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Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes (born July 13, 1988) is an American actor and model.

Emily Bett Rickards Stephen Amell Teen Wolf Chris Evans Roy Harper John Barrowman David Ramsey Paul Blackthorne Paul Wesley Travis Maddox Felicity Smoak Daniel Sharman Ian Somerhalder Anderson Cooper Ricky Martin Tyler Posey

In my case: Russell Tovey, Robin Lord Taylor, Colton Haynes, Dylan o'brien, Stefan Olsdal, you, etc...
they had Nicholas Hoult, Paul Bettany, Mollie Bobbie Brown and Colton Haynes before so hoping for bigger stars. 👀
I wish I was Colton Haynes and I wish it was that easy lmao
Colton Haynes came out, got married, and is expecting kids all within a year.
Colton Haynes came out in 2016 and just got engaged, I came out *** long ago and barley get a hi from a cute guy 😂
Paul Alter 'Arrow' star Colton Haynes is engaged to Jeff Leatham
Congratulation to Colton Haynes and his boyfriend now fiancé, wish them all the love 🌈
Colton Haynes and his boyfriend are so cute. I can't 😭
Congratulations to Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham who are now engaged! ❤👬
Congratulations! is now engaged. At least we know the flowers at the wedding will be STUNNING!
Colton Haynes became so unattractive to me after he came out as ***
How come I didn't even know Colton Haynes was ***
New post (Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham Are Engaged) has been published on Bonjournal-best Hub of News -…
Colton Haynes is now officially engaged and I am now officially deceased. BYE.
When u didn't even know Colton Haynes was even *** and that he even was in a relationship
I love Colton Haynes but Jackson was annoying. Bring back Isaac, Derek, Allison and Danny!
Colton Haynes has liked Mert Alas’ picture that he posted of Selena on Instagram earlier today!
Colton Haynes talking about making a girl scream will never not be hilarious.
Colton Haynes please, he is in my goal 😋
With Colton Haynes set to come back as Roy on Would be mad if this happened. 😏🎯🤔 (Yes I know Arrow Promethe…
and Colton Haynes was assumed to be with holland For quite some time so idk
Actor reveals details about his new line with Trey Alligood
I wonder if Colton Haynes knows he's hot
Just because I bought a Colton Haynes t shirt does not mean anything
Colton Haynes is a gift from God himself 😍
If Rob Lowe and Colton Haynes made a baby?
Colton Haynes liked this two posts of Joe on Instagram! 🔥👌
I'm 19 years old. Am I still too young for Colton Haynes? . Wait, is he even interested in guys?
Colton Haynes is definitely a masc4masc, femme hating, whites only ***
I'll check out properly too! As long as there are Arrow and Colton Haynes and Matt Bomer gifs then I'm ha…
Colton Haynes may be back on Teen Wolf! 👀😲💕
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Colton Haynes confirmed he had been invited to return in Teen Wolf for the last season.🤤
There could be a possibility that Colton Haynes will return as Jackson on for the final season he was invite…
Hey did you knock him up on our shoot?
Colton Haynes by Tyler Shields, he looks so stunning!
I like how they mentioned Roy like he not coming back. Aye, someone get a hold of Colton Haynes, we need him to play Roy again
When Katie Cassidy and Colton Haynes are in the same episode of Melrose Place 😍 :
Colton Haynes is way too young but idk why my brain thinks it's him
How I read the different points of view of - Ruth is Viola Davis, Turk is Colton Haynes, Kennedy is Bryce Dallas Howard.
I am so angry I had no idea Colton Haynes was *** this is madness there goes my chance
I want a candle competition between Jim Edmonds, Robert from Finding Prince Charming, and Colton Haynes
National Coming Out Day: Nine celebs who went public as LGBTI this year: Kristen Stewart, Colton Haynes, Sara...
Lol it happens. Just like Colton Haynes is going to Flash. Chris woods is going to Supergirl. Should be interesting.
I look like Colton Haynes but act like Chris Evans. What a combination.
Okay but now that Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes are both out, i want a Teen Wolf themed sex tape
Gigi Hadid and Colton Haynes amongst the celebrities to pay
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um the guy who made the video cons pirating can be played by Colton Haynes or like Chris Hemsworth
Tyler Shields shoots Colton Haynes for racy upcoming book
People drag Miley Cyrus and Colton Haynes for cultural appropriation when their fave has done it as well
He, Colton Haynes, Russell Tovey, Bryan Singer, and many more perpetuate this cyclical culture of dehumanization and abuse.
Stephen Amell couldn't be happier for former Arrow co-star Colton Haynes for coming out:
Anderson Cooper: out. Neil Patrick Harris: out. Colton Haynes: out. Me to Harry Styles:
I warned them about Doogie Howser, Ricky Martin, and Colton Haynes, and they didn't listen.
Deeply thankful for folks like Kristen Bell, Chris Evans & Colton Haynes being public about struggles with anxiety. Because its a doozy!
Colton Haynes gets honest about his life after
Greeat now Colton Haynes came out as *** too. Why do all the hot actors must be *** 😢
Mine is Andrew, Henry, Chris Evans, James Marsden and Colton Haynes. That's a few of my male favs. 😅
I knew Colton Haynes was *** lol. But he Roy Harper in arrow so I'm still gone rock with him ✊🏽
Colton Haynes coming out as *** is like Chris Rock coming out as Black. I didn't know Colton being *** was a secret
Arrow's Colton Haynes has officially come out as *** 🌈
Anderson Cooper: out. Ricky Martin: out. Colton Haynes: out. Me to Chris Evans:.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Colton Haynes, Kristen Bell and Chris Evans all (separately) opened up this week about dealing w/ anxiety. Glad to see this convo out there.
Colton Haynes is the kindest and most generous person I know in this industry. I'm so lucky he's in my life. Read:
Colton Haynes welcome to the team. Dear rest of the world were coming for you. Sincerely the homosexuals 😘
I really appreciate folks like Chris Evans and Colton Haynes talking about anxiety bc folks assume if you're in a social profession >
Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Colton Haynes (some of my favorite young actors) all began to get the recognition after the age of 25
to steal Colton Haynes, Justin Bieber, Neels Visser and Zayn beauty
My mom just asked me who colton haynes was . "Is he the one playing Robin hood?". close close.
Colton Haynes’ *** brother-in-law launched an LGBT clothing line for kids:
Colton Haynes does not know how to smoke
Meet and his long lost TV son. Welcome to the party
Check out what I found. Arrow Arsenal Red Colton Haynes Hooded Leather Jacket - Money Back Guarantee via
OMG, I think I need to turn the sound back on in Avengers Academy. Colton Haynes voices Thor!
I would not be surprised if I learned that John Cena and Colton Haynes are related by some long lost ancestor
i'm looking for Hailey Baldwin, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky in one dm, manu rios, zigi, Colton Haynes, lucy hale. If you have, dm me
Colton Haynes appears pregnant in a new photo shoot celebrating a major Instagram milestone.
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Why can't I just look like Nick Jonas , Chris Evans , Colton Haynes or Nick Bateman ?
Dylan O'Brian , Daniel Sharman, and Colton Haynes in Teen Wolf could not be more perfect.
Chris Evans, Chandler Riggs and Stephen Amell o Colton Haynes, no pidan que me decida
"Get it Ta" - Colton Haynes to Natasha Beddingfield on snapchat. Ta. TA. "TA"
Just remembered Emily Bett Rickards will be at along with Stephen Amell, David Ramsey and Colton Haynes.
what do you think about Colton Haynes as Travis Maddox?
did you guys feel like Colton Haynes completely lost the Roy Harper character since he's been gone? I did
So nice to see Colton Haynes in again.miss seeing you Roy
Colton Haynes. Im taking over 's Instagram during his show tmrw night watch out, I'm...
Colton Haynes. Backstage at . I told Billy I wanted to wear something that matched Jesse's hair
fans, Roy Harper & Colton Haynes are back in the Feb 3 ep, titled "Unchained"
Kuat jua phone vibration si Arrow ani, I thought it was my phone😅 but Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) is backkk
Thea and Roy hurt my heart man. I wish Colton Haynes would come back full time.
I'm glad Roy is back, Colton Haynes is so hot.
I just really like Colton Haynes. Good on him for keeping his career fresh but Roy was just getting going :(
The world needs more Roy Harper, Arsenal and Colton Haynes in our lives! 🏹🎯🙂 So much heart! ❤️
tbh Colton Haynes' Roy may just be one of the best characters ever on Arrow
Might as well have had Colton Haynes or Jonathan Groff play Danny.
i would climb Colton Haynes like a tree
Alexa Chung getting hollowed out by the Skarsgard. [Lainey Gossip] . . Colton Haynes came out of the closet. M...
Never forget the episode of Superfruit where Mitch talked about getting in front of Colton Haynes
Colton Haynes?? Some of the people on this website?? A close friend?? It all happened so fast omg
Colton Haynes with scruff is the best 😍
Taylor just told me that Colton Haynes is *** I'm now depressed
Colton Haynes isn't blonde or 6ft smh
I hate/love Jackson but just from the fact that he is Colton Haynes.
Morph Zac Efron and Colton Haynes together and...holy sweet baby Jesus 😩👅
Colton Haynes is sitting behind me at lunch k
Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes on snapchat: via
Emily Bett Rickards and friends on Colton Haynes' snapchat: via
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Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes on a friend's snapchat: via
Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes on snapchat 'Hawaii vibes': via
oh no I'm becoming a colton haynes fan
To do list: make a Colton Haynes + Choi Seung Hyun similarity post on Tumblr. And then maybe do something productive
Colton Haynes || addie {I posted a similar edit on my personal, Teen Wolf duh} (Vine by attractive celebs)
How do guys like Colton Haynes even exist?
"In the fast lane towards Colton Haynes" 😂
✋🏻 I'm so, so down for this! Colton Haynes is an inspiration for acting😍
god bless your face Emily Bett and Colton Haynes
And I repeat myself a lot, I know, but :) colton :) haynes :)
Raise your hand if you want to see on 🙋
had a dream I went christmas shopping with colton haynes
So ridiculous haRT We couldn't agree more!
My one dream is to meet Colton Haynes.
My obsession with Colton Haynes is getting out of hand 😍😭
I was offered this job and I'm mostly annoyed I couldn't take it bc hello Colton Haynes.
Celebrity Halloween costumes of 2015: & more
Behind the scenes of the making of Ursula & her retirement! You will be in our hearts forever
.definitely outdid himself this Halloween:
I.e. Emily Rickards or Colton Haynes bc their personalities are so perf
yeah the cw recycles a lot of actors for various shows, I know colton haynes is in something else too
One of the best things about Halloween is the dressing up.
Zach just said Colton Haynes is too pretty to handle prison.
13 of the best celeb Halloween costumes: Heidi Klum, Ellen DeGeneres, Colton ...
I'm watching San Andrés and literally all I can think is "I would love to be saved by Colton Haynes"
I did not know Colton Haynes dressed as Justin for one Halloween until my friend sent me a pic omg he looks so much like Justin
I just want a hug from Colton Haynes honestly I feel like that would improve my life by at least 175%
ATRL - Celeb Photos: Colton Haynes with his buds!
Ian Bohen and Colton Haynes are all the friendship goals
I want to watch Colton Haynes attempting to eat alone in a restaurant and spilling water and crashing dishes.
Little Giant Ladders
The best celebrity costumes: and more
Colton Haynes and Daniel Sharman are wow 😻😻👫
Colton Haynes is such a beautiful masterpiece
About to write an article titled: "Celebrity Crush: Colton Haynes" for . C'mon. Y'all knew this was coming eventually.
Mark my words, Colton Haynes will come out before the end of the year.
Colton Haynes has already won Halloween with his terrifying Disney's Ursula costume
celebrities who would be cute with a brown gf. - Zayne Malik . - hemsworth bros. - Nick Jonas. - Colton Haynes . - Ruby Rose. -…
More pics of Emily Bett Rickards with David Ramsey, Colton Haynes and Danielle Panabaker at
I trade my the weeknd, Colton Haynes solo dm for hunter Hayes, Kendrick Lamar, ASAP rocky, Travis Scott and multi Lana del Rey!
I trade my Colton Haynes for asap rocky, travis scott, hunter hayes, lana del rey, miranda kerr, rosie hw and more rares!
Colton Haynes, Dean Geyer and Daniel Sharman are the hot men for today! Play now!
Colton Haynes & Jon Kortajarena have me always like
"From a one day guest star to a LEAD of the show." - Colton Haynes about Emily Bett Rickards
I liked a video Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes- Count On Me
Colton Haynes from Arrow and Natalie Emanuel (Missandei) from GOT is at Comic Con at world trade (not smx)
Colton Haynes and Chad Michael Murray??? Chace Crawford, where you at? 😂
'Arrow' star Colton Haynes coming to Manila for Asia Pop Comic Con via
if you love Holland Roden and Colton Haynes . if you don't
I want to see Colton Haynes in American horror story. Imagine him being dark but loving and hot.😍😍😘
Baby. I have more fake suggestions for you if you're interested. Nico Tortorella, Colton Haynes, Max Irons, Jamie Dornan.
does arrow have Colton Haynes in and Under the dome has Britt Robertson in?
When you get to take photos of Colton Haynes, Tyson Beckford, Elizabeth Berkley and Nick Wooster 🙌
Only people I'm ok with being Aria's new love interest: Austin Butler, Nolan Gerard Funk, or Colton Haynes.
well me and my best friends are having a fight about who's hotter? It's between Colton Haynes and Matthew Espinosa who's hotter
Paul Wesley, Colton Haynes, Kit Harrington, Michael Trevino, Chris Wood and Robert Downey Jr will always be the loves of my life💞💞
Colton Haynes and Chris Evans and Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth and all the Chrises
*patiently waits for the return of Jackson on Teen Wold especially since Colton Haynes left Arrow*
they hating on my boy Colton Haynes
I wonder how many deleted scenes of Colton Haynes doing unnecessary parkour in the earthquake movie there are.
Colton Haynes from Arrow was in The Rock's earthquake movie and he didn't do any unnecessary parkour.
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Shoutout to the person who's putting a lot of Colton Haynes on my timeline
oh look at that.. Colton Haynes you're killing me
Can colton haynes just return to Teen Wolf already it's been too long!
Colton Haynes is just beautiful man... 😍 he could get it 😏
Colton haynes can get it from me any day ***
I want Colton Haynes and/or Daniel Sharman back on Teen Wolf
When Teen Wolf acts like Crystal Reed,Tyler Hoechlin , Colton Haynes and Daniel Sharman weren't important to the show htt…
Can I please have Colton Haynes's level of puberty transformation!
oh my god Ezra. Is the best dragging you can do? You lost your skills. Colton Haynes you get a free pass
He is Colton Haynes omg he is like a god😍. ~Day
Colton Haynes couldn't get any more gorgeous if he tried
The signs as cast members: Capricorn - Colton Haynes
when Colton Haynes comes on Arrow as Roy Harper
So happy Colton Haynes can get married in his home state of Kansas!
What if Roy really just started his new life becoming an actor named Colton Haynes?
Always feels like Alison is going to betray them. I totally know Jackson is supposed to be the evil one but omg Colton Haynes ♥
Colton Haynes is so great. I love Roy in Arrow, yet despise Jackson in Teen Wolf. And that's because Colton is a really good actor.
so Emily Rickards and Colton Haynes. a.k.a Roy Harper and Felicity Smoak. hm
Colton Haynes & Emily Bett Rickards step out together at The Grove
just because you read an article that says 'Colton Haynes is returning to Teen Wolf' doesn't mean he's actually going to.
for Ian Somerhalder . for Colton Haynes. for both
Who's sexier?. Logan Henderson from BTR or Colton Haynes from Arrow and Teen Wolf?
Colton Haynes and Willa Holland are so hot help me
Wow! Colton Haynes, Luke Bilyk and Dean Geyer got some serious fan love today! Play now?
you can find tickets to meet David and Colton Haynes, Caity Lotz and Manu Bennett here
Colton Haynes is so underrated and wow, he can turn into a cutie to a bad boy just like that
Missing: Colton Haynes. 26 year old man. Blue eyes. Beautiful hair. 5'9. Answers to the smell of Starbucks. If found pls take a selfie
You can't tell me that Gary cooper doesn't look like the older version of Colton Haynes
Will any of the Arrow cast be there this year? Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Katie Cassidy would all be amazing!
Leo Howard, Paul Zimmer, Harrison Ford, Colton Haynes, Patrick Stewart and Ken Jeong all share a Birthday with you! 😀
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I love Nina Dobrev. I love Ariana Grande. I love Kat Graham. I love Colton Haynes . I love Ian Somerhalder . I love Paul Wesley . What about you?
You're telling me Al Roker takes better selfies than John Stamos? Than Colton Haynes??? lmbo
if you love Tyler Posey, Ian Somerhalder, Jan Kooijman, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Tyler Hoechlin or Colton Haynes ♥♥
I have too many lol. Evan Peters, Andrew Garfield, Logan Lerman, Max Thieriot, Colton Haynes, Robbie Amell, etc 😳
Arrow - Season 3 - Set Photos of Paul Blackthorne and Colton Haynes - 10th February 2015
Colton Haynes is def like 1 night stand bae but Jonathan Groff is definitely husband bae.
Got from stars Colton Haynes, John Barrowman and Bex Taylor-Klaus this weekend.
I'll kill you. I need my daily dose Colton Haynes. Thank you.
Sat in front of Colton Haynes at Side Show tonight. Oh, and Stephen Schwartz and Tyne Daly were a few rows back.
Spent social studies looking at pictures of Colton Haynes and Stephen Amell 👍🙌
Merry Merry from the cast of Arrow! David Paul Ramsey, Emily Bett , Katie Cassidy , Colton Haynes and Greg Berlanti!
NEWS: Ferguson, Nevada, Colton Haynes, Bette Midler from across America to a grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown. Incredible video shows protesters on the steps of the Supreme Court. Nevada lawmaker is forced from leadership position over incendiary remarks on minorities, *** "[Speaker-elect of the Nevada State Assembly] called homosexuals a 'threat' to children. 'Male homosexuals are grossly disproportionate in child molestation cases,' he said"...Michael Dimengo, the head of the *** and *** Community Center of Southern Nevada, said he was glad Mr. Hansen was leaving the leadership role, but added: 'He is still absolutely influential. Some of his attitudes frighten me. They are blatantly misinformed and ignorant.'" GQ names Eddie Redmayne, JackO'Connell, Chadwick Boseman and Ellar Coltrane as its breakout stars of 2014. 29 counties in Kansas are now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Colton Haynes has been spending a lot of time in the gym lately. ...
Colton Haynes, Paul Wesley, and Nolan Funk……they are……my future baby daddies….
Can we be serious about this? I mean, Jensen Ackles, Colton Haynes, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Paul Wesley, Stephen Amell...
Colton Haynes was put on this Earth to make the rest of question if there's even any point going on but that pic is SCARY
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My love for Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes only grows
Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes are a different story tho
Ouch! Colton Haynes (just took out Armie Hammer in Who would you pick?
New interview of Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes with DIY magazine:
Season 2 of Arrow is out on Blu-ray & DVD today so we chatted to Emily Bett Rickards & Colton Haynes about the show
Colton Haynes and Emily Bett Rickards talk season two of Arrow via
Conceptual illustrator, Andy *** posted concept art that he created for CW's hit-television series, Arrow. Come see costume designs for Ravager (Summer Glau) and Arsenal (Colton Haynes).
It's Colton Haynes, John Barrowman, and Grant Gustin all in one show lets get real
“Determined to meet Colton Haynes one day” Sean Faris* RT
Paul Wesley and Colton Haynes could be best friends.
Love this pic that Paul Blackthorne took at SDCC. Colton’s expression is priceless. Colton Haynes to 1 Million
Paul Wesley and Colton Haynes are the hottest men ever.
The FC is the same! But he is Jackson from Teen Wolf and currently Roy Harper/Red Arrow on Arrow. Colton Haynes. My bae.
Arrow’s John Barrowman took the ice bucket challenge with his husband Scott Gill wearing only a jock strap, and he then challenged hunky co-star Colton Haynes who accepted
Arrow’s John Barrowman and Colton Haynes take the ice bucket challenge
Colton Haynes is better in Jackson than in Roy
Roy from Arrow, Jackson from Teen Wolf or Colton Haynes in real life hmm
Colton Haynes talking about how Roy has lightened up a bit because of Felicity ^^
"Roy has lightened up a bit. He has this real funny thing with Felicity." -Colton Haynes
I accepted Robbie Amell's Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated Grant Gustin, John Barrowman Official and Jared Padalecki. Couple things to remember before the video... All this good fun is supposed to benefit ALS. So go and donate $5 (or more) to a really good cause. OK! Enjoy! Colton Haynes helped. I did it shirtless and everything.
Colton Haynes is by far the fans' top pick to play Travis Maddox in a "Beautiful Disaster" movie!
OMG! John Barrowman challenged Colton Haynes, Misha Collins and David Tennant to do that ice bucket challenge! I can't wait to see that!
Colton Haynes is Travis Maddox and no one can tell me otherwise.
John Barrowman and Colton Haynes are like a couple when togethar aha.
Watching Teen Wolf, and a young Colton Haynes looks a heck of a lot like John Barrowman. Just let that sink in, and
I think Colton Haynes's decision to leave for Arrow affected Danny's character. As Jackson's best friend, Dannys
Tyler Blackburn, Ian Harding and Colton Haynes were in LA to watch Lucy's performance!
Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) in the pressroom at last Saturday.
I get mistaken for Colton Haynes, Zayn Malik,Zac Efron, and Dave Franco way too often
give me Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Colton Haynes, Dylan Sprayberry, Glenn McCuen, and the twins CARVER I am ready to die. :)
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Colton Haynes is so good looking it actually hurts
can I marry Colton Haynes yet orr..?
Ooh La La! Drake Bell, Colton Haynes and Dean Geyer are hot! Who's your fave?
Connor Jessup, Drew Roy, Tyler Posey, and Colton Haynes. Greedy...sure...but its my birthday. I get to be greedy. =P
A little bit more than just a little bit obsessed with Colton Haynes. 😍
Colton Haynes looks so cute in his last Insta post. I didn't know his ears were pierced? Or was I imagining things?
Colton Haynes photo after watching tfios 😍 babyyy
Colton Haynes reaction to TFIOS is so cute
Colton Haynes' reaction to TFIOS is me
Does colton Haynes have his ear pierced. 😍
"HIS FACE" Is all I can hear from molly when Colton Haynes is on the screen
THANKS GONZ!!! I will never forget Colton Haynes bc of u 😌
*waits for the day Colton Haynes comes out*
Colton Haynes is this, ok I may have to continue watching
Colton haynes eyebrows scare me but that doesnt make him any less sexy
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Colton Haynes understands my problem right now
Colton Haynes an actor or a fangirl, 90% of people will get it wrong
Colton Haynes liked my photo this week and now JBalvin liked and comented another one 😍😭
No *** man crush would be Colton Haynes, is that ***
I just wanna marry Colton Haynes and get 12 husky puppies. Like is that too much to ask
Huge fan of Colton Haynes, not even going to deny that.
Colton Haynes literally has the perfect jaw line
Whoa even Colton Haynes cried and got sad watching TFIOS ok I am so not ready to watch it I'll probably flood the entire theatre.
Diaporama : Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes interview in Madrid for Arrow Fan Convention (x)
One of the reasons why you should love Colton Haynes
I love you so much colton lee haynes
coltOn L haynes just saw the fault in our stars and he didnt see it with me SMOOTH MOVES COLTON
Falling more in love with Colton Haynes! I've finally found a guy who is literally almost perfect!
Colton Haynes got his ears pierced this is the greatest day of my life
plzz can I get a happy bday from the awesome Colton Haynes??
the fact Colton Haynes cried during tfios is actually making me quite nervous even though I'm prepared to cry anyway
Colton Haynes was at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks! That's literally less than 10 mins away from my house! Couldn't I know that sooner?! 😭😭❤️
I was the first person to like Colton Haynes' picture. I think in instagram world that means we're (this is a joke.)
Hey guys, don't worry, there's still an hour left of my Birthday, so you have enough time to get me the following presents: Colton Haynes. Sunglasses. Aftershave. Handcuffs. Tattoos. Piercings. Taxidermy. Art. Glass antiques. Tickets to the Musée du Louvre in Paris. Heroin. A snake. A tarantula.
Daily CW10 Spot for 6/11/14 Hey gang! Here’s some thoughts/news items/musings. TONIGHT ON 10 7pm - ARROW OFFICER LANCE’S PAST PUTS LAUREL IN DANGER — Lance (Paul Blackthorne) learns a criminal named Barton Mathis (guest star Michael Eklund), whom he put away years ago, broke out of prison during the quake and is back to torturing and murdering women. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) offers herself as bait so Arrow (Stephen Amell), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lance can catch this villain, but the plan goes awry. Furious, Mathis kidnaps Laurel (Katie Cassidy) in retaliation and plans to murder her while Lance watches. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) and Oliver are stunned when District Attorney Adam Donner (guest star Dylan Bruce) seeks the death penalty for Moira (Susanna Thompson). Oliver asks Roy (Colton Haynes) to help him find the Canary (Caity Lotz). 8pm - SEASON FINALE OF THE 100 THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT — Clarke (Eliza Taylor) pleads with Bellamy (Bob Morley) to do the right thing ...
Colton Haynes and Emily Bett Rickards step out for a fan event held at the Villamagna Hotel in Madrid, Spain ...
Arrow Season 3 Official synopsis: After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. He returned home to Starling City, bent on righting the wrongs of his family and fighting injustice. To do this, he creates the persona of the Arrow and allies himself with former military man John Diggle, computer-science expert Felicity Smoak, street brawler Roy Harper and international assassin Sara Lance, while keeping his secret from those closest to him including his sister Thea, who has allied herself with his most deadly enemy. Rivalries and allegiances will shift as Oliver faces his most difficult challenge yet. Main Cast: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/The Arrow David Ramsey as John Diggle Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak Willa Holland as Thea Queen Colton Haynes as Roy Harper Caity Lotz as Sara Lance John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance
can someone rp Colton Haynes then date me pls.
Ugghh Jeff Davis ended his interview talking about unexpected faces coming back... and we know that Colton Haynes was "visiting on set." The suspense is killing me; 13 days until Season 4!
Matthew Morrison and Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes party at London hotspot Chiltern Firehouse
I feel like Colton Haynes is the love child of Brad Pitt and Paul Walker
Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Colton Haynes, Caity Lotz or Manu Bennet all said Emily is amazing and stuff like that !!!
Every other actor who has worked on the show and is interviewed - be it Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Colton Haynes, +
OLIVER MUST DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL IF HE’S A KILLER OR A HERO — Slade (Manu Bennett) moves forward with his plan to kill one more person in Oliver’s (Stephen Amell)life. While Oliver has fought all year to be more than the killer he once was, when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver’s heart, Oliver is pushed to the edge and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster. Meanwhilee, Diggle (David Ramsey) takes on Amanda Waller (guest star Cynthia Addai-Robinson) with a little help from some friends, and Thea (Willa Holland) turns to Roy (Colton Haynes) in her time of need. John Behring directed the episode with story byGreg Berlanti and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg (
After almost a year Chris finally told me that Colton Haynes waved at me in the crowd during the concert OH MY GOD 😭💕
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I swear when I was watching Captain America, Chris Evans kept reminding me of Colton Haynes.
Set de fotos: like-the-sun-came-out: Colton Haynes as Travis Maddox (please let this happen!)
i like need Colton Haynes as Travis Maddox he is PERF
Colton haynes is so beautiful and I just want to swim in his eyes
Even Colton Haynes wore a blanket better than her.
"Teen Wolf" actor Colton Haynes posted this pic with Kiko! 😘 They did a photoshoot together! Hope we can see it soon💓 htt…
Just remembered, the show didn't kill off Colton Haynes so he may return for season 5? If there even is a season 5...
FINALLY COLTON HAYNES APPEARS omg why only episode 15
Jackson aka Colton Haynes left to another show called arrow
I'm so mad that Colton Haynes sings like that's not fair, you can't be good at everything dammit
I decided to start watching Teen Wolf and I'm already crying 20 minutes into the first episode bc Tyler Posey, DYLAN O'BRIAN, COLTON HAYNES
I'm sorry I screamed when Colton Haynes ran onto the screen.
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