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Columbus Day

Many countries in the New World and elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas, which occurred on October 12, 1492, as an official holiday.

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Dude who was thinking of three-day weekend Columbus day, I see you. Put your *** hand DOWN.
Black people were the main ones denouncing Columbus Day out of what he did to your people bu…
Idk if your live under a rock or a very isolated reservation, but Black people esp. on here…
i teach my sister and many girl scouts to respect and honor Native legacies and we don't cel…
In fact, Columbus has so many things named after him already, is it such a huge c…
I don't get (1) when Columbus Day became an *Italian* holiday & (2) how initiating genocide on TWO con…
Yet they hate Columbus Day and Thanksgiving because of immigrants.
How’re they doing at Isn’t weather like this the reason it used to close after Co…
Better to end at Thanksgiving than before Columbus Day!
who think their "woke" don't ever talk about antinative sentiment, like Columbus Day and Tha…
What the *** is wrong with you guys? These are the series the Cubs/Cards got swept. Should replace Columbus Day with one of these days, imo
I think she may have been referring to whites that talk that “all lives matter”, but still celebrate…
But I bet they didn't complain when they had Columbus Day off of school 💁🏼
Exactly! We were fighting against the pipeline and haven’t celebrated Columbus Day since idek when.-
Ah. I thought it was the Columbus day one you were asking me about.
I’m confused why she thinks no one recognizes native peoples’ history/pain.…
Like Columbus day; what's to celebrate ? We should be ashamed of our colonial injustices; only ever brought misery to ind…
This is not mine. The Columbus Day one I found.
If you get lost on Columbus Day you're allowed to just choose and occupy a new home, regardless of its current occupant…
“I was in Columbus the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking about you” ... is that supposed to make me feel good? because i wanna cry
gets all the press for what is an normal day for Baker Mayfield. who also happened to spank you in Columbus.
THANK YOU to all of the coaches that took time out of their day to provide me with a scouting report for Columbus. I greatly appreciate you!
No one says anything? Sis California changed the whole holiday and like all of the same people…
In a random honor of Christopher Columbus Day… Build-A-Boat Battle is LIVE! Watch the video NOW:
Lowes’ has had Christmas decorations for sale since Columbus Day
More like one day of freedom for me. @ Columbus Park
As Americans are arguing about Columbus Day, I would like to inform them, that America was discovered by viking Leif Eriks…
FBI opening civil rights investigation into vandalism of Native American statue on Columbus Day
L.A. CA replaced Columbus Day with “indigenous, aboriginal and native people” day.
October 12th is the day in 1792 that First celebration of Columbus Day in the USA held in New York
1792: The first celebration of Columbus Day is held in New York City.
Summit County Board of Elections was closed on Columbus Day, but building was unlocked
Monday Night Football on Columbus Day at the Weinstein’s is totally ruined.
In the spirit of Columbus Day, ESPN is punishing black female host Jemele Hill, who did nothing wrong, at the request of…
See why cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin are scrapping Columbus Day. . Watch more on "Stay Tuned":
I didn't say a word to my kids about it being Columbus Day today...😐
Leif Ericson Day, Columbus Day and celebrations of Indigenous Peoples Day All happened on the same day this year.
Joel Murray to Wrigley: "It's Columbus Day, we better still be playing when it's snowing out!". bruh it's Chicago it could snow tomorrow lol
Clark County sheriff wants residents to discover their turn signal on Columbus Day
Our offices are closed in honor of Columbus Day. Bank with us 24/7 online or through our mobile banking app.
He also invented Columbus Day. I doubt it will be as popular as Leif Ericson day, but I suppose he's trying.
I love Columbus Day! I can't wait for more holidays just like it:. Robert E Lee Day. Hitler Day. Charles Manson Day. Cancer…
All Hughes Federal Credit Union branches are closed today in observance of Columbus Day. Bank anytime, anyplace w/ mobile ba…
We are closed today in observance of Columbus Day. Don’t forget, Online and Mobile Banking are available 24/7!
—tells me he's on vacation/didn't green light Columbus Day vid, but says it's satire & should…
John Oliver wonders: How is Columbus Day still a thing? via
Pres. Trump has arrived at his Virginia golf course for Columbus Day golfing with Sen. Graham, White House says.
Enjoyed participating in the annual Columbus Day wreath laying ceremony with Lodge 321 in Schenectady t…
College probs: not having Columbus Day off😒
is the faire cancelled on Columbus Day? Weather lookin rough!!
Columbus Day is the dumbest holiday ever, he did not discover America. Smh
He Liberals, please don't let this trigger you. Save your energy for tomorrow we ce…
Happy Columbus Day to you too, I guess
It’s Columbus Day! Remember that he is a disgusting murder who got lost & killed everyone in the Virgin Islands & Hispaniola for no reason.
It’s “Columbus Day”. yea I’m going into the office because I don’t celebrate that foolishness
getting feels b/c on Columbus Day last yr we were getting Cp tickets & here it is the last show on NA to…
Head's up: will be closed 10/9 for Columbus Day. Normal operations at and
awe! You need Lane an I tocome give hugs tomorrow?! Columbus Day so off day!
But thank god for the union! They may not celebrate Columbus Day, but we are grateful we have Caesar…
Class on Columbus Day blows my mind. The Man was a catholic and I go to a catholic school please tell me what's wrong here.
"I assume that a Columbus Day Sale means that I can just walk into a store and take whatever I want"
"Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples Day", trying to please white people and their victims. That man was a homicidal rapi…
Chicago Columbus day parade 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
I would also celebrate Columbus Day, but people here have gone insane and now it's indigenous people…
Here are the cities that celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day
My Hunties of color remember to Venmo request at least $10.00 from every white man you've slept with this Columbus Day htt…
Columbus Day is straight FIRE. 1, 4, 7, 10 let’s go
45 the white supremacist hawking his cheap wares on a day celebrating Columbus, the murderer, slaver & rapist
LOL I got tomorrow off for Columbus Day
When everyone gets tomorrow off bc it's Columbus Day except for you bc you go to private school lmao
.on Columbus Day "Joseph Sciorra and Laura Ruberto said it best" .
Trump has something new planned for America's first white nationalist Columbus Day - no mention that Native Americans even…
I resent the straddling of the fence with the new "Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples Day". It can only be one or the ot…
You’re too young if you don’t remember when schools use to actually celebrate Columbus Day.
Lol going to an HBCU is all fun and games until they don't recognize Columbus Day and you have to go to class.
Bad day if you ever find yourself spray painting govt property to get a message out. via
Tomorrow is Columbus Day, you can celebrate by walking into the wrong class and then keep denying the fact that you're…
Podcast"Empire of Skulls"featuring on Columbus Day on Las Vegas&
In contrasts with Barack Obama, President Trump proclaims Monday as Columbus Day without any of his predecessor’s qualms…
Get ready for a whole lot of pseudo-patriotic sanctimonious posturing tomorrow on Columbus Day.
Italians decry plans to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in L.A. and other areas
Indigenous Peoples' Day is increasingly replacing Columbus Day. We'll examine tomorrow at 11 ET.
Why are all these cities ditching Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day?
Indigenous Peoples' Day is a movement that’s growing to replace Columbus Day as a federal holiday ht…
Why cities are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day
turned out yesterday to honor Indigenous Peoples Day and abolish so-called Columbus Day
The university has begun the process of changing Columbus Day to "Indigenous People's Day" in the academic calendar. ht…
Columbus Day closures to mark holiday
All Ghost Tours for today are SOLD OUT. Tickets available for day & evening tours on Sunday, Oct. 8 & Columbus Day (Monday) Oct. 9
Get your cardio in this weekend while you shop all the best Columbus Day sales at Valley River Center.
Set your sights on some great Savings this Columbus Day weekend. Click for details :
Happy early Columbus Day to the lame brain Portland city coun…
I don’t respect Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus.He was a disgrace to this country and a shameful excuse for a human. May he be forgotten.
Information for the Columbus Day holiday weekend at Fort Sill (and one event that's actually next week). The...
Columbus Day will become Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles County starting in 2019.
L.A. County approves motion to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day
Columbus Day will be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles County by 2019
Oak Park District 97 to honor both Columbus Day, indigenous people on Oct. 9
*talking about Columbus Day with my pregnant wife*. Me: “He sailed the ocean blue, ya know”. “Yeah! In 18…
Los Angeles votes to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day
A beautiful day to work at the Columbus Zoo!
I actually have school on Columbus Day for whatever reason ;; I work Saturday 10-1 unfortunately.. but I’m willing to get all my +
Tomorrow the Council will consider resolution declaring 2nd Monday in Oct. Indigenous Peoples Day. Resolution does not rena…
The celebration of Columbus Day for the past century in the US has perpetuated a narrative that glorifies a...
Does anyone have a month like Natives have October? Columbus Day, Halloween & only month you can see Blackhawks, Redskins & Ind…
Gateway to success: How to prep your marketing campaign before the holiday season
Cut her some slack. Columbus day is coming up. He wiped out all of her ancestors
Discover our vibrant campuses at our Columbus Day Open House on 10/9!. For more info and to register visit:
I'm mad that Columbus Day exists but I ain't mad that I have a 3 day weekend ALV
vs should’ve been played next week on Columbus Day 🤣
In 1492, Christopher Columbus got us a day off school.
Columbus Day Weekend: Come to the museum + show your creative side. It's fun for the whole family!…
In fourteen hundred ninety two, Columbus got us a day of skewl-Eric cartman
Multiple citizens ask that Columbus Day is changed to Indigenous People's Day, in light of the upcoming holiday http…
"We have Monday off because of Columbus Day" . I turned to my boss and said "I'd rather work"…
Seems to me like Chiefs / Redskins should've been played next week on Columbus Day.
Great way to take enjoy the upcoming Columbus Day Weekend - we'll be there raffling off some cool prizes. Stop by o…
Last year, there was some friction between the council, Italian American club over changing of Columbus Day.
The chiefs and redskins should play each other on thanksgiving or next week instead on Columbus Day. You know as a protest.
Reminder, no games on Columbus Day weekend. - Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8 . Enjoy your week and...
He said he was the day Columbus found America... thanks dad for not remembering that.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
OU Logic: DO celebrate Columbus Day, but make it on a different day, but make Reading Day the day after the real Columbus Day
Today is Chiefs vs. Redskins. Next Monday is Columbus Day. Quite a legacy we have here.
2017! . Enter to a pair of SMARTOMI WIT Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Sound. 📚Ends on 10…
Reminder: All Queens Library locations will be closed on Monday, October 9 for Columbus Day. htt…
Me (talking to my husband): I mean, Columbus was a d-bag but I hope you get the day off. 4yo: Columbus was a bean bag?
All schools will be closed for students on Monday, 10/9, for the Columbus Day holiday. Classes will resume on Tuesday, 10/10.…
I just embarrassed myself calling Mini’s school to confirm they were open on Columbus Day. . “Who is Columbus? We don’t…
I just emailed my professor asking to leave class early next Monday and sent it before realizing that it's Columbus Day and there's no class
Already making art 4 Monday Oct 9 @ 3.30pm anti-columbus day tour at the American Museum of Natural History
Next Monday (Oct. 9th) the High School football teams will not have practice!! Happy Columbus Day!! 💜
On this day 35 years ago, went into Columbus and beat Ohio State for a second straight season:
Columbus day weekend fall foliage harvest dinner dance with Live music
Fake news! We have a Columbus Day special coming out Fri in which we debunk all the leftist anti-Columbus nonsense.
For 25 years an organized protest against the Columbus Day Celebration has taken place.
So if you thought so why do we still celebrate Columbus Day
5 great things to do Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 6-9
Chiefs vs Redskins should have been next Monday as the featured Columbus Day matchup
Interesting that it wasn’t scheduled next Monday on Indigenous People’s Day formerly known as Columbus Day.
Holiday Fun Fact: The first federal observance of Columbus Day was under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
This legislation urges Northeastern to change its observance of Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day.
Is there any reason we can't switch the farce we call Columbus Day to First Responders Day? I'll hang up and listen.
Columbus Day needs to be canceled. Why y'all honoring a white foreigner who stole from Native Americans, I don't get it.
will host Columbus Day 16U&18U Tournament at Devine Rink,Dorchester
Celebrators and protesters talk Columbus Day one week out from annual event in Pueblo.
I wish this Redskins vs. Chiefs game was on "Columbus" Day cause I truly believe the NFL is that tone deaf that it will…
Petition to make Columbus Day a tribute to director Chris Columbus
I've never understood these weird "holiday sales" like who the F thinks it's Columbus Day let's go get a new couch just like Chris had!
The City Council has decided Davenport will mark Indigenous Peoples Day on Oct. 9, not Columbus Day.
Wondering if Columbus Day sale means we can just come in to one of their locations and TAKE WHATEVER WE WANT like how Chris did?
I'll be in your area Columbus Day weekend. Want to chat about on-set stories for Ghostbusters, Central Intelligence, and more?
Hair Nation Expo Tee Shirts . Add your biz name or website The Shirts will be available at on Columbus Day
I always tell the boss I dont work on Columbus Day and Spiro Agnew's birthday. .
First the Puerto Rican Parade, now Columbus Day...once again, Bill de Blasio & his divisive agenda is focus. How Sad http…
Gov., you have marched in the NYC Columbus Day parade, we want to hear from you regarding the fate of C…
Is the traditional Columbus Day parade still on?
First theyvwant to get rid of statues then Columbus Day then fathers and Mother's Day now t…
October 9th of this year is Columbus Day. Surely, the city of Phoenix would not have allowed a WNBA victory parade
In LA, Columbus Day now Indigenous Peoples Day. De Blasio won't say if Columbus statue should go. He did say no new name for Columbus parade
.won't change Columbus Day and parade to "Indigenous People's Day," unlike
.says he has "no intention" to change Columbus Day Parade name to Indigenous People's Parade, or to change name of Columbus Day
Atlanta has two Labor Day (black pride) and Columbus Day (white pride). White pride is more organized and has the p…
How does one even celebrate Columbus Day? At least Leif Erikson Day is an excuse to drink ale, wine, and brännvin.
Violent outbursts overshadow J'Ouvert festival -- again via y doesn't this happen at Columbus Day parade?
Yep. And Leif Erikson Day & Chris. Columbus Day are on the same day this year.
Well if you get right down to it, AMERIGO VESPUCCI discovered AMERICA. So change Columbus Day to Vespucc…
The Los Angeles City Council voted to eliminate Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day.
PC Police- Los Angeles replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. on FBN7p
L.A. City Council replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day on city calendar
Cali has largest number of Native Americans & L.A. was founded by ppl w/ Native, black & Spanish blood. It was high time t…
LA City Council voted today and is now replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day
A huge milestone for indigenous peoples:
Huge S/O to L.A. for honoring the millions of Natives massacred in Columbus' wake.https:…
Columbus never set foot on present day united States, he landed in central America. Al…
Yass Columbus Day is going to be replaced with Indigenous People's Day in LA!!!
Los Angeles replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, and 4th Graders in CA no longer have to build model mission…
LA City Council votes to replace Columbus Day holiday in October with Indigenous People's Day.
Columbus Day is wretched and should be done away with. There is no cogent counter argument.
Indigenous Peoples Day will replace Columbus Day in L.A. Passionate speeches from both Native Americans and Italian Ame…
LA City Council voted to replace Columbus Day with !
Maine city replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day - WMTW
Hundreds of indigenous people & allies pack LA City Council as the City prepares to vote for Indigenous Peoples Day to repla…
No one cared about Columbus anyway! As long as we get that 3 day weekend.
Los Angeles City Council officially votes to replace Columbus Day with beginning in 2019.
Columbus Day needs to be replaced all across America with Indigenous People's day I'm glad it's slowly progressing https:…
.should throw a HUGE Columbus Day party on the White House lawn & invite every Italian-American in the cou…
Los Angeles City Council voted to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.
Los Angeles city representatives vote to replace Columbus Day with
I will continue 2 celebrate on now named indigenous Day as well! Thanks to Columbus w have what America…
Congratulations Los Angeles! has voted to replace Columbus Day with
Two red oaks survived the Columbus Day storm of 1962 & still provide shade in Powell Park.
Announcing this years Festa Italiana at Mount Loretto, Columbus Day weekend
We're thrilled to announce Festa Italiana at the Mount! We look forward to seeing you there on Columbus Day weekend. http…
he'll 😜🇺🇸💯 athlete hey *** 10k hold Columbus Day to Ken Bone Day
Some friends of mine used to celebrate Columbus Day in this fashion back in college.
Republicans hate the truth almost as much as immigrants...accept the ones they are that stole this country. Happy murder I mean Columbus Day
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
At my university, we don't get Columbus Day off. We get Cesar Chavez Day off instead.
You ain't got no choice but to visit 😂. If I lived in Columbus I'd be over there every other day probably
Slept all day when I got home from Columbus... regretting it right about now 😂
Let's celebrate Columbus day by walking into someone's house and telling them we live there now. Hap
On this day in 1492 Alonzo Pietro, explorer, set sail with Christopher Columbus
Under compromise, Columbus Day would become Columbus, Standing Bear and Indigenous Leaders’ Day
Schools should Not celebrate Columbus Day or land run reenactments. Teach NA history, like Trail of Tears.
We don't discuss Columbus Day other than what it is, a joke. And we talked about the "real thanksgiving" this year…
Midwest Grey Cities Tour: a rainy day in Columbus, OH
- Retail Sales Associate Full Time - Sales reporting and tracking day to day progr...
let's follow South Dakota's lead and replace Columbus Day with Native Day.
An apt response to Trump's attempt to close not only borders but the creative spirit. And it opens on Columbus Day.
So. I spent my entire last day in NYC sleeping 💤. Columbus I'm ready.
3/26/17 - what CBS in Columbus did to me on this day
Here's an Idea: Let's 'repeal' Christopher Columbus day and 'replace' it with Christopher Steele day. Who's with me?!
Oh Columbus, I love it when we get a tornado warning on the 6th day of spring
Columbus, OH: where the final hole of the WBC Match Play and the finish of the UK/UNC game are preempted for whether alerts all in one day.
On this day in 1911:. Tennessee Williams, American playwright (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), was born in Columbus, Mississ…
never had hot head, Columbus local? I'd put TACO BELL above chipotle any day. At least we agree Qdoba is 🔥
My mommie and me starting her Born day behavior @ Columbus Civic…
Columbus, Ohio=Bad for vacations. First day here and there is a freaking tornado warning -10/10
Note: if you invite me to speak at a conference and specify it's "Columbus Day weekend" clearly don't know who you…
Columbus, thank you for the unforgettable evening. Day Side A was a success!
I'm from Columbus where you hear tornado sirens in the middle of a nice day
im Bahamian and puerto rican even bled for my ancestors for columbus day
Awful day for Wilmington's radar to be down, but FAA TDWR's in Dayton & Columbus helping big time.
See our latest IN and click to apply: Part-time Day Associate -
Thrilled to be featured by on their Good Day Marketplace segment!. Check it out tomorrow morning at 10!.
Day two of tour is tonight in Columbus, OH
Editing my next review. Airs tomorrow. Columbus day by narrated by
i swear my mom enjoys Columbus Day more than my birthday.
That day I ran into iamjohnoliver. Perks of New York City. @ Columbus…
Having my Air Max Day in Columbus, OH this year.
from OSU: UPDATE 1/2 : Shelter in Place lifted. Scene now secure. ALL classes are canceled on Columbus campus for the remai…
I don't get how we still get Christopher Columbus Day off but not Cesar Chavez day
What a day. Made it to Columbus and back and only used a quarter of a tank and my car overheated on my way to work :-)
Yall really get offended when someone of the opposite sex calls you bro, fam, etc. Yall would cry every day if yall li…
When you beg your best friend to take a day trip to Columbus with you even when he told you he has a lot of school work
Day off in Columbus. Need sandwich. I can't choose. You decide.
Council considers opening city offices Columbus Day
Let me think...what do Anti-Columbus Day protesters and NoDAPL water protectors have in common?
After complaints by Native Americans, Montana's GOP-controlled House votes to change the name of Columbus Day:
.recognizes members of Pyramid Lake Paiutes on Senate floor. Says he wanted to vote on Columbus Day bill, but issues came up
every other month has dates that are celebrated for white people (i.e. Columbus Day is a good example)
let's go see frozen I heard that's good. Maybe go eat chicken nugz. What do you want to do for Columbus Day?
If you call Thanksgiving "Turkey Day" because it features dead turkeys you may as well refer to Columbus Day as "Native American Day"
ICYMI: Bill would replace Columbus Day with day honoring Chief Standing Bear, other Native American leaders
Christmas, Halloween, Groundhog Day, shii I'll do it on Columbus Day 😅
we don't have extra holiday like USA in fall! But have 26th! Federal statutory holiday! Our Thanksgiving on Columbus day.
First time home since Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Now it's permanent! Happ…
No puppy for Christmas. So 2017 begins by asking for my birthday, Groundhog's Day, Easter, Columbus Day, & all other gifting opportunities
Merry 4th of July everyone. Remember to give thanks for all the Halloween Candy you're going to receive on this day of Columbus.
If you can't get laid on Columbus Day you're not really trying
and I are seeing in Columbus on MLK Jr. Day. My body is not ready.
Irony: live in Columbus now, not even interested in going to Ohayocon for a day.
Columbus day would be a British Stoat who looks like Chris Columbus shoving an entire map up his ***
"easter and bunny/eggs! july 4th and eagles/fireworks" no no. those are assumed. commonplace. i'm talking, like, columbus day, leap day. Go
Were all Columbus fans at the end of the day
This Day In: 1492, the carrack Santa María, commanded by Christopher Columbus, runs onto a reef off Haiti due to an improper watch.
Check out this incredible double rainbow shot on Christmas Day from Columbus, NE! Submitted by baytownbill through…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
GoodMorning and Happy Columbus Day! Shop bold and beautiful and receive an extra 15% off at checkout 😘🎉
Merry Christmas Day. : ) Thanks for all the interesting content/knowledge you provide about Columbus.
who tf would be mad at a day off? I don't believe we should celebrate Columbus Day, but I'd happily accept an extra day off.
Every. Holiday. "What did you do for Columbus Day? "I got a new car from my mom actually,
Shop Now to Discover Great Savings on Columbus Day with 6% Extra Discount + Site-Wide Free Shipping on Every...
Rainbow in columbus Nebraska after a soggy day of ☔️
You don't see Xtians trying raise their Columbus Day game to compete with Sukkot, now do ya?
Raquel Arthur, Paiute, and President of Northern Nevada AIM, outside Reno courthouse today. Photo by Buck...
Pourquoi catch on self-occupied day coach starters regard columbus oh: jmnp
Caregivers# should give some thought to their What would make your day-to-day life easier?
Near and far, hope you all are having as pleasant of a day as we are having. @ Columbus, Montana
Mad props to team on Westbelt Dr in Columbus OH getting my 6 person takeout order spot-on for Christmas day! *** *** *** great job
ima share this song for right now yet my names arius im Bahamian and puerto Rican even stabbed on Columbus day
You guys celebrate Columbus Day all you want. I'll celebrate Lief Erikson Day. HADINGA DINGA DURGEN
Photo of the day: Businesses, shops and restaurants line the decorated 13th Street in Columbus, Neb. (Brendan Sulli…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I made a solid argument that it doesn’t matter if a college renames columbus day, so I’m free to watch the Warriors blow a 3:1 ratio lead.
Columbus Day sex can't forget that one
Christmas really gets worse and worse every year I wouldn't know the difference if tomorrow was Columbus Day
Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa Maria, ran aground on a reef on this day in 1492.
these parody accounts have abolished Columbus Day
Christmas like Columbus day, you know you shouldn't be celebrating, but it's a tradition lol
We come from the north. All in red. Honoring the feminine. There is no honor in Columbus Day.
But it's christ... yeah merry Columbus Day to you to bruh 😂😂
Since my parents are divorced, I would say even Columbus Day ranks much higher than Christmas on the favorite holiday list. Congrats Chris!
The National Education Association is running a campaign to rename Columbus Day!! Help to keep Columbus in Columbus Day!!!
L.A. is considering joining a movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day (via
So Baltimore City is now looking to change Columbus Day to Indiginous People's Day.
City Council moves to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples and Italian-Americans Day
Indiana city renames Columbus Day, Good Friday Diversity is increasingly anti Christian.
A True celebration of diversity would lead to keeping Good Friday and Columbus Day, as named, instead of giving the…
Breast Cancer Awareness
If Americans take off work for a rapist on Columbus Day, we should have Tuesday off to make sure another one doesn't e…
It's Columbus Day in the US. He gets a mention on map of Liguria in Vatican Mus. "Cristoforo Colombo, Ligurian, discove…
Let's change Columbus Day. Let's have some pride. How about we all find out about our relatives?
Vermont has officially changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, and is the second U.S. state to do so.
Columbus Day is serious here in Spain. Already caught a parade going to &from the tombs of Ferdinand & Isabela + canon fire all evening.
THANK GOD I missed the Columbus Day parade in Chicago. I was taking the 22 North on Dearborn as they were closing...
New York day five: Rockefeller, Columbus Day parade, museum of Modern Art, Radio music Hall, Central Park, and the Met…
The Italian Presidential Guard Corrazieri have been on parade in New York to celebrate Columbus Day on their Cali 1400s.
Witness described it as hate crime; driver yelled obscenities at crowd protesting Columbus Day, Dakota oil pipeline
US - A marching band performs at the annual Columbus Day parade in New York. By Kena Betancur
I'd like to apologize for playing Amsterdam March in a Columbus Day parade! I had to do it bc it's part of my grade…
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