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Comic Relief

Comic Relief is an operating British charity, founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia.

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I added a video to a playlist Catherine Tate and Little Britain - Red Nose Day 2009 - Comic Relief -
I want that to be featured on Comic Relief. And I want Davina McCall to do the voiceover.
In other news, Lenny Henry will be appearing on Comic Relief.
Red in honor of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day.
Watch Eddie in the sketch for Comic Relief: Stephen Hawking's new voice
I added a video to a playlist Blackadder Special | Comic Relief
Please donate if you can xx. Phone: 03457 910 910. To donate £10 text YES to 70210. . To donate £20 text YES to 70220. http…
Red Nose Day is here to raise money for Comic Relief. Do something silly today and make a real difference! ❤️🤡❤️
Together we've managed to raise just over £11.6M for Comic Relief. A big thank you for all your help.
I'm just sticking to what I do best. Comic relief
Our offices raised a total of £237.46 on Friday for Comic Relief! Thank you to everyone who played a part!
"this person is named Joker cause hes the comic relief". >people thought bioware used to be good
Paindo is providing more Comic relief in Pakistani Politics then his counterpart Phatechar .. 😂🏹🏏
Aquafresh partners with Comic Relief - Aquafresh is proud to be partnering with Comic Relief this Red Nose...
Urine osmolality would be a key character. FeNA would be a silly foil. "Clinical assessment of volume status" would be the comic relief.
Exclusive: Ed Sheeran writes about his moving Liberia trip for Comic Relief
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Is releasing a version of Sting's 'Russians' for Comic Relief? I'd buy it.
13 years on sequel of Love Actually. Watch here at 2hrs 35 mins in:
Sam Ogabidu says:. "Governor Wike is just needling Governor Ortom politics... propaganda and comic relief." . True of false?
I'm just REALLY not looking forward to the Flash being the "comic relief" character. Aquaman seems the only sane one
the caption tho "It is such a relief that jinyoung was casted for the role or else we almost had a moonlight drawn by b1a4 historical comic"
Multi-cloud is real... 4 installs; 2 on the GCP and 2 on AWS, each load tested to 300 donations per sec! h…
do you have Betsy McCaughey on your program for comic relief? She has zero credibility
A little more comic relief in Aadhaar times (1/11)
Positive images of Africans are missing from Comic Relief
Check out my new blog post. Comic Relief?
Brilliant. The failure of centrist politics.
Comic Relief gears up to air Love Actually sequel.. Related Articles:
None more cherished in this world. than those who bring comic relief. Thank you, for the laughte…
so glad you posted this. I needed some comic relief from all the B S
Red Nose Day 2017: how to donate digitally
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I want to thank for my biggest laugh today. $24 for 2 hours of WiFi is good comic relief.
I'm here for but this Betsy lady is cray cray.. she must be the comic relief 🙄
James Corden turns total fan boy in Take That's special for via
I know I will be also their the comic relief in the tv show.
Need some comic relief after that episode of Bates Motel😳
All I know, gives me life! He is the comic relief wherever he go! 😂😂😂
Thinking of donating to Comic Relief?? . DON'T . money invested in arms and tobacco shares.
Oh s***, thanks I now have some comic relief😂. And yeah get your a** back on here 😂
I'm LMAO. Thanks for the comic, but rather scary, relief! 😜😲😒😂
3/3 Please do not email this address for ticket enquiries - for all ticket related stuff visit
Viewers claimed that the Love Actually return had 'saved' Comic Relief. - Daily Mail
Generous: Comic Relief has confirmed that Ed Sheeran has provided a safe home for the raped and…
Sherriff Clarke is ALWAYS good for comic relief. What a dumb dumb.
Comic Relief: Love Actually revisited – watch the trailer
and are the comic relief that every Monday needs! I love
Some innocent comic relief that will have you laughing out loud...
A5) I'll give the example of Stiles. Once just the comic relief - and terrific at his job! - then he gave us lines like t…
is tomorrow. ❤️. Here's a first look. Catch the whole thing tomorrow night on from 7pm.
Enzo's only purpose these last few months has been comic relief and getting beat up
LOVE this shot from the trailer! Barry's such a I love it!! 💙 SO excited 2 C Ezra as the comic relief!…
What brands are doing for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.
Just thinking out loud: Watching Ed Sheeran share a passionate kiss with Greg Davies is the comic relief you need:
If you aren't following then you're missing out on epic comic relief.
So many Hellraiser memories:. 1: about jumping out of my skin in the theater at the only comic relief / jump scare
300 transactions per second across four clouds with pulls in 76M for charity! . htt…
comic relief yes, but we need serious people here. Ashcroft has lot of baggage, don't liberal spin it
Frail-looking Billy Connolly leaves viewers in tears as he makes Comic Relief plea
Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief: Mel Giedroyc suffers unfortunate wardrobe……
10 years since this hilarious Comic Relief sketch aired featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Laure…
Vernon flies in for Comic Relief to delight of St Peter's pupils - Jersey Evening Post :
Absolutely loved this from last nights Comic Relief! If you missed it here it is again. but hang on a...
Alan Partridge at 8:25 PM on Comic Relief last night 😂. 'If you sit in a bath of beans for too long you get a slags ta…
Who's the new Doctor Who? Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson AND Joanna Lumley try out in classic Comic Relief special
Hugh Grant should be Prime Minister’: Love Actually sequel returns for Comic Relief with Red Nose Day, Actually……
Watch Take That and James Corden in hilarious Carpool Karaoke for Comic Relief!
Sara Cox is the reason I donated to Comic Relief this year. Because she's a top woman.
OMG has just been nominated by Sara Cox to do the next 24 hour danceathon for Comic Relief in two years time.
Who is this presenting Comic Relief with Sara Cox cos shes horrendous at it
Billy Connolly makes emotional plea for Comic Relief donations
Comic Relief: Red Nose Day. Sara Cox meets Godfrey, an orphaned boy in Nairobi.
Yer da thinks comic relief is the funniest thing on telly
Comic relief - a day where the wealthy ask the working class to 'dig deep into their pockets'
Children raise £9,000 for Comic Relief with world record attempts and week of Red Nose Day fun...
Literally got to curl up and watch Comic Relief alone. I never do that. I'm normally with my mum.
Fantastic day fundraising for Comic Relief. Fancy dress, non uniform, Where's Wally and a staff football match! Mon…
Comic Relief campaign shot by good luck tonight.
If you're at a loss at what to do tonight, you can't go far wrong with this, in my opinion, the best Comic Relief...
Today's the . Love Actually reunion! Carpool Karaoke! Greg Davies in a hot tub? Find out what's on when: https:…
Comic relief.. Good reason to celebrate with a beer or 10 👍👍all in a good cause 🍺🍞🍺
We are proud to have raised a grand total of £896.30 for Comic Relief today. Thank you all so much for your kindnes…
new highest bid alert klaxon! £520! You've got until 12pm to bid more for Comic Relief. JS
'Am I bothered, Tony Blair?' Nine of the best Comic Relief moments
So sad that I'm at work tonight and not able to watch Comic Relief tonight 😢
Comic Relief apologises over French bulldog t-shirt
Ed Sheeran reduced to tears by Comic Relief trip to Liberia
Red Nose Cupcakes at Murray's Hinxton Hall all proceeds to Comic Relief…
Would you like some kindly, heartwarming TV entertainment at 8.30pm? Then watch Comic Relief! Alternatively, Only Connec…
hi squiddy thiso is Dylan who dressed up for comic relief for school he's a big fan x 😊😊😊😊
Children shun Comic Relief noses at Aspley Guise school over hygiene concerns: CHILDREN at a school is Aspley Guise have voted…
Debbie's fantastic idea for 50s Friday on Ward 3, enjoyed by everyone & a great fundraiser for comic relief
domain names
Comic Relief: Make Them Stop. I made an important appeal video for with .
I'm really looking forward to watching Comic Relief tonight, or as some people call it, Ireland vs Wales.
sounds like you have the right idea it's comic relief aswell!! KFC and comic relief :) x
Comic Relief is one of my TV highlights of the year, such an amazing evening to support a wonderful cause ✨
In free fall and flying our Parachutes together wearing our red noses in support of Comic Relief Comic Relief:... http…
A brilliant, fun day at Winchelsea Primary School raising funds for Comic Relief!
For the past 20yrs Comic Relief has raised more than 10 million each yr , yet Akon took 2 yrs to provide solar powe…
Thanks to Ty Seren residents for helping to for Comic Relief with their cake bake this afternoon.
£195.00 raised for Comic Relief Thank you to everyone who contributed 👍🏻
Thank you to everyone who made donations to comic relief.
Rickie and Melvins wigs Lets Sing and Dance for Comic Relief 2017: Finale Preview BBC One.
Well done 7B and 7A a great effort for Comic Relief!
And the Winner of the comic relief sweepstake is.
Comic Relief Day is coming up and we want to share with you the stories of volunteers who relentlessly worked...
Debating between listening to Coldplay or watching comic relief
"Oi Brent! Why you still bothering with Comic Relief?"
Petition to extend comic relief for 100 years
Great outfits and great fun here at Copthorne for Comic Relief. So proud of everyone for raising over £1000.
Comic relief Red Nose Day today. Tune in tonight, il be on a fair bit, and so will lots of awesome people. BBC One, 7pm x
Have u ever played football?! We all 'put r boots on' for Comic Relief - what a team 😂⚽️!?
Mr Manning taken a dunking in the gunk for comic relief Well done Mr Manning you where amazing h…
JK Rowling pledges all new Fantastic Beasts book royalties to Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day
Have a brilltastic weekend gang!!! M= p.s I know it's another channel but maybe slip some ££ to Comic Relief!!!
The target has been reached! Piers Morgan is wearing a Spurs shirt and shutting up for 24 hours
Comic Relief tonight.check out Syd Little and Bob Carolgees in the Craig Revel Horwood Blackpool Happy film if…
Yes it's true. I have pledged to wear a shirt if viewers raise £50k for Comic Relief.
We know which one we would pick Mark 😜 Thanks for helping such a good cause. That's another £5 to Comic Relief
Comic Relief spends the money raised by Red Nose Day to help people living tough lives across the UK and Africa.…
Reminder: COLORFOTO will be taking class and team photographs on Thursday. / Red Nose Day on Friday - donations for Comic Relief. Diolch.
Comic Relief week - we're selling red noses to raise money. Buy one (or more!) from Student Reception. Big day Frid…
Wear something red for Red Nose Day this Friday and donate £1 to Comic Relief.
Well done 6th Denton St Hilda's Scouts, it's been a fun afternoon with coffee n' cakes, lucky dip & raffle, for Comic Relief
Sainsbury's shoppers enjoy funky music for Comic Relief in Ipswich - Ipswich Star
Watching Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief - love Craig Revel Horwood
Watch Craig Revel Horwood perform 'Happy' on Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief:
this morning.and are into hour 15 of the 24 for Comic Relief! Text LOL to 70703 to hel…
James Corden hints at Carpool Karaoke UK as he prepares for Take That Comic Relief skit via
"Lance isn't serious at all". "Lance doesn't think about his team mates". "Lance is only comic relief, he doesn't have any d…
Positive story about out of in today
was in the UK 20 years ago and was the best selling Comic Relief single of the 90s, selling over 710,000 copi…
Madcow and Geraldo. Gotta love the comic relief.
The Beast singing got me WEAK. this was a perfect comic relief.
I'm here for these moments of comic relief.
Woohoo. . Don't forget to help the needy!. Donate to Comic Relief and help the needy this Red Nose Day.
I would convey. listener, thinker and comic relief. Great exercise on Not sure about Chuck.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Richard by far is the comic relief of this show. Love it!
And then they immediately turned it into a comic relief and f that was messed up
Pretty much comic relief on MSNBC with Maddows "breaking news" lol
Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief 2017: Episode 3 Trailer - BBC One WATCH at:
I can't think of another movie that has ever captivated my attention without at least SOME comic relief. Unless Pee Wee makes you giggle...
Brilliant thread. Thank you for the comic relief.
Watching ... need some comic relief after
Idek and Idgaf would be good names for a pair of aesthetically complementary bumbling comic relief villains
Leave it to CT for some comic relief 😂😍😂
For comic relief from politics, strong hashtag
A little comic relief from Auti who believes that every cat was born to be his foot stool!. Six weeks since...
That is good comic relief right there! Bucky has gone from 'heir apparent' to unemployable in six weeks.
Is eden the new comic relief 4 tonite, or is this hooker haven?
I can't have Darrel or Cara Maria going home tonight, especially Darrell. He's the comic relief of this show.
Delighted to be part of - brand new carpool on 24th March for comic relief.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Could it be magic? Take That & James Cordenhave teamed up for a Comic Relief Carpool Karaoke
Love Actually stars are reuniting for Comic Relief
The team is back together. And they've changed. Roman went from an angry badass dependable tough guy that didn't take BS to comic relief
Take That take part in Carpool Karaoke for Comic Relief
Richard Curtis admits he never actually wanted to make Love Actually sequel as excitement builds for Comic Relief……
Love Actually: when is the Comic Relief sequel on TV? Plus, who's back for Red Nose Day? -
is Maddow's butchering of Russian names providing any comic relief?
That is great to hear. I'm hoping she brings some much-needed comic relief this season.
SO what are they supposed to be?? Comic relief?? In a seinen???. Let me. Just. Reaffirm. How much I dislike the writing.
The Knicks are comic relief at this point...
By the way, in the sentai, that bus was full of kids, not comic relief
Wow! Added another day on Curb then I wrap. Season 9! Comic relief for " the horror .". . htt…
Wow, still buttsore. It takes a particularly kind of loser to persist. You are my favorite comic relief. Can't make this up
Read Suryaveshi by, 1st solar glocal news letter In Afghanistan, A Radio Call-In Show Brings An...
I tried following u just for some comic relief but I can't do it. Just 2 many fake outrage innuendo conspiracy BS
I love the side characters that provide comic relief. Sometimes the MC gets so caught up in saving the world they forget…
Love watching It's my news network of choice. No "fake news" here! Just good comic relief.
Watching "Neighbors 2". This is comic relief. Love it. "I fukked the pizza man, I gave him 5 Stars on yelp" lol
James Corden joined by Take That for Comic Relief Carpool Karaoke via
I'm SO glad you added these! I don't know why. OK, I know why. Tick removal procedures were in bad need of some com…
Noticia : Taking things up a gear! James Corden joined by Take That for ... - Daily Mail
Viewers in tears as 'deteriorating' Billy Connolly makes heartfelt plea on BBC show
⚠️ Today's the day! Help & make it through their by sending in your 😂 jokes 👉
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!! Thank you for constantly being the comic relief @ track meets(-: hope you had a gr8 day 😝💞🎉
.& need YOUR help! 📣. Text your jokes to 81199 or submit them online here 👉
Andrew Lincoln has a very special message in Love Actually Comic Relief teaser
Come & join first ever Laughter Yoga with the lovely Linda Knightingale! Only £6 a session will be donated to Comic Relief too
OH climbing Pen Y Fan tomorrow for Comic Relief, you'd think it was an expedition to Everest the way he's carrying on 😂
Ab Fab video: Edina phones up Fleur and Catriona to get them to take part in Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief:…
I added a video to a playlist Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who | Comic Relief
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I liked a video Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who | Comic Relief
Richard Curtis reveals why Love Actually won't pay tribute to Alan Rickman in Comic Relief special
The Love Actually sequel for Comic Relief will not feature an Alan Rickman tribute OR Emma Thompson:. 😢.
Next Can see why Tilda Swinton tipped but, oh, why not Richard E Grant (shades of Comic Relief) or even better, Bill Nighy.
LOVE ACTUALLY reunion short film planned for Comic Relief. to be written by Richard Curtis
We see all Ayo Fayose Does as Comic Relief – Femi Adesina - concerns over the president’s...
French & Saunders are reuniting for Comic Relief; and Vic & Bob will resurrect The Stotts. Red Nose Day plans:
Always the comic relief never the protag
this piece of lamentable pantomime is simultaneously comical and sad. Bring on Farage for more comic relief!
- Powers outside of suits renders suits needless. - Billy should be more than comic relief. - Kanye song is lame in this context
I've only finished vol 1 yesterday and it's just how I remember the anime but less comic relief XD Kira makes me sick tho
as you are my comic relief Wednesdays @ 10.40 any chances of goodies for our Comic Relief fundraiser
Everyone needs one of these on their desk for comic relief. Though the price is a bit steep.
15 Jan 1917 BITTER TRUTH Fox MPW-"Sensational drama in 5 reels, with comic relief..Excellent example of its class"
comic relief, or should I say cynicism, would suffice! 😄
i'll fight anyone who thinks Lance is just a "comic relief" (ง •̀_•́)ง
Comic Relief will be fun this year, I'm going to be taking donation calls! 😊
Dude belting out the most off-key rendition of I Hope You Dance was the perfect comic relief after a hellish commute 🙌
If that was comic relief, why do I not feel amused?
When you're tired of the bad comic relief.
At Comic Relief until 21st April. Back November 2017 (when my partner takes his 6 months!)
I'm glad there's going to be comic relief at the ceremony.
Still kinda bitter about how Steven Universe dealt with Peridot. She went from being the best gem to boring comic relief in like. An episode
I bring nothing but peace, positivity, comic relief and jewels 💎 to the tl smh
Some comic relief is good for the soul. Conservative pics and Gifs humor.
Got my nails done for Comic Relief 💋 x
This new God of Destruction resembles Gimli, the dwarf from Lord of the Rings & he might end up as…
True, and more about that next class. Comic relief?! For us, maybe, but not for G, that's for sure. He was pretty upset about it!
I remember at Stamford bridge it was comic relief & John started warming up out he come with a big red nose
Power back on!!! Could there have been a 'call of duty' type extraction in these 5 mins? (Comic relief on an otherwise ten…
Hamilton Collection
Secret’s out! Big Comic Relief Crafternoon TWO goes on sale 2 Feb. For every copy sold we donate £5 to https:…
Taking a minute or 2 for comic relief definitely helps ;)
Aaahhh gotta love those little annoying moments on the road! Find more "Comic Relief" on RVillage:
Darn I missed it.I need to watch FOX for comic relief.
Some comic relief out of this Gambian issue
Right, Red Nose Day is at the end of March so it's time for the 3rd Comic For Comic Relief drawing
Connor, w/ many companies nearing the end of quarter, it’s time for some comic relief:
That's funny. Thanks for the laugh. Comedy will rule for the next Four years. Just for comic relief 😆
Applications are open for our funding initiative using tech to support women affected by domestic abuse https…
For some odd reason I gain comic relief from it. It's so cartoonish I just can't take it seriously...I (pause) I don't know what to say lol
Jim Moriarty is the comic relief in this nightmare of an episode, if you're wondering how the fandom is doing…
Might I advise following for a bit of comic relief.
Look at the positive side of the Trump Presidency people - four years comic relief!
because he's a comedian. Their job is to provide comic relief & reflect on the current state of society.
Should be a grea night...Lenny Henry to return to stand-up for Comic Relief in Brum
How nice of Theresa May to come to Davos to provide some comic relief to people of economical expertise.
Happy hump day! We know that for some of you, getting through the middle of the week just takes a lot more effort...
Kojima watched JB for awhile and said why not put him in PW seems like a good comic relief.. then everyone liked him 😂😭
Senegal troops mass on Gambian border I'm shocked that Senegal has an army if I'm honest. Financed by Comic Relief?
Hi Grant! Is the year 1997? I mind this Spice Girls song was out for Comic Relief :) I kent all the dance moves as well x
See Dermot O’Leary prepare for 24 hour Day of Dance for Comic Relief - . By Ellie Henman News...
This year Comic Relief is reminding people that they're not just about comedy by letting Lenny Henry do a stand-up routine
I didn't watch this week. As someone said its like Let's Dance for Comic Relief.
Dance Dance Dance is hardly a dance show like no other is it when it's clearly a rip off of Let's Dance for Comic Relief
Quite unable ever to listen to that without thinking of on Let's Dance for Comic Relief!
Watch George Michael with James Corden on an early version of from 2011 (sketch for 'Comic Relief') https:…
George Michael in James Corden's first Carpool Karaoke for Comic Relief via GIVE LOTS, & it will come back.
One of my favorite George Michael moments-with James Corden, first Carpool Karaoke for Comic Relief
This was Bob Mortimer's walk-on for the Comic Relief darts. Strong look. He lost.
how do I organise a charity walk. I'd like to walk monument-monument circle for Comic Relief.
Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Howard Morris,at Comic Relief . What a great night !
Can you see yourself as a Factual Senior Producer - Maternity Cover at Comic Relief? Check out this job!
Minnie Pearl kissed me! March 1986 at Comic Relief, Los Angeles . . photo by Scott Harms
Comic Relief and fund plan to identify and help victims, including those suffering
Project Everyone was founded by Richard Curtis, filmmaker and founder of Comic Relief.
On BFBS (radio for UK Armed Forces around world) NOW with who does all Comic Relief challenges etc LISTEN: https:…
Do you improve education in your Gtr community? Comic Relief's fund is now open
Do you improve life skills in your Gtr Manchester community? Comic Relief's fund is now open
So sad to hear that Victoria Wood has passed away. A true friend to Comic Relief and a comedy great. Rest in peace. https:…
Why don't artists do skits anymore, everyone wanna be so serious. (Where's the comic relief?)
.I can be his comic relief pal, The Funisher!
What I miss the absolute most about tinder is the joy, laughter, and comic relief I brought to my friends when recapping my dating stories.
I want to believe I bring comic relief to my circle
I know but I would have to cry about it, if I didn't get some comic relief about what's happening every now and then.
funny stuff on today. Love the show and you added some comic relief today
Get 6 Free VitaTops
A movie that is still serious but much lighter with Flash being the comic relief? It could work... one hopes
Wake up. We need some comic relief before this NY primary. But, FYI -
Tim & Cassandra bust me up! They're the comic relief I've been waiting for
My friend and I are havin sawatari feels rn because he deserves more than being the comic relief at this point smh
I think it's because of his immaturity and comic relief, combined with unexpected bursts of badassery.
hopefully not. Mine's meant to be the comic relief.
Will Jamie ever express/receive more affection from her peers or forever play the comic relief character she's been playing since grade 5
All of this is hilarious. Good comic relief lol.
The most hilarious animated show! This is the comic relief we need to see more of. See say pwayday!
At least Kathryn is giving some comic relief, LOL, she isn't shy about double fisting her drinks, I'm liking her now.
. Millennials are Clouseau-stupid but without the compensating comic relief.
not sure if Donald realizes he is charismatic as a porcupine but more so comic relief just like the Flintstones nothing more!
I used to use social media to be social, now it's more like a measuring stick/news outlet/comic relief
Good. I wasn't expecting Emmy winning performances. A little comic relief is good for the soul.
When the boys raised money for comic relief .
Order Miche Bag Online!
. I'm building "Blackwell Ministry of Comic Relief". Pinafore is a good start. My phys therapist gave me props today!
Oh, these Nanami comic relief episodes are not good. This time she thinks she laid an egg. I guess last time she turned into a cow so..ok.
A bit of comic relief after your ordeal *hugs*
Need a little comic relief while you study for that precal test? Check this out!
Spacetime. - can he be my professor. - COMIC RELIEF AGAIN. - there's so much in this one look STOP KILLING ME IAIN
Sorry for accosting you earlier on. Thanks so much for the pic and good luck with Comic Relief!
Brilliant. I have heard tell of his sense of humor. Great to see it in action. Thanks for my comic relief today!
Jared took a different approach too. Mark P & Misha both chose to go comic relief with it.
Laughter...the Best Medicine. Take 25mg daily (25mg is equivalent to 5 servings a day)
British standup comedian, actor and writer visits our office with some comic relief!
I just thought I'd post a photo of me in a bathtub. You know, just for comic relief.
lol it's not by trying to make comic relief of the situation when we come back to school we run and I'd show you
The One Way or Another music video is definitely one of my favs. Not only was it for comic relief but also the boys ma…
Lmao Belema is my favourite comic relief.
I think the problem with bvs was that there was no source of comic relief and it took itself too seriously
Littlefoot, you realize you can appeal to any of the dinosaurs in this herd, not just the comic relief character, right?
I believe you're the comic relief, aren't you?. The extinction event can't come soon enough.
He was a really boring comic relief. I liked Horrorstuck just because it was really tense and exciting at the time
It might have been the best comic relief I've had this year.
I’ve been rereading the 24 fast fictions I wrote in 24 hours for comic relief in 2013, and the narratives. Still v pleased with the stories.
Enjoy the comic relief of President Rafael while you can; he may not be around much longer.
Tried tell to leave my house at midday after a 24 hr sesh, geezer says would you send home from co…
Just watching the Luther sketch from Comic Relief. Alice Morgan and Usain Bolt 😂😂😂
A/V tech, music spinner, Voice of God, Comic Relief. Not only job titles tonight, but my name suggestions for future Girl Scout cookies.
I added a video to a playlist Comic Relief "Bobcat Goldthwait" Stand Up Comedy
Steve’s Comic Relief again named Comic Book Resources’ Shop of the Day
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