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Colt McCoy

Daniel Colt McCoy (born September 5, 1986) is an American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.

Brady Quinn Jordan Shipley Brandon Weeden Vince Young Kirk Cousins Jay Gruden Brian Hoyer Sam Bradford Derek Anderson Johnny Manziel Tim Tebow Tim Couch Matt Leinart Earl Thomas Mack Brown Mike Vick Ricky Williams Charlie Frye

"Colt McCoy played well at C? Maybe i've been sending out the wrong starting 5 every week. Glad Joey Ivie played go…
We were 6-3 at this point in 2014, came off two straight losses which was redskins with colt mccoy and against Arizona with weeden at QB
Lol!!! And here it is, when Colt McCoy handed that L to Dallas, in Dallas
we need ur boy Brady Quinn or Colt McCoy
Kessler thinks Colt McCoy has a howitzer of an arm
Bama wouldn't have won the rose bowl if colt McCoy didn't get we done?
That's all you can do with him, because right now, he's Colt McCoy and that's not a winning formula
put in colt McCoy already you don't we will lose and we need to win come redskins!
I love Colt McCoy like a root canal
Cousins lighting up the "best defense in the league" but some fans still want Colt McCoy. Ok...
.Would be the same offense with Colt McCoy, huh?
Rematch vs LSU should not have happened lost to them already =lucky ..all everything colt Mccoy goes down in 1st ..…
I'm not tolerating a Colt McCoy era lol
The last time I went to a Skins game Kirk led the league in Ints & was benched in the 3rd for Colt McCoy who led the team to victory
Connor Mcgregor is the least relevant athlete after Colt McCoy and Alex Rios.
exactly. It am started when they hurt my boy Colt Mccoy in the Nat'l Championship
I brought up the what if with Colt McCoy and he rambled for 15 minutes 😂
all DBs have some plays they're not proud of. Mine is when I got juked by Colt McCoy. I went for the kill shot and missed badly!
colt McCoy was the goat in college that's a complement
nah Colt McCoy terrible comparison but he doesn't throw lasers.
they have a glorified Colt McCoy as their QB lol
Kessler is Colt McCoy 2.0. Unless they think Kizer is THE GUY, then take Garrett and a strong arm QB after.
If Colt McCoy would've played the entire 2009 national championship game, UT would've beat Bama.
To this day I still say had Colt McCoy gone back into the National Championship game UT would have beat bama. Nobody can tell me differently
D'Onta Foreman comes off the field, but Shane Buechele runs 23 yards without him. Shades of Colt McCoy.
We have the best player in Austin since Colt McCoy and we just stopped handing it off to him why?
Colt McCoy back in Austin. You'd think he could afford better seats
Shane Buecule looks like Colt McCoy. I can't spell this man name
Shane has now had a VY td run and a Colt McCoy run with spin move..
I think Kellen had a shot, but like how Colt McCoy had a shot, that's his ceiling.
Colt McCoy, the rare exception to the rule.
Colt McCoy won 10 games his first season. Shane looks nothing like McCoy
That was supposed to mean Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy were gonna be good, but they weren't.
Qbs that are better than Blake Bortles:. Marcus Vick, Mike Vick, Vince Young, Colt McCoy, RG3, Akili Smith, Aaron Brooks, etc.
Matt Leinhart, Carson Palmer, Tim Couch, Colt McCoy, Ryan Leaf, Tim Tebow, just a few of top college QB's who fizzled in NFL
Take me back when Colt McCoy & Jordan Shipley were playing for UT... Those were the good old days of UT Oh & I forgot Vince Young
Longhorns great Colt McCoy shared letter with team before upset over Notre Dame |
"Steve Buechele is Shane Buechele's dad" is absolutely the new "Colt McCoy & Jordan Shipley's dads were college roommates." Get used to it.
well the could have had Brady Quinn or Tim Couch or Colt McCoy, lol
brings me back to my childhood days of Colt McCoy and Vince Young
Julio jones, Colt McCoy, Sammy Watkins just to name a few
my favorite back up quarterback of now is Colt McCoy and passed back up quarterback is Frank Reich go bills
Colt McCoy top 5. Brady Quinn no questions asked
this list is invalid. Brady Quinn, Jake Delhomme and Colt McCoy aren't on it
so many to choose from. Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, and so many more
McCoy doing his job-. Colt McCoy knows he's Robin to Cousins Batman | Cover32.
hey tony. F, Marry, or Kill: Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, or Cody Kessler. Mike B. in Charlotte, NC
Texas Head Coach John Fields just compared Colt McCoy being injured in the BCS title game vs. Bama to Beau Hossler's injury...
I'll never forget the days when my biggest dreams were playing at u of Florida bc of Tim Tebow or u of Texas bc of Colt McCoy
Hi & - We love too - course is in England see here https:/…
Colt McCoy takes part in literacy initiative locally: Redskins ...
Colt McCoy takes part in literacy initiative locally
Colt McCoy takes part in literacy initiative locally - Yardbarker
I agree he doesnt have a strong arm, We already knew this. But hes definitely not Colt McCoy
Colt McCoy is re-signing with the Washington Redskins. (via
exactly! I think hue really likes this guy. We'll see, could always be another colt mccoy
Colt McCoy is a solid QB2 and fits the system well. So, yes. McCoy > Mettenberger.
I disagree..wasnt an issue that raised with colt McCoy, russell wilson, Sam Bradford to name a few. Its baylor o
Just this past week Morgan Moses was with Colt McCoy at the Burgundy & Gold Banquet
He liked Colt McCoy more than Griffin too. Do we all know why?
Actually, Bo liked Colt McCoy over both RG3 and Cousins.
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How op do u think a golden ticket 99 campass hero Colt Mccoy would be? Better than johnny manzel golden ticket?
nah it's not valid because if we being honest Colt McCoy was Jay guy not Kirk
He'd definitely be a better backup than Colt McCoy. 👀
gents, why was he third string behind Colt McCoy? He was arrogant, refused coaching, fact
Still not worse than a GT Colt McCoy. (I hate auto correct)
Still not worse that a GT Colt McCoy.
Colt McCoy is honestly one of my all time favorite Browns.
so the skins are still winning the division with Colt McCoy and no Desean Jackson/Jordan Reed?
I miss hearing about how Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley were roommates and fished together. Those were the days.
I didn't do the ol' Colt McCoy justice 😔
if I don't have the colt McCoy I'll give you a 95 Beasley jr
Always felt like Colt McCoy never had a fair shot in Cleveland. There was a chance to build around him and then Brandon Weeden was drafted
Entire future hinges on that arm strength. On a scale of Colt McCoy to Brandon Weeden, how does it look?
Hanging out with Colt McCoy and David Bruton, Jr for the book drive.
come and see Colt McCoy and David Bruton today at
All purpose parts banner
ICYMI: Colt McCoy expects Matt Jones to "own" backfield
If Colt McCoy would not have gotten hurt in the 2009 national championship game, Texas would have won.
Story tonight at 9 on CW & 10 on KXAN about the UT secondary scoring TDs. Colt McCoy also talks about a play he made on Earl Thomas. Watc
No offense I like colt mccoy but he's hitting on 30 we need Vernon Adams Jr we need younger and fresher talent on our roster
Talking on this AM, Colt McCoy expects Matt Jones to "own" backfield https…
Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Brandon Weeden, Eric Couch & Jason White have all proven to be disappointments in the NFL.
Colt McCoy: Matt Jones ready to own Redskins backfield
no, cause thenyou end up with Johnny Manziel, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Brandon Weeden, etc.
Colt McCoy is about to go off on Okie St. Down 14-0 in first 3 minutes.
I think Dallas should try and get a Colt McCoy or Jimmy Clausen or maybe Blaine Gabbert to back up Romo
We'll just add him to the list of other great mid round values like Charlie Frye, Colt McCoy, and Luke McCown.
Can you imagine if these trades would have happened for Derek Anderson? Or Joey Harrington? How about Colt McCoy
Man, Colt McCoy just hit Jacob Lacey in stride for a pick 6
who we seen that before in? Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley. I like this
These QBs are in the playoffs: Colt McCoy, Brian Hoyer, Derek Anderson, and Brandon Weeden. Man, some of those names sound…
Every year some experts pump a QB full of air most don't pan. I pimped Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy
he's a bust. I choose Vince Young or Matt Leinart or Colt McCoy over Johnny "broke" Manziel
For those that know of Jordan Shipley & Colt McCoy - YETI Presents: 3rd and goal via
Gino torreta, Ken Dorsey, Colt McCoy, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on
Karma... for when Sam Bradford won over Colt McCoy
i'd rather see them trade for colt McCoy then Josh McCown
Guaranteed the weirdest one you'll get all day. Jordan Shipley & Colt McCoy back at it -
My absolute favorite friendship in the world is Jordan Shipley and Colt McCoy.
we would've won the natty ship of Colt McCoy wasn't injured
SOURCE: Pats closed deal with Knighton when Tom Brady called him; we countered with Colt McCoy, but it wasn't enough.
I enjoyed doing this short story for
Texas will easily win these games unless Colt McCoy injures his shoulder.
I want a Kirk Cousins jersey for sure, my RG3 is always gonna be legendary, but I also want a Colt McCoy one, one time for the horns 😹🤘🏼
Lmaooo why is he wearing a Colt McCoy jersey
Best football name ever, great story.
What if Kirk is walking around London pretending to be Colt McCoy
Kirks really out here wearing a Colt McCoy jersey
Colt McCoy on QBs, could be challenging at times & some days it could be great." My column
was literally hitting Colt McCoy on every throw lol
No amount of Colt McCoy's shoulder is winning them the most embarrassing politicians title.
I've been trying to get him or Colt McCoy or Austin Davis for way too long. I've cried too many fake tears over this
Colt McCoy just sat down next to us at the sell barn😳
just talked about this but no I didn't read it...loverro thinks Colt McCoy is a good QB so I can't take this serious
Colt McCoy had one option...Texas Longhorns game day greeter stop it
my man griff played scout team safety and ain't say a word..but yes colt McCoy soldiers on!
the title of the article "unlike Robert griffin III..colt McCoy soldiers on"
Thom Loverro and the Washington Times with a pointless headline in a story where the focus should be Colt McCoy
LOVERRO: As much as you guys like to act we are RG III fan boys, yall love to suck him via
Lmao so he suppose to stay as a backup and not want success for himself?
I will never love anything as much as crotchety, pedantic sports columnists love wagging their fingers.
My god. What even is this? A Colt McCoy puff piece with some RG3 drive by included? Slow news day huh?
Happy birthday to aka Colt McCoy aka everyone's favorite QB aka the founder of
Colt McCoy grew from 5'11 to 6'4 in between his sophomore and junior year. It's possible.
Dope article. Hook em forever opens up about his career at and the on
Colt McCoy opens up about time with the Browns...
When THE Colt McCoy is in your training room... 🤘🏽
Fmr star writes about his journey from a small Texas town to the NFL. https:…
Took 96 RGIII out after sucking and put in 93 Colt McCoy got one TD with 100% accuracy, but fumbles and a pick six made us lose 21-7
Colt McCoy, Charlie Frye are ones that come to mind. Not that they would’ve been that successful.
What do Colt McCoy, Laura Bush and Danny Trejo have in common? They have gotten their clothes tailored at Nelda's. http…
Is going to suck just like Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Brandon Weeden, and Johnny football. Cleveland Quarterbacks😆 smh
Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Johnny Manziel all could've been good started but they played for Cleveland 😭😭😭
tbh I don't think he is NFL caliber. Colt McCoy and Brady Quinn were better options and they failed
Colt McCoy's deal with the Redskins is for 3 years, per source.
ESPN cameras catch Romo, Witten sitting with Colt McCoy before tip of vs game in Austin. Foreshadowing of a…
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Dallas Cowboys news and rumors 2016: Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, or Robert ...
when are they gonna make a Jordan Shipley and/or Colt McCoy card
- So was Colt McCoy (twice) and Dennis Dixon (same year as Daniel), but I wouldn't want those guys, either..
Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy was decent, and now Johnny is gunna die
Did you know Colt McCoy & Jordan Shipley were roommates at UT
Not Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Ryan Tannehill, RGIII, or Johnny Manziel. Andy Dalton has been best QB from a TX university in last decade.
Tell me who deserves it over him. He went from being benched by Colt Mccoy to divison winner and almost pro bowler
Don't get me wrong. Charlie's my boy. But the Horns got it tough since they lost Colt McCoy.
Heck. If I'm Colt McCoy's agent I'm on the horn with Houston.
BREAKING: Houston Texans are currently in talks to bring Colt McCoy to Houston, and complete the former Browns QB depth chart
he can go, we don't want him here. We've got Captain Kirk and Colt McCoy lol
He couldn’t even beat out Colt McCoy for 2nd string! stop living on that 2012 Season!
are we talkin abt the same cousins who couldn't beat out a handicapped RG3 and colt mccoy last yr?
As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I've been telling friends that...or Colt McCoy.Just not Manziel who should be suspended and released.
Colt McCoy needs to come to the Cowboys!
42 wins as a starting QB by at TCU tie for 3rd all-time nationally (Kellen Moore, 50; Colt McCoy, 45).
It just occurred to me that Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, Derek Anderson, and Colt McCoy are in the playoffs this year. *** ?
Colt McCoy and Bart Starr are great QB names
Colt McCoy was born to be the Longhorns QB
let Romo go, Get Drew Brees from saints and Colt McCoy from Redskins Cowboys Win
Brian Hoyer is in the playoffs. Brandon Weeden is in the playoffs. Colt McCoy is in the playoffs. Johnny Manziel is in Vega…
The Cowboys should go after Colt McCoy, that is just my opinion but he is better than Johnny M. and RG3.
Colt McCoy, human victory cigar, takes field for Washington in second quarter
Well, did you know that Adam Morrison has diabetes and Jordan Shipley and Colt McCoy were roommates in college?
I remember way back when he was a Texas and Colt McCoy fan
That Colt McCoy strip sack was an example of a guy who tries to extend plays.
Harvin didn't pan out, but at least they were aggressive while Baalke was busy trading for Colt McCoy.
I will tirelessly lobby for Colt McCoy.
*** yeah. He would trade big Ben for Colt McCoy and would cut Antonio Brownz.Way to tall
cowboys should try and get both Johnny and colt McCoy to take advantage of Aggie/ut markets
Breast Cancer Awareness
3 former Browns QB are going to the playoffs this year. Branden Weedon, Mark Hoyer & Colt McCoy.
and don't forget the Great Colt McCoy.
Jay Gruden telling reporters at the Owners Meetings that Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy will split 2nd-team reps. Egregious…
Vince Young and Colt McCoy are still the greatest college QBs of all time there's no comparison 💯
if Jerry Jones had brain, he would went after AP! Drew Brees and Bu QB Colt McCoy
At age 29, time is running out for Colt McCoy. Sunday was a lone bright spot in a difficult season for him.
08-09 was alright Colt McCoy at least got them there
Is it just me or does Colt McCoy play lights out in Cowboys Stadium? I'm sure Jerry wishes he could make this guy...
will any thought be given to getting Colt McCoy as backup qb? Free agent, would fit perfect behind Romo to win a game or two
Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy and Derek Anderson are all in the playoffs - in the same season. Let that sink in…
As much as I hate the redskins. I hope Colt McCoy will do great one day 🐂
Ingram won in Suh's year. Also finishing above Suh: Toby Gerhart, Colt McCoy. That couldn't have been the year for a DT to win it?!
Mack Brown is still bitter about Colt McCoy and losing the NCG.
He should pkay 5he first hslf, along with all healthy starters. Second half, Colt McCoy should lead Skins to victory.
Best Comparison for Johnny is Colt McCoy. Johnny has a stronger arm then Colt but Colt was a better leader and won big games
texas spent 50 years rebuilding (with Vince Young and Colt McCoy temporarily transcending the program) and they're still not good at it.
I'm working on my coaching certificate no experience watched Colt McCoy and Vince Young play tho!
The Browns were fully ready to give the likes of Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and Colt McCoy shots but refuse to do so with Johnny.
I feel like you left a few noteworthy names off that list... Tim Couch, Brady Quinn & Colt McCoy come to mind.
I present Seattle-Cleveland in 2011. Charlie Whitehurst & Colt McCoy at QB that day. That was worse. Browns won 6-3.
Come to Texas bro! Be the next great Longhorn, Earl Campbell, Vince Young, Ricky Williams, Colt McCoy, Earl Thomas, and Trayveon!
Looks like Leonard Fournette took a page out of the Colt McCoy book- "How to lose the heisman in 4 quarters"
The crowd was also behind Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy.
Bomani points out the difference in expectations of the two but much like another ESPN guy, Tony Kornheiser, thinks Colt McCoy should start
NFL 'Horns: Time for QB Colt McCoy to get his chance in Washington
Is Jay Gruden really going to keep playing Kirk Cousins over Colt McCoy?
Colt McCoy. But perhaps he does not know how to coach, Cincy seems much better without him.
is Josh Freeman out there? or Maybe a Matt Flynn or Colt Mccoy
Brian Mitchell calls for Colt McCoy after Sunday's loss
Who was the best out of Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow in college?
he went from looking like Colt McCoy to Brady Quinn in 6 months!
Brady Quinn? "Your weekly reminder that Brandon Weeden holds a starting job in the NFL and Colt McCoy does not."
well that won't happen until one of the two get a Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy again :/
The red river rivalry was the best when it was Colt McCoy vs Sam Bradford
I remember back in Colt McCoy and Sam Bradfords day when the red river rivalry was one of the biggest games of the year for CFB
I loved UT when they had Vince Young and eventually Colt McCoy but *** they've been embarrassing to watch the last few years.
Surprised he didn't mention Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley
Especially when Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley played at Texas.
Shiid even Colt McCoy had Texas live him and Jordan Shipley
Nah man...This can't be real bruh. VY, Ricky Williams and Colt McCoy rolling in their graves right now
PSA: Ol Musberger is at the if any one would like to definitively know if Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley were roommates.
suggestions for next week's lazy radio topic of the week: Indians attendance, Pete Rose, and: did Colt McCoy get a fair shot?
Garrett Gilbert was a consensus recruit. Colt McCoy was also a stud.
Colt McCoy would have won that Game yesterday
what it's like to lose your job... something most NFL players experience. Here's Colt McCoy's take
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Well I am not paying him John Mara is and again who else are they signing? Geno, RGIII, Colt McCoy?
Of course if you draft Colt McCoy and give him Brian Robiskie and Chansi Stuckey as his main targets...
Tony Romo over Andrew Luck in the 'Top 100 Players' on NFL Network? Colt McCoy got a raw deal in Cleveland?
Johnny Football, Colt McCoy and Mike Glennon will eventually start at least one game
That awkward moment when you own a Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Colt McCoy, Hoyer, Peyton Hillis, and now TWest jersey...😐
Colt McCoy to start season as backup ahead of RGIII
Jeff Garcia is a winner. Kyle Orton is a winner. Colt McCoy is a winner. Nobody cares tho lol
Colt McCoy to start season as Redskins' backup ahead of RGIII
Cousins will get benched, Colt McCoy won't do much better, Jay Gruden will be fired, and conveniently RG3 will be on ros…
So awkward hearing the announcer say Colt McCoy handing the ball of to Mack Brown lol
Trevone Boykin is just another Tim Tebow/Vince Young/Colt McCoy type QB.
Geno Smith. Tim Tebow. Colt McCoy. Trent Richardson. I was going to say Mark Ingram, but he's improving lol
Gruden says Colt McCoy will start and play whole game Thursday, but Kirk Cousins will dress and be available in emergency sit…
Colt McCoy has been named manager of the Nats
Colt McCoy is such much better than Cousins
I don't get why the Redskins won't give Colt McCoy that starting spot, he's way better than Cousins and RG3 in my opinion, but whatever lol
colt McCoy is and probably low key always was the best QB on the Redskins' roster. It's just all about the system
If it was me colt McCoy would be the started not kurt
you lost to a Colt McCoy led Redskins team lmfao
The cowboys lost to a Colt McCoy led Redskins let that sink in
right. Colt McCoy is still better than RG3 and Clemens though, and not a threat to Rivers either
Captain Kirk. Who was benched for Colt McCoy last season
Colt McCoy is more black than RG 3 lol
should of started Colt McCoy what he did to the cowgirls last year was special
This is one of the most hilarious things I've seen. "Colt McCoy and Jay Gruden high-five fail."
Starting Colt McCoy over Kirk Cousins would have made more sense
I knw its the legendary Colt McCoy, but anyone attending the Redskins game on Thursday is a straight looney tune
I honestly like Colt McCoy more than Kirk Cousins
not yet, knowing the redskins I'll have to put up Colt McCoy's picture by the end of the week
Why can't colt McCoy at least be the skins starter not Kirk Cousins
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If Cousins was black with the same stats.Colt Mccoy would be starting quarterback
why is everybody already assuming its gonna come down to the Eagles and Cowboys as if Colt McCoy gonna just let that happen
he got benched for Colt McCoy, so no.
Tucker Rd? That's up the road from me. I'll be Colt McCoy
Corporal Colt McCoy will show his skills and talents to lead the to victory over the
Gruden says QB Colt McCoy will play the entire game Thursday in the preseason finale vs. the Jaguars at FedExField.
Someone please ask Gruden if Colt McCoy is QB2 or QB3 on the depth chart.
Is Colt McCoy going to play the entire final preseason game?
Still can't believe the picked Kirk Cousins over Colt McCoy LOL...that'll change quickly. McCoy has deserved to lead for years.
As he did for Colt McCoy, is advocating for Johnny Manziel. Texans of a boot, scoot together. Yee-haw!
This pretty much sums it up. on the and quarterbacks
Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy continue to show resilience
Your thoughts? SI_DougFarrar on the Redskins and quarterbacks
Colt McCoy is the backup in Washington. He actually was in the running to start. Great preseason. RGIII is gone.
Redskins have quite a quarterback dilemma via
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Redskins at Ravens: Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy lead Washington to two touchdowns each,...
Can't trust Jay Gruden's word, he said it was RG3's team and he was starter no question 2 weeks ago. Colt McCoy should be on stand…
Colt McCoy messes with RG 's instagram
Kirk Cousins's ascension to starter fits Jay Gruden's coaching history (by
Redskins at Ravens in-game updates: Baltimore takes an early 10-0 lead, Cousins throws...
another piece of browns history, next to Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, and soon to be Josh Gordon
I watched every game Colt McCoy played as a Longhorn and his arm makes Brian Griese's arm look like John Elay
Good read. How the Horns went from Vince Young/Colt McCoy to ??? remains mind-boggling.
Colt McCoy picked off on deep ball by Reggie Nelson, Colt drilled by Geno Atkins. Intended for Little.
Tebow is better than Colt McCoy,Joe Webb,Kellen Clemens,Blaine Gabbert,and Matt Barkley
Matt Schaub will make $2M. Colt McCoy: $1.5M. Jimmy Clausen $1.25M. The Beautiful Piece will make $2M. It's good to be
in case you forgot, you have a head coach who wants Colt McCoy to be the starting QB...
The Vince Young and Colt McCoy eras at UT will never be matched
There is no reason is not on some teams roster. You cant tell me Colt McCoy is better than Mike Vick.
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