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Computer Science

Computer science or computing science (abbreviated CS or CompSci) designates the scientific and mathematical approach in computing.

Computer Engineering Information Technology Software Engineering Information Systems Andrew Moore Civil Engineering Machine Learning

The North East has the highest percentage of STEM and Computer Science students in England
is Engineering and Computer Science career fair today! Visit us to learn about opportunities and…
I'm at College of Computer Science & Information Technology | University of Imam Abdulrahman AlFaisal
Today is last day of Fall Career and Internship Fair with a focus on Engineering and Computer Science. 1:30–4:30 p.…
Computer Science for ALL - Many States have required Computer science. Washington State is one of them offering...
MS in Computer Science or Post Graduate Diploma in Some Computer Related Field ? [4K]: via
Has anyone gone to school for Computer Science or Software Programming? If so, I could REALLY use your help with so…
It's important to practice programming skills for Computer Science independently outside of school/college; MG Tuit…
Astrophysics major? Biomedical engineering? Computer Science? No, Ethnic Studies. She will work out well at Starbu…
Mastering Physics/Computer Science/ Engineering is torture nobody deserves
Tenure-track Faculty Positions of Computer Science and Engineering-Shenzhen, China-Southern University of Science a
This is a very good thread. Computer Science != Software Engineering
Can you recommend anyone for this Dean of Engineering and Computer Science -
My students got to start Computer Science today with a surprise call from h…
I am the face of Computer Science for Wayne State University.
Two sciences tie the knot: Economics - Computer Science
I'll have a degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering focus) and a minor in Economics.
I have a BS in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science. I studied in the US.
College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management wins award.
Thank you 3rd year Information Technology and Computer Science students of Bicol University for attending our...
I have a Doctorate in Computer Science & Computer Engineering are you sure ?
This might be a great fit for you: Computer Science, Adjunct - OK
Vacancies for Research Engineers available: TDL funded Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Computer Science h…
I'm going for Computer Science with the Software Engineering concentration. After talking with the…
Work (@ Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur)
My life is over because of Computer Science & Software Engineering. I should have gone to med school. Girls do not enter this field nor HCI
Are you a Soph/Jun college student majoring in English, Education, Math, Physics, Computer Science, or Engineering?
• Required Bachelor’s degree holders in. Computer Science/ IT Engineering. • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in the...
Just found out I'll be graduating in November with a 1st Class Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with honours. Than…
“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."—Grace Hopper, computer scientist
He is going for computer science, programming
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Great tips for any teacher, far beyond computer science.
Bard College is changing attitudes toward computer science
These scientists took over a computer by encoding malware in DNA, reports
Diversity in classrooms matches the school. Race no longer determines enrollment in computer science.
School be like: exam week. My utak be like: reviewhin mo lahat ng subject math english science ap filipino mapeh computer . Me :…
I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysp...
A good career starts with a solid foundation. For computer science majors, that means higher earnings over a career.
Less than 1% of women enter computer science. Less that 5% into STEM. Women must get more into science, math, computers, t…
Some colleges have found ways to boost the number of women majoring in computer science, reports.
If you have to pull your data from a distant decade to prove women deserve to be shut out of computer science, miss me fore…
Fewer than 1 in 5 computer science graduates are women. I'm working to change that statistic.
You may have heard a load of BS regarding women in computer science this past week. So read this instead. 💪
Artificial Intelligence Identifies Plant Species for Science - Computer algorithms trained on
6 reasons why you should engage your kids in ICT summer programmes. 1. Computer science will…
“I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you.” via
Beep. Computer Science degree with ZERO programming skills/experience?
Hello, . My name is Youssef Metwaly, I am currently majoring in Computer Science at William Paterson University.
My new sounds: Aspen Science Center Intern - Daniel - Computer Science and Music on
Make a difference every day in Teacher: Computer Science - Madison Park Upper...
Delighted to be asked to speak at Computer Science in Action, Imperial College London, Nov. 9.
.6. Computer Science is the most employable course in Nigeria follow…
Dan earned a Presidential Scholarship from LCCC. He is pursuing his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering…
Lecturer in Computer Science (AI and Machine Learning) job with BIRMINGHAM CITY UNIVERSITY | Guard...
There are many merging points between Civil Engineering and Computer Science:
When your future says Bio/Chem, but your mind says Computer Science, and your heart says Engineering
▶ PhD Scholarship in Computer Science - Job Description A position for a graduate research assistant at a PhD s...
Visibility of Native American Women in Computer Science makes up 0.01% of Women in Computing. That is insane.
A 200-level Computer Science student of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State.
Keynote talk by Prof. Juyeon Jo, Ph.D. (Department of Computer Science, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA)
We are proud to support the Rutgers University Department of Computer Science and Robotics team with a donation...
PhD Scholarship(s) within Algorithms at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
Engg Lib 2 can be found at the DCS building! (Department of Computer Science) ❤
Patrick Callahan Family Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California, San Diego. She is (4/5)
The Department of Computer Science celebrates its 50th Anniversary on 31.8. Welcome to a Jubilee Seminar:…
Department of Computer Science is going to conduct the annual event XTC GOONJ 17| NTU
Interested in seeing where a degree in Computer Science can take you? .
I lucked out with "Find a Weird Niche in Computer Science and Become the One Guy in the Department Who Knows How to Do It"
P.G Department of Computer Science, University of Kashmir. . Internal assesment notice for MCA Batch 2015;...
Department of Computer Science presents CORPORATE CONNECT - DATA SCIENCE WITH PYTHON on 6 July 2017 at Christ...
. We have embedded four essential courses of Computer Science in our program as well: Dr. Tauseef Tauqeer(Head of ITU EE Department)
Hello!! I'm Nur Aini and I'm proud to be a part of Faculty of Computer Science, Department of…
Thanks to Pat Flynn for his efforts over the past year. Best wishes to him as Chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering 1/2
Name of University: University of Colorado-Boulder. Name of Department: Computer Science. Name of Professor: John K...
Name of University: Auburn University. Name of Department: Computer Science and Software Engineering . Name of...
Computer Science will be a leaving certificate subject option from 2018 and coding will become part of the primary mat…
The Department of Computer Science is hiring! Come work with amazing staff, students, faculty, & community partners
Once again, congratulations to the graduates of Batch 2017 from the UP Department of Computer Science!. Good luck...
Final year Computer Science department in Ozoro Poly. Got iNspired with this wonderful Varsity Hoodie.
If you visit the Department of Computer Science, University of York during our upcoming open days, you may see...
Technology is at today doing activities with the Computer Science department, touring campus, and hearing from !
CCHS 2013 Valedictorian Matthew Moua graduates from UC Davis with a BS in Computer Science and engineering.…
Stefanie Tellex has been named the Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor of Computer Science. Learn more at CS News: https:…
Why I didn't end up studying Computer Science or Engineering must be my love for Technical Drawing and Fine Art, Architecture was just it.
Brooklyn teachers getting seriously silly to celebrate last day of Intro to Computer Science series.
Meet Danielle Spahn, Contracts and Grants Analyst for the Department of Computer Science.
Prof. Zhong Shao of Yale's Computer Science department introduces the Cyber Forum audience to CertiKOS, a hacking-resistant…
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Shobhit University, Meerut invites applications for . "Summer Short...
Languages." Research Report 94, Department of Computer Science, Yale e by AD 1003 if not before was Via Biberatica (probably deriving fr
Since we are, can we get some more funding to the Computer Science department?
HS Teacher teaching Python . I'm the Computer Science department at my school and currently we only have Intro to …
Little Giant Ladders
Junto a Roel Wieringa, the chair of Information Systems at the Department of Computer Science at the University of…
LAN Night tonight at the Department of Computer Science
Name of University: Missouri University of Science and Technology. Name of Department: Computer Science . Name of...
.Chief Scientist Dr. Yeturu Aahlad donates shares to the Department of Computer Science
the goth professor who puts the "depart" in "Department of Math and Computer Science"
open-source-society / computer-science: 🎓 Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science! ★21735
Journal of Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering & Technology
The first batch of Computer Science engineers of Maulana Azad National Urdu University will be graduating this...
Mohammed Umar, a final year Computer Science student of Anambra State University, Ulli campus, was murdered by...
I'm committing to the Wentworth Institute of Technology class of 2021, majoring in Computer Science. That is all.
A great interview with Marvin Minsky covering his life, academia, AI and the early history of Computer Science
Graduate Tutor in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence Job at University of the West of England / United Kin…
Ranking at in the nation for Computer Science. I am happy to attain a college acceptance from the University of…
Congratulations to Devin Smith on her acceptance to Texas A&M Commerce, where she plans on studying Computer Science and…
Hey there! Any chance you guys might be looking to hire fresh Computer Science college grads with some Oculus experience?
Computer Science&IT (| industry makes nod at diversity with new award for women…
College of Engineering and Computer Science hosts the eighth annual Senior Design Project Showcase.
Earn an applied skills Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. Get started:
Currently Majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I have always loved computers and engin…
Researchers Work to Narrow the Gender Gap in Engineering, Computer Science via
This might be a great fit for you: Summer 2017 Co-op/Internship Engineering Systems - Computer Science -
Congratulations to our Computer Science team, who have won a Teaching Excellence Team Award
We 💓 Agnes Scott for great Math, Science (👍🏼great Pre-med) Computer Science (DD) , Bridge to Business with wonderfu…
Is there an equivalent of Shakespearian Tragedies for a “new” Computer Science course? explores…
Suffolk University is looking for: Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
Computer Science tutor Adam Rooney and his 14-16 College students in the 1st stages of building rocket cars for a c…
TITAS all the way 😇 (@ College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) in Kajang, Selangor)
Team of Electronics & Communication Engineering & Team of Computers of Computer Science & Engineering displayed...
March 1 is the last day to apply to UTM for the following programs: Computer Science, Commerce, Management, Life Science, Theatre & Drama.
Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Award is now open. Eco, Account,Finance,Actua Sc,Maths,Law and Computer Science.
[NEWS from MSc in Computer Science at UniGE]2017.02.28 – 03.02 – Crash course on Digital Forensics
Interested in Computer Science? is hosting hands-on workshops for high school students!
PhD Studentship in Applied Cryptography at University of Surrey in UK, 2017 | The Department of Computer Science a…
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer - Computer Science and Software Engineering: University of Western Australia - School of…
Women Thriving in Computer Science at California College: In a computer lab at Harvey Mudd College in California, a…
Something seems odd about the reviews for Harvard's "Introduction to Computer Science" class (CS50x). Th…
- What is the Notion of NLP in Computer Science vs. Biomedical Informatics vs. Informatio...…
To be fair, the number of Computer Science professors who are known in the broader science community? Zero.
Totally want to get to these in my Computer Science club! Just need the funding...of course.
Congratulations to Hannah Brown on her acceptance to Angelo State University to major in Computer Science!…
Abbrivation. FSc: Faculty of Science. BSc: Bachler of Science. MSc: Master of Science. ICS: Intermediate of Computer Science. Info by Ali Baba
Master of Computer Science by U. of Illinois on Coursera for only $19,200. . MOOC has really caused a disruptive...
Curating in my role as president of the S&T Academy of Computer Science, an alumni advisory board to the CS Dept.
Love this - Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Computer Science is learning Microsoft Word and computers program themselves.
Congratulations to Sarah Dieburg of UNI Department of Computer Science on her Woman of Innovation Award.
Can you recommend anyone for this Computer Science, Adjunct - OK
We're Read about our latest opening here: Computer Science, Adjunct - OK
International Journal on Foundations of Computer Science & Technology (IJFCST). ISSN: 1839-7…
Marketing Technologist job at Thomson Reuters: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Marketing, or related field…
After introducing all students to & during Computer Science week, Parents are ordering like crazy f…
Changing my major from Computer Science to Stay-At-Home dad.
There’s a new addition coming to the diploma line-up! In 2017, students can pursue a degree in Computer Science!
I have taken the position of Visiting Research Scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in the Department of Computer Science
Join us tomorrow for a special webinar and live chat with Maharishi University of Management's Computer Science...
George Washington Carver is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Box. Prior to this he was introduced to Michelangelo, who (1/3)
Mary Shaw: American software engineer and Professor of Computer Science at CMU
See our latest OK and click to apply: Computer Science, Adjunct -
uni life is so good as long as I dont leave things till the last minute. spending the day in the library's computer science section is amaze
Computer science lecture on heap and sorting by
Hamilton Collection
From what I can work out the college encourages existing students to take 1 computer science class & then they're hooked.
Huge Github list of Computer Science courses with video lectures
That's politics - not science. There is zero evidence of AGW; it exists only in computer models.
Just finished my first year of Computer Science at Uni . and I see that a lot of kids are super ahead of me alread…
🎓 Computer Science: Theory MOOCs starting this week! -
Calling big data analysts: we’re offering bursaries for the 2017 Wits Big Data Analytics honours class – apply
New ebook and online resources for arts, social sciences, computer science, and medicine.
Microsoft spends big to build a computer straight out of science fiction - Economic Times
A List of Computer Science video courses from data structure till Machine Learning
Free coding workshops in conjunction with Computer Science Education week
Hello, I'm new ! I'm intersted in computer science an deep learning for Information Retrieval specifically ! Hi everyone ;)
Studying and Make your degree work, with a career at EY in Read more: https:…
Marie Curie Research Fellow: University of Southampton - Electronics and Computer Science Salary: According to the…
spends big to build a straight out of science fiction - The Economic Times on Mobile
Thanks for reminding us that the primary qualification for human-like AI is Psychology, not computer science.
Exciting times... Microsoft Spends Big to Build a Computer Out of Science Fiction
There's a persistent in computer science and engineering. This could be why:
Computer Science courses with video lectures | Hacker News
Developer-Y/cs-video-courses: List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.
is great at Computer Science. He is pursuing the Civil Engineering though 🙃
Just graduated in Computer Science / Information Systems? Contact me for your next great job!
- Faculty Positions in Computer Science: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Tito Jackson urges students to be persistent and not give up on Computer Science classes.…
3) Amongst my Qualifications obtained :PG in Computer Science, Masters in Information Systems & Masters in Educ Technology
Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, is to join Oxford's Department of Computer Science
Royal Holloway, University of London is inviting applications for Computer Science scholarships. These...
Watch "Computer Science - Brian Kernighan on successful language design" on YouTube
What did Andrew Moore, who head of CMU's School of Computer Science say about the future of AI and robitics:
Job alert: Applications open for 2017 John von Neumann Fellowship in Computer Science at
Is your teen interested in Computer Science? This free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) taught through Harvard...
If Medicine, English, Classics, Molecular & Computer Science are of any use to Brexit? Farage is not university educated!
(PORTAL) Hello, and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center.
Back to uni tomorrow after like 15 months... 😭😭 Time to chase that Computer Science BSc Degree!
A collection of public debates in academic computer science.
i hate this class so much. it isn't teaching me anything about computer science. it's so frustrating but i NEED to…
Meet 100+ companies w/ jobs, internships and co-ops at today's Engineering, Comp Sci and Tech Career Fair!
My computer science work is so hard I'd rather workout
First midterm tomorrow. It's computer science. I'm probably going to fail.
How researchers are training computers to understand actions and behaviors -
I'm all for tech evolving, but removing the headphone jack is a price-cutting, dongle-selling, gimmick. Just a computer scie…
Just 18% of computer science graduates are women. I talked to about how we're planning to change that: https…
so for MIS is it basically like computer science — You take some computer science courses, business cl...
Congrats to for being awarded travel scholarship to Mat's getting his PhD in computer science
'Geek gene' denied: If you find computer science hard, it's your fault (or your teacher's) via
Today I had to explain to someone with a masters in computer science from U of M that you can't delete core files. Faaail to the victors
The next generation of farm workers from the 'world's salad bowl' is now helping grow crops with apps
"I wasn't passionate about programming but about what it enabled me to do".
If your students have outgrown Scratch, check out for more computer science challenges!
Quantum computer made of standard semiconductor materials
Labs chief Shane Wall shares his views on science fiction and tech reality. Read more: $HPQ
need help with computer science coursework, those with PCs please answer this survey it would help a lot
I have just met another computer science graduate who doesn't know what "coding" is. I'm depressed!
Only 25% of CA high schools currently offer courses.
The President wants every student to learn computer science. We're in!
to computer science with APIs, and microservices totally changing how coding happens.
Matt's also pretty technical, he's a doctor of computer science
Could we upload a brain to a computer – and should we even try?
Putting a computer in your brain is no longer science fiction
Don't have the mental durability for third year Computer Science tbh
Please help us in fundraising to help SSU students expand their education through computer science. Thanks!
Hillary's for our kids! She will work to modernize decrepit schools, expand computer science and STEM ed, & support…
We are hiring four tenure-track positions in Computer Science & Complex Systems here at UVM https:/…
The 1/2s at were busy learning Math & Computer Science w this morning in the library learning co…
My answer to As a 26 year old with a BA in Psychology, should I go back to school and get a BS in Computer Science,…
All right. Last year of classes so it’s tough. I just have senior level Computer Science classes left. Why’d you quit?
What is a distribution? By Allen Downey, Professor of Computer Science - Olin College
Amazon proudly announces new computer science bursaries for women at UK unis. Looks like there might only be ONE up for grabs each year. Hmm
A record year for CS, with growth among females and minorities outpacing the average!
BSc Computer Science, combination of studying mathematical and scientific designed to match employer needs within the sector
State-level contest focuses on enrollment in computer science
BSc Computer Science Graduates - time to start job hunting. I can help you!
.While doing MS in Computer Science, met Prof Seth Lyod, found his book "Programming the Universe", a refreshing non-…
I love reading old science papers. They're all "it took 1000h to do this on a computer the size of a room with less specs than your phone".
Meet Simi at symposium for computer science in sport. Attend session 3 & presentation of markerless mocap accuracy
2016 was another year of record growth for AP Computer Science. Read more:
Find free programs for your students & help them build computer science skills: http…
8th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering WCSE 2018 in June
7th International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering WCSE 2017 in July Wuhan
From Robotics to Compiler Construction; find out what you could learn on a MSc Computer Science course at Brookes -
Yes, that's the point of doing computer science weh.
oh my bad, it's AP Computer Science Principals
Computer science students fooled by Artificially Intelligent teacher that. answered the questions with 97% certainty.
Agree - our goal needs to be improving patient care and not just advancing medical informatics or computer science
Can this be used to teach computer science and coding at using
and Mike Hobbs presents a treasure hand to computer science students using
Mostly because of new CompSci bursaries at
. Why game teacher,math and science teachers are necessary in up basic department. Why not computer teacher and art teacher?
New job: Computer Science PhD Studentship in Machine Learning and Optimisation: Big data set shift and
I get admission in computer science
By 2020 women & minorities could miss out on 1.4 million jobs - hopes to change that
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Did you know only 18% of computer science graduates in the U.S. are women?
Women pushed computer science from the beginning forward but "lost influence" which need to be gained back.
Whether mandatory or not, hopefully we can agree that schools should at least *offer* a class in computer science.
.Computer science is the new Latin as it underpins the digital world the same way Latin underpinned analogue world
.Report recommended putting Computer Science on the National Curriculum
'The hardest problem in computer science is not being an opinionated jerk about everything.' --
Science, TLE, Math and Computer to go!! lez gaw
Congratulations Tomas Higgins, Global Winner in the Computer Science Category at the
Siri might get a dose of science fiction, as computer voice is hinted to be your new digital assistant https:…
Amazon to fund new bursaries for female computer science students at Churchill
Me after my first computer science class
compsci: Am a 2nd year computer science undergraduate,recently my University elected me to be the president o...
"This bus is equipped with WiFi.". Famous last words in a bus filled with computer science and security students.
Very liberating opinion from Andrew Moore, Dean of CMU’s School of Computer Science: No one can poach from CMU
Alhamdulillah got admission in MS Computer Science from International Islamic University Islamabad :) — feeling blessed
Hi Tatiana, our Computer Science dept has this program: We also offer Continuing Studies!
I should major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology!What...
The swimmer is also a Computer Science and Economics student at Grinnell College in Iowa – USA.
Elizabeth Allen wrote a new post, Robots emerging as agricultural co-workers, on the site School of Computer Science
"GenCyber HS Summer PGM" hosted by Computer Science starts today at 12:00 PM in Mechanical Engineering Center Lecture Hall 224.
Lecturer in Computer Science: Ulster University - School of Computing and Intelligent Systems Salary: Not specified
Classification and Prediction Analysis of Multimedia Data read at... Basic Computer Science.
Generalization of Object Identifiers and Class/Subclass Hierarchies read at... Basic Computer Science.
Aggregation and Approximation in Spatial and Multimedia Data Generalization read at... Basic Computer Science.
Multidimensional Analysis and Descriptive Mining of Complex Data Objects read at... Basic Computer Science.
First up Centre for Scientific Computing and Computer Science, Congratulations to all involved!
Hey, I'm using this. Basic Computer Science app. Join me, Download here :
characteristics of object oriented modeling read at... Basic Computer Science.
The 50 best computer science school UKIP
I really wanna become a khan academy fellow because I want them to do more courses on computer science
Update your maps at Navteq
Good luck Judoka Mateja Glusac (Computer Science) who is competing at the this weekend!
Design or Computer Science for sure, from a career standpoint at least. I guarantee you'd do fine with any though, so don't worry👍
A new course is ready for Sept 2016! BSc Computational Physics will work in partnership with organisations at
Computer Science Teacher in St Albans for Sept - St. Albans - A+ TEACHERS
Do you need any kind of help. Check the most popular
Stanford students share joys of computer science with girls
Excelsior students to teach computer science - Times Herald
Stanford has a course entitled "How to Start a Startup" as part of their computer science program. Here are the le…
I'll stand you that, and raise you youngest getting unconditional offer at Derby Uni (Computer Science) - No pic sadly!
TCP/IP protocol stack display board. Suitable for GCSE and A level Computer Science.
UR's master's in computer science ranked nationally - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Read about Computer Science graduate Steve Campbell from here . > .
Last day at the School of Computer Science today. Thank you for the lovely farewell!
"Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do." ~Donald Knuth
software might NOT be keeping your safe, and this is why?. Step by Step Guide To
Ieee 2016 project titles for me computer science
To: Eric Joseph Flores, B.S. in Computer Science. I want to stay up...
Today is the MINToring Symposium at where and will inspire girls to go into computer scien…
Are YOU a graduate of Computer Science/Engineering, IT or an equivalent course with at least 3…
Earlier this year asked us to take part in a Case Study to promote their Computer Science Courses.
You can do this in a number of ways. IBM chose to do all of them. Why do you find that funny? -- D. Taylor, Computer Science 350
R1. Region 1. or. Round 1. DD. Designated Driver. or. Daredemo Daisuki. CS. Consumer Software. or. Computer Science. or. Counter-Strike. or. CyberStep
you: shall i major in physics or computer science?. me: I havent developed object permanence because someone pushed my soft…
The 50 best computer science schools in the world
Graduated from Aston with a 2:1 in Electronic Engineering & Computer Science 💃 My God is too good.
Just for fun, I'm doing at Harvard. A great course for those who want to get their feet wet in Computer Science.
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