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Common Core

The Common Core (also core curriculum or the Core) is the University of Chicago's implementation of the Great Books program for its college.

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And now, with Democrats like Doug Jones continuing to push failed indoctrination programs like Common Core, we risk allowi…
Must be using Common Core math, another wonder example of the ineptitude of the Obama years
Common Core is another idiotic Global idea gone wrong. Implemented only to compare US standards to other countries & a…
Thanks to Common Core, math isn't so simple anymore
Common Core didn’t exist when I was in school. They thought the right way,…
Math teacher: Common Core: Not good for st…
Bruce Dietrick Price speaks his mind about Math under Common Core
It's an Asian-style mathematics similar to Common Core that's actually fun to do.Confession time: I’m terrible at...
Asked the kids to solve how long it will take our 22-lb turkey to cook at 15 minutes per pound, using Common Core math and…
Nez Perce have an awesome way to connect their traditional ways of teaching with the Common Core
"Common Core, the initiative that claims to more accurately measure K-12 student ... -
The balanced literacy model helps middle school students achieve in the face of the Common Core demands
Even if you are in a state that does not support Common Core, communication skills are crucial in all subject areas.
These issues will have to be settled on a state by state bases. Feds can cancel Common Core but it is still…
Common Core was not from Obama. It was developed by state consortium. And there is no teaching of Islam or any reli…
We told you! Experts say, "Common Core expects young children to have an adult brain when doing math." Not age appropriate!…
Common Core curriculum in public school tchs full chptr on Peaceful Religion of Islam$muhammed. "Jesus was a proph…
"Maybe this is the simpler and more persuasive argument against Common Core: Never mind whether it’s a vast...
Discussion of the 2018 Florida Governor's race includes Common Core: . "R: Republicans will retain the the E.O.G.
*looks up from eating mike pence's wife's *** Eddy Murphy Delirious should be Common Core
Common Core is the Devil. Standards based is hard to *** and creates an atmosphere…
David Pook“Reason I helped write Common Core standards, is as a white male I was given a lot of privilege I didn’t earn"🤔
Common Core is out. Tennessee Academic Standards are in. Here’s how teachers are prepping.
Hi Dimitri! We make solutions that fit any standards, whether your state uses the Common Core or something else!
Where is your evidence? Common Core is only standards. Standards &…
graphic novels are part of Common Core standards in many states, but still resistance to inclusion in K12 teacher education
Ask schools!! Common Core is not testing or data collection, ESSA…
Betsy DeVos, Randi Weingarten Set to Visit Ohio District via Vouchers are tied to Common Core!
🇺🇸 Another parent against "Common Core" . As my drill. Sargent would say: "You're wrong" 🇺🇸
Only the misinformed believe Islam is in Common Core. Read the standards Islam is i…
The complaints were about text book & local choices or Fed ESSA/NCLB, not Common Core standards. W…
If NY State Standards are NEW NY State Standards, then why reference Common Core throughout? End it
Plus New York plans revamp of Common Core standards, man who shot and killed college student sentenced and more:...
NY moving ahead with Common Core changes - via
This is what children learn on Common Core. This is why Liberals/Big Government can't dictate the nation's education. https…
E. D. Hirsch, Jr. at Brookings in DC Oct 19 on “Why knowledge matters in the Common Core era,” register to attend.
I guess we're in the Common Core era of public education
Thanks to Jane Robbins at APP for writing about how Jeb's NAEP proficiency scam & Common Core will combine for...
It's weird how Common Core is no longer destroying American education now that Barack Obama isn't president.
So fed up finding another team of 2ndary math Ts expected to implement the Common Core in 42 mins/day. Leadership? mins/dayorbust!
WV Senate has amended a bill so it no longer requires CA or MA education standards, yet it still bans Common Core:
I hope she gets rid of Common Core pronto! Oh, and you guys should ban International Baccalaureate programmes in U.…
I added a video to a playlist Paul Preston at Sutter Butte Tea Party Patriots on Common Core.avi
Common Core is not much different from state standards that we've had since standardized testing became a thing
jmartNYT: Sonny Perdue is also the co-creator of something Trump railed against in the campaign: Common Core. (rememb…
Here are the new names for Common Core, they are now using a state by state approach. The beast still remains the...
Rick Joyner warns that Common Core is "treason" and will "absolutely destroy America."
Common Core just doesn't add up. (You should see me try to help my kids with "new math" homework. On second...
vile Common Core /Purpose .stop brainwashing our children
Common Core!-Is literature the answer to tackling poor civics curriculum?
'. . Common Core � We Have to Stop this Progressive Virus. '
Alice Linahan and Frank Gaffney on Civilization Jihad and the Common Core on Vimeo.
MT Common Core is about Workforce Development. Govt. choose for you!.
Parents, do you have questions about Common Core and English Language Arts standards? Here’s everything you need...
I sure hope so! Common Core is liberal indoctrination -- we need to teach actual facts, and label opinion as such!
Common Core is bunkum, drivel, malarkey. We need E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Series in the schools. Get…
Arne Duncan. Obama appointment to Secretary of Education. Supporter of charter schools and Common Core.
Trump’s education secretary opposes Common Core and teachers’ unions don’t like her
Common core curriculum a terrible idea, invites political censorship of ideas. Common standards for achievement, not cont…
CONGRATS to Betsy !. please replace that STUPID common core. 2+2 =tuesday at 3:21pm ??. don't whin…
I thought I read that she is not a big fan of Common Core?
.yeap, it's on the record, she supported Common Core. It's why Jeb Bush likes this pick.
Mark I cant find much on her. Do we think she will end common core?
Devos' funded group fully on board with CC. GLEP has spent millions targeting Conservatives in Mich.
Forget Common Core for a moment. What's more important is Betsy DeVos is a strong supporter of school choice (inc. charter s…
if is agains CC, prove it. END COMMONCORE AND DATAMINING
She repudiated Common Core. Supposedly changed her mind on it. Let's hope so.
I hate Common Core..we are suffering ITs a talking poit for you but we have to live it. Baraon is lucky my kids need hel
Happy Thanksgiving. I voted for Trump, & I hoped he'd end Common Core and PAARC. It's killing education in NM.
Yep, hope she gets rid of common core. It really is a disaster.
.Did you know that Trump just nominated Amway heiress and Common Core acolyte as SecEd?. The has no brakes!
NO to Rhee. NO to DeVos. NO to Jeb/Gates/CommonCore machine. . YES to Bill Evers or Larry Arnn for Educ. Secretary==>. ht…
Thanks and I hope your new education women will completely do away with common core!
The education is commercially hijacked when the common core makes simple complicated, scares the kids of enjoying learning.
Joke. Q: What do you call a person with a high school diploma from a state that doesn't have Common Core? A: An 8th grader.
Happy ThanksGiving how do you elect someone into Common Core=uncommon Crap to be Education Sec
I'm happy and relieved to hear you are not a supporter of Common Core.
We need to hold Trump to promise: scrap Common Core.
Betsy DeVos is NOT a common core supporter. This clears up a lot of confusion being spewed by
So I hope that states don't take this to signal that they should stop the implementation of Common Core curriculums.
"Anti-Common Core grassroots groups of parents and teachers urged Trump to abandon DeVos as his choice"
Whether or not you think the federal government has the power to mandate Common Core, Common Core works. It really, really works.
MT The New Common Core text book. Playing us and our kids for fools!
a great thing. Our poor children have suffered enough under common core and no choice.
"42 states have adopted the standards, which were never federally mandated, though they was incentivized" They was?
did I? Why did you support Trump? He's pushing a pro common core nominee for ES
Please screw color hiring no matter the pressure and NEVER COMMON CORE!
. Common Core *** and history books need to be corrected to indicate the proper history not PC
Common Core kills common sense. Give teachers and parents control, get big government out of our schools.
Thank you for not supporting Common Core.
I"m from Michigan and her influence was hinderance to our efforts to stop comm…
I'm so proud of Betsy DeVos crusading charter school pioneer, opposed to common core. Good people can win
MT Kinda makes you wonder if Congress was educated using Common Core math?
I wrote an entire essay my sophomore year of high school about how horrible common core is and it made my teacher cry
First and foremost, get rid of Common Core. Secondly, vouchers or a way for school choice. Teach true history & say Pledge!
Where Donald Trump Stands on School Choice, Student Debt and Common Core - still a question with no clear answer.
Where Donald Trump stands on school choice, student debt and Common Core
Common Core-aligned SAT math section penalizes students who are better at math than reading.
- Must See: A New $5 Million Study into Impact of Common Core - via
Thanks to Common Core, my kid can barely do math.
She must have used Common Core math to determine this was 5 words 🤔
. Remember the Left gave us 'Common Core' math, so can't expect them to understand deducting Losses from Profits
"According to the rep, the Common Core standards will be updated next year to include feelings as acceptable...
Coming to an Elementary School Near You, Courtesy of Common Core: Doll Beheadings [video] » Sons of Liberty Media
Interesting, until it quoted Common Core: Many Americans know nothing about their government.
Lee County schools rescind vote to opt-out of Common Core exams
Congratulations to the Lee County School Board for voting NO to Common Core. I hope and pray this is the first of many to come.
A Common Core-aligned, Common Core-aligned, always-on, Jewish Holiday database for digital cameras, with animations and timelines.
A Common Core-aligned, value-added, Jewish Holiday blog for smart watches, with MP3s and analytics.
Students make slight gains on new Common Core state tests
Bill Gates has a major role in Common Core to the detriment of local control:...
Trump thinks the Common Core state initiative is a federal initiative & wants to do away with the Dept of Education
In 2013, "Indiana has just given every state that agreed to adopt Common Core national education standards and...
A majority of Maryland students fall short, again, on state Common Core tests
Cartoon gallery: Bruce Plante on teacher pay, state funding, Common Core and more
During her time on the Martin County school board Rebecca Negron made a lot of good speeches against Common Core,...
To graduate from high school, New Jersey students will have to pass two Common Core tests
Do not embarrass yourselves further. "Keep up the Second Amendment. (APPLAUSE) End - end Common Core.
If you HATE Common Core, vote for Donald J. Trump. He's the ONLY candidate promising to defeat it.
There must only be a few hard-core lefty & blairite unionists left. Only thing they have in common is SNP bad.
. FAILED!. Tried to study for DNA test but Common Core nailed her. Can't fix or overcome STUPID
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Finding the solution to an equation
& there is a shared goal for the groups, all of whom share a potentially common fate. A core can say "Not worth developing"
maybe not directly but I see a lot of common core kids who think it's the devil. Not sure who else could've taught them that.
I'm pretty sure, also, that, while I have real problems with common core, they don't teach Capitalism is evil.
Have you forgotten Common Core was from Bush - another Republican
they don't even prepare kids for COLLEGE. & they've proof that common core puts kids behind in math & reading.
How do you figure dog years in common core?
Unfortunately, I do; remember, got a 13 year old. Common core is appalling.
I don't understand how Dem supporters can't see how common core has screwed our country up. It's logic!
Classroom Complete Press CC2007 Lord of the Flies - William Golding: In this Common Core State Standards-alig...
Why Brooklyn's special education students have higher achievement than their counterparts across the state:
.APPARENTLY the reason HISTORY is apart of our Common Core curriculum is so that we don't repeat the past
Vote now: Poll: Trump wants to remove the Department of Education and Common Core. Do you agree? YES! or NO!
Addi: "I want Hillary to win because she's a girl but I want Donald Trump to win b/c he's going to get rid of Common Core!". . 😂😂😂
Why Common Core's higher standards are working for New York:
Alaska to Allow Parents to Opt Kids Out of Common Core Testing - -
And like clowns we've been trying common core to improve our schools
MT No wonder the fed is pushing common core. In my day that was called fuzzy math.
MT Perfect Sample of Common Core Alignment led by House Speaker now facing jail.
still not sure what common core even is but IM AGAINST IT
Common Core Regrets?: Diane Ravitch perpetuates myths about the Common Core and doesn't mat...
We are going to get rid of COMMON CORE education and fix our broken system!
Like in Germany, home schooling will probably be illegal here very soon. Common Core for all little comrades.
Leaked email: They know "most people" don't want Common Core, but don't care. Eric Walker, a deputy...
Majority of teachers in grades K-8 believe Common Core standards are helping students
OMG is trying to install Common Core on my SQL server. How can I stop this?
Opting out of Common Core testing slightly up statewide, despite drop in Clark County
A look into the politics of Common Core-aligned assessments via and Patrick McGuinn cc:
If a school has a lot of kids who opt-out of Common Core, it could soon be rated lower
Illinois ends much-debated PARCC test Need to eliminate Dept of Ed and teachers unions and Common Core!
Common Core does not prepare students for College Readiness. Get the Federal government out of education.
Common Core isn’t preparing students very well for college or career, new report says
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