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Comerica Park

Comerica Park is an open-air ballpark located in Downtown Detroit.

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Comerica Park in Detroit holds a touch over 41,000. There aren't 10,000 in Trump's pic.
or comerica park or any other stadium in American
Comerica Park & Ford Field are corporation - named too. Accept the arena. Ya'll know you like pizza.
We're planning another bus trip to Comerica Park! It'll be sometime in June. More to come as soon as we hammer out…
Welcome to Detroit. Right across the street is Comerica Park if you ever get bored!
Isn't Comerica Park in Detroit capacity 40,000. alot bigger setting than that
Corp America *** Tigers went from Tiger Stadium to Comerica Park. Red Wings went from Joe Louis Arena to Little Caesar's Arena...
Finally coach is letting me play, even though comerica park looks really different this year
Exactly. Ford Field & Comerica Park are just as commercialized. I don't understand the logic behind hating Little Caesars Arena
remember how weird Comerica Park sounded at first?
Fan at Comerica Park as Tigers begin search for new members on Wednesday in Tampa.
We're just reliving the transition from Tiger Stadium to Comerica Park
People complaining about Little Caesars Arena aren't business minded, it's honestly no different than Comerica Park or Ford Field
Ugh I hate corporate sponsored arena and stadium names. Comerica Park will NEVER catch on.
We (were on the big screen at Comerica Park today... What did you do? 😏😌
I am not even sure if the Comerica Park attendance was aware Zimmermann had that scoreless streak going. Tigers fans are fed up.
Yo people.. Every *** stadium now a days is named after a company. Look down the street. Comerica park and Ford Field. S…
Gump said soon Ill be feild maintenance for comerica park I told him Ill give him and Kyle Ferguson a shout out. W/O them I wouldnt be here
that's true yup. Yeah man in the new downtown area that they're building. It'll be next to comerica park
I dont see the difference between Ford Field, Comerica Park, and Little Caesers Arena. Detroit based companies paying for the buildings...
everyone thought Comerica Park was a *** name at first as well. It'll adapt to us
Comerica Park, Ford Field, AT&T Center, Coors field, etc... Why is everyone so angry about the wings new arena name?
The most dabs Comerica park has ever seen
Chilly yet great day at Comerica Park. win 7:3 👍🏻😄
Aren't the Michigan taxpayers STILL paying for Ford Field, Comerica park & the new Red wings arena? Know what's not tax fu…
I see your Comerica Park and raise you one U.S. Cellular Field
I am not a fan of corporate naming. Ford Field at least could be named after an average schmo, but Comerica Park always sounded p. dumb.
People complaining about Little Ceasers arena. It's Ford Field and Comerica Park. I mean what else did you want? Hot n ready ice rink?
I'm not against branded stadium names-Ford Field and Comerica Park are nice names. But.. Little Caesar's Arena? This has to be a joke
Less than 48 hours after he flipped off fans at Comerica Park, Tigers OF Tyler Collins is headed to the minors.
Great day at the ballpark with the kid @ Comerica Park
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I bet Comerica Park sounded stupid at first too
You can say the same about Comerica Park or Ford Field. So it is what it is. Not like they are changing it.
Ford Field, Comerica park, Little Caesars arena, all are massive corporations
We hear "Comerica Park" and "Ford Field" and no one bats an eye. . But announce "Little Ceasars Arena" and everyone loses their minds.
comerica park is kinda the exception to the rule b/c Farnsworth Park sounds like a tiny city park.
it doesn't sound bad people said same thing about Comerica park and Ford Field
MLB: Tigers OF Tyler Collins sent down to Triple-A; flipped off crowd Monday after misplaying fly ball at Comerica Park
I don't understand why people are freaking out. Lol ever heard of Ford Field...or Comerica Park.
Following the on snapchat makes me want to cry because Comerica Park is so far away 😭
Agree! You mean the pittance Comerica paid was enough NOT to call it Tiger Park?
So Detroit has Ford Field, The Palace, Comerica Park, and now Little Ceasars Arena named after the worst $5 pizza you can buy
Little Caesars Arena, Ford Field, Comerica Park, I guess stadiums/arenas can't be given great names anymore... As if there is not enough ads
There's a pigeon on the field at Comerica Park, watch out pidge.
Comerica Park, Ford Field, Little Caesars Arena. Now you can go to the bank, buy a car, and then drive to get a Hot n R…
Jim Harbaugh talks baseball at Comerica Park: 'I've always just loved it'
It's our job in the media to simplify the name of every new stadium. Comerica Park: The Copa. Suggestion for Little Caesa…
The palace of auburn hills, comerica park, Ford Field, and Little Caesars arena?
like, we have corporate Ford Field and Comerica Park, but Little Caesars Arena just sounds so bad
Ford Field? CoMerica Park? Both the names of sponsors. You'll live with Little Caesar's Arena.
Ford Field should B The Lions Den. Comerica Park should B Tigers Stadium, and should be the new Joe or Olympia
Khris Davis just hit a baseball off Justin Verlander to where someone has never hit a baseball at Comerica Park.
Working Gate C (@ Comerica Park - for Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigers in Detroit, MI)
Craig Monroe throws ceremonial first pitch at Comerica Park. Justin Verlander gets behind plate to catch it.
.joins & NEXT to talk some and Craig Monroe Day at Comerica Park
Come visit us for some prizes downtown at Comerica Park for the Tigers game! - Danielle & Allison💋
Kirk Gibson throws out the first pitch on Opening Day at Comerica Park. Tune in for NOW on FSD.
I went to Camden Yards once. Never been to Comerica Park yet.
Dmitri Young hitting 3 HR's at Comerica Park. I was behind the Tigers bullpen watching all 3 fly out in person.
Very close Comerica Park / Ford Field, Detroit. Poverty is systemic. Ignorance doesn't have to be.
Bella Voce will sing at Comerica Park on April 12! Mark your calendars, ladies!
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Thanks for the follow Good luck this season. I will catch a few games at Comerica Park this summer when you throw. 💯💯
The want me to know I can go to Detroit to see Joel and Victoria Osteen at Comerica Park. Sorry, I'd rather see the Tigers lose.
Comerica Park lit up red, white and blue as the snow falls.
Hopefully, the big winner tonight was the magnificent Fox Theater and downtown Detroit. On the rise. Fox Town, Comerica Park, Ford Field,etc
Woodward and Adams looking toward Detroit Opera House (next to Comerica Park)
Added Comerica Park and Kauffman Stadium to my list of ballparks I will see this year!!
New parking garage next to Comerica Park sought...
17 comerica park home of the Detroit Tigers opened in 2000 with a pretty cool design and view of downtown Detroit
ah, I can hear Kahn shouting "Renaissance!" for a parking garage that reflects the "diverse architecture" of Detroit
New parking garage next to Comerica Park sought via
New parking garage next to Comerica Park sought
Denise Gorski, our Marketing Director, and I spent the morning at Comerica Park to finalize details with the...
.I was @ the game @ Comerica Park where you were thrown out at 1st on a line drive hit to LF.
love the combo, they should be displayed in Comerica park lidstrom notch above most,Elite company in the rafters @ the Joe
oh, wow. This is moving kind of fast don't you think? I thought we could meet at a neutral site like Comerica Park.
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I need to be at Comerica Park ASAP, it's been far too long!
a new arena smack dab into downtown right next to Ford Field & comerica park. Chicago is getting worse and worse with its crime lol
will justin upton have more HR and better AVG now that hes surrounded by better hitters and playin in comerica park?
Comerica Park is still Tiger Stadium. DTE Energy Theater is still Pine Knob. now. JACK is still Greektown Casino
will Justin Upton have a better AVG and more HR now that he is playing in Comerica Park?
Brandon Inge called. He said he could hit a ball out of Comerica park. I hung up
Can any of you hit a ball out of Comerica Park against a pitching machine that throws the ball at 70 miles an hour. I will give you 5 swings
If you want a job at comerica park come up to Henry ford college until 4oclock
Pitchers and catchers report today! season is so close! Let's go Blue Jays. Can't wait to see Comerica Park!
.you're the best! We need a 'dress like The Brow Day' at Comerica Park!
Just announced: Night at Comerica Park on June 22. Join your fellow Bronco friends. https:/…
Great shot of the new Red Wings Arena just now, with Comerica Park and Ford Field right there. Can't wait to get to a game there.
As long as you don't put an Uptown sign in the rf upper deck at Comerica Park you're good to go.
Comerica Park- Detroit has a ton of these Tiger statues in different poses
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash (live) at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI on 07.08.15
The Lions used to play at Tiger Stadium. Maybe they could play at Comerica Park next year to test that theory.
PETCO, minute maid park, & comerica probably got the worst dimensions in baseball
Go play at Comerica Park in The D you'd love it
by far the best "Celly" I ever seen was Chris Chelios during the 2013 alumni game at Comerica Park
You have to go. Lake superior is beautiful. Your area, Comerica Park, was my 2nd home. I'm still a season ticket holder.
Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan - Home Stadium of the Baseball Detroit…
Read how NTH helped build Comerica Park on an urban renewal site in Downtown
getting closer and closer everyday..⚾️ @ Comerica Park
I think they are exceptional at wrigley field, Fenway and comerica park. Just me
The game was played in Ann Arbour but the Alumni game was @ Comerica Park in Detroit!
-- yep. I like the pictures of the whole city with Ford Field and Comerica Park.
Happy New Year! May 2016 be filled with laughter, happiness, visits to Comerica Park & wins! See you in April.
Looking forward to in 16: finishing my ballparks tour in NY, 30 year HS reunion, beers with collectors in AC at NSCC, trip to Comerica Park
Go get Yoenis Cespedes back! Let's get another big bat and glove in Comerica Park! Let's get back in the playoffs, Detroit Tigers!
Comerica Park is nice af. Probably the only good thing about Detroit, since The Palace isn't actually there
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I want a hotdog from comerica park 😋😛
zoned out and kinda ended up on I-75, just took an exit when i realized what the *** happened and wound up next to Comerica Park
Is the PA guy tonight the Comerica Park PA guy?
would love to see the sox play at Fenway or Comerica Park next year
Got to tour through Royal Park Hotel, Comerica Park, The Fox Theatre and Freedom Hill.. so yeah I love my major
Thank you Drake White and for musical talent and a phenomenal experience tonight Comerica Park
I really REALLY hope neither Bob Costas or is in Comerica Park right now
You can thank Nick Castellanos for the beautiful rainbow over Comerica Park tonight:
Shout out to Comerica Park security for finding that half pint of Canadian Club in my boot.
Comerica Park repaired after piece of concrete falls: An outer portion of an upper-deck step was...
Piece of concrete falls in Comerica Park.. Related Articles:
>> Chunk of concrete falls on main concourse at Comerica Park after Sunday's game, Tigers
Piece of concrete falls at Comerica Park after Tigers game (The Associated Press): -- An...
Checked in @ Comerica Park vs via at the Ballpark
Scary scene at the Tigers game: A fan left on a stretcher after she was hit by a foul ball.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Possibly the official team store online or at Comerica Park.
Tonight I will be back at Comerica Park covering Game 3 of the series and reviewing video of
No disrespect, but none of Cespedes 3 HR night would have went out at Comerica Park.
Because the Tigers game yesterday was perfect 😍⚾️🐯 @ Comerica Park-Tigers…
A woman in the 1st row behind dugout at Comerica Park got nailed by foul ball yesterday:
Another great close tonight by MJP athlete/ pitcher - Sean Tolleson! @ Comerica Park
Woman struck by ball at Comerica Park; Tigers call for reform by MLB via
Glad this lady is going to be okay after being involved in an accident, which a ball hit her in the eighth inning at Comerica Park.
Had a great time at the tiger game with these guys! @ Comerica Park
A perfect 1st frame for Colby Lewis, and we’re scoreless heading to the 2nd at Comerica Park.
Colby Lewis: 7 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2 SO, 0 HR versus at Comerica Park to earn his 14th win of the season.
Colby Lewis led to 2-0 shutout win over at Comerica Park.
If you're at Comerica Park half of the people don't even pay attention to the game, so no wonder someone got hit.
Never one to complain about umpiring, but tonight at Comerica Park was ridiculous...
Fan struck by foul ball, carried out on stretcher: --A fan at Comerica Park was carried ...
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strikes out 8 over 7 frames in the contest with the Rangers at Comerica Park. by tigers
Scary scene at Comerica Park - fan had to be stretchered out after taking a foul ball to face.
Good way to end summer with the boys😢 @ Comerica Park
Gotta believe the downtown view provided by Comerica Park is one of baseball's best
Justin Verlander calls for better safety after fan gets hit by foul ball at Comerica Park
What a win tonight at Comerica Park!
Fan hit by foul ball, carried out on stretcher at Comerica Park via
Scary sight in Detroit. Fan carried out on stretcher after being hit in head with foul ball. http:…
Bet you a dollar the fat *** was filling her pie hole with food at the time.
Paradise Valley, black business district of 1930s, '40s and '50s, sat where Comerica Park & Ford Field stand today.
Pretty amazing that Rajai Davis occasionally starts in center field in Comerica Park.
Mookie Betts (concussion) took batting practice Saturday with the Red Sox at Comerica Park in Detroit, the Providence Journal reports.
If Bernie held a rally at Comerica Park or even COBO hall 98% of the people showing up would be white & live outside the city
Game 8! (@ Comerica Park - for Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigers in Detroit, MI)
Comerica Park now into boxing promotion: "Gentleman James" McCann vs. Jose "The Cobra" Iglesias.
Comerica Park: Still the worst-constructed baseball field in terms of dimensions imaginable in a city that supposedly knew good ballparks.
Last night was a beautiful night to visit Comerica Park for the first time and see a great game!
Just added Fenway Park, PNC Park, Comerica Park, and Rogers Centre to my website
School spirit is all around the D. Don’t miss out on Day at Comerica Park, 9/8.
Modern Lovers now playing at Fenway. Wouldn't it be nice if they played good music at Comerica Park?
That's right a Chris Shelton jersey sighting here at Comerica Park
Vets & Military Spouses- register for Hiring Our Heroes on 08/20 @ Comerica Park & get pm tickets to the Tigers game…
J.D. Martinez hits what announce Mario Impemba says is the longest home run he's seen at Comerica Park. trail 5-3 in the 3rd
Cars catch fire in lot outside Tigers-Orioles game at Comerica Park
SPORTS: The are idle, but the Tigers logged a 5-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners at Comerica Park tonight.
Getting ready to run the basses at Comerica Park with the girls!
Chris Tillman is only the second pitcher to hold Tigers to one hit over eight scoreless innings at Comerica Park. The other is Joe Kennedy.
Just heard some lady refer to Comerica Park as "Tigers'Field" 😅
Checking out Comerica Park and Ford Field in the distance...need to hit some games this year
External view of Comerica Park and Ford Field from afar from the DTE Energy Headquarters on the 12th…
10 DAYS! We are only 10 days away from Day at Comerica Park! Get your ticket today!
Swoop and Paws are ready for Day at Comerica Park, are you? Visit to get your tickets!
Zac Brown Band concert tickets for Sep 12 at Comerica Park in Detroit MI
503 fans will be joining us July 22nd at Comerica Park, want to join us? Visit: to buy your tickets!
Only 2 seats left on the FREE bus to Comerica Park for the game!
Almost 500 EMU alumni, students and friends are attending Night at Comerica Park on July 22! Don't miss out!
473 tickets sold, only a few remaining for Day at Comerica Park. 2nd FREE bus from only 4 seats left!
Almost a year ago I took Ryan Broyles to his first concert at Comerica Park - Eminem & Rihanna. Incredible show
We are 2 weeks out from Day at Comerica Park! Don't miss out on the fun! Get you tickets today! Visit
Who will be singing with us July 22nd? 17 days until day at Comerica Park!
Comerica Park, 2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI (home of the Detroit Tigers since 2000)
So my high school band played at Comerica Park of the national anthem that's pretty sweet, wish I could have joined in. They said I couldn't
Im hoping to go and make a trip to Park again really soon.
Fielder, I was told tonight, didn't like hitting at Comerica Park, which is so big in center and right center. He'll lov…
Excited about being back at Comerica Park tomorrow.
It will feel like you are at Comerica Park. Lol
You win, fans. Your ballpark is AWESOME!
What stadium other than Comerica Park do you like hitting in?
Can you Photoshop that monstrosity onto Comerica Park? It's god awful yet hilarious.
what's your favorite MLB stadium to play in other then Comerica Park?
besides Comerica Park, what other park is your favorite to hit in?
Marti explaining Paris to her parents... "No, it's not like Comerica Park."
can you hit a home run of Comerica Park left handed in batting practice?
have you ever tried to hit a ball over the camera-well in center field at Comerica Park?
what is your favorite Comerica Park snack?
what is your favorite Comerica Park snack item?
if I catch your next homerun at Comerica Park will you give me a follow
Well, this makes me feel better. I can now think of my rain soaked basement as Comerica Park.
Should have trusted my instincts and stayed put instead of heading down to Comerica Park in the rain. Oh well--25 minute work session.
Won't get to check Comerica Park off our list as planned. Game PPD. Camping SE of Cleveland tonight.
Every night is night at Comerica Park. . Photo via
Detroit Tigers Comerica Park with ball and glove, Detroit, Michigan…
Heading to a game this weekend? Read this for healthy food options:
DETROIT — Robin Ventura was going to shake things up in a significant way Saturday, but a rainout at Comerica Park…
Tigers welcome struggling White Sox to Comerica Park for 4-game series
Half way to comerica park, game gets postponed 😢
Feel bad for all these people walking to comerica park
Comerica Park and US Cellular Field have one thing in common: they're places white people can feel safe in an otherwise dangerous area.
Join Bill Friday night at Bailey's in Troy and you just might be playing at Comerica Park
Who knew that 9 years later our friendship would bring us to Detroit and Comerica Park!
Ben Bailey: What to expect at Comerica Park: In his latest weather forecast, Ben Bailey has a look at what to ...
In his latest weather forecast, has a look at what to expect this weekend at Comerica Park
Congrats to Perry Klemanski for being selected to play in the All Star Game at Comerica Park!
Cant wait me n my dad coming to Comerica Park to support our Cubbies from Grand Rapids, Michigan tmrw!! ⚾
Jim Joyce is involved with another discrepancy at Comerica Park. Is anyone surprised?
Pride Night at Tiger game — watching Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park
Call the Detroit Police of a Robbery at Comerica Park cuz there's 25 guys stealing Mike Ilitch's $.
(@ Comerica Park - for Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigers) htt…
Brad Ausmus juggles his line up in hopes of igniting the bats. My story from Comerica Park coming up on at 5:45
Tiger game with Jadey (@ Comerica Park - for Houston Astros vs Detroit Tigers in Detroit, MI)
we are so ready for the April 24th game against the White Sox!!! Bringing our undead and roaming Comerica Park!
Carlos Pena holds the record for the longest home run at Comerica Park at 461 feet, then Miguel Cabrera and Eric Munso…
Former House baseball legend took the field this morning at Comerica Park
Bruce Rondon returns to Detroit after suffering setback; throws off flat ground at Comerica Park
Nathan Eovaldi, continue 4-game series vs. the Tigers at Comerica Park:
Chevrolet's Silverado and Corvette have posted up in their new seats at Comerica Park:
Great day in the D despite the score. @ Comerica Park
It's a bummer that we lost, but I still had a really good time! @ Comerica Park
Some lady in line asked me if I wanted a picture with my son so I went along with it @ Comerica Park🐯
Nothing like an ice cold brew watching the tigs @ Comerica Park
& YUP, that one. But at the place the Cup belongs. Toronto not Comerica Park in the D. 😂
At Comerica Park for my first (and possibly only) game of the season. It's a great day for baseball.
Bad day of baseball is better than a good day at work! @ Comerica Park
Totally! We need to get the group together! There are many festivals and Polish Night at Comerica Park!
These last two days I think had spent over $50 on Summer Shandy's at Comerica Park
Tigers lost, but great day down at the ballgame with my love @ Comerica Park
Tigers game today with these goonies ❤️ 🐯 @ Comerica Park
When your reporting the Tigers game and then you see a fine *** booty at Comerica Park.
Fun with the Franco family at the game @ Comerica Park
Even if the tigers are losing, this is one of those days I wish I was sitting in Comerica Park watching the play, getting sunburnt
Thousands of fans leaving Comerica Park after the 8th. Bathroom breaks, I think not. 12-3 White Sox
A great day at the park for this tigers family. @ Comerica Park
Thank you Comerica Park for upgrading your cellular services I I can watch the NBA playoffs when the Tigers are...
Told Ted I never been to a tigers game, 24 hours later look where we're at 🐯 @ Comerica Park
Happy birthday I'll give you twenty four kisses!!! Go tigers!!! @ Comerica Park
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Breaking News: no baseball is being played at Comerica Park today. No reason to tune in to anything.
didn't I just see you doing cocaine off a urinal at Comerica Park with Cliff Robinson?
Beautiful day for a ballgame at Comerica Park.
Hangin with The Hype Squad and our favorite Bishop! @ Comerica Park
White Sox offense is right at home in Comerica Park
Someone thought it was a hockey game @ Comerica Park
now have hit a grand slam at Comerica Park in each of last 3 seasons. Phegley 2013 (off Sanchez), Semien 2014, Abreu 2015 (Sanchez)
I mean, on the upside Comerica Park will sell a lot more alcohol today.
There was like a sellout crowd at comerica park today, and I feel bad for all the ppl who went, since they r watching an 11-1 sox blowout
Going into today the Tigers had outscored opponents at Comerica Park 24-2. They are losing to the White Sox 9-1.
It's a beautiful sunny day at Comerica Park but this game is a mess.
If you see 6-foot-6, 330-pound giant at Comerica Park, please do not be alarmed
I'm at Comerica Park - for Chicago White Sox vs Detroit Tigers in Detroit, MI
Enjoying a little tigers action for my cousins bachelor party! @ Comerica Park
Check out my Comerica Park painting! Prints are available. Please RT. Thanks!
Detroit area work trip in May. Tiger ticket purchased right behind the dug out. First time at Comerica Park.
Safely home from a wonderful day at Comerica Park with Travis⚾️
J.K. Simmons: Opening Day first pitch at Comerica Park is 'dream come true'
Detroit Tigers special manager Alan Trammell does a interview ahead of Opening Day at Comerica Park.…
Belfor's deal with the includes more than signage: Its The Professional Group will do facility management work at Comerica Park.
They all go to N. Warren, Steve Z. works in security at Comerica Park and has a huge Tigers memorabilia collection
Yes, the loss of Max and Rick Porcello hurts, but I like this Tiger team. I think it has improved. If Iglesias is Iglesias again, that is a heck of a defensive infield, especially up the middle. If Gose can hit .240, that's a heck of a defensive outfield, which is desperately needed at the grand canyon known as Comerica Park. If Gose hits .240 and Iglesias hits .250 their defense makes them a must to stay in the starting lineup. Call me crazy, even if I cast a wary eye at Bruce Rodon's throwing arm, but I think this bullpen is much improved. About Rondon, I have doubts about the long term health of anyone trying to throw that hard that often. The Tigers, however, have added some nice pieces. And Al Aburqerque is just wild enough to be extremely intimidating, but he can't do it from the bullpen. The guys pushing the buttons must make sure he gets in the game. I like the young Greene joining the rotation. He should be better with experience, the Tiger defense and pitching at Comerica. The 5th starter ...
Thomas just met Brad Ausmus, uncle Dave Clark and new Tiger Shane Greene @ Comerica Park
Just heads up Detroit,MI never had a kickboxing event in years. Its plenty of stadiums. Masonic Temple,Ford Field,Comerica Park.
Back when I won the World Series and took home the Silver Slugger award @ Comerica Park
I've sold a few pillows and phone cases in the last couple days. Here is one of Comerica Park for all you Tiger...
We had a great time at Comerica Park this summer and can't wait to visit Joe Louis Arena later this month! Join us! .
You can see Ford Field and comerica park from my moms work window. What
. and I got this last year at our first trip to Comerica Park. I smell an autograph opportunity!
Would much rather be at comerica park watching the grounds crew mow the grass.
you like it? I love going there it's so nice especially since it's right next to comerica park and it's a close game rn :o
I'd argue there's a huge difference in skillset through. Howard plays at a hitter's park and Comerica is decidely P friendly.
Got to like the heating lamps. That brick wall is Comerica Park where Tigers play
We offer special rates for all the guests who come to Downtown, Detroit at Comerica Park and Ford Field to watch games.
these commentators for the Auburn game are clueless. Keep calling it Tiger Stadium. It's Comerica Park.
can't believe I was in comerica park yesterday
We just passed comerica park my baseball heart.
WOW: Check out this shot of Detroit during the Eminem/Rihanna concert at Comerica Park. (Photo by Joe Gall)
I'd put front row tickets at Comerica Park on that (or the Joe Louis, if you're too impatient to wait for the summer)
A young boy's dream to round the bases at Comerica Park:
About Michael Saunders: He can play center — 263 career games there — but Comerica Park is a different kind of center.
like I've never been there bc my dad wont let me like im only allowed in the Michigan state stadium and Comerica park lmao
On our way to to tour iHeartRadio, Campbell Ewald, Comerica Park, and Team Detroit!…
Miss my boy I'll never forget our trip to Comerica Park last summer, easily top 5 best weekends of my life. Hope all is well bud
there's a lot. Only a few huge ones though. Also I just found comerica Park. So that's cool.
me at comerica park for the 30th anniversary of the 1984 World Series game
this if you think 27) COMERICA PARK should advance. past 6) Lambeau Field in the
Tbt when I took a selfie on the ice at Comerica Park with
Directly across from Comerica Park, in concert, with my sons.
So excited to tour Comerica Park tomorrow with Caroline and members! 🐯💙
Accident at 10 and Greenfield sends vehicle through Comerica Bank windows.
Just in- SUV crashes into Comerica Bank at 10 Mile and Greenfield in Oak Park. Police on scene. No word on injuries. Tune in
Both Ford Field and Comerica Park sold out crowds right now... Having been to the parking situation must just suck
Weather it's true or not, I chose to believe all the orange at Comerica Park is for Baltimore.
This Sunday, it's a doubleheader with the Detroit Lions hosting the Buffalo Bills at Ford Field & the Detroit Tigers host the Baltimore Orioles at Comerica Park.
Lots of water on the infield at Comerica Park. They're trying to dry it up before a 1PM Tigers workout
The are AL Central Champs. They clinched the division today after beating the at Comerica Park.
What!? A baseball game with out our children as players? Tigers Central Division Champs @ Comerica Park
Comerica Park erupts as Kinsler puts Detroit up 2-0 with an RBI-single. Tigers get some breathing room.
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