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NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton totally wrong are seeing me like I'm a really small child.
Wheres NYPD Commissioner Bratton at? ThatS my Friend too lol
But it meant that either Ray Kelly or Bill Bratton be back as Commissioner and Bratton cover relative was Aaron Hill who is still a sorespot
Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Bratton: Incident appears to be "a workplace violence, disgruntled former employee"
Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton on Bronx shooting: Multiple casualties, shooter believed to be former employee
Wow! William Bratton as the NYPD Commissioner instead of bringing criminals to the court, he brought processing...
Former NYC Commissioner Kelly or Bratton would be so wonderful!
The more we put our trust of NYC Police Commissioner Bratton.
Completely a coincidence re: all recent events. Nothing to do with Guiliani's leaks or the coming NYAG subpoenas.😜.
Commissioner Bratton for FBI director .in the 90's he cleaned up NYC
“The ‘Minority Report’ of 2002 is the reality of today,” declared NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton in 2015.
The day Bill Bratton retired as NYPD Commissioner was day of the fire Aug 2nd and he was here and waved but left bcz NYPD isnt really POLICE
As NY mayor Giuliani had influence over who the NY Police Commissioner was. Bill Bratton & Howard Safir & Bernie Keirk worked under Rudy*
Bill Bratton steps down as NYPD commissioner 'with reluctance'
Commissioner Bill will resign, turn focus to the boardroom
.organizer of on Bratton, Broken Windows, & next NYPD commissioner. 🔥🔥🔥
NYPD Commissioner Bratton steps down after hundreds occupy city hall two days
Bill Bratton left because of insane policing regulations: The departure of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is ...
BREAKING: chief resigns. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
NYPD chief Bill Bratton resigns after months of tussling with Bill de Blasio
BREAKING NEWS: NYPD Commissioner Bratton will announce his resignation today.
Nypd commissioner Bill Bratton will resign turn focus to the boardroom
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton resigns a day after demands he step down:
UPDATE: NYC mayor to announce Commissioner Bratton's resignation today, source tells
NYC Mayor De Blasio: Commissioner Bratton to retire in September; Chief O’Neill will take over as NYPD Commissioner.
NYPD Commissioner Bratton urges New Yorkers to stay vigilant during the holiday
Commissioner Bratton says NYPD is rolling out ‘extra layers of security’ for 4th of July
NYPD Commissioner Bratton assured New Yorkers that the city will be safe for 4th of July celebrations, but urged residents to stay vigilant.
Bratton says NYPD rolling out extra security for 4th of July: NYPD Commissioner Bratton…
...if it wasn't for all the corruption at the top levels of the NYPD I might have pity for Commissioner Bratton.
Here's what our Police Commish thinks of Trump: GREAT WORK!!!
ON LIVE CHANNEL- NYPD Commissioner Bratton speaks at graduation and will comment on holiday weekend security preps in NYC. WCBS
Commissioner Bratton addressing our new graduates and families! Congratulations, you did it!
NYPD is Averaging 4 Gang Raids per Week.Said Commissioner Bill Media is not your friend.
Whoops wrong article: HURTS as in HARMS, DOESN'T HELP
PS not a huge fan of Bratton but occassionally he gets it right: Trump is wrong.
DA Vance + announce indictment of 37 members of violent street gangs in East and West Harlem
Did you know commissioner Bratton cut 30+ plus kids from going to a National conference for the NYPD Explorer program ?
Thank you Commissioner Bratton, DI Lenz and the members of the 101st Precinct for remembering Officer Scott Gadell.
*** Commissioner Bratton said y'all ain't about to even sneeze down the parkway come Labor Day
thanks for sharing Commissioner Bratton, have a great Wednesday :) (Want this? It's FREE!
WATCH: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton blames Orlando massacre on GOP “prostituting itself in front of the NRA” - https:…
The tongue is mightier than the gun. Bravo Commissioner Bill Bratton.
NYPD commissioner: Bus/rail commuters can expect drills at transit hubs
For NYPD Commissioner Bratton made a friend with a dog from the last week. http…
No, Commissioner Bratton, weed is not responsible for most of NYC’s drug violence
NYPD Commissioner Bratton says front cuffing suspects is "No big deal." ...but history says otherwise.
THANK YOU for sharing Open Letter to regarding harassment. Our goal is a response!.
NYPD commissioner meets with 7-year-old fan: A Williamsburg boy who has been hand-delivering t...
7-year-old who handmade thank you cards for officers meets Commissioner Bratton
And Mayor DeBlasio hired that radical leftist Bill Bratton as Police Commissioner! LOL!
LAPD cooked the books to conceal crime under Bratton: Before his tenure began as NYPD Commissioner, Bratton se...
misclassified thousands of crime statistics when current NYPD Commissioner Bratton led the department
officially reached New York's top cop The it was an honor being able to personally present to him
under whose watch did this occur? . that's right, under the current Police Commissioner of the NYPD - william bratton
NYPD Commissioner, Bill Bratton, says about 30 protesters have been arrested for threats to kill officer Darren Wilson -
NYPD Commissioner Bratton identifies the two NYPD officers were killed in Brooklyn.
New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton caught woman smoking weed on the street
READ: Open Letter 2 regarding NYPD harassment of Marlon Peterson (of
Bratton: NYPD not spying on public with X-rays
NYPD uses X-ray devices 'lawfully' and does not spy on public, Commissioner William Bratton says: C...
A young woman's morning joint was confiscated by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, when he caught a whiff of marijuana walkin…
BREAKING: NSW Police Commissioner William Bratton on 2 NYPD officers shot dead in Brooklyn at 7 pm.
Good dialogue at today's Breakfast. Thanks to all at
Police Commissioner Bratton snatches joint from woman on the street, throws it in the sewer:
The Week Ahead in New York Politics, October 13: And, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton heads back to Washington,...
NYC Police Commissioner: I snatched pot from surprised smoker
.at speaking on NYPD's collaboration w/oversight agencies. Watch:
The NYPD will be the most advanced dept in the country. speaking about new tech at Watch:
James Blake emerging from meeting with Mayor De Blasio and Commissioner Bratton about his police encounter
GanjapreneurCom: Commissioner Bratton acknowledges deadly effects of - …
GanjapreneurCom: Commissioner Bratton acknowledges deadly effects of -
Commissioner Bratton acknowledges deadly effects of -
Commissioner Bratton & Mayor Boris Johnson about to speak to reporters. What would you & ?
Commissioner Bill Bratton can go ahead and eat the fattest *** ever for this
Just when you thought the couldn't get any worse, this happens: Commissioner Bratton Seeks To Make Resisting Arrest A Felony.
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton pushed state legislators to consider raising the penalty for what could be...
Mayor De Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito Announce $7.3 Million to Upgrade Bulletproof Vests for NYPD Officers
JUST IN- The purchased 13,000 bulletproof vests for all NYPD officers
NYC: Thank to the will purchase 13,000 bulletproof vests for officers
No better way to honor the memories of the officers we've lost than by giving the NYPD what they need to be safe.
The de Blasio Administration will invest $7.3 million to upgrade 13,000 bulletproof vests for the NYPD.
Protecting NYC’s finest, who risk not coming home to their families every day and night to protect us, is a must
De Blasio cuts $5,000 check to thug who threatened cops with machete, Bratton FINALLYr explodes. via
For the sake of your city hire a Police Commissioner who respects you and us more than this.
Mayor announced a $7.3 million investment in bulletproof vests for
We are allocating $7.3 million to purchase 13,000 new bulletproof vests for the NYPD.
King Thug (coward) Union head Pat Lynch or anyone else at the WILL NOT get their way despite Police Commissioner Bratton.
NYPD Commissioner William Bratton tells state senators he needs more cops for security challenges - Newsday
NYPD Commissioner Bratton wants to turn resisting arrest into a felony. ..well this is terrifying.
Commissioner Bratton Presenting the Civilian Police Academy's award to our HBCOP Member Angel Umile on Graduation Day
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NY: Protesters and Terrorists to be subject to same militarily State Terrorist Police . Commissioner Bratton...
Unveiling new NYPD anti-terror unit Commissioner Bratton lumps recent NYC protests in with Mumbai and Paris attacks
SHERIFF'S LETTER TO NYPD COMMISSIONER Sheriff Eddie Farris penned a letter to NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton in the wake of the ambush killings of two of his officers. Sheriff Farris extended condolences and words of support on behalf of the men and women of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. Commissioner Bratton responded thanking Sheriff Farris for his support.
The anguish of Wenjian Liu’s family at the officer’s funeral makes bickering over cops again turning their backs on Mayor De Blasio and defying Commissioner Bratton seem beyond petty.
Rosemary and I have just returned from the wake of assassinated NYPD Detective Wen Jian Liu in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Like last week's wake for Det. Liu's partner, Rafael Ramos, the mood was sad and somber -- a mood matched this day by the sinister clouds in the Brooklyn sky and the incessant rain which crashed against the car window as we drove down 13th Avenue toward the Aievoli Funeral Home on the corner of 65th Street. As Rosemary and I got out of the car, we saw the crowd of mourners overflowing from the funeral home onto 13th Ave, around the corner on 65th St, and continuing for blocks. Many were uniformed but there were civilians as well - all braving the cold, wind and rain to demonstrate their respect for a fallen warrior. Inside the funeral home Rosemary and I waited in the back of the room as Mayor De Blasio and Commissioner Bratton stood at the open coffin and then paid their respects to the family members seated across the front row. The room was filled with flowers which had banners on them ...
NYPD Commissioner Bratton has arrived at officer Wenjian Liu wake.
Some thoughts after attending the funeral of NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos: Very moving. Very sad. Very inspiring. Streets of Glendale filled with police from all over America. Christ Tabernacle Church overflowing with mourners. Church was dark; lights were blue and dimmed; the somber mood interrupted by inspirational hymns. Eulogies by VP Biden, Gov Cuomo and Commissioner Bratton well received. Mayor DeBlasio gets polite response in Church, little enthusiasm. We leave Church to lineup on Myrtle Ave. I thank Joe Biden for being there. Rudy Giuliani says he and I have been at too many funerals. The Ramos family emerges from the Church and is presented with NYPD flag. They display amazing grace and dignity. 12 police helicopters fly overhead. 400 police motorcycles drive by in tribute. Local residents look out windows. As cortège drives away accompanied by muted drums of NYPD Bagpipe Band, the thousands of police outside Church slowly begin to disperse. Warm handshakes and quiet conversation. I talk with Rich ...
Remarks by Vice President Biden at a Service for NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Vice President REMARKS BY VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN AT THE MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFICER Rafael Ramos Christ Tabernacle Glendale, New York THE VICE PRESIDENT: Governor Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio, Commissioner Bratton, Pastor, thank you for allowing me to be here today and according me the privilege of expressing the condolences of Jill and my whole family to the Ramos family. What handsome boys. I remember a similar occasion a long time ago. And, Mom, I assure you those boys will get you through all of this. I’m sure I speak for the whole nation, Maritza, when I say to you that our hearts ache for you. I know from personal experience that there is little anyone can say or do at this moment to ease the pain, that sense of loss, that sense of loneliness. But I do hope you take some solace from the fact that as reported by the press there’s over 25,000 members of the same frat ...
Just watched the funeral of the fallen NYPD officer Rafael Ramos and listened to the eloquent remarks by Vice President Joe Biden, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Commissioner Bratton who posthumously awarded the rank of Detective 1st Class to the fallen officers as well as 'honorary chaplain"to officer Ramos.Sadly some of NYPD's finest are still turning their backs of the Mayor.
This officer has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, Commissioner Bratton just said.
JUST IN: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton will make an announcement about police training. -
NYPD Commissioner Bratton tells City Council to back off: Police Commissioner Bill Bratton lashed out at the C...
ASPCA to present NYPD Commissioner Bratton with award: The ASPCA wants to give Police Commissioner Bill Bratto...
Mayor and Commissioner Bratton announce changes to NYC's marijuana policy at Police Headquarters, 3PM.
NYPD Commissioner Bratton had special plans for Philip Banks as first deputy
Commissioner Bratton - like Mayor De Blasio - also refuses to take questions from reporters during Columbus Day Parade.
Rev. Al Sharpton takes de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner Bratton to task over Eric Garner death as mayor calls for change
Commissioner Bratton arrives at city event to mark sexual assault awareness month.
On the same day that we have news reports of the largest al Qaeda gathering in years, our illustrious Mayor Deblasio and Commissioner Bratton proudly announced that they have dismantled the NYPD program that monitors potential Muslim radicals in this country to the delight of the ACLU President Donna Lieberman. SMH
Your attendance would be appreciate at the next NLOA meeting at Monroe College this Tuesday at 630pm as we welcome Commissioner Bratton. It will take place at King Hall (2501 Jerome Ave Bronx NY). Please attend and bring a friend. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to welcome the new PC as he addresses the membership. RG
Boston Herald - Commissioner Bratton sets new tone at NYPD - NEW YORK — It was no coincidence on Friday when W...
NYC's new Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has only been on the job for less than a month but already he's claiming the Stop and Frisk problem is solved. According to Commissioner Bratton: “[T]he number of stops has fallen dramatically. In some instances, they’ve stopped altogether. Stop-and-frisk has been stopped in some neighborhoods altogether.” as our partners at Communities united for Police Reform point out, the Commissioner and Mayor Bill de Blasio still have a long list of reforms to implement before the problem is actually solved. Share and like if you agree that the Mayor and Police Commissioner have more work to do.
I worked with Bill Bratton when I was District Manager of my Community Board, and I was always very impressed with how well he interacted with the public. I believe we must re-emphasize community policing, and given his vast experience and recent work in Los Angeles, Commissioner Bratton is an excellent choice to take us in this new direction and strengthen the relationship between the NYPD and our neighborhoods.
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