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Colson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead is a New York-based novelist. He is best known as the author of the 1999 novel The Intuitionist.

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Arrived late but still in time to see Colson Whitehead read on the National Book Award finalists…
any/all Gillian Flynn and Megan Abbott, The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead, The Royal We by Heather *** and Jessica Morgan
Obama had a farewell lunch with 5 of his favorite writers: Dave Eggers, Colson Whitehead, Zadie Smith, Barbara Kingsolver…
Brown moment at La Unica Café in Chicago: 2 men speaking at length in Spanish about Richard Wright & Colson Whitehead.
Colson Whitehead got an endorsement from Oprah and President Obama. He's also our author of the year.
The new mantra. . Marching orders. 'Be kind. Make art. Fight the power.' ~ Colson Whitehead. . Words to live for and by.…
“In the midst of the human ugliness of racism, there is the human beauty in the resistance to racism.”
I knew Colson Whitehead really did something with "The Underground Railroad". It was pretty clear he hit a home run…
Happy to hear about Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead winning so many awards. Read last week. Is breathtaking
The winner of the for Fiction is Colson Whitehead for the Underground Railroad.
Powell ftw "I challenge you to take this trilogy into your tiny hands and allow it to transform your tiny heart."
English: Our winner for this year’s in Fiction goes to Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad
"Be kind. Make art. Fight the power." - Colson Whitehead
"Be kind everybody, make art, and fight the power" - Colson Whitehead
“Be kind to everybody, make art and fight the power.”--
Great show tonight at the Fitzgerald Theater with Colson Whitehead.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Talking Volumes with Colson Whitehead - Hosted by Kerri Miller at The Fitzgerald Theater November 3, 2016 7:00 PM!
Colson Whitehead, Jacqueline Woodson, Rita Dove and Viet Thanh Nguyen are among the National Book Awards finalists
part of my intake of late has been that essay, new ep of Atlanta & Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad. All amazing...
My favorite Colson Whitehead is still John Henry Days, but they're all unique and…
I just finished Colson Whitehead's Underground Railroad, re-reading John Green's Looking for Alaska.
+1 for re-reading I Capture. Also, Cold Comfort Farm & I'm currently back-reading Colson Whitehead - so good.
2016 National Book Award shortlist: Colson Whitehead, Congress member John Lewis, and more - Vox
Colson Whitehead, author of “The Underground Railroad,” and Rep. John Lewis are among National Book Award finalists…
Whitehead, Rep. John Lewis are National Book Award finalists: New York (AP) -- Novels by Colson Whitehead and...
A number of these on my to-read list! Colson Whitehead, John Lewis, Rita Dove Among National Award Nominees
Oprah picked Colson Whitehead's "The Underground Railroad." Here's what we thought of the book.
So did Oprah turn Colson Whitehead into a household name today, or nah?
In “The Underground Railroad,” Colson Whitehead talks about racial progress, and its limits, in a more direct way.
Props to whoever put stickers on all those Colson Whitehead books.
Oprah picked her new book club selection "Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead. Check it…
I wrote a bit about Colson Whitehead, Toni Morrison, and the literature of slavery
whoa. Listen, Colson Whitehead's book was *already* on order, I swear it's true! Oprah didn't have to tell me!
Urbanists you're not reading as Urbanists bonus round! 3) Colson Whitehead, The Intuitionists.
So excited! THE Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead is next book club pick:
You're work is source material in the newest literary fiction sensation.
Last sentence says it all. Review: ‘Underground Railroad’ Lays Bare Horrors of Slavery and Its Toxic Legacy
.is sweeping the nation with THE Underground Railroad. Signed copies here! https:…
When I was at The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead was the ev…
Oprah Winfrey hopes to work her magic again for Colson Whitehead's latest novel,
“I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how people are responding to the book.” — Colson Whitehead
CW stands for Colson Whitehead. Drawn out w/ playing cards ofc, the last book on our Whitehead lookback
Want hope? James Baldwin, Colson Whitehead, and The Underground Railroad are trending. Not he who shall not be named.
"Oprah picks Colson Whitehead's 'Underground Railroad' for her book club"
I'm telling you guys. First, Oprah. Next, Pulitzer. THE Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead is a once-in-a-lifetime book.
Yes. This is what a reimagining should look like. Thank you, Colson Whitehead.
Honestly, Colson Whitehead's Underground Railroad is an incredible novel. The attention today is great:
In his new novel, Colson Whitehead lays bare the terrible human costs of slavery
.The writer Colson Whitehead said is astonished that he earns a living from his writing, as he's suited for nothing else. 1/2
Of the entire works of Colson Whitehead, I don't think any are much over 200 words. That's a recommendation.
Colson Whitehead wrote that you become a New Yorker when you register the disappearance of a familiar spot. What do you miss in NYC?
just finished re-reading Colson Whitehead's first novel The Intuitionist and UGH it's even better than I remember. thanks
Colson Whitehead has definitely memorized the dictionary and is totally preoccupied with using words you've never heard of in his novels
It is failure that guides evolution; perfection provides no incentive for improvement, and nothing is perfect. - Colson Whitehead
I'm really only interested in sports when Chuck Klosterman and Colson Whitehead write about them. Like, quite literally.
. Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. . Zone One by Colson Whitehead. Feed by Mira Grant (Very interesting)
This list. Apologies to Colson Whitehead, but I can't even:
3 of 5 stars to The Noble Hustle by Colson Whitehead
The human condition is not freedom, but struggle in Colson Whitehead's novels. He refuses to perpetuate the black American narrative
Re: Note to Self. Readers saw themselves, and either loved or hated what they saw, in Colson Whitehead’s essay on tautophrases.
"It is failure that guides evolution; perfection offers no incentive for improvement." - Colson Whitehead
"I represent the country of Anhedonia. We have no borders but our population teems" -Colson Whitehead.
Hi! I'm researching fans of literary celebs like Colson Whitehead. Interested? If so, go here:
Colson Whitehead's Zone One. He does something really great with whiteness as default - caught me off guard
Colson Whitehead waxes linguistic about "You do you" "Haters gonna hate" and other vapid phrases of our time
【Statistical Modeli】 Sorry, but I’m with Richard Ford on this one: I just read the new Colson Whitehead book, ...
Post-viva, it's back getting all of my teaching prep sorted out from tomorrow. Until then, I'm reading Colson Whitehead's 'John Henry Days'.
Feed is full of anger at Jonathan Franzen, which seems to be over a 2001 review of a Colson Whitehead's (great) John Henry Days.
I remember reading Jonathan Franzen's review of Colson Whitehead's John Henry Days THEN, before I knew who either of them were.
i finished it in a few sittings. I did love Zone One by Colson Whitehead: post-apocalyptic New York from the POV of a soldier.
I will be at Printer's Row Book Fair this Sunday family event, one adult event 12:30 at the Kids' Stage. 2:00 Center Stage as a guest on Mark Bazer's Interview Show, along with author Colson Whitehead and Bill Hageman from Chicago Tribune.
Colson Whitehead's new book was born of an assignment to write about the World Series of Poker for Grantland. It's a sharp observational tale of the game, those who play it and how it changed him.
hey I think I found the Colson Whitehead book you mentioned, John Henry Days?
Brook is reading Long Division by Kiese Laymon. "Fire like Octavia Butler meets Colson Whitehead meets Walter Mosley." …
I received 2 new books today. Both are large print. "Zone One" by Colson Whitehead "The Twelve" by Justin Cronin
On page 41 of 259 of Zone One, by Colson Whitehead: I'm getting really tired of seeing the words "Mark Spitz" over...
"We never see people anyway. Only the monsters we make of them." Colson Whitehead
Here's why I dislike the NYTimes in a nutshell wow way to dismiss an entire audience. Smug ***
What isn’t said is as important as what is said. In many classic short stories, the real action occurs in the silences. COLSON WHITEHEAD
Zone One by Colson Whitehead. That's the book I was thinking of.
Important Book of the Day - The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead
Photo: Apex Hides the Hurt: A Novelby Colson Whitehead The town of Winthrop has decided it needs a new name.
On this episode of Talk at Ten, we speak with Colson Whitehead, a Lannan Foundation writer-in-residence. The award-winning novelist and essayist tackles race,
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ZONE by Matthew Enard. ZONE ONE by Colson Whitehead. BELOVED by Toni Morrison. New Adult is a marketing farce.
Colson Whitehead talks about his New York times notable book Sag Harbor
Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist wowed critics and readers everywhere and marked the debut of an important American writer. This marvellously inventive, genre-bending, noir-inflected novel, set in the curious world of elevator inspection, portrays a universe parallel to our own, where matters ...
You should search on Amazon these books: Zone One by Colson Whitehead and Embassytown by China Miéville :)
On page 60 of 259 of Zone One, by Colson Whitehead
Here in the Northeast (lotsa snow and cold cold rain), it's a good day for staying inside and keeping cozy with a good book. What are you reading?
Love zombies, hate cliches? Try Zone One by Colson Whitehead. His writing is smart enough to make undead flesh seem fresh.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I read a book! It was Christmas time and I’d just turned in a bunch of schoolwork and I had just gotten to Eugene, where my girlfriend lives, so we went to the library and got books and I don...
SCCCLD Book Challenge: Zone One / Colson Whitehead / 259 ...: I'm sorry to say that this was the most boring...
and while we are on literary genre Coulsen Whitehead Zone One
Richard Price is okay, Colson Whitehead probably lives in my neighborhood.
"It [the Apocalypse] means that in the future, things will be even worse than they are now"- Colson Whitehead _Zone One_
okay. The Passage by Justin Cronin. Fatherland by Robert Harris. Zone One by Colson Whitehead.
Thurs Nat of Values: U rocked today w/ Mark Spitz, Colson Whitehead & zombies. Thanks for great semester & making Thurs afternoons a blast!
The author Colson Whitehead has written novels about dueling elevator inspectors (The Intuitionist)...
On page 74 of 336 of Zone One, by Colson Whitehead
"A monster is a person who has stopped pretending." - Colson Whitehead
You did *not* just pair Don Delillo and Colson Whitehead!
I uploaded a video This Is an Experiment - Episode 15: Page 18 of EL 2, from Colson Whitehead's "The
I"ll be reading Zone One by Colson Whitehead
Check out Zone One by Colson Whitehead; really different take on the whole zombie thing.
Definitely recommend Colson Whitehead's Zone One - has more complex/literary writing style.
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Also - ZONE ONE, the thinking man's zombie novel:
On page 59 of 336 of Zone One, by Colson Whitehead
Gonna borrow Toni Morrison's Home & Colson Whitehead's Zone One. Tebow book is also availble but will leave that for a Tebowite to grab.
We like: Zone One by Colson Whitehead - On September 26, 1983, the end was nigh. Lieutenant colonel Stanislav Petrov...
Feeling very Zone 1 this morning. Ala Colson whitehead.
While the boss cat is away, the worker mouse will play (i.e. read Colson Whitehead's Zone One and eat chocolat...
On page 159 of 259 of Zone One, by Colson Whitehead
"You might say that every monster is a person who has stopped pretending." recent interview
A recent write-up on Zone One Oct read'n slxn. "Zombies burst from screen to page..." Books | The Guardian
Please join us for our 16th annual gala on Oct 30, 2012 as we recognize Colson Whitehead, Bruce Norris, & Greg Clayman
Best day ever! Thank you, Brooklyn Book Festival for creating a non-stop lit-tastic experience for writers, readers & book-lovers. I ran into dozens of happy Sackett Street writers & instructors, Iowa friends from back-in-the-day, hung out with the good people of WORD Brooklyn, bought a ton of books from Brooklyn's greatest bookstores, and went to a bunch of great readings, including those by Cathy Chung, Kathleen Alcott, Joyce Carol Oates, Colson Whitehead, Naomi Wolf, Hanna Rosin & more. And let's not forget Tony Danza. The "Unlikeable Women in Literature" panel was inspiring and Elissa Schappell and Dana Spiotta made me want to run home and write. Brooklyn, you can keep me. There's nowhere else I'd rather write, read & talk books.
Book Review: Zone One by Colson Whitehead: “Mark Spitz” is a survivor. Although mediocre in all aspects of life ...
Brief comparison on the literary/commercial reception of black writers Toni Morrison and Colson Whitehead
Just in: NO GOING BACK by Mark L. Van Name, ZONE ONE by Colson Whitehead, LOW TOWN by Daniel Polansky, and vN by Madeline Ashby.
Update your maps at Navteq
Great new zombie book I just read. Zone One by Colson Whitehead. Not a large book but it's filled with more than just zombie gore. Took a bit to really get into it but worth it. Oh Mark Spitz you hero of the mediocre! You'll see...
"hollowed-eyed dissertation jockeys" perfect description of PhD students by Colson Whitehead.
This is a great interview! Thank U, Listen AFTER he sings which starts about 20 min in ;‹D
How to Write Colson Whitehead knows his stuff!
About to start by Colson Whitehead. It's about
Rule No. 7: Writer’s block is a tool — use it. When asked why you haven’t produced anything lately, just say, “I’m blocked.” (LOL:)
Reading Zone One by Colson Whitehead. I highly recommend it. Original take on the zombie theme. Terrific!
5 of 5 stars to Zone One by Colson Whitehead
Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook. A pandemic has devastated the planet, sorting humanity into two types: the uninfected and the infected, the living and the living dead. After the worst of the plague is over, armed forces statione
finished Zone One: A Novel by Colson Whitehead and gave it 5 stars
"Learn to kill your darlings": Colson Whitehead's rules for writing.
Colson Whitehead's Rules for Writers. Especially like "writer's block is a tool. Use it."
" the sad hope that someone else will love them as much as they do." -Colson Whitehead
Colson Whitehead has written one of my favorite novels. In fact, much like Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin and Terry McMillan, he has the honor of having a book in my banner photo (can you find it?)...
The Sunday New York Times had an article HOW TO WRITE by Colson Whitehead.
On page 134 of 255 of The Intuitionist, by Colson Whitehead
On page 108 of 255 of The Intuitionist, by Colson Whitehead
Author Colson Whitehead: "Once your subject finds you, it's like falling in love. It will be your constant companion. Shadowing you, peeping in your windows, calling you at all hours to leave messages like, 'Only you understand me.' Your ideal subject should be like a stalker with limitless resources, living off the inheritance he received after the suspiciously sudden death of his father. He's in your apartment pawing your stuff when you're not around, using your toothbrush and cutting out all the really good synonyms from the thesaurus."
Some good writing advice from Colson Whitehead
I need more people like Colson Whitehead in my life: "It’s not going to kill you to butch it up a tad"
Colson Whitehead offers 11 tips on how to write:
This is so simple, so strong and so right, plus he used the word: mellifluous. How to Write. By Colson Whitehead.
How to Write author, Colson Whitehead says, Learn how to “kill your darlings,”.
Colson Whitehead for the writers out there :
These are fantastic. Colson Whitehead's 10 rules on how to write. Number 6 is golden!!
I loved The Intuitionist too much to ever be mad at Colson Whitehead about anything.
Getting weekend inspiration from Colson Whitehead's tips for writers.
I like 3, 5 and 7: Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writing
An amazing list of rules about how to write by Colson Whitehead. From
On page 104 of 255 of The Intuitionist, by Colson Whitehead
Some guy, Chris Roberts, really hates Colson Whitehead for some reason:
How to Write | Good advice from Colson Whitehead. I love this and will read it again and again.
Just now getting around to reading this highly entertaining & wise essay by Colson Whitehead on How to Write:
Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writing are darned funny, but not actually recommended - -
Zone One by Colson Whitehead. Slow-going, shuffles around almost aimlessly. Kinda like a--Ohh, I see what he did there.
Whitehead's "How To Write" is truly awesome, and funny (I forget my awesome provider for it :(
Fiction is payback for those who have wronged you -Colson Whitehead via
Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writing - The art of writing can be reduced to a few simple rules.
Friday High Five: Colson Whitehead's Rules for Writing, inside the mind of a drone pilot, why Japan is almost gun-free.
I was just looking at last Sunday's The New York Times Book Review and couldn't help thinking that I'd be a little bummed right now if I were Colson Whitehead. Right next to a promo for "Colson Whitehead on How to Write" is a promo for "Roger Rosenblatt on How to Write Great"! But don't feel too bad, Whitey; your essay IS great!
In Colson Whitehead’s novel, humans spared the effects of a plague battle zombies in Lower Manhattan.
funny advice for writers by Colson Whitehead
I quite like Colson Whitehead's tongue-and-cheek writing advice.
Colson Whitehead‘s contribution to the New York Times Book Review’s “How To” issue on Sunday is titled How to Write. You know, a topic that fits neatly into 11 easy-to-follo...
This week's New Yorker includes a never-published story by F. Scott Fitzgerald; novelist Colson Whitehead shares his eleven rules of writing; Alexander Chee examines America's obsession with Downton Abbey; and other news.
Colson Whitehead's simple rules for becoming a better writer.
I normally side with Colson Whitehead against Richard Ford aka Racist Litsatan, but lists like this are always a...
Speaking of Richard Ford, this (is making me wonder why no one talks about that time he spat on Colson Whitehead.
Timothy Mark Robinson 6 hours ago near Norfolk, reading Colson Whitehead's Zone One. “Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today — but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all.” ~ Isaac Asimov Elizabeth Archuleta I read that not too long ago! A good book.5 hours ago · William J Harris I am going to Colson Whitehead's reading at BookCourt in Brooklyn on Tuesday, July 10 at 7 pm. I will report on it. So Whitehead's new book is science fiction? Some critics have gotten more open about genres. Jim Higgins on China Mieville's latest," Embassytown," says: "The most engrossing book I've read this year, and the latest evidence that brilliant, challenging, rewarding writing of the highest order is just as likely to be found in the section labeled Science Fiction as the one marked literature." Mieville is brilliant.2 hours ago · Timothy Mark Robinson I will have to rea ...
Happy to have a copy of Essays on the park by Colson Whitehead, Adam Gopnik, Jonathan Safran Foer
As Baraka and I got inspiration from Bradbury and other science fiction writers, Robert Sheckley in my case, Colson Whitehead got it from from horror movies: "How far is 'I'm writing a book about two warring groups of elevator inspectors' from 'I'm going to make the first monster musical'? asks Whitehead in his excellent autobiographical essay in the sci-fi issue of The New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2012.
On page 17 of 273 of Sag Harbor, by Colson Whitehead: Not a fan of first person narratives. Also, the narration is ...
History of Love by Nicole Krauss is one of my all time favs & I just bought Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead on recommendation
I've been reading the novels of Colson Whitehead; thus far, my reaction has been negative. I finished "The Colossus of New York," "The Intuitionist," "Apex Hides the Hurt," and gave up on "John Henry Days." Wordiness, over-use of flowery language and metaphors, and inadequate development of characters are major problems. I have two more novels to go: "Zone One" and "Sag Harbor." I hope I have the intellectual and emotional strength to complete the reading of these last two works.
"Freeport Jackson calculated the final inch of his cocktail..." Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist.
While I don't endorse spitting on Colson Whitehead, there's something punk-rock about it that I don't normally associate with Richard Ford
Philip Roth, Junot Diaz, Colson Whitehead to speak at National Book Fest! Let's hope Jeffery Eugenides & I can keep it civil. He started it.
In a few weeks, hundreds of writers—the wildly successful (Mary Higgens Clark, Colson Whitehead, Lee Child) and humbly aspiring alike—will descend on Hunter College for the annual Writers’ Conference, an event that brings industry professionals together to work on their craft and discuss the state o...
The Writers’ Conference, now at Hunter College, is widely considered one of the finest fiction and non-fiction conferences. In addition to keynote speakers Carol Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins Clark, and Colson Whitehead, the Writers’ Conference will feature twelve panels with distinguished writers, e...
The anthology Central Park, edited by Andrew Blauner, is a tribute to New York’s most famous public space, with contributions by Jonathan Safran Foer, Francine Prose, Colson Whitehead, and more. Buzz Bissinger’s essay is reprinted in full from the book, which is out this week from Bloomsbury. In the...
“We never see other people anyway, only the monsters we make of them.” ~ Colson Whitehead
Starts with Colson Whitehead epigraph from _John Henry Days_, clip of Jack White from _It Might Get Loud_ talking about Son House
Elissa Schappell and Colson Whitehead and more...The March 25 Mixer reading is a literary dream team:
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