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Concession Stand

A concession stand (American English), snack kiosk or snack bar (British English, Irish English) is the term used to refer to a place where patrons can purchase snacks or food at a cinema, fair, stadium, or other entertainment venue.

Booster Club

Reminder: MHS Athletic Booster Meeting will be tomorrow Monday 10-6-2014 at MHS cafeteria @ 7pm. Some things to cover are: - Help in concession stands for our next home game: 10-17-2014. - Volleyball Senior Night: 10-21-2014. - Parent night for MHS Varsity Football: 10-31-2014. (yes, Halloween night) Any questions, concerns, ideas to share, please stop by. Your participation is appreciated. * Go Minutemen!
TODAY'S BEEF: where to get a good cup of coffee [sorry Dareen Nassar - you started me off on this rampage]. I mean across the entire Middle East, in a "region" known because of its hospitality and the offer as coffee, I still cannot seem to find a cup of the elusive black gold. Sure I can cross the border into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I will find barrels of black gold in the middle of sand dunes, but alas this is not the type of black gold I seek, nor one that can replace my morning substitute, granulated nescafe gold [which is about the most consistent coffee I find]. I have tried coffee in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khamieh, Ajman, Fujariah, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain - even here in Jordan and I cannot find a decent brew. I go to a half assed concession stand at Town Hall station in Sydney and I can get a good cup of Joe but even in Emirates Palace Hotel, where they charge up to $90 for a cup with gold dust [and trust me, I tried that coffee, it tastes like something they diver ...
If anyone is looking for a yard sign to show their support for the Athletic Complex Renovation, stop by the concession stand...we would love to see these all over all towns!
hey I love you๐Ÿ˜ปโค๏ธ where are you working a concession stand & when do you work next?!
Now I want my cake to be a tower of concession stand nuggets. Thanks.
My favorite part of the Superdome is gumbo at the concession stand.
When does varsity do concession stands again?
-the lookout for any suspicious types. Like...that guy! [She points to a stranger by a concession stand.] I don't know what-
Would give almost anything for some nachos and cheese right now... I need a concession stand. Lol
Nice thing about Titans having a sizable lead is that no one has left the stadium and the concession stands should be full. No wasted food.
7 hours at football field, won first tournament game 21-0, but winning had to work concession stand, well winning like we did I will work it everytime.
I love that Coreys mom runs the concession stand at the game, unlimited food for free ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜
Frank's Piggly Wiggly receipts for the 3rd quarter are due now. Please drop off by Sunday at Martin's Hardware-Rental & Pet - East Troy (container by the cashier) or bring to the box on the wall by the indoor concession stand. Thank you in advance.
I had to be a runner in the concession stand for the home side after our performance
girl I'm working at the concession stand!!!
There is still plenty of time to enter! Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and People's Choice Amateur winners. Raffles, Door Prizes, 50/50 Drawing, Concession Stand and Chili Tasting. All proceeds go to Pound Dog Partners of Guernsey County
Pasadena Rose Bowl faces damage from concession stand fire
Looking for a parent or staff member to help supervise the concession stand for the last home football game. We open at 6:30 and close just before the end of the game.
We are needing a few more volunteers to work the football concession stand for October 6th, October 9th, and October 30th. Let me know if you are interested.
Cold day today for helping at the concession stand with
Schedule for October 11th. Games will be held at the practice field. We will also have two additional games in which we will be combining two teams to compete as one (for example Jackets/Cowboys vs Longhorns/texans). It's going to be a long day so we will make sure to have plenty of food and drinks at the concession stand and be sure to bring your comfortable chairs! Mini: 9:00 am Jackets vs Cowboys 10:00 am Longhorns vs Texans Youth: 11:00 am Jackets vs Longhorns 12:00 pm Broncos vs Roadrunners Mini: 1:00 pm All Mini teams combined Youth: 2:00 pm All Youth teams combined
. Ask your parents if they can help with the concession stand on tomorrow. ..volleyball game
The official start to the season is about 45 days away. We will be having a meeting towards the end of Oct place and time to be announced . To make this a successful year we need chairpeople to oversee our planned functions. Without a chair these events may not happen. Message or text me to sign up! Meet the lady warriors , coaches vs cancer, concession stand organization, elementary night, senior night, program, lottery tix, Banquet!
๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’—Come support Milford Volleyball in our Dig Pink game vs Taunton @ 7! There will be a bake sale & an open concession stand!
Tuesday, October 7th Band Booster Meeting 5:30 pm - Band Room Please attend if possible. We will be discussing and finalizing the details of running the concession stand at Talladega Raceway. If you cannot attend the meeting please contact Mr. Hamilton or Lisa Cummings. We need your shirt sizes and you will need information about the training class held on October 11th and 12th (only attend one). Thank you!
"For those of you that have been looking for me, Iโ€™ve been up in the concession stand this whole time."
in 15th, guy told me only concession stand open on main concourse was Ben's Chili but line was longer than bathroom line
will concession stand be open today at Enfield?
My concession stand was also out of both cokes and hot dogs in the second quarter
When there are two people working the concession stand for 40 people. Absolutely not
Help support claymonts show choir at our haunted house & hike. There will be a concession stand!๐Ÿ‘ป๐ŸŽƒ Hope 2 see u there
Taco Tuesday with the Lady Raiders! The concession stand will be serving up Taco in a Bag and Loaded Nachos...
Wow I'm so happy I found a concession stand
Nana just insisted on giving the man at the movie concession stand a $2 tip. Hunny they cannot take tips ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜
Volunteer stage one: selling raffle tickets. Done. Volunteer stage two: concession stand. Give me all the candy.
That concession stand just came outta nowhere last night I swear
Come to the jr. High to support Mrs. Decker Diaz in a volleyball tournament. Any one can play. There's a $20 entry fee & a concession stand.
My favorite part about morning hockey games is the breakfast concession stand food ๐Ÿ™Œ
Lookin cute to work concession stand
This is football weather! (Volunteering at the concession stand and it's colder in here than outside)
Me too. My sister and I tried to bring our own popcorn to watch our calories. We said F that & went to the concession stand
2 for 1 coke products at the concession stand! Check it out and relish after games.
Ronna just said the concession stand is gonna get busy at halftime. We're at a baseball game
All of us girls walking in to the concession stand for work, "I wore these clothes to bed"
Randy Blaser talks about concession stand food |
I've a concession ticket for main stand going if anyone wants?
I've officially received the first item for my cupcakes concession stand. It'll display all of the day's flavors. :)
I need concession stand nachos. You know. Really crappy chips and not heart healthy cheese sauce.
Ive never been to Starbucks or Chipotle.. but i have had a hot choclate from the DHJ concession stand and a burrito from Benitos.
And why am I not tired when it's time to sleep yet falling asleep while working the concession stand?
Selfie with the baseball concession stand guys this summer!
I just met a guy who owns a concession stand in At&t park he said he'll give me free food & beer I said I'll see you Monday or Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰
This concession stand allows the customer to get their own jalapeรฑos. This is a responsibility I am not capable of handliโ€ฆ
Just worked in the Notre Dame concession stand for 12 hours๐Ÿ˜‘
Honestly tho, why is there free movies for kids at MJR some days?! It makes my *** job in the concession stand even harder! ๐Ÿ˜ก
Preparation H is now available at the concession stand.
Had a great time in the concession stand tonight with some lady riders in the making.
They closed the concession stand at the movies โœ‹๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚
Here are the times to be at the concession stand tomorrow if you volunteered: Kimberly McLellan/Rick 6:15, Deanna Davis 6:00, Trish Pierce 6:00, Amy Cottingham/Dave 6:15. THANKS!!
We asked you to click on the link at to vote for the Century at Beaverton football tilt as the 'Big Game' this Friday night. You did. In droves. We crushed the LO/West Linn and Franklin/Wilson games with more than 75% of the online votes. THANK YOU. As a result, KOIN (6) will be featuring your alma mater during its Friday morning news broadcasts, starting before dawn! Tune in (or record) several segments featuring BHS programs, students, band and our principal, Anne Erwin. We also reminded you that concession stand sales generate 3/4 of the money Booster Club provides to fund sports and activities at BHS and encouraged you to have dinner prior to last week's game. You did. In droves. We sold out of much of our inventory and had a huge night. THANK YOU. As a result, we're stocking the fridges and filling the shelves and encouraging you once again to come support Beaverton, order a grilled burger, hot dog, pizza or pulled-pork dinner and cheer on the Beavers on a full stomach. Gates (and concession ...
On Saturday, October 4th, 10 of RYSAโ€™s finest will be leaving the US and traveling to HAITI for a 7 day mission trip. Our group will be providing soccer day camps for children, school supplies, feeding a village, and many other things. We need our RYSA family to help us collect items we will need to make this trip a success for the children of Haiti. Items Needed Monetary Donations all checks payable to Haitian Christian Mission are tax-deductible Slightly used cleats Adult Sizes ONLY 5 to 14 Please make sure shoe strings are included and the cleats do not have holes in them New or Slightly used Book Bags Please make sure all zippers work Pencils, Crayons, or Markers Protein Bars Powdered Packs of Gatorade **All Items need to be turned in by Sunday, September 28th. You can turn in these items to the RYSA office during regular hours. We are here Monday through Friday from 12:30 to 5pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are here until 7pm. Over the weekend, you can turn in items to the concession stands while ...
PARENTS-- This Friday and next Friday we are in REAL need of help in our concession stand during the game. Please send us a message or post if you can help. Even if it's just a half.
Would anyone be willing to work in concession stand this evening or switch shifts with someone. There has been a conflict come up with someone scheduled to work this evenings 9/10 grade game. Thanks!
Does anyone have one of those fancy money boxes I can only think to identify as "concession stand" money box? I'm trying to find one for tinsel and treasure next week!
JV Knights kick off tonight vs. the Wilson Hunt JV Warriors at 6pm. We are in need of volunteers in the concession stand. Go Knights!
It's that time once again.PREP NIGHT THURSDAY begins at 6:00 p.m. at the band booster concession stand!! As always, we welcome everyone that is available and we thank you for your time and support!! See you at PREP NIGHT!! :)
We are in need of concession stand workers for this Friday night's game as well as next Friday night's game Sept 19 & Sept 26 (Homecoming). If you are able to help during concessions, please contact Lisa Stage or myself as soon as possible. They are many job slots available! Thank you!
Tonight is movie night! Join us for the Lego Movie at 7pm sharp. We'll have a concession stand open where you can...
Bring the whole family out to enjoy a free movie night! A concession stand will be open for those who would like to purchase snacks during the movie. When: Thursday, September 18 Time: 7:00 pm &nbs...
Little Giant Booster Club memberships can be purchased at the concession stand at all home football games. Join the Booster Club and help support Canton athletics!!
We have practice tonight at 530 pm at the field. Please parents if you have not signed up to help in the concession stand then please do or come and ask what you can do to help out. Remember this is for our children to have fun and enjoy playing football. Thank you all for everything that you do.
Parents - the Junior High game tonight has been moved to our stadium, no driving to Forrest City! We hope to see everyone at Patriot stadium tonight at 7 pm to support our jr high patriots! Also, if you ordered a football shirt, I will be on the track by the concession stand and you can pick up and pay for your shirt.
The New Castle Crush and the Centerville Bulldogs thought we invited them over to play football... It was a just a front to get their money at the concession stand... Keep working young men, all of your fans, parents and coaches believe in you and will continue to support you as we go through the rest of the season. Thanks for being such a great TIGER TEAM!
Improvements being made at the speedway. New opening in grandstand to get to restrooms and concession stand. The beer cooler being moved under the concession stand for the new beer area. Keep watching for more updates.
NEXT SUNDAY (Sept. 21) โ€“ LHS MARCHING BAND Marathon Concert EARNING FUNDS FOR CONTEST TRIP TO ORLANDO FL THIS SPRING JOIN IN THE FUN! COME AND GO AS YOUR SCHEDULE ALLOWS! 1:00 โ€“ 2:00 Marching Lions in the Auditorium 2:00 โ€“ 3:00 LHS Pep Band Classics in the Auditorium 3:00 โ€“ 4:30 Open Show Rehearsal/Performance in the Stadium 4:30 โ€“ 5:00 Move back inside (Possible Faculty Performance) 5:00 โ€“ 6:00 Marching Lions in the Auditorium LHS Dance Team will host a concession stand in the rotunda Sunday during the marathon concert-popcorn, sweets, drinks Please support them as they earn funds for their trip to Orlando with the band. There will also be opportunities to donate and have fun like paying $20 to conduct the fight song!! If you have ever dreamed of being a drum major this is your chance!
Tonight from 6 to 8pm Boyle Heights Annual Bonfire at Roosevelt. We will have a concession stand selling Food Cheer Performance by RHS Cheer Wolfpack Football Alumni from RHS and other surpises. Go Wolfpack Pride~ Courage~ Honor
We are instituting some changes for the pre-orders. The orders will now be picked up by the grill. Also we are eliminating the Taco in a bag, Warrior Nachos, Nachos & Cheese & Cup of soup from the pre-order list. These items are too difficult to make as a pre-order item. So if your student wants any of those items just come to the side window and order as you have done in the past. I am also extending the pre-orders to the cheerleaders since they also have time limits to get their food. Any questions please ask here or see me any night the concession stand is open. THANKS
"Every Can Counts!" Food Drive Competition Update Canned Soup 1st Place: U4 Tigers with 24 cans Way to Go Tigers! Target Item for this Saturday 9/20: CANNED VEGETABLES 'CAN' you help your neighbors AND win $ for your team? Don't forget to bring your team's donations (clearly labelled with your team's name, age, and contact info) to the OSC concession stand each Saturday during the season. They will be donated to Owasso Community Resources Food Pantry. Last Saturday our club collected 82 cans, with 9 teams participating. Thank you to all teams participating, and we look forward to counting lots more cans this weekend. Bring on the VEGGIES!!!
Get all of your need-to-know Las Vegas International Event information right here. Opportunity meeting info, parking directions, concession stand information, a venue map and more!
Lukfata Falcon Softball Parents: Saturday is the ORES Tourney is Macalester. Every year we (parent's) volunteer to bring food, drinks & snacks.we usually set up a table out by the bus, so that each player can stay hydrated and fed between the games without parents having to spend a weeks pay at the concession stand! If everyone who can provide something that would be great! Most of the time there is enough for parents as well! If you are a softball parent and you see that I forgot to tag another parent PLEASE tag. LETS GO FALCONS.
Are you ready for the Community Yard Sale? It's going to be BIG! Almost all of the spots are filled, we have a shredder truck and a donation truck (if you wanted to donate items instead of taking them back home with you), AND I managed to get a popcorn machine! We are asking for a minimum donation of 10.00 for the use of the shredder truck- normally they charge 1.00 a pound, so if you have a lot of things to shred, this is a deal! Please be generous. Fresh hot, buttery popcorn as well as freshly brewed iced tea, homemade lemonade, soft pretzels and hot dogs will be sold at the concession stand! YUM!! 100% of proceeds from the shredder truck, concessions and spots will be going to the Lawncrest Rec Center! (we're working towards getting enough to re-vamp the playground!)
Game On, Eagles Fans! Come out and support your Eagle teams today Blue VB Home vs San Marcos Masters 5:00 Gold VB Home vs San Marcos Masters 6:00 Cross Football Home vs St Peter &Paul 5:30 (CFPO fields San Marcos by McCarty lane) Wear your Cross Spirit Shirt and get a free popcorn at the concession stand today!
Tournaments kick off tonight!!! Lacey is hosting the U8 & U10 soccer teams. Please come out and support our teams. Games @ 6pm & 7pm. $2 admission. Also if you would like to sign up for basketball please see the concession stand for a sign up form. Thanks!
This weekends race is in Stephenson is only for 6,7,8th grades. Kids were given maps to course,if u still need one ask KERRI. Told the kids hour before Keith will walk course in morning and he will go over course on a picture board which is located by the concession stand. They run at 10:50 cst I am leaving around 915 cst. High school is also running this day so expect lot more people. Meet at picture board right next to concession stand one hour before they race.
Still more to do but the track is still holding moister from last night and i just took pics,so thankful for all who has helped and made this happen its been along hard struggle for me every week to were i was to the point to just sell out was how i felt ,sand is the hardest thing to work and keep down or just even keep a well formed track so thanks to all and get ready tomorrow Sept 19th hammer down Friday because you will be able to lay it down to the ground now,we will have concession stand available "Glowing Buns" ,gates open at 5:00, drawing stops at 6:45.
Sometimes I still practice manners that I don't understand. When I think of it, I take off my hat at the dinner table or if I go out to eat. But when I worked in the concession stand, preparing food for others, hats or hairnets were required. It's almost like saying, "Nobody is eating MY hair, but ME!"
The North Park Theatre on Hertel Avenue is showing Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" on the big screen this Sunday @ 11:30 AM! UB Anime Club members get a free exclusive Howl's poster at the concession stand. Just show your school ID.
New shifts have been added to the Concession Stand schedule. Please let Melissa O'Rourke know if you would like to volunteer! Reminder to those who did not attend the first training, the second training will be held next Tuesday, September 23 at 6:30 pm.
Looking for a WILD job! Zoosiana is hiring for our concession stand. We are seeking a full time employee, weekend work required. Must be 18 yrs old or older. Apply in the gift shop..
SAVE THE DATE: BRMS TALENT SHOW on NOV. 7th, come join the fun & come hungry!!! We will have a full concession stand, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Hamburgers, Hotdogs & cheese pizza! Not to mention some yummy snacks & treats too!!!
I started doing it for community service in high school and I volunteered at the Coastal Humane Society as well as the concession stands at games for football
Attn Parents and Coaches: Sometime during the Labor Day weekend, your concession stand was broken into. The thieves damaged the registers and safe and wrote "We are the Guild" on the walls and doors. Fortunately, all that was stolen was leftover bottled drinks, but the damage to the doors, registers and safe is left for us to repair. Please pass along any information if you or your children hear of anyone talking about this incident. This park belongs to all of us and collectively, we can keep it safe. Thank you.
We can use some volunteers in the concession stand. Please let us know if you can help out.
Don't forget to get your kettle corn at the adair high school football game this Fri night. It will be at the concession stand. Also for those that do not know. We will be in Skiatook this sat. And we're launching 3 new items. Come check us out.
Opening Weekend at Shuster's Pumpkin Patch!! Bring the kids out for all the fun and stop by the concession stand, the Sting boys would love to serve you!! 7541 Schueller Heights Rd.- Hours are 10-5 each day
I have forgot who is working with me today in the concession stand, do I have help?
We're still trying to contact the following Butch Wilson Award winners. If you know how to reach these individuals, please let them know about the following ceremony: Bob Boozer, Mike Deloney, James Guin, Steve Patton, Bobby Canant, Tommy Duncan, Chris Bell, Stacey Ellis, Gary Holland, Randy Grammer, Todd Whisenhunt, Mike Evans, Rod Keith, Brian Stringfellow, Chris Vernon, Lamar Cunningham, Neal Evans, Keith Hager, Wade Cox, Billy Lawley, Brian Harris, Chris McKay, David Hobson, Danny Skates, Alan Blanco, Craig Lawrence, Ryan Harrison, Bradley Dunn, Blake Dunn, Tony Rayford, Matthew Humphries Attention Butch Wilson Award Winners: Prior to the football game on October 3rd, we plan to have a ceremony to retire the football jersey of Butch Wilson. As everyone knows, Butch has been a long-time supporter of Hueytown High School and our community. This is in addition to all of his athletic accomplishments. We would love for all prior winners of the Butch Wilson Award to be a part of this ceremony. If you are a ...
Bring your appetites to next Friday's Homecoming game. The Cougar Super Food Bowl contest will kick off at 6:00 p.m. Also, stop by the white Alumni Tent for your free concession stand voucher and to enter the Alumni Raffle. Alumnae Maddie Colcord '10, Jessica Peterson Sielen '03, and Marie Morgann '01 will be there to greet you! For details, see this week's Cupola! Hope to see you there!
IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Woonsocket Parks & Recreation will have its 2ND Annual PUMPKIN PATCH, Saturday, October 4th from 11am- 1pm at Baldelli Field inside of Cold Spring Park! Fun for the Whole Family! Great Photo Opportunities and Free Admission onto the field for everyone! Due to the OVERWHELMING and FANTASTIC turnout last year, we have ordered TWICE as many pumpkins and we will get twice as much in supplies! A SUGGESTED DONATION of just $1 would be Greatly appreciated and will ensure that events like this continue! After all, the Egg Hunt is just Months Away! CONCESSION STAND will be open and EVERY PURCHASE also helps make events possible. The pumpkins in the Patch will be open to Walking Toddlers thru kids 13 yrs. Pumpkins are available to Adults, Teens, babies and extras for just $5!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS STATUS so that all YOUR FRIENDS see this and encourage them to become friends with Parks and Rec TOO! For those who didn't come last year, the field is scattered with pumpkins and just outside the ...
The band is working concession stand at this Fridays game. We need parents to help with concessions. Need a few to help with setup at 5:15 and about 10-12 starting at 6:30 to close. Let me know if you can help. Thanks!!
We need three more volunteers for the concession stand this Friday night! Please contact Tammy Cagle at (423) 298-6404. Texting is the easiest way to contact her through the day. Thank you in advance for your help!
Being locked in the concession stand bathroom for 25 minutes really makes you think about your life... ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜‚
Today is a busy day. Work. I gotta work the concession stand at the field today before Ariana's game. Then I gotta watch her game .
The Athletic Boosters are still in need of concession stand volunteers for this football season (for any or all...
Working the concession stand at a Lufkin High School football game literally ages you 10 years.
I gotta work the concession stand today ๐Ÿ˜’ Price i pay for being a basketball manager.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Go to the concession stand during lunch and do your duty to your school...
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚I thought he got kicked off cause he had the 5-finger discount from the concession stand
If anyone is looking for school service hours, we can use workers for tomorrows football concession stand. Sign up on my door!
The shed/concession stand is getting close to being done! @ Western Hills Church
I'm working the concession stand at the game tonight so if anyone wants to keep me company I'd be grateful.๐Ÿ˜Š
Please share: The hotboxes used at the concession stand at Branford High to keep food warm are missing, and help...
. It won't let me send ya a message, was trying to help ya put 2 & 2 together from last night @ the concession stand. :)
Did you know we raised $10,000 for the AHS weight room from concession stand profits? Do your part, sign-up at
Don't expect much put of me today. Gotta finish up my volunteer hours so after school I'm working a concession stand.
The pool smelled like a concession stand this am & I wanted to eat all of the imaginary pretzels!
But one of the English teachers was in there too. She was setting up for the football game, since both of them work the concession stand.
It's Game Day! Volleyball and Soccer Thursday 4pm. . Or just come grab treats at the concession stand. Wear your game day shirt.
Clearly I'm not a "spoiled rich white girl from the woodlands" if I'm working behind a freaking concession stand. ***
Only girl who runs to the concession stand wen they say free hot dogs
Hey I just want to let you know don't ever drink 3 sweet teas really quick from the concession stand bc ull get a headache
I help make lumpia for this guy who has a concession stand at the BSU games! Pretty much food prepโ˜บ๏ธ
Actually missing the concession stand and my summer crew ๐Ÿ˜”โšพ๏ธ
Riley's Log: When it was clear I was paying, Mr. Spock hit the concession stand at the movie theater, and he didn't hold back.
Here at Carmike Cinemas, you learn that people can't read the sign where it says "Get your tickets at the concession stanโ€ฆ
Hey juniors - we are in desperate need of someone to work Bluegrass concession stand Saturday 730am to 1pm. Pretty please? Just need one...
Today's Donor of the Day for our concession stand is Jan and Jennifer Wisecarver. Thank you!
Dang nabbit I should not have so heartily taken advantage of the free popcorn and hotdogs at the concession stand right before the run thru๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Made friends with this little boy while I was working the concession stand tonight. He was sooo cute and sweet.
Worked the concession stand in a pencil skirt and heels. I looked *** cute!
yay! I won't be making the popcorn in the concession stand so it's safe to eat
The Fall season is underway! Practices started this week...the concession stand will be open for practices...
... chanting "make that point Rissa, make that point" from the concession stand tonight! Way to go Rissa!
If there is anyone willing to volunteer to work the concession stand tomorrow night for the 7:00 games please let...
A special thank you to for donating pizza to be sold at our Volleyball concession stand!
Kay:"What do u want me to make for the concession stand next week?". Pratan:"Ham sammich".
Sorry guys I can't turn up at the game with you guys this Friday I have to work the concession stand๐Ÿ˜ช
I'm pretty pumped to watch you from the concession stand!
Grygla's concession stand does! Come on up for the Volleyball game tomorrow night!
Goes to the concession stand at halftime...
Reminder to all MCHS wrestlers and managers, we will have the concession stand at tomorrow's (Thursday, Sept.
How does a concession stand at a major league baseball stadium run out of hot dogs
Were the all like, "Hey I saw 14 things at the concession stand that grossed me out, and you're not going to believe No. 1!"
I think I'll go to that concession stand clear on the other side of the stadium between pitches.
Help support us by visiting our concession stand at Hillcrest today!
Would love any help I could get in the concession stand tonight for the playday!!! See ya at 6:00!
Tonight is teen night from 5-8 pm! Join us for music from our DJ and games like bags and volleyball. Purchase a $3 cup at the door for unlimited fountain drinks all night at our concession stand! Hope to see you there!
Last day for fall ball registration. Today at Zia Little League concession stand from 10-12
Hello Friends! We are excited to let you know that we will be playing Saturday August 16th in Blasdell :-) Here's the details: There is a Wheelbarrow race that day in Blasdell, and after said race there is a Blasdell Reunion at Firemans Park starting around 5pm. There will be a band "Black Diamond" featuring Mike Wilson until 7pm, then FY should start around 7:30! Bring blankets or lawn chairs and your cooler with your favorite refreshments (NO GLASS BOTTLES PLEASE!!! :-) ) Also, no pets are'll have to tell them about it afterwards, or send videos to their smartphones. We also hear Rocko's Taco's will have a concession stand there too! Feel free to tag your friends in this post, see you there!
SAVOR wants you! This Saturday, SAVOR will be hiring smiling faces for part-time cashiers and cashiers assistants for McLane Stadium concession stands. This is a great opportunity for extra income and valuable job experience in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Jobs will be offered on the day. Stop by the Ferrell Center this Saturday, July 26th from 9am-2pm to interview.
Snowball and Concession Stand will open today at 12. We would love to see you here.
Hey everyone! Today is the day to vote for the South Dakota Swimming Board of directors. I'm running to be an athlete representative, so go vote at the concession stand if you are 13&over before the end of the meet today! THANK YOU, and go BSC!
Today is the big day!! Watervliet wiffle ball tourney at Brotherhood park!! 16 teams of well oiled machines to compete for riches beyond compare!! 1st pitch at 2pm. Because of the set up spectators will be allowed on the field so bring ur favorite lawn or folding chair if you wish. Concession stand will be open!!! Daniel Mahoney Dennis Moffre and others in Pool C, known as "the group of death". Ur going down suckers at the hands of Chicos Bail Bonds!
Any of my friends out there have experience with concession stands? Have a question. Thanks!
Wednesday, August 6th will be FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT at OLC! The adults & youth will be watching GOD'S NOT DEAD and the Legendary Kids will have a special preview of their own. There will be a full concession stand with popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, drinks & much more that can be purchased. We will also offer some free items for those who need to save a little cash! We look forward to building some community with our friends!!! (No admission fee)
Gail Kosienski Steve Gilbert when me and Jamie come to do the concession stand, I was told it was in the legion building is that where we need to go.. Just want to make sure we get to the right place when we do get there :)
The Norris Lady Titan Trap Team will be running the concession stand tonight at the Hickman Street Dance. Come on down, listen and dance to some great music by the Sandy Creek Band, support your community and your Trap Team at the same time. Dance starts at 8pm. Money will be used to off set the travel and participation cost to attend the National Meet in Sparta Illinois next week.
Come support Dixie softball at the Bay St. Louis sport complex!!! Cheer on our girls and support the cause. No really I'm working the concession stands and I need to see some familiar faces. LETS GO BAY ST. LOUIS!
If you are at the fair tonight, stop by the Relentless Youth Group concession stand in the midway building for a Walking Taco, Hot Fudge Cake, or Fried Snickers. Or come by our outreach tent for FREE Popsicles and watermelon. See ya there!
Show is on for tonight. Nothing special in the concession stand. Just hamburgers and hot dogs. If anyone wants to bring something sweet that would be great. See you tonight!
Riddell representative is here with us. Come on out and see us. We are at the Cedar Street Concession Stand
Reminder-soccer sign ups today from 10-12 at Carson Park Soccer concession stand. New players MUST bring an original birth certificate.
Working the concession stand at the Ranch Rodeo with the Faith Farm guys! โ€” at Okeechobee Cattlemens Rodeo Arena
What a site to see - the baseball fields are full of players, families in the bleachers cheering, high fives for crossing home plate. Great day to see our youth play baseball so come on out to the Rick Honeycutt World Series on Barnhardt Circle. You also have time to come over and have a hot dog for lunch - proceeds from the concession stands benefit the Rec Association.
I am now reflecting on the end of an era. For baby girl and I, AAU travel basketball has come to an END. All the time, late night drives home from practice, team bonding events, fundraising, travel, preparation, packed coolers, Gatorade and water, concession stands, hotels, flights, money, emotions and anxiety of the games, uniform washing late at nigh during tournaments, and did I say money, ibuprofen, ice bands and wraps and long talks about hard work, commitment and being the best SHE could be. this list can go on ( feel free to add to it). But it is are over. I am sure I will continue to counsel her on hard work and commitment to being the best she can be because life will require it, the REST IS OVER. The journey has been a blessing for both of us. The relationships and friendships we have developed along the way are priceless and will surely endure beyond this season of life. (we still bleed carolina blue just sprinkled with a little heat red) As a parent, when I count up the time and oh did I say . ...
The concession stand at the ball field will be open both Saturday and Sunday. It is being ran but the Madison Lake American Legion Auxiliary Ladies! They will be selling their souvenir mugs all weekend too!
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were having our horse show August 10th starting at 12 noon. this is on Sunday before the fair. please pas the word around. the entry fees are going to cancer an the concession stand too 4-h club.
Representing wrestling at concession stand cleanup. @ Ashbrook High School
There is this lake that I used to go to as a kid to swim in. Its somewhere south or west of Akron and has slides and sprinklers in the water with a floaty dock thing in the middle, and they had a concession stand that made the best corn dogs ever. I really want to go back there this summer but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was called. Can anyone help me figure it out??
Attention OneWay YouthMinistries Camp Impact 2014 is in just 2 days, are you ready? Just a couple of reminders we are meeting at the church Monday @ 7am, eat breakfast before you come. It has been encouraged that you take snacks for camp, there will also be a concession stand too. Also please make sure you have all of the necessary forms and money turned in to be able to attend camp. See you tomorrow at church and Monday morning!
The thought of working at a concession stand today to fundraise is sickening
95 and HOT today!! Still warm at 5:00 per our local weather forecaster.. Sounds like a great pool day.. Gotta go to work... But SAMs first! Thanks for all your concession stand support
Another great weekend to spend at the track! Find us in concession stands for a quick snackโ€ฆ Best of luck on your betting!
It's Raceday! Bring the entire family out this evening for Coca Cola Night! Buy a delicious sandwich from our concession stand and you will receive a free Coke! Tazewell Late Models,Sportsman, Modified Street, Pure Street, Classic Cars and 4 Cylinders will all be in action. Pit gates and main grandstands will both open at 5:00. General admission is only $10 with children 9 and under admitted free with a paying adult. Pit admission is $25. Bring the family out for a night of grass roots racing!
Fall Ball sign ups will be August 16th, 10:00 am until 1:00 pm and again on August 19th, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. We will only have these 2 sign ups. The cost is $50 for 1 player, $75 for 2 players, and $100 for a family. Sign up cards will be passed out at schools. They will also be available at the Diamond 7 concession stand on sign up days. Anyone ages 10 and under can sign up. You do not have to live in Herrin to play Fall ball. Games will begin the first week of September and finish the first week of October. Each team will play about 10 games. One game during the week and one on the weekend. There will not be set days.
Come on out y'all to the Zubrod Stables Fun Show today! It starts at 12:30 with performance classes first. We will have a concession stand and merchant booths as well! Everyone is welcome...bring your own lawn chairs!
We will have a table in front of Community Market (formerly Fulmers) this afternoon selling candy bars. Also you can turn in any registration fees/candy money or the needed forms at the concession stand today from 5-8ish during the Ohio Crush game. Otherwise we will see everyone Monday at 6pm for the first regular season practice!
well I heard there were a couple of hot ones at the concession stand behind the field ๐Ÿ˜
Oh and the thotties are in the concession stand ๐Ÿ™…
Yes, let's sit in a metal concession stand as it is down pouring and lightning. โšก๏ธโ˜”๏ธ
In unrelated hoop news. I just walked by the concession stand. Heard an order for nachos and one for a meatball sandwhich/ soda.
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I'm hoping my stepdad says come work the concession stand for his game today cus that's a easy couple of bucks
BB is alive and kicking (great now I have that song on my brain).
7 strong PAX post at for a day at the concession stand with Socrates.
Getting ready for the MYP concession stand at the Hub City Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball tournament!
At it again!!! Baseball with the son and concession stand food for the daughter!!
About to kill this concession stand with the boys.
lol okay ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ we will have to eat at the little blue concession stand when we get there.. They have great food ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Warped tour selfie in concession stand.. Took me an hour for food i was so hungry i almost passed out
The smell of the concession stand before the game>>
how do I apply for the volunteer job at the concession stand in the park?
Rodeo concession stand food is my favorite๐Ÿ˜
Well im getting into the game for ftee cause im doing a concession stand there xD
I hope they paying me to work this concession stand tomorrow
The girl at the concession stand seriously wanted me to take off my shirt and give it to her like no joke.
Saw the priest at the concession stand With a blunt in his hand Telling me sin is my last stand
They sell them right next to the concession stand where you bought two bags of cotton candy and large nachos.
where is that? It looks like she's working at a concession stand!
Channeling my inner & wearing everyday Hamptons wear to the Mariners game. Hallmark at the concession stand respected it.
they have a Indian food concession stand no joke sell Indian Curry
this girl I seen at the concession stand at raysouth was cute af Im still thinking bout it lol
Me & sitting here saying we need to workout and go to the concession stand to get nachos and cheese fries ๐Ÿ˜‚
Come to CROSS WORSHIP THIS FRIDAY (7.18) @ The Underground! . ** 6:30pm Concession stand will be open for food...
re: Slowest concession stand in all the land. >By the nature of what it is, perhaps they're trying to make you concede! ;)
Garage sale and concession stand tomorrow morning! See you bright and early!
Tostitos preparados at the concession stand are life
Slowest concession stand in all the land.
finally. Now we can text and stuff during bball games while you're working at the concession stand
I really miss the concession stand at Brown Co Speedway!!!
Is the concession stand gonna be open at ? That's a long *** day. ๐Ÿ˜•
Security - I located the girl who stole the chipwich thinking the theater concession stand was a free buffet
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Two things:. 1) The concession stand will be open for us all weekend. That was arranged this week. 2) There will...
Royals got 2 homeruns while I was in line at the concession stand. I'm staying in line!
I sittin by da concession stand Tj practice on y'all old field
Linklater in Rolling Stone Magazine in front of my concession stand 4 interview!
Chan da man kemp workin the concession stand at regal. Ballin on the bench ain't cheap
Walk Up registratation at our home fields Saturday July 26th from 9-11. Please come and register your child. At the concession stand!!
B94.5 bterns and Chris are having a blast helping out at the concession stand!!!
Cougs offer a salad at the concession stand now. Thank The Lord ๐Ÿ™
Lft Fld concession stand. Older gentleman w/a goatee was very rude when we asked for $1 cup w/water vs soda
We got ourselves a game here. 2 run shot over the concession stand!
"The trap concession stand come get you a slurpy !" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Migos be corny af sometimes with they lingo .
a concession stand in Scarsdale pool chasing chicken bro lol where you working at?
If you return the foul ball you've caught at game, it's worth $1 at the concession stand.
It's so funny when we come and buy all the stuff for the concession stand for my sisters tournament because we end up with
Live shot of the tourney. Quite the turn out tonight. Attendance is up. The concession stand is receiving...
She smiled softly and walked over to the concession stand.
Pop your own. A movieโ€™s just not a movie without popcorn! But most large, buttery tubs from the concession stand...
this wan walked up to the concession stand, stared me down for 10 minutes when I asked if I could help her, rolled her eyes& walked off lol
Gonna miss dinner so now I'm gonna end up eating half the concession stand at the movie theater.
New and improved concession stand for vs. tonight
Working this concession stand will be the death of me. ๐Ÿ˜ด
Just got a prank call in the concession stand
Going to the Kansas Star Event Center to work the Concession stand to earn money for Bowen's Basketball team so if you are at the Rodeo tonight stop by and see us.
It's legit! Come say hi. I'll be working the concession stand at the FMP Cineplex theater. :)
Concession stand is stocked and ready! Are you ready for WWLL concessions and ball?? It's that time!
The concession stand is the wrong place for me to supervise
I only want to go to the track meet just so I can buy a hotdog from the concession stand
Great Job this Season and great job in the concession stand , last day of the Season and somebody is tired!
Now that the concession stand is open I'm gonna gain a thousand pounds again
Laaazy Saturday evening comin' up. Glad I'm not doing something crazy. Like working in a concession stand.
Y'all, this is hanging from the concession stand ceiling... ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Working the concession stand at the jamboree. With oh yay.
If anyone wants a walking taco from yours truly come on out to the Tinely Park Bulldogs concession stand. They're decent.
Does anyone know if the concession stand is open at the beach?!
When to a PowWow in PortHope. Hoping to get some real Bannock. Every concession stand never heard of Bannock. Lol they looked at me as if I was seeing double.
Concession stand at work selling fried Oreos got me feeling some kind of way.
Working the concession stand till 5!
Anyone else hump a one armed midget on bath salts in the concession stand at a Travis Tritt concert last night?
Thank you to everyone who came out to play, the family and friends that came to support us, and the ones who work the concession stand and worked our games! I love that we have all different lives but seems like we have never stopped playing ball. Don't forget the charity game for Kristina Nemeth coming up
I thought that was working the concession stand at this tournament! She just confirmed it!
centerfield hit! I got to watch from the concession stand
Thanks Tia for being my bleacher buddy & taking pictures of your big sister. I hope you didn't eat the concession stand out of business...
good. I'm just getting home from my brothers baseball game where I volunteered at the concession stand
St Thomas graduation ceremony, where 10,000 people are about to get into a fight over the one open concession stand.
SMFH right into the concession stand.
Update your maps at Navteq
Interesting tidbit -- "44 Years Ago (5/11/13): Greenlake Aqua Theater Destroyed By Led Zeppelin". The show was crashed & the crowd jam-packed Green Lake Aqua Theater (only half paid for tickets). Many more sprawled out on the lawn surrounding the theater, climbed trees, the roof of a concession stand, hung on small flotilla of boats, canoes, rubber rafts, and air mattressesโ€ฆIt was demolished by the City within 6 months... as being "unfit for public use" shortly after the Grateful Dead played. Zeppelin was opening for Three Dog Night!
Thanks to the West Central Cougar baseball moms for helping with concession stand. It's parents like you that help build a program.
Anybody wanna come work the concession stand at Harbins Park with me?
A three-year old Will working the softball concession stand. @ Glenmeadow Park
I blow all my money on candy at the concession stand every time I come to a game.. ? or..
It's Race Day! Twin 35 Lap Open Wheel Modified Pure Stock Mini Stock Mod Mini's Legends Dwarfs Pit Gates are now open Pit Fee $30 Spectator Stands open at 4:30 Adults $15 Anyone wearing patriotic clothing receives $3 discount Seniors $13 Veterans $10 Above Discounts cannot be combined. Children 12 & Under are FREE Parking is FREE Concession Stands - Souvenir Gift Shop - Lucky Program Sales It might be a warm Florida night, but we are ready to help you kick off your Holiday Memorial Weekend with some great competition and an exciting show! There is no better place to be for a FULL night of racing action! Be here for edge of your seat racing!
Gill: Let's go to the concession stand. Me: Why?. Gill: I wanna see how many hot dogs I can fit in my mouth
I think the lowest point of my life to date was the time I burnt the roof of my mouth on a soft pretzel I purchased at a concession stand.
Buckman Billygoats Baseball on this beautiful day! Come see me in the concession stand ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธโšพ๏ธ with Mackenzie Wick, Hannah Kahl & Sarah Schirmers
Someone come visit me at Frank Liske Park. I'm in the concession stand. I might give you food.
no I've been working the concession stand!
The rumors are true: Evendale concession stand is now selling vanilla coke
Concession stand food will be the death of me this summer
Come visit Joe "Buda" at the concession stand today for a tasty burgers, hot dogs, french fries, hot links. He...
Marissa just bought a Reese's at a concession stand with a 50 dollar bill
Gatorade- $3.00 Concession Stand- $5.00 Watching my AMAZING Nephew score the winning shot in a nail biting, holding on to the edge of your seat Basketball game- PRICELESS! And. Yes the crowd went wild- as seen at the end of the video! Great job Mimi Candace Conners shooting the video...
Definitely same. Was remembering commencement with my class, mostly recall going to buy a pretzel from concession stand midway.
mmm.. I might just hit that concession stand up ๐Ÿ˜
The amount of candy at this concession stand is dangerous ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Like concession stand nachos. For a throwback to high school basketball games.
How can we pay 2 students to work the concession stand for 1 tball And we can't get a student to sell drinks and chips at a pony game also how come parents are not getting the chance to earn their 20 dollars back when they ask to work
CTBRA's next point race is June 7 & 8 in McGregor at the CTYRA Arena. Come on out and enjoy one of the BEST Concession stands, or the BEST in my opinion, in TEXAS! Pre entries will start Sunday June 1st!!!
Ok so I'm at the movies and this lady comes in, gets her seat then takes a movie popcorn bag and cup with lid from her purse and goes to the concession stand and comes back with soda and popcorn. Is she a smart consumer or just commited a larceny. Lol
How would you like to bring your family out to a Rascals game...and eat for free!? Share this post and we will select one random winner to receive 4 free box seats for tonight, Saturday May 24, as well as $20 in Rascals food vouchers good at any concession stand. We'll draw a winner today at 4 PM! Be sure and check your inbox for a message on how to pick up your prize if you win.
*** is working the ice cream concession stand at King's Island during summertime.
Spending 20 dollars at the concession stand..
Tournament time... Volunteering at the concession stand (and I get stuck with the anal retentive over achieving nerd, can't he tell I'm not listening ???
May all of FF baseball players coaches parents volunteers umpires (except Phil Sims) grounds keepers score keepers concession stand workers and even the little kids that ride skate boards up and down the sidewalk... HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. I hope all y'all r safe and please remember to stop of a minute on Monday and say a little prayer for all our MILITARY past present and gone. While we r eating BBQ and drinking sweet tea they r protecting us with all they have. I will b the first to tell them THANK YOU for what u do. Who will join me here. Please give them a comment not just a like.
don't know if you were at NFHS today but I found a wallet w a permit. At concession stand.
I just realized I work in an overgrown concession stand with a beer & wine license.
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Girl at the concession stand asked me if I used to wrestle. I told her that I did, and asked how sheโ€ฆ
Weather is perfect for mx track 10-5 today. Vendors here today second Moto attitude motorsports and hyper x so if you need gear for a great price need your tire fixed Or need your number on your sweatshirt we got you covered concession stand opens at nine
I guess they ran out of pretzels and there was yelling at the concession stand
No you can't have your cheeseburger medium well like this is a little league concession stand...
Working the concession stand at east waverly. It's the grand opening.
This little girl needs to understand that nothing at a concession stand is free...
Cody Razer HR top dead center, off roof of concession stand, ties BNL at 1-1 in top 6th in G1 of DH with Dragons
First day on the job at the concession stand ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ•๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿซ
Don't forget shift in the concession stand starts at 12:30pm today
Happy birthday Sylvan Pool! Stop down today for concession stand specials and to see the pool and Mr. Masarik. This is his "50th" time opening up Sylvan's gates. He is an inspiration to all of the sylvan family. Pool opens at noon!!
Them *** ain't come thru I was salty so I was like Ef it know the concession stand got some for like 5 dollars I was all for it
Having to work this concession stand at 1 just really ***
Starting to realize this little old lady at the concession stand isn't as sweet as I thought she was
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