First Thoughts

Color Me Rad

Woodruff Park

Everyone should go do Color Me Rad "the paint run" in Bakersfield. It looks so fun
Color Me Rad is coming in April! I thinking about getting a team together! 😊
yes BINTCH! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š this lip color is rad with this look I'm jealous you showed me up
Bruce caught a rad night shot of the new Base Glacier color scheme with his flash. Check out all the new Base...
*playing 21 questions*. him: Whats your fav color?. me: avocado. How do you feel about america using prisons as a solution t…
I wanna do a color me rad 5k so bad!
someone pls do Color Me Rad with me!!
All signed up! Brooke get ready to be more colorful than you already are :) Any takers to join us? Peggy/...
β—€ 1. D.holic - Color Me Rad . tiamo could've been this but at least d.holic got to return with their third masterpi…
Color me rad...all the thanks to always a good time…
What the hive mind of Pinterest unconsciously thought was the Color of the Year. Rad.
Had so much fun at Color Me Rad! Definitely will be there next year!…
found these pics of me from color me rad 🌈 every time I saw a camera I was cheesin πŸ˜…
Got an email that Color Me Rad is open for registration. That would be fun to do again let's go! πŸ˜€
How pretty is this red sombre???!!! Gorgeous color by . To book with Brittany at our Penn location...
Someone sign up for color me rad with me 😝
I wish I was home so I could do the color me rad walk with tiara
Get your color on at the Race May 7th at Oklahoma State Fairgrounds
If anyone wants to do color me rad on July 9th with and I, we're running at 9:15 am and our team is the A-town Dream Team :)
$SAKL Three Color Me Rad 5K events happening in the US this weekend. Sign up now !
Free time also includes: Color Me Rad fun run:
Color me rad is fast approaching! Get ready to have some real fun at this year's 5k run! Take your friends and...
Our training has started for the Color Me Rad 5K! My daughter and I kicked off the Easter holidays with a...
Rad inspiration is shape, form and color!
Anyone want to go to color me rad 5k?
LAST CHANCE for $29 Color Me Rad 5K Virginia Beach registration. Only 45 remain at this price! Details and...
Our partners at the Midwest City Convention and Visitors Bureau are having a rad art event this Saturday, April...
we have Color Me Rad with a special 10% discount and our Superhero day in May which is great for kids and workplaces etc
19 more days until the Color Me Rad. Not ready is an understatement
your members might be interested in our special Color Me Rad discount!
fancy running Color Me Rad again this year? Check out the link for 10% off!!
Electronic Device Insurance
needing people with good aim to be Color Bombers @ Color Me Rad. We think you'd be great pm for more info πŸŽ¨πŸƒπŸ½
even seeing a picture of 2NE1's mics, realizing one color will be absent makes me sad : (
so excited for the Color Me Rad 5k 😎
Hey CBUS are any of you running in Color Me Rad this weekend???
I miss you, 13 days until color me rad (-:
how rad is this!! I would love one in each color please or two.. Three 100! Lol!!
I'm gonna get to go to Color Me Rad for free yay
It reminds me of the super rad color variations of the N64. *sigh* one can dream.
Color me rad last year around this time
The Newport News Green Foundation is very excited for Color Me Rad... Are you? Remember to sign up to volunteer,...
SSP represented at this past weekends Color Me Rad 5K! Thanks UNCW for a super fun event!!
$SAKL villawest: three color me rad events for april the 9th...: villawest
We hope everyone had a RAD time today at the Color Me RAD race! We loved hanging out with all of you, and...
We saw volunteers' true colors shine at Read about it on the blog:
I had such a blast being the pink color bomb leader for the color me rad 5k today!
Color balancing on this gorgeous canvas ☺️ .
Color me rad race was pretty rad I must say
Wilmington Plastic Surgery team at the color me rad run today!
I'm covered with crap but it was fun! Color Me Rad 5K!
we're colorful, just like our personalities @ Color Me Rad 5 Wilmington
We had a great time today at the Color Me Rad 5k! Good job Team Scuba Now!
Saw a 6 week old pit bull puppy at color me rad and I am obsessed
Run for PACE at Color Me Rad this Sat., 3/12 at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds!! All participants receive: 5K...
Color Me Rad is this Saturday at Woodruff Park! The race starts at 9am! Great event for all ages!
Color Me Rad this Saturday morning at Woodruff Park!! Race starts at 9am and we can't wait to see you there!
Join us Saturday in Uptown for Color Me Rad 5k!! Race starts at 9am at Woodruff Park and you don't wanna miss it!
Just registered for the Color Me Rad run in Montreal on May 22nd. Samantha Boswell are you in?
Selling these rad tshirts for my internship to Latvia this summer πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ‡±πŸ‡» $25 for either color. DM me or text me! THX πŸ˜‹
Someone sign up to do color me rad with me 😐
all the fun of color me rad without the exercise 😊 @ Heritage Grove
Can Kristin plz not talk me into doing Color Me Rad...I get shin splints walking to the kitchen πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
Register for color me rad, 3.26.16. Join team . And don't worry, I ain't running so join
Really wanna do Color Me Rad but...probably not πŸ˜…
Pretty much done on this super rad color sleeve 1 more sit to make it perfect!
I got my email for color me rad. Hopefully Aiden can go this year 😞
One of my favorite Color Me RAD pictures! Me and my love ❀️
Since you guys are so rad, I'll let you help me decide a good "initial" color for monsters that isn't white:
I love my gym, everyone is like family. ☺️ I can't wait to be running with them in the color me rad 5k. πŸƒπŸ»πŸ’¨
So excited signed my daughter and I up for Color Me Rad 5K in April.
Color Me Rad Famous fun race to hold in Lagos this weekend
Join my color me rad team! All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House here in Bakersfield.
Are you thinking about participating in Color Me Rad this year? If so, use promo code RMHCV2016! The Promo Code...
no you don't. I did color me rad last year
Hey guys! Huge opportunity just posted on Signupgenius. You could be a part of Color me Rad 2016! Check it out!
Who wants to run the Color Me Rad race in Montreal on May 22nd? It's 25$ when you sign up before Friday at midnight! Comment below!
It's another warm day out there so why not register for the raddest race out there! Color Me Rad has teamed up...
Shadow got me this really rad color changing mushroom nightlight and…
anyone wanna do the color me rad run in April ?
Color Me Rad with the girls in March!😁
Last years Color Me Rad was out Pittsburgh Mills we woke up late as *** missed the whole thing
Me and my friend is doing the Color Me Rad run May 7th I can't wait 😬😬😬😬 missed out last year❗️
Volunteer at Color Me Rad and support PACE! Be sure to select PACE under "Are you volunteering on behalf of an...
so Americans can now learn during Superbowl where Color Me Rad stole it's color from
The Color Me Rad 5k is back in Jax on Saturday, March 26, and for every runner and volunteer that signs up using...
Alliance Francaise Lagos presents Color Me Rad - Hindu Festival of Colours on Sunday, the 31st…
Rad infusion of color realism & neo-traditional styles in this hot air balloon with roses piece by Artist John...
I want to go to Color Me Rad on April 23. Still haven't made up my mind if I should go.
Looking for a fun way to support the Green Foundation this spring? Register for Color Me Rad. Use code: GREEN...
Almost forgot I have Color Me Rad this Saturday, Anyone want to join my…
Make sure you're signed up for this year's Color Me Rad 5K!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Me neither, for me its gray, gray is the most rad color.
Bummed out that I can't do Color Me Rad.
I'm looking for a couple rad locals to open up for Outline In Color on October 13 at The Curtain Club. Let me...
Longest I've ever stayed in the Y. Trying to do the Color Me Rad race in under 30 min πŸ’ͺ🏽
Join our Color Me Rad Team with our captain Beverly!!! Team Custom Fitness , password: Burpees. October 4th,...
Is anyone else doing the color me rad race in Morgantown ?!
Literally i am so excited for color me rad
$SAKL acquisition doubles the size of company
$SAKL through its new subsidiary Color Me Rad pick up another big name sponsor!
$SAKL welcomes Color Me Rad to its family of exceptional events!
Commented on: $SAKL acquisition doubles the size of company
Excited for Color Me Rad? Here's a Groupon to save you some $$$!...
Check out the fun you can be having with us at the Color Run Night! Sign up under my team "Color me Rad" and save...
Check out the course for the Color Run Night! Join my team "Color me Rad" and save $5 with coupon code...
So this rad woman right here let me color her hair purple and red all over today. Since she's part of…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Hey Polar Plunge People! Color Me Rad 5K and Special Olympics are still in need of volunteers for this Friday and...
Help make the magic happen and volunteer for Color Me Rad! They will donate part of their proceeds to Special...
09/19 - Color Me Rad 5K Run and Walk at the Allen County Coliseum.
From Norwegian Color Me Rad 5K! So awsome running with alot of colors!
Color me Rad is just ONE WEEK AWAY! If you have not already signed up, check out the link to do so quick!...
We are still in need of VOLUNTEERS for next week's Color Me Rad 5K! There are spots available for Friday AND...
I look so rough in the color me rad one but thanks very much Syd!! Love you so much and I've been practicing every night😎
I'm in love with this color combination! These rad/beautiful layered Pumpkin frames are on sale in our Frame of...
to when I ran the Color Me Rad with my besties!
Georgia got her a rad birthday present! A new hybrid, in the cutest color!! OMG YA'LL!!
Wishing I would've done color me rad
Color me rad 5k is bout to be turnt! 😝
In 2015 Color Me Rad is coming back Bigger, Badder, and Radder than ever before! Races open Jan. 1, 2015. Stay tuned! htt…
i still have my color me rad tattoo on my thigh and some *** thought it was a tramp stamp...TF JUST WHY!
A little flashback to Color Me Rad! I can't wait to go again as soon as you get all the way healed up…
Color Me Rad 5K, with my favorite sister πŸ˜‰
Had a blast at Color Me Rad yesterday!
Sippin' out of the fountain of youth πŸ˜šπŸ’¦
Huge shout-out to our awesome volunteers for helping at Color Me Rad this past weekend!!
I did the Color Me Rad recently and LOVED it! So much fun! How nice of you to volunteer!
Color Me Rad is BACK this Saturday morning on the grounds of Seekonk Speedway!!!
The Color Me Rad is happening at the Air Station in tomorrow!
Color Me Rad finish line, wearing the lgusamobile headphones (they survived!)…
Apparently there were some noise complaints about the techno music at color me rad! Anyone have details?
What's going on? Color Me Rad 5K Indianapolis Get found ->
COLOR ME RAD! It wasn't a tattoo, it was a stamp!
Color me Rad, a fun run for everyone via via
I need a cute guy to take me to color me rad 😭
Had a blast with my best friend today at the color me rad 5k! Next up the…
I made a fool of myself while going onstage at the color me rad and attempting to do the Nae Nae !πŸ˜…
Color Me Rad...don't the kids look thrilled!! Lol
Color me Rad, a fun run for everyone
RDR's Alex Adams offers this coverage of this weekend's fun run. .
well it was a fun colorful morning in okc!! @ Color Me Rad 5k…
Fun times at the color me rad today!!!
Color Me Rad OKC today was such a blast the kids really had the time of their lives today. Glad me…
Wish I would've done color me rad again this year
I would've ran color me rad. but you know πŸš‘
Color Me Rad: 10 out of 10. Would go again.
In case you missed it... Color Me Rad Recap & NYC Marathon Training
Color Me Rad with Gage this morning. What a mess! But so much fun.
Yesterday was a pretty good day. Had the pleasure of participating in Color Me Rad.
Awesome color me rad run with my son! we got gellified!
Color Me Rad was a blast this morning!! πŸ™†πŸΌπŸ˜Š
So mom paid for the color me rad yesterday for the whole family.& she woke me up today saying "yeah I'm not feeling it"..she spent so muchπŸ’΅πŸ’€
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Color Me Rad: It’s time to jump on the rainbow hair trend
Someone just run the color me rad race with me. I'm not looking to run, im just lookin for some free stuff & getting paint splattered on me
This was my first Color Me Rad 5K, and people of all colors were welcome to roll around in the...
Coming soon to a field near me, Color Me Rad run!This is what I wore last year. I wonder what I should do this...
aw thank you so much! I got my color me rad shorts for you ;)
will donate $75 to for each person who volunteers their time July 31 or Aug 1!
Not ready to run, but ready to give your time to benefit Camp Korey? Volunteer for the Color Me Rad 5K. Contact us!
Chic ponytails by key hairstylist: and her team & Ivonia
Im also gonna run Color me rad but in Sweden :D
But Anthony told me he liked my hair color so that's pretty rad.
Sometimes, only your hairdresser can talk you out of your biggest regret. Bangs. help!
Rolls Royce just announced that they will be offering their rad Wraith coupe in a new bespoke color, St. James...
You can provide 225 meals to those in need by volunteering your time & having fun at Color Me Rad in Brockton!
The NYC editions of the URBAN MUDDER and the COLOR ME RAD 5K are happening NEXT WEEKEND!. There's still time to...
Who else wants to do a color me rad and slide through the cityy
I said that and then I realized that you probably didn't know it was the Color Me Rad 5k 😞
lmfao well you know my taste very well BUT they said it on y100 or power96 today lol
send me a picture of what you call 'handsome' before I start working on moving arrangements
*** the most handsome men in the U.S. Are in ? You guys wanna move? 😭
The official Color Me Rad photos are in! Taken by professionals so these are legit. β€” feeling rad at Denver...
We are getting excited for at Join us!
Still on the fence about joining our Color Me Rad team? Prices go up tomorrow so join now!
Anyone down for color me rad with me and 😈
Well color me rad cuz things are about to get crazy
Shoutout to the amazing girls at who helped me pick this rad color! I love it!
Rad color and cut on Marissa by the talented !!!.
Color Me Rad coming up soon in a month excited to run it with my boo ❀️
Meet Mofongo, the best thing that ever happened to deep-fried plantains
Colour Me Happy - itΓ•s a walk/run and I have a 25% off discount code to share with YOU!
Super rad asymmetrical cut and creative color by Amanda!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
'MilankaMonday' πŸ™ŒπŸ˜†πŸ‘ LOVED spending my Monday with such an enthusiastic team!
Today and tomorrow are your last days to get entered for a chance to win free entry into the Color Me Rad or the...
There's still time to join our Color Me Rad Winnipeg team!
me too well and pastel pink too. Its the color of my beds sheets 😭 It's a rad color
Color me Rad is anyone taking part?
i want to go to Color Me Rad on the 25th 😭😭
On Saturday our LJ Girls Stacey, Chloe & Kirsty had the absolute time of their lives at the Color Me Rad 5K at...
Get 30% Off registration to the Color Me Rad 5K on Saturday, August 22nd at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
It's time for the Color Me Rad 5k!!! β€” feeling excited at Sam Houston Race Park
Color Me Rad tomorrow morning at the State Fair Park!
Color Me Rad is the best color run tbh!!
Is all that chalk u used for that video the same thing they used for that color me rad thing
is it color me rad or the color run? I'm looking on color me rad's website and there's no run in late may in rochester?..
GIVEAWAY! Enter to WIN Color Me Rad 5k Lexington registration! Support Ronald McDonald House Charities of the...
Ayeee just signed up for the color me rad 5K πŸ™†πŸ˜
can we PLEASE get tutus for the color me rad shine 5k?!?!?! 😁😁😁
Sign up for Color Me Rad before prices go up Friday!
Use promo code MFCMR2015 to receive a 10% discount on the Just because we like you.
I'm really excited for color me rad 😭
Anyone wanna do color me rad with me?
Color Me Rad 5K returns to Columbus for third year: Kermit the Frog says it's not easy being green, but it can be…
Color Me Rad 2014 - wonder what Color Me Rad 2015 will bring??? 48 hours!!! and a whole new team this yr including Stacy L. Twine
Made a color me rad team if ya want to join I'll send you the link to my team!
Want to win an entry into the Color Me Rad 5k? Of course you do!. Share this post and you will be entered in a...
This should be a very colorful event!
Someone pick me out a rad color for braces
I know that everyone is really excited about the Color Me Rad this weekend so, here are the details for packet...
Please contact me if you're interested. Thank you!!! ** This does NOT include any form of color…
to our last big event! Don’t miss the next bash: Color Me Rad on April 11th.
I should win the Color Me Rad tickets because it's been my motivation to finally get back in shape!
anyone that is wanting to buy COLOR ME RAD tickets for may 23rd for a cheap price msg me ASAP!
"Hey wanna go to color me rad?" "As long as we take your jeep. I don't wanna dirty my truck." He's a duck.
Lol, and that's good :D. Doing the color me rad 5k this summer!
If you're thinking about doing the you should ... and at $10 off!
I signed up for color me rad omg what have I done?😱
Someone do Color Me Rad this year with me πŸ™‹
and here's to 3.26 more on Sunday! I'll have you running the color me rad in August with us np
Think I'll go to Color Me Rad this year . πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸƒ
Instead of doing a color me rad run out team did a color me mud run
Okay who like to be on shalers squad for the color me rad lol
color me rad will be in jacksonville March 29th!
Let's be honest, I truly just have one. Juuust one ☝️
This colorful 5K has moved their Boston race date due to the Snowpocalypse
It's not what fate intended, but it's a 5 minute radius we went to color me rad instead of 24.
color me rad 5K is 43$ but the pittsburgh great race 10K is only 25$? riddle me that
The super Rad has put an interview with me up on His ongoing "How to be a Dit" blog series!
What makes me sad is all of the plans that we had won’t happen now. Color Me Rad, BFD 2015, and all of our...
Disappointed to find out the June 6th Color Me Rad 5K was canceled. My best friend signed me up as a b day 🎁 & made me a white tutu
Might do Color me Rad over the summer in good old Colorado
Come in and get a rad color piece by .
I'm doing color me rad with my summer will be memorable this year
Make sure to come out to Noodle & Company to support The Color Me Rad 5k benefitting Ronald McDonald House...
Ohhh I hadn't heard of that one!Sounds better than color me rad.I'm doing wine and chocolate 5k and the corporate run in April!
Is it bad that I feel I need to train for the Color Me Rad 5k run...? πŸƒ
Signed up for the color me rad 5k in April! ☺️
Color Me Rad this Saturday, March 14th at Woodruff Riverfront Park! The team at Northside Animal Hospital will be...
Few select images from yesterday's Color Me Rad in Corpus Christi, TX.
*** what a rad image to see in my tl. love that particular color. reminds me of my youth. =P
Hip Hoppers- join the color me rad run team & color bomb me for all the times I forced you to take off nikes & pointe ur feet on tech days!
"Redneck color me rad.. Pay me $75 I'll let you run around my yard and spray paint you as you run by. I'll have refreshments at the end!"-CC
I've always wanted to do the color me rad run thing
Maybe I should own every color of malamutes, Huskies, Siberian huskies. Have a herd. I can travel the US with dogs pulling me via sled. Rad.
I wish someone would do the Color Me Rad run with meπŸ’ƒπŸŒˆπŸ™
i need to start running again, I'm doing the color me rad 5k in march
Me: Hey babe you wanna do color me rad this year? . Andrew: You have to run. . Me: I know... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
I ran/walked/crawled the color me rad run. I didn't train and I made it lol.
Officially signed up for the Color Me Rad β˜ΊπŸƒπŸ’¨
My new to me in a rad Bumble Bee color scheme.
All signed up for this years Color Me Rad 5k! Which means spring is sorta almost here right?
Dancers - today is the last day to register for the Color Me Rad run & get the early bird discount!! Join us for an epic color fight!
Kali, is this the 5K we sign up for?!
I'm so excited for the color me rad race
Can't wait for the color me rad 5k 😸
How do you pick a star in the heavens? Tell us your thoughts on our color choices Rad Dog's! Which are your...
Hey! If you want to join my team for Color Me Rad in Surrey BC, TODAY is the day to do it. Prices go up tomorrow...
All purpose parts banner
Seriously want to do Color Me Rad this year now...
Buffalo $25 until 2/23 for June 6th race. Sign up and nearby hotel: .
have any of yall registered for color me rad yet? Just got email saying prices are about to go up
I did color me rad last year and it was SO much fun can we do it this year?!
I really want to do the color me rad 5KπŸ‘
All signed up for Color Me Rad 2015! April 19th at 9am! If you are interested in joining the team let…
mom, my sister, and me Disney Princess Half 2013, dad & uncle in 2nd, Color Me Rad, Santa Hustle
If anyone wants to do Color Me Rad, join my team, Ball is Life via
anybody doing the color me rad this year ? It's April 26 much fun !
Is it too late to sign up for Color Me Rad? 🎨
RAD SHIRTS for only P500 each. . FREE Shipping nationwide!. With signature + fansign. All shirt designs/color with...
Of course Color Me Rad is on the same day as prom πŸ˜’
If anyone is doing the color me rad 5k please tell me it'll be awesome join today before tickets go up
Color me rad 5km, bigger badder radderΒ !
I wanna do Color Me Rad with a team this year πŸ˜‚
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Color Me Rad. March 7th. Someone has to go with me.
I wanna do Color Me Rad though lol.
Doing the color me rad in lexington! πŸŽ¨πŸƒ
Sign up for Color Me Rad Eugene before prices go up Friday!
Just signed up for my first Color Me Rad 5k in May!
my bad...its in the fall. And there's the Color Run and there's another called Color Me Rad
I don't care about your . - age. - weight . - sexuality . - height . - gender . - skin color. As long as you respect me, I'l…
Color Me Rad 5K is coming to Newport News City Center 4/26 - use code GHSRAD for 10% off. Spread the word and help GHS Athletic Boosters!!
Have a colorful and dirty mouth? You can get a matching body to match!! Color Me Rad and The Dirty Dash are...
Ok folks I'm trying to compose an email to the Color Me rad organization for a reduction in fees due to all the layoffs but I could use some help. I am NOT a paper writer so I could use some help on the verbiage
Color Me Rad on May 9th who wants to join us? Araceli Cervantes-Gonzalez and Luis are our only team mates so far
Jacksonville, our Color Me Rad resolution is to give you more. Which friends are you getting RAD with in 2015? Comment below!
Just registered for Glow in the Park, and Color Me Rad.. get my fun run on!!
Want to do the color me rad run so badly 😳😳😳
you'll have to forgive me for Color me Rad ing. It's my birthday weekend and a run my kids might enjoy!. Maybe?
Are you ready for Color Me Rad? Join us on March 14 for the Biggest Raddest race yet! Use promo code UPTOWN to...
Third donation in less than a month!! Extremely humbled by the trust and love I've experienced behind…
Just found out that color me rad is on my birthday this year April 11 I want all my favorite people to run with me
"When Zoloft and balloon animals can't seem to raise your spirits, the best way to brighten your life is running Color Me Rad 5k" Uh, ok.
Color Me Rad is coming to Aberdeen. Website tells me that if i'm allergic to the metric system, corn starch, or unbridled joy, I'd probably>
6969 69 although you hate me just as much as the color navy blue, I still ily but I'm glad we've started talking. You're a rad guy.
Check out this crazy rad guitar strap my bestest buddy color_of_evil got me!!!
Kirst & I are running the Color Me Rad 5k to raise money for Carronhill school any donations would be appreciated
Somebody run the Color Me Rad 5K in Lexington with me. Please.
So decided that and I are gonna Color Me Rad 5K in June =D
Running the Color Me Rad 5K this year with Sophie. Any donations would be appreciated for such a good cause:-)
Thinking of doing Color Me Rad...Any takers to join me besides my girl Amanda?
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