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Comic Sans

Comic Sans MS (or Comic Sans) is a casual script typeface modeled on fonts used in American comic books for several decades.

Times New Roman Dan Gilbert Microsoft Bob Graham Lee Internet Explorer

Comic Sans: "The level of hatred was amazing & funny. I couldn’t believe people could get so worked up about a font" https…
Do not test me, Matthew. I have Comic Sans and Photoshop.
I knew something was wrong when I saw my college degree was printed in Comic Sans.
Comic Sans: "I am just a font, standing in front of the world, asking it to love me."
I love that your readers send you emails in Comic Sans.
If you ever feel intimidated by great writers, put their work in Comic Sans and you'll feel instantly superior.
Raging that someone set John Cage's 4'33 in Comic Sans though
Comic Sans must be one of the fonts as well
I'd argue it was a lumpen font until Dan Gilbert's runaway slave letter about Lebron James was written in Comic Sans
Eric's Tinder bio says "Times New Roman in the streets, Wing Ding in the sheets" but I imagine he'd be more of a Comic Sans
Apparently, you learn more efficiently when reading Comic Sans. Someone did a test, against Times New Roman or similar.
I'm a Comic Sans guy in a Times New Roman world
I wonder if they'll make Dan Gilbert's championship ring in Comic Sans.
If you don't get why the Comic Sans references are funny in this strip, please avoid all visual design work.
It still makes me happy that I wrote my final out-of-office message when I left GNC in Comic Sans. This is for my cr…
The new Instagram logo looks like someone used a Word Art gradient. Why not go ahead and use comic sans too👍🏼 I hate it.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
This sign says it's a non-smoking facility. but it's written in Comic Sans. so I'm thinking of starting.
"Should've done it in comic sans" Rocky reviewing the physical copies of the new album.
If you ever want an update on how much you suck at life... Spend time updating your resume... In Comic Sans font.
Game idea:. You have decided to make Comic Sans great again. Slay the infidels.
The grad cap is the Comic Sans gradient WordArt of hats.
TENDERS" ~Melee Ness tbh this comic sans i didn't even know on here so many places e downloading toonz
Just convinced for a solid hour that the APA format for our paper is 14 pt comic sans
Shouts out to the hustle... But the Comic Sans font on such a quality logo and background made me die a little...
I want a tattoo that is just the lyrics to "Tattoo" by Jordan Sparks written in comic sans
Youtomo ☆ Introducing Reba!. I'm an old fujoshi who loves idols, Shrek, and comic sans. Friend me; it's worth it. ♡
And in Comic Sans too - is there NO END TO THE HUMILIATION!!!
I wonder what font UK will have on the night as all the countries have different,. I bet it's Comic Sans
The logo is like the Comic Sans of icons
Extremely inaccurate. That sign should be in Comic Sans.
comic sans? Does she know? Was it on purpose? Seems like you can never tell with that one 😂
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Boss is making me put up health and safety warning signs around the office. I may be going insane with the power.and using comic sans.
I was giggling about seeing comic sans on a building and my mom got mad at me and lectured me on comic sans
C = Caliph, Courier & Comic Sans. What are these three C words?
I loved the comic and I loved the movie. It was pretty close to the first couple of issues (sans April's origin)
Tell me a joke that only someone in your line of work w… — I'm a cartoonist and even I despise comic sans
My guilty pleasure is using comic sans in an unironic fashion.
Between the new Uber and Instagram app logos, we are ushering in a new era of mediocre design not seen since clip art or c…
PBW: For the last time, we're not using Comic Sans. Pick any other font. Rasco: Bet.
Me: What are our favorite fonts?. Anthony: Paytone One. Me: Helvetica Neue Light. Faith: *** I only know Comic Sans and Papyrus
Fun fact: Every sign written in Comic Sans is actually a Horcrux
If your phone's font is any derivative of comic sans dm me now. I'm making a list of people to block.
For the love of content, please stop using Comic Sans:
Listening (late) to last Thursday's Football Weekly, and Comic Sans preference - did you ever work at the Evening Herald?
"there’s a strange history behind the emoji involving ska music, Peter Tosh and the guy who created Comic Sans"
Die monster, you don't belong in this world! and the stars of the nigth will spain behind you Mi comic preferido es Comic Sans
What do you call a skeleton with bad puns? Comic Sans! (sorry not sorry)
Comic Sans is 'the best font in the world' | Typography | Creative Bloq
The mullet. Times New Roman in the front, Comic Sans at the back. 1983.
I just received an OOTO autoresponder from an AOL employee written in Comic Sans just to get McCain in the white house.
Honestly paused on buying this after reading its glowing reviews because of the Comic Sans writing on it.
I have some business advice for you. Don't use comic sans on your signage.
I like to use comic sans cuz everyone hates it just like they hate me. I know how it feels
... can't help but think that reading Lipsum aloud will summon some hideous demon. Maybe that's how Comic Sans happened.
was asked to use comic sans in a dashboard today but I firmly stated I would be stripped of my degree.
You ever go to church and they're projecting the responses on a screen and all you can think is maybe they shouldn't use…
The font warriors were wasting their time on papyrus and comic sans..meanwhile, a great evil was waiting, lurking...
If I see one more person calling themselves a Graphic designer and then using comic sans and word art Im moving to Mars
*** is an aethestic? I used comic sans for my last release.
My director just sent me creative direction in Comic Sans. I appreciate that.
I don't know. Comic sans is kind of obvious. 😂
Just finished binge watching . If you like science, comic sans, and stick figures WATCH DAT ***
comic sans was invented for a reason, everyone loves it! :D
This emoji 🕴 was made by the creator of Comic Sans (!) and was inspired by The Specials (!!) https:/…
Too much text on slides/ reading the text on slides out loud. Dark blue background w yellow comic sans
The easiest way to start a war with another country would be to write all treaties and agreements in comic sans. No one wil…
Comic Sans doesn't disappoint people, People disappoint people
Oh god. Graham Lee has typed out the, "I'm Comic Sans, *** set to upbeat music. I love this little essay. I love this panel.
Graham Lee claims that bad design makes the world a better place. Comic Sans was made by Vincent Connare from MS in 94.
Sat watching a guy on the train make a lung disease power point presentation in Comic Sans. *facepalm*
Can emojis, like, go away now? Can we collectively rise up against them like comic sans?
so Lebron could have Lee Jenkins write a hateful comic sans letter?
'I posted the word MOIST in Comic Sans all ar… see more
One of my conservative cousins posted a meme comparing Trump and Cruz. One is a true Christian and one is not.Text in said meme: comic sans.
I want the writing on my grave stone to be in comic sans
'everytime you use comic sans, a bunny will be punched in the face' IM,,.,.?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
it's just spaced in a desert of blue.a comic sans oasis to Quench our Meme Thirst
Samsung phone users need to settle down with the font that looks like Comic Sans' ugly cousin
My favorite year was 2003. That comic sans. 😂
Those posters should be banned or challenged for egregious use of Comic Sans. Otherwise, 👍.
Want millions of subs on YouTube? Use Comic Sans in all of your videos!
THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. My default on my gmail is PINK LETTERS and COMIC SANS. I AM DONE WITH THE WORLD. what do you call a joke-telling skeleton?. COMIC SANS!. And I haven't even played it yet...
Any comic sans is too much comic sans
My thoughts are usually in comic sans
I don't know if comic sans is that unpopular anymore in this post-Undertale world
If I was a wrestler I'd have my titantron, words on my gear and nameplate be in comic sans. I'd be the most over heel of all time.
[restaurant]. ME: Excuse me, this alphabet soup tastes funny. WAITER: Well it is Comic Sans
Just received a passionate political argument written in Comic Sans and some wildly flourishing script font. Which saves m…
The font used in the credits of "Death to Smoochy" is Comic Sans and that tells you all you need to know about how bad that movie is.
ASK ANY MINDREADER:. The thought bubbles of the candidates in these primaries default font Comic Sans
Wild guess that this is the same fansub group that did Sonic X because it uses the exact same Comic Sans-ish font.
They'd still have grocery store coupons (mine used comic sans)
was this a Norwegian per chance? Just had a comic sans laureate talk today and thought of this. Figured he's touring the east coast
the one sin i can never revoke is that sans comic. people r STILL reblogging it and STILL msging me and STILL dubbing it. its been ? months
Looks pretty nice. Be a little better with Comic Sans.
View/review of the Pompey win yesterday from a Bristol Rovers fan at Fratton Park. Warning: contains Comic Sans.
Disappointed by the lack of support for Times New Roman here. 1/5 people liking Comic Sans is a true tragedy.
there is Comic Sans in this Paul Mooney stand up
One of my professor's lecture notes are all in Comic Sans font :~)
Reading lecture slides from Microsoft Research 2003 presentation. Half the text is in Comic Sans!
Not even exaggerating: The numbers on the Sam Boyd Stadium field for the look like they're in Comic Sans.
No way! Samuel Barber's operatic adaptation of "Dover Beach" Comic Sans.
used Comic Sans on his presentation. I changed my mind. TEAM MIKEY.
These Minion Quotes things have jumped the shark. It is the new Comic Sans @ Manchester Piccadilly…
Using tumblr so why not share my interest? The comic art isn't mine!.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I'm genuinely considering writing my whole critical study in comic sans
's has done the impossible. Making us like Comic Sans.
Found out my neighbour's printer wifi wasn't secure, so sent Adele lyrics over in 80pt Comic Sans.
all I see is that Comic Sans Font. Smh.
Try writing it in comic sans and see if that help.
oh man, one of my profs adores comic sans. All of his slides are huge blocks of comic sans
Charl just said I'm like comic sans
It depends on the character. Sans uses Comic Sans MS, Papyrus uses Papyrus.
the first day or two i knew about undertale i saw a VERY nsfw and very detailed comic involving pap, frisk and sans
The sleep timer app I use changed the font on their logo to use comic sans and now I have comic sans on my home screen and this is not okay
I'm not sure what's worse comic sans or any generic graffiti/tag font-
When professors email you back in the font Comic Sans...
When the person you thought was your friend changes your whole book to a pink comic sans don't
The video probably has a WMM intro with Comic Sans font, misspellings abound, while some loud buttrock plays throughout. Linkin Park, etc.
You and I go together like Comic Sans and dank memes.
Now I see the problem. and comic sans just to top it off. How dare you,
📷 thebigpalooka: Lil’ Undertale comic based on the pacifist ending.  I shall never touch sans’ boss...
Is Back To The Future responsible for comic sans?
📷 autiwara: comic inspired by who said this!: “ I imagine Sans woke up...
Just realized submitting an essay in comic sans would b a MAJOR power play. If u ever need to on a prof. ur tool is 1 font change away
I'm comic sans, is Azealia Banks and ur Walmart ldmaknsbd
*check's eMail. sees eMail blast.*. "Oh my God why did you use Comic Sans?!"
When I suggested to write it in comic sans, even the teacher screamed in protest
My life story is short, violent, and written in comic sans.
I have an Idea for an Essay I have to do on a Book. I'm going to Type it up in Comic Sans.
I beat Sans before Noah and Deleting Comic Sans from my Computer!
The font on Jessica Jones's phone is Comic Sans?! Come on
Marquei como visto Orange is the New Black - 2x7 - Comic Sans
Comic Sans. The most underrated font in the industry. Use it liberally.
Either CNN spelt this wrong or Times New Roman and Comic Sans are in serious trouble
At least I didn't use Comic Sans anywhere, I think. I hope. The past is a blast, is it not?
I refuse to eat in a restaurant if they use comic sans on their sign or in their menu. I just won't.
when I meet you, you're going to sign my Vessel album in Comic Sans Font
man, comic sans AND papyrus together. beautiful.
Totally using comic sans for my AP human poster.
*** dark knight returns introduced the font Comic Sans, defs the most influential comic ever tbf, can't wait for part 3 next week
Comic Sans was designed by former Microsoft font designer Vincent Connare, who also created other notable fonts, such as Trebuchet
My next website I make will default to Comic Sans for all Internet Explorer 8 users. Use IE8, you deserve Comic Sans.
Due to popular demand, our shirts this year will have two fonts: Papyrus on the front, and Comic Sans on the back. You're welcome!
If your boss won't take a satirical note from a giant green alien written in Comic Sans, I really can't help you.
Why this ex-Khmer Rouge general will never see Comic Sans
Steven Chu wrote his slides in Comic Sans but I still like him.
Comic Sans gets a lot of hate, but it wasn't the worst thing about Microsoft Bob (yes, that's where it comes from):
I posted the word MOIST in Comic Sans all around the graphic design school next door
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Downloaded a PPT from an MMS session and all the text is in Comic Sans!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"Varejao gotta be the lead in Magic Mike 3.” LeBron James’ free agency ransom note for Dan Gilbert (in Comic Sans) http…
The copyright disclaimer in the Journal for Consumer Research is in Comic Sans. I can't help but feel that it might be an experiment.
"People who don't like Comic Sans don't know anything about design":
(Ironic use of comic sans) ok I am a small acc with 80 followers but I thought this would be fun(hopefully ...
First leg of Rideau Lakes Bike tour is done - great day if you ignore the Comic Sans sign font controversy
Im not even tht afraid of b*gbang stans bc like theyd probably just tell me im a hater & send me a 2012esque gd meme w/ comic sans on it
Comic Sans is actually a good dyslexia-friendly font (it just has a bad rep for no reason), there's a freeware redeco of it too
can i get this as QWERTZ keyboard but in comic sans
Nicki needs to do PSAs. At the end the words "Nicki Cares" will scroll by in Comic Sans Font
I'm pretty sure that my school's yearbook was written in the comic sans font
I'm gonna need verification that that isn't a question mark in Comic Sans.
I added a video to a playlist A Defense of Comic Sans
✋ editing app doesn't have comic sans. Time has moved on since those days.
There is a 10 minute video defending Comic Sans. Its actually pretty interesting.
What if comic sans becomes Detroit's font. What if
I liked a video A Defense of Comic Sans
My guess is that it was written in comic sans.
I really lost respect for my leadership professor when he used Comic Sans in the syllabus.
Hey, at least I'm not Comic Sans, am I right ladies?
There is a cafe in Leicester with a sign in Comic Sans and Papyrus. D:
Slightly better. Also, for the record there is NOTHING satisfying about comic sans. Nothing.
I'm more offended by the fact that *** is in freaking comic sans.
A quick look through mine reveals Comic Sans, Modern, ... and that's it. Segoe, too, but only the handwriting variants.
I'm thinking in comic sans thought bubbles right now and have no idea why
I just saw a road sign that was in comic sans
I am ashamed to announce, my best friend is a comic sans ms user, but I love her anyway
you mean if I do like the prof. change it to comic sans so I can brighten his day with such a !
Our valedictorian speech is in comic sans, but don't worry, we promise it'll sound better than it looks 😌
The fact the writing in the thumbnail of your new video with is in comic sans unsettles me.
Slide about people being unreasonably angry, written in Comic Sans. Touche.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Real Madrid. Hey had their names in comic sans font last year. You'll be judged accordingly.
when I'm rich, I'ma give ross money to get a tattoo of my name in comic sans on his lower back(ts)
Why are "image bullets" even still an option in formatting? They need removed immediately, along with Papyrus & Comic Sans!
The Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour is great but how can I support them when they use comic sans in their signage?
"I need something that is appropriate for children but adults will hate it." . "Say no more". *comic sans*
agreed I wish Detroit Lions would go with the old school thanksgiving day jerseys instead comic sans writin
Sad news should be always written in comic sans
Looks like Comic Sans finally decided to up its game!
Uh huh... is there a reason the translation of Comic Sans is Absent of Funny...
Liberal Democrats explain why they reached for Comic Sans in epic Bill burn budget reply bingo:
Just between you and me, I agree. Comic Sans is a disgrace amongst fonts and deserves the hate
I personally believe in a world where all fonts can get along and Comic Sans can be free to Comic Sans all it wants (cont)
Happy Birthday, - May your blessings be spelled out in Comic Sans on John Goodman's massive thighs.
just got mail from HR about how everybody gets 3 hours free from work with are terrific, and on his PC it's Comic Sans.
Comic Sans is the best font for small town dinner menus. Only time it's acceptable is when it's describing Smokey Mountain chicken.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Mrs. Davis accepts nothing but Comic Sans and I want to cry.
I got extra points for making fun of Comic Sans in my com arts exam
Enjoying David Haig's talk on microchimerism, despite occasional use of Comic Sans
David Haig uses Comic Sans for his talk. AW YEAH. Comic Sans FTW!!
"Comic Sans is the mullet of typography." - Brad Smith,
welcome to art 435, art of the early internet. required reading: "Evolution of the Feel", "MS Paint Like the Old Masters", and "Comic Sans"
The crack-cocaine page of my drug identification book is written in Comic Sans
Comic Sans obsessed professor has AOL as his homepage. In Internet Explorer. The universe is balanced.
Thou shalt not use Comic Sans [INFOGRAPHIC]: The 10 Commandments of Typography via
I'm making those classic John Belushi COLLEGE t shirts but in Comic Sans if anyone wants to set up a group order
"The font Comic Sans was created for (but not used in) Microsoft Bob[17]" whoa WHAT
My laptop automatically copies docs in Times New Roman&pastes em into new docs in Comic Sans, as if it knows I don't take myself seriously.
Jarret Jack gave the shirts to Lebron and Kyrie. The Nets' shirts were not Comic Sans. CONSPIRACY?
Comic Sans is still very sick. Vet appointment on Monday if she's not better. Worried she might have Feline Leukemia :(
The theater department needs to learn that Comic Sans is not okay to use ever.
The Sincerity Machine Is a Typewriter That Only Writes in Comic Sans: . Comic Sans has long been the red-headed...
I could never hate Comic Sans since Physicists used them to show proof to the world of Higgs Boson. CS in PPoint=badass
Comic Sans, Dan Gilbert! Stratta just apologized and got my drunk txts :P Can't believe they found the mother load
a lot of UX designers use Comic Sans in mockups knowing its presence means nobody will confuse it with a fin…
Typing an essay is much more fun in Comic Sans, Times New Roman is boring to look at
Also: a lively defense of the font Comic Sans; Elissa Schappell on finding her muse.
Don’t worry He already has the Email in full Comic Sans drafted to send Adam Silver!
Normally I hate Comic Sans, but I've got to give this a shout out because it's a perfect use of it in context:
LeBatard didn't get suspended for trolling LeBron. He got suspended for using Comic Sans on the billboard.
[Comic Sans] Everyone reads on iPads and phones, while fiddling with 11 other apps.
The font Comic Sans is based on Dave Gibbons’ lettering in the Watchmen comic books.
I'm organizing filing cabinets at work & everything written in 1999 is in Comic Sans. I guess the State Department wen…
It was written in Comic Sans to denote it was a hilarious joke. Dan Gilbert Apologizes to L
Dan Gilbert serving as a fine example of why you don't burn bridges ... especially not in Comic Sans.
Times New Roman is SO 1995, and Arial is SO 2002!. Don't even get me started on Comic Sans! Calibri? Now we're talking!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Seriously, the lack of Comic Sans and MS Paint colors is a huge selling point. If you have kids, check it out.
"Comic Sans?" - Dan Gilbert “If you really love me, you'll choose a better font to get me back.”
That font choice is about as bad as when Dan Gilbert used Comic Sans in that letter to LeBron a few yrs back. (re: Robin Thicke)
OH “I found out that if you put Comic Sans on anything, designers pop out of nowhere to do pro bono work.”
Poster exhibition to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK.
Now that Gilbert had owned the team a decade we have a history on him. He's impulsive (Silas/Brown/Brown/Comic Sans) & not bball savy
Judged documentaries for National.History Day today. Saw some great work and on then on the other end of the spectrum some Comic Sans.
Comic Sans was never intended to be used as an actual typeface? It was created in '94 for Microsoft Bob, a kids computer game!
Much like Peter Parker's responsibility was to save those in peril, my responsibility is to convict Comic Sans criminals.
Comic Sans has a Neue look. Who will dare to try it out?
Here is a quote- "Comic Sans is the typographic equivalent of the innocent man on death row."
There should be a version of Internet Explorer where the default type is Comic Sans and also has Nickelback playing in the background.
How Janey found Writopia seven years ago, written today at Writopia Lab: When I was nine years old, I was really bored over winter break. There was nothing to do in New York -- it was too cold to go outside to the park, most of my friends were away at fancy, tropical beaches. I was stuck at home, with only my mom, dad, and my dad’s ancient Dell desktop computer. A couple of days into break, I was sitting at the computer by myself -- my dad was at work, and my mom was in her room, talking to a friend. So, naturally, as any overly curious, 21st-century nine year old would do, I started Googling. Specifically, I Googled: “Writing Programs for Kids in NYC.” Ever since I can remember, I have loved to write. I will write anything -- creative short stories, poetry, and even plays. I would always sit down at my dad's computer and type away in neon pink, Comic Sans font, for hours. I wrote twenty-page-long stories about girls in middle school (which, also, was the only thing I could think about when I was te ...
Will writing your essay in size 20 Comic Sans get you a higher grade? Callum Evans finds out
Someone redesigned the comic sans font. Interesting.
Comic Sans, meet Comic Neue. And it's not awful. Not totally awful, anyway.
Meet Comic Neue, a Comic Sans-like typeface that no one will tease you for using
The designer of a new font hopes to redeem the world's most reviled typeface. But can anything save Comic Sans?
Comic Neue: a sophisticated alternative to Comic Sans
Post: redesigns Comic Sans as new typeface COMIC NEUE.
People hate comic sans because they are told to. Same reason "cool" people hate fedoras, forgetting Humphrey Bogart.
I feel like I need to make an australian powerpoint with lots of comic sans
Comic sans to "comic neue" just no. You're still the weird cousin of a despised typeface
Try imagining if every single thing you read in this world was in Comic Sans.
Microsoft’s iPad testing lab is crazy: From the AMA: (also, Comic Sans!)
Hate Comic Sans? Maybe you’ll find Comic Neue more appealing vía
I wish u could change your phone font to comic sans:(
LeBron penning a Comic Sans letter in response to that rejection.
The name of the Comic Sans makeover, Comic Neue, switched the Middle English word for "lacking" to the German word for "new". So, no change?
There it is: the first cover letter in Comic Sans. I knew there’d be at least one.
I seriously wanted to yell out 'comic sans' -.-
I know you're not asking for type suggestions, BUT Comic Sans has been redesigned!
Thinking of submitting my in Comic Sans, because
My favorite thing I learned today is that Comic Sans got a makeover, which made me revisit this classic:
I think comic sans was too scared of that image
Bringing back comic sans, but better. To use, or not to use?
isn't Etchings in comic sans this year?
Just be glad there's no comic sans about
This designer just made Comic Sans, the Internet's most hated font, cool again - Washington Post (blog)
Comic Sans, meet Comic Neue, the new and more "proper-looking" Comic Sans.
What was once scorned now is refound. Lookie at the update to the ridiculed Comic Sans font!
"I always thought 'Helvetica Neue Ultra Light' was the name of a really cool hipster beer." . -Comic Sans
As a runner I'm proud of running my 1st 5k. As a designer why comic sans on a medal T_T
Designer aims to upgrade 'wonky' Comic Sans typeface - WAFF
Comic Sans, the world's most reviled font, grows up with Comic Neue:
After (hopefully) finalizing the designs and print instructions for the ice show shirts this year, I want to pass on one piece of advice: never trust a design company who emails in comic sans.
Looking at wedding invites and bummed to learn Comic Sans is not an option.
Comic Sans was never intended to be the world's most popular typeface. Its success has irritated type-nerds, who've been vociferous about their disappointment.
Hey guys, check it out. Somebody went and fixed comic sans. It's actually quite an attractive typeface.
Comic Sans, everyone's favorite typeface to hate, has been given a major facelift, thanks to Japan-based Australian designer Craig...
We never thought we'd be saying this, but: What's wrong with the old Comic Sans font again?
It's not that I immediately discredit your business when you use Papyrus typeface. At least you decided against comic sans.
Comic Sans, meet your hipper replacement: Comic Neue.
Long ago Comic Sans went from being just another slightly cartoonish font to a literal punch line for would-be typography snobs: “Comic Sans walks into a bar, the bartender turns him away and says ‘We don’t serve your type’”
Craig Rozynski is an Australian designer who took upon himself to dignify the most ridiculed and beleaguered typeface in the world: Comic Sans. He turned the horrible typeface into an actually attractive typeface: Comic Neue. It's a miracle.
This just made my day! lol "Please don't use Comic Sans — we are a Fortune 500 Company, not a Lemonade Stand."
If you type in "doge meme" in the YouTube search bar, all text will become Comic Sans font. Such meme. Very easter egg. Wow.
Comic Sans is an abomination. The hideous font is the Justin Bieber of fonts - only little girls love it and they believe in unicorns. However Comic Neue is here to save the day...sort of. The new font aspires to be the casual script font of choice, even for typography lovers. Download | Comic Neue
friends don't let friends Comic Sans
Hilarious material (old) on Comic Sans: "I’m the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes f'ing Gutenberg."
Comic Sans is widely considered to be a comically bad font to read and look at, and yet the font keeps popping up. Anyone inexperienced in the ways of design seems to be drawn to it as a way to...
I'm the only person who likes Comic Sans.
Let’s face it, Comic Sans is a bit of a joke in the font world. Its unpopularity even moved one graphic designer to fix the oft-ridiculed typeface.
I really can't take you serious when writing an email or document in comic sans. It's not kindergarten!!!
Comic Sans walks into a bar and the bartender says "we don't serve your type."
Comic Neue fixes the shortcomings of Comic Sans. It's the casual script choice for everyone, including the typographically savvy.
Use your fonts carefully: Never a fan of Comic Sans, this "replacement" font appears to take the clowns out of the circus characters.
"Actions speak louder than words. Especially when those actions are words written in Comic Sans." - Sean Werkema
If you hate Comic Sans, maybe you'll find Comic Neue more appealing.
The location of my BBQ course on Saturday is "Wit's End Farm, Old Mountain Road, Kennesaw, Georgia." The directions sent to me are an entire page (in Comic Sans) that BEGIN with "From the railroad tracks" and point out that there are in fact TWO "Old Mountain Roads" and to take the second one. The final direction is "follow the smoke". Yeah, you'd better believe I'm excited about this.
The new Comic Sans. Not sure how I feel.
Comic Sans has been Overhauled, Introducing Comic Neue - More info here - Comic Sans is like 15 year old underwear, you never wear them but refuse to throw them out 'just incase'.
Comic Sans spent summer vacation at fat camp and her parents got her contacts and a nose job.
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