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Comparative Law

Comparative law is the study of differences and similarities between the law of different countries. More specifically, it involves study of the different legal systems in existence in the world, including the common law, the civil law, socialist law, Islamic law, Hindu law, and Chinese law.

Georgetown University Law Center

REPORT from the XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law, Vienna, 20-26th July 2014
On my way to Oxford, Brasenose for former Chair of comparative law Professor Bernard Rudden memorial.
Want to know the state law on who owns your record? Here's a chart from
After breaking 2 mowers and 1 weed eater in 2 years of mowing my own lawn, I should have listened to the law is comparative advantage..hire!
was fantastic discussing recent cases on physician assisted dying. Comparative const law at its best.
Frederic PELOUZE talks today in London at the British institute of international and comparative law event on collective redress
Sold again! Power! rank just dropped to: 971 for Religion. Amazing!
— a combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, and applied capitalism
This made me think of you pretty good comparative law
Row, row, row your boat ? On the law of comparative advantage
Michel Rosenfeld has been appointed a University Professor at Yeshiva University Congrats!
Comparative should ideally include the religious legal theories & not just common vs. civil. Also LOVED my civil law course!
Massachusetts comparative negligence law and bicycle helmet use: In our last post, we mentioned that failure t...
But we are better at mass producing babies. And Ricardo's law suggests we are better off sticking to our comparative advantage.
New! Research Handbook on edited by Matthew Finkin & Guy Mundlak
Transplanting the Law of Policing? – Comparative Legal Reflections on a Symposium with Barry Friedman
Does wearing 4 to 5 inch high-heeled shoes amount to comparative negligence in a workplace accident?
Reflections on the Supreme Court of Ghana (JCL Series in Comparative Law). S. Kofi Date-Bah.
Comparative Law on June 5 in Chicago 6 Professional Responsibility CLE credits available!
In Vol. 15, the Journal of Int'l & Comparative Law looks at Google v. Spain case:
Questions only answers comparative in transit to commercial law doff in regard to individualism: RjBaF
Originalism isn't widely employed in other countries jurisprudence, is that a mark against it?
OUT OF BALANCE: Defamation law in the EU, a comparative overview - IPI Report
A fair bit of international/comparative law analysis in majority decision
Originalism and Comparative Constitutional Law: One of the challenges often made to originalism is that so man...
A brand new guide to foreign, comparative and international law resources at IALS
Remedies against International Organisations (Cambridge Studies in International and ... -
Submission deadline for the 1st annual international and comparative essay contest is tomorrow!
Irish Society of Comparative Law conference - call for papers closing soon:
The last issue of the Comparative Law Review [vol. 4, 2 (2014) is out
Retain your emerging leaders – Send them to the Annual Academy of American & Int. Law:
One last FALQ - end of life/euthanasia laws. Not covered by the bioethics comparative law report:
my new, & first, article. comparative prison law / bringing the Charter to solitary, motherhood & harm reduction:
Multi-national corporations & firms: Send your emerging leaders to the 52nd Annual Academy:
Still have 2 more days to get abstracts in for the Irish Society of Comparative Law Conference
Dammit, I wanted to look further afield than Britain wrt comparative law, but I'm getting a gnawing fear about where is heading.
is looking for a Senior Research Associate in international, comparative & Australian refugee law
Electronic Technology and Civil Procedure: New Paths to Justice from Around the World ... -
Call for Papers: 15th BIICL WTO Conference: The British Institute of International and Comparative Law has iss...
Economics of social issues, comparative politics, administrative law, physical geography, and speech. Bout to be a rough…
LLM grads use their degree to learn the U.S. legal system, comparative law, & policy issues. Learn more at
Today at SLS: Join Nicholas Aroney for "American Federalism in Comparative Perspective: A View from the Antipodes"
Comparative law & Asian legal cultures scholars invited to apply to Li Ka Shing Professorship before 1 Mar 2015.
"...see no reason we can't make everything here at home". You fool; did u make your own car?. Study Law of Comparative Advantage.
"The New French Marriage in an International and Comparative Law Perspective" - Order article here
Looking for an LL.M. concentration in Comparative & International Law in Washington, DC visit
"Informal Care & Private Law: Governance or a Failure Thereof?" published in Can J of Comparative & Contemporary L:
"This article carries out a comparative, theoretical and policy analysis of European takeover law"
Taking Comparative law class and the only comparision i am doing is between me and boredom.
What's new this week in comparative public law? reports today
Questions alias answers comparative in passage to roman law renunciation horseback picture: lAnAY
The Use of Law in the Destruction of Indigenous Religions in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Perspective
Liner Conferences in Competition Law: A Comparative Analysis of European and Chinese ... -
Reviewing comparative constitutional law and the Supreme Court of the US.
LLM students: I've posted a reading for this upcoming week: Please check the post & have a read before we meet.
The Wikipedia page for "Comparative law" is shorter than the article on Transhumanism
"PhD researcher at the Centre for Comparative Analysis of Law and Economics" Serieus?! Wat vergelijk je dan? Appels met peren
Contemporary Issues on Public International and Comparative Law: Essays in Honor of ... -
Prof Osibajo Yemi is a member of the International Bar Association and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and
Figured out what I'm researching for my comm law to find a topic for my comparative politics paper. I shouldn't procrastinate.
But now it's back to reality and time for an hour of comparative public law to finish off my Monday ...
2 weeks to go - MT the most-cited Intl & Comparative Quarterly papers free:
Here's an extract from this document (written from an employer's pov):
Litigating the Right to Health: What Can We Learn from a Comparative Law and Health Care Systems Approach?
Highlights: Dual J.D. / Ph.D at Harvard Law and Harvard's grad school of comparative literature (6 years)
.It breaks fundamental law of effective comparative ads: Always put competitor on L, yrs on R. (We read L2R!)
EU Directives - Unfair Commercial Practices and the Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directives - but must go to national law!
The Graduate Legal Studies Colloquium with Prof Buxbaum who will talk about legal writing and comparative law. Room 122, noon.
to Principle of Legality in International and Comparative Criminal Law
Power's best seller status is solid for Religion! - See for yourself.
So glad I dodged the bullet that is comparative law😏 cheeky opt-out💁
Next semester, students can take Comparative Perspectives in Family Law, taught by international experts. Sign up now!
The second factor that renders oligarchic rule practically inevitable is related 2 the law of comparative advantage.
Reading Materials(W6) ("26." Nov. 2014). For NEXT lecture. Main reading will be Kahn‐Freund, Otto. "On Uses and Misuses of Comparative Law."
Respectfully disagree-law of comparative advantage means CONSUMERS benefit even if domestic producers dont.
David Ricardo postulated the law of comparative advantage as an argument for international trade.
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Hear from Susan L. Karamanian tomorrow at 10 am CT on Introducing the American Legal System:
Trying to have discussions on legal theory with my Law and Lit TA (who is a comparative literature major) is like head-butting concrete
Excited to introduce our new series: Comparative African Legal Studies @ the 25 CRC conference
Tomorrow at 10 am CT time – Final Part of the Academy Online: CLE
Senior Research Fellow in Development and the Rule of Law,The British Institute of International and Comparative Law,
Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and of the judgments of the ECtHR in national case-l...
: 60% in Hong Kong Back LGBT Protections - The paper, published by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law…
Comparative study of other equal professions is missing fromdebate | Post by on UK’s Legal Services Act
The inaugural issue of journal, Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law, launches this month!
University of Luxembourg: Associate professor in European and/or comparative Labour Law (Nommern, Luxembourg ... http:/…
What's New in Comparative Law this week??? Check it here
RTHK: Majority of people support *** rights law: The University of Hong Kong's Centre for Comparative and Publ...
Lgbt inclusion leads to economic development - Kees Waaldjik, Professor of comparative sexual orientation law
and conflicts of interest:Future prospects on A Comparative Law Approach http…
Intro to comparative politics, Russian, and law and disorder. I think im going to enjoy this semester. Not calc tho.
Latest edition of the Journal of International and Comparative Law
New Issue: Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law: The latest issue of the Cambridge Journal o...
How did I not get into Law, but got into Comparative World Religions?
Buy the smallest house on your street. The law of comparative value is a measure of homes in a neighborhood.
Another informative report by on "What's New in Comparative Public Law"
We are proud to announce that our Mining Law Guide for Pakistan 2015 has been published recently.
Pace Law School announces January 2015 intake for LL.M. programs in environmental law and comparative legal studies.
Digging into the Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia. There are forgotten foreign, comparative, and international law bibliographies therein.
Questions but answers comparative in canon law unshackle pertaining to specialty: nlTaE
Hot tea and a slice of cake makes this comparative law reading a little more tolerable. Wine would be even better though. 😂
Delighted to have a copy of the new Comparative Law book by Prof Mathias Siems
Dean: Diversity means exchange schemes. Go to Geneva over summer for int'l orgs, or to Alabama, US for comparative law.
Comparative Negligence in Massachusetts: A great number of car-accident cases hinge on a single word: negligen...
Im in love with my classes this semester:US Foreign Policy,Philosophy of Law,Comparative Politics,French&2 histories.Can it get any better?😸
At the law library reference desk, standing...and pondering types of foreign, comparative, and international law research data needed.
Great article on and obligations of by Dan Saxon in of international and comparative
There is a guy sitting next to me in my comparative law class shopping for guns on his laptop
Maybe I can make a foreign, comparative, and international law services pie chart?
The first short course, Law 714: Comparative Corporate Governance starts on Monday 9/1. Email the Registrar's Office if you want to add it.
Profs. Oscar Chase, John Ferejohn, Richard Stewart, and Joseph Weiler all contributed to this book -->
New book by Prof. Ran Hirschl - "Comparative Matters: The Renaissance of Comparative Constitutional Law"
New co-publication in "Comparative Law - Engaging Translation" edited by Simone Glanert. Check out chapter 10!
Providers may be required by state law to report charge data to the state dept of health. Learn about your state:
I'm in comparative law getting an overview of different legal systems.
Having comparative politics for an hour and a half followed immediately by business law for an hour and a half will eventually kill me
Our knowledge of Roman (Civil) Law & from 1st year has proved very useful for comparative contract law at
ok. I did comparative law in my LLB too covering France and US. Just wondered
Mark Tushnet's new "Advanced Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law" published by is a must-read: htt…
Prof Marketa Trimble presents report at International Congress of Comparative Law in Austria:
We publish a new article from Mr. Discours (in french) about a comparative view of anti-suit injunctions.
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Avail 10% discount on our top selling title Comparative Constitutional Law by D D Basu
.has just brought out International Comparative Legal Guide to Shipping Law. Chapter on Spanish law by SS&D http:…
Another interesting and informative report by about what's new in comparative public law:
Working on a research paper on "comparative analysis on Islamic shariah law, Christianity and Judaism"
even worse, the class is called Comparative Constitutional and Administrative Law!! im gonna get smart 8^)
for its comprehensive comparative legal guide on Construction & Engineering Law
European Law Institute present at the XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law
Comparative Company Law: Text and Cases on the Laws Governing Corporations in German...
The Right to Reparation in International Law for Victims of Armed Conflict (Cambridge Studies in International...
Latin American Truth Commissions: Confronting the Past - A comparative assessement of... | by
Short answer: because comparative advantage is a law.
Our new book explores whether litigation of health care rights is a force for good or evil -
My latest paper is being featured on the Neuroethics and law blog via
Comparative Paper on M&A: Transaction Structures, Law & Practice: Professor John Coates has a new paper titled...
Birkbeck (London) looking for part-time fixed-term Associate Lecturers. Comparative Law included.
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To mow or not to mow: law mowing, comparative advantage, and your time via
Foreign, Comparative, and International Law and Justice on Film and TV: An A to Z List - …
And straight on thereafter to book launch for Referendums and the European Union A Comparative Inquiry
From NEP-HPE: Diachronic and Comparative Reflections in the Matter of the concept of the Arrha: a Roman Law Notion lost in the Modern Sco...
Let's do comparative work and learn from each other,there can only be space for more law books-Prof.Mbote
Follow for the latest on the Indian Supreme Court, and important comparative law issues.
Much better mood because I've woken up to an email saying I've been accepted to do the comparative law project 😁
welcome to the debate. Scots law can flourish without UKSC using comparative law and referrals to ECtHR Strasbourg
Suggestions welcome! Here's the list of on comparative, and international by country
Comparative form of Ideal Gas Law… useful when comparing 2 conditions, contains all "simple" gas laws
My comparative study of Migration Law in Brazil, Spain and Portugal now in English
Delhi Born Scholar Becomes Dean of top US Law School - Washington: Sujit Choudhry, a noted expert in comparative c...
Dr Jens Scherpe elected Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law:
Sujit Ch, a noted exp in comparative const law, has become 1st Indo-American dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
Delhi-born scholar becomes dean of top US law school Sujit Choudhry, a noted expert in comparative constituti
Washington, July 2 Sujit Choudhry, a noted expert in comparative constitutional law, has become the first Indian-...
Codifying choice of law around the world : an international comparative analysis / Symeon C. Symeonides ; fore...
Following the ruling, I'm seeking business law majors who minored in comparative theology for my new consult…
British Institute of International and Comparative Law - Opportunities - Vacancies at the Institute
Law of Comparative Advantage. Cornucopianism. GDP growth. Christianity. And because I want Texas to secede, & annex Mexico.
One aspect of this morning is how valuable comparative law approaches are. Something & books stress as does
If you wanted to understand the internal law governing 10 different christian denominations, good (though $$$) book:
Question: is anyone doing comparative law, coming second year? :)
For the latest developments in comparative constitutional law, look no further:
Mohamed Arafa, SJD '13, speaks on Islamic law issues in Paris & Canada & is appointed to Comparative Law group.
The Republic: The comparative advantages of the rule of law and of a person are considered, and the decision given in favour of a ...
Welcome to the 6th Sino-Finnish International Seminar on Comparative Law
All jurisprudence uses conclusions of comparative history of the law. A.A. Piontkovsky
Indian-American named dean of a top US law school: An Indian-American expert in comparative constitutional law has been named the dea...
Scaffold Reform doesn't take away right to sue, just provides for "comparative negligence," like almost all law suits.
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check out the recently published 8th edition of our Network's Comparative Analysis!
I hate studying comparative so atleast constitutional law is interesting.
The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law awards each year a certain number of van Calker scholarships with the aim...
In Georgia, the state does not require provider charge data to be made public. Learn more about your state:
Africa: When Comparative Law Became a Focus in Africa: [Daily Trust]Lagos -Seen as capable of engender...
The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Lending & Secured Finance 2014, 2nd Edition --... | by
Tom Coolican LL.M. ’15: From the pro rugby field to LL.M. in International and Comparative Sports Law
Duncan Matthews is speaking on the and 13 May 2014 . and .
Thanks for my desk copy of Comparative Constitutional Law!
Congratulations to ColleenFlood & on the publication of new book on health rights; honored to be involved ht…
Prof Lionel Bently - EU case law suggests all comparative ads in Europe take advantage of subject mark's reputation.
What's new this week in constitutional law around the world? Check out Mohamed Abdelaal's post
Finally got to meet an absolutely brilliant and inspirational Jamaican scholar doing amazing work on comparative constitutional law *^_^*
Spent the wknd at the fantastic and intellectually stimulating Cambridge Journal of Intl & Comparative Law Conference
to e-Study Guide for: The Global Workplace: International and Comparative Employment Law - Cases and...
Plea Bargaining in National and International Law: A Comparative Study: Plea Bargaining in National and In...
* Is Annexation of Crimea Legal? * Contrast with Iraq War JOHN QUIGLEY: Professor emeritus of international law at Ohio State University, Quigley dealt with conflicts between Ukraine and Russia arising from the breakup of the USSR on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He recently wrote the piece "Finding a Way Forward for Crimea," for the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law. He said today: "The annexation is probably legitimate. There were issues with the referendum, but it's a fair representation of the will of the people living in Crimea." FRANCIS BOYLE: Boyle is a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. His books include Foundations of World Order (Duke University Press: 1999). He said today: "U.S. officials are condemning Russia for annexing Crimea after a referendum. I personally thought Russia should not annex Crimea, but it's ludicrous for U.S. officials to be attacking Russia's actions. Consider their record in backing bombings in ...
For those who think that Russia will stop on Crimea here is what could happen if we won't react ! ""The next step is Moldova and the whole Ukraine, and all the other lands of the Soviet Union. Russia gathers together, as always. (...) Renews the spiritual and military power of Russia in all its glory. And Alaska be back, and the Baltic countries, and Poland, and Finland - this is after all Russian lands "- wrote on his profile on FB Dr. Roman Kokorev, working in the Council of Europe and the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law at the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation.
Ignorant public. They hv no idea the history & comparative cost if schools are not mandated to follow SpEd Law.
IPAN, in association with DAAD, will very shortly announce a scholarship for one student to attend the US-German Summer School in International and Comparative Law 2014. This world class summer school is organised jointly by Wisconsin Law School, Marquette Law School and University of Giessen. Keep following this page for the announcement...
Over Maggie Xiao fills us in on what's new in comparative law:
Program: International and Comparative Law (LL.M.) - The American University in Cairo - Acalog ACMS™
UW offers a month-long Comparative Law & Politics program in Italy this August... for a second I forgot I have to graduate.
Competition Law and Policy in Japan and the Eu
Law in Times of Crisis: Emergency Powers in Theory and Practice (Cambridge Studies in International and Co...
BRITISH INST OF INTERNATIONAL & COMPARATIVE LAW: Research Assistant (Citizenship Education and the Rule of Law)
A really good book to read, it consists of articles concerning comparative public law (Constitutional, =
I have a Scottish 1 for Comparative Legal History :/RTI still find it odd that I have an American lecturer for Constitutional Law.
A Comparative Law Perspective on How to Defeat “Major Public Enemy” Perspective (press release) The...
Second Witch Thrice and once the law; for he was poor, and the. examples Of every beardless vain comparative, Grew a companion; away. !
I'm fed up of this reading. It isn't interesting at all. Comparative Family Law just isn't for me.
Interesting analysis on temp and fixed-term work
Have a comparative law question for us? Submit request at Here's a recent example
STUDY: LLM in European and Comparative Law at the beautiful University of Limerick, Ireland.
I was gunna say how can you not know answers but you didn't do comparative law did you 🙈 lol
Interesting comparative law article by in J: "How Law Made Silicon Valley."
Prohibition to use comparative fault in the consideration of damages calls for reform of the
in Islam, Professor M Hashim Kamali. Interesting for those studying Comparative Law
Questions otherwise answers comparative in contemplation of statute law the goods straddle-legged way: gIchX
It was a comparative Law class btw...
Methodically which is the thoroughgoing the exactly alike tiresome work aura law-abiding all one comparative en...
Teach a man to fish... because the law of comparative advantage is a liberal myth. Work harder, not smarter.
Another world renown figure in international sales law and comparative private law, Professor Ingeborg Schwenzer...
JOB: postdoc in criminal justice at University of Minnesota Law School
FREE ACCESS: The Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law. Activate your free access now in 4 easy steps.
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Compensation Culture, Comparative Tort Law Reform in the 21st Century: University of Limerick, 23-24 May 2014
Comparative advertising in the a perspective -
Check out for Angelique Devaux's report on "What's New in Comparative Public Law":
Foundational facts, relative truths : a comparative law study on children's right to know their genetic origins.
DCRA charges the fee set by law. For comparative purposes, MD is $300 for one year.
The Journal of Comparative is free to read online for a limited time. Browse the newest issue here:
Theme: "Stepping Away from the State: Universality and Cosmopolitanism in International and Comparative Law"
I wish I was as quick with Comparative Law work as I am at chicken puns.
MT Access the most-cited Intl & Comparative Quarterly papers or mobile
Warmest Congratulations to Dr. Alice Donald on a successful and robust defence of her PhD Viva yesterday, where she was awarded a pass with no corrections. This is an outstanding achievement and fantastic news for Alice and her supervisors Phil Leach and Elvira Dominguez Redondo. The title of Alice's thesis is "The implementation and impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 in the UK'. We will of course organise an Inaugural Doctoral Lecture in due course. The External Examiners yesterday were: Brice Dickson, Professor of International and Comparative Law at Queen's University Belfast & Luke Clements, Professor of Law & Director of the Centre for Health and Social Care Law Cardiff Law School
Selling following BIEMF books: Principles of Corporate Finance, brealy Myers Allen Investments and portfolio management, Bodie Kane Marcus, An introduction to public Law, giuseppe franco ferrari, An introduction to Comparative Law, Zweigert Hotz, The italian constitution, by Frosini Justin, Computer skills for economics, and the Economic History ones for the first year ( Persson and Cameron Neal) All Half price.
eto pa isa sa matino senador noon. too bad namatay. Raúl Roco was born in Naga City in the Philippine province of Camarines Sur, the son of farmer Sulpicio Azuela Roco and public school teacher Rosario Orlanda Sagarbarria. Roco finished elementary school at age 10 from Naga Parochial School, and high school at age 14 from Ateneo de Naga. He graduated Latin honors|magna *** laude from San Beda College in Manila with a degree in English at the age of 18. Later, Roco received a Bachelor of Laws degree (also at San Beda College) and was the college's Abbott Awardee for Over-All Excellence. In the United States, he studied Comparative Law as a University Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, while also enrolled at the Wharton School|Wharton School for Multinational Studies. He was the president of the National Union of Students of the Philippines in 1961 and was named one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines in 1964. His wife Sonia was the Most Outstanding Student that same year. As a result ...
Egypt gov is currently undertaking a comparative study of new demonstration law with counterparts in other countries
Comparative Law presentation will be interesting if I can ever get it done.
“In Denmark, it’s not against the law to escape from prison.” 😳 comparative follows us
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I wonder how my Chinese fellows at Comparative Law cope with such concepts as human rights, judicial review and protected freedoms
Luping Zhang LLM '14 gives "An Informal Comparative Study of US Law and Chinese Law" on the blog
One of my favorite places to check for comparative law publications - Kees Waaldjik's webpage:
Comparative law and hot chocolate. Sometimes, life's good. .
A nice tool for comparative constitutional law:
Comparative advantage is a law tho, real growth depends on it. In physics see
(Not) All roads lead to Rome: A report from MEPLI Talk with Lars van Vliet – “Double Sale in Comparative Law”:...
Harvard Law School: International and Comparative Law @ I wish my dream is fulfill , please Lord.
Påtes de Chocolat is the most obscene snack but oh-so-good. Three hours of comparative law coming up.
Today’s Question: What are comparative negligence, proximate cause, and intervening causes?: Reno, Nevada...
Dann: The Law of Development Cooperation: A Comparative Analysis of the World Bank, the EU…
Do I have to have two years experience in order to apply for MJ? and I already have LLM in international and comparative law.
Cyber Warfare and the Laws of War (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative -
Halfway through my Comparative Law coursework with a month to go, pleased with that! :)
I was asked by my professor for some Philippine law cases to put in his comparative constitutional law casebook. any suggestions? :)
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why r u comparing? . Law is not on comparative scale it's absolute. If Modi isr wrong doesn't make right
Only need to know that they *are* harmful, and law can deter their use.Objective ratings of comparative harm impossible.
Intro to Law, International Law, International Relations, Comparative Ananlysis, Public Speaking and Debate, Visayan History are killing me
Columbia was among the first schools to establish both comparative and international law centers.
I think you'll do much better than I'm doing in comparative law tbh XD
Law,politics and the Administration of Justice Canadian Cases,comparative Perspectives ...
Switching my comparative law paper topic to focus on biblical law and capital punishment was such a good idea.
UD International, Comparative and EU law, LUC The Hague, fulltime: LUC seeks to expand its science profile wit...
"The World Universities Comparative Law Project. This project is under the supervision of Professor Philip Wood...
Register for LATAXNET's annual Latin America Comparative Tax Law Webinar to be broadcasted on Friday Nov 22, 2013 be…
An interesting comparative story from the WSJ re the "Dental Education Crisis" of half a generation ago. Lessons?
ARTICLES: Arthurs on Legal Education and Smith on Peter Birks and Comparative Law.
Legal development and comparative law: Selected essays for the 11th International Congress of Comparative Law = Ev
comparative law English and American common law, differences
Go further with a career in International Law:
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In all my years of education I can honestly say studying comparative Law has to be the most painful topic I have ever injured in my life.
Carson on Restoring Law in Comparative Law and Economics via CrimProf Blog - Lindsey D. Carson ...
The journal Frontiers of Legal Research publishes articles on any topic of legal scholarship relating to international, comparative law, etc
*** yes!!.. "Comparative Law in a Global Context: The Legal Systems of Asia and Africa"... Kite flying at its best.
Chinese Journal of Comparative Law Another Open Access journal added to JournalTOCs
Finished my summer course on comparative law at the University of Luxembourg today, very interesting but tiring 3 weeks!
Open access to Analysis in English of Mexican law and by Mexican scholars of c…
Professor Asad becomes International Academy of Comparative Law's first member from Pakistan:
Prof. Michael Green elected associate of the International Academy of Comparative Law.
Today 5.30pm: Medical Devices in the EU & US at British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 17 Russell Square, WC1B 5JP
.You saved an Asian Journal of Comparative Law article for the same reason you follow - boundless intellect.
Why did I have a PDF of an article from the Asian Journal of Comparative Law on my hard drive?
Nazi Firearms Law and the Disarming of the German Jews Stephen P. Halbrook(1)   17 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, No. 3, 483-535 (2000).   We are in danger of forgetting that the Bill of Rights reflects experience with police excesses. It is not only under Nazi rule that police excesses are inimical to freedom. It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard for the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy. It is too easy. History bears testimony that by such disregard are the rights of liberty extinguished, heedlessly at first, then stealthily, and brazenly in the end. --Justice Felix Frankfurter(2) The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. --Adolph Hitler(3) Gun control laws are depicted as benign and historically progressive.(4) However, German firea ...
Sen. Chiz Escudero obtained M.S Degree in Int'l and Comparative Law at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C
Legal Tradition in a Diverse World — Cambridge: The Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law wil...
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Comparative Law and Economics (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series, 170): This is...
The Rule of Law in International and Comparative Context: "If the daunting challenges now facing the world are t...
Found this by chance in the UEA library last night. Funnily enough this sums up my Comparative Law project due next week.
Tea. Ready. Toast. Done. Ok Im ready for exam. Bring it on comparative commercial law!
Gun advocates won a big victory today
How to properly washed your hands amayamarissa katrine_p @ Wolff International and Comparative Law Library
Congratulations, Michigan! RTW is on its way to be signed and your workers will no longer be FORCED to belong to a union as a term of employment. Maybe WI can say the same some day :)
A Comparative Study of Woman's Status in the Bible and the Holy Quran We are trying to compare the woman's status as seen in Christianity and Islam. The sources are mainly the Bible, the Holy Quran, and the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammaded (S.A.W.). Christianity (Bible) "When the woman (Eve) saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband (Adam), who was with her, and he ate it...Then the man (Adam) and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, "Where are you?" He (Adam) answered, "I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid." And he (God) said, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?" The man said, "The woman (Eve) you put here with me- ...
Electoral law: basic building block of our democracy. Parts inconsistent with intrnatnl standards.
Today, Michigan's legislature is considering Freedom to Work legislation, giving workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union. They won't be forced to pay union dues if they don't want to, and they won't lose their jobs because of it. And if they want to pay dues voluntarily, they have the freedom to do that, too.
Nasser Kandil wrote between morsi and al assad President Mohammad Mercy boasts of being president by a popular revolution came and addresses of President Bashar al-Assad as president facing a revolution Vmaho scale? Question, of course, affects moral legitimacy granted by President Mercy right to claim that it expresses the will of the people and the indictment of President al-Assad versa? Today became possible to conduct comparative standards of democracy coldly nerves outside the framework of verbal bullying. The president arrived Assad elections and a referendum might be said which anything but witness faithfully to that moment of the history of Syria realizes that opponents were more than Brown hopes on President Bashar al-Assad, regardless of how long those hopes and axes and themes but certain that the standards of most democracies transparent form Assad the moment of massive popular with Syrians in arriving for the presidency. Mercy came on the shoulders of popular protests toppled former President ...
Comparative law literature has yet to congeal into a "discipline" proper, that is, into "a shared body of information and theory". C. Valcke
Prof. de Londras spoke at a joint AACL/UNSW event in Sydney today on recent developments in judicial review:
This was tonight's event but the main reason for my trip to Sydney is this conference Thurs & Fri
Come enhance your legal interpreting and translation skills in this hands-on one day workshop conducted by this world-renowned trainer and consultant. This interactive, information-packed worshop will cover the following topics: Characteristics of Legal Language, Comparative Law (with emphasis in Co...
Long shot, but does anybody know of any comparative articles of the law before companies act 2006 and how ss.39-40 changed it?
Latest issue of International and Comparative Law Quarterly free online for a limited period:
At Class A 3/1 - Exam of Comparative of Civil Law - Anybody knows the principle of precedence in English system of law?
Day 16! Symposium for law students (and a few others) on laws relating to gender violence: CEDAW, Indian laws and a comparative perspective.
You can do it! At least you don't have to write a comparative law paper about re: France and religious discrimination. 20pgs.
Handout from my Comparative and International Law professor... If I can't use Wikipedia for my legal journal
The following comment arrived in response to our previous posting: One can only infer that what was planned was a showcase illustrative of a program of academic collaboration (Minerva) between Germany and Israel. It was turned into a paranoid intervention by Security(!) officials and now by your equally embarrassing approval. This failure to honor a performance of academic fellowship deserves condemnation, not defense. The intervention is an insult to Netanyahu, and to the rest of us. For a change, you should be on the other side! Professor Elihu Katz Professor Katz is correct to state that Minerva is a collaboration between Germany and Israel, but would like to say we disagree with him on a number of other points. We demonstrated many times, the program -mainly under influence of Adi Ophir,- has became the center of radical critical scholarship whose goal's seems to be to tarnish the image of Israel which go beyond legitimate criticism of the state's policies. Ophir and many of his disciples specialize i ...
As am originally political science graduate and have studied constitutional law for 4 years as well as comparative …
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