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Common Sense

Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as, sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts. Thus, common sense (in this view) equates to the knowledge and experience which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have.

Thomas Paine Dan Carlin Thomas Payne Jim Brown Paul Jacob

I'm still betting there is enough Common Sense & Fairness in the Bones of a few Con…
Common Sense w/ Bill from Long Island is starting now! Listen live here:
How "Common Sense" won support for American independence from Britain in 1776:
MT "Common Sense will use the gender seal to highlight movies and TV shows that counter stereotypes."
Congress is Coming Together – to Waste Taxpayer Money on Soda Ash Industry Subsidies | Taxpayers for Common Sense
Thank you for your courage & Common Sense on Despicable verbal abuse daily by media has angered The People!
we need a weekly *BLITZ* Common Sense episode for this kind of stuff!
Americans didn't elect Trump, Putin did. Common Sense should be a requirement to vote & to run!
Psydecar and Common Sense at the Belly Up Tavern Saturday May 13th!.
We grew up in an era where Common Sense & Qualified by Experience ruled.…
The Father o Common Sense, he was Born in the Wrong Era. Truth is not Honored Today!
News From The OC: Common Sense, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive…
Thomas Paine: ya know, maybe if I title it Common Sense these fools will finally get it. *the American Revolutionary War…
This news about Kushner in Iraq reminds me I need to re-read Tom Paine's Common Sense.
should have gone to The School of Common Sense - the unwritten rule that the great Alan…
Wisdom is Heaven is Imported sense, it is not Common Sense- Bishop David Oyedepo
Plankton is gonna get the Secret Formula from Mr Krabs before Arsene Wenger have Common Sense.
Dan Carlin's Common Sense podcast ep. with James Burke is blowing my mind! Algorithmic Democracy? Wild.
Always practice 5 principles of Thot Patrolling: Blocking, Mocking, Negging, Looking out for fellow Bruhs, and Common Sense.
It's common knowledge . That not everyone has . Common sense
Some good, common sense proposals on multinational tax avoidance from If you make a profit here, you sh…
that would take ALL day. y'all don't have any common sense whatsoever
Taxpayers for Common Sense say even if and were eliminated not enuf to pay for $54 bln…
and I would have gone through each award show and quoted everyone who has common sense and compared the two. You're brilliant.
Right! None of us are perfect but when we become Moms, love & common sense teach us how to be selfless & prioritize our children
Wala moy common sense! I'm trying to make it up with my family but you just ruined everything and I have to start all over again!!
“It’s just common sense not to have contaminated soil above a source of drinking water.”
Common sense, people. So very many Why are we accepting this as something we do, you know, all the time? We don't.
Of course! Common sense to appease for future Democrat voters. Know of any illegals that would vote republica…
Things you need an ID for:. Alcohol . Tobacco. Cold medicine . Driving. Flying. Renting. laws aren't racist, they are…
is as he has always been a liar. No one with a lick of common sense believes anything he says will…
. Take the pill and get some electro shock therapy while your at it!. Maybe it will help give you some common sense.
he says your app is guiding him?? Can he use common sense n stick 2 route?
yep and how long has Arizona allowed him to remain in his senate seat?? *** everywhere no common sense he is not who u…
What appears to be Delicious pancakes by Genuine qualities shown-personality, common sense, skill.
Well...this isn't a good sign for common sense policy in the west. NDP shouldn't be winning anything west of Ontari…
Confirmation bias is what makes sense common
President Trump and his administration are reallocating funds for illegal aliens to victims of their crime. Common sen…
Seems like common sense is uncommon. 😂😂
Think of a number between 1 and 10. Add your area code. Subtract your age. Add some common sense. What are you even doing w…
Nicki: I may have bought my body but at least I got common sense B...
😲 OMG finally some common sense out of FL!! 👍 👍
Life is awesome. I make it so ppl can find me, reach out and touch but my stereotypes that I love to embrace blocks their…
Most of the world feel so sorry for all americans! Even the republicans, and we are not all democrats, just common sense
.ICE is playing gotcha with Daniela Vargas' life. They're going after immigrants without discretion or common…
THIS is what common core does to common sense.
Common sense is best for getting kids to sleep - expert
You can teach math science history philosophy but you can’t teach common sense. Happy Birthday Maine.
So everyone knows how I basically have zero common sense well tonight I went to the tunnels for the first time ..(continued)
When another car lets you go, YOU SAY THANK YOU! Is that not common sense?
ALERT: Common sense is now oppressive
St. Louis meeting tonight. Great to see the support for common sense gun safety policies. Grows every month.
It's just common sense, whether one is conservative or progressive.
As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee he said there was a need for "common sense transparency and time to r…
Another brilliant common sense article by Miranda. Scary how political correctness and Left ideology is destroying the Army
If Generals have any common sense they will decline this nonsensical shift, which obviously hurts EPA but catastrophic for nati…
Passion verses Common Sense...If that doesn't describe life I don't know own what does.
"It's about the passion and ignoring common sense" so beautiful ❤️
"Passion against common sense.". Javier Bardem just described me in 4 words.
Let's make common sense the next cool trend
A story of passion against common sense
Passion against common sense. The struggle we all face
common sense would let you know took over at a time when the economy was in the trash. You are reaping the benefit
Read this story & see if you can find any trace of decent British values & the country we love. A decision without humanit…
Neither do I. I have common sense and over 2,000 books on health.😊
Common sense is the first casualty of ignorance.
that defies common sense. It must be *** a libtard.
this article is STRAIGHT GARBAGE!!! written by republicans it uses ZERO common sense
Yes, that should be common sense, but people still do it.
If common sense were a disease, a lot of people wouldn't catch it.
15 home remedies for seasonal allergies, including both herbs and supplements from our friends at Common Sense... http…
People have no common sense what so ever , I swear
Common sense believe me It took everything in me tosupport clinton bush sr. n especially obama
Inheriting billions of dollars is a free lunch. Making college affordable is common sense policy.
And fake *** never won my behind cause if she won my behind wouldn't I be getting wet, be wise it just common sense.
You'd think he'd at least have the common sense to stir a bit of Worcestershire into his ketchup
Has all vestige of common sense left our society? I question "womens wrestling" to even be offered as a "sport" in…
Does this not make perfect sense...for any country leader? Thank you for a little common sense.
A lot of common sense in graphic. Many teachers would identify good data practices already employed. Q. What could…
. Wish u had babies instead ...must leave behind common sense to keep our world goin :)
Permit me to ask the question Mr. Putin asked of this Neocon shill? Have you no common sense?
I guess lack of education & paucity of common sense is his problem
.EVERYTHING Pres.Trump has done&is doing makes perfect sense.I've waited 4 decades 4 his wisdom &…
Just found out the only girl I ever loved is a hardcore liberal. I always knew she had book sense but now I know.. zero common sense.
I dont get the average person around my age. Tf do you be thinking? Common sense not so common I see.
Anti-Trump morons are so blinded by hate for that they lost all common sense about Mass Immigration &…
Nope. Had 2 more. Common sense has clearly disappeared
You think pretending to be someone else is the most life affirming career. You're the one lacking common sense.
I voted for you thinking you had a little common sense about marijuana. Come on man, do your own resear…
I thought that part was common sense but looks like I overestimated their wit 😩
We should have a government that lets each colony have an equal say. Oh wait that would make too much sense (common sense? 🤔)
Or they just have common sense. Besides ask the Army Combat Surgeon.officer
I tell her to look it up and she's just bamboozled and her mixture of lack of common sense and laziness disables her from using her brain
I filled HB 1819 in TX to make them same class as handguns. It's about hearing protection & common sense.
Another victory for President Trump and the American people. Glad there's at least 1 Democrat with an ounce of comm…
Listen to this guy. He actually has common sense & is also very creative.
Secured with a safety pin, I'm sure. = Safe space free from reason, free thought, economic insight and comm…
Hold on to your innocence. Use your common sense, you're worth waiting for. Be strong, honey don't give in, blessings come with patience.
Caving on the deficit is the norm, despite the economic evidence tax cuts exacerbate. No balance, no logic, no common sense.
I'm glad somebody got some common sense 👏🏾
has more common sense and knowledge than you will ever have. Stick to Shark Tank and the Mavs.
If I was their mom I'd beat some common sense into their paper clip lip having sun bleached looking socks and sandals weari…
Tucker is one of the best. If you can listen to Buck Sexton on the radio, iHeartRadio, fantastic show. Common Sense
It's NOT about parties or sides anymore - IT'S about Common Sense & Logic- which seems to be lacking in everyone.
How I roll.. I don't care if you are a Rep or Dem. If law is broke, prosecute. If not, next. Common Sense ;)
It’s great to be back on Capitol Hill to kick off a new effort, the “Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense.” https:…
And that's why our waters are rising and glaciers falling off into the ocean Common Sense would say yeah right cook…
Thomas Payne, the author of Common Sense, wrote some of the first athiest literature.
literally reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine..waiting for a man to tell me that I'm intense or I'm insane..
Authors of Pain wrote the Book of Pain? I would have guessed it was Thomas Payne. But that's just Common Sense. Wacka wacka
This is Great News.Common Sense is finally reigning through.
agreed! Thomas Payne's Common Sense makes great case for govt as necessary evil
Can Trump & Congress Renew the FDA with Common Sense? by The John Batchelor Show.
I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine so men say that I’m intense or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation
BTW, huge Thomas Paine fan here -- I've read his Age of Reason, Common Sense, his pamphlets and other stuff
Common sense firearms regulations finally I did
Common Sense in Purchasing book well received!
They did not come to govern in the sense our Founding Fathers planned. They came to smash and loot our common inheritance. These…
Ian Paisley talking a lot of common sense about how the media tends to feed division.
Even our children know how bad and wrong behavior & language is. That any adult condones shows lack of com…
I know I'm not smartest person living but I have common sense my *** ***
I just have the common sense to not walk around wearing partisan blinders & howling par…
Lol it's common sense. I saw a video where the girl threw her mans PlayStation into the pool. 💀
1/20/17 marks the day the Left weeps and people with common sense celebrate!
The Honorable Senator has revealed his lack of compassion and common sense.wants to talk guns while ignoring loss o…
Looks like the formula to success is Common sense (not sure how its common), good people, empathy & hard work
Common sense is not so common. Jessica Truman
The 3 things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-iv-nes https:/…
Requiring members to pay their fair share of the costs of is common sense
We need you on national TV every night talking common sense like this!
common sense isn't the issue here. I happen to revere my country and its founding. This is America.
It's sad how people don't have common sense
Common sense would suggest that they didn't find any Hispanics that were more qualified than the people nominated.
Some people dont have any common sense or manners like what is wrong with you
I say this a lot cuz its true Common Sense is few and far between no a days and its sad. I feel the cold days a'coming So fight back eh?
Despicable parenting. A child's life tarnished, before he's had a chance to gain any common sense
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Sufjan Stevens: Lest we lose all common sense
Great, safety instructions are needed since common sense will be in short supply.
Common sense prevails. Muslims loses appeal. Anything could be hidden in that head bag. .
If you don't got no common sense then you dumb... 📚sense can only get you so far, js
🇺🇸🇺🇸 . There are numerous Radical Islamic training camps in the USA, the borders are being flooded. It's time…
Common sense isn't that common nowadays
People lose common sense to attempt to criticize Trump
Wanting to punish criminals that came here aganst our wishes is not or It's common sense.
hold up people are paying you to just make everything black? This ain't common sense for everybody??
do you or do you not think that people should have privacy? It's just that we have ignored common sense and went to...
Find you a woman who will refuse to be treated as less than equal on the days your worst instincts are overriding your commo…
A lot of people with high IQs also have NO common sense.
That is why their action was harmful to their political purposes. She think and use common sense.
🇺🇸🇺🇸 I have a feeling that Intelligence, morals and common sense just might make a come back after January 2…
I know I know that should have been common sense, well hey at least I learned though.
"Common sense" but doesn't know the difference between "you're" and "your"
I agree with you. I think is fans could be a little smarter, too. Sadly, common sense is rare in many!
threatening a corrupt and inept pResident with impeachment is not "racism." It's common sense.
Rob Reiner must be the biggest fool this country has ever had no logic or common sense,believed the msm fake news whole heartedly
you think those in charge would just hand over their codes of it was unjust? Common sense wins here
that Liberals have common sense or dignity
Just know that money can't buy you:. Manners. Morals. Respect. Trust. Patience. Class. Integrity. Love. Character. Common Sense
Thank god some people have common sense
Scientists, Common Sense: Swimming in the Gowanus Canal is a Very, Very Bad Idea via
At least one of them had common sense. Glad that's over with.
.Courts should develop a "Doctrine of Common Sense" in the Common Law, application of which would end proceedings!!!
New Cabinet Positions in a Trump White House. Secretary of Aggravation. Secretary of Common Sense. Secretary of...
"Those who those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." . -George Santayana, The Life of Reason: Reason in Common Sense
Check out this great article on Common Sense with Paul Jacob — The Day JFK Was Shot —
The latest episode of Dan Carlin's Common Sense podcast is the best, most comprehensive take yet on Trump's victory:.
He was effusive in praise of Dan Carlin's Common Sense, confirming every baseless prejudice I had of the list for wishes of non-existence.
Good riddance! I wish would do an interview with Dan Carlin's Common Sense podcast!
I know a few of you on here listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore Histories but does anyone listen to his Common Sense show?
Dan Carlin's Common Sense is a libertarian leaning podcast. Pretty good.
he was originally going to title it Plain Truth, but was persuaded by Benjamin Rush et al to call it Common Sense
“It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies" - Thomas Paine, Common Sense
One of the few, and I mean few, politicians who actually has common sense and speaks his mind.
You know that nice tingly feeling you get when you’re falling for someone? That’s common sense leaving your body.
Lord have mercy. Common sense isn't common
Ariana is the only one with common sense in this show
Time tested policies are there because they have worked in the past. Transparency has…
- The common sense approach about building YOUR online presence.
Most comedians are actually geniuses. Common sense lives strong in these ones.
Listen if you enjoy a giggle & common sense. Move along if you are a SJW, snowflake, feminist, offen…
Trump Chump Fantasyland is a special and magical place; void of facts, coherent thoughts and common sense.…
VER has skills but what he doesn't have is experienced in F1 or common sense. He is a typical VER was told by his
They just need to get this right be it how cruel they are told to be somethings is a matter of common sense sio umangaa
We wont have Christ return while the Christ Killers still prosper... common sense
No need to...unlike you ...I'm sure those in the know have enough common sense to know this was engineered to disru…
Surely you have a common sense reasoning ability level greater than that of a 10 year old child, right? No, you don't.
It's crazy how this is common sense but some people still don't understand this..
Common sense says to approve SODO (conditional on the Lander Overpass + a team coming) now. But special interests a…
Stewart appeals for common sense approach from weary :
Most *** who bad at math also can't use common sense
Superb session from challenging thinking every step of the way with sound common sense & inspiration
Man with Common Sense!. Trump in Aug: "I don't like Huma going home at night & telling Weiner all of these secrets." ht…
I don't 'support' anyone, darling, I support common sense and facts. I don’t hate for the sake of hating like you, sheep 🐏
he's defending the 'Ummah' - he's immune to logic and common sense.
wanting a better future 4 your country isn't racist it's common sense America only chance 2freed…
There's 1 that's says folk notso stupid u can tell bald-faced lies 2 ,oops that's the law of common sense which is…
Not at all. So many things she does just defies common sense.
Common sense is in spite of, not as the result of education. Victor Hugo
Did common sense kick in? Hmmm...So it is possible? Maybe there is hope after all for the delusional HRC supporters.
"“I’ve had a number of clients who have been bullied into states of mental uncertainty by their politically...
It's weird because we have a lot of music interests in common, it makes no sense lol
& vice versa. You would think this was common sense.
Ya think??? Duh..How did the big shots loose their common sense luggage. Investigate who he was supporting and going to vote for
Amazing how SJW like block you once they find their logic fails your common sense argument.
I thank god for controlling my emotions and calming me down and giving me common sense and peace 💞
I never believed anyone that said common sense is actually not common, whooa, whooa it's truely not common at all.
Sorry to disappoint you, but the conclusions from anybody with common sense will not be in his favour!
Baryomunsi: The problem we have is many people debate from a political view, instead of common sense and reason
Winter is coming and that is common sense
Stewart appeals for common sense approach from weary : via
I bet your a really good person. I also bet that most republicans agree with many of your beliefs... common sense is not political
The best way not to be disappointed is to never set expectations for people. Expect people to lack common sense and decenc…
Voter fraud is a felony. The notion that millions are going to wake up one day and commit a felony sort of runs against…
Right?! Totally feel that, like come on. It's common sense.
. Police should obey the law and practice common sense
Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wi...
you're assuming to much of people. Common sense is not so common anymore
Enter govt and politics, exit common sense.
Could he have finally come to his senses? Considering it is apparent he has no common sense perhaps hi…
How about we vote out the politicians who will not follow common sense and listen only to the NRA's bribes? I've ha…
If anyone has any common sense they won't dress up as a clown for Halloween
You may only be 12, but you have more common sense than Trump's supporters.
common sense and Monte are like oil and water
I appreciate that. I also appreciate common sense and courtesy. Flip the pages. Manually examine it. Swab it. It's a book. Paper.
Louis clearly has no common sense. He let great talent go and kept absolute garbage with those two!!
Step aside common sense, this is a job for alcohol.
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If it mattered to you you'd do everything right the first time. There wouldn't be the need for a second chance, it's all common sense.
We really need a collaborative list of common sense rules for discussing music on the Internet, starting w/ these 2 .
Refresh yourself with these common sense boating safety tips
I guess common sense isn't so common 🌚
Do you know of anyone who pays more taxes than they have to? Common sense, I say.
Patience, courtesy and common sense are necessary for a safe drive home. :)
Its not a protip, or life hack. It's called common sense.
It defies common sense and decency that this career liar isn't behind bars and is on the ballot.
Burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, the high usage of vehicles, higher temps, lack of Common sense 😐
. "Common Sense"? Read Proverbs? Trump's the Mocker, Arrogant man, &Fool..all in1! Sent by Devil along w/Hillary..STOP
Thank God for common sense people like on the tonight - plus he sings cool songs about…
Cities must be able to adopt common sense gun regs in the absence of effective state law in the to protect ou…
it's the NFL and Goodell common sense isn't applied
I hate when mfs don't exercise their right to use common sense .. smh
Do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense. Never let your praying knees get lazy and love like crazy.
This is the painful horrific reality we choose when we refuse common sense gun reform. Deepest prayers for and his…
Thank you, LeBron, for standing up for common sense, sanity, and for the security of our country. too.
.SA VIC about to get clobbered again lets hope it isn't too bad and nothing to do with windmills thanks…
University of Chicago: No "trigger warnings" or "safe places" provided for students. Finally a college exercising common sen…
Aristotle believed that common sense, or the "sensus communis," was a physical organ that resided next to the heart.
This isn't news, this is common sense
Hate when I gotta explain so much for someone to get something like, you don't got any common sense
Lol some people have no common sense
Pardew: ya might want to get Lee Chung-Yong into the game sooner -sincerely, Common Sense
ICYMI, Secretary was featured on Jim Brown's Common Sense: https:/…
I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Jim Brown's Common Sense. Feel free to listen to a clip from the... http…
'Common Sense' legislators will be honored at luncheon featuring CO AG Cynthia Coffman Oct. 18.
Kudos to CO legislators who demonstrate Common Sense in the Courtroom!
I will now that I have common sense
"I'm pretty good at common sense". "It's called common sense cause everybody's good at it". "Idk I guess I'm bad at everythi…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
clearly this week has taken a toll on my brain/common sense BUT ITS IS FINE
This whole election doesn't add up if your counting lies, health reports, foundations, & just plain old common sense
Sure hope people weren't buying into the Powell nonsense that never made a lick of common sense.
A6 I’m grateful for our common sense tech gurus Kristin & Katie. We NEED their focus on our core beliefs to guide us.
Aw Na if I hit someone with my car and they get up and walk into a forest I'm not following them. Common sense
Foolish support of the bathroom bill. Where has your common sense gone???
Yea it does cause the game would not been played right now so he would not be injured now common sense
Crooked Media can't stop common sense! More life long Dems refuse to support Hillary Clinton! .
You might be surprised how many gas passers struggle with common life sense.
He pulled a gun on cops and ignored police orders. Common sense 101 days don't do that if you want to stay alive.
Common Sense, is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.
by Jessica May time for when https:/…
It's irrelevant, I follow educated, worldly, common sense, speak your mind individuals, who put USA first. LOVE YA.
The common sense (Normal)of others (YOU)And the common sense (NORMAL) of me. Are the same or so, And yes, Greatly different.
manmohan-ji who offered to resign under pressure ..thrice in his tenure is a better PM in ur knowledge ...u lac…
The difference between millennials and every other generation is they'll Google common sense then try to buy it on eBay.
WHOA! Wait a minute Jeanine. This is common sense law you're talking. There is no place in this socie... :-) Agree!
Who in God's name cares about what we do or do not know for sure? We need a president who has more common sense than this.
MT Return to Common Sense! This math method was rejected in the 1950s!.
Trump plans to overhaul tax, trade, and energy policies to spur an era of “unbridled” growth
Hillary doing amazing in an adult common sense caring speech. Media will tear it apart &trump will tell trolls l…
There's certain things that you shouldnt have to say "dont tell anyone this" but it seems like there are some people lacking common sense
We need more love in the world, but we also need more common sense, knowledge, wisdom & understanding so that we can live…
Common sense is a flower that does not grow in everyone's garden
How can you find one if there isn't one ? Lol man its common sense.
Common sense an ignorant *** will always take the negative think about it and think about the positive ( their...
Great to see this kind of common sense. .
and hillary has no clue what he is saying. Its common sense folks,this man needs to be our next POTUS!
common sense just went out the window. College student picked chocolate lab over black lab. Worried she was racist
Professor: "You won't have to study for this test it's all common sense". Me: *doesn't study for the test*. Test:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Trump is driven by common sense - implementing solutions for problems NOT approaching via a political ideology.
Stop with your logic and common sense! It's offensive!
Since sense is not common, just stop.
Traveled to Italy and France, so sad. May need safe zones there soon for the true French and Italians. Ple…
What used to be 'common' sense, and treasured by MOST Americans...
The template for a Trump debate victory is Ross Perot 1992. Perot brought common sense business acumen to the table, above party politics
Common sense. Some people just really seem to not have that
Clown NewsNetwork proving Trumps right. Media will distort common sense to have the Benghazi homicide queen president
THIS lil girl got more common sense than half y'all females 👌🏾💯
More common sense from good people. Dr. Ben Carson: We, The American People, Are Not Each Other's Enemies..
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