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Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations.

Sierra Leone Commonwealth Games 2014 Invictus Games Olympic Games Ryder Cup John Barrowman Vikas Gowda Prince Harry Glasgow Commonwealth Games Asian Games Dipika Pallikal Vishal Sikka World Cup First Minister Alex Salmond Glasgow Green

Paralympic Gold Medalist helps celebrate 3yrs to Commonwealth Games. Soon on
I've been to a Rugby Union and League World Cup matches, AFC Asian Cup matches, Commonwealth Games,…
| play Sir Gordon Tietjens his squad for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: Sir Gordon Ti...
Commonwealth Games gold medallist Charlie Flynn teams up with the…
"Sharing my Commonwealth Games medal experience by having my parents on pool deck during the ceremony was amazing" - Belinda Hocking
has congratulated Abhinav Bindra, Malaika Goel and Santoshi Matsa for winning medals at the Commonwealth Games
A couple of nice Weightlifting cameos in there. Enjoy!. The Journey to the 2022 Commonwealth Games
Good luck to in the 800m Semis shortly! Interviewed him back before Glasgow- nice guy & humble athlete!
1 year ago today I had flown to Glasgow for my first stage of commonwealth games training ✈️ Where did that year go? 🙈😅
*2022 Commonwealth Games will be held in Durban, South African and 2018 is scheduled to be held in Gold Coast, Australia.
Missing Commonwealth Games Sprinter Arrested No justifiable right to be here, next plane home and apply correctly.
Missing Commonwealth Games sprinter from Sierra Leone has been found "cold and emaciated" on the London streets. Lol lol
| Brownlee settles for fifth place: Stimpson, who won gold at the Commonwealth Games in Gla...
| Missing Commonwealth Games Sprinter Arrested: A top sprinter from Sierra Leone, who disap...
| 'Homeless' Sierra Leone athlete Jimmy Thoronka arrested: ... after the Commonwealth Games...
Missing Commonwealth Games Sprinter Arrested. He has broken our laws and MUST be deported immediately. Health issues are not asylum reasons
Not one Saltire on display at despite 2 of 3 players being Scottish. Yet Union flags were ok at Commonwealth Games...
Congrats to Queen's student on reaching the women's 800m semi-finals Commonwealth Games, 6.45pm tomorrow
Jimmy Thoronka: Sierra Leone sprinter who went AWOL from Commonwealth Games living rough ...
The story about the sprinter from Sierra Leone who ended up sleeping rough after the Commonwealth Games is heartbreaking.
Pic of the day Commonwealth Games silver medal winner Michaela Walsh cools down after training session h…
Sierra Leone sprinter who went missing after Commonwealth Games arrested after being found sleeping rough in London
'Homeless' Sierra Leone athlete arrested in UK - stayed behind after Commonwealth Games last year due to fears
Missing Commonwealth Games Sprinter Arrested What's the bet he'll end up staying; be given a house, benefits; the lot
Missing Commonwealth Games Sprinter Arrested Collect for me, Gofundme; I fear for myself at hands of this government!
Missing Commonwealth Games Sprinter Arrested Some BS story that was! Ebola! Our aid workers go there, so you can too!
Athlete from Sierra Leone who has lived homeless since the Commonwealth Games is arrested over immigration offences
News: Glasgow. | Top Sierra Leone sprinter arrested: ...after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last summer, h...
An African sprinter who vanished after Glasgow 2014 found homeless in London
It's never too late to become the best version of you. Who knows what you might achieve?!
Jimmy Thoronka,vanished after Commonwealth Games, says he can’t go home because Ebola has wiped out his family.
Honestly, if the UK deports Jimmy Thoronka, the Commonwealth Games (should be forever disgraced.
| Stars back Commonwealth Games bid: Former Paralympic swimmer Natalie du Toit has joined s...
Sierra Leone's missing top sprinter found sleeping rough in London: After competing in the Commonwealth Games ...
Top sprinter from Sierra Leone who vanished after Commonwealth is living rough in London
Sierra Leone athlete who disappeared after the Commonwealth Games found homeless in London
Minister of Sport says Commonwealth games in Durban will profit SA yes sure like the Fifa Soccer World did
Sprinter who disappeared after Commonwealth Games has been interviewed by immigration officials at a London...
:Thoronka surely we can help this man, what happened to the Commonwealth Games feel good factor!
Did you know that if we win the Bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the opening ceremony will coincide with Nelson Man…
Kelly Sotherton's stolen Commonwealth Games gold medal found -
Why to BAN BBC? just boycott it first the commonwealth games then channel seems to have an agenda against India.
Durban eyes Olympic prize after hosting 2022 Games
what is your take on Durban bidding to host Commonwealth games?
Why are we bidding for Commonwealth Games, an irrelevent Colonial legacy. Bid for Olympics makes sense
Sotherton's stolen gold medal found: A Commonwealth Games gold medal stolen from the home of former heptathlet...
Why do we still have CommonWealth games?? the only common thing the participants have is being colonized by Eng…
Games gold medal that was stolen has been found
| Kroll Show: Show Us Your Songs' travels the British Commonwealth searching for talent.
With respect buti Rob, but isn't this a great sporting experience for our athletes &SA. Why discourage the Commonwealth games.
Some South Africans are outraged by d county's interest in hosting 2022 Commonwealth games.I think they should host them given the benefits.
Hi Min. I sincerely hope that you will be able to get access to the e-mail by Mdu Nene re Commonwealth Games. Plz get it.
Track set to be missing at2022 Commonwealth Games, but MTB could feature (+ video)
Bit of reality check from Tony Leon on the idea of hosting the Commonwealth Games
Someone is selling a R20 billion lie to the people of KZN. The commonwealth games like all mega events leave host nations in…
I see Durban is hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2022. . Now we can at least afford to send our athletes.
I actually went all the way to Glasgow to see them open the commonwealth games last year but this is my first time seeing them...
.Commonwealth Games gold medal discovered — in a postbox!
Durban eyes prize after hosting 2022 Commonwealth Games
Kelly Sotherton's stolen Commonwealth Games gold medal found: Chuffed for
| Kelly Sotherton's stolen Commonwealth Games medal found abandoned in postbox near her hom...
| The Commonwealth Games: "Show Us Your Songs" continues its journey through the commonweal...
Kelly Sotherton's stolen Commonwealth Games gold medal found in postbox. Read more:
So proud that Rebekah is at the commonwealth games! A fantastic inspiration to all!
Kelly Sotherton's stolen Commonwealth Games gold medal found
England Programmes are looking for to compete in the Youth Games 2015, find out more here:
Africa's champion: is all set to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games after being confirmed as the only bidder
"I would rather the city deals with its problems first," - Durbanite on
Track cycling and gymnastics left out of Durban's 2022 Commonwealth Games bid
Trinidad and Tobago at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games
New article! and Nyasaland at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games -
New article! and New Guinea at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games -
New article! Ireland at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games -
New article! at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games -
Olympic silver medallist Michael Jamieson is determined to put the disappointment of the Commonwealth Games...
.- Min for Education. Min for Tourism, Major Events & Small Business, Min for Commonwealth Games.
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Louise Hazel | Louise is a 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medalist in the Heptathlon so it's no real shock that she's…
Play stopped for rain at Melbourne Park. How are the Socceroos going in the Commonwealth Games final?
Akhil Kumar, Arjuna Award winner, Olympian & Commonwealth Games medalist to unveil the range in Delhi on Feb 3.
DTN Delhi 2010: Commonwealth Games medallist Charline Joiner happy to be joining the ... - Daily Mail: Daily M...
“Cost to Scotland for the London Olympics and the Commonwealth Games
| Tony Ebert praises medal recovery: Five fire trucks were called to the Commonwealth Games...
The awesome experience of going to the Commonwealth Games!
Last year was a bit roller coaster to say the least. All of you on my friends list have been subject to my outbursts, tantrums and venting lol I must say a massive thank you to everyone who visited me in hospital and at home, I couldn't of done it without you all! In some ways I will be glad to see the back of 2014 but it's mixed feelings. When I thought it was all over and I looked over my life I could say I was proud and happy with what I had done and the person I had become. 2014 is a year that I found exactly what I was capable of even before I got ill. I had amazing experiences such as working with the Salvation Army and attending the Commonwealth Games. In 2015 I will get this disease under control, complete my degree and be stronger, smarter and in better physical shape than ever before! Thank you all for sharing this period of my life with me and I wish you every success and happiness.
Highlight of the year - first week of the Commonwealth Games: I was off work looking after 5-yr-old and saw loads of sports and sunshine.
What a year I've had, 2014 has to be one of my best years, had its highs and lows as every year but this year I've achieved so much especially in badminton ending last season at 34th in the Scotland doubles rankings!🏆 I volunteered at the commonwealth games one of the best weeks ever Glasgow was unbelievable! I've done so many things gaining great and valuable experiences and learning new skills and learning through my mistakes, met some new people and friends for life. Made plans to look forward to. Undoubtably an amazing year never to forget! Looking forward to 2015 let's see if we can make it better😊 look to better myself and onto my new ventures! Thanks to everyone who made this year truly great☺️💙 hope everyone enjoys their night😁😁
Top 3 Sporting Events of the Year for me! 3-Commonwealth Games Road Race-I was there and I saw the peleton go past 14 times and seen one of the last great races of David Millar's career. It was also amazing to be in Glasgow for the games and being able to drink five pints and eat a meal in between watching the race on TV and seeing them in person 14 times as they went past the pub was immense. (Tour De France was a close second as we had a massive adventure going out to see it that day 127 miles due to a Garmin Mishap!) 2-The World Cup we really needed a good one after the absolutely toiletworthy one in 2010 and this World Cup was immense just amazing games Holland thrashing Spain, Costa Rica, Germany thrashing Brazil and so so many great performances. 1-The Tour Of Flanders in my first full year of being into cycling properly I have to say this year's Tour of Flanders was probably one of the greatest sporting things I've ever seen. Was a mental crash filled race, on cobbles and ended in some tactical cat ...
2014? Not too shabby Giro d'Italia in Belfast Tour de France in london Fav City week in Munich, Germany Commonwealth Games in glasgow, fantastic atmosphere, loved every minute New job, great way to go into a new year hopefully 2015 is half as good, Happy New Year to all x
Ayrshire officers were involved in policing the Commonwealth Games.
What a year, quite a few lows but loads of fantastic memories made . Went to the Commonwealth Games, watching the joy when REece met one of his idols , watching older 2 progress at Judo, seeing Isla do fab in her running, watching all four do their sponsored run for BeBold , as well as watching the girls do well at their drama, Archie learned to cycle and also do amazing at school. What will next year bring hopefully many more fantastic achievements and memories .
Sukhen Dey of India wins gold and Ganesh Mali bags bronze in men's 56kg weightlifting event at Commonwealth Games.
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Highlight of 2014 was performing at the Commonwealth games opening ceremony 😆👯❤️
2014 Highlights: captures silver medal at Commonwealth Games in 75kg class!
Well 2014 was some year, business doing well, transplant, commonwealth games and much more but to top the year off I'm in princess st for hogmanay Happy 2015 when it comes x
Commonwealth games opening ceremony, by far my biggest achievement!!
Highlight of 2014 . Commonwealth games in Glasgow with Ellie - so glad I got to experience it 💙
I have just noticed that on the New Year's Honours list there were awards to "significant contributors to the Commonwealth Games". I waited and waited but, alas, no mention of anyone in the Transport Team. Disgraceful, don't you think, Rose Evans Greg Absler Isabel McDermid Pamela Sinclair Moyra Sleight Lesley Sommerville et al. I would have thought at least a CBE!
2014 has been such a busy year for me, moving to aberdeen with John and getting out first ever flat, being a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games, going back to college and meeting some awesome ladies, meeting even more awesome people at my new job and seeing new places like London and across the pond to New Orleans when I got to go to Wrestlemania 30! So so many new experiences and I can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer. Wishing all of my friends and family a great new year and 2015, can't wait for these last few days at home and a few wee ceilidhs!! 🎉🍸🍻
~ 2014... a) a LOT of politics: a successful positive YES campaign, an amazing springboard for further success, a bright charismatic new first minister, a gender fair cabinet, a stupendous electoral turn out, and the exposure of westminster/beeb/national press of their generally biased, on occasion bigoted, barefaced fibs and what some might say is xenophobic attitude on par with thon katie wifie & UKIP... b) Theatre: Garry had his teeth stuck into many things, what with "Grit! The Martyn Bennett story" (mostly in the Weej & Mull), "Struileag" at the Commonwealth Games (weej), Rhythmic gymnastics at the games too, the cheery John Wilkie moving in for a month or so for theatre school tutoring (late night, great craic & general conspiracy chit chat) and "Janis Joplin: full tilt" during the Edinburgh Festival...And on top of all that add the fabulous, sparkling & shiny new studio (studio, Pencaitland) being built.phew...stressful, yes, worth it, absolutely !! c) My life delights: loving my cutie cats for giv ...
Lost a referendum (on my birthday), lost a dear family member, lost to England... Bought a car in August, hired a car in November. Drove 2000 miles around Ayrshire Junior grounds, drove 5000 miles round 7 US States. Went to the Commonwealth Games, worked at the Commonwealth Games, went to the Ryder Cup, worked at the Ryder Cup. Bought a flat, sold a TV. Made new friends and refound old ones. Ran a half marathon, fell out the shower. 2014 was a strange year. Let's do the good stuff again.
2014 Highlights: Katerine Savard wins gold in the 100m Butterfly at the Commonwealth Games!
the Commonwealth Games were pretty cool, finally got to meet Greg Rutherford and met Beth Tweddle
As we trundle towards the end of 2014, we can take time to reflect on what has affected our lives this year. We've had our ups and downs, Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, great success and still thinking of the opening ceremony and those poor wee dugs keep wondering if they have recovered yet. Our Independence vote which not only divided a nation on the pro's and cons but had the sad side effect of people unbefriending and blocking on fb for having a different opinion which was sad, however whether the result went your way or not, we can congratulate ourselves on all becoming experts on the Edinburgh Agreement, local politics and most importantly reading bookies odds. We have lost people, friends, relatives and those taken before their time in accidents or illness. We mourn the loss of the tragic victims in Glasgow and yet again showed the world that we as a city pull together. We have gained friends, 2014 was a great year for all those who participated in the Woodfarm High School Reunion back in September ...
Well, 2014 was rather decent. Got a cracking job, graduated, had a great trip to Prague and went Commonwealth Games daft. Here's to 2015!
*Warning* Long winded end of year post coming up ... As I reflect on the year, as much as it's had its ups and downs, I am feeling very lucky to have had the year I've had.. It started in Russia for the Winter Olympics. Bassline was track of the day on radio 1. Went to Cuba for our honeymoon (part 2). Performed at ministry of sound. Moved to London. Got a bike. Went to Glasgow for the commonwealth games. My bro graduated uni & we celebrated at Edinburgh fringe festival. Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in Paris. Moved house again. Went to Frankfurt to drink gluhwein and wander round the Xmas markets. Made my 1st ever jam. Got my 4th tattoo. Spent the festive season with the best family and friends. And am spending the last night of the year where my heart truly lies, Manchester. Word of the year - lucky. Thank you to all the people in my life that made it just that. HNY EVERYONE! X
Sports question. Which olympic veterans played at the Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth Games this year? (hint: we did!)
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2014. What a great year and will be hard to beat. Some of the highlights My boys 21st and family and friends celebrating it Watching the Commonwealth Games live x3 events Seeing the Eagles live in Glasgow Holiday in Miami and New York with Lynne Scotland saying NO to independence Watching Scotland at football v Georgia Family All healthy... Roll on 2015 ...Best wishes to all.
In 2014 the eyes of the world were on Scotland as it hosted several major events from the Commonwealth Games, The Ryder Cup to the MTV Awards. Here is a snap...
Memories of shared by Athletes and Clyde-siders
Just some of the very few highlights of 2014. Ultimate peak for me was the Commonwealth Games & all…
It's been quite a year-Commonwealth Games and the Indyref taking up the largest part of it, with some wonderful...
All the best to all of our coaches, volunteers, adults and kids who are part of the Tryst Community Sports Hub. We leave behind an exciting year of the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup and move into the true legacy era of Community Sports Hubs. 2015 presents new challenges, but also many exciting opportunities to expand our provision, and continue the development of our thriving clubs and partnerships. Here's to 2015, and here's to the tryst!
My personal highlight of 2014 was being on stage hosting the Commonwealth Games culture festival at Glasgow Green!
I travelled India, visited Poland, watched Scotland win gold at the Commonwealth Games, and met the finest of folk during the indyref.
2014 has been probably the best year of my life no joke. From working at the Commonwealth Games with…
good on you Osher and I wouldn't be happy with the Commonwealth Games either. Happy New Year
No 3. 2014, the year of ace sunset flights! This taken by Circus 10 en route to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games
From gold in Sochi to a record breaking Commonwealth Games. Our website review of the year
Congratulations to NI Commonwealth Games double gold medallist for his MBE
Team Nigeria is now in 8th posion in 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow,Scotland. Team Nigeria on Wedne
Team Nigeria finish. the Commonwealth Games in eight. position Team Nigeria gave a good account of themse
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See how my 2014 Commonwealth Games/ Hadrians Wall image was built via the slide show …
| Paralympic ones to watch for 2015: I watched the Commonwealth Games and the atmosphere wi...
the vision of is to provide financial support to Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes
Gymnast Claudia Fragapane rounded off a 2014 to remember by being named the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year at a glittering ceremony in Glasgow. Then aged 16, Fragapane was one of the stars of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, claiming a record-equalling haul of four golds. The...
Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinics are pleased to announce the opening of the High Performance Centre on the 8th of December. We are looking forward to continue our association with the Port Pirates Rugby Union as a sponsor. Our Team Pre-season Strength and Conditioning Programs designed in conjunction with our Sports Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologist and Level 2 Strengthen and Conditioning coaches commence the 15th of December. Our dedicated centre will be officially opened by Olympic/Commonwealth Games and World Champion Swimmer James Magnussen on the 22nd of December. This is an invitation event only. Unleash the ATHLETE within!!
Commonwealth Games spirit invoked by Active East with Celtic Park awards ... - Scottish Daily Record
Get Inspired. Advent calendar day 5 - "Go for a dip". How Scotland rules the waves in the Commonwealth Games. Have a…
| Comenwealth games cameltoes: Day One Results of the Commonwealth Games. Brief synopsis: E...
*** kiss steals show at Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
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Boxer Manoj Kumar to get Arjuna Award tomorrow: Manoj, a 2010 Commonwealth Games gold-medallist, will be besto...
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FIRST thing Nicola Sturgeon FM done was give NHS Scotland an Extra £600Million + £25Million saved from Commonwealth Games.…
A well deserved Lifetime Achievement award for Louise Martin and recognition for role in bringing Commonwealth Games to Glasg…
Little Giant Ladders
On news that the Glasgow Commonwealth Games came in £25M under budget... First Minister Alex Salmond said: "Glasgow delivered the best Commonwealth Games ever, showcasing the city and Scotland to the world in a fantastic way. "A tremendous amount of work went into delivering the Games and I am delighted to be able to announce that operations have concluded under budget. "This is undoubtedly testament to the hard work of everyone involved, and from the competitors, to the volunteers and the spectators, I’d like to offer my utmost thanks to all those who contributed to making these the greatest Games ever."
Our Pic Ed R G Sneddon Photographer darted home to pick up the forgotten lens and attended Heriot Watt University to see Lord Smith of Kelvin and First Minister Alex Salmond meet with athletes in training after it had been announced that the 2014 Commonwealth Games came in £25million under budget.
Scotlands Michael Jamieson and Englands Sir Bradley Wiggins are chasing gold medals on day one of the Commonwealth Games on Thursday.
Welsh 400m hurdler Rhys Williams says he is "utterly devastated" after an anti-doping violation rules him out of the Commonwealth Games.
Britains Alistair Brownlee warms up for the Commonwealth Games with victory in the Triathlon World Series race in Hamburg.
England gained revenge over NZ for Commonwealth Games heartbreak with a 42-38 win in Rotorua: http:/…
England gain Commonwealth Games revenge over New Zealand in Rotorua
Kipchoge Keino won Kenya's 1st gold medal in the 1,500m (3mins 34.9 sec) on 23 Oct 1968 at the Commonwealth Games
Sports related Questions 1. When was the start of modern Olympic Games. - 1896 AD. 2. When was the Indian Olympic Council. - 1924 AD. 3. When the Olympic torch began the practice of burning. - 1928 AD. (Amsterdam Olympics) 4. Detailed broadcasting on TV when the Olympics began. - 1960 AD. The 5. When was the introduction of the Commonwealth Games. - 1930 AD. 6. When India first participated in the Commonwealth Games. - 1934 AD. (Second Commonwealth Games) 7. When and where was the start of the Asian Games. - March 4, 1951. E. in New Delhi 8. What country is considered the father of cricket game. - England 9. Where was born to play football. - England 10. In which country is considered the birth of volleyball. - USA.
Ben Proud and Chris Walker-Hebborn take Englands first swimming gold medals of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
Ahead of the Commonwealth Games, Sophie Raworth takes a look at some of the venues and which athletes to look out for.
WAYmat (Teal) Clearance Deals , SALE! SHOP NOW! WAYmat (Teal) Online Clearance Sales Buying Guide Sale PRICES WAYmat (Teal) How to Gain at Petanque This post addresses the basic principles of the greatest approaches to earn at petanque. All of these guidelines are ethical and have been applied by the writer with great success. WAYmat (Teal) Commonwealth Online games: Tenth Day Preview The ninth working day noticed some sensational sporting activities motion, with several stunning final results. India who boasted just the one athletic gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (CWG), when 'the flying sikh' Milkha Singh won it in 1958, have won two in the women's events at this edition of the CWG. The Indian quartet won the 4x400m relay to increase to the discus gold gained by Krishna Poonia on the eighth day. three Wonderful Kayaking Spots in Lake Tahoe Listed here are three excellent Kayaking destinations in Lake Tahoe. So seize a kayak, appear on up to Tahoe, and appreciate the h2o. WAYmat (Teal) Camping Equ . ...
Current Affairs for the Month of August,2014 1st August:- Vishal Sikka took over the charges as first non-founder chief executive officer of India's second largest software firm Infosys. Vikas Gowda becomes the first Indian man to clinch athletics gold in 56 years after winning gold medal of the 20th Commonwealth Games in men's discus throw competition. 2nd August:- CBI arrested SK Jain (Chairman *** Managing Director of Sydicate Bank) and five others for allegedly taking bribe of Rs 50 lakh for enhancement of credit limit to some companies bypassing rules and regulations. 3rd August:- PM Narendra Modi starts two day visit to Nepal. 150 people were killed when a powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck southwest China's Yunnan province. Two Indian officials of the Indian Olympics Association, including its secretary Rajeev Mehta, have been arrested in Glasgow on charges of alleged assault. Dipika Pallikal and Joshana Chinappa created history by winning the first-ever gold medal in squash in commonwealth . ...
Johannesburg. - Bowls South Africa’s heroes and heroines of the XX Commonwealth Games at Glasgow Scotland, winners of five gold and two bronze medals, have been nominated for Team of the Year at the SA Sport Awards in November, when a multi-million pool of prizes will be awarded in 17 categories. South Africa’s Proteas vie with the Gold medal winning SA Sevens rugby side in Glasgow and the successful SA Under-19 cricket side as the short list in the category. At a glittering event held at SABC, Auckland Park on Wednesday (Oct 15) SA Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula, announcing final nominees said: “Our sports stars have done us proud and this is an opportunity to for them to come together so we can celebrate their achievements.” Winners will be announced next month and a total of R3.7m awarded to winners in each category - first prize of R1m and a luxury car goes to the Sport Star of the Year, a tenfold increase in prize money in this category from last year. All nominees receive R10 000. Said Bo ...
KUALA LUMPUR: Seven months of almost non-stop action has taken its toll on national forward Mohd Shahril Saabah. The 20-year-old has played in five major tournaments for the national senior team since March – Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh (March), Champions Challenge I in Kuantan (April), World Cup in The Hague (May), Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (July) and the recent Incheon Asian Games in South Korea. Although he is dead tired, he’s willing to soldier on and lead the line in the Sultan of Johor Cup, which begins on Sunday at Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru. However, he does not want hockey fans to expect too much from him. “It’s never easy playing five tournaments in a row. Expectations will be on me to deliver the goals again in the Sultan of Johor Cup,” he said. “But it’s not going to be easy for me to score ... not after failing to net a single goal in the Incheon Asian Games, (where Malaysia finished fourth).” The Kuala Lumpur-born penalty corner drag flicker, with 30 international ...
| Rebecca Adlington predicts bright future for British swimmers after Commonwealth Games su...
As of today, it's officially three and a half years to go until the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games!
There’s Something About Mary! I knew she’d win the gold. This was the Asian Games at Incheon in South Korea yesterday. Even though she’d been dropped from the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow in Scotland last July. But this is India, and that’s another story, and no matter how you script it, Mary Kom is a heroine. I haven’t as yet seen Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s recent Bollywood hit by the same name, with the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra playing the champion Manipur boxer, but I now will. I only wish the climax of the film had been shot after these Asian Games. When Mary Kom could have been showing winning India’s first women’s boxing gold at an Asian Games. She is, of course, a five times World Amateur Boxing Champion and also an Olympic heroine, and at 31, a mother of three. But all that is Wikipedia history. I met her briefly exactly two years ago. She was promoting the ambitious Super Fight League introduced in Mumbai by Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty. Which is caged fighting for TV featuring some ...
Australias Sally Pearson is "likely" to miss the 100m at the Commonwealth Games, but plans to compete in the 100m hurdles.
T in The Park, Commonwealth Games, NATO, Referendum, Ryder Cup. A summer like no other for our members
Members of Northern Ireland's Commonwealth Games team talk about how their home has inspired them...visit for yourself and see how it can inspire you...www.i...
Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medalist on her love for
Government approved a bill to amend the Juvenile Justice Act to allow for 16-18-year-olds to be treated as adults when involved in heinous crimes. Glasgow (Scotland) Commonwealth Games 2014 (20th Commonwealth Games) - Organized in Celtic Park Stadium of Glasgow, Scotland. Total 4950 Athletes from 71 Countries participated in the second largest sports event in the world after Olympics. 200 Indian Atheletes participated in it. Clyde was the Official Mascot of this Sports Event. Medal Tally - England Topped the Medal Tally with total 174 Medals (58 -G, 59 - S, 57 - B) Australia was secon with 139 Medals. Canada was Third with 82 Medals and Host Country Scotland was Fourth with 53 Medals. India was at Fifth Place with 64 Medals (15 - Gold, 30 - Silver, 19 - Bronze). India's Parupalli Kashyap won Gold in Badminton's Singles. Vikas Gowda won First Gold for India in Discuss Throwing Evvent. Deepa Karmakar became India's First Female Gymnast to win a Commonwealth Medal as she won Bronze in Female Gymnastics. Dipi ...
Six-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt announces he is available to compete at next months Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
After watching this evenings news, Oscar Pistorius can confirm he's glad to have been busy during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Suresh Kalmadi and Lalit Bhanot removed from their posts of organising committee of Commonwealth Games
Projection Studio at Edinburgh Tattoo Projection artist Ross Ashton and his company The Projection Studio are again making a massive impact at Edinburgh’s world famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, producing fabulous giant projections which are mapped onto the castle wall and running throughout the epic spectacle. The event’s Chief Executive and Producer is Brigadier David Alfrey and this year’s theme is ‘Our Home, Friends and Family’ with hundreds of Commonwealth participants playing a part in the show in a big year for Scotland, which has just hosted the hugely successful 2014 Commonwealth Games. Ashton comments, “I always enjoy working on the Tattoo and with David and the creative team who are all keen on maximising the dynamic that projection brings to the visual picture. This year features another interesting storyline that has given us plenty of creative freedom to develop.” Ashton and his crew also worked with original sources for the projection content that were produced by studen ...
News: Glasgow. | 16 reasons why Scotland is amazing: ...Commonwealth Games were brilliant and full of inspirin...
. to host reception for Preston's medal winners at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.
'Goldbury' salutes Commonwealth Games heroes - Oldbury turned 'Goldbury' for the day when hundreds of ...
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Swimming team thrown in at the deep end with Olympic masterclass: Former GB Olympic and Commonwealth Games swi...
| Let's all have a swimming time at St Thomas fête!: It will have a Commonwealth Games them...
Englands Morgan Lake misses the Commonwealth Games heptathlon to focus on the World Junior Championships.
Our 36th lounge is now open at just in time for Commonwealth Games
Likes of expected to play for tmrw full preview in
Well yet again BBC let us down. We see the full closing ceremony of the Olympics. The full closing ceremony from the Commonwealth Games. The Invictus Games? They cut it short. Not only an insult to the performers who have their time to support this, but to the competitors. A total disgrace! Bring on the vote!!!
VIDEO: T&T's Michelle-Lee Ahye claimed silver in the Women's 100m Dash at the 2014 IAAF Continental Cup in Marrakech, Morocco a short while ago. This was Ahye's first race since suffering a hamstring injury during the Commonwealth Games a few months ago. She finished the event in a time of 11.25.
Congratulations also to Ben Green & John Holland on their silver medal in the Commonwealth Games, and second place also in the pairs!
rather busy just now.turning all the tunnock teacake foil wrappers into a quilt.will keep me warm in the name is Graham and i have had 5 boxes of tea cakes since watching the commonwealth games opening ceremony.its not a commonwealth legacy i was expecting.
Well said Prince Harry " in the Summer of 2012 London produced the greatest ever Olympic Games, In 2014 we had the greatest ever Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and over the past 4 days we have had the Invictus Games in London. We do what we do best better than anyone and that's produced medals these games combined together gave our nation 425 medals." Proud to be British!
Congratulations to Jason Hackett, part of the winning team in the Commonwealth Games!
Google's latest search page artwork, known as the Google Doodle, marks the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
Remember the photobombing that HM The Queen did at the Commonwealth Games? So I'd say yes...
this can be and will be as big as the commonwealth games, proud to be British, inspired by these guys and girls.
| Determined Waseem eyes gold at Asian Games: After the Commonwealth Games, I could see tha...
Some of our favourite pics from before and during the 2014 Commonwealth Games!
Closing ceremony of the Invictus my humble opinion far better than the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.
WSRB would like to thank Harrow , sponsor of the Wales Commonwealth Games squash clothing . Fantastic support ...
Closing ceremony of puts that worthy games one to shame!
Scots hating Scots whatever the outcome, the togetherness of Commonwealth Games is a distant memory
And talking of Commonwealth Games medals . Can you spot Shelley O'Donnell in this picture of the 1998 Diamonds...
Indictus Games! Well the closing ceremony makes Scotland's attempt at the commonwealth games look like like a school play.
Remember folk saying Glasgow couldn't pull of the Commonwealth games, that we weren't ready. Remember that in the next few days # Yes
I think this and the Commonwealth Games have been fantastic for Scotland.
Prince Harry "2 years ago London staged the most incredible Olympic and Paralympic Games, 2 months ago The Commonwealth Games and now .
Prince Harry "2 years ago Britain hosted fantastic Olympics & Paralympics, this year WE did it again with Commonwealth Games"
Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games & 1st ever Invictus Games. Britain, we do it god
Olympics & Paralympics 2012, Commonwealth Games 2014 and now first Invictus Games make you feel so proud to be British 🇬🇧
Invictus Games is actually inspirational and worth holding, unlike the Olympics and Commonwealth Games :/
G1 apartment for commonwealth games. - City Centre - Glasgow -
this is my Scotland, free of prejudice ,,free of orange sectarianism, free of the green brigade, free to make our decisions, our outcomes,free to rid trident,and live in a multi-cultural, bit of ground, where honesty ,integratey and fair play is a massive part in our society. I want this freedom do people not understand this? Scotland has charm, wit a personality, and a modesty,,we showed that at the commonwealth games,,,have confidence in our ability, our skills, our verve..our YES this week, you know it makes sense...dae it for your family...if nothing else
To the commonwealth games watch the closing ceremony... That's how you do it!!!
Being British and Scottish the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games were a proud moment for and How dare a political party bent on separation steal the banner for their campaign.
Amazing to receive a letter of congratulations yesterday from the Prime Minister for our Commonwealth Games performance
Closing ceremony for is so much better than the commonwealth games in Glasgow!! That's how you do it Scotland!!
Commonwealth games in Glasgow, Ryder Cup in a wee village called Auchterarder at Gleneagles. Independence on Thursday. What a special year this may be for this fantastic proud country.
Check out this documentary of mine and Nicks build up to the Commonwealth Games.
Earlier, one lady 'explained' to us that scottish people had only started thinking of independence because of commonwealth games
Digital signage ‘Big Screen’ wins big buzz at Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014
Indoor track At the arena we played in today. Olympic commonwealth games were hosted here.
Commonwealth Games Carousel in full swing - stars and young players giving it their all at The On-x
Watching the Invictus Games closing ceremony and I'm sorry but it pisses all over the Olympic and commonwealth closing ceremony's
Big topics at & 4K/UltraHD. Learn how we used both to deliver this year’s largest sporting events. http:…
Out actor John Barrowman says he's proud of a kiss between himself and a male dancer at the opening ceremony of...
Visitors and participants of the commonwealth games!! Please stay!! What a wonderful buzz in our home city!!! 🙌
Commonwealth Games closing ceremony they get Lulu, Invictus Games get the Foo Fighters. And they want independence?
Honestly thought Commonwealth games profits should have been paid as reparations for Glasgow's role in slavery
John Barrowman explains the reasons behind his *** kiss' at this summer's Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
The Mail was probably devastated that the Commonwealth Games crowds didn't boo English athletes. They'd have loved that.
| Gosper pleads for return of stolen 1954 Commonwealth Games gold medal: Gosper pleads for ...
| Women's pairs: The Women's pair at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, was part of the lawn bowl...
Caleb Ndiku, wins, and starts his new patented victory dance! 7:52.65, Commonwealth Games champ! Ibrahimov in...
The competitiveness in our house- Australia drop to second place on the commonwealth games medal board. England are no…
Mohd Faiz Musa of Malysia C&J 172kg at the Commonwealth games Glasgow 2014
The Glasgow of the commonwealth games feels like a lifetime ago.
Such good was done by the commonwealth games this year. It's such a shame the Yes campaigners have brought shame to Scotland. …
Indian women's cricket team: Poor cousins of the million dollar babies: The XX Commonwealth Games held in July...
The Queen photobombed a selfie at the Commonwealth Games.
Worries over Scotland disorder as news reveals Commonwealth Games used as excuse for Cops 40,000 Guns & Ammo delivery
Complaint level falls for police despite Commonwealth Games:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Commonwealth Games medalist Lynsey Sharp blasts Salmond for suggesting only Yes represents "Team Scotland"
LATEST NEWS: John Barrowman: I felt great about Commonwealth Games kiss
Gosper has Commonwealth Games gold medal stolen (Sport)
Gosper has Commonwealth Games gold medal stolen
EU Update: Kevan Gosper has gold medal from 1954 Commonwealth Games stolen during home renovations
Kevan Gosper's 1954 Commonwealth Games gold medal has been stolen from his Melbourne home
Congrats 2014 Champions! Tenuous cricket link: unusual view of MCG in prep for 2006 Commonwealth Games
A group of fifty pupils and staff recently travelled to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. Mr McElholm, takes up...
United Kingdom: Exposing the Persecution of Falun Gong at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
World Indoor, Commonwealth Games and African champion, Caleb Mwangangi Ndiku, brings his...
I think it's time to revisit the Commonwealth Games wee scotty dogs...
Team Wales announces a 33-strong athletics team which will compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
| NSC yet to probe Commonwealth Games kits disgrace: Five weeks after the 2014 Commonwealth...
British 100m champion Dwain Chambers withdraws from the Commonwealth Games to focus on the European Championships.
They criticised The First Minister for displaying the Saltire when a Scot won Wimbledon. They refused to allow Scots to fly The Saltire at OUR Commonwealth Games. They have disparaged us and talked us down as "Nationalists" throughout this whole campaign. But now they think it is ok to fly SCOTLAND'S flag over 10 Downing Street?? HYPOCRITES!! Vote Yes.
remember the "flag-waving Nationalists" insults. I remember the furore over Alex Salmond waving a saltire at Wimbledon. I remember the summer festivals where people had their flags removed. I remember the saltire/union flag stunt by BT at the Commonwealth Games. I will not forget any of these. The saltire now flies over Downing Street, and the insult is complete. I WILL STILL VOTE YES!!!
So, just like the Commonwealth Games, are we to expect not to have our own media teams reporting on the referendum now that there is just over a week to go? The London Newsnight team were in Edinburgh tonight showing, yet again, just how out of touch, and far behind in the debate they really are. Emily Maitlis referring to Scotland if it voted 'No' as "loyal" (she used this adjective about 3 times during her interviews) produced a visible raising of Jim Hosie's eyebrows! Well done to Professor Tom Devine on calling Prof Neil Ferguson up on his disgusting remarks liking Scotland to Belarus. Keep it all coming though. Send up the Westminster politicians, especially people like Gordon Brown who sold off all the gold reserves, and spent all our money when he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer. People in Scotland respect him do they? Or Alistair Darling, the man who got us into the financial recession in the first place, flipped his home 4 times, claimed hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses, and ...
I'm confused. At the Commonwealth Games, when an English athlete won a gold medal, the English flag was raised to 'Jerusalem'. How come the England football team sing 'God Save the Queen'?
Hogarth member Louise Hutchinson (pictured with her hubby below) entered the World Triathlon Grand Final in Canada and came 8th out of 55 people - Louise came fourth out of all the Brits!!! Congratulations to Louise from us all. Can you also spot England's Jodie Stimpson standing next to Louise who stormed to the first gold medal of the triathlon 2014 Commonwealth Games...
thanks for joining us Andrew! the commonwealth games should make interesting insight
Speaking at the event this afternoon on Commonwealth Games work
Having just played titp & commonwealth games here is the upcoming single ... Out this month !!!
We are just down at Glasgow Green, soaking up the Commonwealth Games atmosphere. I must say, it's pretty quiet though.
Current Affairs of 4 september 1.Tony Abbott in India, nuke deal likely on agenda Amid indications that a nuclear deal could be in the offing, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrived in Mumbai this morning on a two-day India visit during which the two countries would look at ways to deepen strategic ties and strengthen two-way trade and commerce. Mr. Abbott landed in the financial capital, his first port of call, on a day-long visit during which he will interact with business leaders and select Indian CEOs. 2.Di Maria spurs Argentina to 4-2 win over Germany in Cup final rematch A brilliant performance from Angel Di Maria spurred Argentina to a crushing 4-2 international friendly win over world champions Germany on Wednesday in an entertaining rematch of July's World Cup final. 3. AP's new capital to be located around Vijayawada The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu, today announced that a new capital city for the State would be located around Vijayawada. Making a statement in the Le ...
We are thrilled to support Ellen Gregory as she volunteered at the Commonwealth Games
I gave you £5 donation during Commonwealth Games. I did not give you permission to keep phoning me asking for donations. STOP IT!
I'm picking up that Inverness has won right to host World Canal Conference in 2016. It'll be like the Commonwealth Games all over again.
Afrika is battling an ebola outbreak,unemployement is on the rise, Aids has left us with orphans yet you find people who still want to bid to host commonwealth games that will cost us money, wat about the demotivated youth who hav found refuge in nyaope? Cry Afrika.
- yes, Lawn Bowls is one of the sports in the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games
Is lawn bowls part of the Youth Commonwealth Games?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Today marks the 1 year countdown to the start of the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa
I saw came in 2nd at the Commonwealth Games, is that a popular spectacle in your parts?
Dear Fans, here is a recent article by Howard Harding about the new interest doubles squash is creating: Glasgow 2014 Success Heralds ASB Moveable Wall Court Boom 3 September 2014 Leading squash court manufacturer ASB is anticipating record orders over the coming year following the universally-acclaimed success of its courts at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland this summer. In addition to installing six singles courts - convertible to four doubles courts - at the Scotstoun Sports Campus in Glasgow, the pioneering German brand provided a new state-of-the-art all-glass showcourt in a specially-constructed 2,400-seater venue. After staging five days of exhilarating singles action, the ASB ShowGlassCourt was converted overnight to the latest WSF-approved International Competition Width Doubles Court, the width of which is 8,420mm - more than six and a half foot wider than a singles court. "In fact, the matter of moving the two side walls on the ASB ShowGlassCourt is very simple and takes just a few minu ...
snap I'm so glad I had the commonwealth games on over the summer hehe and I guess it's harder for you as no freshers week
Christopher Harrison performed at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony and will soon be taking your questions!
Furniture from the Commonwealth Games is to be re-used & distributed to struggling Glasgow families.
Barshare pupils visit athletes village. THE Commonwealth Games may be over, but for seven lucky...
04/09/2014 FOR BANKING. IDBI Manipal Exam - GK Questions Asked on 22-08-2014 When is World cancer day obseved ? - 4th February Total number of Public sector Scheduled commercial banks on 31 march ? - 27 One life is not enough is written by? - Natwar Singh Accidental prime minister is written by? - Sanjaya Baru next CHOGAM meeting will be at? - Malta Total medal in Commonwealth Games 2014 by india? - 64 NEFT min & max limit ? - No maximum and minimum limit before rbi deputy governor S S Mundra was the CMD of ? - Bank of Baroda What is the target govt. of India set as CPI for 2015 ? - 8 % What are the assets which can not be touched ? - Intangible Assets Hypothecation is related to? - Hypothecation is the practice where a borrower pledges collateral to secure a debt or a borrower, as a condition precedent to a loan, or has a third party pledge collateral for the borrower. ATM full form? - Automated Teller Machine IFSC full form? - Indian Financial Systems Code Demand draft validity ? - 3 Months Vishal Sikka ...
Renny Quow was in winners’ row in his first outing since the Commonwealth Games, the Trinidad and Tobago athlete stopping the clock at 45.13 seconds for gold in the men’s 400 metres event, at the 50th Palio Citta della Quercia meet, in Rovereto, Italy, yesterday. Quow was a comfortable winner, finishing well ahead of second-placed Rusheen McDonald, the Jamaican completing his lap of the track in 45.47. Russian Maxim Dyldin, meanwhile, was a distant third in 46.06.
Commonwealth Games inspires record hotel occupancy rates in Glasgow, figures from show
Worst fan ever? Can proudly say I've done the same thing at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington KY. No beach balls at games.
Guessing the GB manager didn't watch the Commonwealth Games then ... 4th ...
I saw one of these, just like this, in Glasgow during Commonwealth Games. Makes riding a…
On the train to Edinburgh. An opportunity to get rid of this unwanted Commonwealth Games souvenir.
Delighted to be presented with the badminton Commonwealth Games medal tray by Lorna Callan today
What can businesses learn from the Commonwealth games? We think LOTS! What do YOU think? .
Scotland had the Commonwealth Games; England the Olympics. Wales the Nato Ring of Steel.
Our Luxury Candles made it in to Kylie Minogues hands at the closing ceremony for the Commonwealth Games. She...
Iain Gulland reflects on efforts to promote food waste recycling at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.
Commonwealth Games star weighs into West Yorkshire’s Hall of Fame
Great video from partner at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games - featuring our very own
aims to get preschool kids cycling in Glasgow with help of and
BBC ‘angers Muslim staff’ by hosting hog roast to celebrate Commonwealth Games under the windows of Arabic TV service
India has announced unchanged squad of 16 (viz Glasglow Commonwealth Games) @ Men's Hockey for Incheon Asian Games
New blog post: Security and the Commonwealth Games
August - Behind the scenes at the Commonwealth Games - University of Huddersfield
A reminder of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 - Scotland -
Commonwealth highland games:-the unblemished aeon in contemplation of creep in india: gPh
Blogpost celebrating new Play on Pedals ambassadors visiting us in Castlemilk last week:
The performance of our athletes in the 2014 Commonwealth Games has made us proud. Congratulations to the medal winners.
Let it sink in that could compete for Belize at the 2018 Commonwealth Games!!
6500 single beds, 50,000m of fencing. How can your business be part of Find out:
Commonwealth Games Glasgow Arena now at heart of urban regeneration, cycling basketball and affordable housing
The big question of the Commonwealth Games
Men's Hockey Final: Australia take 2-0 lead over India after Ciriello converts PC in 28th minute.
Getting set - Commonwealth Games cyclist Alistair Rutherford from our Screening & Immunisation team for
Our Sep newsletter is out now. Read all about our alumni & student medal winners at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games! ht…
July wasn't all summer holidays and Commonwealth Games...
Commonwealth Games shoes. Going... going... soon to be gone
UPA told ex-CAG to shield scam-tainted, More than a year after retirement, former Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Vinod Rai has stirred up yet another controversy, saying he was pressured by UPA ministers to drop names of people in the audit reports on the allocation of coal blocks and Commonwealth Games (CWG) scam. The comments—made in an interview to a newspaper—come weeks before the release of his book on his experience as CAG, leading the Congress and its ally NCP to accuse him of creating sensationalism to boost the book's sales. Titled “Not Just an Accountant”, Rai’s book is believed to be critical of the UPA regime, with which he had frequent run-ins. It is to be released in October. Rai said on Saturday: “Politicians came to my home and told me not to name some people and protect some others in connection with the CWG and coal-block allocation reports.” A day later, he refused to meet reporters who reached his house. “Why didn't the former CAG bring these facts into the publ ...
India has done well in Commonwealth Games, World Billiards, Chess Olympiad, World Archery, Asian Snooker and Youth Olympiad. Chak de.
Mind you, that was February. After getting the star power of John Barrowman at the Commonwealth Games, things may have changed.
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