of drama
Thank you Congresswoman Matsui for recognizing iFoster on the floor of congress.
“In theater there is always a possibility that an act of sexual congress between two so-called signs will produce a real pregnancy” (States)
World Jewish Congress President: Anti-Israel Rhetoric is Turning UN into "Theater of the Absurd" -
Generating website congress to achieving world wide web fireside thing experimental theater: hYE
Does our Congress need urgent changes, for it has lost the people’s confidence? Variants:
absolutely stunning your so beautiful. Loved you Gwen since no doubt, I saw u live @ the Congress theater in Chicago
When he opens it, the theater has gone and the congress is deserted. Now, what is this special guest here?
Crony capitalism in a police state: Congress moves to privatize airport security theater -
Don't miss our preview of the coming week in Congress, with &
Was the congress of Korean ruling party of labors sure enough truly held?. Just magnificent amateur country theater. Were you in NK?.
Does Congress work for us? Why? Is Hillary any different in this regard? Welcome to Kabuki Theater, 2016.
The Congress Theater got a partial demolition permit. (Renovation work is w/sep. permit)
Truman became president in 1945 despite anti-civil rights/anti-union opposition from Congress:
I’m running for Congress because I'll fight for Wyoming, not aid & abet Democrat efforts to destroy our way of life. https:…
World congress of Crimean Tatars asks to Support Jamala at on May 12&14! .
. They're all actors in the theater of Congress playing their part for paychex, not caring about us or the country
Congress shot in showing of last hurdle Hours' at Renton movie theater
Congress: PeterRoskam: Samuel served our country in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He fought on Okinawa in one o…
Extreme Oath of Induction recorded in Journals of BECAUSE ALL OF CONGRESS SWEARS BY IT?! WHY ELSE?
Back to the big oil issue, so we know Congress is to focused on theater so as global businessman how can you capitalize on this issue?
Otherwise it's political theater in the ritual sense and performative - congress is what matters now.
Bitter factional infighting has transformed the customarily staid Communist Party Congress into political theater
Lovely drippy art by British opposite the old Congress Theater on N.Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.
why don't u organised a debated on death of air force person by leader of Trinmul congress
why don't u organised a debate on death of Airforce man by a trinmul congress leader
Because it's all kabuki theater. Just like Congress committees on C-SPAN. Until Americans realize they work for us🤔😡
While waiting for latest stories to publish : Approves New incentives for and Theater
Theater posters from the Library of Congress collection, via
The Oath of Induction 1 can conclude if it's in the Journals of it's taken & adhered 2 by Congress
Electronic Device Insurance
Lions at the Congress doors; Kittens at the Theater's. Just sayin'.
Feels like the Congress Theater moved a few miles up the road.
I had flashbacks to Congress Theater shows today at the Portage Theater.
If Exec is "wrong", it's best to present your "correct" figures to Congress so they can work to OVERRIDE the veto. .
& delivered your signatures to Congress & made a wonderful video so you could experience it too
Let's immediately fire every Member of Congress who applauded when Obama said he would do whatever he can without
Let's hope they didn't buy concessions too! How much money did this cost?
My *** pipes froze over at my place and I had nightmares working security at congress theater (in a dystopian...
They are laughing at the political theater that has taken place in Congress now in the GOP primary
Why does congress allow Obama to release Gitmo terrorists back into theater? TREASON! Aiding & Abetting enemy.
Schadenfreude: Get what you pay for- ; Poetic- ; Half-off sale?-
Presidential Inauguration Ceremony about to start, as Congress Formal Sitting continues in the National Theater
sorry for your loss, Joel. Met your Dad once pre-NCMF late-night 2012, while eating dinner next to the Congress Theater (1/2)
Obama tells Congress why they are hated TO THEIR FACES!
a written letter to Congress. It is all theater no. Plus everyone gets a copy of the speech before he speaks
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Id buy the old congress theater and renovate it to be the venue Chicago EDM fans deserve
This is our 2nd National and Coach Week! Congress has recognized the importance of health coaches.
Congress voted NIH biggest raise in 12 years! “It’s fantastic news. We’re beyond excited: https…
I was at the show at the Congress Theater that they released as a live album. Probably one of the most fun shows I've seen.
Seeing Crystal Castles at the Congress Theater back in high school was a major highlight in my life
Didnt happen after 20 kids in Conn., Colo theater> White House presses Congress for gun control after TV killings
And, now and then, you just go to the a) movie theater; b) congress on your corner event; etc. All senseless.
Don't worry. Congress's opposition to the Iran deal is just political theater:
And this is why we cant have nice things, Political games and theater are simply wrong message. This is NOT Congress.
Nigerian police killing innocent Biafran again
What's next removing our shoes? Y not make a real diff tell Congress 2 pass sensible gun laws or
Dr needs to get into Congress to help repeal Obamacare Enjoy this video
If Dr gets to US Congress, she can articulate to repeal Obamacare
If Dr. gets into Congress, she can help repeal Obamacare
If we can get Dr into congress, she wants to repeal Obamacare
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Obamacare will still be touchy issue 4 Congress election 2016 Dr is ready.
Looks like is poised to be 1st female doctor in Congress to fight Obamacare
The Hitler Youth - Congress of the Nazi Party in Nuremberg, Germany , September 11 1935 ☼
Shopping mall ... movie theater ... High school football game ?. When will Congress address the problem of guns ?
Hear from Jafar Panahi, a prominent movie director banned from making movies why Congress should .
Hollywood searching bags isn't enough it's time 2 tell Congress 2 pass universal bkgrnd chx or
Hollywood it's time to tell Congress to pass universal bkgrnd chx or
Ah, Irwin Theater. And I'm seated near that time in Gr.7 when the priest judge voided our IP during the congress
The things these ppl do on the floor of Congress is just theater for *** like us
US Congress doesn't know what it wants to do w/ undocumented immigrants; IRS does:
E-Verify could expire Sept. 30 if Congress doesn't act: | on its use:
Regal Cinemas acting to protect customers from gunmen because Congress won't act to stop arming them
Even the crowd was awesome last night. @ Congress Theater
My statement on the manner in approving the 2015 budget in Congress
Will the 2014 elections defeat leave an impact on Congress' dynastic politics? 'Gone With The Gandhis' is about to start at Prithvi Theater.
Now congress spokespersons in their 'individual' capacity have jumped to defend 'private citizen' Robert Vadra ., theater of the absurd
Why Namo giving security to rastriys Damad Robert Vadra. BJP is different face of congress.
With EDM shows banned by City at Congress Theater it's strange UIC & Navy Pier are booking them.
The Congress Theater is being investigated :D so many memories of concerts there :) super col — watching Ghost Hunters
American Ballet Theater, the Museum Exhibition at the Library of Congress
In the 1946 election for the Congress presidency,Patel stepped down in favour..
An exhibition at the Library of Congress celebrates American Ballet Theater’s history. Above, “Fancy Free
A History Built on Stars: An exhibition at the Library of Congress recounts American Ballet Theater’s 75-year ...
Incidentally, Congress Theater no longer has EDM shows, for obvious reasons.
Liberals willingly duped by theater in Congress (Senate filibuster) & don't hold Obama accountable on stuff he can control.
Ode to the bouncer remix 2012 vava voom tour congress theater wow
TONIGHT: and debate at 7pm at Veninga Theater. Join us!
Few days left for World at booth 2 see more!
MT “Do you yell "Fire" in crowded theater? Then vote ZInke in Congress.He likes screaming about non issues
HIV/AIDS prevention experts from Ukraine with our founding chairman, Librarian of Congress James Billington
Last night the opening of 62nd World Congress at National Theater Athens cc
good morning CHICAGO. begins tonight at the Congress Theater. xo.
Get the Dropkick Murphys Setlist of the concert at Congress Theater, Chicago, IL, USA on February 27, 2011 and other Dropkick Murphys Setlists for free on!
I was as shocked as you to learn late Friday that Erineo Carranza, owner of the Portage Theater, decided to abruptly close. There was nothing I did that forced Mr. Carranza to close the venue. It was solely his choice. He made that choice hours after the city’s liquor commissioner revoked his licence at the Congress Theater. Later that same day, his attorney had assured me that the venue would remain open. By way of background, Mr. Carranza purchased the company that managed the theater on May 14, and my understanding from conversations with city officials was that he had 30 days from that date to apply for a liquor license or transfer his ownership to another operator, as anyone who’s liquor licence is revoked cannot obtain another. It was my understanding from Mr. Carranza’s attorney that Mr. Carranza was engaged in discussions to sell the management company. My office received a letter May 16 from Mr. Carranza’s attorney acknowledging that reality and setting forth that plan to move forward. On ...
Zappa Plays Zappa performing live at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL, on Saturday, December 11, 2010: "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" and "Nanook Rubs It"
Who wants to DJ in front of 4500+ people at Congress Theater? 3 lucky DJ’s will have the chance of a lifetime to perform.
Deal lets Congress Theater stay open for now, but not sell tickets - Chicago Sun-Times via
Congress Theater will stay open with "reduced capacity" until violations are fixed, Cook County Judge McGing rules.
How much longer does the Congress Theater have?
Congress and GHMC Gift to Hindus on eve of RamNavami , Temples demolished
The Congress Theater is staying open after all. For this weekend, at least.
Wow the Congress Theater finally got the karma they deserve. I'm sure all you racers are ecstatic! 😄 🎉🎦🎶
Congress is against small business providing healthcare but have a govt program that we taxpayers provide them
congress theater needs a LOT of work done. That place is gonna collapse. Not to mention being molested at the door
Not gonna lie I'm kind of gonna miss congress theater, some dope *** shows were held there.
RT“i hope u didnt have sarachi sauce” although great, never using that stuff before attending congress theater
Now I have to go to sleep depressed about the Congress Theater..
If the congress theater gets shut down it'll be a shame. Besides the *** head security guards I loved it. Nothing but good times there
See ya congress theater you were the corruption of my youth
Really congress theater? All I wanted to do was see now what am I supposed to do???
Update: allowed to remain open this weekend, re-inspection to be held Mon. & court hearing Tues.
Hey so, what does this mean for the Chicago stop on this tour? Cancel? New venue? Reschedule?
City says many building code violations at the Congress Theater have been fixed...except one major one
Heard Congress Theater in Chicago is shutting down. Everyone tell the bands!!
Is the show on the 28th still gonna happen?
I wouldn't book shows at congress...!
riviera is SICK! Smaller than congress, old school theater. Has a balcony too. Saw gramatik there it was epic.
The show tomorrow at the The Congress Theater in Chicago is on as planned. However, due to an issue with the...
so apparently the City of Chicago is closing down the Congress Theater for good.. & better happen
GUYS okay so my cousins gf called congress theater and spring fever is STILL HAPPENING
Will the Congress Theater get shut down?
Congress Theater to remain open until next court date
“chillin, makin friends with congress theater ppl” is there a show? Tonight no yes health benefits
Bar Rescue needs to come to the Congress Theater
Why are we worried about Portage Theater? Well : "City wants Congress Theater to shut down immediately" via :
Easton Corbin is playing the Congress Theater tomorrow night w/ Jana Kramer and he gave us a call this morning!
JUST FOUND 10 DOLLARS ON THE GROUND and i acted like i've never seen money before , maybe congress theater is good for something .
I HAVE TWO TICKETS for Flux Pavilion @ Congress Theater - Chicago, IL message me for details...
Congress Theater always has thee wackiest dressed attendants.
Pechanga gimmick but theater has the largest congress scope vestibule the temecula chap, hosting mob extensive... 168963
USA residents, call your Members of Congress to oppose the brutality and death of Link provided.
4/14, come see us at Congress Theater!!!
The congress theater looks kind of sketch
Ready to throw down with and tonight at Congress theater!!
I'm still incredibly ticked off two shows I wanted to go to sold out. I hate you Congress Theater. :c
Tory Marks for Jams Plus covered Slightly Stoopid at The Congress Theater, check it out!...
Shame on Congress for threatening families! Sign today 4
gave Congress $ 12 Million Reason to vote for the Protectionist Act...
Getting everything ready for our coming event at the Lila Downs concert at Congress Theater this…
Who's going to flux pavilion tomorrow at The Congress Theater? Hit me up
he always talks about movies and invites congress to watch with him. They have a movie theater
Just informed by my dad that congress theater might be losing their liquor license after a brawl at the recent chief keef concert
I'm going to Bad Religion at Congress Theater in Chicago, IL - Apr 5
lol so apparently the congress theater could lose their liquor license. I say just get rid of your terrible security ✋
This shadow boxing between Congress and it allies is nothing buy the theater of the absurd.
Anyone interested in going to Alesso on April 12th at Congress theater? My friend has connections with a promoter and can get you a discount
congress theater might lose it's liquor license? no I enjoy the funny drunks there!
Are you going to be in chicago at the congress theater on april 28th?
Shocking...The Congress theater in Chicago is in the news again -
R/T or Favorite if you're attending the A Day To Remember and Of Mice & Men concert on April 6 at Congress Theater!
I need some tickets to the Congress theater
Pencil This In: Lila Downs At Congress Theater: Downs brings her band to Chicago for a March 30 show at the Co...
Y'all should go to my bands show at congress theater April 14th :) $15 if you buy from me
Police official says Congress Theater lied about serving alcohol
Did you know on this day in 1794 Congress passed the Naval Act, establishing the first US naval force?
Shame on Congress for threatening families! Sign today for
While Congress is in recess, we're asking for commonsense reform. The
$35 for Two to See Lila Downs at the Congress Theater on Sat, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. (Up to $71.30 Value)
Complaints detailed at city hearing for Congress Theater
Why hasn't Congress called ADM Gaouette to testify about A key operational sr commander in-theater?
Concert tickets and event info for Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus at Congress Theater on Mar 8, 2013 in Chicago, IL
Tickets and information for A Day to Remember’s upcoming concert with The Issues and Of Mice and Men at Congress Theater in Chicago on 06 April 2013.
Buy Tickets for DILLON FRANCIS - FLOSSTRADAMUS at Congress Theater in Chicago, IL on 03/08/13
Congress Theater liquor hearings begin with testimony from an undercover cop whose drug investigation was interrupted by a fight at a Chief Keef show
Just got home from my sis Michelle 's "City Invasion" Dance Competition/Fashion Show at Congress Theater... SO PROUD of her, her dance group from SIUC "Fatal Fusion" AND their fashion group, "Vanity" both won FIRST PLACE
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Logan Square Farmers Market until 2pm today - inside the Congress Theater on Milwaukee Ave. Your last chance to grab amazing grass fed steaks for NYE!
We will be at the Logan Square Farmer's Market until 2 pm today. Come and see us for some fresh bread and croissant! @ Congress Theater 2135 N. Milwaukee
come see us February 2nd at the Congress Theater in Illinois!
I'm at Congress Theater for Zeds Dead, Adventure Club, Krewella, Stratus and 1 more (Chicago, IL) w/ 33 others
Seeing and at Congress Theater in Chicago tonight. Ready for the show!!!
Check out the cityinvasion promo video!!! It will take place January 3, 2013 @ Congress Theater doors open @ 6pm
I liked a video Psy - Gangnam Style (Live Afrojack Remix at Congress Theater, Chicago)
Tonight! You better be putting on your Sunday best and getting ready to head out to RICHMASS. Details -SUNDAY DECEMBER 23RD is the 149th annual I LOVE RICH RICHMASS SHOW and it's going to be at the ULTRA LOUNGE (2169 Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, right by the Congress Theater). Show starts at 9:30. It will be I LOVE RICH (of course), Velocicopter and Mono in Stereo all together on the same stage, ready to rock your world. Be there!
Chicago foodies take note! The Green City Market will be open this Saturday 12/22 in the Notebaert Nature Museum. The Logan Square Farmers Market will be open this Sunday 12/23 AND next Sunday 12/29 in the Congress Theater.
Okay so this is kind of cool. We've been invited to play a battle at the Congress Theater in Chicago. DUDE CONGRESS THEATER!!! I really have no clue how they know about us, or why they want us... but yeah... FEBRUARY 2nd!!! SAVE THE DATE!!! Also, Dave is officially in the band and stuff. DUDE CONGRESS THEATER!
Cannot wait for your release of Gangnam Style. you blew my mind when you dropped it at Congress Theater
So if you could light 1 up anywhere, where would u smoke? -dan
What an amazing weekend. Photo's by Drasler {PARTYLINE-CHICAGO} C.2012
If there was a 12th planet, there would be aliens making this music -_- 12th Planet at congress theater today!
I need to know who behind these events at the press box, congress theater, and Adrianna's on XMAS eve
Dont forget tomorrow we will be playing 3:25pm at The Congress Theater Chicago for the Christmas festival!! Doors: 11:00am till 11:00pm!
The Canadian youth are not as bad as I thought they were. Plebeians with good intentions I will call them.
I'm going to Coheed and Cambria at Congress Theater in Chicago, IL - Feb 9
Tomorrow I play main stage at Congress Theater.
you should come see my band at congress theater! It'd mean a lot :D
Of the 20 children who were shot to death, eight were boys and 12 were girls.
Connecticut State Police released the names of the 26 victims shot and killed at an elementary on Friday.
Given the recent school shooting, This 1992 video with Petra almost seems prophetic now. Unfortunately these horrors will continue unless our nation, as a whole, turns its face back to God and not government for our answers. What do you think the church must do to arise in the midst of this national tragedy ?
By Dan Olmsted I have to confess I was not expecting much from the autism hearings in the House of Representatives last month. For one thing, I used to be Washington editor of United press international, and our congressional correspondent,...
Congress theater is straight up scum
I am interested in some thoughts on strengthening our gun laws like stronger background checks banning assault rifles banning large magazine clips and multi firing guns.
Practice went great yesterday!! Cant wait to rock The Congress Theater FEB 17th
Everybody! We're playing @ Congress Theater, main stage 3:45 tomorrow! Spread the word. We have like 4 tickets left, we'll sell them for $10 with the EP! Get it quick!
Many parents worry about how to help their children deal with tragedies like the Connecticut school shootings. Psychologists and therapists offer some advice:
This song is called time. off of our up and coming EP. Thanks to everyone who came out to suppourt us! u guys rock! stay tuned for more!
Chicago bound for the sold out show at Congress Theater @ United Terminal at LAX
are you sure about that Joe? It wasn't enough when a Congress Woman was shot.Or teens in a theater. Or Sikh kids. Hope you're right
Piers Morgan has been one of the most vocal pundits in the past few years calling for stricter gun control laws in the United States, and has clashed a number of times with gun rights activists. Tonight Morgan appeared to have had it with the pro-gun arguments. He confronted gun advocate John Lott o...
It’s not PC, but maybe a part of the problem is too many people running around unsupervised who need but don’t take meds.
A petition urging the Obama administration to “produce legislation that limits access to guns” has more than 25,000 signatures just hours after its inception.
is all about political theater. Congress and The President are proving they care more for their party than our nation
anybody gonna come see Aiming For Average at congress theater on sunday? c:
Thank you all for the RTs and chats. If enough people & congress act, perhaps we can avoid the next campus / mall / theater mass shooting.
Guaranteed Skilled based training. Employment to Educated unemployed. Congress in Gujarat : Promising
Shame on Congress ! Pakistan Home Minister Rahman Malik slams India for Babri masjid demolition but silent on 100s of temples destroyed everyday in Pakistan. Our media, Govt does'nt Question them.Secularism!
Columbine, Virginia Tech, Congress women, movie theater, mall, elementary school. What's going on? Praying for everyone who has lost someone
yo yo last two times I've gone to congress theater to see zeds dead u were there..will u b there the 29th?!?!?
Gerhart will be opening the main stage at 11:45am for the Not So Silent Night event this Sunday 12/16 at the Congress Theater
you have got to come do a show in Chicago! At a bar tho congress theater is for little kids
The tattoo I have on my thigh is a garter belt with a derringer gun tucked inside. There are two bullets on the front and a little lace heart on the back. It's my personalized and permanent reminder of my 2nd amendment right. Do you have any liberty themed tattoos? What are they?
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Quote Of The Day - Ezra Klein "If roads were collapsing all across the United States, killing dozens of drivers, we would surely see that as a moment to talk about what we could do to keep roads from collapsing. If terrorists were detonating bombs in port after port, you can be sure Congress would be working to upgrade the nation’s security measures. If a plague was ripping through communities, public-health officials would be working feverishly to contain it. "Only with gun violence do we respond to repeated tragedies by saying that mourning is acceptable but discussing how to prevent more tragedies is not. But that’s unacceptable. As others have observed, talking about how to stop mass shootings in the aftermath of a string of mass shootings isn’t 'too soon.' It’s much too late." - Ezra Klein, writing for the Washington Post. [hz]
A Not So Silent Night 2012 is this SUNDAY at The Congress Theater featuring Slipknot! DJ set and Blackbox! We...
The elementary school shooting & movie theater shooting were both set ups for congress to increase gun control so we have less than them
All of our thoughts and prayers are with the children and families affected by today’s tragedy in Connecticut. The senseless tragedy took the lives of so many and is truly heartbreaking. As a father myself, I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain of those who lost their innocent children. Please keep the people of Newtown in your prayers in the days and weeks ahead.
I bet after the this massacre, the one in oregon and the the movie theater shooting, congress are gona try to pass a gun control bill
Gun Control Now Enough is enough. We need common sense gun control. The Congress and the President must have the political courage to stand up to the gun lobby and enact legislation to control and eliminate the public’s access to automatic and semi-automatic weapons and ammunition. This does not impact hunting or gun collectors. The constitutional argument put forth by the gun lobby does not work in today’s world. Have you read the Second Amendment lately? If not here it is: Article II “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Since there are no legal militias in place in Delaware or the US that require citizens to bring their own guns, the constitutional argument of the pro-gun groups is moot.
We have our set time! See us perform on the stage at 3:25pm this sunday at The Congress Theater in Chicago!
I'm Hosting an event this coming Sunady @ THE CONGRESS THEATER an all day all ages show featuring a member of Slipnot as the headliner.
IT'S GOING DOWN XMAS EVE ..AT THE CONGRESS THEATER ... Get your tickets 17 and up show
Congress should have dealt with the issue of gun control after the movie theater shootings. Smh.
Barbara will be in the building to see Meek Mill LIVE at the Congress Theater December 24th! More
Want to meet VIP Tix to on NYE, Boombox courtesy of
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