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Common Core

The Common Core (also core curriculum or the Core) is the University of Chicago's implementation of the Great Books program for its college.

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First and foremost, get rid of Common Core. Secondly, vouchers or a way for school choice. Teach true history & say Pledge!
Where Donald Trump Stands on School Choice, Student Debt and Common Core - still a question with no clear answer.
Where Donald Trump stands on school choice, student debt and Common Core
Common Core-aligned SAT math section penalizes students who are better at math than reading.
- Must See: A New $5 Million Study into Impact of Common Core - via
Thanks to Common Core, my kid can barely do math.
She must have used Common Core math to determine this was 5 words 🤔
. Remember the Left gave us 'Common Core' math, so can't expect them to understand deducting Losses from Profits
"According to the rep, the Common Core standards will be updated next year to include feelings as acceptable...
Coming to an Elementary School Near You, Courtesy of Common Core: Doll Beheadings [video] » Sons of Liberty Media
Interesting, until it quoted Common Core: Many Americans know nothing about their government.
Lee County schools rescind vote to opt-out of Common Core exams
Congratulations to the Lee County School Board for voting NO to Common Core. I hope and pray this is the first of many to come.
A Common Core-aligned, Common Core-aligned, always-on, Jewish Holiday database for digital cameras, with animations and timelines.
A Common Core-aligned, value-added, Jewish Holiday blog for smart watches, with MP3s and analytics.
Common Core, the initiative that claims to more accurately measure K-12 student knowledge
Students make slight gains on new Common Core state tests
Bill Gates has a major role in Common Core to the detriment of local control:...
Trump thinks the Common Core state initiative is a federal initiative & wants to do away with the Dept of Education
In 2013, "Indiana has just given every state that agreed to adopt Common Core national education standards and...
A majority of Maryland students fall short, again, on state Common Core tests
Cartoon gallery: Bruce Plante on teacher pay, state funding, Common Core and more
During her time on the Martin County school board Rebecca Negron made a lot of good speeches against Common Core,...
To graduate from high school, New Jersey students will have to pass two Common Core tests
Do not embarrass yourselves further. "Keep up the Second Amendment. (APPLAUSE) End - end Common Core.
If you HATE Common Core, vote for Donald J. Trump. He's the ONLY candidate promising to defeat it.
There must only be a few hard-core lefty & blairite unionists left. Only thing they have in common is SNP bad.
. FAILED!. Tried to study for DNA test but Common Core nailed her. Can't fix or overcome STUPID
Finding the solution to an equation
& there is a shared goal for the groups, all of whom share a potentially common fate. A core can say "Not worth developing"
maybe not directly but I see a lot of common core kids who think it's the devil. Not sure who else could've taught them that.
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I'm pretty sure, also, that, while I have real problems with common core, they don't teach Capitalism is evil.
Have you forgotten Common Core was from Bush - another Republican
they don't even prepare kids for COLLEGE. & they've proof that common core puts kids behind in math & reading.
How do you figure dog years in common core?
Unfortunately, I do; remember, got a 13 year old. Common core is appalling.
I don't understand how Dem supporters can't see how common core has screwed our country up. It's logic!
Classroom Complete Press CC2007 Lord of the Flies - William Golding: In this Common Core State Standards-alig...
Why Brooklyn's special education students have higher achievement than their counterparts across the state:
.APPARENTLY the reason HISTORY is apart of our Common Core curriculum is so that we don't repeat the past
Vote now: Poll: Trump wants to remove the Department of Education and Common Core. Do you agree? YES! or NO!
Addi: "I want Hillary to win because she's a girl but I want Donald Trump to win b/c he's going to get rid of Common Core!". . 😂😂😂
Why Common Core's higher standards are working for New York:
Alaska to Allow Parents to Opt Kids Out of Common Core Testing - -
And like clowns we've been trying common core to improve our schools
MT No wonder the fed is pushing common core. In my day that was called fuzzy math.
MT Perfect Sample of Common Core Alignment led by House Speaker now facing jail.
still not sure what common core even is but IM AGAINST IT
Common Core Regrets?: Diane Ravitch perpetuates myths about the Common Core and doesn't mat...
We are going to get rid of COMMON CORE education and fix our broken system!
Like in Germany, home schooling will probably be illegal here very soon. Common Core for all little comrades.
Leaked email: They know "most people" don't want Common Core, but don't care. Eric Walker, a deputy...
Majority of teachers in grades K-8 believe Common Core standards are helping students
OMG is trying to install Common Core on my SQL server. How can I stop this?
Opting out of Common Core testing slightly up statewide, despite drop in Clark County
A look into the politics of Common Core-aligned assessments via and Patrick McGuinn cc:
If a school has a lot of kids who opt-out of Common Core, it could soon be rated lower
Illinois ends much-debated PARCC test Need to eliminate Dept of Ed and teachers unions and Common Core!
Common Core does not prepare students for College Readiness. Get the Federal government out of education.
Common Core isn’t preparing students very well for college or career, new report says
Sioux Falls Argus Leader State court sides with South Dakota in Common Core case Sioux City…
Don't let Larry Arnn see these or we're in for another 50k words on the Common Core.
Gates CEO Discusses Foundation’s Challenges, from Zika to Common Core: •“Your health is determined by your s...
Agree or not, we've labeled data molesters/cronies as the "Uncle Ernies" of the Common Core rock opera. :-/
Reasons to Vote Trump. He is against Common Core against Fed Government controlling education.
North Dakotans needs to send a clear message to State Superintendent Baesler – “We do not want Common Core in...
From Diane Ravitch. Over the past few days, the leadership of the PARCC Common Core consortium moved forcefully...
Hats of to in MI & Dr. Sandra Stotsky for helping to move MI one step closer to Common Core repeal! SB 826 o…
Step up against Transgender dictate feeds into Common Core! Research James Milgram/Sandra Stotsky! Schools should revolt
Joel Wright says it doesn't matter if Utah drops Common Core. Any standards from will be opposed in utah county
Jaime Escalante would be headstrong against Common Core!
Join me & other concerned Louisianans on the steps of the State Capitol tomorrow morning at 9:30 to oppose Common Core & REAL ID.
"It is very easy to confuse state's interpretations of the Common Core with the standards themselves." ~
James Tanton believes Andrew Hacker is actually arguing for the Common Core State Standards.
Tanton: "I read the Math Myth & I think Dr. Hacker is actually arguing very strongly *for* the Common Core State Standards.".
States' increased interest to move away from New twist in the Common Core standards controversy
domain names
4 vie for 3 seats on Falmouth School Committee: Again, I'm not in love with Common Core, bu...
First comes No Child Left Behind Act so half the nation cannot read on their age level,now Common Core turns off part of child's brain.
There’s plenty of follow up to Gov. Herbert’s announcement that he no longer supports Common Core. The follow up... https:/…
A committee in the Michigan Senate has approved a bill that would drop the Common Core State Standards
WaPo's Valerie Strauss' mea culpa on Common Core. Sometimes Phyllis Schlafly is right.
PROOF that Common Core was developed for an ulterior motive
Our book on ELLs & Common Core was published yesterday. Access all sorts of free resources here More to come!
Valerie Strauss: A revealing new twist in the Common Core State Standards controversy
My favorite side remark of the conference was talking about Common Core curriculum vs testing. I was yes, yes, yes.
“[T]he trajectory of Common Core is a direct path to a federal curriculum.”
It needs to happen on more stuff. At least we see both sides uniting against GMO and Common Core
Missouri lawmakers eliminate Common Core. Another change is cursive is back in the curriculum. -
I wish it were so. enVision math 2012 Common Core: widely adopted curriculum from Pearson, please fix this mistake.
Common Core, college, live performances, more at Asbury event
Trump is doing great by going after Common Core. (World Core Curricuum by Robert MuIIer). It's based on UN "Lucıfer Trust" såtanıst A.Baıley
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Common Core = World Core Curriculum. by Robert Muller, who SAID it is based on work of. Alice Baıley, UN Lucı…
Peter Kinder dropped the ball on Common Core. Don't be fooled.
Thanks for sharing that. Most people don't know that or the history of America. Common Core doesn't teach true unbiased history.
John Kasich. We used Common Core math at Lehman Brothers when I worked there. This is why they collapsed and almost took…
Missouri became the latest state to adopt a new set of education benchmarks to replace the national Common Core...
Trump hasn't the brains to understand Common Core. He's a Johnny-Come-Lately on anything that is not Trump world
Senate Ed committee wraps up discussion on genocide and now moving onto Common Core repeal and replace bill
Held a Senate Ed. Committee hearing today on bills to kill Common Core. Join my fight here….
.we want to repeal and replace Obama Care. We want to end Common Core. End it, end it, end it!
but Cruz said he won 11 elections in 4 states in 3 weeks.get on board with Common Core!
David Denby's Lit Up, Common Core, and the "Soulful Life": David Denby's Lit Up is the story of one New Yorker…
Common Core is to destroy local public schools to turn them into CHARTER SCHOOLS. Read Kings dissertation from Columbia!
In the Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews raises some red flags about Common Core math:
It's all connections w/the Bush's & the push for Common Core. Also watch for Cruz's edu bill priv…
Lower Hudson River Valley News: Passing (on) the test: Opting out of Common Core, again via
A Century of Parasitology, co-edited by John Janovy. Also a Common Core book by Kathleen Wilson.
Fla. school board opts out of Common Core testing
⚠️Common Core is forcing kids to say Muslim conversion prayer in class!😡No more! htt…
Common Core is out of UN United Nations play book of the agenda 21... A wake up call to America...
Tom Newkirk on Unbalanced Literacy and the Common Core. I learn so much from Tom... https…
On my very first day in office, I’ve pledged to direct the Department of Education that Common Core ends that day.
Common Core is crap, people graduate from High School and they don't know basic stuff.
Are your children studying under the Common Core curriculum, Martha Roby or is it, like gmo's, just for us 'plain folk'?
I'm no Duke Pesta, but FYI Common Core was started by National Governor's Association.
We have replaced Common Core with State standards in Oklahoma as of yesterday, I believe. Both Senators contacted.
Ohio is asking teachers, parents and others for feedback on the controversial Common Core standards.
Harvard Study: forget the rancor, educators have mostly embraced Common Core State Standards.
Overwhelming number of teachers are changing content/curriculum based on Common Core standards.
new learning standards, which replace are panned by both Common Core allies & opponents
Betty Rosa, critic of Common Core and testing, is elected chancellor of the Board of Regents
Senate committee votes to approve new education standards to replace Common Core, but also adds more time to make changes
After a hundred + years of John Dewey & Horace Mann "education reform" inspired Common Core this is what happens
Q: Where do you stand on the anti-Common Core bill hurriedly passed out of committee yesterday?. Silence. Hint: he's a co-sponser
State moving forward with abolishing Common Core. What do you think?
KANSAS IS REELING OUT OF CONTROL!!! “We want the current Common Core standards to end in 2017,” said Grosserode
I will bring our jobs back to America, fix our military and take care of our vets, end Common Core and ObamaCare, prot…
A vote for Trump ~>. Build the Wall. Send back illegals. Bring back jobs. Get rid of Common Core. Defund Obamacare. Rebuild Mil…
Common Core conjured up by Obama, executed by Arnie Duncan, another Chicago liberal.
Attn US Senators: A vote to confirm John King as Education Secretary is a vote for Common Core ==>
Do the people of Ohio know that John Kasich is STRONGLY in favor of Common Core! In other words, education of your chi…
don't settle for Trump's BS: NAFTA Impact on Ohio: Kasich on Common Core:
Common Core. A good or bad thing for students and US education?
Ohio Schools.didn't have a good answer on Common Core, Ohio Schools Have Fallen to 23rd in the Nation.
fumbled a follow up on Common Core. Anchor pointed out "not a federal program, dummy" and Trump dbld down.
The only people who actually dislike Common Core are people who still harbor negative feelings. for their high school teachers.
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Common Core is not local,it is directly from department of Obama &Arnie Duncan Ed. Federal Ed sorry mess.
Common Core makes as much sense as me doing surgery with a crowbar
Donald Trump does not seem to know what Common Core actually is.
Kasich supports Common Core, plus he took away the Homestead Act for Senior Citizens in Ohio
Kasich loves Common Core, plus getting rid of the Homestead Act for Senior Citizens at age 65
The education plan is terrible, the worst. Wrong about history, Common Core, local control. Sad!
Don't forget, got an F on our Common Core report card... he loves Fed Ed.
boos Michelle Malkin after she unloads on John Kaisich and Common Core. CPAC is not the same as "grassroots conservati…
CPAC Boos Kasich as Michelle Malkin Slams His Support for Common Core, Attacks on Grassroots by …
Sec. Ed. say's won't force states to accept Common Core. We'll see, won't we. via
Stanley Kurtz now talking about and the threats to our educational system, also Common Core.
He’s terrible. in favor of Common Core? We have people that are controlled - Nobody builds walls better than me, b…
May 2, 2015-Potential presidential candidate and Ohio Gov.John Kasich defended his support for Common Core on Friday https…
Do your research! Common Core is NOT a federal program! It came from the National Governors Association!
What he SAYS: Kasich bloviates about local control of education. . What he DID: He championed Common Core:
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Trump has laid out his Common Core destructions and its the (D) job to stop it. The fight is won over the local AIRWAVES!!!
40 minus 13 That’s a difficult one Common Core attack on children’s minds in USA - coming here unless we stop it..
"You don't know what Common Core is. You think you do, but you don't unless you're a teacher. So stop complaining...
Stop Testing & Common Core! it's driving our teachers away and destroys the love of learning via
Our buddy, Common Core warrior is running 4 seat in Ohio's House
Because it took years to stop Common Core in Jersey. Still too little too late. But...
we will win this election and we will stop Common Core and reform our schools to the excellent 1970's and 1960's. With food
>>STOP Common Core and the destruction of America's Values!!
It is the left that is trying to erase history. Do you know anything about Common Core? History deleted. Stop the lies! -A frmr dem.
Trump voters:Please stop using Common Core math! A vote for Trump is a win for Dems in Nov.
No one forces a state to adopt Common Core. Texas doesn't use it. They wrote their own standards.
Study: Textbooks may be more diverse under Common Core . Yet another benefit of Common Core State Standards.
NY state review of Common Core standards to result in new tests by spring 2019 -
Since mathcore exists, I won't be surprised if a new subgenre named after Common Core pops up sooner or later
Bennett & Trump don't agree on Common Core. But Bennett, a fmr drug czar, said they did discuss heroin epidemic. Called D…
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“Common Core has become something of a Rorschach test,” says John Rogers, a professor and public education analyst UCLA
Trump both for and against Common Core: Candidate flip flops three minutes later in speech | Deseret News
There certainly are some good aspects to Common Core.
As I've said b4 I'll bet, like most issues, @ realDonaldTrump has no real knowledge about Common Core or ed. issues in general
Jeff Landry, John Bel Edwards back at it on Common Core lawsuit
I have been consistent in my opposition to Common Core. Get rid of Common Core--- keep education local!
2/3 Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment to the Supreme Court, and are a big strong proponent of Common Core, you can’t run on your
Trump re:Jeb Bush- wants Common Core & he's vry weak on immigration. Remember … he said, "They come to our country through the act of love."
Jim Horn highlights what an Ed Week article says about Hillary Clinton's position on Common Core and charters.
Colwell: This failing grade belongs to Gov. Pence: Common Core was launched when 48 governor...
A Closer Look at Marco Rubio's Record on Common Core: Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times disc...
Nevada Assemblyman Brent Jones Endorses Donald Trump; in support of stopping Common Core and repealing Obamacare.
New Post: Tips to improve Common Core math instruction: Common Core State Standards in math may be fr... by
I know I just didn't see a Gov "Common Core" Cuomo ad running now against the state CC standards. Did I?
A take on why Bill Nye's Common Core take is overly simplistic and therefore misleading ->
Stop The Common Core Video Series - What you need to know about Common Core- via
Chris Christie lied. Common Core is not dead in NJ. Just rebranded==>
Will Massachusetts parents reject Common Core at the ballot box?
yeah, it's Common Core, planned to make them ignorant, Lily Tang Williams is great to listen to
State Departments of Education Have Deceived Parents about Common Core: Does the End Justify the Means?
David Coleman, the "Architect of Common Core," but not an educator, has struck again."David Coleman’s...
(2/3) “Even in special education, our curriculum is based on Common Core standards. I’ll have to teach..."
Informational meeting to be held regarding the Common Core curriculum: Assemblyman David DiP...
.That's why 27 states have now legislated the U.N. and Obama's "Common Core" out b/c it's about dumbing down kids. .
Moran said voted no because it doesn’t repeal NCLB. But Pat Roberts claimed he ended Common Core with his vote. Confusing to ppl.
Bill Gates tries to buy American opinion about the Common Core
That's what Common Core does...Jeb has no common sense.
Having to endure cringe-worthy conversation about the Common Core with friends and family over the holidays should be an …
five members of the 30-person Common Core validation committee refused to sign on to the standards
Alice Linahan and Frank Gaffney on Civilization Jihad and the Common Core
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I think Jeb is using Common Core math, to conclude this equation.
A little takeoff on a Common Core math problem. Join us & enlist at Read the truth there. https…
Heard about this new Common Core "math" method. That's stupid. They're just complicating things that are so easy. And by complicating+
The first car designed with Common Core math.
Me: I don't know how to help my kid with Common Core math! *cries to 4th grade teacher. Teacher: That was actually "old" …
. in Common Core math that is a success!!!
First car designed with Common Core math.
HRC scored well with Common Core math students. 88% thought she won debate...23% for Sanders...remainder to O'Malley.
A lot of the anger towards Duncan is of course because of teacher evaluation and Common Core
The last I heard, Alabama still had Common Core thanks to the legislature and the BOE. Has that changed? I hope.
`How far will N.Y. Gov. Cuomo really go in overhauling Common Core? .
Interesting article from the Cardinal Newman Society on the Common Core and having spoken to one of its major...
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