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Concession Stand

A concession stand (American English), snack kiosk or snack bar (British English, Irish English) is the term used to refer to a place where patrons can purchase snacks or food at a cinema, fair, stadium, or other entertainment venue.

Memorial Day Weekend

Please share: The hotboxes used at the concession stand at Branford High to keep food warm are missing, and help...
. It won't let me send ya a message, was trying to help ya put 2 & 2 together from last night @ the concession stand. :)
Did you know we raised $10,000 for the AHS weight room from concession stand profits? Do your part, sign-up at
Don't expect much put of me today. Gotta finish up my volunteer hours so after school I'm working a concession stand.
The pool smelled like a concession stand this am & I wanted to eat all of the imaginary pretzels!
But one of the English teachers was in there too. She was setting up for the football game, since both of them work the concession stand.
It's Game Day! Volleyball and Soccer Thursday 4pm. . Or just come grab treats at the concession stand. Wear your game day shirt.
Clearly I'm not a "spoiled rich white girl from the woodlands" if I'm working behind a freaking concession stand. ***
Only girl who runs to the concession stand wen they say free hot dogs
Hey I just want to let you know don't ever drink 3 sweet teas really quick from the concession stand bc ull get a headache
I help make lumpia for this guy who has a concession stand at the BSU games! Pretty much food prep☺️
Actually missing the concession stand and my summer crew 😔⚾️
Riley's Log: When it was clear I was paying, Mr. Spock hit the concession stand at the movie theater, and he didn't hold back.
Here at Carmike Cinemas, you learn that people can't read the sign where it says "Get your tickets at the concession stan…
Hey juniors - we are in desperate need of someone to work Bluegrass concession stand Saturday 730am to 1pm. Pretty please? Just need one...
Today's Donor of the Day for our concession stand is Jan and Jennifer Wisecarver. Thank you!
Dang nabbit I should not have so heartily taken advantage of the free popcorn and hotdogs at the concession stand right before the run thru😲
Made friends with this little boy while I was working the concession stand tonight. He was sooo cute and sweet.
Worked the concession stand in a pencil skirt and heels. I looked *** cute!
yay! I won't be making the popcorn in the concession stand so it's safe to eat
The Fall season is underway! Practices started this week...the concession stand will be open for practices...
... chanting "make that point Rissa, make that point" from the concession stand tonight! Way to go Rissa!
If there is anyone willing to volunteer to work the concession stand tomorrow night for the 7:00 games please let...
A special thank you to for donating pizza to be sold at our Volleyball concession stand!
Kay:"What do u want me to make for the concession stand next week?". Pratan:"Ham sammich".
Sorry guys I can't turn up at the game with you guys this Friday I have to work the concession stand😪
I'm pretty pumped to watch you from the concession stand!
Grygla's concession stand does! Come on up for the Volleyball game tomorrow night!
Goes to the concession stand at halftime...
Reminder to all MCHS wrestlers and managers, we will have the concession stand at tomorrow's (Thursday, Sept.
How does a concession stand at a major league baseball stadium run out of hot dogs
Were the all like, "Hey I saw 14 things at the concession stand that grossed me out, and you're not going to believe No. 1!"
I think I'll go to that concession stand clear on the other side of the stadium between pitches.
Parents, Events week of September 8 - September 13, 2014. Monday, September 8, 2014. 6:00 pm - JV Football Game vs Jefferson. 1 Person needed for Concession Stand. 7:00 pm - Band Booster Meeting in Band Room. Wednesday, September 10, 2014. 6:00 pm - Girls Soccer Game vs Northern. 1 person needed for Concession Stand. Thursday, September 11, 2014 5:00 pm - Boys Soccer vs Fort Hill All spots filled for Concession Stand. Friday, September 12, 2014. 7:00 pm - Varsity Football vs Fort Hill. 2-4 people need for concession stand. Saturday, September 13, 2014. 3:30 pm Gates open for Cadence in the Valley. Help will be needed all day. Micki Laffey will be discussing Cadence in the Valley at Band Booster Meeting. Please plan to attend meeting if you plan on helping with Cadence. Also, if you can help in the concession stand any this week, please call Ericka Evans at (304) 790-0299. Thanks!
Help support us by visiting our concession stand at Hillcrest today!
Would love any help I could get in the concession stand tonight for the playday!!! See ya at 6:00!
Tonight is teen night from 5-8 pm! Join us for music from our DJ and games like bags and volleyball. Purchase a $3 cup at the door for unlimited fountain drinks all night at our concession stand! Hope to see you there!
Last day for fall ball registration. Today at Zia Little League concession stand from 10-12
Hello Friends! We are excited to let you know that we will be playing Saturday August 16th in Blasdell :-) Here's the details: There is a Wheelbarrow race that day in Blasdell, and after said race there is a Blasdell Reunion at Firemans Park starting around 5pm. There will be a band "Black Diamond" featuring Mike Wilson until 7pm, then FY should start around 7:30! Bring blankets or lawn chairs and your cooler with your favorite refreshments (NO GLASS BOTTLES PLEASE!!! :-) ) Also, no pets are'll have to tell them about it afterwards, or send videos to their smartphones. We also hear Rocko's Taco's will have a concession stand there too! Feel free to tag your friends in this post, see you there!
SAVOR wants you! This Saturday, SAVOR will be hiring smiling faces for part-time cashiers and cashiers assistants for McLane Stadium concession stands. This is a great opportunity for extra income and valuable job experience in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Jobs will be offered on the day. Stop by the Ferrell Center this Saturday, July 26th from 9am-2pm to interview.
Snowball and Concession Stand will open today at 12. We would love to see you here.
Hey everyone! Today is the day to vote for the South Dakota Swimming Board of directors. I'm running to be an athlete representative, so go vote at the concession stand if you are 13&over before the end of the meet today! THANK YOU, and go BSC!
Today is the big day!! Watervliet wiffle ball tourney at Brotherhood park!! 16 teams of well oiled machines to compete for riches beyond compare!! 1st pitch at 2pm. Because of the set up spectators will be allowed on the field so bring ur favorite lawn or folding chair if you wish. Concession stand will be open!!! Daniel Mahoney Dennis Moffre and others in Pool C, known as "the group of death". Ur going down suckers at the hands of Chicos Bail Bonds!
Any of my friends out there have experience with concession stands? Have a question. Thanks!
Wednesday, August 6th will be FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT at OLC! The adults & youth will be watching GOD'S NOT DEAD and the Legendary Kids will have a special preview of their own. There will be a full concession stand with popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, drinks & much more that can be purchased. We will also offer some free items for those who need to save a little cash! We look forward to building some community with our friends!!! (No admission fee)
Gail Kosienski Steve Gilbert when me and Jamie come to do the concession stand, I was told it was in the legion building is that where we need to go.. Just want to make sure we get to the right place when we do get there :)
Update your maps at Navteq
The Norris Lady Titan Trap Team will be running the concession stand tonight at the Hickman Street Dance. Come on down, listen and dance to some great music by the Sandy Creek Band, support your community and your Trap Team at the same time. Dance starts at 8pm. Money will be used to off set the travel and participation cost to attend the National Meet in Sparta Illinois next week.
Come support Dixie softball at the Bay St. Louis sport complex!!! Cheer on our girls and support the cause. No really I'm working the concession stands and I need to see some familiar faces. LETS GO BAY ST. LOUIS!
If you are at the fair tonight, stop by the Relentless Youth Group concession stand in the midway building for a Walking Taco, Hot Fudge Cake, or Fried Snickers. Or come by our outreach tent for FREE Popsicles and watermelon. See ya there!
Show is on for tonight. Nothing special in the concession stand. Just hamburgers and hot dogs. If anyone wants to bring something sweet that would be great. See you tonight!
Riddell representative is here with us. Come on out and see us. We are at the Cedar Street Concession Stand
Reminder-soccer sign ups today from 10-12 at Carson Park Soccer concession stand. New players MUST bring an original birth certificate.
Working the concession stand at the Ranch Rodeo with the Faith Farm guys! — at Okeechobee Cattlemens Rodeo Arena
What a site to see - the baseball fields are full of players, families in the bleachers cheering, high fives for crossing home plate. Great day to see our youth play baseball so come on out to the Rick Honeycutt World Series on Barnhardt Circle. You also have time to come over and have a hot dog for lunch - proceeds from the concession stands benefit the Rec Association.
I am now reflecting on the end of an era. For baby girl and I, AAU travel basketball has come to an END. All the time, late night drives home from practice, team bonding events, fundraising, travel, preparation, packed coolers, Gatorade and water, concession stands, hotels, flights, money, emotions and anxiety of the games, uniform washing late at nigh during tournaments, and did I say money, ibuprofen, ice bands and wraps and long talks about hard work, commitment and being the best SHE could be. this list can go on ( feel free to add to it). But it is are over. I am sure I will continue to counsel her on hard work and commitment to being the best she can be because life will require it, the REST IS OVER. The journey has been a blessing for both of us. The relationships and friendships we have developed along the way are priceless and will surely endure beyond this season of life. (we still bleed carolina blue just sprinkled with a little heat red) As a parent, when I count up the time and oh did I say . ...
The concession stand at the ball field will be open both Saturday and Sunday. It is being ran but the Madison Lake American Legion Auxiliary Ladies! They will be selling their souvenir mugs all weekend too!
were having our horse show August 10th starting at 12 noon. this is on Sunday before the fair. please pas the word around. the entry fees are going to cancer an the concession stand too 4-h club.
Representing wrestling at concession stand cleanup. @ Ashbrook High School
There is this lake that I used to go to as a kid to swim in. Its somewhere south or west of Akron and has slides and sprinklers in the water with a floaty dock thing in the middle, and they had a concession stand that made the best corn dogs ever. I really want to go back there this summer but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was called. Can anyone help me figure it out??
Attention OneWay YouthMinistries Camp Impact 2014 is in just 2 days, are you ready? Just a couple of reminders we are meeting at the church Monday @ 7am, eat breakfast before you come. It has been encouraged that you take snacks for camp, there will also be a concession stand too. Also please make sure you have all of the necessary forms and money turned in to be able to attend camp. See you tomorrow at church and Monday morning!
The thought of working at a concession stand today to fundraise is sickening
95 and HOT today!! Still warm at 5:00 per our local weather forecaster.. Sounds like a great pool day.. Gotta go to work... But SAMs first! Thanks for all your concession stand support
Another great weekend to spend at the track! Find us in concession stands for a quick snack… Best of luck on your betting!
It's Raceday! Bring the entire family out this evening for Coca Cola Night! Buy a delicious sandwich from our concession stand and you will receive a free Coke! Tazewell Late Models,Sportsman, Modified Street, Pure Street, Classic Cars and 4 Cylinders will all be in action. Pit gates and main grandstands will both open at 5:00. General admission is only $10 with children 9 and under admitted free with a paying adult. Pit admission is $25. Bring the family out for a night of grass roots racing!
Fall Ball sign ups will be August 16th, 10:00 am until 1:00 pm and again on August 19th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. We will only have these 2 sign ups. The cost is $50 for 1 player, $75 for 2 players, and $100 for a family. Sign up cards will be passed out at schools. They will also be available at the Diamond 7 concession stand on sign up days. Anyone ages 10 and under can sign up. You do not have to live in Herrin to play Fall ball. Games will begin the first week of September and finish the first week of October. Each team will play about 10 games. One game during the week and one on the weekend. There will not be set days.
Come on out y'all to the Zubrod Stables Fun Show today! It starts at 12:30 with performance classes first. We will have a concession stand and merchant booths as well! Everyone is welcome...bring your own lawn chairs!
We will have a table in front of Community Market (formerly Fulmers) this afternoon selling candy bars. Also you can turn in any registration fees/candy money or the needed forms at the concession stand today from 5-8ish during the Ohio Crush game. Otherwise we will see everyone Monday at 6pm for the first regular season practice!
well I heard there were a couple of hot ones at the concession stand behind the field 😏
Oh and the thotties are in the concession stand 🙅
Yes, let's sit in a metal concession stand as it is down pouring and lightning. ⚡️☔️
In unrelated hoop news. I just walked by the concession stand. Heard an order for nachos and one for a meatball sandwhich/ soda.
I'm hoping my stepdad says come work the concession stand for his game today cus that's a easy couple of bucks
BB is alive and kicking (great now I have that song on my brain).
7 strong PAX post at for a day at the concession stand with Socrates.
Getting ready for the MYP concession stand at the Hub City Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball tournament!
At it again!!! Baseball with the son and concession stand food for the daughter!!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
About to kill this concession stand with the boys.
lol okay 😂😂😂😂 we will have to eat at the little blue concession stand when we get there.. They have great food 😍😍
Warped tour selfie in concession stand.. Took me an hour for food i was so hungry i almost passed out
The smell of the concession stand before the game>>
how do I apply for the volunteer job at the concession stand in the park?
Rodeo concession stand food is my favorite😍
Well im getting into the game for ftee cause im doing a concession stand there xD
I hope they paying me to work this concession stand tomorrow
The girl at the concession stand seriously wanted me to take off my shirt and give it to her like no joke.
Saw the priest at the concession stand With a blunt in his hand Telling me sin is my last stand
They sell them right next to the concession stand where you bought two bags of cotton candy and large nachos.
where is that? It looks like she's working at a concession stand!
Channeling my inner & wearing everyday Hamptons wear to the Mariners game. Hallmark at the concession stand respected it.
they have a Indian food concession stand no joke sell Indian Curry
this girl I seen at the concession stand at raysouth was cute af Im still thinking bout it lol
Me & sitting here saying we need to workout and go to the concession stand to get nachos and cheese fries 😂
Come to CROSS WORSHIP THIS FRIDAY (7.18) @ The Underground! . ** 6:30pm Concession stand will be open for food...
re: Slowest concession stand in all the land. >By the nature of what it is, perhaps they're trying to make you concede! ;)
Garage sale and concession stand tomorrow morning! See you bright and early!
Tostitos preparados at the concession stand are life
Slowest concession stand in all the land.
finally. Now we can text and stuff during bball games while you're working at the concession stand
I really miss the concession stand at Brown Co Speedway!!!
Is the concession stand gonna be open at ? That's a long *** day. 😕
Security - I located the girl who stole the chipwich thinking the theater concession stand was a free buffet
Two things:. 1) The concession stand will be open for us all weekend. That was arranged this week. 2) There will...
Royals got 2 homeruns while I was in line at the concession stand. I'm staying in line!
I sittin by da concession stand Tj practice on y'all old field
Linklater in Rolling Stone Magazine in front of my concession stand 4 interview!
Chan da man kemp workin the concession stand at regal. Ballin on the bench ain't cheap
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Walk Up registratation at our home fields Saturday July 26th from 9-11. Please come and register your child. At the concession stand!!
B94.5 bterns and Chris are having a blast helping out at the concession stand!!!
Cougs offer a salad at the concession stand now. Thank The Lord 🙏
Lft Fld concession stand. Older gentleman w/a goatee was very rude when we asked for $1 cup w/water vs soda
We got ourselves a game here. 2 run shot over the concession stand!
"The trap concession stand come get you a slurpy !" 😂😂😂 Migos be corny af sometimes with they lingo .
a concession stand in Scarsdale pool chasing chicken bro lol where you working at?
If you return the foul ball you've caught at game, it's worth $1 at the concession stand.
It's so funny when we come and buy all the stuff for the concession stand for my sisters tournament because we end up with
Live shot of the tourney. Quite the turn out tonight. Attendance is up. The concession stand is receiving...
She smiled softly and walked over to the concession stand.
Pop your own. A movie’s just not a movie without popcorn! But most large, buttery tubs from the concession stand...
this wan walked up to the concession stand, stared me down for 10 minutes when I asked if I could help her, rolled her eyes& walked off lol
Gonna miss dinner so now I'm gonna end up eating half the concession stand at the movie theater.
New and improved concession stand for vs. tonight
Working this concession stand will be the death of me. 😴
Just got a prank call in the concession stand
Going to the Kansas Star Event Center to work the Concession stand to earn money for Bowen's Basketball team so if you are at the Rodeo tonight stop by and see us.
It's legit! Come say hi. I'll be working the concession stand at the FMP Cineplex theater. :)
Concession stand is stocked and ready! Are you ready for WWLL concessions and ball?? It's that time!
The concession stand is the wrong place for me to supervise
I only want to go to the track meet just so I can buy a hotdog from the concession stand
Great Job this Season and great job in the concession stand , last day of the Season and somebody is tired!
Now that the concession stand is open I'm gonna gain a thousand pounds again
Laaazy Saturday evening comin' up. Glad I'm not doing something crazy. Like working in a concession stand.
Y'all, this is hanging from the concession stand ceiling... 😫
Working the concession stand at the jamboree. With oh yay.
If anyone wants a walking taco from yours truly come on out to the Tinely Park Bulldogs concession stand. They're decent.
Does anyone know if the concession stand is open at the beach?!
When to a PowWow in PortHope. Hoping to get some real Bannock. Every concession stand never heard of Bannock. Lol they looked at me as if I was seeing double.
Concession stand at work selling fried Oreos got me feeling some kind of way.
Working the concession stand till 5!
Anyone else hump a one armed midget on bath salts in the concession stand at a Travis Tritt concert last night?
Thank you to everyone who came out to play, the family and friends that came to support us, and the ones who work the concession stand and worked our games! I love that we have all different lives but seems like we have never stopped playing ball. Don't forget the charity game for Kristina Nemeth coming up
I thought that was working the concession stand at this tournament! She just confirmed it!
centerfield hit! I got to watch from the concession stand
Thanks Tia for being my bleacher buddy & taking pictures of your big sister. I hope you didn't eat the concession stand out of business...
good. I'm just getting home from my brothers baseball game where I volunteered at the concession stand
St Thomas graduation ceremony, where 10,000 people are about to get into a fight over the one open concession stand.
SMFH right into the concession stand.
Interesting tidbit -- "44 Years Ago (5/11/13): Greenlake Aqua Theater Destroyed By Led Zeppelin". The show was crashed & the crowd jam-packed Green Lake Aqua Theater (only half paid for tickets). Many more sprawled out on the lawn surrounding the theater, climbed trees, the roof of a concession stand, hung on small flotilla of boats, canoes, rubber rafts, and air mattresses…It was demolished by the City within 6 months... as being "unfit for public use" shortly after the Grateful Dead played. Zeppelin was opening for Three Dog Night!
Thanks to the West Central Cougar baseball moms for helping with concession stand. It's parents like you that help build a program.
Anybody wanna come work the concession stand at Harbins Park with me?
A three-year old Will working the softball concession stand. @ Glenmeadow Park
I blow all my money on candy at the concession stand every time I come to a game.. ? or..
Get your iPhone insurance today!
It's Race Day! Twin 35 Lap Open Wheel Modified Pure Stock Mini Stock Mod Mini's Legends Dwarfs Pit Gates are now open Pit Fee $30 Spectator Stands open at 4:30 Adults $15 Anyone wearing patriotic clothing receives $3 discount Seniors $13 Veterans $10 Above Discounts cannot be combined. Children 12 & Under are FREE Parking is FREE Concession Stands - Souvenir Gift Shop - Lucky Program Sales It might be a warm Florida night, but we are ready to help you kick off your Holiday Memorial Weekend with some great competition and an exciting show! There is no better place to be for a FULL night of racing action! Be here for edge of your seat racing!
Gill: Let's go to the concession stand. Me: Why?. Gill: I wanna see how many hot dogs I can fit in my mouth
I think the lowest point of my life to date was the time I burnt the roof of my mouth on a soft pretzel I purchased at a concession stand.
Buckman Billygoats Baseball on this beautiful day! Come see me in the concession stand 😊❤️⚾️ with Mackenzie Wick, Hannah Kahl & Sarah Schirmers
Someone come visit me at Frank Liske Park. I'm in the concession stand. I might give you food.
no I've been working the concession stand!
The rumors are true: Evendale concession stand is now selling vanilla coke
Concession stand food will be the death of me this summer
Come visit Joe "Buda" at the concession stand today for a tasty burgers, hot dogs, french fries, hot links. He...
Marissa just bought a Reese's at a concession stand with a 50 dollar bill
Gatorade- $3.00 Concession Stand- $5.00 Watching my AMAZING Nephew score the winning shot in a nail biting, holding on to the edge of your seat Basketball game- PRICELESS! And. Yes the crowd went wild- as seen at the end of the video! Great job Mimi Candace Conners shooting the video...
Definitely same. Was remembering commencement with my class, mostly recall going to buy a pretzel from concession stand midway.
mmm.. I might just hit that concession stand up 😏
The amount of candy at this concession stand is dangerous 😳
Like concession stand nachos. For a throwback to high school basketball games.
How can we pay 2 students to work the concession stand for 1 tball And we can't get a student to sell drinks and chips at a pony game also how come parents are not getting the chance to earn their 20 dollars back when they ask to work
CTBRA's next point race is June 7 & 8 in McGregor at the CTYRA Arena. Come on out and enjoy one of the BEST Concession stands, or the BEST in my opinion, in TEXAS! Pre entries will start Sunday June 1st!!!
Ok so I'm at the movies and this lady comes in, gets her seat then takes a movie popcorn bag and cup with lid from her purse and goes to the concession stand and comes back with soda and popcorn. Is she a smart consumer or just commited a larceny. Lol
How would you like to bring your family out to a Rascals game...and eat for free!? Share this post and we will select one random winner to receive 4 free box seats for tonight, Saturday May 24, as well as $20 in Rascals food vouchers good at any concession stand. We'll draw a winner today at 4 PM! Be sure and check your inbox for a message on how to pick up your prize if you win.
*** is working the ice cream concession stand at King's Island during summertime.
Spending 20 dollars at the concession stand..
Tournament time... Volunteering at the concession stand (and I get stuck with the anal retentive over achieving nerd, can't he tell I'm not listening ???
May all of FF baseball players coaches parents volunteers umpires (except Phil Sims) grounds keepers score keepers concession stand workers and even the little kids that ride skate boards up and down the sidewalk... HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. I hope all y'all r safe and please remember to stop of a minute on Monday and say a little prayer for all our MILITARY past present and gone. While we r eating BBQ and drinking sweet tea they r protecting us with all they have. I will b the first to tell them THANK YOU for what u do. Who will join me here. Please give them a comment not just a like.
don't know if you were at NFHS today but I found a wallet w a permit. At concession stand.
I just realized I work in an overgrown concession stand with a beer & wine license.
Girl at the concession stand asked me if I used to wrestle. I told her that I did, and asked how she…
Weather is perfect for mx track 10-5 today. Vendors here today second Moto attitude motorsports and hyper x so if you need gear for a great price need your tire fixed Or need your number on your sweatshirt we got you covered concession stand opens at nine
I guess they ran out of pretzels and there was yelling at the concession stand
No you can't have your cheeseburger medium well like this is a little league concession stand...
Working the concession stand at east waverly. It's the grand opening.
Hamilton Collection
This little girl needs to understand that nothing at a concession stand is free...
Cody Razer HR top dead center, off roof of concession stand, ties BNL at 1-1 in top 6th in G1 of DH with Dragons
First day on the job at the concession stand 🍔🍕🍦🍫
Don't forget shift in the concession stand starts at 12:30pm today
Happy birthday Sylvan Pool! Stop down today for concession stand specials and to see the pool and Mr. Masarik. This is his "50th" time opening up Sylvan's gates. He is an inspiration to all of the sylvan family. Pool opens at noon!!
Them *** ain't come thru I was salty so I was like Ef it know the concession stand got some for like 5 dollars I was all for it
Having to work this concession stand at 1 just really ***
Starting to realize this little old lady at the concession stand isn't as sweet as I thought she was
I know it's part of my soccer mom duties, but I sure do hate when it's my turn to volunteer for concession stand duty. Be nice to me, kids!
Thank God our concession stand has Tim Hortons 😍
Gotta stick the concession stand again today 😢
Aww I wanna watch everyone wrestle but oh well I'm helping with the concession stand
S/O to for taking on that concession stand today. 💪💃
Nothing says happy birthday to me quite like working in the super luxurious read park pool concession stand!
Work at a concession stand tonight, head to PA for a getaway, stay home do nothing, movie date, or run into a wave for the day
Stars & Stripes passing and big man event starts in an hour @ Cactus. Goes til noon. Free admission. Concession stand open.
the concession stand up at the baseball FEILDS
Dude at the concession stand said your beautiful all your food one me. 😊
Look outside. What do you see? That is right, the sun. It is a beautiful day to spend at the park and the best news is.the Concession Stand opens today! See you at the park!
My kind of movie theater concession stand Big Picture Waitsfield VT
Hello soccer families! Remember we have Jack's Donuts, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in the concession stand. http…
I am loyal to this Tball stuff and all but why is it that I'm the only one here? Concession stand duty lol nervous about it all night! I love the fact that people think you do this for a living! They throw orders at you like you're a pro. Honestly no one is here! Maybe it's a joke
Heading to the ball field this weekend? Remember ... Husson's offers special discounts on pizzas for your concession stands :-) Just call your local store & we'll take care of the rest!
Attention parents: There was a blue nike bat bag picked up from the ballpark last night, we believe by accident. There are extremely sentimental items in this bag that belong to a very broken hearted NVYAA kid. If you have picked this bag up by accident, please return it to the concession stand at your convenience. Thank You.
The concession stand will be open Monday morning for coffee, donuts and hot chocolate!
I posted some pics last night about the Ft Worth Cats Game. It was a beautiful night to sit outside and watch baseball. The crowd was small so there were no traffic jams at the restrooms, concession stands or in the parking lot. Hot dogs and funnel cakes are $4 and the players will sign autographs for the kids at the asking. I have included a picture from our $8 seats behind first base. They are reserved seats 27 rows from the field but they are also the next to last row in the upper deck. The mascot is Dodger. Lagrave field was the home of the AAA franchise Ft Worth Cats, for many years until the Rangers came to town. The team was owned by the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers. There is a picture of a plaque showing the 50 Major League all stars that once played at Lagrave. Names start with Hank Aaron and end with Ted Williams. The old stadium was torn down and a new one put in it's place several years ago. The picture of the Coors bucket with money is part of a tradition where they pass a donation bucket fo ...
St.Louis People: does Swing Around Fun Town in Fenton have a concession stand? Time to use the Groupon today! Logan is coming!
Chopped BBQ Sandwiches...That's what's for lunch... Served with chips...Junction Youth Baseball Concession Stand... Awards ceremony and games today..,Recognition of Friends of Youth Program... Come join us!!!
Come celebrate the official start of summer at Riverside Park in Roswell this Saturday May 24th with a FREE screening of Despicable Me 2 on our giant outdoor movie screen. Its going to be 75 degrees with a ZERO percent chance of rain at dark when the movie starts. Riverside has two great playgrounds, bike trails and a 'splash ground' that will be open until 6PM so come early for some pre-movie fun and the best seats and parking. Bring a picnic basket or enjoy some fresh Popped Popcorn, Hawaiian Ice, assorted candy and cold drinks from our concession stand. Don't forget your blankets and lawn chairs and a light jacket. Its nice and cool down by the river! Movie begins at dark.575 Riverside Rd, Roswell, GA 30075 Rowell Rd at Riverside Rd alongside the Chattahoochee River.
Um, excuse me, 8am game and no concession stand, wth?!? 😩I NEED some over brewed, too strong coffee w/ poor creamer choices!!!
Attention - In an effort to not cancel today's activities all games scheduled for 9:00 am have been moved to this afternoon. Other games will remain on schedule. The concession stand will not open until 11 am. We will be looking for help later this afternoon or the concession stand will need to close. Please pay attention to notifications for your teams and let your managers know if you cannot make it.
Good morning all 64* Going to be a beautiful day, Highs in the 80s. Lions Club Concession Stand opens today at noon. Come on out and see us. Bring your lawn chair and sit for a while. Never know who you will see or what kind of stories you might hear. LOL We will be there till 6pm today, tomorrow and Monday. Everyone have a great Saturday.
This is an invite to everyone on here, come on out and have some fun at Mid America Motorplex on a Friday night. I had a blast racing my Van. So blow the dust off your race car, or just borrow the family truckster and come on out. What does everyone think about doing Friday night Cornhusker raceway get together at the Motorplex, Do some bench racing, eat some concession stand food, relive some memories of the past
Just got done putting the finishing touches on the Concession Stand. Ready for a Successful Grand Opening in the Morn...Thank You Jesus for blessing me with this Opportunity with your guidance I can't go wrong
Lots of fun today with my kiddo & her class. Play day/field day.I don't remember doing this when I was in elementary. I worked the concession stand--Lots of candy. One kid had $5, purchased 3 packs of candy, I said that's enough candy baby.. put the rest of your money in your pocket. PTA said I gotta go work somewhere else bc I'm limiting their profits. LOL Elem Superheroes!
I want you guys to know that I have posted this with a very heavy heart. I have been so broken hearted and thank God I have my church family who loves me and accepts me just the way I am...I have nurtured my children all their life...I know a lot of people will say that I must have caused them to hate me..I wasn't an druggy, I wasn't an alacoholic, I didn't give them away..We gave them birthday parties, vacations, I helped them with their homework, I got the help with school work, they wore preppy clothes to school, they were bought cars, they were allowed to go off with their friends, they weren't abused...we didn't fight in front of them.OUr children used to respect us, we went to every ballgame, worked the concession stand, helped with my sons wedding, let them live in our house, they had nice clothes and nice house to live in, they were fed, they were taken out to eat, they had phones and tvs in their room, they told me I motivated them to do good, my son neil wrote me a letter when he got on with the ...
An InSouth Bank ATM card with the name Ira Poole was found in the parking lot. I turned it into the Concession stand if You know who this person is!
Staying up late waiting for my son to get home from a night out with his buddies. Foreshadowing of the teenage years? Sitting at the kitchen table having a beer by myself. I have become lame. Was in my pajamas at 6:30 and ready to go to sleep at 8, but Undercover Boss came on. Seriously... Is it even possible to watch an episode of that show without crying? Yes, I repeat, I'm lame. But c'mon... The CEO of the Utah Jazz and that concession stand kid? Break my heart.
"Does it say Walmart up there? No, no it doesn't." If you want to pay Walmart prices, then GO TO WALMART. Don't buy your drinks at a concession stand and expect a bargain!
Crystal Lake opens tomorrow. Stop by our friends concession stand for lunch, they will be having some wonderful food choices and of course some Primo Water Ice. :)
I have 3 dozen crispy creme donuts for the concession stand tomorrow at the Jayton baseball field, come eat a donut and watch the White Sox play their last two games, its a double header!!
repost An Alaska ID was found and turned into the concession stand in Rigdon Park last night after a Little League game. Would prefer returning to owner before dropping at post office on Tuesday, knowing how difficult they are to get. Initials are T.L.C. Inbox xccentricsonly of it belongs to you. I will not release to anyone other than person in picture.
Thanks to some of our Freedom crew for helping out at the concession stand during Pedro's spring game, Tara Akin Gatlin, Alexa Gatlin, Kinsey Castle, Kaylee Allen, Renee Allen, and Alyssa Hudson.
Just have to share something..I know there are a lot of people who wish they could do something to "make a differece" in the world, but think that there is "nothing they can do". Maybe you are one of those people..I have been there..I used to think "man, I wish I could go on a missions trip, but I just can't afford it". Or "I would like to share my story with thousands of people, but I am not good at speaking in front of a crowd." So what do we do??..nothing..we feel inadequate and leave the "world changing" to the more "qualified" people out there...What I have realized lately is that ANYONE can make a difference!! It doesn't have to be a missions trip, or being a pastor, etc...How about saying "Hi" to a stranger as you walk by?? Doesn't sound like much does it? Let me explain how God can use that simple act of kindness to make a difference..Almost 2 months ago, my family was going for a walk by Shorewood Park where we live. A guy was riding his bike going the opposite direction. As he passed by I said " ...
Does anyone know of a group that would be interested in doing a concession stand for a fund raiser at a steer roping jackpot at south rec in Glenrock on Sat May 31 from noon till 4ish and Sun June 1st from 10:00 am till 2ish? If so, let me know. Thanks
A huge thank you to all the parents/grandparents who volunteered to work the concession stand today at field day! Special thanks to the snowcone queen , Kelli Tucker! We sold over 750 snowcones!!
Explaining how awesome the meteor shower can be tonight to concession stand workers who didn't ask.
So I bought a box of Goobers and managed to lose it somewhere in between walking away from the concession stand and getting to my seat in the theatre. So bought another box.
Like if you think Cinemark should serve baked tofu at the concession stand?
guy at movie theater concession stand just LAYERED our popcorn & butter. new best friend.
GRADUATION TOMORROW! 1. Get there early - traffic gets really heavy by 7:45. 2. We will have bus shuttle service going to and from three locations: the Board of Ed / Pre-K building parking lot, LCMS-E parking lot (on Firetower), and the 9th grade campus parking lot. Start time is 7:30 a.m. running shuttle buses up to 8:40 a.m. Return trips will run until 10:30 a.m. 3. We will have bottled water for sale for the first time! $1 per bottle, sold out of the concession stands. 4. We will start at 8:30 AM sharp. 5. We will have teachers and administrators on 5 different golf carts to help those struggling to make the long walk to the stadium. 6. Please help us by realizing this rite of passage is a ceremony. The celebration should start after it ends. If there is prolonged loud cheering when a student's name is called, the family of the student behind him or her may not hear their child's name called. That is not fair to please keep cheers short until the end. See you tomorrow morning! Be ...
For those playing at Perry Park this evening (major-softball-field 6 6:30pm) (junior baseball-field 4 6pm) DRESS WARM!!! We will have the concession stand open serving hot coffee! To Everyone else have a safe Memorial Day Weekend Our office will be closed for the weekend, reopening Tuesday may 27th
DISAPPOINTED IN UNION GROVE STAFF AND SIXTH GRADE TEACHERS!!! I sent Jay to field day with sunscreen. I only had one can of it. I asked if he thought the teachers would let him go spray down his sister in second grade. He was sure they would be nice enough to. The kids can go to the concession stand but Jay can't go put sunscreen on his sister. Thanks for the sunburned kid. If I had a car it would have been different!
State Fair Cast List!!! Thank you to all the talented people that came out to auditions!! We are so excited to see you all again on Tuesday May 27th at 7:00 for the read thru!! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message us here through the fb page. Thank you!! It's going to be a great summer!! STATE FAIR CAST OF CHARACTERS (in order of appearance) Abel Frake – a farmer Jon Day Gus – the Frake’s hired man – Jim Greene Margy Frake – the Frake’s daughter – Courtney Kayser Melissa Frake – Abel’s wife – Janice Moeller Wayne Frake – the Frake’s sun – Dana Vaughn Dave Miller – the local storekeeper – Bud Light Eleanor – Wayne’s girlfriend – Jennifer Beall Harry – Margy’s boyfriend – Johnathon Bowling The Fair Announcer (offstage voice) –TBA The Concession Stand Vendor – Mary Sue Vernon The Shooting Gallery Barker – TBA The Balloon Vendor – Judy Danneman The Hoop-La Barker – Cael Joens “State Fair”dancers – Emily Halder, Rachel Hall Emily . ...
Enjoy fun in the sun this Memorial Day Weekend on the beach at Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park. on duty and the concession stand open from 9:30 am to 8 pm, depending on the weather. Sit-a-top ocean kayaks and stand up paddleboards available for rental by the hour at Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park, weather permitting.
Shout out to chef Tim love. Concession stands at colonial were all his concepts & recipes. Pretty cool.
Too all my friends if u r in stephens city, va tonight or tomorrow stop by commons I will be cooking tonight and all day tomorrow boss has concession stand it will say sean's restaurant
The weather couldn't be any better to make plans to join us at Hull's Drive-In this weekend for MILITARY APPRECIATION WEEKEND and RIO 2 (G) and THE OTHER WOMAN (PG-13). Gates open at 7pm but we are expecting a big crowd this weekend so plan to arrive early if you want your favorite spot. The movies will start about 8:45pm. Admission is $7 for adults, $3 for children 5-11 and FREE for children 4 and under. Active Duty and Retired Military with ID's are admitted for FREE this weekend. Concession stand will be fired up so come on out early and enjoy dinner here at Hull's. Be sure to get yourself a fresh Buffalo Creek burger served on Martin's Potato rolls and topped off with bacon. Also be sure to try our new Ribbon Fries, just like you'd get at the fair. We have a limited amount of MT Dew Kickstart this weekend to try out. We have Black Cherry and Fruit Punch. Try one while you're here and if they sell well they may just stay on our drink menu. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and we look forward to seeing ...
Less than 24 hours until Princeton Community Park Pool officially opens for weekends for the 2014 summer season!! The PRD office will be open from 10:30 am - 6 pm on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday for CP Pool membership, photo ID cards and ALL summer program registration!! Come by for a dip, get a tan and hit the concession stand...summer is here!!
For many of our events this season, we will have a food truck in addition to our concession stand. For Party in the Park on May 31, we will have Chameleon food service. Visit our website for more information on what their menu will be! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tonight's the night high schoolers and your concession stand prices are below... Red Vines 5 for 25 cents, candy bars 75 cents, sour patch 75 cents, gummy bears 50 cents, rice Krispy treats 50 cents, popcorn 75 cents, soda and water 75 cents. We will vote on a movie when everyone gets there!!! See you all at 7:30!!!
IU Health has billboards placed prominently around Winslow Sports Park (where offspring plays baseball). If they were truly serious about health, would it not make sense that they use their support dollars to insist that the concession stand serve real food?
At tomorrow's race the American Cancer Society will be operating the concession stand - Eat up and support a great cause.
Managed to convince a concession stand at Walleye fest, who isn't supposed to open til 5 , to open up and make me a lemonade !
Home runs are great but what makes me really proud of Dylan is going to the concession stand and buying me popcorn without me asking for it. His thoughtfulness makes me tear up and shows how special is heart is.
From Marc Throop: This morning, I was made aware that there had been some spray painting done at our athletic field. I immediately went out there and it is a mess. There are vulgarities spray painted along the white sideline of the new field in red paint. Out on the field and also on the track are significant amounts of paint as well. In addition, our concession stand has been hit with black and red paint with more vulgarities. I need to be very clear about this next part. On the concession stand it says “Go Comstock”. Obviously, I made the call to them right away and found out that they had also been hit by the same vandals last night as all of the same things that were on our facility were on theirs. However, they had the words “Go Parchment” on theirs. I then called Parchment and as of this writing, they have not gotten back to us so I do not know if they were targeted. THEREFORE, DO NOT JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS ON WHO IS RESPONSIBLE AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, DO NOT RETALIATE ON ANYONE. When I saw ...
Scott Paske, Tanda Magee Paske I was standing behind Hunter last night in the concession stand line at the ballpark. He asked the lady at the window for a purple pixie stick. She dug through them and told him he was in luck because there was only one purple left. While she was getting his change a little girl at the other window was asking for a purple pixie stick. The ladies told her there were no more purple sticks left. Hunter looked over at the little girl and handed the pixie stick back to the lady and told her to give it to the little girl and he would get another color. We all told him how sweet it was for him to do that. He just smiled really big and walked away. What a sweet and considerate young man you have!
Mom and I are heading out to pay respects to family in the Walla Walla and Milton Freewater cemeteries this morning. We also get to stop and have coffee with my Aunt Pauly, and lunch with my Aunt Beverly. Then it's back to Pasco to do concessions today and tomorrow for the Regional Track Meet. IT'S THE LAST CONCESSION STAND OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! I'm so ready for a break. :-)
Santander Stadium, a place sweeter and more magical than Candy Land! Join us tonight as we bring the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to life. Game time is 6:30 p.m. with gates opening to general public at 5:30 p.m. and while you are with us be sure to visit our concession stands in search of your Golden Ticket! The Golden Ticket admits a child 12 and younger onto the field for a post-game candy drop.
As new officers and board members were voted in last night. WCHS Booster Club would like to publicly thank Wayne Himes for many years of hard work and dedication to this program. If you have been to a sporting event at WCHS in the last 20 years, you have probably seen him working hard to keep this program running. If you have driven by the high school football field in summer and fall, you have seen him mowing the field or painting the field on Thursday nights before a home ballgame. If you have seen the new field house, or softball concession stand, if you have been to a baseball game he probably cooked you a hamburger, your child may of received a scholarship thru the booster club, or a warm up for basketball games. The list is endless. He did all these tasks with the help of great parents, coaches and volunteers along the way. I can assure you that his humble manner would not take credit for all he has done. He has truly been an asset to the success of this program for many years. So with all ...
Looks like we are going to have perfect weather for the Drive in this weekend! Don't miss out. Bring your friends and family and enjoy the movies, and of course our great food in the concession stand. See you at the Drive in!
If you're going to the Quakes game this weekend, come stop by the booth by the concession stand. We'll be raffling off some really, really cool See you there!
WOW what a great week. Started it off by going to Platteville to see my beautiful nieces (Kami and Maya), at their dance recitals. On Sunday we finally finished my sister's deck (it was started 9 years ago but never finished). Wednesday got to watch my nephew (Boden) play baseball and worked the concession stand. Lily was awarded with high honors at school this week, which made me extremely proud of her. Forest received a $1,000 scholarship for college on Wednesday, so happy for him and he totally deserved this. Tom had his first article published in an Iowa magazine this week and he has two more in the works. This has been his dream for a long time and I love his dedication to writing. My parents are celebrating their 44th Wedding Anniversary this week too, of course I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Love them both very much. On Sunday Forest graduates from SPASH, pictures will follow. I hope everyone else has a great week.
We will play the movie even if it rains. So don't let that keep you from seeing these two blockbusters for just $7 per person! Showing Friday through Thursday (We will be open 7 days a week starting Friday 5/23!!!) X-Men: Days of Future Past (PG-13) 2 hrs 11 min Godzilla (PG-13) 2hrs 3 min We will have laser tag this Saturday courtesy of Zippety's Lazer World from 4:30-8:30. You will be asked to purchase a movie ticket if you are there after 7:30. Tickets for Laser Tag are $4 per 8 min round. Gates open at 7:30 show starts about 8:45. No outside food or drinks allowed. No smoking in the first few rows painted yellow. Tickets: Adults: Cash-$7 Credit/Debit: $7.50 Kids (3-11): $5 There is an updated menu for our concession stand in our Chief Drive In Album. Tickets are now on sale for the Jimmy Buffett live streaming concert (6/19). We hope to see you all at the drive in!
Stuck with the ballpark theme for food and gave some $ for the kids for the concession stand - they filled up and then they danced!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tomorrow is the makeup games for this past Saturday. Greens Photography will be taking pictures of tee ball. Pictures are ready to pass out except for D league. They are locked up in the rookie building. We are accepting balls at the concession stand for easy return and pick up for the teams. The new concession stand ground breaking is this coming week. I would like to sincerely thank all the folks that work very hard and volunteer thier time to make this happen for our future. I am proud to be a part of our league. I hope we can build character in our children with our interactions with each other at the ball diamonds. Keep in mind when you are at the ball diamonds there are always children watching and listening. Our youth is our future. Have a awesome Memorial Day Weekend! ! Ruby Welter
UPDATE: COACHES ARE CALLING!! Tball, coach pitch, and softball drafted last night! Coaches have forms for parents "support" shirts (Team shirts) for those interested. The cost is $8 up to XL add $1 per X over XL. The coach will need to turn in the $ with the order. Thanks. We are also looking for one or a few to help run/manage the concession stand this year. Please MESSAGE the page if you can help. Once again, thank you.
It was brought to our attention that there are several issues this year on conduct and if the privilege of participating in summer ball is abused then a consequence is removal from the team. Examples from this year include: smoking on or near the bleachers and too close to other spectators. Bringing outside food and drinks to other ball fields has been prohibited and has been a league rule for several years. We are not telling anyone they have to use concession stands (we know it can be expensive) but please be respectful to the other towns by not bringing coolers or leaving your fast food trash at their parks. All towns must have concessions to operate and offer programs. Inappropriate behavior as a parent, coach or player will not be tolerated! If you're being disrespectful or rude to others, including coaches, other parents and children. Please remember your coach is a volunteer and this is a recreational league, meant for FUN! OCAA is an outside organization not attached to the school or other pro ...
To start off, I want to say this post does not pertain to those of you who have reached out to me and been there for me. I was one of these parents who always wanted to be involved in what her child was doing. I attended all of his ball practices and games, and was the first one to volunteer to work the concession stand, or ticket booths, even though I worked 2 jobs. I would go without sleep so I could enjoy being a part of his life. I have volunteered at the school, only to be shot down and not included (even when I could walk)... except for to be asked for money. I started out being one of the parents who was all about school and community pride, but I have been ignored and disrespected by the majority of people who are from Dover (including most of my husband's family)...I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS SMALL-MINDED, CLOSED-OFF, PATHETIC TOWN!
For my "daredevil friends". No, never, not even a thought! I will meet you at the concession stand where I will be sipping on a slushie! LOL!!!
The gates will open at noon on May 24th for your new Waterpark. We will have pizza, nachos, hot dogs, slushies, pretzels, and numerous other items in our concession stand! We hope to see you there!!! It WILL be a fun day!!!
Wow!!! Everyone liked the 20 at the gate. We will be open Friday, Saturday & Sunday this weekend. We will be showing Mr. Peabody & Sherman "PG" and Spiderman 2 "PG-13" The 20 at the gate special will run all 3 days this weekend. Here is how it works you can get in at normal price children 4$ & adult $6 or pay 20$ at the gate. That gets your whole car load in for 10$ and a coupon for 10$ at the concession stand. All our prices are for the double Feature! Come on out looks like the weather is going to beautiful!!
WOW.where did the night go? I think I totally missed it. Home at 10, grab something to eat, take a bath. lay down and barely shut my eyes and my alarm starts beeping.gotta work today, then concession stand duty tonight and we have to be in Forney at 7 in the morning for a tournament... Oh Lord please give me energy and patients. and already got plans to stay in the bed ALL day on Sunday, 1 tired momma, but helping one special little girl chase her dreams.
Well, my baby graduates from middle school today. Next year I will have two high school students. Seems like yesterday, that I had one on my hip while I was pregnant with the other working and managing the concession stand while my oldest played football. It was such a struggle juggling everything back then but so worth it! I'm still there supporting my kids as they grow into extraordinary young adults and am very proud of them. In a couple more years they will be out of school, and I know they will achieve great things! Congratulations Hayden Winchester! Mama loves you!
TBT on Friday morning. My sister, Karen Kaufman Senft and I were visiting the old hood and we stopped by the two Briarcliff Community Sports Baseball fields at Kittredge Park. This panaramic photo will show you what 50 + years of tree growth will do when left untouched... It looked like a jungle behind the fields. The big press box / concession stand building is gone... What a change, but what a great memory of learning about baseball here while growing up!!
So excited for the drive in movie tomorrow night! I'll be helping out in the concession stand selling popcorn and cotton candy! Stop by and help out boy scouts and the swim team!! I think Mike Scott will be selling stuff to benefit relay for life but I'm not 100% sure if that's his charity of choice for this. Either way profits go back into good causes!
50 bags of microwave popcorn and several gallons of pickles prepped and portioned. Day two of Operation Zilker Track and Field Day Concession Stand is a go.
Amanda is doing ok and they are sending her home tonight. Regardless I am going to need some help in the concession stand tomorrow night and possibly chalking the fields. Thanks everyone for your concern and prayers.
The only time I went to Petco Park this season I didn't have any money to spend, this Saturday I'm going for the 2nd time this year (2nd time only, I know, I suck.) so my question is, what are your favorite concession stands from this year?? Also, who will go to the game? I'll be in the Friarhood section :)
Anyone interested in making a dessert for the auction we would greatly appreciate it. They can be dropped off Friday night or Saturday morning at the concession stand. Thank You!
Swim meets. Oh how I have NOT missed you. But I wish I had a picture of Luke smiling ear to ear while "swimming" down the pool. He LOVED it! And spent over $10 at concession stand while I volunteered. Everyone is his friend now!
Marco Island Scene presents an interview with the owner of Tigertail Beach's rental and concession stands, Tony Smith and our very own Mary Bartos. This vide...
Don't forget that tomorrow is Field Day! Bring money if you want to buy snacks at the concession stand. Students and staff can wear jeans or long walking shorts or basketball shorts. Any school t-shirt or spirit shirt will be fine. No tank tops, please. See you there!
Short video I did last fall before USC at notre dame football game Krista Trump Nelson and I did the concession stand for it. This is the USC marching band wow!!! Are they huge Love their drumline they have one thing wrong beat the Irish. It's beat USC. Hope you like it anyone feel free to watch it
Who remembers the Easter Egg hunts with real eggs? My parents used to run the concession stands and as a kid I remember dying all of the eggs.
Thanks everyone for the cards, flowers, messages, phone calls. Etc over the last two weeks. Thanks so much for everyone who has stepped up at the concession stand to help while I'm gone. Especially Donna Chilli Breon'Rundio and Troy Rundio. I am slowly but surely getting better and have acquired a new best friend after twenty seven years (sorry Stacey R Yaw) MY HEATING PAD! Stephen Space has been taking great care of me and making sure I don't do anything I'm not supposed to which he has quickly learned is a full time job in itself. Hopefully soon I will be back to "normal".
So. I'm at a Card's game for the first time in a long while. (Save once when I was working at a concession stand, but I didn't get to watch the game.)
There is a new grill in the chapel grove area. Its our concession stand at the park. We will be open everyday of the week in the month of May except Wednesday's from 6-8. Saturday's from 10-1. We serve burgers, hotdogs,nachos,chicken nuggets, fries and more. All chili and slaw is homemade. Come on out to the park and try out our food and catch a ball game. Admission is FREE.
My nightstand is more of a concession stand.
Choosing to work 2-4 in the concession stand was a bad idea 😝😴
When the lady at the concession stand gives me extra cheese
So while we're at the concession stand at the movies this little girl hops up on the counter while her…
Nevada Baseball players: need help in the concession stand tomorrow at noon for Freshmen games. Money helps our program.
Ice cream locked in concession stand
Thanks for staying and helping us close the concession stand tonight! 😁
Little Giant Ladders
Holy, on Saturday there having a "40" year anniversary Special on EXPO 74! Could it really be that long! I used to work the concession stand, and ride the roller coaster everyday, test it for them 😀
Guess the guy w/ red hots hasn't been to his section in a while & you have to go to the concession stand if you want nachos.
I remember last time I went to a Blackhawks game. I missed like 2 goals going to the concession stand 😐. Luckily my bf got to see them.
ummm I have before? idr what the rules are but they serve beer at the little concession stand there.
Craving some concession stand nachos so hard right now
I'm working the concession stand all morning tomorrow at Robinson Lane for opening day. If you don't come visit you're fake
Don't forget :D Tiffin Flea Market this weekend 9am-4pm rain or shine! Stop by my booth and say Hi :) I will be located left side of the main midway just past the pink concession stand! Hope to see you all there! :D Note. this is also Tiffin's Annual Garage Sale Weekend too!
Don't forget Warriors for Life concession stand! Still spots so feel free to just show up!
I just finished working the SKD concession stand for the last time. Excuse me while I sob.
A kid came up to me at the concession stand and asked "what does the fox say" then started barking at me.. Yea that was interesting
When you're running your race and that smoke from the grill at the concession stand gets all in your lungs. Like wth.
Ok so im going to legends concession stand at gate 1 this sunday. Wow looks good.
Hey why is your Daly City concession stand always filthy, sticky, and disgusting?
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