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Commissioner Roger Goodell

Roger Stokoe Goodell (born February 19, 1959) is the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), having been chosen to succeed the retiring Paul Tagliabue on August 8, 2006. He was chosen over four finalists for the position, winning a close vote on the fifth ballot before being unanimously approved by acclamation of the owners.

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NFL Commissioner thinks that Trump telling Americans to respect our flag is divisive & lack of respect for NFL? 🤔
What does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell say they are protesting, a bigger cut of the profits, a share in ad revenu…
Roger Goodell worst NFL Commissioner ever turn his back on our country disrespect our National Anthem he shou…
"NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell" If you dont know you better ask somebody, Roger. The Left wants to DESTROY the NFL &YOU…
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't get things any better then Hillary Clinton does. Ppl are ones who hold remote not…
For those of you (incl President) questioning players right to free speech here it is again: https:…
Please help us, sign the to convince owners and the Commissioner to remove "National" from their name h…
Why doesn't the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell come out as strong for women, when the NFL players are sucker punching their w…
NEW: Patriots CEO Robert Kraft releases a statement saying he is "deeply disappointed" by Pres. Trump's comments
But commissioner Roger Goodell wanted players to express themselves Memo from NFL needs to go out to…
Trump doubles down on tirade against NFL anthem kneelers
So who is enforcing NFL LEAGUE RULES? Ol Roger Goodell...the Anti-American Commissioner? For starters VOTE him OUT!
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Trump’s ‘divisive’ comments show lack of respect for the NFL
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says President Trump showed a "lack of respect" for the league http…
According to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, critizing someone for not standing for the National Anthem is "Divisive Language" 🤔
Maybe Jerry Jones should be the NFL Commissioner and not spineless Roger Goodell. Texas Justice.
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Pretty *** good salary for running. a beloved American pastime into the ground. GOOD JOB 👌. http…
HEADLINES: “Widespread kneeling expected Sunday”. REALITY: will slump further into the hole they’ve created! https…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Trump's comments "demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL"
Commissioner Roger Goodell calling out (without naming him) should be a political warning for th…
If you don't like this country, don't just get the *** out. +++. Son Of A B. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. S…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.. please stop worrying about your wallet & show some RESPECT for our beautiful count…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell..Have some RESPECT & grow some balls like Clark Hunt or NFL will continue to lose fa…
Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL are finalizing a 5 year extension through 2024
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is close to getting a new 5-year extension through 2024, per
Commissioner Roger Goodell today named Dr. Allen Sills as the NFL’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), a new full-time positio…
.NFL gets it, while NBA is falling behind - JT and Looney discuss NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's...
but can he save the League from the evil supreme Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he's "comfortable" with Deflategate outcome ahead of Super Bowl LI. ht…
NFL Commissioner speaks with the media Wednesday. HOUSTON - NFL Commissioner speaks
A recap of Commissioner Goodell's animated press conference
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National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that a stadium solution will need to be found... https:…
officials w/ commissioner Roger Goodell break ground on new field at Pro-Vision school in Sunny Side
Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner and Ric Campo talk before an event @ Pro-Vision Academy (Steve Gonzales/Chronicle)…
Commissioner Roger Goodell said he does not "see an ownership position in a team from a casino." He added...
"I would tell you that it’s not awkward at all for me," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said about Deflategate
"The commissioner is a dope": Donald Trump skewered Roger Goodell in 2015
Goodell: Work to be done before Vegas move for
This 2-point conversion would have to happen to keep Raiders in Oakland: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Oakland…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell," If i'm invited to Foxboro , i will go". Oh , i didn't realize that the commissioner needs an invitation.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks with the media during a press conference at the George R.…
Roger Goodell said he'd return to Foxborough if invited. Well, Mr. Commissioner, consider the invitation sent.…
Donald J. Trump just put the NFL Commissioner in his place.
A conclusion derived from experience
Kraft: Patriots fans would welcome Roger Goodell - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he's not avoiding New En...
** Patriots and Raiders are the main topics at Commissioner Roger Goodell's annual Super Bowl ... -
.Commissioner Roger Goodell says he hasn't really thought about a "two pump limit." ... I bet he does now, though CC:
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will join me at the top of our show today.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell here at the Gala.
Roger Goodell\'s impact and legacy after 10 years as commissioner
Mark Wahlberg says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not a fan of
Former Bucs cheerleader who filed labor lawsuit talks about... via
"Commissioner Roger Goodell's protestations aside, NFL owners are realizing they have little to fear from sports...
If only the had a commissioner like Adam Silver instead of Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner. he gotta go
once THREATENED Roger Goodell by saying he wanted to be commissioner of the NFL!
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "There will be no more National Anthems played in stadiums after Week 6.".
Looking back on first 10 years on the job, and looking ahead to what might be next…
BG $16,5k for Kyrgios fine. What say u? Lucky Roger Goodell is not the commissioner!!! 😄
As long as the game is played, the stats will continue to burden Commissioner.
Does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have to much power? Plz vote
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Called it as soon as it happen but is just as bad as Roger Goodell at being a commissioner.
ICYMI PART 1: How 10 years of Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner has transformed the league and shaped his legacy…
The NFL has a serious ratings problem: It's almost bad enough that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would rathe...
and continue to cloud Roger Goodell's reign as NFL commissioner
*** I can see him not liking Dallas cowboys Jason Whitten and not liking NFL commissioner Roger Goodell I understand that smh Bennett
Roger Goodell's impact and legacy after 10 years as commissioner
Jets Video: WR Brandon Marshall takes on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in an intense game of ping pong (ESPN)
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on anthem protests: "We want them to use their voice."
In a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and 49ers CEO Jed York, Martin Halloran, the president of San Francisc…
In his latest Juice This, breaks down the unlimited power of Commissioner Roger Goodell:.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell visits the Dallas Cowboys new headquarters The Star
Top NFL Draft Pick's Mom Snags Gig at ESPN: Eli Apple of Ohio State holds up a jersey with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after being...
I was finally able to get that selfie with Commissioner Roger Goodell! ht…
The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled 2-1 that Commissioner Roger Goodell's four-day disciplinar…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been banned from Lambert’s in Dorchester:
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NFL continues suspension of blackout rule: Commissioner Roger Goodell explained that the NFL wants to give it ...
NFL concussion data stricken by case of Deflategate: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, above, addresses a news c...
Stafford says the NFL took a toll on Megatron: When PFT asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his reaction ...
Statement from Commissioner Roger Goodell on the Passing of Tray Walker
NFL is close to a deal with the NFL Players association to force Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign, the Wall Street …
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to stop being an *** Else New Englanders need to carpet bomb his Maine home w/deflated footballs!
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is such a shameless liar, I'm shocked the Democrats aren't running him for President.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hola. The NFL is heading back to Mexico. Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Friday that the Oakland Raiders will
Interesting.. Commissioner Roger Goodell didn't even mention or congratulate the Carolina Panthers?
Totally real fun fact: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the son of former NY Senator Charles Goodell.
Speaking of irritable bowel and diarrhea, introducing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell!
Could Tom Brady still be suspended over 'Deflategate'?: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell conti...
"We are coming back to Mexico...". Commissioner Roger Goodell announces 2016 game in Mexico.
Do you think Peyton Manning would make a better commissioner than Roger Goodell?
or Roger Goodell being Roger Goodell. Worst commissioner of all time.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Patriots owner, and head coach partners in crime 4 loses handed back to you+1 inevitable beat down.
Dez Bryant hopes NFL figures out what a catch is: Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t include Cowboys recei...
"The Disappointment of Roger Goodell." Reflection on the sad behavior of commissioner at College FB HOF events
Message to Andrew Tilton: . I do not think your petition will not resolve your issue. Talk to Commissioner Roger Goodell.
I see your Phil Simms and raise you a Roger Goodell fans deserve a better commissioner aka leader
Happiest person in the world right now? Commissioner Roger Goodell. He no longer has to worry about handing the Lombardi…
Suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon applies to Commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstatement
.welcomes Commissioner Roger Goodell, Owner Clark Hunt and guests to Hotspur Way today.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is investigating the New England Patriots' involvement in Fox's technical difficulties.
Here comes the Commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference. Hopefully gets to ask him a question.
I have just been compared to Hitler as a fantasy football commissioner. Is this what it is like to be Roger Goodell?
. Before you BUY this read Sex, Lies, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell article. .
NFL owners meetings preview: Time for an LA summit: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell leaves federal court, Wedne...
Jake Arrieta thinks Roger Goodell is a good commissioner
the fact you still continue with this gives me the uneasy thought that Roger Goodell may make a far more competent commissioner
Can we please remove Roger Goodell as commissioner? He takes away everything that is extra entertainment
*camera pans* Hi I'm Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL... but this month I'm commissioning something else - your support
3) Roger Goodell aka Where's Waldo, is still the commissioner of the league.
Funnily enough, that's sorta like my theory that Make-a-Wish made Roger Goodell Commissioner for a day and it just got out of hand
Simmons accused the sports media empire of giving preferential coverage to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in its...
Can't believe my trade got vetoed lmao lets just veto everyone's to be fair. I have commissioner Roger Goodell for…
Roger Goodell: Great commissioner or greatest commissioner?
Why doesn't pay cheerleaders a fair wage? Sign to join 150K who support the rights of cheerleaders:
Simmons: I thought it was hilarious when [Commissioner] Roger [Goodell] finally decided to give his interview and it was with Mike & Mike,”
September was just 2nd month without an NFL player arrest reported since Roger Goodell began as commissioner in 2006. Ot…
Brady appealed a suspension handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in federal court. The judge sided with Brady.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is in attendance for the game tonight.
Commissioner Roger Goodell is in the house for Thursday night's game. On the field doing an interview now.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in attendance for tonight's Giants game vs. Washington.
Word is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declared races at Seaside shall continue. That's when the park ranger over-ruled him & shut it down.
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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is open to changing his role in how the league disciplines its players, he told the "Mike & Mike" show on
Pats fans chant 'Where is Roger?' for absent commish: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn't in New... Tscent
Tom Brady had some nice words for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell even after a 7-month long legal battle.
Commissioner Roger Goodell will not attend season opener (via
NFL draft returning to Chicago in 2016: Commissioner Roger Goodell and Mayor Rahm Emanuel made the announcemen...
NFL Draft Returning to Chicago, NFL Reports: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make an…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell presents Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel with an NFL Draft helmet.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel & NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to reportedly announce that NFL Draft will return to Chicago in 2016.
Chi. Mayor Rahm Emanuel/NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have a news conference today. Draft returning to Chicago
The league appointed Tod Leiweke as its new chief operating officer, a position that has been vacant since Commissioner Roger Goodell was
How have you been? Do you think NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should Suspend or Fine Pat's QB Tom Brady- "Deflategate"?
Last night NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke out about the importance of character in the NFL
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides to get tough on Cowboys' Greg Hardy - New York Daily News
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who combines the competence of Frank Drebin with the investigative skill of Inspector Clouseau, is 56 today.
The Knights of Chaos have a message for Commissioner Roger Goodell at
saturday was established to sing the praises for the god of marshmellows, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Pay off Roger Goodell and become Commissioner of the NFL.
Klis: Here's how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can repair his image
Some say the Tampa Bay had the worst season. Others think Commissioner, Roger Goodell had it worse.
The news conference will be the first public appearance for Commissioner Roger Goodell in more than a week.
Via of NFL Commissioner very pleased with report from
AP: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has formed a committee to review stadium options in Los Angeles & coordinate any possible move to area.
Deflategate tops a tough year for the league, says Commissioner Roger Goodell
Who is the most disliked commissioner in USA sports?.
New legislation for cheerleaders needs your support via
Trouble hasn't slowed down for NFL in 2015: Commissioner Roger Goodell declared at the Super Bowl that the NFL made…
Roger Goodell is one terrific NFL commissioner!
Review: New legislation for cheerleaders needs your support via
NFL establishes Los Angeles planning panel: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has established an i...
Washington (CNN)NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will likely find himself in the Washington hot seat if a top congressional investigator gets
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is under some fire after snarky comment to CNN reporter
Friday's Super Bowl Live coverage on will carry NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference approxima…
Roger Goodell is a reactionary commissioner, and it shows. Honestly, he seems more concerned with the league’s image than the …
Roger Goodell: The worst Commissioner of the NFL who make...
if a lamp would make a better NFL commissioner than Roger Goodell
When the Roger Goodell era comes to an end in the will NFL be ready for a female Commissioner, such as
This just in from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell all 12 balls in question have been issued a lifetime ban
The is less than two weeks away, and there's a growing movement to pay cheerleaders more:
- calling for the resignation of Roger Goodell. He's awful. Worst commissioner in the history of sports.
Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner: Truly show your committment to stopping domestic violence by …
Deflate-gate -- or anything like Deflate-gate -- would NEVER happen in the NBA ... beca...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to ban New England coach Bill Belichick. At the very least, Goodell needs to ban Belichick for Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, and then he should determine how many more games the suspension should cover.
Opinion: PATRIOTS ARE THE BEST EXAMPLE OF WHATS WRONG IN AMREICA! This lack of Character and Leadership by head coach Bill Belichick has created a culture of cheating, lawlessness and murder. Yes and When young men that participate in a brutal violent profession and are systematically taught to "break the rules" the natural progression is MURDER. This is evidenced by Patriots Player, Aaron Hernandez being arrested for the execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd. How can anyone dismiss the link between the influence of the Patriots Mindset "Breaking the Rules" and this young mans actions as he was molded by Coach Belichick? . One might note that this is not the first time the Patriots were caught cheating. The Patriots were caught spying on opposing teams. Coach Belichick had admitted to taping signals of opposing teams dating back to 2000. In 2007 the New England Patriots were disciplined by the National Football League (NFL) for cheating. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, after an investigation, fined Patriot ...
FYI... NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell chats live on at 2pm ET. Go there now to submit a question.
After the refs officiating performance tonight I think the commissioner of the Roger Goodell who was in attendance should address it
Is Roger Goodell punishing himself?! He's the NFL commissioner & sitting in the stands like a regular fan, it's 16 degrees. Go to the suite.
Roger Goodell can't be a bad or incompetent commissioner. Look at him sitting outside in the cold!
An mascot can make $65,000 per season but many cheerleaders make less than $1000. Diane's campaign:
Wonder if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is here in Foxborough, is enjoying interesting application of pass interference rules.
Michaels/Collinsworth note there have been no 9/11-style attacks on US since Roger Goodell became commissioner.
I'm puzzled by Collinsworth remark about the Commissioner given this.
"I never doubted the commissioner's integrity" --Cris Collingsworth is Roger Goodell in a skin suit
Great to see a tribute to Mr. Roger Goodell, finest commissioner in sports. Hopefully, the witch hunt is over.
What does the B on Roger Goodell's hat stand for? Bumbling *** Bad Commissioner? Surprised it wasn't an "M" for Mueller
Looks like Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner is in Boston at the playoff game with a Ravens hat on
Goodell's woman had a look like why the *** are we outside Roger you're the *** Commissioner
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wearing a Bronxville High School baseball cap in the stands. He lives in the district.
Roger Goodell and his wife Jane are sitting outside. Have to question the sanity of the commissioner on this one.
I don’t think Mueller is lying, and I don’t think Goodell asked him to lie. The commissioner and his advisors are...
That was the most disappointing effort by a Commissioner since any Roger Goodell press conference!
72% find Commissioner Roger performance to date "unsatisfactory." Weigh in:
Mueller Report underscores NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's deceit in Ray Rice case - NFL -
New report on Ray Rice case supports account of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
3 question Survey on your opinion of Roger Goodell’s tenure as NFL Commissioner so far
Survey on Roger Goodell's tenure as NFL Commissioner so far (brief, 3 questions).
Investigator: NFL should have sought more info in Rice case: Commissioner Roger Goodell got a strong vote of c...
Is Roger Goodell the most uneducated Commissioner in the History of Sports? Simply calculated by undergrad and graduate degrees
Pay stinks even for those cheering in the Frigid Football League (
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should let Ray Rice play the rest of the season, but suspend all of his equipment for at least t…
My star-studded 2014 recap, looks to to be greater. Myself with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell,…
Any *** who gets upset over Brady's playing time Sunday because of fantasy implications deserves Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner.
Live look at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, thanks to
Over 140,000 think cheerleaders deserve a fair wage:
Is the NFL's popularity justification enough for Roger Goodell?: Being commissioner of the National Football League
Al davis was a great owner. He was the one owner to not like support Roger Goodell, which was smart. Probly bc he had been a commissioner
Breaking News: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces new trophy series for NFL player engagement in 2015.
Roger Goodell is a Great Commissioner. I hope he is here next year.
Commissioner Goodell says "no" to any franchise relocating to Los Angeles in 2015
Richard Sherman slammed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell over the massive fine he dropped on Marsha...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informs teams that applications for relocation to L.A. in 2015 will not be accepted:
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has informed the 32 teams that the league will not be accepting relocation...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expected to introduce plans for expansion franchise in Havana beginning in 2017.
Morning with ktuts, and Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the What a…
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hits Adrian Peterson hard, and gets it right - New York Daily News
Friday Interview: John Mara on the new personal-conduct policy, commissioner's authority and damage done to the NFL: http…
Change the Mascot calls on commissioner to adopt a proactive stance on with an owners' code of conduct.
I think NFL owners feel like they have a lot invested in Roger Goodell's continuity. Firing a commissioner might be disruptive.
NFL cheerleaders are rising up to protest being paid as little as $150 per game. You can support them here:
What would Roger Goodell do? How I handle all fantasy league commissioner positions.
“polarizing but poignant criticism of Commissioner Roger Goodell:
Change the Mascot Calls on Commissioner Roger Goodell to Adopt Proactive Stance on Racism By Implementing an NFL…
By Steve Ginsburg (Reuters) - The NFL Players Association filed a lawsuit against the National Football League on Monday challenging an arbitrator's decision to uphold the league's suspension of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Filed at the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, the lawsuit claims arbitrator Harold Henderson, a former NFL executive hand-picked by Commissioner Roger Goodell to hear the case, was not impartial. ...
It Won't Be Easy For Adrian Peterson To Set Aside Arbitration Award Peterson and the National Football League Players Association have filed a petition in federal court that seeks to vacate an arbitrator's award confirming NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's imposition of a season-long suspension without pay for the running back. from Forbes Real Time IFTTT
ABC News Adrian Peterson's Appeal of Suspension Is DeniedNew York TimesIn a victory for the N.F.L. and Commissioner Roger Goodell, an arbitrator upheld the season-long suspension given to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. The decision comes about two weeks after an independent arbitrator reinstated Ray Rice, ...NFL news and notes, Dec. 12Where Adrian Peterson stands with Vikings, league after losing appealNFL roundup: Peterson's appeal denied - -
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has long maintained that the league office asked for any information pertinent to...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says new personal conduct policy is 'comprehensive, strong and tough' -
Commissioner Roger Goodell says everyone in the NFL will be accountable from the owners on down.
Commissioner Roger Goodell addressing the media. Conduct Policy passes unanimously at owners meetings.…
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks about the league’s new personal conduct policy. We're on it.
Commissioner Roger Goodell speaking live on right now
After months of criticism over the NFL's handling of domestic-abuse cases, Commissioner Roger Goodell is announcing a plan for how he intends to fix the problem. He sat for an interview with WSJ's Monica Langley. Photo: Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets paid $45 million a year. That's what we call stupid money. I can't get over that amount. I'm going to push to get paid $45 for being commissioner of my fantasy football league next year.
Big deal! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has another new guideline for all NFL members, players and owners alike, for improper conduct. He says they will be put on paid leave following formal charges and investigation. What kind of deterrent is paid leave. If they have been formally charged, they should not receive pay unless and until they are cleared. That's like speeding, getting pulled over, getting a ticket and being fined NOTHING. Tickets and fines are supposed to be deterrents. If they are guilty, they shouldn't be paid. If they are cleared, they should be re-instated and receive back pay. If they are found guilty, they need to be "ejected" from the NFL forever. A real deterrent.
Jerry Richardson said he remains fully supportive of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Here’s The Short List For TIME Person Of The Year : Source: Finance:– TIME has revealed the eight people who are still in the running for the magazine’s Person of The Year issue. Here they are: The Ferguson protesters, who demonstrated against the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. The caregivers who are fighting the biggest Ebola outbreak in history. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took the world by surprise in March when he annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and started a protracted conflict in the country’s southeast. Pop star Taylor Swift, who has gone to war with Spotify while making millions off a new record. Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma, who oversaw the largest IPO of all time. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who released the iPhone 6 and announced that he is *** Acting President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani, whose fighters have been the first level of defense against marauding ISIS militants. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is in hot water . ...
Roger Goodell should place the entire NFC South on the commissioner's exempt permission list the remainder of 2014
Commissioner Roger Goodell declares and ineligible for playoffs after losing to
Wow! petition is on it's way towards 140,000 signatures😎. RT: Please support:
The Big 12 will get left out because their commissioner is about as smart as Roger Goodell.
With one court ruling on Friday, Ray Rice gained justice while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suffered further humiliation
Football by football ex-players How on Earth is Roger Goodell Still NFL Commissioner?
In the late summer of 2014, the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell came face-to-face with overwhelming public...
How on Earth Is Roger Goodell Still the Commissioner of the NFL?
""How on earth is Roger Goodell still the commissioner of the NFL?" cc
(Reuters) - The wife of former Baltimore Ravens’ football player Ray Rice said in an interview that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was not truthful when he described Rice as ambiguous about striking her
Janay Rice on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell re. Rice investigation: "I can't say he's telling the truth."
Wow has reached all-time terrible commissioner status. Rice Ruling Highlights Roger Goodell’s Missteps
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the son of U.S. Senator Charles Ellsworth Goodell, who was appointed to the Senate by New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller upon the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
U.S. Federal Judge calls NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "a liar." Ray Rice is reinstated -- if he re-signs, he can play. What is Adrian Peterson thinking?
Ray Rice has won the appeal of his indefinite suspension by the NFL, which has been “vacated immediately,” the players’ union said today. The appeal was heard earlier this month by former U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones. She was deciding whether the NFL overstepped its authority in modifying Rice’s two-game suspension, making it indefinite after video of the Baltimore Ravens running back punching his fiancee — now his wife — became public. Rice was released by the Ravens and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the suspension indefinite shortly after the video was made public -
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The decision by Judge Barbara Jones to reinstate Ray Rice stands as a brutal judgment on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will not preside at Adrian Peterson’s appeal…
Roger Goodell a terrible Commissioner to NFL, *** aviod all the question and just suspend innocent player/coach
Adrian Peterson's appeal hearing Dec. 2: Appeal of suspension will not be in front of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
"Brandon was communicating with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, about the game."
You wanna know why Roger Goodell is a bad commissioner? Read take!
Adrian Peterson appeal set for Dec. 2, to be heard by Harold Henderson: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wi...
Roger Goodell recusing himself from now 2 appeals (Rice & Peterson) might signal end of commissioner as both trial judge & appellate court.
commissioner Roger Goodell will not preside at appeal hearing. explains:
Goodell will not hear Peterson's appeal next month: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will not hear running back…
Adrian Peterson's appeal hearing has been set for Dec. 2 and Harold Henderson, not Commissioner Roger Goodell, will be the hearing office...
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, in his first interview since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell...
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is about to indefinitely suspend Mother Nature for eternity for violating the NFL's personal conduct penalty
For recent followers: our data starts on September 1, 2006. That's when Roger Goodell became commissioner.
Roger Goodell: Forceful resignation as commissioner of the NFL via
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Suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson expressed regret for injuring his 4-year-old son in an exclusive interview with USA Today published Thursday night, vowing never to use a switch as discipline on any of his children again. "I won't ever use a switch again," Peterson told USA Today in his first extensive public remarks since being indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child. "There's different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There's so many different ways to discipline your kids." The NFL suspended Peterson for at least the remainder of the season Tuesday, just weeks after he entered a no-contest plea to reckless assault of the child. He will not be considered for reinstatement before April 15, 2015, for violating the league's personal conduct policy. Commissioner Roger Goodell, in a statement announcing Peterson's suspension, was critical of the star running back, saying, "You have shown no ...
Starting not to like Commissioner Roger Goodell. Still can't believe I met this man in person.
Bill has some advice for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Not surprised that yet again, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL bungled another suspension decision. The commissioner's decision was not just vengeful and petty, it was excessively punitive. What is the purpose of bringing in numerous experts to help consult the NFL on the issues surrounding domestic/family violence, if they refuse to listen and make progress.
Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson informed the NFL in a letter Thursday he was willing to participate in a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss potential discipline, but wouldn't attend a Friday hearing the league scheduled because of unanswered questions about the process, a person with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports on Saturday. [ 347 more words. ]
$500 million, Roger Goodell's office and a former NFL Commissioner as a personal assistant and baby-sitter.
Tyler is like Roger Goodell right now. The commissioner is always the bad guy..
Photo: Roger Goodell testifies for over two hour in Ray Rice appeal - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell...
Rhoden wants to discuss some current issues. Image of NFL commissioner...Roger Goodell
This was when I met and got some time with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. PS- wasn't there. .
Last RT: Roger Goodell could easily be the dumbest commissioner in the history of professional sports.
Here's a shocker for you: Commissioner Goodell might have been ... [gasp] might have lied a little.
I would believe account of what told the commissioner over Goodell's version any day!.
One of these days Roger Goodell is gonna get his *** whooped by a fan waiting outside his car. He's a horrible commissioner 👊
I feel like I could be a better commissioner of the than Roger Goodell.
Little Giant Ladders
Roger Goodell is a terrible commissioner
Worse commissioner: Roger Goodell of the NFL, or Dustin Isbell of the Elk Grove FFB?
Legally resolved but now he's subject to the court of Roger Goodell. Goodell is an awful commissioner.
Roger Goodell Baltimore Ravens Monday Night Football It doesn't matter if the Commissioner had the tapes, what's...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified for more than two hours to start Ray Rice's appeal hearing:
Second day of Ray Rice appeal begins in New York: Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and hi...
commissioner testifies in appeal hearing. Now, it's turn:
News: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testifies for over two hours at Ray Rice appeal - Fox News
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell testifies in appeal hearing for former Ravens RB Ray Rice.
So Roger Goodell is pretty much the worst commissioner ever for any major American sport, right?
Domestic abuse should be made a civil rights crime: Goodell testimony in Ray Rice appeal lasts over two hours
elizabethcbarber - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified Wednesday at Ray Rice’s appeal of his suspension from...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has just announced that the NY Jets have been traded to the CFL for 20lbs of Canadian bacon...
Thanks to Roger Goodell I'm awake at 8 am to watch the Lions, because London. This is the worst thing he's done as commissioner
Roger Goodell has made some bad decisions in his time as commissioner but his biggest mistake was scheduling a 9:30 AM falcons game
NFL Commissioner being forced to testify
140,000+ fans say the losers this season are the cheerleaders who get paid less than $150 per game. Petition:
“Statement from PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem on PGA and Bishop..." Roger Goodell's silence is deafening on this issue.
Today in History: (1997) - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (38) weds news anchor Jane Skinner (30) at First Presbyterian in Lake Forest, IL
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