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Condi Rice

Condoleezza Rice (born November 14, 1954) is an American political scientist and diplomat.

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The new Bachelorette Rachel has a striking resemblance to ex-secratary of state condi Rice
Call Condi Rice...she promised thus would not happen
Where is Condi Rice to tell them that the "smoking gun" will be a mushroom cloud?
Condi Rice straight up lied while being grilled during a hearing. She's the best liar.
'Democracies don't fight each other' Condi Rice
Condi Rice "wishing you were shoe shopping instead of dealing with reality" level of shoes
Yet that Mediocre White Male won't say anything about Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice
If it were Condi Rice I'd agree. This guy is extreme. Protesting ok, violence not.
condi rice wasn't the right kind of black woman sec of State for dems or fems. Never given enough credit! She was amazing
Yes. And Condi Rice. Those are black conservative voices. And I'm sure no one has said they aren't black.
And Condi Rice has been ostracized from elite academia since serving in W admin. Speaking at Hillsdale doesn't count.
Rutgers is a mess. There campus is run by Marxists professors where Condi Rice is banned & their fans are jerks on steroids.
Colin Powell, Michael Steele, JC Watts even Condi Rice all black conservatives but understand that OUR American experience is different.
hmmm what about inviting Condi Rice as commencement speaker? That's bad. What if ColGOP invited a
was NRO a lie? is it secret that it was facilitated by Condi Rice and others? denial?
Tillerson was proposed to Trump by Robert Gates, Condi Rice and James Hadley. Look who they…
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Waiting with bate breath for comments by Bob Gates and Condi Rice on performance of their heartily-endorsed SOS Tillerson…
'meet me at checkpoint with a plain brown envelope': how a young diplomat leaked to Condi Rice in Bush I White House
remember Condi Rice? Russia, her area of expertise. we see what happened w/NWO politics of2parties. h…
Solid report of my interview with & Condi Rice on Trump's executive order
just like Condi Rice. That was his brown suga bae during his two terms.
.For example, running some propaganda campaign against Condi Rice, Bob Gates, McCain as pro-Putin is INSANE.
Frank Beamer, Gene Smith and Chris Howard added to committee. Condi Rice and Barry Alvarez out.
Beamer, Gene Smith and Chris Howard now on committee, replacing Barry Alvarez, Condi Rice and Lloyd Carr.
only a politician you agree with, so no Mia Love, Condi Rice, Allen West, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain ?
I sat down w/ committee member Condi Rice, who wouldn't change a thing about the CFP process:
so then it was also illegal for Bush, Condi Rice and Colin Powell, correct?
you mean like the one Colin Powell, Bush Wjite House and Condi Rice had?
Condi Rice recommended Tillerson for SecState. They are both members of Augusta National golf club. Good Ole Person Network!
The first time Donald Trump and Condi Rice spoke was when she called to recommend Rex Tillerson for State.
Rex Tillerson was recommended by Bob Gates and Condi Rice, and is a longtime friend of James Baker. Hardly the pedigree of a Pu…
Exxon CEO, favorite for State, was interviewed after praise from Condi Rice and Robert Gates. Both worked for Exxon.
Nonsense. Refer you to Colin Powell, Condi Rice, ambassador's wife, mother, oversight member who claimed witch hunt.
comment on it. Ideally, David Manning would send it to Condi Rice soon as work in progress … We will need to keep the Embassy in
Ari Melber respect you a great deal but who cares what Nan Hayworth or Condi Rice, a war criminal thinks GOP must carry Trump to TERM
Sheriff Clarke's a great American! Welch to the world of Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowel & Condi Rice & white men!
Maria Theresa By the way ladies, when will heavyweight Repubs Colin Powell and Condi Rice go on record about Trump?
Ask this Puke what color are: Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Herman Caine, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas& +
@ Actually he does care about Clearance Thomas, Condi Rice, Ward Connerly, Herman Caine, Ben Carson etc.
Speaker Ryan should also investigate Colin Powell and Condi Rice for using private email servers as Sec of State
What is your position on the private server use by Sec/States Colin Powell & Condi Rice... also outrage? no? Didn't think so.
you mean like Condi Rice and Colin Powell Mr. Ryan? Sit down.
So why is there no investigations on Condi Rice, Colin Powell or Karl Rove emails. Deletions.
Until I see George W Bush, *** Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfield and Alberto Gonzales behind bars don't talk to me abo…
You mean if it were, say, Colin Powell or Condi Rice's people? Like those people, Glenn?
I'd by that if he was meeting with Condi Rice. Bill's a pro at having clandestine meetings with women who aren't his wife
Condi Rice doubled down at a DOS Iftar dinner 10/05: Islam a religion of "peace & love"
... Fire Starr, McCaw and Briles; hire Condi Rice as President, she fills AD and coaching spots. Done.
but look at another example: Starr vs Condi Rice. Did she not get the job because she's not qualified?
So what do we think of this - Starr is fired to bring in Condi Rice, she fires the AD and brings in someone else w integrity...
Jeb Bush installed today as chairman of his education foundation, replacing Condi Rice, who took over during his presidential campaign.
Not a Condi Rice fan by any stretch but this is amazing
lol. Why no investigation into Colin Powell or Condi Rice using private email?
So glad I cancelled by account when they appointed Condi Rice to the board
exactl;y how does this explain HW Bush and Co pulling the strings from the background? Why Condi Rice on Playoff Comm?
I really hope someone in your ranks r getting Condi Rice on for VP! She's amazing & smart, & a way bette…
. If Trump were smart, he'd select Condi Rice. But he's not.
You should choose Condi Rice to be your VP, She was the 1st woman to be National Security Adviser And
If Donald Trump was serious about becoming President Condi Rice would be on his short list of VP candidates.
. Got my lunch ready. BTW...SUGGEST. TRUMP-CONDI RICE TICKET. Covers it all
Condi Rice wasn't interested in 911 warnings and didn't know diff between Sunni and Shia before invasion
Jim Clancy was great in Iraq!He also cover the 33 day war in Israel in 2006!Condi Rice shouldn't have quit that conflict early
It will be funny if Powell and Condi Rice endorse Hillary.
Good argument and great points. I still like Condi Rice
Again! Colin Powell and Condi Rice did the same!
Dad needs to select GREAT VP. Can mean difference in a win/loss. Condi Rice is very popular, smart, & can shut Hillary UP.
YOU need Condi Rice to shut up Hillary on Race & Women. Pic her for VP
Yes the email thing that Colin Powell called absurd! Something he & Condi Rice both did but is only an issue cuz HRC did it!
NO to anyone but Condi Rice or Newt Gingrich as VP. YOU need BOTH of these people.
not going to get independent or dem votes - needs a Condi Rice
Disgusting Condi Rice and Colin Powell do something great are labeled "Uncle Toms". Success doesn't change color.
Chaney, Condi Rice is the Posterkids for CFR. Bush 41 spoke of New World Order in State of Union.
What would be hilarious is if made Condi Rice his VP.
Remember MLK I have a dream? Connect Trump with Condi Rice. She knows everything. People love her. Invite her in.
Implore you reach out to Condi Rice, see if they have chemistry, what a winning ticket that would be. She knows everything.
DonaldTrump, meet Condi Rice. What a gold plated ticket that would be. Make it happen, Make America Great Again
Have Trump rally at Stanford, invite Condi Rice, test the chemistry, do we have a Win Win ticket to Make America Great Again?
Make America Great Again. Bring Condi Rice back to WH, she is so intelligent, experienced, we love her. Trump-Rice ticket.
Please arrangement meeting with lovely, talented, experienced Sec of State Condi Rice. We want her in your inner circle.
Arrange meeting with Condi Rice for the Win. Most talented, intelligent, experienced Sec of State, we love her, invite her.
Please contact the lovely, talented, experienced Condi Rice, have her join Team Trump for the Win!
Can you put together a meeting with Donald Trump, Sr. and Condi Rice in CA as soon as possible? She would be perfect asset.
Replace both Ryan/Romney with one Condi Rice. She is a very perfect candidate.
Dump Romney and Ryan. Replace them with Condi Rice. She knows more than those 2 will ever know combined.
Make an acquaintance with Condi Rice while in California. She is magnificent, intelligent, experienced perfect VP for you
Run an outstanding Sec. of State against a lousy Sec of State. Run Condi Rice with Trump on ticket against HRC.
Retreat if you think Sec of State Condi Rice would be a great fit for Trump administration. VP Condi Rice along side of Donald Trump. Win!
While in California, please visit SOS Condi Rice. Her endorsement and your endorsement of her would be perfect.
Why allow worst Sec of State Hillary for pres. when GOP has educated, intelligent, talented, experienced Condi Rice for VP.
There is no doubt in my mind, the perfect VP choice to run with Pres. Donald Trump is Sec of State Condi Rice.
Shouldn't Condi Rice receive that amount also or is this white privilege?
barely minimum on lays waste to the whole no one imagined thing Condi Rice went with
Condi Rice speaks your language using Putin as possible strong ally to destroy ISIS. .
Condi Rice writing recent op ed on Putin means she still puts her self out there for vp pickjng. .
If he makes Condi Rice his VP he can get hands on college football
Condi Rice as VP 4Trump! Just Saying, instance gravitas, helps with Woman & Minorities, & Cruz for supreme court.Talk about Fantasy politics
pick Condi Rice very hard for Dems to pick on such talent
S Rice has IQ of a moon-rock, was placed in admin cause obama throught ppl think related to Condi Drive
Another powerful black woman close to a president, Condi Rice with President George W. Bush. Watch 60 Minutes profile of
Susan, like Condi Rice graduated from Stanford not a crusty old Ivy League school like Obama and most of his team.
~ How can you say that!!! Kasich is pro `common core`. Should be Condi Rice, Allen West, David Patreous.
Nope. Successful and intelligent black ppl don't need to vote Democrat. See Tim Scott, Condi Rice, Allen West, Mia Love, etc.
would have been nice to see this many protestors in the bay area going after Condi Rice at Stanford and John Yoo at UC Berkeley, oh well
Your a great ambassador for your Dad, please suggest Condi Rice for VP,and 1st women Prez in 2020 after Dad's done the job
Tim Scott,Herman Cain,Ben Carson,Deroy Murdock,Star Parker, Larry Elder,Condi Rice..Those are the people you should emulate
Never mind Condi Rice, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powel and GW Bush all used private servers at their homes.
So should George Tenet have steamed rolled Condi Rice?
Can't. They have to start in on Jeb & George Bush, then get onto Colin Powell & Condi Rice. Not in the cards.
Fmr SoS Condi Rice got $150K; fmr Treas Secy Tim Geithner got $200K, It's not gender, but position held/relative celebrity.
He needs to win late deciders, his base is steadfast.Condi Rice as VP would secure the Whitehouse.Herschel Walker & Rock
via you need Condi Rice on your ticket!!
Condi Rice? NO MORE BUSH CONNECTED POLITICIANS! They almost ruined the country the 1st time. No 2nd acts.
.I'm voting for Rubio in FL, If Trump is nominee, then it'll be Gary Johnson or maybe Condi Rice in Fall
But no exp. Condi Rice would throw the woman card at them too.
Colin Powell had a private email account he used. Same w/ Condi Rice. Law changed when Kerry became Sec. of State.
So did Condi Rice and Colin Powell. What's your point?
I would have voted for Carly Fiorina, Jan Brewer, Condi Rice, but you just don't pass the truth serum test-you are Brian Wilson in a dress!
FEINSTEIN'S NAZI FATHER was a mean *** muther. He 'mentored' Condi Rice to be a KILLING MACHINE MOFOS
Calling it now: Condi Rice for VP on unity ticket...think about it
Apparently Condi Rice had a music background and only entered politics when she was a junior in college. Really unique path for a politician
Condi Rice would be a great President. It might be a little to late to enter tho.
dear Left, how many other Republicans have you shut down on College campuses?? Including Condi Rice. Now she's a real divider lol
Remember folks: Even if they stop Trump (God forbid), do not quit fighting. Do not vote for their puppets, be it Cruz, Kasich or Condi Rice
And he has, but these people also shut down Condi Rice. etc.
Condi Rice tells Ukrainians that Crimea they might not get Crimea back for another 50 years.
Who gave Condi Rice the right to make condescending remarks about Liberia? Smdh
It had been so long without Condi Rice's moronic statements; she is back with her latest statements on Ukraine. She hasnt skipped a beat!
Ted Cruz & his wife Heidi both worked 4 the bush administration they're career Politics. Heidi worked 4 Condi Rice
Kasich and Cruz are also globalists. Heidi Cruz worked on NAU with Condi Rice. WAKE UP AMERICA!
& had a PIE thrown at her 2 silence her too. Condi Rice was canceled as grad speaker at a college.
The left calls Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas racists. Has nothing to do with Trump. It's their way.
Real conservatives are not! I am proud to know Condi . Rice, and Colin Powell. Either one wold be better candidates then now
why don't u all explain shutting down all Republicans speeches at universities including Condi Rice. Yeah she's a real instigator
sure lets blame Donald for the riot tonite. How many Rep have been denied speech at colleges because they were Reps? Condi Rice etc
I hope Mr. Trump picks Dr. Condi Rice for his VP! I would love to see here in charge for 8 years after the Donald
Hope Mr Trump picks Dr. Condi Rice for VP! Didn't Dr. Ben Carson get the racist memo? Why would he endorse Mr. Trump? Hm
GOP approached Condi Rice for Presidential pick in a contested brokered convention as Indy.
Condi Rice underwhelms Did she dismiss as just "werewolf" dead-enders?
Condi 4 President. Oh how delicious that would be. She'd run as an Indepenent.
Condi Rice would be the most amazing president this side of Reagan! If you don't agree please let me know why.
so, Hillary does same things as Condi Rice and Colin Powell, she must go to prison but Sanders'
There is talk out there about Condi Rice throwing her hat in the ring. I would support her in a heartbeat
Absolutely NOTHING against Condi Rice. But if she wanted to be president, why didn’t she run like everyone else?
Conservatives pushing independent race by Condi Rice
Strategist: Condi Rice being floated as possible candidate
“If you can’t allow people to do their jobs… nobody with substance and creativity will work for you.” — Condi Rice ht…
. I would love for Condi Rice, Colin Powell, or former General David Petraeus to run for Who are your alternatives?
Condi Rice talks tough but she cannot be tough herself.
Have you considered asking CONDI RICE to be your VP when you win the nomination?
Motivated by FBI stuff (and recalling Condi Rice stuff), I moved everything from Dropbox to iCloud Drive on Friday, and nothing has exploded
Dumb choice! Trump/Condi Rice is the absolute unbeatable ticket!!! AMEN !!!
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Time 2 pick the Donald's running mate 4 the general--- Condi Rice!!!
I wish Condi Rice was in this race. I believe she'd smoke Trump like a cheap cigar. Man I'd love to see that!
That's not a good choice-She buckled under PC pressure. General Mattis or Condi Rice will solidify the votes
Sad sad time in our history. Where's Condi Rice when we need her?
Who would be best VP choice for Trump? Condi Rice deserves consideration strong woman great example for minorities just putting it out there
Sadly, Condi Rice will never run. It's a shame; but she won't.
Over emails? No. . Condi and Powell aren't in jail. . .
Great pick up, good to know Condi Rice is on board at to put leak security in perspective
Have you forgotten that Heidi Cruz worked with the W admin and Condi Rice on the NAU policy?
If Trump comes up with a black woman VP its all over. Where is Condi Rice?
conspiracy between Pete Coors and Condi Rice keeping CC from winning.
Condi Rice? Fluent in 6 languages, inc Russian! She could deal with Putin lol
Kasich, Rudy, Condi Rice??? IDK it's tough...def not someone in congress.
Rubio will be the nominee and will pick Condi Rice as VP
I hope Trump chosen Condi Rice as his running mate. She would be fantastic!!
Self esteem comes from achievements. Not from lax standards & false praise. Condi Rice.
If Condi Rice and Colin Powell used such emails, then Hillary's no special case
don't forget the racist abuse thrown at Con…
don't forget the racist abuse thrown at Condi Rice
Georgia... that happened under GWB & the worst Sec of State condi rice.. she didn't see it coming, coz she was always aloof..Fact
The funniest part about random attempt to defend sexism: he think Condi Rice is for social justice & would vote for her ... Ha!
/ I still have nightmares about the memory of Condi Rice as Sec State. We have to keep the GOP out of the WH.
Condi Rice leading polls to replace Boxer! YES!!
Condi Rice would be interesting choice. Loved by conservatives
Heidi Cruz helped write the plan for North American Union under W and Condi Rice!. Still think U can trust Cruz???
I saw what was going to happen to DCA-FRA 2/29/08 & stopped it. Condi Rice & half of the State Dpt is alive cause of me.
So let's see Lisa we should vote for GoldmansachsCruz whose wife is part of the CFR &worked under Condi Lisa rice
Didn't know Condi Rice was not a lawyer or judge... SMART & ACCOMPLISHED THOUGH...
Condi Rice should be the first woman President.
They *retroactively* labeled some classified, just like they did 4 Colin Powell & Condi Rice. (Google retroactively)
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Never heard you ask George W Bush or *** Cheney or Condi Rice Have you always told the truth?
You answered your own question: Condi Rice, but she would never do it unfortunately. Hillary is a lock for 40% which wins 3-way
Funny how America is 'READY' for a woman president but only for a CORRUPT LIAR of a woman. Condi Rice would be the BEST female choice!
Condi Rice was SOS on 9/11 & she has classified info on private email...where's the 13+ investiga…
Many people have tried a Draft Condi Rice campaign in the past and she has refused to run... The country needs...
Condoleezza Rice won't run for Boxer seat
do u think Condi Rice wants 2 b Supreme Ct jst?Could u c Rubio say she is choice aftr Obama choice n make election determination
so when Condi Rice runs will there be a special place in *** for women who dont support her & will it be next to the place for those who do
Condi Rice sums up the Democrat party in 75 words...
I had to chuckle a bit at that considering he included Condi Rice in that list...
When asks audience to shout out VP picks if wins, they say Phil Robertson, Condi Rice,
At Cruz event, Hannity asks who crowd would want Cruz to pick for VP. I heard screams of Ben Carson & Condi Rice.
In ad break, Hannity asks crowd to yell out who they want for Cruz's VP. "Ben Carson" and a lone scream for "Condi Rice" from the balcony
Run Condi--run! America needs you! Condoleezza Rice Leads Race to Replace Barbara Boxer in CA
I was very flattered when Jeffrey Dahmer said I ran State Dept better than Condi Rice
Little Giant Ladders
Maybe she was jealous. I heard he was in love with Condi Rice. Had her pictures up all over the place. Too bad.
Do you even know who Connie Rice is? Mike said her name, not Condi Rice's. Check your assumptions.
Dr. Condi Rice is truly invested in the women's program at Extraordinary opportunity for players. http…
So Berns surrogate supports NRA and would support Condi Rice as POTUS? Very odd.
Wasn’t it Condi Rice that presented the tubes as evidence of an enrichment program? Or do I misremember?
That's pathetic. Also, she's not a strategist. She sorta worked for Condi Rice further explanation of it.
Would you have turned down that $$$? I think not. Former Sec State's in high dmnd. Ask Condi Rice & Colin Powell.
no, Condi Rice is going to be the next President of Augusta National
Condi Rice in running for 2014 chutzpah award via
like Colin Powell & Condi Rice... If one's criminal, all are
That's insane. The best secretaries of State were James Baker & Condi Rice.
I think ppl have an issue with her & not Colon Powell,Condi Rice, or Ben Carson b/c all she does is disparage black ppl
As well as Heidi being Condi Rice's Economic Adviser to the National Security Council.
Celebrity interviews on Jumbotron so far: Condi Rice for Stanford. And a voiceless Tom Arnold for Iowa. Calling it a draw.
Showtime Spymasters clearly implicated GW Bush, Condi Rice, Janet Reno, and Bill Clinton for OBL attacks in 1993, 2001
Condi Rice and Tyrone Willingham won't do UNC any favors if it comes to a UNC v. Stanford debate. Bias - how resumes trump wins.
Has any journalist EVER asked Colin Powell & Condi Rice about the Racial Draft sketch? I feel like we need to know their responses to it.
it's never far from my heart. Yesterday I pondered if Colin Powell & Condi Rice were ever asked about the Racial Draft.
So play it out--what might be in those reports that would make Clinton anymore negligent (or not) than Condi Rice
How sad the first woman president is likely to be Hillary instead of someone honorable like Condi Rice. Shame on all liberal media. Shame.
this same White Fix Liberal was called out for a post referring Condi Rice and "White Whale"...Pattern here...
In the words of Condi Rice, "you cannot be reluctant to lead." It's time we instill American leadership in the world again. (2/2)
Nice, finna eat more rice than Condi.
I would give $1M 2 see article about how Alexander Haig & Condi Rice would do in similar hearings where 100's died in Embsy atks
So you're saying Condi Rice and Colin Powell should get 35 years in jail?
Been cool to have something to compare it to say if Condi Rice had to explain 13 Embassy attacks and 60 dead Americans
& other leakers did same things as say Colin Powell as SOS and Condi Rice who had pvt email accts
Truly an educator who's biggest accomplishment will be paying Condi Rice a million dollars to do a banal commencement speech.
RE: 8 Benghazi hearings-Remember when we held Condi Rice's feet in the fire for ignoring memos of an imminent attack pre-9/11? me neither
Oh for the love of god,if Condi Rice had done these exact things you would have crucified her as unfit for office, and Bush,
.Adjectives aside, I'm sure would be equally apathetic if we were talking about Condi Rice right now.
Only 63 Americans died in attacks on embassies & consulates while Bush & Condi Rice were in charge. 4 is way more than 63. 😐
Thrush should imagine that it was Condi Rice, and then comment
if this was Condi Rice Glenn would be carrying the pitchforks
Condi Rice less qualified after allowing attacks of 9/11 while National Security Adviser.
Sought Condi Rice equivalent of Benghazi. Found more than expected. Tough job. Easy to judge in hindsight.
. Imagine if real criminals and liars like Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and Condi Rice received thi…
People has testified longer than: Condi Rice on Iraq, CEO of BP post-spill, Donald Rumsfeld on Pat Tillma…
I am a big fan of Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Condi Rice. My opinion of Obama is that he's a traitor
Same thing happened to Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Michael Sreele, Alan Keyes, now Carson. Starting to see …
.Tell that to your black President. And Oprah, Ben Carson, Bill Cosby, Jerry Rice, Condi Rice, Denzel, etc... .
The only REAL BLACK people that the GOP like are Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Uncle Ben Carson.
They roll with the Tide? 16 celebrity Alabama football fans from Channing Tatum to Condi Rice |
Ok Condoleeza the only woman that could keep her last name with me but thats it LOL. The *** Imma tell Condi Rice???
ITS not too late for General Alexander to ride to the rescue with Condi Rice & Colin Powell! Hang in there, James!
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Condi Rice, Susana Martinez would give fake Hillary a run for her money
Ben Carson, Obama, Susan Rice, Condi Rice, Don Lemon, Bill Clinton. I could go on, but these PoC have done well.
.Awaiting your clarion call for Jeb Bush, Romney, George Bush, Cheney, Powell, and Condi Rice emails!
I'll back whomever says will appoint Condi Rice as VP, Gowdy as Atty General, John Bolton as Sec State, & Allen West as Sec Def.
as in "Susan Rice admirable, accomplished woman," while Condi Rice "Aunt Jemima?" getmy meaning?
When are we going to indict Condi Rice & Colin Powell for "flouting regulations" as former Secys of State by the way?.
.- Oh *** yeah! You guys get to have her back. And for our trouble, you have to take Condi Rice and Tim Scott.
You should tell that to Deneen Borelli, David Webb, Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Allen West, Condi Rice
In support of point 1: Condi Rice, Susan Rice, Anita Alvarez, Janice Rogers Brown, and the list goes on.
let's hope the woman is Condi Rice or Maggie Thatcher
The says it still stands behind As for Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Condi Rice, well...
well, they did say Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice were white
Condi Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandi prove its not women that are the problem. It's the woman.
Tony Blair gives Vinod Khosla and Condi Rice examples of how quality of gov't affects startup ecosystem
I agree which is why they should SEE Obama as President. See Eric Holder as AG. SEE Condi Rice as Sec of State.
correct. how about Elizabeth Warren, Condi Rice or Carly Fiorina?
John Kerry. Meanwhile - Remember what Condi Rice and Colin Powell said about this? - Yeah me either.
Tough 4 a Republican to win in a statewide race in CA. Am hoping that Condi Rice runs for Boxers seat
One of my fav stories of the Masters: SOS Condi Rice was one of the first women to play Augusta & is a member:
I don't know if it's true but if it is that's awesome! Condi Rice leads in CA senate poll
Wise tribute to Bush jr, Condi Rice for reading the perils of supporting ME dictators, however secular
.They just gotta send Karen Hughes and Condi Rice to do a speaking tour to explain *why the govt has to kill blacks all the time.
Yeah John Kerry, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell aren't running for President.
Probably the same reason that Condi Rice & Colin Powell didn't..
Hey *** ..where on the bus was Condi Rice sitting when you voted against her? Were you channeling Grand Klegel Robert Byrd?
Senator Robert KKK Byrd opposed Condi Rice appt to Sec of State. Anybody accuse him of being racist?
follow up ? - did Condi Rice & Colin Powell use a State Dept email address or personal for official business?
I see condi rice being ask to go for prez"Rumor at this time but look out"
I will be absolutely ecstatic when Condi Rice, Colen Powell and other past Sec/State produce their "separation form" signed by them.
My account was hacked for 3 years. They left slightly humors jokes along with the nefarious links. Like, "Condi Rice went by Condi Couscous"
Wish someone would interview Condi Rice for input.. ??
Lets hope Condi Rice and Colin Powell come out and say they signed there's!!
Would love to see Condi Rice show the OF-109 form that she signed when she left the State Dept.
Wonder if Colin Powell or Condi Rice come out and declare they signed OF-109?. Or state why they did not!. Curious
i hope condi rice comes out and says she signed that form. Wh said she didnt
Thef reason it took State Dept to get back to us is because they wanted to blame Colin Powell and Condi Rice.
So who's CALLED Condi Rice &Colin Powel2see if it's true that they didn't sign it?
Regarding transparency, can you imagine if Sec State Condi Rice had kept a private server and deleted 33,000 of her emails?
my little girl like strong women. Like Condi Rice and Sarah Palin. They don't need men to get them power
Condi Rice sign an OF 109 form and did it even exist when Rice was S of S. Both Rice & Powell had their servers at the State Dept.
Wrong! Colin Powell and Condi Rice DID sign exit forms. Look who Psaki works for!
How long before Condi Rice finds her copy of her OF-109 form? Taking bets.
Hyper, imbecillic progtard hysterical in lunch room blathering about 'Condi Rice' & 'Colin Powell'. *** . What has left all worked up now?
.. So David, did Condi Rice or Colin Powell "sign the usual release forms"?
Did Condi Rice and Colin Powell really not sign release for emails when they left SOS positions?
Hillary didn't sign the form & the State Dept's excuse is that they can't find the form for Colin Powell or Condi Rice
Has Condi Rice stated whether she signed the standard exit form yet? If HRC didn't sign the form, what r the ramifications?
I want to hear from Condi Rice if she did or did not sign the form. # StateDept
Condi Rice is popular with Rs, but sparingly makes political moves. Sullivan is only '14 candidate she's done ad for htt…
Nuff said on that topic. Do you think Condi Rice could run? "Don't think of what you don't have but why you have so much."
Ed, she's also covering for Hillary saying that Condi Rice and Colin Powell didn't sign Separation Statement !
I agree. Condi Rice is perfect GOP candidate if she wants it. I prefer Jon Huntsman myself, but he'll never get a sniff.
Emerging Hillary strategy. "Condi Rice and Colin Power did same thing I did". Except for private server & retaining classified docs
. Has anyone asked Sec. Condi Rice whether she also failed to sign the release form as Psaki claims?
Clearly another cover up by State Dept. Whether Condi Rice & Colin Powell signed is irrelevant. They didn't have private servers
DOS Spox Psaki states Hillary did not sign OF-109; Claims Condi Rice and Colan Powell didn't either. Wow, it's still Bush's fault.
State Department says Hillary Clinton did not sign records statement; neither did Condi Rice or Colin Powell
Nice to know Condi Rice was checking in w/Jim Delaney all last fall. Wonder who Osborne was assigned to
Someone needs to interview Condi Rice and Colin Powell and see if they signed the forms when they left.
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