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Colonial Penn

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based life insurance company owned by Conseco.

Alex Trebek Customer Service

I'm becoming an old woman.I've been watching old game shows and listening to colonial penn advertisements this morning...
I think any actor who has to get their doctors permission to do an action movie should just do Colonial Penn TV ads .
Big Springs enters the match ranked in the Mid Penn Colonial Division while enters ranked in the Mid Penn Commonwealth!
Colonial Penn Program is calling your name. Happy birthday πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
Greencastle-Antrim goes to 4-0, races past James Buchanan for 26th Mid-Penn Colonial win in a row:
John Penn (14 July 1729 – 9 February 1795) was the last governor of colonial Pennsylvania, serving in that office...
William Penn on a 15-2 run right now. DMA needs to answer the press being put on. Colonial 17-15 4:37 2nd
Why is Alex Trebek and Colonial Penn advertising on Is this a purposeful nihilistic ad buy that Stephen Falk approved?
Mid-Penn Colonial wrestling coaches predictions and wrestler of the year picks
New logo for Colonial Appraisal Services, Inc. a sister company to Old Dominion Realty - office located in Penn...
Does Colonial Penn give out quills with every new account? That would be great lol
Now that Dan is the Sports version of Alex Trebek,will he start doing commericals for Colonial Penn?
Yall really weird. Yall not tuff, like c'mon you were a William Penn colonial πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The Society of Friends, Penn, and Colonial Pennsylvania. Religious freedom in 1681.
Check out William Penn's country home and experience colonial life. Via
For the first time in the colonial style farmhouse's 176-year life, it is on the market and will leave the...
Reckon it's time for me to start telling folks about Colonial Penn Insurance.
Either Colonial Penn life insurance stepped up their advertising or I'm watching TV shows in their TARGET DEMO!
Blown Away by Colonial Penn: I just sat down with a guy that sent off his application for a policy with coloni...
If you see an Alex Trebek ad for Colonial Penn, then you'll know for sure.
I'm extremely happy to represent Bankers Life and Casualty and Colonial Penn Insurance.
I believe we are in a Colonial Penn commercial. The old folks behind us are talking abt supplemental insurance & meds.
Even adults have fun in the pool at penn colonial
Proof Charlie Sheen doesn't age...and Gilbert Gottfried should really consider Colonial Penn...
All the work has been done in this simply stunning brick front colonial located in the ever popular East Penn SD.
Exquisite Colonial in North Penn School District!. Contact Laura today for a personal showing!. 267.261.6988.
It is a great day to take a dive at penn colonial swim club
You're right, Colonial Penn might be the better bet.
Colonial Penn "Rate Lock".yeah, that's not what I heard AT ALL. I was interested and everything πŸ˜–
Kal Penn with a colonial haircut on this episode of Buffy omg
Sat 6/13β€”Eclipses, Period Endings, and World Renewal Rituals among the Postclassic and Colonial Period Yucatec Maya:
Having Alex Trebek as your spokesman is using the bottom of the barrel. Any program that you sponsor I have my MUTE button already to go. No one can stand him. Please do your self a favor and get rid of him, even a country western singer would be better, yodeling. He absolutely should not be on TV. GET RID OF HIM1
"If I hear one more quote from Alex trebeck, or get more colonial penn mail" -jay
Don't forget Colonial's Kindergarten Carnival is tonight from 6-8 at William Penn. Games and free hats with the...
Colonial Penn with Trivia Man shows every worker in the office talking non stop in the room. Isnt that special. Pro M. Thius
What's this, you're in line for the Colonial Penn commercial tryouts? I swear you were younger.
The Colonial Penn ads-are the tones at the end some sort of weird alien signal calling seniors back to their home planet?
Maybe Colonial Penn is just a front and Alex Trebek is really laundering arms sales
I love the Colonial Penn commercial because the 2 women are so shady after the funeral."I was surprised to hear there was no life insurance"
So dude from jeopardy stop hosting the show to do colonial penn commercials
We'd love to talk to him too. We have some questions for him. But he works with Colonial Penn, not us. Have a great day.
He only takes time off from Jeopardy to do those commercials for Colonial Penn.
Poor woman. She looks familiar. Wasn't she on a soap opera or something in the 90s? Or ads for Colonial Penn life insurance?
George Washington's Colonial definitely gives Penn's Quaker a run for its money as creepiest mascot.
You would be forced to converse with both Ann and Evelyn from the Colonial Penn life insurance commercial
Larry, the widower in this Colonial Penn commercial, is all ears when his neighbor lady decides to get a life ins. policy.
Gotta love the colonial penn program commericals
I work at Colonial Penn Life In Center City Phila & have my Pa Life Ins.Lic. YEAH
Colonial Penn / Banker's Med Supp: Anyone have their rates in Ohio? . . I use CSG, but the rates [I]seem[/I] ou...
Just arrived at for a Mid Penn Colonial wrestling showdown with Stay here for updates!
GET YOUR WILLIAM PENN DIAA CHAMPIONSHIP GEAR!. Tomorrow our local vendor will return to print Colonial...
Waynesboro doubles up Greencastle-Antrim to maintain share of the Colonial Division: Mid-Penn Colonial football -
I must have the same tastes as an old person because I see way too many life alert and colonial penn commercials.
Here's out PennLive Four and Out TV spot this week. Me on TV. You don't want to miss that, right:
Ties aplenty: Mid-Penn Colonial, Berks races all knotted up: PennLive's Four and Out TV spot
Ah. You are referring to Colonial Penn. Alex and his 'stache are on their commercial:
That's Newark High for you. Proud to be a colonial at least I know they over there becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Wm. Penn - 1 Newark - 0
and then I'm gonna volunteer for colonial penn and then do seasonal work. send your prayers bc there's no going back now
I almost want to buy Colonial Penn insurance, just because endorses it.
Greencastle-Antrim's Ally Rudy earns Mid-Penn Colonial Division Player of the year honors: Girls' Soccer all-stars
Deb's Falafel 'n Waffles now open 24 hrs right behind Bob's Guns 'n Vitaminz free falafel with purchase of Colonial Penn Life Insurance
Hey baby, have you heard of Colonial Penn?
Field hockey roundup with wins by , Northern Lebanon and Boiling Springs (by ) :
Boiling Springs stays top in Mid-Penn Colonial with two goals from Emma Spisak: Field hockey results
I am currently rocking a colonial braid on the wings of penn hills
Are you interested in a Telephone Sales Representative/Customer Service (Colonial Penn) role in United States,...
A closer look at Waynesboro's 1-0, Mid-Penn Colonial girls' soccer win over Boiling Springs
Nice pic of Colin Grove in this PL article - Tuesday's Mid-Penn boys' soccer roundup -
Trinity, East Pennsboro and Elizabethtown win close girls' tennis matches, other results:
A win would give the Warriors 50 straight divisional wins, though 47 came while they were on the Mod-Penn Colonial. They're new to YAIAA 2.
New to the Market!. Beautifully Renovated Colonial in Indian Mountain Lakes for $155,000!
Did you buy a Medigap plan from Colonial Penn, United American, Blue Cross or Humana you probably paid too much.
She loves alex tribec colonial life penn lifelock commercial
May I interest you in some Colonial Penn life insurance? Alex Trebek says everyone should get it.
first world problem I know, but that guy who does the Colonial Penn tv ads, Alex Trebek, doesn't look very healthy. Maybe it's my HDTV s ...
This fractured wrist I have is not healing fast enough I might be dying. I'm about to call Colonial Penn & get life insurance
lol of course. When you were calling me a thot for cheating on Alex. And now I'm known as princess of colonial Penn pool -__-
I turned 40 on July 24th. I immediately gave up, joined AARP, bought term life insurance from Colonial Penn, and a snazzy Buick Century.
Trebeck, why are you wearing lipstick in those colonial Penn commercials?
Walker Texas Ranger is so good plus you can count on tv land commercials to provide you with the best info on colonial penn and diabetes
The Colonial Penn Program commercials are so convincing the acting is top notch
Actually Zionism=Nazism. Both of them are racist. Israel is the last colonial state on earth
If you're watching TV late at night . and the Colonial Penn funeral insurance commercials come on,. it's a sign you should stop watching TV
just giving you the heads up that blue is definitely YOUR color...btw congrats on your new colonial penn sign up lol
How could I forget a Happy Birthday to Alex Trebek? Mr. Colonial Penn is 74 today!
Ok, Lord, please people, start getting your things in order. We never know the day, nor the hour when The Lord shall call us up! If we die today, what do we have, insurance policy, etc.! It really disturbs me when people calling asking for a donation to bury someone, or at the funeral, the church has to take up an offering! Come on now people. Call, Colonial Penn, Funeral Advantage, or somebody, pay the premiums, and have coverage. This is a shame!! We can spend money on everything else, but you can't spend a couple of dollars to bury your ASMH.get it together...if I should die, I just wanna be creamated, and let me go in peace! I don't need a church service for folks to be talking over me lying, and telling lies! Just be ready when you are called!
right! *** you catch on fast πŸ˜‚ and i got Colonial Penn life insurance. Paying only pennies a day.
Found my calling: I am now a contracted Insurance Agent with Bankers Life/Colonial Penn. My role is to help Boomers & Retirees protect their assets in their latter years.
Still wondering if the lady on the colonial penn commercial a member of FCBC
Come for a visit and experience colonial life at Penn’s 17th century country home.
My very thinking after I got off the phone with Colonial Penn rep. I did well but thought of more afterward.
I'm gunna say he doesn't use colonial penn. Scumbag Alex trebec. It should be a law you have to use what you endorse
10-12 is literally Senior Citizen Hour on CBS with all the Colonial Penn, AARP, and Prescribed Medication commercials
So this Colonial Penn commercial w/ Alex Trebek discussing some rate lock program: I keep thinking he is saying *rape lock*
The Colonial Collection is truly a beautiful addition to any outdoor space:
Am I the only one who thinks Colonial Penn needs some new commercials with Lil Jon? Yeah? Cool.
AARP, Colonial Penn, diabetes and life insurance policy commercials make watching Lets Make A Deal and The Price Is Right almost unbearable.
It's k. Say have you decided between AARP and the Colonial Penn Program yet? And when are you finally getting your walker fixed?
Welp I better go buy colonial penn insurance cus the commercial told me to
Had a good time at Cachoeira today with the Penn State and Brazilian students! Such a nice town (past colonial capitol)
Why is Alex Trebec wearing lipstick is this colonial penn commercial?
Never ever purchase any so-called life insurance from Penn this is a con game.
What a way to start the day! Josiah: "mommy, are you 16 right now?" Me: "no baby, I'm 26. 16 was 10 years ago for me." Josiah: "is my daddy 26 too?" Me: "he will be in a few days" Josiah: "well then you guys are old now and should probably think about getting life insurance through Colonial Penn". Oh jeeze... On a happier note, I woke up to have 7 messages from more people wanting massage appointments! And another event booked!
The colonial penn commercials and AARP commercials make me wanna commit suicideπŸ˜‚
In 5 years I will be old enough to sign up with Colonial Penn with Alex Trebek ugh child I need a time machine lmbo.
Someone from colonial penn called & i dared my mom to answer it & say change ur commercial, she did & the guy was laughing
"The dialog in this Colonial Penn Life Insurance commercial is so natural and realistic." . "It sure is, Donna!"
Coming this spring on Fox News... Co-produced by the AARP and Colonial Penn Insurance... GEEZER HOUSE.
FACT: Alex Trebek has been representing Colonial Penn for over 10 years. .
Colonial Penn, Two Brothers Scrap Metal, and Life Alert are probably the three worst commercials of all time.
Now Colonial Penn call wait time ten for letter to get restated on Medicare proram.
When I get old I want to be in Colonial Penn commercials. Hope I'll be talented enough
That ".Hi Evelyn" from the lady on the Colonial Penn commercial takes me down every time
Trebek shoulda punched him in the face and said "Next time get insured under Colonial Penn"
Why I keep getting offers from AARP and colonial penn? They must think I'm my dad, or someone got jokes
gelo was the 1st 22 year old on a Colonial Penn commercial...talking bout "how young can you die from old age"
I love the old TV shows, but all the commercials for walk-in tubs, catheters & Colonial Penn Insurance have convinced me I'm 80.
A girls' track and field preview of the Mid-Penn Colonial Division
Yo, why Colonial Penn always show commercials of old black women gossipin?
HS girls' track and field preivew: Mid-Penn Colonial Division
Mid-Penn Colonial boys' track and field preview:
yes sir twins! How r ur retirement plans coming along? Also check out colonial penn for great rates on life insurance
Thanks, Will do, right after I take my Metamucil and Centrum Silver and talk with Colonial Penn. Old people!
Colonial Penn got this commercial with these ladies at the Bingo hall talking about life insurance. and one of them says she is on a fixed budget and doesn't think she can afford life insurance... so what you doing at the Bingo hall GAMBLING??? Colonial Penn... y'all messed up on that one.
Does Alex Trebek not hear the person who just said he's been representing Colonial Penn life insurance for ten years?
Think Alex Trebek has Colonial Penn life insurance? Think the Fonz has a reverse mortgage? Think the Kardashian girls have ever had to shop at a Wal-Mart? This list is endless.
my son really needs to stop telling me that I could qualify for a Colonial Penn Life insurance policy every time their commercial is on TV
This guy on the Colonial Penn commercial just said "norm" as in normal! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Shove that Colonial Penn policy up your *** Trebek
Plot twist: Alex Trebek does not have Colonial Penn
Life insurance commercials are actually the worst. It's like "I'm so sorry about your wife, but THANK GOD you have colonial penn"
Alex Trebek, spokesman for colonial Penn just said the average funeral cost is $7000... WTH?!?! I can't even afford to die!
Apparently to be a sales rep at Colonial Penn all you have to be is:. 1) black. 2) bald. 3) with khaki pants.
Nothing on tv, but I am now fluent in how to call colonial penn for senior citizen insurance.
The colonial penn insurance commercials are so cheesy
I hate the colonial penn commercial!
Alex Trebeck representing Colonial Penn for the last 10 years. THATS A DECADE OF BAD SALES PITCHES.
I guess because I watch "In The Heat of the Night" I'm a senior citizen, at least in the eyes of the WGN marketing department and need Colonial Penn life insurance, a hovearound, a no-fall walking cane and a walk-in bath tub.
My grandpa watches the same tv channel everyday. I know the entire colonial penn commercial word for word now because of him
These old lunch ladies in this colonial penn commercial aren't wearing hair nets
These colonial penn commercials are WAY TO CHEESEY!
Penn State takes the lead with just 1:40 left. Shot from Holmstrom bounces off a Colonial, right to the stick of Eric Scheid, who scores.
AARP and colonial penn commercials make me nutt so hard!
Is it just me, or is the use of the phrase "per unit" instead of per person in the Colonial Penn life ins advert really, really sinister?
Cowboys actually signed Jon Kitna? Their next call better be to Alex Trebek at Colonial Penn to get insurance for him.
Listening to old people talk about gettin health care... I feel like I'm in one of those colonial penn commercials
Lol Colonial Penn life insurance commercials. What's worse? Alex Trebek endorsing or the rotten aspiring actors?
Did you know Alex Trebek takes the Colonial Penn representatives home to tickle his feet?
My dad on the Alex Trebek Colonial Penn commercial: "He just split his infinitive. How unprofessional.".
Focus on: Mid-Penn Colonial girls' basketball at holiday break
I just received a very official, registered, TIME sensitive letter. For.My.Mom. From an insurance company that dropped her 6 years ago. Way to hustle Colonial Penn.
Colonial Penn has the worst commercials.
Consumer Cellular and Colonial . Penn commercials have got to be the most poor excuses for advertisement known to man.
I'm all for old people and insurance, but Colonial Penn really needs to shorten their commercials.
The Colonial Penn commercial with the old ladies makes me super uncomfortable.
Oh how I have missed the colonial penn program commercials.
I love Colonial Penn commercials. The old people are the worst actors on the planet. But it's hilarious to watch.
Has anyone else seen the colonial penn commercial with the cafeteria ladies? I am bothered by the fact they aren't wearing gloves while handling the food and that should influence how much life insurance they can actually receive.
I just saw the "Uncle Joe" Colonial Penn Life Insurance" cracks me up! All the family gathers in the kitchen after Uncle Joe's funeral...and one lady asks how Aunt So-and-So is doing.the other lady says."Pretty good, I think".she had a life insurance policy from Colonial Penn.and all I can ever think of is Aunt So-and-So cruising in the Bahamas on Uncle Joe's insurance money.roflmao!
Why the *** is the song on the colonial Penn commercial so *** sad? Seriously
So, we were watching a movie tonight, and during a commercial break, they were showing the Alex Trebek final expenses Colonial Penn insurance thing for the umpteenth time. During the recitation of the average funeral costs, I said to Irma, "So, you think there is a market for me to start a "Toss 'em and Torch 'em" service?" Much Irma mirth was had.
Colonial Penn is .35 cents a day, "less than the cost of a newspaper." Where the eff are you getting a newspaper that cheap?
seriously hope they can get Colonial Penn Life Insurance to be title sponsor
colonial penn? You need to change your commercial a newspaper does not cost 38 cents today
If the 3 women in this Colonial Penn Insurance commercial really talked that much during bingo the other old ladies would kick their ***
Colonial Penn Fax?: Anybody have the colonial penn cancellation fax number :) . . I've been searching their sit...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Nah, I'm thinking he'll pop up in a Colonial Penn ad or one of those reverse mortgage spots.
Depends. Does earth have colonial penn?
You know you're watching The Price is Right when every commercial is AARP, Colonial Penn, and Hoveround.
You know you're an old fart when OurTime, SeniorPeopleMeet, AARP, Mortuaries & Colonial Penn start to call you. FYI, I make 55 look
you pay attention to those Colonial Penn ads for burial insurance.
Look, Trebek, you're a PAID spokesperson. Of course, you're happy to be at Colonial Penn's Customer Service center!
Happy birthday to Madonna who is now able to get insurance through Colonial Penn!
cam , I found your twin lol look at this video
Think Alex Trebek and Colonial Penn study examines simplified issue life insurance products.
I see Alex Trebek twice every day: Once on Jeopardy and once on the inevitable Colonial Penn commercial
The TV spots for Colonial Penn drive me mad. Outdated and embarrassingly low quality.
That call center in the Colonial Penn commercial with Alex Trebek looks a lot like working in ***
Colonial Penn's commercial writers really need to take a creative writing course. Nobody talks about life assurance to one another like that
These colonial penn commercials are just too much
Thanks Price is Right for convincing me to buy Colonial Penn life insurance at the ripe old age of 19
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Category: Alex Trebek representing colonial penn life insurance for over 10 years. Answer "Who cares?"
Does the Colonial Penn program creep anyone else out?
$Penn Explanation: The company is a Pennsylvania based insurance company offering life...
S/o to the lunch ladies in the colonial penn commercial.
I like the colonial penn insurance mini old people soap opera commercials
These colonial penn life insurance commercials kill me lol
I wonder how many suicidal thoughts can be attributed to the distorted view of senior living we get from these Colonial Penn commercials.
These ladies on the colonial penn commercial talk so happy about their husband dying and life insurance it's odd!!!
Fun Fact: With latest birthday, he will soon become the spokesperson for the Colonial Penn Life Insurance program.
Tell me more about Colonial Penn life insurance, lunch ladies casually talking about your inevitable demise on TV
I have seen Alex Trebek in this Colonial Penn commercial more times than I have ever seen him on Jeopardy. It runs each AM like clockwork.
The Colonial Penn lunch lady ad bugs me for a number of reasons: 1) what grade school cafeteria is that orderly? 2) did the one lady who is thinking about moving in with her daughter (the lady looks all of 50) ask her daughter if that would be OK with her family? 3) the acting is HORRIBLE. 4) lines that are supposed to be funny ("did you speak with Alex Trebek?") aren't. 5) they're not wearing hairnets - ew. Well, that's a start.
Can't wait to retire and finally pursue acting and star in a Colonial Penn commercial.
Hallmark and tvland are the only channels I watch in the morning. Nothing but life alert and colonial penn commercials.
"You're right, I'm definitely gonna call the colonial penn program!"
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Colonial Penn insurance commercials are so messed up
Here are the Ryan Howard bobbleheads given out today to the first 2,000 fans thanks to Colonial Penn!
This Colonial Penn commercial...did Alex Trebek get a facelift or did he just get a vampire facial from Steve Martin's blood?
it's Convergys but I work for Colonial Penn.
At a mere 35 cents a day this Colonial Penn guaranteed term life insurance is starting to seem like a good idea.
What's been the best commercial you've seen? β€” Colonial Penn. lmfao.
I'm sold that colonial penn is the illuminati
Colonial Penn should really be ashamed of themselves for continuing to air that awful commercial
Do only African Americans participate in the Colonial Penn program?
Colonial penn commercials freak me out
These Colonial Penn commercials are the absolute worst.
I dont hate but I strongly dislike the women we work with they some old *** very old ,aarp/colonial Penn old
I don't think I'm the target audience for the Antenna TV channel. Colonial Penn, Poligrip, AARP.that ain't me.
Why are none of the lunch ladies in this Colonial Penn commercial wearing hairnets?
LOVE the Colonial Penn commercial rite now.
The problem with watching daytime tv: old ladies playing bingo on a Colonial Penn commercial. "G47." "BINGO!"
Let colonial penn make insurance simple for you. Or Alex Trebek will pistol whip you.
That Colonial Penn Life Insurance commercial fills my day with joy.
Colonial penn commercials make me want to kill myself
The commercial with the lunchroom ladies talking about Colonial Penn life insurance is Pinteresque in its sadness.
The Colonial Penn commercial is watching people watch a commercial..."Do what they did."
Hi my name is Rubi Dominguez, and I'm a colonial Penn representative. How may I help you. πŸ’
Who knew?! Elvin Tibideaux's mother is in the Colonial Penn Insurance Plan TV commercial! It's true,
Colonial penn commercials are taking over tv today.
I hate the colonial penn commercials.
Colonial Penn and Life Alert commercials are so painfully awkward.
I wonder if Alex Trebek has a Colonial Penn plan?
Colonial Penn life insurance commercials are both hilarious and sad.
I've been a lunch lady and trust me, none of us would offer to clean up solo just so you could go call Colonial Penn.
The ending to "A League of Their Own" is about on par with Colonial Penn life insurance commercials.
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Dennis and Dee's mom from always sunny is in a colonial penn insurance commercial. Like with that JG Wentworth camera work and everything
Colonial Penn claims their reputation is stellar because Alex Trebek says so! That's what a "Compensated Endorser" is paid to do! Do you believe him or not?
Perry Mason weekend on the Hallmark Channel?! This is what you'd call a weekend win! (Now, if only I could get past all the Colonial Penn commercials...)
Well *** the irony of it all. As an almost 37 year survivor of a terminal diagnosis of osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) at age 14, I have finally managed to make it to 50, the age you have to be to get life insurance with Colonial Penn. NO HEALTH QUESTIONS! It has been IMPOSSIBLE for me to get any type of policy my whole life because of this. Now that I can get it, I have a mystery pain in my left abdomen that has been hurting for almost six weeks, and after a cat scan of my abdomen, and an upcoming colonoscopy (yay for me-eek!) in two weeks, I am still un-diagnosed. I have lost a limb, had two natural childbirths, and had bone marrow transplanted, yet I've never suffered pain for a period of six weeks with no break. Along with that feeling weak and sick almost every day. So not like me! I am just thinking how wrong it is that now that I have the chance to get a policy, I might not make it through the "two-year limited coverage". So, you have to make it to 50, but THEN you have to stay healthy fo ...
With the DL stints this year one may think calling Alex Trebek about the Colonial Penn should be a pretty smart idea..
Sorry about that. Personally if it were me, and I had the relative's social security I'd start calling Colonial Penn, etc.
β€œat what age can I get me an AARP card?” Idk I have Colonial Penn
Does anyone else see the irony of Alex Trebek doing commercials for Colonial Penn?
What's the Deal with Colonial Penn: Their graded policy seems really well priced to me. I am having a hard time
Colonial Penn The lunch ladies husbands die, and they're talking about all the cash they got.
You'll see me in the Colonial Penn commercials...
Oh this old dude should focus more on the colonial penn commercial on the tv at the gym then my *** . Really
Lmao colonial penn is the weakest commercial ever.
Sorry, Colonial Penn life insurance TV commercial. I'm all good with the potter's field.
My knee is killing me. Am I old enough for Colonial Penn?
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Listening to Digital Love while watching Colonial Penn commercials. This is what I do late at night.
Colonial Penn commercials have women working at min. wage jobs now, they used to just chill
I mean white people do it all the time. Im going to get Colonial Penn insurance. Alex Trebek gone be my insurance agent lol
"Single ladies!... now might be a good time to talk to yall about Colonial Penn life insurance. -Alex Trebek DJ set.
I want friends like the old ladies in the Colonial Penn commercials
Girls' track and field: Colonial Division preview
Boys' track and field: Colonial preview
So if Alex Trebek will no longer do Jeopardy will he continue to do the Colonial Penn commercials?
Colonial Penn sounds like a Ponzi scheme
Colonial Penn Commercials are probably my favorite...
So if Matt Lauer is taking over Jeopardy, does it mean he is also the new Colonial Penn spokesman?
Today is the birthday of Michelangelo Buonarrati, Ed McMahon, Rob Reiner, Ben Murphy, and Shaquille O'Neal. Michelangelo wowuld be 638 today. He was an Italian artist who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Ed would be 90 today. He was Johnny Carson's partner on "The Tonight Show" and was also the host of "Star Search." He was also a spokesman for "Publishers Clearing House" and "Colonial Penn" life insurance. Rob is 68 today. He is best known for his role as "Meathead" on "All In The Family." He is now a movie director. Ben is 71 today. He played Sam in "Gemini Man." He also played Kid Curry on "Alias Smith and Jones." Shaquille is 41 today. He played center for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. He won 3 NBA Titles with the Lakers 2000, 2001, and 2002. Hew also won an NBA Title with the Heat in 2006.
I'll ride you through the hotel lobby like a show pony. They'll call us crazy or call the cops. Good thing you've got Colonial Penn, grandma
Man I can't stand those Colonial Penn commercials
Ya know when you are faced with your own mortality and you begin to look at your family history it makes you stop and think about your loved ones. I am looking for the best life insurance, anyone have suggestions?
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I want to join the colonial penn program πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅πŸ‘
The colonial penn commercial has to have the worst acting I've ever seen in my life lol
CONGRATULATIONS to Ms Madisan for her SAG booking on COLONIAL PENN...way to go
Colonial penn commercials are so corny.
These old biddies can REALLY chat about Colonial Penn its as if their lives depended on it...
Sounds that way. I really want to get on there so I can ask Alex about Colonial Penn life insurance.
The colonial penn commercials are just so unsettling.
Colonial Penn commercials are just awful
Colonial Penn offers life insurance starting at thirty-five cents per unit per day "depending on sex" for ages 85 and under.
Sure I'll buy Colonial Penn Life Insurance. As long as Alex Trebek is the one giving the physical.
*** naw. Not finna kill me. Colonial Penn ain't been paid this month yet n e ways
She doesn't feel like being here today @ Colonial Penn Life Insurance
Okay can I just say that at a funeral, the last thing people think about is the colonial penn program. Hate those commercials.
This lady in this colonial penn commercial killed her mom
Isn't it Colonial Penn that has the Minuteman as it's logo? Why not have those businesses show a Fully Armed Marine on a sticker?
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This colonial penn commercial is horrible lol
All lunch ladies talk about is Colonial Penn insurance.
All ive learned from colonial penn commercials is that lunch ladies just talk about medicare and their grandkids.
My how some of the stars are showing their age. Especially evident in some of the recent commercials now airing. Henry Winkler in the reverse mortgage, Alex Trebek in the Colonial Penn, but none so much as Tom Cruse in the Hoveround commercials.
How come nobody in the Colonial Penn commercial cares that Alex Trebek is in their workplace? Wouldn't you at least turn your head?
Got home today and received a letter from Colonial Penn about getting Medicare. Freaking really. I know i am not that old yet. Freaking A!
Colonial Penn burial insurance and walk in shower ads on Dragnet 1968.
The colonial Penn program commercial be hilarious its so fake
I just saw a commercial for Colonial Penn and all these lunch ladies were creaming their pants about Alex Trebek while fixing lunch.
Colonial Penn comercials with these old ladies talking about getting life ins.. Umm ur like 100 shouldn't you have it by now?
If you want to laugh look up the Colonial Penn commercial with Alex Trebek.
Anthony just applied for colonial penn the affordable life insurance
The guy from JG wetworth looked like the same guy from colonial penn
Well, Alex Trebek is trying to sell me Colonial Penn yet again so that's my cue to go to bed! Night y'all!
Alex Trebek representing them is precisely the reason I'll never have colonial penn.
Colonial penn commercials are hilarious. 2 friends talking "if you are between the age of 50-85 you are guaranteed!" Don't you know her age?
geeked. Alex Trebek now has to have "compensated endorser" next to his name for Colonial Penn commercials
Covering my first Mid-Penn Colonial matchup of the year tonight: Big Spring (4-8, 1-5) at Boiling Springs (4-2, 9-4). JV game almost done.
Commercials for things for old people (like Colonial Penn or Life Alert) are always hilarious when they don't mean to be.
Colonial Penn commercials are so wrong
no way the foreign pronunciation king was wrong! Blame it on hawking Colonial Penn life insurance
The Colonial Penn commercials are so bad...
With Colonial Penn I am sure that my family would be well taken care of. Mommy wheres Daddy? Daddy worked2death but now we got PAID
Alex Trebek just said that Colonial Penn insurance was "just $.35 per day... that's less than the cost of a daily...
Alex Trebek, tell me what I have to do to be an actor in one of your incredibly realistic and convincing Colonial Penn commercials. -No One Ever
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