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Community Building

Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighborhood) or with a common interest.

City Hall Green Drinks

A8 Don’t stress if you see low metrics. Social and community building is a process that take time and dedication.…
Love this! Building Blocks for a Healthy Lifestyle by Juice Plus:
An excellent article by on the building of Shreveport community through the success of https:…
Sunday May 29th is the World Partnership Walk in Victoria put on by Building community resilience to address glob…
Iona Christian community in 'serious jeopardy'
yep. Also, apparently there’s a big still active community that likes building stuff in that version of radiant?
We're building this online community for you. Join the movement at
Today I can proudly say, this club plays a big part in community building
Join a community where building YOUR brand and increasing YOUR value are
A by the has been imposed on the saving the community building from privatisation! https…
The Art of Community Building. Build Team success with Community dynamics >
Join today for 'The Importance of Community Building in Today's Biz'
Day 2 of DevCon, Kashmir starts with Community Building, by
.Community Building is key to organizing effective efforts.
CHWC wishes a Happy Birthday to Steve Curtis, our Director of Community Building and Engagement. Thank you for...
- Holiday Bazaar scheduled for Sunday at Community Building
The Ashe team is now on location in Tivoli Gardens for the Community Building project!
Love is about sharing yourself, building your community, empowering your society.
A social movement is ongoing with the Story in film http:/…
New details on how the 343 team built the 5: Guardians campaign.
Cinema first look for Halo 5: Guadians via:
Best practices for building a playbook:
Pride and excitement are building in Huntington as our community marches forward to become America's Best Community.
Step 2 are vendors learning and building from that community. Build for use cases.
A nonprofit community center is building an urban farm, education facilities, and a cafe on a vacant lot in Berkeley.
Building an Epic Campaign – the latest Halo 5: Guardians dev blog from
Great to see a thriving, independent, regional building society create a feeling of pride amongst staff, membe…
Building community on campus and beyond is vital to our success
It's finally here! This is the week of our Building Community Day! Are you ready? See you Thursday!
Interact club today!! There will be free pizza if you want to join! Building 6 room 107! You can earn community service hour…
Hi we raise tax-deductible 💰 for our partners=>participative nonprofits building individual & community resili…
sadly, we've cancelled this month's month's update. You can learn more + ask questions at ((hugs))
.is building a community around on of our favorite things, podcasts! Check it out on ListHunt today:
You cannot achieve peace by preparing for war, you cannot build a human community by building mass armies.
Building Life Success for Girls! Let's talk about building an effective program for girls in your community.
May I have your to reference this link in my book on marketing?
Today, we pray for our law enforcement community & families & recommit ourselves to building a city of peace. http…
Honoured to have won the Student Leadership Award in Community Building at the Student Life Awards!
Meet us today at Radical Resistance. Resilience Community Building & Engagement event.
KIPP gets ACF Community Building grant: KIPP Delta Public Schools in Helena has been named a recipient of the ...
We're hosting a meeting on the Heritage Trail & open spaces in NWA Monday, July 20, 5-7 pm at the Community Building.
How to Get Started Creating a Plan and Building a Community
Fabulous Fourth of July message about building community; Thank you and
Love is about building your community, empowering your people, intensifying the spirit of political freedom.
Are you building a career in digital? Here are some inside tips from our digital team -
States always pick and choose exercise of power. The entire project of building a political community has always been selective.
Those are probably the best avenues. Ideally, with enough regular content you can start building a community.
Focus on McGary Middle School in Evansville IN! Great community building & collaboration.
Stephen Harper has lost the faith of the business community, maybe he should start building a pipeline memorial statue
Just wanted to say well done to all for organising today. Great chance to open the club to the community. Keep building!
Removing a symbol of racism from a government building is a community service not a crime!
. Community building. Live off the grid. .
“How Tribe Wanted is building a startup community in Bali” by
Bodybuilding News: Best Bodybuilding Products: Thus, as long as you're burning fat, you will also be building ...
Have you heard of the new website our community is building? Learn more and help us finish it at
Tune in to July 7 for advice on building feat
Online retailers, promoters and publishers of new building a community of book lovers. All round enthusiasts.
Starting off day building to make community better w/
Shelf life: how libraries are building social cohesion via
Taking a step further: Networking and building.
Three people stuck in an elevator at 380 Murray St., an Ottawa Community Housing building.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Leadership Award to PC Khan 4 building bridges with Somali community ^Bobbili
As kicks off the 2015-16 year, we thank our members for building a better community in 2014-15.
Building owners reminded to submit extension plans
Pressure is building to overturn a decision to evict a man from his family’s “ranch”
Piece by piece we are building the to support our Join our ever growing community.
Spent the entire day outside w/ regrounding ourselves in relationships, community building and joy.
the Building Your Online Community is here! More information here:
Rebel Gaming is building its in game presence and community! All ages welcome, all console & PC...
Leader Networks CEO, Vanessa DiMauro shares case studies & actionable steps for building a great online community:
Are Black Women the Solution to Building Wealth in Their Community? via
Reasons why building a culture of is important for any organization:
Check out Disability in Fandom, Inclusivity in Fandom, and Building a Company, Building a Community starting at 9:30am!
So many like & teach us to focus on building "community". Why?. Because accountability, education go hand-in-hand.
Thank you Muskingum Traditions 4H Club for cleaning at our Building (Putnam Ave) as their community service project!
You alone can greatly reduce the effects of chemtrails in your community by building your own cloudbuster
Join me in an event building community honoring women & showing what's possible
I’ve been reading the and hashtags and loving all the writing and community building that …
Community Building: Miranda *** a "born UU," will be sharing her passion for making connections at the 11...
Vendors...I am at the Community Building...turn into Bunner Ridge Park and drove up to the top to the blue...
The Hardin Memorial Hospital Community Health Fair is today! Stop out to the Community Building at the fairgrounds from 9-2 today.
Community Building: A Roundtable Conversation. Tonight 6-8pm Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice hosted by...
City closes new section of greenway, Community Building's park for improvements: The closure includes the park...
Check out all our past speakers on - speaks on Community Building & Successful…
Community Building / Networking... for everyone in the community events here...
Our January newsletter features Green Drinks, Resilience, Community Building, & Check it out/sign up!
The newsletter for ft Green Drinks, Resilience, Community Building & events! Check it out/sign up:
It's a bit chilly here in Coatesville but the cold is no match for the decorating elves as the town is preparing for this weekends' Christmas in Coatesville festivities. The shops are filled with lots of unique and handcrafted items and are serving refreshments throughout both days. In addition to the DOWNTOWN SHOPS Festivities , the Community Building will be filled with ARTS/CRAFTS BOOTHS this Saturday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. The Town Christmas Tree lighting will take place at 6:30 pm this Friday. All are invited to share in this holiday season kick-off. Enchanted Journey has established normal business hours as follows: Wed. & Thurs. 10:00-5:00 Fri. 11:00-6:00 Sat. 10:30-3:30 Stop in and say "hello" to owner, Lorri Knapp, and browse the unique items Enchanted Journey has to offer. A special appreciation is extended to our Town Board this week for getting the Christmas Lights up. It was a very cold time but the job was finished and the downtown looks lovely. Many Thanks to all those involved. Coatesvi . ...
Mark your Calendar. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for THIS coming Monday at 5:30 PM. The location has CHANGED. We will be holding the meeting in the Community Building, which sits just North of City Hall. You can park in the City Hall parking lot.
***Update on the Old Thyme Radio Daze Event*** September 18, 2014 4:00pm-8:00pm *KLMJ/KQCR will be having a live remote broadcast from 3pm-6pm *Face Painting *Old Time Radio from 5-8pm at the Wellsburg Historical Foundation *KSPP Quilt Show at the Community Building from 5-8pm *Participating Businesses So Far* Barn Stahl Petting Zoo/Flower Farm Brick Bungalow Shabby Shack The Wellsburger Bernd's Pond People Savings Bank Wellsburg Public Library People Savings Bank will be having games on their sidewalk in front of the bank. The Wellsburg Community Club will also be having games across from the City Hall. We will also have a booth where you can learn more about what we do and where your membership fees go! There will be a vendor/craft show from 4-8pm in the Community Building and booths are $20 please contact Shelly Stahlberg Schafer or myself to reserve your spot! We hope to see you all out at this event! All businesses will be open late so come on out and support our community!
Rivers Bridge will give a program for the Ehrhardt Schuetzenfest on Saturday, August 16 at 8:00 am. It will feature Jerry Morris, long time educator from Barnwell. Jerry will act as Frank Mixson, a local boy who served in Lee’s army in northern Virginia. Meet at the Community Building. The program will be followed by a short tour of the battlefield. Admission is free. 803.267.3675.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Very excited about the 4x days ABCD/Community Building training I'm facilitating in Central Lancashire over the next two weeks
Craving some cookies? Bake sale in the Community Building until 4 pm today!
(ron’s note – i have never been able to find “ANYONE” that remembers this. It was located where the Higbee Post Office is now located. All i can remember is a set of concrete steps there before the post office. B.F Andrews had a 3-story Mercantile Store or the corner just east of this, until it burned down in the disastrous fire of 1946. Mr. Andrews donated the corner property to the city for a new one-story Community Building to be built. Which is now being owned and lived in by Ronald Rennolds, the Insurance man.) 31 May 1951—CIVIC PRIDE BRINGS HIGBEE ANOTHER PRETTY DOWNTOWN SITE…. Andrews Park Will Be An Asset To Higbee--- It has been most encouraging to those responsible , to hear the comments , by those who make Higbee their shopping center , and visitors , who appreciate a pretty site instead of an eye-sore at the rear of the new City Building . Here is a brief history of this promising beauty spot : Last fall Higbee Merchants donated the funds that enabled general cleanup of t ...
Learn the Psychology of Community Building in this interview w/ author
It's not EDC, but it'll do. @ Hudson County Community College: Culinary Arts Building
Great article about potluck capitalism. from
hey coach my graduation party today is at the Grandview community building at 6.
This was so fun: . Shout out to at the end there.
Lamar Wilson and Lafe Taylor talk PheevaWallet, Potluck Capitalism, and Building Community with Bitcoin...
|We're on our way to building a great community based Bitcoin marketplace. So would you like to receiv...
My answer to What are the challenges and problems in building a startup community/ecosystem in Kathmandu Valley?
Great turnout at Liberty Grace community bbq in Liberty Village. So many residents building community in LV.
Likewise! Here's to building community through art.
Leaderless Community Building-the Gangsta Plan - . I think that it was last year or perhaps the year...
Check out Literary Citizenship blog for the kind of community-building we hope for at
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Dr. Atkinson addresses parking concerns around new arts building
At my community college, there was a statue of a parliament of owls outside the main building.
We are building a worldwide Filipino Business to Business and Business to Filipino Community Network. Be apart of...
We're building a new Community Garden in Nelson Park today!
Platform for community building, where people from Europe can connect based on political views
Come to my graduation party! 2-4 at the neponset community building!(:
He definitely wasn't community building - lots of shots of him & relatives on camels near pyramids of Giza.
Marion Carassou-Maillan on building the immersive VJ community
Grad party is 2-6 at the community building and there is tons of food! 😁☺
Sign this petition to save the historic building of in Midland Road,
I agree with that, and such things are important for interfaith dialogue and building community relations.
Omaha: we want to continue building the startup community. Come get some free help with your local startup:
Our Gr9 students were tasked with designing, building and wiring a scale model home for a fictitious community. Sci/Math project!
Finished building my glass treefarm in survival community on the S.C Forums
April gets paid to do a running club for Nike, community building/PR stuff...she is showering then I'm taking her
Today's my graduation party at the Prairie City Community Building from 2:00 to 5:00. Would love to see everybody there!
"Building community by spreading joy, optimism, and inspiration" love your message !
If we had a soul mate would be it! Support their Kickstarter to grow community by building Elder Hall!
Artist Ernest Zacharevic giant village mural in KL:
I read this and went Amen! It is absolutely spot on with what I believe needs to happen, building an active civic... http…
Thanks! I'll put it on the bib we'll build in the "Building DH Community on Campus" session after lunch!
TfL saying "instead of building mobile apps, let's open our data and let the community pave their own cowpaths" was interesting, BUT...
a great support for blogger community building! This fab conference is a good start for thinking bigger :)
Hello. We are looking forward to building this account to benefit this fine community. Stay tuned.
That sort of thing is a similar model to the kind of volunteer organization and community building that I apply to EVE.
Basketball at 1:30 at the community building! Be there!
Party is at the level green community building..
Liberals want to close 125 to 140 schools. We cannot lose our public building. The NDP say turn those buildings into commu…
What a load of old rubbish! News from the Community Building Network
JazzFest. More than jazz! Summer festivals are family friends community-building, life-celebrating.
The revolutionary rapper is a selfless individual, but they are neither lazy nor apathetic, their energy thrives on build…
I worked in campus ministry on a college campus the last two years. Basically my focus was building a community among students and
Commissioner is incorrect re Livingston: we also have a Methodist colleague and do have our own building, not a community ce…
Register-Mail columnist Tom Loewy loves Iron Spike. Loves the beer. Loves the salads. And is left wondering what happened to Galesburg's Community Center. He says the same vision that created the downtown's newest spot should be applied to community building.
No pressure. We support you! Join us every Friday for our FREE community Building Blocks support group at 1pm led my awesome postpartum doula and mama Rivkah Estrin! Palms Birth House
Come run and support Centre's Girl Scouts! Like this post to get a registration form. Pass the word along. GIRL SCOUT TROOP 30181 SO FETCH AND SO FIT! ;) 5K RUN WITH COLOR Saturday May 31, 2014 8:00 AM Lincolnville Community Building $10 for children ages 5-12 and $15 for 12 and up Includes T-shirt Family discount of $10 per family of 4 or more. There will be a $5 fee for registrations received after May 21, 2014. This is a 5k run with color and a fun run to follow. There will be prizes for the youngest runner, oldest runner, craziest hair, craziest costume, first place, last place, craziest shoes, best team (group of three or more), and more! Please come help support Troop 30181 earn their Silver Award and raise money for park improvements. (This is being held by Girl Scout troop 30181, this is NOT a sanctioned color run.)
Jason Crisp Memorial Blood Drive today until 7:00 p.m. at Community Building. Give the gift of life in honor of a fallen hero.
As Mayor of Westfield I want to thank Ken and Sherry Schoonover for allowing Hal the Produce man to set up in their parking area in the summer of 2013. Due to the fact that some folks seem to not know you shouldn't park in the driveway and block others it created some others that were unhappy that they couldn't get to the restaurant. So the problem will be solved by moving Hal to the east end of the Community Building parking lot starting tomorrow Thursday April 24th. He should be set up by 9:30. Again, Thanks to the Schoonovers for providing a space for as long as they did.
Greetings, As many of you know, I have relocated to the lower mainland/Vancouver Island to pursue a change in career. Clearly the timing did not coincide well with my desire to be part of a movement to strengthen ties in Prince George. Nevertheless, I believe strongly in this idea and what Prince George has to offer. I was asked to put together my ideas of Community Building means and what I think it could be. This is what I came up with: There were several motivating factors for wanting to create Community Building. First was my belief that we have lost the strong sense of community that was once pervasive around the world. More than just an interdependence dictated by our need to survive, we also had strong social and spiritual connections in our communities that bound us together. We met, ate together, shared stories, and spoke at length on community matters. We informed each other and were actively engaged in the governance of local affairs. I believe that there is a longing and a desire to reconne .. ...
Sunday, May 4th, the Carson Park Board will hosting a Mothers Day lunch at the Community Building. Lunch will be served at 12:30pm with a variety show to follow! Tickets are $15 for ages 11 and up, $6 for ages 3-10, and ages 2 and under are free! Tickets are available at Rolling Hills Bank, US Bank, and Carson City Hall. Get your ticket today! All are invited and welcomed to come!
Candidates Meet & Greet this Thursday Night!! Meet Jamey Noel for Clark County Sheriff, Jeremy Mull running for Prosecutor, State Senator Jim Smith, Clark County Councilman Steve Doherty, Bryan Glover for Clark County Commissioner , Tom Kendrick running for Township Trustee and other Candidates this Thursday Night April 17th 6:30-8:00pm at the Arts & Enrichment Center located at 999 Water St. Charlestown. It's an informal Meeting. Join us for home made desserts and meet the candidates! Note the new location A & E Center!! Not the Community Building!!
Please Support my very first venture for Community Building! "THE NILE GARDEN BOOK STORE!" SAVE THE DATE! 4/13/14! Pomona, CA special Guest Queen Mother Yeyefini Efunbolade & Arkay Evans want 2 see U there! Please if U have family in the area please share on your page! Thankh U!
Looks like the wedding shower will be at 2PM on Sunday March 19th at the Community Building here in Pea Ridge. We are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Dillards, Walmart and William Sonoma. If you plan on coming please let my mom Sherri Ragland or my maid of honor Katria Butler know. Thanks!
Just a reminder 4-H enrollment deadline is March 15th! This is for mini's as well. You can pick up a registration form at the extension office or on March 10th at the Community Building at 6pm the Jr. Leaders will be having a meeting and will have enrollment forms avail...
Enterprise Recreation Roundup! We will be having a meeting tomorrow (Monday) at 6:30 P.M. at the Community Building. Topics to discuss include the annual Easter egg hunt, and of course Kountry Klatter. All rec board members and anyone else who would like to help out are welcome! We are a laid back crew and appreciate all the help we can get! We are specifically seeking a volunteer to organize a car show for this year's festival. I don't know much about cars, other than mine doesn't run as much as I'd like it to, so any car experts that are out there would be extremely welcomed! We will offer as much support as we can so that you aren't doing this alone. Step up and help the festival! I'll see you tomorrow evening!
Update your maps at Navteq
Practice in the Community Building tomorrow? Heck yes! 🏀💕👌
Feedback on a day of 'Inclusion and Community Building': via
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): Big Money in Washington: “People do not fully appreciate the degree to which big money, campaign contributions and lobbying and PACs and corporate media play in whether or not serious legislation is discussed and passed,” Sen. Bernie Sanders told “Despite the fact that we have a collapsing middle class, more people living in poverty than at any time during our history, and the gap between the very, very rich and everyone else growing wider, it is very hard for me to imagine significant legislation being passed that Wall Street and the big money interests don’t want.” Community Building: A new book holds up Vermont’s largest city as an example for the rest of the nation. “Citing Burlington’s rise to award-winning status, and harkening back to the days when … Sanders was mayor, the book explores a confluence of opportunities — community planning, social enterprise development, energy and environment, food systems and cultura ...
Save the Date: Adair & Guthrie County EMAs will be sponsoring a FREE Storm Spotter Class on March 19th at 7:00 PM in Menlo at the Community Building. The class is free and open to the public. The class will be conducted by National Weather Service personnel from Des Moines.
Looking at the Extension Club page it’s easy to see how much work is put into maintaining the Community Building and keep a place for Maysville to meet. That community effort in Maysville has a long tradition. Between 1870 and 1880 a group of merchants and farmers, names we’re familiar with like Tinnin, Coats, Hill, May, James, organized to obtain a building for community use. When built the upper story was leased or sold to the Northwestern Masonic Lodge The lower floor was leased to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church with the provision that any other church may meet or organize there when the Presbyterians weren’t using it. The minutes of the Maysville Baptist Church say they did organize in this building in 1905 and they met here until 1912 when their present church building was built. So with the Masonic Lodge, Presbyterians, Baptist, possibly Maysville School, other churches and community groups this was Maysville’s first Community Building. It was located where the Bible Church is locate ...
The Conrad Carlson Memorial Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, May 31st! Tee time is 10 am with dinner, auction, and raffles open to the public. The doors to the Community Building open at 5:00. Please feel free to pass the word about the dinner and auction. It is open to the public with free will donation.
l support this 100%.. Please read and share. Annabelle Lee Schuylkill Haven, PA VISION will organize organize a health fair Saturday, January 25, 2 - 5 pm - Senior Citizen/Community Building - Schuylkill Haven was chosen as the pilot program advocating healthier lifestyles - FREE and open primarily to the residents of the Schuylkill Haven School district - The health fair in January is the first of many activities planned.
Candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner will be speaking Friday, January 10th at the Community Building at 1 pm. He will concluded with a Q and A session.
Antioch Support Group – REMINDER Hello ! HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Antioch Support Group will start the new year with our meeting this Saturday, January 4th, 2014. Community Building 884 Main Street (Rt 83) Antioch IL 60002 10:00 am to noon - no charge to attend – bring a friend It was great seeing so many of you at our last few meetings and at our annual Christmas party in December! A good time was had by all . Wishing you all the best of health and happiness in 2014! Shari
This is historical fiction based on the real thing. CAKEWALK AT UNION R. D. ICE 1995 "Look at all the cars! Where'll we find to park?" "Over there, Fred, behind the Community Building. Isn't that a parking place?" Fred and Geneva walked around to the front door. "Hello!" they shouted as they walked in the door, waving at everyone. The people were all talking and laughing and shouting at each other. You had to shout to be heard above all the noise. Fred and Geneva circulated through the crowd, shaking hands, talking, joking, just enjoying this time of good cheer. The Spring Carnival was one of the high points of the year. "Geneva, come over here." Shirley was calling her. She and some other women were sitting at a table. "Shirley. Tracy. Heather. Isn't this some party!" The kitchen had opened promptly at 5:30 pm. Hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, potato chips, pie, and lots of coffee and pop. Fred headed in the direction of the serving counter. "Two hot dogs and potato salad. That's $1.75." ...
by HG Satyaraja Dasa   To conclude, let it be said that there are certain principles by which he lived his life, and he wanted to convey these to people around the world, especially to those who would be known as his disciples. Those same principles lay at the basis of IFAST and are also echoed on every page of his books:   Four Principles for Community Building    1.  Treat everyone you encounter as if the success of your spiritual life depends upon the quality of your interactions with them.  2.  Reflect upon the person you love the most, and aspire to treat everyone with that same quality of love.  3.  View all conflicts as your own fault first. See conflicts as a chance for growth, to clarify perceptions, and to create synergy.  4.  Realize that the people in your present environment might very well be the people with whom you will live out your life, and who will be with you at the time of death.   Four Expectations of Disciples    1.  Have a healthy balance between material and spirit ...
You should read this: Measuring Community: KPIs and Social Media Metrics for Community Building vi…
Support CEO riding for startups, entrepreneurs and community building
A community building in Sandfields has been renovated in a bid to get more Port Talbot people back to work
A group of students at Tuks are involved in community building projects where they help impoverished communities start and manage businesses
We are very excited that will be joining our team as Community Building Support Worker.
have you seen the community building project in Keswick? Any chance of a shout-out for their Open Day?
First & worst hurdle - How to get early social media followers: More on community building:
Follow this new Tumblr by Nayeli Estrada Castillo : A Open space 2share her essays,poems, poetry & community building
It doesn't, giving back the cut hours and emptying garbage bins would do more for community building
Artists are forever entitle to "community building" defined by someone. You charge? You too much. Know too much. Silenced!!!
$50,000 award up for grabs to design-minded, community-building Canadians. via
I never thought t swift would be a tool for community building... Being.suprised :)
My fave source of MN tech news: If you want to learn about a tech community building real companies & real jobs, take a look.
First day outfit? Check. Lunch? Check. Community building activities? Check. Ready as I'll ever be for 1st day with my new 8s!
"community" is a good way to name it. The first 6 weeks are community building
Going as a floor to see Aaron Carter in concert seems like a community building program to me.
Tmrw: Get to know each other, set expectations, play community building games, & start our 1st novel-interactive read aloud.
join us tonight for the DC Mix and Mingle with some great community building and sweet treats at 7pm in Lower Leopold!
I'm joining this sharefest because it sounds community building
Sitting in the sunny backyard looking forward to a day of classroom community building tomorrow with my new students
If you want more for your site these should do the trick -
Community building takes far more time than writing. Read more at
Good or bad - gentrification or community building? Once it was informal, ad-hoc, now it's organised branding.
Now moved into our new building which is great. Met our new they are great too.
Do Not Forget ROI: The ROI of Community Building in Healthcare via Timely message
Extensive list of community-building, trust-building, peace/enviro. ed. games. Back to school and through the year!
Newton's Post - Bartering, and community building website by…
Got 2 Go > please add to my Listly list at end of post > reasons for moving ONLINE > IRL = add yours
Newton's Post - Bartering, ecommerce, and community building website by newtonspost: We are look...
Do you run a community building in Hambleton? Free training event on 19th in Helperby:
Super stoked to see Blacks in Tech iterating on content, design & community building! More to come!
It seems there are a number of brands awakening to the existential challenges of community building.
Every prof speaker at accepts there's far 2 much paperwork facing volunteers in community building. So why not scrap it??
Some great tips from some of the social web's best bloggers on community building >>>
Right,a "values" charter is unifying and community building?!? “Quebec mosque vandalized with possible pig blood
should focus more on building & managing communities of niche groups. So true! via
Still time to book for 'Running a Community Building' C3SC on Tuesday 10 September. Please RT.
Thanks our business is funding, our ethos is community building the Mancunian Way
Run a community building in Ryedale? Free training event at Hovingham on 10th
I think the best tech companies are very conducive to community building.
Citation stacking for community building. Oops, the Impact Factory disagrees.
Do you know a comm building vol that deserves recognition? Enter them into our John Barker Trophy comp here
thanks for RT. - is an amazing community building tool. Every community builder should have it. :)
Such fun last week with the Caledonian Road community building a giant Cally Bird. Look out for it next weekend!
I ain't fund of too much partying and sex and not enough education or community building.
The TEC students are all taking their own initiative with community building! cc et al.
MinecraftRacoon, and I love community building and stuff, I record and love to mess around :) (not email but hopefully works)
Preciate the love my followers showing me that's wassup we need more love in the black community building each other up.
What a morning with the KIN MUG Leader team! Community building, pushing comfort zones and lots of laughs!
Love the community building at FOE in Colorado!
Great event WIT is glad to be involved for so many years. Here's to 40 more.
We're spreading the news on Graphic Recording. Check out my interview in "In the Know"
This may be just what we are talking about.
As a teacher - watching the growth of good skills. As an experience - our community building games. Yours?
Gr8 to see and so many others yesterday discussing community buildin…
The Community Building Partnerships grants are now open and close on 31 July. This funding is for community...
Lamont Summer Reading at the Community Building- Wednesday, Jul. 10, 6:30 pm. Dinosaurs and putting together fossils
When will brands get that social media isn't a place for selling? Think of it as guerilla marketing meets community building.
Friday: A new book addresses what citizens and their towns can do to survive a long-term catastrophe.
you guys should go the the community building in Hyannis, I go all the time and it's perfect there
What community building efforts do you undertake outside your own front door?
Foodies rejoice - community building is a LOT like breadmaking & in important ways
Community building: What do you hope to achieve?
Much thx to for sponsoring forum on community building. Loved having equal number of women's shirts to give away!
Yes has a program called 24:1 to get them working together
I want to go swimming but I can't find the key for the community building and now Bre says the lifeguards want a FORM filled-
Community-building within crowdfunding is my jam. Add to this AM's "YAY" a "what an exciting space/place to transition to!"
It's preposterous. But some are looking to create one strong community:
Would prepping be better played as a team sport?
What topics would u like to learn about in a webinar? Profile optimization, mastering groups, lead gen, community building, other.
Secondly, they have worked with the community. Building design reflects what ppl wanted in neighbourhood.
An awesome job for someone with online community building experience:
What I'll it take for more folks to engage in community building? That's the million dollar question.
Making the invisible visible. Learning about community building with the inspiring, empowering John McKnight
Thanks! It's my way of doing something positive for LARP community building with my thesis work.
What can we do if Congress fails to act to protect the power grid?
My neighborhood has a community building named after her.
> Friday 7/12 NEW book that will change the way you think about Disasters/Preparedness.
Does your town have a plan if the power grid goes down long term? Here's one:
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Bring in the Bikes and the community building. Englewood is bursting with Culture. Come join Englewood Sunset Ride
Online Community building tip: Don't start from scratch.. See if your community is already active online. Start there.
- Enjoying NYC & coming up w/ community building ideas for . Any thoughts?
VIDEO: Learn how has become a community building event
Communications policy is a fundamental part of community-building. --
Thingification's Kickstarter project is featured, along w/ 3 others, on today! Thank you & Check it:
Just community building at the moment & workin' out funding for Go Candy 2!... ;]
At last, a community building site that works
Book Bomb for > . Friday July 12th 'Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community"
July 12th Book "Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community" Plz RT!" Mark your calendar!
Well I guess it wouldn't be good for them to mention that P.I. was a completely out of scale development w/ no base in community building...
The 19th Annual Strawberry Festival & Parade in Lincolnville Center is coming up fast, so we hope you will mark your calendars for July 6, the Saturday of Independence Day weekend. Here is a quick look at what we are putting together: Doors to the Community Building open at 9 a.m. The parade begins 10 a.m. at Drake Corner and proceeds north along Main Street. A children’s unit of decorated bikes, trikes, wagons and strollers—all kids welcome!—joins it from a staging area at the site of the new library, across from the Lincolnville Boat Club. All then proceed to the Community Building and the United Christian Church, sponsor of the community celebration. Think strawberry shortcake on homemade biscuits, topped with whipped cream if you like; fresh pie from our local bakers; hot dogs, and popcorn. Visualize tables of home baked goodies, relishes and jellies to take home. Be saving your “egg money” to purchase select white elephants (attic treasures), crafts, and artwork too. And then there’s the ...
Radio interview this morning I made a mistake and said that "The Pancake Man" was at Fire Station. Sorry for that it is at the Community Building.
From June 1 to June 12 we vacationed in southern California. We spent three days at Disneyland, a day at the Santa Monica Pier, a day at Sea World in San Diego, and a day at Universal Studios. We also visited four beaches, which were mostly cold. A hotel clerk in San Diego (who is probably still laughing) recommended we go to Coronado Beach, so we drove over a causeway to get to Coronado Island and then to the beach. It was shortly after lunch, and we all felt the need for the facilities. There were none. An employee on a golf cart came by, and he was probably hired just to tell disappointed tourists that the beach had no public facilities. He pointed toward the Community Building on the other side of a large parking lot and across a busy highway. We went on the trek in pairs, and 50% of our party urinated on themselves. I was half of the 50% that did not. Shortly thereafter we left and went to La Jolla Beach. We saw an amazing array of t-shirts, keychains, plastic Oscars, hats, snow globes, sun glasses ( ...
Hey Chrissie Anderson Peters after all the Hawks discussions we had earlier - Robert Hawks seen them and became another FB friend. He says the Hawks Reunion is THIS YEAR - mark it on your calendar!!! First weekend in October - Lambsburg, VA Community Building (Old Elementary School). Now I have three things going on that weekend. Why do people plan everything the weekend of my Edwards Reunion - they know I will be way to busy!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Don't forget this Sunday from 3p-6p at the Community Building in the City Park, we will hosting our 6th Annual Summer Picnic. All kids, families, and volunteers of BBBS are invited. Plenty of food, and games please join us. See you there!
We invite you to our Lafayette County Juneteenth celebration on Friday, June 14, 2013 with a Friday Night Fish Fry. The event will be held at the Community Building in the Fairground Park in Higginsville, MO. The Spirit of Freedom honorees will share stories of being first African Americans to graduate from integrated schools in our county, trivia, and music. The celebration continues on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Our theme is Freedom for All and this is our ninth year sponsored by the Lafayette County Juneteenth Foundation. Arron Haynes is the chairperson. The day begins with a parade featuring drill teams and the Kansas City Chapter of the 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Association and other veterans, that starts downtown at 10 am and travels to the park. This is a free family-oriented event featuring jazz saxophonist, David Carr, Jr from 4 pm to 6 pm. There is an opening ceremony right after the parade with Reverend Wilbur Conway as the inspirational speaker, presentation of the Spirit of Freedom honorees, A ...
Emergency rule may not last 6 months – Jonathan - Vanguard President Goodluck Jonathan has said the State of Emergency declared in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states may not last six months as prescribed by the constitution in view of the successes recorded even as it has been gathered that before the deployment of troops, Boko Haram sect had planned to hijack a commercial plane and crash it into the Presidential Villa or other national monuments. President Jonathan who met with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Moon on the sideline of the Africa Union conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, said the military operation in the troubled states was going very well and the military has strictly adhered to the rules of engagement. He explained that the successes recorded by the military was exemplified by the lack of collateral civilian casualties, noting that the operation has helped in creating a better relationship between the civilian population and members of the armed forces. The presiden ...
Monday night we are wrapping up our year of Bible studies. Remember though that over the summer we will be getting together, probably at Ellison for camp fires, talking, going through Genesis. For Tomorrow night consider what pure wisdom is from James 3: Barclay notes the most notable thing about earthly wisdom is that it results in disorder. Instead of bringing people together it drives them apart. Instead of promoting peace it produces strife. It is a sobering thing to remember that the wisdom is devilish rather than divine! The Contrast is God's wisdom-Which wisdom does your life reveal that you have? James 3:13-16 Do you want to be counted wise, to build a reputation for wisdom? Here’s what you do: Live well, live wisely, live humbly. It’s the way you live, not the way you talk, that counts. Mean-spirited ambition isn’t wisdom. Boasting that you are wise isn’t wisdom. Twisting the truth to make yourselves sound wise isn’t wisdom. It’s the furthest thing from wisdom—it’s animal cunning, ...
Bissminllahir-rahmaaninrahim. Start your day in the name of Allah, and I swear you will never regret it.
Note: We tested the v0.36 build on multiple in-house 32bit Windows systems (3GB and 4GB ram) and it loaded fine. However, in one instance on "Fantastic" setting we got a crash on the loading screen. If you still experience the crash upon loading please try restarting the game on "Fastest" setting as it uses MUCH less memory due to it decreasing texture sizes substantially. We will be further improving the memory situation in the next few months. And in the last 2 months we re-wrote large parts of our frame work which allows us to stream assets. This improves the speed in which you can load the game and will have massive long-term benefits in allowing us to have as much content as we want in the game. On the topic of optimization. We've got many more areas we want to further improve. We now go to work on a procedural weapon re-write to clean up most slowdown occurring with that system. We hope to have that finished and re-introduced as soon as possible. Any time we have to remove something from the game to ...
Let's Build Our Community Up^! Open House, 2013-05-26 Attendees Approximately 7-9 attendees in total. Representations BC Housing-all PHS-Woodwards-all but 1 PHS-Regal-1 Female Representatives-2 Male-All but 2 Today's meeting was off to a slow start. For the first time ever, no one but I was in the kitchen at start time. That's okay though because it turned into a nice flowing good evening. I really liked the comfortable flow. Discussed: 1. Signs in the elevator. Most people agreed that at least one single calendar style sign in the elevator with all events happening in the building. The reasoning is that to build community, community has to know, all in one place, what is happening in one's community, from pest control to community meals. Again, an issue on low-level crime and rat-mentality violence (truth be said, on all levels) that accompanies it came up over an incident in the elevator between a drug-involved and non user in the building. Displacement is not an option, but what can we do as a communit ...
Oh please. Not liking glee club doesn't make us bullies. And implying that is reverse bullying! Thank you Dan Harmon!
Whew! For all of you new anti-theists and curious-theists alike, welcome! I hope to bring together a cohesive, friendly community of like-minded friends to have awesome discussions and lots of laughter. I hope some theists visit, as knowledge is the only way dissenting views will ever manage to be questioned. Thank you in advance to everyone willing to join. I started this page because I have too many thoughts in my head, and not enough space/tolerant people on my personal page to be effective. Thanks for joining, and I hope you can find your own little niche in our community. Let us build our own family. I'm beyond excited!
Help us friends to get seats for kids at our school. Any amount you donate counts $1, $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 or more. God bless you!!
Feel Free to send us any texture packs adventure maps and more so we can post here and also videos and last but not least your world so we can show the community the creative things you build!
This group has been created to connect people and build networks in our local community. Please use this space to advertise your local business or services and to promote local events. Feel free to in...76 members
The Knob School/Masonic Lodge is the best extant example of a vernacular Craftsman frame schoolhouse in the county. The school building was the third school built at Knob and was constructed in 1923 by Tump and Sweet Cagle, two brothers from Rector who, with the advent of sawmills in the area, began building frame houses to replace the area's log homes. Two local carpenters, Ernest Reed and John Mannon, assisted with the construction. Knob is located in Clay County near the southern border with Greene County on the western edge of Crowley's Ridge. It was originally known as Rock Spring or Rock Spring's Community after a small spring on the ridge. Located on the Chalk Bluff-Gainesville Trail, the area around the rock spring was first settled around 1845. Nearby is another "everlasting" spring where Indians and the early travellers camped. The nearest trading center was Gainesville, approximately ten miles to the south, which became the county seat of Greene County in 1840 and had become well-established by ...
Things I Had to Do in FL: 7-day a week soul-searching while building art projects to do it IN AN ARTIST COMMUNE, IN A SOCIETY YOU HAVE TO BUILD. And it's at an abandoned YMCA summer camp for that purpose. They have horses, and ropes, and soul-crushing reading of letters to your dead ones, then 5-star food, followed by Community. I did that for three months. Best initiation ever ;) Today, I'm ordering pizza and watching Harry Potter. I'm finishing up Iron Man and maybe next I'll paint, or read (Harry Potter). Or sew. I don't know. Someone tell me how to make a blog please. I've been 6 days without sleep, and I need a hobby. I haven't needed a hobby in years, so I want it to be good.
The Mesquite Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy is a program designed to give the citizens of Mesquite a working knowledge of the Mesquite Police Department. The classes are three hours in length, one night a week, for a total of eleven weeks. A primary objective of the academy is to build u...
" Announcement" outta of humanity, I decided that's am gonna flirt with any girl Who feel lonely underrated neglected or douch bag, Third wheel or left over. Cuz I have noticed that I have't been doing a lot of charity lately, Also am trying to help society to reduce the rate of suicide and the rate of the ppl who hurt their self becuz they feel unappreciated. And am trying to help girls to build up their confident so they can become a productive part in the community, and help us to build up a better world, so if any girl who want me to flirt with her she can hit the like button below , and if you feel shy or do't want other to know you are lonely you can message me if privacy is necessary .. "Notice." This person is not responsible about any attachment happen to any girl who flirt with him cuz dammit He is just flirting ,, Brought 2 U by: Volex Wagen . . Dats Auto Coca Cola..
As we think to rebuild Oklahoma: maybe we need to move this community out of the tornado valley and build their houses out of more durable materials that offer more protection from the tornadoes.
Tickets online at NEW PIPELINES BENEFIT BC BUSINESSES? And if we don’t build new pipelines, what’s the economic alternative? These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring at our first Credible Conversations forum. Join us for an informative and engaging morning discussing the costs and benefits of Kinder Morgan’s proposed new Trans Mountain pipeline. WHEN: Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 9:00am-1:00pm WHERE: Creekside Community Recreation Centre (1 Athletes Way) TICKETS: to expect: Gain in-depth knowledge of the impact of pipelines on local businesses, share your perspectives on the issue, and learn more about what the decision could mean for our regional economy. Entrepreneur and journalist Michael Tippett will share his thoughts on the innovation economy, we’ll reveal new research on the impact of oil pipelines on property values, and we’ll invite experts, pundits and politicians to give their thoughts on the costs and benefits of the Trans Mountain proposal. Lunch will be served. More info ab ...
eh, what to do? What to do? Found a nice 3 bedroom house in Royal Oak. Could walk to Downtown Royal Oak. Inside has a great open floor plan for kitchen and living room. Wood floors, vaulted ceilings. 3 other rooms are good sized. (Need a coat of paint other than the former owners odd color choices). Perfect for bedroom and office and library/studio. Office would have sliding door with screen walkout onto deck. House has character/quirky charm. No basement BUT a massive 3-car heated garage!!! (perfect for forthcoming hot rod). Wonderful landscaping of natural plants (little to no maintenance gardening) House has curb appeal. Price is very awesome. No need to update anything save for maybe the side door ugliness (easy fix). Would have money still to travel and do the things I like to do. Wouldn't be in debt (not that I am now) I can SEE myself living there and my things (art, toys, gear) inside and feeling comfortable. My hangup... Neighborhood isn't anything significant, working class families, older homes ...
So the stats on the American church tells us that we are declining in attendance. Is it because we have not adapted to the cultural demands of society (consumerism) or is it because we have adapted to consumerism? Thoughts are welcome.
Yesh, over the past few weeks, I have been working on a new minecraft server, a total middle age server, survival... awesome plugins, great community, I just finished the castle, its gonna be so fun, its almost ready to be released, I just have to tweak some of the plugins and build a bit more on the town. X3 ~Ryan
On my road to becoming a minimalist has been a difficult one to say the least for those who have even been to my homes at times. I do so like things however. I have had to change over the years and re-evaluate what things are really important. Are all these things really a necessity? I has taken me many years to come to terms on the significance and the balance of having way too many things. We have houses we fill them up then the garage fill that up then we get a storage and pay for that. When is enough too much. (First lesson to self). Should this spill over into the heart of the ministries? How much building is too much? How much furniture is too much? When and how do we utilize the churches during the week with programs and things that could help others and the communities. We keep building this places but what is there purpose? Is this vital to the people and the community at large? There are many factors that come into play with this subject. Let us make sure when we are building the *** ...
Some have been talking about putting together a large community camp in one place in an effort to control the rampant crime. The idea is that more eyes on the camp around the clock 24/7 may help stop whoever has been blowing up all the vehicles at the camps. Consider if you would like to take part in this.
VoicesOf ThePeople Christmas in May Sat.May 25th 8:30am ,Rep Brandon Ellington is asking all that support his community endeavors. To help build a playground ,the children have no safe place to play. Lumber is needed to build a sandbox,playground equipment, climbing wall,plants,bricks,patio furniture etc. 8x 28 plywood to replace porch are jusr a few items need .
G2 Leadership Sync. It's a joy to build gospel community with these folks.
10 things that I am thankful for: My intelligent and beautiful wife - Tina Kinsey (yeah, I am lucky) My four intelligent children - (caution, Bryce begins driving on Tuesday morning) My friends (with whom I volunteer countless hours improving the community at events like The Mad Mountain Mud Run, and Zipping for Autism, both coming up this weekend, and both of which I will be a part of) My neck of the woods - Isn't Western NC awesome My co-workers - I love the administration and grade level team that I share so much with, and I benefit from working with them each day My parents - My mother is my guide and my father is my rock My brothers - ehhh, okay, I love them, but they do need to be riddled Four seasons - I love the perpetutity of seasonal change! Students- They make me smile every day. Their enthusiasm and desire to grow is what drives me to work 60-70 hours each and every week. Chocolate and ice cream - Seriously, even for breakfast this is good! Now, off to build the spider web obstacle for The M . ...
Reach your full potential & maximize your life, by chasing after the giver of every good & perfect gift.
Apparently our very own minister for agriculture, Liberal Terry Redman signed away our health to the tune of 10 million dollars when agribusiness conglomerated, now called 'Intergrain', which the Government has shares in and Monsanto has paid them 10.6 million dollars. They have started on canola crops already and soon to be the first in the world to start in wheat crops. So thanks to us WA for starting Monsanto's business booming in Australia. MONSANTO voted most unethical business in the world and is already effecting our farmers as we heard from them before the march. SO THEY ARE HERE ALREADY IN WA!!
Tomorrow''s feast of the trinity reminds us that what is true of ourselves is ever truer of God. At the heart of God's own life is a community, what we call a communion of persons, a set of relationships. Those relationships of love within God became visible to us all with the coming of Jesus into the world. When we live and create communities and relationships based on genuine love then we are acting in a trinitarian way, even if we are not aware of the trinity when doing it. Every time we bring people together in ways that affirm them and build them up, we are living in the spirit of the trinity. That is the call and challenge of the feast. The feast of the trinity might seem remote, but it precisely reminds us of what we need to do in our day to day lives, very much down to earth feast.
Happy Friday! Come try a free workout this Saturday at 10:00am and experience the challenge, reward and community of CrossFit. At Rogue Valley CrossFit our workouts build both strength and conditioning. The CrossFit philosophy is to maximize intensity and as a result maximize effectiveness of your workouts. Saturday sessions are scalable to ensure athletes of all levels have a challenging workout. Rogue lifters we will be having our Olympic weightlifting session at 8:30 to 9:59. Tomorrow we will be working on different elements of the *** and strength specifically upper back (supports maintaining good position).
If you are trying to get some great buys come out to a Huge Yard Sale coordinated by God's Designs, Inc. who provides exceptional interior makeovers to homes for those who have just came out of homelessness. God' s Designs has also don't work with Habitat for Humanity and Youth Build. Come out and support a great organization that helps those in need in the community
Marijuana and Driving - Research Brief This information was prepared by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre in Australia, and used with permission. Some information may not be accurate for U.S. readers. Against a backdrop of clarity about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, questions have rightfully been raised in the general community about the impact of marijuana use on driving performance and the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Although research examining this issue has gained momentum in recent years, the picture remains muddied by inconsistent findings and methodologies. A potentially alarming consequence of this muddied view may be evident in the findings of a recent study suggesting that young people perceive the negative consequences of driving after marijuana use as less likely than those of driving after alcohol use, and that such perceptions are associated with increased engagement in, and frequency of, driving under the influence of marijuana.1 The curr ...
I cannot watch this news special on the Oklahoma tornado. It is overwhelmingly sad. I hurt for those people.
Ok, so an oversized load smacked a few bridge girders and it fell. Luckily, no fatalities or serious injuries. So lets look at the issue. It was originally built in 1955, and last time I checked, there weren't that many of you on my friends list that were even alive when this sucker went into service. If you haven't driven on it, I'll tell you its old, looks old, flaking paint and so on. Its really pretty narrow. It probably should have been replaced as a priority quite a long time ago. There are detours around this but the impact to traffic and commerce and the local community will in the end, leave a bad taste in many peoples mouths. Now if you do a google map search, you will see a street and bridge that run parallel to the I5 bridge. Its just a little to the east, 100 yards, 200 yards, something like that. If you zoom in on it, you will see this is a nice, new modern concrete bridge with no overhead obstructions and it crosses the same river. For all I know, this city surface street/bridge may wind up ...
Busy day moving. first night in the New digs in Paradise... nice little quiet street.. enjoy your weekend folks... Ill be workin'.. :)
What a great resource! Share, view, and download communications from around the world aimed at ending violence against women and children. Whether you’re a teacher, student, community activist or survivor, find materials you can use to help change attitudes and end violence against women and children worldwide. BUILD IT. SHARE IT. Explore our Communications X-Change:
Originally established in 1969, Prudential Locations is Hawaii's largest locally owned and operated real estate company. Our philosophy of exemplary customer service is based upon the mutual trust and respect of our clientèle. We guide each client with our extensive knowledge of Hawaii's real estate...
Share your interests, what you do for a living and if unemployed what you know you can do and what type of employment you want for yourself, your friends, the autistic community at large. This group is for you.
Not being funny but can we please stop with the racial comments. Yes what happened was vile and atrocious but as humans we are tought to forgive and as christians our religion teaches that. Lets better ourselves and come together as a community without resorting to racism or violence
Come out on June 15th (7pm) to support me and 9 other artists at the Community Cultivated Art Auction. Twenty percent of all money raised goes to support 2 awesome Calgary charities helping to provide creative opportunities for individuals with disabilities... the rest will go to support Shawna and I on our Habitat for Humanity volunteer build in Zambia (Africa) this summer. Follow the link to "Join" the event. Hope you can make it.
Critical Failure? The intro4 RepliesA brief introductionMeet Lucas Deathfist, my promethean necromancer and probably my favorite wizard. With may cast heals, insane heal boost and life mastery amulets taking over the arena, a death was my answer to everyone’s heals.With little experience on a necro...
Experience the power of collaboration between customers, partners, experts and IT thought leaders.
Ou, Ou, Ou. 'Bouncin Up and Down, Pudgy little Hands Waving in da Air'. I almost Forgot. Where is my Mind? If you happen to come through by the Store and notice a Big, Red, Box out by the Flower Garden, at The Fire House. It is a Book Box. If you have a Book. Put it in there. If you need a Book. Come get it. Our Sweet Ladies in the Home Maker's Club put it out there. As you know, We can go to the Community Center the First Saturday of the month and get books. I forget the exact time. Miss Margaret Ratliff. Ma'am could you Please check the facts here? I think it's like 9:00 am to 10:00 or 11:00. I had a nice chat with Mr. Terry and Mrs. Peggy McCarter. Mr. Terry even let me help a little bit. (3 shovels of dirt while held it Plum.) I think he did a Real Good Job on building it. Very Nicely Done. Adjustable Shelves, Plex door, 2 little hook and eyes closures, little white knob on the door. As you also know, This Book Thang is on the Honor System. You come get some Books. Please Bring them back. If you have ...
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