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Columbia University

Columbia University in the City of New York, commonly referred to as Columbia University, is an American private Ivy League research university located in New York City, New York, United States.

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Women don't lie about rape...except when they do:.
Come to University of British Columbia to learn about Ella Higginson! Click for more details and to register! ♀️✍️.
6'2 Heru Bligen '19 is at Columbia University Elite camp today.
When cultures clash. Found this at the university of British Columbia. 😅😛💩
Hear Patti Smith Read the that Would Become Horses: A Reading of 14 Poems at Columbia University, 1975
Ricardo Lindo 19" picks up offer from Columbia University.
Gabi Mayers was told by another student that her admission to Columbia University was due in part to being "a black sob story." ht…
I start my master's degree at Columbia University's School of Journalism this Thursday. 🤓🤓🤓
This, from Columbia University, should describe every public school.
Try receiving your EMBA in the joint program hosted by London Business School and Columbia University. Learn more:…
Kevin Tarr went to school for Journalism for his undergraduate from Clark Atlanta University and Columbia University
oh my God i got into Columbia University in New york ! all glory to GOD !!! i never thought i would get into an ivy l…
Head of School Mark Anderson is continuing his leadership work with the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University.
Columbia University students call Thomas Jefferson 'the epitome of white supremacy'
//The lawsuit, brought by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in New York and joined by... htt…
A new council has been created to promote happiness, led by a professor from Columbia University.
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I work at political correctness HQ sir. I work at Columbia University so I know a…
We have friends whose kid goes to Barnard College, but the parents tell everybody she is going to Columbia University :-(
A 22-year-old Columbia University student is clinging to life after a hit-and-run in Manhattan, cops say
Artnews. Two years after graduating from New York’s Columbia University and completing her much-covered,...
Interactive Brain Art - A new media installation at Columbia University renders the brain larger than life…
Andrew Hawkins managed to fit graduate school into his NFL schedule & graduate from Columbia University w/ 4.0 GPA! . htt…
So today I got accepted into Columbia University on a full ride scholarship for graduate school. I've made it to the Ivy…
Congratulations to our four new doctors from Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Teachers College, Columbia University!
Thomas Jefferson is the “epitome of white supremacy,” students claimed at Columbia University.…
Beating the odds: Lily Zerihun '16 is accepted by *11* medical schools, will attend Columbia University in the fall…
TWENTYEIGHT is coming to NYC this week! Staged reading on Friday, May 12. Shapiro Studio, Columbia University. 7pm.…
Study Links Medical Marijuana to Fewer Traffic Fatalities: A new study from Columbia University found that traffic……
Playing at the Miller Theatre at Columbia University this Saturday May 6th at 2pm and 5pm
Today in 1968: 300 students take over Dean's office at Columbia University to protest Vietnam War
Congratulations Divya on your acceptance to Cornell University, Dartmouth College and Columbia University for MS...
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Narayan Murthy funds them big time. Because he gets access to through Columbia University... . via
This program, Texas AM, Tulane, U Miami, Columbia University , Cornell, Fordham are some of the few.
The Iota Line of the Theta Delta chapter at Columbia University & our educator
Scholarship opp for a refugee woman at Barnard College, Columbia University
Remember when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University, and he said with a straight...
Hi my 5 year old son will have an opportunity to attend elementary at Columbia University.. i live in queens How can i get a
Which program among the Master of Science in Data Science at Columbia University and the Master of Science in Analytics at Northwestern Uni…
Excited to announce I have just received an offer to play football for Columbia University! 🦁🏈
VIDEO: The Ghost of Columbia University, Barack Hussein. Small class, yet no one ever met him, had a class with...
"Last month Chinese students at Columbia University in New York City were targeted by racist vandals who ripped...
Columbia University responds to recent student suicides by improving the quality of available services
'Say my name': See how Chinese students are responding to racism at Columbia University
Where’s the Outrage? Chinese Name Tags being Ripped Off at Columbia University
vandals tore down their names, so Chinese students at Columbia University respond by explaining what their names mean.…
Try on 104th and Amsterdam Ave! Near Columbia University and really fun! ^EE
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Bowdoin College anonymously edited the Wikipedia page for Columbia University:
Columbia University just accidentally accepted hundreds of students, only to apologize and revoke the letters
Proud to be a professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of the Enemy of the American…
Columbia University accidentally sent acceptance letters to 277 applicants:
Columbia University says it accidentally sent acceptance notices to nearly 300 prospective students:
Columbia university called and they are missing a globalist *** is that you? Probably butter cup
Barack Obama during a speech in the University of Columbia in 1981 during his major in political sciences
Very proud that several of my alma maters (on this list suing over travel ban
Columbia Univ. strengthening its procedures after it accidentally sent acceptance emails to 277 prospective students
Students with Asian names targeted in Columbia University vandalism. "Honestly terrible political climate" to blame?
Danny Danon, Ambassador to the UN is currently speaking at University. Audience members have shouted…
More than 200 applicants were told they were accepted to Columbia University, then were told it was a mistake
Columbia University accidentally sends acceptance letters to..
looks like Columbia university is embracing the trend
Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University and a notorious anti-Israel...
Today in 1948: Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower resigns as Army chief of staff to serve as president of Columbia University.…
Columbia University? Start listing any Conservatives who went there & wrote for Canada press. I'll wait & wait & wait. LOL!
Sent by a classmate: Neil Gorsuch year book photo at Columbia University
Construction is now two stories above street level on Columbia University's three-story, 55,980-square-foot...
is 'acutely unqualified' to be on Went to Columbia University, Oxford, Harvard Law School.
Why go to Columbia University and Harvard Law School when you can just be an orange Cheeto puff with no credientials
Congrats to Webb’s Ryan Lee on his commitment to row at Columbia University!
Hello~ Melinda Gates~^ Chairman Bill Gates and Chairman Warren Buffett have a discussion at Columbia University~~^
on Vergil, your personal course planning guide | Columbia University
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at Columbia University - 27th Jan 2017
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at Columbia University. Warren Buffet reminds me of Carl Fredricksen from "Up" :).
WATCH: Anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi from Columbia University on ... via
Columbia University researches its ties to slavery
Reminder: University is using GOP tactics to challenge the outcome of an election & hopes Trump will save them…
I get a brief shout out from Eric Foner! Columbia University Releases Report On Historical Ties To Slavery
Love money? Get a $50 credit with Lyft And the code is? RESERVE >> University of Missouri (Missouri or Mizzou) (Columbia)
Yahoo news lying again about Palestinians. This time about renowned Prof. Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University. Boycott them!
. 1/25/1939:The first nuclear fission experiment in the US occurs in a basement at Columbia Universi…
A new project developed by a Columbia professor and students investigates the school’s associations with slavery
Columbia University details historical ties to slavery
📷 Maybe I overlooked the part in NewYork Times article where it talked about Columbia University...
Columbia University tackles its links with slavery.
stepson John Parke Custis and his slave Joe both make appearances in report on
Columbia University explores historical ties to the slave trade
Columbia University acknowledges profiting from slavery.
.has released a new report detailing its historical ties to slavery. We talked to the report's author.
Through my two favorite colleges!! City College of NY and Columbia University-I've sold books to get me by on money
Columbia unearths its ties to slavery: The university benefited from slavery-related fortunes & helped increase them http…
Beyond the Bars Call for Artists - The Center for Justice at Columbia University
New report will show Columbia University’s ties to slavery
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.University’s Rashid Khalidi Is Secure in His and refers to with stereotypical disdain http…
A great new FREE online curriculum for African investigative journalists from our friends at Columbia University.
Jeffrey Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and the UN Sustainable Development...
"Barry Soetoro attended the prestigious Punahou school in Hawaii, Occidental College and Columbia University"
international law degree. My friend professor Ar nold Stark studied at Columbia University with Albright and told me
Honored to be judging the National Magazine Awards today and tomorrow at Columbia University
Simon Sinek (RAND Corp, Columbia University) on why millennials have low job & life satisfaction and how to fix it.
Congrats to Randy Brumant (2017/F) on acceptance into Columbia University...
Riverside students helping School 25 work with Columbia University to map the salinity of the Hudson River Estuary…
Saw "Barry" (2016), a story of Barack Obama starting Columbia University in Ed Koch's Big Apple in Reagan's America in 1981. 4 of 4 stars.
The film is focus on the year Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University when he was a junior.
Who are the Greedy Corporations again?. Harvey Mudd College, Columbia University, NYU., Sarah Lawrence College. top $$ 3
Thanks for having me, Columbia University. Fantastic to speak at the School of Journalism here. America. Still grea…
Lincoln Park man filming movie in Detroit for Columbia University - Southgate News Herald
Columbia University's student-run radio station Pauline Oliveros tribute is still going: htt…
Jefes: Stuart Rockefeller Instructor, Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, Columbia University
New York (CNN)Columbia University has suspended members of its wrestling team after a school investigation found...
New York -- Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health found that an important...
PhD position at the Early Experience, and Development Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University
Political science degree from Columbia University, attended law school at Harvard. . But you know better, of course.. right
I'm proudly voting for And this article couldn't explain my reasoning any better.
why is MY college so expensive?DUH see what president of Columbia University makes $2.4 Mill!!! DUH 🙄 htt…
He is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. It's real easy to look up. Just go to Google and type it in.
'Columbia University made me vote for Donald Trump,' graduate of ...
Writer: 'The left is a bunch of bullies!' 'Columbia University made me vote for Donald Trump'
Cities must address how affects its most vulnerable communities, says new Columbia University study.
Hey everyone! Don't forget to sign up for Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center at Columbia University Medical...
If anyone will be in NYC November 15, here is the poster for my talk on Spain's 15-M Movement at Columbia University h…
My professor just threw mad shade at Columbia University lmao 😂
Proof that the sun still shines over Jeffersonian democracy @ Columbia University, 116 Street,…
Regressives at college turned this guy to Trump. Not really surprised. A person can only take so much from their BS.
Writer: 'Columbia University made me vote for Donald Trump' via
We're Click to apply: Branch Manager- Columbia University -New York - NY - NY
Check out Dr. David Goldstein's work at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and NewYork-Presbyterian…
Some people recognise and resist the ubiquitous propaganda of the Left. Or maybe they read and understood "Animal...
Progressive Historian for Columbia University: "For thirty years the Ku Klux Klan was the domestic terrorist arm of…
‘Columbia University made me vote for Donald Trump,’ graduate of Ivy League school writes
TONIGHT. Nonfiction Dialogues with James Shapiro. The Larry Miller Professor of English at Columbia University. 7 pm.
아마도 The central library of Columbia University.since the weather…
Columbia University, where I went to study in 1993, insisted its under...
once more for people in the back: Barnard College is a women's undergraduate college with a degree conferred by Columbia University
JOB... Associate Director of Institutional and Foundation Relations - Columbia University - New York, NY
Columbia University researchers confirm Turkey’s links to ISIS
"While you went to the less prestigious Columbia University, I went to Harvard." - Makau Mutua to AG Githu Muigai.
Dream Team Power Woman doing big things at Columbia University I am the little…
Nursing school innovation at its finest! Columbia University
"A Columbia University study in 2008 found that about 10 percent of New York City public-school children are Muslim.". Jihad?
[agade] JOBS: Early Christian History and Literature (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) Fro… Read more at https:/…
Mason can probably tackle better than me @ Columbia University…
‘Horny’ Columbia University professor fights sex charge: Here’s an accusation with a few wrinkles to it. A Co...
Phillip Lopate and Kiese Laymon | In Conversation: Notes of a Native Son | Columbia University School of the Arts
Columbia University in New York was chartered by the King of England.
Simon Schama, Columbia University. Propagandist for degenerate and Jewish-produced art.
Columbia University's Historic Preservation Program is looking for a Program Manager apply at
Columbia University student is reduced to tears after seeing Donald Trump chalk markings and a...
Day 3: Full day!! Semi walk in City, 'did' Central Park, take in Columbia University again (my fav college), see a Yankee baseball match (…
NYC vs San Francisco - When I was at Columbia University in the 80s people from NYC had a very...
Joseph Stiglitz, professor of economics at Columbia University, explains to Inc. editor James Ledbetter why the...
David Phillips, of Columbia University, on the relationship between Turkey & Daesh
googled it, there's nothing like that. Columbia university is developing one that can produce/cook food from a frozen base
Scientists at Columbia University are developing a 3D food printer for the home that could revolutionise how we ea…
University of British Columbia conducting entrepreneurship classes at Ktc
Thanks to The Low Down podcast at Columbia University for the shout-out for
NLRB rules Columbia U grad students can unionize, opening way for 100s of university union drives nationwide.
The case arose from a petition filed by a group of graduate students at Columbia University
Marcus Lattimore may be leading another turnaround in Columbia
Hear principal investigator in University study of NSA zero-day disclosure policy.
Finding out both Alexander Hamilton and Richard Rodgers went to Columbia University (king's college) has been the highlight of my day
I have a young friend who is working at this refuge.Great job for a university student! 25 bear cubs munch on apples
My literary analysis professor went to Harvard for her undergrad & Columbia University for her grad 🤓 what a blessing to be working w her 🙌🏼
Congrats Columbia (& other private university) grad students for the right to unionize!
...So Columbia University taught Obama how to systematically dismantle the America we all knew and love.
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dude you should she's freaking brilliant. Graduated top of her class at UNM then got her degree at Columbia University.
1980 photo of Gary Cohen as a Senior at Columbia University. The hair scenario came up re: Gsellman's long locks
Judge says graduate assistants at University are eligible to unionize, which is cool.
🤔 Just told, Proskauer Rose Atty Susan Friedfel of White Plains, NY who was atty involved in both Columbia University and Kesha (cont'd,1/4)
in other news, dad doesn't understand that I can't take a week off university to go skiing in British Columbia
Columbia University and Kesha sex assault, harassment & retaliation against complainant cases AND who lead 'wins' against victims only
Squid Pro Quo Columbia University Worst Reporter 2014,dumbest man on TV. Delete yourself!
Columbia University in the City of New York ** Student offer: $50 totally free from Lyft! Download Lyft & use promo code ZOOT
it looks like Proskauer Rose abusing it's personal relationship w/judges - as it seems to have for sex assaulters at Columbia University 1/2
my sister-in-law is an adjunct union rep at her university. that Columbia ruling is a big, big deal.
judges who ought to recuse themselves to instead stay on toss &/or sit on cases, for example, the judge assigned to Columbia University sex
assault by professor case sat on sex assault complaints v Columbia University beg same month and year judge's wife was given a no show job
He was the lead in the 79 Columbia University Production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
Excited to announce that I have committed to Columbia University to further my education and basketball career 💙🦁 https:/…
Yesss. Some great news from my university :).
Representing the Trinity class of 2006 and Columbia University at convocation today!
My wife & daughter ate at the blujeen restaurant near Columbia University in Harlem & they loved it. 👍🏻😃
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Vassar College, Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University all cost more that $40,000 a year, more than 4 times what the majority pays.
Abby and her new friend Machop @ Butler Library at Columbia University
The Butler Library of Columbia University. Built in the 1930s in the style and…
Nick Holliday and Andrew Miller continue their basketball camp tour in the big apple at Columbia University
Shrieking 5 year old at Columbia University: "DAD! LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING". Dad, quietly: "I can't there are too many Pokemon."
University of Victoria invites ferry passengers to aid research and become citizen scientists during their trip
so far I'm set on staying in NY so St. John's, Fordham, Hofstra or my top choice Columbia University.
University of British Columbia Music Program chooses Hailun! Full story on FB!
The University of British Columbia is ranked among the 40 best Universities in the world. In…
Check out our new Virtual College Tour page for Columbia University .
The player...formally Mousecop. University of Missouri - Columbia
Only 5 days until our Opening Keynote with Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University!! Check out one of his most...
My work at work is finished for the day (@ University of the District of Columbia (UDC) in Washington, DC)
But than there's Washington State & University of Manoa plus Columbia University but I just really hope I get accepted into one of them 😌👍🏼
fantastic article to start the series :) there's a minor typo in the 2nd paragraph, should be 'Columbia University'
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- deeply, thanking God that the guy was someone he knew long enough, his college friend back then in Columbia University. "You -
Same Columbia University that BHO allegedly graduated from.
Attending college in Canada is one of the most affordable options for families right now, even coming from the USA.
Believe it or not for the Celiac Center at Columbia University
Coursera - Useful Genetics Part II by Rosemary Redfield - University of British Columbia -
If I choose to apply to your university will I also face false-rape allegations?
Register for summit, NYCML'16, September 22nd at Columbia University!
Dr. Kelly Posner-Director Center for Suicide Risk Assessment, Columbia University shares her thoughts on C-SSRS
Another one of the girls (4th this year) made it into an overseas university, this time Columbia university in the US. Black girl power!
somewhere near the Columbia University Medical Center would be ideal.
AUT alumnus to study at Columbia University - AUT
This was a Skype interview with potential sponsors that could've helped fund my education at the University of British Columbia
Police Officer - Missouri University of Science and Technology - Columbia, SC
The named director of new Knight Inst. Learn more in our fall issue
Clowney’s new business venture: store, lounge in Columbia by
.partnered with the University of British Columbia to investigate Chile's HIV problem: via
I didn't know Columbia University borders Ecuador via fix that
University of British Columbia joins council of top fundraising global universities
In addition we welcome human rights activist and PhD student at Columbia University.
Addition to morning lecture: a PhD student in African history at Columbia University.
More than 60% links shared on are never clicked including by the people who share them : Microsoft & Columbia Uni…
Excited to present at Columbia University today on the school leader's role in responding to the impact race has on children's lives.
TJ Brunson will be Gamecock freshmen’s ambassador to Columbia
Reporting live this week from Columbia University's Summer Teachers & Scholars Institute, "The…
look it up. By the way Obama in. Columbia university had a foreign student pass. I have a copy ??
You went to Columbia University, Barry. Even most middle class people can't afford to go there. How did you pay for it?
Starting the morning off right in New York before we head over to Columbia University!
A team led by Columbia University in New York, found shellfish had cancerous growths, called neoplasms, which...
NOVA graduate, Nikola Danev, attending Columbia University in the City of New York, one of the eight Ivy League...
Columbia University in the City of New York: A hub for innovation. Read Blog:
Electronic Device Insurance
Columbia University in the City of New York came at of 30 and thats only the undergrad ratio with Graduate...
Administrative Aide for Programs in Occupational Therapy job - Columbia University - New York, NY
This morning's teams were Columbia University in the City of New York, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University...
Had a great camp at Columbia University, humbled and excited to receive an offer!
I mean if you're paid foreign affairs writer who studied international politics at Columbia University, what's your excuse for that mustache
Monipur High School - Notre Dame College - BUET and now I am waiting to embark on Columbia University in the City...
Read about the beautiful addition to Columbia University's Medical School, a new building that comes equipped with a…
Why some bisexual men stay in the closet - Research conducted at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public...
Columbia University brought Communism to America. Where did Obama go to school again?
Best school in the world...I see you CU! . Columbia University.
'Delighted to address the graduands of the Columbia University's School of Public Policy, SIPA, at their...
Okonjo-Iweala delivers commencement lecture of the Columbia University's School of Public…
1992. William S. Burroughs shot by Allen Ginsberg. The two met at Columbia University in 1943.
TLC's Trading Spaces ultimately lead me to my Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University.
"To enter Columbia University's grad school of journalism is to enter the highest temple of a religion in decline" https:/…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hindu-American Author's Lecture on 'Hinduism in Academia' at CU Aggressively Attacked by Hinduphobic Trolls
Follow the top Columbia University stories for May 30 on our topical page:
Find out more about the Columbia University Center for Infection and Immunity.Short snippet here! research!
he's nothing but a criminal flunkee for the criminal terrorist lowlife running Columbia university I'm nobidys fkunkee so the
Thoughts?. "Nayla Kidd was an engineering student at Columbia University when reports that she had gone missing...
The fight to preserve freedom of the press is getting a $60 million war room.
Justicia Hídrica Alliance and IW Network 1-day workshop on July 10th at Wageningen after PE-3. Details at,
Located in Canada on British Columbia's west coast and named for an early explorer, Simon Fraser University...
The largest universities in the world. Columbia University. University of ...
Let's Fly to Columbia University in the City of New York. See you there on june 16th!
Berlinski was a research assistant in molecular biology at Columbia University,[3]
David Norman's journey wasn't an easy one, but he graduated from Univ. at age 67
Columbia University set out to see if algorithms are under the Freedom of Information Act -- specifically those used in crimi…
Firstly, it's Colombia. Columbia is the American University. Secondly, Colombia is very much aligned with the US. I think it was
Job one for Columbia's First Amendment war room: scrutinizing the school's speech policies. https…
Little Giant Ladders
"A couple of weeks ago while visiting a local bookstore on Columbia University campus in New York I ran into a...
An innovative algorithm is helping scientists decipher how drugs work inside the body - Researchers at Columbia University Medical...
Ex-drug dealer who served prison time graduates from Columbia University at 67
Composer Portrait on Klas Torstensson;. April 27, 2017 at the Miller Theatre at Columbia University!
The story of an American ISIS mercenary (and former Columbia University student), now full of regrets:
Former Harlem drug dealer celebrates Columbia University graduation after long road back from prison
Thai Jackie Chulya of Columbia University has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Dinah Shore Trophy
- this is the place for you! Columbia University to Open a First Amendment Institute
Knight Foundation, Columbia University launch 1st Amendment Institute to promote free expression in the digital age
Great to hear that Columbia University to Open a First Amendment Institute
Columbia University to create institute to expand 1st Amend freedoms of speech, press in the digital age ht…
Here is a link to the paper he first presented at Columbia University in 1916
Police searching for missing Columbia University student .
19 year old Nayla Kidd has been missing for a week. Police searching for missing Columbia University student
Police searching for missing Columbia University student
Baccalaureate Service | Columbia University in the City of New York via
Tip 2 for WAPO . Barrack Obama did not attend Columbia University but Barry Soetoro did . Oh yeah, foreign student..
A new player in the SUNY Poly investigation: A Columbia University professor.
He is also headed to Columbia University on a full-ride Fellowship for graduate school. We honestly could not be prouder 🦁
The Program in Narrative Medicine of Columbia University and the American Medical Student Association are...
The front page in 1968. Police officers act to oust protesting students from Columbia University.
Greetings! On Saturday April 30th of 2016, I'll be speaking as a guest panelist at Columbia University and the...
A student at Columbia University on his Bernie Art Car school project. Thank U Gene!
Beyond the Lecture : Melanie Hibbert Barnard College, Columbia University, media use in HE. Watch the livestream.
Amir Mehmood from National College of Arts (NCA) has secured admission in Columbia University in the City of New...
Columbia University is the second largest land owner in New York City, after the Catholic Church.
According to a Brookings Institute paper co-written by Jalbout and Columbia University doctoral candidate Samar Farah, Arab governments
On 4/23/1968. Vietnam War: Student protesters at Columbia University in NY City take over administration buildings & shut down the university
Rock Calendar 4-23-68: Students protesting the Vietnam War begin a week-long occupation of buildings on the campus of Columbia University
University's campus is so beautiful 💜. & Excited to be apart of http…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Columbia becomes 1st US university to divest from investing in prisons
Game of Thrones has it's own uni course. Seriously.
Student from Columbia University speaks about Mahmood Mamdani's classes.
Tune-in to NASA TV now!. Commander Tim Kopra talking to Columbia University's B-school.
I will be teaching my social media 101 curriculum at University tomorrow.
Students organize sleep-out to fight for fossil fuel divestment.
Took a stroll on the campus of Columbia University today. Beautiful spring weather. by markbakerprague
Boost for University of Missouri budget passes easily as legislative rancor ebbs - Columbia Daily Tribune
April 11: Join HRF to Discuss Freedom in China at Col... via
Harvard, Yale, Princeton? Yes. Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania? Also yes.
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