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PIA:11/DAVAO CITY: The Department of Foreign Affairs explains the relevance of the Asean community where the...
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed thanks to the international community for cares and concerns toward...
Up Next~>Harlem 411 (Community Affairs/Talk) 6p-8pm on WHCR 90.3 FM NY and Turn it up!!!
they'll get back to community affairs (e.g. The Klan).
The Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth & Sports to expand its Youth Facilities Minister for Community...
Kajal discusses the tight-knit community within the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program
You can also write to us at: Home Retail Group, Community Affairs, 489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2NW
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Can you recommend anyone for this Senior Social Worker - Community Living Center/Ventilator Unit -
[Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] Gov. Robert Bentley has awarded an $80,000 grant to help...
It's awesome to see our government so involved in community affairs and continuing to make D.C. great!
.VP of Communications and Consumer/Community Affairs offers insight into The State of the Grocery Shopper
Politics refers to the regulation of the affairs of a community through binding decisions. Very generally, any influence,. 🤣📢
FAMILY SKATE NIGHT. The Village of Johnsburg and the Community Affairs Committee will host Family Community Skate...
The heads of national space agencies, government officials and representatives from the space community worldwide ar…
Will Canada's Role in Shaping Arctic Affairs Increase over the next 4 years?
Roots, Commitment and Legacies: Examining the state of affairs of the Black Community in Peel
Dear EDUCATION Lovers, Remember Planet Earth & its AFFAIRS are Messed up by EDUCATED Community including MYSELF.lets EDUCATE, EDUCATION.
As VP of community and external affairs at U Chicago Medical Centre, FLOTUS supervised a 500% increase of volunteerism.
See our latest IA and click to apply: Physician - Community Living Center -
This might be a great fit for you: RN, Community Living Center - OK
Catch our very own Dr. Christine Reed in Lincoln on Wednesday, January 18 for the kick off to the Water Seminar...
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse (Community Living Center) - NC
Why not join Student Engagement's community day of service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day…
This might be a great fit for you: Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant (Mason City... - IA
Congratulations on becoming Minister of Affairs. home to a dynamic older adult comm…
Gain insight into your own with a in see for yourself?
Being master of your own affairs, supporting individual rights, prior claim on the product of your labor or your local community is banned.
The Minister of State (IC), Minority Affairs addressing the Anglo Indian community meeting, in New De…
33Pct Community Council President Maria Luna working hard with Community Affairs preparing for our 2016 Toys…
Getting ready to start the November Housing and Community Affairs Committee with CM Watch HTV live at
Please join us in welcoming of / as member of the Belgian Public Affair…
This might be a great fit for you: Registered Nurse (Nurse Manager, Macon Community Based... - GA
Dept of Children & Youth Affairs giving policy perspective on - 3rd leg of the stool (academy, policy, community)
"Maasais are very creative & artistic but there is a huge skills gap in the community" Jane Psiwa Chief officer Gen…
Is it my TL or are some of our beloved edtech community silent about current affairs? Could be my TL
Dive into finances in the black community with the experts!
Community event inspects homelessness in Santa Cruz
Redlands interfaith celebration focuses on gratitude, compassion and community
Redlands Community Center offers basketball contest Nov. 19 for ages 4 to 14
The Rwanda government, through its Ministry of Disaster and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR), is to build a `Disaster...
Sad state of affairs you have created .
Lyft is hiring a full time Community Affairs Manag... -
Selectmen make it official -- town is officially a Purple Heart Community. Secretary of Vet Affairs & Sen Bruce Tarr to speak
Revised guidelines on Community Consultative Committees for State Significant Projects in NSW…
Influence policy through an degree in and make a real difference!
Hack night group 4: Citizen Driven Assessment of Fair Housing, from the Georgia Dept. Of Community Affairs
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People working in the field of aging report higher life satisfaction! Pursue an degree in
Not just Special Forces. The Public Affairs community is an awesome resource for corp comm leadership. via
Sit With Us app encourages kids to invite others to have lunch with them
Moderated town hall meeting with Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto R. "Jun" Yasay, Jr. for the Filip…
Innitech VP of Internal affairs says "they are here for the community"
I've been trying to confirm a safety talk at my building and no1 answers on the community affairs line. Who can I contact?
NACNS and the broader nursing community need your support in urging members of Congress to pass H.R. 2713. The...
Financial Affairs' Caroline Railsback on the impact your gift to can have in our local community…
Lt. Governor Holcomb and the Office of Community and Rural Affairs Welcome Francesville into the Indiana Main…
Industry study reveals mixed state of affairs for independent community pharmacists.
RIP Gwen, you were a pillar of the journalism community MT pubic affairs journalist, dies at 61
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Office of Multicultural Affairs has started a campaign. Proud to be part of this community and thes…
"It’s a community with a rich, volunteer tradition," says of the West Island
[Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] A nonprofit agency that offers free, professional...
Already working in the field of aging? Get a leg up with an advanced degree in See for yourself…
More great press on study published in Health Affairs:
Artistic Affairs: Letter from our creative director, Ethan Duran | Miami Herald
come to our meeting and we can discuss or stop in and see our Community Affairs.We can use all the help we can get.
Great article in Health Affairs, see summary - Libraries can be a health lifeline for people most at risk
Demand of professionals in the field of increases exponentially over the next 4 decades. Prepare yourself…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Physician/Clinic Director (St. Thomas... - St Thomas
As part of our commitment to supporting the community, we’ve developed a new 10% tuition credit for
Calvary in Dio El Camino Real, hosts an event to discuss homelessness in their community:
Independent continue to be a vital source for patients in underserved areas.
Strength = a new fund by women donors for middle-school girls to pursue education in Santa Cruz -
Looking forward to getting involved in community affairs over the coming months. Here's a great exa…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Executive Assistant Pepe del Rosario, head of Community Affairs Office, visited the recipients of...
Good to meet Italian Minister for European Affairs and Italian community in Bristol who play an important…
Kent mosque backs home affairs committee calls to revamp community fight against ... -
Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi holds interactive session with Muslim community in Haryana…
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Hanover Township has inducted over 385 into the Veterans Roll. Know a vet that would like to join?…
my take. It's a strategy the vacancy(foreign affairs cabinet seat) shall be filled with a member of a community he wants to lure
The growing field of offers many opportunities. Begin with an degree or certificate
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse - Clinical Nurse Manager (Care In the... - AZ
Can you recommend anyone for this Nursing Assistant - Community Living Center - OH
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse - Care in the Community (Term) -
Election over yet?. Want to plan my next 4 years. Either getting more involved in local community affairs, or digging a bunker. Probably both
Looking for a rewarding career? Prepare for a rewarding career through degrees…
Chosen Sheriff of The Year for his active involvement in important community affairs. He deserves our support.
"Baby Boomers" will change the face of aging. Learn more through an degree or certificate…
Politics, current affairs, community development across Ja and economics.
Earlier this month, approved grants for the 2016-17 fiscal year to 459 organizations, including MiSci! -…
Do you have compassion for older adults? Do something about it with an gerontology degree or certificate...
State of emergency only confirms to the international community the state of affairs we have been under.
Community Shopping Event Today! From 1p-5p 15% of your purchase will be donated to the World Affairs Council! Stop…
According to Agot Isidro, members of the int'l community are not picking a fight with Duterte. They do when they meddle with…
GOVERNMENT OF NIUE. Department of Justice, Lands and Survey and Community Affairs. Ministry of Social Services. 18...
| talks about her new position as Advisor to Chicago Police Supt Eddie Johnson for Community Affairs!
Dr Motau,HOD Health FS and Vusi Cwane,VP Public Affairs Sasol about to address the community at the launch
We are being targeted for no reason: Muslim community from Bhatkal...
US lawmaker says the donor community is helping Palestinian Authority “pay people to slay other people.”
$4.3m Aboriginals Benefit Account grant for community stores in Epennara &
33Pct Comm Affairs Officer Danny Guzman visits with senior residents at the River Terrace Community Room.
Nothing like fronting a Community Affairs Senate Inquiry to get me marinating on gender and Your Expert Self®.
Mike Reno leads fellow athletes in Unified Sports at Overland High School
Cristian Hinckson scored 23 points to lead his team(Community Affairs) to the finals in the Queens South division.
Redlands Community Senior Center: 1906 San Francisco earthquake is topic of April 18 program
Here's the Community Affairs Director on the 125th anniversary of the Port of Portland!.
Interview with Chairman on community-led struggle against Baram Dam.
Have you signed up for Vincentian Service Day yet? You can sign up until May 4th:
This goes to all the NYPD community affairs Auxiliary NCO CO and everyone else in all states be safe & God Bless :-)
The Community Affairs Committee is in Brisbane today for the inquiry into a Lyme-like illness in Australia
Linda Graves joined Gilbane (as Vice President of Diversity and Community Affairs
See our latest NM and click to apply: Physician (Community Based Outpatient Clinic,... -
Officers of the 34th Precinct, Community Affairs Division visited Isabella’s Adult Day Health Care Program this...
Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Community Care - Washington D .C. - U .S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Keep up on MSK news for the local community. Sign up for our newsletter Community Matters: htt…
PM spokesman says federal health and indigenous affairs ministers are in contact with the community, however.
See our latest ID and click to apply: Licensed Practical... -
We're Read about our latest opening here: RN Staff Nurse Community Living Center - TX
Why the community is glad Gary Rapkin is back at Bonita Unified, even if it's short-lived
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Protests in Toronto as 11 people attempt suicide in ONE DAY in a small Indigenous Canadian community.
in NC: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN -... at Department of Veterans Affairs
We're Click to apply: Nurse Practitioner - Sierra Vista Community Clinic - AZ
Congrats to our President on getting Director of Community Affairs in Undergraduate Student Government!
This might be a great fit for you: Assistant Nurse Manager-Community Living Center(1D) - GA
in DC: Deputy Under Secretary for Health... at Department of Veterans Affairs
voted for you so get down to Attawapiskat NOW and listen to the community and give resources & FUNDS
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett to visit Neskantaga First Nation community on Friday
.announced she would create an Office of Immigrant Affairs to help overhaul immigration system
This was our Government & Community Affairs mid-session legislative update breakfast meeting.
[Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] Now that “Race,” a biographical movie about Jesse Owens...
Rev. Barbara Williams-Harris with officers at Community Affairs training.
With old coworkers from Mayor Gray's Office of Community Affairs. @ Smith Commons
You may present your inquiry to Community Affairs and Development Office located at 2/F Annex Bldg., Muntinlupa City Hall. TY
Depart. of Housing and Community Affairs- Housing Code Enforcement handles complaints about maintenance of vacant properties
in WA: Registered Nurse - Community Living... at Department of Veterans Affairs
The Community Affairs team is excited to welcome everyone to the event!
We're Click to apply: Mental Health NP for Community Care/Street Medicine - CA
Not ever. Communications, community advocacy, writing for publications, radio in CBR. Previous life, some public affairs. Not PR.
See our latest OH and click to apply: Registered Nurse-Freedom Harbor, 26CD CLC... -
New opening at Community College Jobs in - Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs
Put teeth into your advocacy for older adults with an degree or certificate…
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse (MDS-Community Living Center) - NV
Community gif update on the state of affairs.
Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi assured members of India's Muslim community that the religious and social rights
State Media – Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Nyasha Chikwinya has dismissed media re...
What to make a real difference? Begin with an degree in Read here for details…
Interested in Add a degree or certificate to your resume…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If INTERNET is banned now and then, how will take off in India especially DBT etc
Horse racer printing-great divide only right to commercial affairs community at large: EfEV
Join Anne Trujillo at the Highland Haunt!: The 8th annual Highland Haunt will bring Denver together for a day ...
Did you know we have deputies trained on
"Puerto Ricans have, thus, become the model of a modern nomadic community" via
Thanks community affairs & for ensuring a safe &enjoyable fall festival in Kaiser Park today!
Your community benefits from your education in Check out our programs
Good God in heaven he is a Community Volunteer at U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs or so he claims
. That is a foolish idea; what is the article on amendment for? let every community manage its own affairs to *** with patronage
Joint control re online b2b deal propylaeum now community at large variable commercial affairs: ZXQv
"Your business is my business too - know your health history!" -Evan Frazier, SVP, Community Affairs & Honorary Chair
blondes have more fun anyway, right?💩 @ Wichita State University School of Community Affairs
: Hockey is not the man to sell the Coalition's economic message The business community and the voting p…
See our latest MI and click to apply: Registered Nurse (Unit Based Educator -... -
The Ashley Madison 'effect' long accustomed sans Internet in India among the agrarian community:
Dr. Suzanne Johnson, Vice Pres. of Academic Affairs "Suffolk County Community College is a bridge not a destination."
I think that your duties are to fight fires. & to provide emergency medical services. Dont' provoke conflicts-interfer in community affairs.
Our 2015 Community of Scholars had a blast! Read on:
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Citizens who 'stand against Australia' could have welfare payments revoked.
Much respect to Spector Davison & Community Affairs Detective of the 32ed Precinct
7NEWS list of the 7 best things to do in Denver this weekend, August 28-30, 2015
Can you recommend anyone for this LPN - Extended Care/Community... - ND
Congratulations to our Overcomer's Community Service Award Recipient Dr. Shirelle Briscoe on being named Bowie...
Can you recommend anyone for this Physician (Primary Care), Community-based Outpatient Clinic -
at the Muslim Community Affairs Unit (MCA) of the discussing and building
On 9/8 contributors propose new Chronic Care Model in Join us as we discuss:
We cannot allow serial rapists to deny their crimes in the face of DNA evidence” -SA Mosby. Sign our Petition >>
in OH: Nursing Assistant - Community Outpatient... at Department of Veterans Affairs
keeps getting bigger. Who loves a good Subway sandwich?.
Join the Department of Veterans Affairs team! See our latest opening here: ND
“You are about the join an exciting intellectually stimulating community in GSAS.” Garth McCavana, dean of student affairs
The Affordable Arts Festival made the list! I will be in Booth 130
VP of Student Affairs Mike Patterson is driving home the importance of MICA's community expectations and values.
in TX: Food Service Worker - Community... at Department of Veterans Affairs
Tune in on Sunday at 10am et for our public affairs show, The Spectrum. hosts & chats w/an interesting figure in the community.
Want to work at Department of Veterans Affairs? We're in NY! Click for details:
We're Click to apply: Registered Nurse - Long Term Care (Community Living Center) - PA
because that typ of affairs are common in high profile community :-P thy dnt knw value of relation .so pta n hota kaun bf gf h
Injinoo’s community hall gets a refurb by local CDP workers. More on at
Ex gratia of Rs35 lakhs should be given for people who died during Patel community agitation in Gujarat: Hardik Patel.
They borrowed this model from Boston College's Office of Governmental and Community Affairs
Fair Housing, Mortgages, and the U.S. Supreme Court: Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The ...
Community Affairs van blocking traffic in downtown Must be their new Irony Division.
The Dallas Police Department’s Office of Community Affairs along with the Canine Squad will host...
Job Application for Director of Social Impact and Community Affairs at General Assembly
Please join our Director of Operations and Community Affairs, Anana Harris Parris as she continues together...
Angel Santana has been appointed Bronx Regional Representative. Santana was Director of Community Affairs for
Community Affairs and Education Committee votes unanimously to move preK funding to full Council vote. Thanks for your leaders…
11 HISTORICAL SITES IN TAITA TAVETA ELEVATED TO NATIONAL MONUMENTS (JANUARY 26, 2015). The Arts and Culture Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Hassan Wario has elevated 21 historical sites to national monuments. As per the gazette notice published on Friday, 11 of the 21 sites are located in our great County of Taita Taveta. Speaking in his office today, former CEC, Tourism, Trade, Industry and Community Affairs and who is the current CEC, Water and Irrigation, Hon. Stephen Masamo, attributed the move to the county's effort of introducing battlefield Tourism as well as the success amassed in the commemorations of 100 years of First World War marked at salaita last year. “We appreciate the recognition of our historical sites which was as a result of our continued efforts to place ourselves as a leading tourist destination for game and historical sites” said Hon. Masamo. Among the sites to be elavated include; 1. First Old District Commissioner's house. 2. ACK Holy Trinity church. 3. The German Fortress. 4. Common ...
State to auction surplus property Wednesday [Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] Bargain hunters http…
Thank you, Community Affairs and Resource Center of Monmouth County for appointing me to your Board of Directors of CARC xoxo
If you would like to learn about check out Community Affairs with Salim Adofo feat. Dr. Greg Carr of Howard University...
Quarry Preserve project gets bad reviews from Florida Dept. of Community Affairs via
I think that there can be no question that when ever there is uncertainty, more information is better than less... By Kristina Torres - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Outfitting all police officers statewide with body cameras and vehicle “dash cams” could cost local authorities as much as $125 million over three years — a prohibitive hurdle despite efforts by some Georgia lawmakers to mandate them after events such as the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo. The new estimate from the state Department of Community Affairs came as both legislators and law enforcement officials prepare to tackle the issue when Georgia’s Legislature reconvenes Jan. 12. While few oppose the cameras themselves, doubts linger whether their use should be mandatory or local agencies would be allowed to opt in as they develop policy and can afford it. There’s also the question of how to pay for the new cameras. A report obtained last week by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution estimated that at least an a ...
Governor names new leadership in various state government roles Deal appoints individuals to serve in public safety, education, family services and community affairs Gov. Nathan Deal today announced appointments to positions of leadership in various state government roles. Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth will become the director of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) effective in January. Butterworth will replace Charley English, who will assume the position of deputy director of GEMA. The governor has also tapped Brig. Gen. Joe Jarrard, current assistant adjutant general of the Georgia Department of Defense, to serve as the adjutant general of Georgia effective in January. Camila Knowles, current chief of staff for U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, has been nominated, pending board approval, to be the commissioner for the Department of Community Affairs effective in January. Knowles is replacing Gretchen Corbin, who has been nominated by Deal, pending board approval, as the commissioner of the Technical ...
COUNTY OFFICIALS MEET STAKEHOLDERS FROM UNDP, ICLA & MICROSOFT A team of Taita Taveta County officials led by the Ag. Chief of Staff, Ministry of Community Affairs, Trade, Tourism and Industry, Mr. Nicholas Omondi today met stakeholders from United Nations Development Program, Microsoft and ‘I choose Life Africa’ to deliberate on potential partnership aimed at empowering the youth through establishment of apprenticeships, internships and imparting entrepreneurial skills. Speaking during the meeting in Voi, the Microsoft representative Ms. Caroline informed participants that they have established a portal known as ‘Tuko Works’ from which the youth can access diverse material including entrepreneurial skills, employment among other crucial information free of charge. “We have also listed all Counties in the portal so that Counties can post any relevant material/information like advertising entry job positions for their youths leaving colleges and other tertiary institutions” said Ms. Caroline. . ...
UBS Community Affairs is seeking a Program Director to be responsible for managing UBS NextGen Leaders
QUESTION 420-17(5): RISING COSTS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MRS. GROENEWEGEN: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. In my Member’s statement today, I talked about the rising costs of petroleum products. Everything we do in the North, it seems like we rely on these products to drive our vehicles, industry depends on it, subsistence harvesting, we heat our homes with heating oil. Even in Hay River where we use propane, that’s tied to the price of oil, that’s how they set the price of propane. I’d like to ask the Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs if his department has been doing any monitoring and research to look at the correlation between the prices on the world market and the prices that we are charged on a retail basis here in the Northwest Territories where we are a very captive market at the end of a long road. MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mrs. Groenewegen. The Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, Mr. McLeod. HON. ROBERT MCLEOD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As I was driving down the road today, I was pass ...
Involvement, technology, & community expectations basically sum up student affairs, wouldn't you agree?
Chhattisgarh to set up district-level panels for third-gender community: Raipur: Chhattisgarh government has d...
People with PTSD and brain injuries get help from Delray Beach non-profit
Community Affairs is 5 hrs behind after 13 hours of hearings - new standing orders interesting.
Career opportunities in the field of are growing rapidly. Get ready with an degree
House of Lords publishes our submission re: inquiry into
enjoyed watching jadoo show today... Very educating!! However, saddened at the state of affairs within our community! 1/2
programs have the same quality instructional faculty as on campus, look here…
Congratulations to all of the All Media Coverage of Community & Regional Affairs finalists.
Oh, you have to be kidding me. Community Affairs already running really late, so lets talk about 'jihadis' on the dole.
community affairs committee right now. SLOW DIGI VERSION OF PACHELBEL'S CANNON.
Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs announces community events by VAhelpers
Advance your skills to meet the challenges of an aging population with a certificate in
Our Community Service and Academic Affairs Chairs serving our members
The Community Affairs Committee hears first from the Department of Social Services
Taking Action Against Domestic Violence telethon - raise money for your community DV shelter via
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Wright State's Robert Sweeney honored for supporting, advancing the interests of the Hispanic community
are those standard NYPD 'community affairs' jackets? No weapons and tear gas, amazing.
Going away party for the Director of Community Affairs (@ District of Columbia Government — John A. Wilson Building)
A Celebration of Cultures! Last night the Multicultural Affairs and Community Development office held a parent...
New Hacienda Heights Community Center mixes beauty with utility
Learn about why banks have turned to solutions & how it helps the industry
Big thanks to Mary Elizabeth community affairs from for coming all the way from Cali to meet with us and sign the red wall
Join the Fellows this Friday to learn more about their findings on Public Safety!
John Tobin, Vice President of City and Community Affairs for Northeastern University joins Byron Barnett this...
thanks! I work at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Jim Byard, Director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, at the podium at the STARS...
As seen on Our Director of Community Affairs shares her story as a former recipient -
Clifton Park Office of Parks, Recreation and Community Affairs. Clifton Park community groups and not-for profits...
Hello Phriends! Special Olympics is looking for volunteers to help out at Foam Fest on June 20 and 21. (next weekend) SOMA has been given the opportunity to get a charitable donation from the Foam Fest event if they can provide 30 volunteers to help run the event. PHCOEM was asked if we could help provide a few of those volunteers needed for this event. If you are available next weekend and interested in helping out at this fun event please follow the link below to sign up as a volunteer. You will be able to chose the shift you want, although tasks are assigned once you arrive. Please be aware that while this is being sent out though PHCOEM it is not an official club event. Thanks! Carrie McNeil PHCOEM Community Affairs
Look at Anthony (DPD Community Affairs) starting the 5k bikers off @ Dallas Fair Park. 3536 Grand AVE, Dallas, Texas.
Fed Names Eric Belsky of Harvard Director of Consumer and Community Affairs - Wall Street Journal (blog)
Evan Frazier works as Senior Vice President of Community Affairs for Highmark Health where he oversees corporate giving, sponsorships, community programs/special events, employee volunteerism, and the Highmark Foundation. Highmark Health is a national diversified health and wellness company based in…
The public hearing to be held tomorrow night at the Board of Commissioners meeting for the rezoning of property on Highway 74 for the purpose of building a low income housing project has been CANCELED due to the application being withdrawn. Planning and Zoning Director Doug Currier, II released the following statement on the matter: Friday afternoon, the Upson County Building and Zoning Department received a request from Zimmerman Properties’ Southeast Region office in Montgomery Alabama, to remove its rezoning request from the Tuesday, May 13 Upson County Board of Commissioners regular meeting agenda. Mr. Matt Edwards, Vice President of Development – Southeast Region, explained that Zimmerman Properties did not receive its HOME request (low income housing loan and tax credit incentives) from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. As a result, the low income housing project is not financially feasible. Zimmerman Properties had proposed the rezoning of 11.5 acres of property fronting on E. Main S ...
The Real Obama... found on the web... what a list... WOW Obama’s term as Board Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the mid-1990s where he and his colleague, unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, misused over $300 million in private donations meant to improve the education of minorities. Instead of spending the money on traditional learning programs, Obama and Ayers directed the funds to local community activists who wasted it on trying to “radicalize” the students. An official review of the program found that it was a complete and utter failure. As an Illinois State Senator, Obama directed tens of millions in state money to slumlords Valerie Jarrett and Tony Rezko meant to provide for housing for low income, minority tenants in return for political donations. Due to shoddy construction and nonexistent maintenance, the majority of the units, after less than 10 years of use, have been rendered uninhabitable. Michelle Obama’s politically connected $316,000 VP of Community Affairs job at Univer ...
Senator Thrasher, the one that ensured SB 1714 was considered before the end of Community Affairs meeting, chairs Rules Committee
We are so excited to announce that Marcia Lynn-Sells is joining us at the Girls Symposium! Lynn-Sells is the Associate Vice President, Program Development Initiatives, for Columbia University, Office of Government and Community Affairs.
CALL YOUR CITY COUNCILMAN Monday March 30th PLEASE!!! An item on the Agenda for the New Braunfels City Council is as follows: Discuss and consider approval of a resolution of support of an Application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for Westpointe Apartments, Ltd. (J. Jewell, Development Coordinator) The area being discussed is Westpointe Drive off Oak Run Parkway just behind the new HEB. Don't get me wrong. I am not against low income housing. I just feel that better master planning of this corridor of New Braunfels should have been in place! The people that have build homes in the $300,000 + price range are going to have a significant impact on their property values! You can say "so what" if you do not live in this area but please remember that these increasing prices benefit you as we'll. the tax money from these properties provide you with lower taxes and great infrastructure. Please please call you city councilman if you live in New Braunfel ...
Is Gov. Chris Christie a bad boss? An analysis By Mark J. Magyar Four weeks before Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and turned him into a media superstar, Gov. Chris Christie delivered a sarcastic but little-noticed evaluation of his own administration: “Sometimes, I know it’s going to be shocking for everyone to hear, government doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to.” Christie’s comment was meant to be a flip throwaway line excusing the inexplicable 18-month failure of his Department of Community Affairs to get $300 million in federal foreclosure aid into the hands of tens of thousands of New Jerseyans. It wouldn’t happen again, Christie vowed. Nevertheless, the same agency last month was the subject of a Senate Legislative Oversight Committee hearing into its failure to get $600 million in federal aid into the hands of home­own­ers who lost their homes to Sandy. The agency has yet to fully explain its secret firings of two private contractors hired to administer Sandy relief prog ...
Lunch before the Housing and Community Affairs leaders meeting (@ Hot Off the Grill) on
CLARKESVILLE COMMUNITY RECEIVES OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT An outpouring of support is being offered from state and local government, local businesses, residents and members of the community as a result of last night’s devastating fire in downtown Clarkesville. Over half a dozen business/buildings were affected in the fire that occurred late Wednesday night. Many of these buildings were over 100 years old. Clarkesville City Hall is offering support in the form of free resources to those affected by the loss. The use of the conference room, fax and copy machine, phone as well as notary services will be available free of charge to those business owners who suffered damage. The old Habersham County Courthouse is also offering meeting space. Additionally, neighboring businesses and restaurants have donated food, water, coffee and general support to the safety crew, staff as well as the employees of the businesses affected. The Department of Community Affairs is sending a Recovery Team to downtown early next ...
Many thanks to the organizations who are co-sponsoring and supporting our upcoming March 9th Symposium: Friends of Japan, Columbia Japan Society, Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia Business School, the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University, the Vice President’s Office for Diversity and Community Affairs, the Japanese American Association of New York, Japanese Medical Support Network, Japanese Medical Society of America, and En Japanese Brasserie. Please be sure to register for our symposium in advanced! We hope to see you soon!
THE new Sports Minister, Dr. Tamuno Danagogo, can be described as a very lucky man following the circumstances that led to his new appointment. Born 44 years ago, Tamuno Danagogo hails from Abonema on Akoku Toru Local Council Area of Rivers State. He is a 1990 graduate of Law of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, but came into limelight in 2004 when he was elected chairman of Akoku Toru Local Council Area under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) His closeness to the supervising Minister for Education, Nyesom Wike, helped in his nomination to serve as Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Community Affairs in the Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi administration in Rivers State. He also served as Commissioner for Urban Development in the same administration. He, however, resigned his appointment as a commissioner in the Amaechi administration in December when he told the governor that he would not join him to defect to the All Progressives Congress (APC). His resignation proved a blessi ...
BLACK HISTORY FACT: Andrea L. Taylor is the director for U.S. Community Affairs at Microsoft Corporation. In her role, Taylor set's the strategy for and manage the implementation of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential program; Puget Sound community engagement; and employee community programs in the U.S., including matching gifts and volunteering. Taylor works closely with nonprofit organizations, governments and businesses in the U.S. to advance employability and work-force development. Before joining Microsoft, she was the founding director of the Media Fund at the Ford Foundation, managing $50 million in support of global media projects including Sesame Street in China and South Africa, acclaimed television series such as Eyes on the Prize and The Pacific Century, and National Public Radio. Recently, Ms. Taylor was an adjunct faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and during an extensive career in media and philanthropy, she has participated in four global summits of the United Nations on devel ...
Plainview city council members unanimously approved a base bid of $69,735 and total bid with optional add-ons of $84,892 each for the reconstruction of up to 10 homes through the Texas HOME program, in cooperation with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.
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Show details St. Mary's is pleased to announce that the recipient of the Outstanding Alumna 2014 award is Suzanne Hollis Apple '76. After graduating from St. Mary's in 1976 where she was a "lifer" member of the 12 year club, she received her B.A. from Southern Methodist University. Suzanne resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she serves as Vice President and Managing Director for Business and Industry at the World Wildlife Fund-U.S. In this role, she leads the business engagement activities for WWF-US including work around responsible procurement and sustainable business practices. This includes work with Procter & Gamble, Sodexo, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and others. In addition, she leads and manages WWF-U.S.’s largest corporate partnership with The Coca-Cola Company. International Paper recently joined the WWF initiatives focusing on eliminating illegal logging and promoting environmentally and socially responsible forest management. Suzanne retired as Vice President, Community Affairs and Environmenta .. ...
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie’s administration is reopening the appeals period for superstorm Sandy recovery housing grants after an advocacy group discovered a high number of errors on denied applications. Nearly 80 percent of the applications rejected from two home rebuilding programs were approved on appeal, according to an analysis by the Fair Share Housing Center. But thousands of rejected applicants gave up without appealing, making it impossible to know how many of those applications should have been approved, Kevin Walsh, associate director of the center, said Friday. The rejected applicants will have a second chance at qualifying for either the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) program, which pays grants of up to $150,000, or the Homeowner Resettlement Program, said Richard Constable, the state Department of Community Affairs commissioner. “We want anyone who is eligible under the guidelines to have a full and fair opportunity to receive assistance. Therefore, ...
Shawn Williams and Sgt. Thornton present on Community Affairs at Public Safety Committee.
LAPBAND n pig wife 180. New Jersey officials are reopening the appeals period for residents whose initial applications for two Hurricane Sandy relief programs were denied, according to the state Department of Community Affairs, the agency that administers the programs.
The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs offers funds to county governments and municipalities for long range planning in the support of community redevelopment in counties and municipalities sustaining damage from Superstorm Sandy. Contact us for more information.
Queen USG! In her time at City College, Carolina has only grown in her love for this college and this community. As a current Junior majoring in Political Science and International Studies, she has had the wonderful opportunity to serve in many ways. Carolina is grateful to be able to say she was once a member of the women's soccer team, the Roosevelt Institute, and is now active in USG as Vice President of Community Affairs, the Student Empowerment and Engagement Development Series (SEEDS), and Disciples of the Cross. All organizations have played a huge role in her personal development and continuously remind her of the importance of helping others and being a leader! Carolina is also a part of CCNY's Honors Program and is a Colin Powell Fellow. As a first generation college student, she is so thankful to be a part of the City College community and jumps at every opportunity to represent it. With your support and your vote, Carolina would be honored to serve as this year's Homecoming! Queen!
Hello Roosevelt, I received this email from Clara Gillens-Eromosele she is a Community Activist in Roosevelt. Please read and share . In November 2013, Officer Sharpe was falsely arrested and charged with resisting arrest. This is ridiculous as Officer Sharpe has herself been a member of the Nassau County Police Department for over 19 years. A real supporter and partner of the Roosevelt and Uniondale communities. Some of you know that I was the coordinator of the Weed and Seed Project in Roosevelt for 6 years and in Uniondale for 3 years. During that time I met Officer Dolores Sharpe. Officer Sharpe worked for the first Pct. for a time and then at Community Affairs also as a school resource officer. She has served on TAG (task force against gangs), she is highly regarded in the community as someone who taught DARE (drug awareness), and GREAT (Gang Resistance Through Education and Training), was a member of the community policing unit, AND ran workshops on what to do when stopped by the police! She ...
Dr. Mae Sakharov received her Doctorate of Curriculum and Teaching with Highest Honors from the Teachers College of Columbia University, where she also earned a Master of Arts in early childhood special education and a Master of Education in learning disabilities. She received a Bachelor of Arts *** laude in reading and children's literature from San Francisco State University. After working in graduate admissions at Columbia University, Dr. Sakharov began her career as an educational counselor as the founder of MLS (Multi/Learning Services), a learning center in Brooklyn, one of the first learning centers in the United States that served over 300 clients per week. Her work has been featured on ABC's 20/20, Dateline NBC, and CNN, and she has appeared on WOR's Community Affairs, ESPN and PBS. MLS gained renown for its outstanding college placements, first-rate test preparation, and its ability to work with students from the gifted to those with learning disabilities. Dr. Sakharov has taught special educa . ...
Neil Flynn from and Andrew King Dir. of Community Affairs take part in March
ABOUTThe Northeast Regional Alliance (NERA) MedPrep Scholars Program is a partnership between New Jersey Medical School, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Manhattan Staten Island Area Health…
WATERFORD, Mich. – Dec. 9, 2013 – An ambitious “Complete Streets” plan that would transform Woodward Avenue into a scenic thoroughfare for shopping, biking, walking as well as accommodating motorized traffic will be shown Wednesday on two local cable providers.   The one-hour program can be seen at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday on Comcast and Wow Channel 18 in Auburn Hills, Berkley, Clawson, Ferndale, Huntington Woods, Oakland Township, Pleasant Ridge, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak and Troy. The program will be replayed on Saturday at 7 p.m. A video on-demand will also be available at CMN-TV’s website library   An update on the Complete Streets Master Plan was presented Friday to 65 people who attended the sold-out Planner’s Gatherings hosted by Oakland County’s Department of Economic Development & Community Affairs. Huntington Woods Mayor Ronald Gillham and Pleasant Ridge Mayor Kurt Metzger – whose communities are along the Woodward corridor – were among those in attendance. ...
Account Manager (Public and Community Affairs): ... is completed as set Background and exp...
Account Manager (Public and Community Affairs): This organisation is a leading independent public and communit...
Things to do Downtown this Week!   Downtown Albany selected for Georgia’s Main Street Start-up Program! The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (GDCA) announced that Albany is one of nineteen Georgia cities selected to join the Main Street Start-up Program, which provides technical assistance to cities looking to improve their downtowns. Twenty-five cities across the state applied to the 2014-2015 program, the largest single group of applicants in the history of the Georgia Main Street Program. Collectively, they represent 284,503 citizens, $1.8 million in available local downtown program funding, and 10 service delivery regions of the state. “This is a tremendous opportunity to bring people and business to downtown Albany,” said Mr. Blair, Downtown Manager. “It’s an honor to be selected for this prestigious national program, which will allow us to leverage our many existing downtown assets. We’re looking forward to working with GDCA toward full certification.” “In line with national ...
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs announced Monday that 19 new Georgia cities will become part of the Main…
Had a wonderful time last night at the Difference Maker Award. Frank Marzullo, Fox 19 was MC & we went at it (LOL) my Hubby, WCPO GM Jeff Brogan & Mona Morrow, Community Affairs came out to support me & the event at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Feeling Blessed!
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs is now accepting applications for their Reentry Housing Partnership.
Inmates at San Quentin train shelter dogs to go to loving families. Story ABC 7 news 5pm ABC7 News ABC7 Community Affairs
Peter Hassen is a total *** He's the Senior Director of Market Development and Community Affairs for the Chicago Blackhawks. Long title. Total ***
A hearty Congratulations on their graduation to the Sister Fellows on Women & Public Policy, Rockefeller College Center for Women in Government and Civil Society, UAlbany. There was a lovely reception at UAlbany's Campus Center, including a keynote speech by Zenaida Mendez, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), New York State, and a Partnering to advance Women's Leadership speech by Jill Simonsen, Community Affairs and Grassroots Manager of Southwest Airlines Co. It was wonderful to see so many of our cherished women leaders tonight: Bonnie Beard, Dina Refki, Sue Faerman, and Anne Saile, to name a few. Two of the graduating Sister Fellows have been chosen for the prestigious Excelsior Fellowship program. New York can be proud to have such distinguished women leaders representing and advancing the rights of women everywhere. Again, my heartfelt Congratulations to Ursula Abrams, Marwa Elbially, Leanna Greenberg, Madeline Hannan, Katharina Helling, Jeszenia Jimenez, Jennie Law, Elizabe ...
Hey, I'm on TV!!! See if you can point me out amongst the crowd... Well if you didn't know what I did for a living, now you know. I'm an activist. I work in Community Affairs. I'm a Political Organizer. Ultimately, I'm a fighter. I fight for social justice, equal rights and I champion humanitarianism. This current local issue I'm working on is rallying the Small Business Owners, mainly of the ethnic variety, to STOP Mayor Bloomberg from banning styrofoam in NYC businesses. Don't believe that mularky that he's doing it for "environmental purposes". 66 cities in the US, including Los Angeles, recycles styrofoam. Besides, its one of the best materials to use for insulation for corporate buildings. This is about $. It is also about control, about culture and about the role of government. He's not going after Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and other large food chains, he's targeting the "mom and pop" restaurants, the bodegas, the Latin, Caribbean and Asian family businesses that permeate our neighborhoods in the 5 b ...
JOIN US TOMORROW ! EAPS Meeting & Dinner Saturday, June 15, 2013 Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel, 515 Route 1 South, Iselin, NJ . The event will start at 6:30pm with a social hour followed by 7:45pm - "Community Affairs" - A segment for members to discuss current events Dinner will be served at 8:15pm 9:15 - 10:30pm - Guest Speaker: Professor Saliba Sarsar, Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives and Professor of Political Science at Monmouth University Interfaith Dialog Faith impacts all aspects of our lives. Dialogue enables us to relate to the other and act with the other in meaningful ways. Interfaith dialogue is a strong catalyst for justice, conflict resolution, and peace building. Its success is higher if we prepare for it and follow its better practices correctly. Our voice and touch are essential for promoting and sustaining it. The presentation will raise some of the serious issues facing the Middle East today; reflect on the value of interfaith dialogue within the context of Judaism, Chris ...
iNews Message by Minister of Community Affairs, Gender & Housing Honourable Dwayne Seymour on Child Mont...
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