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Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice (born November 14, 1954) is an American political scientist and diplomat.

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Condoleezza Rice is still the most interesting women I've ever heard of.
We needed to go back on the offense and offer clear leadership on Iraq. -Condoleezza Rice
I had a dream that Condoleezza Rice and Elizabeth Warren were both running for president. Who won? America.
Random note from tonight: Condoleezza Rice said she never used email as Secretary of State.
Richard Haass and Condoleezza Rice agree Hillary erred re email server, ducked whether will be serious elex issue
Great to be at Tate Lecture tonight at SMU with Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice is an American political scientist and diplomat. The color of our skin does not limit us to achieve
The entire time Condoleezza Rice was speaking, I was making heart eyes at her because she is such a beautiful, intelligent human being.
Folks are arriving for tonight's Tate Lecture featuring Condoleezza Rice, Richard Haass & David Gergen at McFarlin Auditorium.
At the Tate Lecture Series with our externs to see Condoleezza Rice. We are actually ON the stage.
Just watched Condoleezza Rice' security escort pull up outside of SMU and her walk out
TIL Condoleezza Rice is a member of the College Football Playoff selection committee via /…
I want Condoleezza Rice to tutor me
"One time I had a dream my cat was in the body of Condoleezza Rice."
Cringe every time I remember Condoleezza Rice, being a football fan as her best qualification, is on the college football pl…
Condoleezza Rice to headline international energy conference in Orlando via
In Case You Missed It: Syria is central to holding together the Mideast
WEEC 2015..Dr. Condoleezza Rice.."Innovation depends on human potentials & people mobilization"
Dr. Condoleezza Rice speaks today about "National Security and Energy Policy" at 2015
CHRISTOPHER MORRIS. U.S. President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the Oval Office
"Education is your armor against anything that anyone throws at you" - Dr Condoleezza Rice
Libyan leader Gaddafi had a crush on former U.S Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice, even made a video/photo album of her. …
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be in our area tonight .
Condoleezza Rice says she's done with politics —
I'm not sure what Condoleezza Rice's current position is on and would like to learn.
Rice leads poll to take Barbara seat
The Don said the same thing about Condoleezza Rice interaction with Russia
Is Condoleezza Rice running for president yet?
Not sure what you make of blacks/mulattos who identify w/European culture & values. (Condoleezza Rice, black Republicans, etc.).
It might be time for a woman president...just not these women. Maybe someone like Condoleezza Rice.
mi dice: [link] Condoleezza Rice named as killer of New York Times’ story on CIA : politics
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all I'm saying is there are lessons to be learned from Condoleezza Rice
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you … — Condoleezza Rice or George Bush
that's exactly the point of the quote. If people who know the game in and out dont, why would, e.g. Condoleezza Rice?
What exactly is the scandal? That she sent email? Made her emails public? Where are Condoleezza Rice's or Powell's emails?
"In America, it doesn't matter where you came from, it matters where you are going" - Condoleezza Rice 🇺🇸
And yes, I can read and speak Russian. There was a programme at U.S. Department of State where met Condoleezza Rice and signed photo.
Sure we allow a Secretary of State to operate in secret from her own govmt and the people - Condoleezza Rice too?
* sign 'Condoleezza Rice', bootstrap to set the transcendental X sense to codify 'neocon', 'bug', 'Dmitri Shostakovich, The Golden Age',
"For every person in authority on September 11th everyday since has been September 12th." Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State
reports: Condoleezza Rice in to receive award for helping youth via
Condoleezza Rice honored at Pathfinder Awards: The former Secretary of State was recognized for her work with…
So I just googled "Condoleezza Rice" and the secretary of state for the Bush Administration came up 😕
Condoleezza Rice to talk at World Energy Engineering Congress in Sept:
Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State - via DNA - descends from the Tikar people of Cameroon
Condoleezza Rice just been inspired. Condy continues to excel.
Condoleezza Rice will speak at commencement ceremony!
Condoleezza Rice: The Middle East as we have known it is probably gone forever.
I don't think that's true. Dr. Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, etc. Many successful minorities.
Did Condoleezza Rice want everyone to see her private e-mails sent from her personal .gov account?
Would love to see Condoleezza Rice's or Colin Powel's emails submitted ~How come there are no journalists asking about theirs??
Condoleezza Rice, Solange Knowles and Ice T all have MUSIC in common.
ice tee, solange knowells and condoleezza rice have creole heritage. Tickets please .
I'm sure glad Condoleezza Rice didn't have a server in her basement with a backup server in a bathroom. We'd still be hearing about it.
"Education is of no value and talent is worthless -unless you have an unwavering aim. Never find yourself wthout a compass"-Condoleezza Rice
They gave Condoleezza Rice and Mike Bloomberg a better shot than Lindsey Graham and they're not even running
Solange Mother is half Creole, Condoleezza Rice grandma is half creole, Ice T mother is Creole
the similarity is Ice T Mum is CREOLE ,Solange Knowles mum is half CREOLE,Condoleezza Rice' Grandmum is CREOLE
Why isn't Joe outraged about the way: Powell and Condoleezza Rice sent emails?
Well, how about Colin Powell and condoleezza rice? They had outside email servers in the same job title.
Was that different from anything that Madeline Albright, Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice did?
Condoleezza Rice will be university's commencement speaker
Condoleezza Rice to speak at HPU graduation - Winston
Condoleezza Rice to speak at HPU graduation - Winston-Salem Journal
Condoleezza Rice to speak at HPU graduation
[GWS Biz Journal] Condoleezza Rice will be Triad university's commencement speaker
Rice Colonial-masters of 1914 by Jihadists Nigeria Amalgamation expired 31/12/2013. IPOB need our Freedo…
Condoleezza Rice will be High Point University's graduation speaker - Greensboro News & Record
I'd really like to see Condoleezza Rice be our next President. She's Smart, Professional and the best choice for our first Woman President.
We are proud to announce that will serve as the speaker!
You Tube.Condoleezza Rice & Jenny Oaks Baker. Listen & be thankful for your Freedoms & those who make Freedom Possible. A Stunning Tribute!
it's truly not that. The ladies will vouch for me. I 💗 Condoleezza Rice & girl, I wanted Claire Huxtable to be my mama! 😄
what if the Republicans put up Condoleezza Rice to face Michelle Obama
ICYMI: Condoleezza Rice on the race card
Where, in the gaggle of claimants to “presidential candidacy” for the “party of Lincoln,” is Condoleezza Rice? HITRT
I'm starting The Condoleezza Rice Pudding Club for anyone who wants to talk about desserts and your favourite diplomats.
does Condoleezza Rice leads potential 2016 U.S. Senate hopefuls in California via
beny_benson: Rice tops wish list to replace Barbara
Rice tops wish list to replace Barbara
Source: Condoleezza Rice on playoff panel -
Condoleezza Rice never had kids or got married rah
An aide to Sec.Condoleezza Rice said she had a email address. (Apparently not the same as her own official account).
if you, or someone you know, would possibly maybe want to kiss Condoleezza Rice
what does Condoleezza Rice speaking on entitlement have to do with trump showing open sexism?
Deepa Kumar is saying that Fox News is trying to "silence & intimidate" her. Look at what she did to Condoleezza Rice. Kumar is a hypocrite.
Deepa Kumar succeeded n preventing Condoleezza Rice frm speaking at Rutgers U. What's that about "silencing & intimidating?"
Condoleezza Rice is the only person who will win the Presidential Election against Hilary Clinton. One problem, She's not running.
If Condoleezza Rice ran, would kill two birds with one stone & open up a spot in this pic for another white guy:
.to honor former Secretary of State 2015 Pathfinder Award.
Congrats to friends at Condoleezza Rice as the 2015 Pathfinder Award recipient is HUGE for organization & our community.
Condoleezza Rice to deliver keynote at SEUS Japan 38 joint forum in November - Birmingham Business Journal
Condoleezza Rice to be awarded the 2015 Indiana Sports Corp Pathfinder Award on Sept. 10
reason 22 why I wouldn't send my kid to Hiring a bunch of anti american whack jobs and race baiters!
Let's send her to go live with ISIS!. MR
Assoc prof at public-funded Rutgers Uni, Deepa Kumar, says U.S. is more 'brutal' than ISIS. http:…
Of COURSE America & American HATING Lib Regressives WANT "FREE" College, cause THIS is what happens there:.
Wake up RUTGERS, This is NOT free speech...this is HATE speech. Why are we NJ taxpayers allowing RADICALS to poison. htt…
.to honor Condoleezza Rice with Pathfinder Award in Sept. 10 ceremony.
Talking about women running for President. I believe that the BEST candidate would be Condoleezza Rice.
Rutgers prof: Fox News is picking on me just because I said the U.S. is worse than ISIS via
Why isn't Condoleezza Rice running for President? Or is she?
So it appears that Rutgers may not be your first choice for college. If this is what they are allowing to be...
Is Condoleezza Rice still on the Dropbox board? . (I hope not)
“"Condoleezza Rice...isn't that an insurance company?"-I'm not over this
"Condoleezza Rice...isn't that an insurance company?"-
(US Secretary of State on Venezuela) . 1. Wide of hearing room. 2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Condoleezza Rice, US...
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trade-promotion Condoleezza Rice was U.S. secretary of state from…
Condoleezza Rice, first female African-American secretary of state, & NSA advisor to President George W. Bush.
Condoleezza Rice warned the State Dept. about a major Clinton Foundation donor's ties to Iranian regime
The amazing Ms.Condoleezza Rice is truly a wonderful woman. All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior.
After *** rights in USA, Condoleezza Rice should propose Imaan H Mazaari.
MAY 21, 2007 When PM Shaukat Aziz was ‘stared down’ by Condoleezza Rice by CC
Nov 13 2005 - Press Conference of HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal, and US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice
"Condoleezza Rice ain't got no business on a playoff committee... now lemme tell you 'bout state budget financin'.."
Former Secretary of State (and Augusta National member) Condoleezza Rice just breezed by No. 18 in a golf cart.
new $20. congress should pass a bill listing only these Sally Ride, Mother Teresa, Condoleezza Rice, Amelia Earhart.
with people such as Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Robert Gates, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice no doubt, it's a LIE
There are three republican women that might run for president. Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice and Susanna Martinez.
If you want a "qualified woman," Condoleezza Rice is far more qualified than Hillary and has a vastly superior intellect an…
it was Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice wasn't it
Does anyone besides me think that Oprah and Condoleezza Rice would make the ultimate power couple?.
Condoleezza Rice is a member at Augusta... As is Darla Moore.
Terrible times are really here and won't leave us alone.
One of my fav stories of the Masters: SOS Condi Rice was one of the first women to play Augusta & is a member:
My friend just told me she is getting Condoleezza Rice as her commencement speaker, and Tiffin gets an ohio insurance guy
I paid him no mind bc he was kinda strange and obsessed with Condoleezza Rice, but I bet he's somewhere hitting the itoldyall jig rn
I don't know if it's true but if it is that's awesome! Condi Rice leads in CA senate poll
In your opinion, who would be the best 2016 presidential candidate? — Condoleezza Rice or Jon Huntsman
"I briefed Condoleezza Rice while in labor" This article on wmn agents is v. interesting.
""Condoleezza Rice sums up the Democratic Party in 75 words: " . via
This time last year, I was sitting on hole 6 at the par 3 course at Augusta National and was having a conversation with Dr. Condoleezza Rice
Tickets for Condoleezza Rice will be made available to the general public on Monday, April 13.Tix
So inspired by CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Former Secretary of State via WATCH...: via
tickets for Condoleezza Rice are available today to faculty & staff w valid ID limi4 tix per person,
Ben Carson. Condoleezza Rice. Thurgood Marshall. President Obama. We are more than incredible athletes
A Republican ticket I could support would be Condoleezza Rice & Herman Cain.
Condi Rice Leads Race to Replace Barbara Boxer in Vacant Ca Sen Seat Too much to ask for on GOP P…
Looking for a Condoleezza Rice that knew my husband CHARLES ALLEN SMITH I need to get a hold of you L.M.SMITH PLEASE (FB)
Here is a woman that should have been the first black and first female POTUS!
"A surprising new poll shows a prominent Republican in the lead for Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer’s seat in the...
"Power is nothing unless you can turn it into influence". Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
☞RT☜ if you want Condoleezza Rice for President! Would be first woman and REAL black President! htt…
I still think Condi would be an asset on the Presidential ticket.
Condoleezza Rice @ OIC. Powerful and relevant message on education and intl business.
Condoleezza Rice to speak in May at Missouri ST
Public tickets available April 13 for Condoleezza Rice lecture at Missouri S&T
should've? Based on what? Collin Powell & Condoleezza Rice didn't turn in anything. Please be objective.
Why would you look up Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell? What do they have to do with Hillary? Colin Powell is a democrat
Report: Condoleezza Rice never used personal email at State Dept. via
Ivory tower hypocrites of the century: Rutgers bans Condoleezza Rice but welcomes Mariela Castro: Okay, okay,...
Condoleezza Rice & Robert M. Gates at US George W. Bush arrives to make a stat
Regretfully Mr. Wickham, you've lost credibility. Wonder how Ben Carson, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice views the speech.
Condoleezza Rice didn't email Colin Powell did John Kerry 1st Secretary to have govt email Hillary Clinton 1st Secretary to release emails
Even Cali want to vote for Her not running for any office is a total waste of talent.
Rice beats Harris in CA poll for Senate seat. http…
Field Poll shows Condoleezza Rice leads in US Senate race over only officially announced candidate Kamala Harris
This is interesting, any chance she puts her hat in the ring?
Although not announced, leads potential CA senate candidates.
Rice beats Harris in polling for CA Senate seat http:/…
Condoleezza Rice for Senate, California voters say via
California voters want Condoleezza Rice for Senate: poll via
voters want Condoleezza Rice for poll -
“Condoleezza Rice Leads Race to Replace Barbara Boxer in CA - Breitbart via This is GOOD!
Condi Rice taking reins of Jeb Busha s education foundation: Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is taking…
I would like to point out that it was Condoleezza Rice who first said no to headscarf not Obama. But you don't hear me doe.
Lots of people like Mailbox, Airmail, Mailplane. Mailbox is amazing, but only if you love Condoleezza Rice snoopin’.
Saudi King Salman, left, greets former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.
The accomplishment of Condoleeza Rice Condoleezza Rice is a political science professor of Stanford Univ
Condoleezza Rice has been tapped to lead the K-12 advocacy group founded by Jeb Bush:
do you still have my recipe for Condoleezza Rice Krispies?
An all political show based off Condoleezza Rice “Never got into Scandal bc I hate how Kerry Washington talks”
others who didn't scarf up: Pelosi, Oprah, PM Merkel, Secretary of Sec of State Condoleezza Rice, Sec of State Clinton
Sorry John. You wandered into another "discussion". I just insulted Condoleezza Rice, so it's about to get real.
"When somebody underestimated me, it made me want to prove them wrong." - Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice makes the perfect case for Secretary Rice and I grew up under similar circumstances. htt…
I admire Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice and other women who defy misogyny!
FLOTUS, as did Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush & Hillary were all completely right in not wearing a head dress. That's their custom, not ours.
A recap of recent events from different sources... This week, Obama cancelled a trip to the Taj Mahal so he could go pay his respects for King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. He went to see the new King, Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, who just happens to be named as a defendant in a law suit against Saudi Arabia brought about by 9/11 Families. Some of the people that accompanied him were John McCain (who loves the 9/11 Report which absolved the Saudi Arabian Government), James A. Baker (his law firm Baker Botts represented the Saudis against the 9/11 Families in a lawsuit), and Condoleezza Rice (who lied before the 9/11 Commission, and had an oil rig named after her). Michael Smerconish asked White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough about the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11, something the families have been fighting for the release of for years, and he said “well, this is obviously an issue that you have been working on for some time. And this goes back across administrations. ...
I love when sisters get educated, but be like Michelle Obama (wife & kids) and not Condoleezza Rice (great achievements but…
Condoleezza Rice testified in the CIA leak trial today on how the White House pressures news orgs not to run stories ht…
While I would have loved to hear Condoleezza Rice @ lunch popping in to to hear Tony Brazzale Gordian Biotech Hearst 11:30
Liberals think I am racist for calling Barack Obama incompetent. But, I thought Jimmy Carter was incompetent too! So, Liberals then call me racist because I call Democrats incompetent, but I thought Truman and Kennedy were among our best Presidents and they were Democrats. Liberals keep squirming to find names to call me, but I keep deflecting them with facts that just *** THEM OFF! Here's another one: This RACIST is actively supporting Dr. Ben Carson for President, Allen West for Secretary of Defense, Herman Cain for Ambassador to the United Nations, and Donald J. Trump for Postmaster General. OK, so Donald J Trump is white, but that hair! Oh yes, and let's not forget the women. Laura Ingraham for Press Secretary, Megyn Kelly for White House Chief of Staff, and Carly Fiorina for Secretary of Commerce, Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior, Senator Kelly Ayotte for Secretary of Education, and Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State. For good measure, Bobby Jindal for either Secretary of Labor or Secr ...
Bush Jr had more guts then Obama. But its time for changes. Better if Condoleezza Rice take the roll.
Well, on the way back to Denham Springs today (from Lena, MS) traveling I-55 South, there were 3 vehicles with "police" lights flashing on top. When I got to them, there was a "traffic jam" because they were only going about 65 mph (70 is speed limit).anyway, the car in the back of the back of the pack got was a "National Security". Then I got up by the black SUV and saw a man with a uniform on.then the long black car (limo) and guess who was in it? Condoleezza Rice!!! Cool!
I added a video to a playlist 2013 World LEADERS Conference Highlights--Condoleezza Rice
Good afternoon, Condifans 1530-ish December 30, 2014 I am wearing my favorite Stanford sweater in readiness for this evening's excitement at San Carlos when the Cardinal play Maryland in the new Levi Stadium. The stadium might well have been called the Condoleezza Rice Stadium since she had so much to do with its construction and location. Perhaps we shall be lucky enough to get a glimpse of our First Lady of Sports watching the game from one of the luxury suites that she told us about. Since the stadium does not bear her name, we shall probably have to wait until 2020 or so when the Navy builds an aircraft carrier which does. Go Cardinal! Go Condi! Alan Hodges.
to sports luncheon the Boys & Girls Club of the Coachella Valley via
Condoleezza Rice, then states we could have never imagined anyone using planes as missiles? Norad was doing that exact exercise on 9/11
Nah. Katy a *** on the low. We don't need anymore of those "Can we trade Condoleezza Rice for Katy Perry?"
In listening to Condoleezza Rice's memoir, she mentions shopping at the Watergate Safeway - the SAME Safeway I shopped while in Washington!
finished No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington by Condoleezza Rice
I hate that victim mentality. It's like what Condoleezza Rice said C. …
I'll have the Anne Curry and some Condoleezza Rice.
Condoleezza Rice is approved by the media . She's gets kiss *** treatment from the media because she is a pro abortion black
Condoleezza Rice is one of the most liberal republicans ,she's pro abortion , pro-amnesty , pro *** agenda and never married.Loved by media
She will never question Barry Soetoro. She propped him up as Secretary of State just like Condoleezza Rice let him in.
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It's such an open Republican field right now that I'm surprised Condoleezza Rice hasn't thrown her hat in.
Big 12 collectively playing like a bunch of jabronis today. Way to prove condoleezza rice right, you guys.
Condoleezza Rice, Charged with War Crimes at Rutgers, withdraws as Commencement Speaker
Condoleezza Rice may not know much about college football, but she's got a great pair of
Im just gonna grow old and be alone all whilst slaying like Condoleezza Rice.
Is there a legitimately good reason why the only woman on the College Football Playoff committee is Condoleezza Rice?
no different than Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice.. Master just put them in charge of the big house...
Report: Condoleezza Rice "frontrunner" in Atlanta Falcons HC search. Closing in on a monstrous 8 year deal.
Thank you Condoleezza Rice for these good bowl games
Hubby and I were talking about wild card GOP candidates, and I came up with an unlikely doozy: Condoleezza Rice. Let it sink in.
Ordering chipotle and asked me what kind of rice I wanted and my response was "Condoleezza"
What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow. But what you know today cannot affect what you did yesterday. Condoleezza Rice
I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in. - Condoleezza Rice
"We knew what a token was then. Today young people don't see Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell as tokens. That's a pro
Well done, Rutgers, now apologize to Condoleezza Rice for the commencement speech fiasco!!!
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Condoleezza Rice is nice but I prefer A-Roni. "The Mob Goes Wild"
4 of 5 stars to No Higher Honor by Condoleezza Rice
"I don't think anybody could have predicted they would use a hijacked airplane as a missile" Condoleezza Rice Oops
So do I. Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love. no 1 in that photo though
talk to Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Alan West or Sheriff Clarke about black leadership. Time to throw away your crying towel.
Condoleezza Rice.sounds like a Mexican dish
I still don't understand why Condoleezza Rice is on the NCAA selection committee, she couldn't even get Iraq right let alone a playoff 😕
yeah, Condoleezza Rice being on the board makes me nervous as well.
I'm still very confused as to why Condoleezza Rice had any say in selecting the College Football Playoff teams... Times they are a changin
On page 723 of 784 of No Higher Honor, by Condoleezza Rice
While your water is at a gentle rolling boil, pour in the condoleezza rice and coriander. Then slowly stir in the temecula. S…
having Condoleezza Rice on the playoff committee would be like having Nick Saban on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, LMAO!
The case alleged that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul...
just because Straw took Condoleezza Rice to doesn't mean war crime - Oh, OK maybe it does then
"Racism is a birth defect of America. We as a country were born into slavery." -Condoleezza Rice.
UT Austin is one of the nation's most prestigious universities. And it is reportedly hiring Condoleezza Rice as its next president.
Condoleezza Rice gave permission for use of waterboarding by CIA in July 2002, intelligence committee finds
The CFP Committee makes headlines again with a last minute decision to drop No.3 FSU from the playoff selection.The Florida State Seminoles will controversially be replaced by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers, a former NFL team who was recently demoted to college level following a tough season, currently hold a 2-11 record. CFP chairman Jeff Long stated "It was close, very close between FSU and Tampa Bay and we spent a lot of time talking about these two teams. However we had to take into consideration the strength of scheduling. Tampa Bay played more NFL caliber teams than FSU ever will and they almost beat some of them." CFP committee member Condoleezza Rice was also quoted saying "In my opinion the decision was easy. Tampa Bay lost to the Carolina Panthers by less than a touchdown earlier this season and may beat them today. The Panthers then went on to almost beat the Seattle Sea Hawks later this year. If Tampa Bay had simply scored on that one 4th and long play instead of punting, then by def ...
Ugh. Why does Zoe Saldana look like she’s the daughter of Condoleezza Rice in this awful Wiki page photo?
Well-placed source tells me that Condoleezza Rice is not the front-runner for UT president, and is not a candidate "at t…
Condoleezza Rice might soon be the University of Texas' new president
Who, so far, has thrown Bush under the bus?. Karl Rove ✔️. *** Cheney ✔️. Condoleezza Rice. Donald Rumsfeld . Two down two to go. Popcorn time
I'll quit complaining about tuition and everything if they name Condoleezza Rice as UT President.
Needs to be removed from position on College Football Playoffs committee.
It appears that is poised to make a war criminal its president.
Reminder that this person is on the board of Dropbox: Also: [+ [
““I think Condoleezza Rice sums it up most elegantly Bri…
All about Condoleezza Rice Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
Condoleezza Rice apparent frontrunner for University of Texas president's job -
Condoleezza Rice front-runner for University of Texas president via
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After yesterday's CIA revelations, former Bush administration honcho Condoleezza Rice has been dropped as the "certain" successor to Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner. "A war criminal is worse than a liar," a source close to Dallas owner Jerry Jones told eTrueSports.
Dr Ben Carson, Clearence Thomas, Herman Cain, Stacey Dash, , Bobby Jindal & Condoleezza Rice make me sick to my stomach
Condoleezza Rice is on the College Football Playoff committee. Imagine Anne Widdecombe picking who plays in the FA Cup final.
how untrue is that? Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, President Obama. The pharmacist I work for is a black man.
"John Houseman Well she WAS in the govt, therefor an actor: Condoleezza Rice
Here's somethin' to stay in the know-->"Backers defend Condoleezza Rice"
This is the logo of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) which is now on a major fund-raising campaign all over FB. It's Henry Kissinger's "charity". The Board of Directors includes Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Eely-Oily Weasel, magnates from JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, including Felix Rohatyn (who presided over the dismantling of social services in NYC during the 1970s) & James Wolfensohn (past president of the World Bank dismantling social services on several continents) & the usual cosmetic array of celebrities. Every opportunity from Mother's Day to Christmas is used for fund-raising. Using poignant photos of children, they solicit donations for prenatal & maternal health care, clean water, warm blankets. Right now it's to help stop Ebola in West Africa. It’s not certain what IRC does with its money or why the millionaires & billionaires who claim to volunteer their services don’t bankroll it out of their own immense resources since their ...
The NAACP doesn't just hate but seeks to destroy Dr Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, and Justice Clarence Thomas. - Lloyd Marcus
Condoleezza Rice playing the piano for Queen Elizabeth II. Condoleezza Rice and the London Symphony Orchestra perform a Brahms recital for Queen Elizabeth II.
Cheech Marin and former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice?
Having eight people rewrite a version of an ancient text that was controversial in the first place to satisfy the King is like George Bush, *** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, and a Coke brother rewriting the Constitution. And maybe just to make sure that the thing is like you want it to be, pass it by Henry Paul, Jamie Dimon, William Crystal, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly for a final edit.
Freedom Fighters of America: Condoleezza Rice warns President Obama on immigrat...
Condoleezza Rice's take on America's political landscape . > "I've been black all my life. - . >
AUDIO: can't believe Mike Gould & Condoleezza Rice are on the college football selection committee
Condoleezza Rice and Edward both worked for the NSA, what a difference, 1 a crook and the other a real Hero!
Tommy Bowden embarrasses himself with on Condoleezza Rice
Former NY Times executive editor Jill Abramson said that Condoleezza Rice asked the paper in 2003 to kill a story on the CIA not being able to stop Iran's nuclear program. Standby for FOX News to explain to us all how Barack Obama really made her do it.
In September of '97 had went through a very tough loss and a relative of the person came by to visit and took me to a unit social. And in driving very distraught asked me if I had heard of General Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Tiger Woods. I said no, I hadn't heard of them. Then they said I better get my sh__ together.
Condoleezza Rice is on the College Football Playoff committee? Am I reading this right?
Ranking officer: Rice consumed by role, games: College Football Playoff committee member Condoleezza Rice is e...
Just to stop the rumors, YES, my character is based off Condoleezza Rice.
Couldn't they have at least used a Condoleezza Rice look alike for
The only Halloween costume ideas I have are Slutty Olaf and Slutty Condoleezza Rice.
Anyone besides me think CBS new "Madam Secretary" show is promoting Hillary? I mean the main character looks more like Hillary than Condoleezza Rice -or Madeleine Albright' Is CBS launching the campaign already?
For a career foreign policy wonk, Condoleezza Rice has been spending a lot of time outside her comfort zone lately
holiday philippines posted NCAAF Backing for Condoleezza Rice to take over scandal hit NFL, read it here:
Condoleezza Rice recalls her first memories of racism - Bubblews via
Ellen DeGeneres, Judy Blume, Condoleezza Rice and many other ground breakers from all walks of life. “The goal...
Is lacking a tooth, condoleezza rice, whereas the narwhal's horn in 1985 the u.s.
The newest addition to my canvas collection...Condoleezza Rice ladies and gentlemen!
Condoleezza Rice Warns GOP - Be More Inclusive to Women and People of Color -
Im waiting on them to leak Whoopi Goldberg and Condoleezza Rice's nudes
I want everybody nudes.If she famous and black I wanna see it idgaf who it is.Condoleezza Rice where yo pics at baby?
An inspired choice. Thus the chance of that happening.. MT I vote Condoleezza Rice for NFL Comissioner
that new President will care about Football, especially if its Condoleezza Rice that takes over.
Top 10 replacements for commissioner I vote Condoleezza Rice!
I vote Condoleezza Rice for NFL Commissioner. Maybe time for a woman in that post. Failing that, Steve Young wou…
NRO ki pedawar. Condoleezza Rice have written in his book that US did NRO b/w Benazir and Musharaf
your Condoleezza Rice idea looks better daily!
I'm still not over the time 8 years ago when my students recognized a photo of Condoleezza Rice but not Bono.
Draft Condi?: Everyone suddenly seems to like the idea of having Condoleezza Rice take over leadersh...
Cedric the Entertainer on Condoleezza rice: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Cedric the…
so you'd rather trust it to Condoleezza Rice? 😐
hopefully we can win that one and then Condoleezza Rice will pick us to go to the playoffs
Condoleezza Rice: What does it mean to be an
"Do you even know who Condoleezza Rice is?"
Condoleezza Rice is on the NCAA football playoff committee?
Did I just read that right? Is Condoleezza Rice really going to decide what teams go to this season's College Football Playoffs?
Herm Edwards or Condoleezza Rice next commish and wonder what would pete rozzelle be thinking now if still alive.
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