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Concession Stand

A concession stand (American English), snack kiosk or snack bar (British English, Irish English) is the term used to refer to a place where patrons can purchase snacks or food at a cinema, fair, stadium, or other entertainment venue.

Seattle Mariners

I used to love working the concession stand in highschool because I had free food for however long I worked.😛😛
Attention Seniors! Orders for graduation announcements and accessory items will be taken Thurs, Nov. 30th during lu…
FCCLA has the concession stand starting at 3:30 PM Thursday
I went to see Hero! The Rock Opera live in Birmingham. TobyMac was there and I introduced myself and…
Concession stand is now closed...your reply doesn't follow... And are you accusing m…
Looking for a few player and parent volunteers to work the concession stand this Saturday for girls basketball starting at 1 pm.
11/27/17- Concession stand work at the FHES athletic field.
We didn’t BUY water at the concession stand.
Good morning everyone! Should $9 million upgrades be made to Milford’s Silver Sands state park (new concession stan…
Senator Dean, with you all the way, but please stand your ground, absolutely no…
Two things that made me feel great about today:. 1) These lovely listener reviews. 2) Jordan said that when mo…
[Podcast] "The State of the Superhero Movie" As we close out 2017 with yet another pair of Superhero comic book…
*** soft like hot butter and they might talk. Concession stand *** *** love to drop salt.
This was taken when I was up at the concession stand😶😕
Diet is important when it comes to fitness which is why we have a healthy concession stand for after a hard workout! Come see for yourself!
Boston Butt Fundraiser 🐖🍽. See Details below👇 Orders will be taken at Tuesday Home Basketball Game at concessi…
Hamilton Collection
hey Micha can you tell me my dates I marked for concession stand duty? I have forgotten
Oh Man Dippin dots how I missed them so much One of the movie theaters is the set of them I think they still serve…
His first job was working a concession stand at We asked Shaq Lawson 20 questions in What's The Scoop with…
I understand it’s the last show of the night, but in the name of good customer service please hire mor…
I was definitely there HOWEVER the only heavy lifting I did that night was carrying drinks and food…
Yesterday at 1) the concession stand credit card machines didn't work, 2) ATMs ran out of cash, 3) beer sales…
A pilot project testing alcohol sales at English Bay and Third Beach could be on concession stand menus in 2018…
Goshen High School is looking for all the help they can get in the concession stand for this Friday night’s...
Dude, the concession stand is closed, t…
Ultimate squad goals with our Concession Stand Mixer!
The Canterbury Softball program is fundraising for a concession stand with hopes to build prior to the upcoming season. Al…
2 for 1 Burgers tonight and every Monday at the Hotel Vegas Concession Stand! Open now on the…
ATTN BRAVES: This weekend we host the Olentangy Invitational. We need volunteers! Please pitch in and help us host t…
"Ribeye Sandwich Night" in the Lady War Eagle's Concession Stand tomorrow night. Come watch the Lady Eagles host...
Get your South Bend Cubs tickets to support RYBL on Tuesday, May 9th from 6 to 7 PM at the RYBL Concession Stand, r…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Any juniors available to help, we've just been gifted the concession stand for the middle school track meet. Come help me work it!
Makes me wanna waste my day in a concession stand selling burnt nacho cheese
In need of volunteers to work the concession stand during the DISTRICT JROTC REVIEW 4/13/17 4:30-6:30p. Please contact
A small two theater movie theater with bar instead of concession stand called "Spoiler Alert"
Stevenson Community,. Please help!! We are looking for help in the main concession stand during the First Home SH…
Help is needed this week in the concession stand at Kingston. Sign up and find someone to signup with you.
Looking for a few parent volunteers to help in the baseball concession stand on these two dates. April 18th -...
What is your favorite concession stand item?
After another long week of high school, junior high, and softball games; thank you as always to all our concession stan…
So I was running at the baseball park. Um, I turn the concession stand and there is an inmate in his jumpsuit working.
Decals are available in the baseball/softball concession stand for $5.00!
Ancient concession stand found at Roman gladiator arena
HUGE thank you to the parents who work hard and support us all season! Team dinners, concession stand, driving players, we appreciate you!!!
Parents and coaches, just wanted to let everyone know the concession stand was broke into over the weekend. We...
yes they let me languish in the cold hoping to meet Sal Manilla to be told…
Ashley, Abby, Jayden, Kalyn, Carly, and Allyson don't forget about concession stand duty tonight. Times are on the…
What wine pairs best with concession stand popcorn? Asking for the thermos I'm taking to this high school football game.
I feel like we could corner the market with a concession stand that only sells necklace food
Seattle Mariners sell toasted bugs at concession stand |
Seattle Mariners sell toasted bugs at concession stand via
Seattle Mariners sell toasted bugs at concession stand
It's today, and boy is the team nailing it when it comes to weird concession stand foods…
Seattle Mariners sell toasted bugs at concession stand -
A big THANK YOU to all the baseball parents who worked the concession stand for the JC tournament!
Joan Crawford: ...and please, enjoy a refreshing Pepsi Cola at the concession stand... Me: Thanks, but, no.. *** NO!.
HELP NEEDED:. Volunteers 2 help in the concession stand for home meet tmrw. Please contact Jodi at jenglandif you can. THANKS!
Alyssa's Angels ran a concession stand today and we raised $481.75 for the Thanks for all the help and don…
Come support our Boys Volleyball team at their home opener tonight vs Brockton. Bears Den Club Tees will be avalibl…
Spring Athletic Parents, please sign up to volunteer for the concession stand! There are still many spots open:
Bonecrusher: "ATTEN-CHUN!". . Me running back to my seat from the concession stand:
Parents and Tots will take pictures Thursday at 5:30. Please meet at the concession stand, and wear blue. The...
Concession stand is almost complete. One more step in providing first-rate facilities for students.
Some people in the audience left their seats during intermission to purchase snacks sold at the concession stand at the Gala.
He sent that man to the concession stand for sour straws and blue Powerade!
I remember hearing "hey that's Ogee Court and Breezy Bri" while walking to the concession stand at a random football game😅😂
The girl scout troop my wife volunteers with freezes pickle juice in ice cube trays and sells the pi…
Every racetrack executive should spend 4 days at The Masters working in a concession stand so they learn what customer service is all about
Me: Nothing's more disgusting than grilled grasshoppers at Safeco Field concession stand. Matt Stonie: Hold my beer
Arrived at 3 PM. Nearly 15 minutes in line. Als…
Offset said "the trap a concession stand get you a slurpee" and created the concept of commerce. Pay your respects.
...the movie. This time was different there was no booth to get my ticket and then go up to the concession…
So i work a concession stand guys work in the kitchen girls work...
Nothing will ever compare to the *** Chunk concession stand. I was more worried about eating after my game then actuall…
They had a hot dog concession stand run by the Future Scarlet Knights to raise money for new uniforms
OMG!!! Is that at the concession stand at Busch??
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We kick off testing week with Opening Day theme. On Monday, wear your favorite MLB fan gear and eat a concession stand theme…
What's hockey without beer & snacks? Use "GOFLYERS" for free delivery on our app & we'll bring the concession stand to you.
Just got coffee from a ballpark concession stand in case you were wondering if things could get worse for you.
how exciting! I payed money to stand in a concession stand line!! Score? Inning? .
Just flirted with a cute guy at the concession stand cos he's cute, got extra pretzel bites AND a discount out of it 😎 was amazed
That awkward moment when you see someone you use to "talk" to headed for the concession stand at work so you close your register... 😅😁💀
The damage done to the Carolina Forest concession stand has been impressive. About to close it down because they have nothing left to sell.
Coaches, Parents, and Player's :. Please be advised that the concession stand will be open on Thursday for snacks...
y'all need some intensive retraining at the concession stand behind sec 112. Good grief!
Dude at the concession stand asked for sour punch straws. I thought he said sour punch girls.
Only thing I hate about the movies is the prices at the concession stand. $5.75 for a large drink. FOH Hold This L.
Not even mad my celebratory graduation dinner is at the concession stand in valley.⚾❤
Pool Sneak Peek this Sunday from 1-8. Outdoor pool, concession stand, & bar will all be open!
Wants a concession stand that sells warm milk
your concession operations tonight are horrible. How about opening a second stand on a night you're running 3 promotions? :/
LHS yearbook pick-up 6/3 - 6/9 in East Concession stand for 9th - 11th graders.
I'll show you all around the new concession stand! 🤓
I think one of the most frustrating things is that our class size is 120 but we can't even get ten people to do the concession stand.
I love it when people ask if we have popcorn. We're a freaking concession stand in Oklahoma of freaking course we have popcorn!!
When things are slow in the concession stand...
sorry about UM concession stand Pete. I pleaded with them and thankfully they opened back up.
Happy birthday, Come hangout in the concession stand again sometime. 🎉
Concession stand girls got me trying to fall in love
really hoping my in town theatre has The Nice Guys this week. That trailer looked so good on Concession Stand
I need a picture! and if you buy one I will eat it when I am back on The Concession Stand just to one up myself.
Bout to tell the concession stand ppl I have diabeetus and need to come to the front of the line.
The concession stand at this kindergarten graduation is surprisingly low on vodka shots.
Tryouts are on. Please check in at concession stand.
But THANK GOD they had age a concession stand cause I'm starvin Marvin
Working concession stand & these people act like whatever color Powerade they choose determines the rest of their life
car picnic at the track meet. After they ran out of coco & were rude I boycotted the concession stand
*at a graduation ceremony*. Mom: did you see a concession stand anywhere?
It's 3:15 and all I've had to eat today is a concession stand pretzel.
A little boy just came to the concession stand and tried to pay me with a rock for candy
You know the graduation ceremony is going to be long when the concession stand is open...
Tory is with me at graduation and in the middle of the ceremony just asked if the concession stand was open.
Stop by GateC to check out our all new concession stand that you have the chance to name! Submit using
Sat 5/14: Field 2, 3, 4 are playable for 5pm games. Field games are cancelled. Play ball! (And eat and drink at our concession stand)!
Guy at graduation went up to the concession stand and ordered two hot dogs. WITHOUT THE BUNS. . He literally ordered two wieners.
Parents:. Hagerty needs help with the concession stand during the first performance and during the dad's dance.
The concession stand at Gray’s Lake is closed for today due to high winds and water over the docks.
Because they're now only available at one specific concession stand. And the line was ridiculous and we were told they take 20 min to make.
Stop by the concession stand this week & buy your iPad raffle tickets!$5 ea or 5/$20!Only 100 tickets will be sold.
Someone bring me some sunglasses. Also, we have the concession stand open today with the usual fare plus tacos. Come on down.
From Jerry Miller's order at the Ga. State concession stand...THIS is a by-gosh fish sandwich!
Hi Alisha, thank you for the offer, but our cheerleaders will be selling food and drinks at the concession stand. Sorry!
Tell the Soul Train line I'ma have going at the concession stand that Black Panther ain't a black movie.
So hard trying to stay up when NO ONES coming to the concession stand
I just argued with a middle schooler of what my change was at the concession stand .I was wrong
Buy an item from the concession stand today at baseball and get entered into a drawing for an…
In case you were wondering, that is Linda's new house next to the concession stand so she doesn't have a long...
Chic Fil A Sandwiches at the concession stand $4!
At the concession stand before the previews start
FOOD: they promised breakfast burritos would be ready in the concession stand in “15 minutes.” That was 30 minutes ago.
No ticket taker or concession stand needed for Monday, May 23. Morton/Bloomington game will be played at Bloomington.
Made the mistake of standing behind a family of 4 at the concession stand at the movies. Never again
Nigerians will be cooking Jollof rice behind the concession stand
Home Basketball Game Thurs., Feb 4 at 4:00 with full Concession Stand sponsored by Highfalls Athletic Booster Club!
Hi Chloe, it must be returned to a stand alone Miss Selfridge store or by post and not to a concession. Thanks!
this team has me excited again. last time was 2010. i was in the stands at the Ga Dome. saw Robert Quinn at the concession stand
I missed Utley's HR because I was at the concession stand 😭😩. But yay Utley!!
And you have a point. [They now stood before the concession stand, and his eyes visibly seemed to light up when they -
I am looking for 2 - 3 more volunteers for the concession stand on 9/3 @ 5:00 pm game starts at 6:00 pm, for the...
The closest I've come to playing sports is eating all the nachos at the concession stand.
We had a game today and I walked out the gym to go to the concession stand I was starving 😩
Save the date.. 9/25 softball will be doing the concession stand at the soccer game. Need helpers! ⚾️⚾️
It's a conversation I have with myself every meal. I'm already missing that concession stand food Lex..
Signage installed on ticket booth & concession stand! Excited for Friday's Dedication of Ames Field
come see YA girl at the concession stand at Tview vs midlo 😛
There is no school on Friday, but there IS a Varsity football game at 7pm! CONCESSION STAND SPECIAL: Purchase a... ht…
Can't wait to serve in the concession stand at the game Saturday night
I need to be bring some money tomorrow since the concession stand gone be open lol
True story, Brewers had to have the concession stand give them an ice cream helmet small enough for Zach Davies
Baseball's night in the concession stand is 9/4. Boosters need 12 to work the football game that evening. We still need a few workers!
Tomorrow I will be at the vs South Carolina game. Will I see it? Nope, but you can come see me at the Concession stand.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Vincent was working the concession stand at Hartley and ate some of this little girls popcorn and then sold her it...😂😂😂
$12 s,m,l! Get your class shirt at the concession stand!
Best Movie Theater Ever! ...and the best concession stand, too!
The Target by my house is replacing their concession stand with a Starbucks... Juan is not happy. via /r/funny
I need two people that could work the visitor concession stand for the…
We are looking for helpers for the next concession stand. It is a Varsity game. Friday September 11. Please...
One of my favorite perks of being a coach.. Free food at the concession stand after the game 😆😆😆😆
I made it back from the concession stand. With beer. Let's go Blue Jays!!! 5-1 5th @ Rogers Centre
Coming soon to a concession stand near you Friday Night spread the word
TAFE is going to be working the concession stand for the volleyball game on Friday night. Please contact Mrs. Owen if you are available!
Well is upon us our Skunk Eggs will be available at the West Rodeo Assoc. concession stand..Happy Fest everybody !!🍻
We're looking for 3 volunteers to help us in the Indoor concession stand this Thursday 9/3 for Volleyball. We...
I wil be kicking it at the concession stand this weekend @ Go Astros!
Cutest person working the concession stand 😂💖
The Goodrich Square Splash Pad will remain open through September 13th, but the concession stand will close on...
We have some upcoming dates to work the concession stand. Come by the gym tomorrow and sign up.
We could really use the help of 2-3 more parent volunteers at the Freshman game concession stand tomorrow night.
Get your Bloody Mary from the concession stand pics ready for the contest to win 2 tix to the PT. JUDITH ferry!
Don't forget to bring cash for the concession stand! All the proceeds go to so, come…
Looking for volunteers for concession stand/MOST senior class! DM if you're interested 💙💛
Might fade working the concession stand at GP on Saturday
JFL parents, if you can help out with the concession stand for the high school Pekin Football Quarterback Club...
Water balloons, pizza 🍕, smoothie machine! And of course the concession stand!
Got a nice healthy pour of Four Roses from the young man at the concession stand. Well done, sir.
If you ordered a player yard sign from us, they will be at the concession stand tomorrow night for pickup during...
When the concession stand lady at the ducks game tells me i smell amazing>>>
Can we... Of course we can! Lely concession stand menu boards redone! Thank you Lely High School Band Boosters for...
Some guy gave me a tip at the concession stand😂
Shoes, money for concession stand, snacks and water.
Feel free to post things about game times and places, concession stand duties, encouraging words, your own pics etc... Also, feel free to invite friends that you know are Walker Valley supporters also.
or do you mean Shaune from the upper saint Claire concession stand
Did someone say Chick-fil-A? Yes they did! Stop by the Mistletoe Market from 11:00 - 2:00, and while you shop the market & bid on our silent auction items, you can grab your Chick-fil-A sandwich being sold by the Student Government Association and Anchor Club at the concession stand.
yes yes yes!! But did u hit that concession stand and look up?!
Thank you to everyone for helping put on a great event. It was a fun night. Big thank you to our PTO for all the hard work putting on a great concession stand. Thank you! Christians working together is a great thing.
Live Boxing sat 7pm at the AD Lewis in Huntington. Still need donations for the concession stand. We have plenty of water. Need soda, chips, Gatorade and candy. Thanks!!
If you have nothing to do Saturday, come out to see New Prague Gymnastics Club compete with 130 girls at the New Prague Gymnastics Club Invitational. New Prague always favored! Come see the renovations at the club. Gymnastics builds confidence. All other sports you have many chances to score. In gymnastics you have one chance! Meet starts around 11. See you there! Great concession stand with home town pride! You have to believe your eyes what these young girls can do, it's unbelievable!
Working in concession stand is fun :)
I witnessed the woman make the sweet girl from the concession stand cry last week, and that wasn't the first time they made-
Hey Sr.Class 75 our Vicki Beamon 's daughter graduated from college today,I think that's AWESOME & congradulation is in order.Seems like she was just in high school when we worked the concession stands together.Now she's got her degree,Love U MUCH:-) Ms. Amanda Beamon
About 3 and a half months ago, on the evening of Monday, August 25th, 2014, I went to the Cobblestone Square 20 movie theater in Sheffield, Ohio to see "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 3D." It was the 13th time that I had been to this theater in 2014. I bought a ticket for the 10:50 p.m. show which costs $14.00 for a 3D movie. I might have either eaten at a restaurant or got something from the concession stand that night, but I simply can't remember. The movie was in its first week of release and had just come out three days earlier. It was really nice that the movie was in a big auditorium (Theater 9), but it would have been OK if it had been in a smaller one because the movie was ""Flat." This aspect ratio makes it unnecessary to shrink the picture down in order to make it fit the screen in a smaller theater. I practically had the auditorium to myself since there was only one other guy in attendance. This movie was a sequel that came out a whopping nine years after the original. The first one had gotten ra ...
State of Iowa, who are you trying to fool? In an article in the CR Enterprise regarding Rural School Advocates a CR board member states "We have heard directly from the chair of the Iowa Senate's Appropriation Committee that the legislators are simply not hearing from school boards or parents and have thus concluded that all is well (with rural schools and their funding)" What? Never, ever? Then there's this article: Iowa law states that districts can’t start classes before September unless they are given a waiver from the Department of Education. For years those waivers have been automatically approved. The department said it is hearing growing complaints from parents and other community members about the system. Parents say the early start to school interferes with the Iowa State Fair where many Iowa teenagers involved in 4-H and those who work at concession stands there. I'm not against a later start, that's fine. The question I have is how can the Chair never hear about funding problems with r ...
Customer: Is your concession stand closed? Me: What do you think? Y are my customers so stupid what made you think we were still open?👇👇
Had fun working the concession stand at the bull bash tonight , even though it was crowded and confusing at first ... Eventually we got the hang of it 😏😜
Had a great time at the game other than working at the concession stand which took forever but finally got to hangout with my big brother Joshua
CPub is going to drown our sorrows in the 2/$1 Capri suns from the concession. Stand.
Waking up at 6 for this wrestling tournament concession stand will be the death of me!!
"It should help." I put the stone in your hand "If ya need me, i'll be over at the concession stand." Flies off
After working the concession stand I honestly feel like a walking bag of popcorn 😝
Thank you Coach Wright for your time in the concession stand tonight. The girls and I appreciate the sacrifices you make for us.
Great crew in the concession stand tonight! Awesome job! Thank you!
Dang cussing out the concession stand is apparently worthy of being thrown out of an Althoff Basketball Game smh 😡😡
Thank you to , Ellen Meis, and Mary Meis for your time in the concession stand tonight.
How do you have a concession stand and not have skittles... Like ***
Thank you to Alaina Kesenich, and Kylie Sherlock for your time in the concession stand tonight.
Thank you to , Kayla Vanderploeg, Sydney Schurr, for your time in the concession stand tonight.
When the concession stand girl flirts with your bf infront of your face but you can't do anything cause she givin free food ..
my great-grandmother just told me she got her shirt from the concession stand.. I think she's confused
Thank you to Jayme Kelly, Sally Probst, , and for your time in the concession stand tonight.
Thank you to , , Sarah Benton, and Chloe Evans for your time in the concession stand tonight.
The only good thing about ndcl is they had chipotle chips in there concession stand
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Starting to buy a cheeseburger at every concession stand cuz if your cheeseburgers aren't good I'm judging
Love our concession stand staff. They are pooling their tips to help support a local charity. Tonight they made $185. Way to go
I just walked up to the concession stand, flipped the soda machine over, and scolded everyone for turning My house into a gypsy bazaar.
This Argyle, Graham is pretty intense. This concession stand line is intense-er
Got 2 bad test grades today, had to work 4 hours in concession stand & then walk out to find the car dead. saved the day!
Concession stand fun It could have been worse! 😆
The real fun at blacklight is happening at the concession stand.
HBD Willy P 😊🎉 hope you had fun working the concession stand tonight 🙊
Bruner will never forget me now, he came up to the concession stand and blocked his face and asked if it was safe
*on the way to concession stand* . Dad: let's hold hands and skip. *we did*. I really have the best dad ❤️
Crazy time in the concession stand.
'I pop corn if anybody in Concession stand' -
Shoutout to the chick at the concession stand for saving that slice of pizza for me👍👌
I got heckled at the concession stand because of my FSU hoodie. Dude didn't know I trash talk with the best of em. All in good fun though!
When all your friends leave to goto the concession stand
A list of things I would rather be doing on Friday night than work at the concession stand:. 1. Literally anything. . End of list.
you were supposed to be getting me nachos with that money! I'm not sending you to the concession stand ever again!!
Why tf does the concession stand not take credit cards im thirsty
Great help at the GSL concession stand!!
Thought I was somewhere where nobody would know me. I was wrong. The *** selling cookies at the concession stand called me Ms. Mendes 😩🍪
Bishop has the best concession stand ever for real✊
I wonder if they sell dip at the halls concession stand
Working the concession stand for my daughter's school.
Layoffs will likely include only those who really can't afford it, like the concession stand workers
Concession stand:here's your change. Me: *** that's a lot of $1s,what are you a stripper. LOL
I swear I can't take my grandma to the movies. She asked the guy at the concession stand if they sold popcorn here😂 like DUH woman
I got so excited that the concession stand here took debit cards... And then the machine broke when I bought Doritos. 😔
Jackson game with chriscross75 come say hi to us at the concession stand at halftime!
You can always catch me at the concession stand
You've talked to the guy behind the concession stand more than anyone else.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
who is running that place now? Elmo? Do you sell pickled herring at the concession stand? Is Roy a vampire?
S/O to Sheldon for having the best concession stand in the siouxland conference 🍪🍦
Morrisons will pilot its first-ever stand-alone halal meat concession at its re-fitted Preston North store
AHS concession stand to offer limited service for Thanksgiving Day game vs. North Attleboro.
Legit every year I think I'll just be unemployed from November - march and chill until the concession stand opens again & I never do it
I freaking love unhealthy concession stand snacks, you better be there or I'm going to be one unhappy customer
Had fun working concession stand tonight with my teacher bffs but I'm super tired now lol 💚🏀
I could totally get you a Gatorade or nachos or whatever unhealthy concession stand food you want 👍
if you don't know how I feel about concession stand nachos, then you really don't know me at all
I always go to the fattest kid at the concession stand to buy popcorn at the movies because he knows how to butter it proper…
yea ! And I'm not gone wanna spend no money at the concession stand
Tomorrow is the return of the Couch Potato contest. Free chance to win 11am-12 tomorrow in the concession stand!
Shouldn't Kane be working at the concession stand?
Emerald Coast Classic was busy! It was fun working the concession stand. Well done NWFSC AFC volunteers! You Rock!
Sixers need to fire everybody down to the concession stand
Sophomores working the concession stand with a zeal to deal!
We used to be weak at the concession stand last year before practice
I miss working at the concession stand😢
"I'll go get the popcorn." She walks over to the concession stand
Booster club meeting Thursday, Dec. 4 @ the RHS cafeteria @ 6:00. We're going to discuss topics like concession stand duty & pregame meals
Doug Leisenring, Escanaba High School Principal just checking in late after working a junior high concession stand
So did Kane got fired from the concession stand? *sadface*
They moved the concession stand at these basketball games and I can't even deal.
Kane stay leaving the concession stand. Smh
Concession Kane is losing sells being in the ring instead of his stand.
STUCO members: we need people to work the chess concession stand this Saturday! It is from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Please let me know if you can work!
I was actually feeding my stomach up the stadium at the concession stand so
There is a junior class council meeting tomorrow after school in A2-8 about a concession stand fundraiser this weekend, spread the word!
with $7, I'm not paying their salary, I'm paying the concession stand guy.
Trojan madness gets shut down because of ghetto thots fighting at concession stand . -NHHS
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
anybody know where we have to go during TCU game for the concession stand?
I bet a kicker could do that from a concession stand, doe
this concession stand will be the death of me.. junior year needs to end cause I'm tired of having concession. 😐
Whu wait? What about me? We were once concession stand BFFs and now ... you ignore my frantic waves as you walk down the sidewalk!
RCIII just got free fries at the concession stand.
We are working the basketball concession stand next Thursday. 12-11 expect to see some new faces this turn.
I knew it was true love when he had his kid ask me if I wanted a wiener at the concession stand.
NHS! Can anyone work the concession stand for the game at 7:30 tomorrow? You get points. Plus, a lot of you need points…
Anyone at the freshman girls basketball game feel free to come to the concession stand and keep me company
Guys come see me at the concession stand.. Don't wanna work 🙈
Im like half asleep at the concession stand and I have soo much work to do. Fml 😭
Don't want to work the stupid concession stand tonight.
True story: 2 kids had to use phone in our Little League concession stand this spring. After dialing, one asked "Where's the 'send' button?"
Help us fundraise at the concession stand in Stegeman coliseum tomorrow night! Free t-shirts to all volunteers!
We have created a Sign Up Genius for donations to the concession stand. Click on the link below to donate. .
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hello Panther Fans - Tonight the Varsity Panthers will take on Paris North Lamar at 7:30 pm in Paris. A few Reminders: Tomorrow is the Homecoming Parade and Fall Festival. Please come out and show your support many of the teams will be participating. Varsity football players must be at the Athletic Facility at 8:45 am to get your jersey and then head over to DC Cannon to get on the float. If you have not already be sure to bring your 12 pack of drinks in the morning. Fall Festival is form 12:30 - 2:30 at Ford High School. PAC will be selling food from the concession stand and lots of spirit items to get you ready for the Homecoming game next Friday night.
Missing-Concession Stand-Missing Talk about getting hit when your down.Some LOW LIFE !!! or in their world,High Life Fu..ks Took our concessions Stand from King Knob between Sunday 10/5 to 10/10 Friday we went to the track today to set up for Saturdays event The first thing noticed was the potra pots were wrecked and no concession behind them it was MISSING so if you have any infro that could help PLEASE call the Boubor County Sheriff Thanks for your help FRANK please repost
Headed out to West Caldwell's Homecoming Game. If you're interested, I hope to see you there. I'm going to try to set up a table where we can meet up. We may even have some snacks, if I can swing that. I'll try to purchase some popcorn from the concession stand to give away to the first few to stop by. Reunion picnic is at Redwood Park tomorrow.
Got to make Walking Tacos during halftime tonight! Love helping out the Cross Country parents in the concession stand:)
When I need a friend, she's always there. And I know she's a true friend because not even a concession stand or distance can separate us. I love you, mean it, Diana Merriweather. ❤❤
Working Friday Night at concession stand and I got a visitor.Michelle Beaver
Oo this lady at the concession stand tried selling me a pickle the size of my pinky !!
Bring your appetite to as our concession stand will be open for business! Hot dogs, chips, cotton candy, popcorn and even BEER can be enjoyed as you watch a great night of wrestling on October 25th!
Come on out next Saturday and support a great cause! We will have lots of good BBQ in the concession stand and T-shirts for first!
The lady at the concession stand just brought my mom and I regular soda instead of diet and asked if it was okay...
Got a coke from the concession stand and it just happened to say my name. Coincidence?.
Come see us if you are @ the King of the Carolinas Race presented by Carolinas First Defense!!! We are raffling off a Smith & Wesson pistol $5 per ticket and you do NOT have to be present to win! We are located beside the concession stand @ Carolina Speedway!
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