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Computer Sciences

Computer science or computing science (abbreviated CS or CompSci) is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications.

Computer Sciences Corporation Information Technology Information Sciences Computer Engineering Fort Bragg Electrical Engineering Software Engineer Assistant Professor Sentiment Analysis New Jersey Howard University Environmental Sciences

Interested in studying Computer sciences? Watch the Live Interview of the French engineering school . >>>…
Of course every image is fake. Composite images generated by computer. Spliced data m…
Celebrating in Delhi by educating on the difference betwe…
We have been jet setting all over the place this November - and this week is no different! From 15th-17th Nov you c…
What should the gender split be in Computer Sciences? How can we avoid expecting women to make the same choices as…
Great piece. What is not being recognised impact of advanced technologies on jobs+skills…
Not a "real" degree anyway. He's always making fun of other "soft" sciences, but when it comes to his o…
Work on the new Northumbria University Department of Computer and Information Sciences building…
'i study computer sciences/ Software Engineering'. "Oh, so i can call you whenever my computer needs some fixing?🤔"…
Super cool talks explaining and connecting fields in different sciences. … … - Map of Math…
I stuck to physics, engineering and computer science. I always felt “social scien…
Those are straight A's in computer sciences in 2000, I've helped with 3 Nobel Prizes (not in my name) I am a UVa Al…
Just signed up for Join me in promoting diversity in the computer sciences.
you know, all you IT people, computer sciences, or anyone that knows a lot about computers, streaming, etc. props t…
We are now listing 7,600 online courses from 22 subjects:. ⏩Computer Science, Business, Social Sciences, Natural Sci…
I have a Bachelor of Science; IS/IT Security degree. Never had a good paying career in this profession..…
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See what they're doing at Computer Sciences
Darling is se pehle SAB Desh drohi they. BTW JNU has on school of systems and computer s…
TBF it makes sense of machine learning to continue to advance along with computation and computer sci…
Call for speakers in . Any interesting topic in computer sciences is valid. You can get ideas of which…
We abbreviate the Natural Sciences course to NatSci. My computer corrects it to Nasty. I sent an email…
OK, but computer science is just one of the sciences.
We've been ranked in the world's top 100 universities for Life Sciences and Computer Science. The Times Higher Educ…
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology School of Computer Sciences, School of Information Technology
The problem with this is that majority of programmers come from science and computer science backgrou…
I remember when I said to my grandfather that I wanted to study computer sciences... "Gimmicks and gadgets!...go d…
Women comprise 85% of majors in Health Professions, 82% in Public Administration, 79% Education, 77% Psychology, 58…
Data-driven technology is everywhere. is adding degrees built on that -- Computer Science + Crop Sciences.
Why would they teach computer sciences when they can work in the field and make so much more money!
School of Sciences offers practical course in mobile security that covers security risk management.…
Influencing the future of the London Insurance Market. Read Blog: $CSC
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Visited Slovakia's supercomputer "Aurel" at Academy of Sciences. It was the 335th most powerful computer at the tim…
Something computer related, engineering related or any of the sciences weren't even brought up. They didn't even entertain that idea.
Are you seeking a career in technology or computer sciences? Apply for the Evolve IP Cloud here:…
began his academic career in 1976 as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Computer Sciences, University of Lagos.
I added a video to a playlist Viva Session Part-1 by School of Computer & System Sciences - JNU
Computer sciences and Information Technology Project Academic Essay Click for help
Very excited to be a part of this project!
Short films to inspire girls in STEM brings together Straight Up Films, Google + YouTube on gender equality READ.
Jen and Sylvia will be participating in a new project creating awareness for equality and diversity in the arts. http…
Why insurance board members play an important role in the digital journey. Read Blog: $CSC
Learning from the veterans in our workplace. Read Blog: $CSC
At which speed should you drive your IT organization?. Read Blog: $CSC
Why advanced analytics needs the cloud. Read Blog: $CSC
The IoT lesson you should have already learned. Read Blog: $CSC
Protecting sensitive enterprise data from theft. Read Blog: $CSC
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Reducing total cost of ownership with cloud ERP solutions. Read Blog: $CSC
positive affirmation real talk: i WILL go back to school and get a major in computer sciences and at least a minor in journalism
Lambat 10minit k (@ Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences in Shah Alam, Selangor)
This film initiative sponsored by and pairs male and female creative teams to inspire
Such an amazing project that kicks off in a big way! Plz read more about a great thing the are doing!
Norman is one of the director!. Straight Up Films- Film Initiative to Inspire Girls in Computer Sciences
Call me Directora & inspire girls and promote... by via
Oh okay, what studies do you need to do to learn Dev? Computer sciences ?
Proud to be a part of this with x x on the path to 50/50:.
Excited to direct for & inspire girls and promote equality. (
Valley of Computer Sciences: Information about computer science
California parking lots. @ Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
ICYMI - Computer Sciences Corporation announced a brand new dove today!
Fantastic Computer Sciences placement opportunity available in heart of UK film industry with
Matt got his MSc in Computer Sciences. Having didn't hold him back.
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Learn more about the The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) here:
offers research and PhD positions in computer sciences and in applied social research…
Write my essay help. Literature review, Computer sciences and Information Technology
Congrats on your State acceptance! What do you plan... — Good looking, and computer sciences
That sounds nice but I am still mainly computer sciences so I won't have so many school projects, mostly my own stuff :c
Matthew Chehade, 1st year computer sciences student says, "I love tacos" as he visits the taco bar at
ICYMI: explains idea to expand computer sciences in schools.
So Rudy has a computer sciences degree? 🤓
And that my friends, is the fine line between engineering/computer science and the scam that is called life sciences
Computer sciences and Information Technology Computer sciences and Information Technology Discussions (Information
Computer Sciences selected by Circle K as digital transformation partner. http…
Paid internship opportunity for students of Engineering, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Finance &...
Computer Sciences or similar - Agent-based model: Designing an efficient communication…
Now’s the perfect time to pursue your degree in Computer Sciences.
I'm at Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
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thank you for the answer, I'm Nere Kenjebo, studying computer sciences. I am a crazy fan of yours.
BRIEF-Computer Sciences enters into a term loan agreement
are you telling me. I can get a doctorate degree . in computer sciences . and not MARINE BIOLOGY
QA/Software Support Officer •Degree in Information Technology or Computer Sciences. A challenging and rewarding pos…
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Spring break is over. Now it's time to spend long nights making cartoons, and doing sciences with my computer.
Anyone have recommendations for academic journals in math, computer, material, or physics sciences?
Refurbishes donated computers those cannot afford them community.TechnoGirls to encourage girls in Computer Sciences
Computer and Information Sciences 5, no. 2: 123≠143. Stedelijk Museum. ftware interchange. (b) Convey the object code in, or embodied in,
It pisses me of that women still think that Computer Sciences industry only belongs to males.
b watching-I worked with NASA for Computer Sciences Corp at Edwards AFB and had my Secret clearance back in the day😊
The bravery 10 lessons for female entrepreneurs
Yes, and is an attractive option for veterinary medicine, bio and computer sciences.
Computer Sciences Co. $CSC to Issue Quarterly Dividend of $0.14 on April 29th
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
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College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences - Univ. of Maryland
Tetris was originally made in 1984 for the PC by computer ... -
Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE:CSC) P/E Ratio At 12.10: The first ratio that tops the checklist of ...
Dear readers,. You are very welcome to our website 3D Computer Graphics Applied to Health Sciences!. In this...
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Dam, Small and Unsung, Caught Up in Iranian Hacking Case (New York Times)
The Dreams of Reason: The Computer and the Rise of the Sciences of Complexity by Heinz R. Pagels 1989-06-01 Bantam
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Innovations come at the intersection of sciences – How a botanist shaped your computer.
Computer sciences or IT. IT is a vast one so i may go for IT. CS gets you bounded.
.If you're looking into our online degree, you can find the curriculum here: (1/2)
Besides the sciences. All careers in the sciences whether medical, computer, psychological etc, are absolutely needed.
Zack Snyder is that one student who think he's a philosophy major when he really belongs in computer sciences.
should I take computer science? I still need two sciences and I want the easiest one with the least amount of math lmao
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I wanted to be a programmer, studied Computer Sciences but now I'm doing Communication and PR amongst other things
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I would do it but my computer is weird whenever I change proxy..IM SCARED FOR AP CALC AND CHEM oh the maths and sciences darN THEM
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I love Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, & nearly all sciences.
Computer sciences degree: I'm just about to start a computer sciences degree, with the intent of becoming ... ...
Attention to respected researchers in mathematical sciences &computer science.please join me on :
"I went for many different things but my passion for the computer sciences are my favorite!" She giggled, pushing up her »
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Oh wait no, it's actually about computer science & the earth sciences (computational earth science?), and it's from 1998
Programme outline - DSV, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences - Stockholm University in E-governance.
Computer sciences in the morning...
Plus I will stay here for another 5 years after that I'm going away for Computer sciences and making video games . Or YouTube. x3
If you're majoring in computer sciences than your future is going to be 👌
Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Text [computer sciences viewpoint] by emilymaya Hello!!
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Drinking coffee at 1:20 AM so that I can finish an online computer sciences quiz so I can play SWTOR until four in the morning. Why.
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his dad he was like "the African father of computer sciences"
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I 've a Q plz. whats the start up salary for the followin specializations? in amman. computer Eng. computer sciences. accounting. civil eng
What are the percentages across disciplines (e.g. computer science/engineering vs. life sciences)?
Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Text [computer sciences viewpoint] [n7] by Fadi1978: Hello…
Geothermics in Basin Analysis (Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences) by Andrea…
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Do you want to know something else? I think that he has partners. Definitely someone with a background in computer sciences.
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Acc, Statistics for the engineering and computer sciences, Mendenhall, William,
Tomas Aufderhar, an NSA contractor from Computer Sciences Corporation, blackmailed his father-in-law with mail from AT&T.
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Computer Sciences or EMC: Who will be HP's next buy?: HP has apparentl...
Head of School: ... of Mathematical and Computer Sciences here at Heriot-Watt University. ... and enhances its...
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CNS news: Computer Science to become College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS)
UMass to establish College of Information and Computer Sciences - GazetteNET Thomas Tolkien
CUCEI: One of Guadalajara’s Five Best Universities for Computer Sciences and Engineering
Alumnus of the Year 2015 | CAA - STEVE WOZNIAK. B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences ’86
Computer Sciences : Shares of Computer Sciences Corporation Sinks by -5.85% for the Week
.I agree computer science must be taught at French secondary schools. A report on that topics:
Study intensive physics, life sciences or computer science at University College Dublin:
TV Clipster Alert - Computer Sciences has been mentioned just now >
Glad I'm going to college soon. Since I'm going for Computer Sciences I'll hopefully find more nerd friends (people to play the vidya with)
“But the thing is, these issues aren’t actually new. Sure, they may be new to computer scientists…” —
Ive always wanted to learn programming and computer sciences
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. Which he studied fawad khan
Women in computer sciences in success and sacrifice
More tech & schools needed. For now, see: The Rise of Computer Science at Harvard
Computer Sciences Corporation is a S&P 500 tech company. Why have I never heard of them before?
The continued rise of computer science...
The continues rise of computer science...
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A meeting in Washington organised by NSF and CCC to plan actions to strengthen the links between Brain Science and Computer Sciences, a little bit of the White House, a flight over the Alps and the sunset in Malta airport ... Three busy days. Monday a talk to VCIP 2014 on the role of Vision in human robot interaction then Japan for a few more talk...I miss home...but it is nice to see that what we do is appreciated! Thanks to all RBCSers for the work you do!! The world likes us :-)
No, I'm a student :) Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Sciences is what I will be. I will move abroad when I finish. Not sure where
Accra Institute of Technology (AIT UNIVERSITY) Ghana 2014/2015 Admission Session Accra institute of Technology (AIT) Ghana offers admission to all candidates seeking official admission in Ghana into Certificate programs, Diploma programs, Bachelor’s degree programs (BSc), Master’s Degree program and Doctorate degree program (PhD) in fields of Education, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, and Business Admin. In either our campus-based programs or our Open University program. In AIT, Multiple Bachelor’s Degrees can be pursued concurrently. Admission into our campus-based degree programs is gained through.Details at
The study of computer science is really going behind the scene, you want to find out how does that work“ – Dr. Waqar Saleem (Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences) To apply for admissions visit:
Manager Convergent Billing Operations - Telenor - Islamabad This position will be esponsible for Telenor Pakistan's Convergent Billing Stack (Billing, Rating & Charging, VoMS, FMS, Interconenct and Mediation) for optimized operations. He/She is responsible for achieving TP Goals and Objectives through assigned KPI's. Manage internal staff, external consultants/contractors and vendors, ensuring quality and on-time delivery of enhanced software and resolving the day-to-day issues/problems. Ensure IT standards are applied across the Billing department with on time and within budget delivery. Education: - BSC (Hons) Computer Sciences / M. SC (Computer Sciences) - Good to Have: ITIL, eTOM Work experience: - Minimum 6 years experience in telecom prepaid \ post paid Applciations - Minimum of 3 years of vendor management experience - Minimum of 2 years experience of finianical mangemnet of IT applications ( CAPEX \ OPEX) - Thorough Understanding of complex business processes, flows and their modelling Potential C ...
App Developers A Well Established IT Solutions Company having its branches in The Gulf and Egypt is seeking to hire Mobile App Developers for its Cairo Branch. Company Location: Heliopolis. Desired Skills and Experience • BS in Computer Sciences with 1-3 years of experience. • Knowledge and experience with programming on one or more mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc) and an understanding of cross-platform development issues would be a plus • Experience with client side web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax, etc) • A passion backed by knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create a compelling yet simple user experience • Experience developing enterprise-class applications, integrations and knowledge of SaaS applications and technologies is a plus • Strong oral and written communication skills • Ability to think big picture, manage pragmatically and execute with an attention to detail • Resourceful, flexible, and adaptable. You have a “killer instinct” to get things do ...
OK i have a problem with society. i feel like we are living in a robotic world and we all do what we are suppose to do and we all do the same thing and i HATE that .i don't like the idea that we are born to go to school then go to University and get a job and then live an average life(that's what most people do).i don't like this sort of formula i am having problems with my self i don't want to do what everyone else does i feel like i am destined for something greater.when "i grow up i want to be a psychologist :) " screw that.i HATE the system and i feel all of our creativity and FRESH ideas are gone.Life is getting boring and don't get me wrong i have a lot of hobbies i study Computer Sciences and i play Netball and i love it but i feel like something is missing i am 18 years old i am going to lose the meaning of life if this keep up.the government does nothing, its all about their interests as i mention earlier the schools teach NOTHING about life and its all math and languages now i hate it. Was i des ...
offers 5-Yr Integrated Courses Maulana Azad National Urdu University, the only university offering courses at higher level through Urdu medium, has introduced new regular courses i.e., integrated courses in Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and in Humanities and Social Sciences History, Public Administration,Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Islamic Studies, Urdu, English, Hindi, Arabic, Persian. The Tahseen-e-Ghazal or Appreciation of Ghazal certificate course is a very unique course, conceived and designed keeping in view the popularity of Urdu poetry among non-Urdu speakers. This course has been extended into a diploma programme on demand of Urdu lovers, the MANUU official said in a press release. This programme is being run successfully. University has also started Ph. D. Arabic. M. A. in Political Science, P.G. Diploma in Functional Hindi & a Certificate programme in Arabic. All these programmes have received good response. Admissions are also progre ...
Business Administration Apprenticeship vacancy in Reading. All positions require minimum Standard Grade/GCSE in Maths and English (GCSE A-C/Standard Grades 1-3). Some positions require good A Levels or Highers such as Maths and Computer Sciences but we welcome applications from people with a range of academic qualifications. If you are committed, enthusiastic, and conscientious and have the following skills, we would love to hear from you: • good communication, planning and organisational skills • a willingness and ability to learn • an ability to work on your own initiative • an ability to work as part of a team • a responsibility and desire to build a professional career DESCRIPTION: Opportunities include placements in the following areas of the business: Group Head Office, Operations IT, Corporate Services, Operations Customer Services, Retail & Distribution, Product, Marketing, Finance and Risk. HOURS: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday 35 Hours PAY: £288 per week TRAINING: Level 2 Business Administrati ...
Six first year female students were top in seven faculties with only two male students receiving merit awards and laptops during the opening for the academic year at the North West University-Mahikeng Campus. In the picture with NWU Vice Chancellor,Professor Dan Kgwadi,and Mahikeng Campus Rector Professor Mashudu Davhana -Maselesele (in the middle)are from left to right:Bachelor of Law:(75%)5 Distinctions Prudence Musiwalo , Extended Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences & Physics:(81%)4 Distinctions Rebecca Ayomikun Bakare,Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics:(89%)8 Distinctions Kgomotso Cheru Motlhake,Bachelor of Social Science in Development Studies:(79%)7 Distinctions Galaletsang Guidance Matlapeng ,Bachelor of Commerce in Charted Accounting :(78%) 8 Distinctions Motladifedile Patricia Koboekae. Extended Bachelor of Commerce in Economics :(87%)8 Distinctions Gcinile simile Magagula, Bachelor of Education in Senior and FET:(80%)10 Distinctions Bakang Mafoko , Rector's Award For Person wit . ...
(EN) i did it. i understood Computer Sciences well enough. now i should broaden my horizons and focus on Enlightened Love, Quantum Physics and Martial Arts. i know i'll have to carry on with Computer Sciences and the Internet still though, including hacking.
We have a client in Colorado seeking college grads with a degree in Computer Sciences (or related) who has skills in Object Oriented programming. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get started in May/June this year. Contact us at careersfor more information. The pay is good, the benefits are great and the opportunity to learn and grow your career with this firm is fantastic.
So in our school you have a choice of either taking Business Studies or Computer Sciences. I've taken CS. So in the exam-hall today,.
Yes, there is more ranting. Everyone who knows me knows about Adam. For those who do not know about Adam, he has a rare condition called Struge-Weber Syndrome. He is mentally, physically, and visually disabled. He takes medications for a seizure disorder and for congenital glaucoma. He is blind in his right eye and has a shunt (a small drainage tube) in his left eye. He also takes drops for his eyes. For the last week I have been trying to get one of his eye medications filled. I called in the prescription on Wednesday, March 12 and was told that I needed some sort of authorization to get this particular prescription filled. I have contacted the doctor and talked to the pharmacy. I was informed that we needed additional approval for this medication through Medicaid. I cannot afford this medication because it is over $300. (Adam is the only one in my family on Medicaid. My husband, daughter, and I all work and pay for our insurance.) I received a certified letter from Computer Sciences Corpo ...
So ifani has two degrees, Computer Engineering and computer sciences from the university of cape town
AMEER QURESHI ameer.qureshi543-1554 Objective To work in a competitive environment that effectively utilizes my analytic, interpersonal, leadership, Artistic and organizational skills to conceive and achieve solutions. The solutions which help the organization in not only meeting its targets, but also allowing it to grow, thereby, enhancing my own skills as an individual and as a key player in the organization's development. Career History Sr. Software Engineer –Needle Craft Textile Website: Period: Jul 2013 – Feb 2014 (Jordan) Tools: MS SQL Server 2008, VB.NET 2008, Crystal Reports, DevXpress Responsible for development and enhancement of in-house developed ERP, Modules worked on was Import Export Documentation and Internal Purchase. • Purchase of trims and other materials from different countries. • Request raised in system as PO and goes to Import Export department to follow up rest. • Import export department worked with the defined countries wise rules. • Cover all the expen ...
Proud to be studying as the school of Computer Science ranked 1st in 2014. That is so amazing.
for real.? ...or is this another failure of your computer sciences division. and Electronic Destination evolved crapulence and practices... Just Asking...? ...the memory of Steven Hawkins looks down on you if it is. simply reiterating, from our last correspondence... piece of mind. this is not a joke either... :)
Network Administrator Required. Candidate should have MCITP or MCSE & CCNA Certifications. Basic Qualification should be B.Sc (Computer Sciences) 2 years experience. Must know Arabic Language. send CV on shahid.dogar
I'm at Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences w/
I'm looking to form a bitcoin group. Must be able to travel and meet once or twice a week for discussion involving strategies and distributed computing. Basic knowledge of computer sciences and algorithms required. Message me for more information. My goal is to create a group where we can start making serious money. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.
those of you who wants to watch the semis for the USM dota 2 tournament, you may come to School of Computer Sciences at 3 O'Clock for the broadcasting of the Matches. The location of the viewing room will be the AV room level 4.
Hello! could you help me, I want to know about the Computer Sciences courses that will be open on Fall 2014. Thanks
CAS with a major in Chemistry and a possible minor in math and computer sciences
March Madness is in the air, but don't forget to stop by the Heartland Gaming Expo next weekend on the TU campus!
Well, I'm going to major in Computer Sciences, and minor in Informational Technology.
wow, I found out today that my computer sciences teacher is a Barcelona fan .-.
Question of the year: why is COMPUTER SCIENCE at UT in the college of natural sciences? There's nothing natural about computers
UAB Computer and Information Sciences researcher receives Best Paper Award at annual conference ...
Up-to-Minute NC MMIS - Call Center Team Lead at Computer Sciences Corporation... Find this Job&More:
Breast Cancer Awareness
Institute of computer and Management Sciences right??:)
Most modern electronics, from flat-screen TVs and smartphones to wearable technologies and computer monitors, use...
Can someone pull the fire alarm around 8 pm in engineering & computer sciences building today? Merci!
There are seminars today in Computer Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, and Psychology
The type of job matters too. in the 90's and 00's lots of computer sciences graduates.
I should change my major to computer sciences just so I can bask in the hopes of one day working at Google
Serving as a professor of Theater, he shared and office for 6 years with a Computer Sciences prof
190314-16 Commercial Manager Full-time Min 5 years of experience BS in Computer Sciences,...
Vacancy: 6 months post in bioinformatics/computer sciences email John Mitchell for details jbom
Yesterday has made me want to read law, on top of the masters I want to do and interest in computer science and natural sciences
Opening for FRESH ENGINEERS in Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) !!. Nice opportunity !!. Job Role :-...
Insurance presentation in progress (@ Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences w/
Web Developer required with 2-3 years experience on web development, Dot Net and framework with Masters/ Bachelors in Computer Sciences. Please share your resume at muhammad.faiq(Lahore Based)
Job alert: Head of School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences sought by Heriot-Watt University
New Vacancy:- Senior Network Engineer Job Duties: • Documenting and reviewing the technical guides and enrich the Knowledge Base System -KBS- • Supervising the technical team for the assigned tasks • Ensure that customer calls are finalized and properly terminated on the call center • Performing root cause analysis -RCA- for the critical customer issues • Responsible for personal development to meet the business requirements Qualifications: • Communications Engineering or B.Sc. in Computer Sciences • 3-4 years of experience • Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCNA-Security certificates are must • BlueCoat, CCNP-Security is an option • Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team • Ability to work accurately and meet the deadlines • Good Communications, customer service and problem-solving skills • Good flexibility, initiative and creativity To apply please send your Cv at "careerswith the Job Title in the "Subject Line".
- 25 FEBRUARY 2014 - NAMAL COLLEGE: BUILDING THE FUTURE The challenge of providing quality schooling to all of Pakistan’s children is daunting enough, and not a goal that can be achieved overnight. Meanwhile, young men and women who successfully complete their schooling have few options to pursue higher education close to home. Most of the country’s colleges and universities are situated in and around large towns and cities, making access to university difficult for those who live at a distance from the country’s urban centres. One institution hopes to change that, offering world-class higher education on the outskirts of a small town in rural Punjab. Namal College, situated 30 kilometres outside the town of Mianwali in north-western Punjab, was founded in 2008 by former test cricketer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan. Starting out as a technical training institute awarding a diploma, the college today offers two degrees in the sciences, a BSc (Hons) in the Computer Sciences and a B ...
This is the profile of one of the top directors in the Telugu film industry.. Can you guess the name of director? He went to the United States of America to pursue a Graduate degree in Computer Sciences at New Jersey. After a brief stint in the IT industry, he enrolled in the MFA program at Howard University, Washington, D.C.
VC chairs Academic Council meet JU introduces Choice Based Credit, Semester System Earth News Service Jammu: Academic Council Meeting of the University of Jammu (JU) today approved the introduction of Choice Based Credit and Semester System from the forthcoming session. The meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Prof. Mohan Paul Singh Ishar. He apprised the members about the developments and achievements of University during the past one-year. The meeting was attended by Prof Neelam Saraf, Dean Academic Affairs, Prof Kulwant Kaur, Dean Research Studies , Deans of various faculties, Heads of the Departments, Conveners, Boards of Studies, College Principals and other officials. Prof. Manoj K Dhar, Registrar, presented the agenda items. During the meeting, 25 agenda items were discussed along with the action taken report on the resolutions of the last Academic Council held on September 11, 2013. The academic council approved initiation of M.Tech Course in Computer Sciences and IT, . ...
Alachisoft has following vacancies: 1. Software Engineer 2. QA Engineer 3. Senior Technical Writer 4. Application Engineer Interested: Please send your resumes at jobsjob descriptions are given below: 1. Software Engineer This is a mid-level position to provide design and development expertise in the development of our product. Work involves developing a complex multi-threaded server application with socket programming, dynamic server clustering, text parsing using an object oriented parser, Google protobuf, and much more. This job is only for those who love complex application development and can handle the challenges that come with it. Qualification Requirements: Must have an BCS/MCS in Computer Sciences or equivalent Minimum relevant work experience of 0-2 years Must have developed complex .NET server applications Strong in problem-solving, algorithms, and data structure Strong in multi-threaded .NET programming Excellent communication skills required Writing requirements and design documents Ability . ...
Presented one of my papers on Mapping Emotions via Location Based Social Media at our School of Management today. Surprise, surprise. Had the biggest turnout we've ever had in one of these research seminars, and for the first time- included faculty from Computer Sciences, Psychology, Earth Sciences as well as GIS.
If you are a successful Android developer looking for: interesting projects and new technologies a competitive salary a full-time and permanent job a friendly environment self-management of work implementing innovative ideas Check our requirements: Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences writing ...
Database Administrator Datafin Recruitment - Cape Town, Western Cape Environment: A leading outsourced E-commerce Management Services Organisation requires the services of a Database Administrator with a tertiary qualification in the field of Computer Sciences or Information Systems; MCDBA; two years hands on experience in Data Analysis, DBMS and Business Intelligence tools. Essential skills required: two years experience in a SQL Server environment, MS SQL Server 2000 skills (creating databases, tables, views, stored procedures, optimisation, linked servers data transformation services DTS and Transactional replication). Duties: Main duties will include (but are not limited to): Designs physical data structures to support application requirements. Provides performance reviews and tuning recommendations for applications. Consults with application developers regarding optimal use of SQL Server and related technology. Assures compliance with standards through participation in design and code reviews. Works ...
PhD Faculty - University of Management and Technology - Lahore UMT ranks amongst the most prestigious top 10 institutions of higher education as evidenced in its accreditations at national and regional level. it ranks no 1 in Punjab among the medium size general universities in private sector, as per HEC, UMT maintains student teacher ratio of 1:18 and seeks to further improve it in pursuit of high quality learning at par with global standards. if you have earned doctoral degree, then consider UMT for fulfillment of your career aspirations in a very competitive environment of a rapidly growing institution. the current base of 50 plus PhDs, 150 doctoral students, along with 700 graduate, and 4000 undergraduate student can put you in a promising stage for research & development and academic leadership. PhD Faculty is required in the Following disciplines: · Computer Sciences · Software Engineering · Mechanical Engineering · Electrical Engineering · Industrial Engineering · Aerospace Engineering · Avi ...
Luke Kraemer, a 1974 Brattleboro Union High School graduate, has been assisting the Red Sox in their last four drafts by writing programs for the information provided by Boston scouts. "I was thrilled," said Kraemer, when asked about Wednesday night's clincher. The team actually flew him from his home in Oregon to watch Games 1 and 2 of the World Series at Fenway Park. He felt like the Major League Baseball crown was up for grabs. "The teams were very evenly matched. The Sox made fewer mistakes, but it could have easily went the other way," noted Kraemer. And he has a feeling that the rookie third baseman could turn into something special. "I do love Xander Bogaerts. He's only 21, has an incredible eye and is patient," said the Red Sox Programmer. "And he speaks four languages...just an amazing person." Kraemer played a lot of intramural sports while at BUHS, and he was a big baseball fan back then. He then went to Purdue University to study Computer Sciences.
Academic Ranking of World Universities in Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences - 2011| 2011 Top 100 Universi…
.- IT Coordinator (Experience with Avaya) We’re seeking for a candidate who has experience in ensuring the streamlined operation of the IT Department is in alignment with the business objectives of the organization. The right individual will take ownership of all Technology services and work directly with the Business Management teams. Primary responsibility is to plan and design the Systems Infrastructure, Support and Security/Compliance models, Vendor Management, Contract Management, and Technology Procurement Management. Desired Skills & . (continúa) Localidad: San Salvador - San Salvador Fecha: 25 de junio de 2013 Más detalles en: [pulse aquí ...] 2.- Computer Programmer / Designer Computer Programmer / Designer Requirements: • Educational concentration in Computer Sciences (not mandatory) • At least 1 year of relevant experience • Excellent business analysis, system requirements, design, and programming skills • Knowledge of standards for development of web-based applications • Progres ...
Israeli innovation center Student Development Position – Diagnociti Team The world’s leading financial enterprise has recently launched its very own Technology Innovation Center here in Israel. The center has been established to capitalize on Israel’s vast technological talent to lead the financial industry into the future of technology. The Diagnociti (aka Diagnostics) Team is looking for an enthusiastic Computer Sciences student who is looking for an opportunity to work with a strong mentoring team on this technological challenging project. Job Description The Diagnociti team develops an application that monitors crashes and stability issues. The system monitors and reports about crashes and other error conditions that occur in Citi proprietary applications that are distributed across the globe. The reports are sent to Citi operations and development teams, so they can investigate their root cause and fix them as soon as possible. The Diagnociti is a crucial element in ensuring Citi provides high ...
FAISALABAD Government College University Faisalabad’s students have developed an electronic voting system (Digital Ballot Machine), enabling the users to cast votes through thumb impression and Nadra verification within no time. The e-ballot paper can make the process of casting votes transparent and easy in Pakistan like in developed countries of the world. It was displayed by the students at a competition titled “Creative Con” (who is creative) arranged by the College of Computer Sciences and Information Technology. It was aimed at inducing creativity among the students. Under the event, creative project competition, poster design and logo design displays were also held. The electronic voting system will verify the voters with the feeding of CNIC number and thumb impression on the data of Nadra. It is having symbols of different political parties and users with the touch screen will cast their votes.Addressing on the occasion, GCUF Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain lauded the creativity of the stud ...
Faculty positions available for UK alumni at Institute of Business Administration in Pakistan. Institute of Business Administration (IBA) would like to invite applications from high calibre academicians to join their faculty. Candiates who have received training at international level such as education in the UK are most welcome. Here is some background information on the institution and the job: Institute of Business Administration (IBA) has established itself as a premier business school in Pakistan with a strong track record of over fifty years of producing quality undergraduates and post-graduates in Business and Computer Sciences. Student intake into both undergraduate and graduate programmes is highly competitive and based on pure merit. IBA is the school of choice for most young men and women interested in careers and leadership in business in Pakistan. Employers in the corporate sector prefer IBA graduates in their selection of entry level work force. A large network of over 7500 alumni spread ...
Orbotech is looking for Software Engineers. Please email me (itaych at gmail) if you wish to submit a CV. Open positions: SW Engineer - FPD The FPD division is looking for a Software Engineer to join an R&D team for the development of SW tools and script writing for various products within the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) product line. The technology is used to power some of the most innovative and advanced solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Requirements: Education: • 1st degree in SW Engineering/ Computer Sciences/ Communication Engineering from an acknowledged university. Experience: • Up to 5 years as a sotware engineer (graduates with no experience will be also considered). • Experience with similar companies acquainted with complex multi-disciplinary systems – an advantage. Relevant knowledge: • Experience with C/ C++; Advantage: LINUX/ WIN, Java scripts writing, GUI programming. SW Engineer – PCB The PCB division is looking for a SW Engineer to join an agile-fo . ...
Update your maps at Navteq
i'm probably going to take Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Trying to figure out what I wanna major in...Computer Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, or Computer Information Systems..
Am a Ugandan staying in Kampala. Please good Malawian can anyone help me get a job in your country? I have a diploma in Computer Sciences and an advanced Diploma in Communications. Things are too bad here and I hear life is cheap in Malawi and that people are so friendly. Those who will help me I will give them half of the first salary. Comment in english your interest to help me and I will contact you. Vijeru Vicross Amin
Putting the Pieces Together, LLC DOROTHY LADD, President and CEO Life Coach President and CEO of Putting the Pieces Together, Mrs. Ladd was born in Oakland, CA. She received most of her high school education at Elizer Miller High School in West Helena, Arkansas. Later moving to Rochester, NY she received her diploma and attended Monroe College. In 1982 her studies focused on Computer Sciences then in 1983 Social Services and began working in the Rochester Department of Education as a Assistant Intern. During this time she also certified in the area of Spanish language. Aside from two abusive marriages from 1970 to 1976 between 1990 to 1997 she overcame the struggles in her life surviving it through balance and a positive attitude, the attributes she brings to the aspect of life coaching today. Beginning in 2011 she was certified as a Professional Life Coach from the Living Waters Institute located in Atlanta, GA. She is now affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors and has ov ...
SAP HCM Internship at EPI-USE Systems. 28 February 2013. Location : Pretoria. The're looking for graduates and undergraduates who excel at solving complex technical problems and programming challenges, enjoy defining new and re-engineering existing business processes, and who would embrace opportunities to engage directly with clients on a business level. As a final year undergraduate or honours student you can get a head start in your career by joining our internship program, which will provide you with access to our company’s resources and expertise, and set you on a path to accelerated career advancement. Minimum Requirements: Qualification level: National Diploma or higher (preference will be given to Honours students) Study field: Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Commercial Sciences, Human Resources What does the SAP HCM Internship entail? - The internship is geared towards candidates who want to pursue a career as a SAP HCM or SAP Netweaver consultant - You will be working at EPI-USE on ...
True Confession: I can never remember if the name of my school is DBS of Information and "Computer Sciences" or "Computer Science"
Opening for CS Lecturers/Professors! CVs are urgently required for the post of Lecturer and Assistant Professor at Sharif College of Engineering and Technology, Raiwind, Lahore. The candidate must have MS/PhD degree in Computer Sciences. Forward your resumes on ASAP basis to: amna.khan
Technical Support Engineer Languages :Excellent English Country :Egypt Job Category: Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Hardware Job Type: Full Time Description :Supporting P.C, workstations & laptops supporting individual customers, foreign & local Companies weather on – site , by telephone or as outsource staff Qualifications :Bachelor of Electrical (Communication or Computer) Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Sciences or Bachelor of Information Technology Certificate: A+ & MCSE or MCSA & MCITP Gender :Male Experience :0 – New Graduate Years. Salary (L.E.): Negotiable If you are interested in this job please send your CV to r.nabilwith the job title in the subject of the email.
Engineering: Electrical/Computer Science Purpose: The Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Sciences collections support teaching and research through the doctoral level. At a basic level, they support university students, faculty, and staff needs in applications literature. General Collection Guidelines: Languages: English is primarily the language of acquisition. Works originally published in other languages are purchased only in English translation. Chronological Guidelines: Emphasis is on material published in the past five years. Historical works are purchased selectively. Geographical Guidelines: Not applicable. Treatment of the Subject: Emphasis is on research literature and upper undergraduate and graduate materials. Books on specific programming languages, specific computers, engineering graphics, surveying, photogrammetry, and popular treatments of Electrical Engineering and computer science, biographies, and histories are purchased selectively. Trade school manuals and juve ...
TGC Assembly (Board Members, Shareholders, Directors) The Assembly is divided into two sections: Patricians 7 shareholders who control 2/3rds majority of corporate shares. Plebeians 23 shareholders who control 1/3rd majority of corporate shares. The Elected Officers: Each Officers shall have an off-world counterpart, for once we are established on the Moon there will be a need for dual leadership. Full list of duties shall be recorded within our corporate by-laws. * Consul (CEO, President) * Proconsul (Vice President) * Legate (Legal officer and Auditor) * Exchequer (Company Treasurer) * Aide de Camp (Liaison, Company Aide, Secretary) Terran Global Corporation Departments: At this time Global Space Organization (GSO) is the only Department in the TGC. Other departments will be created by the Assembly as the need arises once we have established ourselves on the Moon. Current divisions listed under Global Space Organization * Operations * Engineering * Habitat * Space Sciences * Computer Sciences * Horticul ...
Department of computer science and IT starts two months certificate course in computer networks and management Centre for IT, department of computer science, University of Jammu today organized induction session for the participants of the certificate programme in computer networking and management. This is two months training programme being organized for the students of B.E / B. Tech, MCA and in computer science and related disciplines. The objective of the certificate course is to transfer the expertise of the teachers and technical staff of the department to the needy student community for the enhancement of their practical knowledge in the field of computer networks. Speaking on the occasion Prof Vibhakar Mansotra, Course Director and Head, Department of Computer Sciences and IT gave a detailed outlook of the course. He emphasized that during the Course, the students will be given theoretical as well practical exposure on the networking technologies, equipments, tools, network security and manageme . ...
AM+A News: University of Hawaii invites Aaron Marcus to Lecture about Mobile UX Design The Department of Information and Computer Sciences, the College of Natural Sciences, and Pacific New Media, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Manoa Campus, and ParWinr, Inc., Honolulu, invited Aaron Marcus to lecture at the University about mobile user-experience design on 14 December 2012.
Internship at AxIS Are you a Developer looking to sharpen your skills on exciting projects? AxIS is looking for three young dynamic programmers to work within their team of experts and gain the experience of a lifetime. AxIS is one of the leading Software companies in Rwanda specialized in Web and Mobile applications. Current projects range from Database and Collaboration software, to Wiki portals and Mobile applications. The selected candidates will work with Senior AxIS Developers to assist in Troubleshooting errors, Module Development and Implementation, Technical assistance and training for end users. To apply, the candidates will need - To be Fourth year level/Graduate University students or self-confident autodidacts in Computer Sciences, Computer Programming, Web Development & Design or other related fields - Experience in Software Project Development - To have a laptop PC - Demonstrated ability to work within teams - To be very conversant with Internet and Web applications - Good communication ski ...
Software Engineer – iOS Developer Job Description -Fixing bugs. Customize and enhance existing applications based on specific customer requirements. Document the assigned tasks. Make builds. Work daily with Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Teams, Project Managers, and Other Software Developers in remote global offices. Job Qualification -• Experience building complex IOS Apps that have been successfully delivered to customers and Uploaded to AppStore. • University degree in Software/Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, or related field. • Minimum of two years of relevant experience with Apple APIs and Frameworks for iOS applications development. • Fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, and complexity analysis. • Experience with XCode, build App using Story Board, SQLite, GPS, Camera, XML, JSON, other Web Services and other API’s. • Knowledge of Version Controlling Tools such as CVS, SVN, Clear case, and so on. • Knowledge of BlackBerry/Android ...
ע--צ--ו--ר משרה שווה לפניך PHP Software Engineer - Position JOB 166 seeking 4 a professional and hands-on PHP Software Engineer, experienced in web development for implementing distributed content management systems (CMS), and systems managing and monitoring thousands of sites.: 1. Collect requirements and specifications from product manager, development manager and SEOs. 2. Design & implement with emphasis on OO and design patterns. 3. Develop in web technologies, server-side (70%) & client-side (30%). 4. Unit-test and release code to sites. 5. Maintain code, solve issues in sites and systems. Requirements: 1. First degree in Computer Sciences (or equivalent) – must. 2. 2 years of hands-on experience in PHP, SQL – must. 3. Experience in Drupal, WordPress – strongly preferred. 4. Experience in Linux, Apache, MySQL, XML, Web Services – preferred. 5. Knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript is preferred. zeev
What is Computer science ? Computer science or computing science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems.Its sub fields can be divided into a variety of theoretical and practical disciplines. Some fields, such as computational complexity theory are highly abstract, whilst fields such as computer graphics emphasise real-world applications. Still other fields focus on the challenges in implementing computation.Human-computer interaction considers the challenges in making computers and computations useful, usable, and universally accessible to humans. The term "computer science" appears in a 1959 article in Communications of the ACM, in which Louis Fein argues for the creation of a Graduate School in Computer Sciences analogous to the creation of Harvard Business School in 1921, justifying the name by arguing that, like management science, it is applied and interdiscipli ...
Canaccord Genuity on AOL, Computer Sciences, and Office Depot: Shares of Computer Sciences soared Tuesday after ...
Neil Davidge did an excellent job with the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack. It sounds amazing. I've liked Neil since I started listening to Massive Attack a while back. 343 Industries really knows how to pick em. The last episode of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, a five part web series for the upcoming release, and it was astounding. I have to commend 343 Industries on taking Halo where Bungie was too afraid to put it. Don't get me wrong, I love the old games but Halo 4 just may be the best. I know video games take too much of my life but I know exactly what I want to with the rest of it. I'm going to college to study Computer Sciences to become a Computer Programmer, now that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to start on games, because I don't plan to. But ultimately, I want to program and design my own game. Nothing will stop me.
1-In the context of our billing platform, our client is looking for a technical lead able to coordinate, design and maintain the architecture, infrastructure and software of our billing system. The candidate will be involved in the current design, future design, operational follow-up, problem solving and standardization, as well as the enhancement on the software factory for the billing system. He will also be the technical lead for the development team currently located in India. Technical skills: - Good knowledge : SQL, C , Pro*C, Oracle (query optimization, debugging, tuning), Oracle Forms. - Experience with billing system, optimization issue, troubleshooting. - In-depth understanding of the various concept of software architecture, - Good theoretical Computer Sciences bases (data modelling, RDBMS theory, algorithm complexity, application design, scalability) … and the ability to put the theory into practice. Other skills: - Able to analyse and structure development - Able to split technical activiti ...
Trouble seems to follow Ashok Khemka, Haryana-cadre IAS officer of the 1991 batch. He has been transferred for about 40 times in his service of 21 years, giving him an average stay of about six months in one post. The 47-year-old Khemka is highly qualified. He is B.Tech, Computer Sciences; P.hd in computers; MBA, Finance; and MA, Economics. Khemka held a number of good posts like that of MD, Hartron; Director, Supplies and Disposal; Director, Agriculture as well as that of the Rural Department and Deputy Commissioner of Jhajjar and Kaithal. Besides being a senior officer, entitled to a spacious house, Khemka prefers to reside in a transit flat in Sector 19, Chandigarh. It is not for the first time that the DLF has found itself on the wrong side of Khemka. The DLF had the taste of the wrath of Khemka’s pen in 2004 also. The state government had acquired about 20 acre of panchayat land of Nathupur village in Gurgaon district for public purposes. Later the government headed by Om Prakash Chautala of the IN ...
Vanguard News shared the following link: Sunmonu is Country Chair, Shell Companies in Nigeria and Managing Director of the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC). He graduated from the University of Lagos in 1978 with a first-class degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. He joined the IT department of Shell where he held various roles.
The Loyola Science Center is designed to serve as the new home for all the natural sciences research and instruction at the University of Scranton. While its primary purpose is to house the existing Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics/EE departments and programs currentl... shared the following link and had this to say about it: BARLOWORLD bursary applications for 2013 now open for Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical), Supply Chain (Logistics), Information Technology – BSc Computer Sciences, Sales & Marketing details on bursaries and scholarships from over 30 companies with over 50 bursary...
Corey Rosemond is now connected to Beau Glover (Student of Computer Sciences & Digital Arts)
The iUSE School of Engineering and School of Management Sciences have been affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Taxila, says a press release. In this regard a ceremony was held at the UET, Taxila which was attended by UET, Taxila Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Muhammad Abbas Choudhary and iUSE Direct General Dr. Hafeez Ur Rahman along with professors of the university and iUSE. iUSE will impart education in the engineering disciplines (electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, and software) and Management Sciences (BS Computer Sciences, BBA, MBA). iUSE is situated at Malikabad Complex, Murree Road. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified faculty. At the end of the ceremony UET, Taxila vice chancellor congratulated iUSE direct general and prayed for the progress and success of iUSE.
Trinity College Dublin Excels in QS World University Subject Rankings Jun 29, 2012 Trinity College Dublin features prominently in the just published QS Subject Rankings 2012, with a top 50 ranking in four subjects and top 100 ranking in a further fourteen areas. The College’s leading 50 subjects include English, Language & Literature in 14th, place worldwide; 38th in History; 40th in Geography; and 45th globally in Politics & International Studies. TCD is ranked in the QS top 100 universities in the world in each of fourteen other subjects: Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Computer Sciences & Information; Economics & Econometrics; Education; Electrical Engineering; Law; Mathematics; Medicine; Modern Languages; Philosophy; Physics & Astronomy; Psychology and Sociology.
Radio Times: BBC Megabits series about Computer Sciences screens on Learning Zone (BBC2) at 4am Wednesday 4th July. 2012.
Atif Aslam has done Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences from the Punjab Institute Of Computer Sciences. He...
Engineer in Computer Sciences (m/f) - Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
About the Department of Computer Sciences Today we are in the information age. Computers are becoming essential in almost all activities of human life. Furthermore, with the decline in the price of computer hardware, organisations and individuals that could not afford to have computers some years back now can. However, the acquisition of the hardware is just one step towards computerisation. The most important step is to be able to use them properly, and it is this step that the Department of Computer Science has been taking. There is a pressing need worldwide for skilled computer scientists who will develop the necessary applications, administer computer systems, and decide the computer system acquisitions of organisations and automation processes in general. Institutions, enterprises, organisations and companies in all sectors, public and private, are directly or indirectly being affected by the overwhelming information flow around the world. The effect goes right down to small businesses and even to in ...
Mekelle University is located in Northern Ethiopia (Mekelle or Mek'ele, Tigray), at a distance of 783 kilometers from the Ethiopian capital city, Addis Ababa. It has three campuses within city of Mek'ele, Endayesus campus (Dry Land Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, Natural and Computational Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Veterinary Science), Adi Haki campus (Law and Governance, Languages and Humanities, Business and Economics), and Aider campus (College of Health Sciences). A fourth campus is under construction at Kelamino for the College of Veterinary Science. Mekelle University was established in May 2000 by the Government of Ethiopia (Council of Ministers, Regulations No. 61/1999 of Article 3) as an autonomous higher education institution having its own legal personality. The merger of the two former colleges created the University: Mekelle Business College and Mekelle University College. The two colleges have their own historical developments and relocations.
[JM-20763 ICT Computer Sciences 5/7/2012 2:29 PM] Don't Say 'Local' Say Jamaican - Please And Thankyou. I always try to avoid using the word 'local' in the way Jamaicans over use it. I have never heard a peole to stress out the word 'local' like Jamaicans. Nobody else. No where. To begin with Jamaicans have always tended to use the word 'local' in a derogatory manner. Jamaicans talk about 'local' this, 'local' that. I recall Jamaicans not wanting buy 'local clothes' or 'local shoes'. I am 'Brummie' that has shopped on the very posh New Street, Birmingham, England at Italian shoe shops such as Dolcis. Yet one the best pairs of shoes I have ever worn was hand made by a Jamaican craftsman at a little rudimentary shoe factory in the JIDC Industrial Complex on Duke Street, Kingston. A very short walking distance from Gordon House, Jamaica's House Of Parliament. So what does that tell you? We have the skills in Jamaica, but suffer from both poor political and corporate leadership? Is that not Jamaica's perenn ...
Is writting your passion? Do you want the world to know your views? Do you want an identity on world wide web? Do you want to say and make the world to listen? Write for EFO - Waves monthly magazine where you speak and the world listens. Mail your articles to us at saaibanswersYou can write on ANY TOPIC. EFO - Waves hosts 35 different categories which cover each and every topic. While mailing please mention brief info about yourself. Write on History and Politics. The sub categories are "History", "Politics", "Wars, Crime and Peace". Write on "Science & Technology". The sub categories are, "Astronomy", "Bio-sciences", "Chemistry", "Geography and Environmental Sciences", "Physics", "Gadgets", "Technology", "Mathematics", "Computer Sciences". Write on literature. The sub-categories are, "Ancient Literature", "Books", "Book reviews". Write on Sports. The sub categories are "Cricket", "Football", "Tennis", "Others". The "Take a Break" section. Write on "Culture", "Entertainment", "Religion and Spiritual ...
Computer Sciences grows at Troy U: Troy University is now recognizing one of the school’s more popular academic ...
Now extinguished fire leads to evacuation of UTC building ...: The Engineering, Math and Computer Sciences build...
Hey KENT STATE friends... I have a class question for you all. Have any of you taken Intro to Formal Logic or Intro to Computer Sciences? I need to take one of them to satisfy a math requirement... which should I take?
I just was listening to a recorded conversation of Ex Senator Santorum at a town meeting in PA stating that Public and Parochial schools in PA are horrendous; that is why I home school my kids. Recorded in 1993. I never say a team of parents educate their children better than the 72 diversified teachers on average any child will come in educational contact with in their 12 years of Classical Liberal Arts Education, not counting Specialized areas like PE, Technology Ed and Computer Sciences. I saw a Penn Professor rationalize home schooling and his kids are socially and physically inept.
Winner announcement: Infosys Prize 2011 for Engineering and Computer Sciences is being awarded to Professor Kalyanmoy Deb
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