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Concession Stand

A concession stand (American English), snack kiosk or snack bar (British English, Irish English) is the term used to refer to a place where patrons can purchase snacks or food at a cinema, fair, stadium, or other entertainment venue.

Vice President New Year

Pearl River Development Club will have the Concession Stand at the New Year's Tip Off Tournament at PR Rec Gym... We are seeking volunteers and donations for the concession stand
The smell of fresh popcorn coming from the concession stand >>>
oh okay, dang man... Why you got to work concession stand
Doing concession stand with these fools!!!
People about go to the game and spend most of they time in the foyer and the concession stand because that game finna be trash
Posted at the concession stand lmfao
S/o to my girls workin the concession stand at the psit this weekend!! Everyone go buy food/drinks and condoms!!
The people in front of me are eating concession stand nachos. This is how graduation should be done.
What's now called "camaraderie" was at the time called "I think somebody got stabbed at the concession stand"
Around here, they did the opposite and moved ticket sales to the concession stand.
Anyone going to the badger hockey game tonight? You should come buy all your food at the concession stand I'm working at(: FOR FREE!!...
Perks of working the concession stand!
I never buy anything from the concession stand, got my own snacks.
Not feeling this who SoCo Concession Stand opening at 5pm instead of the start of the freshman game...
Riverside Baseball don't forget we are running the concession stand tonight at the RHS Basketball Games! Don't be late!
Great night for some U6 soccer action. See you at 6:30 on Field Bundle up and stop by the concession stand...
Having to work the concession stand at our game tonight😭 completely ruined my evening but hey
nope! Sorry. I just know that's when I'm working the concession stand
Everyone make sure to say hi to mamma and papa Bertolette in the concession stand at the basketball game ☺️😂
Everyone in NHS be at the highschool at 4:45 to set up and remember your concession stand item to bring!
Who would of thought it would be and not wanting to work the concession stand for one night.
I don't get how my mom is gonna donate MY time to work at a concession stand.
I'm always nervous to sneak in snacks in any theatre but pickering, but man I need my chips they don't sell them at the concession stand :(
I run our HS's concession stand, & though I'm in there frequently, I still have to sign in. But it's just a lady at a desk, not a fortress.
I reaaallly don't wanna wear a hat in the concession stand...)':
are you and/or Rafi working the concession stand today?
then they went to the concession stand during half time & the girls spotted them & they hauled *** up them stairs. LMFAO 😂
NHS volunteers are needed for basketball concession stand. Sign up sheet with dates is posted on showcase outside my room.
Stopped at the concession stand at the and they were out of corndogs!.
Someone carry me to concession stand for hot chocolate
Having Ky Burgoo for lunch from the Turfway concession stand. Terrific & perfect on this frosty day.
Hamilton Collection
I really don't want to work the concession stand for 4 hours tonight 😑
PARENTS: Our booster club concession stand needs workers to sign up for our next home game, Monday Dec. 16, AND our future games. Please talk to Mike Tencleve about the night(s) you would like to work. Thank you for your continuing support for our Eagle and Lady Eagles Basketball teams.
Have you registered to work in our Servant's Heart Concession Stand for tomorrow or any other game day this...
A MESSAGE FROM YOUR WARRIOR WRESTLING MOM'S GROUP: Chippewa Hills Wrestling Familes - We need your help! Satuday, Dec. 21st is the Joe Loren Wrestling Invitational. We will be running the concession stand and we have several shifts open that need to be filled. Below are the times that we still have open. Please indicate what shift you are able to help with. Just a reminder, if your son is going to have a match during the shift you sign up for, we will be sure to get someone to cover for you so that you can step out and watch his match Please share this status in order to reach as many parents as possible - Thank you in advance for your help. This is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other members of the Warrior Wrestling Family. Many hands makes for little work for everyone and we appreciate you all 1:00pm-3:00pm: 2 spots still open 3:00pm-5:00pm: 4 spots still open 5:00pm-7:00pm: 3 spots still open 7:00pm-Close: Anyone that is still at the tournament that is available , we can use your help :)
We still need more concession stand workers. We need more parents and athletes to sign up. Email Coach Baxter at jbaxter
Tomorrow is the Hondo FFA Prospect Show! We are in need of some assistance with the concession stand, awards, & clean up! All students and officers are encouraged to come and help so that things may run smoothly. Please arrive at the fair ground at around 9:00-9:30am Saturday or anytime during the day that is convenient for you. We appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you at this great show!!
Just got punk'd at the concession stand.. Borrowed my Mom's debit card b/c I left my wallet in the car and my $6 purchase was declined..😰
He prolly work the concession stand lol
I had a sneak peek at the Holiday Gifts for Christmas Craft Show in our Exhibit Hall. There is a wonderful variety of HANDMADE (not Terry's Village) items by local artists and crafters. You should really check it out. Admission is $1 but everyone 12 and under is free. Show hours are today and tomorrow 10a to 8p. The concession stand has there wonderful hot cider & homemade chicken salad croissants! Come on out! Santa is here also!
12-6 in a concession stand that's mainly broken. Awesome.
Alright. Finally the water is cleaned up. Found the culprit. A concession stand cup got stuck in drain. Needless to say not a good Friday.
We are proud to announce that Media Guide's will be available tonight for sell at the concession stand for only $5
Its going to be a crazy day. Work then a tri meet at Highland plus working a concession stand and getting ready fo...
When I was twelve, I was Vice President of student council, and I gave away sodas to boys at the concession stand, especially the skaters.
Don't have to work the concession stand tonight!! Sheely is clutch af!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
And them people asked the JV parents to work the concession stand for the V game? Who me? During WG and EG?? Wut? lol
We still gotta work the concession stand ?
Butter Braid order pick up today 1:30-3:00pm at band booster concession stand.
If I have to work the concession stand tonight, I'm gonna cry😭
If you had just started your casino / concession stand, you could've bought a crap ton.
man. You're right ill def be by the concession stand the whole time😋
Its Game Day!! Freshman JV and Varsity Don't forget to stop by the concession stand and purchase a t-shirt!!
Looking for volunteers to work the concession stand tonight for the basketball games. Jv starts at 5:30 and Varsity at 7:00. Please contact me if you can help!! Go Ramblers!!
The tournament being at our school , meaning the concession stand will be open >
"Make sure we have plenty of mayonnaise & Almond Joys."🏀concession stand. You know the rest.
Here is the notes from our baseball/softball parent meeting on Wednesday Dec. 11th. Welcome Tree’s have been taken down at the Pole Barn spot! Baseball Items Concession Stand responsibility for Friday January 3rd has been canceled Because of the varsity basketball teams now playing off campus, we will not be responsible for the concession stand this winter. Fundraising Event: Wrestling tournament this weekend Sunday 12/15: The kids will work the wrestling tournament for Coach Zimmerlee and we will earn $100 per hour our team works. Potential to make $600 towards the program. @ MS Gymansium from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Need approximately 10-12 workers/players Workout schedule (Including throwing on Saturday’s which will start this Saturday from 1-3 p.m. in the MS Gym) Workouts over Christmas Break will be hit and miss so give either Coach DeGroote, Coach Clifford or Coach Yager a call to see if we will be in there to open the Weight room. **Winter Hitting/lifting/throwing Schedule attached to this email. T ...
Working the concession stand 1st and 6th period... Come visit!☺️💕
I would love an alumni game. We could even run a concession stand lol. Those were good times!
No thanks movie theater concession stand worker, my wife has her big purse today.
to Friday the 13th, 18 years ago when I was at my soccer tournament in Houston and an entire mobile concession stand fell on my head.
A-Wear begins closing down HoF concession stands, Irish retailer A-Wear has begun the process of shutting down  its concession stands in department store House of Fraser, following its rescue plan after the brand fell into receivership last
after the game tonight, I'm gonna walk to that concession stand and buy myself a soda because soccers over ☺️👌
CAHS Titans: hat passes this morning-$1 and help buy toys for our toy drive! In the concession stand 😉
apparently when we went to the concession stand, Diego said, "I offered them some of my popcorn" 😂 I felt bad, but I just met you, so no sir
She's not coming back from the concession stand
Students who pay concession fare are asked to stand on trains. It's interesting that it's no longer about ethics.
There's literally so many people in line buying the whole *** concession stand all I want is soda let me go in front of you 😭
Lady at the concession stand: "For 50 cents more would you like a Hobbit cup?". Me: "You know me so well."
They should open a concession stand for holiday layaway dept. Crazy
Any help for concession stand tomorrow night would be greatly appreciated. Texted and called over 30 people yesterday and today. I got 4 to say yes.
Short on concession stand workers this Saturday. Please help!! We need on person for 9:30-11:30 and two people for 11:30-1:30.
At the concession stand bcuz i like to help! Im sleepy but i still do it :) Also in supper tired but i gatta b there for the christmas concert too today at 6pm ahhh
Band Meeting tonight at 6:45 in the concession stand. Hope to see you there!!
Time to work the concession stand and Adriana has her first basketball practice
Did you make enough money at your concession stand this season? Do you want to increase those profits or maybe add some new items to your line up? Give me a call and we can set up a time to go over what you offer now and what changes we can help you make so you can earn more funds for your next project. It is going to be a great year for popcorn so make sure you are ready!
Mark your calendars for the exciting upcoming HRA events. Join HRA for the 1st & 2nd grade holiday show, “Flakes!” this evening at 6:30 p.m. Friday, HRA will honor Athletic Director Max Gillespie, as he has stepped away from coaching varsity boys basketball after 33 years, with a special halftime ceremony during the varsity boys basketball game. The game starts at 7 p.m. Saturday is Lower School Day during the home basketball games, starting at 1 p.m. Lower School students can enjoy games, giveaways, concession stand specials and face painting in the Spencer Gym.
St. James got Talent is tomorrow! The show is from 4pm-6pm in the auditorium. Tickets are $2.00 for students / $4.00 for parents / $2.00 for teachers / children under 5 are free. The concession stand will be open with pizza, drinks and candy for $2.00 each. Below is the list of students and teachers taking part in the talent show. Thank you and enjoy the show. Blake Bittinger Chandler McCune Mr. Stillmak, Mrs. Gilman, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Reynolds Rianna Davis and Alanna Hoeveler Mr. Hancheck, Mr. Clark, Mr. Nuzum Jolie McMenamin Deanna Farrie Rebeckah Durgin Katelynn Schmidt Andrea Salas-Plaza Max Kozlov Tabitha Tuttle Chelsea Lewis Julia Raine Bill Wyman Hailey Yun Jayla Emilie McKenzie Thompson Grace Aspden Dylan Patel, Krisha Patel, Spencer Elliot Jeanie Ray Allysa Rogers Alex Jimenez All the proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics.
Making your weekend plans? The Martinsville Speedway Toy Drive has been moved to THIS SUNDAY from 1-4. Come out and bring a toy donation and drive your personal vehicle around the track. You can also go for a ride around the track in a real race car for a $50 donation! We'll have the concession stand open serving up The Famous Martinsville Speedway Hot Dog and Pepsi products. See you Sunday!
Good Morning Crossview Family! A couple of reminders for this weekend... * Christmas Fellowship after the morning worship service. Bring a side dish and a dessert to share * Men's Fellowship Saturday morning at Golden Corral- 9am * Sign up for Sprayberry Concession stand is out on the ministry table. Lastly... Matthew 1 18 This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit.
Just a reminder.Concession stand workers tonight is JV game is Cody clement . Varsity is Samuel Dix and 50/50 is Josie Rice:)
Need some PROF apparel? TOMORROW and Friday from 10am - 4pm the Athletic Department will be selling short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, hooded sweatshirts, 1/4 zip fleece, hats, mugs and more! The sale will be held in Esby Gymnasium at the concession stand!
Working the concession stand tonight. Come down and support young tiger football, enjoy some hot chocolate, popcorn, or chocolate chip cookies.
I am going to say this because it needs to BE SAID! WE NEED HELP! our concession stand needs volunteers to work for basketball games.. I get it... everyone is busy... whatever excuse you want... this is what keeps the cost down for OUR kids to play... our kids benefit.. but its impossible to get more help in the stand!!! PLEASE .. we need help. its fun.. and important!! Please contact Shannon Teague Anderson
ALERT! Short notice, but we just received an opportunity to work the Texas Tech Concession Stand for the Basketball game next Wednesday at 6:00. We need 10 volunteers ASAP so we can let them know we can do it! Ask your Junior to work it. That is 10 Juniors or 3-4 Families. Who is in? Need to know ASAP.
JH/Varsity concession stand schedules for our dual meets will be handed out tonight at the home match vs Newport. Thank you to the following parents who are working tonight in the concession stand: JH match- Brad Hoffman, Nina Heck and Dawn Snyder. Varsity match - Pam Gelnett, Tina Harner and Michelle Wiest.
you remember The Bun concession stand on St. deep fried cheese curds ever!
We are in need of workers for our Basketball Concession stand for both boys and girls games. Please contact Tonya Sumner to get open dates. Our booster's profit come mainly from concession stands and monies earned go directly to help our athletic program, both girls and boys, and all sports and also hands out over $2500 in scholarships. Us officers cannot work every game, every time. It becomes tiresome as we all also hold full time jobs and have full time families. We appreciate all the help we have received thus far and will greatly appreciate any and all help in the future. Even if you child does not play this particular sport but plays something different, you can still work, football, cheer, volleyball, basketball, CC, track, softball, baseball, tennis. It takes us all to make this program work!
I worked the concession stand last night and I felt like I was working at McDonald's. ...
We open again tomorrow (Wednesday) until Sunday. Still have Fraser Firs and plenty of items in the Christmas shop. Concession stand with hot mini donuts will be going this weekend.
Willapa Harbor Baseball is looking for a new concession stand manager for the 2014 season. This is a position with a monetary value to the right person...upon board approval and background check. Would be great for a retired couple or someone with a big family who enjoys spending time down at the ballfield. Please spread the word. We need our concession stand!!
Tonight (Wednesday) is last time to drop off Donations at Football Concession Stand. after that All Donations can be dropped off at the Front Office. Checks made out to SWHS Athletic Boosters. Thanks to everyone that's donated so far.
I will be in the Booster Club concession stand from 5:30-8:00 tonight 12/11 for anyone wanting to purchase Fedder's coupons or turn in order forms.
Karaoke at phils place thursday 7 to 10 huge dance floor, concession stand and pool tables. hope to see everyone out. I know the ice keep everyone in last weekend. so nows the time to show us what you got.
Need 6-8 people to work basket ball concession stand Wednesday 11th 530 at KV primary..AfterProm will get a percentage of proceeds. Let me know ASAP if you can help. Thanks
Clicking tonight. Went to the concession stand (fridge) and Braeden Walbeck gets a dunk
IU Concession stand volunteers needed for Friday, Dec. 20 (arrive at 5:00 pm, game starts at 7:00 pm) and Sunday, Dec. 22 (arrive at 10 am, game starts at noon). Please share and contact Denise at 340-9055 if you can help. Thanks.
UPCOMING EVENTS! Open Mic Night for teens (ages 13-18) will be held on Saturday, December 28th from 7-9pm. There is no fee to attend. There will be a concession stand to purchase pizza, drinks, and snacks. Open Mic Night is basically us opening up the theater to all areas of performing art - you can sing, dance, play instruments, recite poetry, improve. This is open to ALL teens - you do not have to be involved with Dream Barn Productions to attend. You can also attend just to watch others perform. You MUST be at least 13 and no older than 18. Hansel and Gretel Auditions for ages 6-13 will be held Saturday, January 11 starting at 10am and Sunday, January 12 starting at 2pm. There is no charge to audition, if cast there is a participation fee. Rehearsals will be on Saturdays from 9am-3pm and Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm. The show will be performed the first weekend in April. This is a straight play, which means it is not a musical- no singing or dancing. No experience required, great show for first time actor ...
Bradford Softball Club needs a up right freezer for the concession stand. Does anyone have one for sale or one you would like to donate?
10 December 2013 Town Hall Spotlight: Tenzing on NHL Shootout Kudos: Nikki started varsity for two basketball games this weekend! Chase competed and took 5th place at his first wrestling match!! The boys hockey team took second last weekend!! Tim for competing in the wrestling match!! Student Gov't for putting on the Gift Exchange!! Announcements: Ruby: Dancers Work Shop's winter production is the Princess and the Pea. They are preforming on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Come support us!! Check the News and Events board for more info. Emilie: The Community Band, Orchestra and Choir are having a concert at Walk Festival Hall. Its on Saturday at 4. Peter: Remember the Secret Gift Exchange is tomorrow. Get your gifts in. Tomorrow is also Holiday sweater day!! Kenny: Salvation army is doing the red kettle bell ringing. They need volunteers on Friday and Saturday. If you are interested, let Kenny know ASAP. John and Smith: Those who are interested in preforming in the National Shakespeare competition, we are meeti ...
Lastly - we would like to recognize the businesses who donated items for the concession stand, raffle, hospitality table and items for the goodie bags for the boys who participated in the competition: Le Buzz, Fleet Feet Tucson, Safeway, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Frys, Shamrock Foods, Kona beri Yogurt and Pepsi.
Junior High parents we need donations and concession stand workers for Saturday's wrestling event. Both Amy White- Sarge and I have our children wrestling at the South Side tournament so we are asking that the junior high parents help work. Please let one us know if you are able. Thank you.
I found the lack of concession stand at jury duty very troubling. I really think the county can make some money if they sold hot dogs and popcorn
Need concession stand workers for the JV & Varsity game tonight.please let me know if you can help.share this status please
We are now at 28 confirmed vendors!! There will be a concession stand open with food and drinks! We have vendors for thirty one, perfectly posh, it works, pink zebra, old bag lady, norwex, Tupperware, younique, paparazzi, gold canyon candles, pure romance, celebrating h...
Little-known secret about the holiday movie season: The week between Christmas and New Year's is traditionally the biggest box office week of the year. But moviegoing has its price, and not just rising ticket prices, the house payment you make at the concession stand, or even the endless commercials before the feature. These days, the moviegoing experience comes with a variety of irritations: --Baby bringers: Listen, when children are born, parents have to give up certain guilty pleasures for a while. Take 'em to a Disney flick if you must; otherwise, get a sitter or stay home and wait for the video. --Dog bringers: Yeah, the purse puppies. If you can't leave your dog at home for a couple of hours, you don't need to have a dog. Besides, someone might be allergic. --Fragrante delicto: The movie theater is not the lobby at Macy's, so lighten up on the perfume. A cousin to this: Anyone who reeks from alcohol or cigarettes or lacks common hygiene skills. Farts? Well, if you cut one that gets the attention of ...
Need two concession stand workers for boys varsity game on Tuesday- let me know if u can work! Thanks!
Concession stand help desperately needed for tomorrow night's All Star football game! PLEASE call Holly at 246-0442 if you can help us!! Thanks! It's always fun!
Need volunteers for the concession stand on Saturday!!! Please post the time you can work.
The concession stand at the Bears game was brutal. A special thanks to all who worked especially Essie Butler who just had shoulder surgery on last Monday. With James Conyers Lillian Spivey, Afiya McDowell & Understanding Storey. Great job all!
Working the concession stand at the Bosco freshmen hoop tourney. Lots of please, thank you & sir.
Night of concession stand suppers since it's tourney week. Better pack Lean Cuisine for lunch for a while to counter the cheese fries.
Working the concession stand with Erin Beal and Catherine Richardson Beal...come see us and we'll make you dinner
Two basketball games tonight and concession stand volunteer duty. Gonna be a long afternoon. :))
Due to muddy conditions at the Lamar County Fairgrounds in the 1500 Block of Fitzhugh, those needing to dispose of debris should take it to the Sports Complex, 2005 S. Collegiate, at end of the road past the pavilion and concession stand. Please call 903.784.9289 with any questions.
No concession stand tomorrow, games cancelled, or rather they are going out of town to play a different opponent. Our next concession stand will be the 17th for 4 games. I hope a lot of people can help that night, please let me know.
Fourth grade is working the concession stand.
Winter Concession Stand Volunteer list has been posted on the web page. If there is a yellow box, you can volunteer for that slot by contacting Lisa Prihoda.
Great News Mustang Fans! The game tomorrow night is now at home which means no one has to make the trip north to South Hamilton of Jewell, and we'll also have more concession revenues to support our PCM Athletic Programs. However, we need the help of some wonderful Mustang volunteers to sign up to work the concession stand!! Please help us out! (You don't need to have a Mustang student to volunteer!) Thanks in advance!
We have a concession stand available with delicious foods and refreshments!
Remember we will have a concession stand offering an assortment of tasty lunch options to purchase so you can refuel while you're shopping!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Basketball concession stand tonight so please check your work schedules. Due to the weather the stock will be fairly sparse but it is what it is. bundle up & hope to see you there!!!
Check the $1 December Sci-fi Movie Lineup! The U.S. Space & Rocket Center Thursday night movies continue through December 12, 2013! For only $1, see great films including Serenity and Jurassic Park. Enjoy treats at our concession stand, and movie buffs ages 21 and older may also purchase a glass of beer or wine to enjoy during the movie! Tickets are sold on-site in the Saturn V Hall Digital Theater prior to each event. Parking is available in the Saturn V Hall/Davidson Center parking lot. Click here for a full movie listing or call (256) 721-7114 for more information
Memorial Park ball games, concession stand, the pool and ice skating on the pond. Year round destination always accompanied by a trip to Shipleys.
Volunteering in the concession stand ... Come on over for cider, cocoa, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, sleigh rides and Christmas Trees
Looking for volunteers to help with the concession stand Wednesday night. We have our first match against GAR. Are they any parents that can assist? Also if anyone wants to donate bake goods to sell at the concession stand that would be appreciated also. Just bring them with you that night. Let me or Gigi know if you are willing to help out. Coverage will be needed for the JH and Varsity matches.Thanks.
Hearing that soda lines and beer lines are frozen at concession stands at Lambeau Field. Charming.
I am calling on all of you on this page (students and your parents) who do NOT play basketball. We have been given the opportunity to run the concession stand for the upcoming boys tournament on Saturday, Dec 14. This could be a highly profitable thing for our class but we need workers. Bronco girls have a tournament in Brownwood, so they and their parents are not available. Cheer kids have a competition in Dallas and they and their parents will also not be available. Boys basketball players and their parents could feasibly work this concession stand during their off time during the tournament. It's completely doable; however, I would like other students and parents who have not been able to help in the past to have an opportunity to help the class in one of their biggest fundraisers. Majority of games will be played in the "big" (new) gym so that is where we will set up. We will need workers from 9 am until approx 6 pm. Please help. This benefits the ENTIRE 8th grade class!! Can you please help??
Thermal Underwear..check. Double socks...check. HELLO RAVENS FANS. At the game today? BRING yourselves to CONCESSION STAND 549 for HOT Coffee, HOT Chocolate, HOT Chili, HOT Dogs, HOT Pretzels, as well as your favorite nachos, sodas and of course, BEER! Our volunteers will be waiting for you. A portion of the proceeds benefit our congregation. Crowd on in and keep us WARM! See you at the game!!
Frozen Charleston Chew from the concession stand at Horeb pool.
I think I have finally recovered from the Jaguars game and our first concession stand fundraising venture. I couldn't be more grateful for the dedication of our volunteers and more thankful for the opportunity from Levy Restaurants. The search for volunteers for the last 2 games begins now...
Worked our concession stand at Thompson-Boling Arena today. Now on to watch a Knoxville Ice Bears hockey game.
The Boardwalk resort has a new gingerbread concession stand in the lobby this year. It's cute but I have to admit, I miss the chocolate Donald Duck. ~ Barrie
The concession stand will not be open during the Christmas parade as I originally posted. I hope rhis does not cause any inconvenience for anybody. Enjoy the Parade though!
The Van Meter concession stand auction has been postponed due to bad road conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep you updated. Thank you for choosing us as your auctioneer and for your support! Be safe this weekend
Somehow the concession stand turned into face-painting so if you see any kids walking around Towson with mysterious blobs painted in their faces that would be from me.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Those of you working the concession stand tonight, please wear royal blue to honor the 1960 Monticello basketball team. Thank you.
We have concession stand from 11:30-3:00 on December 14th. Please post the times you will work.
Sausage and Biscuits at concession stand- that's right you're not here!!!
We will have a concession stand open during our state championship game today. Good Luck Clayton Yellow Jackets!
Was a Parent Concession Stand work schedule for basketball games ever posted or emailed?
Had fun doing concession stand at Gabriels school. He had fun. He loves his mommy...I felt special that he would get his friends to come meet me.
In order to keep our overhead costs down in the concession stand, we are asking you to donate some items. This is purely volunteer!!! If you are able and willing we would appreciate it. Items needed are the following hot dogs hot dog buns frozen hamburgers hamburger buns large canned chili large canned cheese multi pack of chips large bags of tortilla chips 24 packs of water 24 packs of Gatorade We will open concessions in February. Thank you so much for your support to the club.
Working the band booster concession stand.we got homemade's COLD!
We will be having concession stand tomorrow at the volleyball tournament :) all proceeds go to Abby.
Bannock burger is like concession stand.. Hope their burger are okay.. I am a food critic.. If it *** I'll tell you:)
Graham playoff shirts ready for pick up tomorrow at the concession stand at the high school- at 2:00... We have extras!!! Come support our Steers!
Concession stand volunteers are needed for Monday the 9 th for a modified wrestling match and Tuesday the 10th for a boys game against Prattsburg. Please consider supporting the work of the Sports Booster Club by volunteering. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Noise makers shaking. Concession stand only has sweet tea and M&Ms...before kickoff
OHS Indians kick off the bball season tonight! Make sure you stop by the concession stand to see the 5th graders working. The profit the class makes tonight will be going to the Ronald McDonald House in Joplin! Instead of them having their annual class Christmas party/presents, they are donating supplies/gifts & money to the Ronald McDonald House!! Help support them tonight :)
There will be an overstock liquidation sale at the SCHS concession stand on Saturday morning from 8-12. We have soft drinks and Gatorade for $25 a case. Sour straws skittles sunflower seeds and several bags of nacho cheese. Bring something to carry your drinks home in. First come first serve.. Correct change or checks please.   10% Off
Deck the Halls is this Sunday, December 8th. Wear your pajamas and come help us decorate the church. Children make gingerbread houses and watch a Christmas classic on the big screen. Bring money for the concession stand. See you at 4:30pm!
And the progressive for the 630pm session is...51 numbers or less...$2724!!! Come visit the FOP and the concession stand people!
Not for working no concession stand tonight blah blah everything better be .50 or $1 I can't do math in my head!
Pack your snacks. The best way to ensure that you have enough pre- and post-game fuel is to pack your own healthy snack packs and coolers. Don't rely on what's available in vending machines or at concession stands.
The concession stand was a great feature last year. Will it be open again this year?
Please share this: Scholarship Sharing is hosting a hot cocoa fundraiser in the Student Commons concession stand outside the theater TODAY from 2 to 6pm. Come get your hot cocoa for only $1 and help build scholarships for deserving VCU Military students. Also Holiday cards for the Wounded Warriors at McGuire VA Medical Center are being collected. We will be providing cards at the concessions stand and a box you can drop off your letter in today during the hot cocoa fundraiser. Our goal is to raise the remaining $200 for the Military Student scholarship, and collect 200 cards. If you cannot make it today you can also drop off cards at Harris Hall, in the Military Student Services Office, Room 3122, any time between Dec. 9-17.
Need a gift idea for your movie loving friend? We have the answer: The Revue Star Card! Star Cards save $3 off your ticket price, 10% off at the concession stand PLUS get you a free movie at expiration with a monthly attendace! All for $10. Available at the box office.
ATTENTION: December 7th concession stand workers Margaret Mathers, Rob-Kathy Qualkenbush and Jodi Duncan Gerkin the game has been cancelled due to weather. Thanks!!!
get your commerative glass at the concession stand , in the commons area, of HHS.These glasses are white & when cold liquid is placed in them they turn orange. Feature the Hutsonville High School & a Tiger decal. It commerates the 120year anniversary of HHS. $1.00 each. Help out the booster club & have a conversation piece at yur table. They are neat.
Football equipment turn-in will take place at the concession stand on Saturday, December 7, 2013 9 am - 10 am - 5-7 Division and 6-8 Division 10 am - 11:30 am - 7-9 Jr. and Sr. Division and both 8-10 Divisions 11:30 am - 12:30 pm - 9-11 Division and 10-12 Division This will be the only equipment turn-in date. NOTE: 8-10 White - Coach Bowman will let you know about your equipment turn-in date. Please ensure that you turn-in all equipment that was issued to your child, and that the game pants have been cleaned and are dry. Also, please wipe the helmet and shoulder pads with disinfecting wipes. If you do not turn-in your equipment, you will be responsible for replacement costs. COACH'S: Please have two coaches present at equipment turn-in to help collect all the equipment.
So...who wants to volunteer at the UT Lady Vols Concession stand on Sunday? Anyone 14 years and older is welcome. Come help us raise money for the babies!
We need concession stand workers from 4 pm to about 8:20 on December 11th. Please sign up especially if you have not helped already.
SMYBA friends: our concession stand is in need of a stove and another freezer. If anyone has either appliance that they would like to donate, pls message us. Thanks!
Concession stand now available to everyone thanks to Drew! Some of the concessions include: hot dogs, chili dogs, corn dogs, frito pie, nacho's, french fries, cheese sticks, chips, candy and assorted drinks.
We have a busy weekend coming up :) Come see us at the Port Orange City Center on Saturday for the Christmas tree lighting. We will be handling the concession stand. We will also be in the Port Orange Christmas Parade on Sunday.
We are seeking donations for game tickets ($6) and cost for food at a concession stand or fast food ($5-7) for HHS students that want to show their school spirit at the HHS championship playoff game this Saturday at Wheeling Island. The bus ride to and from is free. This is an exciting event for our community and the Highlanders. We hate to see a student fan miss the game due to cost. Please contact Siers Haymaker or Dollman LeGrand if you can help a student be a part of this special day. Thanks so much. Go Highlanders!!
I am completely speechless ... A group of young men from Lake City Community Church just paid for mine and my clients movie tickets also picked up our concession stand tab ! Okay Lord I hear you knocking ! A big thank you to Lake City Comminity Church !!!
The concession stand will be open, candy and drinks for sale, for the concert. You can also pay your Central Band Booster family dues which is just $25.00 a year.
Tickets for movie..19.00 Concession stand...24.00 Watching movie with Tyler..Priceless:)
We have a great night planned today, beginning with free time and open concession stand at 6:30pm. Then, we will have games and devotion at 7pm, including some highlights from this weekend's college football scene! Don't miss out and don't forget that there is only one week left to sign up for DNOW at the original value of $35 for the weekend (tshirt, food, travel, and housing included, what a price!).
Did you know we offer cocoa, hot tea and several varieties of coffee at our lobby concession stand? We bet those will be popular beverage choices during this weekend's movie!
Sometimes when a hole closes, the line opens up! We're so excited to be bringing roller derby to heart of Myrtle Beach! Three full-length bouts (freshmeat, men's, and women's), full service concession stands, and all 3 blocks from the ocean! Make it a weekend! Registration for Deck the Dolls III is now open. December 14th, be there!
Still need help in the concession stand for the varsity game on Thursday!
ATTENTION OMAHA PARENTS - We need help in the concession stand tonight during the Border Classic tournament. Games times are: 5:20, 6:40 & 8 p.m.. No volunteers will be turned down.
Candles may be pretty to look at but they are a cause of home fires — and home fire deaths. Remember, a candle is an open flame, which means that it can easily ignite anything that can burn.   CANDLE FIRE FACTS!   ·      On average, a candle fire in the home is reported to a U.S. fire department every 30 minutes.   ·      Roughly one-third of home candle fires started in the bedroom.    ·      More than half of all candle fires start when things that can burn are too close to the candle.   “CANDLE WITH CARE”   ·      Blow out all candles when you leave the room or go to bed. Avoid the use of candles in the bedroom and other areas where people may fall asleep.   ·      Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn.   (Think about using flameless candles in your home. They look and smell like real candles.)   If you do burn candles, make sure that you…   ·      Use candle holders that are sturdy, and won’t tip over easily.   ·   ...
AUCTION-AUCTION-AUCTION YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS ANY OF OUR AUCTIONS!! EVERY Thursday @ 6:30 2902 Putnam Ave. Hurricane, WV. 25526 We have different items weekly and there's always something for everyone! Gary Bowen will be with us this week with a huge load of new merchandise. He is also a Magician and has been a family entertainer for many years. Come for the entertainment and the GREAT DEALS! Our concession stand will be serving hot food and cold drinks for all of your dinner needs.. We have padded seating, we are handicap accessible and provide a family atmosphere... We take checks (with proper ID) and credit/debit cards.. As always, you can avoid the 5% buyers premium by paying with cash.. Auction will be conducted by auctioneer: Garcia Criner and Tammy Pinson
ATTENTION: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: PLEASE PASS ON: 1. Due to the regulations/rules of the fairgrounds we will not be having a concession stand. However, keep in mind that Pizza Hut will deliver to the fairgrounds and there is Subway right up the road. 2. We more than likely will NOT have a center alley. 3. There will be a goat show going on in the barn next to the arena. JUST FYI 4. It's going to be COLD, please feel free to bring portable heaters, blankets or whatever else you want to keep warm. 5. Don't forget about the group picture. 6. We need to keep the warm up area clear. So, PLEASE tie your horses on the outside of the arena. Across the arena from the announcer's booth is a long section that horses can be tied up at. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR BEING A PART OF WCWR.
From Melanie Nystrom, Rockburn Liaison and Maryland at-large MORE Board Member. Happy December everyone! We are having our second Rockburn Branch Park trail work day for 2013, not the skills park but the actually trails in Rockburn Branch park, this Sunday, December 8th at 8:45am to noon. Meeting location will be in the cul de sac at the end of the park road off of the Landing Rd entrance, 5400 Landing Rd. Drive past the concession stand area and past the gravel road entrance to the skills park. You will see us there. It is about a three minute hike to the location. The plan is it install four check *** to close an old bridge location behind ball field This is going to be super fun and easy. All of the materials are there, pre-measured and cut. Plus the County is supplying a park staffer to help us with a chain saw and any other equipment we may need to help us out. The other plan is to do some de-berm in that area and possibly on the trail MORE (you guys!) helped bench cut December 2010. I plan to brin . ...
We will be moving the concession stand items from Swift Park to the school tonight. If you are available to help, we would appreciate it! Starting around 6:30.
The booster's main source of fundraising for our Pride of Temple Band program is our concession stand. We keep it in the best condition that we can on little money and a lot of spirit. The booster's had a very nice surprise waiting for them under the Christmas Tree this evening at our monthly meeting...Last year's band captain, a 2013 graduate, Austin Swain, had purchased a brand new commercial popcorn machine for the stand!!! Thank you so much Austin!!! You were and continue to be a blessing for our band program!! That's what we call Pride!
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Im working the concession stand women threw her money at me! The Lord has really humbled my soul! I just walked off I QUITE!
Working the Concession Stand for the Basket Ball game on Friday :) Cant Wait. Like if ill see you there!!! :)
Love workin concession stand with this girl! 󾌴 "He can't come back until he takes out the trash! " 󾍇 lhh󾮞󾮞
Working the concession stand with a bunch of high school boys and I can feel my brain cells DYING!
Any parent...boys or girls available for one spot in the concession stand for Thursday afternoon? The 7th grade game. Need to be there by 3:45 if possible. Thank you to another boy player parent for offering to come in and help on that day... We really need your support parents!! Go Dragons and Nettes !
Please come to the concession stand to purchase you action photograph coupon codes!! $10 each and this guarantees that your child gets some action photo's taken on Dec 14, you can then use the code and get $10 off your prints order!
If you give one gift this holiday season, make sure its a Dietrich Theater Gift Bag. It's the perfect gift for the movie lover in your family. Gift Bags can be purchased in the office during office hours and the concession stand during normal theater hours.
FB Friends, the high school is having some JV basketball games at the new middle school. I can run the concession stand from 3:30 to 6 but I'm looking for someone to do the 5:45 to maybe 7:30 or 8 shift. Very easy to run only have pizza, popcorn, candy and pop. I can have popcorn done up ahead so it will be easier. Soo does someone want to come (bring a friend or older student even) and help out the FD school system??? Forward this message to anyone you think that would want to help out the schools. Thanks!!!
We have over 200 participants already signed up to run in our 1st Santa Run! If you haven't already done so, come join us Saturday, December 14th for our 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk. The discounted registration fee will continue until tomorrow (12/4), after that price increases by $5 for both adults and students. Visit to easy online registration. After the race, there will be holiday celebration in the Rocco Ortenzio Stadium with the choir singing carols, activities for the whole family, and a concession stand selling Christmas time favorites. There might even be a guest appearance from someone up North! Sign up today and run with the Crusader Christmas Spirit!
CONCESSION STAND NEWS: In addition to concession food, we will be selling plate lunches.Chicken, potato salad, beans & drink for only $8.00 so come on out and see some great games and have a tasty lunch.
Then Concession Stand is fully stocked and ready for Winter Sports. We will be open for Boys and Girls basketball and Wrestling. Come in and see the new item we have on the menu this season!
Gift Cards can be used on any purchase and anywhere at the track.Entry Fees including track rentals, Speed Shop including fuel, concession stand & souvenir shop! :) This week the track is only open Saturday & Sunday weather permitting...we will keep you posted. If it is open it is test & tune and racing will be 10-4 (again weather permitting)
Class project due, concession stand and Matthew...
We are in need of a worker for the High School concession stand tonight from 6:15-8:45. If you can work, it would be much appreciated. The concession will already be open. You can sign up thru Sign-up Genius or call Anne at 482.2107 if you have questions. If you've never worked a concession stand, it is very easy and instructions are posted. Anne will be there to help during half time and to close up, if assistance is needed. Thank you.
Girls bathroom at SOS new concession stand
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Boys bathroom at SOS new concession stand
Well, that was quite a day! Thank you to all our NCSC rec families for making our 10-year anniversary a very special one. Tried some new things, thanks for your patience with the Opening Ceremonies and heartily supporting our Concession Stand. Thanks to our vendors who donated a portion of the day's proceeds, Kona Ice and Trina from Profitable Promos. Thank you to the representatives from Crystal Automotive, MIKE SCOTT PLUMBING, Commissioner JJ Kenney, and Director of Parks and Rec, Jeff Gordon. Thanks to the coaches who seated it out in the Coaches Game and all of our volunteers. See you next weekend on the pitch!
Wildcat Families, Here is the schedule for Thursday's Homecoming Events All events will take place @ Lower Fields - Lots of Food & Drinks, Come ready to have dinner @ GORC 6:30, Line Up & Announcements of Teams/Squads - With the Announcements of Homecoming Court Following 7:15/7:30, Lighting of the Bonfire w/Spirit Circle 8:00, Cream the Coach The Moon Bounces, Vendor Row, Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Slide Show, Apparel Sales & Concessions will be up & running from 6:30-10:00 All volunteers scheduled to assist with various activities should plan to arrive @ 6:00 and report to Concession Stand.
Thank you to all the helpers in the youth concession stand yesterday. It was a great day at CV with flag...
I had nasty concession stand nachos for dinner and I'm starving
creamy & smooth milk bar is too good to resist. Available at concession stand
sorry I just now seen this. I just ran to each one. It ended up being the concession stand one. I yelled the code and won
Had fun helping at the concession stand tonight at the races
was at LSU today , working the concession stand .
Omg my feet are killing me!! Just worked the concession stand for the U of M football game! It was insane in the Big House!!!
I miss you, and our girl talks on the bench by the concession stand! Wish things never changed 😔
OHHHAI! Tell her to visit me at the concession stand lol me and Amy will be there selling!
Them concession stand people was tryna run that game on us lol
Down loaded snoopify and I think I over did it but they where working at a concession stand so it makes sense
Running a concession stand to bad *** little kids all day ...oh well don't mind giving back ... but…
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neither do I... I have to volunteering from 7am to 12pm at my towns park in the concession stand :(
Our papers are messed up. I will never work another concession stand. Just kidding but I hate it.
Some people were SO rude to me @ the concession stand though. 😔 Lol like why ? I'm just trying to get your order man
spirit section or near the concession stand. I miss you a bunch. I hope college life is going good.
(: Can't wait for next week f that concession stand!
what the is the problem with your concession stand lines You need logistics help. Maybe visit
Gonna try this sleep thing again, and hope this concession stand hot dog stop haunting me :D
Hope you're having fun working that concession stand 😘
yeah I was working the concession stand
I think this is the worst headache I've ever experienced, and I'm convinced its from smelling like concession stand.
“Jones or math tommorrow?”The concession stand workers... for handling that rush when they come on
Surprisingly working the concession stand made my day better. I love my teammates.
*** got the fighting at the Game and Gekia Fat *** Thought the concession stand said "Free Hot Dogs" lmaoo
For those of you who have to work the Tech concession stand; good luck and I'm sorry in advance. It's awful.
Yet as soon as we go to the concession stand, they do the cheer
Well it's not like there's a line at this concession stand. Lmao!
Thanks to all that helped with Hog Parking and the concession stand tonight- AND those that parked !!
The only reason beat me tonight was because I had 2 hamburgers from the pit concession stand and they didn't sit too well.
Thank you to all of those students in the concession stand tonight Smoothest night yet. Easily replaced a prima donna. ;-)
Why did I volunteer to make signs for the concession stand? Lol
the only thing I dislike about working concession stand is my face breaks out the next day
There's not much better than Texas losing. Except Texas losing badly. PS: What beverages does BYU sell at its concession stand, I wonder.
The Spencer's and the Kegler's came to support Hard work in the concession stand.
Dear, The helmet nachos concession stand better be open tomorrow, or else ill run on the field & touch Beltre's head.
we worked in the concession stand for a fundraiser at Fresno State
Team 5896 was working our concession stand, watching the kickoff on phones, letting kids drive a Legobot
Working the AU concession stand: a mild form of child abuse to raise a lot of money for showchoir.
working the concession stand for the TAMU vs. SHSU game with jennasayshola and idayuhhh :)…
I spoke to a lady at the concession stand tonight who looked just like u
I love when I'm in a concession stand line at an HSU football game and I look up and see .
Just stole m&ms from the concession stand at Fresno state game. Who am I?!
Yess I was cause I saw y'all go the the concession stand I was waiting on you to come out !
it was in the concession stand line! Lol
Maybe we can talk to the people working the concession stand next.
Movie concession stand employees probably have a contest to see who can be the slowest.
U twerked for me in the concession stand line yesterday. — LMAOO I did??? Who is this?
Thank you, for making a 44-21 game an adventure. God bless you and the JV cameraman you are paying in concession stand snacks.
Yeah the lady at the concession stand LIED and said they didn't have any and then gave Tucker some. -_-
Also noted that Skaff kept copying her order at the concession stand.
I will lol, my bro is workin concession stand 😁👌
REMINDER: OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, August 20st at 7pm . Come to the HOME concession stand at the football stadium...
yeah and I had to run to the concession stand to get paper towels for the DROOL!
I never saw it either. & it's behind the concession stand. You go in the elevator and go straight up.
I was in the concession stand and my ex was standing behind me calm your nuts.
This little girl was climbing on the fricken concession stand and I was just standing behind my register like "hi"
if you like mrs. Byrne she has a fourth period you work at the concession stand just ask her tomorrow, I did it last year
Riley Decker and I tried pitchin a tent on the dugout once but ended up sleeping in the concession stand.
Remember when I almost got suspended? Yeah well my punishment is that I have to work concession stand for every home football game
Please click here: to sign up for Concession Stand on today!
no. I probably won't work the rest of the season. Katie said not enough stuff to run a concession stand.
I was hoping I'd see someone on the team running all I seem was the people in the concession stand and the ones sitting down
well I'll be working the concession stand then lol
Got a job at the concession stand for this year👍😝 wonder if daddy will let me put a tip jar out😍👍
You come to my line in the concession stand, you speak English.
I want me some cheese fries from the football concession stand 😋
No more concession stand food for me 😖
Sometimes working concession stand is fun. Other times, it ***
That's your 'stache stash. Good for when times are lean, or the line at the concession stand is long.
I told you! There was a bucket full of sliced ones for your burger by the concession stand!
At the concession stand & my grandpa looks at the lady next to him & goes: "You're just a typical woman, can never make up your *** mind!"
I know *** that will skimp on the concession stand at the movies with his girl and will give the next chick a stack for her pockets!
Is so lonely in the concession stand, and my ankle ! Ugh
I'm going to the concession stand tomorrow during A lunch.
Who bringing snacks ? Cause sometimes the concession stand food be high lol
Challis or Lyric can work in the concession stand dis week I want to spectate
Thanks to katelyn called me a walking concession stand just now. Thanks bud!
I would just like to take a moment to say praise Jesus I only have to work 1 football game at the concession stand.🙏
I'll never forget coming outta the locker room wit my boys and makin our way to the field then seein my mom by the concession stand.
We have Cajun popcorn in the concession stand!
I swear these people coming to the concession stand have no sense of humor
20 seconds after sitting down at the game, Mike scopes out the concession stand.
Nothing like KPSP concession stand karaoke to end the day at the pool 😂😂
Working as the Vice President of the band boosters at the concession stand! Red white game :)
I miss singing to in the concession stand everyday😔
so my mom was salting pretzels in her concession stand and did like 5 before she realized she was spraying them with Windex instead of water
They got me workin this concession stand lol
If you didn't pick up your yearbook today, come see me before school or after school tomorrow at the concession stand!
I'm starving ... And of course there's no concession stand in this place !
I ran away and I'm hiding under the concession stand at Capewell
Concession stand foods are always good.
Finally finished cleaning out the concession stand today
I just go down the side where it leads to the concession stand so nobody sees me 😂
RHS students: we will be selling smoothies at the concession stand ($4) starting next Friday 8/30. Spread the word!
Reminder: Ms. O will be checking concession stand items before the BC meeting tomorrow from 6:30-6:50 outside the Charmer storage room.
Marking time at a state fair concession stand: (
Creating a scene in the concession stand at target field after asking for a gluten free hot dog and them trying to get me one
I sat & laughed for five minutes straight because jasmine demonstrated how the people working the concession stand today closed it down
Is anybody else gunna work the concession stand on Wednesday?
We need parent volunteers to help clean the Football Concession Stand this Wednesday night at 5:00pm. Please...
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