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Coney Island Hospital

Coney Island Hospital is a public hospital located in Brooklyn, New York City. It is owned by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

New York City Far Rockaway Bellevue Hospital Center Gerritsen Beach

Man in Coney Island Brooklyn drops a drink that falls near an NYPD cop. Cop then beats the man up. Shortly after th…
Coney island hospital *** No one ever seems to do there job unless there being watched smfh
A 17-year old girl was shot dead in Coney Island this morning and a 20-year old man is in the hospital…
Great game today verse Coney Island Hospital, we came out on top as the winners of the first Turkey Bowl!
huge shoutout my uncle use to work with you at Coney Island Hospital!!! good luck in your up coming fight.
Yeah Ibwas born y to cuban Orphaned Imorgants on ave Z in brooklyn near Coney Island Born in doctors hospital NYC. Moved to bayside when
my mom called me when I was by Coney Island Hospital and asked me where I was. I said "the 9th circle of *** .
"Well yeah, that's how I got out of the hospital window in the first place. I can see Coney Island. Maybe a mile away?"
New opening at Coney Island Hospital in - Manager/Electrical Design Engineer
PRESS CONFERENCE this MONDAY DEC 7 at 9am Sta 43 Coney Island Hospital 2601 Ocean Pkwy Brooklyn - support of & more
A+: A checkup w/ the doctor at HHC's Coney Island Hospital before going back to school
Coney Island Hospital is hiring a Engineer, apply now!
Apply now to work for Coney Island Hospital as Assistant Director Hospital in
Check out this Hospital/ Chief of Staff at Coney Island Hospital in
Coney Island Hospital is looking for a Hospital/ Chief of Staff in apply now!
Passing Coney Island Hospital, where baby Dre came into the world a little over 29 yrs ago.
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Just got out of Coney Island hospital because *** just died dead add
Coney Island Hospital. Parking entrance Flags, Lit channel Letters, Directory Pylons and more. Please contact us...
Apply now to work for Coney Island Hospital
so I will stop. Its a dub for coney, dub for movies at night, dub for city island dub for hospital visits.
I got lost in Coney Island after the hospital one day and ended up there lol
I wonder when cops will do something about drunk homeless leaving under belt parkway ramp across from Coney Island Hospital?
Brooklyn: Coney Island Ave & Ave X, Pedestrian Stuck by Ambulance transported to Lutheran Hospital. HWY CIS requested for the investigation.
Appropriate: after Diabetes interview at Coney Island Hospital, this at Jeff Koons Retrospective at The Whitney
I'm at Coney Island hospital. A 10 yr old drowned n my mans got the call.
Brooklyn: A 10-year-old drowned after falling in the water in Coney Island. Child was pronounced DOA at Coney Island hospital.
TWO NYPD OFFICERS IN CRITICAL CONDITION AFTER TRYING TO SAVE LIVES, FROM A BURNING BUILDING IN BROOKLYN: Our hearts go out to injured Housing Officer Dennis Guerra, 38, a father of four and a Far Rockaway resident. While racing up stairs to save lives from a burning building, he and his partner Officer Rosa Rodriguez were consumed by smoke and fire. By the time fire fighters got to them he and his partner were both unconscious. He was rushed to Coney Island Hospital and then airlifted to Jacobi Hospital in The Bronx, where he remains in critical condition. Officer Rosa Rodriguez, 36, a mother of four, was transported from Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn to Cornell Medical Center’s burn unit in Manhattan and placed in a hyperbaric chamber. She, too, is listed in critical condition. It’s incredibly difficult work that these men and women do, risking their lives for all of us. This is on behalf of all the RCSP family and the residents of Far Rockaway. We owe all our first responders a big thank you. Our h ...
NYC HHC confirms an 84yo woman died at Coney Island Hospital on June 9th after she received a transfusion of the wrong blood type.
Hosp bad-blood probe: The feds paid a visit to Coney Island Hospital yesterday as they investigated the...
Brooklyn – 84y/o Patient Died after he Got Transfusion of Wrong Blood Type due to Lab Error at Coney Island Hospital.
Flowers sent la Madre. I practically moved into this hospital @ Coney Island Hospital
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Coney Island Hospital patient dies after blood transfusion error - See more at:
A patient died from a blood transfusion w/ the wrong blood type. At Coney Island hospital. Tragic, yet for some reason I'm not that shocked.
Patient dies at Coney Island Hospital from botched blood transfusion.
Medical Mistakes. Innocent Life taken due to hospital error. Happens too often.
and continue with NYC area community efforts, donate mobile entertainment system to Coney Island Hospital
84-year-old dies after Coney Island Hospital gives her transfusion of wrong ... - New York Daily News
Coney Island Hospital (A municipal hospital in Brooklyn) strikes again, causing patient death from improperly...
“I wouldn’t put my dog in here.” Patient dies at Coney Island Hospital after receiving the wrong blood type.
Blood on their hands: Man dies after transfusion mix-up at Coney Island Hospital -
USA: Man dies after blood transfusion mix-up at Coney Island Hospital
Good news to hear that my niece Allison's stepdad is continuing to hold his own. He'll have surgery later this week. Keep Tony in your prayers and hope that Methodist Hospital will be the same for having had him there...stroke or not, the guy is a hoot. (Hey, Allison's father left them laughing at Coney Island Hospital earlier this year. Hm...should we be thining, Reality Series here? Tony and Tim are both real characters!) Seriously, good health to both already!!!
New beginnings for Coney Island Hospital as first post-Sandy babies are delivered at reopened maternity ward
the Coney Island hospital looks ratchet af
'Hmm well I was born in Coney Island Hospital. So I guess BK is where I mostly gonna die in. greatest place on earth.
Coney Island Hospital bus outside the Vollies Hall offering Blood Pressure testing, flu shots, tetanus shots. If you are sick, no co pay no insurance necessary. Take advantage of their services.
This just in: Coney Island Hospital is receiving ambulances again for most types of emergencies including heart attacks and strokes. The hospital's ER is not yet accepting labor and delivery or trauma cases.
Season 1 was a haunted house, Season 2 an insane asylum... Where do you think American Horrror Story Season 3 should be set?
The latest on CI Hospital: Coney Island’s Tower Building has re-opened along with most of its inpatient beds, and...
I hope all the conservatives in NYC who bash Christie demand that their state return all this FEMA $ they're getting
I needed this photo i feel warmer looking at it.I had to deliver 25 study guides to residents at Coney Island Hospital it was a bone chilling job walking 7 city blocks ..back and forth 3 times UGGH
Coney Island Hospital is FREE and outside at 43 Seba Avenue today. FREE flu shots!
I just noticed that Chief Garson posted on her page that Coney Island Hospital will be at the vollie hall for free flu shots, I'm reposting this for all those that live in Gerritsen Beach, I've had this new strain of flu backed by a severe case of pneumonia which has had me home & out of work for almost 3 weeks.. I suggest that if you or any of your family is considering a flu shot, please don't wait, do it as soon as possible! ESPECIALLY for the young and the elderly!! And Hey, it's free!!! Al Peckham
MON NIGHT @ 830 on pres. ALAN AVILES on city hospitals in the wake of & a tour of Coney Island Hospital
Senator Chuck Schumer took a tour of the Sandy-ravaged Coney Island Hospital on Tuesday, January 8.
Se coney staff are chilling at the hospital doing nothing. While I'm stuck at Woodhull caring for patients. I don't think Coney Island hospital realizes how great I em at doing nothing. As soon as I get back to Coney Island hospital I can't wait to show u how good I em at sitting!
Everyone I know was born in either Coney Island hospital or another country -.-
Let me know if you need to borrow some crutches, Senator MT Coney Island Hospital staff diagnosed me with a sprained ankle
Coney Island Hospital staff examined and diagnosed me with a sprained ankle outside Vollies Hall on Seba ave
Jesus this kid doesn't stop coughing it's driving me nuts
Brooklyn: NYPD o/s in front of Coney Island Hospital for 2 males stabbed. The two males tried to rob someone and he stabbed them.
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Yes.I am very lucky to have been born at Coney Island Hospital.;)
Ugh I hate Coney Island hospital so much
Robber shoots store owner and then is shot and killed by customer, store owner is out of hospital (MI)
if anyone needs any medical attention in a few days come to Island Hospital urgent care center
I don't know where that is.. *dies* I only know the Coney Island near St. Johns hospital.
Happy New Year! Island Hospital will be back soon better than ever.
I love my Coney island, they got they got the soft hospital Ice.
We believe we had 500 people at the party this year, a good 200 children. Thank you Mike Beitchman for the wonderful pictures. I would love to download the "Electric Side" that you filmed. Thank you Janet Brennen, Golden Key, Affinity,Ed Eisenberg, Kiwanis, Fidelis, Apple Bank, St.Petersburg Book Store, Coney Island Hospital, Raisa Ross, Laura Singer, Asse.Steven Cymbrowitz who donated 25 tickets tothe Holiday Circus, OCEANA HALL, AND EMVI CHOCOLATE.M GREAT! and thank you JANET AND RAISA VEKSLER ,SHERRY FALCONE, JOSH FROM PS 225... i truly hope I let no one out...It took a Village to make fun for a Village.
Philippines-Based Megachurch Rallies in Times Square for Superstorm Sandy Relief Donations and Outreach Benefit NYC Homeless, First Responders, and Hospitals Press Release: Iglesia ni Cristo – Wed, Nov 21, 2012 2:14 PM EST RELATED CONTENT View Photo Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Members in NYC Click Here to Download Image NEW YORK, Nov. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the devastating wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) hosted an International Aid for Humanity event in New York City on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012. (Photo: ) The Philippines-based church's charitable arm, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, made a total donation of $150,000 to the New York City Police Foundation, the FDNY Foundation, Bellevue Hospital Center and Coney Island Hospital – all of which were adversely affected by the huge storm. The event was attended by noted local and international dignitaries and an estimated 3,000 volunteers from the Church. The volunteers also handed out "goodwill bags" containin ...
Bellevue Hospital Center, a critical New York City trauma facility, won't be able to reopen its emergency room until December at the earliest. It will take until January to make Coney Island Hospital fully operational again.
My Father told me about the day my Mother went into Labor , and gave Birth to me , he told me that him and my Mom drove to Coney Island Hospital , in a Dodge Charger , I almost was born in the Charger , they made it just in time for me to make it out of my mothers womb in the Hospital , thats why I have such a passion for the Dodge Charger .
Here it is three weeks after Sandy and my husband's place of employment, Coney Island Hospital, is still closed. He of course reports to work at various locations where a city social worker can be of use. They're talking one day about not opening his clinic again in it's off-site location. Then they're talking about giving his clinic space in the main hospital, if and when they reopen that, and run the clinic seven days. Then they say they're closing the entire program and will assign him to another type of clinic or to another city hospital. Please pray for a really positive outcome for all concerned...hopsital, patients, employees.
Chemo was real busy today catching up with 1 week of back log since BI was closed during Sandy. And, I can't believe that NY and Bellevue Hospitals are still closed, also Coney Island Hospital! I bet the City of NY wishes that St Vinny's and St Vinny's Midtown was still open to carry the over load of patient's. These Hospitals are sitting empty, maybe they can re-open or make housing for all the people of NY and NJ! And I'm so glad the killer of Etan Patz was indicted today. Imagine, a little 6 y/o boy walking to the bus stop. Put this guy away for life or give him the electric chair ASAP! Have a nice day tomorrow and peace to all New Yorkers and Jersey folks, hang in there!
There is a need for 4 space heaters to be donated & delivered to Coney Island Hospital TODAY. They will be used in patient rooms roughly 16'x25'ft. The space heaters can be dropped off at Coney Island Hospital's Tower Lobby, located just off Avenue Z around the corner from Ocean Parkway.
Well, OK then. More hurricane relief tomorrow. We are helping feed residents of public housing without power and the staff and volunteers getting Coney Island Hospital online. We have hot food going to Gerritsen Beach and Far Rockaway. We could use more supplies: juice boxes, kid's snacks, paper towels, bleach, toiletries, blankets, batteries (AA, AAA, D, and a car battery for Aviv Roth), cleaning supplies, diapers. Thanks for all your support.
Worked with some nurses from Coney Island Hospital, the Red Cross, and Dept of Health at the shelter tonight. Shelter is closing down by Monday and many people had left, but the amount of donated goods there was amazing. Sadly I hear that yesterday there were around 700 people at the FDR shelter in Brooklyn and they had no bottled water. Got the following info from a friend's page. I plan on going tomorrow: If you're available to volunteer in Manhattan Saturday afternoon, please meet at 200 Madison Street on the Lower East Side. We're working with building leaders throughout Lower Manhattan to go door-to-door to the elderly and vulnerable and provide food and water. If you're able to come, please bring flashlights, water, and food, and wear comfortable shoes for climbing stairs. If you're in a building that needs volunteers, please email State Senator Daniel Squadron at squadron
Waited for an hour and a half for the shuttle bus back to Coney Island Hospital from King's County Hospital. Then a car ride from CIH to Staten Island. Now on a bus heading back to St George and home. Three hour commute. I hope the cable guy tomorrow is good looking.
Does anyone care about Brooklyn? I know NJ and LI got hit hard and that *** But the news mentions NOTHING about idk, Coney Island, Coney Island Hospital, Seagate, Manhattan Beach or sheepshead
Other then Coney Island Hospital catching on fire.from Avenue X all the way down to Manhattan beach got flooded.and from what i was told.we are waiting until 9am to use the back up generator.
units are on scene at Coney Island Hospital. No confirmed fire or reports of injuries at this time.
Oh Snap! Coney Island Hospital is for real on fire
There are no evacuation orders in place for any HHC facilities. HHC hospitals and nursing homes stand ready to respond with the necessary emergency back-up systems, special staffing plan and supplies that will be needed to support operations through the middle of next week. All HHC hospitals' emergency departments will remain open throughout the duration of the storm, including those facilities in Zone A. Specifically, Coney Island Hospital, including its emergency department, will remain open. However, the emergency department is on full diversion and will not receive ambulances. In order to ensure that the most critically needed services have the resources required, ambulatory surgery cases and outpatient clinic appointments at HHC hospitals and diagnostic and treatment centers have been canceled for Monday and Tuesday. While extensive efforts have been taken to contact patients, the D&TCs will have some staff available in case patients come in for their appointments or need assistance. HHC faciliti ...
Well I've finally done it. I am retiring after 32 years at Coney Island Hospital. My last day of work will be December 31, 2012. Happy New Year to me
As the world celebrates the world physiotherapy day, i wish everyone a great time of exercising; and wanna give kudos to all my physiotherapists, Isaac & Jackey @ Coney Island Hospital, NY. Thanks so much for all your cares, love and dedication during and after my surgeries. May God bless and keep your family
I' m so excited I finally got places for the fall semester, in Coney Island Hospital!
I swear the kids doctor reminds me of Dr.House! Except the doctor is a woman and Korean. This is why I travel all the way from East New York to Coney Island Hospital
On one evening, three men were shot with arrows in the New York district of Brooklyn. Now chasing police blowgun man. Georgiy Ostrozhnyuk sat on Sunday in his friend's car when he suddenly felt a sharp pain. Then he saw the arrows in the stomach. - It was a blue and a green arrow that had pierced into five centimeters, he told NBC New York . That evening in the same area shot a man in his 60s with two arrows, one in the back and one in the leg. Even a man in his 40s should have been reached and all three victims were being treated at Coney Island Hospital, writes NBC New York. Witnesses to the events believe that the arrows fired down the street from the rooftops. Now police are looking for the perpetrator that they think shooting arrows with blowpipes. And calls for public assistance.
MY OFFICE FRIEND SISTER SON AS DIED , WITH BMW OVER SPEEDING AND THE NY POLICE DID NOT CAUGHT THE PERSON . NEW YORK - A New York college student was killed in a horrific crash when his minivan was struck by a speeding, out-of-control BMW. Jamal Iqbal, 23, was pronounced dead after the crash, which occurred about 11:45pm Saturday in Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. "His mom is in shock. She keeps saying, 'My son! My son!'" said Azeem Ullah, a longtime friend of Iqual's. The driver of the BMW M6, a 26-year-old man, lost control of his vehicle, authorities said. It struck the center divider, then crossed over into oncoming traffic, where it hit the Ford Windstar driven by Iqbal. The driver was taken to Kings County Hospital and his passenger, a 30-year-old woman, was taken to Lutheran Medical Center. Both were in stable condition Sunday. Iqbal was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital. Police confirmed that the BMW was speeding. They are investigating the crash but have not yet determined whether t ...
Patroy is on life support at Coney Island Hospital. He coded today and they brought him back. He was down for 1/2 hr, I am so sad.
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