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not entirely, the speaker of the house of commons (John Bercow) has the power to actually over rule any judgement...
Commons Speaker John Bercow holds the key to deadlock. An old constriction law means he can push through…
Interesting if correct: Speaker of Commons John Bercow could prevent a vote on Article 50!
Just saw John Bercow, speaker of the house of commons, definitely an Arsenal fan
Great to hear The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, welcoming Sikyong or Prime Minister Lobsang...
Speaker of the House of Commons, Bercow, welcomes Dr.Lobsang Sangay to on 1st Nov,…
Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow welcomes Sikyong [Prime Minister] Lobsang Sangay to...
2016. Another early arrival was Sally Bercow, wife of the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.
The world needs Dennis Skinner on Wheel of Fortune with the phrase 'Dodgy Dave' The Commons Speaker John Bercow as host
📷 Labour MP Dennis Skinner is suspended by Commons Speaker John Bercow after refusing to withdraw a...
The Brits are HILARIOUS. This exchange between MP Dennis Skinner and Commons Speaker John Bercow today is cinematic!
"Commons Speaker John Bercow asked Mr Skinner to withdraw the remark – considered unparliamentary language – 󾬖but...
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow to unveil Leicester's latest publ
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow: David Cameron to answer questions as Prime Minister Questions...
Commons Speaker John Bercow has spent thousands of pounds wining and dining fellow MPs - including more than £2,000 on a "standing down"
Commons Speaker John Bercow spends £2,000 on a leaving do via Really?
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Commons Speaker John Bercow charged the taxpayer £2,000 for special beeswax candles
Commons Speaker John Bercow enters row over blocked ‘register to vote’ stunt at Big Ben
Speaker condemns 'disgusting and egregious' Commonwealth anti *** laws: John Bercow, who has served as Commons...
John Bercow launches blistering attack on Tory minister Anna Soubry in House of Commons The Commons Speaker launched blistering attack on bu
'It's not about you! Sit down, be quiet and listen': Speaker John Bercow scolds Tory minister Anna ...
BBC News - PMQs: Speaker John Bercow with noisy MPs in Commons How can we stop heckling? This fellow's the answer
Commons Speaker John Bercow says he thinks MPs would agree to temporarily move out of Parliament while £4bn...
Speaker Bercow now paid more than David Cameron. John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker, now...
My thanks to Speaker John Bercow for kind words on my stepping down as Chair & good luck to my successor
Commons Speaker John Bercow makes a £600k profit on the sale of his taxpayer-funded London flat
MPs who 'flip' their homes WON'T be punished, says Commons Speaker (who is a serial 'flipper') excuse the Fail
Latest IS propaganda video about also appears to threaten John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons
David Cameron & speaker of House of Commons John Bercow directly threatened in... Isis video claims to show Paris...
A video has been released by the Islamic State group, featuring images of David Cameron and Commons speaker, John Bercow
1) Working a room like House of Commons Speaker John Bercow. 2) Pronouncing "AWDUH" [order] like him too
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow earns more than PM after pay rise.
Good day at the with The House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and .FW
BBC News - Commons Speaker John Bercow tributes to Healey and Howe Pleasure to have met them-real gents and good fun
Commons Speaker John Bercow leads tributes to Denis Healey and Geoffrey Howe
VIDEO: Speaker tributes to Healey and Howe: Commons Speaker John Bercow pays tribute to "out... via BBCI Politics
Commons Speaker John Bercow has reunited with wife Sally
Commons Speaker John Bercow moves love cheat wife Sally back in
Commons Speaker John Bercow will address the TUC Congress in Brighton on September 14.
Commons Speaker John Bercow to address TUC Congress on using buses and trains! Lol
What on earth is he going to speak about? - Commons Speaker John Bercow to address TUC Congress
It seems the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has turned into the school bus driver from 1990. All we heard on the bus was SIT DOWN!
'Sit down man!': Watch George Osborne being put in his place by Commons Speaker John Bercow
Speaker John Bercow: Enjoying the applause that he says should never happen in the House of Commons -
Long may it continue. Notice the Beast of Bolsover is still more interested in where he sits than attacking the...
John Bercow praises SNP for doing their job unlike Labour and Tory who dont even turn up.
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Great start down there for the with these comments!
Alex Salmond persuades Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP, to investigative Tory Evel plans
The Speaker, John Bercow, said that Salmond had made a “perfectly legitimate point” and he would give it serious...
'Show some respect' Furious Speaker John Bercow orders SNP MPs to stop clapping .They don't show any for rest of UK.
SNP MPs warned by speaker John Bercow not to clap in the House of Commons
MPs to debate Fifa arrests: MPs are to debate the arrest of several senior Fifa officials, after Commons Speaker John Bercow granted ...
Nothing would please David Cameron more than if Labour-friendly Commons Speaker John Bercow lost his Buckingham seat in the Election.
Commons Speaker John Bercow to Queen "you have dedicated your life to others"
Commons Speaker John Bercow apologises for likening a female ministers answer to a washing machine which does not stop.
Commons Speaker John Bercow criticises Chancellor George Osborne for giving an MP only hours notice of his plan to visit his constituency.
The Houses of Parliament could have to be abandoned within 20 years without extensive repair work, Commons Speaker John Bercow says.
ORDER! ORDER! Commons Speaker John Bercow engages with students. Read all about yesterday's talk:
Commons Speaker John Bercow wants to give people the option to vote online by 2020 via
A statement from House of Commons Speaker John Bercow will follow today's Prime Minister's Questions
Commons speaker visits Ernest Bevin College in Tooting: House of Commons Speaker John Bercow visited sixth for.
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PA: Commons Speaker John Bercow hopes the Beast of Bolsover will be "gracious enough" to sign a copy of his autobiography for him...
Angry MPs are plotting to oust Commons Speaker John Bercow after next year’s election:
Trouble in the House: is a bitter class divide fuelling David Cameron's dislike of Commons Speaker John Bercow?
Commons Speaker John Bercow is in the news because of his 'Freebees' about £11,000 worth. But that's what MPs and the like do...Live well.
Demand for complete and utter BIRK Commons Speaker John Bercow to resign. vote via
Commons Speaker John Bercow says there is a strong case for e-voting to satisfy changing technological expectations.
Demand for Commons Speaker John Bercow to face official inquiry via
Parliament is losing far too many outstanding female MPs, Commons Speaker John Bercow says.
. coverage of reveals that Commons Speaker John Bercow was UK's number one junior player in 1975.
David Cameron and Commons Speaker John Bercow clashed at Prime Minister's Questions after the Premier was interrupted mid-flow during an attack on Ed Miliband.
Commons Speaker John Bercow urges party leaders to clamp down on "yobbery" at Prime Ministers Questions.
"Cacophony of noise" at deters female MPs from attending, UK Commons Speaker John Bercow tells BBC
Bercow tells off MPs for sneering: Commons Speaker John Bercow has admonished Tory MPs for braying, sneering a...
Commons Speaker John Bercow accuses some MPs of "braying and sneering".
Jury told prosecution witnesses at will include Commons Speaker John Bercow, Michael Fabricant MP and former MP Lembit Opik. featured in NBC s Science of Love
8pm today: John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, on the 'Inside Track on being Speaker'
The speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, is visiting Goodmayes on Thursday. Find out why here:
This speaker leaves me speechless .
John Bercow is STILL globe-trotting and has spent another £48k in six months The Commons Speaker flew busi...
is "all pain, no gain" says John Bercow MP, Speaker Hse of Commons & urges Gvt to "discontinue with project..."
Commons speaker John Bercow to be Bedfordshire chancellor via
**My government will continue to promote and support LGBT rights and equality.**. -Alexandra R. Her Imperial...
UK Speaker of House of Commons promises to visit people during a trip to Russia later this year
How can DARE go to when it's attacking House of Commons Speaker official trip via
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow to visit LGBT Russians during official trip
Commons speaker John Bercow to be chancellor | News | Times Higher Education
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow named chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire
In praise of Speaker John Bercow, the House of Commons, and politics. Thoughtful, as ever, from .
Leadsom: Speaker's insults 'hurtful': Commons Speaker John Bercow's attempts to keep MPs in order can be "hurt...
WATCH Commons Speaker John Bercow trying to control MPs during PMQs, as he calls for reform of the weekly debate.
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A book of condolence signed by MPs after the Clutha pub helicopter crash will be handed to the city by Commons Speaker John Bercow today.
Downing Street is urging unity after reports of a clash between senior ministers over the UK's response to the flooding crisis. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles are thought to be at odds over the performance of the Environment Agency. No 10 did not deny Mr Paterson had complained about his colleague but said both were doing an "excellent job". The government will have to defend its response later in Parliament. Commons Speaker John Bercow has granted Labour an urgent question to ask about the government's handling of the floods crisis while the government's latest Cobra emergency meeting will take place at 16:00 GMT. ---
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow 'tells off' Michael Gove for messing around in Parliament
Commons Speaker John Bercow's wife Sally Bercow says Sun's photos are misleading “I love my husband, he is the most important man in my life. Yes, I go out and have fun, but I have done nothing to be ashamed of.” “We’ve known each other for 25 years and been married for 11. I wish the media would stop judging – all marriages are different.” Your marriage is your marriage! But which example do you set for this beautiful children of yours ? What will you (Mr and Me) answer them when the time will come? Another generation raised on You sure do not do anything wrong, the country accept this type of behavior. Hurting each other, including the child, this is were I say If you couldn't live under the spotlight, I think it is something you should have sorted out first.
Sally Bercow has denied her marriage is in trouble after the Sun published a photograph which appears to show her kissing another man, while wearing a wig. The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who is the wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow, is pictured with her arms wrapped around the man.
- A photo they won't show you - THE wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow snogs a mystery man during a booze-fuelled night out clubbing.
The picture apparently showed the 44-year-old wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow cavorting in a brunette wig as she partied in the West End Sally Bercow found herself at the centre of another unexpected scandal after The Sun printed a … Continue… [ 133 more words. ]
Labour’s shadow chancellor was taunted first by George Osborne and then Commons Speaker John Bercow over his apparent reluctance to speak about the recovery in the Commons.
Commons Speaker John Bercow wonders why party conferences could not take place at weekends, giving MPs more time in Westminster.
MPs fiddled their expenses as a “displacement activity” because Parliament had become irrelevant and ineffective, Commons Speaker John Bercow has said.
Sir Ian Kennedy has had his bid to be reappointed as chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) rejected by Commons Speaker John Bercow.
Commons Speaker John Bercow used to be chairman of the pro-apartheid Federation of Conservative Students. Is he off to the funeral?
In the 1980s Commons Speaker John Bercow was chair of the Federation of Conservative Students which produced “Hang Nelson Mandela” posters
Commons Speaker John Bercow at U3A annual conference - see latest Third Age Matters out this week/
“Have you taken cocaine?” the Shadow Chancellor shouted across the Commons Chamber. “I’ve not.” Mr Cameron has refused to say whether he has taken cocaine in the past. And his spokesman said afterward: “I’m not discussing things like that.” The PM was forced to apologise after Michael Meacher appealed to the Commons Speaker John Bercow. Mr Cameron claimed: “I tried to answer with the point about inward investment into Britain. "I made a light-hearted remark—if it caused any offence, I will happily withdraw it.
*** marriage already feels normal and matter of fact, Nick Clegg said as he was presented with an award for helping to push through the controversial reforms. The Deputy Prime Minister said the fury and anxiety expressed during the legislation's bruising passage through Parliament, which sparked strong opposition from many Conservative backbenchers and some religious groups, had quickly subsided. Mr Clegg was speaking as he received Pink News's special award for his work in securing the new laws. He said: "How quickly, already, it feels normal and I've always thought this would be the case that v ery, very quickly the fury, the polemic, the anxiety, the differences of opinion, as strongly expressed as they were, would very quickly subside and it would it just feel matter of fact, as indeed it should." At the inaugural awards ceremony hosted by Commons Speaker John Bercow in Speaker's House, Mr Clegg added : "I think we have got to be as outspoken, as forthright in speaking out for those rights abroad as w ...
Tories who have been 'verbally attacked' by Commons Speaker John Bercow have formed a club in a show of defiance! What a bunch of ***
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow under fire over migrant comments
Commons Speaker John Bercow is expected to announce new curbs on all-party parliamentary groups amid concerns over political lobbying and influence-peddling at Westminster. The role of all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) was discussed last night by the House of Commons Commission, a committee of…
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow's wife has been found guilty of defamation against Lord McAlpine at the High Court. [2]
MP's office searched in connection with 'serious arrestable offence' An MP's office in the House of Commons has been searched by police in relation to a "serious arrestable offence". Commons Speaker John Bercow said the search, on Sunday, was conducted after a warrant was approved by Preston Crown Court but did not name the MP. He said the "precincts of Parliament are not a haven from the law" and he had taken advice from the attorney general before allowing the search. Mr Bercow said the Serjeant at Arms had been present for the search.
Speaker slammed over tax bill move Commons Speaker John Bercow has been criticised for suppressing details of...
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow will be on next week's EU Legislation Discussion Panel. Book your FREE place at
House of Commons Speaker John Bercow loves himself doesn't he ? Give the job to his missus's mate,Big Fat Gypsy wedding star Paddy Doherty..
Well done to Commons Speaker John Bercow who apparently introduced straight, married rugby player Ben Cohen at an event as "openly ***
Pic: A statue of Sir Winston Churchill looks on as meets House of Commons Speaker John Bercow
Photoset: statedept: House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and UK...
Benjamin Banneker was a Moor. Commons Speaker John Bercow presided over a formal ceremony after the majority of MPs backed a ( Daily Mail ) campaign to rename BIG BEN to the ELIZABETH TOWER for the QUEEN'S DIAMOND JUBILEE.
Commons Speaker John Bercow slams the "wasteful,white elephant" on behalf of his constituents, See ITV video
Morning all. Interviewing Commons Speaker John Bercow today for Any questions?
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Sally Bercow is not my 'chattel, appendage or add-on' says Commons Speaker John Bercow: John Bercow has insisted...
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