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Color Vibe

Long Island

Shes the first artist whos a woman of color that ive seen bring back this wave with a lil futuristic vibe ..
We ran the Color Vibe today!!! The kids did SO Good! . This was a total bucket list thing for me. What a blast!
The right size and color tree can really lend a magazine layout vibe to your curb appeal:
Today we got the opportunity to register organ donors at the Flagstaff Color Vibe 5k! Always a pleasure serving…
The name and feeling I get from this photo is Lancelot.The vibe taste sweet and has a mix of flavors…
Had a lot of fun throwing some color at the Color Vibe 5K - Rapid City! We will announce the winners of the retro...
Clear like the color clear. I know that's a dumb thing to type. Whatever. XO till I get tired of sleeping.
Had a great time running the Color Vibe 5K with Ashley today!
I'm getting a Harley Quinn vibe because of the color pattern.
gives me this sorta aesthetic vibe that i like. &i love THAT tree . & the last pic is v unique but i love the way it…
I am thrilled to host the Color Vibe 5k on campus in support of and the community.…
Aw man! We missed & but for a good cause. We were doing a Color Vi…
Ran the Color Vibe 5k for the first time! 27 minutes-not too bad. Glad to be running again!…
At this point it's about chemistry not color. Either we vibe or we don't. Still the more I grow the more I feel I'm pushed out my community
Welcome to everyone participating in the Color Vibe 5K - Richmond at The Meadow Event Park! Have a safe, colorful race! :-)
Color creates emotion. Make sure your brand's colors give off the right vibe!
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vibe. As for terracotta, it's because it gives a warm impression despite being one of the fanciest color.
This Saturday vibe out with for a Color×Design Block Party. Join us along with…
Issa vibe. Shoutout to my hair stylist for my hair color 🦄
Staying active, making a difference. Join me tomorrow at the Color Vibe 5k to support
All done with COLOR VIBE Registration and set up!!!
Pop rock vibe. So I want to make it look new each time but spend as little as possible. I want to us…
Add a shade while running at the Color Vibe 5K on Saturday,
ya fwiw thts the vibe i got from the OP but also its like yeah of course *** ppl are across the board…
I just think the color brightens up the whole area! Stoke needs some good energy & vibe. Beige or black are definit…
Bold pattern and color for a vibrant vibe. …
Trees and green color always gives a good vibe to the store. This tree is a new family member.…
The color will always be a classic, but many almost-black colors create the same timeless vibe in your home.…
Bold pattern and color for a vibrant vibe.
Love the color scheme on this kitchen—& a of…
Reminds me of the Blood Money cover. Again from Psygnosis. Different color scheme, but save vibe.
Aye red still my color but my vibe is green rn
It's also just a really popular vibe color lol they're so pretty
I love LOVE the rustic vibe. Gives it soul and adds color to the spirit. Yes
Now's the time to remember Living Color's great "Funny Vibe":
I love the color scheme of new mv teaser. Yass for the 90s vibe and the outfits. I lovee.
Why does the color of their background gives me retro vibe?
"Don't Kale My Vibe" by Color Club, part of their Oil Slick collection.
OH MY GOD jungkook's whistle, the vibe, the color, and their dance BDHSHJSUEJSJSJ SEND HELP
Sunflowers are by far my favorite flower // yellow is such a good vibe color
I just registered for the Color Vibe 5K in Vancouver/Tri-Cities - Sept 23, 2017. Sign up before it sells out!
man, I know SF likes to go for an old soul vibe, but when are they getting color?
So when I say the darker color gives off a night-time vibe, it's because Deep Blues are alternative to pitch black and gray
The position/color of her eyes here are so eerie and the overall vibe of the pic is quite chilling. truly iconic
Vibe Dear Jennifer Lopez: All Lives Do Not Matter Vibe I've been watching you since In Living Color when you were,…
Tried to go for a Fallout vibe with this. What do you think of the color scheme?
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1 month away! Get ready for the most colorful fun-filled day of your life! Join the Color Vibe 5K Run on 8/20 at...
I like the summer camp color war vibe of the raw and smackdown shirts
Exactly no color lines on this side if her vibe is right we can most definitely make that link.
Fashion to me is layers, color, and vibes. The vibes coming in and the vibe you giving out.
Whose ready to join me at.the color.vibe run this year?
2 great color options with , the original or !! Which do you prefer???
Great music as always Lera, but love the vid too. Just saw movie The Neon Demon, & it had a similar cool color vibe
Add a POP of color to your bathroom, the green helps bring an earthy vibe to this space. Visit adopt-a-contractor
Look at the sick color vibe I'm getting at this baseball game my dudes.
2nd cover, 1st color - kinda got a Lisa Frank vibe to it.
Tbh I flirt with whoever I'm attracted to. Male or female. And I'll be with whoever I vibe with, regardless the color or gender they are.
I love TED poster color scheme and vibe
IKE friends & family: don't miss this exciting event! Color Vibe 5k is coming to Salem and they have selected us...
Wish I had a guy best friend I could vibe w/ & tell everything to but still have him tell me what color I should get f…
Want to dye my hair a brownish color with ashy blonde huge streaks, to match my summer tan and summer vibe. Yay or nay?
Hamilton Collection
You’ll be blasted with colour at every colour station throughout the fantastic 5K run that is the Color Vibe!
Picking a bright color can give your kitchen that pleasant feel that'll make everyone happy
Move fast to grab our final few spaces for the 5K in East Sussex this Sunday!
Who is trying to do the Fargo Color Vibe 5K Run with me on July 23?
I just registered for the Color Vibe! Join me & Get Tickets before it sells out! -
Still time to with a difference. taking place in July 24, London and August 20, Essex. 2016.
Coming up, The Color Vibe 5K Aug 13th. A portion of proceeds go to our House! Sign up now!
Know what to expect from these three lipsticks!!
Grab your girlfriends for the Color Vibe 5K Run in on July 23rd!
Color Vibe, a “VIBErantly” colorful 5K fun run company, is teaming up with Santa Fe County, the City of Santa Fe,...
Were you there? Check out out photo gallery from the Color Vibe 5K in Palm Coast
Team Ghyabi participated in the 2016 Color Vibe 5K this past weekend in Palm Coast. Go Team Ghyabi!!
It's such a typical NYC fall day out; the temperature, the color of the sky, how people dressed, just the whole vibe
I see myself as a crayon, I may not be your favorite color, but I know someday, you will need me to complete your pictur…
Tried a new color vibe. Too much? Too little? I've looked at it for too long. via /r/photo…
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When you beat your high score in Color Round 😩😂
George Lucas & his wife made a generous donation to film students of color:
・・・ Red Vibe! Fashion Blogger Daisy shows us how to rock such a bold color //...
Color run vibe with my best friend yo
Instagram today was just all Color Vibe and Stratford pictures
Color vibe 5k with my favorite person 💕🏃
listen here, cracka jack. Your name is a plane color old people use on one story houses
I don't run, but I want to do the color vibe run sooo bad😣
That color vibe would be cool if it was just a big party. None of that exercise nonsense
Had a blast at the color vibe 5k today 💙💚💛💜.
I'm digging the 1970s vibe and the color pink as of late. If this is my I think I'm going to be ok.
My grandparents ❤️. I am super proud of them! Today, they completed the color vibe with my siblings,…
didn't you do the color vibe though? Not the color run...
Someone should run the Color vibe 5k with me 😇😇😇
Color Vibe was AMAZING! 👌🏼🎉🎊 also killin' the wobble with my best friend made it even better 💞
We're just a bunch of fun dip packets runnin around 🍭 @ Color Vibe 5K: Greater Lake Zurich Area
Color Vibe 5K this morning with this fun, beautiful lady
Nothing like going for a run that's actually fun @ Color Vibe 5K
Your vibrant color should be as effortless to maintain as your vibe.
Tada! We had a blast getting colorful at Twin Cities 2015 Color Vibe this morning! Unfortunately, we…
Update: just blew my nose for the first time after color vibe and it was purple...
After the Twin Cities Color Vibe, Heather's white shoes will never be the same again. Good thing it's only three...
watched on More 5k color vibe run. Color throw coming up!
Had a blast running in the Lake Zurich 5K Color Vibe Run this morning. Good to see some friends out their...
Had a blast at the Color Vibe with my man!!
today I successfully completed the Color Vibe 5K and it was a blast. definitely making this a tradition.
You chill I'm chill you real I'm real no skin color shouldn't determine who you vibe with
And they're off! (Almost) Good luck to our YVFWC staff team participating in Yakima's Color Vibe 5K Run!
Color Vibe this morning! The rain didn't stop, only momentarily blinded us 😂 Love these two more…
I just registered for the Little Rock Color Vibe 5K Run! Get your tickets before it sells out!
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Just volunteered at the Color Vibe Run. Had a lot of fun throwing paint at people. Got a little on myself also😋
Rain today made for some excellent puddle jumping! @ Color Vibe 5K
Never knew running through color could be so fun @ Color Vibe 5K
Help fund research/education at Saturday's Color Vibe 5K at Maplewood Mall.
Packet pick-up for the Color Vibe 5K is underway at Capitol City Cinema in Downtown Jefferson City, Missouri!...
Color Vibe 5K Run! Who's coming with me? Get your tickets before it sells out!
Color Vibe 5K Run. An EPIC FUN 5k run with color! Check it out.
Jessica Andrews! You are our second winner today! You won 2 Color Vibe 5k registrations plus an awesome swag bag...
Thank you Peoria Journal star and WEEK-TV 25 for covering the Color Vibe fun run yesterday!
Hey guys tomorrow is the Color Vibe! Information to know is 1. Set up crew meets at band stand park at 5 a.m. (these are people helping with the coarse set up and the balloon arch) 2. Other volunteers come at 7 a.m. At band stand park Registration starts at 8 a.m. We have an amazing amount of volunteers for this event and I could not be more excited. See you tomorrow bring your friends and if you have any question contact Jon Ross
Can't make this one, doing Color Vibe 5k and working at Cains Ballroom Cancer *** benefit show that night😃
ALRIGHT! Lots of running to do this spring/summer/fall. Just signed up for the 5k Color me Rad run on 5/10/14, Color Vibe 5k Run on 7/26/14 and the Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon on 10/19/14. I need to find another half-marathon for this summer, before the Free Press. any suggestions?
I want join the color vibe can someone please help me? How do I sign up?
I want to lose 8 pounds before I do my color vibe run on the 19th!
Team Vinyl Style is pumped for the color vibe 5k! My first 5k! This is my year!
OK OK ladies the 5k color vibe fun run is coming up in Idaho falls on may 24.who's in??? Let's do this!!!
Check out the Color Vibe 5K Run! It looks like so much fun! The website is
Our Color Your World Kit for this wknds Color Vibe 5K in Charlotte, NC | Mom Runner
If I'm in the mood to color hair, I'm in the mood to color hair. Don't kill my vibe
Whole family signed up for the color vibe 🙌
So, somebody forgot she signed up for the color vibe this weekend and has not been prepping at all.
Where music comes to color and revelers come to life as this duo level temple of sound and vibe, cater…
Really wants to do a color run or color vibe this summer!! 😎
So ready for this Color Vibe Run next Saturday 🎨
I'm so excited for the COLOR VIBE 5K this Saturday! Thanks ahead of time for joining this colorful adventure with me.
Planning to run the Color Vibe in Rochester? Here's what you can expect
We are switching gears here, we are running in the Color Vibe 5K. Joined us and Win FREE tickets (2).…
Cowhide adds such a warm texture, luxury color and fun vibe to any room! Try out this cowhide bench in…
Looking for good races? Check out the Superhero Half in Morristown on 5/18 and the Color Vibe 5K in Morris Twp on 6/28.
Modern with a vintage vibe Chic Chevron Wedding Invite available in 8 color choices.
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I used Billy Squier's "Big Beat" drums in an attempt to recreate the vibe of "The Color Red" in a new beat...but formulas suck, so I failed.
Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, April 8: Lavender There are things to do and things to get done today, and although you can feel yourself torn in many ways, you will be able to take a few particularly noisome items off your To-Do List. That will ease up a lot of emotional angst that you had been holding onto about these things without even realizing that you were doing it Once that is done, things will begin to fall into place more easily and you will find yourself able to start some real soul-searching in terms of where you are going right now. The current energy is very helpful for taking an honest look around you at what is happening in your life. It can also assist you in knowing what to do next. This is not a great time for massive planning ahead, but it is a good time to know what the next step is going to be.
Then next weekend is the color vibe run. I'm excited
Hello my beautiful people! As a local resident of Rochester and a lover of running I will be participating in this year's 5K (3.1mi) Color Vibe Run on April 13th, 2014! I would eventually like to run a marathon, but to prepare for that, I'd like to run this 5K Run. I would like to give back to my...
This color scheme always makes me think of South beach….cool and refreshing with a bit of a retro vibe…how about...
Love the color palette & vintage vibe of cover And the charming biciclete:))
Caroline Hensley did you get the packet from color vibe? We have to be there at 630 not 8!!! Lol
Last chance to join Team Monarch at the Arlington Color Vibe 5K, Saturday, April 26th at Ranger Stadium!. Add color to your life!!!
I wanna go for a 2-3 mile jog! Gotta be ready for the color Vibe 5K run Sunday! First run I do!
The Color Vibe is an EPIC FUN 5K run with color. Tickets now on sale.
No more excuses! March of dimes this weekend and color vibe in 2 weeks with Taylor! Time to really get ready!
Team is ready for the Vibe Color Run this weekend at Concord Mills. 👍
The day before Color Vibe was pretty chilly, but we made it through!!
Marcus G. Blackwood Sunday will be 70 degrees. :) looking forward to the color vibe
With the happy vibe .. Here is a semi funky love the color combination
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Dog found in Tupelo on the Color Vibe 5k route..has been taken to the Tupelo Humane Society..SHARE so that maybe the owner can be found and this fur baby can go home..
Irene is training for a 5k color vibe marathon or whatever you call it and is making me go hiking with her. I died a little inside
Signed up for the color vibe run :o
Well my mom told me I'm doing the color vibe with her better get off the couch and start getting in shape
Just made a team for the run or dye in fargo on june 28th..The name of the team is Color Vibe and password is ReaganJo.. Go ahead and JOIN!
Just got jakes ticket for the color vibe in flint september 27th (; soo cant wait sounds fun!
Anyone want to run the Color Vibe 5k in Akron on May 24th with me? Pretty please! :)
Color vibe San Antonio should be so much fun can't wait to get colored lol. 😊😊
Color Vibe at foresthill is probably the only thing I'll be attending my whole highschool life 😭😭
THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HM! WOW, i really have today enlightened and learned some interesting facts about where and what the Color Vibe in America really is and represents in its Mother Culture. We should always educate ourselves on any and everything in life to understand, respect and, acknowledge its purpose of existence.
Craving a more playful vibe in the kitchen? Who says toys are just for kids? Add some color an whimsy in your...
*** must've frozen over because I just ran 25 minutes without stopping, not to mention the spandex pants I sported while completing said task. Pretty sure if you told me 8 weeks ago I'd do either of those things I would've laughed in your face and then stuffed my mouth with something involving caramel and chocolate. Feeling double the love for my town and my employer. Thanks to Jefferson City for hosting the upcoming Color Vibe on April 19, two months ago I decided to turn my hatred of running into a challenge. And thanks to the City of Jefferson for offering a healthy employee incentive program, i can actually make money for exercising and participating in a race. That's what I call motivation. Holy crap that was long winded.
For anyone that is attending Team KickFit for the Color Vibe 5k run this Sunday, I will be going to MCC to pick up my order for the run if anyone wants I can pick their order up as well, I just need your confirmation ticket!
So doing Color Vibe 5k run in June. Needs some tips how to get ready. Please keep in mind I do have some physical limitations. Thanks. ;). Chilling with my babe. Love u boo, Michael W Watson
Any of you all ever done a color vibe run? Kimberly Yoder and I will be doing our first one this Saturday. What do we expect? Should we pack goggles for the colors? Lol Does that stuff stain clothing?
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Color vibe at the end of the month :) so excited!! We need one more person tho .. Who's up for it ?
Your Color Vibe for Monday, April 7: Frosty White Que sera, sera, so it is probably not worth worrying about some of the things that are going on around you today. You can only be affected if you allow yourself to get pulled into other people’s stuff and beliefs as well as media hype. It can be tempting because a lot of people will be putting on their best faces today trying to win you over. You might even find yourself trying to impress someone or ones. If you see do find yourself preening for people, take a moment to ask yourself why you are doing this, what all this means to you, and what it is that you are hoping to gain by association. If the answers resonate then go for it, however if there seems to be no good reason….. Well, take that for what it is and act on it.
Super excited about the color vibe graffiti run I mean don't get me wrong this girl won't be running but I will walk at a very fast pace. .lol . I got my registration already paid for... and LaDonna got hers paid for so it's legit now... and oh Garrett I was wanting to know if you wanted to come because its going to be super fun.
Who is EXCITED about Tomorrow? See you all there bright and early and get ready to HAVE A BLAST. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. Each and every one of you are doing your part to help local children fulfill their dreams of being a SURFER. I would like to say THANK YOU for supporting Color Vibe and Surf Dreams Foundation. Phil Jackson Director Surf Dreams Foundation
While you're in Arlington on April 26th for Texas Food Truckin' Fest, sign up for Color Vibe 5K - both happening at Globe Life Park! Plus, both events benefit a local charity, TF2 benefits Tarrant Area Food Bank while Color Vibe benefits Kidd's Kids! Info/Sign up here:
Register now for the brightest race around! Sign up for the Color Vibe 5K on April 13. Volunteers are needed.
Brianne Morrison Scott, I called the Darlington Raceway today and the Color Vibe is confirmed. I say we all just sign up and worry about a team name later!!! :)
Coming to the track Too Tough To Tame in 2014. Join us on March 22nd for our first Color Vibe color run!
I really wanted to do the 5K Color Vibe run this year but I think I work that day I dont have the spare money its right around my move in date most my close friends would be to lazy to go with me (but they wound't admit to it (; ). So I am going to plan to do it next year :)
July is going to be an extremely fun month! -This weekend is my family reunion in Ohio! Seeing family that I haven't seen since I was a baby! Jay Cooper, Jeanne Flynn Patrick -Next weekend, the 14th, I start kickball! Anyone want to join and be on my team??? =) -The 20th I'm going to be at the Blake Shelton/Eaton Corbin/Jana Kramer concert! Megan Patrick Lowery, the ticket is bought and I'm ready get crazy! -The 27th I'll be in Richmond for the Color Vibe 5K! Kayleigh Molina, Emmaline Wimberley did you both sign up yet? It isn't too late .. don't forget we're team Cool Runnings! Stephanie Cassinos Way, I know you have a bun in the oven, but you should come too if you aren't feeling sick! Anyone want to plan something else exciting???
There are two 5k runs that I considering. They are The Color Run and Color Vibe. Both are in Savannah. One it in August and one is in October. I'm not sure about the one in August.. we are talking and Savannah... in AUGUST! LOL
Making tutus with Jessica Hecker and Jennifer Sanders Bowman for the Color Vibe don't worry Rita Matthews we will make pink ones for the breast cancer walk.
Headed out to the Color Vibe 5 K Race at NH International Speedway in Loudon NH. Go Jennie and friends, it will be fun watching you get all painted up especially in the rain!! Then Sunday off to the Red Hook 5 K Race in Newington NH. Go Jennie and Tom!!!
Well.I had this GREAT idea a few months ago to sign up for the Color Vibe 5k and dragged my friends along for the ride. I pictured a bright, sunny, warm day. Now I think my friends are going to kill me because it is in the 40's and raining like a *** Oh well, we will make this a memorable experience!
- Hmm, May 17th, Mothers day Male Review, Birthday Bash in July, & Color Vibe 5k in Sept. ? Summers starting pretty good.
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Color Me Rad sounds way better than Color Vibe...
All signed up for the Color Vibe 5K run May 25th 2013! Run at this your being chased by a lion ! :)
Megan Lowe and Jenn Oliver Ball have we come up with a team name yet? And the Color Vibe (Not the one we're doing in a few weeks) will be in Charleston June 1st if you ladies are interested in joining the VIP list. I think I am going to do this one as well when the sign up is ready.
hey im planning on doing the Color Vibe 5k on may 4th, i got a team set up let me know if you're down to go.
Has any one else heard about this Color Vibe 5k that's supposed to be here march 2nd I really want to do it since I missed out on color me rad
I just got this in my email ~ Hey Color Vibers! Great news! We've found a NEW venue with increased capacity so we are re-opening registration! We apologize for the delay, we simply outgrew our original venue very quickly and had to find a new one to make sure that everyone has an awesome experience at the Color Vibe. The new location will be at the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, FL, and it is going to be amazing with lot's of room and fun places to run. The Color Vibe will now be held on Saturday, March 16, 2013, and you won't want to miss it, it's going to be a blast! Here are the updated details: NEW EVENT DETAILS Location: Lee Civic Center, 11831 Bayshore Rd, North Ft. Myers, FL Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013 Time: Gates open at 7AM, First wave begins at 9AM **well some more time to get ready:)**
Getting ready for our first Color Vibe 5K with my girls! Go team Rainbow/Light Brite!! luvkids05
How was the Color Vibe 5K? For a chance to win a cool ASICS bag, just comment below this post and tell us how you did, how smothered in color you got, and how much fun you had this morning and we will pick a winner on Monday! (It will be random... we will throw everyone's name in a hat and draw.)
Nikki and i are about to get our color on. Color Vibe 5K. Spokane falls community college
Molly Huff Executive Director and Molly Bailey Board member, had a GOTR is so much fun run at the Color Vibe.
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