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Coming To America

Coming to America is a 1988 comedy film directed by John Landis.

Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop Cuba Gooding Jr Prince Akeem Soul Glo John Amos King Jaffe Joffer Eddy Murphy Harlem Nights Randy Watson Ferris Bueller Arsenio Hall

he looks like Eddie Murphy's mom in "Coming To America"
So y'all gone sleep on Eddie like he ain't make Norbit, Harlem Nights, Boomerang, and Coming To America 🤔
Coming To America alone is a reason to keep Eddie
Trading Places & Coming To America are my all time favorite Eddie Murphy movies that aren't Beverly Hills Cop or Nutty Professor
Coming To America, Thanks to the Knights of Columbus - National Catholic Register (blog)
Today I wrote a love story, about a man ... and a hot dog. The latest in my baseball series, "Coming To America" -
Captain America: Civil War is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on september.
I can't help but think of the line What is ... -
a lot blue collar towns out their that like the idea of jobs coming back to America and Americans
On this day in 1988, the film Coming to America was released in theaters.
Pray that millions in America & around the world . will humble themselves & start coming to God . through Jesus
Warning Wake Up America MARTIAL LAW COMING lead up to today via
🤔Any wonder that border officer in America committed suicide after what he knew what was coming kill even the children it's your duty to us
When one of your good mates is coming to Leeds after good 5 years of being in America 👌🏻
Today in 1988, Coming to America opened in theaters. Beyoncé, Blue & Hov paying homage
Today in 1988, 'Coming To America' was released and it remains a classic:
Pepper robot gets first SDK ...and it's finally coming to America
Over 1 billion records FREE now until July 6th! Uncover your family's path to red, white and blue.
Coming back to America major tb lmao
Captain America: Civil war is coming to Digital HD on September 2 and to Blu-Ray on September 3!
I'm so emo rn got7 is coming to America and I'm not gonna see youngjae's smile in person
Donald trump announces plans to reduce the amount of dank memes coming into america.
This is coming from me aka a person who's father came to America from Mexico looking for a better life, work and citizenship
now you show how ridiculous you are, because the overseas keeps coming here to America. Refugees, radicals, usurpers...
Refugees are coming to America with diseases that have been eradicated in America for years. TB,whopping cough etc. https:…
28. UP. ellie:. -only wanted to go to south america. -did not see that coming. -why disney. -broke my heart
The comment in Lilly's last video 😂 to the salty Canadians, why you keep coming into America if you think it's so stupid?
Never appreciated how funny Coming to America is until I got a little older 😂
Celebrate ‘Coming To America’ Anniversary via the What's your fave line?
Coming To America great choice! Ted, Dinner For Schmucks, Defending Your Life (favorite movie of all time)
When I come to your city I want y'all to greet me like Prince Akeem from Coming To America
Coming To America and Daddy Day Care are Eddy Murphy's best movies
'Coming To America' is about ten minutes in on channel 108. Enjoy! I know I always do.
remember when Eddy Murphy did Boomerang and Coming To America? Those were HUGE. What happened since? (Oh, hi! 😊)
Hey Randy Watson is Coming To America my friend.great reference!!
thankful for comedy central starting Coming To America the minute i woke up and turned on the TV
America's favourite family is coming to HENLEY tonight!
Alfie are you coming to America with Zoe ??? : )
fav this if you're excited about coming to South America on tour
Never knew travelled back in time to play a support role in Coming to America.
North America!! SO excited to invite you to The with RSVP if you’re coming:
Beyonce and Jay Z channel Coming to America for Halloween (Photos). -See>>...
We don't realize how serious the Palestinian occupation is. This is coming to Babylon(America) soon.
My friends, a political revolution is coming to New Hampshire and it’s coming to America.
have you thought about coming to Latin America to perform with Epik High?
Only logical explanation for the UFO sighting - coming back to America.
Getting ready for Good Morning America.. 😁 who's coming down to see us? ❤️ X Leigh
Back in America after our west coast Canadian swing. Edmonton was an awesome show, next up: Minneapolis! Who's coming to …
have you seen coming to America with Eddie Murphy? 😁
Final Fantasy Explorers Collector's Edition apparently coming to North America for $69.99.
But I also hate coming to America, baby boy, the wood, the list goes on and on
I'm moving back to Tonga, America y'all got so many problems the aliens coming. Duecess
Back to the future and coming to America are must sees...
having withdrawals about coming to America
I forgot how hilarious coming to America was lol ..
Coming to America King Jaffe Joffer So you see my son there is a very fine line between love and nausea. ):
Robot buses are coming to America, to pave the way for driverless cars: via
America, coming to Bethlehem, nonetheless riding that horse with no name
America, coming to Bethlehem, still riding that horse with no name
Coming to America is literally the 💩😂😄
360 degrees of Captain America – The First Avenger, coming to 3.0 this Spring.
Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy flawlessly rock ‘Coming to America’ Halloween costum
its Coming To America, and u acting like its Good Burger
.Let your Soul Glo... let us shine through.
That's like saying you have t seen coming to America!
Coming in the near future to America. AfD Demands Stronger Borders, Calls For Merkel To Resign via
I could watch ATL and Coming to America a million times. They will never get old.
Aliens making appearances in America. I guess it's time to convert to Scientology. I'm coming Tom Cruise!
Jay Z dressed up as Prince Akeem from Coming To America last night.
Queen Bee as a Rose bearer From the mythic movie "Coming To America" ... Beautiful, but too bad she is wearing...
Amazing New Day promo Monday looking one goatee shy of Randy Watson in Coming To America.
he looks like Sam Elliot cosplaying Coming To America in the dark
Don't talk to me if you've never seen Harlem Nights or Coming To America
My favorite thing in Coming To America is James Earl Jones' bejeweled crown.
I wish you looked more like King Jaffe Joffer from Coming To America!
Bro, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, John Amos, AND Eriq LaSalle??? Coming To America has more star power than any movie ever.
domain names
Every time I try to watch Blade Runner I fall asleep. It's the science fiction version of Coming To America for me.
I better be going to mall of America tomorrow for coming out here in the middle of nowhere
Once upon a time in America.. This city would never cease to amaze me. I remember coming 3 years back…
There is an awakening coming to America and it is going to come out of an encounter. Tony Miller
One of the very best parts of coming to a game is hearing sing God Bless America. He kills it every time!
Let's not forget that Sam is coming to America to stay with me at the end of this year !
Today has been 80s movie day. Uncle Buck, Coming to America, Ferris Bueller, Croc Dundee, Goonies and now Gremlins :-)
| Help America rise by RTing this. Be a Real American, just like me, and follow. I'm coming. [New Swagger RP; not new to RP]
Best part of coming to Yankee Stadium- Kate Smith's God Bless America
my mom's side of my family traces coming to America to so yeah Quaker hardcore way back
Today was all about me so I'm grateful plus he coming home to a real one anyway 😁
Coming to America is such a classic comedy!
Y'all, has me youtubing clips from Coming to America. This is not a bad thing.
War is coming to for every mother, sister, daughter, father brother & son u murdered.
i'm done with Ryne. he talking about he only seen coming to america once! *** !
coming to America needs to be on your 2015 bucket list.
"The 10 best donut shops in America I see a road trip coming up!
gave my aunt 400$ to buy me NMC from America and she's coming on Tuesday 😍👏👏💕
Have you seriously never seen Coming to America?
That's Giannis Antetokunmpo by the way. Here's a great 'coming to America' profile
can I ask how could not be coming to New York when it's the most known city in America
"Kingsland Road are finally coming to America!!! Yas boys!"
You *** had al *** day to get what you needed. Why are you coming in last minute??? You are part of the problem in America
Paris in a few years. Coming to America soon. Enlist: Constitutional "resurrection".
Are coming to America anytime soon like the East coast? Preferably Baltimore Maryland?
£13million NHS bill for suncream via Coming to Obama HC bill.
I had a really sweet one to Neil Diamond's "Coming to America." Involving waving arms for crossing the seas.
When me and shawna argue .. You would swear America is coming to end .. 😂😂😂
Ive watched coming to america tooo many times
"Anyone that has taken the time to watch DeSouza's movie,"Obama's America 2016" knew this was coming…" — Hoofhearted http:…
The are coming back to America for the Zip Code Tour!
Hey fans, fall tour dates have been announced! See if they are coming to your city:
We're excited to reveal new KEN KANEKI figure: Coming soon to North America!
Why did it take me 30 years to realize that Eddie Murphy disarmed a shot-gun wielding robber in both Beverly Hills Cop & Coming to America?
Sometimes, exceptional people come into your life. You realize this when you make a random Coming to America ref in a text and they get it.
And white america will continue to act like every black person murderer by the police somehow had it coming and needed to be put down.
The wait is almost over... . Big North America announcement coming April 15th, you won't want to miss it! htt…
Shock: Now we know, the way to justice in America is through a brave Dominican immigrant with a cell phone.
People say I look like the sister from coming to America
Late night film choice, 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' or 'Coming to America' ? Jennifer Grey's only on one of them, decision made 😬 👍🏻
They are coming over here to America & trying to enforce their laws on Americans. Yeah that is not happening
Coming to America to batter whoever stole Danesh's phone and wallet
Visiting America... Had a fanastic stay in America... New York City I'll be coming back 😉. To inspire…
roommate sez the dad from Coming To America reading 50Shades would be funny. I bust into my John Amos. He meant Vader
Did you know that Tobe Hooper, director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, did a cameo in "Coming To America"?
How did I only just realise that Cuba Gooding Jr was in the famous barber shop argument scene in Coming To America?
watching Coming To America for the "Soul Glo" parts
Beverly Hills Cop followed by Coming To America?! your game is on point today!
Quick question, anyone say you look like the cat in "Coming To America" who took the pic of Prince Akeem & his boy at MSG?
Man, no King in any movie got so much swagg than King Jaffe Joffer, ruler of Zamunda in Coming To America.
Manzel more athletic than Vick? Reminds me of the scene in Coming To America. Manz…
This *** Al Sharpton look like he uses 3 bottles of Soul Glo every morning. Just ask Darryl Jenks off Coming To America
Why does vh1 keep playing Beverly Hills Cop and Coming To America?
.announces his US tour in typical Seth Troxler style. Watch his hilarious trailer 'Coming To America' -
When did Big E start sounding like Arsenio Hall as the reverend in Coming To America??
Why this dude lookin like Prince and Soul Glow from Coming To America
Someone bring the jheri curl back! Not the Ice Cube/Eazy E jheri curl, the Eriq La Salle from Coming To America jheri curl! Lol
Tyler Perry for Lisa from Coming To America to play as the DA ! I love him man 🔥
The Kings servant in Coming To America is Eminems boss at Detroit Stamping in 8 mile, and I believe the lady at Western Union scene with Arsenal Hall is the judge from That's my boy, There's some useless movie facts for ya lol
COMEDIAN JUST JUNE is coming to Black River this Friday at 9PM! NO CHARGE FOR SHOW: Each person that purchases a total of $15 or more in food/drinks during Just June's Comedy Show will not be charged admission to see her show. Regular admission charge is $10 per person. Her bio is below...should be a great show!! * Just June, a comedy road warrior, is the baddest and brokest in the 21st century. 20 years of standing up for this former marine, mother, grandmother, ex-wife, and member of American Legion Post Boy are her feet tired.Did you know a laugh a day keeps the shrink away? Come laugh with Just June. Not since Richard Pryor has anyone laughed 'til they fell in love. Some of her credits include; "Joan Of Arc" in the Eddie Murphy film, "Coming To America", Fox's Comedy Express and BET's Comic View. She's a world renowned comic who has entertained soldiers both home and abroad. Don't miss this one of a kind and multi talented act!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
the broken chip fragments in a bag of Tositio scoops, bout as worthless as Cuba Gooding Jr's character in Coming To America...
Cuba Gooding Jr. and Arsenio first met many years ago on the set of "Coming To America." You may have missed it, but Arsenio and Cuba remember it well.
Nowhere but LA can u see Tiesha Campbell reenact her scene from School Dze I Don't wanna Be Alone Tonight with Rwanda Braxton n Toni from the show Girlfriends as backup dancers while the 3 little girls from Daddy's Little Girls' one of Mindless Behavior boys n the Soul Glo man from Coming To America sit in the audience n watch.Only in LA can a chick from Houston write n prove a play so awesome that it sold out 11 shows before it even opens.LA baby! Tammi Mac and the Bag Lady weekend! She added more show so get or ticket before they sell out...
Former center Rik Smits talks playoffs, team unity, and starring in 'Coming To America'.
The beauty of travelling is discovery... I met a young German chap on the is his first time he's ever been to the US. he's headed for NY as well...and so I say "Sprechen sie Deutsche" Daaarrrggghhh...I took German in HS for 2 years so I'm kinda rusty... but when I said that...his eyes lit up like WOW!! It looked like he wanted to say (just like Eddie Murphy did on Coming To America.."Listen Real Americans") lol... but we got on very well... that's the beauty in travelling!! :)
*** was like Buddah in Coming To America. A wealthy prince who would rather live among common folk.
Had a great dinner last night with John Amos aka James Evans. He liked "Goodtimes" but the stories about "Coming To America" were the best
Right out of college I worked at a restaurant in Evanston, IL called the Stir Fire Grill. It is gone now, but if you have ever been to a Flat Top Grill, you get the idea. In fact, the Stir Fire was a direct imitator of that restaurant, like McDowell's in Coming To America, and when Flat Top moved to Evanston, they justly put us out of business. One of my regular customers was Harold Ramis, whose films I had idolized since I was a child. My boss called him Harold Ra-mos, which drove me nuts, but I was always in awe when he would come in, and did every thing I could not to tell him about what I had done that week in my Level One improv class at Second City, which he had basically built with his bare hands. Ten years later I got to open for Martin Short at the Vic Theatre as part of the 2009 Just For Laughs festival. Harold came down to the green room. He told me I was funny and I told him how I had used to give him his stir fry every day. "And now you're here," he said, and of all the things I have do ...
The more I tell ppl that I got my first name from my pops watching Coming To America too much & Akeem Olajuwon the more their eyes open up
Nick Cannon eliciting same amount of applause Randy Watson got in "Coming To America" "You're so lovely...".
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